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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  August 24, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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again. >> bret: good stuff. panel, thank you. thank you for inviting us into your home again tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and still unafraid. thanks for trusting us with this big story. "fox news primetime" hosted by jesse watters starts right now. . joe's jess good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." i'm jesse watters and tonight joe biden proves he has his pulse on the american voter he is sharp and attentive and laser-focused on the most important thing facing america today, infrastructure. >> today the house of representatives has taken significant steps towards making historic investment that's going to transform america. i want to thank speaker pelosi who was masterful in her leadership on this. >> jesse: that's not a joke.
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the taliban blocking stranded americans from leaving afghanistan and threatening the lives of our allies and joe biden thanking nancy pelosi for her masterful work on a pork filled spending program. it's bizarre. it's embarrassing. meanwhile, infrastructure week for the taliban, too. but instead of building roads, they are blocking them so that ourafghan allies who we promiseo help can't get to the airport. the taliban's message to america is loud and clear. get out now. >> we want them to evacuate all foreign nationals by august 31st. and we are not in favor of allowing afghans to leave. >> jesse: president joe biden's response sir, yes, sir. and in fact, tonight, the u.s. has already begun troops defending the airport while thousands of americans remain stranded. joe biden says we don't have a choice. the longer we stay, the more dangerous it gets. >> every day we're on the ground
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is another day we note that isis k. is seeking to target the airport and attack both u.s. and allied forces and innocent civilians. >> jesse: the biden administration has seven days to get every last american and our afghan allies to safety. but their strategy is such a disaster they have resorted to lying about stranded americans. and after fox news white house correspondent peter doocy called them out, they asked for help. >> did you say no americans are stranded? this is someone in kabul who says i am stranded. is there a better word for somebody who can't leave the house to get to the airport because jake sullivan says isis is outside the airport? what is -- >> -- i would welcome you providing their phone number and we will reach out to them today and i can assure you of that. >> jesse: anybody who has been paying attention knows sleepy joe is trying to pull off the impossible. in fact, joe's inability is one of the few things republicans and democrats can agree on. >> very unlikely.
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given the number ofe can humanl- all of our american citizens and afghan partners out of country by that time. >> joining me now republican congressman of texas dan crenshaw an afghan vet. congressman, i was just shocked at joe biden coming out today talking about build back better, touting slogans while he is stranded americans back behind enemy lines. totally detached from reality. totally lost the american people. what's going on with this president? >> not a lot. except every bad thing you can think of it seems like that's what the action is that he is taking. every time you think of something you shouldn't do that's exactly what he does. he is building the taliban back much better. that's exactly what he has ton. he is not building america back better. as you noted in your remarks just now, you know what the house has been working on all week what pelosi has been
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putting on the floor is giant inflation-driving spending bills. $3.5 trillion, which is actually closer to really $6 trillion if the math is done correctly as well as that $1 trillion of infrastructure spending. that's what they're talking about right now. it's wasteful spending at a time when we don't need it. and in a time we all need to be focused on what's going on in afghanistan, as you noted, there is bipartisan outrage over this august 31st deadline. this is self-imposed deadline biden made it up in his head and taliban took and it ran it's our red line. joe biden said see it's their red line we have to do what they say. his remarks are we are just scared of isis so maybe we should just go? i never thought i would see our american military our country acting this way. we don't run from these people. we make our own timelines and those timelines should be based on getting our people out in a timely manner. and it's over when we say it's
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over. if they don't like that, then too bad. we will kill you. that's exactly what we do to people who get in the way of us saving americans. and that's exactly the message that should be delivered right now. and i'm telling you, there is actually bipartisan support for, this for extend the deadline and it's time we stand up for ourselves and stand up for the people we left behind in this botched withdrawal and it's time we act like america again. >> jesse: that's not the message that we are hearing. and if that was the message, americans could stheap risk. if the president came out and said, listen, we're going to stay as long as it takes to get every american home, every afghan ally home safely, we could incur casualties when we do search and rescue missions. that could happen. but i'm not going to strand americans behind the wire in a situation like that. instead, he is flirting with moving the deadline oh, maybe we are going to extend it send the cia director to talk to the taliban. the taliban says no. in fact, taliban says we are not
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even going to let the afghans to the airport now. joe says okay, salute, says we are going to stick to the dead library. of the allies are going crazy. and joey doesn't even accept that he came out a couple hours ago and said we are working smoothly. evacuation is going great and starts touting all the flights that are leaving. i just think he doesn't get it. >> no. i think he gets it i think he is lying about what's really going on. they keep saying that americans aren't stranded. they keep saying whoever has wanted to get out can get out. this is not true. we have lot of sources on the ground as we have been trying to help people get to the gates and get on flights. the reality is joe biden has put the taliban in charge of those outer perimeters. the tall back is in charge of checking u.s. passports and checking documentation. if they let you fly then you have to go through thousands of people and hope you can make it through the gates. even when some people are making it to the gates, americans by the way say wife or children aren't u.s. citizens then they have been turned away. the secretary of state says
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that's not happening. that's not the policy but it is what is happening. it's almost gobble make it and this is decreased to a mere trickle. there is still thousands of people stranded. you also have to understand there is people all over afghanistan. our allies and u.s. citizens all over afghanistan to put the entire operation just in kabul airport was a real lack of planning. it was one of the stupidest things we did. joe biden said, look, we have to bring it down to 600 marines. that was an arbitrary number he wanted. military had to pull out of bagram. you can't hold bagram with 600 marines this was foolish planning that brought us into this mess. and it's -- i think it's made a lot of us really upset. really angry. because it didn't have to be this way at all. >> jesse: no. it didn't have to be like that. now it's reality we are facing. all we are getting is spin about building back better. congressman, thanks so much. >> thanks for having me, jesse. >> jesse: also here tonight
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victor davis hanson, fellow at the hoover. we should have seen this coming. fro years later we are back when isis took over. we are getting the same thing. we have to go back to rescue people. we will have to go back to probably have to hit al-qaeda or isis or the taliban except these guys are going to be armed to the teeth with night vision goggles, humvees and u.s. drones. >> yeah, joe biden talks so tough. remember, he said he took a chain to corn pop and he was going to take donald trump behind the gym and beat him up. i wish he was half as tough with the taliban. he keeps saying august 31st, august 31st, august 31st. there is only one deadline and that's when all of our people that need to come out come out there. is no other alternative. otherwise, jesse, we will have 1,000 bowe bergdahl scenarios coming up in the next six months. we know how that worked out.
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let's be clear with joe biden. our army was never defeated in the field by the taliban. he surrendered and then ordered them to flee. we haven't done that before. then he said all the contractors, all the people who fed us, all the people who serviced our equipment, we're going to leave you there. and we're going to pull out the military first. we are going to flee and leave you to your own fortune. and then he said we have never done this before, we're going to leave $70 billion worth of equipment and we're going to end up fighting people that look like us and are armed like us over the next few months. he gives us all the information ha we don't want to know about and none that we do. remind me if it's the mayor of chicago had said we had a good saturday night last weekend. we had 10,000 people that were not killed. but she doesn't tell us how many were. we want to know how many people are left there and how they are going to get out. not how many people you have taken out or nato has taken out or anyone has taken out. he can't do that he won't say. i think people are very patient, but they are so bewildered
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because this has never happened in american history. they think what's going on. and now they are getting angry. i don't think he has any idea, joe biden does, how angry people are going to get. >> jesse: he is not connected with the american people. he is totally emotionally detached from the country and from the images that we are seeing on the screen. i had people all weekend come up to me watters, can you believe this? i haven't had that happen since the election. and now people are coming up to me, they are just disgusted and it's-out images are cedar into the brains of people watching. you can't hide this. this isn't like a ceiling debacle. this isn't irs targeting. this isn't your typical washington drama. this is real life. people don't like to watch these images. they don't like to hear the voices of stranded americans begging, crying for the commander-in-chief to save them. and the commander-in-chief comes out and says, you know what?
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tall pan is kind of making it tough, you know, we have been talking to the taliban, you know, we talked to them all day, we have been talking to the taliban. we don't want to hear that we want to hear let's get these guys out. and is he not meeting the moment. >> no. i mean, everybody you talk to they say if we wanted to screw this up and endanger americans, what else would we have done? they can't even imagine well, i guess we would have surrender to the enemy and then we would have been humiliated and then we would have left the enemy defeat us determine how we flee and give them $70 billion. but that wouldn't be enough. they at this point in time set the deadline themselves. then we would take the military out and -- they can't come up anywhere wildest dreams with anything more humiliating or shameful or dangerous. so they are bewildered. all of us are bewildered. it's like a bad dream we haven't woken up. we hope it's a dream but it's relates. it's not joe biden's reality. >> jesse: tell joe corn pop is over there.
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and then he will just get tough and he will start taking the fight to the taliban. victor davis hanson, thanks for joining prime time. coming up, the border is a mess. afghanistan is on fire. and everything shear more expensive. kamala harris has her sights set on christmas. seriously. johnny joey jones next. ♪ that's our everyday price. plus, our plans always come with unlimited talk, text and data included. so, switch to t-mobile and get 2 lines of unlimited for only $27.50 a line. that's half the price of verizon or at&t. only at t-mobile. the leader in 5g. [relaxed summer themed music playing]
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it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. ♪ >> jesse: if you thought joe biden seemed disconnected and confused from the horrors taking place in afghanistan, you haven't been paying attention to kamala harris. she is in asia this week talking about climate change and christmas. >> this is stories that we're now hearing about the caution that if you want to have
4:18 pm
christmas toys for your children, it might be the time to start buying them because the delay may be many, many months. so, across the board, people are experiencing the issue. and, of course, the climate crisis is spewing a lot of this. >> jesse: joining me now james golden known as bo snerdley of the rush limbaugh show a radio host for 77 wabc new york. all right, bo, kamala harris talking about christmas while americans are stranded in afghanistan. talking about climate change during the hostage crisis. these comments just write themselves into a republican attack ad. >> jesse, have you ever seen a politician of her stature, the vice president of the united states so entirely politically tone deaf? >> jesse: no. >> she steps off the plane, she cackles. she cackles when she should be
4:19 pm
serious. there are times when she should be light hearted she is angry. she should be talking about the concerns that not only americans have but every other nation watching this has. for the conditions sequences that could come out of afghanistan and instead she is talking about, i guess the corn pop christmas doll or something. it makes absolutely no sense. and the tragic thing about it is it's not just kamala. if you look at jen psaki today at her press conference she is trying to pretend that everything is tickety boo. no problem in afghanistan we have got all this covered. if you listen to joe biden, same thing. they are all in political dedenial but the entire world can see the deback that this administration has caused and fears the consequence not just for america but more their own countries yes, sir jess at the
4:20 pm
podium talking about how many flights took off. joe biden is congratulating himself on this fantastic air lift saying all the allies are coordinating. and at least kamala harris, why do doesn't she go over to asia and say hey china, stop polluting. hey china, stop unleash ago virus that killed 600,000 americans. she is not even taking it to china. what is she doing over there. >> let's be fair, she did take it to china. she talked about china's president in the south china sea. whoopi. again, politically tone deaf. >> jesse: i don't think china is scared of kamala after they booted afghanistan. i think the tough talk, like i said, he talked tough with corn pop. remember, he always talked about taking donald trump behind the bleachers and giving it to him. where is that joe?
4:21 pm
kamala, you are supposed to be this tough prosecutor that you used to lock up all these hard core dudes. go do something. go talk tough. now she wants to cancel christmas because of climate change? i will give you the last word, bo. >> she should have canceled this trip to asia and been at the white house helping this administration figure out how to get their policies back on track. this trip to asia could have waited. after all, all she is talking about are christmas toys and climate change what in the world is this administration thinking? do they think the rest of the world cannot see the miserable disaster that is unfolding because of their failed policies? >> jesse: well, kamala is crafty and she is probably pumped she is halfway around the world so she doesn't have a lot of fingerprints on this debacle. she is probably going to touch down back in d.c. and say what did i miss, joe? all right, bo, i will talk to you soon.
4:22 pm
thanks for coming on. >> thank you, jesse. >> jesse: also here tonight retired bomb technician and johnny take a listen to congressman michael waltz blasting the biden administration for leaving our weapons for the taliban to use. >> when future american soldiers have to go back in to deal with the problem, and deal with the incompetence of this administration, how many are going to die now because they're going to have to fight their way through our own equipment, our own damn equipment. >> jesse: you can feel the passion. how do you feel? >> you know, i'm kind of used this from president biden. i remember back when they cared more about guantanamo bay prisoner's welfare than the veterans of vlahos sitting in arizona. they cared -- they went after marines who took a really, you know, distasteful picture with dead taliban they had just killed. they went after them with more vengeance than they have gone after the taliban since joe biden has been president. it makes sense that in my
4:23 pm
generation under vice president biden we weren't allowed to do a whole lot to kill them. and now we have progressed to we are going to arm them to kill us. that's the type of policy that we're dealing with here. what really kind of issues me today they brag about this air lift like it's some major accomplishment and completely omit the fact that it's only happening this way because of their failure. and that's a type of reality they live in. every time we ask president biden or anyone on his team, obviously not kamala because she is not around, every time we ask them did it have to be this way, he goes with well, i'm not going to give this to another. well, bro, you have three more years you could use to do this the right way until you give it to another president. but maybe he doesn't ophelia feel like he does. i'm not sure. >> jesse: he gave ice stois trump. this is joe's track record. you know, you go in, screw it up, leave it for the next guy. do we have the corn pop sound? if we had some corn pop let's play joe talking tough about corn pop, run it. >> corn pop was a bad dude.
4:24 pm
and he ran a bunch of bad guy boys. he cut off a 6-foot length of chain he pulled up and said you walk out with that chain and you walk to the car and say you may cut me, man, but i'm going to wrap this chain around your head. >> jesse: that's kind of talk i want to hear about the taliban, joe. go wrap a chain around the taliban's head, president biden. where is that passion? where is that? that's what we want. >> you know, that comes with risks though. see, corn pop isn't real. you can tell those stories all day. if he talks bad to the taliban, he might have to deal with the fact that u.s. marines will have to go in and kill them and put their blood on the bodies on the streets outside of kabul and say this is what you get when you attack u.s. citizens trying to get here. it's not that hard. i didn't go to war college but i went to war and i have an education on it i understand what it would take to get the people back and get our people home. i pray that he develops the testicular fortitude to do just that because we owe it to the
4:25 pm
americans in that country and perhaps, many, many afghans as well. at least to the americans that country. i gave my legs for them. not for joe biden to be a coward. i would really appreciate if he would just honor the sacrifice that we paid over these 20 years rather than use it as some ornament to hang on his christmas tree while kamala talks about shopping. this is not something to be light-hearted about, joe biden. be real. be honest have. a little bit of courage and do the right thing. we are literally begging you to do it. >> jesse: you sacrifice and i know your other guys out there are willing to sacrifice in order to bring our guys home. the people that you talked to that may be serving right now at the airport, are they telling you have that they want to go out and get these guys from behind enemy lines? i can't imagine they just want to sit there like sitting ducks and process paperwork. i bet they want to go out there and do some search and rescue. that has to be the fact. >> jesse, i'm old.
4:26 pm
it's been 11 years since i was active duty. i don't know a lot of the junior marines on the tarmac. i can tell you the leaders i searched with they understand the importance and they understand the risk. they know what it would take to go out. and there isn't a marine in the core or soldier in the army that wouldn't rather risk their life-saving americans than saving joe biden's legacy sitting on a tarmac. >> jesse: that's exactly right. johnny joey jones, thank you so much for your service and your insight. we appreciate it. dr. fauci's latest proclamation has a lot of people wondering, is he trying to take down joe biden? does he think he would be a better president of the united states? right back. ♪ and their suv is always there with them. so when their windshield got a chip, they wanted it fixed fast. they drove to safelite autoglass for a guaranteed, same-day, in-shop repair.
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4:32 pm
they put together a preparedness plan with advice to survive the next storm. here is tip number one. >> and everybody across the country, don't get caught by the next storm. get vaccinated. get vaccinated now. protect yourself and your family against covid-19. it's going it be a violate part of emergency preparedness this year for the remainder of this year. >> jesse: got watch out those pesky vaccine resistant hurricanes. meanwhile dr. anthony fauci has another gloom and doom prediction except this one is bad for democrats. take a listen. >> if all things go the way we want them to go, and we are really successful with this bla that we just discussed over the last couple of minutes and we get really the overwhelming majority of the people vaccinated, i think as we get into the fall and the winter, we could start to really get some good control over this as we get into 2022. >> jesse: now fauci later tried to clean those comments up on
4:33 pm
cnn saying he thinks we will be dealing with covid until spring of 2022 not the fall. if the pandemic really does stick around through next autumn you can be sure the democrats will be taking a beating in those midterms. joining me now former white house press sabathia and co-host of outnumbered kayleigh mcenany and fox news contributor guy benson. he was always worst case scenario and free-lancing guy. says the worst thing all the time. enough to joey has to deal with fauci and fauci says this thing going to take at least another year. joe biden is getting a taste of fauci, i don't think he likes it too much. >> i don't think so either. remember, it was joe who said we're all going to be over this on july 4th of this year, partying at our barbecues, living our life as normal. well, that didn't appear to be
4:34 pm
the case, joe. this is a rare instance where dr. fauci has undercut joe biden. in fact, it's worked the opposite way. i remember at early press conference fauci was asked, you know, did the trump administration give you any help on the vaccine? and fauci said yes, of course. and then all of a sudden he blighted his praise of the trump administration. i assume after he got a lecture from his friend joe. you are exactly right. joe biden has been wrong on a whole lot. has been wrong opening masks and asymptomatic spread not being the cause of this. he has been wrong about not having a vaccine in record time and here he goes again. i'm sure biden has a lot of problems these days. fauci now is yet another. >> jesse: guy, you know how i love talking about polling. so, let's do that joey is under water for the first time. that's not a hurricane reference. is he now under water in the real clear average. and a lot of that is afghanistan for sure. but it was starting to slide before that with the mask back sliding, declaring victory as
4:35 pm
kayleigh said way too early. school openings are going to be another battle ground if behind up during the winter covid approval is the only thing holding him up right now. >> well, jesse, if you look at the polling there is a new one out today from "u.s.a. today" where the overall approval rating for joe biden is 41%. ouch. 55% disapproval. that's 14 points under water. it's not just afghanistan. if you look at the internals it's also the economy where he is under water and he has come way down to about split each on covid, which was really his strong suit at the beginning of his administration. that's what he campaigned on, we will fix the thing. and it's not just that one poll. nbc, cbs, they both had data sets out over the weekend, showing major erosion on those other topics as well. so they might try to get past this afghanistan news cycle which seems to be how they view it which is pretty perverse. they still have other problems on their bread and butter, the
4:36 pm
economy, and covid. >> jesse: you know, guy brings up an interesting point. they see this as a news cycle. joe is playing the long game. he has been in d.c. forever. he thinks if he can make it past the deadline, americans are going to forget. go back to work. go back to school. kayleigh, that's not the truth. as long as there is an american stranded and these pictures keep coming in, of taliban hitting people, of people screaming, chaos, that's going to be a big dark cloud that's going to hang over his head and you got open borders. you got crime. you got gas prices. this is just a nasty mix of things that a lot of this stuff didn't need to happen. >> right. we are 8 months into a biden presidency, jesse. wrap your head around that we still have three years and four months left. look, when president trump was president, you didn't see crisis after crisis. you just didn't see it i shutter
4:37 pm
to think about what covid would have been like under joe biden. woe have seen afghanistan blow up. crime, you named it all. what would have covid been like? i was in the white house when it was pretty scary times. we weren't sure if they would have enough ventilators. we were able to produce it with the private sem tore. i watched president trump oversee a vaccine in record time. produce four working therapeutics. do you think joe biden could have done any of that in the answer is absolutely no. the guy was 5 hours and 20 minutes late to his speech today. >> jesse: we know what it would have been like, guy. we probably wouldn't have warped speed in time. we probably would not have had the travel ban slapped on china when we did and we have would have had eternal lockdowns for sure. now we know what joe is all about. it's the one man joe show democrats bailing, media feels burned. they are starting to turn. he doesn't have a lot of allies. i heard that president barack obama wouldn't take his calls. hillary has been dead silent. this is not a good scene at the
4:38 pm
white house right now. >> it's not. and to bring this full circle back to the vaccines and the opening topic of the segment, i have been a huge proponent of the vaccines from the very beginning. i have had doctors on my radio show basically every day explaining why they work. when it documents cdc and ridiculous hurricane story you mentioned or dr. fauci as a pro-vaccine person, i wish these people would stop helping because they actually aren't helping. i think that they are sowing additional doubts among people who might be convinced and fauci has a huge credibility problem with millions of americans we saw yet again i think this, we why? >> jesse: good conversation, you guy, thank you so much for coming on prime. >> you bet. >> thank you. >> jesse: we still have no idea how many americans are still stranded in afghanistan. but president biden still found time kneel at the altar of wokeness this week. tomi lahren has thoughts on
4:39 pm
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that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. ♪ >> jesse: americans are stranded in afghanistan as our military accelerates troop withdrawal from the kabul airport. where is our commander-in-chief? is he busy hanging out with the wnba for a celebration at the white house and kneeling for a
4:45 pm
photo op. it's something he must have learned from meghan rap know who gives a lot of people the impression that she hates america. yesterday, during a ceremony, biden couldn't speak highly enough of the woke soccer star and her basketball partner despite rap noe protesting the national anthem our president says she represents the best of america. >> between the two of them they share olympic medals and world cup titles the wnba championship and above all they define integrity and character. as president, as an american, i'm proud of how they have represented us and they represent the best of what america stands for. >> jesse: join now to react fox nation host tomi lahren. tomi, the president took a knee today. a day, yesterday, during a hostage crisis, the president of the united states took a knee at the white house. >> well, the only time that sleepy joe isn't sleepy is when is he woke like this. but how utterly humiliating and
4:46 pm
embarrassing is it? you will notice that he is the only one taking a knee by the way just to add to the humiliation and embarrassment. furthermore, why is joe biden i'm guessing he is on his knee to show solidarity for the blm movement which brings me to my next question. why is he still placating the blm defund the police movement that has marxist roots? why is he doing that? even jen psaki and say they are not for defunding the police they are still placating to this movement. what does the taliban and taliban forces think when they see our president, our commander-in-chief taking a knee with a mask on his face, boy, it's like stealing candy from a baby, isn't it? >> jesse: tomi, reminds me when all those white democrats dressed up in the african tribal gear and took a knee. it's just pandering at its worst. so, i got to ask you about this though. you have americans stranded behind enemy lines. and he is yucking it up with the
4:47 pm
nba guys. terrified americans are stranded, begging for the president to help them and here's one of them on "fox & friends" this morning. >> we are stranded and home. we can't get to the airport. when we tried to get to the airport, we get beaten up or we are afraid for our lives. i don't know, you know, how things are going to go. but i really need -- i really need our president to really -- really consider this serious. we are in danger. we are in danger, mr. president, please, help us. yes, sir jess cancel the wa event. cancel it and go to the situation room. is it that difficult, mr. president? >> it's difficult when you are an absentee shadow president like we have in a president joe biden. i also say this: the only reason that joe biden should be taking a knee is in prayer for those americans that are still stranded in afghanistan and until that happens, he should get on his feet and he should do
4:48 pm
something to not only protect and defend the americans that are still left over there but also make sure that our nation. our homeland is defended. if you like at that wide open southern border, it's only a matter of time before terrorists exploit that too. this president is not only be absentee president and shadow president is he disgrace. sadly, his vice president is no better. she is going to go campaign for gavin newsom at the end of the week. all diversify a disgrace and embarrassment and this is what we have leading our country. our enemies are laughing in our face. >> jesse: yeah. the is wide open and now there is a taliban linked afghan evacuee they just flagged in france. oops. he got through. and then there was an isis linked guy that got flagged in doha, oops, he got through. i just don't trust the biden administration to vet these guys. if you helped us, if you are a translator, if you worked on our side, i want you hear. but i need you vetted. and joe biden has shown no ability to execute anything with
4:49 pm
any proficiency. and i think it's just going to blow back up in our faces with this withdrawal. >> quite literally, probably blow up in our faces. we are going to also enter into a time again we will have to be worried about terrorism during the trump administration that was largely squashed. we didn't have to worry about that. now we have got an open border that is going to be exploited by those coming across. we have a president who doesn't take this seriously. certainly a vice president who doesn't take this seriously. cackling every time she is asked a question about it joe biden even refusing to answer a question about it the american people have a reason to be scared. and meanwhile we have joe biden simply telling us to get a shot and to mask our children. that is his definition of leadership. and if he so bothered cody, let's take a look at our southern border. let's take a look at the people they are welcoming in to this country. not serious about anything only talking points and things can he exploit. >> jesse: yep, joe is letting ms-13 across the border if you are afghan interpreter that helped us fight the tall back, can't make it to the airport, sorry, you are stranded.
4:50 pm
tomi lahren, everybody. thank you. >> thanks so much. >> jesse: don't go anywhere, dagen mcdowell is here. and she is on the clock. ♪ ♪
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>> jesse: just a few minutes left in the show so it's time to put dagen mcdowell on the clock. 60 seconds each, let's go. number one, first up, hey, lady, a woman has been banned from a belgian zoo for having an "affair" with a chimpanzee. spending too much time socializing -- it's 2021, i think we just have to allow them to get married. >> it could happen but what i found fascinating, cheat of the chimpanzee, 38 years of age
4:56 pm
, so kind of still young enough. she went to see cheetah every week but the zookeepers only stopped at the visit after four years. four years. >> jesse: the lady at the zoo pressed up against the glass, fogging it up. flashing the chimp? was it a conjugal visit? >> i don't know if you can have a conjugal visit there is plexiglas between you and your paramore. >> jesse: what do i know about conjugal visits, you're probably right. coming up, governor andrew cuomo is not getting rid of his dog after all. tweeting the captain as "a part of his family and always will be." he's keeping his dog, being stripped of his international enemy. can you take the enemy away from somebody? >> yes, you can. everyone feels sorry for the
4:57 pm
dog, that the dog, somebody who worked in the governor's mansion and is stuck with that loser. the enemy got taken away but the enemy was given to the governor even after the nursing home scandal and after the 15,000 dead elderly people and after the cover-up and the lies and abuse of the relatives that were survivors. after the book deal. it was only now. cynthia nixon trolled him today. >> jesse: what did she say? >> she said, i still have mine. >> jesse: nice, we should take the book advance away. when we start with the emmy. the redskins, the indians, and other sites are set on the fighting irish. notre dame's leprechaun the fourth most offensive mascot in college football. for what it's worth, the university says it has no intention of dropping its nickname. a leprechaun is not even a real
4:58 pm
thing, how is that offensive? it's a fantasy, right? >> it's only offensive if it scares you because of the movie "leprechaun" and you don't like marshmallows and lucky charms. >> jesse: the leprechaun, is that a real thing? that is a myth, right? >> mythical character, i don't know. >> jesse: not like the leprechaun is a drunk or some sort of stereotypical -- >> not at all, it is their way of celebrating their irish heritage. this survey the star picked up was total hogwash. it was done for attention on google. i could go on, but one of the mascots -- >> jesse: you can't go on, the clock has struck. i'm sorry. maybe the woman is visiting the leprechaun after the chimp. no, she doesn't do that, she is in trouble. finally, california cops found a man passed out in his car in a 7-eleven parking lot.
4:59 pm
who hasn't been there? they found meth, xanax, a gun and more than 3,000 stolen ballots from the upcoming recall race. the democrat trifecta. the guy in the car wasn't hunter biden. >> tucker: of all the things they found in his car, drugs, xanax, methamphetamine, a loaded gun, only the gun would get you in trouble in california. >> jesse: it's true. but how did he get his hand on all these ballots? i thought fraud was not widespread. 300 ballots seems widespread to me. >> he's a felon so he probably knows what he is doing. they are working with the postal service. >> jesse: that will clear everything up. the outcome of the postal service, all right. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> jesse: never visited a chimpanzee at a zoo, i can tell
5:00 pm
you. that is as far as i know. thank you for watching "fox news prime time. what i'm jesse watters and don't forget i will be signing books next tuesday at the long beach island book swap you to call them for tickets, it's in new jersey. come by and check me out. i will see you tomorrow at 5:00 and 7:00. tucker is next. see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." want to hear an amazing story? so as a child growing up in south-central los angeles, larry elder had a secret. elder's father, who was a janitor, was black. so was elder's mother. so were 80% of the people in their neighborhood and all appearances, larry elder seemed black too. that is with the people around him always assumed. little did they know that this child


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