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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 24, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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california adventure with you but this just laura: this just broke. andrew cuomo just commuted the sentence of chess abu dean's father who was in prison for murder, sorry, just robbery of an armored truck. we will be in la tomorrow. >> to protect our troops. >> tuesday august 2, '04, we start with a fox news alert, president biden turning his back and avoiding questions on the crisis in afghanistan as the taliban is a clear threat to washington, the president is under intense pressure to decide whether or not to extend his august 30 first deadline to keep us troops in kabul is a
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countless number of americans remain stranded behind enemy lines. you are watching "fox and friends first". we go straight to jeff -- griff jenkins as we expect a decision on that deadline today. >> reporter: there is enormous pressure on the president to decide whether to extend past the august 30 first deadline which the taliban calls are redlined. the chairman of the house intelligence committee is expressing doubt about completing the mission. >> very unlikely. hard for me to imagine how that can be accomplished between now and the end of the month. the threat to the airport is very real. this would make an attractive target for isis or elements of al qaeda. >> this as neither the pentagon or state department will give specifics on the number of americans evacuated but political reporting the number is 4293 but more troubling, they don't know how many americans
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are currently stranded in afghanistan and they are sensitive to that word at the white house. >> it is irresponsible to say americans are stranded. we are committed to bringing americans who want to come home home. >> the white house's official position on what is happening in afghanistan. >> i'm calling you out for saying we are stranding americans in afghanistan. >> overseas vice president harris breaking his silence on the evacuation chaos in singapore alongside the prime minister. >> there's going to be plenty of time to analyze what has happened. we are singularly focused on evacuating american citizens. afghans who worked with us. >> what will influence perceptions of he was resolve and commitment to the region will be what the us is going forward. >> a swing en route to vietnam today making for awkward time
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with the comparison to saigon in 1975 and finally a virtual g7 today we expect european allies to put real pressure on president biden to extend the august 30 first deadline. >> the white house as it is unfair to say americans are stranded in afghanistan our next guest is an american mom and government worker targeted by the taliban trapped in kabul and pleading with president biden to solve evacuation crisis. we are not calling her by her real name, she joins us now. i know you have attempted to go to the airport multiple times. tell us your situation and describe everything you've experienced so far. >> i've made several attempts to get to the airport. i to thank fox news for letting me be the voice for many
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americans stranded in afghanistan and we are stranded. and i would like to thank karen miller, our congresswoman for her continued -- has been in touch with me and my only strength here, hearing their voices makes me feel comfortable and hopeful maybe i will be able to make it back home. so there's a lot going on, we are stranded. we can't get to the airport. when we tried to get to the airport, we are afraid for our lives. family members are trying to contact us through foreign affairs was all they are getting is we are going to be going to escalate this was at this point escalating is not helpful because alabama going
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door-to-door looking for people who worked with the us government, us citizens so our lives are in extreme danger and i don't know how long it is going to continue. they are going to bes homes and just taking them away and nobody knows where they are taking them, what they are doing to them. we are scared. family members, she cannot go to the airport to be escorted by her family. she's afraid when her family members come back what they are going to be facing by the taliban. so she's stranded. there is no way of being picked up or getting a ride to the airport for people like that or people like me. i have been getting calls to get
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my location, coming from the us embassy, so we are devastated, this needs to get better and this needs to get better faster because we are running out of time. >> jen psaki said to peter doocy the americans aren't stranded in afghanistan and we heard you say the word multiple times that you do feel stranded. what would you say to the administration on that front? >> i would like them to do whatever it takes to get us nationals out and people who worked with the us military, whatever it is, bringing more people here, more troops because
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time is running out. they need to work on a strategy, a plan that works. we get more news to stay put then be told you are going to be evacuated. this is not comforting at all because we don't know if we are going to make it out. >> you are an american citizen, you have two kids. i understand they are in america. i'm sure you've spoken to them. can you describe the messages and conversations you are having and what is your family's biggest fear at this point? >> my daughter is afraid they're going to be had me. quietly going to be had? what is the taliban doing? the taliban is giving kittens to kids.
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i am -- i can't talk to my kids and see them anymore because i don't know -- it makes my fear worse. >> such an understandable fear, you've given up on going to the airport. is that still true? we know that when you've tried to go to the airport in the past you have had to go through multiple taliban checkpoints so when you go through those checkpoints what do you see and what is the taliban asking of you? >> you are breaking up. you said what? >> i was wondering if you have given up on going to the airport and you also said that when you've tried to go to the airport in the past you had to go through multiple taliban checkpoints and i was wondering what this interactions between you and the taliban have been like?
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>> the first time they were whipping people left and right and i got scared and came back and second time the second time i tried not to show my passport but you are forced to show it because they want to know why you are going in with the chaos going on. the crowd outside the airport and there was no way i could get to where i could show my passport to an american and say i am an american, rescue me, evacuate me, take me home, i couldn't make it. i went three times but it was not possible so i had given up hope of going to the airport after that because now i am
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afraid for my life the i don't know how things are going to go but i really need our president to consider this serious. we are in danger. we are in danger, mister president, please help us. laura: we heard reports the taliban has hit lists out for people who are america worked with americans which we have a lot of reports out of afghanistan. do you know this to be true? >> yes, this is true as i said earlier, they're going door-to-door searching for people. who have worked -- their leader, hiring afghans who have been with the government, law enforcement, they are going door-to-door, they are taking people, nobody knows where they
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are taking them. some are taken to the police station but most are alone, they don't know where they take them or what they do, they come out at night and what i heard his people that are going there to speak or deliver them, one person speaks for 5 languages and the homes been told to search, they read documents or anything that stands out to them and they have executed many on the spot. >> what is your communication been like between you and elizabeth your the state department, are they giving you any guidance? >> they said for four days we didn't hear anything from anywhere and they are saying to
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go to the airport but not given clear guidance. they are saying one thing and then something else so you don't know what to do. there's a lot of miscommunication going on. your emails i getting ignored. imagine being stranded in a situation like this about receiving anything for 3 or 4 days from the us embassy or the state department how does that make you feel that your life is on the line? >> can ask you about the deadline august 3, '01, the president has said that he would consider extending this if need be depending how the situation is at that time, but we also heard threats from the taliban saying you can't extend the deadline. are you worried the time is running out and what happens if that deadline is not extended? >> i worry. of the deadline is not extended,
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thousands of people left for the taliban to get executor god is with able to do them. have the listeners get out by the deadline and have them left behind or all of the us citizens get out but those people that served our troops on the ground put their lives on the line for our troops to win this mission and in september or two weeks from now it will be september 11th again, the twentieth anniversary of september 11th but this is chaos. we are back to square one. people are going to be left here again. >> you say -- >> any democracy target for the taliban in afghanistan.
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>> what do you make of how the biden administration is responding to this crisis? they say they are negotiating with the taliban and essentially allowing them to call the shots. how do you and members of your family feel about that? >> can you say that again please? >> i was wondering how you feel about the biden administration response to this crisis, they are allowing the delavan to have the upper hand and call the shots, they say they are negotiating and coordinating with the taliban. as an american how do you feel about that? >> was between this negotiation we run out of time and there's no positive result as of this negotiation. then what is going to happen? >> before we let you go, we have so much faith and so much hope for you that you are going to be able to get out of there and
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make your way home. when that happens, because i'm going to go on the assumption that we have faith in you getting out of there. when you get home what is the first thing you want to do? >> i want to hold my children. i want to hold my children and i want to fight for the people that are left behind here. i want to stand for my fellow citizens. i'm not going to give up. >> don't give up. we wish you nothing but the best and the safety that you need to get out of there and we would love to check back in with you and hear how the situation is going for you and we hope and pray that it is the most positive outcome for you and your family. and you on your kids again.
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>> thank you and also there's one last thing i would like to add, they need to get the local media going. they can't be silent. our local media, there's a lot happening. >> we are going to interview a female news anchor who was told to leave her job coming up in a few minutes on the show. we are going to do that. >> ladies -- they are not letting them start working, the females have fun enforcement was turned down the day before yesterday trying to do that and told they are no longer needed because sharia law is going to be implemented and yes. millions and millions of people i left here with no food on their table. forget about democracy. carley: we have you in our thoughts and prayers and we know
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the outcome will be positive for you. thank you for joining us, we will check back in with you very soon to get an update on your story. >> all our congressman, congresswoman, whoever is trying to help the situation, god bless america. carley: god bless you. thank you so much. such a real and raw and emotional situation. jillian: the reality for thousands of people, thousands of americans and afghan citizens some of the stock not just in kabul but remote areas and there is no plan on the ground how to get them to kabul airport into safety. >> you don't want people to give up and not be able to make it to the airport wherever they need to go. you want them to have faith and to know the government is doing what they can.
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jillian: we had a powerful emotional interview with an american who is stranded in afghanistan after we heard the white house, jen psaki saying people aren't stranded in afghanistan. i want to pull up a tweet from the ground in afghanistan, americans are stranded in afghanistan, denying this fact is ignoring reality. that is a powerful message. carley: one of the reasons americans feel they are stranded is you have to pass through town and checkpoints to get to the airport and it is a crap shoot. you the taliban will let you go
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or they will take your paperwork, beat you up, shoot you and one of the other fears is if troops leave afghanistan and you are stuck in afghanistan if you're an interpreter or an american citizen the taliban then knows who you are because you show your paperwork and showed that you work for the government or a citizen and you become an automatic target so people like the woman we just spoke to say she's afraid to go to the airport and has given up hope. she has been whipped, she has heard of people being executed. if you're able to go to the airport and make it clear i am an american and need to get home and your denied by the telegram checkpoints and go home essentially some people living life on the run because people are afraid to stay in their homes where they believe that the taliban knows where they
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live so you were living life on the run and some people are starving and can't get food. carley: not just the taliban or al qaeda but isis is going to come in and all it takes is one suicide bomber or assault with a machine gun to mail people down indiscretion people at the airport and one of the reasons there is such a massive crowd is kabul airport is small and there's only one runway. jillian: one of the biggest questions we've been asking. i asked joey jones will be a fatal flaw that we gave up bagram air base and that the question people are trying to get answers to from this administration, jennifer griffin grilled john kirby on this topic on the possibility of reopening bagram database? >> when it reopened bagram air base? because right now you're bringing people often kabul and it is a choke point? >> i don't think it would be a
1:25 am
useful expenditure of our time to monday morning quarterback -- >> not talking about monday morning court a backing but why not look at the situation now, you need airfields you can land on to get people out. >> it would be an expenditure of resources and personnel as well as an increase most likely to the threat they are under to try to go back and as you put it retake bagram air base which is the size of a small city. jillian: president biden painted himself into a corner because to retake bagram air base would take a military mission which would put troops in danger and was the number one thing president biden said about why he wants to leave afghanistan? he doesn't want a single american soldier to die in afghanistan and that could be a possibility if you have to go back and retake the air base. the strategy has been to bow
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down, appease and please the taliban, a terrorist organization and that strategy boils down to politics. jillian: we are going to continue to follow that situation. let's continue with the conversation here is the white house denies stranding thousands of americans, my next guest to served in the army reserve in afghanistan says president biden is betraying our allies, republican candidate for congress in the seventeenth congressional district in illinois, united states reservists, esther joy king good, thank you for your service and he received an for the country and continuing wanting to serve in congress. you've been in afghanistan, you know what it is like and i know that you still have friends on the ground who are very scared right now. tell me about it. >> i care about the situation for two reasons which i served as an aid worker working on
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women's rights in kabul and still worked on women's rights helping female students and i am an active conversation with those girls and secondly on the military side i am a member of the army reserve and seeing what is happening from a military strategy perspective i will say my opinions in this conversation are my own and not endorsed, but you asked me about the stories since i wrote the op-ed the stories of simply intensified. talking with girls are trying to get through the greats, 50 meters from the gates, imagine being 50 meters from freedom and getting to the airport and the taliban having visa checkpoints. the department of state is working with the taliban to process people because they are overwhelmed so they are outsourcing visa checks to the taliban and.
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that is the state it is on the ground. it is a rent a situation that lies on the shoulders of the biden administration. we, our leaders are missing in action right now and i'm running for congress because we need better leaders in washington dc who are real world problem solvers and operate with common sense. jillian: they are outsourcing visa checkpoints to the taliban. doesn't that put more people in harm's way? if they don't get through these checkpoints you have a red flag raised and the taliban knows who you are. >> right now the airport lines are so crowded there is, it is just a chaotic experience where people are trying to do their best on the ground. we were having this conversation of prioritizing american citizens which we should do but the crowds are part of the reason the american citizens aren't able to get to the airport and what i think should
1:29 am
happen is we should choose a third location where we could take immigrants to where they would be safe, clear out those crowds because so many of our friends and allies are trying to get to safety, not just fighting for their freedom but for their lives, we should be able to keep the stakes. jillian: a few minutes left. one of your friends, 21-year-old female was murdered on the side of the road. i'm sorry to hear this. the reason behind it honestly turns your stomach. tell us the story. >> stopped on the side of the road for the sin of traveling without a male escort. under telegram law that is a sin to be put to death under which is tragic but even in the midst of all this chaos that is directly biden administration's responsibility there are stories of hope, of heroism, story is not over yet and every life we are able to save, american
1:30 am
citizen, friends, ally is of infinite value. there is hope for things happening. i helped eight people get out of kabul and i will not quit working until i see every person i can. jillian: thank you for everything you've done. keep us updated. we will check back in with you and hear if you can help more people get out of their. we love to hear those stories, thank you. carley: it is 29 after the are. afghanistan is on top of the agenda but the white house is turning a blind eye to the border crisis. texas taking matters into its own hands. congressman michael burgess coins us next.
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narrator: eva-marie smoked 12,000 packs of cigarettes over 15 years. she quit and now there's a new lung cancer screening that could save her life. you stopped smoking. now start screening. no matter how much you smoked, early detection could save you. talk to your doctor or learn more at >> the highly anticipated intelligence report on covid 19 its origins may be days way. jen psaki says the report is expected to be completed by today but will not be made public until declassified.
1:35 am
president biden ordered a 90 day review of the virus's origins in may as the director of the national institute of health said we cannot rule out covid 19 came from the wuhan lab. >> the evidence rather perspective says this is a naturally occurring virus, not that it couldn't have been under study secretly at the wuhan institute and got out of there. we don't know about that. >> china has denied allegations it is responsible for the virus. house speaker nancy pelosi is facing criticism 4. without a mask at a high end california fundraiser. byron donald florida says the speaker is not practicing what she's preaching. >> the height of hypocrisy, why they have no credibility, the american people are over it, they are done, they are finished, they want to live their lives like nancy pelosi is living hers. >> lizzie james to be a champion of mask wearing frock threatening to crackdown on members of congress, despite going masklesser california
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salon during the height of the pandemic. the virus causing tensions that our nation's schools, one california school district facing backlash from parents after saying it would draw students blood, santa monica malibu unified school district changing language on a testing consent form after parents spoke out. and official telling fox news and never intended to do one test calling its inclusion on the form and oversight. carley: a texas house committee could decide to boost spending as border patrol agents worn they are blown away by the crisis and are getting burned out. we are going to have congressman michael burgess join us on that front when "fox and friends first" returns.
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>> coffee shop closing its doors because of homeless crisis. >> the owner of uptown espresso, good morning, our understanding is this was a thriving institution in seattle and something changed and you are closing up.
1:41 am
what was the thing that changed? >> it didn't all of a sudden happen. in 2016 the homelessness around seattle had taken shape in a professional manner. the coffee bar started in 1984 but it was successful to the extent the original owner had expanded to eight locations. we acquired it a couple years ago and one of the first coffee bars in seattle is not closing because of people that are homeless defecating in front of the store coming into the store, using it as a restroom. it has become such a problem there's no way anybody in their right mind wants to be in that area so the area of queen and
1:42 am
which is where it is located is almost a zombie wasteland. jillian: the coffee shop was hoping to house 1600 homeless people in hotels by 2022. you talk about it being is on be land, do you see this getting better anytime soon? >> i was hoping we would reach and provide the area with this new arena being belt for the new nhl expansion team, that is right across the street from us and right across the street from that is this hotel you're referring to. when i learned about the hotel being acquired to hold the homeless i knew it was more of the same and the health hazards that come with it, nobody wants
1:43 am
to be in that area. to the extent that we would continue on it would have to be in a manner that is more clean, more normal, more inviting area. nobody wants to deal with that. to be accosted by homeless people in the street. the city has been housing the homeless in the seattle center area for a number of years, they get up and are asked to leave the facility, have nowhere to go and wander around the businesses and you have to shoot them out, it makes for a rough -- jillian: a crisis situation. did you bring any of these complaints to the city and say something has got to be done? >> they don't listen. that's the problem we are dealing with with the city at city council.
1:44 am
they don't listen. it is a very odd relationship and something i feel we as the business community need to be more involved with as far as the decision-making. with the city council. right now city council doesn't seem to care. carley: keep us updated. we appreciate your time. a man is hit by a stray bullet at rush hour, police say the 58-year-old got caught in the middle of a dispute between two men, one of them pulling a gun, hitting the victim in the leg. he was taken to the hospital and inspected to survive. the police commissioner believes week gun laws are behind the crime surge. >> we need action.
1:45 am
we need laws that help the police rather than take tools away from the police. carley: the gunmen got away, no one else was hurt in a situation. jillian: an argument between fans turns into a blood test at a pittsburgh steelers game starting with a woman slapping the man, the man fighting back, slugging her and another fan several times. it is unclear if anyone involved was seriously hurt. police are investigating. let's be happy to be back in the stands for football. >> being on a plane and being in the stadium -- >> obviously understandable. coming up texas congressman michael burgess joins us to explain how texas is taking matters into his own hands to address the border crisis.
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>> texas health committee would boost spending for border security as they worn they are blown away by the crisis in getting burned out. texas congressman michael
1:50 am
burgess, border patrol agents are getting burned out, in del rio texas just 12 border patrol agents are patrolling the 245 mile stretch of the border, just 12 agents, all the other agents are busy doing paperwork. what your reaction to that? >> absolutely unacceptable and grateful for the help but this is a federal responsibility, not something the state government should have to participate in in debate because the money should come from the federal government to provide border protection and border patrol. the fact that we are not is a travesty especially given in light of the fact that the sheer volume, the numbers of illegal crossings that occurred in the month of july you would think the federal government would step up and provide additional funding but that is not the case.
1:51 am
jillian: in the month of july over 200,000 border encounters and we were talking 12 agents in the del rio sector, some sectors aren't sending any agents out. listen to this. >> they do.0 agents because our priority is getting people through the system as quickly as possible to make room. carley: i think the border situation and the situation in afghanistan are linked because you have a terror group in control of afghanistan and the terror threat in the united states is risen. we have a porous border. should the american people feel safe? >> this needs to be taken care of. i think right now people
1:52 am
understandably would not will safe, you had cartels and gained members and now who knows coming across and without operational control of the border all of that is at risk. the federal government yesterday in the rules committee deemed the passage of the $3 trillion bernie sanders budgeting that passed when the rule passes. we didn't debate it or even try to out locate the money where it needs to go but the money needs to go to the border and national defense. first and foremost that is the constitutional responsibility. jillian: lawmakers in texas will be talking about increased border spending because governor abbott is trying to build the border wall on his own but you say that should be a federal responsibility. >> it absolutely is a federal responsibility and furthermore the moneys to expand to do our
1:53 am
job should be reimbursed to the state. texas to permit of public safety has done a phenomenal job trying to be the backstop at the border but that's not their original intent. they are supposed to be enforcing traffic laws on the highways, not enforcing border protection. jillian: another big update, there was a hearing on the texas voting law made possible by three democrats who broke ranks with the rest of their party and came back to work. runaway democrats but some of them are showing up. sounds like there are enough lawmakers in texas to pass this voting reform law. now that the situation is coming to a close what is your reaction to the saga of the runaway texas democrats? >> never should have happened. it was heartbreaking to watch.
1:54 am
i am in the minority in washington dc. every day i come to work i know i'm going to lose. that is our job, that is the job you said you could do. it was a travesty to have the state house not be able to conduct its business through one and a half special sessions at great expense to the state because people said we didn't show up for work. that is unacceptable. those positions need to be vacated in the next election. carley: we will see when the voting reform bill hits governor abbott's desk. it could be pretty soon. congressman michael burgess, thank you for joining us. jillian: retired navy seal has a strong message on the crisis in afghanistan. when he retired in 2010 sharing video of himself speaking as he believed the president should in the situation, the post has gone viral.
1:55 am
>> americans and our allies are stranded and that is my fault. any resistance we meet from the taliban or otherwise when we seize these airports will be destroyed completely and without mercy. jillian: he goes on to say how the us should respond and how to stop the taliban's rain of terror. he will join us later this morning on "fox and friends". carley: coming up, and angry constituent blasts and iowa lawmaker over so-called white nationalist push to require the pledge of allegiance in school bless tomi lahren and georgia congressman jody hikes live in the next hour of "fox and friends first".
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>> i can protect our troops, thank you. >> are they left in afghanistan? jillian: it is tuesday august 20 fourth. we start with the fox news alert, president biden turning his back and avoiding questions on the crisis in afghanistan as the taliban it is a clear threat to washington as the president is under intense pressure to decide whether or not to extend his august 30 first deadline to keep us troops in kabul as a countless number of americans remain stranded be


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