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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 27, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> that would make me look pathetic. >> do it, waters. >> have you finished "how i saved the world?" >> i'm on page 342. >> doesn't go up that many pages. thanks nor watching "fox prime time this week." don't forget "how i saved the world", still selling out. >> tucker: we're starting to learn the names of the 13 american service men that were killed yesterday in that -- in kabul. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." in the middle of the night, kabul air base plunged into darkness. nothing happened like that before. it's an enormous piece of
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property. they have a hospital, shops, gyms, hangers and barracks. last month bagram had a prison that held thousands of foreign fighters including isis and the taliban. for the first time in 20 years, the lighting went out at bagram. locals understood what was going on. without warning, the u.s. military just left. split in the middle of the night and turned off the power as they did. the new afghan commander fled, too. in minutes, looters descended. they found thousands of vehicles, a huge cache of weapons and ammunition. the pentagon didn't seem concerned. mark milley, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff explained that "bagram is not necessary tactically for what we're going to do in afghanistan." that turns out to be a massive
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miscalculation. that is clear. the decision to abandon the air field is idiotic and led to the killing of 13 service members yesterday. given the local, kabul's airport is impossible to defend. yet despite the fact that it can't be defended, it's the only way for american citizens to get out of the country. as bill said it, abandoning bagram air base saying yes, can't do and not this is madness because i'm putting the lives of americans at risk and you need to find someone else to do it. tragically nobody in authority was brave enough to say that. instead every turn, there were unwise decisions that made their country look weaker. what is interesting, the very same people are now overseeing
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what may be the largest airlift in generations. an airlation of thousands:citizens into the west and our country. so how is that airlift going? you're hearing a lot about it but very few details. who, for example, are all of these afghans? many on their way here. the truth is despite what they're telling you, why have no idea who they are. we don't know. we learned for example 100 the refugees, people that we're told by heros by definition are in fact on terror watch lists. one man we evacuated,2 for isis. today an afghan interpreter says this thing is happening all the time. people are getting on planes in kabul without any proof of identification. it's like voting in california. listen. >> i know people that have the same situation that i am in.
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they're growing to the united states. but there's people inside the airport that never worked. they know somebody with a passport. that's how they got inside. they know somebody but they never worked. >> that's not an analyst on msnbc. that's someone at the kabul airport. if you listen carefully, you'll hear a lot of stories like that one. one pilot from united airlines that is flying people out as the civilian air left fleet, he said he was never given a passenger manifest. when his airplane arrived at dulles, the state department refused to share any passenger information with customs and border patrol. they just whisk on through. that means as always unnamed foreign nationals got far better treatment than you would get if
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you landed in dulles airport. surprised? there's a lot of, this another commercial airline employee a flight attendant, was told her flight crew would be ferrying american civilians that were from kabul. she was happy to do that. when they arrived in kabul, they learned they would have no american citizens. instead afghan they transported afghan nationals. they didn't have to wear masks. rules are only like that for you and the rest of us that pay for it. they don't apply for people without passports from afghanistan. that may shock you but it's normal in washington. the democratic party is actively demanding it. every refugee is a potential new voter. sandy cortez was worried about the unvetted trump voters wandering what they thought was
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their capitol. sandy cortez thought she would be raped despite the fact she wasn't there. but strangely, cortez so sensitive ant her own safety is not concerned about sending huge and unknown numbers of refugees in your neighborhood. she's saying we have seen what afghan migration has done to europe and she approves it. she wants more. >> in order to carry out and in order to make good on the role that we have played in this violence, we have a responsibility to make a home for the people whose lived have been up ended by interventionists u.s. foreign policy. as a result, i'm proud to have a co written a letter with barbara lee to urge the biden administration to at least set their refugee quotas to make it no less than 200,000. >> so the macroquestion is what do silly children like that have any power whatsoever in this
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country? why should some girl from b.u. that knows nothing has never den anything in her life be in charge of the way your country looks going forward for the next 100 years? who knows. that's democracy as we practice it. listen carefully what she's saying. no fewer than 200 refugees, why? because we're evil and we deserve it. we shouldn't haven't spent 20 years in afghanistan. by why did we go there? because al-quaida was using to it blow up the world trade centers and attack the pentagon. there was a reason we went there even though alexandria ocasio-cortez turned out to be a total disaster. we don't owe the country anything. they were the staging ground for 9-11. she was a child. doesn't remember that. her view now has bipartisan support in this city of washington. it's not just democrats we're sad to report. here's adam kinzinger.
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she's for foreign nationals on the no fly list. >> they're painting afghan refugees as invaders. there's undertones of racism here. >> what you see in the media eco chamber, this fear mongering, they're coming to your neighborhood these hordes of people that haven't been vetted that is not american. refugees to this country have always been entrepreneurial. why know that, they come here, work hard, fight hard for success. so if anybody wants to fear monger and don't that darkness in your heart so you can win an election, a, you're evil at your heart or b, a charlottean. >> tucker: wait a second, son. we can debate the refugees.
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but making this a racism issue? they're whiter than you are. has nothing to do with race. so knock it off. listen to what he's saying. foreigners are more impressive than you are. they're more entrepreneurial. if you don't agree with that, said adam kinsinger, if you thought the point of america to serve the people that live here, and we're quoting, you're evil. that's his position. you're evil. so now you know why he's not bothered by the southern border. he's not bothered because he agrees with the result. fewer native born whiners, more grateful foreigners to whom -- who feel indebted to us, people we can claim to have rescued.
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adam kinsinger is a pathetic person. he crying when he thinks about a good person he is. we don't want to single him out. the point is that his attitudes are very common in washington and the numbers prove it. since july, the united states has evacuated more than 100,000 people from afghanistan. all heros? all americans? no. as of tonight, about 5,000 total are american citizens. 5%. so you're thinking the other nip 5% must be heros? all translators? 95,000 translators? no. just today the state department admitted it has no idea how many people have what we call special immigrant visas. that would indicate that they worked for the u.s. military and might be heros. maybe translators. they're not heros. we don't know who they are. >> the context of this massive and unprecedented evacuation
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effort our goal goal is to have bring as many people to safety as quickly as possible. so in many cases we are going to be in a better position to provide you fidelity on numbers in the coming days and the coming weeks. as this process has been on going, we're putting as many people on as many planes as we can. >> tucker: so to restate, they're not all heros. we can't say that because we don't know who they are. the head of u.s. northern command, general glenn van hirk just admitted this. he told our jennifer griffin that more than half of the afghan refugees coming into the united states do not have special immigrant visas. so they didn't work for the u.s. military. they're not heros, they're not translators. why do we have a moral obligation to let them live here and give them free healthcare?
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we have no proof they're loyal. we have no proof they're entrepreneurial. why are we taking them in? the military won't say. instead the pentagon is doing it and building housing for them. >> today the department of defense can announce they've authorized quantico, virginia, fort picket, virginia and holloman air force base to provide families and other at-risk individuals housing. these installations joint fort lee, fort mccoy, fort bliss and joint base dix in providing this support. the defense department will support the state department in providing temporary housing and support in the united states for a capacity of up to 50,000 afghan special immigrant visa applicants, their families and other at-risk individuals. >> tucker: man, they always take tragedy and run with it to
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change this country outside the bounds of democracy. they don't ask anyone to vote on it. they don't ask for permission. they just take your sadness and bewilderment and leverage it to change everything. they did that with george floyd's death. >> they did it with covid, which they helped create through gain of function research and doing it now in the wake of the tragedy in afghanistan that they caused. so we just learned that 50,000 siv applicants and their families and other at-risk individuals so what is an at-risk individual? we have no idea but a term our military is using a lot. the head of central command used that term, "at-risk afghans." right now anybody in afghanistan is at risk. that's the biden's administration thought as well. some of these at-risk individuals are being housed in
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shelters. in fort bliss, they're making temporary housing for allies refuge. that's something that yes can get behind. then you realize who they might be. the pentagon considers the taliban an ally. we're giving them lists of americans in afghanistan and intelligence and free plane riding to our country. michael anton is with us. thanks for coming on. as usual, they're taking the best impulse americans have, which is to help others in need, to reward our friends, to be loyal, and near leveraging it to do something most americans don't want, which is to change the population of the country. >> well, remember, ram emanuel, former white house chief of state said it best about the financial crisis of 2008-09. never let a crisis go to waste.
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opens up opportunities to do things that you wanted to do and didn't have a chance to do until there was a crisis that allowed free action. there's a been slice of -- i was going to say the democratic party but it's a big part -- it's all of the democratic part of the republican party has wanted to increase refugee flows, immigration flows by any means necessary. they're seeing this as an opportunity to do it and doing it with absolute brazen shamelessness. 100,000 airlifted and 5,000 are american citizens? depending on the source you read, there's 10,000, 15,000 in the country. it's a disgrace. they're rubbing the american people's noses in it. this is like a touchdown answer the. we can do whatever we want and you can't stop it. we won't bother to lie to you. >> tucker: considering the state of our country. why don't we pass a law requiring them all to drive from virginia to needles, california and drive slowly, look around.
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this is a country in good shape. what do you see? desperate people that can't afford dental care, people dying of drug overdoses, people with no jobs. many are staying home watching netflix. what the hell? if there was a country that needed a tension from its leaders is ours. >> it would be one thing if we could have confidence in some kind of a vetting process. i think the vast majority of americans would agree if there's people that translated, risked their lives, right now at risk from the taliban, they would say absolutely. they should be resettled here. let's have a system where a junior officer, a noncom, somebody that went out in the field and say yes, i know this man. he helped us. he deserves refuge instead of this random process. this other point, you're right. it's not the america of the mid 20th century that was united, had a patriotic leadership that did who was in the best interest of the american people.
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we're the opposite in all counts. we need our own domestic house in order. we can't afford fiscally or socially or for other reasons to take in 100, 200,000, whatever it is refugees when our own country is so fundamentally broken and has terrible leadership. >> tucker: and the brokenness is all around us and we await a leader to try to fix it. michael anton, thanks for coming on tonight. thank you. >> thank you. >> it's all such an insult to the thousands of americans killed in iraq and afghanistan. 13 more yesterday killed in afghanistan in a suicide bombing outside the airport in kabul. one of those servicemen that is a marine called kareem. his father joins us straight ahead.
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join for free on the xfinity app and watch all the rewards float in. our thanks. your rewards. >> tucker: this is one of those stories that we debated not doing because it's so sad. it's crushingly sad. but in the end, we decide we have an obligation to do it because it's true. 13 servicemen were killed
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yesterday in a bombing outside the kabul airport. one of them was a u.s. marine called kareem. this video from afghanistan could be the last taken of him before his death. >> say hi to the camera. hi. >> hi. we friends? friends? friend? yeah? friend. friend. >> tucker: his father is steve and he joins us tonight. i appreciate you coming on. our hearts break for you. i'm sorry. so -- >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: it's hard to know what to ask you other than to extend our sincere for-real heart-felt sympathies. how are you doing 24 hours later? >> well, i'm going on about 36 hours, i believe, that i've been
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up. i still in shock. the family is devastated. his mother, who is an excellent mom, you know, is doing the best that she can considering the circumstances. >> tucker: yeah. so the reason that we wanted to talk to you, just to remind everybody watching and people know this, these are real people serving our country and dying because they've been asked to put their lives at risk. so were you concerned your boy is over there in the final days of our occupation, were you worried for him? >> oh, yeah, definitely. he had voiced some worry, too, to the family earlier, prior to him going. looked at the way that the taliban had, you know,
5:25 pm
infiltrated the whole country so fast and we were just kind of left to this one little airport concerned me. the videos that we were getting and the pictures that we were getting from him looked somewhat chaotic. we got the video that you had just played and we got other ones where he was really interacting with, you know, the locals. and was in awe in his approach to his difficult job. so just, you know, that video that you saw and his pictures and how he handled it put us at ease to where we felt like he's all right. >> tucker: what is so bitter about this is how chaotic it was. if this had been handled from bagram air base which the u.s. controlled for 20 years, this wouldn't have happened. is that your view? >> well, yeah, i mean, these are, of course, my views.
5:26 pm
it has nothing to do with his view as a marine. you know, the loyalty that he has there. i never served. but yes, my view from what i saw of the airport that they're in, looked like a turkey shoot. it's funneled in to a single file-type entry point at which if you have in sort of chaos of any sort, they would all like gather to that one funneled area, which they would all be accessed. that's what happened. it was just basically so chaotic and not really planned out. now, i'm a carpenter and i could spot that with my untrained military eye. >> tucker: yeah, did seem pretty obvious. have you heard from the marine corps, the political leadership in this country since your son's death? >> yeah, they have been incredible. so you know, basically what had
5:27 pm
happened was how i found out is i was glued to the tv all day yesterday. because, you know, i had woken up and i wasn't feeling well. i felt like something was wrong. my wife felt there was something wrong. you know, as we go down stairs, we realize this had happened. now, you know, we're like, well, there's some legitimacy to how we're feeling. so we're -- i'm glued to the tv all day. i have my -- and i see it says three wounded and three killed and ten killed, then 12, then 13. you know, so many afghans. i'm trying to find out what time this actually took place so i can reference when he was working to get some sort of insight. then they said the president was going to talk i believe at 1:00.
5:28 pm
so i felt like, you know, maybe from that speech i would get whether or not all the families had been contacted or if they still had been contacted. previously i had seen that, you know, the prior administration would normally contact people like first. like the actual president of the united states. so i had some sort of sense like hey, okay, maybe that would happen. so then that's not happening. things are still transpiring to be a little more grave. i start googling. how long does it take for the military to, you know,inform the next of kin? somehow from the internet i gathered about eight hours. this is about after he talked. after he talked he said, you know, i believe he had said they're still going to be contacted or i think maybe the commentator said there will be
5:29 pm
some knock on the doors tonight. i didn't know if there would be a knock on the door or call. so after his speech that he did, i then got my phone and put my phone down by the television. now i had the cable on that had the four different networks on my cable. i had fox news, bbc, cnn and something else. i was just -- the reason i had that so i could see the optics of the four channels and pick one i wanted to get my information from. well, i also started to think, you know, they might possibly come here. so what i had done, i got my phone that has the camera at the front porch and i put that down. so if anybody was to walk up, i could rush outside and intercept them. i didn't want if something happens to my son that these marines -- nothing against them -- would tell my family. i felt like that was my responsibility. so i finally realized they're
5:30 pm
not going to come at 3:00. they're going to come between 5:00 and 10:00 when everybody is home from work. so i realized, you know, 5:00 to 10:00. if i can make it, even if i haven't heard from him, i know he's all right and he doesn't have a way to contact me because they shut down internet or cell service or whatever. 7:15, i see something in the corner of my eye on my phone. three people are walking up my driveway. my other son, his brother, had gone to a football game and had two friends. i was hoping that it was him. as soon as i saw them turn the corner, three marine suits, my life changed forever. i went down there and met them. i think i did before they even knocked on the door. all i kept saying -- this goes to the point that you're asking.
5:31 pm
did any service come and address to us. yes. and they were incredible. these young men were so -- had so much empathy and so concerned with me and my family who luckily my family wasn't there. it was me at the time. i thank god, you know, i thank jesus that that happened, that i was able to intercept them. they were there for like five minutes. i was like let's sign whatever papers we have to sign now. but you have to leave because i have to take care of my family and i don't want someone to come while you're here. they were totally understandable. it dawned on me that yes, maybe i don't need the condolences from them but i don't want to -- i don't want to take that opportunity from my other family members. my wife, my son. so i asked them, look they're at a football game for the high
5:32 pm
school, watching a football game. can you wait down the street until they come? i can see if they want you to come and do your condolences presentation. those boys sat out there for four hours. for four hours they sat out there until they came. until my wife came, which she -- it was not good. i could not have them come to the house. it was horrible. like i said, i had been up 36 hours. i was in awe. just humbled by the -- by their performance. >> tucker: i appreciate it, steve, your telling us that. god bless you. thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: just the worst.
5:33 pm
brit hume is a fox news senior political analyst. he joins us. it's always the best people. >> god bless that man, that family. >> tucker: what a nice man. didn't make any political points. they're implied. i wanted him to talk about show people what it looks like. that's what it actually looks like. >> obviously, that family -- every one's life has changed forever. it won't be the same. i lost a son, not to war, but you feel like he does. some part of you has been amputated and it's never growing back. >> tucker: yeah. i hate doing tv that plays purely on people's emotions. we have an obligation to think rationally about the best way to run the country and the best decisions and sometimes decisions result in death. you make them -- i don't make them but our country makes them. it's guys like that, the best people america have are the ones
5:34 pm
that are -- >> and think of that young man who signed up, did this. saw what he was saying to the kids over there. that breaks your heart. >> it does break your heart. yeah. decency came through. >> so in light of that, unbelievable they closed bagram. he said, you know, i'm a carpenter. i can tell, that is not a good idea. i'm a talk show host. that's inside. how did we get there? >> it's tempting -- i don't think any of these military leaders have covered themselves with glory in this. it wouldn't break my heart if they were all stepped down. maybe some of them should have. when you drill down into each of these decisions as we go down here and what got us to where -- it comes back to one thing. comes back to the decision that was made to get our military out of afghanistan and fast.
5:35 pm
on bagram, for example. the president is fond of saying now the military commanders say that bagram field said it wouldn't be much use. mark milley said it was ant tack call support. why was that? as milley testified or as he said in a news conference on august 18, he said the mission was to protect the embassy. obviously the embassy is in kabul. there was no thought that you would add forces to keep bagram open. he wanted -- what biden wanted was forces out. they had to surge forces in to kabul to protect the embassy they hoped, which failed obviously. but it was the nature of the mission given by the commander-in-chief that led to that decision at bagram. >> tucker: i believe that. on the other hand, you know, it's become a meriless society.
5:36 pm
here you sear a series of decisions, most made in good faith but resulted in the deaths of boys like that. the administration said nobody will resign. nobody will be punished. nobody did anything wrong. what is this? >> my guess is the jury is still out on that. i mean, just -- looking at this in raw political terms, the president, if he doesn't fire anybody reflects back on him as it should in fact. i mean, you look -- you drill down on any of these questions as to how we got where we are and you find at the bottom of it, it was one basic decision. for example, the president is saying we were bound by the trump administration's deal with the taliban. in fact, when that deal was struck in february of 2020, zhalil khalizad made it clear as
5:37 pm
did his team that this was conditions based. in the taliban did not live up to its side of the bargain, we were under no obligation to remove our troops. so one of the key provisions of that deal was that the taliban and the afghan government, then afghan government, that there would be a deal between them, that they would negotiate a deal. they never did that. never came close to do that. so on that score -- president biden was not obligated to pull the troops outs. think about that. what was undertaking was a massive evacuation. there's times evacuations are very dangerous, chancy, risky endeavors. in a situation like this that we couldn't know what was going to happen and got worse as the taliban took over more and more of afghanistan. probably a need to surge more troops in. biden was not going to do that. he wanted troops out. that's where we were at the time when he made the decision and
5:38 pm
that's where we are now and everything is traceable to that. >> tucker: brit hume, thanks for coming on. >> thanks. >> tucker: thanks very much. so the question for millions and millions of americans is if you have had covid and recovered, do you need to take the covid vaccine? we've been awaiting hard science on that. tonight we have hard science on that. this should be national news and leading every telecast. it's not. we'll tell you what that research says. that's next.
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thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. >> tucker: on any other day, this would have been the lead of our show tonight. it's that important. research in israel has just conducted what bloomberg news described as the largest real world analysis comparing natural immunity from an earlier infection of covid to the protection of one of the most potent vaccines in use. so what did the researchers find in this unprecedented large study? they found that vaccinated people are 13 times as likely to be infected with covid compared
5:44 pm
to people with natural immunity gained from previous covid infections. vaccinated people were 27 times more likely to be symptomatic with covid as compared to people with natural immunity. so to the question, is natural immunity more effective than the vaccines? it seems that we have an extremely clear answer. dr. marty makary is at johns hopkins university. he joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. this is something that you have suggested for a long time. it looks like now we have proof. is that what we're looking at? >> yeah, we've had these debates for 19 months in the medical community. vaccinated immunity wanes, it turns out that it's durable and it's going natural and going strong. people are worried that they'll go out there and get the infection and not the vaccine. i want people to get the vaccine if they're nonimmune.
5:45 pm
it saves lives. the hesitancy with vaccination is because we have not be honest about natural immunity, not be honest with the data. we should say complications happen and occur and rare. it favors vaccination over natural immunity. but we have to acknowledge natural immunity is real. this study had 700,000 people in israel. it affirms 14 other studies. another one from israel showed it was 6.7 times, natural immunity, over vaccinated immunity. the reason is you probably get more of an anti body response to the entire service of the virus, not just the spike protein and a cellular response. the b and t cell response. that may be more durable as well. >> so we can measure whether somebody has natural immunity. you can take a blood test. i've seen it. if it's more effective, why would be mandating the vaccines
5:46 pm
or people with more effective immunity already. that would be insane. >> i think public health officials took an edict from the top and it was almost as if it was a political talking point. we need to get every american vaccinated. anything else that suggested otherwise, be it the data on natural immunity, it was down played. look at the cdc on chicken pox. they tell you not to get the vaccination if you had it in the past. it's been politicized with the talking point. medical establishment had a hey post cyst that natural immunity wouldn't work. it's wrong. because of that, they lost credibility and we lost the opportunity to ration the vaccine better if we told those with natural immunity to step aside. it's still a problem oversees. they look to the united states for medical leadership. we should be talking about natural immunity.
5:47 pm
>> tucker: this is too crazy. it's crushing people's faith in the medical establish meant. it has a massive cost in public truth. dr. marty makary. thanks for coming on with the actual science. thanks. >> thanks so much. >> tucker: this is too nuts. we shouldn't be forcing medicine on people that don't need it. it's crazy. for brand new episode of tucker carlson, we spoke with seth david radwell. that is what he noticed, the political dialogue is almost impossible to conduct. that's why. it's part of our conversation. >> the core idea that you're describing is debate. that's a pure -- >> respectful debate and it's about fact. so what i say is, you know, in god we trust. everyone else has to bring the data. it's about putting your arguments to the test of
5:48 pm
empirical observation. one of the things that i look at, which is sometimes referred to as post modernism, they deny the existence of an objective truth. somehow we can't figure out the truth. everything is fluid. i maintain that science and objective truth is what our country is based on. we need to return to it and make it center. we can disagree. tucker, i'm sure you and i disagree. we can talk about it reasonably. we can use facts and respect each other's opinions. >> tucker: well, yeah. it would be nice to have a world like that again. you can watch that full conversation on tucker carlson. one marine battalion leader posted a video asking for some account ability from the pentagon who is immediately retaliated against and fired. his story tells you a lot about what's going on right now. we'll have that for you next. on, you can
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ord area signed copy of "the long slide." we'll be right back. (upbeat pop music in background throughout)
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>> tucker: if you're starting to suspect the best people in the u.s. military are being punished, crushed and purged while the worst people, the unwise people are being elevated and rewarded, starting to think that is going on, listen to this story. until today lieutenant colonel stu sheller was in the marine corps. he posted this video on facebook suggesting there was some incompetence. he said it in a gentle way but a firm way. incompetence at the highest levels of the pentagon. here's what he said. >> people are upset because their senior leaders let them done and none of them are accepting accountability and saying we missed this up.
5:55 pm
if an 05 battalion commander had a similar complaint, fired. we had a secretary defense testified to congress in may that the afghan national security force that would we stand the advance. they're supposed to advise on military policy. we have a marine commander, all of these people -- i'm not saying we have to be in afghanistan forever, but i'm saying that if any of you throw your rank on the table and say hey, it's a bad idea to evacuate bagram air field a strategic air base before we evacuate everyone? i've been fighting 17 years. i'm willing to throw it away to say to my senior leaders, i demand accountability. >> tucker: that's an entirely fair position. don't give us a lecture on how people should be political. the joint chief of staff talked
5:56 pm
about white rage. here's a man that was an officer for 17 yearsch nobody answered his questions. the second he posted that on facebook, he was fired. the marine corp tolds the show that he was relieved of command do you to the loss of trust and confidence. the marines shouldn't discuss questions of leadership in public. thanks for coming on. so here's a man that is not saying anything reckless, loves the marine corps. devoted his life to it and instantly relieved of command for telling the truth. what does that tell you about our leadership? >> what it tells me about the leadership is they're not leaders at all. in the absence of leadership, lead. that's something that we say. might be impossible for someone to comprehend how a marine corp
5:57 pm
commander can say that in public. but everybody is confused. like the gentleman that lost his son, everybody knows what's going on. something is wrong here, right? so why did it go down that way? why did it go all the way from the president through the entire chain of command and still got an idea that was executed in where are the military leaders that stand up and say no, something is wrong. i guess they're talking about white rage. that's it. >> tucker: you make the central point. don't you need colonels that are willing to wave their hand and say no, this won't work. nothing personal. should they be allowed to think clearly and help their generals make the best decision? don't you want this? >> that's what you should expect out of your subordinates. the people that work under you and be honest about assessments. when you disallow that, cut off that pipeline for information,
5:58 pm
we see what happeneded too. our military operations have no goal or purpose for the most part. at least not in mass. it begs the question. this is so messed up, so poorly executed not only in planning but execution, could these people be this incompetent? i'll save to the suspense an natural immunity. the reason it's not talked about it is because it's free, brother. that's why. let's not pretend that's not the case. in this scenario, i cannot figure out how it made it through all of this. still happened with all of these generals involved. general milley, for example, he was involved in the panama invasion. that is the 82nd airborne, ranger, all over the place doing what they should have been doing here. >> tucker: i've been thinking what you said -- i have no evidence. we're going to pull that thread. i agree with you completely. dan, thanks for coming on
5:59 pm
tonight. thank you. >> yes, sir. >> tucker: so gavin newsome has been some a stupendously awful governor. how bad? so bad that he can lose his job in a recall election in 18 days from now when voters are allowed to render their view. we hope he loses his job. regardless, we've learned a lot. we learned who cares more about power than human lives. who are those people? people sending money to gavin newsome despite all he's done to destroy california. joe biden was among the very first politicians to renew his endorsement of gavin newsome. he didn't hesitate. newsome makes the democratic party more powerful and that's all biden cares about. consider who sent cash to gavin newsome. read hastings gave him $3 million to fight the new emergence of democracy in california. can't havedemocracy. george soros, steve spielberg send hundreds of thousands.
6:00 pm
billionaires are not just endorsing gavin newsome, they're endorsing california. the state he recited. this is what it looks like. that's human suffering. destruction. it's filth and they're paying for it. you should remember that. that's it for us tonight. you can watch a new episode of tucker carlson today on fox nation. see you monday. >> americans held hostage behind enemy lies day 13. >> sean: america's held hostage. the timetable is coming fast. we're now fast approaching america's last weekend in afghanistan. 13 of our brave soldiers are dead. they will never return home to their families. more than a dozen others seriously wounded. a total death toll is more than


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