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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  August 26, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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of the voices for the administration, but the nation needs a commander in chief as kash just said he will put the mission first and put transparency on that mission first as well. everybody, thank you on "outnumbered." and we will handed over to "america reports" as we await some word from the white house. >> john: the ongoing chaos in kabul. at least, three u.s. marines are hurt. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith in new york. an attack outside of the gates of hamid karzai international airport. the pentagon is calling this a
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complex attack. and then, a second explosion rocked the area by the hotel. >> john: that hotel is part of an american rescue operation just days ago. at least, 13 people are dead as result of the attacks. the kabul hospital saying at least, 16 have been injured. listen here. >> word has been out for the last few days and understanding something of this nature. the first thing that came to mind and one of my first runs to the gate to take people across is this would be a perfect scene -- scenario for a suicide bombing and cause mayhem.
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one person with luggage exposed could cause ma hem. and unfortunately, this has occurred this afternoon. the first thing that came to mind is this an ideal scenario for a suicide bombing. but nothing happened until today. as i said, the last couple of days, the word out was that isis was planning something like this. >> sandra: jennifer griffin is at the pentagon. >> john: some brand-new video coming into our news room. we have to warn viewers the video is horrific and graphic.
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>> it is horrible and graphic. a person wearing an explosive vest outside of the main gates at the hamid karzai international airport. taliban is claiming 13 dead and dozens injured. yes, we are told that three u.s. marines are injured. a massive evacuation of afghanistan as the taliban took over the country. and we know that tens of thousands remain stranded as well. americans have been told by the us embassy to stay away. it could be caused by isis-k. strong warnings has been issued and that was a prove mover to speed up a rush of evacuations
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and the streets of kabul were turned into a scene of carnage and some officials were seen leaving. evacuation efforts have been held up. the question remains, what does the u.s.a. do know? we just got word from an american stranded in afghanistan and he says, i think that i'm trapped. >> john: does that mean anybody not inside that compound now is essentially stranded in afghanistan? >> reporter: this is the question. and you can see that the us
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might vamp down efforts. 1,500 americans remain in afghanistan. are you going to leave them behind or go get them? that remains to be seen. >> john: and that's the 1500 that thest state department knows about. there could be more. >> sandra: further complicated president biden's plan to fully withdraw. the very latest from the pentagon. i understand that you have brand-new information on the servicemen and women that were affected by this. the number that were killed and injured and what do we know now? >> we have been waiting to report this very grim news and
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four marines were killed in that explosion outside of abbey gate. three marines were wounded in that attack. so, seven service members killed and injured outside that gate. we have seen the images of the afghan women and children killed in that attack. no official information from us officials. there is another explosion that we reported on at the baron hotel about 200 yards away and as john reported, there were 169 americans air lifted just a few days ago into safety from the airport.
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very, very terrible news. we can confirm that four marines were killed in the attack this morning outside of kabul airport and four wounded seriously. >> sandra: our thoughts and prayers for those families of our marines. jennifer, you have been covering this since day one. your thoughts at this moment? we know that the president has been huddled in the situation room. we are waiting. the press secretary at the white house, we have not yet heard from her. that was also on the schedule, that has been postponed and delayed. we are waiting for an update from the pentagon. your thoughts? >> reporter: what strikes me most is that we know this was
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the day and as they secured the perimeter and you have marines helping and screening passengers coming into the airport. somehow by a miracle got 100 americans air lifted. this is the day they were worried about. the state department put out that warning last night. they had threats on those gates. they told americans to leave those gates. the marines were responsible for standing on either side of that razor wire that was put around the airport. you have thousands of americans half a mile deep trying to get through these 3 or 4 gates into the kabul airport.
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it was an unbelievable task trying to screen people and get them inside. what we know right now, there was a trauma medical area at the airport. that was set-up as part of this mission in the event of a mass casualty like we saw this morning. we don't know if those marines have been air lifted out of the country or are still on the ground? it is a terrible, terrible tragedy that it came to this before the august 31st deadline. >> john: john here. it was one that britain had been warning about and now, the taliban tweeting. it took place in an area where us forces are responsible for security and the islamic emer is
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taking responsibility. this bombing and series of bombing may have been orb straited by the taliban as a strawman to try and humiliate the united states. if the taliban were to attack, it would respond. but if another organization, a proxy working on behalf of the taliban is responsible for these attacks, what is happening there? >> reporter: it is highly speculative. and yes, in this type of situation and isis-k are allies. the taliban knows if this attack were linked to them, the us would take action and they are
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sitting at the presidential palace now. the leader of this new government and there would be targets for the americans to respond to. without knowing who is responsible, it is very difficult to strike back. it is very uncertain they are going to know in any realtime at this moment, who is responsible for this attack. what you can say is the taliban is responsible for securing the perimeter around the airport and somehow they got through. the us is in a terrible, terrible situation where they were relying on the taliban for the security around the airport. remember, they were trying to evacuate as many people as possible. as many valid afghans and americans as possible. they were lifting babies over
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the walls of the compound and trying to be responsible. remember, the british warned about this possible attack. the us warned about it. it is as specific as i have ever heard of a warning from the state department. the president warned about this. they knew this was a very real possibility. they also knew they had a mission and promised to get all of the americans out, as well as ifv holders. >> sandra: we are going to keep you posted with any further updates. as we now know it was three us marines killed at the kabul airport. >> john: yes, the military on the ground and paying such a
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terrible price. president biden is delaying meetings that he was supposed to have with the new prime minister of israel. our white house correspondent is here with more. the big question that looms this afternoon is what now? >> reporter: i think that everybody is waiting to hear. we don't have an indication that we would hear from the president himself. i wouldn't rule that possibility out. so far, what we have gotten from the white house is that the president has been briefed. there has been no comment on the possibility of further attacks, no report on the fatalities or the confirmed us casualties as reported by the pentagon.
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the bilateral meeting as you mentioned between the israeli prime minister and the president has been delayed. the white house has been really pushing back on reports that what we have seen evolve today would mean the end of the evacuation effort. it is forthcoming. i have been told that there are hundreds of isis-k in the vicinity and the way that it appeared now, it would be tough to get everyone home. the white house is really pushing back on any reporting of that nature. the flights are continuing and you still see them taking off at the airport in kabul. keep in mind, this is what the president asked for when he
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asked for two contingency plans. if the us were to remained past the august 31st deadline and then, a contingency plan if the military withdrew and how to get everyone out, including american allies that wanted to come. this is the type of attack that we has been warned about. the imminent threat of a suicide bomber using a vehicle or vest was measured as more likely than unlikely and we have seen that come to pass. americans have been told to stay away from the airport. we still have 1500 in the country. we are still waiting on details
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on how to extract the americans that are still in the country. >> john: the question remains what about americans that aren't there at the airport? >> sandra: when is the last time that we have heard from anybody at the airport? jen psaki has tweeted twice today. what we have heard from the white house, from the president, from the press secretary, from anybody at the white house since these two attacks? >> reporter: very little since the president has been briefed. the looming question is there have been reports of fatalities and if that is true, the pentagon has not yet confirmed the fatalities, they have
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confirmed injuries. >> sandra: we confirmed four us marines were killed and three injured. that came at the top of the hour. >> reporter: i'm not doubting the have littlety of that. but the pentagon has not come out and said that marines have died. we have casualties. more than likely, he would want to notify those families if us service members have been killed. >> sandra: we have not heard anything. we are actively waiting statements from the white house. we are huddled down. jacky is there at the white house. it is done and a remarkable moment where we have now learned
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that four us marines have lost their lives. three have been injured. it is silent so far. we do expect that we are going to get updates shortly. >> john: they have not confirmed this. they have not confirmed the number. from the pentagon just now. we can confirm that a number of us serious -- servicemembers were killed at the airport. >> sandra: going back to are we leading?
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. >> things are fluid here at the state department. we do know for sure, at this hour is there is no greater penalty than the 1500 americans that believe to be stranded now. there was a warning sent out that u.s. citizens should avoid the airport and the gates. we don't know the fate of the 1500 are.
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we do know yesterday from secretary blinken's briefing, there is 500 at the airport and they were aggressively pursuing to make contact to see if they wanted out or not. with this devastating attack at the abbey gate, this has made it different and put the state department on a different footing. if we remember what was said after the august 31st deadline, they would be fully dependent on the taliban to ensure the safe passage for american and afghan allies who were trying to get out. we have seen the taliban condemning these attacks, but we don't know where things stand in terms of where they will
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facilitate. remember, there were negotiations prior to today's attack about who would control the kabul airport after we got out this coming tuesday. there were negotiations with turkey and other countries. we don't know where that stands. we do know with such a devastating and coordinated attack as we see now, people are not likely getting out if they are not already on that tarmac and we are not sure who is getting out until we get an update. >> sandra: a little bit of an update from the white house as far as guidance. actually, the update is there are no updates from the white house. we have not heard any updates or schedules or changes. we are still working to get
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timing updates as to anything that we can hear from the white house. there has been nothing added to the schedule as of now. >> john: a dark moment in american history has turned even bleaker now with the news of the attack at the abbey gate. and four brave marines were killed and it makes you wonder what lies ahead and if anybody who is not at that airport will be able to get out when the u.s. wraps up operations next tuesday. >> this is the worse possible news that anyone would want to hear. we have four united states marines that were killed trying to do the best they could in an
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absolutely untenable situation. we have watched them through the course of this week and hearing about the gates beginning to close and the area being extremely tight. we talked about how impossible of a task this was, to step over the wire, to go outside and pull people in the midst of these crowds. we have seen people up to their knees in water from the canal that goes around this perimeter. it is absolutely gut-wrenching that we have lost four u.s. marines. this is a moment that will change things dramatically. the loss of american life in the middle of this scene raising so many questions about why we have entered into agreements with the taliban in this administration and the prior administration?
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why have we depended on them for safe passage of americans through those corridors and those streets? why didn't we expand the perimeter? and it raises big questions for the commander-in-chief and the defense secretary. we have heard austin say they only had the resources to protect the airport itself. it tells you one thing, they were not given the additional troops that were needed to expand that operation and go larnger -- larger with that operation. now, we are going to go to air base. do we need to put the resources in play to reopen bagram air
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base? there is no way to get these people out. anyone who has talked to people on the background, their hopes have been dashed today because they know this exmotion has changed things dramatically. and what remains to be seen is how we expedite this operation and get people out. the taliban said, this only happened because we have foreign intruders in our country. they are not taking any responsibility for this, despite the fact they did ensure they americans would be able to get out safely. this is a tremendous loss of life for the united states marines that will have ramifications for days, and months, and years to come.
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>> sandra: this is an extremely dark moment for the country. tweeted this out: cowards kill innocent people. national disgrace. i know that you have talked to our veterans and many who have fought there in the 20 years and how they are feeling today. and nikki haley sending out this message: praying for our troops and u.s. ambassadors. god bless our troops. what may lie ahead in the days to come considering this is all happening before we even reached that august 31st deadline.
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>> i think that one of the things that everybody has thought about in the recent days is there has been a lot of momentum to leave afghanistan. i have talked to three servicemembers who have served in afghanistan. joey jones is one of them. they all understand that there were hurdles in afghanistan, some of them that may have never been dismounted. and now, you look at the gates being closed and the people who are sent home and darkness is going to envelope this story in the coming days because those people, those americans who are still there, what is next for them? how do we assure them that the taliban has assured us that we will be able to get them out? and i go back to the plan, the
10:28 am
resources, the strategy. we know that the united states military can handle this situation. they have to be given the ability to strategize and lay the plan out in the way that is going to be most effective. those are the questions for president biden, who must speak now today given this loss of life. i don't know how long it is going to take for him to come out. and obviously, families need to be notified. this is the worst imaginable day for the families of these four u.s. marines. i just go back to the images of our marines helping babies over the wall and many of them had been there before and went back. so, this is a very, very difficult day and we do need to hear from the commander-in-chief and i hope it will happen in a
10:29 am
timely manner. >> john: the last time that we heard from the commander-in-chief is that the contingency plan is for beyond august 31st, that the protection from the u.s. military to leave the country. and knowing the taliban and all of these warnings and potentially was going to happen today, allowed the suicide bomber through. how can the people in the country, that remain so after august 31st have any confidence whatsoever that the taliban will let them out? >> well, they don't. what we have now heard is that you have now, touched our people. u.s. servicemen and u.s. marines
10:30 am
have now been killed in this operation. the red line is august 31st. so, what is the red line for this administration? what can we do to make sure to lock this situation down and make it perfectly clear that if anyone else is touched or harmed, we will unleash whatever is necessary to get them out. secretary blanken warned there could be a terror attack. it is very clear with the look on his face yesterday, they knew that something was coming and it was coming soon. and now, it has played out.
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>> sandra: martha, thank you. we want to bring in mark green, he served in afghanistan and iraq and now, serves on the congress committee of foreign affairs. you just sent out a note saying that president biden must immediately and forcefully respond to protect americans and safely complete this evacuation. where is joe biden right now? we need to hear from this im. >> thank you for having me on sandra. i'm sure this situation is evolving and probably before he gets up and says something to the nation wants to know exactly what is happening. i'm not sure that the engagement has actually ended over there right now from what i'm hearing. yeah, joe biden has been absent and basically, being deceptive
10:32 am
with the nation with what is going on over there. so, i don't know what to expect from him. but i agree 100% this is a chance to say that the taliban failed and this august 31st is out the window and we are going to secure every american and get them out of there. it is a reset opportunity and hopefully, the president takes it. >> john: if the taliban were to launch an attack against u.s. forces trying to evacuate people, there would be a robust response. this appears to come from a separate group. we don't know if it was directed by the taliban or not. the former international security advisor believes that it may have been a strawman for the taliban. what do you think the response from the united states should
10:33 am
be? >> i think that the u.s. should say all bets are off. they didn't keep their promise to secure the access routes to the airfield. we are going to expand this operation and i would get every single military in there and i would start expelling bad guys. >> sandra: every time that we hear from him, he seems to place blame on everyone else than himself for what is happening there while sticking to the august 31st deadline. >> the best thing for america right now would be for joe biden to resign or the cabinet to take him out. the secretary of defense comes out and contradicts things that he says all of the time.
10:34 am
whether it is the afghans don't want to leave or they don't want to fight. all of these things are false. he therefore, has no clue, which means that he shouldn't be the president of the united states or he's lying, which means that he shouldn't be the president of the united states. it is time for joe biden to be gone. >> john: from the time that the u.s. military is told to pull out or we stay there long enough for all of the u.s. citizens to be taken out. we have been told that it might be easier to reopen bagram and extend evacuation operations for as long as it takes?
10:35 am
>> i think they should do something. we have talked a lot about bagram in the last few days, so the enemy is hearing that too. and we shouldn't tell them where it is going to be, but we should spread the enemy out and have other runways accessible. that's probably the smartest thing to do. going back into bagram could be very expensive because we have basically telegraphed that for several days. >> sandra: when you look at lindsay graham's words and he says that bagram should be reopened and it is the only evacuation outlet. we have the presence there and we should continue to evacuate american citizens and our afghan allies.
10:36 am
he says that's the biggest mistake that has been made, abandoning bagram. you wonder if that is being considered? >> well, i certainly hope so. i think that bagram is a choice. there could be some place better. going in there is going to be expensive. it shouldn't even be a question that we would leave without all of the americans out. and i have been really frustrated with secretary blanken and saying that americans are there and we haven't heard from them, so obviously, they don't want to leave. >> john: when something like this goes on and i assume they are going to redouble their efforts if enforced protection is a result of this.
10:37 am
i may say those gates may never reopen again for anyone who is not at the airport. we have only three days to get out before the deadline. people who are not inside that airport now, are they basically out of luck? >> well, i think that if the president continues the strategy that he is on and he doesn't see this as an opportunity as the failure of the taliban, that's probably the case. it hurts to say that, but if he doesn't change strategy that's probably the case. >> sandra: congressman mark green, thank you for joining us. >> john: would american forces fall casualty to things like
10:38 am
suicide bombings, there is a tendency, strategy to redouble efforts and lock the place down, so no other american casualties are taken. there's the idea of what does that mean for the people who are stuck there, as mark green was just thinking about. what are you thinking? >> i heard from people who are trying to get people out this morning and they said it is clear that hope is dashed right now because the situation has changed so dramatically today with the killing of four u.s. marines and the injuries. this sends a strong signal to anyone who wants to get out, anyone that wants to push back against these organizations and it raises a big question mark with any dealing with the taliban. and when these negotiations and
10:39 am
agreement began, there were so many questions and it just felt so wrong to be sitting down with the taliban to negotiate an exit. of course, that strategy could have changed in the biden administration. we only have one president at a time, so there was an opportunity to make different choices about how we were going to handle this. but the feeling was that the afghani government was not strong enough and clearly, that government was not going to stand. to watch the u.s. secretary of state on television say, well they are in control and we are hopeful they will stand by their promises. they have obviously broken those promises today in an enormous way. because we have heard time and time again from the press secretary and the president and
10:40 am
the white house, they would assure americans to get through those gates. essentially, they are saying it is not our fault what happened. we also know this is a group that is a rival group. the group was founded because some taliban members broke off and we want to follow al bagdadhi. he's our guy. >> john: there is an old saying, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. you have to wonder why the taliban allowed someone with a suicide vest to go through knowing this threat us out there. martha, see you back at three. >> sandra: let's go live to
10:41 am
kabul. trey, what is the latest on the ground there? >> reporter: martha, spot on. the taliban made promises to the united states about keeping americans safe on the ground because they are in control of the country. just yesterday, interviewing a spokesman for the taliban and he assured that americans that wanted to leave afghanistan would be safe. and what we see in the afghan capitol, a clear indication that the taliban doesn't have control of the city they claim to control or b, they awe allowed it to happen. we have seen over the past 24
10:42 am
hours, more than 13,000 people evacuated from kabul to surrounding cities. right now, no one knows what is going to happen next. we were in afghanistan on sunday and the abbey gate just across from where we were standing and there were thousands of people at that time. many people that we talked to on the runway has just come through that gate and had their visas processed and you could see on their faces, they were drained. there were so many people in these crowds they had to work through to get on the ground at the airport and ultimately, to safety, they were just tired. the graphic images on the ground in afghanistan, indicate that many were still there this morning and many foreigners were
10:43 am
awaiting evacuation. sandra? >> sandra: i wanted to circle back to you and getting your perspective and you having spent time in afghanistan and the number of taliban and afghan citizens there? can you give us a number, so we can get a perspective? >> reporter: the interesting numbers that we had from the united states all along and there were around 75,000 taliban fighters. the true number is probably a lot lower than that. but that was the number that was given to the press and those interested in understanding the taliban rule in afghanistan. meanwhile, there were tens of thousands afghan fighters.
10:44 am
the taliban fighters have u.s. aircraft and technology and they are not only tasked with ruling the entirety of afghanistan, but also, tampering down on the security situation. and there is isis-k, that u.s. officials believe carried out this attack, operating in afghanistan. but you also have extremist groups like al-queda. the reality on the ground is stark different. when the taliban worked their way through the third largest city there, they freed extremists that had been locked up. now, they are responsible for the security on the ground. it is not surprising they have
10:45 am
distaning themselves from the explosion in kabul. >> john: a number of different things and sort of where the brain trust of the taliban is operating out of. there is some former afghan officials working out of there, as well and a place where a lot of afghan evacuees have gone. and the question is, and outside of the abbey gate and all of the evacuees that went out in the early days and a lot of them didn't have documentation. do you know what the process is there on the ground to vet these people before they go on to their final destination, whether it be the united states, britain, france, elsewhere?
10:46 am
>> reporter: they have taken a large load of the people coming out of afghanistan. about 40,000. many are housed at facilities very close to where we are standing right now. they are basically like apartment buildings. they have taken a corona test to make sure they are not spreading covid-19. this is a program that the u.s. states department put in place to get people approved, vetted, and out of afghanistan. the question that people have in the region, what does this vetting process look like in terms of how much scrutiny is put in the process? when there are terrorist
10:47 am
operations operating freely, it can be extremely hard to vet people. and it is not just a problem in afghanistan, but around the world. >> john: trey, great job as always. thank you so much. >> sandra: four u.s. marines killed and three wounded in the explosions at the kabul airport. the pentagon has confirmed that. we are waiting an update from the pentagon, from the white house. we know that president biden is huddled and getting briefed further. we are waiting on any sort of update. we are going to take a really quick break and we'll be right back. one call can save you thousands every year. and it's easy. there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees. and while some banks are raising their rates,
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10:52 am
what does it say about the growing terrorist threat in afghanistan? and what that might need in terms of future attacks against u.s. targets whether broader or at home? >> i'm deeply upset about the bombing coming out of afghanistan. we know that the akani network is working out of afghanistan. i'm deeply concerned with afghanistan in terms of counter terrorism and let's not forget,
10:53 am
that's why we were there in the first place. and some 20 organizations have varied objectives, but they are operating on the ground there in afghanistan. so, we should be very, very concerned, not just in afghanistan, but emboldened jihadists in afghanistan and everywhere. we must maintain pressure. we should not be accepting red lines from the taliban. on the contrary, we should be prepared to issue the taliban red lines because they are, in a sense, responsible for our security. and in part, i hold them accountable for security in and around kabul. >> sandra: the four u.s. marines that have lost their lives because of this. there are marines on the ground
10:54 am
there killed and wounded. you talk about the trajectory and while we are mourning the marines lost in all of this, we fear what will happen next knowing the taliban on the ground. what do you see in coming days with the august 31st deadline? >> the chief talked about branches and sequels. i'm not going to talk about those branches and sequels right now. but i know what i would do. and i want to see those additional branches and see -- sequels on the ground.
10:55 am
we haven't been fighting this for the past two decades without partners. on the contrary. >> john: a recent un report found that the monitoring team approximates the taliban fighters on the ground to be around eight to then thousand. many have isis sympathies and it quickly bloomed to tens of thousands. what do you predict for the next months and years ahead in afghanistan, given there could already be 8 to 10,000 there? >> my team in the white house recognized there is going to be an extreme growth of extremist networks. the jihadist ideology is not
10:56 am
dead. on the contrary. i see a continued growth of extremist jihadists from afghanistan to southeast asia. unfortunately, this is something that we are going to be living with for following generations. jihadists ideology has to be stamped out. >> john: we are going to take a quick break. we will be right back on "america reports." not just 80% like other loans. that's a big difference. and it can mean a lot more money for you and your family. and this is the best time in history use it because home values are now at record highs while mortgage rates are near record lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you take out
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11:00 am
>> sandra: it's 2 o'clock here in the east. 10:30 in afghanistan. fox news has now confirmed that four u.s. marines were killed and three injured in the
11:01 am
explosion at the kabul airport. >> john: a very, very dark day in history. multiple explosions rocking afghanistan's capitol. the one by the abbey gates a complex attack and the second blast at the airport. keep in mind, this all comes five days before president biden's plan to exit afghanistan. >> sandra: the president, we are told is still huddling at this hour with his national security team. we are told so far, we haven't heard from the president and any kind of briefing that we were expecting today has been delayed on the port of the press secretary. possibly, we could hear from the president later today.
11:02 am
the question becomes what happens now? john? >> john: jennifer at the pentagon. you brought us the tragic news about the four fatalities. what is next? >> reporter: unfortunately, we can report at this time, at least ten u.s. servicemembers, marines and soldiers have been killed in the attack this morning outside of the abbey gate. what we know at this time is there were two explosions. there was a suicide bombing that struck outside the abbey gate where the u.s. military was guarding the abbey gate and there was a second explosion at the baron hotel, which is about
11:03 am
200 hards from that gate. we can tell you that the american servicemembers that were killed were killed at the abbey gate. we also know there was a fire fight that broke out after those explosions. we do know there is still an active threat at the gates at the kabul airport. you have 2,000 american soldiers at the airport right now. there are thousands of evacuate on the tarmac. the medical personnel are dealing with the wounded and killed this morning. and there were at least, 52 afghans that were injured and killed in this suicide bombing and car bombing this morning. they have been taken to the
11:04 am
kabul surgical center. we have seen the images coming out of there. but at this time, i can confirm at least ten u.s. servicemembers were killed at the suicide bombing at the abbey gate this morning. >> john: that's just devastating. what is the force posture at the kabul airport going to be? >> remember, they were going to have to do what they call in the military retrograde and that's why you saw 2,600 troops were pulled out. they were taking out equipment they didn't need. as they were trying to get the maximum number of evacuees out and afghan allies. they knew every day that went
11:05 am
by, they were sitting ducks at the airport. that's why they had the u.s. military push back 500 yards. it was just a crush of humanity from what i have heard and seen at that abbey gate. americans and afghan allies were trying to push through. there were not many people to sort through all of the paper work that was being provided. you have seen the images of the wire around the airport. and the u.s. marines had one mission and that was to make sure that nobody who wasn't supposed to got inside the airport. we have seen the images of babies being pulled to safety
11:06 am
over those walls. there was sewage lines and streams along the walls where the marines were standing and that was the only thing keeping people back and even with that, there were people standing in that sewage water begging to be brought over. today, we saw what happens, we knew from the state department yesterday there was a warning. a very serious intelligence warning that isis-k was going to try to carry out a suicide bombing outside of the airport to try to pressure u.s. troops to leave faster. there is strong suspicion this
11:07 am
isis-k was behind that attack at the abbey gate. >> sandra: members of congress were active in responding to the situation right now. chuck schumer saying that pe talked with pentagon officials. what is happening right now? we haven't gotten an update from the white house. we know that the president is being briefed. what kind of communication can you tell us right now in the wake of these attacks?
11:08 am
>> the u.s. international security team is with the president. those briefings up to the hill are taking place. but the information is coming through u.s. central command up to the pentagon, so the president has the latest information. we can -- we can report that the death toll of american servicemembers is likely to rise. i hate to be the barer of that news. but the situation is very fluid. at least, ten u.s. servicemembers at this point. some marines and some u.s. soldiers, but it was a very serious attack this morning and you have seen the images outside of abbey gate. >> john: before we let you go, do we have any idea how many u.s. servicemembers were outside that gate? >> they were not necessarily outside the gate.
11:09 am
they were manning the wall. which is not a very high wall. but you have seen the images and they were trying to keep the sea of humanity from coming over the wall. we saw those images since august 14th. that's why so many people were clinging from c-17 evacuation planes when this started. there have been no attacks inside the airport. this is a terrible tragedy because you had u.s. marines putting their lives on the line and doing what they were told to do, which was to make sure no threat came inside the airport while this evacuation continued. on the outside of the airport, you didn't have u.s. troops, you had the taliban. we were basically relying on the taliban to provide the outside
11:10 am
perimeter security. this was a very, very difficult situation and clearly, those marines were exposed. and it was because they were trying to carry out this incredible humanitarian mission. they all had to go through or four gates at that airport and they were all manned by u.s. marines and soldiers. >> sandra: we will check back in with you shortly. the news is incredibly difficult. the u.s. marines who have lost their lives, their families will be notified if they haven't already, in the upcoming hours. and jennifer griffin telling us
11:11 am
that ten u.s. servicemembers were killed in that attack outside of the kabul airport. >> john: this is a devastating day and we hope that number doesn't continue to rise. but as jennifer mentions, it is likely to as the threat from attacks is built up. sometimes these attacks come in waves. and sometimes the first attack is a signal to another attack. i have been to that airport and in a normal time is a sea of humanity and at this time, thousands and thousands of people outside those blast walls with the marines on the inside and making decisions and life and death decisions as mothers are pleading for their children to be handed over the wall to get to safety inside. think for one second here, the
11:12 am
last u.s. service people to die happened back in february of 2020 in afghanistan. the last two. now, in the last two hours, confirmation of ten u.s. marines and dozens injured. and the numbers are increasing on the afghan side. at least, 60 and 2 dozen wounded. the question is, who was this? was it isis-k, this nebulous group? there are some suggestions as people are looking at the taliban and you had the former u.s. security ambassador who said, he wouldn't surprised if this wasn't a shell for the taliban to make us look bad.
11:13 am
but right now, it is about protecting u.s. troops and getting this evacuation to continue. >> john: we thought that we had the sound from mcmaster, but we don't. he said, i wouldn't surprise if this is just a strawman who were organizing this attack to humiliate us further. and we were reminded yesterday of an ancient proverb. my brother and i against my cousin and my brother and i against the stranger. the taliban took no action to try and keep the suicide bomber away from these gates. >> listen, the taliban had a big ring around these gates.
11:14 am
they were harassing and preventing u.s. allies from getting to the airport and beating up some. that ring was very effective. however, it wasn't effective in stopping two suicide bombers and with guns from stopping this attack. the taliban has a track record of being really ruthless. and i want to point out, this is beyond politics now. anyone who is using this as a political football. there were decisions made and they can be looked at in retrospect as wrongful decisions, but you are having democrats speak out and really forcefully. just putting out this: as we wait for more details to come in, one thing is clear, we can't
11:15 am
trust the taliban for american's safety. a forceful statement from someone who is from president biden's security team. and remember the speech and everything that has been said up until today and this moment is going to be a seminole moment in how he handles this and the decisions that he makes and how he talks to the american people about it. >> sandra: on just a short time ago, and quote "there has to be a price to pay if americans are harmed in any terrorist attack." and the type of country where a terrorist organization looks to set-up another call fate they
11:16 am
can train. there is a lot of information that we are getting. a lot of it accurate and a lot of not. it is one of those moments that we are going to have to get through this together. we are going to bring our viewers the news as it comes in. we know that the president is being briefed right now. and what is next? what is the strategy right now knowing these attacks have happened and we have lost ten of our u.s. servicemembers there in kabul? >> yeah, going forward and contingency plans need to be real plans now because this is urgent. there are real threats about ieds and those are car bombs. you step up to that level and you are talking about a different force projection. this is going to shift.
11:17 am
if you are looking at all of these people outside that wall, they are no longer afghans trying to get out of the way of the taliban, they are now potential threats because someone could be wearing a bomb or something else. it is a different ball game now. and i think that evident now. >> john: i'm wondering after everything that the president has said, we are going to adhere to an august 31st deadline, we are going to rely on the taliban to let anybody else who wants to leave after the 31st get out, which i wouldn't put a whole lot of money on that. what is the president going to say today? >> the big thought process is they didn't want some incident like a black hawk down, they
11:18 am
didn't want u.s. servicemembers threatened. well, now, you have ten u.s. servicemembers dead and the number could rise. this has happened and there has to be some action. some action that makes clear to the taliban that we are not putting up with what just happened and we are getting our people out. what that looks like and what it entails as far as forces is a really big question logistically. >> sandra: the irony of the president and the point of the withdraw for him was to have no more bloodshed and not to lose anymore american lives in this long war. you go back to what we have seen in afghanistan this year, and you take note, like we did at the top of the hour, the last
11:19 am
american death was november 2020 in afghanistan. 11 american military members were killed in 2020, including foreign combat. no u.s. servicemembers had been killed in 2021 you the one." >> i will just point out a couple of things. one is that these servicemembers on the ground were put in an impossible situation and they were doing it amazingly and getting people into that airport in record numbers and getting them on planes and dealing with real squalor on the other side of the blast walls and the fact
11:20 am
that the taliban, after taking over, said one, osama bin laden was not responsible for 9/11 and all of these congratulations and it is like a witches brew of terrorists to come together to go after the big satan, which is the u.s. and we have to figure out how to get our people out of there. >> john: it is a big target today because our u.s. servicemembers are there. thanks for being with us. we will see you a little later on today. and now, senior fox news correspondent and we have to warn our viewers this footage is
11:21 am
incredibly graphic. what are you looking at there? >> reporter: destruction and injury and i can think back to embedments in the past 20 years and the brave marines and soldiers that we have followed with fox news and no braver than today. the person wearing an explosive suicide vest and targeting one of the gates at the kabul airport. the taliban had claimed 13 dead and now, we know it is much higher. much higher in the injury department as well. the marines and soldiers were at that gate. they were checking and screening and just desperate folks trying to get out of the country now run by the taliban. i have been there many times. it is busy without an evacuation
11:22 am
going on and today, it was even worse. and the u.s. spokesperson saying that 1500 americans remain in the country. americans are being told to stay away. there is no claim of responsibility. we have been watching tweets coming from the taliban and we remind your viewers, the taliban who is supposed to be guarding that area and saying they are not involved. and saying this isis-k group is responsible and a lot of cooper davis pointing that way. officials, yes, are focusing on the aftermath of this attack. they are trying to anticipate further attacks. they have to go forward too. other countries, sandra and john, have been winding down
11:23 am
their operations. next tuesday, august 31st is supposed to be the deadline and the question is now, what will happen after that. i got information from a translator for the u.s. military for ten years and he feels that he is trapped. he was not in that immediate area, but a lot of other folks were. >> john: it is uncertain if anyone will be going through those gates in the coming days. >> sandra: joey jones, and i have quoted you so many times and it was time to bring you on because i did get to chat with you earlier. i wanted bring you the update from jennifer griffin at the pentagon and ten u.s. servicemembers have lost their
11:24 am
lives in the attack at abbey gate there in kabul. the death toll she is reporting, of u.s. servicemembers is likely to rise. joey, we are taking this all in, in realtime. your thoughts at this moment? >> my thoughts are that i'm pretty upset. i'm pretty mad. i don't know for a fact that these ten are someone that i don't know and it really troubles me. i want to explain a complex attack. a complex ambush means that you use a bomb or gunfire to distract your victim towards your main attack. this was a complex ambush, that
11:25 am
means this was designed specifically to kill the most people, at a specific place, at a specific time. it shows planning and strategy and that's devastaing. that means that we have dog whistled and signalled and given the people the opportunity to do just that. >> john: that means that the taliban not only let through a suicide bomber, but people who were armed with weapons, as well. a tweet, the islamic emwrits condemns the bombing at the hamid karzai international airport. pretty trump's first security
11:26 am
advisor sargent mcmaster said this morning. >> i would not be surprised if this isis-k attack is just a strawman to organize the attack against us after we have surrendered to a terrorist organization. >> john: if it is another group maybe operating independently or a approximate scioscia for the taliban, then you can't pin it directly on the taliban. but how, given the warnings that were out there from the uk and others to get away from the airport, how can the taliban not be responsible for this attack? >> this is not an attack by the taliban is not helpful. i want to know how many of us were killed? were their families notified?
11:27 am
are we going to take action to make sure that it doesn't happen again. i hope that the biden administration understands that negotiating with the taliban is not possible. and i hope this is a president that is going to make them stand by their ward and to have this type of organized and complex terror cell in their new found country. i don't know if they don't have control or not abiding any type of word that they had given. listen, i'm upset and mad and more than anything, i want my president, our commander-in-chief to take action. and if you want to runaway from
11:28 am
this war, at least do it with all of your people. >> sandra: a few moments ago, there has to be a price to pay if americans are harmed in any terrorist attack. so, our response will be crucial. >> listen, i was knee deep in the marines and we would say, stack their bodies up and let them see it. in other words, be forceful and bold, so the taliban knows that we are going to get our people. our president has made a decision. do you want to do it dead or walking into an empty room because we wanted to leave in peace. and doing it peacefully is what got our men and women killed this morning. >> john: i guess you could
11:29 am
threat to drop a jay down on the presidential palace. given the fact there are so many civilians crowded around that airport, what do you? >> yeah, those civilians are human shields and the taliban knows it. i fought in poppy fields and we got caught up in heroin. it was a different war. but you have to be swift in strategy and deliverance. and maybe if there is an area they have taken control of, we own the air and we own the night. those are two things that work to our advantage in war at all times and that's what we do. >> sandra: joey, you are an american hero. thank you for what you do.
11:30 am
>> john: we are learning that at least, ten u.s. servicemembers are dead and dozens wounded in the suicide bombing attack at the kabul airport. jennifer griffin at the pentagon and the news just keeps getting worse. >> reporter: as we reported earlier, there are at least, ten u.s. servicemembers, including marines and soldiers that were killed in that suicide bombing outside of abbey gate this morning and we are told that the death toll is likely to rise in the coming hours. right now, the situation here at the pentagon and we expect a briefing today at 3:00 p.m. from the pentagon press secretary. that's the first that we will officially hear from the
11:31 am
pentagon about this terrible attack this morning. the attack itself was complex, as joey jones was describing. there was first a suicide bombing outside of kabul airport as there was a sea of people trying to get out of kabul. there were u.s. marines on the walls and u.s. troops on the ground and u.s. state department officials trying to check paperwork of those trying to get on planes. that's when the suicide bomber went off. after that, there was a car bomb that went off about two yards away at the baron hotel. that's the place where the u.s. helicopter lifted 169 to safety a few days ago.
11:32 am
we know that a gunfight broke out as well. we are not clear at this point who is responsible for this attack. the taliban has condemned it and vowed revenge for whoever carried out the attack. little solace for the u.s. servicemembers that are still on the ground at the kabul airport. now, the suicide bomber has been utilized at the airport, there is going to be medi-vacs out of the airport. you have flights going to katar. there is a very complicated threat environment. there are still terrorist threats for those going through the gates into the airport.
11:33 am
those gates are closed at this time we understand. but a very, very sad day for the u.s. military. remember, the last u.s. servicemembers to die in afghanistan were two in february of 2020. it is devastating to hear the numbers. it is exactly the kind of death tolls that president biden said that he wanted to avoid that he didn't want to send anymore generations of u.s. servicemembers to die in afghanistan. >> sandra: jennifer griffin at the pentagon for us. let's check in now with peter at the white house. >> reporter: being five hours of
11:34 am
silence from the commander-in-chief. it was 9:44 that the pentagon press secretary put out the first alert that the pentagon could confirm an explosion in kabul. we still don't have anything. we did just get word that the president's meeting from the israeli prime minister that was scheduled for this morning and postponed later in the morning has been rescheduled for a different day. we don't know if we are going to hear from the president. the press secretary was scheduled to come out here today at 12:00. that has been moved to time tba. and we don't know if the president has been in contact with commanders on the ground. we really don't know anything.
11:35 am
it is worth pointing out as someone who has spent a lot of time with joe biden or around joe biden for the last 2½ years. he, very routinely, when the issue of servicemembers overseas, he will pull out his schedule and on the back of his schedule, he has the most recent number of u.s. servicemembers who have been killed in this conflict. well, the number just grew by at least, ten. and it grew for the first time since he became the president. and so, if we are going to base his response on the way that he's acted before, he is going to have a very solemn address at some point. we just don't know when that is and it has been a long time. >> sandra: the u.s. press secretary and the commander and
11:36 am
they are going to be holding a press conference at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. we will likely get an update then. a lot of this is being delayed. but peter, keep us posted. >> john: we are going to go back to jennifer griffin and she has more breaking news. i imagine it is along the same lines. >> yes, we can update the number of the death toll. 12 u.s. servicemembers have been killed in the attack this morning. there were 12 killed in action this morning. 11 marines and one navy medic. this is the largest death toll for u.s. servicemembers in this kind of attack in over a decade.
11:37 am
just to put some sort of perspective here. and the last time that u.s. servicemembers were killed in afghanistan was february of 2020. i wanted to bring you that updated death toll. >> john: jennifer, thank you for that devastating news. >> sandra: john, so many of these marines had already been deployed there and fought there and had gone home and sent back. and martha, just absolutely horrible news continues to come in. 11 marines now confirmed dead in that attack. one navy medic. >> yeah, it's absolutely heartbreaking and just a devastating day for the united states. i don't think that anyone anticipated that we would see this kind of loss of life.
11:38 am
we had a lot of warnings yesterday that clearly everyone from the white house to the secretary of state was getting some very loud red flashing lights something was afoot and people were going to try to attack around that airport facility and they were telling people not to come there. and we started the draw down of u.s. forces in the area yesterday. there was about 400 that left i believe over the last 24 hours. but roughly around that number. i think that the thing to bear in mind with that, that was in order to meet the deadline, right? so, you have to get everyone out by august 31st. that was the deadline that president biden imposed on this mission and wanted to stick to it. in order to do that, you had to start back timing to bring out u.s. military and it just raises
11:39 am
questions about how many people we had on that perimeter and how many people to be eyes and ears on the ground and i think, an excellent point to be made, the taliban was watching the perimeter and there are times when there is coordination when it is in the name of the same goal, so to speak. this is obviously, an absolutely devastating, devastating day. i can't help to think of the families of these 12 marines and one navy medic and what they are going through. and obviously, the process to identify and notify these families. we have wounded among them. it is just an absolutely, absolutely devastating day. and we are going to hear from john kirby at the pentagon at
11:40 am
3 o'clock. and he's going to be the first one out of the gate and let the american people know what happens now? this is an active military situation and we are now under attack. so, what is the response from the white house? what is the response from the commander in chief? and once this news continues to sink in and it is going to take some time. but what do we do is the big military action question. >> john: i don't know how the president doesn't come out and say something. the question is, martha, what does he say? >> well, that is the question, john. but that's the job of the president of the united states and has the task of putting people in harm's way. the mission was clear.
11:41 am
we were going in there to secure the airport in order to get all of our people out. now, we did that in coordination with the taliban. that was the decision that was made of what would work best to get people out by the deadline. the nation has to deal with this shock and we pray those who are wounded can survive this attack. obviously, afghans have lost their lives in this horrific attack too that took place in two locations at the abbey gate and the baron hotel. so, he has to address that first, but he must lay down for the american people, the biggest question they have right now, what is next? what do you do for those americans who are still stranded in afghanistan? and do you need to secure other places or perhaps, carry out
11:42 am
clan destine missions? and it is really going to change the dynamic on the ground and we are going to take charge and do we need to do to extract people and if you continue to attack us, there is going to be severe retaliation. >> john: former vice president mike pence's international security advisor. you have tremendous experience in fighting arena. when you look at how isis-k or some other terrorist group or maybe even the taliban have upped the antehere, what should the response be? >> like every american that
11:43 am
prays tonight when they go down on their knees to thank god that we have men and women who are willing to go in harm's way and do this for us because they are heroes. i would walk in and strip the emotion away from it. i would say, look you have two options now. you can collapse the airfield and leave when we are supposed to leave or two, you pick up the phone and call the cia director and say to him that the august 31st deadline is gone. we are not going to do it. we are going to stay here for as long as it takes to take out every single american or anyone who has served with us to get out if they want to. you have failed to protect the
11:44 am
security at the hamid karzai international airport and we are going to make sure that our americans are protected and bring them home. soldiers and marines they understand risk. they know if they got this mission, if there is risk involved, they would do it freely and they would do it happily. it is a binary approach. tell them if they are going to get in our way, there are going to be tremendous consequences and if you don't believe me, pick up your phone and call al baghdadi because there are serious consequences. >> sandra: we want decisions made on that and that only because this situation has changed so quickly and it is so fluid and we have to make decisions based on what has happened at this moment and not
11:45 am
a policy decision that was made some time ago. >> sandra, you are right. you have to address the moment that you are feeling right now, which is you have to protect americans and regardless what it takes. i know the troopers on the ground. i know the air force division. and it has to be forceful. the only one that does that is the commander-in-chief. he is the one that picks up the phone. he makes the ultimatum and he doesn't ask them, he tells them. does he have the will? we are going to find out today. >> john: we had assurances from the taliban and anyone who wants to get out will have passage to
11:46 am
get out. do we trust what the taliban says? >> no. no, i don't trust anybody other than americans. we don't trust you. we trust ourselves. and we are going to fix this problem and regardless what it takes. if that means that we are going to put forces on the ground, instead of flying them out, that's what we are going to do. it is back to what i said earlier, john, it is a binary approach. he is going to put in troops to get the americans out, and put them in harm's way. american soldiers and marines and they understand risk and they are willing to accept that risk when it comes to america and americans.
11:47 am
>> sandra: calling this a complex attack and joey jones explained what that is and what the implications are going forward. >> a complex attack means that you use a distraction, whether it is a bomb or gunfight and it is a planned and strategy. if it is a complex attack, it means that it was designed to kill the most people at a specific place, at a specific time and it shows planning and strategy. >> sandra: is that what you took away from that description from the pentagon? >> yeah, he nailed it. it is right on. when i say a complex attack, it is planned and they knew what they were doing. this is not just a random bomb.
11:48 am
this is attack on americans. they knew what they were doing. and afghans at the gate. you are in a real combat situation here and they need to address it that way and then, we need to go and get our americans out. >> sandra: thanks, john. live in washington, we are taking all of the breaking news in together as we await the pentagon, we await our military leadership as an update and especially, await the president. we have not heard from the white house. >> yeah, it is such hard views to take right now with all of the casualties that are coming in. you just fear that the numbers are going to grow. and it is hard to say this, but a little, tiny bit of relief today for my friends who have family on the ground.
11:49 am
my one friend's family is safe. they were not at abbey gate. they were at a different gate called southwest gate and they heard the blast go off and felt it. they decided to go home. it is not worth it to them anymore. my friend's brother had been waiting at home for days for communication from the embassy, but when it became more and more clear that the window of opportunity was closing, this family made the decision to take the wife and the four young kids, we are talking about a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old. and abbey gate was discussed among the family, especially because this is the gate that is more likely that you might be plucked out of the crowd by u.s. military. they knew the risk and knew
11:50 am
exactly what the embaa scioscia was alerting everyone. there might be a bombing, a suicide bombing. listen to why this decision was so desperate for them. >> this was basically a suicide mission for me and my family. we will take this chance and hopefully, we will not be targeted, you know. so, it was like it was living or die and that's the decision that we made. >> my friend many the u.s., he was trying to advice his brother on what to do. he texted this to us last night. he said quote, still outside. taliban closed all of the gates. not giving us permission. essentially, telling us they were not able to make it inside
11:51 am
on a plane and the taliban preventing anyone who did not have a blue passport from coming in. this is like a deadly game of chess for these families. all of the options are not good. and now, they go home defeated. they will not be getting out with the u.s. any time soon. >> john: let's bring in fox news anchor chris wallace. we have 11 marines that were killed and one navy service member that were killed at that abbey gate. what are your thoughts right now? >> it is so difficult and to say and we mean it, our thoughts and prayers go out to those families of the marines that were
11:52 am
injured. and it shows what a terrible situation we are in right now. we have put in all of our assets in one airport that is terribly exposed and the bullet came out last night about the threat from isis-k and these two suicide bombers took them out. we have not heard from the president. i have got to think that some people are going to say we need to stay in there and do what we need to do, but i bet anything that the president is only going to be increased in his resolve that it is time to get out of afghanistan. and even if he stays to august 31st, i wonder. and one other reason that we are terribly vulnerable is these dozens of planes, the military planes and civilian planes that are flying in and out of hamid
11:53 am
karzai international airport are also terribly exposed. we have left a lot of military equipment, including rocket grenades to the taliban and they can use those things. i would be surprised that the president wants to stay around any longer. >> john: whether we stick to the august 31st deadline or as you say, the president wants to get out early, what about the five thin hundred americans and afghans that want to get out? i imagine those gates are going to be closed and very few people, if any are going to be able to get through, through the 31st? >> how do you tell an afghan
11:54 am
immigrant, even with a visa, how do they get to the airport and run the gauntlet suicide bombing by isis-k and who the heck really knows in the mess that is now downtown kabul who is attacking us? if you were to send helicopters to go get people, they then become targets. i understand the mission and i understand there are fellow americans there. but we lost a dozen marines today and how many, many more of them do you want to risk in a situation that is so fraught? >> sandra: yeah, 11 marines and one navy medic and the president said that the reason for this
11:55 am
withdrawal and that he didn't want to send anymore servicemen and women to die in this war, but that's exactly what has happened now. the last american killed in combat in afghanistan was february 8th, 2020. so, as much as this perhaps predictable, that we would see an attack like this, as joey jones was describing, this certainly isn't what president biden set out to do. no one for that matter would ever want to see that happen. i just wonder and it has been five hours since we have learned of these explosions and confirmation of these killed u.s. servicemembers what the president is going to say and if there is going to be a change in strategy here? >> obviously, we don't know. i'm sure that he is meeting with his top military advisors on
11:56 am
what to do. remember, one of the reasons that none of the u.s. military hadn't been killed since february 2020, is because we made the deal with the taliban. trump made the deal with the taliban and don't attack us because we are going to be out of there. if we stay there now after we have said that august 31st is the red line and taliban has clearly indicated it is open season on american shh troops and we are going to be target number one by our enemies in that part of the world is mistaken. whenever it is right or wrong, i just can't imagine that joe biden's reaction to this is going to be, let's double down and get more involved in the
11:57 am
nightmare that is going on in afghanistan. >> chris, you mentioned that two suicide bombers that got through because it was outside that one gate and it was a suicide bomber, plus gunmen as well. and the ak-seven is the choice of the taliban and the taliban who said they were going to guarantee security, clearly didn't guarantee security. so, what should president biden say to the taliban leader? >> well, he can say whatever he wants and do whatever. i suspect he's going to say, this is not us, this is isis-k and we are fighting isis-k just like you are. and who knows whether he's telling the truth or not? this is just such a mess and we are surrounded by so many
11:58 am
enemies and each of them has their own maligned purpose there. i just don't know what we can do. again, to point out, how do you tell americans or afghan partners or the siv partners to go to the airport? basically now, it is a death trap. if you go to airport, you are a target from who knows what group? >> sandra: expected to give a briefing at 3 o'clock eastern time and calling it a complex attack that resulted in a number of u.s. and civilian casualties. it has been hours since we have heard from kirby and hours since we have heard from the white house and we do hope that we get
11:59 am
some sort of update a minute from now on how we react going forward. >> it is a mess and that's to say it has been since the taliban took over and since the president stuck to his august 31st deadline and pulled out the military before he pulled out the military and the civilians and the military equipment. i just don't expect he is going to double down with more marines. i suspect his feeling would be it would be throwing more american lives than what we have lost already. >> john: you can imagine what is going through the minds of eligible afghans and americans who are stuck there and around kabul.
12:00 pm
sandra, what a tragedy. what an absolute tragedy it is today. >> sandra: it is. and we are praying for all those involved and the u.s. servicemembers who have lost their lives. we are going to continue to cover it. our coverage continues on the fox news. >> martha: thanks very much, john and sandra. good afternoon, everyone. i'm martha maccallum. right now on "the story," we're about to hear from the pentagon. this will be the first time that we've heard from john kirby, the spokesman there since we learned the awful tragic sickening sad news that 12 u.s. service members lost their lives. john kirby is at the podium. let's go there live. >> we'll take qu


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