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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 24, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join. >> harris: fox news alert. we are awaiting president biden, except to speak on the crisis in afghanistan and the pressure from our global allies to extend his operatory august 31st deadline to withdraw american troops. you're watching our coverage. i am harris faulkner. here is mike cohosts, emily companion and kayleigh mcenany trick and at the center seat today the host of fox & friends. it is great to see everybody.
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the clock is ticking down. of course it is ticking down to something that. the button himself part. for the rest of that world. for the biden before his self-imposed deadline to pull remaining troops from afghanistan. today the taliban for a second time said they are not okay. the white house is the feeling the pressure, no doubt. press secretary jen psaki insisted no americans will be left behind. >> does the president have a sense that most of the criticism is not leaving afghanistan, it is the way he has ordered it to happen, by pulling troops before getting these americans who are now stranded. >> i think it is responsible to the state americans are stranded. >> reporter: there are no americans stranded in afghanistan? >> i'm just calling you out professing we are -- when i have
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been very clear that we are not leaving americans who want to return home. we are going to bring them home. and i think that is important for the american people to understand. >> harris: oh, did you catch it? it is always in the details. americans who want to come home. how many thousands of americans who want to stay in the hell? anyway, that does not match of the sentiment on the ground, which jen psaki was saying watch this mom and american government worker who says she fears of her life and couple. >> we can't get to the airport. when we try to get to the airport, we get -- or we are afraid for our our lives. our lives are in extreme danger and i don't know how long it is going to continue. they are going to people's homes at night and they are just taking them away and nobody knows where they are taking them, what they are doing to
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them, we are scared. >> harris: so jen psaki is calling these people who are crying and who are very emotional, want to do come home to america, i guess she is saying that they are not telling the truth. pete? >> she knows what she is saying is not true. but there's an official narrative from the white house. everything is going fine. don't listen to the taliban. even though every indication, publicly and privately that i'm hearing is will is that they want to -- taliban time none, august 31st. they are right about what they would do. they know it is a disaster. it is completely disorganized, and they are willing to leave people behind. they know there are americans in that country who cannot get to the kabul airport. and they very much know that their afghan allies are now being denied access by the taliban, turned around.
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they are being tortured. they are being killed. >> there are a lot more nefarious actions being taken by the taliban didn't we will evernote because none of it is on videotape and none of it is reported, especially in the new cloak in intimidation that is the taliban. this is a capitulation. the taliban is making -- face consequences. if you are not out by august 31st and we are saying simply -- we are consultant with airtel been friends about whether or not they will -- we are find their propaganda. our top channels, they are talking to them. it is as if we can take them editable word and we look like we are running -- it is a shame. >> harris: i want to remind our audience that though she reminded me that your job in afghanistan was actually to study the tele-been think you were helping the people that you were serving with to understand this enemy. so i'm looking through my notes here because we did get
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reporting that the cia director met with that new, i guess you call, president of afghanistan, cruel wishes to bloodthirsty killer, and they had a secret meeting. so what you are talking about is us negotiating? i'm not even sure what that would entail. but your take. you study the taliban. >> we are not even negotiating. they said they are going to establish a government. it is going to include the network folks known. these are radical islamists who will maintain complete control. this caliban 2.0 nonsense it is all propaganda. it is all going away the minute we are completely gone. the question is how many americans, how many allies will be lived behind because the fact that they are not in those airport walls but no means they are already hostages of the tele-band. how many other hostages of the
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taliban will there be? >> harris: we better start to get some hard numbers. because a and a half hours later than it is now. we have already lost today. so our own -- can officially say on the record, president biden has taken the decision and will not extend the august 31st deadline in afghanistan. lara logan, your response? >> what president biden is doing is basically condemning american citizens to death. he is condemning american allies to test. i want to's say thank you to pete because you start to feel like you are in the twilight zone. can you imagine the deputy commander of the taliban is the leader, the head of the county network. they are the afghan al qaeda.
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he took his loyalty to some up bin laden. the manifesto is exactly al qaeda's manifesto. so i don't know why no one is asking the budget administration why the negotiating with the terrorists. we have gone -- it is kind of like how we went from, you know, zero to thousand with defund the police. so bleak we are defunding. we are getting rid of the polices, right? we are doing that same thing with the taliban and al qaeda. we are skipping over the fact that the united states was negotiating with terrorists. we are skipping over the fact that under very anniversary of 911, that is coming up, 20 years later, we are literally giving the taliban and al qaeda the people responsible for 9/11, we are giving them legitimacy. by the head of the cia sitting down with mulipola dear. you realize that hamas, hezbollah, the chinese could
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have you seen with the chinese news agency is the thing about america? don't understand is i don't understand why americans accept that this is -- united states military has the technology to capability to come in the middle of darkness to drop shadows in the night, an entire army, lay waste, and be gone before morning. we have thermal imaging technology and drones. they can see through walls and cloud cover and triple canopy forests and everything else. and we have military capability that people will tell you can turn this around in a heartbeat. american people are being told you have to give all of this military equipment to this caliban. no, you don't. you can destroy it in place. we have done it all over that work for decades and decades. the american people are being told this is just about afghanistan. has blocked is already celebrating. what assurance is there to any american enemy if this enemy is
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allowed to dance on america's grave at a milquetoast humiliate the united states. and we are on our knees, asking the taliban to dictate the terms of everything we do. the united states in the eyes of the world is no longer a superpower. right now to date because of the way this is being done. >> harris: look, i want to get back on that record, breaking news now. at what we are having direct reactions to something that, again, it was arbitrarily set by the president of the united states. sources have told our lucas tomlinson at fox news that the president has made his decision. he has taken a decision. and he is going to not go past the august 31st deadline to get people out. kayleigh mcenany, we had talked so much about the fact that look popular were the ideas that we would pull out of place at that did not need troops on the ground but the former president trump wanted to pull
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people out of afghanistan. he had that in common with president biden. but that was one of them and it was also very popular with the american people when you survey and poll them. what has not been popular is how biden has arbitrarily set deadlines and told the enemy what those deadlines are. and now we have to live by this one. because the taliban says you go past august 31st and, well, we don't know. consequences. >> kayleigh: it is the taliban's deadline. not american. yeah, it is the tell event's deadline, laura. we are not negotiating with the taliban. no, we are not they are dictating terms to. >> the terrorist organization is dictating terms to the most powerful country in the world. because we have an into incompetent commander-in-chief. an incompetent commander in chief who want to say to the american people, i will not
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leave an american behind. that was a lie. a malicious lie because now he is saying he is committed to this august 31st deadline. i see this reporting. another piece of that reporting was that he has a contingency plan in place in case we need to state there. one is the last time you heard contingency plan? okay he had a contingency plan in the event the taliban took over. that ended up with americans stranded outside of kabul. rest assured, he has a contingency plan should we go beyond august 31st. this is an absolute joke. and they are dictating terms under president trump, this would have never have happened. he would have had a competent plan. but you simply do not have a commander-in-chief who is in control here. and americans will be left behind and left for dead as are looking said. >> harris: what i hear you saying, too, but i didn't april said that, well, in that again
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in july, don't worry about the taliban taking over. i'm paraphrasing him now. we will get out by september 11. look, we understand the politics of that deadline. but are you trying to say now because it is a pretty frightening thought that even if we thought we could negotiate a date past august 31st, it would likely be something that the tele-band would want because we are not in control. we got to get our mojo back. kaylee? >> kayleigh: that is exactly right. i see a headline comes through on my computer here from the washington post that says taliban doubles down on demanding that week withdraw by august 31st. so they are doubling down as their commander-in-chief is capitulating to a terrorist organization. it is know what or the usa with that usa today poll has him at 41%. this is appalling. this is an dishonorable exit and americans will be left behind. it is so sad. >> harris: as far as
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negotiations go, when i need other something in my vocabulary to negotiate, i often go to emily, bhanu because she is so good at it. and i know that these negotiations are not inside of the court room. but there's something akin to that waiting in any scenario. where are week now, emily? >> emily: thank you for that, harris i have to point out that when the callous -- it is -- that august 31st deadline, they called it extending the occupation. that was the paradigm that this regime is operating under it. they are not seeing this as extra time to extricate americans or afghan supporters. i know we will discuss this later as well. their change of heart with our "encouragement" evacuating afghans -- to evacuating afghans. clearly take a holding the cards in that negotiating and certainly how it is framed and to take a step back for at that moment, i cannot overstate the responsibility to use jen
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psaki's word of how this administration is communicating this to the american people. we have a spokesman who refuses to commit to a number of americans stranded there in that country. he says it is several thousand. we will leave it at that number for now. and he says, it changes by the hour. give us the number, then, this hour because every american over there, it brings over a family member at home worrying about them. we had jen psaki calling it irresponsible to use that word "." is she going to call every news -- we are using that word because we are not been given specificity by this administration or actual transparency that we can then run with specific words that might describe it more accurately. so we have an administration engaging in semantics with the american people and the american press box are americans and our allies have been absolutely deserted there and to everyone's
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point, i don't know what is going to happen after august 31st. but given that logistics so far, does not look good. >> harris: yeah. and it -- >> emily: you could negotiate a bite -- >> harris: that would mean that we had to start, like, now with their american troops, right? i mean, it is going to take some time to get off the ground. and the word "stranded" is a lot better than the word i have heard used and that is "hostages. >> i have been a military planner. they are going to start backwards planning right now. they are going to close those doors and it is not far from now. as we shut those gates, and fly away. >> harris: that is] we move on. with the president standing by his deadline, he is not going to move on august 31st. that is leaving afghanistan a week from today. his cia director went there yesterday to meet with the leader of the taliban picnics,
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>> fox news alert. a fox news official tells fox news the president button will not extend the august 31st deadline to withdraw from afghanistan. this comes as national security advisor jake sullivan confirms that we are "consulting with the taliban." watch. >> we are engaging with the taliban took consulting with the taliban on every aspect of what is happening in kabul right now, on what is happening at the airport, on how we need to ensure that there is facilitated
9:21 am
passage to the airport for american citizens, si fees, third country nationals and so forth. we will continue those conversations with them. >> a senior u.s. official tells fox news .ca director william burns travel to kabul yesterday to meet with the taliban leader he is not the highest ranking biden administration official to meet with the taliban. here is the reaction to news at that meeting on fox & friends this morning. >> this is not progress. this is not progress. we should not negotiate with terrorists. it is not what we do. >> harris: these were the highest level talks since the taliban took over afghanistan. it does not appear that they went well with this breaking news we had about sticking to tell event deadline. >> no, have any of them can't go? if you were writing a script that was attempting to legitimize the worst islamists in the world, you cannot write a
9:22 am
more definitive one think what is being done right notes across the board. everything they asked for, we give them. everything we asked of them -- we don't even tell them. they barely give us. now they are saying that afghans turned around, don't go to the airport or only u.s. citizens. we know u.s. citizens are already being arrested and beaten and i'm sure it killed in other parts of the country. this is a deadline that will be deadline and i think we have talked to beth keller bennett has to us other than japan sent them and so beautifully ultimately you will have radical islamic terrorism running the country there happy to facilitate it and listen, the wi-fi is going down. the tvs are turning off. the press won't be allowed in tell them country. it will come back. there is no difference with who they were versus who they are now. >> harris: what a scary a new reality. laura, i think when you have a commander-in-chief who talks about the taliban going through an accidental crisis about where they want to be on the world
9:23 am
stage and, you know, who would have imagined that tell event would have cooperated with us? these are coats or paraphrases, rather from his estep annapolis interview. he is not wide-eyed to thief reality he faces, which is that this is a terrorist groups. >> we are not -- there's no way that you cannot be wide-eyed to that. that is the simple truth but it is absolutely impossible. i'm not a genius. i don't have any access to special information. the reality is, that the biden administration, everyone of them knows exactly what they are doing right now. and this, by the break is the same flight that was pushed by the obama administration when biden was vice president. of this is not newport and what everybody is ignoring here is that it was never about nationbuilding or just about the afghans and freedom is a way. and everything that comes from the fact. and now get the idea of an islamic world, great reactionary, extreme narrow
9:24 am
interpretation distorted interpretation if you like of islam. but really, what the g how distal tells you what they told me is that his lump, to them, is not a religion. it is a civilization. that is about power but that is about ruling the world. and we are no losing this war and just more of idea. and we condemn it. and the idea that biden did not know or missteps, all of these decisions are political. at the root of everything right,, political decisions by american leaders. >> harris: that is why. but don't worry, we are different -- d conflicting with the tell event and it is working well. does not appear that it is actually working well. >> they are using a lot of words that they are hoping that we are just getting caught up in. i have not heard the words "throughput" since i was a little one with my dad. i heard it about 50 million times.
9:25 am
or levels that. we are going to level set you could which i think is a tell you off. outlook. public semantics, words, all of these things, i love the way that general checking but .it today. tell us how many people you think cannot get to the airport. that way when you take off, we will know who, left behind. and don't try to hide behind that we give you thousands some did not make it because they had expressed that they wanted to go home. jen psaki, over and over, the president, those who want to come home, we will get you home. is that some sort of code for, yikes, you cannot get to the airport, did not know you were there because we've lost the one printed list to tell event had that they took from the embassy that we did not quite empty out because we were on a rush. kabul, because we did not -- i
9:26 am
mean, the street writes itself except for the fact that the truth, the details, facts matter. and we are not learning them now. and they are having press conference after press conference. do you guys feel like you are getting closer to the truth? >> no. >> absolute not. [overlapping speakers] >> applicant benghazi on a grand scale. that is exactly right back at my former colleague had some passionate words this morning. let's roll the tape. >> the same tell event that was in the past. they have just become more sophisticated. they also, realize the amount of pressure. they are playing nice guys because they know they have this administration on the run. they are making demands of the united states of america. i will tell you, if it was president trump and they made that demand get the response would have been incredible and unforgettable, both. >> harris: yeah, it is exactly right. emily. >> emily: former president
9:27 am
trump said we should have gotten out with honor. we could have gotten out with honor. instead, this is the exact opposite of wanted to ask a question to pete because much has been made over the prior administration for's interactions with the tell event with some argument with heavy criticisms that that sort of provided the likely for this negotiation if that is what you can call it to occur but i saw a distinct dish friends. -- difference. that agreement except in the titled that the united states does not recognized the islamic emirate of afghanistan. it conditioned upon them negotiating with the afghan government. it was actually a route to peace at which is what my understanding was, resulting in 18 months without a loss of american life. so pete, could you please explain, am i missing something? and what are the key differences between the prior administration and their interactions with the taliban at which button does this one, which we see is from a
9:28 am
posture of weakness. >> it was never a perfect process. this is the one deal with the biden administration said they could not get rid of. we are stuck with it. this is exactly the way that we need to do it. and i think it was always an exit plan to blame the trump administration if they needed to. the big difference is to tell bank they understood. one name for you what they understood. they understood that we would -- that you will kill anybody anywhere to defend american interests, even if it is unpopular. at unpredictability. the taliban on their heels and says, we are not going to mess with trump when he is in charge. he wants out and he wants this win as quickly as possible. when they smell that desperation at weakness, they take advantage of it. that is what we are seeing right now. so it is not on trump. you always have an opportunity to revisit the effects on the ground. i guarantee you. there were times when trump said, i want to pull all the
9:29 am
troops out. and then he listened to the troops who said, now is not the right time. we need to make sure we maintained this. biden ignored that and pulled the military out first, which is what you have what we have today. >> emily: it is action over birds. and the american military has presence in almost 150 countries, if not mistaken. so there would have been an investment there, a security force that would have avoided this complete contest read while ending the war. expect at least until we got people out. >> emily: exactly. the washington post reports the taliban is stopping afghan nationals from reaching the kabul airport, sing it is dangerous and that they need those people to rebuild the country. we are also learning the taliban is a stink women to stay home, to -- the intercom 's report the u.s. is turning some of our allies away from couple airport to give priority to americans and green card holders purple those temporally received -- report of the ink
9:30 am
used military translators, and others who work side-by-side with americans during the 20-year war. the pentagon is saying -- watch. >> the intention to get every american out who wants to be -- as many as i.v. or -- sib or as many afghans as possible? >> as many americans who want to leave that we can get as fast as possible, as many of our siv applicants. as many vulnerable afghans that we can also work towards getting. >> emily: we are also curing other unsettling stories about the evacuation efforts. a leaked e-mail in -- reads in part, the afghans are housed in a living hell. trash, urine, frequent matter, and vomit cover the floors
9:31 am
produce footnotes resources to solve depth sanitation problem. these human beings are in a significant problem. laura, your thoughts? >> this is just the most shameful thing that any of us have witnessed in our lifetimes. at any of us have been through. i mean, it is drenched in the blood of afghans and will be on the americans as will because they want get out. and what we are missing here, but nobody is talking about is two very important things. we have afghan allies. our allies that until just a couple of weeks ago, we were actually working side-by-side with. the vice president of afghanistan was now the acting president under the constitution that the u.s. draft. and he is inviting. he is, you know, everyone was very quick to think those special operation troops and those afghans, you know, soldiers, how useless they were. but they are in the country, still fighting. and what everyone is leaving out
9:32 am
that the taliban has china and pakistan and cutter. it has all of these allies right at its side. and the afghans knew that the u.s. had abandoned them. and that was the major expected that in breaking the morale of an army that has lost over 60, 70,000 people since 2011. and the other part of this is, this can be stopped. it does not have to be this way. >> harris: you know, lara, your words are always right on point. you trust so much with what you say and you really have drilled down. we are going to move way from our conversations for little bit of breaking news now. republican colleagues who have served in afghanistan are holding a news conference following their classified briefing. the leader of the republicans in the house. let's watch. >> -- to spend trillions of dollars. they fight because they -- they spent their time on phones trying to twist arms. >> reporter: . to get people to vote.
9:33 am
they should drop that an entire focus republicans, democrats, independent like, should be nothing else then bringing our americans home. we should not work on other items in specially spending trillions of dollars. that should be our only focus. we should not cut off everything with the administration. because they have to think get back to vote on their rule. this is what we should be voting on. i looked up at the uk. they brought their department back to work on bringing their citizens home. we should be doing exact same. i know the effects that it is having on those who are there and those who are back home at those who are served. for every single individual, from every costar family, from every veteran, i want to thank you for your service and your sacrifice. you did exactly what was asked upon you. with that, i would like to call up a ranking member of veterans,
9:34 am
mr. bus. >> thank you, leader. you know, and more than 2,000 american heroes have given their life in 2001. we must never forget their sacrifice and sacrifice their families made as well. one of the scariest days of my life is the day that i watched my son leave this unite states and move into a war zone. i will never stop being grateful that he made it home safely and that so many of his fellow serviceman made it home as well. including those who did deployed into afghanistan. but after two decades, they did make the world safer. and they are still trying to make the world safer, and they are trying to take care. each one of them are reaching out to our offices to try to identify afghans, people who work with them, to try to try to
9:35 am
get them's back home. they are not stopping. they are still trying to serve. and fourthly, the biden administration has let them down. they have watched the country that they had to fight in and the people that they fought alongside be left in chaos. my plea to you at this today is check with the veterans you know to make sure they are doing okay. talk to them. the concern that they are feeling and the uptick that we are seeing in the calls to the hotlines for those veterans and what they are feeling has increased tremendously. make sure that you check on them. and if you are a veteran, a service member who served in afghanistan that you are feeling this could reach out to this current crisis hotline, which is available. i want to give you that hotline number right now. it is a confidential called. it is 182-73-8255.
9:36 am
or you can text 838255. once again, it is 182-73-8255 or text 838255. now, notice. to each of the veterans who are listening out there, you are not alone. you did not fight in vain. you did not -- great service for this nation and we know you continue to serve in your communities. and with that, i yield back. and i want to introduce ranking member mccall. >> thank you, ranking member and i agree, today is the day to say thank you to our veterans. they are in a bad place. they wondered, it was it worth it? as they see the tell ben take over and it raises a lot of questions. we just got out of the of a clad briefing with the secretary of state defense, the dni. so all of the key components and as the leader said, we left with
9:37 am
more questions than we did with answers. my understanding is the president just announced a firm withdrawal day of august 31st. i can tell you there's no way we can humanly get all of our american citizens and afghan partners at a country by the time to. i have called this consistently an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions. it will be a stain on his presidency and particularly the decision made today and what we heard today, he will have blood on his hands. people are going to die and they are going to be left behind. the biggest treat in the military is now man left behind. and that is precisely what we are doing. we are violating the trust and moral obligation that we gave them. and not only that. it is impacting our status in the global community purple. when erin briscoe the prime minister and secondly, defense are calling upon us to extend
9:38 am
the deadline, the germans, because they want to get their people out of there as well, but instead, we have a president who is intimidated and is begging to negotiate with the taliban. to put ourselves in that place where we are begging to taliban to give us more time to evacuate and then give the child meant exactly what they want, empowering them, i know when biden met with putin, putting said, you cannot put your isr and -- capabilities in that region. and now we are in the president of russia telling the president what to do. à la global standing has greatly diminished. we are projecting weakness, not strength. and for months, we told this administration, as the ic -- grim situation that it was deteriorating rapidly. the taliban is going to take over. afghan is going to pull. please get our americans out. please get our afghan partners out. instead, they are stranded there.
9:39 am
our military is pulling out, and they are going to be left behind. and from stage standpoint, i can't think of a weaker posture that we can put our state -- ourselves. our allies no longer trust us and our enemies no longer fear us and that is russia, china, and iran and pakistan. this will have grave long-term consequences. and with that, i would like to introduce another veteran of afghanistan. i'm sorry, mr. rogers, i apologize. >> joe biden has not been listening to anybody. he is not listening now. one fact that was openly clear in the briefing we just had is that it is not possible to get all of the americans out of afghanistan by next tuesday. and that you saw the president go on the air and say, there's now hard deadline. at his reckless, and it is going to leave blood on people's hands. and everything about this situation that we are in now is joe biden's fall creek when he
9:40 am
told george stephanopoulos that none of his advisers advised against leaving afghanistan, it is just a live. the fact is, joe biden made the announcement in april of unconditional withdrawal. in may in june, our committee repeatedly was asking the administration for a plan. how are you going to responsibly withdrawal? and they could not give us one. i wrote a letter to the president in july asking for a plant. i still had not gotten a response. and now in august, the taliban takes over. he is not listening to his advisors but he is not listening to congress. when you see al qaeda in afghanistan about to commit terrorist attacks, no joe biden created this place that we got over there. with his reckless decision-making. either he is senile or easy as he is in denial. either way, it is reckless for our country. and it is a disaster taking
9:41 am
place. it is his responsibility. i yield now to jim from indiana. >> i think that ranking member and leader for putting this together. i served in afghanistan in 2014 and 2,015th just prior to being elected to congress. my job was a foreign military sales officer. i was on the frontlines of acquiring the equipment that the americans provided and turned over to the afghan army and the afghan police. i want to read to you what is so painful for me and so many other afghan veterans who served in that capacity, unless you serve as the assist and equip effort in helping the afghans. we now know that due to the negligence of this administration the taliban now has access over $85 billion worth of american military equipment. that includes 75,000 vehicles parked over 200 airplanes and helicopters.
9:42 am
over 600,000 small arms and light weapons. the tell a vent now has helicopters than 85% of the countries in that world. but they don't just have weapons. the also have night vision goggles their-part body armor, medical supplies. and unbelievably, unfathomably to me and so many others, is the taliban now has biometric devices which have the fingerprints, eye scans, and the biographical information of the afghans who helped us over the last 20 years. and here's what we just learned again in the briefing that we just walked out of. this administration still has now plan to get this military equipment or these supplies back. , instead, it is all fallen into the hands of the taliban. there's still no plan to account for what has happened to these weapons propel.
9:43 am
i can tell you with ranking member rogers behind me that house republicans will fight next week when we go through the national defense authorization markup. to fight for a plant. if this administration, the democrats are not going to do it, we will do it. we will demand a plan to account for all of this military equipment,. here's what i'm concerned about even more than the taliban acquiring these weapons. it is that we know that al qaeda and isis k still exist and afghanistan. eventually, they acquire these weapons and as i said before, if any american is harmed or killed and not safely evacuated or if any of this mentor equipment or weapons are used to harm or kill an american took the blood is directly on the joe biden's' hands. what is also painfully clear from the briefing that we just walked out of is that behind closed doors, the biden team tells us one thing.
9:44 am
they admit mistakes. they know this is a dangerous situation going on in afghanistan. and president biden tells us something different. he tells us that everything is okay. that it is under control. so either joe biden is lying to us or he is not in touch with the team that just briefed us in the room. and that is a shame as well. so with that, i yield to representative walls from florida, a fellow afghanistan veteran. >> i served multiple tours in afghanistan as a green beret underground. and this is deeply personal. to so many of us. i personally have helped afghan might afghan interpreters get back to united states. they are thriving now as american citizens. but their families are being hunted down as we speak. i have also had one that fought with us.
9:45 am
his name was little spartacus. he was such a fighter. he was intercepted at a taliban checkpoint with the very american documentation that he needed to get out of here. they did not just kill him. they took him home to his village and beheaded his brothers and cousins in front of him before then beheading him. i have seen school principals run out of town and murdered. after they were hunted down. their crime, teaching girls, and then the girl at school was burnt down. at the taliban had not change. and what was clear from the briefing took what has been cleared from the months of briefing that our committee received on the armed services committee. is that the taliban take over equals al qaeda three-point oh. and one thing that joe biden either one admit or does not understand is that what happens in afghanistan does not stay in
9:46 am
afghanistan. it spreads like a cancer. it will follow us home. and many of us have been very clear about that danger across multiple administrations. this is not about politics. this is about the fact that america now is less safe. here is what we are in a worse position than we were in 2001,. because now we have no basis in the region. one thing that is clear from the briefings and we have been asking for months is not a single country surrounding afghanistan, not one, it has agreed to allow u.s. forces there to allow our intelligence, our drones, and other things we need to understand what is going on to base there. much less to allow legal strikes to keep a lid on al qaeda and isis. the intelligence community has been very clear. they have the will and the intent to hit us again. as we head into the 20th anniversary, the 20th anniversary of 9/11, we now face
9:47 am
the prospect of our soldiers having to go back in now they have the taliban is much heavier, much more heavily armed. local allies who have been hunting down, there is know northern alliance. there are very smoke elements left still willing to resist. i can tell you, we are going to lead that effort from congress because the administration won't lead to continue the fight and to continue to keep americans safe. this is a disaster on historic proportions. and there needs to be accountability. and that accountability that is going to come from right here. with that, i yield. and eye-hand off to my fellow veteran brother in arms, thank you. >> absolutely. brian mast. i served in afghanistan, september 19, 2010. had countless friends killed in action to my left and right. recovered alongside hundreds more.
9:48 am
had the honor of serving alongside hundreds of thousands that put on your uniform. i have two brief things to say. one of them is a message to our veterans and one of them is a request for you, the media, and all americans really, this is not a walk and chew gum situation. work and we go out there and with half of our effort work to get americans home and with the other half worked on things that are peripheral or have nothing to do with that. u.s. the media can pressure this. when something is going on here like working on a bill that has to do with altering voting or infrastructure, you need to ask the question, what the hell are you doing? gets their americans home. at 170 starts working on something other than getting her americans hope your trip say, what the hell are you doing? work on the rules of engagement for those marines and rangers underground to make sure that they have everything that they need in place to get the job
9:49 am
done and to get home. it when somebody is asking is in the question, working on something else and the rules committee and something else get sick at what the hell are you doing? did every american get home yet? did you get all of those sivs taken care of? what the hell are you doing? 435 you need to be helping the state department with every asset with your staff to help them process those sivs. gets every american their pressure the people in washington, dc, here to get every american and every person who helped americans back here, safe, out of the hostage hands of the taliban. that is an active role that you can play. the administration will listen to you. they will probably listen to you more than anybody else. if we want know -- no one think they are more concerned with optics. the optics of what he wanted to get out so soon. the optics of why they are not calling this a combat mission. you can help to treat the
9:50 am
pressure to get people back home. my message for veterans is this. and i spoke about it with my friend jim earlier, who lost an arm in vietnam. it was not jim's fault that they lost vietnam. it was the fault of those in pennsylvania avenue. it was not the fault of those that trudged over the mountains in afghanistan that were in the first fights, that were kicking in doors. that. that were going through those fields of improvised explosive devices that afghanistan is lost. it is the fault of those in pennsylvania avenue. i yield to mr. green. >> mark green, tennessee seven, it is also very personal to me as well. i served in the one 60th special operations regiment early during that war. i was there when cattleman was
9:51 am
killed. i vividly remember his coffin being brought out to the airfield through a core one -- these are the hardest guys in the united states military. toughest, most elite. this flag draped coffin goes through. there's not a dry eye. you can see it like it was yesterday going into the back of that c-17. the doors closing, the sun was rising. it is imprinted in my brain forever. like so many other faces and names just like pat. i happen to serve the area that surrounds fort campbell, about 85% of the people who live at fort campbell are in my district republic when i go to publix, i have to look into the eyes of te children who are costar
9:52 am
children. this is deeply personal for me. i want to tell those veterans, this has been echoed here before. your service was completely and incredibly valuable to this country. for 20 years, you protected our nation from a terrorist attack. that has value. and the friends that we lost, their sacrifice has value. if you are struggling to reboot we have talked to many of you. if you are having a hard time, i want to talk about this disconnect between the president and the truth. he is saying things that are completely different than what his own people say. for example, if no one thought it was a bad idea to it was brought like this. this has already been mentioned, when we know that people in his senior staff have said, we should not withdraw. things like the aeschines, the f can people don't -- they don't
9:53 am
want to leave. yet the corporate tens of thousands of applications already in progress. i think the thing that really angers me the most is that the african military did not want to fight. that is absolutely incorrect. i served with those men and women. i took care of them when they were wounded on the battlefield. afghan special forces in my hands bleeding. they are warriors. and to have cured the -- if you do your homework. for the past seven is took it with over 57th casualties. the upgrade, and they want to fight. they felt abandoned by the united states of america when they well, and we were gone. crickets. when you withdraw it like that, you take the heart and fight out of them and of course, their fear of a ruthless beheading taliban.
9:54 am
they blended in. this is a tragedy that is on joe biden. but i want to say one more thing before i step down. and handed over to jake. your credibility is at stake, too. remember when president trump made the comment or it was a speech to nato and he left out article five and you guys went crazy part oh, he does not support nato practice present has been asked to state in afghanistan to support our nato allies who came to the country on their behalf because we were attacked. and he has said now. we are getting out by the 31st regardless of what you think. now could say something about that in the press. for your own credibility. i yield. >> i don't know how we can watch this. without feeling pain. and the english and the
9:55 am
aggravation -- anguish and the aggravation at the frustration of those men who have served. we come back to "outnumbered" with just our last couple of minutes. we heard so much there. we want an opportunity to break this down a little bit in where we are. you know, pete hegseth, it went those words were spoken by brian mast, it was not that men and women who served who failed that war. it is 1600 pennsylvania avenue. what were your thoughts? >> amen. you could feel the passion out of those words. you could feel the desperation with the deadline. it is reflected in the effort both in congress and out of it to save their afghan allies. the disconnect between what they are told in private versus what is in probably is dishonorable. we deserve the truth. and the fact that ultimately took what we know is the taliban says that we need to keep these
9:56 am
afghans here because they have the skills to rebuild the country. every one of those guys at the podium knows the minute we lift up your every single throat of every afghan who has worked with us will be split every single one. these are islamist comments. they cannot tolerate any distance at all. they will kill them all. so anyone we leave behind should include americans. those vets that are talking, they know the truth. that is what you hear the passion. it is an application. >> harris: does president biden know the truth, though? look a couple of those congressman gave him a binary choice gave a binary choice to think of our current president of the united states. jim banks, he said, it looked, it is either he is lying to us or not in touch with the people who were just in the briefing with us. he is not getting the information. and then representative michael
9:57 am
rogers from alabama et cetera either he, meaning biden, is senile or he is in denial. that is a heck of a list of binary choices. >> kayleigh: yeah, he is lying to us. you have everyone from mccarthy to adam schiff spending the whole political spectrum saying we will not get all americans out before august 31st. you just heard them say cutting the classified briefing. and what was joe biden's answer? to walk away. to turn his back and what is the highest dereliction of duty we have seen from an american president. how shameful. >> harris: emily fuchs. >> emily: so many salient points from that briefing that these representatives touch on just to highlight of you for viewers, i thought the representative's comments that not one single surrounding country has allowed the u.s. to keep a presence there, let alone
9:58 am
to conduct military operations. what happens in afghanistan does not stay in afghanistan and it will spread like a cancer which goes to congressman banks' point. they have more like oxen 85% of the countries. that means al qaeda and isis-k will now have access to those at the 200 planes and helicopters in the $85 billion worth of the american military equipment as representative mike mccall called this, an unmitigated disaster it with the most striking part being that they have all unequivocally stated there is no way to get those americans out safely. >> harris: yeah, we got quite an enumeration of things that are on the ground more blackhawk helicopters than 80% of the countries in that world. what happened to equipment, pete hegseth? >> we should be destroying all of it. and to include the -- >> harris: from the airport.
9:59 am
>> you can't do that from the airport. you are exactly right. we should be destroying it. go ahead, lara. >> yeah. i mean, pete knows you can bomb that equipment. you can -- you can do that with the entire taliban leadership. you can do it with the leadership in pakistan. you can order pakistan to stop. this is pakistan's invasion. they are a u.s. ally. qatar, another u.s. ally that is funding this invasion. there are so many things that we can do and biden is responsible for sure and he will be held accountable. you can already see. he is going to fall on his sword. what everyone is also neglecting to address is that this is a government of we the people. we have told the world that in america, it is the people that rule. it is the people's government. if you poke leaders are misrepresenting you, it is on
10:00 am
you. and that is what we are not doing right now. that is what we are not seeing. the pain and every americans' parts needs to be expressed in the parent that the constitution and this -- gives them. >> harris: brian mast give us a mantra. if you hear a lawmaker near you, ask them why they are not working on this. thanks, after deciding he will not extend the troop withdrawal. the decision coming at the taliban pressures u.s. sources to lead by the end of the month. hello, i am john roberts in washington. >> they taliban pressuring the united states. that is remarkable. we will react in moments. i'm sandra smith in new york, this is "america reports." relearning about a secret meeting between the cia and


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