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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 27, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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get back to the savings? [ everyone agreeing ] >> fox news alert. president biden is facing furious criticism for the terror attack in kabul that took the lives of 13 american troops and 169 afghans. some critics are now squarely blaming the president, saying his decision led to the deadly and catastrophic ending to america's longest war. that is still unfolding at this hour. this is "outnumbered." i'm kayleigh mcenany. former state department spokes person morgan ortegas.
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in the center of the virtual seat today, joey jones, retired marine bomb technician who served in afghanistan. he is also a fox news host. the president just wrapped up a briefing. they say they believe it was one, not two explosions that killed ten marines, two soldiers and one navy medic. it was the deadliest day for american forces in a decade. isis k is claiming responsibility for the attack. the pentagon warned there are still specific and credible threats against the airport, as a race is under way to evacuate americans in afghanistan before that august 31st deadline that president biden set hits. now, biden administration is teetering amid calls for the president to resign and potential investigations into the horrific attacks. the president is also being
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criticized for his comments last week. >> no one is being killed right now. we all know terrorists attacked, took the lives of american service members standing guard at the airport, wounded several other seriously. >> hundreds of people packed into c-17s, seeing afghans falling. >> that was four days ago, five days ago. all those afghan families who lost loved ones, including small children, wounded in this vicious attack. we're outraged as well as heart broken. i am president of the united states of america. the buck stops with me. i bear responsibility for fundamentally all that's happened of late. here's the deal. former president made a deal with the taliban that he would get all american forces out of
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afghanistan by may 1. >> joey jones, it is jarring to hear the juxtaposition of that rhetoric. saying no one is being killed. people falling out of planes. peter alexander asked him 48 hours ago about americans left behind and you made a callous joke. then this happened. what do you make of that, of the death, the loss of life. >> knocking on wood isn't a great strategy for making sure people don't die in combat. his inability to read the room, the situation, his inability to speak to the american people or our enemies in a way that conveys strength and resolve is heartbreaking. i mean, i'm a united states marine. i served eight years in the united states marine corps. i don't want to be partisan when it comes to defense. that's not a partisan issue.
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i don't know if anyone is more than hillary clinton and lindsey graham. this isn't about what president trump should have done or could have done. this is about the president joe biden not doing what most of us see fit to keep our people safe and to get our people home. listen, we can debate about the withdrawal. we can debate about if we should have let the taliban go into afghanistan again for the third time and make life horrible for people, for women and children. but that falls under the umbrella of withdrawing, which most americans have to come to terms with that we wanted that. what we did not want was to unnecessary put these many lives at risk, if not in imminent danger for the simple task of not doing this correctly. for the simple sake of setting an arbitrary deadline. i truly believe, i truly believe president biden came into this understanding the risks and thinking it would be easy enough to say it's trump's fault. unfortunately, that did not sit
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for him and he's really scrambling right now and people are dying because of it. >> yeah. you hit the nail on the head. that president biden did understand the risk. morgan, i was listening to some sound from the director of national intelligence, john radcliffe, who said that president trump said to him, if we do not first secure a peace agreement, which was all part of that conditioned safe withdrawal. if we don't first secure that, how quickly will afghanistan fall to the taliban? john radcliffe said very quickly, sir. mr. president said back, it would be my guess that it would fall in two days. apparently he repeated his two day refrain over and over again, because he understood, before you withdraw, you must secure the peace agreement, which is exactly what he was doing. morgan, is it your assessment that this would have never happened under the watch of president trump and secretary of state mike pompeo? >> that's what makes it so challenging and so emotional for me and many others, kayleigh. i was just texting with someone who worked very closely with general miller for the last two
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years in afghanistan. we all are devastated for the loss of life. obviously, joey's a marine. i was commissioned into the navy reserves in 2014. and whenever we lose our people the way we did yesterday, it' awful, right? there's no words to describe it. i feel like what makes it a little bit more awful is the fact that we felt like we maybe could have possibly prevented this from happening. what i am really focusing on going forward is outcome. what is this administration willing to do? i think they thought perhaps isis could reconstitute the way it did after president obama withdrew. the biden officials that are overseeing this whole effort are the same people that oversaw the 2009, 2010 withdrawal of troops from iraq. when we turned them turn into isis. we saw people's heads getting
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chopped off on national television. that's when president obama and his team decided to do something about isis. this team maybe thought we'll have a couple years before the terrorists start to take over again. instead, you're seeing immediately isis attacks on our troops. i'm focused on outcomes and what we can do going forward. i have a a lot of thoughts about that, that hopefully we can get into during the show. the counter terrorism plan of what we're going to do in afghanistan has to be in place now. enough of this over the horizon stuff. come on, it's not practical. >> harris, there has to be an investigation into this. now we have 13 of our troops that are gone. 169 afghans who have perished. this must be looked into. it's amazing to have a commander in chief who blames. it was president biden who turned off the lights and didn't tell the afghan army. it was president biden who said, let's take out the troops before we take out the civilians. these were his decisions.
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>> harris: yeah. i want to separate the lanes though. you're talking about one thing, the politics with biden. we can certainly go down that road. when you talk about what happened outside of those gates yesterday, that also deserves a separate investigation. i'm not just talking about, we learned that it was one bomb and not two and those details on the ground. i mean, did president biden and those advising him really believe that the taliban would have our backs in terms of isis-k? and was this a command and control type of situation that was worked out between those two groups who, up until now, have hated each other, reportedly? or was it a sense of, we'll let that car go by. we don't know and it's worth knowing because we have a future to deal with the taliban. we supposedly, according to what the president has said and members of hi administration, are going to leave some americans behind. they're calling them those who don't want to come right now.
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whatever the heck their status is, if we leave one american behind, we have to talk to the taliban. we're having to talk to them now, which takes us back to this one question. how did we get to the point where we are negotiating with terrorists? who thought that was a good idea? and i don't buy -- joey jones, you can challenge me on this if you like. i don't buy that if we knew who was in the prisons, particularly at bagram air field, that we don't know who they are now. of course we do. jennifer griffin and i were just talking about. the problem is even the pentagon can see, it can take us 20 years to round those same guys back up. that's a whole other america's longest war. i mean, all of it deserves to be looked at. and then the politics. >> absolutely. very close investigation is warranted. there are many americans stranded. not to mention our afghan allies
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who are essentially left for dead. how do you think this will all end up? >> the administration keeps making some kind of demarkated point where they say americans with dual citizenship, they are hesitant to leave. maybe they have, quote, projects that they left undone. they also have repeated with confidence this reliance on the taliban to honor who we have extended sid's to, who we have extended paperwork to, an anecdote a lot of americans feel strongly about. charlotte maxwell jones, she founded kabul small animal rescue. this animal rescue is responsible for two-thirds of service member dogs that are shipped back to the states. they are also responsible for taking in the contracted military working dogs. at this point, she refused to leave her staff and her animals because it's so much larger. it's so much greater than some black and white line of, i'm an american, therefore i'm leaving you behind. in stark contrast to this
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administration's reassurances, when her 125 staff were extended proper paperwork, upon being evacuated to the airport, when she and her dogs were going through, behind her was the staff and cats, the taliban jumped in front of her van and refused to let the remaining staff and animals through the gate, despite the paperwork that this administration assured them will be honored. this was moments before the explosion happened. i'm not sure of their status yet, but it represents the fact that nothing can be relied upon coming out of the taliban and that it' not some clear crystal line where people who check a box that the administration has said are automatically safe and put here. there are much more things happening on the ground than projects and these things, these words being callously thrown around, that we care about and are extending our prayers for. i hope we will have good news to report to you on this particular situation and all the rest as
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well. >> absolutely. and we will continue to pray for the afghans in the country, our american brothers and sisters in the country, the families, the 13 families that are now gold star families and, of course, our heroic troops on the ground trying to continue this evacuation. coming up, the outrage over the american deaths is now compounded by news that the u.s. gave the taliban the names of americans and afghan allies it wanted to evacuate. president biden is not denying it. that's next. veteran homeowners, home values are at all-time highs. you could have much more equity than you think! banks can loan you some of it. newday can loan you all of it! the newday100 va cash out loan. i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! [sighs wearily] here, i'll take that! woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and now with two new flavors!
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>> the outrage over american deaths from an attack in kabul yesterday has worsened as we learn the u.s. gave the taliban the names of americans and afghan allies it wanted to
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evacuate, a move that a defense official said effectively created a kill list. when asked about the existence of such a list, here's what president biden had to say. >> and there have been occasions when our military has contacted their military counter parts in the taliban and said, this -- for example, this bus is coming through with x number of people on it made up of the following group of people. we want you to let that bus or that group through. so, yes, there have been occasions like that. to the best of my knowledge, in those cases, the bulk of that has occurred as a let through. i can tell you with any certitude that there's been a list of names. i know of no circumstances. >> morgan, there seems to be a fine line, however, between publishing those names, as the president just outlined, and for example, admiral kirby in the
9:18 am
pentagon briefing we just heard saying we only disseminate information to our, quote, allies to the extent that cooperation is required. sharing is sharing. information transfer. as i said earlier, not only is it, a, not reliable, but it, b, publishes those who have ties with us. that seems to be incontrovertible in at least a concept here that that can be used and there's an amount of confidence the u.s. is extending that it won't be used for a nefarious purpose. >> i think joey can get into that. let me explain to the audience in something called the downgrade process. i have been in the intelligence community for most of my career. so what happens in what we call the downgrade process is you'll have sensitive intelligence that you often need to share with another country. and in order to be able to share that, that goes through tons of checks so who ever owns the intelligence has to check.
9:19 am
all of the agencies have to clear off on it. it's a laborious process because the information is so sensitive. typically, as was pointed out by a defense official offering intelligence for president trump. typically, these countries or whomever you're sharing the intelligence with, also goes through the right study. you want to make sure if you're sharing intelligence on individuals, that the people who are getting the information don't have a bad human rights record. spoiler alert, the taliban does. somebody in the process had to go over all of these procedures, norms, everything that people go through in the intelligence community to downgrade information. someone had to sign off of that. i think, as harris noted earlier, that's one of the investigation and investigations that we'll need to find out. >> joey? >> listen, about bringing people home from afghanistan. number one, where we screwed up to begin with, we should have
9:20 am
absolutely sought after and priorized people at risk of death. not just people who might be oppressed or not just people who were connected to someone in the states. not just people of afghanistan. but people who might have been executed in a show of violence by the taliban should have been the first in line. and if we have information on them, they should have been invited to the consulate or wherever we could get them months ago. the entire time that president biden has been president -- as a matter of fact, this was an issue during the trump administration as well. there's always the blame game. it's congress' fault, the state department's fault. but what should have happened, if you knew this was your eventual end, and i don't believe the biden administration, at least, didn't. we should have been processing these people. the headlines were veterans and groups were outraged that the state department aren't bringing those interpreters home. if you want to talk about
9:21 am
withdraws, didn't know we were going to collapse in a couple of days. if i give president biden all that benefit of the doubt, where were you when these people were telling you this weeks ago? you talk about americans who don't want to leave? they don't want to leave because they're trying to get their family home and has been trying to do it for months and years. i was on the phone with a marine that i served with, still active duty, took him six years and two pro bono nonprofits to sit here to qualify to cross the border. several times the answer was, well, you just got to let the bureaucracy run its course. well, bureaucracy running its court means people dying. that's what that is today. >> harris, in addition to all of that mess, we know what the president is saying. he says that it's going to require cooperation with them, that we can rely on to extract americans after that date was made. we'll get your thoughts on
9:22 am
either side, real quick. >> there will be, i believe, numerous opportunities to continue to provide access for additional persons to get out of afghanistan. either through means that we provide and/or are provided through cooperation with the taliban. not suggesting that at all. if they have an interest -- >> harris: i have to remind myself that his audience is very limited. the taliban reportedly doesn't have a blue stick by it, as far as we know is up on twitter. i would imagine they watch a whole lot of things around the world. their internet is working in afghanistan.
9:23 am
>> they're blood thirsty killers! just call them what they are. of course they're not good guys. is this performative in nature for president biden so he can continue to have the conversation that it's going to take to get the rest of our people home? you see me use air quotes. i know there will be some people there who want to help protect others, those who helped us. they may have up to this point delayed their departure. i'm thinking, joey jones, what it's going to take to get our people may not be negotiating with the taliban again. their mantra is, they want to kill us, they want death upon us. it might be sitting in commando. i don't know. if it takes 20 years to round up the people you already had in prison, how long is it going to take us to do a new deal with the taliban? >> if you want to know how the taliban treats deals and partnerships, i can tell you section 60 of arlington and read
9:24 am
off names of how the taliban does business. it's not a pride thing for me. it's working with the taliban. if i believed that would get people home, i'd do it. you don't have to honor my legs by never working with the taliban. what you should do is honor the people alive and on the ground and try to bring them home. i don't think working with the people who want to kill them is the way to do that. >> kayleigh? >> u.s. foreign policy at the moment seems to be trust the terrorist. biden, when asked about this list and giving it to the terrorists say there could have been. we have a commander in chief who's in the dark, who doesn't know the answer to that question. you go over to general mackenzie who calls the taliban our afghan partners. then psaki comes out and says, they are not our friend. are they our afghan partners or not our friend? i know the answer. it's the latter. >> when the commander in chief talks about a keen interest of theirs, it's safe to assume it is not aligned with ours. straight ahead the terrorists of
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husband, wife, is like being sucked into a big black hole in the middle of your chest and you don't think there's any way out. you wonder what's happening. so my heart goes out, our hearts go out to all of those who we've lost. but, look. the mission there is dangerous. now come with significant loss of american personnel. it's a worthy mission because they continue to evacuate folks out of that region, out of that airport. evacuated more than 12,000 additional people out of the airport in the last 24 hours. i met with my commander this morning, first thing in the morning. got a detailed briefing about yesterday's at tack -- attack. we will complete the mission. i'm not going to take any
9:29 am
questions because of the prime minister being here on afghanistan now, but i will be available at another time. it's great to have the prime minister here. we've become close friends. he's ridden the amtrak train a lot from new york down to wilmington, delaware. we have a few corporations in delaware back in the days when he was in private practice. but he has and leads the most diverse government in israeli history. we've got a big agenda today, starting with covid, which we've been talking about, and both our successful vaccination programs. we talked a little bit. we're going to continue to talk about the issues. he started the program a little earlier, met with great results. we were going to start mid september, but we're considering
9:30 am
the advise you've given that we should start earlier. this is promising, also, the booster program. it's going to start here september 20th pending approval of the fda and the cdc and committee of on site experts. the question raised is should it be shorter than six months? should it be five months? that's being discussed. i spoke with dr. fauci this morning about that. we're also going to discuss israel's unwavering commitment that we have with the united states, israel security. i fully, fully, fully support replenishing israel's iron dome system. we are also going to discuss the threat from iran and our commitment to ensure iran never develops a nuclear weapon. but we're putting diplomacy first and seeing where that
9:31 am
takes us. but if diplomacy fails, we're ready to turn to other options. we'll support israel's developing ties as well with the arab and muslim neighbors and globally. that's a trend that i think should be encouraged, not discouraged. we'll do what we can. we also are going to discuss ways to advance peace and security and prosperity for israelis and palestinians. we're also going to direct our teams to work toward israel fulfilling the requirement of the visa waiver program. we'll get that done. so, mr. prime minister, i want to thank you again for coming. the u.s. will always be there for israel. it's an unshakeable partnership between our two nations. i have known every israeli prime minister since maier. welcome. welcome.
9:32 am
>> thank you, mr. president. first of all, on behalf of the israeli people, we want to extend our condolences and deep sadness for the loss of american lives in kabul. american service members lost their lives while attempting to save other people's lives. that's the definition of courage and sacrifice. may they rest in peace. especially on this day, i want to be crystal clear. israel always stands together with the united states of america unequivocally. i want to thank you for your words now and in our private meetings which attest to your support of israel. that's not new.
9:33 am
it's been decades. you've always stood up for us. especially during tough times, like a few months ago when thousands of rockets were being shot on israeli towns and cities. that's when friendship is really tested. we trust in your support, mr. president. israel knows that we have no better or roar reliable allies in the world than the united states. i come from jerusalem, our capital, and i bring with me a new spirit. a spirit of goodwill. a spirit of hope. a spirit of decency and honesty. a spirit of unity and bipartisanship. folks who have suggested harbor
9:34 am
very different political opinions, even opposing, yet we all share the deep passion to work together to build a better future for ourselves. that's what israel is about. we're out to be good, to do good. but in our region, doing good is not enough. israel has to be strong in order to do good. be strong so we can -- we cannot lose sighing for even one moment that we're in the toughest neighborhood in the world. we've got isis on our southern border, hezbollah on our northern border, islamic jihad, hamas, iranian militias that surround us. all of them want to kill us, kill israelis. they all want to annihilate the jewish state. that's why israel always has had
9:35 am
an overwhelmingly stronger than any of our enemies and indeed of all our enemies combined. that's why i want to thank you, mr. president, for helping yet again to fortify israel's strategic objectives. obviously, the main issue we're going to be talking about today here is iran's race to a nuclear weapon. we talked about it inside the room. i was happy to hear your clear words that iran will never be able to acquire a nuclear weapon and that you emphasized that you will try to take the diplomat route, but there are other options if that doesn't work out. so, you know, these very things, they illustrate what the world would look like if a radical islamic regime acquired a nuclear weapon. that marriage would be a nuclear night mare for the entire world.
9:36 am
iran is the world's number one exporter of terror, instability and human rights violations. and as we sit here right now, the iranians are spinning their centrifuges. we have to stop this. we both agree. we've developed a comprehensive strategy that we're going to be talking about with two goals. the first goal is to stop iran on its regional aggression and start rolling back into the box. and second is to permanently keep iran away from ever being able to break out a nuclear weapon. as i told you, mr. president, israel never had and never will ask america to send troops to defend ourselves. that's our job. we will never outsource our
9:37 am
security. it's our responsibility to take care of our fate. but we do thank you for the tools and the help you have been giving us and you are giving us. we're also going to be talking about covid and the delta variant, which is wreaking havoc across the world. you were the first to call the pandemic the pandemic of the unvaccinated. and that could not be more true. just about a month ago i took a very tough decision, a policy decision, that israel would pioneer the booster shot, the third shot. i can report to you, mr. president, to everyone, that we've reached almost 3 million israelis that have received the booster shot. and the bottom line is, it's safe and it works.
9:38 am
the good news, finally, is that the tide is turning in israel. and i'll talk about, you're a man of faith, as am i. in synagogues across the world, we read a biblical portion called the hastera. tomorrow we will be reading words of the prophet isaiah ishail. the hebrew words are -- [ speaking in hebrew ] what this means -- i can say anything now, right? what this means is the sons and daughters of the jewish people are going to come back to our hand, are going to nurse our ancient land and rebuild it.
9:39 am
and this ancient jewish prophecy is today's israel's reality. it's a miracle that you've been so central and so part of it for so many years. so, mr. president, today you and i, and you've been so generous with your time in these difficult days, have started yet another chapter in the beautiful story of the friendship between our two nations, the united states of america and the jewish democratic state of israel. both of us who seek to do good and need to be strong. both of us who are a lighthouse in a very, very stormy world. thank you, mr. president. i look forward to working with you now and for many years forward. thank you. >> thank you.
9:40 am
you've given me credit, much of which should go to barack obama, for making sure that we committed to this. he's the one who deserves the credit. >> thank him as well. >> thanks, folks. >> harris: lot of questions there. no q&a for us to show you. we took that to the end so you could hear the israeli prime minister bennett. couple things stood out to me, kayleigh. one, we trust in your bipartisanship, something he leaned on. that's important. this man is a self-made millionaire.
9:41 am
he's a former commando with the israeli defense forces. he's somebody who considers himself farther to the right. politically aligned with president biden he is not. >> no, he's not. and that relationship is arguably the most important relationship that we have in the middle east, israel being our staunch ally. i hope they forge a relationship much like the one between netanyahu. i watched president trump celebrate the abraham accord. you had relations with israel, with the uae and bahrain. i certainly hope for the sake of that region that, regardless of politics, they can forge that kind of strategic relationship that i saw when i was in the white house. >> harris: this was a meeting, morgan, that had gotten delayed because of the explosions that killed so many people outside of
9:42 am
the kabul airport just yesterday. we knew it was coming. then from prime minister bennett, we knew it was his first meeting. he said this, israel's nuclear pursuit, their capability is the most important thing that we'll talk about today, mr. president. your thoughts? >> it is, harris, because it is a threat to the state of israel. right? you have their greatest enemy, the islamic republic of iran, which threatens almost on a daily basis to annihilate the state of israel. so that's going to be a big problem for the new prime minister, if this administration goes down the path of the obama administration, which is giving billions in sanctions relief to the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism. i thought it was very interesting what president biden said at the beginning. i was listening closely. he said that iran was never going to get a nuclear weapon. that he was working for a diplomatic effort toward that. that's a really important statement to me because that's a
9:43 am
red line, in my opinion. president trump was very clear about that. he took suleman's head off to prove it. they are breaking their commitments if they relates to this. i'm not going to get into that. i'm telling you they're breaking their commitments right now. if president biden will stand by what he just said, iran will never get a nuclear weapon, i have got some policies to talk to him about. >> harris: i wish you could get together with him. that would be fascinating. fascinating. joey, just given what we watched in afghanistan, is it fair to look at the decisions that this president has made in exiting america's longest war and then to look ahead at the job, as morgan just described it, that we have to do to deal with iran?
9:44 am
>> if someone tells you who they are, you should probably listen to them. i think president biden has this idea that he has to be right at all costs rather than do the right thing at all costs. that's what perturbs me. you can justify your way to being right any way you want to. there's nothing i could have done. i had a binary choice. what they aren't talking about is withdrawal and evacuation. you don't evacuate in sunny weather, you evacuate in a hurricane. all i want president biden to do is to show us he's prepared for the threats in this world and the task at hand and maybe we'll do investigations and hold people accountable for this particular incident this week in the future. i'm concerned about our security and the lives of those that protect us. >> harris: emily, real quickly as we head to commercial, your thoughts.
9:45 am
>> it was so refreshing to hear a leader be unequivocal and be strong. i really appreciated the prime minister's statement when he said, quote, be strong so we can do good. it was such a stark contrast, frankly, from what we've been hearing from our commander in chief the last few day. there seems to be memory loss there to everyone's points here that the conversation was kept in a vacuum, ignoring this ignition happening there in afghanistan and ignoring the last four years as well, especially with president biden's skipping over and commenting on president obama's work. >> harris: i caught that. >> as ordinary americans watching have a longer, more full memory of that. it frankly concerns me for the future as well. but i hope that -- i know we're running out of time but i'd like to hear morgan's thoughts about the intelligence and how this affects the situation there now.
9:46 am
it's a tumor. that means a spreading cancer. we have a worse future ahead of us than we do in the present. that's the most frightening. >> harris: the good news is -- >> sorry. >> harris: go ahead. >> i was just going to remind the audience that al qaeda senior leadership is given safe haven in iran. that's where they lead. >> harris: i was going to find ray of sunshine, but, no. 'cause that is the truth. you speak the truth. all right. just ahead, he did it again. president biden admitted he was told which reporters to call on after yesterday's remarks. so who's in charge of the man who said that he was instructed to call on first nora o'donnell? stay put. one, two! one, two, three! only pay for what you need! with customized car insurance from liberty mutual! nothing rhymes with liberty mutual.
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>> it took some seven hours or so for president biden to address the american people about yesterday's terror attack in kabul. after he did finally speak, he actually took questions from reporters. but as he did, he said this. >> ladies and gentlemen, they gave me a list here.
9:51 am
first person i was instructed to call on was kelly o'donnell of nbc. >> instructed, emily. i can tell you i never instructed president trump to call on a predetermined list of reporters. after that, there was the fetal position moment where you had president biden literally lie the front of his body on the lecturn there. what were your thoughts as you watched that curious image? >> i was watching with a group of colleagues. at a minimum, i was uncomfortable. at times i was actually concerned. i think a lot of those pauses were so long, i was worried something was happening with him physically. we didn't instruct president trump on who to take questions from. he was a leader. he was the boss. i remember thinking how empathetic and sorry i felt for these gold star families who were looking for some modicum of leadership happening from this
9:52 am
position. that's the last thing they got last night. frankly, it was shameful. >> well said. then we moved on to the white house press briefing. here's one of the questions that was asked. >> how was he, how was his mood, how was his dealing with the incoming information? how was he in asking the questions of the military commander? >> i would say anyone who watched the president up close, which is most of you, knows that he's putting the lives of service men and women at risk. those decisions you have to make as commander in chief weigh heavily on him. >> the question was how is he doing? reminds me of the first briefing where one of the first questions was, how is he feeling? he's waited a long time to be in the president position. >> they've been tough in holding the administration accountable. that's what we need from a media
9:53 am
or independent press corps. i would say, listen, this had to be a horrible day for the president and his team. you don't lose that many americans in combat, especially when you promised an ordinarily exit from afghanistan just a few months ago. the president was promising there wouldn't be chaos and it wouldn't be saigon. in fact, it looks worse than even he predicted. this is why we need media to hold people accountable, and this is why you are seeing it at the pentagon briefing, as you talked about, kayleigh. we were promised by this president multiple times a set of outcomes when leaving afghanistan that didn't happen. and so i'm not -- i'm not faulting him for his performance yesterday. it's not the type of command leadership that i want to see from the commander in chief. i agree with emily, there were times that i was nervous and thought, oh gosh, what's happening, when he got very
9:54 am
quiet. but i have no doubt everybody in that white house, it was one of the most gut wrenching days in their career, as it should be. we have a lot to answer for. >> that's true. we have a sound from the press secretary, certainly before the devastating attacks yesterday. let's play that soundbite. >> it is bringing american citizens out, afghan partners out. it is bringing allies out. i would not say that's anything but a success. >> i think a good question would have been, do you still stand by that assessment? how did you not see this? that's the kind of language you were having. how did you not see this on the horizon? >> you bring out 100,000 people but we still have people who can't make it to the gate? thousands of americans who can't get there. gross product is different than precision. if we can extract americans --
9:55 am
if this administration could extract americans the way jennifer griffin has extracted information, we probably wouldn't have a crisis. i want to give her a nod. i'm glad someone like peter and jennifer are there to get information for us. most courageous thing biden has done is take a question from peter yesterday. >> absolutely. the language we heard yesterday, the "i will hunt you down" from biden, that psaki soundbite was from previous to the attack. that was from president biden, "i will hunt you down." more "outnumbered" in just a moment. ra, would be eligible today for a va home loan. so many do not know that. there's no expiration date on your eligibility for the va home loan. every veteran, every service member out there if you're thinking about buying a home if you're thinking about a cash out refi whatever you're thinking with a mortgage, you should come to newday usa first.
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10:00 am
heroes. turn toward gratitude and honor. floyd holly, daniel greer, adam benjamin, those are names that i know. we will learn the names from yesterday and let's honor them. >> harris: amen. say th name. thank you. thanks for watching. let's go to "america reports." >> john: we begin with fox news alert. we are expecting an update from the white house as the nation mourns the 13 troops killed in afghanistan, this is big chance there will be more terror attacks to come. i'm john roberts in washington. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith in new york. the pentagon says there are specific credible attacks on kabul airport. there was one suicide bombing yesterday, not two, as first reported during the chaos and confusion after the


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