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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 27, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> eye a chicken sandwich. >> fox and friends brings it us to. >> i love you. . >> [laughing]. >> that's it for us. "special report with bret baier" we are not going to talk about. love you, bret. >> bret: welcome to washington. i am bret baier. president biden national security team warns another terrorist attacks in kabul is likely. this comes after a suicide bomber killed 13 u.s. service members and scores of afghans. the air lift of remaining americans and afghans fleeing the country presses on. president biden maintains that the u.s. will hunt down those
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responsible for the bombing as he sticks to the drawl deadline 4 days away. jennifer griffin joins us live from the pentagon tonight. >> the president biden's national security team told him the u.s. forces in kabul face terrorist attacks and it's likely to get worse nearing the tuesday deadline. >> these threats specifically virtually and in real time. >> new details about the attack at the kabul airport forced the pentagon correction. 1 suicide bomber and not 2 and no explosion at a nearby hotel. the pentagon unwilling to blame the taliban. >> i understand you rely on them for protection around the airport. do you rule them out because you are so dependent on the taliban?
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>> i didn't hear general mckenzie put it that way. in one question, he asked, was there a failure? yes, obviously. >> how many isis-k prisoners were removed and why went they moved to gitmo? >> i don't know the exact number. it's in the thousands. >> u.s. officials say reports they shared lists of americans and afghan allies with the taliban are incorrect. in some cases to get the afghans through a check-point they provide the information and the taliban lets them pass. >> the notion we are providing them with names of individual whose may stay behind or expose
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anyone to additional risk is false. >> the pentagon denied reports that the taliban already entered the kabul airport. >> have the taliban taken control of any part of the hamid karzai airport? >> no, i saw that report too. it's false. >> as to why the u.s. didn't send isis-k to gitmo, the answer from the pentagon they thought the afghan army would watch them. some of the c-17 planes were medal of freedom -- medical vacs. >> bret: president biden offered
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condolences to those who lost loved ones yesterday. the president remains committed to the mission and that deadline. peter doocy joins us now from the north lawn. >> the president mourns the 13 fallen service members in a white house where the flag remain at half staff, he continues monitoring the trouble intel that serveses a back drop to evacuate everyone by his deadline on tuesday. >> we will complete the mission. >> and troops remain in danger. >> the national security team advised the president and vice-president that anothers terrorist attacks in kabul is likely. >> critics blame the way the president pulled out. >> joe biden is responsible for what is happening in afghanistan. >> this could lead to impeach hearings. >> there will be a day of reckoning. we have a constitutional right.
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right now in the next 5 days, everyone's responsibilities should only be focussed on getting the americans out. >> helping the taliban with security while wanted by the fbi. >> the people running security for the taliban in kabul are terrorists with million dollars worth of bounties on their heads. are we going to bring those known terrorists to justice before we leave the country? >> peter, our focus right now is on doing everything we can to get the remaining american citizens who want to depart out of the country. to get our afghan partners out of the country. >> critics worry that americans will need to return. >> those future soldiers when they do have to go back again, after we suffered another night club or another 9-11, they have no basis. we gave them all away. >> the white house is confident
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even without boots on the ground they can hunt down the people responsible for the military's deadliest day in a decade. >> the president said we will hunt you down and make you pay. will he kill them? >> he made clear he didn't want them to live on the earth anymore. >> a strong statement from this administration coming in the middle of the first foreign policy crisis. >> bret: peter doocy. thank you. tonight we are hearing more harrowing stories surrounding yesterday's attack as crowds gather outside of the kabul airport and they are aware their window of opportunity is quickly
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closes. trey join us from doha, qutar. >> my head went to the airport and waited for 6 hours. after that i heard the news of the blast and went to 3 hospitals. >> families of those injured and killed in the blast spent hours searching for loved ones. a day after the suicide bomber targeted the airport people are still going there to flee afghanistan. the taliban is expanding its security perimeter to avoid attacks u.s. officials believe are likely. the large crowds from days prior did not gather where the explosion took place. with just 4 days until american
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forces leave kabul, u.s. forces like spain and italy suspended evacuations. this story is entering a new chapter. there is a developing humanitarian crisis with the u.s. refugee agency estimating that half a million afghans will look to flee on foot in the coming weeks. they said the taliban is being cooperative to fulfill humanitarian duties. >> when we are not there the terrorists groups exploit and use food as a weapon of recruitment and war. we use food as a weapon of peace. a weapon of hope.
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>> a taliban official said the group is waiting for a signal for america to take over the airport. that could be done this weekend. >> bret: thanks. breaking tonight. an unclassified summary of president biden's covid origins report was released. but the intel report is raising more questions than answers. jonathan has details. >> many questions indeed. the report into the origins of covid is inconclusivive. what you have is 4 intelligence agencies believing with low confidence in the initial theory that the coronavirus was transmitted from animal to human in the community, perhaps a wet mark in wuhan, china. a fifth agency believes that the first infection was linked to a laboratory accident.
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they don't believe it was developed as a bio-weapon and most believe with low confidence that coronavirus was not genetically engineer. a chinese foreign ministry official dismissed the lab leak theory. >> it's only fair that the u.s., [inaudible]. this will invite an investigation into their labs. >> the chinese said the pandemic originated in a u.s. government laboratory in maryland. even world health organization officials question these commence. >> it's a contradiction. if you are saying that the lab theory is a nonstarter from the chinese perspective. now we need to look at labs in other countries.
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>> president biden issued this statement: the president criticized chinese officials from preventing investigators reaching critical information. the president said the u.s. and other nations will press china to cooperate with the world health organization in its on-going investigation. >> bret: thank you. a florida judge said school districts may impose mask mandates ruling that governor ron desantis over stepped his authority. the governor's office said it's not based on the law and the state will appeal. democrats scramble after the supreme court blocks president
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biden's eviction moratorium story. in san diego robert kennedy's assassin was granted release today. it faces a 90 day review and will go to the california's governor's office for consideration. in austin, texas, state lawmakers revised a voting ball after the democrats came to washington for several weeks. it will reach texas governor greg abbott's desk by mid september. a live look at las vegas from fox 5. the big story there tonight. the band imagine dragons performance a free homecoming concert at a local high school.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> bret: stocks were up today as the s&p 500 and nasdaq gained record highs. for the week the dow nearly added one and naz nasdaq up 2 and 4/5. powell indicated that interest rates hikes are in the distance. the central bank will withdraw some policies before the end of the year. in other words, turning off the spigot. powell said the economy no longer requires much policy support but there is much ground to cover in full employment.
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he said inflation is around the 2% target rate. growth in the u.s. spending slowed in july at .3% down from last month's 1.1%. experts see that as a sign americans are more cautious among the delta variant surge. spending in cars and restaurants strengthened last month. democrats are lashing out at the u.s. supreme court for blocking president biden's eviction moratorium. there is a push from progressives to take action. hilary has more. >> president biden was trying to buy times to get billion dollars of rental relief into tennant's hands. the supreme court told him he did not have the power to extend the eviction ban, he did it
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anyway. >> by the time it is litigated it will give additional time to get the 45 million dollars out to people who are behind in their rent. >> the supreme court reversed the order yesterday with a lot of money left unspent. only $5 billion was paid out to states by renters. the rent was not being paid. >> we had to take out a loan to take out the mortgage. we will fight this. >> progressives are ready for a fight. a congresswoman said this is not over. tweeting this: the white house is back on square one. they are looking it save the
3:20 pm
day. >> if there were enough votes to pass the eviction moratorium in congress it would have happened. it hasn't happened. the second of hud sent a letter calling on governors and mayors to put in place their own moratorium. >> the group of landlords that failed a case in the supreme court said landlords have been losing $19 billion a month in unpaid rent, that pot of 46 million dollars in bental relief is a drop in the bucket when you look at what business owners have lost. >> bret: thank you. that's a big story for a lot of people. hurricane ida another big story whipping western cuba as a category 1 storm. forecasters expect it to reach the u.s. gulf coast sunday as a requesting 4 hurricane. -- category-4 hurricane. parts of louisiana under a mandatory evacuation.
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mississippi and alabama also bracing for storm surge. this is one to watch over the weekend. out west some 14,000 firefighters are facing changing weather conditions as they battle more than a dozen large wildfires pushing across california. today a fast moving fire was southwest of lake tahoe. it scored more than 144,000 acres and only 12% contained. a trump era border policy forcing asylum seekers to remain in mexico is not deterring swaths of migrants coming across the border. tonight stories of pain and danger for those making the treks from the border on mission texas. >> we come across paramedics
3:22 pm
working on 2 little migrants girls under age 10. border agents told us to keep our distance. those 2 little girls had been sexually assaulted in mexico. last night as the sun set over 200 migrants showed up to the same spot in lajolla. the supreme court reinstated the trump administration remain in mexico policy they keep coming but word is spreading against the migrants. >> she said it's sad she might have to go back and wait for a court day in mexico. >> during the daylight more of the same. on wednesday hundreds of migrants crossed in to turn themselves in and this man was a bus driver who had multiple gun shots wounds. he said he was fleeing gang
3:23 pm
violence. border agents tracked a group of returns who fled from them. in arizona agents apprehended more than 100 unaccompanied migrants children. and border patrol agents aristed this felon from nicaragua. last month texas governor greg abbott authorized state troopers to stop vehicles suspected of transporting illegal immigrants but a federal judge shut that down and said that would violate the constitution. >> bret: up next what the state department plans to do if
3:24 pm
americans are in afghanistan past the august 31 deadline. analysis on the media's new tone towards president biden. been our borders. a factory fire killed 16 workers. they were trapped in a building where the windows were block and there was only one exit. this is pakistan's worst factory fire since 2012. china are road testing new guard rails to block companies from going public overseas specifically in the u.s. the rules could strengthen beijing's control over entities used by tech giants. the billy jean king finals will be held in prague on indoor
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3:29 pm
here. griff is at the state department with the latest. >> our commitment to american citizens will not change. >> the state departments spokesman price acknowledged some american citizens may not get out it time. it's a race against the august 31 deadline. >> we have at least 5100 u.s. citizens and likely more within the last day. more than 300 additional americans were evacuated. 500 american citizens we are working with. >> he said dozens don't want to leave. getting out after the deadline will depend on the taliban and partners. one the u.s. flight departs the future of the kabul airport will play a big role. with no international agreement on who will run it. >> it is unreasonable to expect there will be normal airport
3:30 pm
operations on september 1st. >> the fate of our afghan allies in the number of tens of thousands is far more uncertain than the administration admits. not all will get out. >> what i did i will never regret it because i tried to help people. that's me. >> leaving a diplomat presence behind it's unclear what will happen >> they made clear they would like to see an american diplomat presence remain. it's not up to the taliban. >> under the threat alert guidance for americans still in country remains the same. avoid traveling to the airport and avoid all airport gates unless directed otherwise by an
3:31 pm
official. >> bret: the media's questions of president biden's may have changed in the wake of the chaotic afghanistan withdrawal. here is howard. >> the devastating bombing in kabul is the latest evidence that the media's aggressive coverage of the on-going afghanistan disaster has been on target. it muted some media liberals who praised president biden for evacuating americans. >> when you hear people calling this a debacle? compared to what. >> all joe biden is telling us what time it is. the mainstream has been awful. >> joe biden has been a fiasco
3:32 pm
in the word of the mainstream media's journalist. that's by a liberal writer who talks about george w. bush war crimes. veteran journalists have challenged the upbeat assessments of biden and his team. that getting to the airport was safe and americans didn't feel stranded. >> you could look this as a humiliating moment in america. forced to leave on the taliban's clock. >> the briefings featured sharp questioning whether the u.s. is betraying afghan women by leaving many behind. >> we told them for 20 years you can live up to your potential. they feel abandoned. >> how can you at a the taliban were not involved in the suicide
3:33 pm
bombing? >> and the president said yesterday he takes responsibility. the negative portrayal of president biden marks a contrast with the earlier month of political coverage. >> bret: see you this weekend. thanks. up next how will the u.s. respond to yesterday's deadly attacks in afghanistan? and evacuation efforts continue. the panel will take it all next. >> our troops are still in danger and they are taking the steps they are taking to save lives and evacuate people. >> you hear about people dying. it's emotional. play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger.
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a lot closer to the united states. it was time to end a 20 year war >> we can leave a battlefield but can't leave the war on terrorism. >> be clear about the threat of the u.s. forces are facing. it's acute and going on. >> how many isis-k prisoners are released and why weren't they removed to gitmo? >> i don't know the number. it's in the thousands. >> bret: some of the sound over the past day or so as the evacuations continue at the kabul airport after that suicide attack killed 13 u.s. serve members. to put a human face to this as somebody trying to get out. an afghan who worked with the u.s. as a translator. on our air earlier today. getting desperate. take a listen.
3:39 pm
>> i know i will be left behind and i will be killed. what i did, i will never regret it because i tried to help people. that's me. >> bret: that's in real time. let's bring in our panel. holly and trey. we hear the success of the thousands who got out. there are many more afghans who won't get out and some americans won't make the last plane either. >> right. that's why this august 31 deadline makes no sense. just in case people are not familiar with isis-k that's a new name. that's the group that went to the maternity ward of a hospital
3:40 pm
and killed infants and new mothers. that's who waslet out of prisoner and is left in afghanistan. why we are so hell bent on leaving august 31 when we have people who helped us left behind. i don't understand. >> bret: chuck, what does this mean for this administration and this effort going forward? >> boy, it's such a complex and horrific situation, i hesitate to predict. the main thought it's not over. whether we adhere to the deadline of august 31 or not, today they are saying another terrorists attack is likely. a lot can happen between now and august 31. and a lot with happen beyond that. anybody who tries to draw a line on this episode and suggest, once it's over and digested, we can move on with other things and the administration may be able to put it behind them, i
3:41 pm
think is unrealistic. >> bret: the former secretary of defense leon penetta you heard him say at some point the war may be over and we may be out of afghanistan, but the war against the terrorists threat won't be over and we will likely have to play whack a mole with different element of radical islam. one big thing is the talk about the bagram air base and the decision to shut it down, whether it was the military advisors who told the president and he agreed with them. this is general milley and what president biden said about that. >> our ask given to us at that time: protect the embassy for the embassy personnel to continue to function. if we were to keep both bagram and the embassy going, that would be a significant number of forces that would have exceeded
3:42 pm
what we had. we had to collapse one or the other. >> the military concluded that bagram was not much value added. it was much wise tore focus on kabul. so i followed that recommendation. >> bret: mollie? >> president biden made the decision to follow-through with president trump's decision to end the war in afghanistan. those were proper decisions. he is responsible for the manner in which the departure is taking place. it's true these plans needed to be developed properly by the military brass. it's true they failed in that regard. there needs to be accountability. one of the most alarming things said in recent days there will be no accountability for these men, perhaps that lt. col.
3:43 pm
risking his career talking about the botching of this was relieved of his duties. it's hurting the morale of our service members throughout the country. the decision to close bagram was obviously not the right decision. you see this by the fact we have already dealt with a horrific attack yesterday and facing the possibility of more. you pray there are not more and this won't end with more bloodshed. the decision to leave was proper. president biden likes to remind people of his decision to leave. the manner in which it was done is horrific. there needs to be massive investigations to hold people to account for how botched this has been. >> bret: a lot of focus has been the interaction with the taliban. the administration saying it's a fact they control large swaths of the country and are in control of kabul and you need to
3:44 pm
deal with them. how many intelligence and information sharing you are doing raised a lot of questions over the past couple of days. listen to this exchange. >> what information is very important right now is at the ground level to ensure that as people approach checkpoints, that those taliban checkpoints leaders understand who is coming and what documentation they are supposed to. >> the idea we are providing names to it the taliban in a way that exposes anyone to additional risk, that is simply wrong. >> bret: talking about different ways and different press briefings today. it's important to realization that the taliban is the taliban. it's the same taliban. if you go on the state department's website, the
3:45 pm
rewards for justice, there is a $5 million bounty on a guy. $5 million the u.s. will pay for information leading to his arrest. he is the deputy now in charge in kabul. the number 2 guy. it's not like we don't know the history here. >> yes, bret. i am in the minority in our country. any withdrawal plan that depends on the taliban keeping its word or joining the 21st century, i think is a flawed plan. it doesn't matter when it's a republican or democrat president. this is the group that still stones rape victims. we are going to rely on them to make sure that americans get out of afghanistan and keep the law of order? that's the group keeping the law and order? they may be better than isis-k but that ain't saying much.
3:46 pm
isis-k kills newborns. >> bret: the taliban has a ban on music and want women kept inside bus they are fearful their fighters have not learned how to deal with women. this will be a bumpy ride for the taliban and controlling afghanistan. >> it's been head spinning. as someone who followed this story since september 11th, 2001 to see the united states necessarily perhaps embracing the taliban as a security partner in kabul, the concern going forward is the temptation to test -- let's see if we can get along with them. let's try to maybe supply them with aide here and there. i think so far the administration has done a good job of saying, no, we are not recognizing them in the short term. the pressure will rise for that opening to take place. that could be very dangerous.
3:47 pm
>> bret: up next, panel, a quick lightning round with a couple of other stories. keep it here. [relaxed summer themed music playing] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. savor your summer with lincoln.
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>> it is only fair that if the u.s. this is valid.
3:51 pm
they shall do their turn and invite an investigation into their labs. >> it's a contradiction if you are saying the lab theory is a nonstarter from a chinese perspective. but we need to looks at labs in other countries. >> bret: the chinese trying to turn the tables on the u.s. saying the investigation pointing to the wuhan lab opens the doors to china for them to go into labs inside the u.s. trey gowdy, this covid origins report is not saving. it -- satisfying. it comes to no conclusion. a number of intel agencies point to that lab and they didn't at the begining. >> this is the way my sources in the intelligence community explained it to me. all of the circumstantial
3:52 pm
evidence points to the lab. they used the word inconclusivive. make no mistake, all of the evidence points to the lap theory. >> bret: and what china did after the discovery of. mollie? >> a big reason why we don't have a more definitive conclusion is because china is not cooperating with the u.s. or other investigators trying to get to the bottom of everything. the same voices that kept us in afghanistan 19 years longer than we should have. we have an adversary with a bad track record on human rights and the ability to score more
3:53 pm
widespread arm. -- harm. i am alarmed by the unleashing of this virus on the world and there hasn't been enough push back on china or dealing with the reality what have they have done to the world and they have done to the u.s. they need to be held accountable. >> bret: the eviction moratorium the u.s. supreme court said it cannot stand by biden. some say it's up to congress to do something about it. some landlords say i have not gotten rent in a long, long time. >> well, the experiment gets to play the heavy in this situation. president biden himself almost admitted he didn't have a legal leg to stand on but was trying to buy time for the reimbursement program. we have 40 plus billion dollars that should have been supplied to the landlords months ago.
3:54 pm
many landlords, nobody likes their landlord, but the landlord is often a small business. a family that is renting out a vacation property or something like that. many of them are at great financial risk. there is a lot of losers all the way around. the supreme court did the right thing on the law. and let's hope that more cash can be brought together to help everyone out of the situation. >> bret: it's a big story affecting a ton of people across the country. panel, thanks. when we come back, notable quotables. get ready - our most popular battery is even more powerful.
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>> bret: it's friday and that means the notable quotables. >> do you trust the taliban? >> i don't trust anybody
3:59 pm
including you. >> this is not progress. we should not negotiate with terrorists. that's not what we do. >> does the president not know what is going on? >> this is an emotional time for many of us. >> i know i will be left behind and be killed. i will never regret it because i tried to help people. >> as you probably know i am stepping aside as your governor. >> i hope we can get good control in the spring of 2022. >> we have hundreds if not thousands of american citizens stranded in afghanistan. >> it's irresponsible to stay americans are stranded. they are not. >> we had to know what was going on in the ground if kabul. >> this is deadly serious. >> the taliban is cooperative. >> we are hearing about an explosion that just took place at the kabul airport. >> we will hunt you down to make
4:00 pm
you pay. >> we all remember when our blue star became a gold star. [voice breaking]. my heart goes out to the 13 families. >> bret: what a week. cuomo resigning was this week. that's it for "special report." fair and balanced and unafraid. fox news primetime with jesse watters starts nought. >> jesse: welcome to fox news primetime. i am jesse watters. the beginning of the end for joe biden's presidency? calls are growing for our failure in chief to leave the white house. >> i am frustrated with this president. if you want to be president it's a free world. you have to have the faith, the trust and the confidence of the american public. president biden lost that yesterday. there will be a day o