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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 27, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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developed as a biological weapon. but this was a 90-day report. we know david asher said this is not an investigation. this is an essay. we'll look forward to hearing what he had to say. he had been doing an actual investigation at the end of the trump administration. we leave you there and pick it up again with you on monday. have a great evening, everybody. see you monday. >> neil: thank you, martha. we're getting mixed signals from the pentagon briefing. when the taliban was claiming that the airport is under taliban control, we just heard from john kirby that said that that is not true. that u.s. forces still are. all of this on the same day that we discovered we're up to 105,000 since the government fell in afghanistan who have been flown out of that country. could be a bumpy process but going along more swiftly than
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earlier thought. we're on top of that and the pace picking up and the pressure building now ahead of the tuesday departure from the country of all remaining american personnel. welcome, everybody. what an incredible week it's been. we're closing out this one with some questions. where the heck are we going from here? we've got you covered with lucas tomlinson at the pentagon with the latest on this maybe dislocated story, with what the taliban and what we are saying. we have peter doocy at the white house. trey yingst in qatar and navy seal, rob o'neill, the man that took out some bin. whether this could prove to be a breeding ground for the next osama bin laden. and let's go to lucas tomlinson over confusing on who is running the airport. lucas? >> pentagon officials of the u.s. are still in control.
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let's go across the river where ned price denied that the u.s. government is giving any names to the taliban. names of americans and critical afghan allies. here's ned price. >> the notion that we're providing that with names upon names of individuals who may stay behind in afghanistan or in a way that would expose anyone to additional risks, that is simply false. >> the pentagon corrected reports of two suicide bombers saying there was only one. one bomber approached the gunmen and then blew himself up. the death toll among afghans are close to 130. the pentagon says there's a risk of more attacks. >> we're monitoring these threating very specifically.
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virtually and in real time. >> our own jennifer griffin spoke to john kirby earlier today. >> how can general mckenzie say with certainty the taliban were not involved in the suicide bomb something. i understand you're reliant on them for protection but are you ruling them out being involved because you're so dependent on them right now? >> i didn't hear general mckenzie put it that way. in one of the questions he got, he said, you know -- asked was there a failure. the general said of course there was a failure somewhere obviously. i don't know the exact number. clearly it's in the thousands. >> now, neil, on the question of
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how many sivs have been evacuated, over 100,000. at the state department, ned price was asked for the figures. he said he didn't have it. general van hirk said more than half of the afghans that have come to the united states, 6,000 in all, are not special immigrant visa holders. there's about 6,000 here in the united states at four different bases, neil. >> neil: thanks, lucas. the president said the mission will be completed in afghanistan regardless of yesterday's attack and now concern of another one that could be pending. let's get the latest from peter doocy at the white house. hi, peter. >> the president has been briefed by his national security team that another terror attack in kabul is likely. that's a quote. so that is what the white house is looking at while they still have americans on the ground and as they mourn the 13 service members that were killed yesterday. the most compelling sound bite
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out of the president's prepared remarks about afghanistan is that he was not going to forgive or forget the people responsible. he said he's going to hunt them down. i followed about what that means a few minutes ago. >> when the president says we will hunt you down and make you pay, what does that look like? is he going to order a mission to kill the people responsible or satisfied if they're captured and brought to trial? >> i think he made it clear he doesn't want them to live on the earth anymore. >> so that. we know the white house is careful not to say that they have a partnership with the taliban in the final days of our time at the hamed karzai international airport. but they are coordinating with them. so i asked the white house what is going on. >> i saw people running security nor the taliban in kabul are terrorists with millions of
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bounties on their heads. are we going to try to bring those known terrorists to justice before we leave the country? >> peter, i think our focus right now is on doing everything we can to get the remaining american citizens that want to depart out of the country, to get our african partners out of the country. >> so the white house remains confident that they can establish and over-the-horizon capability to take these terrorists out if they remain in afghanistan without americans on the ground. neil? >> neil: all right, peter doocy. thanks very much. we were going in and out of various press briefings. one item that might have been overlooked is price at the state department. he said the taliban asked the us to keep a diplomatic presence in afghanistan beyond august 31 when we are supposedly leaving afghanistan. this comes at a time when we're trying to get to the bottom of
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yesterday's attacks. this isis k fringe element has been around close to six years and its potency there and argument that it's a lethal enemy of the united states but also of the taliban. try yingst is following these developments. what are we hearing about this isis-k? you covered the region for a long time. a lot of people are just hearing about them. now we're looking for them. >> neil, good afternoon. isis has taken responsibility for this suicide blast yesterday outside of kabul's airport that killed 13 u.s. service members along with dozens of afghan civilians. isis-k's enemy is the taliban with the united states. president biden has pledged to track down those responsible for the attack along were the
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taliban, this group says they will go after those that committed this atrocity outside of the abbey gate because they don't want to be seen as aiding and abetting terror as it comes right now. this comes as dozens of people that were wounded in the attack and treated at local hospitals. completes overwhelmed last night. but yet evacuations from afghanistan are continuing. we know more than 12,000 people were airlifted in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number to more than 100,000. the clock is ticking on the evacuations. tuesday is the day that american forces are supposed to leave afghanistan. one source in kabul said the situation could deteriorate rapidly and we've got new video of the taliban extending their perimeter around the airport following the attack. there's a humanitarian crisis happening as the united states believes more than a half a
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million afghans could flee on foot once the evacuation flights crease. >> neil: you mentioned that the taliban are expending their ring. there's separate reports that the taliban controls the airport. what is the real skinny on that? do you know? >> look, we've seen images from the military side of the airport. just outside the gates where cars can drive on to the facility. there were taliban humvees. they used to be afghan security force humvees. it's an indication that the taliban is preparing to take over once the pentagon is trying to tamper that down. the reality is we're a few days away when american forces are scheduled to leave and opens up this big question of who will control the airport and the air tower there. we've heard initial conversations about turkey or
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pakistan stepping in to play the role that the united states has played over the past week controlling this air traffic in and out. neil? >> neil: but it would be taliban country, so you imagine the taliban would have disproportionate control over that. fascinating. thanks, trey. on the same issue that trey was wrapping up on, a taliban official is trying to clarify his position that got the pentagon riled up saying our team is ready to take full control of the kabul airport as soon as the u.s. leaves. it's a matter of time. that might strike you odd. whoever is running the country runs the airport. it's not that simple. remember, the taliban inherited air travel, planes, jets. they have no experience in this field, and that is the question that comes up that turkey would play a role there or pakistan. it's a massive confusing especially when you have isis-k.
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they too claim they can exert control of the country and do know a thing or two about planes and jets. let's go to rob o'neill, the man that shot osama bin laden, retired navy seal. this back and forth on who controls the airport is more than an academic debate. if you're the taliban, you want to make sure that you're calling the shots there, right? >> they've been planning what to do when we withdraw in pakistan for, you know,20 years right now. this taliban/isis-k/hakani, they use this against us. when they do some b.s. negotiations, they being the tall can and isis-k comes in, the taliban can say oh, that wasn't us. that was isis. it's all the same dudes. they're waving different flags. they're warriors and war lords
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that have done this a long time. some guys from syria, foreign fighters. many of the same group of people. it baffles me that we're considering negotiating with the taliban. everyone outside the war is taliban. why do we just kill them? a good idea. we shouldn't be negotiating with them. the fact that we're trying to legitimize them as a government is an insult that everybody that fought and died in that country. they're doing this and laughing at us and going to attack us again. they're extending the perimeter. they know they can get close to us, let the dudes in with the guns and they'll do it again. it's going to get worse. the more people we ebb vac the worse it's going to get for the americans on the ground. it's shameful. i have not talked to one veteran that approves. it's disgusting. >> neil: i had a feeling the president is going to take you up on that advice. if he gets out on the 31st, rob be, he indicated in an
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interesting reference here that historically any time we leave a war area, we leave people behind. i'm paraphrasing here. his message seemed to telegraph that look, when we go, there's going to be some that we leave behind. maybe quite a few. what do you think of that? >> well, it's very easy to say that when you wear a suit in the beltway. we say we leave things behind. those are real people that really die. he didn't know. he was a senator in the fall of saigon. let me make it clear that you'll hear over the horizon, the next one is the next ridgeline. you'll hear cute stuff like that. they don't know what they're talking about, they don't listen to their meme and don't listen to people on the ground. hopefully thinking we can leave
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and this quick news cycle we'll forget about it. no one has cell phones, we don't know what is going on and who is getting beheaded. we'll forget about it by the next mid-terms. >> neil: i'm curious, if you don't mind -- i'm hooked with the isis-k thing. forgive me. i do remember when the taliban took over and one of the first people that they shot and killed was this presumably isis-k leader. there were similar such incidents around afghanistan. all right. they're not close buds or friends. are you saying now that they will be so because as much as they dislike and compete with each other, they really hate us? that's what bonds them? >> well, they need us out of there. that's what bonds them. they have a similar ideology. you have to figure this happened in the early 90s when the russians left and you have seven war lords trying to fight over
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kabul. they'll get there and take the country and then fight each other. this has been the case for a few thousand years. it's not going to change. they don't like each other. a lot of people in power positions don't like each other. some of the negotiations end in death. >> neil: you think, rob, as things stand now, that this country ones again is a breeding ground for trouble much as in pakistan it was osama bin laden and elsewhere, that this is going to become the new launching pad for attacks on united states and elsewhere? >> yeah, there's going to be training grounds there. it's always been a place like that. this is going to get worse because they will have the islamic militants moving in. what you have to look out for is the chinese coming in now taking advantage of the natural resources and moving stuff in between china, which borders
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afghanistan into the sea there. it's chaos in kabul except the chinese embassy and the russian embassy. a big picture plan there. we talked about this before. wait and see when someone like taiwan needs an ally. it's not united states because we don't have the stomach for it. >> neil: rob o'neill, the guy that shot osama bin laden. if he's right, this could be a breeding ground for the next osama bin laden. we have a lot more coming after this. a moment of silence today in the world of wall street. the new york stock exchange and nasdaq to remember the terror of yesterday.
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1:21 pm
great to have you. this threat obviously seems credible enough and by the same folks that had warned about the threat that obviously resulted in the deadly explosion yesterday. what do you make of this latest one? >> well, like rob o'neill said, it shouldn't surprise us this is happening. push the perimeter out. that's not me telling what the department of defense to do. this is me asking the biden administration to let the military do what they know how to do. this is a noncombatant situation. we need to get our people out. if someone gets in the way, we roll over them. we don't negotiate with an insurgent get citizens. there's veterans like me doing what the government should be doing. coordinating with afghans to get on the air field. it's happening all over the place and we're not going to stop. >> neil: that's the incredible
1:22 pm
part, what guys like you do. but one thing that is curious about the perimeter that the taliban set up around the airport around it's expanding out. they say they're the ones expanding out. we say we're looking to work with them to expand out. i don't know what the truth is. i know on the outside part of the fans it's the taliban. the inside it's us. this is that dangerous mix right there, isn't it? >> yeah, especially if your perimeter is set up so small and being managed by the biden administration on the 24 hours news cycle, yeah, an ill-advised thing to do when you have isis-k, taliban and al-quaida. we have right now afghan commandos and special forces and well-train individuals that are postured in various locations that can get on the air field and be removed. i mean, push the perimeter out and bring some people in.
1:23 pm
these are not just people huddling in the cold. we have our partner forces that need to come in. there's coordination underway. we can't get through. they can't get in. it doesn't make any sense to have a perimeter if you're not going to bring in the people that you're there to get out. >> neil: colonel, what do you say of the taliban, that isis-k is no friends of theirs. when i learned about the details of yesterday's attack, it wasn't a single suicide bomber either simultaneous with the bomber or thereafter, there were isis-k fighters firing on american troops. that wasn't complex. that sounded pretty coordinated. >> very coordinated. we have a perimeter that is so small and so defensive in nature that it's super obvious. we're not conducting a noncombat
1:24 pm
evaluation or neo. we're sitting in defense hoping it works out. that's not a fault of our military. they need the authority to do what they need to do. people need to be calling their congressman demanding that our military get the authority that they need to do this job. >> neil: colonel scott mann, thanks for your service. following the latest developments. it's creating an outcry globally among other foreign leaders wondering what is going on and what are we sacrificing from include nothing less than great britain. a conservative leader there that wonders about where the president is taking the world here. erve investors balance risk and reward, i see one element securing portfolios, time after time. gold. your strategic advantage.
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>> neil: all right. britain the latest country to indicate they're winding things down in afghanistan. but boris johnson came as close as any foreign leader has to say that he could be botching it here and by not extending the deadline he's imperilling this country and friends of this country but a bunch of other countries that have people they want out of that country. sometimes politicians can be a little circumspect, vague in their writing and their thinking. my next guest, the house of lords conservative party has been taking on the president of this country and how he could be endangering this country and other countries. daniel, good to see you again. >> great to be back with you, neil. >> neil: is the issue for you,
1:30 pm
daniel, the quick retreat, the leaving on the 31st, everything leading up to it, what? >> yeah, i mean, i'm not any kind of neocon. i'm not a supporter of the iraq war. i know you have to pick your fights, be careful about maintaining open-ended commitments. but a horrible realization hit me last week, which was that when it came to the affecting of this withdrawal, the biden administration was listening to the taliban rather than to the closest allies. the british wanted a slight delay so we could get everyone out. boris johnson directly asked the president for a delay. but joe biden decided to prioritize what the taliban was saying. that is an extraordinary thing that he was more swayed by the people that have been shooting at u.s. troops for 20 years than by the people supplying the second biggest contingent in
1:31 pm
afghanistan and who suffered the second biggest numbers of casualties. >> neil: it's a very good point, daniel. i get more and more feelings from the notes and for some people that go on the record advising the president push this back or be careful or warning him about the coming collapse of the government. could it be a matter of less adhering to what the taliban is saying and just him being stubborn and not listening to what anyone was saying? >> i mean, i feel sorry for him in this sense. he's maneuvered himself into a very bad place. if the taliban wanted to make trouble, they could do it. they could -- imagine how easily they could kidnap u.s. military. they would hold his presidency in the palms of their hands. so i get that he's put himself in to a bad position where all of his options are bad. i think we should -- we should all be adult enough to
1:32 pm
sympathize with him. going into afghanistan was a choice among bad options. there was no perfect solution. but it's still be botched in the way it's being done. what worries me is there's a feeling that the u.s. unreliable. the u.k. tried to put together a coalition to stay for a few extra days. it became clear without u.s. support, that wasn't feasible. i'm afraid that that may lead some countries to consider their procurement and defense outlook. >> neil: i'm wondering if it goes beyond the defense outlook. i'm reading in your british press, the growing concern about how united everybody is among the g-7 countries led by the united states about climate change, about a global corporate tax. i know you're not particularly a fan of the latter. i'm wondering here, does the
1:33 pm
president seem in your country and elsewhere increasing liberals and conservatives alike as maybe so wounded that he can lead this charge and they're worried? >> i get all that. but i think there's a bigger issue here. after the last four years, we cannot pretend that isolation is a quirk of joe biden's. i'd be struck that none of the likely contenders for the 2024 presidency has criticized the factors of withdrawal. a few commentators have talk about the britts. we were there for one reason. that's because america had been attacked. we took the attacks in new york and on the pentagon as an attack on us, an attack on our side, our interest and values. so it alarms me that the basic agreement among allies before a decision of this magnitude is
1:34 pm
made it looks like reasons for political climates. >> neil: do you worry about your safety going forward? i'm talking about safety and security, that global leaders espoused to keep the globe happy? >> you and i have grown up in a blessed period which was made secure by the ascendency of the english speaking people. now, we can take that for granted. i get that people are tired of it. i get people don't want to maintain the constant overseas occupations. but russia, china, pakistan have already got embassies with the taliban. darker forces will move in to the place that we have vacated. the idea that we have the option
1:35 pm
of being left alone, if you believe that, you haven't been watching. >> neil: very well put. thanks, daniel. uncanny read of global developments to which he knows no political leniency. all right. we have more coming up. he doesn't have a british accent by joe lieberman has a very clear tone and a tough tone when it comes close to this thing. a supporter of this president but not his policy. but what he saw coming earlier last year after this.
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go bowling. >> neil: i don't think joe lieberman is the kind of guy to say i told you so, but to be fair to him in 2000, he was warning about pulling our troops out of this country, not just with this president but the last president. early last year he was saying that this could lead to a lot of
1:40 pm
volatility and worse. joe lieberman with us right now. senator, sadly, it played out as you fear it might. now terror attacks possibility in the next few days. where do you see this going? >> nowhere good. last year general jack keane, the former vice chief of the army and i worked together a long time. we talked about it. general keane was respected by the trump administration. so among many others. so we did an open letter to president trump and we said please, mr. president, continue go ahead with your plan to withdraw from afghanistan because it would amount to surrender to the taliban, an enemy of ours and it would be a great strategic error because we're not at war. this is what president trump said and president biden says it
1:41 pm
all the time now. it's an endless we're. but were not down to war. we were down to 2,500 american troops from over 150,000 when we were at war. and their mission was counter terrorism. to keep the terrorists out of afghanistan from which we were struck on 9-11. of course, what has happened, tragically now is you pull back as president biden ordered and what happens naturally? the counter terrorist forces are gone, the terrorists come back in. the taliban is a terrorist operation, hates us. they want to kill americans and has done so for 20 years. think about hakani that is on the terror list as the head of security in kabul is outrageous. >> neil: so you would ignore this -- we have nothing to worry about because the terrorists, the bad guys are fighting among
1:42 pm
themselves. isis-k, the splinter group, part of the pakistani taliban doing their own thing now. they're fighting it out. we don't have to worry about that. this is the country that will develop with these guys destroying it. no worry here. you say? >> it's nonsense. it's like saying that there were two drug gangs at war and some american cities fighting for turf. somehow one of them is good and one of them is bad. they're both terrible. they're both poisoning americans, killing each other, killing bystanders. that's the case here. the taliban and isis are both radical islamic terrorist groups. if they have this agreement, it's only over turf. who will be in control. make no mistake about it, these groups and a lot of the others, al-quaida and others will pour
1:43 pm
into taliban-controlled afghanistan now. they're our enemies. they want to kill us, bring down our civilization. this is what the the removal of the american troops has invited to happen. it's happening. i just want to say one thing, neil. in june when president biden met with president putin of russia, he foreseen the cost of withdrawing our troops from afghanistan and not having a counter terrorist base there, he told president putin that he was planning to relocate that function very important to another central asian country near afghanistan. putin said no. that was the end of it for president biden. it shows that president biden himself as he got close to the actual withdrawal knew that he was sacrificing something and thought how difficult will be it
1:44 pm
be now for the united states from far away, not on the ground, not with a friendly government, to counter these terrorists from killing a lot of people in their country and outside including in the u.s.a. >> neil: i hope you're wrong on that but you've been right on the other things. you're so right when you mention putin. he was nixing a plan in countries in which he had no control. >> you're right. look, we've been allowing the bad guys to tell us what to do. we're the strongest country in the world. we have values. but you know, president biden clearly and should have kept our troops on the ground after all 31 for the evacuation. we're not going to get everybody out by then. the taliban, our enemies, terrorists saying no. we withdraw and say okay, we'll do our best to get as many people out as we can by august 31. a great country doesn't do that.
1:45 pm
i agree with the people that have been on today before me saying we should move the perimeter out. we're the u.s. military. at least one thing we could do the next four days to protect americans and afghans, let the american military be on the perimeter further out, not the taliban terrorists that are not our friends. >> neil: that's the next step. that could be tested as soon as tomorrow, senator. we'll see if we have success expanding that perimeter. thanks, senator. good seeing you. >> thank you, neil. i hope i'm wrong, but i'm afraid -- >> neil: this time, senator i hope you're wrong as well. thank you very much. >> take care. be well. >> neil: peaceful safe weekend as i do for all of our soldiers and all the people there in kabul and around kabul. we're monitoring ida, this tropical storm, what started out as a tropical depression, now a category one storm with winds
1:46 pm
north of 75 miles an hour. they say it could get up to a category three storm. they're already evacuating parts of the gulf coast for which it is really targeting right now. it's a wide swath and a worrisome one. the latest after this. as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> neil: all right. hurricane ida, category one right now, but it could hit the gulf coast as a category four with winds in excess of 140 miles per hour. this is accelerated a lot just today. adam klotz has been following it closely. >> we saw that upgrade. it was supposed to be a category three. now a category four hurricane, which means winds up to 130 miles an hour. it's lifting to the north at about 15 miles an hour. wind gusts up to 100 miles an hour right now. this is that track where we see it intensify once we get out over the gulf of mexico. think of a sunday afternoon to a sunday evening landfall likely off to the west of new orleans. that is areas we're paying attention to with winds up to
1:51 pm
130 miles an hour. why does this intensify rapidly? it's taking warm water in the gulf of mexico. you can see the yellow and reds. these are numbers above average. close to the shoreline, the temperatures are high and that will help strengthen this storm. we have some of the hurricane warnings in place, watches as this system gets closer -- our tropical storm watch and warnings. some of the most intense winds. these are major hurricane winds, perhaps 130 miles an hour, getting in there sunday afternoon and evening off to the west of new orleans. it will linger a little while. because you're not in an area where this makes landfall doesn't mean you won't see the impacts. with a large storm, this brings a wall of water. on the high end, some areas seeing 11 feet of storm surge. that could be a real dangerous issue with this. here's our tropical model. we have a good idea the direction this is heading.
1:52 pm
a couple of these go to new orleans. we have a couple of days, this is something that is happening later on sunday afternoon into the evening. we will be watching it very closely as it continues to intensify. neil? >> neil: thanks, adam. we'll be monitoring this tomorrow live at 10:00 a.m. eastern time, how far and how quickly this storm is moving. again, 10:00 a.m. east entime on fox news. keeping you updated on the tens of thousands that are making it out of afghanistan. the overwhelming majority seeking asylum and safety. but are some slipping through the cracks? who is getting out of that country? after this. as your business changes, the united states postal service is changing with it. with e-commerce that runs at the speed of now. next day and two-day shipping nationwide, and returns right from the doorstep. it's a whole new world out there. let's not keep it waiting.
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>> you know you can certainly understand the rush to get as many as you can out of afghanistan. they need papers and all of that stuff. sometimes it's a bit of a nightmare. people say come on, come on, come on. we have to be careful. some could slip through the cracks. a good chunk of them americans, a good chunk of them not. nathan, thank you for coming. i want to stretch here my fear is not that everyone coming here is dangerous. are we making sure everyone who is coming here is good to come here? >> i think that's an important priority as we continue this
1:57 pm
evacuation. our goal has to be to protect the afghans who put their lives on the line for the u.s. military during the war. these are people who believe in america. believe in america's values. we can't turn our back on them in their time of need. at the same time it's also important to make sure the people coming to the united states are in fact our afghan allies and not people trying to exploit our hospitality. the state department and pugh hs and intelligence community run a rigorous process to do background checks on all afghans coming here. i would look for that process to be spitting up as the evacuation continues. >> can you fake a lot this paper work, the special immigrant visas? i only ask because the hand off outside of the perimeter. that is first controlled by the taliban who then brings them
1:58 pm
inside the perimeter presumably controlled by u.s. soldiers. i'm worried about the handoff point. >> it's a great point, neil. it shows the folly of the biden's administration decision to rely on the taliban to provide security at the airport. we saw yesterday in tragic and dramatic form what happens when you out source security to a terrorist group like the taliban. things get through the cracks. suicide bombers may get past the perimeter and slaughter u.s. citizens, taking the lives of brave service members. we shouldn't rely on the taliban to do anything to affect american national security. >> you know what i worry about too, maybe i'm paranoid. they say this person is good. how do i know they haven't secreted their own person through to get to the united states? >> one of the things our armed forces and other civilian actors
1:59 pm
in afghanistan over the years is develop biometric databases, various measures to verify the people appearing before us are who they say they are. one of the problems is that information has now found it's way into taliban hands. they're not using for immigration purposes as we would but as a kill list. to go around and identify people who cooperated with the united states, soldiers, government officials, aid workers who has biometric and biographic information in the u.s. database. the taliban will use this to find what wha* they consider their enemies and have vengeance against them. >> nathan, thank you. to your point, we have big hearts and have to use our heads. hards to do in this rushed environment. nathan, thank you. we will be on this and the points that nathan raised.
2:00 pm
the pentagon will have a briefing in the morning. we will get the latest figures on how the evacuation efforts continue. the process is on. it's picking up steam. we may get a indication tomorrow where they go from here on the perimeter and who controls it for now. here comes "the five." >> hello everyone, i'm jesse waters. along with katie, richard, kennedy and greg. 5:00 o'clock in new york city. this is "the five." >> we will not forgive. we will not forget. we will hunt you down to mach you pay. >> president biden vowing retribution for isis terrorists responsible for killing 13u.s. service members in kabul. after his different


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