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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 26, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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with me this hour. our continuing coverage of this breaking news on "outnumbered" right now. ♪ ♪ spill and let's recap it, fox news alert, what we know on that deadly explosions outside kabul international airport, the pentagon can confirm two so far. out of the airport gates where thousands of afghans were crowded last night, the second at a nearby hotel, the baron hotel. a telling fox news there could be more attacks on the way they consider this to be an ongoing situation coordinated attack. to the pentagon spokesperson john kirby says there is "a number of u.s. and civilian casualties from the initial explosion" remember casualties, injuries and fatalities. among the injuries that we know of, at least three u.s. marines wounded, jennifer griffin is
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reporting one of those seriously now. we do know that they have medical capability at that airport, because our military does not travel without it. the next question might be do they need to air flight anybody out? how will this look on folding? we had another guest on last hour who knew 13 afghans who were hurt after the bombing. all of this coming hours after a dire warning from the state department to leave the area near the airport. listen to the horrific account from one witness. >> i am an afghan translator for the united states marine corps, i was ordered to get to the airport and get on the plane and get out of here, there was an explosion that happened inside the crowd, a lot of people got hurt and i had a baby girl that was five years old, she died right in my hands. spin on jennifer griffin's life at the pentagon with the latest details. the last time we saw you you
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were updating us on the status of continued evacuations despite americans being told now not to travel to the airport, please stop doing that. we still have a lot on the tarmac we are trying to get home. >> that's right, moving as quickly as they can, harris, i'm told from u.s. officials that the american casualty figure could rise in the coming hours. we can report that three u.s. marines were seriously wounded in the attack outside of abbey gate. we have seen the images outside of abby gate and a dozen by my count of women, children, civilian, afghan men who were killed instantly when that suicide bomb went off. i saw the bloodied images, it was scenes of absolute desperation, we are now seeing some of those injuries being brought to the kabul surgical center. reporting that there are at least 30 injured arriving at
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that surgical center at least six afghan dead. but there was at second explosion at the baron hotel, we don't have images from that hotel at the moment, but this is 200 yards away. this was a complex terror attack. there is no attribution right now as to who is responsible, but the assumption among u.s. officials is that it was an isis case cell. they had intelligence that isis cores on, that group of isis inside afghanistan was trying to threaten those gates at the airport, that's why they were so tight and trying to move so quickly to get as many afghans through the gates before what's really frankly everyone if you listen was expecting. if you listen to secretary of state tony blinken last night and the warning that came out of the state department, the warning for americans to leave those gates it was because the intelligence was real, the throngs of people and civilians trying to get through those gates was a prime target for any
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a suicide and that's what we saw this morning it was a complex attack it, there was a firefight that broke out afterwards, but i can report to that three u.s. marines were seriously wounded and those casualty figures among american service members is likely to rise, harris. >> harris: wow, jennifer, what do we know about what is going on at the airport right now just in terms of have people left? from all of the images i have seen this morning, the crowd did not look any smaller to me, but it is hard to say because you are only getting one camera per perspective at a time. we don't have drones over that. but what are you learning that it looks like outside of the airport? are people taking cover? >> outside of the airport or on the tarmac? >> harris: outside the airport at kabul. >> outside the airport if you are talking about abbey gate coming to see this massive destruction. you see blood on the ground coming to see people who had to
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flee in terror. they have -- it is very difficult. the u.s. military cannot leave their perimeter of the airport to push people further back. they are planning on the taliban doing so, they may have to call in for help from other non-american sources. the qatari have been helping the u.s. on the ground outside of the airport, but it is a very dangerous situation. they sent out a new message telling afghans not to come to those gates. i can assure you that no one is getting through those gates onto the tarmac right now. but there are thousands of afghans inside the airport and their rc 17 aircraft taking off about every 40 minutes and they are trying to again move as many people out and clear the airport. you ask what is happening at the airport, you can assume that there is a trauma center, a military trauma center set up that are treating the american casualties. there will be medevac's out.
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this has moved into a new phase and this is what everyone feared could happen. it was a calculated risk, the u.s. military was given orders to get american citizens out to. it was a risky mission from the get-go. everyone knew it and unfortunately now we see these images. it's ironic that the president had said repeatedly from the white house that he did not want to put another generation of american service members in harm's way, well, there are several americans tonight, american service members who may have just given their life for this mission. >> harris: jennifer, what you are describing is a war zone and to the words that you said that are so chilling is that now we are dependent on the taliban and to push those people back at the gates of the airport. dependent on terrorists to do that. jennifer griffin, i'm also joined by my cohost kayleigh mcenany who has a quick question for you.
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>> jennifer, i heard you earlier describe it as a "sea of humanity outside those gates, 5,000 people trying to evacuate, and just so jarring to think of these. and men and women trying to escape this and now the scenes we are seeing outside the gates, of course there are americans still in the country, how many are left to right now in afghanistan? do we have accounts and what is their hope for getting out at the hour? >> it's very difficult to say, kayleigh. as of the reporting yesterday and the reason it is difficult is that some of these americans who are dual passport holders, they are out in remote places, some of them have been contacted repeatedly by the state department and asked if they want to be evacuated. and some of those people it's safer frankly for them to stay where they are. inside kabul it's a different story. the estimate was that there may be 500 americans who needed to
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get out of afghanistan altogether. overnights we understand that a few hundred more were brought into the airport and they have flown onto -- but this is a very fluid situation, very hard to get ground troops as you heard them say yesterday, sometimes people are double registering, they only have 32 counselor officers at the airport, the u.s. embassy is at the airport. you have 32 counselor officers trying to wade through every single call for help. they are committed to getting any american who needs help help, if you are out there and you are american and you are in trouble, you should still reach out to the u.s. embassy and they will figure out a plan for you. right now you can't have american service members carrying out operations right now they are in a situation where they are trying to protect the airport, protect the thousands of people inside the airport, you have 5200 u.s.
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troops at that airport, it is a prime target for any terrorists. one of the reasons we saw them push their perimeter, they had to coordinate with the taliban in the taliban push their perimeter back 500 meters, 500-yard so they couldn't have rocket fire or mortar fire into the airport. they knew that they had any time you have this many afghan or civilian gathered in one place, people in one place, you are a target for terrorists. they knew that and were trying to mitigate the risk, they knew that they were on borrowed time. >> harris: our audience is watching "outnumbered" right now, my cohost emily compagno has a question. emily. >> emily: morning, jennifer, thank you for your excellent reporting paired i wanted to ask if you could describe in a little bit more detail the layout. we have a map on the screen of the airport, but can you describe a bit further is there a type of green zone around the gate as much and has been made of people who have made it
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through the airport gate? people that are communicating with us here on the ground, the 5200 marines that are protecting it that you have mentioned, how close however to that gate are these throngs of people trying to rush in and therefore the threat of potentially another bomb so we can wrap our brains around it, what is the layout like physically they are? >> you have to understand that you have about five gates into the kabul international airport, half is for military aircraft and there is another side of the airport that is for civilian aircraft. many of those charters that have been chartered by other governments as well as ngos have been landing at the civilian sites. the u.s. military is arranging all the air operations going out of the international airport. they are the air traffic controllers for both the civilian and the military side. you have -- and what happened if you ask about a green zone around the airport, that was almost impossible.
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when the 82nd airborne came in and had to secure the perimeter, they secured the perimeter and those gates, but the people, the afghan evacuees had already put stuff to all the gates. if so then a few days ago they had to coordinate with the taliban to push those people back 500 yards. so they did do that, but there is no green zone per se. you had u.s. marines and 82nd airborne troopers who were about barbed wire almost eyeball to eyeball with afghan evacuees who they were trying to help and see if there were any americans in the crowd. look and see if the paperwork -- if they had the papers and then work side-by-side with state department counselor officers to get those people through the gate. they did so heroically. but they put their next on the line. they were in harm's way and what we saw happen a day, a suicide bomber going off, those american forces trying to get as many people out as quickly and as
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safely as possible, i mean, one of the reasons you saw the bottlenecks at the gates i'm told from u.s. officials is that they were very worried that somebody would try to sneak a bomb onto the tarmac. so while you could have women and children coming through, the taliban and isis-k, they know that their goal would've been to sneak a suicide bomber onto the tarmac. very difficult to decisions being made in real time by u.s. troops and u.s. state department officials. i've seen it behind the scenes. i don't know how they did it or got 100,000 afghans out, quite frankly. it's the largest air left u.s. history. and they were doing so inevitably, going to be people left behind and there are people left behind. you heard tony blinken say yesterday even after the u.s. pulls out on august 31st and after, there is no no more a u.s. military presence, the state department will work with allied partners to try and get anyone who legitimately has
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paperwork or are american citizens to get them out of the country, but it will be very difficult once the u.s. military leaves. spew any act, because technically, jennifer, the entire country will be behind enemy lines. we won't hold anything not even the airport. jennifer, thank you. we will bring you back as the news warrants. waiting on the white house to give the press briefing and hear from the pentagon as well, great reporting by our team today. jennifer griffin, lucas tomlinson, trey yingst, jacqui heinrich supporting us behind the scenes was so much good information on email. so thanks to all of them. i want to bring in cash for tall, former pentagon chief of staff under president trump and to also serve for a counterterrorism on the national security council. you are our guy at the center on "outnumbered" up today, and the timing is auspicious and we are grateful for it. first of all, what we don't have right now and i was just top
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lining my team to find out what new pictures we could get, we don't have eyes on the ground right now, because there is no safe space to do that from what i am being told. as you heard jennifer griffin, you have to secure everything you can and the taliban, dependent on them to do that. some new pictures with what we have already seen, but here's what we know, hundreds of isis-k are in the vicinity which means this likely is ongoing. >> kash: thanks so much for having me in the, i wish we were talking about something else other than the implosion of afghanistan. you guys had a point that not many others are talking about. isis-k aura isis khorasan providence which is a foreign government out of northern afghanistan and normally is waging battles with al qaeda. those two enemies of the united states are smart enough to take advantage of a crisis in afghanistan on american
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interests, and what they have done and they have the means, it does not take a lot to create a vehicle and born explosive device and inflict mass casualty. >> kayleigh: it's kayleigh here, speaking with a number of our former colleagues in the white house just last hour and there was a consensus among them and the consensus was this. to that it was a mistake to announce an august 31st deadline. keith kellogg who you know well, national security council said it was a big mistake. if i was advising the president i would call the head of the taliban and say you are not going to do this, that date is up to us, not you. another former high-level official told me that so we went from an arbitrary deadline of august 31st that became a taliban redline and that to date put a target on our troops back, your assessment? >> kash: so the taliban is dictating the terms to the
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american commander in chief. and what they have done strategically from a position of war as they have taken the withdrawal date to that president biden has announced and used it to their advantage. used it to their position of strength and inflict harm on americans and american allies including innocent afghan civilians. and from a strategic war fighting posture if your enemy can take your own timeline of withdrawal and inflict pain by out staging you on afghanistan, then this is what has happened and it is just a terrible outcome. >> kayleigh: and ric grenell telling me before we came to error that it is not about what you say to the taliban it is in fact what they hear that is so important in all of this. we know that they are controlling the country in the presidential palace at this moment, and adding to that, keith kellogg said, recounted two conversations that president trump had with the head of the taliban, and said that one was had after the
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killing of sola money to send an unmistakable message we need business. he said in the second called at the president said in no uncertain terms if you hurt an american, this deal is off. and he said for 18 months we did not have an american killed in that country, no american soldier killed even as american forces were assisting afghans in killing the taliban, they still do not act, because it seems that they understood a pretty clear message, what do you think they are hearing now in contrast? >> kash: it's the complete opposite, you hit it right on the head. president trump when i was running the counterterrorism program, they made america's defense his national security priority and when he made a threat to the head of the taliban to say the american interest was harmed or injured, he would unleash the entire department of defense on them, they took that seriously. it was a threat from the commander in chief, and it is the biden administration, now
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you have them dictating terms because they know that president biden has no plan for withdrawal and violated the agreement put in place between the afghans and president trump that was working, but not a casualty has occurred and i got bombs going off because of them taking advantage of a false withdrawal date and the lack of planning by the national security apparatus of the united states. >> emily: it is emily compagno, as you see the tragedy unfold, can you outline for the viewers briefly the worst-case scenario that we could expect here in the homeland and also the best-case scenario given the current events? speak of the best-case scenario would for us to take their airfield which is the command and control elements in afghanistan a 20 minute flight from kabul so that we can actually conduct air lifts and military operations and lead special porches to counterterrorism. the worst-case scenario and i really hope this does not occur as american citizens are going to be left behind in afghanistan, groups like isis
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khorasan and al qaeda and others are going to take those individuals hostage because they see america in a position of weakness when it comes to afghanistan. and then that is the worst situation you can have because you have americans held hostage overseas and that is a leverage point for the terrorist, our enemy and we will not be able to go and rescue them because this administration does not have a plan to do so and our intelligence capabilities on the ground have suffered drastically because president biden has not made afghanistan a national intelligence priority. >> it's kennedy, i have a question about isis-k and al qaeda, obviously you said that they hate each other, isis-k considers the taliban to be apostate because they negotiated with the united states. so we have been back channeling to the cia with the taliban and negotiating with them directly, jake sullivan said we should take them at their word for now, is this terror attack in these multiple explosions, is this a
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way isis-k to take advantage of the chaos and try to gain control of a country that is imploding sort of free from the taliban? >> kash: yes, and great outline, they are normally fighting each other, and we normally under president trump let them kill each other because they are two foreign terrorist organizations enemy and of the united states. but isis-k will seize an opportunity at the expense of america's interest which is what is happening right now. they are smaller in number and resources than al qaeda, but they know how to strategically impact american interests and inflict great casualty is at low cost to them. and that's what they are doing right now. and part of the propaganda machine is going to be to prop up these attacks as they are the new terrorist threat that over arches al qaeda. and they will establish another layer that we have wiped out.
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>> harris: cash put tall in our center seat on "outnumbered," following the breaking news from kabul airport and a nearby hotel where at leat two explosions have killed and injured a unknown number of people, some reactions from the world community. trey yingst is live in qatar. what are you learning that the world is saying as they watch this? >> well, look, this is a worst-case scenario for u.s. allies around the world. we saw over the past week places like great britain, france, germany basically bake in the united states to extend that august 31st withdrawal deadline. in the situation now is really dire. you have still foreign troops on the ground trying to evacuate their personnel and those that are left at the airfield, but you also have a situation where there are foreign countries who say they have citizens not only
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trapped in kabul but across the entirety of afghanistan. so in the coming hours we will get more information on exactly what happened with this blast and who was affected, but the images spreading online right now indicate it was extremely large, the explosion outside of the abbey gate and an additional explosion near the baron hotel, but it affected foreigners and that makes the entire situation completely different. >> harris: you know, trey, you are in the place where they have been taking those off the tarmac, the afghans were some of the vetting has been going on, one of the 14 countries where sites have been set up to do that may be that is grown exponentially now. in terms of supporting the united states getting people home or getting people to a safe haven, those that helped us out from afghanistan. and i bring all of that up, because one element that i think we have not concentrated on his who really is among the people who are trying to get out onto the tarmac? it is not just the adults who
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worked at the embassy or contractors, it is their family is too. it is not just the afghans who were like i talked with an army ranger interpreter yesterday, it is not just their great work that they gave in service to our military, but it is their families too. and no doubt where you are, they are watching this unfold and considering themselves, you know, they were desperate to get out, they are blessed, they are wherever they are that they have been taken to a safer place, but some may even have family that would've been outside that gate. >> absolutely, everybody needs that we speak to in qatar know somebody stuck in afghanistan, because there were thousands of evacuees that came here, but not everyone can make it out. and we were in kabul on sunday morning as evacuees headed here and got on a plane and they were escorted here. those made it to safety. many did not, but the range of
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emotions, those evacuees felt really heartbreaking, we heard from mothers and fathers and brothers, sisters, friends who had a future, they had dreams for their country and those dreams were destroyed in a matter of days as the taliban had just 11 days took over the country and walked into kabul and just basically walked into the presidential palace and took control. so we have talked with a variety of people not only on the ground in kabul and the families waiting to evacuate, but many innocent civilians, laborers, people with day jobs who just don't want to see violence take over their country. and we also spoke with people like university students who fled to delhi. five young women we spoke to stand out in my mind, because they represent what afghanistan is. the afghan people are not the taliban, they are a small group of just about 70,000 fighters according to u.s. estimates. and then you millions of people who are trapped among this
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terror, but we are trying to figure out who is responsible. they believe that the group isis-k, the providence in eastern afghanistan most likely responsible for the attack and creates a scenario of dried not only for those that are stuck on the ground in afghanistan, but certainly the ones that made it out and are here in qatar ten -- qatar who made the flea in the situation. >> tray, it is emily compagno as you spoke about the hope as they swept in and took afghanistan are you seeing that in the short time since the explosions and the glacial pace of evacuations that have happened is now any hope being eroded again for a safe future and for a safe evacuation out of that country for those eligible? >> absolutely, and i mean right now, not only the united states, but the entire world must rely
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on the word of the taliban, we interviewed a spokesperson yesterday. and said to fox news that they would ensure safe passage out of afghanistan for american passport holders period. that's it. afghan civilians who may be worked with the u.s. military or were considered friends of the united states and had the appropriate visas to exit will no longer be allowed out by the taliban. they do not want the rest of the afghan population to flee. but the problem is that everyone now has to rely on the word of the taliban. we had a similar conversation with the director of the world food program david beasley, and said we have to work with the taliban, they are in control of afghanistan. so the hope you talk about that some people may have left with thinking there could be a future for their family members who could not it out, the dark reality is that most likely sharia law will be implemented
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across the country and the next two years in afghanistan will look very much like the late '90s where you saw a country that was consumed by violence and a world where music is outlawed, women are not allowed to go into secondary education, and there is an extremely -- a society that is focused on religion and the ideals of the taliban. and it is upsetting to the people who have fled, because they understand that they are leaving their lives and their country behind. >> kayleigh: trey, kaylee here, we know the repercussions extend beyond the reality in afghanistan border by no fewer than half a dozen countries at a strategic crossroad with china, iran, nuclear pakistan. we have heard criticism from the western european allies, from lawmakers and he spent a ton of time in israel, we know angela merkel postponing her trip to israel, president biden postponing his meeting with israeli officials as well, what
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are you hearing from the strategic ally on what is going on not too far from where they are? >> we know israeli prime minister bennett is in washington right now i was actually scheduled to meet with president biden today. that meeting has been postponed, but there is a lot of questions for american allies in europe and across the middle east, because this comes down to a commitment that the united states made not only to key partners, but to those who help the united states over the past 20 years, because there is a real understanding on the ground in afghanistan right now, and the people that we talked to who are fleeing, they understand that anyone who worked with the united states or with nato countries will be a target for the taliban, so when you sort of step back from the story and you think about the message sent from the united states to u.s. allies around the world, whether it is israel, countries across europe, the question is, can you depend on the united states? and that's something that analysts are going to talk about, opinion commentators who
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will look at in the coming days and weeks, but on the ground the people most affected by these decisions, these foreign policy decisions made in washington are actually the civilians. the people who now and afghanistan will have to live a made the taliban, the civilians who in many cases will have to rely on american aid simply to survive because you have the snowball effect after conflict and after takeover of an extremist organization like the taliban where everyone right now is focused on the immediate consequences of the taliban controlling afghanistan, but the long-term consequences are serious. they involve things like hunger, education, the ability for people simply to survive amid very, very harsh environments. and it's unclear right now how the united states will fulfill a pledge that we heard just yesterday u.s. secretary of state antony blinken make not only to get americans out of the country, but to also keep a close eye on what is happening and assist in any way possible,
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because the reality on the ground is that the united states no longer controls the airfield. they will leave next tuesday kabul's main airport and then there will be no air or land bridge for the united states or its allies to enter afghanistan to even offer any help that the united states might want to provide. >> kennedy: trey, it's kennedy, i know you have been with the qatari air force, what are their plans going back into the country and we heard the administration say they had contingency plans for pretty much everything heard a lot of people saw a terror attack like this coming. so you noted that bob graham is closed, the kabul airport is obviously compromised, are there any other ways that people can get out of the country? >> look, the qatari are in a unique situation, they have a special leverage over the taliban, that's why you saw the peace talks taking place here in
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doha, many at this hotel, you saw officials from across afghanistan come here to meet directly and sometimes indirectly with the americans and it was a relationship that was very delicate for the qataris to maintain, but they are in this position where they will be able to continue flights into kabul to move along those evacuations, because not only a civilian stuck on the airfield, but we know that thousands of foreigners and locals who have the correct paperwork, who have the special immigrant visas and passports even to get out of the country but simply can't make it inside. obviously these explosions today complicate the situation, they greatly complicate the situation, but to the qatari pluralist will play a role in the near future not only to go in with c17 military planes and pick up passengers who are able to make it into the airport grounds, but also they will play a role in escorting people from different locations inside kabul
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to the hotel that many americans stay out and ultimately to the airport. they have been doing that with the assistance of the taliban because they have that ability to communicate with them. >> harris: trey, just listening to your right then, this sounds like a long-term commitment beyond august 31st and congressman dan crenshaw told me last hour that's what house members, bipartisan are unified on, the question of will this president extend beyond august 31st? will they put down some people on the ground and higher numbers to open up a secondary, third, fourth, whatever it takes to airstrip possibly bob graham airport, that is ours, who knows if they are squatting there, the enemy, but will those things happen, that's the pressure that congress is hoping to apply, and bipartisan, that one single issue as you lay it out is a lot to do in just a few days.
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trey, we will come back to you as the news warrants, and we will see you often, because it warrants it at this moment. we have brand-new video coming in now from a hospital that is receiving some of the injured, so we have been waiting to get new pictures on the ground, remember 8.5 hours ahead of us. so it is definitely nighttime. and imagine what jennifer griffin was saying that the people outside of the airport, that the u.s. military, the united states, the greatest country on the planet in terms of saving and loving more people anywhere, that we are depending on the terrorist, the taliban to push people back from that scene as they anticipate possibly more attacks after the two explosions. a complex set of terrorist hits. a complex set of explosions is how the pentagon has described this possibly ongoing at this
9:34 am
point. but outside of the hospital now look at the activity as they bring in those who were casualties. and that is a word that gets thrown around, it means injured, wounded, and also the dead. and so far we don't have confirmations of anything other than wounded and injured, and that is a blessing. what jennifer griffin warned us and so has lucas tomlinson and every reporter we have had on, all of the great reporting you have been watching unfold here, peter doocy, all of them. we have been warned to expect more to come. so in the meantime we are getting at least a look at the response, the emergency response to those initial explosions outside of kabul airport at that very crowded where we have seen a crush of humanity outside those gates. and then we are the nearby, the 200 yards away from that is the barren hotel. i want to bring in kash patel,
9:35 am
our man in the middle today, former pentagon chief of staff under president trump who served as senior director for counterterrorism on the national security council, so new pictures, now. >> kash: yes, it's just a tragic scene all around. and what should be happening and is not happening is if we had secured the peace agreement like we did under president trump president trump, 1 these explosions would not be occurring and we would have our allies in our u.s. military on the ground to assist any casualties that might occur. if you have been in afghanistan like i have it's not like the united states of america and their emergency response systems aren't the same, and their doctor services are not the same, so i am terrified and horrified to hear that these explosions are occurring, but as you said, harris, this is just the beginning. and they just can't handle this amount of casualties in and around the kabul area let alone the war-torn country.
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so i'm hopeful that it gets better, but i think you are right and i'm going to brace ourselves for something much more worse. >> harris: i am going on what is coming to us from the pentagon. as you say, we brace, because the details on the ground certainly will look at american casualty is likely to arise. that's the reporting from u.s. officials we have been seeing and talking with. and i invite all the viewers to bring their eyes to the screen, sometimes you will see the same thing for a while, so you look away, but you do want to see the response, the emergency response and have so much respect for what you just said is that they are not equipped to handle this sort of thing. especially in a country that has been largely taken over by the taliban. i mean, they have not begun to whatever that is going to look like, govern. my second question before i pass it on to my colleagues here is what can the taliban accomplish at this point? are they really in control?
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>> kash: unfortunately, the taliban are in the seat they wanted to be and which is almost near full control. they are using the devastation caused by factions such as may be it is be five or a faction of al qaeda, but using it to their advantage to cause chaos. and you have a vacuum created by failed leadership and the commander in chief in president biden and then the withdrawal of the allies that are living large and vacuum, and the chaos they are seeing on the ground is going to enable them to go out throughout their country and garner support for taliban-led government instead of a taliban/afghan led government, because the taliban will own the means of the country. >> kayleigh: you have been in the situation room and at the department of defense coming up in in the west wing, i know that you and i are both envisioning what those hallways are like right now. the same ones we traversed eight months ago, and having spoken to
9:38 am
some of the former colleagues there is a little bit of a disagreement amongst some of the senior officials, one person telling me hey, let's get out, no more escalation, it has been 20 years, let's just get out and do things from the air, then another colleague said no, pick up the phone and say the date has moved, it might be 8/31, or december 31, but we are setting the date and it means assuming more risk, but at the end of the day they said you need a president, a commander in chief to pick up the phone and make that decision and say we are setting the dates, so in your view, what is the way forward? is it getting out of here and making sure we protect those 5200 military men and women? or is it moving the date, staying and evacuating those american stranded? >> kash: because of the situation left, it's a little bit of both. under president trump we had a conditions-based withdrawal plan that was working on them hand and handed it off, they resend that agreement with the afghan government and then what the
9:39 am
taliban did was said we will wait you out. and president biden said we will be out by 9/11 using that date as an offensive remark to the american people, now you have a failed system in afghanistan with the american allies withdrawing, so if you continue to up and leave, it will implode catastrophically even more so. you had a good point, air superiority is something we have always had in afghanistan. and our predator program dominated the skies under president trump, and we can do that again if we retake bagram airfield, because that is the center country ops. and on top of that, you do need to start successfully withdrawing the american citizens and also military personnel when conditions on the ground permit. so i think you have to combine what these folks are saying. i don't think it's a destructive one or the other, but it's conjunctive, we have to do both. we have to reestablish and then safety remove our personnel and allies.
9:40 am
>> emily: i wonder if you would respond, they condemned the bombing of civilians at kabul airport that took place in an area where u.s. forces are responsible for security. the islamic emirate playing close attention to the security and protection of the people and evil circles will be strictly stopped. your reaction? >> kash: putting aside the fact that twitter is allowing the taliban to propagate propaganda across the world, this is the harm in doing so. the taliban is taking the situation and placing it at their advantage. of course they are laying fault at america for blowing up bombs in afghanistan where citizens are, which is just untrue, but that is how the taliban establishes credibility in countries and gains for their support because they have a propaganda machine and they don't have the ethics that we do. they don't care about lying and placing blame at the feet of america, because that's how they gain strength in country. and they are continuing to do so
9:41 am
on these big tech platforms and it's continuing to assist in terrorist activities in the deaths of americans and our allies and i wish that they would stop it and call them out for their terrible actions here. >> harris: i will ask everybody to sit by, we are waiting for the white house press briefing to begin, we have been waiting for some time, and we know we have also been told to expect the normal 10:30 eastern press conference as well, but what we are anticipating is at the white house press briefing will take place first whether or not the president on the united states would join that, we don't know. we have seen that with past administrations, we will have to see what happens with this, let's get more detail from jacqui heinrich who is live at the white house. what do we know to expect coming up from the white house? why do we hear directly from the president of the united states with at least three marines that we know of. who have been seriously injured in the explosion that happen
9:42 am
outside or right at the gates of the kabul airport in afghanistan. >> harris, i would not rule it out as a possibility, the white house says the president and vice president have been briefed on the explosion and have not commented so far on reports of casualties and fatalities, they have also not commented on the possibility of more attacks to come. the president is in the oval office. they are marine standing guard outside. we know that the bilateral meeting scheduled this morning with the new israeli prime minister has been delayed until later today despite the delegation being here at the white house milling around and lots of press from the israeli delegation milling around, the briefing has been pushed back till later on as well. officials have really pushed back on reports that this evacuation effort is likely at all to wrap up soon, we know that they said what they said about the evacuations continuing. flights are continuing to take off, but a very delicate
9:43 am
situation in exactly the kind of warning that everybody feared and overnight last night that was the cause for the dire warning from the u.s. official who confirmed to me that there was an imminent threat via a suicide bomber or vehicle bomb that continued for the last 24 hours and measured at that point as more likely than not to happen. this is what they feared. now a source briefed me on the situation who had been briefed on the situation in kabul tells me that there are hundreds of isis-k in the area and more attacks are likely to continue. that person indicated to me that the way things look right now it would be difficult to get everybody out. we have seen other reports sort of seeming to jive with that. to the white house is really pushing back on any assumption that what you are looking at could be the end or that they would not get every last person out, but the way that they end up doing that is unclear. we have heard some reports that
9:44 am
potentially there are discussions to examine nontraditional methods to get people out. we know that the president after continues to see plans for two scenarios, one where the deadline was extended past august 31st and that military personnel would remain there and a second in the event that the military did in fact withdraw and we had to pursue other ways to get americans out. now the president after the contingency plan for both scenarios. the u.s. is as far as we know conducting the covert mission to distract 500 or 1500 americans who are still believed to be around the country. several other countries did spend their evacuation flights. denmark, belgium, and the netherlands among those who have finished their evacuation effort. we know from the white house, the last subject this morning they still at 24 hours, 13,400 people got out and since that number was released, flights have continued.
9:45 am
we are waiting for plans at exactly how the evacuation effort will continue with the possibility of ongoing attacks by isis or another malign actor. harris. >> kayleigh: kayleigh here now, dealing with breaking news and had reporters coming up to my doors in the upper press office wanting their questions answered in a scenario like that is understandable to push back that briefing. i would be on the phone with national security adviser robert o'brien or calling them at the dod and going to the oval office adjusting the president of the united states walks to the camera and addresses the american people. i'm wondering from you, have you seen any comings and goings of the secretary of defense? have you been to the press secretary's office? what does it seem like right there at the white house? >> there is a flurry of activity as you know, the upper press area is where high-level officials have their meetings, but then we get back down to the
9:46 am
press as they have been tied up in meetings a lot today, but they have been communicating with us. also we were told that the vice president was part of that 9:15 in the morning briefing that included the secretary of defense, secretary of state, chairman join chief, and they have continued throughout the morning that the president schedule will be updated based on those evolving changes, so i don't have any clear guidance on whether we will hear from the president himself, but again, i would not rule it out as a possibility, i think that they are trying to get a handle on exactly what we know especially with respect to the reports of fatalities and casualties. those have come out of the pentagon. the white house has not commented on that. john kirby put out a tweet saying that they have seen -- they have had a number of civilian -- u.s. fatalities and casualties, and beyond that we don't have further detail, so i
9:47 am
would assume that those are the things that they are trying to get a handle on and pass that on to us when they speak to us. those are the questions we will be asking. >> emily: it's emily compagno, what are your reactions to the lawmakers on the ground? >> as hillary vaughn just put out in an email, and i believe she reported on error that there was a threat or a warning from the state department to lawmakers not to tell people who were remaining on the ground in afghanistan to go to the airport. there was some effort that was continuing even as of this morning by various offices to try to reach out to people who are still in afghanistan and get them to the airport to make it on some of these flights, the state department telling those lawmakers, stop doing that. that is posing a security threat and there has been some pushback now from lawmakers who said, we are not going to stop helping people who we know are on the ground if there is some effort
9:48 am
to find safe houses burned them to go to. but again, the direction about what american should be doing and what american should be listening to is really going to come out of the state department and the u.s. embassy. they had been sending us those warnings overnight when those threats were imminent, get away from the airport, listen to the media for updates, follow the channels of the u.s. embassy and what you should do next and then when those threats started to come around and the threats were happening telling them to take cover and leave the area, so they are going to be the point to whom folks who are still in afghanistan need to listen, and there seems to be some sort of attention between lawmakers giving conflicting messages of what the state department has been telling folks. >> harris: before we get to kennedy's question i just want to interject, we had some pretty tough images up on the screen and you saw the banner that said new video, we have been getting
9:49 am
a new pictures, so as that happens, i don't want this to go by like wallpaper. these are human beings who have been harmed, and those -- that's one of the new images. the scenes outside that they are trying to treat as best they can, and really medical facility is that we learn from kash patel this hour because he is in the center seat on the show today is that they are naturally equipped to handle this, and you have to remember that this is a country that is been torn apart by terrorists who want to leave it. and others who hate us and would love to join them in making the chaos and the terror continue particularly against us. the afghan citizens who helped us and those perhaps who didn't, but have lived on the benefit of a new type of world and life and the last 20 years that we played such a critical role in helping them to usher in. and to the poor planning of our departure is something that they will investigate and dig into.
9:50 am
for today, we he see -- we see human carnage and pain and our hearts cannot turn away from that no matter what we do. and we know that some of our americans are with them and have been harmed today too, at least three of our marines. so as we watch the new images, i just want to draw up attention to the screen, because this is the human toll of hate and we should not miss it. we are reminded today of what it feels like to be hated and to be hunted. and what it takes to stand against that hate and that hunting. the u.s. military again stepping up to salvage, to save, to fight. god bless them on the ground in afghanistan. our men and women in the military. you've heard people on this program in the prior hour from members of congress, we need a new plan. kennedy. >> kennedy: a good point, harris. and representative seth moulton and peter meijer, they went to
9:51 am
kabul and they airport. they are two people who have worn the uniform and served and they say that there is absolutely no way that you can get the number of people out of the country in six days that is necessary. and so, that's why last hour on your show, harris, you heard representative -- representative crenshaw say that it is a bipartisan push. this urgency for the administration to outline extending the timeline to make sure and get people out. and harris, you're absolutely right to point out that human toll and the carnage. and this is only what we can show on tv. if you have been on twitter and if you have seen some of those videos, it is horrific. i mean, it is an absolute bloodbath and it is only going to get worse. and i know that there are people who have really grown invested in some of the stories that you are talking about, the people who have called in and the plea
9:52 am
is that you have heard from within afghanistan, save us. we are stranded. we have been abandoned, and people want to know what happens now. what is the contingency plan? where do we go from here? what is the administration going to do to get people out? because the whole thing seems so deadly and so compromised. >> harris: you know, this feels like a moment that is bigger than jen psaki all due respect to people who do that job, we have one among us who do is a star, kayleigh mcenany, and others who have interviewed robert gibbs in so many others, this is a job for a president now. the united states of america needs to hear from its commander in chief. >> kash: yes, and you are absolutely right, harris, and i am extremely biased for kayleigh who did a wonderful job as did so many others, but this is a job for the president of the united states of america, the commander in chief of our
9:53 am
armed forces. unfortunately this situation reminds me of an lbj moment during vietnam when he micromanaged award of failure, apparently we are seeing some parallels here with the biden administration, president biden micromanaging us to failure in afghanistan because of his lack of leadership, his refusal to take question and his refusal more improperly than that to implement a plan in afghanistan as our commander in chief to effectively evacuate our citizens safely and help our afghan allies and partners and secure a piece in afghanistan. that was the whole point of putting 20 years and 2 trillion into the war and not to mention 5,000 casualties, american casualties. at this time more than any other and for the gold star families, my heart goes out to you. i served with your brothers and sisters and i hope our commander in chief comes around full-term and takes responsibility and executes as a leader and not as someone in hiding. >> harris: you know, normally
9:54 am
here on "outnumbered" weeping and pong and go around and we talk to each other and we have put some experts like yourself on a center seat in general, but i do want to talk among us now, because kayleigh, and emily, i will come to you first, we have seen a lot in the last two weeks, haven't we? we have sat here and we have watched this unfold from the moment that we were told that it wasn't going to look like this, we sat here in july on july 8th when the president of the united states promised that he was going to do a good job in terms of ending this and it was not going to stop, the taliban are not going to take over, we have been here for the ramp-up to hate and destruction. >> emily: that's exactly right, harris, and i think what is in part so heartbreaking is that as we have watched this tragedy upon tragedy of fold, the predictability is what i am sort of garnering here is that
9:55 am
hate-fueled attack, this violence that's where has there been any good news? where of this has there been a silver lining? because thus far i'm not sure that we have seen it. notwithstanding some safe evacuations, of course, i keep waiting for there to be some type of cohesive seamless effort, some successful something and i worry about our future. i worry about the credibility and the strained relationships that we have with our former allies, they are on the ground and throughout the globe, because as we are seeing this unfold today, harris, i think the magnitude of this cannot be overstated, and we will need global partners to fight what can be only summed up by the word evil. >> harris: there are certainly no political good news in all of this, you're absolutely right about that, emily. and right to point out as often times you will hear me say, that to the human dedication that our military has come of these people who we have seen carry
9:56 am
babies and in some instances help them come into the world. we have seen those moments, but you are right, emily, from the total view from 37,000 feet, this is a catastrophe now. kayleigh, your thoughts? >> kayleigh: yes, harris, it's so tragic. it feels like we have gone back to a bygone era when we worried about terrorism on a daily basis. i had the honor of writing the story of kim copeland who was from texas, she lost her little 11-year-old son sean, brody and her husband in nice, france, when a refrigerator truck poured through a candy stand and took her son and her husband's life. and i saw her tears and it feels like we are back in that moment where innocence has been lost in terrorism seems to be back. it is such a tragedy to me. one of those officials i mention said to me when we walked out on january 20th, isis was obliterated. al qaeda was next to nothing.
9:57 am
baghdadi was gone, stolen money was gone. the middle east secure, syria and iraq, we had gotten isis out of those countries and now these images on our screen and feels like we have gone back in time seeing these heart-wrenching images in a harling new reality in afghanistan and sadly beyond. >> harris: and we still await the white house press briefing. we are told to expect it at any moment now and my question is will the president of the united states addressed the nation? when will that happen? will he join his press secretary jen psaki at the lectern? what will that look like and when will we hear? those leadership points are very important always, but particularly when you have a war zone unfolding outside of the only territory and enemy territory that is right now protected by the u.s. military and that is kabul airport. i want to get your closing thoughts as we round out this
9:58 am
hour waiting for the white house press briefing on what we need to hear when we do eventually hear from somebody in the white house? because the audience is not just us. it is everybody tuning in now. all around the world, what will come from 1600 pennsylvania avenue? >> kash: i don't know what will come, but i would hope would come and i know would come under president trump, he would take the podium and he would tell the american citizens that we have a plan, we have a contingency plan in an emergency plan and we are going to get all-americans out safely. we have an intelligence plan and a military plan to secure bagram airfield so that we can establish a perimeter and expo and infill operations out of the country until needed, not permanently. i would want to hear from a commander in chief that will say we will get every single american citizen and ally out of country safely and in order to do that, he is launching an operation based on the intelligence and not based on
9:59 am
politics. and lastly, we would want assurances from the president of the united states that he would go and have hope again and instill faith and our allies again by acts of leadership and not acts of hiding in a vacuum and allowing the mainstream media to cover for you. and even they have blown their cover because of the tragic situation in afghanistan is so awful. i will want leadership out of this commander in chief just like any other american putting politics aside, because when i served, the mission mattered more than me and anyone that we served with, and anyone who served for the interest of our nation will tell you just that. we need a commander in chief who puts the mission first. >> kennedy: and he has to answer questions, harris, he has to answer questions but he cannot turn his back on the press, this is a critical day. >> harris: it is so important what you're saying, kennedy, that he is answering the questions. we are hearing from the dod and the state department and other people, we will hear from the
10:00 am
press secretary jen psaki, all of the voices for the administration, but the nation needs a commander in chief as kash just said he will put the mission first and put transparency on that mission first as well. everybody, thank you on "outnumbered." and we will handed over to "america reports" as we await some word from the white house. >> john: the ongoing chaos in kabul. at least, three u.s. marines are hurt. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith in new york. an attack outside of the gates of hamid karzai international airport. the


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