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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 24, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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acting in america's best interest first and foremost. that is exactly what joe bidenhd americans in afghanistan. our allies and our friends. >> greg: america first became america worst. >> jesse: right. i go i want to say happy 87th birthday to bob kenny who was down in fort benning who has a drink in his hand. he knows exactly what's going on in afghanistan. >> dana: happy birthday. >> jesse: that's it for for us. "special report" up next with bret. >> bret: happy birthday. good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. the it's speech on afghanistan was delayed for hours. white house kept pushing back the time all afternoon when the president finally did come out he started with his domestic agenda praising house democrats for passing a massive budgetary framework half way through his speech came the news americans stranded in afghanistan wanted to hear. whether americans would stay beyond deadline, american
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troops. president biden is holding firm, he said, to his timeline to get u.s. personnel out of afghanistan by august 31st. saying we are on pace to meet the deadline but he wants contingency plans if they can't make it. intel officials have testified on capitol hill, we're told by multiple sources, on both sides of the aisle, that the administration can't get all the americans and afghan allies out on time. the president said more time on the ground means more time our troops could face attacks. >> every day we're on the ground is another day we know isis k is seeking to target the airport and attack both u.s. and allied forces and innocent civilians. >> bret: a version isis not the taliban or al-qaeda. but the president says that timetable of august 31st is contingent on taliban cooperation. and fox news is receiving multiple new reports the taliban
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is harassing individuals, even passport holding americans on the way to the kabul airport. u.s. troops and civilians are continuing evacuating the area. the numbers are going up. the president put it at over 70,000 in recent days. the questions remain over what the united states will do if we are unable to keep the timetable. what will happen to those people still left on the ground? this as a new "u.s.a. today" poll shows the president's approval rating is plummeting in this situation to just 41% amid the chaotic departure scenes. white house correspondent peter doocy starts us off tonight live on the north lawn. good evening, peter. >> peter: good evening, bret. the president sent america's top spy, the head of the cia william burns to go meet with the taliban in kabul. they spoke privately and then they spoke privately as taliban fighters are threatening americans who stay past the end of august. burns reported back and the
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president decided it's best just to leave by next week. >> the sooner we can finish the better. each day of operations brings added risk to our troops. but, the completion of august 31st depends upon the taliban continuing to cooperate and allow access to the airport. >> peter: republican senator ben sasse says damn the deadline. the american people are not going to surrender our fellow citizens to the taliban. top biden administration officials briefed top republicans today. >> either joe biden is lying to us or he is not in touch with the team who just briefed us in the room. >> peter: house minority leader kevin mccarthy was there, too. >> there is no possible way that we can get every american that's still in afghanistan out in the next seven days. >> peter: the white house's position has been they will get everyone out. >> first of all, i think it's irresponsible to say americans are stranded. they are not. >> peter: not true according to an american government worker
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and mom trying to leave kabul. >> we are stranded at home. we can't get to the airport. when we tried to get to the airport, we get beaten up or we are afraid for our lives. >> peter: and promised calls, texts, emails from diplomats aren't helpful. >> we get more of news to stay put than to be told that you are going to be evacuated. >> peter: the white house addressed her concerns today. >> peter: this is someone in kabul who says i am stranded. so is there a better word for somebody who can't lee the house and get to the airport because jake sullivan says isis is outside the airport? what -- >> -- i would welcome you providing their phone number and we will reach out to them today and i can assure you of that. >> peter: republicans argue if president biden doesn't keep troops in kabul longer, americans on the ground will be in grave danger. >> he will have blood on his hands. people are going to die and they are going to be left behind. >> peter: but the president has spoken to his generals and the g-7 and he has made up his mind.
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>> we run effective counter-terrorism operations around the world where we know terrorism is more of a threat than it is today in afghanistan, without any permanent military presence on the ground. and we can and will do the same thing in afghanistan. with our over the horizon counter terrible capability. >> peter: the president's remarks this evening were in the roosevelt room, a smaller venue than where he normally speaks. easier to try get a question in so did i present him what is a simple q and a can you -- simple yes or no, can you guarantee that every american will be out before all the troops leave? he didn't answer that or any questions. bret? >> bret: peter, do we think that speech was delayed to wait for house democrats to vote on that big framework budgetary framework? if he thought that the evacuations were truly a major success, he probably would have led with that in the speech, right? >> bret, the president also had an audience of people interested
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in afghanistan and what's going on there who might not be familiar with the finer points of his build back better agenda so it's possible that he just wanted to spread the word about his domestic policy as well. >> bret: yeah. all right. peter doocy live on the north lawn. peter, thanks. we will have more on the budget tear stuff with chad pergram up on the hill in just a bit. the taliban digging in its heels saying it wants all foreign evacuations completed by that august 31st deadline. this comes as peter mentioned, after president biden's cia director held a secret face-to-face meeting with the taliban leader in kabul. correspondent trey yingst is in indoha qatar with the story. >> today the taliban called on the united states not tone courage the afghan people to leave their country though thousands continue to flee their brutal rule. >> chaos outside the gates of kabul's airport. other day of desperate civilians trying to flee as the taliban
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issued new rules for the country. afghans without foreign passports will no longer be permitted to go to the airport. american troops are scheduled to withdraw from afghanistan in one week. and the taliban says the august 31st withdrawal date cannot be extended. >> we are sending a message to the americans gotten evacuate the citizens by this date because they have the means to do so. they have planes and the airport is with them. they have to transfer all the forces and contractors who have relations with [inaudible] >> in their secret meeting yesterday cia director william burns and taliban leader held the highest level face-to-face conversation between the taliban and americans since the group took control of afghanistan. coordinating the withdrawal of u.s. forces comes amid new warnings today about human rights abuses by the taliban. u.n. official spoke to the human rights council tuesday saying she has received credible reports of things ranging from restrictions to women to summary
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executions. >> the fundamental red line will be the taliban's treatment of women and girls and respect for their lives to liberty. freedom of movement, education. self-expression and employment guided by international norms. >> despite these reports the taliban wants countries to keep embassy open in te'o kabul something that could be a tough sale amid these human rights vims. >> bret: trey yingst early wednesday morning in doha, qatar. the race to get u.s. civilians and now troops out of afghanistan is ramping up. this as we learn new information about the u.s. embassy in kabul. news correspondent correspondent jennifer griffin joins us yeomen work at the pentagon. good evening, jen. >> good evening, bret. the withdrawal of u.s. forces from the kabul airport has already begun. >> in a race against the clock 37 u.s. military planes took off in the past 24 hours. 32 c-17s and five
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c-130s, 1,600 people evacuated, among them nearly 9,000 people on civilian aircraft. the reality of the historic air lift with military planes now landing and taking off every 45 minutes is bumping up to the reality that time is running out on the ground and the u.s. military will soon need to begin packing. >> when does the u.s. military have to begin making those presence? when does that decision have to be made, roughly speaking beings you need at least several days to get the amount of forces and equipment that we have at the airport to get that safely and effectively retrograded. >> those marines at the u.s. embassy, the same american embassy that underwent $800 million expansion six years ago, they have already withdrawn. >> so you go [inaudible] at the embassy, correct? >> the taliban announced publicly after a secret meeting with cia director william burns in kabul monday that it would not extend the deadline for the
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townhouse continue evacuations. already, the taliban has begun tightening the noose around the errant. stopping afghans and even those with american passports from getting to the airport. after a classified briefing by defense secretary lloyd austin and general mark milley, adam smith the chairman the house armed services committee says the military has plans to get americans out after august 31st if needed. >> i'm very confident actually to get as many as possible to get out all that that's going to be very, very difficult. and i was very specific. you need to have a plan to go past the 31st. they assured me that they do. >> i'm less confident after leaving that briefing. >> here is why. >> not a single country surrounding afghanistan, not one, has agreed to allow u.s. forces to base there, to allow our intelligence, our drones, much less to allow lethal strikes to keep a lid on al-qaeda and isis and others. >> there remains a very serious security threat from isis inside afghanistan. that means if the u.s. wants to
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operate in afghanistan after august 31st, they will need the permission of the taliban, bret? >> bret: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. thank you. let's bring in our panel early ari fleischer, mollie hemingway, and harold ford jr., ceo of empowerment and inclusion capital. ari, i want to start with you, a lot of times in washington it comes down to processing and messaging. today we you a a speech that evolved as far as time when it was going to happen and then when the president came out, it was a lot of time spent on domestic agenda before dealing with the elephant in the room foreign policy wise. >> yeah, you know, his speech was delayed. but, unfortunately his abandonment of the afghan people, our friends and maybe americans is not delayed and that's core problem that joe biden has. look, when he says today twheefer on track for an august 31st withdrawal, getting out all the americans, here is my problem with that stants. >> how recently was it that joe
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biden stood before the american people and said americans aren't having trouble getting to the airport, when they were? he says al-qaeda doesn't have a presence in afghanistan, when they do. and he said foreign leaders weren't criticizing him over, this of course they were. and so today he adds another element, we are on track. every time he says something important, it was contradicted on the ground immediately after the words left his lips. the same thing is happening today based on the intelligence believing on capitol hill. we are not on track. >> bret: this august 1st deadline, harold, has been talked about differently. remember, at first it was may 1st with the original with the taliban then it was september 11th and then august 31st, you remember in the george stephanopoulos interview the president was messed about that. take a listen and his comment today. >> americans should understand that we are going to try to get it done before august 31st. >> but if we don't the troops will statement. if we don't, we will determine at the time who is left. >> and?
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>> and, if there are -- if there is american citizens left, we will going to stay until we get them all out. >> the completion date 31st depend on the pentagon to fully cooperate. i asked the pentagon and state department to contingency plan to timetable should it become necessary. another dagen 00 ground another day isis k seeking to airport. saying it would also target not a fab of the taliban but could hydrocarbon u.s. troops opt ground. your thought on this how he phrased it today versus before? >> well, first, good to be with you. the polling shows that this president because of afghanistan and covid, but i would argue afghanistan perhaps more because of the press documentation and the media documentation and the picture that causes numbers to drop. two, i'm curious and disappointed and slightly encouraged by some of the things that are happened today. curious that we still don't note
3:14 pm
number, at least no one has released a reveal to motorcycle how many americans are still in ago. i'm disappointed that it still doesn't seem that we're confronting and controlling the dialogue with the taliban. i'm encouraged slightly because the burn summit we have not learned all the details to that i'm hoping indeed the cia director was able to contract some cop sessions. appears that there has been bipartisan in congress. the production addressed it more abreive aggressively. even democrats don't believe august 31 dead sideline. perhaps it's opaque that president biden is using. i'm hoping they are willing to go wand that and need to commit troops to it. it oobs that nato and the eu engage in counter-terrorism. at least embark on a tragedy to allow terrorists to go back and allow the taliban rather to be a
3:15 pm
terrorist for a. got a win on domestic policy. it was not the day he wonted on foreign policy. >> bret: one is just talking to any military person or intel person, when you have the possibility of growfned contacts. any number to have contacts on the ground you lose a lot of hospital capability, that over the horizon thing tough to bull off to stolen tastes. you think it's media obsession about this and not the policy decision or indecision that is making the president's polling starts? >> afghan features are more dominant on the press than covid news. >> bret: fair enough. we obtained this from the kabul agency and he would would be firmed with the state department it was sent out to american citizens in afghanistan today from the u.s. embassy in
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afghanistan. this is the final message for american citizens who wish to depart kabul, if they chose to remain they should be prepared to arrange their own departure and gives instructions where to go don't go here. this was final message. it was pulled back according to the state department today for what they called a technical glitch and another message went out. but, this is chaotic, however you describe it, momly. >> i was really struck by president biden's most recent press conference where he talked about how many tens of thousands of people had been air lifted out in the last few days versus the revs the month. it really shows how they didn't have a good plan leading up did this august 31st deadline. also he didn't explain how many of these tens of thousands of citizens have been air lifortsed out. the american people clearly live want measure citizens prioritized for departure and
3:17 pm
upset that wasn't part of the plan. also struck by that physical that peter just mentioned. he asked what the plan was for all of the americans getting out and he just turned around and walked away think is not the visual that people care about. it's not surprising that the departure has been mismanaged because much of this war has been mismanaged. one thing for the woke generals and politicians to support them to mismanage a war with the taliban. entirely another with our more serious national security threats like china, which actually knows what it's doing and that's very disconcerting to the american people as well. >> bret: there have been headlines ari that afghanistan is pouncing on this afghanistan situation politically and using different words sump as pounce. focusing, laser-focused to make political points. here are democrats who have expressed public concern 'this deadline, the deadline is when we bring our people home full
3:18 pm
stop. our office alone last received 6,000 requests. multiple people seeking support. >> i could not believe this can be yished by august 31st. i encourage the president in the strongest possible term to reconsider that deadline. breath bret these are democrats speaking out publicly but there are a lot of democrats we spoke to privately who say this was really gone south. >> oh, of course it has because it's the truth. you know, and this political world of shiny objects, the simple fact is there are major issues that break through still. and the withdrawal from a nation where we have been in some level of high level and then low level war for some 20 years, you would hope that american policy makers led by the president to get it right and know how to withdraw our troops which ising is the american people have been calling for. so when you see it unfold like this, from a humanitarian point of view, from just a pure heart breaking point of view, let alone a national pride point of
3:19 pm
view that we could fulfill our mission, bring out the civilians, bring out the troops, destroy the equipment and withdraw with honor at that stage, it was all dashed. by joe biden trying to make a show of september 11th of all dates. now, why didn't he say this withdrawal would be complete why october 7th when we launched the counter attack in afghanistan. but he has tarnished the memo rit sacredness of september 11th by making this about that. and, yeah, the american people are noticing. >> bret: all right. pam. we will congress back and talk more about different elements of this. thank you. coming up the state department scrambles to clarify afghanistan evacuation efforts but next a new story line overshadows vice president kamala harris' southeast asia trip. you want to see this story. it's really something. ♪ ♪
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can your internet do that? ♪ >> bret: vice president kamala harris is in vietnam tonight after being delayed over what could be potential cases of a mysterious illness known as havana syndrome that has impacted u.s. diplomats in different parts of the world starting in ha vanna, cuba. as correspondent mark meredith shows us that's obviously not the only story line dominating
3:24 pm
this trip. 7 kamala harris gave awave afte. the staff says after the embassy in hanoi received reports of potential cases of havana syndrome a miss torous medical condition impacting american diplomats in several countries. >> it was not a person traveling in her party or anything along those lines. >> the state department says it's providing care for those impacted and the v.p.'s office says she is fine. >> the united states has been focused on safely evacuating american citizens, international partners, afghans who worked side by side for this and other afghans at risk. >> singapore's prime minister who met with harris during her first stop says the biden administration was handed a tough challenge in afghanistan but he says with troops leaving, there may be long-term
3:25 pm
consequences. >> we hope afghanistan does not become an epicenter for terrorism again. >> while harris' trip was planned weeks ago, republicans argue the decision to continue traveling in asia, given current circumstances, comes off as tone deaf. they also point to this exchange with reporters as harris left washington. what's your response of reports of americans. >> hold on, hold on. slow down, everybody. [laughter] >> the leadership can't fix the problem in which they don't believe exists. get their heads out of sand and actually leave. >> the white house is brushing off the criticism insisting harris' meetings overseas are vital to america's interest. before the vice president is headed back to washington she is expected to healed campaign event. she is expected to go california to show her support for the state's embattled california governor gavin newsom the governor is save his own recall
3:26 pm
election. >> bret: september 13th. what is being done to make sure terrorists don't sneak in with refugees. beyond or borders japan's governor adopt interim plan for a treated but still radioactive water from the wrecked fukushima nuclear power plant in a bid to win support from local fishermen and cushion the impact negative rumors discharge the government will set up a fund to buy fisheries products and freeze them for temporary storage. ukrainian president wladimir is a zalinsky. comments coming as marks 30th an anniversary of independence. included a military parade today. sad news out of london tonight charlie watts drummer are to the rolling stones has died. concerns about watts' health came up earlier this year when he announced he would be sitting out the band's 2021 u.s. no filtered tour to recover from undisclosed medical procedure.
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♪ >> bret: breaking tonight, concerns are growing among lawmakers, democrats and republicans, about the safety of americans in afghanistan as the withdrawal deadline, as we have been talking about, approaches quickly. chief washington correspondent mike emanuel has the story tonight from the state department. >> back up. >> pressure is building in kabul airport a week out from the august 31st withdrawal deadline. the state department is scrambling to get americans and afghan partners out. >> we're conducting thorough security screening in the intermediate stops they are making for anyone who is not a u.s. citizen or a lawful permanent resident of the united states. >> there are several thousand americans still in afghanistan who want to get out and it's not clear what happens to them if u.s. forces cannot fly them out before the dead line. some lawmakers say the biden administration is failing in this critical mission. >> president biden needs to step
3:32 pm
up and tell anybody in the world that our top priority is protecting american lives. we're not going to operate by the time line of some terrorist dictatorship. >> thousands of afghans who have gotten out have been exposed to unsanitary conditions at the air base in doha. sullivan warped officials at the state department and pentagon about dire conditions at doha describing a life threatening humanitarian disaster. >> nobody is making excuses. nobody is ducking from this. we recognize that things were and in many ways still are not at the level of sanitation and good hygiene that we want. i can tell that you from the secretary on down, everybody is focused on trying to improve that. >> officials here at the state department are still trying to figure out how evacuations will continue even after u.s. troops are gone from afghanistan. the logistics are expected to get even more challenging. secretary of state blinken is due to answer reporter questions
3:33 pm
on those matters and more here tomorrow. bret? >> bret: we will cover that mike owe manual live at the state department. thank you. democrats today meantime on capitol hill adopting the budgetary framework for 3.5 budgetary bill. this after standoff between moderate democrats and house speaker nancy pelosi. congressional correspondent thad chad pergram take as like front capitol hill. good evening, chad. a lot going on up there. >> good evening, bret. this is the challenge facing pelosi from both wings of her party, moderates and progressives fought behind the scenes. pelosi is known for running the house with an iron fist inside a velvet glove. but only a three seat margin, moderate democrats flexed their muscles. they secured a guarantee that the house will vote either by or on september 27th on the bipartisan senate infrastructure bill. moderate democrats threatened to block pelosi that could have tore pee doughed the
3:34 pm
democrats $.5 trillion socialist spending plan. >> if the infrastructure does not succeed then of course there is absolutely no chance for a budget reconciliation to succeed. we would all vote against that i think you have mutually assured destruction or come together and figure out that you have got to compromise. >> but democrats stuck together adopting a framework for their budget package. liberals worried about moderates getting their way at the expense of the socialist spending bill. >> i'm not angry with anyone. but i'm committed to making sure that we are united and we get on the right page. we're united congressional blackhawk caucus and we have different views. but we know what is right for the american people. and we are not that far apart. >> some years ago, pelosi would roll a larger group of moderate democrats all the time. but it's harder with a small majority. pelosi often says know your power. though moderates knew their
3:35 pm
power this time and they got their wait a minute bret? >> bret: just to be clear, this is not passage. we are along way from that and democratic division still really threaten these bills? >> absolutely. pelosi wanted to keep everyone in line what works in the house also flies in the senate. it's a challenge with these slim majorities. >> democracy is messy. and democrats are not a cult. we are a coalition. when you have a coalition as opposed to a cult, you work through issues but you do it as a family. >> now, bret, this is goldilocks, not too hot, not too cold but just right. if the bills veer too far in either direction, democrats undermine president biden and nuke their own agenda. >> bret: yeah. despite the president coming out with build back better and all of this news, afghanistan still drives the day up on capitol hill, right? >> absolutely. and that's what's interesting the house of representatives was not supposed to be the past couple of days. and that completely pirated the
3:36 pm
conversation away from infrastructure, dealing with afghanistan this week. >> bret: all right, chad, as always, thank you from capitol hill. former nfl star and college football storm herschel walker filed paper work join the georgia senate race. the republican did not immediately comment on the filing but a formal announcement is expected in coming days. the former georgia bulldog runningback will challenge senator raphael warnock next year. there are others too. the stocks are up today with the dow and s&p closing. in the dow rose 31. the s&p 500 added 7. the nasdaq gained 77. up next, border agents' morale dwindles as we see increasing concern over bad actors along the border that are training to gain entry into the u.s. ♪ ♪
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3:41 pm
spring of next year fauci is also anticipating an uptick in evacuations following the fda's full approval of the pfizer vaccine. to date, just under 52% of the u.s. population is fully vaccinated. missouri attorney general eric schmidt is soaking to block the state's school district from mandating masks for students and teachers. the lawsuit against columbia public schools argues the district's directive is not grounded in science. and in oregon, starting friday, masks will be required in most public outdoor settings when physical distancing is not possible. regardless of vaccination status. the mandate does not apply to outdoor gatherings in private residences but officials strongly recommend wearing them when people from different households cannot remain socially distanced. tonight, we're receiving more stories of tragedy and danger along the southern border, as border agents there confront gang members trying to enter the u.s. and now concerns are
3:42 pm
growing over the really bad actors who slip past patrols and into u.s. territory. correspondent bill melugin is once again along the border in la joya, texas tonight. >> a large group of migrants breaches a border fence in arizona's huma center over the weekend and crosses illegally into the united states. it was a coordinated effort, toward by border patrol agents who watched with freezing rain red cameras. more than 1100 were apprehended in the sector over the weekend. here in the rio grande valley in recent days, border patrol agents arrested 4 confirmed gang members after they crossed illegally, including one from ms-13. but illegal immigrant runners are able to slip through areas where border patrol manpower is running thin as we witnessed in mission early monday morning and in laredo a semi-truck was pulled over by texas state troopers with 132 illegal immigrants who were inside being smuggled. the constant attempts on the united states southern border a
3:43 pm
growing concern amongst republicans as afghanistan falls into the hands of america's enemies. >> we still have an open southern border. many of us have been down to that border. what we see is alarming. that's even more of a concern now that a terrorist organization doesn't just have a foot hold to train terrorists to come back to the united states. they now are in control of a country. >> police in la joya, texas, also worry about the risk of terrorism. the tiny police department is in the epicenter of the border crisis. and they say if ms-13 is coming across the border, al-qaeda can as well. >> we already have a problem with covid now adding a taste threat with just put everybody on edge as well. can it happen? yes, yes it can happen. >> and border patrol here in the rio grande valley report that during the last fiscal year alone, they have already arrested more than 140 migrants who are confirmed gang members. the problem is those are only the ones we know about. we don't know how many and
3:44 pm
that's slipping through the cracks. bret? >> bret: bill melugin along the border again. thanks. up next the panel afghanistan and the three-point kabul the secret trip to negotiate with the taliban. first hire is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering fox 17 in nashville as biden declares disaster declaration that killed 18 people in tennessee. fewer than 10 people remain unaccounted for. 213 fox in seattle where an alaska airlines flight is evacuated after a passenger's phone catches fire. according to alaska airlines the fire occurred shortly after a fire in new orleans landed in is a coma international airport. crews used battery containment bag to extinguish that fire and passengers left on evacuation slides. look at new york city big story there from fox 5 kathy hochul takes office as the first female governor of new york. in day one speech hoenig hochul
3:45 pm
called for universal mask mandate in schools and test out options for school employees. theo hochul did not formally implement either measure herself. taking over from governor cuomo. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ i'm going to make it anywhere ♪ it's up to you new york, new york ♪ ♪ (man) my ex is dating a pisces. so i'm like, 'screw it. let's talk manifesting. let's talk chakras. let's talk self healing my way through the 12th house. (woman in van) set your intentions. (man sitting) crystals up. (woman) full moon bath ritual. cleanse and find your magic. ♪let it go (huh, huh)♪ ♪let it go (word, word, 88)♪
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♪ ♪ >> i want to say a word about the progress we are making on the build back better agenda here at home. >> let me now turn to afghanistan. in harm's wait a minute thank you. >> bret: president biden's speech this afternoon delayed until the afternoon. there you see the break down in time talking about the two
3:50 pm
different topics. and the g.o.p. up on capitol hill after receiving a classified briefing had a lot to say about the second topic, 7:36. afghanistan. >> president biden put american lives at risk when he withdrew artificially. >> he will have blood on his hands. people are going to die. >> everything about this situation that we're in now is joe biden's fault. >> one thing that joe biden either won't admit or doesn't understand is that what happens in afghanistan doesn't stay in afghanistan. it spreads like a cancer. >> bret: before i bring in the panel, the cia director as i said met with the taliban leader on the ground in kabul yesterday. secret meeting. actually wasn't briefed on capitol hill on the house intelligence committee hearing. but it did happen. that same cia director william burns testified just four months ago on capitol hill about the terrorist threat. emanating from afghanistan, especially after u.s. troops
3:51 pm
withdraw. >> both al-qaeda and ice dismiss afghanistan remain intent on recovering the to ability attack u.s. targets when the time comes for the u.s. military to withdraw the u.s. government's ability to collect and act on threats will diminish. that's simply a fact. there is a significant risk, once the u.s. military and the coalition militaries withdraw. >> bret: cia director. harold ford jr. and waiting for ari to come back to reestablish that shot. mollie, you hear all of that. what do you think about where we are now and where we are going. >> well, there is this interesting argument about how after 20 years in afghanistan we have a investigation where the taliban is largely in operational control of the country. our military equipment, sometimes really important weaponry and other assets are in the hands of people in that
3:52 pm
country, now people are saying well, we should maybe stay longer in order to deal with this. clearly we do not manage the situation there very well. and there are very serious threats in other places that we need to get a handle on. so we do need to get out of the country. we need to get out of the country in a very proper manner. that's not what's happening. i think that's what everyone is so frustrated about. president biden spends all this time talking about this infrastructure or the $3.5 trillion spending bill that's not really going to happen. it's a bit of kabuki theater and he doesn't spend time answering all of these questions people have about why this was such a mismanaged process. republicans want to blame biden. that's fine. he is the commander-in-chief there are a lot of authors of this failure and been a lot of authors of this failure going back decades and they loss need to be held responsible. >> bret: we are going to put up pictures at the airport as i read this john kirby spokesperson saying that because the president said this, the mission remains the same and it
3:53 pm
remains on the same timeline. we are focused, quote, on evacuating as many people as key can before the end of the month. secretary and military leader are drawing up contingency plans should we need to consider this timeline. show such decision has been made. as we have made consistently clear, commanders on the ground are empowered to make any adjustments to see fit when they see fit that includes changes to the footprint. to say that end, we can confirm reports of the departure from afghanistan of several hundred u.s. troops. these troops represent a mix of headquarter staff, maintenance and other enabling functions that were scheduled to leave and whose mission at the airport was complete. their departure represents prudent and efficient force managesment. it will have no impact on the mission at hand. essentially confirming what our pentagon team had confirmed earlier today that several hundred tread troops were moving out before, well before the august 31st deadline. >> one of the things that is clear, you mentioned the burn
3:54 pm
summit. it will be clear -- it will be interesting to hears a we get clarity around what actually came out of that but i think mollie's frame is about right there. are a lot of authors of this failure here. although president biden is batting cleanup here so he has got to get this right. the one thing he should be fully aware of i certainly clear about it at the house tonight there is bipartisan support for extending the august 31 deadline. it's an artificial date. jason in your comment and footage said it well and obviously leader mccarthy said it well. whatever that takes to complete the mission is what we should be about. and it appears that the congress may have a question before them in the coming days if, indeed, we don't have all the americans out and our afghan allies out. are we willing to send more troops in? how many troops are we willing to send in to complete the mission? >> bret: ari, we have quote you back, i there somewhere in the -- there we go. your final thoughts here? >> when i look at this and i look to the future now, and i hear the president keep talking
3:55 pm
about our over the horizon capabilities, bret, people need dig in to how limited that really is. it is such an exaggerated phrase. we have barely any abilities left in afghanistan when we withdraw from the ground and no longer control any airports whatsoever from a land locked country like afghanistan our air force are 500 to 1,000 miles away. over the horizon equals very, very limited. >> bret: okay. stand by, panel. when we come back, tomorrow's headlines. ♪ ♪ reliable network by rootmetrics. and our customers rated us #1 for network quality in america according to j.d. power. number one in reliability, 16 times in a row. most awarded for network quality, 27 times in a row. proving once again that nobody builds networks like verizon. that's why we're building 5g right, that's why there's only one best network.
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4:00 pm
support massive spending bill. >> bret: and harold? >> my headline the world cheers the safe evacuation of the afghan women's soccer team. can't wait to see them play again. >> bret: good stuff. panel, thank you. thank you for inviting us into your home again tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and still unafraid. thanks for trusting us with this big story. "fox news primetime" hosted by jesse watters starts right now. . joe's jess good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." i'm jesse watters and tonight joe biden proves he has his pulse on the american voter he is sharp and attentive and laser-focused on the most important thing facing america today, infrastructure. >> today the house of representatives has taken significant steps towards making historic investment that's going
4:01 pm
to transform america. i want to thank speaker pelosi who was masterful in her leadership on this. >> jesse: that's not a joke.