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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 23, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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all this wetness? jesse: how come some run upright and others run like this i'm going to have more for you tomorrow on that. [laughter] >> dana: that's it for us. are. bret: wet gorillas and a baby fox alert. good evening, welcome to washington i'm bret baier. panic and desperation outside of kabul airport as thousands race to escape the taliban's rule, chaos turning deadly today after a fire fight outside the airport kills afghan soldier. back at home president biden says is he considering the august 31st deadline to withdraw troops completely but the taliban is rejecting that idea calling a red line and ethics tending it would provoke a quote reaction. house intelligence committee members receive their first classified briefing on
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afghanistan late this afternoon. actually just a few members ago, wrapping up. utah republican congressman chris stewart was in that classified hearing, he will join us momentarily. but, first, correspondent trey yingst starts us off tonight with a wrap-up live from dough doha,qatar. >> are good evening, today civilians do everything they can to flee the country now under taliban rule. we know there will be continuous flights out of afghanistan on military planes. here's a look at what those efforts are like. >> a c-17 fires flares as it departs from the airport in kabul. the purpose to counter any possible anti-aircraft missile targeting the plane with just 8 days until american troops are scheduled to withdrawal from afghanistan, evacuations are of vulnerable people are are are security threats against u.s. and its allies. outside the walls of the airport a shootout erupted early this morning, american, nato and
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afghan troops all firing back at gunman who killed one afghan soldier. officials fear the violence could ramp up as the taliban said they won't agree american deadline extension beyond augus. something president biden recently mentioned could happen. >> we are clear-eyed about this difficulty. but that is how we have watched the last week unfold. all along the president has been clear that the united states was not going to enter a third decade of american military deployment in the middle of another country's civil war. >> this weekend, 16,000 people were evacuated from afghanistan amid the chaos. lines of civilians waited on the tarmac for hours to flee the taliban. >> there are thousands of afghans and americans trying to get to safety, many of them having immense difficulty but just -- you see the faces of these women and children, a feeling of relief for many, how do you feel making your way out of afghanistan now?
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>> my foreign relation good. i'm so happy now. >> for many afghans, it took them days to flee the country. taliban checkpoints, road blocks and chaos outside the airport gates made the journey nearly impossible. a special immigrant visa holder heading to the united states. he arrived at the airport with his family days ago but couldn't make it inside it? >> was very hard to come over here. first eligible people they need to come. >> reports indicate key nato allies like france and britain are not happy with president biden and the u.s. over this push to withdrawal troops by august 31st. concerns that a quick evacuation could be a dangerous one. bret? bret: trey yingst in doha, thank you. we are seeing new images and pictures of u.s. marines on the ground in kabul. there you see the plane flights. their mission on the ground to secure that airfield also give aid and support as you see to the afghans, desperate to try to
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flee the taliban. some marines can be seen comfort be children amid the evacuation uncertainty. national security correspondent jennifer griffin joins us live from the pentagon with the latest, jen, these are really moving pictures, some of them. >> incredibly moving, bret. in an unexpected piece of positive news from the pentagon briefing today, we learned that not one but three afghan babies have been born on board u.s. military aircraft as their mothers were being evacuated from kabul. >> the pentagon says in the past 24 hours 25 c-17s, three c 130s and 61 charter flights have carried a total of 16,000 people out of afghanistan. but now the u.s. government is telling only americans and those with siv visas in hand to come to the airport. >> why not use the pakistanis and the qatarys to help bring people out from -- because right now you are just bringing people out from kabul and it's a joke
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point. >> i don't think it would be a useful expenditure of our time to monday morning quarterback the whole issue of bagram. it was closed out as part of the retrograde. >> i'm not talking about monday morning quarterbacking i'm talking about looking at the situation now you need airfields that you can land on to get people out? >> we are improving our throughput at harmid karzai international airport and we think we will be able to continue to try to improve that that's the goal. >> the danger outside the airport highlighted after an afghan sniper fired at afghan troops guarding the airport forcing u.s. and german troops to fire back. >> this operation is complex it is dangerous. it's produced searing images of pain and desperation but no operation like this, no evacuation from a capitol that has fall noon cill war could unfold without those images. >> fox news has learned of
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internal intelligence dhooment isis and al-qaeda plan to begin pressuring u.s. forces to leave before the president's afound in august 31st deadline by launching attacks on the airport hoping to hasten the u.s. exit and make it look like they u.s. to leave under fire. when the u.s. left bagram they also left a prison filled with 4800 taliban. 1,000 isis k and 500 al-qaeda. those terrorists have since been freed. some are hunting those who collaborated with the americans. i received a video of what happens when they do, an execution video sent to belief an afghan intelligence officer that shows the taliban killing his lieutenant sent to him from the dead man's cell phone. it's too broottle to show on air. bret? bret: thanks for that jennifer griffin griffin live from the pentagon. thank you. the biden administration can't get its messaging all sorted out different places on potential they new terror threats especially coming out of afghanistan. >> the contradictions over the
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past few days raising red flags for lawmakers. white house correspondent peter doocy has that part of the story tonight. >> the story keeps changing. >> are there al-qaeda members and remnants in afghanistan? yes. >> but two days earlier the president said the opposite. >> look, let's put this thing in perspective here. what interest do we have in afghanistan at this point with al-qaeda gone? >> the confusion is concerning for critics. >> i'm absolutely concerned about it. clearly he is either senile or just in denial about what's going on. >> the national security adviser claims there's nothing to see here. >> are you presenting the president with the full picture or is he just misapplying the intelligence when he makes these public statements? >> the president was referring to al-qaeda's capability to attack the united states, which the intelligence community tells us today is not present in
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afghanistan. >> biden officials cite security risk as the reason they won't explain how they plan to evacuate americans who can't get to the kabul airport. >> i guess you can pray out different scenario narrows how we could have withdrawn from average. i'm pretty confident none of them could be worse than what joe biden did with thousands of americans stuck behind taliban lines. >> words matter and there is one this white house doesn't in the headlines about the afghanistan drawdown. >> does the president have a sense that most of the criticism is not of leading afghanistan, it's the way that he has ordered it to happen? by pulling the troops before getting these americans who are now stranded? does he have a sense of that? >> first of all, i think it's irresponsible to say americans are stranded there are not. >> there are no americans stranded is the white house's official position on what's happening in afghanistan? >> i'm just calling you out for saying that we're stranding americans in afghanistan. >> she argues none of these
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americans who are sheltering in place, hiding from isis are stranded because they have been getting texts and emails from the u.s. government. president biden had two on come are a events today. one about covid, one celebrating. wbna champion seattle storm not one word about afghanistan. bret? bret: peter, the texts and emails don't come with an armored vehicle to get them to the airport. >> right. and at the same time, before many jen psaki spokane jen psaki was saying there is a serious threat from isis at the airport. americans who cannot be but they are not stranded? bret: semantics there. peter doocy live at the north lawn. let's bring in utah representative chris stewart, he was part of that classified briefing late this afternoon on afghanistan wrapping unjust moments ago. congressman, thanks for being here. i know you can't talk about all the things. we wouldn't expect you to.
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what can you tell us about what you have learned and what you can tell us and where you see this going? >> well, i have had a chance to be in a scif, most the afternoon. i have had updates on this. i can tell you most of the report thawing are seeing is accurate it reflects the conditions on the ground there there are some other things added to that and in some cases we can't talk about that. but, bret, where do you begin to describe this? the president defends the policy. i agree with him on the policy. so did president trump. but the implementation of this policy has been a disaster that it will literally take a generation for the u.s. to be able to rebuild trust among our allies, particularly in the region and honestly among the american people as well as we watched this chaotic scene just unfold before our eyes. bret: i want to play a soundbite for you, congressman. >> this is the former department of homeland security secretary for president obama jeh johnson answering a question about the
3:11 pm
situation at the airport and what that looks like and what it may look like. take a listen. >> i believe that the situation at the airport is going to get a lot worse before it gets better this is a country of 38 million people. we have got to deal with the american citizens, those who qualify for special immigrant visas but then those who will also qualify for refugee status under our laws. and that population could snowball. bret: worse before it gets better. knowing what you know specifically of the threats that u.s. military are face on the ground, how can you kind of add to that? >> well, i pray that that's not true. but, my fear is that it likely is true. and here's a couple of reasons why. i mean, for one thing, we have an example now where the taliban is dictating to the united states president that he will adhere to the august 31st deadline. and are if he doesn't, they're making threats against him and threats against americans they say we will pay a price.
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i mean, terry that's clearly concerning that clearly indicates potential for this to get even worse is there. once again, bret. it didn't have to be this way. president trump was very clear. he would have taken out every american citizen all of our allies and then he would have withdrawn the united states military. not had to flood them back into the country like we are seeing now. he promised we would not leave a single piece of military equipment. not a single piece of classified material. and, yet, we have given billions of dollars in military equipment to the taliban and frankly he would have held them responsible personally responsible in a way that this president is just not willing to do. he has become an apologist for the taliban rather than confronting them. it's inexclusive for me to watch this. bret: i had the pentagon spokesman and asked whether the taliban was an enemy and they there wasn't an answer. i want to play another soundbite this is evolution of talking about the taliban and how it's
3:13 pm
been talked about with this administration. >> we are in talks with the taliban on a daily basis. >> we are in daily communication with taliban leaders outside the airport. >> part of that has been a discussion, ongoing discussion with the taliban about individuals moving safely to the airport. >> we have multiple channels with the taliban. >> with respect to whether or not the president biden is likely to speak with the leadership of the taliban, that is not in contemplation at this time. bret: so, what are we doing with the taliban and how do we look at the taliban from this administration's point of view and from where you sit on capitol hill? >> well, i think we look at the taliban as the de facto readers of the government in afghanistan right now. and i'm glad they're talking with them they should be i want to know what they're telling them and by the way it's interesting to me as well that they're in daily communications with the taliban but apparently the prime minister of england
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can't get ahold of the president for something like 40 hours and has had no conversation with the leadership of our allies. look, this is a concerted effort. we have abandoned our allies as well as some of our american people and our afghan allies. the government of great britain is deeply offended by the position we have left them in as is many of our other allies. he should be talking with them as well. bret: to be fair, congressman, they have put out the calls with world leaders and he has talked with the prime minister of great britain a couple times but you are right to say at the beginning he couldn't reach him for at least a couple of days. what about this red line that the president says august 31st this may be expansion of the mission if we have to get more americans or afghan allies out of there but yet the taliban spokesperson and their leadership says that is a red line for them. and a big problem for them do. we care? >> well, we have to care. because, they are in position to
3:15 pm
it their power in afghanistan. there is no possible way we are going to be able to pull out, to extricate ought the u.s. citizens and all of the afghan allies who sacrificed and under great threat, great personal threat to themselves and to their families were willing to work with u.s. forces over the last 20 years. we owe them protection and safety right now and, again, there is no way in the world we're going to get all of them out by august 31st. and with taliban saying that is a red line, chris, we will not allow you to continue the operations beyond that in fact, some indications that they're going to compel that to even before, that is, of course, with the great concern that we straight now is what happens if they choose to compel their will on the airport if the operations extend beyond that deadline. bret: congressman, what i'm saying to you is if we wanted as a u.s. military we could put people in there to get our american citizens to the airport. you know that i mean, we put out
3:16 pm
25,000 national guard troops up on capitol hill to protect the capitol after january 6th. you could move whoever you wanted to move in there to get the people to the airport. are you for doing that if the military came up with a plan to do it? >> of course i would be. i'm for doing anything that would be required to get u.s. citizens and our allies out. i'm for doing anything that would be required to stabilize this very chaotic environment we find ourselves. in and now please don't misunderstand me. i'm not saying we shouldn't or couldn't do that i'm say going we do do that and i think we are going to be compelled to at least consider that and probably it forces than we have now even though we flooded something like 6,000 into the area over the last week or so. we probably will require more. if we chose to do that, and the august 31st deadline looks like anything other than a total withdrawal of u.s. forces from the region. bret: congressman chris stewart, just out of that committee hearing. we appreciate your time tonight. >> thank you, sir.
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♪ bret: stocks were up today. the dow gained 216. the s&p 500 rose 38. the nasdaq added 228 today to finish at a new record high. the food and drug administration grants full approval to pfizer's covid-19 vaccine 18 and older. hoping that milestone will lift public confidence in the vaccine. president biden touted the approval calling on private companies to step up vaccine mandates. this comes as the rate of covid-19 hospitalizations for children is at the highest we have seen since the cdc started tracking national hospitalizations. the cdc reports delta infections represent approximately 86% of all covid-19 infections in the u.s. it's not clear yet whether the
3:22 pm
data and the delta variant is making kids sicker than previous strains. it is the first day of school in florida's miami-dade county and kids are masking up in compliance with a local order. but that order defies republican governor ron desantis' statewide ban against mask requirements. that battle is one of several underway in the sunshine state. correspondent phil keating shows us tonight from north miami. >> good morning to you, welcome back to school, miami-dade public school students. >> miami-dade county schools back in session. each student wearing a mask as the district defiant of governor desantis is mandating them without allowing parents to opt out only a doctor can exempt a child. despite the governor's threat of financial penalties, the superintendent is content, citing last year's loss of learning due to online schooling. >> the way to address by us pivoting away from conversations led by controversy, political
3:23 pm
statements to teaching and learning. >> these are our children. >> over the past week the state's largest school district have been piling on rebuking the governor's order requiring parents get the final choice. those districts include sarasota, miami-dade, broward, tampa, palm beach county, gainesville, tallahassee and tomorrow orlando is expected. republican governor ron desantis is not being persuaded by skyrocketing covid cases kids and teachers and thousands and thousands of kids back at home in quarantine. >> i think it's something that the parents should be deciding. i don't think it's something that the government should be deciding. >> and in tallahassee court today, the first lawsuit challenging the desantis' mask mandate ban is being heard a grouch parents says it impairs the safe operation of schools. >> obviously, we don't want our kids to get sick. losing a kid is a parent's worst nightmare. >> plaintiff cannot prove its case based on its position that local school districts have
3:24 pm
summoned parent right to mask mandate. they don't. >> and from mask mandates to vaccine mandates, all new york city public school teachers and staff must now get vaccinated with at least the first dose administered by this friday. and today new jersey's governor ordered all state employees, including educators get vaccinated or get tested once or twice a week. bret? bret: phil keating in north miami, phil, thank you. you can find nearby vaccine locations by going to up next, growing concerns over the afghan refugee vetting process. we'll take you there. plus the state department reacts to reports of u.s. embassy staff members feeling betrayed over evacuation efforts. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 12 in portland, oregon out in force when members of the proud boys and antifa clashed again after holding separate rallies. 65-year-old man was arrested for firing a gun into the crowd no.
3:25 pm
injuries were reported there. [gunshots] bret: fox 5 in new york where former governor now andrew cuomo is officially leaving the governor's mansion and a videotaped message he denounced what he called media frenzy that led to rush to judgment. kathy hochul takes over tonight at midnight. this is a live look at lexington, kentucky from fox 41. one of the big stories there bold and bossy a 2-year-old filly who ditched her jockey bolted off the racetrack and headed down the interstate. hey, easy now. no serious injuries from that 30 minute mad dash including the female horse. everybody was good. everybody was fine. tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." around they phillys? we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ she was too tired to fight about it? ♪ life in the fast lane ♪ surely makes you lose your mind ♪ life in the fast lane
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>> broking tonight the judge is officially to decide whether to extent the august 31st withdrawal dead line in order to give troops enough time to globalize on the ground. we are getting some more information about that and as we get it we will get it for you. >> we are getting a vivid picture tonight of the brutal nature of the taliban and how they are denying innocent civilians a chance really to
3:30 pm
escape afghanistan. chief washington correspondent mike emanuel has the story from the state department. >> august 31st deadline afghans helpful to the u.s. out. taliban stepped up attacks on the afghans looking to leave. source says harassment carrying passports and travel documents shredding the documents of those to leave. one afghan trying to escape says a taliban fighter knocked his wife's teeth out at a check point. today the husband of an american mom trapped in kabul told fox the state department is struggling. >> pull out in form in a week. we did that. so it seems like, you know, that administration is not there it doesn't exist no more. >> part chaos involves afghan staff members at the u.s. embassy in kabul.
3:31 pm
some told the state department via diplomatic cable they're deeply disheartened by the evacuation efforts feel feeling like they were betrayed. >> we have been able to relocate members of our locally engaged staff, but they were not brought to the airport compound with the american direct highers at that time just pause they weren't at the embassy compound that kay. >> ordered airlines trying to expedite the process. >> we are at risk of leaving thousands of americans behind taliban lines if we are going to be out august 31 a week from tomorrow. that means have to start rolling up shop and rolling out before then. >> admitted the taliban has the pour right now. >> they are in control of kabul. that's the reality. that's the relate that why have to deal with. >> france and great britain are among those saying more time is needed for the evacuation operation. the taliban says the answer is no calling the deadline for the
3:32 pm
withdrawal of u.s. troops a red line bret? >> mike emanuel at the state department. thank you. the biden administration as we said is trying to vet refugees working very hard to do that displaced by the collapse of afghanistan. that, as you can imagine is a daunting task especially since many families have no prior ties to the u.s. correspondent david spunt whose us how this complex process works from the justice department hundreds of afghans in the u.s. following flights out of kabul. >> five flights landed at dulles international airport with approximately 1300 passengers. >> according to the state department, vetting is well underway before afghan evacuees land on american soil. >> there f. there are afghans that need to be evacuated before vetted we have third country partners working with us in this effort. >> the departments of defense, state, homeland security and fbi all work in coordination using a
3:33 pm
national data base but sometimes there are hiccups. >> not all those databases talk to each other so these are to be done sometimes independently of each other these databases can be siloed. >> even noe though afghans new lives in the united states connections back home may haunt them and their new country. >> anyone who comes over here who has family back in afghanistan is subject to be extorted by the taliban. >> a large chunk of afghans coming to the united states hold what's called a special immigrant visa for siv. holder include those who served alongside u.s. forces as translators, drivers, even intelligence sources over the past 20 years. >> we are seeing applications take up to two years if not longer. so the administration really needs to accelerate the processing of these applications. >> as of today, siv holders are being placed at four military installations across the country. the dulles expo center in northern virginia is another place to hold families
3:34 pm
temporarily as they get back on their feet. governors from both sides of the aisle are welcoming the evacuees. >> i think that's within the character of america and the history of our nation that we don't leave allies those that have supported us. >> bret, when they leave processing center where will they go and how will they begin their lives. that's the question to answers we don't know yet but several nonprofits have extended a helping hand. bret: very complex. david spunt at the justice department. thank you. border agents continue to fight a two pronged battle along the southern border steady influx of migrants there and surge in covid cases among them. >> immigrants are able to fly to their destination whether they are positive or not, i would imagine, right? >> i would imagine that's true. (vo) at t-mobile for business, unconventional thinking means we see things differently,
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♪ bret: rescue crews in tennessee searching for survivors after record-breaking floods swept away homes and left 22 people dead there. thunderstorms dropped 17 inches of rain in some parts of the state in a short period of time. utility crews are working to restore power to tens of thousands of customers throughout the northeast and new england after tropical depression henri powered through that region. the storm brought with it rains that flooded streets and powerful winds tearing down trees and power lines. more man 33 million people remain under flood watches and warnings. fire crews struggling to contain large across that state prompting the closure of nine national he stwold more than 105,000 acres on sunday. only 5% contained. dixie fire expanded north 725,000 acres. it now is 40% contained.
3:40 pm
according to authorities. border agents tell fox news they're struggling to respond to the growing number of migrants crossing into the u.s. across the southern border. this as the covid positivity migrants hits an all-time high there. correspondent bill melugin is once again on the border tonight in mission, texas. >> it's early monday morning in mission, texas, and a group of migrant runners pass by us, shortly after they cross illegally into the united states. the group mostly single adult men disappears into a nearby cotton field there were no border patrol agents around and it's unclear if they were ever apprehended. this as a group of house conservatives penned this letter to dhs secretary alejandro mayor can you say expressing concerns about border security and afghanistan. saying in part with the recent release of thousands of taliban prisoners located at bagram air force base and a u.s. border that is a border in name only, this combination will be disastrous when it comes to
3:41 pm
protecting our homeland and the safety and security of the american people. also on monday, our fox flight team captured new drone video over the city of mcallen's emergency tent compound for covid positive migrants released by border patrol. the compound has expanded in size significantly, since we were last there on august 5th. back then, capacity was 250. now the city of mcallen's latest numbers show over 1,000 migrants are at the compound. as of august 9th. mcallen officials report the federal government released 11026 migrants into their city in one week with nearly 15% of them testing positive for covid-19. mcallen's leaders are concerned about covid positive migrants potentially bordering flights at mcallen airport. >> immigrants are able to fly to their destination and whether they are positive or not, i would imagine, right? >> i would imagine that's true in the sense that just like the general public, covid positive
3:42 pm
or not, you are allowed to use air travel to get where you need to go. >> and, bret, some tragic news to report to you, local media out here in the rio grande valley reporting that on friday a 10 month old ingrant guatemala died shortly after it was brought across the border here by its parents. it happened right here the hill dal go port of entry. evidently a national guard soldier saw the family of three saw the child unresponsive took it to the hospital where the later died. patients said that i know fant had been sick six days straight stopped breathing 30 minutes before they crossed illegally. send it back to you. bret: so many sad stories down there, bill melugin on the border, thank you. up next troop withdraw with the panel. first beyond our borders as vice president kamala harris kicks off visit to southeast asia breaking silence on the situation in afghanistan during an appearance with singapore's prime minister.
3:43 pm
she reiterated singular focus is getting americans and our allies out of the country safely and she said that's what the president is focused on. the vice president refusing to weigh in on u.s. government's decision-making that led to the current situation, however. washington's special envoy for north korea says the united states has no hostile intent beyond pyongyang and open to meeting any time any place. kim's four day visit to seoul comes ahead a standoff over u.s. military exercises with south korea that north korea warned could trigger a security crisis. and russian president vladimir putin launches the construction of new navy warships for russia, speaking in a video call, putin gave orders for two nuclear submarines armed with intercontinental ballistic missiles along with two diesel powered submarines. that move comes as part of the kremlin's sweeping military modernization effort which they do in front of the cameras. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight,
3:44 pm
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3:47 pm
>> it's tragic what's happened. i think it's unnecessary. i think we made a serious mistake in doing it this way. this is not just about the afghan people. it's about us and our security.
3:48 pm
because you have now got this group back in charge of afghanistan. they will give protection and will to al-qaeda. you got isis already in the country trying to operate at the same time. you know, you look around the world and the only people really cheering this decision are the people hostile to western interests. bret: former british prime minister tony blair talking about the situation currently in afghanistan. over the weekend you may have seen on "fox news sunday" current secretary of state tony blinken talking to chris wallace, asked about the contradictory statements of president biden, and his various press conferences. >> does the president not know what's going on? >> this is an incredibly emotional time for many of us. >> the president said al-qaeda is gone. it's not gone. the president said he has not
3:49 pm
heard any criticism from the allies. there has been a lot of criticism from the allies. words matter. and the words of the president matter most. >> chris, all i can tell you is what i have heard and, again, this is a powerfully emotional time for allies and partners as it is for me, as it is for us. bret: let's bring in our panel guy benson host of the guy benson show on fox news radio. harold ford jr. former tennessee congressman and trey gowdy former congressman from south carolina. trey, i was struck by that answer by the secretary of state that it was an emotional time for all of us. answered specifically about the president's statements back and for the. it's real emotional time for the americans on the outlines of that taliban ring. >> tony blinken says emotional being on chris wallace's show try hanging on to the wheel of an airplane that's taken off. but, you know what, bret? the only thing that's been worse
3:50 pm
than the policy, the execution of the policy has been the explanation from the biden administration they can't agree with al-qaeda is still there or not or the airport is safe or whether biden was given different military advice. they are feckless and the best debates in washington right now are the ones taking place within the biden administration. bret: it is quite something to see, harold they change with peter doocy today about stranded americans also raised some eyebrows. take a listen. >> most of the criticism is not of leaving afghanistan. it's way that he has ordered it to happen. by pulling the troops before getting these americans who are now stranded. does he have a sense of that? >> first of all, i think it's irresponsible to say americans are stranded. they are not. we are committed to bringing americans who want to come home, home. bret: all right. harold. clearly will there are americans who feel stranded and they haven't been able to get to the
3:51 pm
airport. we just to to stipulate that there are 8 days until this deadline that the president apparently is deciding on on august 31st. so, what about that? >> first, it's good to be with you. i think the 8 days from now, that's what worries and concerns me the most. and we can pars words, and i know and like jen psaki. i do think there are americans that are stranded there, at least they feel like they're stranded. the context. i agree as i often do, i agree with trey that the -- we all wanted to exit or many wanted to exit but the execution is the problem. serious minded people have to be willing to set aside the politics here for a moment and let's focus on democrat and republican what resources will be needed, if the taliban is to be believed that they want us out before the 31st and aren't for extending the deadline, what are we prepared to do? i think the president has got to think long and hard about that and be ready to articulate that to the country. i listened to prime minister blair the former prime minister. i like him, too.
3:52 pm
he also was part of an effort that diverted resources under president bush he agreed to from afghanistan counter-terrorism efforts to go war with iraq chirks think history will prove probably was a mistake. i voted for that war based on what was told to me in the congress. there is no doubt occupying forces in pakistan don't worth. alexander the great forces there. i t. excuse why this president and i would argue predecessor couldn't get a better deal to get the extraction of americans out but afghan allies. unfortunately for president biden it's on his watch now. and as he shared the other day, the buck stops with him and they're going to have to have a better plan if it extends beyond august 3 st to get americans out of afghanistan safely. bret: the thought now, guy, that this decision has to be made pretty quickly if it is going to be a deadline of august 31st and the next 24 hours, they need to come up with, yes, that is or no, that isn't. the taliban says that's a red
3:53 pm
line for them why we, as the greatest military in the world care about that, i don't know. your thoughts? >> not only care about it, it seems like in some ways we are paralyzed or beholden to it, which is sort of a shocking turn of events. you are right, that decision has to be made very soon. part of the problem here, bret, it seems like many decisions involving this withdrawal should have been made weeks or months sooner than they actually were. and going back to that clip of jen psaki today in that exchange with peter doocy, i have been mystified repeatedly on the policy and the messaging choices of this administration on this issue and the withdrawal in particular. i was particularly mystified by her choice, the white house press secretary's decision that she made to pick a fight on parsing the word stranded involving thousands of americans and allies who definitionally stranded right now. they didn't say abandoned.
3:54 pm
peter didn't say abandoned. there is example after example pouring in from people americans and otherwise who feel and are stranded and this is once again it going -- it goes back to the point that chris wallace was hammering on that the canyon between the rhetoric of the administration and the reality on the ground and they stepped in it again today. bret: yeah. quickly, i mean, politics is a part of this. it's always a part of anything in washington, trey. house minority leader kevin mccarthy tweets out according to president biden americans can easily get to the airport in kabul. they can't. no longer in afghanistan they're. the border is secure. it isn't. republicans, i mean, they have to want the solution but, obviously, they are taking this moment to say this is screwed up. >> i think part of what kevin is doing there is just reminding the media how fascinated they were with biden's experience and this whole america is back and the reality is, america is leaving and taliban is back.
3:55 pm
my guess is mccarthy was poking more at the media than he was at biden. bret: all right. stand by, panel, if you will. when we come back, tomorrow's headlines with the panel. ♪ ♪ it's flexible if we need to cancel. cancel. i haven't left the house in a year. nothing will stop me from vacation. no canceling. flexible cancellation. kayak. search one and done.
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that's why we're building 5g right, that's why there's only one best network. bret: finally tonight a look at tomorrow's headlines with the panel. harold? >> ella bruening, the only girl playing in the little league world series 2021 led her team as far as she could today until falling to a great team from michigan. great job, young lady. bret: all right. i like that one. guy? >> my headline is cuomo steps down. i think in light of the governor's shamelessness, a lot of the us wondered if this day would ever come it has arrived. it is tomorrow. and as i told janice dean earlier, i think she may have earned herself a little bit of day drinking. bret: all right. trey? >> my headline is biden announces kabul airport is safe and open for flights. please arrive three months early
4:00 pm
bring mask and kevlar. bret: always count on you to round it up. thanks for joining us tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. thanks for trusting us. "fox news primetime" hosted this week by jesse watters starts right now. jesse, the world needs some saving? jesse: i'm going to have to right another book. thank you so much, bret. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ jesse: i'm jesse watters. it was only a matter of time before biden's white house of cards came crashing down. to the pointed where even the small number of people who sat in the circle that is socially distanced rallies are saying enough already. let's be honest, they knew his policies were never going to work but they have been putting up with this farce since january because in their minds anything was better than donald trump. they claim joe biden was focused, confident, and effective. but it turns out the answer was d, none of t