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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 27, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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endorsing gavin newsome, they're endorsing california. the state he recited. this is what it looks like. that's human suffering. destruction. it's filth and they're paying for it. you should remember that. that's it for us tonight. you can watch a new episode of tucker carlson today on fox nation. see you monday. >> americans held hostage behind enemy lies day 13. >> sean: america's held hostage. the timetable is coming fast. we're now fast approaching america's last weekend in afghanistan. 13 of our brave soldiers are dead. they will never return home to their families. more than a dozen others seriously wounded. a total death toll is more than 170, over 200 people injured,
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this is as thousands of our own citizens, our friends, our american family and yes, american allies remain trapped, all across the country, all of them behind enemy lines, all of them hostage to the whim of the taliban and others. it's harder to get inside hamed karzai airport. we're told the taliban could be in full control now in a matter of days. some predict as early as this weekend. the worse, the death and destruction and carnage all easily preventible. so easily preventible. joe biden is defiantly locked into his disastrous decision that has rendered us a failure here. why he's tripled down on this failure is anyone's guess. why he's abiding by the taliban deadline also a mystery tonight. why he's not sending in additional troops to rescue
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every single solitary american behind enemy lines is unforgiveable. why he's so accepting of the idea that americans will be left behind is beyond anything that any good american that i know of can comprehend. sadly tonight, that outcome seems inevitable. this was not an intelligence community failure. joe biden ignored what are dozens and dozens of warnings on the ground and they've been given to him now for months. our sources confirming, he ignored his own military advisers. that too has been on going for months. he ignored the intel community. you can see the map with the time frame. the rapid advance from april, june, july and august and everywhere in between. yesterday, what did we see? mumbling, rambling press
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conference showing the entire world america's friends and allies and yeah, hostile regimes and our foes that the united states of america has a cognitively weak, frail and completely out of touch president that is clinging to failed policies. this is beyond a national embarrassment. innocent people will likely die as a result of all of this. more will dole. so congratulations, joe. this is your mission accomplished. 13 american families will never be the same. many more brave service men will struggle with serious injuries the rest of their lives and more than 100 innocent civilians have perished.
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this is a nightmare. a failure of epic proportions. the worst foreign policy disaster in our nation's history with deadly real-life consequences and risks that remain higher than ever. remember, just last week, biden said any attack on our forces or disruption of our operations at karzai international airport will be met with swift and forceful response. now that swift and forceful response is nowhere to be found. just like so many other biden promises. those words appear to be totally completely hollow. seemingly like what is in his head at most hours of the day is. >> when the president says we will hunt you down and make you pay, what does that look like? is he going to ord area mission to kill the people responsible or would he will satisfied if they're captured and brought to trial? >> he made clear yesterday that he doesn't want them to live on
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the earth anymore. >> sean: in other words, there's no plan of action other than a stern talking to. even obama's defense secretary, even former cia director, he did both jobs, leon panetta rightly is calling for a swift military response. i don't agree with him politically but he know what's he's talking about here. this morning joe biden himself could note be bothered to answer any other questions about afghanistan. especially after and in light of yesterday's disaster. not even they told me to call on whoever being dictated by his staff. he doesn't want them to get mad at him. obviously they call the shots. take a look. >> i met with my commanders this morning first thing in the morning. got a detailed briefing about yesterday's attacks and the measures they're taking to protect our forces and complete the mission. and we mr. complete the mission. i'm not going to take any questions because of the prime minister being here on
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afghanistan now. i'll be available at another time. >> sean: i'm not going to take questions. i might get yelled at again. what will happen to americans clearly now? it's inevitable. we'll leave them behind. how will they ever get out? what are we doing to protect them? what will happen to karzai international airport in kabul when we do pull out? what will joe do if for americans are murdered like yesterday? what will he do if the taliban murders an afghan with one of our special immigrant visas, the one that we made a pledge that if it ever came to this, we would get you the hell out of there? we didn't keep our word to them. many will die. joe gave them a list of names so they now have a database, biometrics and joe's list. they're being hunted down as we speak. they're executed one after the other. how do many americans -- we
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still don't get an answer, are still in afghanistan. how many americans have been evacuated? they don't know. how will he prevent the rise of isis of al-quaida with no embassy? we were in war with them, the 9-11 commission report. you all, all the plotting and planning and scheming that took place inside of afghanistan and the lead up to 9-11, 2001, 20 years ago. what will happen to the $83 billion, joe biden, the weapons that he left behind, the most powerful weaponry of any military force on the face of the earth? he gave to it terrorists? it's a little too late. now we have images of taliban flying our blackhawk attack hell continuers or riding around in our armored vehicles. 208 helicopters and aircraft he
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left behind. how does biden plan to vet what is now tens of thousands of afghan refugees? as we speak, there's shoe many refugees flying in to washington d.c. apparently they're doing the vetting after people are in the air flying to this country. it's causing a massive bottle neck at dulles international airport. we need to know how these individuals are being vetted. reports that already over 100 people that have come to america from afghanistan are also on our terrorist watch lists. clearly there's a lot of important questions that need to be answered. joe biden, his incoherent mumbling and bumbling and unwillness and unability to answer them is chilling. yesterday during a bizarre -- one of his bizarre moments at that press conference, joe biden was completely dazed and confused with an image that went
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viral. take a look. >> terrorists attacked -- that we've been talking about, worried about, that the intelligence community has assessed -- has undertaken an attack by a group known as isis-k. gave me a list here. the first person i was instructed to call on is kelly o'donnell of nbc. getting every single person out is -- can't be guaranteed by anybody because of the determination all who wants to get out as well. now, wait a minute. i'm asking you a question. is that accurate the best of your knowledge? >> [question inaudible] >> looking a it this way, folks. i'm going to -- i have another meeting for real. i know it's not fair to ask you questions.
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it's rhetorical. raise your hand if you think we should have gone. >> this image of an american president? that's why i've been saying somebody so weak and frail and a cognitive mess. america deserves better. we don't leave our fellow citizens, our fellow americans behind. we rescue our fellow miles per hours trapped behind enemy lines. we respond to terror attacks with overwhelming force. we have the greatest military on the force of the earth. we strike fear into the hearts of all of our enemies and instill confidence in all of our allies. under biden, none of that has happened and clearly will happen. made that clear yesterday. the one thing that was clear. no more military presence. we're getting out. sticking to the timetable and yeah, there will be americans left behind in all likelihood. now we're suffering the consequences of his real
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weaknesses in real time. mark my words, with so many trapped, this could all get so much worse before it gets better. i pray that i am wrong. our first guest tonight, it comes from the -- to the u.s. from northern afghanistan, his boss, is so-called president of afghanistan reportedly fled the country many weeks ago with four cars and a helicopter full of millions of dollars of cash. my next guest is the vice president of afghanistan, still in the country, leading the resistance against the taliban. tonight he's pledging to help any americans that will be left behind. you're in the northern part of afghanistan. i understand you have a very strong resistance growing by the day. i have reports on the ground that i have confirmed that you're leading the country, the
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defactor resistance of the country and the rightful place considers your president left. my question is, what would you need to ensure the safety of our afghan allies, innocent afghan citizens and americans that will be left behind? because i want my fellow americans brought home safely. >> well, we need two to three things to be done and these are doable things and save the lives of americans and most likely save the lives of millions of afghans. number 1, pakistani taliban and al-quaida are celebrating defeat of the united states. it's a mess for joe biden's administration to take pakistani isis. that's number 1. number 2, they should make it very clear to the taliban now in control of kabul that if one
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more attack is carried out, it will be taliban responsible for it because few days back, we warned the americans that the only way for taliban to gain control of the kabul airport is to stage suicide attacks or attacks and blame it on isis. otherwise, this fiasco won't end soon. so for taliban to say it's not taliban or the creator of the suicide bombing in afghanistan over the past 20 years, they cannot become innocent overnight. number 3, united states must use their power of convening and power of bringing nations together to create alliance for peace after they created an alliance for war against terrorism. they should not abandon afghanistan. there's a lot the united states
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can do. today the afghans, everybody watching, the super power seaming so weak. that should be averted. these are doable things. we're not asking you to reescalate, come back militarily. we're asking the united states to project hope, power. not weakness, not a super power on the run and unable to do anything. the united states -- >> sean: let me explain something to you -- >> this is united states is defeated. this is a disaster. >> sean: you need to understand something. the united states under this president, not the last president, under this president, has no appetite to provide any assistance at this point. yesterday at the press conference, joe biden was very clear, he has no appetite to send troops in even to save
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americans and leaving the prospect of americans behind. i can tell you that the vast overwhelming massive majority of americans find that repulsive, sir. with that said, i don't control the president, i don't control congress. we're going to bring in a senator and a congressman in a minute. my question to you is specifically, can you tell us how much fighters you have, what kind of equipment you have, what are the things that america might be offer to offer you militarily so you can accomplish your mission of defeating the taliban, isis-k, the emergence of al-quaida and help americans in the process that might be left behind get home? >> first of all, if any american tries to take safe harbor that we created, we will provide them
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protection and make sure that they are safe and we will coordinate whatever way possible so these americans will be evacuated. so the valley today is not only a valley. it's a center and a safe haven and the capitol for all of those that fear their lives, that are fearing taliban terrorists and trying to get to somewhere to feel safe. so with that said, what is our strength? the biggest strength we have is our political will. which unfortunately isn't there in washington. the united states is capable of doing everything. but the decision which was taken to withdraw troops from afghanistan so abruptly was a political decision. it has hurt the feelings of so many american service members, intelligence community,
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strategic community. i understand washington was fatigued by paying billions of dollars and retaping the troops in afghanistan. what you're seeing now, america is paying with its reputation and discredibility. america must show will and power and project and confidence. >> sean: i'm going to bring into the conversation, two lawmakers now that are calling on the biden administration to recognize you, sir. that is the afghan opposition forces in the northern part of the country. joining us, south carolina senator lindsey graham, mike waltz from florida. senator graham, let's begin with you what we saw yesterday was a president of the united states that said a few things that shocked the conscious. that he won't send in more military, that he's going by the artificial deadline of the taliban and if it means leaving americans behind, that's what
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the situation is going to be. if that's the case, the only option to work with someone like mr. saleh here and try to rescue him. he didn't answer my questions are the forces big enough? what would they need to help successfully defeat the taliban, isis-k. and the formation of al-quaida? >> number 1, my condolences to our fallen heros trying to rescue american citizens and allies. rest in peace my marines and soldiers. god bless you, god bless your family. president biden is the president of empty threats. he said on television, if you hurt one american, we will hunt you down. what b.s. what should we do? we should help the vice president in the valley and recognize him as the legitimate constitutional leader of afghanistan. the valley is the place for safe
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haven. we should have an underground railroad system getting american allies to the valley. we should work with them to empower their evacuation, provide military assistance to stand up to the taliban. the taliban is very unpopular in afghanistan. the resistance will grow with our help. they're not asking for us to fight. they're asking for humanitarian relief -- >> sean: senator, i'm all in favor. if any american is left behind, i'm all in favor of any plan that will get them to the valley. we can, extract them and bring them home. we made a commitment to our afghan partners and allies that if this day came, we wouldn't let them behind. not only did we leave them behind, joe biden gave them a list of everybody they're going to target to kill on top of a
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database that includes biometrics. i don't have a problem recognizing the haven't as the legitimate leader of afghanistan. but getting americans to the valley is a massive task. congressman, i'll give you a chance to weigh-in. >> yeah, sean. you know, unfortunately they are on the verge of being left behind. let's stop calling them americans behind enemy lines. here call them taliban hostages right now as we speak. we're going to have to smuggle them out. a number of groups are setting this up. we have to smuggle them along the ground those left in to the valley or across borders. you have private organizations, congress, everybody but the white house taking this leadership role. this is why this is so important going forward. we have to help them survive. what is going to happen and biden's own intelligence
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community is saying this, the taliban equals al-quaida. al-quaida is going to come roaring back. they are going to attack the west again. that is absolutely going to happen. we need to have somebody to work with when our future american soldiers have to go back again. the same crew that is around biden was around obama that yanked out of iraq too soon that led to the caliphate and launched attacks around the world. we had bases to go back to. in afghanistan, we have nothing. biden gave all of our bases away, our local allies are being hunted down. all we have left is vice president saleh, the son of the famous resistance fighter and the panzir valley. if they get overrun, then there's nothing left. >> sean: senator graham, now the
6:22 pm
taliban has $83 billion and sophisticated weaponry. any path that we can create to get home an american trapped inside afghanistan i am for. i'm not for leaving americans behind. nor are you. >> no, i'm not for leaving americans behind or our allies behind. i'm not for a terrorist group running afghanistan. i'm not for the soul mate of afghanistan being in charge of kabul. if you think we can let the taliban run afghanistan, you're a fool. if you think most afghanistans are okay with the taliban being in charge, you don't know a damn thing about afghanistan. we have a lot to work with. the cia can help. we can get military assistance to these people to let them fight. we should declare the taliban a foreign terrorist organization.
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we should recognize the panzir valley as the capitol of afghanistan and empower or allies on the ground. we should take bagram fair force base and connected to it the panzir valley and let it be an evacuation route for those left behind and we should bleed the taliban dry by allowing afghans who hate these bastards the capability to fight back. if we'll do that, we will be safer. if we abandon afghanistan more, another 9-11 is coming your way. >> sean: senator graham, we're out of time. going to give you the last word, congressman. we'll follow your efforts closely. mr. vice president, i applaud your efforts to free your country and i pray for a better day for every afghani. women will be under tyranny. it will be a mess in all likelihood, many innocent people will die in the days and weeks to come. i pray i'm wrong. after the break, the biden's
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communications with thele that ban now risking the lives of americans? how many have they exposed with their list that they gave the taliban? that's next.
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>> this is a fox news alert. u.s. officials warning more terrorist attackses in kabul are likely. the u.s. embassy is urging all americans to leave the airport because of security threats. this as the august 31 deadline nears. authorities say the threats against western forces and civilian include rocket and suicide bombings. 170 people including 13 u.s. service members died thursday when a suicide bomber struck near the airport in kabul.
6:29 pm
it's one of the deadliest attacks in two decades of war. isis-k has take responsibility. military informations updated president biden on plans to develop targets for a response. hurricane ida is bearing down on cuba and threatening to strike louisiana as a category four storm. the mayor is calling for evacuations from the city. if the forecast holds, ida would hit 16 year to the day as katrina. katrina was blamed for 1,800 deaths. in louisiana, mississippi and alabama. i'm maryann rafferty. now back to hannity. >> sean: tonight so much outrage growing over a bomb shell report
6:30 pm
in politco yesterday that the biden administration gave the taliban a list of americans and our afghan allies trying to flee afghanistan. the state department denying the report but is scant on specifics. president biden is not that concerned. he says he probably did hand it over to the taliban. just like we don't know how many americans are caught behind enemy lines, how many americans were evacuated? that shouldn't surprise you. they don't have a good answer. lara logan blasting biden for delivering our allies straight to our enemies, which by the way, joe, the taliban still is. it's time to stop pretending the taliban are not terrorists. remember that joe also told us that isis k. was a sworn enemy of the taliban. that is not what his own generals think. jennifer griffin found out today. listen to this. >> how many isis-k prisoners
6:31 pm
were left at bagram and believed to be released from the prison there and why weren't they removed to gitmo? >> i don't know the exact number. clearly it's in the thousands. when you consider both prisons. because both of them were taken over by the taliban and emptied. >> sean: to exact number. how many people on the terror watch list are making it to america. even some of joe's old buddies from the obama administration says all of this means as we may still may be fighting terrorists in afghanistan many years from now. here with us now, lara logan. i noticed a tweet of you earlier today saying can we stop pretending the taliban isn't a terrorist organization? they did release all of these terrorists that were in prison when they immediately took power. so that game, that -- we need to
6:32 pm
stop pretending. i agree with you. >> yeah, sean. one of the most absurd things for us to witness -- i don't know. i know there's people at home like me watching in and thinking, like how can they stand and lie on this scale? it's just extraordinary. they know well that the taliban and al-quaida and isis, the distinctions between the groups are just power struggles, internal power struggles. some of it is part of dissection operations. if you're designated as a terrorist organization, you move your people to the taliban. because they're not designated. you operate like that. when john campbell's forces uncovered the largest al-quaida base found anywhere in the world in 2015, where was it? in southern afghanistan? who was it? 30 scare miles where the taliban and al-quaida were training together, working together.
6:33 pm
they're married in each other's families. you just had the acting president of afghanistan, the former vice president, who under the afghan constitution is now president. now their leader. he told me in an interview that when they pick up these prisoners or when they picked them up from the battlefield and interrogate them, they find today they're isis. two weeks ago taliban. two years ago al-quaida. it's an on going circle. there's is not a counter terrorism expert that will tell you anything else with a straight face. >> sean: adam, you've had the chance to negotiate with them. clearly they are terrorists. now we have americans with a very strong likelihood that by monday that we're going to be leaving americans behind enemy lines. which is why we brought the vice president now acting president on to see if there's any chance that we can somehow find these americans left behind and get them transported to the north to
6:34 pm
safety and we can extract them. are they a terrorist organization? why did joe biden not act as they were taking over larger and larger portions of the country going back to march, april, may and june and july? why would he not have moved up any exit withdrawal to a point when it was safe and we controlled kabul? >> it's hard for me to explain, sean. the end of the day -- let me comment, this is what happens when you have a terrorist organization and no accountability. you get behavior like this. so when we pull out with our tail between our legs, there's nothing to stop this kind of behavior and releasing isis-k prisoners. i listened to the tv when the taliban spokesman that said there's no proof that osama bin laden perpetrated 9-11. that kind of brazen talk tells you how they're feeling. they're feeling good. that's a problem. the second thing about the date
6:35 pm
monday, you don't define a mission based on an arbitrary date. you define a mission based on an outcome. the anything here is get americans and our allies out under any circumstances. that's what the mission should be, not monday. who cares about monday? >> sean: lara, last word. what do you see foresee as of tuesday? >> the united states has to recognize the afghan president and our allies fighting. the united states needs to do what they should have done a long time ago and declared the taliban a terrorist organization, which they are. we need humanitarian supplies into the valley to help these people and congress needs to act. congers and leaders on both sides of the aisle. this is a republican-democrat problem. american weakness is a problem for every american. they need to act to pass laws to make it illegal for anyone to give assistance to the taliban because they are a terrorist
6:36 pm
regime. >> sean: a disaster and it's going to get worse. i pray to god i'm wrong. i don't think i am and i don't think lara or adam are. >> you're right, sean. >> sean: i wish i wasn't. i wish i could say i was wrong. i really do. don't forget, watch part one of the new season, lara logan has no agenda be, sacrificing afghanistan. all available on when we come back, tens of thousands of refugees are arriving on u.s. soil. some it turns out are on the terrorist watch list. are they being properly vetted? that's next. r suv is always there with them. so when their windshield got a chip, they wanted it fixed fast. they drove to safelite autoglass for a guaranteed, same-day, in-shop repair. we repaired the chip before it could crack. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust, when you need it most.
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>> sean: as we survey all the damage, all the chaos in afghanistan, the question is simple. will president biden be held
6:41 pm
accountable for this foreign policy dis-sasser? some republicans are calling for his resignation, impeachment to go for the 25th amendment. don't count on schumer, pelosi, the media mob, presidential protection program to join in any effort knowing how awful this has been. and our refugees being properly vetted? here with reaction, former white house chief of staff, reince priebus and jason chaffetz. i've been told we have over 100 afters -- afghans in this country on the terror watch list. and i've also heard that we're voting people as they're on the plane. >> yeah, a lot of these people can't write their own name let alone fill out a form.
6:42 pm
the biden-hair rigs administration has not able to take care of portland, chicago or our southern border. so you think these people know who they are and their background? no, i don't think so. that's what scary about this. >> reince, what jason is saying what we would ourselves -- we're bringing terrorist cells in the country. there's no vetting going on. the vetting that we do have is inadequate because it should be done before anyone gets on an airplane to come here. >> well, sean, you heard the president yesterday saying this is the greatest, most largest airlift in history. yeah, because they scrambled at the last second, shoving anybody in the bellies of c-130s.
6:43 pm
and now people are talking ant 25th amendment and all of these things unlike when they did to it trump, it's personal. news people don't like the policies of joe biden. on top of that, 13 american heros that got killed because of the policies. parcels used to say, you are what your record says you are. what is happening to joe biden, less than 30% support for afghanistan, his covid numbers went down by 12%, his upside-down on the economy, unside down on the border. it's his policies. that's why people are talking about resignations and impeachments. that's what going to create a huge change in this country. people are waking up. unfortunately it's a massive tragedy. >> sean: jason, there's no vetting. the president said he's not sending in more troops. he's sticking to the taliban's deadline. is it inevitable that our fellow
6:44 pm
americans will be left behind the enemy lines? is that inevitable? >> it's happening right now. they can't even get through a line to get to an airport. these are americans with american passports. they're american citizens. they can't get to the airport. it was joe biden that said there's no chance the taliban would take over. no chance. so they didn't have the urgency to get out. they closed an air force base that is under united states control and they closed it. they scuttle it in favor of a kabul airport that i have been to that is not very safe and secure. so i have to tell you, this is the scary part. you can vet the people coming in to the united states if they all had american passports and you prioritize them. keep these other people overseas until they're properly vetted, again, logic defies the
6:45 pm
biden-harris administration. >> never thought in my lifetime i would see people left behind enemy lines like, this it's inevitable? >> it's a sad day when 13 of our finest people are not going to come home to mom and dad. it's a sad thing. unfortunately the policies of joe biden don't seem to be coming to an end in regard to the america that we think we were living under and where we are today. it's a sad day. >> sean: thank you both. when we come back, vice president kamala harris stumped for gavin newsome who is in real trouble in this recall. she cancelled after the deadly suicide bombing in kabul. larry elder, who is leading the pack, will join us next straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> sean: all right. now failed california governor gavin newsome is on the verge of a total collapse ahead of the recall. the race is on september 14. coming quickly. now it looks like haven't kamala harris will not be able to come and rescue gavin. harris was set to be the headliner at a rally to oppose newsome's recall in san francisco tonight. she cancelled her plans after yesterday's deadly attacks in kabul. this come as newsome continues to fall way behind in the polls. here with reaction, he's leading by a 11-point on question 2, who would you pick to be the next governor. that is gubernatorial candidate, larry elder. i watched the attacks. we talked about that the last time. i want to go over the polls with you. i always thought question one was the hardest. that is remove newsome. in terms of cbs, the latest poll
6:51 pm
they have, we now have a very tight race. the real clear politics average to remove is leading do not remove. he needs 50%. he's at 47% at do not remove. that is not good for gavin newsome. the most recept survey had you up by 11 points. the closest democrat is way behind you. is there a potential now, real potential of a political earthquake in the state of california? >> well, as always, sean, thanks for having me on. let me first give my condolences to the service members that lost their lives and those injured and those still trapped in afghanistan. an excellent chance this man will be removed. it's right at 50/50. half want him gone, half want
6:52 pm
him to stay. the part wants him gone has been increased. the intensity is on all the recall side. people are angry at the cost of living, the way this man shut down the state while his kids had in-person education at a private school, sitting at the french laundry with the very people that drafted the mandate, not wearing masks or social distancings. kids lost a whole year of in-person education and already behind. our test scores for math and reading are near the bottom before the hand. rising homelessness. the very first time in this state's 170-year history, sean, people are leaving. that's why so many people, 1.7 million people signed the petition to get rid of this guy. a third of them are democrats and republicans and independents. a majority of hispanics want him gone. a majority of independents want him gone. by the way, sean, the voting has
6:53 pm
be gavin newsome. the election is september 14 that's the final day. the ballots have been sent and i understand around 10% of people have already voted. that's why i need the money now. go to and throw something in the top jar. he's going to out spend my side 9 to 1, maybe 10 to 1. >> sean: you mentioned the covid hypocrisy. we're heading into the fire season and he rejects the science of forestry. there's rolling brown-outs hitting california. water shortages, it's acute in california. vaccine mandates. the covid hypocrisy has gotten the attention of everyone in the state. so what is your main message? i've known you for years. i wouldn't -- you're a libertarian/conservative. you have been most of the years
6:54 pm
i've known you. you haven't changed. >> no, my main message, sean is the number 1 responsibility of government is to protect people and property. we're having a rise in crime, shootings, homicides in all the major cities in california. because of this defund the police movement, the false narrative that police are engaging in systemic racism against cops. the people that are hurt the most are the black and brown people. when gavin newsome ran to for mayor in 2004, he promised to clean up homelessness. it's worse now. he pounded the table for eight years claiming he had nothing to do. how about fulfilling your campaign promise and the homelessness? he's likely to be recalled and i'm way ahead of the republican rivals. i worried about 50/50 to remove him and put my name in as the
6:55 pm
person to replace him. >> sean: it's going to be a fascinating race. we're watching it closely. as it gets closer, we'll follow it. you can always tell you're getting close. the slander is in full force. what they don't know about larry elder, yes, go ahead. yeah. >> i was called, sean, the black face of white supremacy. the black face of white supremacy. that's how desperate they are. l.a. times. >> you're a better man. i'm angry for you. but that is the world. california could be transformed with the right policies. it needs it desperately. we're following it closely. wish you well, larry. thank you. more "hannity" after this.
6:56 pm
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>> sean: unfortunately, that's all the time we have left for
7:00 pm
tonight. let's pray for every american, for the allies being targeted in afghanistan and a safe withdrawal of everybody. leave nobody behind. my heart is troubled in that heart. let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham is up next. have a great weekend. pray for our family in afghanistan. >> i'm pete hegseth in for laura ingraham. we start with a fox news alert. we learned a drone strike killed an isis-k planner that was believed to be carrying out future attacks according to the pentagon. also tonight, the state department warning americans at the kabul airport to leave immediately. the gates are closed. to the latest at the pentagon, lucas tomlinson is standing by. >> less than 48 hours after the