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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  August 27, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> we all remember when our blue star became a gold star. [voice breaking]. my heart goes out to the 13 families. >> bret: what a week. cuomo resigning was this week. that's it for "special report." fair and balanced and unafraid. fox news primetime with jesse watters starts nought. >> jesse: welcome to fox news primetime. i am jesse watters. the beginning of the end for joe biden's presidency? calls are growing for our failure in chief to leave the white house. >> i am frustrated with this president. if you want to be president it's a free world. you have to have the faith, the trust and the confidence of the american public. president biden lost that yesterday. there will be a day of
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reckoning. >> jesse: it's not just coming for sleepy joe. the secretary of state blinken could be the first to go. republican congressman ralph norman and andy harris are drafting articles of impeachment for biden's top diplomat telling fox news the secretary of state is tasked with informing congress and american citizens and in afghanistan he failed to do so. americans are dying while we are at the mercy of the taliban. biden is waiting for the terrorists to give us permission to bring our own people home. >> this is the circumstance we are faced with. the taliban controls swaths of the country. to get americans and afghans out we need to accord with the taliban. this is not the only place in
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the world we have to work with adversaries. >> jesse: jake tapper said the taliban is turning u.s. passport holders away and do we know in the taliban played a role in yesterday's attack. >> how you can say the taliban were not involved with the suicide bombing? i understand you rely on them for protection around the airport. >> the general said there was a failure somewhere obviously. he alludeed to the fact it could have been a taliban checkpoints. we have not been certain about that at all. >> jesse: that's a no. is the biden administration aware of how many terrorists the taliban released who want to
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kill americans? >> how much isis-k prisoners were released and why weren't they removed to some place like gitmo? >> i don't know the exact number. clearly it's in the thousands when you consider both prisons. both of them were taken over by the taliban and emptied. i could not give you a precise figure. >> jesse: again a big no. our president has no idea what is going on in afghanistan. this is a dereliction of duty by everybody involved in the white house. here fox and friends weekend co-host and afghan vet pete. we are sharing intelligence with the enemy. we stranded americans who are now hostages and the
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commander-in-chief wants credit for this success and said he planned for it. what is next, pete? >> he follows through with his frankly hostage situation with the taliban. they have decided that. there is no other option on the table for joe biden. does he even know the network, the designated terrorists organization number 2 in kabul with a $5 million bountyo his head. he doesn't know. it's over. he believes he is immune from accountability. you mentioned it. it's blinken and milley and austin and jake sullivan from protecting citizens, protecting soldiers, or putting together a plan that makes sense from bagram air base to the embassy. abandoning an embassy we built that was required to get our
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citizens out. spent eight million dollars to upgrade in 2009. -- 2016. when the list of of the weapons they have. >> jesse: some of our best stuff. >> and the release of thousands of isis-k prisoners. i have reports there are multiple suicide bomber threats around the airport with our troops still there. we relied on the taliban to push out the perimeter. all at the task of the taliban. one thing the national security establishment is right about we are about to enter the most dangerous phase of this operation. >> jesse: if we get more casualties at the airport like the other day or get out there was and we do search and rescue missions that fail inside that
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country, or one of these asylum seekers we let on the plane come back here. a jihadist and blows up something in times square. the biden administration can't recover from that. he is on the brinks. about this close. right now he abandoned americans behind enemy lines and armed the enemy and he's broken the military code of honor by doing that. by abandonment and treating our allies with such disrespect. as the commander-in-chief of this great nation, no. i don't think the people of this country will accept that. >> it's dishonorable and a dereliction of duty. you saw a marine commander in uniform in his office look too the camera and say i will give up my 17 year career because someone needs to be held accountable. he was relieved of duty for
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calling out his senior leadership for saying you didn't have a plan or you are not resigning because you disagree. >> jesse: the defense secretary aunt. austin. why haven't we heard from him. they are sending out kirby. >> how you are not front and center in ending a 20 year war. the afghans are saying what was it for this is how you are going to end it. >> jesse: when is milley? he and austin are hiding. i don't know what they are doing. i am sure they are great guys behind-the-scenes. they need to get out front. >> they are following the kamala harris playbook.
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>> jesse: it's working out for kamala harris. >> they should be held to account. maybe when this is over they will. playing it forward. when you have this many american citizens and interpreters who speak english and worked with americans, and you have you taliban, al-qaeda, or isis-k with cameras. wait until the videos start rolling out with executions. you can't hide from that. it only ups the ante. this is going to get worse. i don't want to play politics. this is about american honor. >> jesse: watch pete tomorrow morning covering heavy stuff. while this crisis spirals out of control joe biden is coming off as feeble and confused. can biden handle this turmoil? who better to ask than former presidential physician and texas
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congressman ronnie jackson. they said yesterday was the worst day of the bind presidency. i think we have a few more worst days. china and north korea and iran will look at. this i it has only just begun. how would you assess how he handle this situation thus far? >> i don't think it can be worse. i said for a year and a half he is not fit to be our commander-in-chief. i hoped i was wrong but i am not. he is destroying the reputation of this country and getting americans killed. there american bloodshed in afghanistan for the first time in many, many months. it's not going to be the last. pete is right as well. the orange jumpsuits are about to come back. that's the horrific stuff we have to look forward.
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we will have hundreds of americans stranded over and the interpreters. the taliban might capture the americans and hold them ransom. but isis will put them in only jumpsuits and behead them on videos that will be sent around the world. he sent the wrong message. the every joe biden fails that test. it will get worse and worse. >> jesse: when was the last time we saw the swords over american's heads? >> that was in the obama administration. >> jesse: hopefully, we won't see more.
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>> why didn't we hold bagram to keep the isis terrorists locked up until we had this done upon we released these people before we started this. >> jesse: it's a jail break and the pentagon said we have a choice. we only had enough soldiers to keep bagram and the embassy open because biden did not plan for the exit. they chose the embassy and there was a jail break at bagram and we lost a great place to get our guys out. >> in donald trump was president he would have sent everyone to gitmo or blown that thing and buried them there. >> jesse: and biden is shifting the blame to the former president. up next sleepy joe takes a page out of crooked hillary's playbook. this ought to be good.
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>> jesse: with great power comes great responsibility. how you handle that responsibility says everything about your skill set as a leader. at least 13 of our service members were killed in yesterday's terrorists attacks on the airport. while hundreds of desperate americans are trying to flee afghanistan. our commander in chief says he takes full responsibility but not really. time to blame trump. >> i bear responsibility for fundamentally all that's happened of late. here's the deal: you know as well as i do that the former president made a deal with the taliban to get all american forces out of
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afghanistan by may 1. >> jesse: pointings the finger at someone else is something democrats do well. nobody can do it better than hillary clinton. remember here? >> as i said many times since september 11th i take responsibility. when i took responsibility i took it as a challenge. i take responsibility. >> you have not put the blame on yourself. hillary tries to blame other people. do you accept that criticism? >> no, i don't. >> jesse: here's someone who knows what it's to be a leader. veteran navy seal and an author. when you hear them take responsibility and say the word but, no, that's a red flag. what would you have liked the
4:19 pm
president to have said this week? >> well, as you just pointed out, when you take ownership of something you can't follow it with the word but especially when you are the president of the united states and you are literally responsible for everything that happens. you have to take responsibility and put a plan into action to solve the problem that has been created by you. that's what we need to see from the president right now. >> jesse: his method is empathy. they are trying to say i feel your pain and even though i caused that pain, that's going to absolve me of any accountability for it. that seems to fly in politics. when you are the commander-in-chief, the head of the military, i don't think that cuts it. >> i think he is saying a bunch of words right now that have
4:20 pm
less meaning every day. he made a statement we won't forget and we will hunt you down and make you pay. in the meantime we are following the orders of the taliban and they want us out of there by august 31. that's when we are leaving. it doesn't match up. his actions don't match his words. his words are becoming more and more weak every day. >> jesse: we ran with kellogg, the guy that did the deal under trump with the taliban. he said last night, the date could have been moved. it was not set in stone. there were 4 conditions that had to be met, and the trump plan was to keep bagram and 2500 american forces there and paramilitary guys from the cia there until everybody was out and all of the weapons were out. biden just blew it up. set an arbitrary date with no conditions and it was helter-skelter. >> we are trying to attempt to
4:21 pm
negotiation from weakness. we should never do. we should negotiate doctor from a position of strength because we are the united states of america with the strongest military in the world. >> jesse: check out the podcast and the book. i read the book. i don't blame the producers for anything. i owe it to all the mistakes they make. thanks a race against the clock to get americans and afghans alibis out of afghanistan safety. a group of vets are raising funds for private charter flights into afghanistan to get refugees families out of the country. they rescued 5 families and will go back for 50 more. these are the 2 heroes behind this rescue mission.
4:22 pm
both afghans war vets. are you doing this because the united states government could not hack it? i will start with you, james? >> yes. we had people with visas in hand who had not heard from the embassy. they were screened and cleared and ready to come to the united states and the embassy never communicated to them about what flight they would be. we started flying people out commercially the week before the collapse. we got 5 families out and had 50 others ready to fly out. we don't know what will help on september 1st. we are hoping that the chinese and the russians who have influence over the taliban can get them to keep the airport open and reopen civilian flights. this is crazy.
4:23 pm
>> jesse: not only coordinating with the taliban but the russians and chinese to get our people home. tyler, what have you heard from the people who you are rescue ing? what are the conditions on the ground at the airport? >> i still have a lot of friends over there in harm's way. a lot from my previous unite. we have been there for 2 decades. i had the ability to work with them to close down iraq in 2011 and to watch this situation continue to deteriorate and talk to our friends to see if they are okay and see in the interpreters are still okay. it's atrocious. as we watch our commander-in-chief continue to rely on the taliban for safe passage, to continue to provide
4:24 pm
that information to the citizens left behind. we will have to go back and get them if we leave them there. no one left behind is organization. there are many others out there. they are a great organization that is not sleeping. they are in the fight trying to get every person that has sacrificed themselves and their families. if they get back here they have a place of employment here and with a lot of our other friendly veteran organizations. we need to get them here. the president, the commander-in-chief has a moral obligation to help. while he is not doing that no one are. please donate and talk to your congressman and senator and say please do something right or we will leave a stain on american history that we abandoned our
4:25 pm
allies. that's not what we are about. we need to do better. >> jesse: no one to support this. james, i don't know. your partner mentioned he saw this happen in iraq when they pulled out. isis took over. it's happening in afghanistan. looking back at this, not a great track record over the last 10 to 15 years on these 2 major wars that just dominated the u.s. news cycle. what is so wrong in washington with poor execution? >> to tyler's point, keeping the focus on issues. this is an moral obligation. there are 800,000 u.s. freedom
4:26 pm
operation veterans. if you know anybody who served in afghanistan. do a quick buddy check. a lot of people are hurting. we are very, very concerned about their mental health. leadership. the siv program. we advocated through 7 administrations. my unit closed a camp in iraq. i worked with some of the best non-commissioned officers all from new york. nypd and learned a lot from them. they called it. they said we will see what happens. a few years later they walked out the door and became isis. i served at the driven in bagram. the same thing happened. you don't need a crystal ball. >> jesse: history is repeating itself. russians went in there. we went in there. that place is a cemetery for
4:27 pm
empires. we have to run. support this group. make a phone call. buddy check. get them out. we love. thank you so much. we really appreciate it. up next who has a bigger air force spain or the taliban? we are leaving behind more than just civilians during this stupid exit. (gong rings) - this is joe. (combative yelling) he used to have bad breath. now, he uses a capful of therabreath fresh breath oral rinse to keep his breath smelling great, all day long. (combative yelling) therabreath, it's a better mouthwash. at walmart, target and other fine stores.
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4:33 pm
for pausing military aide to an ally. biden handed all there was military aide over to an enemy. something he must have learned from barack obama. he gave mexican cartels guns that killed americans. and now uncle joe is giving people we fought for 20 years to rival the best in the world. joining me is andrew from open the i read your report. here's how i know the afghan army was a joke. the u.s. military gave the afghan army 174 million dollars worth of drones and they lost them. >> even in next year's budget for 2022, the biden
4:34 pm
administration thought they were doing such a good job in afghanistan their plan was going to work out so well, they didn't cut spending to the afghan military in next year's budget, they increased it. there was going to be no taxpayer saving. they took the afghanistan security budget from $3 billion to 3.3-billion dollars. after losing those drones the biden administration was going to provide the afghan security another 22 million dollars worth of drones. >> jesse: the defense contractors still center to get paid. you can't stop the gravy train. they need the money. we left the taliban with blackhawks attack helicopters and airplanes with hellfire missiles. let's say they find pilots that it are worth their, you know --
4:35 pm
if they can't, they can sell these things for parts to the chinese or pakistan. >> the taliban will sell tickets to their gun show. there are 18 surveillance airplanes that our auditors identified given to the afghan security forces. the taliban control those now. this is an american military security problem. the chinese and the russians want access to those secrets. today america is less safe than we were just 30 days ago. >> jesse: china will reverse new jersey all of the technology. -- engineer all of the technology. if we have to go back in with search and rescue for stranded americans or search and destroy for isis-k, we will have to face grenade launches and night vision sniper rifle scopes.
4:36 pm
these are not cheap. they are effective. we will loose our night time dominance. it's a huge scantsal. we will pay a price. >> 600,000 weapons that the taliban controls.dalal. we will pay a price. >> 600,000 weapons that the taliban controls. the rifles nobody knows where in country that is. the taliban control weapons. 35,000 grenade launches and 2,600 mortars. the howitser is take out a bridge, building or an airport runway. >> jesse: we have not wrapped our head around how horrible this afghanistan disaster it.
4:37 pm
it gets worse and worse. >> here's one reason why. >> jesse: i do have to run. the biden administration will cover this up. that's why republicans need to take the house. excellent reporting. we appreciate it. fox news contributor sean duffy here tonight. this is really, really bad. are your former friends in congress going to do anything about the weapons we let the taliban have? >> i am seething in angry. we left it there and joe biden didn't have any plan to get the equipment back or blow it up. blow up the helicopters. destroy the drones. there was no plan in place. i talked to many former colleagues. they are outraged. many fought in afghanistan. you are going to see hearings
4:38 pm
for years about this loss of technology. this is technology we don't even give to our allies. the reports that now the taliban has it, they will share or sell it to china or russia. this is an information transfer to our enemies. unbelievable what happened here. >> jesse: bill clinton got in a lot of trouble in the late '90s for transferring technology to the chinese for a commercial contract. he got in big trouble. china took that. it was satellite technology for commercial and military. now look. they have satellites in space. that puts our guys at risk. not only the weapons. i have seen video -- i don't know if we have this video -- i have seen taliban fighters going through a room the size of this studio with palates of cash up to their chests. all $100 bills. it looks like floyd mayweather's
4:39 pm
house. we just left it there. >> if you think of the american mom and dad who works their butt off and pays their taxs and bought this equipment and now it's the taliban's and their boys and girls are fighting the taliban. so many gold star parents lost a loved one to the taliban. what happened to bill clinton, the taliban is making sure in kabul the citizens turn over their weapons and ammo. it's unbelievable. >> jesse: you will never trust this guy again. we are supposed to trust joe with our money? no. he wants to turn over our weapons. isn't beto o'rourke going to knock on doors to get weapons. he just armed the taliban. it's all gone.
4:40 pm
>> the consequences of these policies and joe biden's failure of leadership. he's supposed to be the adult in the room. in 2022 you will see a massive overtaking of republicans in the house and the senate and then the consequences for biden administration comes home to roost. >> jesse: sean duffy, thank you very much. wake up sleepy joe. republicans are not the only ones fed up with this mess. the first democrat just snapped and used a nasty word. i can't say it on tv. well, it's friday so we might show it to you. insurance with liberty mutual,r so you only pay for what you need. hot dog or... chicken? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> ♪ ♪ >> jesse: joe biden botched the afghan exit so badly, even democrats are turning on him. one threw sleepy joe under the bus and called biden's withdrawal an f-ing disaster. >> what does september 1st look like based on what you saw yesterday? american fighting forces have left, but we want to get americans out and get and afghan allies out. how do we go about that?
4:46 pm
>> i don't know because we don't have a plan. >> jesse: joining me is a radio talk show host kenny bruce and seattle radio host tammy. democrats know it's an f-ing disaster. how will they straddle this in the fall? >> they will be looking at both. the moment they figure joe biden is a complete liability which should have been a few days ago, they will throw him under the bus. that's the only thing that drives politicians to do the right thing, if it will affect them. we are way past that. this is so shockingly bad that everyone including democrats have to admit it. the squad has been quiet. the usual people who are yelling are quiet. they don't want anybody looking at them. the problem is we are looking at them. we know who they are.
4:47 pm
we see them. the massacres that are going to start happening, guns -- they are taking guns away. cameras won't be there and media won't be there. it will be a massacre. americans will find out. democrats have to step up. they will pay a price. this is nonpartisan. all of america is on the chopping block. we have to step up and they have to help us. otherwise this will never end. >> jesse: what is going through the squad's minds? >> here's the weird thing. i believe the democrats will start to throw him under the bus more. but they are not totally committed to that yet. they realize what are we supposed to do after this?
4:48 pm
kamala harris will become the president if we get joe biden to resign? she laughs whenever you and about afghanistan because she doesn't know what she is doing. it's an awkward laugh to cover-up the fact she is clueless. do we want her in that position? the scary part is the biden administration is filled with incompetent people. can you git controlled incompetence? you can get some semblance of sanity in an administration focussing on white rage instead of a military strategy? their incompetence cost people their lives. >> jesse: i am waiting for the whistle blowers, tammy. they must be somewhere. we lost 13 men overseas and gave the taliban 80 billion dollars of weapons and stranded
4:49 pm
everybody in a foreign country. there is no whistleblower anywhere in the federal government right now? you got to be kidding me. >> that's scary. they will find out about rage. it will be american rage. forget white rage. it will be everybody's rage. they are fragile and we will prove it to them. if biden goes and it's kamala harris we have to make sure the set of worms that surround him also go. she get frozen because if americans for that mood, they don't want anyone from that framework to do anything that affects them any minute. then we get some kind of pattern of no bad news and take care of business in 2022. they don't want impeachment. they don't want an investigation into what is happening. that would indict many, many people.
4:50 pm
whistleblowers, we had some on the list of giving out names in afghanistan to the taliban. [overlapping talking]. >> jesse: there will be nasty hearings. democrats can't block that. that will be political suicide. we have to run. thank you very much. we will be seeing tammy host all next week. tune in for that. next, will claims he invented on the clock then why i am hosting it while he is stuck in a tiny little box? irony saved the world. do i need to save this segment too? [laughing]. that spin class was brutal. well, you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oh. yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. what's your buick's wi-fi password? it's buick envision. that's a really tight spot. i used to hate parallel parking. me too! the all-new buick envision.
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>> jesse: just a few minutes left in the show. try to put will cain on the clock. the greatest legal drama has come to an end.
4:56 pm
a judge has ordered a michigan couple to pay their 32-year-old son $40 gs after they threw out his stash of porn. will? >> you know -- >> a complicated story. >> we wanted you on for this story. a lot of expertise here. >> a lot of ins and outs here. 42 years old. this is not your 16-year-old. he had a massive stash. 12 boxes. >> 12 boxes. >> you're tempted to say my home, my castle. get that smut out of here. his dad probably had a strong position. be you can't just destroy somebody's property. you can say get it out but you can't throw it in the garbage or burn it. and by the way, the folks had to pay legal damages, too. so it was like $45,000. >> so at 17 he could have
4:57 pm
torched but as an adult that's his property. >> i heard you still have a box or two. >> how did you hear that? >> next up, she nearly lost her arm at a children's birthday party. a reptile trainer said she can't wait to get back in the water with darth gator. i love my job. but if my assistant tried to kill me, i wouldn't be rushing to come back. >> i've seen the looks that johnny gives you when you run around the corner. you don't know it. >> this is the best part of this video. watch it. what is fascinating, they way out the gator. her hand is stuck. the guy with the a green tourist is a tourist. they get her out. he's stuck on the gator. he seas what do i do now? he's asking the pros, what about
4:58 pm
me? he's so calm, cool and collective -- >> i wouldn't be jumping on the gator like that. i would have whipped out my phone and sold it to fax. make money. up next, look at this video from russia. starts as a normal streak across the sky. maybe it's a plane. i watch it to expand to something out of this world. what does that look like? >> they're saying it's a jelly fish. >> did you see that doing research for the porn segment? >> i see what you did there. >> okay. it is russia. they're always flying crazy stuff. >> why? it's a big country, a lot of land mass, time zones. i get it. a lot of coverage here. >> look at that thing. >> why do the russias have this footage? >> it's russia or florida, we're things happen. >> i believe like the russians, that's aliens? >> you think that's aliens?
4:59 pm
>> a shot across the bow. >> the places to go, the aliens went to russia? i would turn around. finally, news you can use. 56% of americans admit to reading a book this summer but only because they think it makes them look smarter. if you want to look smart, still on the times list. >> i knew this was part of this segment. >> how did you know? you think i problem moat my book too much? >> no. i saw over 100,000 copies sold. >> true story. >> right here. blowing it out of the water. i heard that people write books to look smart. >> people write books to get rich. >> that's right. >> that's why they write books. sometimes i'll just like try to look smart where i'm at it like this. train station. holding the book up. someone pointed it out, i held it upside-down. >> what if you're in the train station holding your book?
5:00 pm
>> that would make me look pathetic. >> do it, waters. >> have you finished "how i saved the world?" >> i'm on page 342. >> doesn't go up that many pages. thanks nor watching "fox prime time this week." don't forget "how i saved the world", still selling out. >> tucker: we're starting to learn the names of the 13 american service men that were killed yesterday in that -- in kabul. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." in the middle of the night, kabul air base plunged into darkness. nothing happened like that before. it's an


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