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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 26, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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promises for the sivs and americans that have been promised, what does that say to the rest of the world. jillian: we have got to help them that's for sure. retired marine corps sergeant ryan rogers please keep us updated on his situation we hope for good news when we finally get it. thank you. and "fox & friends" starts right now have. a good day. ♪ >> the state department has issued a security alert. >> warning americans near the kabul airport to leave immediately as a top official says there is a high threat of a terror attack. >> can you aterrorism in americans are safer today than they were before the u.s. withdrew? >> our highest priority right now is evacuating american citizens. >> this country is less safe today than they were 20 years ago based upon the actions that have just taken place. >> our southern border remains wide open, disturbing discovery was just made there. >> border patrol vehicle it's a total fake, being driven by a human smuggler. >> a young father is shot and
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killed at miami beach while protecting his baby. >> dustin wakefield pleaded with the gunman not to shoot saying, quote, is he only a boy. >> biden's popularity has never been lower, so let joe biden come out here and praise the wonderful job gavin newsom has done. >> even living in my acadieux toast people are fed up. ♪ ainsley: the u.s. telling americans to leave the kabul airport immediately as the warns of a terrorist threat within hours. brian: where do they go up to 1500 americans. we ballpark everything. no reason to get down to actual names stranded in afghanistan now. just five day until the u.s. chose to withdraw. steve: this photography is jaw-dropping it shows a plane as you can see there looks like it's leaving kabul nearly empty flying evacuees. ainsley: unbelievable. steve: began da.
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kitty logan is live with the very latest. it sound like they are saying get away from the airport because there is a threat at three different gates of car bombs. >> that's right. this is a very specific threat coming from several western governments but despite that there are still crowds of thousands of desperate people at the airport in kabul. another 18,000 were evacuated yesterday by the u.s. and that effort continues. the american government saying as we heard there that its own citizens still have priority but this latest alert makes that protest all the more risky and more urgent. >> our highest priority right now is evacuating american citizens, evacuating afghans who worked with us, and afghans who are at risk with a priority around women and children. each day and night we continue to evacuate thousands of people understanding that it is, it is
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risky for them to be there. it is a dangerous and difficult mission. but it must be seen through and we intend to see it through as best as we can. >> now, the next problem is that it is going to take time to draw down those thousands of troops and all that is going to slow down the evacuation process, too. an attack could also put a stop to all of this. the background for, this while the taliban released thousands of prisoners when they took kabul those extremists are amongst them they may want to take the opportunity to target u.s. and other western troops as they leave. the taliban has denied there is imminent attack. here in the u.k. the government is backing the warning of a possible terrorist attack saying the troops on the ground will do all they can to try to keep people safe. back to you guys. steve: all right, kitty, thank you very much. you mentioned the number a minute ago, brian, some confusion.
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ainsley: mixed messages. steve: how many americans 4,000. talking about americans they tried to clean that up and said 1500. on the front page of the "new york times" today it illustrates so large a problem this is and how daunting it is because that's the cover of the "new york post" we are going to talk about that in a moment. there are, you know, we had heard last week there could be up to 88,000 people who work for the federal government in afghanistan, translators and things like that. well, now, according to the "new york times," it could be 250,000 who are not evacuated and will not be evacuated until past the deadline, and that number could actually be a million. so no wonder the administration is probably behind the scenes freaking out because it's like there is no way we could get a quarter of a million or a million people out by midnight tuesday. ainsley: tom cotton says they are spinning these numbers he said come tuesday, which is august 3 st, the deadline, he said if there are americans that
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remain there, he predicts that the administration will say well, that's because they wanted to stay. brian: think about this, how do we make sure that we even the last flight, even if we did have everybody on the last flight, how can we secure the place? the tuckers were supposed to secure the airport. they are islamic. they are a member of nato. last night they left they're beginning to leave in great numbers. they are not sticking around. everybody else is picking up the space and going outside the wire of the airport to pick people up. the u.s. evacuated 82,300 people. do you know how many are americans? roughly 4500. which means they don't know at all exactly. do you really think these even numbers are accurate? tony blinken yesterday says we have between 500 and 1500 who need to be evacuated. really? and then as steve mentioned? a briefer came out and said 4100 are still in afghanistan. but then jen psaki came out and said 11,000 self-identified americans, they're the best, are in afghanistan. ainsley: which numbers do we believe? brian: which numbers do we believe? how about this?
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they have no idea. then you get an indication from the secretary of state that he is kind of blaming the americans. we have been telling them how dangerous afghanistan is and meanwhile we have 24 students from california who congressman issa with his military background and former armed forces committee member is using all those contacts to try to get them out. but it is hell on earth inside when you heard the reports from those two congressman, those veterans that went in and found out for themself how bad this is whatever you think it is, it's worse. then today's "new york post," you see what it is like on the ground as a former army ranger went, in went out, and described it. ainsley: is he a volunteer rescuer in afghanistan. he describes the chaos at the airport. a death medal show with one exit and the place is on fire. and if you read the article he says it's more like trying to pick up someone who doesn't speak your language out of a crowd, at a f'ing death penalty concert at madison square garden and it's at triple capacity and
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only one door is open and the place is on fire. steve: right. he was at the harmid karzai international airport. you should read it, it's so compelling of the eyewitness accounts so compelling. shows you exactly what is going on there. he talks about how it sounds like he was trying to escort two people of interest on to one of those flights. and so, he gets to the americans and he says okay, they don't have visas, they have applied for them, just put them on the flight. he found out later that they were rejected because they did not have the paperwork and next thing you know, what happens? they send these two people of interest outside the gate. so the people he had risked his life to try to get on a plane, the u.s. government said sorry, not going to be able to do it. he also writes: i have deployed 15 times and this is the worst living and working conditions i have seen for u.s. troops. i'm a little used to this kind
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of work, unlike the many young marines and other service members who are having to sentence these afghans. they tell somebody, hey, you can't come in. and it's like telling the person is he probably going to die. these kids, the marines and the soldiers, are worn the f. out. he would know pause he was there. brian: there was 2200 in country when we decided to pull out of country. then we put in 58800. as two of days ago we are starting to get our marines and army officers out of there. they're exhausted in just a week. can you imagine over the next five days we are not going to be able to get our people out. democratic congressman first termers elissa slotkin and mikey sharyl a former u.s. naval pilot and slotkin's case former assistant secretary of defense they were at a signing ceremony yesterday with president biden. listen we need to speak to you. okay. we cannot get these people out this deadline has onto be pushed back he was very firm and very engaged and he listened to us but is he not going to change
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his mind. the question is what is it going to take for this disengaged president who was clueless and disinterested to what is happening on the ground to back up. it's almost we are hostage to his indifference. this just can't stand. who this that administration is responsible enough to do the right thing? ainsley: the u.s. embassy sent a security aletter to all the folks that are americans that are still trapped in afghanistan and they gave them this advice. be aware of your surroundings at all times especially in large crowds this was after the security threats. follow the instructions of local authorities have a contingency plan for emergencies. monitor your local media for breaking events. enroll in the smart travel traveler enrollment program to receive alerts for emergencies and follow the department of state on facebook and twitter. and in addition to that we are learning this morning that there are more than 20 students, 16 parents or teachers that are stranded there in afghanistan, and they are from a school district out in california. the cajun valley.
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they went over there for a summer vacation. the superintendent is now meeting with darrell issa to try to get them home. steve: right. we are going to have somebody from the school district on with us in the next hour of "fox & friends." i'm sure you saw last night, "new york times" talked to the taliban spokesman about what are your plans? how are you going to get this government started? he is the same guy who said there is no proof that usama bin laden was in on 9/11, which is extraordinary. brian: someone should tell bin laden because he took responsibility. steve: he did a number of times. he said the taliban will allow women to return to school and to work but they have got to have a head covering. he also said that music will be banned but women need to take male chaperones on trips that take several days. now, clearly, that's one of the reasons why the international community is holding up all the money back to afghanistan women's rights. and what is going to happen to -- you know, girls used to not be allowed to go school. our vice president who is in
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vietnam, donated a million doses of covid vaccine, was asked about women's rights in afghanistan very vegas answer, e answer, very broad answer here is what she said moments ago. >> what will the organization do to support women who have not permitted to leaf afghanistan. >> we have said before and i will say again that we are going to do what we are able to do in terms of the evacuation process, but, in addition to that we are able to do politically and diplomatically to secure and to continue to work on the protection of women and children in that region, including working with our allies. and it is no secret that many of our allies are prepared to join with us in ensuring that we keep a focus on that issue in that region and do everything that we can and to do it together as a global community. steve: it's going to be tough though pause many of our allies have already left poland and
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belgium ended their evacuation. sounds like turkey is next and germany probably tomorrow. ainsley: there is afghan news anchor, female. she said she is extremely worried about women's rights now in afghanistan. she was on "fox & friends first" earlier. watch. >> before the taliban come, we had a normal life [inaudible] now we don't have any rights. woman who are in afghanistan they don't have any rights. every >> part of that interview that steve referred to talked about the future. the good news is this is going to make aoc feel great. going to focus on climate change and world security. knowing that the taliban is working towards climate change,
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is really heartening to me. so now i know this whole mission has been worth it also, what about the president's snarky answer to the nbc reporter peter alexander who said what are you going to do to get all the americans out? he said oh, you will be the first to know let you know and then he giggles. just shows how unbelievably callus and stubborn this guy is. and isolated. he is focusing on working the phones on some reconciliation package we don't need. he does not understand this is vietnam to the tenth power and it's on his resume. and the american people know it. how else can you explain 58% approval going down to 41%. and that's suffolk "u.s.a. today" who is extremely kind to the democrats. ainsley: getting back to the women's rights issue, there was a medic on one of the planes, one of the c-17s two actually who helped deliver a baby. they helped rescue the mother. then she delivered a baby girl and she named the baby reach. that's at least being reported. which is the aircraft call sign.
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but the lady the neonatal nurse that was on the plane that helped deliver the baby was on "fox & friends first" earlier. and she said it was so rewarding, it was one of the highlights of her career to rescue a mother and then she delivers a baby girl, knowing that she is pulling them out of the sharia law and the taliban. steve: out of all of that turmoil and all of that awfulness a miracle that a baby is born. ainsley: i know. steve: apparently i didn't realize this they named her reach because the c-17 cargo plane the code names are reach and then a number. so it was reach 17. you know, reach 17 is going to be a tough name for a little girl so instead reach was born on board a c-17. brian: that's something frank zappa might have named his kids. steve: reach unit as opposed to space unit. that's true. maybe their kids will be space unit. steve: 14 minutes after the top of the hour on this very busy thursday morning. this is heart-breaking.
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♪ jillian: good morning, we are back with your headlines, starting with a fox news alert. right now the destructive fire closing in lake tahoe in
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california. resident and tourist in the resort area already dealing with intense smoke prompting some to leave. the fire started nearly two weeks ago in el dorado county. it spaps 126,000 acres with 12% contained. new york governor kathy hochul adds 12,000 more deaths to the covid count that went unacknowledged by andrew cuomo. new york now reporting nearly 55,400 people died of covid. that's up from about 43,000 cuomo reported as of monday. the count reported by cuomo included deaths from only certain facilities but excluded people who died at home, in hospice and prisons or at state run homes for people with disabilities. the cdc and the usda are investigating two salmonella outbreaks linked to italian style meat. the outbreak span across 36 states. 12 hospitalizations reported. in statement the cdc says quote
3:21 am
until we chief italian style meats are making. heat all meats that to a temperature of 156 degrees or steaming hot before eating if you are at higher risk: those are your headlines i bet some will choose to. steve: salami? ainsley: that's going in the trash. brian: one day after to answer the question what is salami? jillian: give me your best attempt, brian. brian: okay. steve: jillian, thank you. meanwhile, this is one of the most disturbing stories this summer. a family vacation. they go down miami to visit friends. that young father, 21 years old, is shot and killed in miami beach in south beach while protecting his child. brian: the killer high on mushrooms, ashley strohmier now with the tragic details. >> 21-year-old dustin wakefield and his family were visiting
3:22 am
from colorado and eating at miami beach cafe on the city's famous ocean drive. that's when a man approached and pointed a gun at his 1-year-old son. wakefield pleaded with the gunman not to shoot. reportedly saying quote he is only a boy. wakefield was then tragically shot dead shielding his child. afterwards the suspect, that marius davis was caught on camera appearing to dance at the scene of the shooting still holding that gun. and even more chilling, listen to what this witness had to say about the shooter's demeanor as he opened fire. >> and what is so strange is the guy that was shooting said he was smiling and laughing the whole time that he was shooting the guy. >> davis was quickly arrested in nearby alleyway. prosecutor say davis admitted to being high on mushrooms during the shooting and targeting wakefield at random. just yesterday he appeared in court reportedly smiling. a judge then denied bond. >> no bond. you are being held with no bond. you shot and killed somebody in cold blood. >> davis is facing second degree
3:23 am
murder and attempted second degree murder charges. back to you guys. ainsley: and when police arrested him, ashley, they said he was in that alleyway telling them i did it. i did it awful. he admitted it. steve: he said, thank you, ashley. he said i'm on mushrooms and they made me feel empowered were his words. but, you know, there you are, this is what we have been talking about all summer, it's the scary randomness of this. this guy -- that marius davis was just walking by looked likee was dancing over him. dustin wakefield 21 years old and there with his wife and baby. a terrible story what happened down there. he met his wife in castle rock, colorado when they both worked at the crave real burgers. he had that as a high school job. and they had been together ever since. they had a baby. they were down there visiting
3:24 am
people. and then this happens to them. ainsley: his mom was fighting back tears saying he was the best dad. steve: best dad ever. ainsley: 21 years old. we all do this that's what so scary we all go to restaurants and sit outside with our family. some random person can come up and shoot you in cold blook blood like that and he is protecting his son. steve: everybody has got eat outside during covid. people are more comfortable like that and this guy, terrible. i'm glad the judge denied bail. brian: second degree murder charge. i don't know how this guy ever gets out again, maybe if he goes to california he will be out in the month. the government said that's my son okay basically i will shoot you and thinks it's hysterical. evidently a great guy, 21 years old. so, going there on vacation in miami, you think you are totally secure in the middle of the day and you are not. just terrible. ainsley: kamala harris is leaving vietnam. she is going to make a stop in california. she is going to be in the bay area. she is helping gavin newsom
3:25 am
because his recall election is on september 14th. just shy of three weeks from now. and there is going to be this car rally. you have to stay in your car. you can't even get out. but they are still requiring to you show that you either had the vaccine or you have to have a negative test and wear a mask. brian: mask outdoors. steve: a mask outdoors. that's right. the event bright information goes like this. security and health protocols will be in place. make sure you are on time. must prove proof of vaccine or negative test within 72 hours for the driver and all the people in the car please bring a mask. here's the thing. so she is heading there. joe biden, through jen psaki yesterday, it was revealed he is going to go out there. so if the president and vice president are both going to be there, that signals that democrats are freaking out. he could actually lose it. and he could lose it if he loses, if people -- enough people say yes to the question, the number two person on the ballot, the current frontrunner
3:26 am
is larry elder, the guy who we have on all the time. brian: second time there is going to be a recall in the last 0 years. happened on september 24th. it's a mail-in ballot. if you look at some of the interviews that gavin newsom has given. he is so nervous this guy got elected 62% of the vote. when homelessness went ramp ramp bid. draconian calls see the crime go through the roof and fires go out of control. when you see the taxes are forcing everyone out of this state. why would this guy possibly keep his job in a democrat controlled state? this could very well be the future for the democratic party if they lose. mess stooge joe biden all these governors and mayors in the democratic cities. the american people not party politics, the american people have seen what you are presenting and are sickened why it. steve: there is a story today that affairly they are freaking out at the governor's mansion in
3:27 am
sacramento and ebb listing the help of steven spielberg and the guy who runs net floix try to rally democrats and hollywood. ainsley: i don't know if it will work. larry elder says bring on joe biden i hope he comes because his approval rating is so low right now because of what is happening in afghanistan. listen to larry elder. >> biden's popularity has never been lower. i think i just read it's at 41% of the afghanistan debacle. the only major public figure that i know of who has praised him has been gavin newsom. so, let joe biden come out here and praise the wonderful job gavin newsom has done on crime, on homelessness, on the rise of gas taxes, on the fact that people are leaving california for the very first time and on the way he slammed the state down, ignoring science in the most severe way compared to all the other 49 states. let joe biden dheafned record. i welcome that and maybe joe biden can encourage gavin newsom to debate pee.
3:28 am
brian: that will be interesting because laura ingraham done a great job highlying the condition of the iconic cities. san francisco two days ago and los angeles last night. look at leah elder they are saying crazy things in the "l.a. times." he is the black face of white supremacy this guy was born in south central. he has been a transparent public figure for about 30 years. and now he is going to welcome the opportunity to do something that if he is able to be successful, that governor schwarz couldn't do. and he believes he can work with democrats in order to get this city on the right track. and first things first will be crime. and when gavin newsom has a speech, he always says he welcomes the homelessness -- homeless people from other states. ainsley: if you are homeless come to california he said. steve: who doesn't want to go california. so, kamala harris is heading to california from vietnam. there is one embarrassing note regarding her trip that the white house is going to have to figure out how to answer. to say and that is remember it was about two days ago that her
3:29 am
flight was delayed by three hours because they suspected havana syndrome. so they were going to delay three hours. well, the chinese found out about it, they found out she was going to go and donate 1 million doses of covid vaccine to the chinese -- or rather to the vietnamese. so the chinese sent their emissary in to talk to the same person and said yeah, we understand the vice president is coming, going to donate you a million vaccine doses. we're going to give you 2 million. so, the chinese heard about it, and they capitalized it and now the white house is going, they beat us again. brian: the bad news is the chinese vaccine barely works so thanks a lot for the useless concoction. steve: well, better than nothing. brian: about to give a million. ainsley: take our vaccine if you have a choice, our vaccine is a lot better. brian: grab the russian sputnik even vladimir putin won't take it. steve: the other bit of covid-19 vaccine news it sounds like they are going to start suggesting that people get a booster here
3:30 am
in the united states every six months. brian: right. steve: don't know how long. every six months, not 8 months as we're currently being suggested. twice a year boosters. ainsley: it is 6:30 on the east coast. coming up, she was kidnapped by the taliban and narrowly escaped a life of terror for working with american forces. we're going to talk to that afghan female interpreter who made it to america. brian: plus, an american dad in the process of adopting an afghan boy shares the good news he just received about the child he already calls his own. ♪ ♪ ♪ i had the nightmare again maxine. the world was out of wonka bars... relax. you just need digital workflows. they help keep everyone supplied and happy, proactively. let's workflow it. then you can stop having those nightmares. no, i would miss them too much. whatever you business is facing...
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♪ jillian: good morning, we are back now with your headlines, overnight two people shot at the famed row dan dough beach pier in california. [gunshot] >> oh my gods. jillian: witnesses say the gunman was in a parking lot and started randomly shooting people on the pieing chicago police officer celebrate the day he joined the force. happy anniversary 25 august, 2014, seven years. we did it. jillian: wow, officer carlos
3:35 am
yanez jr. moved into rehab facility. is he partially paralyzed and lost an eye in ambush attack during the traffic stop. 29-year-old officer french was buried last week. save austin now as four businesses are suing the city over failure to enforce a camping ban. austin city residents passed prop b that makes it illegal for anyone to sit, lie or camp in public areas. four months later save austin now says the city is actively choosing not to enforce the ban. austin's homeless strategy office says 110 people have been moved off the street since june. and now to this. the university of notre dame is defending its leprechaun mascot after labeled offensive. the blog quality production fighting irish in the top four of most offensive mascots. notre dame releasing a statement saying quote there is no comparison between notre dame's nickname and mascot and the indian and warrior names and mascots named by other institutions such as the nfl teams formerly known as the
3:36 am
redskins. coming up former notre dame head football coach lou holtz will join to us react. i'm sure he will have a thing or two to say about that. brian: i'm sure they have a statement later on in the show. thank you so much, jillian. growing tensions outside kabul international airport as soldiers and marines race against time to evacuate americans in an impossible tuesday deadline. our next guest began working as interpreter for the u.s. coalition forces in 2012. just one year after she was kidnapped and tortured by the taliban. she escaped to afghanistan just hours before the country fell to the terror group. that was back on august 15th. now, she is fighting to get her family to safety. z.z. joins us now. z.z. glad you are okay. congressman emanuel cleaver was a big help to you, right? >> yes, he is. brian: how did he help you? >> they helped me with the process because i was trying to leave afghanistan but the visa process is a very long process
3:37 am
emanuel cleaver and his guy the one working for him his name is kyle he support me a lot with the siv process. brian: so now you are worried about your family, your brother specifically. what is your brother doing to get out and how is he threatened because you got out? >> yes. my brother, while i was supporting coalition forces, he was receiving threats from the taliban to return sister to [inaudible] my brother never gave up. support the coalition forces and still receiving those threats. right now he is hiding at home and i'm worried about him. brian: yeah, of course. yesterday he tried to make his way to the airport. what happened? >> yes. yesterday my family and my brother, they were trying to go to the airport, but there was lots of taliban checkpoints that they couldn't make it to the
3:38 am
airport. answered got beat up, then they go back home. brian: so what happens if you can't get out? what if he can't get out by the 31st? >> if the coalition forces get out the 31st, that's lots of dangerous for my family and for my brother over there because there is no safety. there is no hope in afghanistan right now. brian: when you were working for the coalition forces, did you ever think you would see this day? >> >> excuse me? >> when you were working for the coalition forces, did you ever think you would see a time when the taliban would be in control? >> no. i never think of that it [inaudible] take over kabul afghanistan. i never thought that coalition force would leave afghanistan. brian: how do you feel right now. >> i'm feeling very happy because anytime a peaceful
3:39 am
country and i am feeling safe right now. and i'm very happy here. brian: do you feel like the americans, coalition forces let you down. >> no. the american coalition forces never let me down because while i was there, the coalition forces helped me a lot. and i was helping them with the language and they were keeping me inside the base. brian: right. but, unfortunately to survive, you had to leave because we decided to leave. z.z. thanks for what you did for this country. we are going to follow this story. we want to make sure your family gets out because time is not on our side. >> thank you so much. brian: all right. thank you. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, an american dad shares the painful journey of an adopted child from afghanistan amid the crisis unfolding right now. the light at the end of the five year long tunnel. but, first, school's controversial plan to put ankle monitor on student athletes
3:40 am
backfires. you think? the parent who sounded the alarm on the device joins us next. ♪
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all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? ainsley: a washington state school district backs down after it forces student athletes wear appearing kel monitors during practice as a part of a plan to trace covid-19. school officials shelving that program last night after so much push back from the parents saying, quote: we will not put them back into place at all. we are going to allow the coaches and parents to make the decision. here to react is mother of an eatonton high school volleyball player recall city council candidate ari hoffman. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning. nice, how did you hear about it. i know you have a big problem with it how did you hear about it? >> i dropped my daughter off at practice on monday for volleyball. she had sent me a text saying hey, mom, they're putting an ankle monitor on me. this is really weird.
3:45 am
so that is how i found out. ainsley: so then you drove to the school and what happened next? >> i drove to the school and confronted the athletic director gavin and he did tell me did indeed put a tracking monitor on my child. he apologized and said he would speak with the coach that did it. it was very short and sweet. there was no answers for who was accountable for it what repercussions there were. and there was no consent. i had not signed consent and he really didn't have any other answers besides an apology. ainsley: as a parent if you hear your child has a tracking device on them, usually your child is in prison, right, or out of prison and being watched by the government. so, ari, i know you broke this story, how did you hear about it. >> what happened was nicci actually posted a picture of the tracking device on social media. one of my listeners called me and told me have you seen this thing? i checked it out and got in touch with nicci right away but i also called a friend of mine
3:46 am
who is a member of the eatonville school board and i spoke to them and said is this happening in the school board was just sass surprised as anybody else. they knew this program was being considered but they didn't know it had been implemented. it seems that the superintendent of the school and the athletic director took it on theirselves in order to implement this program and the school board had no idea it was actually finalized and in the works at the school itself. ainsley: nicci, i know you have received backlash what are people saying. >> they are upset that i'm taking away children's football season which is absolutely not what i'm trying to do. if these parents want to have these tracers on their children, that's their deal, not mine. my child is absolutely not wearing one. and i would never okay that and i was not a given choice whether she was going to wear it or not. and i think that is completely wrong and absolutely horrifying. ainsley: ari, the community spoke out. and now they have implemented this change. now it's up to the coaches and teachers.
3:47 am
have you been talking about this on radio and what are your listeners saying? >> we spoke about it finance not just the volleyball team. the football team originally who was supposed to have these on and these devices were designed for construction helmets. they were designed for manufacturing workers. they were not designed for schools. and when you go to the company's website it doesn't say anything about schools at all. so people are blown away by this because they wonder if this was pilot program for the state? if this means that they were thinking about putting them in the classroom not just for the athletes? people have a lot of concerns. also thinking about football players with these things on their legs, wrestlers, volleyball teams, what if they trip? what if they fall? what if it starts making a beeping noise and distracted during a contact sport. a lot of liability here and nobody was fully consulted with regard to all the pros and cons of this. it wasn't a transparent process and they are wondering what's next? ainsley: i'm sure a lot of money was forked out to pay for these devices, taxpayer dollars.
3:48 am
i don't know how -- if you are a wrestler, you are on top of each other, would it be beeping the whole time? >> you would think it would be. ainsley: or a volleyball player, you are diving for the ball? >> right. all of a sudden you hear this beeping and somebody is coming at you from the decide. you are distracted. i think it could toledo injuries as well. ainsley: ains nicci and ari thank you for coming on this morning. >> my pleasure. >> you are welcome. ainsley: janice dean has a look at the weather. janice: something brewing in the gulf of mexico i think it's going to become a hurricane this weekend. a couple areas of concern. imminent concern here is what is going to move through the yucatan channel and possibly impact well i think it is going to impact the gulf coast. it hasn't been named yet. but i'm pretty confident that this is going to be a pretty big deal over the next couple of days. sea surface temperatures extraordinarily warm, especially along the gulf coast. so, this is something we're going to have to watch. i think it's going to be a hurricane. i do think it's going to impact the gulf coast tuesday, wednesday, bringing not only heavy rain but hurricane force
3:49 am
winds. that is something we are going to keep an eye on my friend. ainsley, back to you. ainsley: okay. thank you, janice. janice: you got it. ainsley: trying to save a boy he is trying to adopt. this morning that 10-year-old is on his way back to earthquake in. his new dad joins us live. with voltaren arthritis pain gel my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pain pills voltaren is the first full prescription strength gel for powerful arthritis pain relief... voltaren the joy of movement we're carvana, the company who invented car vending machines and buying a car 100% online. now we've created a brand-new way for you to sell your car. whether it's a year old or a few years old. we wanna buy your car. so go to carvana and enter your license plate answer a few questions. and our techno wizardry calculates your car's value and gives you a real offer in seconds. when you're ready, we'll come to you, pay you on the spot and pick up your car, that's it.
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♪ ♪ steve: an imminent attack warning at kabul airport forcing americans to leave the airport immediately as the british government warns of a terror threat that could happen within hours. probably a truck bomb is the worry. this as the taliban takeover makes it even more difficult for american families to try to adopt afghan children despite some of them being in the middle of the legal adoption process. our next guest has spent five years trying to bring a boy to the united states. he joins us right now within a update. good morning. >> good morning. and thank you for having me here. steve. steve: you bet. this is an angle to what is going on over in afghanistan. we had knot not thought about. we're trying to get the federal government is trying to get so many afghans out but at the same time, you have been trying to
3:54 am
get this little boy out of that country for the last five years and now that there is such turmoil and they are about to close the airport in a couple of days, essentially, you had to do everything you have been doing for the last five years on steroids to try to get him out right now, right? >> exactly. and i'm very thankful to have the cooperation of many people, including the adoption agency in south carolina, as well as senator marco rubio's office. they have been relentless in terms of communicating what the united states customs and immigration services. i'm very thank willful to them as well as all of our service members that are helping out in terms of getting thousands of people evacuated. steve: sure, because the worry is, you have been working on this for five years, and the adoption agreement is not probably going to be recognized by the taliban. so you had to work as quickly as possible and the great news is on this thursday morning, we can announce that it sounds like
3:55 am
your future son is on an airplane headed for the united states, right? >> i'm hoping. i'm hoping that i'm not certain but he was in germany last. and so at any time he could be on a flight and arriving to the u.s. hopefully any day now. steve: is such fantastic news. i know you and your wife you live in the fort lauderdale area. as we look at these images of him. you met him when he was 5 years old. why have you worked so hard -- oh, what a beautiful little smile. why have you worked so hard to bring that boy to the united states, to make him part of your family? >> well, obviously, i met him in 2016. after his mother had passed away from cancer and the family decided to put him up for adoption because she was the main caretaker for him. so then we came along and my wife and i had actually planned to adopt many years ago but because of job and obviously working, we didn't get around to it. so when i met him, i fell in
3:56 am
love with him immediately. and i called my wife, i said here's this little boy available. we need to adopt him, and she agreed. we started, obviously, to provide a better life for him here in the united states as well as the opportunities that he could have growing up in florida or anywhere in the u.s. steve: sure, real quick, what would happen to that boy if you did not get him out? >> unfortunately, the challenges would be great, enormous right now. there is obviously a lot of economic challenges, as well as in terms of education, unfortunately, he would not have the opportunity to get the education that he needs as a child to grow up and be a servant of society. steve: florida has great schools and by the grace of god he will be there soon. thank you very much for joining us with the good news and good luck to you and your family. >> thank you very much. good to be with you, steve. ♪ playing] ♪ ♪
3:57 am
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4:00 am
general jill the u.s. telling norps leave the kabul airport immediately warning of imminent attack. >> despite that, there are still crowds of thousands of desperate people. >> president biden isn't answering questions. instead, he is cracking jokes. >> what will do you if americans are still there after the deadline? >> you will be the first person i will call. [chuckle] >> joe biden has a new policy it's called america left behind. >> joe biden and kamala harris are set to campaign against recall. >> let joe biden come out here and praise the wonderful job gavin newsom has done on crime,
4:01 am
on homelessness, on the rise of gas taxes. i welcome that. >> a washington state high school tried slap ankle monitors on athletes help with covid tracing. >> i think that is completely wrong and absolutely horrifying. >> football legend herschel walker declaring his senate candidacy in the great state of georgia. >> i don't want to sit on the sideline anymore because this is not the america i grew up in. brian: brand new photo showing an american shorld soldier holding a gate closed sign as the u.s. tells hundreds of people to leave kabul airport immediately. steve: the airport is under a terror bomb threat that could happen within hours, they say. up to 1500 americans now estimated to be stranded in afghanistan, including students and their parents from a california school districts who we will talk to the school district this hour. ainsley: this photo shows a plane leaving kabul nearly empty, flying evacuees to you
4:02 am
began can a. let's get straight to jacqui heinrich who is live with the latest. good morning, jacqui. >> good morning to you guys. a senior u.s. official confirmed reports to me on condition of anonymity saying the threat of a vehicle bomb or suicide bomb isis k or another fill i can't tell more likely than unlikely minister. it that could come within just potentially just hours. leave the kabul airport. they tweeted due to threats outside the kabul airport. u.s. citizens should avoid traveling the airport. east gate or north gate should leave immediately. tear firing tear gas water canon people gathered there according to the associated press. the warning coming as covert missions to rescue some 500 to 1500 americans who remain in the
4:03 am
cup trip. several other cup tris belgium, denmark and netherlands are completing last evacuation flights. yesterday, 356 seat chartered plane intended to evacuate afghans left kabul nearly empty because they just couldn't get the taliban, people through taliban checkpoints and also the u.s. military gates. the president is sticking to that self-imposed august 31st withdrawal deadline but asking for contingency plans should the mission not be complete by then. the vice president spoke overnight in vietnam. >> our plan is evacuating american citizens, evacuating afghans who worked with us and afghans who are at risk with a priority around women and children. each day and night. we continue to evacuate thousands of people understanding that it is it is risky for them to be. there it must be seen through
4:04 am
and we i object toned see through as best as we can. >> dozens of california students and parents are stranded in afghanistan after taking a summer trip over there. specific information about that group. back to you guys. steve: thank you very much, jackie, that's to say the least. jen psaki was asked about those families from california. said what are you talking about? i have no idea. when jackie just put out that picture of the 345 seater airplane, that had been chartered by d.c. philanthropist trying to get as many people out. the reason it is empty is there is so much chaos and they were -- so many people were stopped at the checkpoints, the taliban checkpoints, they could not get through. you know, they had people who were supposed to be on that plane. one passenger crawled through sewage type make it on that plane. and about 50 people were on it. there was one other, 240 seater that he had chartered. heading to the ukraine, 70 seats
4:05 am
empty though because u.s. soldiers would not let the passengers on board. it still is chaotic. ainsley: some seats empty. and those are lives that we could rescue from the country. they just can't get through these gates. steve: chaos. ainsley: two iraq veterans who are congressman. they were criticized by the administration for going over to kabul. they wanted to go and see exactly what was going on. they have been two of the toughest critics about this pullout of afghanistan. and you have seth moulton democrat from massachusetts as well as representative or congressman peter meijer who is a republican from michigan. he talks about the troops on the ground and he praises them. listen. >> you have individuals there in kabul who evacuated the u.s. embassy with moments notice. i know soldiers who left behind their boots. they're wearing tennis shoes right now. others in the same uniform they had when they evacuated the embassy two weeks ago because they didn't have time to grab
4:06 am
their rough sack. they went into kabul airport chaos and pandemonium. overrunning the runway and pivoted to not only negotiating and having to deal with the taliban as frankly a security partner, rather than adversary, but also execute one of the logistical their stories need to be told and i am so damn proud to be an american what i saw on the ground in kabul. brian: keep in mind, if they need any equipment, the haqqani network is walking around with it maybe they might be able to borrow one of the outfits left behind fill up a plane with all those people inside the airport
4:07 am
that don't veefn to go outside the airport. they fill up a plane. keep in mind, too. you have a president of the united states who has a state department that cannot tell you how many people need to get out. the democratic lawmakers lisa slotkin and cheryl u.s. naval helicopter pilot. prosecutor, democrat. talked to president biden yesterday. saying listen, you are not going to be able to get people out. tough extend the deadline. he said thanks for asking you about i'm not going to do it. on top of that, they are trying to convince them to expand the dead line, saying to yourself, think logically, when you try to get out by the 31st, who is going to be the last person watching security as we leave the country? it was supposed to be the turks. they are leaving. they are not securing the airport. so who is securing the airport and, is there any military
4:08 am
assets out to stop this would be suicide bomb attack that's supposed to happen in the next couple hours? i thought we had over the horizon capability. can we get over the horizon? steve: well, regarding those two members of congress who went, it was pretty clear from the leaders on both sides, they are encouraging their members not to go. and apparently there was another trip unauthorized but bipartisan they were going to go. they haven't gone. although both sides say you know what? there could be members who freelance. what's interesting about seth moulton, the democrat from massachusetts is he told the "new york times" last night. he said he was defending the trip. even though he hoped to get joe biden it pentagon. the trip changed his mind we need to have a working relationship with the tall pan. as we told you the said a could
4:09 am
be a quarter of a million people over there we need to get over here. we need a working relationship with the taliban owe also said and this was eye opener the task force handing out visas so overwhelmed by requests from members of congress. while the state department has bungled this from the get-go. people who have a connection to different leaders are contacting those people in washington, d.c. asking for. special immigrant visas because that essentially is there lifeline. ainsley: so many mixed messages, there are 1500, you will hear a briefer. psaki has said 11,000, what's the real number? i don't even think that they know. but people are wondering what next wednesday is going to look like. the deadline is tuesday, the 31st, so what happens on wednesday? the taliban takes over? do they start killing people who were left behind? this is a question we all want answered and kamala is laughing
4:10 am
about the situation while she ison her trip to vietnam. joe biden is joking about the situation when the reporter asked him about the people left behind. watch this. >> what will you do if americans are still there after the deadline? >> you will be the first person i will call. [chuckle] brian: hysterical. what a sense of humor. steve: interesting thing about that we had to put the audio together. the white house apparently cut the feed as soon as peter alexander of nbc asked that question. somebody at the white house just goes turned it off that's how we heard what the president did say with that snarky answer. brian: i don't understand whether a seth moulton and peter meijer's theory on this. never get everyone out. get out and show compliance. have you met the taliban? how will you characterizing them? if we don't -- the minute we leave, we lose total control of the thousands left behind. if you are one of the thousands,
4:11 am
you don't want to depend on the taliban's diplomacy arm to get our people out. the minute we leave. we are done with -- unless we want to just come in and drop a jay dam on the palace which might be a good idea to be honest or threaten it. those people are gone forever unless you just want to write the taliban huge billion dollars checks for the next 10, 15 years because we know they love that. steve: that could actually be how we do it. because there is a big story. brian: drop a bomb or pay it off? steve: in the "new york times" there is a story that the taliban is actually reaching out to former afghan leaders people like harmid karzai people in the government the last 20 years. they are there. we would like you to be part of helping us get into the international community so we can be recognized as an actual country so that we can get the money going again. because there are, you know, the money has stopped. there are billions in international reserves. and it's being held up because
4:12 am
of the worry of what the taliban is going to do to women and girls. and so, the thinking by the taliban is, if we include these people who used to actually get the checks from the international community and say they are part of our team, maybe that will open things up. brian: here's the problem. the taliban already are beating up our people. do you see the shot of the bloody australians who had paperwork and tried to get to the door? and they couldn't get to the airport, were forced back? the story of this the afghan's woman brother tried to get to the door couldn't get there? don't worry about what the taliban says. watch what they do. what the u.n. just did is condemn them for their savage action because they are getting reports beyond kabul how they are chopping off limbs and murdering people in front of their family already. so, i don't care what they are doing with abdullah abdullah or harmid karzai, the fact is they are just as brutal. and if they have let all of our people go, i might be open to
4:13 am
maybe the new taliban. but right now if they just allowed our people to go, we could get them all out. ainsley: listen to what mark mek meadows says about biden's new policy. >> joe biden has a new policy called america left behind. it's a left behind policy. he left behind billions of dollars worth of humvees and u.s. equipment. he left behind americans. he left behind our allies and quite frankly, you know, when you start to look at what he has been involved with, no wonder his polling is going down. but americans are now starting to understand what president trump and many of us that supported him knew all along, is you can't run the country from the basement. and today they cut off his mic when he went to talk, he had one question. they cut off his mic. i mean, can you believe it could get this bad this quickly? steve: they did cut off his mic. so the big question is how many people will would he be able to
4:14 am
get out by the deadline midnight tuesday into wednesday as we heard from the congressman who went over there. there is no way we can get everybody out. there is also a story out this morning that apparently the cia and u.s. military are working together to chopper people in and out of the kabul area. they are using military choppers but the operations are being run by the cia and the pentagon says they are coordinating with the taliban on airport security, unclear if they're working with them regarding the extraction. it's interesting, the germans who it sounds like the germans could actually leave afghanistan tomorrow. they have been extracting their people. they were going to use the airbus choppers. those big mh-6s. they said, you know what? we need to be a little more tactical and closer so they borrowed from the u.s. military the little bird helicopters because they can actually be
4:15 am
flown down streets below roof levels and they have got lots of weapons. so the germans have reached out to us and we are helping provide extraction methods for the german citizens. ainsley: afghan evacuee with ties to isis was detained at air base hanger in qatar, he was one of the ones that fled kabul. thank goodness we got him. but it makes you wonder how many others have jumped on these flights that are connected to isis. 100 other evacuees were ordered to undergo further security screenings. 100. brian: cup nell britain one on the terror watch list landed in france they arrested him right away. what's it going to be like in afghanistan? what do you think? shear a growth mohammed former afghan official on the terror threat afghanistan as they see it happening. here is an excerpt from it afghanistan has now become the las vegas of terrorists as the radicals and extremists. people are all over the world. radicals and extremists celebrating the taliban victory. thanks joe biden. this is pagan the way for the extremists to come to
4:16 am
afghanistan. they went on to say the united nations had a report in june concluded that those thousands from central arab north caucus pakistan, they leave china, china is keeping an eye on that. most associations are with the taliban and al-qaeda. keep in mind, as you watch the haqqani network who are as bad as it gets. affiliated directly with al-qaeda. they are wearing our equipment full gear walking around providing security in kabul. the taliban wants us to think they turned a page and are going to focus on climate change and seth moulton believes and i actually love the fact that these two went there. i just cannot -- i have to challenge the fact that we're going to be better off getting our people out once we leave. i don't know if you seen hostage negotiations with terrorists? they usually don't go well. ainsley: one of the few female interpreters was on our show earlier and brian had interviewed her. she had also earlier been captured by the taliban. her father with the afghan forces helped free her. but she says in retaliation,
4:17 am
because she is now in america, they are going after her brother. listen. the coalition forces get out the 31st. that's lots of dangerous form my family and for my brother over there. because there is no safety. there is no hope in afghanistan right now. i never think of -- that the taliban will take over the capital of afghanistan. i never thought that coalition force would leave afghanistan. brian: right. she is let down direct and resigned to the fact that her brother got beat up yesterday going to the airport gate. now, michael waltz just wrote me. he is watching us right now. he said members of congress are going over. the administration are going
4:18 am
over the administration because the administration won't leave. he said he was up all night with american citizens that were turned away at multiple gates. moulton and hire are wrong. all these people including americans become leverage for the taliban. we cannot leave this country without our people. what don't they understand? that is the american east those. we don't leave -- what are they thinking? steve: joe biden did say i got a back-up plan. asked the pentagon guys if we are not going to finish the job midnight tuesday into wednesday, contingency so maybe that's what's going to happen. brian: he said i told him contingency plan he also told me to get out by the 31st. what's the contingency plan. ainsley: the majority of america i would say sides with you on this because they want all americans to come home. brian: 24 california high school students to stay in afghanistan because we are in a rush to gate
4:19 am
out because joe biden wants to pass a reconciliation package. he has a lot on his mind and he loves to go to delaware on the weekends and he can't do that with an ongoing situation in afghanistan. steve: only 24% of americans think that it is going well over there. everybody is frustrated. let's see what goes on going forward. ainsley: i can't believe who would say it's going well? let's hand it over to jillian. jillian has more headlines for us. jillian: let's begin with tragic story out of florida. a family vacation take as deadly turn after a young father is shot and killed in miami beach protecting his wife and baby. the suspected gunman tamarius davis admitted he was high on mushrooms and targeted the family at random while they were eating at a cafe. he is charged with second degree murder and was denied bond. the victim, dustin wakefield is being remembered as a man of faith and, quote, the best dad ever. chicago mayor lori lightfoot facing pushback on her covid-19 vaccine mandate for city
4:20 am
employees. chicago fraternal order of police president john can zara telling the chicago sun times divhot vaccine has no for long term. to mandate anyone to get that vaccine without that data as a baseline amongst other issues is a hell no for us. light foot has not yet responded. new opening in austria are designed to make customers want to linger rather than run for the checkout. shanghai store has a cushioned theater space where guests can hang out if you like. the vienna store is five stories with a roof top cafe. that's the news you need to know. ainsley: that's great news, once you start you have to go all the way to the end. steve: you do. luckily it leads to the meatball place which is the best. the swedish meatballs. ainsley: where you can buy the candle that smells like
4:21 am
meatballs. was it a candle or perfume. jillian: i think it was the candle. brian: i love the impossible burgers they're really hard to figure out. steve: arizona sheriff vows to never mandate the covid vaccine for his deputies. he will explain why coming up next. ♪ one, two! one, two, three! only pay for what you need! with customized car insurance from liberty mutual! nothing rhymes with liberty mutual. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ >> i wanted to let you know here the county sheriff's office we do not mandate the vaccine. as long as i'm your sheriff, we will never mandate the vaccine. we believe that your health choices are yours and yours alone. so whether you get the vaccine or don't get the vaccine that's your private information. here, we believe in america and
4:26 am
freedom. ainsley: that is pinal county arizona sheriff mark lamb say nothing vaccine mandates are coming to his department in a video that's gone viral. sheriff lamb joins us now with more on his message on personal freedom and the response that he is getting. good morning to you, sheriff. >> good morning, ainsley. thanks for having me. ainsley: thanks for being on with us. you got so many views, more than 65,000 at our last check. were you surprised? >> no, we knew it would go viral. it's a hot topic in this country. frankly i did it because i'm tired of seeing weak leadership across this country and weak leadership as it relates to protecting their employees' rights. we wanted to do something that let people know that here we don't tolerate that. ainsley: well, the biden administration is pushing businesses to mandate this why are you against it? >> well, i think it's people's personal choice, you know, health choices have always been. you know, last year, it was like pulling teeth to get a list of anybody that had covid, so that
4:27 am
when my deputies responded to their houses, we knew who they were. now these same people are more than willing to give up all of your public health privacy for the sake of security and i'm not okay with that i don't think it should change. ainsley: have you gotten a lot of support? >> oh, i have gotten a ton of support. you know, you get your pushback, too. some news outlet called me a rebel. i don't know, i guess that's a good thing. ainsley: also in arizona, we reported on this yesterday, border patrol agents caught these migrants that were attempting to enter the united states in this fake border patrol vehicle. and the driver was wearing a fake cbp uniform. there is a picture of the car that they were driving. looks very real to most of us. but i guess if you are in law enforcement you recognize it's not real. what other details do you know about this? >> well, they do this all the time. look, this is a billion, billion dollars industry of bringing drugs and humans into this country. they will exhaust every resource to try to bring them in here undetected. this is not the first time they
4:28 am
have used, they have painted a truck to look like a border patrol truck. this is why as sheriffs we are standing together because the federal government is not doing it we are standing together protect america now. to protect america from bad things, bad policies, protect the people's constitutional rights. and hopefully your listeners will check it out protect america and come support us. ainsley: sheriff lamb, thank you so much for being on with us. >> thank you, ainsley, i appreciate it. ainsley: you are welcome, thank you for your service. god bless you out there. >> god bless you too. ainsley: kamala harris dlims support women and children. she gives vague responses when pressed. lara logan on the botched it to this crisis.
4:29 am
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get a quote today.
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jillian: we are back now with your headlines starting with a fox news alert. a photo shows an american soldier holding a gate closed sign as the u.s. tells hundreds of people to leave the kabul airport immediately. the airport is under an imminent
4:33 am
terror bomb threat. at least 1500 americans are stranded in afghanistan including students and parents from a california school district. take a look. this photo shows a plane leaving kabul nearly empty, flying evacuees, a few of them to uganda. the white house says 13,400 people have been evacuated from afghanistan in the last 24 hours. in total, the u.s. has evacuated 95,700 people since august 14th. delta airlines will charge employees on the company health plan $200 a month if they fail to get vaccinated against covid-19. ceo ed bastion saying quote this sir charge will be necessary to address the financial risk the decision to not vaccinate is creating for our company. bastion said the average hospital stay for covid patients has cost delta $50,000 each. okay. watch this, a texas sphirmt pulling out all the heavy equipment to rescue a deaf
4:34 am
elderly dog trapped 400 feet deep in a storm drain. the 15-year-old dog named zoey was missing for two days. rescue crewed buzz saw, jack hammers and skate goord get the dog out of the pipe it took crews 10 hours to free her. after a trip to the vet she was reunited with her family. oh my goodness. that is a look at your headlines. ainsley, i will send it back to you. ainsley: oh, so sweet. thanks, jillian. as the taliban takes over -- the takeover is fueling fear among the afghan women especially. it seems that vice president's promise in 2019 to protect these women is falling short after her remarks this morning. listen. >> what will the administration do to support women who are not permitted to leave afghanistan? >> we have said before and i will say again, that we are going to do what we are able to do in terms of the evacuation process. but, in addition to that, we are able to do politically and diplomatically to secure and to continue to work on the
4:35 am
protection of women and children in that region, including working with our allies. steve: okay, let's bring in fox news contributor lara trump. she joins us right now. good morning, lara. >> good morning, guys. great to be with you. steve: great to be with you as well. back in 2019 as ainsley mentioned kamala harris gave a speech to the council on foreign relations and vowed to protect afghan women if elected. they were elected and now she is talking about well we will do what we can do. what we can do. i think she promised more than that a couple of years ago. >> well, what a vague answer. this feels very similar to what she has done on our southern border, quite frankly if you are the vice president of united states if you went anywhere, kamala you should have gone to the southern border. might i remind everyone you are
4:36 am
still the border czar. we still have an absolute disaster on our southern border. no, she is over in southeast asia. she doesn't want to answer any direct questions because she knows what we all know, they are not going to be able to do anything to help the women and girls in afghanistan now. thanks to decisions made by this administration. the basic fundamental human rights of women and girls in afghanistan have vanished overnight. women are being subjected to torture. they are not allowed to get educated. they are not allowed to have a job. girls are forced to be child brides as young as 9 years old. the taliban is a terrorist organization. the idea that we are somehow going to work with them on anything is crazy especially for women and girls rights and it's ridiculous that we heard that answer from our vice president. brian: no. but i guess you missed the remarks yesterday by the spokesperson for the taliban. they are going to focus on world security and climate change.
4:37 am
>> i can't wait to see solar panels and what kind of deal they can cut? >> so ridiculous. i don't understand why we as america are legitimizing a terrorist organization as the government of a country or in any way at all. why are we taking the taliban at their word on anything? we shouldn't at all. of course they don't care about those things, brian. it's ridiculous. they are simply trying to push america out so they can fully take over a country osm pair was us further. it will become the center for terrorism. it is a threat to the entire world. but how ridiculous are our vice president is nowhere to be found. gosh our president is nowhere to be found. he can't even answer basic questions. he won't take basic questions on a crisis they are making. ainsley: your father-in-law obviously was president. is she not allowed to talk
4:38 am
unless he gives her permission? because this is such disappointment for so many women who voted for joe biden because they saw an opportunity for a woman to become vice president? she has, you know, she could stand up for these women in afghanistan and see that they all come home. >> i'm sure she is allowed to do whatever she wants. but, you know, herein lies the problem, ainsley, whenever you put someone in a position not for their experience, not for what they bring to the table, but for woke politics, she was chosen, joe biden told us for his vice presidential running mate based on the way she looked. >> this is the result right here. let's be clear, i said it at the beginning of this. she is trying to distance herself from this disaster. she doesn't want anything to do with the southern border. she hasn't gone to the right place down there. she thinks we all have forgotten about that. she wants nothing to do with this situation. this is a stain on america. it will stay forever. i guess she is just trying to
4:39 am
run out the clock on this thing and think that we will all forget about it. we will not forget about it, kamala harris. we have seen what you have done in this situation and it's absolutely nothing. brian: right, now she has got show up and going to campaign for gavin newsom. she will bring some of that star power back to california on friday. steve: lara, thank you very much for joining us. ainsley: thanks, lara, great to see you. >> thank you. steve: coming unjust a couple of minutes, a trip to see their families in afghanistan became a nightmare for dozens of student and parents from california. the exhaustive effort to bring them back homecoming up. brian: but, first, did you hear about this? herschel walker is hoping to score with georgia voters as he launches his g.o.p. senate bid in the peach state. the heisman winner, the former nfler and ufcer right after this. ♪ ♪
4:40 am
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my nunormal? fewer asthma attacks with nucala. a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. nucala reduces eosinophils, a key cause of severe asthma. nucala is not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala. find your nunormal with nucala. brian: it's official. herschel walker is running
4:44 am
senate in georgia. launched he primary bid to take on incumbent raphael warnock pulled off upset win. joining me herschel walker. great to see you. congratulations on the move to take on this new career. i thought it was a big deal when you went to the ufc. this could be tougher, you can't use, you can't use your muscle, what makes you think you can win? >> well, what made me note i can win, i'm a georgian, i think people made a mistake saying i'm not a georgia. i have always talked about georgia. i have lived in georgia. i don't care what they say. i think one thing we want to mention is, i'm not just waiting to take on the senator. i have got take on people before i get there. there are a couple people running that i may have to take on in the primary. i have got to be ready for them. right now i have the left and the right against me right now. that's why i tell people to go to, you know, team and donate and let me take on
4:45 am
anybody coming in. because i can tell you right now i will fight in washington for you. i will fight in washington for every georgian in the state of georgia because i'm a georgia boy and i have been a georgia boy my whole life. i think people know that. brian: herschel, you have latham stadler, [inaudible] going be running there couple others not big names. you know by your sports career, you have to study the tape. how from what you have ascertained, what did loeffler and push do you do wrong and what did you learn from that? >> i think the republican party has got to come together. i think they have got to get together almost like the left left has done and support one candidate there were so many people in the race in the loeffler case they they ate each
4:46 am
other live. in the perdue case we have to get out and see the people. this is not about a republican or democrat. this is about the people of georgia. you have got to get out and see the people and let the people know how are and what can you do for this state. that's what i said. i think people that know that's from georgia that know herschel walker, they know i'm a fighter. i was always been a fighter. i'm not perfect. no one is perfect. i will tell you if i said i'm going to do it. i'm not going to tell you something i don't know, i can't do. and i think that's what they know about me. brian: herschel, for the most part, republicans in georgia, they try maximize their vote. they try go to the suburbs. do you plan on going to the you urban communities, in to atlanta, and trying to get votes that republicans don't even try for? >> oh, i plan on getting every vote. that's what i too not understand. you know, when you are running for office it's not just about trying to get one vote, get the african-american vote, get the hispanic vote or white vote.
4:47 am
getting votes and letting people know what you can do. i'm not just here just as a conservative. i'm here for the state of georgia. here to represent everyone. bringing people together. i think that's the biggest problem we have done now in georgia. that's the biggest problem we have done in this country. we try separate people. separate them from their -- that status of how much money you have, separate them from their color. well, that's not what it is about. brian: it isn't. we'll see. it's going to be an exciting primary and if the republicans want to take back the senate, they have to take back the seat for raphael warnock. and herschel walker, you feel like you are the man to do it. i know we will be talking to you again, congratulations on the move. and let's hope it goes smooth for you as it did to the ufc as well as bobsledding and football and track. now the next challenge. herschel, thanks so much. >> hey, thank you and everybody go to team put money there, 5 or $10. put me there in washington and see what i can do. >> herschel walker.
4:48 am
would choose to make election results are in. >> especially since i'm a great bobsledder as well. brian: we have footage of that next hour. >> let's take a look at the map. i want to show you what's happening in the gavin newsom or what is going to happen. this is a area of lohse. and he looking much better on satellite presentation. and i am very concerned for the gulf coast, including louisiana and the new orleans region, where we think this tropical system we think, perhaps, a hurricane is going to move inland tuesday and wednesday. as soon as we get the latest information, we will give it to you. but taking a look at the rainfall forecast. yeah, right over new orleans, that's not going to be a good thing so we will continue to watch that and jack hammers have started here in new york city. back to you, brian. brian: yeah. they like it start projects in new york city. no one ever finishes them.
4:49 am
janice, thanks so much. still ahead on this show. fighting irish fight back after a survey deemed their mascot the fighting leprechaun offensive. famed coach lou holtz reacts next hour. i think is he going to be yelling. a california school is are working around the clock to save dozens of students and their parents who are stranded in afghanistan. no one told jen psaki though. latest on their effort when we come back. ... 72,808... dollars.
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how do things look on your end? -perfect! because we're building a better network every single day. steve: you're looking live at the airport in kabul which is under a terror bomb threat that could happen within hours. that's why they are telling everybody to get away from the airport up to 1,500 americans still stranded in afghanistan, including a group of nearly two dozen students, and parents, from california, after they took a summer trip there to visit their families. joining us with an update is the president of the cahone valley union school strict, tamara otera. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: so the school district got involved because somebody from one of the families and there are 24 school kids and 16 parents who went to visit family
4:54 am
during the summer break but they called the school district and said listen we're stranded in afghanistan, hold our seats in school, right? >> yes that's correct. so, in our school district, we have a family community engagement office, we have liasons at each of our schools and we have several liasons that work with our afghan students and they had developed a relationship during the last school year, and built some trust with those families, and those students reached out to the liasons specifically, and said we're in afghanistan, please hold our seats, don't give up our seats we're going to be late coming to school. steve: yeah, it does sound, as if, these families are on special visas for u.s. military service, in the department of defense considers them allies. you've since been talking to them, and they say hey, we've got tickets to fly out but we can't get to the airport, right? >> that's correct. so we're told that most of them
4:55 am
are safe with family and friends , but they are unable to get to the airport currently. we are working with congressman issa's office who has been great support to help us. we did have one family return tuesday evening. steve: i understand these families in afghanistan are in hiding, because they are worried that the taliban is going to find them and do something, right? >> that's my understanding, as well, yes. steve: exactly. when you folks are talking to them, do they just seem desperate? it's like wait a minute, we didn't expect this to happen on our summer vacation. >> i haven't specifically spoken to them, like i said our liasons have continual communication with them, and yes , they're worried, very worried, they're scared as you can imagine. they went to visit family hoping that, knowing like this maybe the last time they get to do something like that. they went to visit family, and
4:56 am
they got stuck there. as far as i understand, these families are not related. they were separate incidents, but we host one of the largest refugee populations in this area and this is part of, these were part of those families. steve: yeah, now they are strand ed, and everybody is trying to get them back. all right, tarara otero, thank you for joining us telling us your story. >> thank you. steve: you bet, good morning. coming up on the top of the hour while 1,500 americans remain stranded in afghanistan, thousands of afghans are arriving on american soil. where? we'll tell you. ♪ ♪ it's a wishlist on wheels. a choice that requires no explanation. it's where safe and daring seamlessly intersect. it's understated, yet over-delivers.
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5:00 am
>> hundreds of people to leave kabul airport immediately. >> the airport is under a terror bomb threat that could happen within hours. >> the threat has been measured at more likely than unlikely. >> new york magazine complains that the media manufactured biden's afghanistan crisis. >> the images you see on your screen you can't manufacture. he is polling in the 20s on afghanistan. >> border patrol came across this vehicle. it's a total fake, being driven by a human smuggler. >> they will exhaust every resource to try to bring them in here. >> this is why as sheriffs we're standing together because the federal government is not
5:01 am
doing it. >> football legend herschel walker is declaring his senate candidacy in the great state of georgia. >> this is not about a republican or democrat. this is about the people of georgia. >> u.s. service members deliver three babies on separate flights while bringing afghans to safety >> having the privilege of being raised in america and knowing to have the same freedom s it's overwhelming. steve: a fox news alert brand new video look at that coming into the newsroom showing the taliban using tear gas on people outside the kabul airport , this is new. ainsley: hundreds are still trying to escape afghanistan, despite the u.s. telling them to leave the airport immediately over an imminent terror bomb threat. brian: think about the choice they have. i have to leave the airport, my hope of getting out in order to survive, earlier a u.s. soldier was seen holding up a gate closed sign outside the airport at least 1,500 americans are now stranded, you heard that, strand ed in the country. but we're getting out anyway on
5:02 am
tuesday. let's go straight to jacqui heinrich live. reporter: good morning, to you guys. a senior u.s. official confirmed those reports to me on condition of being anonymous, that a vehicle threat, threat rather of a vehicle bomb or a suicide bomb over the last 24 hours has been measured as more likely than unlikely, that threat coming possibly from isis or another affiliate, the british armed forces minister told the bbc that could happen within just a matter of hours. overnight the u.s. embassy warned citizens not to come to the airport, to avoid the gates and to scan crowds, be aware of their surroundings. they tweeted, due to threats outside the kabul airport, u.s. citizens should avoid traveling to the airport. those at the abby gate, east gator north gate now should leave immediately. the warnings come as the u.s. conducts limited covert missions to rescue some 500 to 1,500 americans who still remain in the country, and several
5:03 am
other countries like belgium, denmark and the netherlands are completing their last evacuation flights and the white house says this morning 13, 400 people were evacuated within the last 24 hours, but yesterday, a 356 seat chartered plane intended to evacuate afghans left kabul nearly empty. >> highest priority right now is evacuating american citizens, evacuating afghans who worked with us, and afghans who are at risk with a priority around women and children. each day and night, we continue to evacuate thousands of people, understanding that it is risky for them to be there. it is a dangerous and difficult mission, but it must be seen through and we intend to see it through as best as we can. reporter: right now, dozens of california students and parents are stranded in afghanistan after having gone there for a summer trip, we asked the white
5:04 am
house about that yesterday, it does not have specific information about that group in the press briefing. back to you guys. steve: jackie thank you very much. so, the united states and everybody else is saying don't go to the airport. don't go to the airport because of the terror threat and also, unless you got travel documents you aren't getting anywhere. yesterday, the defense secretary for the united kingdom said hey, there are tens of thousands of people who want to leave the country. you're not going to get out through the airport. it's just a mess. go to the border. so this morning i was just looking there's an update from the border with pakistan, there are thousands of afghans with travel documents and they are crossing into pakistan, and apparently, the taliban they say okay let's see your documents if they've been to pakistan before and they got a valid visa they are just walking right across and so that's one of the things that they are doing because even though the white house says look we've been able to fly out 100,000 people during the last week or so, it's still not
5:05 am
enough. cnn is reporting apparently this morning, even though there are five days left in the evacuation, they say an administration source told them that they are going to end the evacuation in 36 hours. 36 hours from midnight last night so a day and a half it's going to be over so they are going to actually leave way earlier than tuesday, at midnight. ainsley: the uk. steve: united states of america. according to cnn, talking to unknown sources, the u.s. is pulling out. ainsley: we can't. we can't leave these individuals there. steve: i'm just telling you. ainsley: the u.s. embassy sent out this note to all of the americans that are trapped thereafter that bomb threat. they said be aware of your surroundings at all times especially in large crowd, follow the instructions of local authorities have a contingency plan for emergencies, monitor local media for breaking events, enroll in the smart traveler enrollment program to receive alerts and follow the department of state on facebook and twitter
5:06 am
brian: all right so we know this. we have between 500 and 1,500 people there. they don't know for sure. we know anthony blinken went out of his way to really fault americans for not getting out because they have had different e-mails out there telling people they should leave and they also said get to the airport while saying don't get to the airport. ainsley: no one predicted this though. brian: what do you mean? ainsley: he's saying they should have left. americans should have gotten my message and should have left but we didn't know this was going to happen. brian: well yeah, but it was up to us to plan, and these genius es that said bug out of bagram airport and didn't try to take it back afterwards even though we got all the fire power in the world can someone remind our secretary of defense, and the president, if he could pay attention long enough that we are the super power, we beat them in every single confrontation over the last 20 years. now we're pretending like we've run out of ammunition. why don't we just say this. on the palace unless all our
5:07 am
people get out, now for others to say well we got to get on the goodwill because we can't possibly get the thousands of people out, we've lost entire leverage if we get people out. who thinks it's a good idea to abandon americans in a hostile terroristic regime? i'd like to see how many hands go up on the national security council and this is what tom cotton told us yesterday on radio, they got to leave in two days because that's when the military has got to start packing up to go, because you can't get civilians out up until the last minute and then get yourself out. my question is, the plan had the turks in control of kabul airport. last night it became clear that turkey is leaving so who is going to be on the last plane out of kabul? not americans. out of the 80,000 we got out, only 4,500 are americans. steve: right. brian: unbelievable serious situation and what go they want to talk about at the white house
5:08 am
the reconciliation package. steve: well because they view that as a win and what we're looking at right there is a -- ainsley: major loss. steve: public relations debacle. brian: made vietnam look like a great story. steve: and our vice president is in vietnam right now ironically. here is the thing, while the administration is caging about the number of people, americans, who are over there, they say 1,500, although we heard 4,000 yesterday -- ainsley: mixed messages. steve: we do know there are 24 california school kids there with their 16 parents from california, and they are strand ed, and the reason we know this story is because they go to school out in california, and they had flights home, but they didn't know the government was going to fall, and so they called the school district and said do you know what? we can't get to the airport, and so will you please not give away our seats in the classroom? we were talking to the president of the cahone valley union school district where all these kids go to school. a woman by the name of tamera ot
5:09 am
ero and they've all got their fingers crossed they get them back but right now these people are in hiding because they're worried about the taliban. here is tamera otero from california. >> they are worried, very worried, scared as you can imagine. they went to visit family. we're told that most of them are safe with family and friends, but they're unable to get to the airport currently. we are working with congressman issa's office who has been a great support to help us. we did have one family return tuesday evening. ainsley: darrel issa' office says we will not stop until we have answers and actions. brian: he tweeted out this. at least 24 students are strand ed in afghanistan. you heard the word stranded, right? i'm working diligently to determine the best way to help those trapped kids return home safely. i won't stop until we get
5:10 am
answers, and action. they had tickets to come home on august 15. obviously, they were too scared to get out. so the taliban actually wanted to show sincerity in a situation like that, you escort, you could escort them there. you could locate them and allow u.s. escort them back. last night blackhawks went up. we only got a couple dozen people out i think three blackhawk flights and a lot more room on that so to me there's got to be huge extractions, very quickly. ainsley: what's sad is to know that those 20 some odd students are there, trying to get out and you see images of the empty plane. there were only 50 people on this plane. do we have that picture? jackie showed it earlier. look at this just a few people on the plane there were a total of 50 that actually got on plane but so many empty seats it could be occupied by those people who are fearful. steve: that plane was chartered by a d.c. philanthropist and the reason it's empty, they had
5:11 am
people assigned to every seat but those people could not get into the airport because they've closed the gates. same guy apparently booked another 240 seater to the ukraine, 70 seats went empty because the u.s. soldiers would not allow them in. regarding the school kids, apparently one family did make it out and they are all on special visas for u.s. military service and the dod considers them friendly. now, as they take off from kabul , where do they go? well you be surprised at the number of people who are already on american soil. there's a story this morning in the washington post that apparently 8,600 people, close to 9,000 afghan refugees have already landed at dulles airport just outside washington d.c. they're tested for covid and on tuesday, they tested 900. 11 people had it and they went into isolation, so where do they go after they leave the iconic d
5:12 am
ulles? well, they are expecting about 15,000 in all at quantico and at fort pickett, and that's where they are going to be processed with the sib, the special immigrant visas and for the americans who traveled on the same planes what they are doing is apparently putting them up at the airport marriott, but nonetheless, the story is, there are already close to 9,000 afghans in the d.c. area. ainsley: there's a cute story this morning, if you want to talk about, a positive story, that is coming out of this. on one of the c-17 planes we've heard about babies being born, there were three as of last weekend. a baby was born, a mother was rescued she got on a plane and had a baby girl on the flight, and the two medics that helped deliver that baby, they were on "fox & friends" first earlier, listen to this. >> our focus was on the mom, whose under all these blankets surrounded by her fellow women
5:13 am
and myself and captain brimer, who was unable to be with us today, and dove under and assess ed the situation and had a baby within four minutes. >> to have a baby come off a plane of evacuees, be born here, also come to our hospital and receive care as well, these are all things i'm very proud of, and i like that it showcases what we're capable of as a military medical force. ainsley: the female is a neonatal nurse as well, and serving our military, obviously she said it was so rewarding for her. one of the highlights of her career is to know she was rescuing not only the momma but the baby from afghanistan. steve: and with the c-17 the code names are reach and then a number. designating the particular airplane, and so the family decided to name the baby "reach" after the c-17 as a tribute to the evacuation flight that saved the babies life. ainsley: maybe we finally reached freedom. brian: a couple things. on these evacuees they got to be
5:14 am
thoroughly screened, they already found an isis member, how they got out, they also arrested somebody whose on the terror watch list in france, two over in britain, and you got to wonder in the haste to get people out and i understand the rush, nobody understands it better than us, you have to make sure that we're not bringing people that would do the 9/11 20 years ago. who would think that 19 flight students would go out of their way to kill so many americans and launch the war on terror? my goodness, 8,600 here already, how well are they screened, is there a process underway, what i've seen so far, with this administration, there are so unprepared i have zero confidence that these people are thoroughly screened but i have a huge heart for those people that have helped us and that are worthy of some type of refugee status and keep in mind, among the people that are not happy with that 31st taking action the house problem solvers caucus famously bipartisan all 50-plus have signed a letter saying
5:15 am
extend it, anthony gonzalez, a republican, abigail spamburger from virginia, a democrat pushing for this trying to getting through the head of vice president, now president joe biden, that this is, you can not leave on tuesday. we don't leave american soldiers behind let alone american civilians behind. ainsley: or even bowe bergdahl. we got him. brian: but we exchanged him. guess what? we lose all leverage if we leave how many billions are we going to need to get back kids and families if we get out right now steve: but it doesn't sound like we're going to wait until tuesday night. sounds like we're going to start the process in 36 hours. brian: if that happens the worst decision in american history, and he should be, your number one job is to keep americans safe. not abandon them in a terror regime. ainsley: i don't understand why we can't go into the streets of
5:16 am
afghanistan and grab our americans. brian: we've been doing it for 20 years. suddenly we're afraid to do it. steve: it's frustrating. brian: but the military is not allowed to do it. they would love to do it. let them do their job. steve: all right, it is quarter after the top of the hour and jillian joins us with her job which is the news. jillian: good morning so let's start off with this story more than 700 children spent three weeks or longer at the southern border shelters in mid-july. that's according to declarations filed in federal court. in one of the filings a 16- year-old boy said children were served raw meat and a took more than a month for him to be released to his father. the biden administration declared an emergency in march and setup shelters for the record number of kids crossing the southern border. >> police are searching for these three men accused of a violent robbery in new york city the nypd says a 14-year-old girl was home when the men forced their way in. they tied the teen up with usb
5:17 am
cables and ransacked the home running off with more than 7,000 dollars worth of jewelry aside from bruising on her wrists the teen is okay. police are asking anyone with information to come forward. >> at least 800,000 unvaccinated u.s. service members could fight, amc penalties up to a court martial if they don't get the covid-19 vaccine. the pentagon yesterday issuing a mandate for all u.s. military members to be fully vaccinated, adding covid to the list of required vaccinations. there's not yet an official deadline forevers members to get the shot. >> vice president kamala harris will hit the campaign trail tomorrow for california governor gavin newsom. ahead of the september 14 recall election. they will require everyone to show proof of covid vaccination or a recent negative test that their upcoming car rally even though no one will get out of their car. president biden will also setup for the governor those dates have not been announced, back to you. steve: if it's all hands-on deck the white house and democrats must be worried.
5:18 am
ainsley: they can't get out of their cars but they all have to be masked? [laughter] steve: that's the protocol. brian: right? steve: can't make it up. brian: you don't need a mask outside by the way. everyone is idle, anthony fauci even said that. good luck. ainsley: i wonder if they will have a good showing. steve: it'll be hard to cheer. all right, still ahead on this thursday, new york magazine claims the media manufactured the crisis in afghanistan, but sarah sanders believes that could not be further from the truth. you'll hear her say that, live, coming up next. [relaxed summer themed music playing] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:19 am
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wait, a minute? but what have you been doing for the last two hours? ...delegating? oh, good one. move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. ainsley: vice president harris will jet off to california to
5:23 am
back governor gavin newsom tomorrow as he faces a recall election, on the event description rally, attendees have been told that they must provide proof of vaccine of a vaccination or a negative test within 72 hours for the driver and for all the attendees in the car. they have also been encouraged to bring a mask, all this despite the fact that they won't leave their own cars. joining us now, to react is fox news contributor tammy bruce. good morning, tammy. >> good morning, ainsley. it's a little crazy out there isn't it? ainsley: it really is. >> that's my home state and quite embarrassing. ainsley: aren't you glad you aren't there then? what do you think about kamala harris with the border crisis she barely went down there just for a few hours and jetted off to california now in vietnam, not addressing much, what's happening in afghanistan. she has such an opportunity to stand up for the women that are worried about what the taliban will do. >> yes, well, neither joe biden or kamala harris are people you want to call if you need to be
5:24 am
rescued so i'm not quite sure what gavin newsom is thinking. this is an obscene display of politicking that the most obscene we've seen in a very long time. this is a woman who is arguably, could be the most powerful woman in the world whose international press would view and take seriously, and she couldn't wait to get out of the country. yes if it was setup ahead of time, and yet america has essentially a hostage crisis. meetings can be changed and postponed. i think that the allies we were meeting with or at least the friends, would have understood why the vice president of the united states needed to stay and work on this kind of an emergency, but no. she couldn't do that. it's as though she's doing everything she can to not do her job, which of course, as a femininist i want women to be powerful and seen as powerful but what we have in this case is a woman who is avoiding doing
5:25 am
her job, and i think mostly, obviously, as we've seen with newsom coming up, it is mostly concerned about politics. ainsley: larry elders, the front runner there the conservative radio talk show host on fox all the time, he is doing very well in california, and in gavin does get recalled larry would probably be the winner of the governor's race. do you think that will happen? >> well, you know, i was involved in the grey davis recall and there were over 60 people on the ballot for that one, and people coalesced around arnold schwarzenegger. we see a coalescing it appears, around larry elder, but that was also, of course an unforced error by the democrats, when they targeted him and tried to keep him off the ballot. it reminded people about what it is this is all about, and so you've got even democrat sheriff of los angeles county was saying this is not a partisan issue. people want to have a functional government.
5:26 am
they want to have normal lives, and that's not what california has at this point so i think anything is possible and by the way, it'll only be for a year, because the election is next year. california really has nothing to lose and everything to gain to do it because if they don't like what larry elder or anyone else does, they can reelect gavin newsom, so this is an excellent opportunity to try to get your head above water, and i think california will take advantage of that. ainsley: he could tackle crime, homelessness, he says the gas prices are through the roof and it's so expensive to live there and so many people are leaving. thanks so much tammy great to see you. >> thank you, ainsley. ainsley: coming up next, a retired navy seal helping lead private fights from afghanistan is going to sound off on biden's botched exit plan and we are live on the ground in the yeah tar area as another crisis grows at basis housing afghan refugees
5:27 am
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brian: we're back with a fox news alert. get this the kabul airport is under imminent terror threat, the u.s. warning americans telling them to leave the area right away. tens of thousands of americans and afghans have already been evacuated from kabul, and are being housed at u.s. military air base in qatar and the facilities and conditions are terrible but now they are reportedly facing a growing crisis. trey yingst joins us, how does it look? reporter: well, brian, good morning, qatar officials in private are warning the americans about the conditions currently housing thousands of afghan evacuees things like water and foot shortages, major concerns to the biden administration. now the white house says they are aware of these issues and they're being improved as we speak. this does come as the conditions in afghanistan, specifically at the airport in kabul, continue to deteriorate due to security threats outside the gates kabul 's airport has been basically closed right now.
5:32 am
the u.s. state department now telling americans to shelter in place and not come to the airfield. this as american and british officials were made aware of specific isis threat against the airport. no further details were provided though the timing could not have come at a worse moment. according to u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken there are still 1,500 americans inside afghanistan, a number of european allies at the u.s. say they will stop flights out of the country starting tomorrow night as the u.s. troops draw down begins. yesterday, scenes outside the airport showed thousands of people still waiting to be evacuated, waiting through sewage and climbing over walls to try and get inside the pentagon now says 13,000 people were evacuated in the past 24 hours, bringing the total since the taliban took over to more than 95,000. u.s. officials are still pledg ing to help others even after u.s. troops leave. take a listen. >> let me be crystal clear about this. there is no deadline on our work to help any remaining american
5:33 am
citizens who decide they want to leave to do so along with the many afghans who stood by us over these many years and want to leave and have been unable to do so. reporter: the secretary of state had a lot of words about the situation on the ground in afghanistan, but provided no plan about how the united states will help americans who are still stranded there, after the deadline expires. brian? brian: great point, how are we going to do it? have no people, no facilities, and the taliban to fly them out, it'll be great. thank you. our next guest is part of a team organizing private flights, not waiting for government to get out of kabul but while americans are lining up to help, he says in no uncertain term, the biden administration has been a massive impediment to their effort. retired navy seal and former virginia congressman scott taylor joins us now. scott, you took action like you've been trained to do. how is the administration gotten in your way? >> well good morning, brian it's great to be with you and
5:34 am
first of all let me say i'm proud to work alongside robert s crict and we have a teamworking non-stop for over a week now and we're just part of a small, we're a small effort in a very massive effort with americans of all walks of life, veterans, doing heroic humanitarian work in afghanistan trying to save lives. look, we were in touch with the white house over a week ago trying to get in there and help people out and save lives an get charter flights and get folks out to help them and it got nowhere quite frankly, they said we'll send you the task unit and we could get no one and this is an environment challenging, constantly changing with a lot of complexities, the need is extensive and great and we've been able to help quite frankly our role has morphed but we've been able to use our extensive networks overseas to help engage countries like qatar who helped us get safe passage from the city to the airport for like 300 people we've passed securely information on american citizens to the dod whose reached out to us to ask us for it and we've
5:35 am
helped agencies in ways we can't talk about online right now. brian: yeah, but the administration has not been much of a help they can't get out of their own why, are clearly disorganized. scott, how many americans do you think are in afghanistan? >> i think the number 1,500 number is very low,nd i've got to say, i am absolutely ashamed of the leadership of my country right now. not the men and women in uniform who are on the ground and others who are civilians helping working hard to save lives, but i'm absolutely baffled that no one has been fired, astounded that there's been zero resignations and protests. this was, biden didn't have a binary choice. it wasn't should we stay or should we go. he had a range of options and strategies and what has occurred is an epic failure that could lead to the largest american hostage situation in our nation 's history. brian: brings me to the most important question. if we leave on the 31st which means we got to start packing up right away, right now, do we
5:36 am
have any leverage to get our people out afterwards? let alone our afghan interpreter s. >> the reality is the taliban is on their best behavior right now, and that's not very good, and the only reason for that is because of the thousands of american troops that are there right now. when we leave, i think all hell is going to break loose and i think this nation needs leaders elected, needs leaders appointed who are willing to walk through the fires of hell to get american citizens out safe, and i've got to tell you i want to ask you, brian and ask your audience, we have an operation going right now that could save the lives of hundreds of women and children, right now, and i'm asking for your prayers for success. brian: anyway to contribute? >> i'm proud because there's so many people across all parts of america who have asked to help and contribute and the reality is, we're so bogged down with thousands of requests, and trying to make this operation which is very complex, make it work, and other operations and helping in many other ways it's
5:37 am
very difficult to take in all the againer us offers of help to be honest with you, but there are many people out there who are helping, donors, veterans, using their extensive networks to try to get people out to put their lives on the line for americans. brian: and i'm over, but just real quick, am i right, i don't want to put words in your mouth. is the message don't leave? he just froze. scott taylor, doing incredible work with his organization. clearly it's going to be a hostage situation if we leave the 31st. still ahead on this show, get this. new york magazine claims the media, us, everybody, manufactured the crisis in afghanistan. he says it's really going very well but sarah sanders read the article, and wants to talk about it. at this stage in my life to be able to be here as a part of newday usa, everything that we do is centered around how can we help
5:38 am
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steve: afghanistan is a disaster zone right now. the one writer in new york magazine complains the media manufactured biden's political fiasco in afghanistan, writing in the article, america's withdrawal from afghanistan is thus far proceeding with relatively little chaos and tragedy he talks about how no americans so far has been killed ainsley: little chaos okay former white house press secretary and arkansas republican gubernatorial candidate sarah huckabee sanders is here to react. good morning, sarah. >> good morning. thanks for having me on. ainsley: i wrote down some of the stories we've been covering, the two-year-old baby was trampled on and killed trying to get to the airport, a woman was killed for not covering her head , people have been punched, people have been whipped, they aren't able to leave, and this writer says no chaos? or little chaos? brian: people falling thousands of feet to their death off the fuselage of a cargo jet? ainsley: that's right what do you say? >> if i hadn't experienced firsthand the absolute absurdity
5:43 am
of the mainstream media so much, i would find this hard to believe. unfortunately, it's not, but not only is this not a manufactured crisis, and let's be very clear. the mainstream media is very good at manufacturing crisis. they did it nearly every single day during the trump adminitration. that is not what is taking place in afghanistan. it is an absolute disaster, solely at the hands of the biden administration. they have put american lives at risk, they have put our national security at risk and they have shown just the complete and utter weakness and in competence of this president and the fact that someone is trying to call this a manufactured crisis, when we can see with our own eyes, every single day, the horrific stories coming out of there, is not only appalling but it's irr reprehensible to say something like that when this is taking place at the hands of this american president. steve: well sarah, it's great that reporters are finally doing their jobs and this particular
5:44 am
guy, from the new yorker who apparently doesn't have a problem with what is going on, he calls out the new york times, nbc, cnn, and cbs, for making the administration essentially look bad when they shouldn't be, because at one point, he refers to, he concludes a piece by criticizing americans, bleeding heart correspondents. >> i'm just frankly shocked that the new york times and cnn and others are actually holding biden's feet to the fire. now, i think they could go a lot further in talking about what is fully going on on the ground in afghanistan, the national security threat that we are now under due to the absolute failure of this administration, and i hope they'll continue to tell this story, because it is, i think, one of the most tragic situations that we've had at the hands of the american government , in a really long time. brian: right this is worse than vietnam, no question, and sarah
5:45 am
how is your run for governor going? >> it's going excellent. things are going extremely well. we continue to keep fighting. frankly one of the reasons i'm running is because of the failed leadership in washington does not represent the greatness of this country and we need strong conservative leaders that are willing to step up, continue calling out this administration, and make sure that they can't just run rampant without accountability and people pushing them to do better and to serve this country the way that it should be. ainsley: sarah thank you so much for joining us. >> you bet, thank you for having me on. ainsley: you're welcome. let's hand it over to jillian with more news. jillian: that's right good morning. news out of florida as a family vacation takes a deadly turn after this young father is shot and killed in miami beach, protecting his wife and baby. this suspected gunman admitted he was high on mushrooms and that he targeted the family at random, while they were eating at a cafe. he is charged with second degree murder and was denied bond.
5:46 am
the victim is being remembered as a man of faith and "the best dad ever." >> a fox news alert now, closing indiana northern california, residents and tourists in the resort area already dealing with intense smoke prompting some to leave. the fire started nearly two weeks ago destroying hundreds of homes and right now it spans more than 126,000-acres with 12% contained. >> a 13-year-old boy is the youngest student on georgia tech's campus, that's him right there, studying aerospace engineering, this fall semester. comedian steve harvey and his wife are helping to pay for anderson's tuition since he's too young to receive any of the states merit-based educational scholarship, anderson hopes to work at spacex and eventually start his own company. he is way smarter than me. [laughter] steve: he could do it. jillian: awesome. steve: thank you very much. out to the streets of new york
5:47 am
city we go and janice dean joins us, janice, it's already getting there. >> yeah, we have a heat advisory in the northeast as well as across the mississippi valley and southwest where it's hot but i want to focus on the gulf coast, because i'm concerned we've got this tropical, it's not even a depression yet but it's probably going to be named in the next 24 hours and it's going to go right into the gulf of mexico and let me tell you, the water is warm and there's not going to be really anything to disrupt it once it gets into the gulf, so areas from texas to florida, you need to watch this very carefully. there's not a whole lot of time here. we think potential landfall on tuesday and, i mean, if this is new orleans if the center comes onshore in new orleans as a hurricane that's a lot of problems so just know what to do , make your preparations now, and listen to your local forecast, we'll certainly keep you up-to-date from fox weather. steve, ainsley, brian back to you. brian: janice meanwhile, up next, the fighting irish fight back after a survey deemed their
5:48 am
mascot offensive. famed notre dame coach lou holtz stands up and for them. steve: first let's check in with bill hemmer. bill: hey guys, good morning, great show. heartbreaking moments, right? we are right behind them just a question of hours or even days and then what? senator tom cotton's working around the clock, hr mcmaster spent his adult life on this region, andy mccarthy prosecuted the blind shake 25 years ago, all that's coming back now, and many more from the region will join us in the end we still do not know how many americans will be left behind. big two hours, we'll see you join dana and me in a matter of 12 minutes at the top of the hour, see you then. i've lost count of how many asthma attacks i've had. but my nunormal with nucala? fewer asthma attacks. nucala is a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth,
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steve: well, notre dame's fighting irish fighting back, going on defense for the beloved leprechaun mascot after a survey deemed it the fourth-most offensive mascot in college sports there they are on the top line in the upper right. the indiana university writing from south bend, "our symbols stand as celebratory representations of a genuine irish heritage at notre dame, a
5:53 am
heritage that we regard with respect, loyalty, and affection ." here now to react legendary college football coach, lou holtz who spent 11 seasons with the fighting irish, led them to a national title in 19 l 88 coach, good morning. >> good morning, steve. steve: so what do you make of this outfit, this polling group, apparently, on their blog, they said it's offensive. obviously, now apparently -- >> there are a lot of things that i don't like but this country gives you the freedom to say what you really feel. let's understand where the fighting irish name came from, a newspaper article in the 20s, the kkk invaded south bend, the students from notre dame, which at that time, was all male, went down and confronted them and there was mainly the headline of the paper reads "fighting irish" and that's where it really started. people don't like the flag, they don't like the pledge of allegiance, they don't like everything in this world, they
5:54 am
don't like the rich and the good lord knows let's have the ability to stand up. i used to think that the first amendment said i had the freedom of speech to say what i want and feel but let's not be intimidated any longer it's time to decide a majority stood up. steve: well it's very clear, notre dame has made it, you know , they spoke to a number of reporters yesterday and they said okay, we see that news story about some people feel that, well actually this one outfit, feels that it's offensive, but they're not changing anything. they are sticking with it. >> well it's the right thing to do. the students at notre dame, when i coached for 11 years, i was proud to be part of the fighting irish. they have a great tradition, but why does everybody have to say what you want to do, and there are a lot of things i don't like but i tolerate it. that's part of life and part of the united states, it's part of freedom of speech, but people get offended and they try to bully and shut you up and i
5:55 am
think it's time for the silent majority to stand up and say no more, this is what we believe in and this is going to go on and this is our country and the way in which it was founded. steve: so you think there's a majority of people out there going what is going on? i've had it up to here. i'm going to have to start talking. >> i think it's about time. i don't think the students at notre dame feel that the fighting irish is offensive or anything along that line, understand where it came from, its been there for years and all of a sudden people don't like it , that's up to them. learn to live with it, tolerate, you know, we got to be toker aunt of other people, but the problem is somebody wants something done, it's their way, or they are going to try to bully and thank goodness that notre dame has stood up to this. steve: is this part of the cancel culture thing, now they are going after notre dame? >> well they go after everybody , whether it be the flag, the pledge of allegiance, national anthem, the list goes on and on and they
5:56 am
tried to change everything in this world, and let us believe in what we believe in and the students at notre dame, the people at notre dame, the administration at notre dame should be the one to decide whether it's offensive or not, and i think the students don't. steve: lou holtz joining us today from his home, coach thank you very much. >> well you can put me down as undecided. steve: okay. there you go. i think not. thank you, coach. we're stepping aside, for "fox & friends" in two minutes.
5:57 am
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>> so much breaking news and we'll have more tomorrow and thank goodness it's friday. >> brian had a suggestion. book a leprechaun to come on. >> speak out about being used. >> watch me on radio fox nation. >> bill: good morning as we begin our 9:00 hour here. startling statement from the u.s. embassy in kabul overnight warning americans at the airport to leave now because of security threats. one of the many headlines we'll get to as we begin this hour. bill hemmer live in new york. >> dana: i'm dana perino, "america's newsroom." last night i was reading through some things and got a note from my friend the statement department said leave the airport. that might be fake, right, that the taliban is doing? but no it was real. >> bill: it's true. >> dana: here is where we stand


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