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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 25, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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dishonorable. it will leave a stain on our country for generations to come. carley: you said it best. future of afghan interpreters who we are leaving high and dry. president biden just sentenced them to death. pete, thank you so much. >> that's right. jillian: thank you for your service. >> thank you. jillian: "fox & friends" has continuing coverage right now. have a good day. ♪ >> i'm determined to finish by august the 31st. carley: president biden bowing to the taliban announcing he will not extend his deadline. >> he will have blood on his hands. people are going to die and they are going to be left behind. >> the supreme court deal as blow to the biden administration deciding overnight to remain in mexico program. under that framework people seeking asylum must stay in mexico while they await formal hearings. >> the bill is passed. >> speaker pelosi killing the way for $.5 trillion bill the called moderates folded like a
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cheap tent. taps disgrace. >> herschel walker filed paperwork to join the georgia senate race. >> is he a hero in georgia and he understands law and order. >> kamala harris talking about christmas while americans are stranded inning that. >> do you want to have different toys for your children it might be the time to start buying them because climate crisis. >> it makes absolutely no sense. brian: right, that is great theme. nothing makes sense. president biden sticking to the august 31st deadline it's bed if you ling to get all troops out of afghanistan. ainsley: he says it's all contingent on the taliban. the group has blocked access to kabul's airport. steve: doug la zared join us live as two members of congress getting a spanking from nancy pelosi saying no more. this is all bad. doug. >> steve, ainsley and brian, good morning. you know, the scenes playing out in and around the airport in kabul are horrific right now and
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time is quickly running out. those who are simply desperate to get on these final flights out of the country, including reports of some americans are increationly frustrated and terrorized by the taliban and and checkpoints despite all of that the president says the mission is on track to be completed by next week. although he did leave himself some wiggle room. >> we are currently on a pace to finish by august the 31st. the sooner we can finish the better. each day of operations brings added risk to our troops i have asked the state contempt to make contingency for the timeline if that becomes necessary. >> massachusetts democrat seth moulton and peter meijer actually flew into kabul. now, among the critics of their visit, house speaker nancy pelosi who issued this warning.
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member travel to afghanistan and the surrounding countries would unnecessarily divert needed resources from the priority mission of safely and expeditiously evacuating americans and afghans at risk from afghanistan. now, the two lawmakers said that they flew on empty seats to avoid displacing any evacuees. there is a lot of focus on getting americans out of average, rightly. so but it is increasingly clear that loyal afghans, folks who have helped us for years, some them will be left behind. back to you guys. brian: yeah. thanks, doug. it's so clear even his own aides don't think this time sideline feasible or plausible. he says i want my staff to come up with a contingency plan. real have any you are gradually pulling them out to get them out by 31st and if it doesn't work calling it a contingency plan? you think toy soldiers come in and out wind them up? they're human beings. you are going to pull 5800 out
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in 8 days and if things go your way you will bring them back? according to the briefers yesterday that included tony blinken chairman of the joint chiefs of staff millie as well as joint secretary of defense austin they were blatantly candid. the problem they were not disputing that the august 31st deadline was impractical. they are not sugar coating anything. they don't believe it's realistic. his own aids don't believe this is realistic. americans being left behind in our lifetime for the first anytime american history, unacceptable. ainsley: you said yesterday i hope his team tells him this is unacceptable. someone has got to speak out and now they are. if you look at the beginning of this, this was a self-imposed timeline, he was the one who said august 31st. he pulls out our troops there then our americans are stranded. this is so botched from the very beginning. he should have anticipated that this was going to happen. and he didn't. he botched the evacuation. and now we are at the mercy of the taliban. he goes back to the taliban and says i don't like my deadline,
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august 31st, can we change it and they say no. steve: right. there is a story in the "the washington post" this morning that apparently, according to white house sources, the pentagon recommended stick to the august 31st. and it is causing a lot of problems. when you. brian: the pentagon recommended deepg august 31st? steve: that's what i said, absolutely. however up on capitol hill it is bipartisan, physical blasted this deadline which is a week from yesterday. let's take a look. some of the republicans saying, mr. president, we know you are dug in on this but it's a big mistake. watch. >> no time should america ever bend or allow the taliban to tell us when we have to stop bringing americans out. >> i have called this consistently and unmitigated disaster of epic proportions. it will be a stain on this presidency. he will have blood on his hands.
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people are going to die. and they are going to be left behind. >> one thing that joe biden either won't admit or doesn't understand, is that what happens in afghanistan doesn't stay in afghanistan. it spreads like a cancer. it will follow us home. >> my message for veterans is this: it wasn't the fault of those that trudged over the mountains in afghanistan that were kicking through doors going through fields of improvised explosive devices. afghanistan is lost it is the fault of those at pennsylvania avenue. brian: they were all republicans. but republican chris smith echoed the top biden aides urging them to push back on the end of the month deadline. democrat lisa slotkin said biden should hear the message from a partisan group of members to reconsider the august 31st deadline. so this is unbelievable.
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ainsley: adam schiff said that too. brian: unbelievable. steve: you have republicans right there. we heard bipartisan rancor about this decision. only two people in congress really know what's going on that is seth moulton and congressman maher the republican and democrat who both flew over on that cargo ship. they now there by commercial and flew on transport. they watched the evacuation yesterday. they are now out of there they flew out on a plane where there was apparently a lot of empty space. apparently at some point yesterday the system broke down where some planes were essentially flying out empty. that's not a good thing. two of those congressman they say from what they saw yesterday, there is no way everybody's going to get out by this timeline. and a congressional staff briefing yesterday, the pentagon said isis k is trying to attack jets at the airport or to drive in a truck bomb, and that
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explains why the gates are closed. so, given the fact that isis is involved, peter doocy asked jen psaki yesterday about that. you know, are people properly being vetted? there is also a story out that 100 evacuees matched names on a u.s. intel watch list. why are they getting the green light? watch? >> is there any concern that maybe trying to reach this deadline and get everybody out mistakes are being made now that there is a report that at least one of the afghans evacuated to qatar has suspected isis ties? >> well, first i would say we have a stringent vetting process which includes background checks before any individual comes to the united states. so i can't speak to one individual. but i can tell you and confirm for you that we take the vetting of any individual who comes to the united states and comes out incredibly seriously and it's an extensive process.
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this is large e. air lift in u.s. history. that is bringing american citizens out. it is bringing our afghan partners out. it is bringing allies out. so, no, i would not say that is anything about a success. ainsley: marco rubio said this is going to be covered as one of the worst catastrophes in american foreign policy history. if you look at the cover of the "new york post" this morning. biden caved to taliban's headline says we are out of afghanistan in seven days. also, the u.s. military is starting to withdraw from afghanistan, more of them, even as our americans are stranded there. the pentagon is confirming this we confirm reports of the departure from average of several hundred u.s. droossments it's a mix of the headquarter staff, maintenance individuals and other enabling functions. brian: lindsey graham says he should be flat out impeached. this is a dereliction of duty. in terms of what is happening on the ground i cannot believe how callus and cold the president comes off. he opens up a 15 minute speech by talking about a
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reconciliation package no one believes should pass and salutes nancy pelosi who had a fundraiser over the weekend rather than look at this catastrophe. ainsley: all he talked about from the beginning of it was infrastructure. brian: it's unbelievable. then he goes into this. pulling out on the august 3 st date. opportunity to know about the human cost? do you want to know about americans being trapped? you don't have to look at antic doghts evidence or hearing from eyewitnesses. how about the people themselves? this man escaped from afghanistan last week. listen to what he told sean. >> that u.s. soldier took my hand, pulled me from the gate and my father pushed me from the back and i jump into the airport and i find my way to come back home. it was really hard, really tough. and you cannot even imagine how hard that i can escape that situation. there was a lot of gunfire.
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ainsley: despite what the white house is saying, this is not a success. and people are stranded. we have heard from so many individuals, and they are still there. so many americans are still there, fearful. they only have six more days. steve: right. of the taliban is now blocking afghans from going to the airport. they are trying as well to get mid level officials at the central bank and the ministry of finance to go back to work because the financial crunch the country has gone through. but they say we want the mid level people to come back. you are not going to be harmed. brian: not women. steve: not women. don't come back. the world bank has frozen $5.3 billion in money targeted toward afghanistan for development. because they're concerned about the taliban's rules impact on women and girls. as you are looking at all of this and looking at that evacuation flight fly over the mountains out of kabul, joe biden in the last month has really taken it on the chin when it comes to his approval. brand new "u.s.a. today" poll
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shows his approval rating is at 41%, down from about 50 in july. >> and here's the bad news for the president, only 32%, 1/3 of the incidents in this country approve of what he is doing. regarding the overall war effort over the last 20 years by a 2 to 1 margin, americans say the war was not worth it and 3 in 4 predict that the taliban, once again, becomes a haven for tastes which is the reason we were there 10 years after bin laden was killed. ainsley: only 1% do approve. i'm not sure if that number is accurate. everyone i talk to on both sides of the aisle say this is ridiculous. this was botched no. one thinks this was a success. brian: nancy pelosi who saluted him. the level -- this, according to paul why cough, a veterans advocate been on before served with the army. the level of anger and betrayal felt felt across the veterans community right now is off the
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chart. dozens of veterans organizations to meet with president biden and convey his concerns. they were unsuccessful. meanwhile, people are working behind the scenes through and around the government to help people because the government will not -- this administration does not care about americans trapped. some say as many as 10,000 still need to be out. but they don't have a master list. that allows them to say it was the americans' fault for not register with the beaments. , which by the way, you abandoned for no reason which secretary of defense austin says i want to defend the embassy instead of the bagram air base. i made that decision in a table top exercise. meanwhile, you didn't defend the embassy yourselves pulled everybody out and stuck them in an airport in the middle of a city surrounded by hostile forces. where are the brains with these people? steve: well, you know, brian, you mentioned the administration, the dod, they say we don't have a master list. we don't know how many americans
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are there think about it, how many times have we heard the white house and the dod say we are in contact with the americans in average. we are texting them. we are phoning them. well then they have got a list for them to say we don't have the list. they are just kicking the ball down the street a bit. ainsley: we hear from people over there say we haven't heard from them in days we applied. we sent our information. at least let them know we got your message. we will contact you when it's your time to go to the airport. they are not even getting that imagine if you lost your child fighting in afghanistan or you lost a limb fighting in afghanistan and we are right back to where we were 20 years ago. brian: brian mast. steve: because there are so many people stranded there. and jen psaki took goption peter doocy talking about people stland a couple days ago and yesterday he said if stranded is not the word, what word, jen psaki would you use for people who cannot leave the house because isis is at the airport trying to blow them up? he said if you know of somebody
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like fatma, because peter had told her story. she said give it me her number. ainsley: what about all the people stranded there that jen psaki stunt know their name? steve: that's why there is so much frustration. we know and we heard from two members of congress yesterday, there will be a lot of people left behind enemy lines when we officially pull out if we pull out officially next week. brian: we didn't even discuss our allies who are incensed that we are not listening. they can't get their people out and they need our military to help. when we leave, they have to leave. so they're leaving had people behind. how are we going to ask them to help news anything from here on in? ainsley: our mission now hinges on cooperation from the taliban. brian: up next a major blow to the biden administration's effort to reverse president trump's policy. what the supreme court just ruled after the break. ainsley: plus, the major announcement made just moments ago from heisman winning
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♪ jillian: good morning, we are back now with your headlines, the families of two police officers murdered in the infamous 1981 brinks robbery are slamming andrew cuomo's last-minute decision to give one of the men involved a shot at parole. the former governor granting clemens to david gilbert. mary crowley the sister of robert o'grady tells the "new york post" quote i think it's an atrocity, it's his final nod to how he feels about the people of
3:21 am
new york. gilbert is set to appear before a parole board next month and is eligible for release as soon as october. the house narrowly passes a $3.5 trillion budget blueprint. house speaker nancy pelosi striking a deal with moderates to pass the framework along party lines. the passage will allow democrats to use reconciliation to pass a broad package of healthcare, education and climate provisions in the senate without g.o.p. support. it also sets up a vote on the infrastructure package by the end of september. and this just in, herschel walker is officially running for senate as a republican in georgia. the former nfl star will challenge democratic senator raphael warnock next year walker saying in a statement, quote: it is time to have leaders in washington who will fight to protect the american dream for everybody. former president it trump has indicated he will endorse walker in the race. roll stone drummer charlie watts has died known as one of the best drummers of all time worth
3:22 am
helped reach global stardom ♪ never stop ♪ never stop ♪ jillian: watts joined the band in 1963, playing for nearly 60 years a few weeks ago he announced he would not tour with the stons due to undefined health issue. the stones released a statement saying watts passed away peacefully surrounded by family. he was 80 years old. ainsley: he said he wasn't part of no filter tour because he haddage emergency procedure last month. steve: they were just great. i saw them a couple of times. ainsley: did you really? steve: they were fantastic. the band was friends to the very end although at one point they were having like a band meeting and they were talking about the direction of the band and charlie gave his opinion and mic jagger said what are you kidding? we are not going to listen to
3:23 am
you you are just the drummer according to "the new york post." at which poim point charlie watts socked mic jagger in the kisser boom. ainsley: keith richards wrote in his book charlie watts has always been the bed i lie on musically. he was so talented. steve: the beat goes on. one of the most dangerous bands in the world. brian: next to paul shaffer. that was david letterman's band who by the way the tunnel 2 towers concert which was amazing. the house band was paul shaffer's band from snl. it was fantastic. ainsley: in the rain, right? brian: in the pouring rain with the flood zac's bay forced first 10 rows out. ainsley: over the weekend and the crowd stayed. brian: the crowd stayed two thirds full despite hurricane warnings the flooding and the rain. they canceled it in central park so chuck schumer had to cut off his happy dance and they went straight through on long island.
3:24 am
steve: i think it's going to be a tv event. brian: collin quinn was so funny and so was paul riser. meanwhile, at the border, nothing funny about this. guess what in the border patrol is not -- is down so many numbers and illegal alien thought he had a good idea. why don't i help him out a little. steal a uniform. actually, why don't i get a seamstress and make a border patrol uniform and try pretend to be a border patrol agent. do you believe this. steve: outside of tucson a human smuggler was arrested wait a minute, you are not really -- and we have got a picture. that looks just like a border patrol vehicle. it's not. it's a clone and the people inside was wearing a fake uniform. the human smuggler along with the migrants were all detained. i'm sure most of them have already been released. in the meantime, there is a win for people who would like to see our southern border tighten up and that is yesterday the u.s. supreme court said that the remain in mexico program must be
3:25 am
reinstated. brian: fantastic. steve: they said that the biden administration, -- keep in mind joe biden pulled the plug on it on the first day. they said the administration acted arbitrarily and capriciously by rescinding the policy. and, in fact, they even cited the decision by the trump administration to undo the dreamer program. they said look, trump couldn't do this and joe biden, you can't do that so, for right now. remain in mexico is going back into effect. ainsley: steve scalise was talking about the border yesterday. he said you have open borders here in america. now you have the taliban that are-that train their troops over there and they have control of the entire country of afghanistan. who is to say they are not going to come in through our southern border in the a.g. of arizona is furious about it mark brnovich, he wrote a letter to president biden warning about the potential theft terrorists down on our border. americans are watching news coverage of thousands of primps including many terrorists being
3:26 am
released by the taliban in afghanistan. americans are now facing unprecedented terrorism threat level in our own backwards yards. we must put aside our differences and do everything in our power now to avert unspeakable tragedies. brian: is he running for senate seat against mark kelly. what a let down. you have kyrsten sinema working hard. mark kelly is invisible. meanwhile, just on that quick thing with the remain in mexico. the one thing they are forgetting to do is to call mexico. mexico was so ticked off that president biden came outer and said violation of international law to force illegal immigrants to stay? a country and not come here, they went out and they pretty much left their whole southern border open which i find unbelievably responsible. joe biden doesn't care about that. mexico can say excuse me, they can't stay here, you have to go out and i guess against their will has to go out and cut a deal mexico to set up facilities on the other side of the border. it worked because they cracked
3:27 am
down on their southern border and then you had the third country where it says as soon as you cross to another country that's where you apply for american citizenship. so this is just one column in which we need three or four columns and then we need to link them all together. it's progress but it's still uneven. steve: so, for now, if you are an asylum seeker trying to get into the united states through our southern border, you have to remain in mexico. meanwhile, talk about something that is going on in eatonville, washington. the high school there in eatonville, they have got this program. >> if you are on a sports team, regardless of the team, you have got to wear this ankle tracker. it's kind of like an ankle bracelet, sure. ainsley: ankle bracelet or a prisoner. steve: same thing. they are trying to figure out the school, in their wisdom said okay, we are trying to keep the kids socially distanced. so we'll get a contract with this company for these ankle
3:28 am
tractors. it has got visual and audible censors when kids are too close each other. so if i'm within whatever they set it for, 6 feet of another kid with another ankle monitor it, goes o the whole idea is to keep the kids apart. but then the parents found out about it, wait a minute, the school is tracking the children and the school said, look, they leave it at school, we are not tracking your kids. but one mother said ankle bracelets are for criminals not for kids. ainsley: right. so they are having a school board meeting tonight. all right. we won't make you do this billion we hear the community's input. this is from the school's superintendent gary neil. he says we received grant funding that specifically include provisions to support higher risk athletic programs. and we use some of those funds to pay for athletic proximity monitors. using these monitors for high contact and moderate indoor contact sports. the unvaccinated.
3:29 am
if a student or coach tests positive we will have immediate information coaches contacts more tightly determine who might need to quarantine. brian: right. of course if you get too close somebody that makes sense. soccer or football too close to unvaccinated person it goes off. not so much in the laboratory state it happened. 15-year-old girl forced to wear ankle tracking monitor for volleyball practice condition of participating in the spomplet required of all vaccinated and unvaccinated. just find a way to let them play making the rules. masks were a joke. they're all on every kid's chin. we found out about outdoor activity it's almost impossible to get it. it didn't stop the oregon governor from come out and saying you have to wear a mask outdoors. steve: so, and both vaccinated and unvaccinated athletes have to wear it but this was the deal the administration made to allow
3:30 am
unvaccinated kids to actually play the sport. so, you know, everybody has got to wear it because they can't figure out okay who is unvaccinated. ainsley: intentions might be good but parents are outreached. palm beach governor desantis said no mask mandates. palm beach county the school district there has said now the kids, no matter if they're vaccinated or not, they cannot opt out of this mask mandate they have to wear masks. steve: we will keep you posted. we have a parent's panel coming up in the 7:00 hour. 6:30 exactly here in the east. coming up, as the clock particulars towards the august 31st deadline next tuesday in afghanistan. our next guest is spending every waking minute to save her fiancee from the taliban. she joins us live with the being exhaustive effort in trying to get them out. brian: plus -- the six figure reward trying to find the gunman responsible for killing off duty police officer. the clues detectives have next.
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with this a businessman increases reward to find killer to $100,000. on vacation while eating on the patio of a popular houston restaurant. police are searching for these two suspects. briscoe's funeral will be held saturday in new orleans. the 13-year veteran of the department leaves behind a wife and two children. turning to fox weather now rescue crews scouring debris for victims in tennessee. 18 confirmed dead. one of the victims was live on facebook showing the rising water before she was swept away. officials say the damage worse than previously thought. 21 homes destroyed with 160 suffering major damage. how about a story a parent stripped down underwear during a heated texas school board meeting why he feels students should wear masks. >> they make me wear this jacket. i hate it they make me wear this
3:36 am
shirt and tie, i hate it simple protocol. people. we follow certain rules for very good reason. >> oh, my, well, he did put his clothes back on at the board's request. no action was taken on masks during the meeting. that's a look at your headlines, can you imagine being there? jillian: no, my gosh. thank you so much, jillian. let's change our tune here because president biden holding firm to his timeline to pull american forces out of afghanistan by august 3 st. even as the taliban refuses to allow afghans to now enter the kabul airport and our next guest is an afghan american woman she a citizen, lives in california. she is trying to help her finance he is disprap all this chaos as he fights through tear gas, beating and threats from the taliban to be reunited, will huge gone joins us now. .>> good morning.
3:37 am
>> tell us what your finance is going through. >> 16 hours. he tried again. he is at the airport right now. the gates are closed. there is tear gas he called me 15 minutes ago telling knee there is a group of people near the airport telling them if you pay $2,000 we will take you to the gate and allow you inside the gate. which is absolutely false. that's not how it is. so, he is still there but gates are all closed. ainsley: is he standing on one side of the gate and it's barbed wire gate and the planes are on the other side. the runway is on the other side? >> yes. ainsley: how are they determine hog gets to go through the gate? >> i don't know at this point it should be u.s. citizens, green card holders, sav cases and immigrant visas, which he does have. he does have a pass to the
3:38 am
airport. he does have a pass. a visa pass as well with all his documents. but, he is not able to go -- he has been to the airport a couple of times. but this is his second time by the gate, which he is not allowed. the first time he went it took him 48 hours -- 24 hours to get to the gate. once he arrived to the gate, when he showed his pass and visa documents, the soldiers told him no, your documents are not complete. and told him to wait. he waited for the whole 24 hours by the door. and then a fight broke off between the taliban and the soldiers. and he flew from the scene. and then today yesterday morning, he said i'm going to try again to see. but it's been 16 hours, no hope whatsoever. ainsley: it's just insane. i understand you have a family member that's also trapped there. and got a call from the taliban?
3:39 am
what did the taliban say to your family member? >> they said that wherever you are, we are going to find you. i can't go more in details because of the safety but i do have a still there she has a petition and all her documents. i have two other family members that have at the advertises, including my fiance. they're all at the gate but -- ainsley: how are you doing? >> i am tieing to be as strong as i can possibly be. something that i have to fight for him to see if i can get him out safely. ainsley: huge gone, we are saying prayers for your your fiance and family members hope they remain safe and get here to america. please stay safe. god bless you. >> of course, thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. the cia under fire for secret meeting with the taliban.
3:40 am
next guest former cia officer americans need answers on what was discussed and what might have possibly been offered. ♪ we've got you taken care of, sgt. houston. thank you. that was fast! one call to usaa got her a tow, her claim paid... ...and even her grandpa's dog tags back. get a quote.
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brian: 17 minutes before the top of the hour. fox news confirming william burns secretly met with the leader of the taliban in kabul on monday as evacuation efforts intensify under a quick approaching deadline that joe biden put on himself and the taliban want him to hold to it. our next guest we have just lost for a second. okay. we have got him now. our next guest is a former cia officer and says the u.s. has now been reduced to begging extremists to do us a favor. bryan dean wright is back. brian, can you hear me? >> i sure can. good morning. brian: sadly, the news that reporter was 100 percent accurate. the cia director threw a hail mary your words to meet with a guy that the cia arrested 11
3:45 am
years ago. bar door high ranking official for the government what does it mean for the rank and file like you? >> it's dispiriting, i'm talking to folks who are in the building recently left. everybody is absolutely outraged at what has happened. per the universal belief that we should have gotten out. the question is how, of course, i think lots of smart people are saying that over and over and over again. but for people who signed up to serve their nation, they are not looking at their commander-in-chief as a national disgrace, as a national nightmare. i mean, we went to afghanistan as a cia director days ago. and we begged the people we have been bombing for 20 years, religious extremist, can do you us a quick favor. we had nothing to offer them. military equipment? were we going to give them planes and helicopters? we already left that behind, didn't we? money, there is not going to be money either. china is going to take care of that they will be mining the hills of afghanistan, soon. we didn't have much of anything
3:46 am
other than what we have heard from the biden administration which is this constant plea to the taliban don't you want to be part of the western world and embrace if and your international reputation? come on, these people they fay folks off of buildings and kill women for nothing, right? this is not a group of people who are interested in the west. their whole ideology is based on destroying the west. so, i'm not sure what the cia director thought he was going to get out of this but he got nothing. brian: brian, it's been revealed multiple cia bases. over the weekend a lot of cias were abandoned over the weekend. the white house was not responsive. seems they might have solved that problem, thankfully. can you tell me in layman's terms what we lost in terms of intelligence capabilities and how the over the horizon option is not an option in the hills of afghanistan. >> it's been incredibly degraded and i think that's the constant thing i'm hearing from folks who
3:47 am
i have worked with who are saying look by the way that we pulled out, how quickly it happened, very public reports now starting back in july, the opportunity to set up those continuing operations was profoundly degraded so now off group of extremists running the country once again who are going to be open and amenable to attacks on western interest directly in the united states, europe. a country we can no longer get the pulse on what is hang. we now face a more dangerous world than ever. certainly since the end of the vietnam war. brian: you guys could call in your own drone strikes. you had your own intelligence apparatus, can actually execute missions. you don't publicize it and put out press releases that's what you were doing, killing terrorists not trying to spread democracy. that's what people. >> amen. brian: that's what people don't fully understand that we lost but you do. to have william burns meet with the former prisoner is
3:48 am
humiliating. so is so much of this operation. bryan dean wright, thanks so much. >> you bet. brian: all right. let's go over to janice dean. she is our meteorologist. she is full-time. she gets full dengeghts and medical. she is going to focus now on the weather forecast. janice: thank you, brian. take a look at the maps. i don't have a lot of time because brian took up most of my time. the maps, here they are, 70s across the east coast. feels warmer than that we have heat advisories in effect across the mississippi and ohio river valley. the threat for severe weather midwest and great lakes later today. hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. there are the heat advisories, that's the biggest story. watching the tropics, a couple of entities we will have to watch over the next couple of days. all right, brian back to my friend. brian: i got word we are going to match your 401(k) too. thanks, janice for the hit job too. i picked that up. biden boasts about the democrats
3:49 am
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president biden delayed his speech five hours yesterday, and then we expected him to talk about afghanistan but instead he celebrated his $.5 trillion budget plan after it narrowly passed the house on party lines. >> when i became president, it was clear that to confront an immediately economic crisis. the most significant recession we have had since the depression, or at least since johnson. but we weren't going -- but that wasn't going to be enough. we also had to make some long-term investments in americans and america itself. steve: all right. our next guest says the president is rewriting history. charles payne the host of making money on fox business joins us live. charles, we were waiting for afghanistan and, up stead he take as victory lap. thank you, look at all this good stuff we will bring your way if the senate goes along with it. >> yeah. that's -- my goodness, really
3:54 am
another unforced error on the part of the president and this administration. trying to gloss over or completely ignore one of the greatest crisis, foreign crisis we have faced in a long time. you know, and it started off by just being disi object genius. talk about what the president inherited. the recess he talked about was only two months long. i think it's absolutely amazing. president trump was able to arrest the biggest downfall in american history, the fastest bear market in the american stock market history in just two months so he handed president biden a v-shaped recovery that was growing in momentum. household savings 20%. corporate cash, at a record high. household balance sheets at a record low. by the way, he also handed him a vaccine. he also handed him wages in the last month he was president well over almost 6% a month. last month it was 3 pulp 9%. but, actually negative if you
3:55 am
factor in inflation. so, no, he didn't inherit the worst economic crisis in history. he continue later a great talking point so they were able to get through that $1.9 trillion spending boondoggle and by the way it was fantastic. people spent a lot of money. we have had a great time. we will have to pay for it somewhere down the road but this sort of economic crisis that he is talking about it was not -- it didn't exist earlier this year and it certainly does not exist right now and it should not supersede what's going on in afghanistan. steve: absolutely. that's why people were furious. why did we have onto wait five hours for this. what this build back better plan and $3.5 trillion thing it includes climate change stuff. free pre-k. college. but it's very costly it will double the capital gains tax. it's going to increase the top income brackets, manufacturer's tax on -- there we are. it goes on and on. charles, is this thing going to
3:56 am
pass? quickly? >> i hope not. i hope at least senator sinema stands her ground. i think she is more solid than joe manchin. by the way, this is going to be the greatest wealth transfer in history from america to china if it passes while we deter investment in our own country. >> this is the defeatist bill enjoy the money if you get it while it comes, if it comes i can tell you right now we won't get it again. steve: all right. let's see what happens. charles, thank you very much for joining us live. >> okay. thanks. steve: make sure you watch charles on making money on fox business each and every weekday 2:00 in the afternoon. all right. coming up next, pete hegseth joins us alongside his translator from his time in afghanistan. how the interpreter was able to save his brother from the taliban in just the nick of time. ♪
3:57 am
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4:01 am
way for that 3 phone $5 trillion bill. >> the so-called moderates folded like a cheap tent. it's such a disgrace. >> actress cynthia nixon trolls cuomo after the democrat is stripped of his enemiy, the difference between me and andrew cuomo neither of success governor but i still have my emmy. >> president biden sticking to the august 31st deadline to get troops out of afghanistan. steve: the president says although it's all contingent on the taliban and their cooperation. the group has actually blocked access to the kabul airport and that is a big problem. brian: yeah. it's getting worse. imagine even outside kabul. jackie henrik joins us live as two members are criticized for taking a secret trip to ago. jackie, drantd republican, both vets. >> no kidding. they want to take a rook at for themselves. the president appears to be keeping the door ever so slightly open to extending that
4:02 am
august 31st deadline saying that the completion of our mission will end based on the achievement of our objectives. what those objectives are. whether it's getting all the americans home, getting the majority of afghans. we will see how long that sticks. but completing by the 31st they said is contingent upon cooperation with taliban. listen. we are currently on a pace to finish by august the 1st. the sooner we can finish the better. each day of operations brings added risk to our troops. i have asked the pentagon and the state department for contingency plans to adjust the timetable, should that become necessary. >> now, what those contingency plans look like is a big question mark. jen psaki confirmed yesterday to adhere to withdrawal date the military would need to start pulling out before the 3 st. meantime unclear how many americans are left in the country. the pentagon confirms approximately 4,000 american passport holders and their families evacuated as of august 24th. that's not even half of the
4:03 am
11,000 the white house estimated roughly to be in the country as of last week. it yesterday's announcement came after the taliban warned they would not allow any extensions past the deadline. saying the u.s. should not encourage afghan elites to leave the country, people like doctors and engineers and educated. told to return to their home. unclear how much access the taliban is going to allow at the gates. two members of congress want to see for themselves. congressman peter meijer and seth moulton a republican and democrat of michigan and massachusetts respectively. they are both veterans. they tweeted they were going to conduct oversight on the evacuation efforts. speaker pelosi predictably was not happy and warned members of congress not to take trips like this and potentially divert resources away from the evacuation efforts. steve, ainsley and brian? steve: all right. jackie, thank you very much. two members of congress are warning what we have seen means we are pretty sure everybody is not going to get out by the end of the deadline. brian: by the way, very
4:04 am
courageous things for them to do and their plane was empty. there were a lot of empty seats. congressman said officials who briefed lawmakers yesterday including austin, millie and blinken indicated the august 31st deadline was unrealistic. he said millie are being very candid the practical problem is they are not disputing any of this. they cannot be done by august 31st. these are the guys intezzed to get us out by august 31st. they are telling members of congress we know this is impossible. ainsley: we have had pete hegseth on the couch talking about interpreter and brother out of afghanistan. pete served in afghanistan and used interpreter in 2011 and 12 his name is a bore. he is here in america he is safe. his brother just got out of afghanistan they join us now. good morning to both of you. pete: good morning. >> sabor, congratulations we are glad your brother is out safely. tell us about his journey what he went through. >> thanks for having me on the show and good morning to all of
4:05 am
you. steve: good morning. >> this was having eyes on afghanistan trying to save loved ones. this was certainly not possible without a core team of dedicated people who wanted to save lives we didn't do government organization we had to go around every process there was. for those listening and have loved ones stuck in afghanistan know exactly what this bureaucracy does. you get phone calls from state department. you get phone calls from the embassy all they say we want to cop firm where you are and nothing else. this sort of phone call hopeless phone calls that you get. buff the team with the core team i reached out through the people my network folks like pete
4:06 am
hegseth and congressman waltz and other names that will have to stay anonymous right now. these nominee opened their doos who weapon of mass destruction saboor and his family and i'm grateful for that. steve: we are grateful for your service. you worked from 2007 to 2000 12. it was 2012 when you met pete. pete worked for years to get you out. you got out in 2014. what i find amazing is all these afghans who are aligned with the united states, they have been waiting for these sivs. the special immigrant visas. you got yours and were able to get out. your brother applied for a siv. a special immigrant visa in 2012? and he didn't get out until just now? what's the matter with the state department that they cannot get a siv written for people who obviously qualify within nine
4:07 am
years? >> that tells you how the system has been. pete and i have been out on the frontline telling everyone this is not working. keep one thing in mind because my brother got out not because the system worked. but because we have to go around the system, around to get it done. had it been because of the process that was established and the process that was set up to get these folks out, he would have been still in afghanistan. it was -- it is still impossible to get folks out of there. that's just how dysfunctional this is. by the way this process was set up to get folks out of harm's way and within 9 to 12 months. brian: saboor, did you think this was going to end this way? >> no. not a cell, not a blood in my body ever thought this would end end like this. brian: what do you think about
4:08 am
it? >> my family is filled with joy and happiness right now because we know we saved ha bib and his family, but we also know there are hundreds of habibs out there right now behind the gate and they're praying, praying to get out and there are efforts that are being taken by me and other core team to see if we can save other members, other allies of u.s. forces right now but just know that it is -- you know, especially with the news of what is happening right now, the taliban taking control and pushing people, using tear gas, beating people, taking their documents away from them, this is just escalating so fast that i don't think the government can keep up so it's very hard, very hard to be out there in kabul with bullets being shoot everywhere and babies crying. women are getting stepped on.
4:09 am
they are under ground. it is just an utter chaos. i don't think i could put it into words. and there is no word right now in my mind will do justice to what's happening. ainsley: saboor, thankfully you knew pete. you knew congressman waltz. like you said, there are many on the ground that don't have those connections and they are going to be left behind and that's our fear. pete, how important is it? saboor, we are listening to his story. he put himself at risk, his family at risk not knowing this was going to happen. to help make americans and afghanistan a safer place. talk about what heroes these individuals are and how we can't leave them behind either. pete: that's so right, ainsley. i'm in awe of saboor. i'm in awe of what he did when i was there he was an interpreter. he was far more than that he was or adviser not just for me but for hundreds and hundreds of u.s. and nato troops who came through where he worked. he poured himself -- he was
4:10 am
indispensable. nothing happened without this man on the screen. men and our mission in afganistan. now to see what he is doing. i have had a chance to be witness to this. the risk he has taken of his own life. the investment he has poured into not just his family and young kids, getting them across, but now other afghans, and this story will be told. it has nothing do with the biden administration. it has nothing to do with the state department and the bureaucracy as he said. it has to do with courageous veterans. members of congress who wouldn't quit. steve: right. >> people on the ground. they can't be named because there are operations going on right now using tactics and approaches that we can't talk about outside those gace gates that saboor is still involved in with people still on the ground. this is happening as we speak. and he has refused to give up his mission, commitment to americans. american citizens and siv holders who stood soldier to soldier with us. weigh could not have accomplished what we did without saboor and habib and other men and women like that. what we are doing as we close
4:11 am
those gates. we are closing the door on their hopes and dreams and on the belief that america would be there for them when they needed us the most. and those doors are closing. and if you don't know a saboor or michael waltz. if you don't know a pete hegseth, you are not getting in those gates. the taliban knows it their fates are sealed because you are of our unwillingness to follow through on a promise. steve: saboor, when you signed up to work with the americans there you are bausch and raised in afghanistan. the americans be are come in. why did you decide to do that? because there were a lot of influences in your country that said oh, don't help them, but you decided to help them. >> yeah. i think you are right. one of the forces that led me to joining the coalition forces and united states in particular was because of my older brothers. my oldest brother, old epps of all brothers, all four brothers he started working with the special forces when they first landed in afghanistan in 2001.
4:12 am
and then from that point on, when the brothers -- the oldest brother began working second oldest began. he started his work. right after high school when he graduated from high school, there was a choice to identify make and to meet the financial difficulties of the family to start bringing bread to home and make sure that everyone is safe and secure as a young man, i just finished high school. there is sense of patriotism and sense of serving the nation in whatever capacity you could. so we wanted to build -- because right in front of my eyes i saw my sisters not being able to go to school. they weren't able to leave home. and they weren't able to get educated so this was my way of fighting back. this was our -- our way of fighting against a system that we know and lived that wassen just to portions of society, and even ourselves. we had to risk our lives to do
4:13 am
this. yes, we did not put the uniform on but this was the easiest way for us to put that uniform on. i think the united states made that possible for us. and i'm greatful for whatever redid. it is a shame, it is a sad story another chapter of sad story in afghanistan. but i can tell you that this core team that pete was referring to that i am fortunate enough and i am sort of honored to be part of to do this when we pulled habib, we knew this wasn't the end of the story for us. we knew this wasn't going to be just habib. have to save other habibs out there. we are doing that we are doing that we have people from east coast to w north to the south of this impot
4:14 am
this is. brian: pete, it's pretty amazing. we are willing to leave and leave americans there. supposed to register with us. when they didn't, it's their right. we don't know where they're. so, you have democrats and republicans senator jean shaheen just came out and said we need to extend this deadline. congressman chris smith, a republican, says we need to extend it elise slotkin we need to extend this deadline. adam schiff it's not possible to get people out. general milley and austin yesterday we are not going to be able to get people out on this deadline. is joe biden doing this on his own and is he taking the reputation of the american military with him? pete: yes. i mean, the taliban timeline isn't going to work and be advantageous for us? i don't understand joe biden's insistence on committing to a deadline that everyone knows is false and fake and worse
4:15 am
undermines the relationship and the trust that we have tried to build for 20 years, regardless of whether you think the mission was a success or not, regardless of whether you think we should leave or not, how you finish truly, truly matters. do you know finish. we shouldn't finish through what i watched. if you understood the level of commitment and sophistication. communications of cracking crackpot plans to try this and to try that it took six attempts or more. you don't have to tell me, saboor, to get habib through that check point. he was beaten. his family was beaten. brian: it's going to get harder. pete: that's my point. it's only going to get harder for the people that are still there. that is a turning of the back of the -- and so if you want to support us in the future? why would you. and if you are an enemy, you are going to read -- this is going to be a textbook for how to run the americans out of your country. they saw joe biden as the type of leader who was vulnerable to that type of taliban bullying. and that's precisely what's
4:16 am
unfolding right now. taliban checkpoints control the airport. they control every single piece of movement. if one rocket is fired on kabul, we are not moving at all. they control everything. everyone in america right now in that country is a hostage to the taliban to include our troops, our citizens, and people like habib and saboor who served our country and we made a promise to them and we are forsaking it. ainsley: saboor, you trusted america. you made a decision. you risked your life. your brothers did too to help americans out thinking that the taliban wouldn't come back. america would fight them off and you would be free. you got a taste of freedom and i assume your sister was got to go to school. was it word it now that you are looking at the taliban taking over afghanistan again? >> you know, it is -- it breaks my heart, you know, all of the work we did with me the seven years in afghanistan especially
4:17 am
being on the ground doing things with the soldiers and trying to get things done. you know, it breaks my heart to see all of that work and i know there are veterans right now watching us, you know, they are probably weeping and crying. i can relate to all of them because we had -- we did that we have not had sleep in the family. last night i only slept for an hour because it is mentally and emotional live so hard to process what's happening. i wanted to see it as a huge loss of opportunity. pete mentioned this a little while ago about how this time frame is not to our advantage at all right now people used to be able to get through that crowd of gate. right now they have to go through two taliban gate. brian: they don't want any more afghans leaving. they are done with the brain drain. >> yeah. but they're also, on the same
4:18 am
token they're also the one hunting these guys. they are talking about don't leave because we know you are the engineers and best and brightest in the country. guess what? they are going around and killing all these best and brightest. what is the choice you would make if you were in that country saying look, you know, i know firsthand how my sisters were not allowed to go to school. so i don't get it. i just counter productive system. taliban, as an of a dan right now, as someone who is born and lived taliban regime, there is absolutely zero, zero trust on the taliban. anything they say i do not believe. brian: of course no. >> nor should the u.s. believe. listen, i was on the call with habib in qatar and do ha a few hours ago because i wanted to check women h again, the credit goes back to this incredible team that was together that i
4:19 am
was able to connect back with my brothers. i know there are looed ones out there trying to connect with their loved ones because the moment the plane takes off from kabul no one knows where they are going. no one knows what's happening. i spoke with ha bib and i said what's going on? what's happening there? no one was prepared for this type of evacuation. brian: i heard it's hell. doha they say is a mess. >> habib connected with a lieutenant colonel or major that he told me and he said listen, i can speak their language. there are other afghans who do not speak english. i'm here to help you get service to them because we need a to serve a lot of those afghans living in the tents. ha lean is running around the clock helping soldiers trying to serve other afghans who are there. this country is going to end up with a beautiful family. beautiful family that was willing to serve afghanistan the same way but they were force was that didn't allow that family to do so.
4:20 am
steve: so your brother effectively is being a translator just as you were for pete and others countless americans. real quick, the question about your family remaining in afghanistan. do they feel like they will be safe? >> no. no. you know, i have been on the phone, you know, with this mission with us continuing to save other habibs. i have gotten phone calls from folks listen, save my interpreter. save this guy. we have been in contact with hundreds of interpreters since we have gotten the -- we know it's possible. we know we can do something to help. questions where some of theory interpreters are? they are not in kabul. they are running all over the country to hide. they are saying please save me. we can't get people through the get that kabul. forget about the rest of the country.
4:21 am
look, i'm struggling trying to get folks at the front door trying to get through let alone folks from kandahar to come to kabul and getting through the gate. this is how terrible this entire process is. brian: pete, i guess we have to go, to see the president cold heartedly say it's over. done in a week got to run. ainsley: 20 years of pete's service and saboor's service and one week the taliban is back. i don't know how he didn't anticipate this. pete: betrayal. that's what it is. thank you. steve: yeah, saboor. >> thank you, guys. steve: good luck to you and your family. good job getting him out. >> listen, i want to express my gratitude to the team. to the americans, to the veterans who did so much in keeping my family anywhere prayers. pete: so many people's names who we can't say right now who did so much more who didn't sleep, who broke protocol. who made connections. figured out how to get it done. unbelievable. brian: all right. guys, thanks so much. ainsley: heroes, you both are.
4:22 am
steve: some day we will know knows names. brian: meanwhile southern florida school superintendent attends an event full of maskless adults while imposing strict mask mandates for students. parents are calling out his hypocrisy. we will too, next. ♪ 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? get ready - our most popular battery is even more powerful.
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♪ oyou. ainsley: a school board in florida defying governor desantis' mask mandates. students and parents cannot opt out from wearing a mask. everyone has to wear a mask. our next guests are slamming the mandate and calling the district superintendent a hypocrite for not following his own rules after he gave a speech to a room filled with unmasked adults yesterday. so joining us now from palm beach county are mom of three elementary school students julie dance kerr, dad of four sean
4:27 am
skies and mom of three regina i think i woched that how do you say your last name? sorry. >> it's okay it's binochio. ainsley: ravinena, i will start with you. tell me what you are seeing and what your biggest problem is? >> to go off of what you just mentioned, it was a bit overwhelming to see him in the room last -- yesterday, asking for the cafeteria tables to be further separated to keep them safe. that was a bit infuriating for us to see happen, you know, live in front of our eyes. ainsley: and, sean, you mentioned the hypocrisy, too. you said the school board doesn't even wear them. you saw the video of the superintendent of at that big event in the ballroom. a lot of the adults didn't have the masks.
4:28 am
how do the children feel about it. >> you have to understand they take a lot of just the information that we're given and i think they are just confused as to why they don't have the choice to not wear a mask, you know, when there has been enough science and research on both sides of it that they just don't understand why they cannot wear a mask? they have been disciplined to the full extent last year with referrals at school, my young child had to put his head down you know, you put your kids out there and man they are defenseless. when you are not there to protect them at schools we have to do things like this and hope that parents we can speak out and we can protect them and that when they go to school that they will be safe and have the option just like, you know, just to have the option to not wear the mask and be ridiculed and disciplined in school and made to feel like they are doing
4:29 am
something wrong. ainsley: i know you have four children. kindergarten, first, seventh and eighth graders. >> you know you have have a first second and 3rd grader. got bless you. emotional abuse is what you call it why? >> absolutely. well, first of all, my oldest, he has always ban little claustrophobic but last year he really suffered with anxiety to an extreme that i had to reach out to my community for some sort of, you know, is there anybody else who was experiencing this and what we found is we have hundreds of testimonies of kids in palm beach county who have been abused physically. a child throwing up in his mask and taking it off and the teacher yelling at him to put it back on. he had to breathe that on for the rest of the day. we heard from kids who have asthma who fainted. and, you know, the teachers just worried about leave the mask on. get it back on. we have heard of preschool kids
4:30 am
who said mommy, you know, nobody understands me at school so i just don't talk. for 10 hours a day. like, these kids are not being -- they are not growing and thriving. ainsley: developing language skills at that age, right? they're supposed to see their teacher's mouth? >> go ahead. ainsley: i'm sorry. i was going to say some people in new york moved down there to florida especially palm beach that has such a big new york residence. and they are getting the same treatment. many of them moved away to have the mask-free schools. have you talked to any of those folks? >> absolutely. they're reaching out every day. we moved our family here. we hear it every day. ainsley: well, god bless you. all three of you. thank you so much for coming on. >> no problem. ainsley: hopefully we will get out of this soon. >> thank you. ainsley: we did reach out to the palm beach county school district and we did not hear back. coming up next, biden bows to the taliban and won't extended
4:31 am
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4:35 am
this requires asylum seekers at the southern border to stay in mexico while they await immigration hearings. the department of homeland security has already appealed the case in a lower court but says it will, quote: comply in good faith in the meantime. this just in. a new study finds a johnson & johnson booster shot raises crucial antibody levels. the company says people who got a booster shot six months after their initial evacuation showed a nine fold increase in antibodies. the findings could help inform the government's recommendations about booster shots. then there is this story. actress cynthia nixon trolling new york governor andrew cuomo after the democrat is stripped of his emmy. nixon tweeting, quote: the difference me and andrew cuomo neerts of us is governor but i still have my emmy. nixon challenged cuomo for the democratic nomination in 2018 but lost during her campaign nixon called cuomo, quote: famously vengeful, saying she ran against him because, quote,
4:36 am
bullies have to be confronted. a lot to unpack there, brian. brian: absolutely. i know he was a terrible governor and cynthia was a joke of a candidate. jillian: tell me how you really feel. brian: absolutely. thanks, jillian. president biden says he is relying on cooperation from the taliban to evacuate americans safely out of afghanistan by next week. and we know the problems with that. this as the taliban is now blocking afghan's only way out by no longer allowing them access to kabul's airport let alone the americans that can't get out. our next guest was part of the taliban negotiations on president trump and has lessons to share. his story is on right now. adam bowler, welcome back. adam, what did you learn sitting across from the taliban that perhaps we would never know unless you stared them like you did. >> i think at the end of the day, the taliban are a regional militia. and so on the positive side, you can directly deal with them. if you make a deal with them, they will generally stick to it.
4:37 am
but the big if here is the regional militia. so regional militia in that region responds to force. so when i was negotiating them and discussing with them they knew i had the full force of the u.s. army behind me. that's very important there needs to be an accountability mechanism because that's what carries weight in this region. brian: what went wrong -- what would be different about the plan that you and ambassador khalilzad and president trump and mike pompeo were signing off on as opposed to the one joe biden is executing? >> i think what's really bipartisan here is the fact that we can't be in afghanistan 10, 20 years. that didn't serve us. i don't think that was the right answer. that is bipartisan between each approach. the difference here is execution. and there is a difference between leading and exiting on your terms and exiting with your tail between your legs. that's a very big difference here. because it's putting lives at risk. brian: the other thing i would say is were you signing off on getting out of bagram air base?
4:38 am
>> that was not part of the negotiations at any point. brian: would have you left bagram air base while american citizens were still there. >> i don't believe we should leave ba game air base while citizens are still brian: did the taliban break the agreement by taking the government? wasn't it supposed to be a coalitf you look at the document and what we said, the idea was we're not going to have a permanent presence in afghanistan with, you know, how sands of troops. but it was based on coalition government. and so that's a really important aspect. not a unilateral withdrawal, you know, within days with our tail between our legs. brian: when this happened and the taliban took kabul, everyone seems to be surprised that it went so quick. were you? >> no. because the intelligence agencies were very clear that that could happen and that was very likely scenario. brian: they let you know that when you were negotiating with him? >> 100 percent. we knew the power dynamic there.
4:39 am
and you had a very motivated taliban army. at the end of the day, the taliban's mission is very clear. get the united states out of afghanistan and retake the country. that was a very clear and stated mission. and our mission there had to be well, no, if you are going to do, this it has knob a shared government. and if we are going to exit, we are going to exit the right way and we're going to take care of our people. that's the counter to what they wanted and that's where the discussion lie. brian: have so much to discuss. hopefully have you back maybe tomorrow. more details what it was like cutting the deal trump style back in 2020. and it's on thanks, adam. horrible for all of us to watch especially you because you knew how different it would have been. >> that's right. it didn't have to be like this. brian: it doesn't. still, the decision yesterday was probably worse. adam, thank you. >> of course. brian: up next, the heart breaking scenes of people trying to flee afghanistan are causing biden's poll numbers to take a hit.
4:40 am
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♪ >> today's vote in the house will allow them to consider my build back better agenda a broad frame work make housing more affordable. provide two years of universal high quality pre-k and two years of free community college. provide clean energy tax credits. we can ask corporations and the very wealthy just to pay their fair share. steve: there president biden taking a victory lap yesterday as his $3.5 trillion budget plan narrowly passed in the house on party line vote. but his handling of the taliban take over dealing a harsh blow in the polls as 55% now disapprove of his job performance only 41% approve. house minority whip steve scalise is here with reaction. steve, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve, good to be with you. steve the president put off the
4:45 am
speech five hours and then rather than talking about afghanistan, he talks about the win in the house on this reconciliation bill but as it turns out, that's probably what he has been working on all week long. it's not afghanistan. i have got a pretty good idea he is probably leaning on democrats trying to get them to vote for this wing. >> that's exactly right, steve. in fact, i think what was the most disgraceful thing about this week, in addition to the president of the united states cowering to a terrorist organization, the taliban, going off of their timeline instead of saying we are getting every single american out. there are thousands of americans that president biden stranded behind enemy lines and instead of spending every minute, working to get them out, he put a shot clock on them saying there is only seven days left to get all americans out. he was wasting precious time this week burning the phones up. pressuring democrats to vote for a $5 trillion spending bill and tax bill.
4:46 am
that's what he was wasting time on. every minute of his day should be getting all americans out because we are going to look back after the timeline that shouldn't be in place as past as we know that there are americans still behind enemy lines and he wasted time just trying to pressure to get a tax and spend bill passed through congress this week instead of trying to get every american out which main responsibility. that's the oaths he took up. steve: steve, i cited that "u.s.a. today" poll where the president is tanking because of afghanistan. at the same time, it shows that so many people feel the war wasn't worth it. you know, and how we got here. it's not that they're against us getting out, they are against getting out the way that the president is doing it. and that's one of the reasons why two members of congress, a democrat by the name of seth moulton and a republican peter meijer it was revealed last night they flew over on an empty
4:47 am
cargo jet, it sounds like, and they went and took a look at kabul with their own two eyes and they say there is no way that we can get everybody out a week from last night. >> yeah, you know, other colleagues of mine are doing the same thing. i have talked to a lot of my colleagues who served in afghanistan. and we have heard them very vocally talking about their translators that they worked with friends of theirs that are still left behind enemy lines by president biden. and they are doing things to try to get people out. again, every minute of every day by all of us should be spent trying to help get people out. that's not where president biden's priority was. he led the press conference yesterday. not with afghanistan and the americans left behind but with the $5 trillion tax and spend bill that he pushed to pass last week. it was disgraceful. steve: it's interesting that you say more members of congress are going to kabul because nancy pelosi said last night nobody should do that because it's diverting resources and just don't do it. according to you, some more on the way.
4:48 am
>> that's where the resources need to be. steve: and we need accountability and oversight ultimately on what's going on. all right. steve, thank you very much for joining us from d.c. >> thank you, steve. steve: you bet. a dozen minutes before the top of the hour. weatherwise it's a warm one today. janice: it is a warm one. it's the dog days of summer they like to say. cooler temperatures next week heading into sent. take a look right now heat and humidity for much of the country. 73 in new york. 79 in memphis. but we have got heat advisories across the mississippi river valley. we could see the potential for stronger storms over parts of the midwest where strong winds maybe some hail and heavy rain. the real story is the hot, humanity conditions across portions of the south where it's going to be feeling like well over 100 degrees, and the tropics, we are watching you several little areas of low pressure. one of them could get into the gulf of mexico. have to watch especially south texas giving a heads up there. almost into pete peek season, any time watch the atlantic and
4:49 am
the gulf of mexico which we will. if you live across the gulf, fleernld east coast. you need to know your preparation plans in case something happens. all right, steve, back to you. steve: thank you, j.d. >> you got it. steve: up next, after defecting from cuba's military, a man opens up about the historic uprising in cuba. tomi lahren shares his fight for freedom coming up next on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ... pool floaties are like whooping cough.
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4:53 am
brian: after weeks of unrest, the cuban people rose up against the communist regime whats happened? fox is releasing a new episode of no interruption with tomi lahren, steve: that's right tommy sits down with cuban americans on the island's historic uprising and fight for freedom that we have seen over the last couple of weeks. ainsley: and she joins us now with more, tell us of the stories that you heard, tomi >> listen these people are resilient people. cuban americans as well as those that came from cuba they have wonderful stories that need to be told but really what i heard from them is in sounding the alarm and raising the red flag about what happens when you embrace socialism and communism that always sounds great at the beginning and always the promise of community and free things but it quickly descends into what you're seeing
4:54 am
in cuba for the last 60 plus years the cuban american people are still fighting to bring attention and awareness to the cause, which is largely faded from the headlines, but they're warning is very clear make sure the united states doesn't go the way of cuba. steve: tomi, when we first saw these demonstrations and the protests over prices and everything else, it was very clear that the reason that we were able to see those images is because there was internet service, and people could share on twitter and other social media, but then, the cuban government pulled the plug on it. the united states, a number of members of congress and the administration had suggested do you know what? we got to figure a way to turn on the wi-fi back on but they still haven't. >> unfortunately, because the situation has been fading from the headlines a lot of our lawmakers aren't paying attention to the flight of the cube am people, understandably all eyes are on afghanistan right now but the folks i talk to in miami, florida they are wondering why our government has largely
4:55 am
forgot those in cuba. they don't want much, they just want awareness, to their cause, and they would love it if the united states could step in in any sort of way and help them fight for that freedom, that communication to lift that censorship so they are at least able to communicate with one another and a loft cuban americans i spoke to as well as those that have family members in cuba they say the one thing the cuban people really wish they had beyond freedom is a second amendment. steve: sure. brian: meanwhile, tomi, i know the people in little havana it's almost like they left yesterday, how much it means to them to get back into their homeland. do they see that as a legitimate possibility? >> they see freedom for cuba being something that they've always wished for , something they've always hoped for but it's not something they see really that's going to happen in the next several years especially for the united states government and the american people don't take a look at what's happening in cuba to understand what's happening in cuba but i've got to tell you just like you saw, brian the people in miami they are
4:56 am
still excited, they are still fired up and they are going to make sure there's awareness brought to this issue. brian: here is the mayor from your -- ainsley: mayoral candidate. brian: listen. >> american flag for many around the world has been that beacon of freedom. it's that aspiration to live free. it doesn't necessarily mean they want to come live in the united states. they just want to be able to live the idea of being able to speak your mind without having to be thrown in jail or beaten. steve: so true, check it out on sos cuba. available now on fox nation, tom i, thank you very much. >> thank you, guys. ainsley: coming up next, the desperate effort to save americans from afghanistan before it's too late at the top of the hour. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪
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we're changing with it. with e-commerce that runs at the speed of now. next day and two-day shipping nationwide. same day shipping across town. returns right from the doorstep, and deliveries seven days a week. it's a whole new world out there. let's not keep it waiting. >> determined to be finished by august 31. brian: president biden sticking to the august 31 deadline. >> time is quickly running out. >> the timeframe is not to our advantage. >> everyone in america right now in that country is a hostage to the taliban. >> yes, we are stranded. our lives are in extreme danger. >> the americans in kabul. >> if we are not in touch with this individual give me their contact information. >> it is just a dire situation. our americans cannot leave them behind there. >> the bill is passed. >> speaker pelosi clearing the way for that $3.5 trillion bill. >> this is going to be the greatest wealth transfer in
5:01 am
history from america to china while we deter investment in our own country. >> herschel walker is official ly running for senate as a republican in georgia. >> he's a conservative in every sense of the word. a school board in florida issuing their own policy where students and parents cannot opt out from wearing a mask. >> for 10 hours a day, these kids are not seeing faces. they are not growing, they aren't thriving. steve: 8:00 on the east coast of the united states and president biden now sticking to that august 31 deadline to get all u.s. troops out of afghanistan. brian: this is unthinkable, un imaginable, inexcusable. he says it's all contingent on the taliban. i'm not kidding, but the group has block access to kabul fogs airport for everybody. ainsley: he's the one who decided august 31 and now he's caving to the taliban and they have not allowing him to extend it. jacqui heinrich joins us live as two congress members are
5:02 am
being criticized for taking a secret trip to afghanistan. good morning, jackie. reporter: good morning to you guys. the president said that we are on pace to finish the evacuation by august 31, and he's keeping his eyes on that deadline, but he seemed to be opening the door potentially to pushing that, telling the g-7 leaders that the completion of the mission will depend on achievement of our objectives, however, that depends on if the taliban lets people through. >> the completion by august 31 depends upon the taliban continuing to cooperate, and allow access to the airports. i've asked the pentagon and the state department for contingency plans to adjust the timetable should that become necessary. reporter: what those contingency plans look like is a big question. jen psaki conferred to adhere to that withdrawal date. the military would need to start pulling out before 391st. it's unclear how many americans are left in the country. only 4,000 passport holders and their families have been
5:03 am
evacuated. not even half of the 11,000 estimated to be in the country last week and the taliban preventing engineers, doctors and educated elites from leaving also telling people at the airport return to their homes. two members of congress went to see for themselves congressman meter meyer and seth molton and they are both veterans, they tweeted they were going to do oversight of the evacuation effort, speaker pelosi, though, was not happy, and warned members of congress not to do anything like that as it diverts resources away from this evacuation. steve: jackie thank you very much. about 15 minutes ago we had steve scalise the house minority whip with us and he, when we asked about molton and meyer said that he knows of other members of congress who are heading over there, because ultimately, while the administration and the pentagon are running this , some members of congress, who are veterans, would like to have some oversight on what's going on because from what we've seen, it's not moving too smoothly.
5:04 am
ainsley: we removed our troops and then we left americans stranded there, we had to bring some troops back, we're learning some of them are leaving already the president did not anticipate that all of this would happen. that's on him. he botched this entire evacuation, and now, we are at the mercy of the taliban. he goes to them and says do you know what? this is my self-imposed exit on august 31, but now i need more time. and the taliban is saying no. making us look ridiculous on the world stage. brian: by the way so yesterday, down in the house, they sent anthony blinken and secretary of defense austin and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff milley down there to explain what's going on and none of them were sold on this timeline, according to congressman melanowski, he said they are being very candid, the practical problem is they aren't disputing any of this , that the deadline is not plausible, feasible, or executable and that you can't do this by august 31. they are not sugar coating any of it, so makes me think that they are not recommending it,
5:05 am
obviously, so who is saying this you have 5,800 there, for 20 years, every time we clash with the taliban, we crush them. we have superior technology, we could easily pushback that perimeter and we threaten them. that palace is history if one of our guys or one of our women are touched on the ground. we have 5,000, maybe 10,000 still there, they need to come out. we got some sib's that need to come out. that's the deal. or we stay and we reclaim it. do you think they want a piece of that? they want to start running their government. ainsley: and yesterday, we all got word that the president was going to speak on afghanistan, i thought finally he's going to talk and he gets up to the podium and he talks for the beginning of the speech all about infrastructure, and praising nancy pelosi. like when is he going to get to afghanistan and he finally did but i thought the number one issue is afghanistan. we're worried about the lives of americans. brian: just to build on your point, ainsley the reason why he delayed his speech is to make -- steve: five hours. brian: is to make that
5:06 am
statement first, and it wasn't done yet, and nancy pelosi was still going with the moderates to convince them to sign off on this and that's a deal we could discuss at a different time, so he opens up with that because he wants to open up with good news and if steve, if that is correct if steve scalise told you 20 minutes ago, that over the weekend he's working the phones to get the reconciliation package done, not worried about this , it's unbelievable. steve: he was working the phones yesterday, so that's where his head is, and absolutely he wanted to open with the good news, because all the other news is so bad, and we're looking at the stuff inside the airport, and that's leading up to the airport, the people of kabul are actually starting to peak out because the taliban is having a crash crunch right now. apparently, kabul is running out of cash, and people are worried about the rising prices because everything, you know, everything is hard to get now, and according to the washington post this morning they could only find one atm machine open and
5:07 am
people are freaked out because they are stuck behind enemy lines. we spoke on "fox & friends" first yesterday to a government worker for the united states, an american citizen, she's going by the name" thatama." she said she is stranded. she is in danger, and she needed help. watch this. >> very stranded, we can get to the airport and when we try to get to the airport we either get beaten up or we are afraid for our lives. for four days, three or four days, we didn't hear anything from anywhere, and then they're saying to go to the airport but we're not getting clear guidance they are saying one thing and the next they come and they say something else, so you really exactly don't know what to do. there's a lot of miscommunication going on. your e-mails are getting ignored or imagine being stranded in a situation like this and not receiving anything for three,
5:08 am
four days from the u.s. embassy, or the state department. i am afraid for my life that i don't know how things are going to go, but i really need our president to really consider this seriously. we are in danger. we are in danger, mr. president. please, help us. steve: exactly, so she's, we've played that because she was so emphatic she is stranded. ainsley: she started the interview with that and then she said later imagine being standed like this. steve: right and the reason she said stranded was the day before the white house denied there were people who were stranded, peter doocy who initially asked that question brought it up again yesterday and mentioned this woman. watch this. >> you said yesterday is ir responsible to say americans are stranded in afghanistan right now. what do you say to the american citizens in kabul that fox spoke to his morning she's going by fa
5:09 am
tima. >> just to remind you the u.s. government does not track our citizens when they travel around the world. we rely on self-reporting not just in afghanistan. anywhere in the world. people have to decide to register or not. in recent days, they have reached out to every american citizen registered in afghanistan directly multiple times. think is a 24/7 operation. if we are not in touch with this individual, give me their contact information and we will get in touch with them. reporter: to say no americans are stranded there's someone in kabul who says "i am stranded" so there is there a better word for somebody who can't leave the house and get to the airport because jake sullivan says isis is outside the airport? >> i would welcome you provide providing their phone number and we'll reach out to them today. steve: so they don't like the word "stranded" because of the bad imagery but at the same time when asked what's another word, she deflected... ainsley: then she said afghanistan evacuation can't be called anything but a success. you call this a success? people are worried that in six days when the deadline hits and
5:10 am
they are still stuck there they are going to be killed. brian: do you know that we, in the military, they do not leave a man behind, they don't leave dead bodies behind. when americans loses their lives they will sacrifice, we're still getting back remains from the korean war, still negotiat ing to get that back. that's what it means in vietnam when we left the pow's were un discoverable, there was thoughts there were still americans there and that was a dominant theme throughout the next 10-15 years. now, before our eyes, we are witnessing an administration pulling out at a timeline that democrats and republicans both agree is unrealistic, and we have american civilians working in a war zone being left behind to be taken advantage of, and possibly used as hostages or killed, by this taliban government, who everybody knows, are a bunch of savages who are now in control of what is going to certainly going to be a terrorist university. ainsley: fatima said she is from
5:11 am
west virginia. her husband lives in west virginia with her children. she was trying during that interview yesterday saying i'm scared i'm never going to see my children again imagine that as a mom or dad. she's been in contact with congresswoman carol miller and she says this is the only lady who called her, reached out and is trying to help her get home. she is the congresswoman from west virginia. listen to this. >> my family was contacted and we immediately started to work through our office, and through the state department to see what we could do. i've been on the phone with her family, i've been on the phone with her. it's just it's a constant battle to make sure that everyone knows where people are, because the most important thing we can do is bring hem our americans and bring home our allies that the have helped us through all of this. it's our job to make sure that the administration understands how important it is to bring our people home. americans don't leave americans on the ground. we have to make sure that we
5:12 am
bring our people home. brian: we are, we're leaving thousands there's estimated between 10 and 15,000 americans remain in afghanistan along with the 80,000 afghan allies and their families. but we're in a rush because the president wants to pass a reconciliation bill. steve: well, and according to jacqui heinrich the very latest number from the department of defense is they announced there were 11,000 americans left in the country last week. yesterday, they airlifted a total of 4,000 sounds like there's 7,000 left. they aren't going to be able to get all of those people out. brian: they are ballparking this. steve: for the white house to say we're in contact with all the people, we're doing text and e-mail and stuff like that, fati ma just, she illustrated that the u.s. government is not in contact with them. ainsley: her husband said that too. steve: yeah and so that's why they are reaching out to members of congress, and we've had members of congress on. tom cotton helped get somebody out the other day. it was pete hegseth who, in
5:13 am
concert with michael wasdsup of florida, helped get his translator out and we talked to his former translator sovor in the second hour of fox & friends and sabor explained why he wanted to work with the americans when they came into afghanistan so many years ago. >> we could not have accomplished what we did without savor and habib and other men and women like thatnd what we're doing is we closed those gates is we're closing the door on their homes and dreams and on the belief that america be there for them when they needed us the most. >> the young men, i just finished high school, there was a sense of patriotism, their sense of serving the nation and whatever capacity you could, and so we wanted because right in front of my eyes i saw my sister s not being able to go to school. they weren't able to leave home, and they weren't able to get educated and so this was my way of fighting back.
5:14 am
this was our way of fighting against a system that we know and lived that was unjust. >> as an afghan right now as someone whose born and lived taliban regime, there is absolutely zero, zero trust on on the taliban. anything they say i do not believe. ainsley: individuals are heros. pete was there in 2011 and 2012 andsaboor was his interpreter and pete said he's helped hundreds of americans help understand the language and culture of that area so that we can fight the taliban. steve: we couldn't have done it without guys like that. ainsley: we can't leave them behind either. brian: but we are and that's why lindsey graham said yesterday he should be impeached my goodness they went after the president for six months and in peopled him on a phone call to the ukraine and then you have somebody leaving americans behind, leaving a country that we fought with for 20 years that they admit yesterday, john kirby
5:15 am
, al qaeda is there in 21 provinces and we know that isis is a threat to our people it's one of the reasons he's rushing out so we know these are the threats. we claim one side of his mouth, he's saying that the threat is gone, on the other he says we got to leave because the threat is there. nobody is buying it. they are hoping that you're going to forget this , that this is a news cycle away from being done and joe biden's approval ratings are gradually going to rise. do not let this happen because these decisions are going to last generations. ainsley: we aren't going to forget this. marco rubio said this will be covered as one of the worst catastrophes in american foreign policy history. imagine if you lost your son, your daughter, fighting in afghanistan, you're an american, or you've lost an arm, or you lost a leg, fighting in afghanistan and then this happens you fight for 20 years of freedom for the taliban not to take over and in one week , one week, everything is undone. brian: you want to say this is about trump. we just talked to one of the
5:16 am
people that negotiated which wasn't a great deal, four pages, but they said they told this guy that they negotiated with yesterday, that if you go against this deal, we know where you live. we know exactly where all of you live and they were never supposed to take over the government. it was a coalition government with the sitting government and they never were going to give up bagram air base, it was all conditions-based so immediately look for president biden and others to perry and look to deflect do not let them do that and this is not the deal that trump cut. ainsley: the lady that we interviewed earlier her uncle received a call and it was so scary from the taliban, saying wherever you're hiding we're going to come find you. you can't hide from us. steve: i think during trainer view she said that to get to the airport and past the taliban, didn't they have to pay $2,000? ainsley: she wasn't the one that said that. we have heard that from someone else and then we heard that was
5:17 am
lifted. steve: sure so ultimately a political decision. ainsley: oh, i know what you're talking about. she said one of her family members was going to the gate at the airport and someone was trying a -- steve: to shake them down. it's just a mess, a political decision to pull out of afghanistan, but now, it's a race against the clock. joe biden says we can get people out by midnight on tuesday. let's hope we can. brian: if the taliban is out of money good news for them is that they could have a sale on blackhawks, because we left a whole bunch there and i know china wants to buy some so blackhawks or any type of armor y, we left it all. fantastic, billions of dollars of your money. steve: a garage sale it's 17 minutes after the top of the hour, jillian joins us with news from politico poland. jillian: that's right, poland stops its evacuation out of afghanistan over safety concerns. a polish foreign minister says the nation cannot risk the lives of its diplomats and soldiers any longer as the august 31
5:18 am
deadline approaches for the u.s. troop withdrawal. poland evacuated its final group from kabul earlier. some troops stayed behind to close that base. >> president biden has received the classified intel report on covid origins but according to the washington post, the intelligence community was not able to identify a definitive source for the virus. two u.s. officials telling the post they could not pinpoint the origin, including the wuhan lab leak theory nor animals to human theory. the declassified report is expected to be released in coming days. >> well it is official, herschel walker is running for senate as a republican in georgia. the former nfl star will challenge democratic senator raphael warnock next year saying in a statement, "i will stand up for conservative values and get our country moving in the right direction. it is time to have leaders in washington who will fight to protect the american dream for everybody." >> and this isn't your average porch pirate. surveillance video shows a bear
5:19 am
stealing an amazon package from a connecticut home. well you can see the brown box and the bear's mouth as it just strolls down the driveway, but apparently, the bear wasn't interested in what was inside, which was a pack of toilet paper it was later found dropped in a neighbor's yard but if you look at the package, i think doesn't it have the bears on it, so maybe this bear just, you know, that wasn't their brand. brian: why the bears are leaving the woods they never used to leave the woods. steve: exactly. ainsley: there are these things called communities and neighborhoods. brian: oh, you mean they were there first? ainsley: and we invaded. brian: if you're a bear stay in the woods. ainsley: sweet. brian: tell me what's so boring all of a sudden. steve: now somebody is calling amazon, hey, i ordered and it's missing. and they are going to get a free new one. brian: bears love bubble wrap. ainsley: coming up next the urgent plea coming from america's veterans as biden lets
5:20 am
the taliban take back afghanistan. steve: plus the app saving the life saving app many citizens in kabul are using that alerts them to danger and there's plenty of it. the woman behind it is genius, joining us, coming up. usaa is made for the safe pilots. like mac. who can come to a stop with barely a bobble. with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe... can save up to 30% on your auto insurance. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today. (vo) how do you know when you've found your team? whether you're winning, or just doing your best. when you're on the lanes, they're right behind you. reunite with your team. go bowling.
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brian: as president biden vows to evacuate afghan allies nearly four dozen veteran organizations are requesting a meeting with the president to stress the importance of fulfilling that commitment. our next guest is part of that coalition retired army captain jason mccormick is the national commander of the military order of the purple heart a three type purple heart recipient of himself, and the executive director of am vets and a marine corps come combat veteran, so guys i'll start with you, you
5:25 am
want to have this meeting what do you expect to accomplish and trying to drill into the president's head? >> we want to reaffirm that we are all committed to leaving no man or woman behind. especially americans, especially our allies. those who have sacrificed so much for us, for the past 20 years in pursuit of democracy, and really, just to keep the taliban abay. brian: can't on james mccormick , the problem is the president says he's looking out for you. he says that there are targets at kabul airport, there's terrorists that want to hit us, there's rockets that could be lo bbed in so he wants to protect the military that's why he's pulling them out in a week. >> well i can tell you that history will show that the american military knows how to deal with the taliban. we did it well and effectively for 20 years. the only reason why they are out of the cave and down there is because we've departed, not because our spirit, our warrior spirit has left us. i think that at this point, as was mentioned before, we have to honor our commitments to our
5:26 am
allies and our veterans and you know what? we have a warrior ethos that we live by and that, like our oath, has no expiration date, so let's do what's right. brian: so joe you heard back from the white house, what did they say? >> the white house let us know last night that they are setting up a virtual meeting shortly with senior white house official s. we don't know who those official s are at this point. we don't know when. i requested then to meet directly with the president, virtual is fine with us, but we want the president to hear himself directly from us that what we're hearing is happening on the ground and what we expect and really what we demand for those who are still there. brian: james what's the reality on the ground as you know it? >> well the reality on the ground is it's chaotic right now, because you know, the taliban has been given a pass to come through. now, our troops on the ground, you know, are holding their own.
5:27 am
what we're looking at is how are we going to get out our americans, how are we going to get out our allies that assisted us in this war and then what's going to be the result when everyone does come home? are we going to take care of our veterans? primarily our organization seeks to help the veterans and their families. you know, we see a lot of this going on. this is creating an increase in post-traumatic stress disorder amongst our veterans so we have to do something to address for the best way is to ensure we fulfill our commitments and get everybody out. leave no one behind. brian: joe, we are, sadly. once again, like the vietnam vets who are also involved in your organization, politicians are losing the war, not the war fighters. final thought real quick? >> arrivers members have the will to fight and to get our americans out of there and get our allies out of there. our politicians need to have that same will. brian: they aren't showing it
5:28 am
sadly. hopefully you can get that through their heads. captain james mccormick, thanks for everything you do. >> thank you very much. brian: all right guys thank you up next, helping people who are stranded in kabul avoid the taliban. the woman who created it joins us live next but first an exclusive look at the effort underway to stop drugs and human trafficking from reaching our border. what our camera captured that will leave you speechless, that story, next.
5:29 am
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or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ainsley: fox business gets a firsthand look at how border agents stopped drug smuggling and human trafficking in south florida. connell mcshane from our sister network fox business joins us live from miami beach with this exclusive access. hey, connell. connell: ainsley, we talk a lot about the southwest border of course but there's a lot of activity in this area as well. you mentioned the seizure of illegal drugs, there's a lot on human trafficking, in terms of stopping other illegal entry so our idea was to kind of tag
5:33 am
along with these u.s. customs and border protection agents, the air and marine operations and we were just there to observe their training, but then , things did take a turn and it wasn't a training exercise anymore. it was the real deal. >> there's a boat full of migrants just to my right, we're told these people came in from haiti earlier today. we were out with federal agents on the open waters just outside of miami, on a training exercise and we started on a blackhawk helicopter, we rode along the beach on atv's with some of the agents giving us an idea of what they do in terms of trying to stop drug smuggling and that kind of thing and then we came out here on the waters and we were just wrapping up the training exercise, when a real call came in, a good samaritan called in, said that a boat ran aground in about a foot of water just off the shore and we arrived local law enforcement was on the scene as well, and they found some of these people and some others on there, and you can see what appeared to be families, a lot of young people,
5:34 am
and a young baby the federal agent is holding in his arms right now, so this is the kind of thing that these agents have been dealing with here in south florida, and they were dealing with it in realtime while we were with them here today. >> as part of this particular operation, 42 haitian nationals were taken into custody. the women and children you're looking at in these pictures didn't actually make it to shore , so the likelihood as many of them might be sent back to haiti, they are still here, in the area as we understand it this morning, some receiving medical treatment whereas the men on their boat actually made it to the shore and now they are likely going to apply for asylum or at least many of them will in the united states, so either way guys this is quite a firsthand look for us in how these federal agents do their job and make decisions in realtime back to you. ainsley: thank you so much connell over to you, steve. steve: thank you, the taliban now blocking afghanistan's only way out they are no longer allowing access to the airport and with thousands still desperate to escape. a start-up company has created an app to keep them safe, and it
5:35 am
provides realtime updates to help people avoid violence, checkpoints, and other threats in the area, and there are plenty. the app's create and ceo sarah w ahiti joins us. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: the idea for this started in 2018. you were in kabul, and you're lucky to be alive. isis had a suicide bombing and almost killed you. >> yeah, i was walking home from work and while i was about 50 meters away from my home i heard someone say his vest isn't working and i felt a little bit of a push behind me, and i just started running, and just as i was about to turn left, there was a plume of smoke behind me and by the time i ran home on to my balcony to see what happened it was just another plume of smoke, i know a mushroom cloud and from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m. for about 12 hours we were on lockdown while the army was trying to stop that suicide attack and infiltration of the
5:36 am
indian visa office. steve: of course now in kabul the whole town is locked down because there's trouble everywhere. >> yes. steve: so your app essentially, you've got a staff over in kabul , they are looking through social media and they are figuring out where the problems are. where there's a checkpoint, or where people are being roughed up. how do you avoid coming on to the taliban's radar, because if they saw what you were doing they would probably like to try to shut you down. >> right. what we do is it's quite strategic. we never have ever mentioned the word taliban on our platform , and that's because just like these platforms exist like twitter and facebook, they exist throughout any sort of regime or government, and it's the same way. by making sure that we don't mention their name, we ensure that we are just seen as kind of like your average traffic app or city government app, and when we write a checkpoint, we write traffic checkpoint, and that
5:37 am
means whether it's city government or taliban for them, you know, for the user to take caution, so we're very strategic with our wording. steve: sure and i would imagine the use of your app has gone through the roof in the last week or so because people want to know where the checkpoints are. >> yeah, one is kabul residents themselves but interestingly, we have a lot of international user s who are assisting, you know, translators who have worked with them or family members and sending us reports about how can they get their family members to the airport, and we've been working with a couple of people to get their family information, so we're using this app in ways that are unprecedented and we weren't expecting but we're just glad we're able to help. steve: i think you've got a gofundme to help you because you are a start-up, for people watching right now here in the united states, would they be able to access the app and if so , how do you spell it so they can download it? >> of course. so unfortunately, right now, we only have the android version for google or samsung phones,
5:38 am
the day we were supposed to launch our iphone app the taliban literally came into kabul so we had to leave our office within about two hours. so, if you have an android phone you can download it, ehtes ab, and if you have any family members or friends that you want to provide information for , or if we can help in any way, they can use the reporting tool and we can try to assist them. steve: that's great because then people here can help people there in a limited way but nonetheless every little bit helps. sarah thank you very much for joining us today. >> absolutely. thank you so much steve. steve: good luck. up next, the president insisting g-7 world leaders are all on the same page when it comes to the crisis in afghanistan, with him. so, why are allies pressuring us to keep boots on the ground? we're going to get reaction from author douglas murray coming up next, on "fox & friends." at this stage in my life to be able to be here as a part of newday usa, everything that we do is centered around how can we help
5:39 am
that veteran? how can we help that veteran family? we'll help anyone we possibly can. we'll get them in that home. we'll help them do a refi. we'll help them to get cash out of their home. whatever it is that's going to help that individual. and if it's not going to help them, we don't do it.
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>> the leaders of the eu, nato, and the u.n. all agree that we will stand united in our approach to the taliban. we agree the legitimacy of any future government depends on the approach it now takes to uphold international obligations ainsley: president biden insisting g-7 world leaders are on the same page when it comes to afghanistan, despite rejecting their pleas to keep troops on the ground beyond august 31. brian: we all know that's not true. our next guest says this is no way to handle allies, british author douglas murray. douglas, this is ridiculous. no one is buying it. the g-7 does not agree with what the president is doing. what's he thinking? >> that's right. biden has gone to america's allies after making his own decision. it's shutting the door after the horse has bolted. he didn't consult america's allies. he's spoken to them after
5:44 am
america on the biden presidency made this catastrophe decision so there are a lot of people, among american allies, who are very sore about this. britain and the eu have the same view on this , that america should not have withdrawn at this speed, it should have consulted its allies , it should not be regarding this departure from afghanistan, this rushed departure after two decades in the country, as being the unqualified success of the white house seems to think it is. steve: well douglas, apparently, boris johnson has spoken to his advisors and it sounds like everybody at the g-7 was trying to talk biden out of it, but biden was, you know, adimate that's going to be the date, my advisors say that's the date, i'm going to follow through with it and now it sounds like the british may actually pull out the day before, next wednesday, a week from today, rather on monday, before the
5:45 am
united states. >> britain really can't hold kabul airport on its own, it can't do it without the united states. the foreign secretary in the united kingdom have even suggested that after the withdrawal it's possible at kabul airport will have to be run by turkey. it's extraordinary after 20 years of sacrifice by britain and america, and their allies, nato allies we then hand over kabul airport to turkey, having handed over afghanistan to the taliban. you know, i come back to say the white house press secretary told fox news' white house correspondent yesterday that this was nothing but a success, this pullout. this is one of the greatest pull outs in history one of the fastest pullouts. it it is to look at it in this light and britain and other allies of america certainly don't regard this as a success, they see it as america, rushing out of afghanistan, in this tal, absolutely in lala land.
5:46 am
biden said that america was back , when he came in as president. he has ignored america's allies, he's handing over kabul airport to the taliban, like the rest of afghanistan, and his allies are left trying to mop up the pieces afterwards. this is not america extending its interest in the world. this is america running fast from an engagement that's been 20 years and behaving as if its got a crisis at the last moment. it is so sad for america's allies to see this and the reverberation from this are going to go on for a very very long time to come. ainsley: it is so sad for americans to watch this all unfold too, hearing the stories. tucker carlson sat down with eric prince, he's the founder of "blackwater" and he said the taliban takeover will destroy what is left of nato. listen. >> this will destroy what's left of nato, because the u.s. has been so unilateral
5:47 am
and so clueless that for the president of the united states to be rebuked in the house of parliament it's the first time its ever happened , so we have shattered the confidence of our european allies, and every other allie around the world, it will definitely figure into people's thinking how quickly america abandoned its friends in afghanistan and left in such a horribly chaotic and clumsy manner. ainsley: he's a retired navy seal. do you agree this will destroy nato? >> it definitely put nato under unbelievable tension. nato didn't enter afghanistan with america under the one for all, or all for one idea. america being attacked on 9/11 and allies came into support it and now we see nato having been abandoned by the u.s. , having gone into afghanistan on behalf of the u.s. at the request of the u.s.. that's why former prime minister tony blair said this week the
5:48 am
decision is imbassilic. brian: it's a joke. now we're asking for nato to help us with china while when taiwan gets invaded we'll need the world united behind us? forget it. douglas it's impossible to quantify the amount of damage done to our allies let alone how our enemies are hardened. you are on tucker carlson today in an extended interview. he doesn't roll commercials so we'll get to hear you speak in great detail about this afghanistan disaster. it's available beginning today at 4:00. steve: that's when you can see eric prince of black water. thank you very much, douglas. >> thank you. brian: meanwhile let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean. she's outside. >> the sun is coming out. it's wonderful let's take a look at the maps you know it's going to feel like summertime and we've got the humidity so it's going to be even warmer than 75 here in new york. we're going to get into the 90s feel like 100 degrees in a lot of these areas showers thunderstorms some of them turning severe across the midwest and the ohio valley today we'll watch for that.
5:49 am
heat advisory over the midwest, the mississippi, ohio, tennessee river valley as well as the southwest and look at those temperatures, real feel temperatures in the 100- degree range, so it's going to feel really warm make sure you're indoors, in the air conditioning, take care of your pets and the elderly and kids too. all right, steve ainsley brian, back to you. brian: thanks so much janice dean. ainsley: thank you. brian: meanwhile straight ahead , a high high school is -- steve: student athletes. brian: by forcing them to wear ankle monitors in washington all in the name of covid for the vaccinated and un vaccinated, our founder clay travis is here to react. ainsley: but first let's check in with dana perino for what's coming up. dana: ankle monitors sounds a little extreme. stay tuned for that. meantime coming up at 9:00 a.m. u.s. troops are beginning to reduce our footprint in afghanistan with just six days to go until biden's withdrawal deadline and we still don't know how many americans are stranded inside the country plus the taliban says they want a free press but do they? we will speak with the owner of
5:50 am
tolo news which is afghanistans politicos first independent news channel, and how minority leader kevin mccarthy, martha maccallum and david hanson we'll see you at the top of the hour. pool floaties are like whooping cough. amusement parks are like whooping cough. even ice cream is like whooping cough, it's not just for kids. whooping cough is highly contagious for people of any age. and it can cause violent uncontrollable coughing fits. sometimes followed by vomiting and exhaustion. ask your doctor or pharmacist about whooping cough vaccination because whooping cough isn't just for kids.
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ainsley: parents are calling out a washington state school district, after it distributed these ankle monitors for student athletes to wear during practice as part of its efforts to trace covid-19. the superintendent says the monitors are for both staff, coaches, and students on the field so that we can more tightly determine who might need to quarantine. let's bring in outkick founder clay travis. hey, clay. >> hey how are you ainsley? ainsley: doing well. do you think this is extreme? a lot of the parents are furious saying okay we're not going to do it anymore, until the school board meeting tonight we'll re visit it and hear from the parents. >> yeah i think it's insane. this is further of what has become effectively a police covid state around schools and doesn't make any sense. if you look at what's going on with the trend lines and you look at the data, england is about to send all its kids back-to-school. they aren't requiring masks on any school children, because there's no science to support it , yet, here in america most of our kids are having to wear mask s and now we're starting to put them on ankle monitors while
5:55 am
they play sports this is pure madness, there's nothing to justify it, parents should be justifiably upset, hopefully they will rectify this. ainsley: when you hear of ankle monitors you think of prisoners. >> no doubt. ainsley: they are putting them on students what's on "outkick"? >> we've got the milk crate challenge which is absolutely wild. remember we go on the outkick bus tour next week, college football effectively back, lsu making a bad decision, in my opinion, to require either vaccine passports or negative tests, lsu football fans are fired up in a negative way over that decision, we're covering all of it encourage people to check out for the latest. ainsley: i'm watching the video of the guy standing on the milk crate, does he fall? >> oh, it's amazing. ainsley: does he get injured? >> oh, yes. that's one of the attractions is you have no idea when people are going to go down and the other question is where are all of the
5:56 am
milk crates coming from how do people have 40 milk crates? that's pretty crazy in and of itself. you guys need to do one outside. ainsley: oh, my god. that reminds me remember the nfl games last year and people were jumping off cars landing on tables? >> oh, yeah that's the bills maffia. that's their expertise, the bills fans breaking all the tables and i imagine there will some at tailgates at nfl stadiums this fall. ainsley: stay safe, everyone, thanks, clay. for more head to more "fox & friends" moments away. find your rhythm. your happy place. find your breaking point. then break it. every emergen-c gives you a potent blend of nutrients so you can emerge your best with emergen-c.
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>> thanks for joining us. so much news. ainsley, thank you very much. i won't be doing the milk carton challenge now. >> pete hegseth might do it. we were watching one girl who broke her arm. don't try it. >> see you tomorrow. >> bill: good morning. a lot moving at this hour. the u.s. working on the taliban's timeline in afghanistan. president biden conceding to the group on wrapping evacuations by tuesday. something our closest allies say will be impossible. a lot to get to as we begin our morning. i'm bill hemmer live in new york. >> dana: i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." our veterans are enraged and heartbroken. you have americans stranded, allies who are furious and outraged. our reputation as america is diminished and the afghan people paying the price. >> bill: you ask yourself a


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