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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  August 28, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> eye a chicken sandwich. >> fox and friends brings it us to. >> i love you. . >> [laughing]. >> that's it for us. "special report >> we begin with the fox news alert and alive at kabul morning the city will likely see another terror attack before the u.s. troops leave on tuesday. the morning comes as they launch a drone strike on the ice is k planner believed to be behind thursday's bombing that killed 13 u.s. members. rachel: live with more at the u.s. tell american to stay away from kabul airport and the ongoing threats.
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>> the president promised to take action to in response to the attack that left 13 service members dead. this appears to be part of the effort, this is a drone strike near the border with pakistan targeting an individual referred to as an islamic state planner who was in the midst of preparing for future attacks. the details are some scarce on this and not clear if this person was involved in this week's bombing but a u.s. official says this individual was hit while in a vehicle with an associate in this follows to fords from the administration yesterday. >> with the president says we will hunt you down and make you pay, what does that look like, is he going to order a mission to kill the people responsible or will he be satisfied if the captured and processed. >> he made clear he does not want them to live on earth anymore. >> the airport in kabul meantime in the final few days of the u.s. control is on high alert for another possible attack. the evacuation is continuing in the u.s. embassy is working americans at the same time to steer clear of the airport while
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many loyal afghans and u.s. citizens will no doubt be left behind because of next week's deadline some of those who have been fortunate to make it out are heading to it military bases and lawmakers in washington and many afghans plead for more time. >> the whole world is watching. >> we are not asking you to come back entirely we are asking you for help empower not weakness and not desperation and not being seen as a superpower and unable to do anything. >> the administration sticking with the tuesday deadline as fox continues of the taliban over get security concerns and what comes next once u.s. forces finish the drawdown back to you guys.
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will: one of the key things u.s. citizens and allies will be left behind, that is a foregone conclusion at this point, pretty significant is the second threat warning whether the cobbler airport the first attack that we have names of many of the troops that were killed and preceded by a very clear warning that an attack was imminent. the same message went out from the state department a half day ago. a lot of people on pins and needles also to the airport most of the gates have been shut and the drone strike over the horizon in the province hopefully sets isis québec, we don't know. rachel: it is so far away, do we know we have people on the ground that confirmed to that is that he's dead? pete: apparently a vehicle with an associate in the vehicle a planner but not the leader is not clear if that was the planner of the suicide attack were not but an indication that
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isis k has a pretty wide reach and maybe they're planning from there, the bigger threat is in the city gates of kabul and how it attacks or military members. will: it was ariel and on the ground intelligence surveillance led to the strike its goods to see the united states on the offensive some extent. it is enough of the extent we can have a conversation if it goes out the coming days. the prospect of another attack is imminent right there at the gates. rachel: what most people are wanting to see is allowing our troops to go in and get our americans. probably more so -- if this is somebody involved and they had really good intelligence on bother getting them, and leaves me a little dissatisfied. pete: is not sufficient but at this point the postures written, the biden administration decided is awkward to be the way to do it although there has been some covid operations many and wished they would never acknowledge
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there has been activity but not formal u.s. troops leaving our bases right now. we mentioned the 13 we now know some of the u.s. troops killed in the kabul airport bomb, we will read the names because that's important. marine rylee mccollum of wyoming. he had just gotten married and expecting his first child and just three weeks. david lee espinoza marino texas and transferred to kabul one week ago. kareem nikoui died after sending a father to his father in giving them candy. rachel: jared schmitz of st. charles county was on his first abroad. daegen william tyeler page was hoping to go to trade school after finishing his service.
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ryan noss his first service and was hoping to move to washington, d.c. staff sgt david taylor hoover he told a local fox affiliate he loved the united states and proved it by his service. pete: god bless all of these marines and soldiers and navy, that is the price, that is the cost. rachel: that is the price and that's the cost. last night on tucker carlson we had a father of one of our fallen heroes and were gonna show this clip, it is remarkable because often times in the format we don't get along form narrative description of what it looks like to have the military
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to show up at your door to tell you your son or daughter is no longer with us in this family has this experience of the father did and he went into great detail and it was quite moving. take a listen. >> i turned the corner and saw three marines, my life changed forever i went down there and met them before they even knocked on the door. this goes to the point to ask did any service come and adjust trust, yes, they were incredible. these young men had so much empathy and so much concern with me and my family who luckily my family was not there, was just me at the time. and then it dawned on me maybe i don't need the condolences from them but i don't want to take
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the opportunity for my other family members, my wife and my son so i asked them i said there out of a booking for the high school watching a football game, keeping weight down the street until they come and then i can see if they want you to come and do your condolences presentation. those boys set up there for four hours, four hours they set out there i was humbled by their performance. will: are absolutely right, it's not often we get longform in this media, so often we get true emotion to share but it's so important that it shared otherwise it's a name and a newspaper article and that the
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story behind the name and the way he described his struggle with do i want the remarrying tear when my family shows up to protect my family from the direct notice, it was honestly the reality behind this entire news story. pete: you talked about getting a video from his son and hearing the news of the bombing and hearing three injured and four killed and then ten and having not heard from his son because you wouldn't end a war zone and try to line everything up and get assented googling when did they show up. rachel: it's unbelievable. pete: the looming understanding that the knock on the door could come. rachel: the other part of the interview i went to think tucker carlson for doing that. there could've been somebody in his ear telling him to cut the interview but he went with it, this father clearly wanted to remote and unload this thing that was on his heart and the
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other thing he said that was interesting to me and made me really angry frankly in addition to sad when he said i'm a carpenter. i am not a military guy and i could've told you that they were sitting ducks, this is like a turkey shoot. we were on last weekend and we said there's one entryway, were waiting for an isis attack, this is baking for practically when you have one entrance and people coming to that point saying that they are americans affiliated with americans, you don't have to be in general to figure out that our boys there were in danger. will: your exactly right and that's not to blame the marines on the ground, you know when there's a threat assessment you have to change one of two dynamics on the ground to
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re-fortify him change his situation what we've done instead is rely on the television, it was supposedly an isis k bomber that made his way through taliban checkpoint that led to that, that is a strategy. rachel: you're a parent whose son dished died, how angry are you that this happened, was preventable is from the only ones that are angry those in the military as well including a marine year stuart schaller and he posted a video he is lieutenant colonel in the marines and he's asking for accountability all the way up the chain indecent sublease jobs should be paid, he got talking about the president of the united states is talking about military hierarchy and he's been removed from his post.
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pete: he's a battalion commander, he is a lot of troops under his command the video looks like he sitting in his office and he said i can't take this anymore he talked about what he would be held accountable for as a commander in anything under his command and said when are we going to get a little bit of accountability inside the echelons of the military. here is marine lieutenant colonel stuart schaller. >> what you believe and could only be defined by what you want to risk. even willing to risk my current commander seat, my retirement and my family stability to save and the things that i want to say, i think he gives me some moral high ground to demand the same honest integrity and accountability for my senior leaders i'm not saying we have to be in afghanistan forever, but i am saying did any of you throw your rank on the table and say it's a bad idea to evacuate bagram air base before we evacuate everyone did anyone do that? and when you didn't think to do
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that to the new one raise their hand and say we completely mess this up, i want to say this very strongly i have been fighting for 17 years, i am willing to throw it all away to say to my senior leaders, i demand accountability. rachel: we were just talking earlier this is a man who has 17 years of service, three years of retirement, three kids throwing all on the line, this is the kind of truth telling and risk-taking putting your future and your livelihood in your career and your reputation on the line so few people are doing this right now, this man is a patriot this man is a kind of man that will save america this is only thing that we have left people willing to put it on the line because quite frankly our generals and our president nobody's taken responsibility, dwight eisenhower as a general
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before he went into d-day wrote a letter accepting all responsibility in case of failure. where are those men today, that is one of them. pete: here's what the marine corps has to say jim's finger said the following lieutenant colonel stuart scheller was relieved by command, commanding officer school of infantry due to a loss of trust and confidence in his ability to command this is obviously an emotional time for a lot of marines and we encourage anyone struggling right now to seek counseling or talk to a fellow marine this is a form in which marine leaders can address their disagreement with the chain of command but it's not social media. pete: we knew it would not be tolerated it doesn't mean he's out of the marine corps yet but they don't tolerate this kind of dissent if the colonel relieving from his commanding officer this means he was responsible training the types of men that were on that and he said there
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has to be and needs to be responsibility and if one member of my pertinent lost a weapon in the operation i would be held accountable for that and we have tens of thousands of our own equipment to include new reporting that the biometric data that with a fine is being used literally in real time by the taliban to scan afghans to determine who worked with us. how does that get left behind, rifle, got it, the biometric data of her allies, unacceptable and for no one in the top echelon for the state department to take responsibility, that's what you want and may be able come later, i don't know their heads are in the pentagon trying to get everybody out of kabul airfield, either way someone has got to be held accountable for this. that was his point. we also have a big storm coming and were gonna go to fox whether hurricane ida as apparels towards the u.s. >> and slammed cuba with winds at 75 miles per hour, the
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national weather service expected to make landfall in the u.s. as a category 4 hurricane. rachel: is projected to hit south mississippi and louisiana tomorrow including new orleans exactly 16 years to the day the hurricane katrina made landfall. rick right is been tracking it all and he joins us live with the fox weather forecast. >> a huge storm coming towards a louisiana the center of the storm is going to make landfall across louisiana last year they had four landfall storms louisiana cannot catch a break from the hurricanes this is the track so far covered across far western cuba in the center of the storm is back over the water in the golf the trajectory the water will move over is really warm and above average temperatures we have temperatures that are pushing 9s really warm in any of the water pulls up from the area of low pressure that happens with the storms in the water pulls up and
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it'll be warm nothing in the upper level that will cause the storm to weaken yet all the energy that it needs and that's why utile strengthen these categories want to get into a category four they go through these oscillations up and down, we could see a get to a five will probably see a go to a three and we don't focus as much on that, the point is we will have a major hurricane across the coast of louisiana. wherever it makes landfall likely around the puma area that's were the worst are going to be in the worst of the storm surge and because it's coming on so strong the wind will extend as far inland as well you gonna be talking about a slow moving storm and i want to point out a lot of rain getting across parts of western tennessee where we saw the flooding happening in the area a lot to talk about, breaking down. rachel: thank you. turning to your headlines, the man convicted of assassinating former senator robert f kennedy is recommended for parole he has
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spent 53 years behind bars, california parole board deciding he's a changed man and is no longer a threat to other safeties. allie county district attorney did not object to his release but the final decision lies with california governor gavin newsom robert kennedy's son douglas is a fox news correspondent. new york state schools will be subject to mask mandate public and private schools will be required to mask of their students the state department of health issuing the mandate at the direction of newly sworn in kathy hochul and in florida judge throws out ron desantis on school mask mandate the judge ruling desantis overstepped his authority a spokesperson for the governor's office called the judge's decision not based on science and says they will appeal. harvard university kaplan is a devout atheist. what the heck, how does this
3:19 am
habit is a question this is where we are, he was unanimously elected for the post. he has served at the schools chaplain arguing humans can live more alive without religion. harvard newspaper found over 40% of the graduates were either agnostic or atheist and those are your headlines. pete: i was having a tough time for things in life so i went to the temple to find god and i found an atheist. harvard university founded to train clergy founded to claim clergy there of the old testament, the new testament in the future testament and then an atheist chaplain. rachel: unbelievable.
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pete: after the u.s. retaliates and kills a terrorist another attack and i entered afghanistan is likely but as an threat grows is the drone strike enough? will: the taliban is locked and loaded as u.s. military equipment is politically panel who have all served in the military will weigh in. ♪
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pete: u.s. retaliating as the pentagon confirms a drone strike killed a nice escape planner in afghanistan, this is president biden national security team now warning a terror attack in kabul is likely following thursday's deadly suicide bombing our next guest is a fellow of the american enterprise institute and testify before congress about terror threats to u.s. national security catherine zimmerman joined us now, thank you for being with us, let's talk about the drone strike with ice escape planner, it's in eastern afghanistan with pakistan what do we take of it and how effective will the be in
3:25 am
stopping future terror attacks. >> is certainly a good move by the biden administration and we can see that we did have the intelligence to go after the ice is k operatives that were linked to the kabul bombing. we need to keep in mind we've been doing drone strikes for 20 years and were still facing terror attacks. pete: isis k, al-qaeda, the taliban banned for that matter seems to be a terrible soup of bad actors right there in kabul. when dividing the administrations in another terror attack is likely, where do we go to look to stop such an action. >> this is a real challenge of the biden administration faces in many of the isis k's are in centers like in kabul you can't carry out a drone strike which means as we see in the headlines puts more responsibility on cia teams to go after these and those relied heavily on afghan partners, those afghan partners are now being hunted by the
3:26 am
taliban there in a little bit of a catch 22 in terms of going after and getting after the problem. pete: what you're saying in the urban environment where we expect another likely terror attack relying on our cia to be out there with her afghan partners the ones were actively quite honestly the train at the moment so human intelligence of where this could happen has got to be lacking. >> this is something that our military officials and others who work there intelligence and counterterrorism have been warning with this concept in over the horizon counterterrorism posture the fact that the united states is fundamentally losing the access to information that we've enjoyed for the past 20 years in afghanistan has led to the counterterrorism successes. >> there is report saying women in afghanistan are voluntarily beginning to cover their faces and their staying home, this is in response to the taliban putting in place what we fully expected them to do which is
3:27 am
implementing sharia law a crackdown on silver liberty particular on women. >> is tragic to watch it when we think of the women in afghanistan are facing their facing a lot of uncertainty, the taliban and speaking to the afghan population and of course in the west saying that they will protect women's rights, toys under the caveat of sharia and we know over the past years recently the taliban has used punishment for an immoral act. pete: of history is our guide we can show you here are the restrictions on women in afghanistan from 1996 through 2001 he can take a quickly we put on our screen you can see forced to quit their jobs, no access to education after age eight forced to wear burqas which many are doing voluntarily out of fear prohibited from wearing makeup, punished with clogging, death or stoning
3:28 am
that's what women can look forward to in afghanistan. catherine zimmerman thank you for the insight on this as it may be this morning. the taliban is gaining power and can be looking to form an alliance gordon chang explores the common countries tied in terror group, that is next.
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rachel: as the taliban gains power there's another force overseas the u.s. is worried about china the communist regime ties to go back to even before 9/11, what benefits could they gain from each other and what threat would they pose to the world gordon chang is the author of the coming collapse of china and a gate stone institute fellow, he joined is now with his insight. >> thank you so much. rachel: tell me why does china
3:33 am
want to be in this space in afghanistan? >> there are number of reasons, first of all it does want the minerals and afghanistan and it doesn't want the taliban to provide a refuge for others who are being oppressed in china it wants a land bridge to the arabian sea and they want to protect the investment pakistan there are a lot of things that beijing is looking toward in afghanistan. rachel: why would the taliban want to work with china it is so well-known that they persecute muslims and have them in concentration camps isn't that bad from a pr perspective from the taliban. >> it is extremely bad for the taliban with regard to the other insurgents in afghanistan and the taliban in afghanistan could lose militants to isis k or other insurgent groups, that's what the taliban could never fully cooperate with the united states as were looking to them and they can't cooperate with china at least long-term because both china and the taliban have
3:34 am
news that they should dominate the world and eventually this will be a zero-sum game but in the short term there is this in partnership. >> this is what china's foreign ministries spokesperson said about the relationship with the taliban china has maintain contact and communication with afghan taliban on the basis of respecting the sovereignty and the will of the country and the constructive role from the political settlement of the afghan issue this is so interesting to me we've known for a long time even after 9/11 that china was providing logistical and weapon support to afghanistan and their leaders especially towards george w. bush had really ignored it purposely, why would they do that. >> i suppose the u.s. wanted china's help in a great war on terror, this is a strategic
3:35 am
failure but more important it was a moral failure because china had very robust relations with the taliban including supplying rocket propelled grenades, missiles and all the rest of the taliban which were used to kill nato and american troops, this is wrong and the american people should be outraged by this. rachel: i certainly am i want to switch topics we had a new intelligence community report on covid-19 on the origins of covid-19, here's what it said one intelligence community with a moderate confidence for the first human infection of sar/cov2 was a result of a laboratory associated incident probably involving an experimentation and minimal handling or sample by the wuhan institute overall and he, i don't have to tell you that many people have suspected this in many people who were on the forefront, senator cotten, former president donald trump said this in the conspiracy theorist, now we have more clear
3:36 am
evidence, is it time for the biden of administration to declassify everything that they have on the origins in china does not want to cooperate with the investigation and if biden does not do that what does that say about him and his investigation. >> biden has never wanted to know about the origins of this disease he spent two hours wishy jumping and did not raise the issue once and i could not agree with you more we should be declassify information of the reason is we know now we know enough and the reason is because china is hiding in that says to us that we need to start imposing costs on china because their developing biological weapons and they could be civilization killers about what china is doing and this is exponential issue and biden doesn't seem to care. rachel: he may be compromising we never got to the bottom of that, gordon chang always
3:37 am
wonderful to hear from you you're the voice on this topic and were grateful for you being here and giving us more information. thank you. >> thank you, i appreciate it. rachel: republican lawmakers say the taliban has $85 billion in u.s. military equipment are political panel will weigh in on that next. ♪ so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. hot dog or... chicken? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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rachel: were back with the fox news alert the pentagon confirms a u.s. drone strike killed the isis k planner believed to be behind the attack in kabul this is joe biden's national security team warns another attack is likely near the kabul airport. our next essay we need to ramp up our response to the isis k threat. join us retired army captain ranger and republican ohio warring davidson, afghanistan war veteran indiana congressman jim banks and retired army infantry captain in pennsylvania sean parnell, thank you for being here, congressman may start with you your initial reaction to the strike and if it meets with the threat level we're facing right now. >> absolutely meets with that in terms of targeting who are the people responsible, isis k and other terror groups need to another will be no sanctuary whether it's afghanistan or
3:42 am
anywhere else, i think it does send a strong message but is it enough, of course not. will: we saw a similar threat in the warning put up by the state department before the suicide bombing that took the lives of 13 americans we have another one isis k do you believe that the taliban will sufficiently provide the outer core and what are the things that you think about right now. >> absolutely not we would be naïve that this one drone strike on the isis planner which was successful and i'm glad he was killed is going to stop more attacks than what we saw this week. this is what we have to be prepared for, the situation on the ground is dangerous and it's growing in danger and the state department put out another warning for americans not to go to the airport which means we stop thousands of americans trapped behind enemy lines who want to get out of the country and we cannot get out of the country because of the incompetence of this president and his team who are unable to get him out that needs to be the
3:43 am
sole focus and mission at this moment getting every american out safely without any more bloodshed and i don't have any degree of confidence that this president or his team can do that at the moment. rachel: why would you and how things have been handled as an important reminder u.s. citizens and allies locked out of the only way out and surrounded by the taliban address of isis k, last night when president trump dropped the moab and afghanistan in 2017 it was on an isis k hideout killing 90 isis k and we know the taliban released thousands of taliban isis k when we gave up bagram air base, it's a threat that's been addressed almost eradicated under trump and here's back. >> there's no question about it this planner i'm glad the terrorist should already be dead
3:44 am
we should approach this withdrawal from a position of strength, instead we negotiated with taliban who are undoubtedly coordinated with other terrorist groups on the ground and 13 marines are dead and hundreds of afghan women and children are dead and seven months under president trump, al-qaeda and isis was decimated an eight-month center joe biden in the taliban, al-qaeda control an entire country and not only that, they're woven into the very fabric of the interim government of afghanistan and hold in enormous power. because of joe biden, which is been no consequences for any of this but because of joe biden in his administration, the taliban and all these terrorist groups are on stronger footing now than they were prior to 9/11 and there's yet to be any consequences at all. will: the taliban should be as well as in charge of checkpoints for the number two and kabul and they are running the show and
3:45 am
were with volume upon them right now i have to get you on another topic as well and representative banks i want to get to you on a portion of it you were involved on housing women was allocated but let me start with you the taliban has $85 billion in u.s. military equipment, what can and should be done about that? >> the obviously should've never came into their hands and as my colleagues have highlighted an epic failure by the biden of administration isn't going to change anything going forward, we need to be focused 100% on admission which is get every single american who wants out out, we should not be focused on a date and as were doing that and establishing security not just that kabul but wherever necessary to evacuate americans anyone holding an american weapon in american military equipment should be considered an enemy they have taken that from an ally or an american and
3:46 am
they should be considered enemy combatant and i'll make it very clear that they pose no threat to america, this is american gear given to the afghan army and it was seized by a hostile force. rachel: representative banks i heard you speak previously of how you were a part of the equipment should, central one to how we would allow the afghan national army to defend itself. i get weapon did i get vehicles but there's reporting in the new york post that taliban units likely the networker using biometric data to hunt down anyone who has worked with us in the afghan government. how did we lose accountability of databases like that and now not only are they falling into the hands of the taliban in the home connie network, but the spy agencies the isi has access to this american data how does happen? >> there is no good answer to this, this is unthinkable this is one thing to talk about vehicles left behind, weapons and ammunition even night vision goggles, medical supplies, the taliban now has more blackhawk
3:47 am
helicopters than 85% of the countries in the world because of the negligence of the biden of administration. but to your point to think biometric data of those afghans who served alongside of us over the last 20 years has fallen into the hands of her dangerous enemies not just the taliban but isis, the isi and others, this is unthinkable crime on the part of the american military there negligence that is going to directly lead to the deaths of those who served alongside of us for 20 years. how will we regain the trust of our allies or any ally in the future to earn their trust to serve alongside when we created an epic failure of trust like this one. i don't know how it happened we will demand answers next week we markup the national defense authorization act for the house armed services committee. i have an amendment that would
3:48 am
answer on this specific question how did it happen to have the biometric data and all the other military equipment why was it allowed to be the behind default in the hands of the taliban and by the way the taliban is a mickey mouse organization compared to isis k. you may bet that this equipment will end up not just in the hands of the taliban but isis k will obtain at some point and they will use it in a lethal or dangerous waste than the taliban whatever use it and that to me is unthinkable and someone should be held accountable for today. will: undisputed sean you bennett small business leader, we see something on the size and scale, will there ever be accountability for the fact that it was so grossly mishandled? >> no for democrats there's a different standard for republicans, for goodness sake the democrats tried to impeach president trump the moment he
3:49 am
took his hand off the bible and did so for a phone call that was totally fine but joe biden can hand in the entire country to multiple terrorist factions and there's no accountability whatsoever it blows my mind that no one's resigned, no one's fired no accountability and not only that the biden administration in our commanders and generals are talking that we left the taliban no how best they could protect her people, insult to injury to all of this is the fact that the biden administration has tried to mainstream the taliban as a gentler taliban in taliban to point out it's an insult for everyone whose father and the families who have lost loved ones there in the thousands of dollars they gave their lives in support of our mission. rachel: our troops are hostage to them and to all of them leave an untold number of hostages left behind after that. representative warren, jim, thank you for your service. the nation grapples with the
3:50 am
devastating kabul attack killing 13 american troops obviated king shares power of prayer and joins us next. ♪ to make my vision a reality my varilux progressive lenses provide seamlessly transition
3:51 am
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3:53 am
rachel: the nation is reeling
3:54 am
with the loss of 13 troops in the kabul bombing. our next guest reminds us we must not forget our duty to pray during these tough times. fox news contributor alveda king joined is now, welcome and thank you for joining us. we just did a headline about harvard university having a chaplain, now pointing a chaplain that's an atheist, we have a terrible news about the troops that have died in afghanistan one of them by the way with the baby due in three weeks, we know right now isis and the taliban have biometrics and hunting down our interpreters and christians who are being persecuted right now in real time, you say this is the time to pray. >> this is the time to pray. good morning, everyone.
3:55 am
and god please help us and guide us and bless us in our nation and around the world. there is an important word, fear not. you may say how can we not fear with covid and atheist chaplain, you wonder who the top little pray to and how can the chaplain pray for you if they don't believe in god, that is a good question, jesus did say there would be wars and rumors of wars and this is the fate of war we care first of our own soldiers and citizens and families who are suffering the loss with afghanistan but how about the people of afghanistan, everyday people who are frightened and afraid as well people who tried to live and work with people of all nations who are being punished, what about them, we have to pray. >> absolutely hope americans are listening right now and will
3:56 am
take time to do that and send their prayers especially to the families who just received the worst news possible. i want to remind our viewers you have a wonderful special coming up and decided for fox nation it is alveda king's house i have a dream the american dream she celebrating the anniversary of martin luther king speech. thank you, more "fox & friends" next. (vo) how do you know when you've found your team? whether you're winning, or just doing your best. when you're on the lanes, they're right behind you. .. and here. which is why the scientific expertise that helps
3:57 am
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4:00 am
>> as the taliban gains power there's another force overseas, the us is worried about china, their ties with the terrorist group goes back before 9/11 so what -- we got the wrong --
4:01 am
>> we are at the top of the 7:00 hour, the bigger problem, isis k surrounding the kabul airport, we had an attack last minute the drone strike against one of their planners and for reporting run the kabul airport that another attack may be imminent, covering all aspects of the situation, we start with that. later has the details. >> the president under pressure to take action in response to that horrific attack from the 13 us service members and dozens of afghans dead. this may be part of that response. this was a drone strike on a vehicle with 2 people and according to us officials carried out in eastern afghanistan. the target was a person believed to be an islamic state planner. we don't know if this was someone involved specifically in this week's bombing but us officials believe this individual was killed. and psaki was asked what the president's goal was in dealing with isis k.
4:02 am
>> when the president said we will hunt you down and make you pay what does that look like? will he order mission to kill the people responsible will he be satisfied of their captured and put on trial? >> he does not want them to live on the earth anymore. >> reporter: us forces at the airport and couple are on high alert amid dire warnings of another possible attack and the evacuation efforts continue to get desperate people out of afghanistan but americans are being warned to stay away from the airport and it is abundantly clear that americans and afghans loyal to the united states, some of them will be left behind when the final aircraft leaves in coming days. those fortunate enough to head out, some are heading to his mother bases as they prepare for resettlement. we are still hearing bipartisan calls in washington for the
4:03 am
president to extend next week's deadline to get more people out in afghanistan's former vice president sent a desperate plea. >> the whole world is watching. >> we are not asking you to combat militarily but to project confidence and power, not weakness, not desperation, not being seen as a superpower unable to do anything. >> as we continue to rely on the taliban in hopes of some measure of security around that airport talks continue with them about what comes next. for extending next week's deadline this week's attack is further coinced the president to stick with his plan. back to you guys. >> let's bring in retired marine bomb technician joey jones. you heard the report from doug.
4:04 am
we've executed a drone attack on an isis k plant in afghanistan somewhat removed from kabul, this, we would hope, would be a beginning, is it sufficient at this point? what do you expect to see next? >> there's a lot we don't know. up late last night talking about this. we've all been begging the president to do something. if nothing else, we talked about how important posture is. our enemy needs to know we're willing to strike back. it is frustrating they didn't feel that way up until then. this monday morning quarterbacking, it is important to note this is probably not retaliation, this is prevention, the biden administration say we have thousands more people, we need to get the medicine as possible, we want to make sure this bombing doesn't happen again. it's not retaliation so much as stopping it which leaves a lot of open ended questions. the americans in afghanistan and those who didn't make it. i got a heartbreaking message
4:05 am
this morning from a former colleague trying to get -- this person knows the taliban is looking for. it is not a question of are we going to still rely on the taliban. isis k, taliban fighters the taliban wasn't radical enough for. on the lower levels these are guys, going to join this gang instead of that gang and i don't know, if anything we can assist an organization that took a dozen of my friends, maybe not going to provide security, don't know they are in cahoots or collusion with isis k but not our friends. >> we are sharing intelligence with them, gave them a kill list of americans and now biometric data that somehow got into their hands is being used to hunt down people who helped us.
4:06 am
>> the 13 heroes we lost, the state department spokesperson said the most important metric was the number of people we airlifted. jake sullivan -- that is something different. >> it's not different. >> what the most concerning to me is 20 years ago we pushed the taliban out, 20 years later they know what we do, how we do it and how to accomplish it. we own the night and we own the air and we've given them the upper hand and that is devastating for the next generation we have to fight them somewhere, maybe not afghanistan but islamic terror -- we are the ultimate enemy, the reason they can't accomplish their mission and that won't change. we are the horizon and they will hate us as much. >> jennifer griffin asked john
4:07 am
kirby if they are at odds why were they released by the taliban. >> isis k prisoners left at bagram believed to have been released from the prison and why weren't they removed before the us pulled out? >> i don't know the exact number. it is in the thousands, both of them were taken over by the taliban and emptied and i couldn't give you a precise figure. >> isis k is not a new entity. in afghanistan, 90 isis fighters in a cave, on such an offense of the thousands were locked up. then we leave them be to be released in these might be the same people killing our boys. >> the trump administration had
4:08 am
a great messaging, they are not in office right now not making decisions but one thing they said, donald trump's relentlessness to attack a group through drone strikes is why they weren't attacking. a new york post report in 2007-2008, trump administration killed the leader of isis k over and over again. every time a new one came up they killed him. the estimated was 2200. we went thousands out, doubled their strength. the reason we haven't had them attacking us is we did a good job attacking them and not giving them an opportunity to replenish their ranks. it's not about blame but we go next. don't want anyone to get injured or killed again. it shows president biden understands these actions are necessary. i know they are not afraid to die but they are not going to give themselves up either. to push them back and get our
4:09 am
people out. i don't think the biden administration will do anything until they get everyone out, if that is the case and that is their decision i want people not to be attacked again. >> i'm not a military expert but i am thinking in bagram airport, the taliban comes in and releases them wouldn't it be the perfect moment to drone those guys? >> a lot of perfect moment to take out the enemy. even a few years ago how we were going to leave, attack the television or do that. don't know if the decision was made to replenish our stock, that was very much a reactionary thing and leaving bagram was inextricably if you ask me especially the way we did it. when we left bagram over a month
4:10 am
ago we didn't just we them and afghan national security forces telegraphed to our enemies how weak they were. the national security force fell so quickly, they didn't have lights on anymore that empowered our enemies, gave them motivation and confidence to take over couple -- bull -- bull --kabul. >> last night we wondered, we worried about the imminent inflection point those gates represented. one week later, a couple comments, you said scattered throughout afghanistan. so much attention on kabul their
4:11 am
americans were still in afghanistan who represent targets, isis k or al qaeda or the hook on a network or the taliban take over the entire country we have vulnerabilities all over the country. >> americans scattered through afghanistan, regular america starting to understand it makes people so bad when you stand in front of the podium and say those americans that don't want to be here, the didn't answer the call those are individual stories. a lot those people are begging their family or trying to get a hold of their family which is why they haven't made it over yet. ask over the last 6 or 18 months we weren't processing visas but 3 weeks ago the story was veterans are outraged, can't get their interpreter a visa. we knew it was going to happen quickly, begging the government to move and get this done, they didn't do it and they are bragging about an evacuation that would be a withdrawal, you evacuate hurricane, if you
4:12 am
predict and don't evacuate you withdraw. >> call it retrograde when it is a retreat, you mentioned the 13, 11 marines, we now know the names of those us troops many of whom were killed at the airport bombings. marine riley mccollum from wyoming had just gotten married, was expecting his first child in 3 weeks. >> david lee espinoza joined the marines out of high school and transferred to couple a week ago. ainsley: a marine from california died today after sending his father a video of himself talking to afghan children and giving them candy. jared schmidt of st. charles county, missouri, was on his first deployment abroad. corporal page of omaha, nebraska joined the marines out of high school and hopes to go to trade school after finishing his
4:13 am
service. >> staff sergeant from knoxville tennessee ryan moss, the first army victim to be identified hoped to move to washington dc. staff sergeant darren taylor hooper junior of midvale, utah, certain marines for 11 years. his father told a local fox affiliate he loved the united states improved it by his service. were thought is you hear those names, those families. >> love my best friends, i don't know how to say it. this is america's best. you saw a little bit of everybody. that's what it takes to keep this country safe. there aren't believe the unbelieving in each other in the military. you do anything for each other. the least we can do is remember their names and honor them and ask the government to honor
4:14 am
their sacrifice, to get americans home and keep them safe. pete: that's why there's a visceral reaction to why they are leaving because this is the immediate effect of it but think back 19 years and so many guys like you who gave so much. >> i was 24 years old and lost my legs, every two weeks, stephen dunning and two years later died of a heart attack and got to do that and it hurt every single time, 13 names, 13, those days were tough, can't imagine what the families are feeling and hope the country on his them the way they should because it was almost too routine. this is not acceptable and it shouldn't be normal. pete: thank you.
4:15 am
jillian: to fox weather, hurricane ida, catastrophic strength as it barrels towards the us. >> it seems? with wents of 80 miles per hour, the national weather service expecting it to make landfall in the us as a category 4 hurricane. it is projected to hit south mississippi and louisiana tomorrow including new orleans, 16 years to the day that hurricane katrina made landfall. we are tracking it live with the fox weather forecast. >> reporter: very different story than what it new orleans with katrina. $15 billion was spent in shoring of those levees. this will be the first significant test of the levee system. they are expected to hold across the new orleans area. if you are outside the levy you have to evacuate. this is satellite imagery. the center of the store starting
4:16 am
to get much higher goal the cloud tops. signs that we are starting to begin to see strengthening. we talk about the track of the storm and there's a center point of the lowest air pressure is it makes landfall but that is where the track is. look how far outside the track the impact of the storm will be felt, rain on parts of the panhandle of florida, storm surge across parts of mississippi into alabama. the worst of the storm surge will be right where the storm comes on shore and that likely will be around grand isle, everybody needs to be evacuated today. tomorrow this time we will feel tropical storm conditions that hurricane warnings extend far inland, the storm will come on shore, a strong storm takes a while for winds to get down to tropical storm strength. the storm surge the worst of it in southeastern louisiana.
4:17 am
that is what we worry about across new orleans. back to you. pete: additional headlines. the man accused of shooting an innocent computer at penn station appears in court but at the arraignment hearings marvin bruce called the judge bro, he was ordered to be:100,$000 bail. bruce allegedly hit a bystander in the leg after trying to shoot someone else. the victim had to have emergency surgery but has since been released from the hospital. the biden administration is diverting millions of dollars including money meant for vaccines to house migrant children in the us, health and human services department informed congress of the $589 million transfer. more than 30% of it was earmarked for vaccine distribution and planning efforts which hhs is the transfer will not have any impact on the white house vaccination distribution ever.
4:18 am
today college football returns and carley shimkus spoke to fans at the university of illinois about getting back to the stands for the opening-day matchup. >> illinois versus nebraska. are you excited? >> very excited. >> i haven't been to a football game since my freshman year. i'm excited to get back to the stadium. >> reporter: kickoff is today at 1:00 pm eastern on fox and those are your headlines. pete: president biden's handling of afghanistan is not a surprise to some. sean duffy joins us on biden's foreign-policy. as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance,
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get started today. pete: welcome back, the us retelling it is the pentagon confirms a drone strike killed and isis k planner is experts warn afghanistan is once again poised to become a terror hotbed after the taliban's lightning
4:23 am
offensive through the country. remember back in april when president biden announced the september 11th. deadline is on the strip controlled just 77 of the country's 400 districts but fast forward to july after us forces (zooba ram air base that number tripled, took half of the country's district centers and by early august bringing us to where we are now taliban militants began seizing provincial capitals across the country before ultimately taking couple -- kabul. here's dan hoffman. appreciate your time. the advance of the taliban was rapid but we hearing about the
4:24 am
haqqani network, the interplay between those groups will determine who controls afghanistan, what does the consolidation look like? >> those groups have us in their crosshairs and for sure the taliban and isis have been in contact with one another but when they have common interests, no question the taliban and responsible for the outer perimeter was not doing their job when they allowed suicide bombers in a couple days ago. also the haqqani network notorious for ruthless suicide attacks against innocent civilians and coalition forces --
4:25 am
eric: hasn't haqqani been absorbed into the taliban, doesn't that tell us about the marriage of those groups? are they more or less one and the same? >> they've been part of the taliban and forever. when you say marriage, there's a lot of intermarriage going on including the haqqani network and al qaeda. they are very much linked together and we should expect that al qaeda will enjoy the same sort of sanctuary they did before 9/11. we can't let that happen but we've gone dark and created our own fog of war, we won't have the intelligence capability or military capability to strike them kinetically before they target us. >> how significant is this drone strike and we a lot of eyes and ears? we don't know the extent of the planning of the actual attack but when you look at thousands released by the taliban into the country it seems like a movement we may not have the ability to strike the way we want.
4:26 am
>> al qaeda was known for slamming their attacks against us. isis is more decentralized, we don't know that i we successfully targeted. i applaud the successful counterterrorism operation i have no doubt at the very most he was responsible for strategically directing isis but the network that was mounting the attack, this kinetic strike we launched, the network that was targeting us in kabul that continues to represent a threat, we have not eliminated that threat and i feel that we won't. >> we should those maps of afghanistan. in my opinion the afghan national security forces our house of cards built around the construct that this had been a nation, a functioning government, a pluralistic, the idea that afghans from all corners work together to defend
4:27 am
their country. how close can the taliban get to creating that reality. intermarriage is a reality throughout the region. do you believe they can consolidate control of the country and away that they haven't before? >> i don't think they will. they are a percentage of the overall number of afghans in the country and they will exercise control but that will be a challenge for them but what matters to us is there will be an governed space, they don't care if they allow isis terrorists to roam free yet they've been in conflict and released a lot of those guys from bagram. this is a petri dish. afghanistan is morphing into a terrorist state on our watch, we will ask the capability to deal with it with our weapons. >> after 20 years a terrorist
4:28 am
state, not to mention the biometric data to target our allies still left behind. nobody knows better than you, thank you. after the deadliest attack on us troops in a decade americans are struggling to come to grips with what is nothing but a tragedy. two goldstar parents know that pain all too will join us live. why choose proven quality sleep from sleep number? because a quality night's sleep is scientifically proven to help increase energy. the new sleep number 360 smart bed helps keep you asleep by sensing your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now. (announcer) carvana's had a lot of firsts.
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4:32 am
>> the nation marks the deadliest day for us forces in afghanistan in 10 years after 13 servicemembers were killed in the kabul bombing. our next guest understand the
4:33 am
pain of this day. goldstar father christopher horton killed september 9th, 2011, during operation enduring freedom in afghanistan and karen fond is goldstar mom of aaron vaughn killed on the deadliest day in afghanistan august 6th, 2011, when a grenade launched by a talented man fighter took down chinook helicopter. thank you for joining us. no one knows more than you both of the pain, before we get to that, think of the situation. >> our first thoughts go out to the family members who have lost
4:34 am
these loved ones, it tears your heart open to realize other families are going through what you went through, coming up on the tenth anniversary of chris's death. the fact they gave their all for what they believed in representing the united states, to see this debacle, i have a lot of questions, how can we get to this point after 20 years of being there i don't even have words hardly. >> the president and the generals are calling the taliban our afghan partners, the people who killed your son. how does that make you feel?
4:35 am
>> aaron died in the largest loss of life in the entire war on terror. 10 years into the war and the reason he died is our leaders did not understand this enemy. it is the reason he died. we were fighting rules of engagement where we were trying to win the hearts and minds of the taliban haqqani network, the mostly full brutal force and we were negotiating with them in 10 years later we have lost the greatest among us again to failures and leadership. i say only god can forgive them for what they've taken from this country. >> one of the fathers of young men was on tucker last night saying i am a carpenter but i can say my son was a sitting duck. this kind of situation that
4:36 am
could have been preventable. who should be responsible? >> top down there has to be accountability. like i said earlier you don't have words. we choose words, it is mind-boggling, shocking, you've got to be kidding, my feeling, is this the best we can do in the united states with all of our planning and technology and so forth and experience in warfare, this is the best we can do for our soldiers, our people, our allies, our own country's security this is the best we can do, you've got to be kidding.
4:37 am
ainsley: 13 families for the worst news possible, tell us what would be your advice to them in these early painful hours. >> they are waking up in the world their child is no longer a part of and trying to reconcile to the new reality. these are the worst days, you will smile again, you will laugh again, you will live again. your life is not over, you have to push forward, put one foot in front of the other and keep fighting and trust in america loves you and honors you and respects what you have given us. ainsley: i can only say i am proud of a country that produces sons like yours and the 13 that died. more "fox and friends".
4:38 am
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4:41 am
book now at your local essilor experts to push the limits of your vision. varilux lenses by essilor. >> president biden hanging his head low on what is deemed the worst day of his presidency after a terror attack in kabul
4:42 am
airport killed serviceman but should this be a surprise. >> former president obama defense attorney robert gates warned of bad foreign-policy records in 2014, president biden is wrong on nearly every major foreign-policy and national security issue over the past four decades. >> let's ask congressman during the obama administration sean duffy. as always, when you look at what is unfolding here should any of us be surprised? >> 1991 war in iraq ron, general david petraeus and george was wrong, he has gone the threat of china wrong, has a long history of being wrong so that he would collapse bagram air base, the
4:43 am
speed at which the taliban would take over the country. these are significant failures. i hired really good advisors and the president doesn't do the same thing. the problem is he's hiring people who share his worldview that are as wrong as he is so he's getting bad advice like he would give himself. i spent 40 years in the senate. history but show me i've been wrong on all these issues but hire people who disagree with me, give me good advice different from my own gut. pete: that's reminiscent of what we heard about president obama's team, a bunch of people who disagreed. it is a legitimate and open
4:44 am
question. it is good to visualize it. here's a look at president biden's foreign-policy record, over forward when you combine that with worst day of his presidency so far. >> you see a long list of biden's failures. this is president biden making decisions and getting advice from senior leadership. they are reflecting what president biden thinks. to think we wouldn't put
4:45 am
civilians first, and to serve in the military and most americans agree do it in a way that is honorable. president biden has done everything wrong in the withdrawal in afghanistan and it is not playing out every single day and goldstar families, 13 families waking up without their sons. a lot of people didn't like donald trump but donald trump have-nots or 40 years in the senate had a good for what was right for america and the men and women who served in our military and president biden in government continues to get it wrong. the donald trump got versus four years of president biden.
4:46 am
>> i could use a means we right now. i could use that. yesterday, on the kitchen table our friend and congressman, an amazing -- we were blown away. >> american soldiers have to go back, and deal with no basis to give them all away. local -- local allies and terrorist army armed to the teeth with their own equipment, the blood was on biden's head. >> and people who put him in office. >> a former green beret, member of congress, five, four minutes
4:47 am
to lay out the problem in afghanistan, wide-ranging conversations, share a cup of coffee, check it out. >> we will mention michael walsh says, the air base, 1000 troops to do that. see you soon. >> a few additional headlines, the man convicted of assassinating senator robert f kennedy is recommended for parole, he spent 53 years behind bars, he is now a changed man and no longer a threat to society. douglas kennedy, a fox news correspondences he and his brother support his release. he said his father's killer is a
4:48 am
human being worthy of compassion. district attorney george gascon does not object to his release. supreme court justice stephen breyer is still undecided on retiring from the high court. the 83-year-old is the oldest member sitting on the court telling the new york times, i don't think i'm going to stay here until i die. antonin scalia doesn't want to step down to have someone appointed who will reverse his work. those are headlines. >> definitely want him gone. >> president biden suggested we give names of americans and allies to the taliban and. how does that happen? we will discuss next.
4:49 am
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4:52 am
pete: outrage after president biden admitted the us may have provided televangelist of names of american and afghan allies
4:53 am
with the state department contradicting that claim. >> the notion we are providing names of individuals who may stay behind in afghanistan or in a way that would expose anyone 2 additional risk, that is simply simply false. >> humanitarian joins me to react. you've been very active in the effort to get americans and allies out of afghanistan. does the story make sense to you? did we provide a list of names to the taliban under the guise of helping get them out to be a target list as well. does that make sense to you? >> my understanding is 155 people through the system in the last couple weeks we brought out
4:54 am
of the country several of which did not make it to taliban checkpoints, regarding a list we were told the taliban what they were looking for with regard to applications we started avoiding taliban charter funds to get to the airport so the reality is we did lose a lot of people, i can only assume they were identified how they identified we would hope the american government didn't give them names but they had names. >> to reverse engineer it, we did lose people, by the american government but it is clear we are losing some people. what is the path forward to
4:55 am
getting people out to reopen the gates at the airport, it is it inevitable we will leave people behind if it is a hard deadline? can we conduct special operation missions to extract people and retake bagram, what is our option to get people out? >> a couple months ago, we had the secretary of state involved in that case and a quick resolution and that never happened so we quickly formed a network of former special ops friends and rather than help people move to and from to go to plan b and the expectation that the airport will be closed, very few people including american citizens, desperately trying to
4:56 am
get through and former special ops folks working on plans to move people out of the country outside of using the base. pete: a scary proposition. thank you for your efforts and thanks for being with us this morning. still ahead, former interpreter was able to get his brother out of afghanistan and joins us live at the top of the hour. and you need it here. and here. and here. which is why the scientific expertise that helps operating rooms stay clean is now helping the places you go every day too. seek a commitment to clean. look for the ecolab science certified seal. (announcer) carvana's had a lot of firsts. 100% online car buying. car vending machines. and now, putting you in control of your financing.
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oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? so you only pay for what you need. sorry? limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> we begin with the fox news alert with a live look of kabul with the u.s. embassy telling americans stay away from the coble airport as abided a administration warns of another attack before u.s. troops leave on tuesday, the warning comes as the u.s. launches a drone strike on the isis-k planner believed to be behind thursday's bombing of 13 u.s. troops. we are now learning some of their names this morning. marine rylee mccollum from wyoming had just gotten married
5:01 am
and he was expecting his first child in just three weeks. >> we read their names and see their faces. david lee espinoza of laredo texas joined the marines out of high school, just transferred to kabul a week ago fresh on the ground. marine kareem nikoui, we want to get that right, of norco california died a day after sending his father a video of him talking with afghan children and giving them candy. marine lance corporal jared smith of saint charles was on his first appointment abroad. daegen william tyeler page joined the marines out of high school and hope to go to trade school after finishing his service. staff sgt ryan knauss of knoxville tennessee was the first army victim to be identified in his family said he was a devout christian and hope to move to washington, d.c. staff sgt darren taylor hoover
5:02 am
junior of midvale utah has served with marines for 11 years, his father total local fox affiliate that he love the united states of america improved it by his service. those are their names and their faces and their pictures behind the news headlines, the stories of who we lost over the last 36 hours in afghanistan. >> we need to hear the names, we need to see the faces, last night on tucker carlson he had the father of one of our fallen heroes, his name stephen, the father of this marine we had a moment were tucker carlson flew out the rulebooks and let this father give us a picture of what something we rarely see of what it feels like to be the family member waiting, knowing that someone might come to the door to tell you that your child is
5:03 am
no longer coming home, it was a remarkable tv moment but more than that it was remarkable human moment, it was hard not to hold back the tears, here is a clip. >> i saw them turn the corner with three marines, my life changed forever. and i went down there and met them and i think i did before they even knocked on the door and this goes to the point to ask did any service come and adjust us, they were incredible, these young men had so much empathy and so concerned with me and my family and luckily my family was not there it was just me at the time and it dawned on me maybe i don't need the condolences from them but i do
5:04 am
not want to take the opportunity from my other family members, my wife and my son and i asked them, there at a football game for the high school watching a football game, can you wait down the street until they come and then i see if they want you to come into your condolences presentation. and those boys set out there for four hours for four hours they set up there. i was in all and i was humbled by their performance. will: professionals, professionals at home and professionals there and if you look at those faces, he who the rings lance corporal, what you are talking about is a small unit with a navy corpsman for the unit and is the 13 that were
5:05 am
killed in 18 still fighting for their lives, 18 wounded some fiercely as well in an entire pollute and platoon of marines they were doing their jobs in a very laudable situation, there is a threat reported right now that isis is attempting to bomb again why were they on the wall willing to reach across the afghans intermingled with how the bny were they willing to do that. there are hostages u.s. citizen hostages in kabul right now afghan translators with green cards and permits to come to this country clamoring to come in and those marines risk their lives on our behalf to fulfill a promise to those citizens that we will not leave you behind now their loved ones are without them but they are absolute heroes willing to do something, can you imagine standing on that wall knowing there is a threat report in isis-k is capable of this thing and suicide bombers
5:06 am
in your relying on the taliban to secure you and yet you stand there and you pull people across, the easiest thing to do would step back and say no thank you and most americans would do that, they stepped up and did in their absolute heroes. will: i have to, you have nine, you have seven and both of ours are younger and you have a daughter who is in that age range, i cannot imagine being the parent they gets a knock on the door many of you are watching i know you have children that age many who have served in just a hero father dealing with a moment, it is hard and easy to empathize to ever think about getting a knock on the door. rachel: i have to tell you maybe what i'm going to say people might not like what i have to say but i thought about this when joe biden took to the podium right after, not right after, hours and hours after, which was bad enough and i'm sorry but he invoked his son joe biden during that speech and i
5:07 am
wonder how they felt, i felt as an american infuriated by that not that i don't feel joe biden's pain for his son but his son died of cancer. on u.s. soil. these marines died in afghanistan and a preventable foreseeable situation if you ask me. that father that you just saw in that clip said we were worried because i'm just a carpenter but i could see that my son was a sitting duck. that this was going to be a turkey shoot. we talked about this last weekend saying that we thought the situation put our troops in danger having everything collapse to an airport with an entryway and the taliban in charge of this point, it compounds the pain of these parents to know that this was foreseeable and preventable. will: the tone was completely
5:08 am
off. pete: we fell back at the familiar of what is used to talking about families and others who lost the mark completely. i've sat on defensive positions where we relied on iraqis or afghans to be our recorder. that's precarious enough even your allies who you think are your allies, you know your enemy is out there, haqqani network is out there, you're still doing that job, it's a testament to how botched this entire thing is that that's what we got to is that very moment right now. by the way we have our next guest coming up he was my translator in afghanistan, he was able to get his brother out of the country before biden into the withdrawal effort which we believe will come on august 31 he joins us now, thank you so much for being here i had a chance to be with you yesterday in new york we filmed an episode of modern warriors it will lay on sunday night at 10:00 p.m. call afghan extraction, you have been involved in efforts, first to get your brother out but then
5:09 am
a lot more than that, you're still involved we will get to that in a moment but you spoke yesterday so passionately about these american lives that were lost. please share where your head is out on the bombing. >> thank you for having me on the show and good morning to all of you. i continue to grieve on the loss of the u.s. marines and soldiers that were lost but also on the afghan side because some of the folks that were lost were allies of u.s. forces and families and certainly human beings. my deepest condolences to the families, i grieve with you and i share the pain so god bless you. this did not have to be this way. in the pain that we are all going through as a result as a failure that took place some folks, somewhere need to be held
5:10 am
accountable. and while leaders and politicians we make choices and sometimes they're not good choices that we make in the end up costing people's lives, people pay the ultimate price, it is right to stand up and hold accountable themselves and hold accountable those that were in charge of making those decisions. right now things in kabul, it is very hard to express to put into words the nightmare that people are living in kabul and what it feels like to live. pete: up until moments ago you were working on an operation to try to get siv holders through the gate come up until moments before coming on the air, it's still a nightmare. >> this gates are shut, we are
5:11 am
having a difficult time in getting people in through the gates to safety. partially because we know somebody somewhere controls the gates and whether it is in the state or on the ground or somewhere that somebody is controlling because these marines and soldiers that are out there, some like the ones that we lost that are out there and taking command and somebody saying don't let these people in unless they go through me. the situation is come to a point where we are working around the clock, a bunch of group of dedicated people who work to uphold the promise that we will stand up with you and were working around the clock to get these people to the front gates, literally within feet of the gate and we are not successful. it's almost as if this whole situation in afghanistan we have to now go back in front of our
5:12 am
politicians to please, please let us uphold our end of the deal and let us uphold our promise to the people, the american citizens, the green card holders, because they belong to this nation. they have committed themselves to this nation. rachel: i agree, i am happy that were getting out people like yourselves and your brother who is an interpreter. i'm happy that that is happening. i am hearing reports, we are hearing reports that other people who didn't serve and didn't do anything who may even be bad guys are also getting through, how frustrated are you because of this rush and because people weren't vetted back when people were saying months and months ago to make sure they're the right people coming through, how frustrated are you the other people are getting to come over and in some cases we don't even know who they are, there was a pilot who said and was piloting
5:13 am
the plane that brought thousands over and he said he wasn't allowed to see the manifest. >> that's how during the situation is in terms of the uncertainty and difficulty had it been inside a military base where you would screen and see the badges of all the employees that work and let them in the base and then from that base you evacuate them, that would've been an easy easy case but the situation right now that everybody from all corners of afghanistan, from the cities, from every corner of the country are pouring in and they are all trying to get out. some of which are not good people. you saw what happened the guy who blew themselves up in the guy who took lives, hundreds of peoples lives.
5:14 am
i spoke about this a little while ago about how this could have been an orderly fashion, how this could've been all avoided but the challenge that year at stake because you have to go save your own kind, the people that supported you and you have to do it in a very risky way because you don't know who is out there, you don't know the invisible enemy and i've said this before haqqani network, the taliban, isis none of them are going to hold their promise they've always been liars and tried to hide here and there and betrayed people. they are not the group that nobody should trust. will: i slip into abdul because that's his name in afghanistan to hide his identity from the taliban when he was there, saboor now how entered haqqani
5:15 am
network and now people are still there inglorious explanation point on this entire exercise. saboor thank you so much and happy to hear about your brother. congratulations. pete: what is he doing in germany, helping american forces by translating with afghans that cannot connect, still serving, you should be proud saboor. thank you brother. >> thank you for having me. will: one more story at the top of the hour starting with this covid origins story continues to evolve, where did it come from there is a new report saying at least plausible the coronavirus emanated out of a lab, that is shocking for you to hear. i think it's as close as they are going to get to be quite honest. here's a quote from the summary report says after examining all
5:16 am
intelligence and reporting other information the intel community remains divided on the covid-19, all agencies assessed to hypothesis are plausible, natural exposure to infected animals and a laboratory associated incident, that's as close as we will get an omission. i would suggest both are not equally plausible. rachel: i view this entirely. we are in this moment that we need truth and clarity. this would've been a great time for a government on this topic in particular to just give it to a straight and i talked with gordon chang, he's a china expert as you know and we talked about why biden should release all of the intelligence that we have in all the classified information, just give it to us american people are dying for the truth and alter show you a clip of what he had to say about joe biden and the chinese. biden has never wanted to know about the origins of this disease he spent two hours on the phone call was xi jinping in
5:17 am
february and didn't raise the issue of what we should be to classy information and the reason we now know enough and the reason is because china is hiding and that says to us that we need to impose costs on china because of developing biological weapons they could be civilization killers about what china is doing and this is exponential issue beau biden doesn't seem to care. pete: he does and communist chinese because it's a practice continue to live. one of the crazy things that is developed recently they have no counter accuse the united states and said you need to look into the lab at the united states which is where this virus may have come from, how do you say that when you're in tile denial has been on the premise that it didn't emanate from a lab it was naturally occurring. it is naturally occurring but check out the u.s. lab it's all a lie. >> i suspected the chinese to lie but what frustrates me is
5:18 am
joe biden. this is why we need to get to the bottom of hunter's laptop. one explanation for why joe biden as doctor chang has said continues to never press the chinese on this, give them a pass, not actually put out information saying we know you did this in your lab, he could be compromised by the information that the chinese have that he and hunter biden were involved with the big guy in the kickbacks and all of that, we have to get to the bottom of that because so much is at stake. pete: this entire man-made crisis unfolds in afghanistan under the biden administration watch i find it fascinating to watch them pivot back to coronavirus to run desantis to question the use of therapeutics, whatever it may be it reveals, it is so obviously revealing, utilitarian coronavirus devices for political purposes, they are saying but the real story these
5:19 am
people have questions about masks it's a pivot that can divide us to increase political power. will: one thing that could unite us as finding out where this came from and holding them accountability, accountability has been an issue on both of those topics. anyway the pentagon thousands of ice is k fighters were released as the taliban took over afghanistan that shocking admission as both gain power. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. savor your summer with lincoln.
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>> how many isis state prisoners were left at bog room and believed to have been released from the prison, why weren't they removed before the u.s. pulled out. >> i don't know the exact number, clearly it's in the thousands when you consider both prisons because both of them were taken over by the taliban and empty, i cannot give you precise figure. pete: the pentagon admitting thousands of tourists in prison were released by the taliban including members of isis-k the group responsible for killing 13 u.s. troops in the kabul bombing, military affairs reporter and author of the hardest place, the american
5:24 am
military adrift in afghanistan leslie morgan joins us now, thank you for being here. i've known you for a long time there is nobody that knows more about the ins and outs of our battlefield as it pertains to the enemy especially. isis-k not a new name that was dropping 2017 by the trump administration was on isis-k especially with the release from prison, what are we looking at from this group? >> isis-k is somewhere between a local insurgent group made up of afghans from province in the northeast of afghanistan and the international terrorist group in a sense is a branch of the international terrorist group isis there is a lot of debate in the u.s. military intelligence community about the degree to which isis-k poses a threat internationally and launching attacks abroad in the united states and europe clearly we know has a capability to do major attacks in kabul this is not the first attack on that
5:25 am
scale that is conducted this year end killed 90 plus people in an attack and kabul in may, one thing that i think is really important to keep in mind, we do have isis-k in afghanistan and obviously very clearly a threat and kabul immediately also released from the prisons from the taliban took them over were a smaller number of al-qaeda prisoners numbers of the organization the broadest afghanistan in the first place it's really important that we not lose sight of al-qaeda in the next year. .pete: the taliban in both directions but we saw the checkpoint that was avoided or missed when isis-k went through, are they collaborating they may not be friends but are they willing to collaborate now and going forward? >> it's not a simple answer to that question we know at an upper level and ideological level they are strongly opposed to each other they fought tooth and nail in the valley and killed a lot of these fighters.
5:26 am
we know when the two prisons were open by the taliban they released a lot of people but they also at the wall street journal they reported after having been at the prison for two days before the event they pulled aside and executed about eight or nine of the top isis commuters in the prison including the former top leader of isis. where gets more complicated within the rank-and-file of the group well down from the leadership, the taliban insists people all over the country from southern taliban as well as people from the east haqqani network taliban and some to their leaders do. it is a really, katie question at what level could collaboration be occurring we know how connie network for instance along conducted high-profile of how isis conduct
5:27 am
today, and it's a personnel between them at a low level, it is certainly not out of the question. pete: we have 5000 give or take at the airport the deadline is august 31 not to mention were estimating 500 or so americans waiting to leave the country, can that be done by august 31? >> i think that depends a lot on the taliban posture around the airport as long as the taliban remains cooperative as it has been without attacking the airport and interrupting flights in and out i would not underestimate the capacity of the highlights to fill planes up and get them out, we know there was a pilot last week or week and half ago, i lost track of time that managed the 820 people on the c-17 out of there which is a world record for fitting on that, if the taliban stops taking that stance and starts showing the airport or takes any
5:28 am
major like that i think it's become a lot messier and more difficult and i think that's what the u.s. commanders are living with moment by moment. pete: you are exactly right, one missile throws the entire timeline into disarray. wesley morgan thank you for your insight. a marine corps commander removed from his position after demanding more from senior leaders be held accountable for the afghanistan debacle. our next guest agrees and says the blame falls on biden. plus were tracking hurricane ida expected to slam the area as a hurricane four. rick is next. ♪
5:29 am
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>> hurricane ida barreling towards the united states after slamming cuba, expecting it to make landfall on the gold coast
5:33 am
as a category 4 hurricane, meteorologist rick is tracking it all and live with the latest box weather forecast. >> is moving to the northwest at 60 miles per hour and it's moving pretty fast it's going to be on the shores of louisiana probably tomorrow morning early morning so any plans that you have in today in a be too late tomorrow. once it makes landfall it'll slow down in the forward movement and that means a longer period of the heavy rain and really significant flooding from this. 85-mile per hour storm center starting to look more organized and moving over very warm water and there isn't anything that we can see the upper levels of atmosphere that would rip the storm apart, that's where the forecast is for significant strength throughout the day and probably going through rapid intensification and that's why maybe a category 4 storm before makes landfall and could see a little bit stronger than that and between category 3 and four
5:34 am
at times. if it goes farther to the west it'll be landfall and toward the east and earlier the involved in a bigger impact towards new orleans if it tracks toward the east. i want to show you tomorrow morning 5:00 a.m. tropical storm force winds and 11:00 a.m. hurricane force winds and the landfall later on and because it's on short in such a strong storm it off hurricane force winds well inland from this so the impact will be pretty extreme across far-reaching area. much more coming up in the next hour. sending it over to you. rachel: marine corps battalion commander is relieved as his duty after calling out senior leaders for their failures in afghanistan lieutenant colonel stuart scheller hosting this viral video that cost him his command. >> i'm not saying we've got to be in afghanistan forever but i am saying did any of you throw your rank on the table and say
5:35 am
it's a bad idea to evacuate bagram air base the strategic air base i've been fighting for 17 years i am willing to throw it all away to say to my senior leaders i demand accountability. rachel: our next guest echoes that sentiment says the blame falls on president biden retired army sgt graham allen two tours in iraq and he joins us now. for those of that are in the military and did not grow up in the military explain how unusual this is that somebody would put an active member of our service would put a video like this forward and tell me what do you think about what he did. >> anybody that is worn his uniform knows what happens when in uniform you speak out against the chain of command. this lieutenant colonel in the marines knew exactly that and knew what was going to happen, he knew exactly the repercussions and he spoke out anyway. so i say god bless him for that, we're in a situation in america
5:36 am
right now where we need more people to speak up for the obvious corruption that is going on i find it horrifically sad that this nightmare that we find herself in afghanistan right now with americans trapped behind enemy lines we lost 13 service members and the only person that's been relieved from their duty and removed from their command is the one person with the guts to call out the fact that we do have incompetency in our intelligence community, we do have incompetency in our senior military leaders lord knows we have incompetency in the biden here's a administration and people need to be held accountable. so i say, god bless this marine for speaking out because it's going to take americans speaking out because that's where we are right now we need people to hold these people accountable we have one mission right now and that's to get our people, our allies and the people we made promises to out by any means necessary.
5:37 am
once that is done we have an obligation to america in the 13 service members that lost their lives and hopefully no more do we have an obligation to hold every single person who is responsible for the biggest military blunder that they will be studying for years at military were colleges, hold them accountable in the congress will not do their job then there is many people, myself included that will do their job for them in 2022 when we take their seats away. rachel: we can only hope that they will be studying this obvious catastrophe in afghanistan i'm afraid they might be reading white fragility and so many of the other things that are been injected into our military education. here's what the marine corps said about lieutenant colonel stuart scheller's dismissal they said this is an emotional time
5:38 am
for marines and we encourage anyone struggling to seek counseling or talk to a fellow marine. there is a form in which marine leaders can address their disagreement with the chain of commands but it's not social media. one last question for you, on this marine as you said he put it all on the line and he was relieved of his command he did this, i agree with you he's a patriot and data for the right reasons, do you think it'll actually accomplish something, do you think heads will roll that somebody will have to pay for what happened this week with her 13 marines in the hundreds of others who died in that suicide attack? >> i think the elites expect nothing to habit something only happens when we americans, people just like this patriot this lieutenant colonel do exactly what we just did, this does not and this corruption does not stop until every day americans are willing to become uncomfortable for what they actually believed in what they value, we have an obligation to hold our leaders accountable they are not immune, we put them
5:39 am
there to be our voice and our representatives and the people that we trust and they obviously failed this is a complete and total failure the biden administration has blood on their hands and good luck finding kamala harris if you can, we have an obligation to make sure that people are held accountable. rachel: graham allen, the top that happens free thank you for joining us as morning. the u.s. strikes killing the ice is capable believed responsible for the death of 13 american troops, what is isis-k we will ask former military intelligence next. stay with us. liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars.
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i'm speechless. thanks for the apoquel. ahh, that's what friends are for. ask your veterinarian for apoquel. next to you, apoquel is a dog's best friend. pete: the pentagon confirming thousands of prisoners were freed when the taliban took control of two afghan prison earlier this month, this as a u.s. drone strike killed one of the groups planners in retaliation for the kabul airport attack that took the lives of 13 u.s. troops what do we need to know about isis-k less ask military intelligence brett, who joins us now, thank you for being with us what do we need to know who is isis-k. >> this whole situation in afghanistan keeps getting worse everything all day in the latest attack by isis-k that is just beginning august 31 this country
5:44 am
is going to send further into chaos because groups like isis-k have been waiting for this moment for the u.s. troops to leave and we think we can work with the taliban and were responding only a few weeks ago and protect against hardline groups is absurd the taliban frankly is the least of our worries isis-k is the course on branch of the islamic state in the insurgent group that splintered off from the taliban back in 2014 they pledge allegiance to al-baghdadi and they take a much more hardline view than the taliban. they thrive in chaos and before the recent attacks and couple there was rumors that isis had tried to breach the perimeter two or three times and it is to prove that american forces no longer have the ability to protect their own citizens in afghanistan they see targets of opportunity to recruit other fighters in the chaos and instability and it's only going to get worse. pete: here's a quick rundown of who isis-k is it was created in 2015 in eastern afghanistan 150e
5:45 am
attack 77 in the first four months that's up three times since a year ago and they pack clashes with the taliban over religious differences. give me the relationship of isis-k to the original isis we came to know in syria and iraq, what is the ethnic makeup were the members of isis-k come from. >> a lot of them come from afghanistan and pakistan and syria as well we had operations against them going into syria and they take the really strong leaders from isis that have battle ready folks that have been fighting in iraq and afghanistan and syria for years and they make up this leadership are not a new group they formed in kabul and suicide attacks in the devastated attacks in 2016 and i hope this drone strike that we just conducted against them is the first of many.
5:46 am
will: what is isis-k's relationship to the haqqani network, are they rivals, the enemies, what is the relationship. >> technically considered rivals of the taliban but you have to understand they fought in the trenches together they fought together with the war in afghanistan they were relationship on the ground and i find it hard to believe that they will turn their backs on each other, they will somewhat work together but they do consider themselves more hardline than the taliban but at the lower level there will be a working relationship and i'm happy that were starting to do something about this overseas impreza divided is finally doing something to strengthen because her great men and women in uniforms and intel community cannot for fear of retribution but where is the authorization to strike the isis-k level guys at the senior levels before u.s. marines were killed, before
5:47 am
soldiers were killed in kabul i used to run these operations for the drone strikes and you hit a few buttons in 24 hours later you have a senior level party with the drone strike is painstaking work we've been watching this group for a while and they are more than likely given the authorization to do anything about it and that is sad because we could've prevented these attacks along time ago we should've been on offense we need to remove the handcuffs from our soldiers and intel community and listen to the guys that are on the ground that a been fighting despite instead of the state department politician to have never even step foot on the battlefield. i want to see more strikes against isis-k leaders so we don't have to see innocent men and women being killed again. will: reading it develop the intelligence community overnight in the last 24 hours clearly that's been the toolbelt for some time to make the drone strike which we reported on in the last 12 hours. brett, thank you for providing analysis.
5:48 am
after fighting for freedom in afghanistan a but veterans went back on a daring mission to save her allies from taliban control. the man behind the dangers journey joins us next. ♪ your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire.
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5:52 am
our afghan allies. will: a volunteer group of afghan war that assuring 500 allies and their family members to freedom that is the pineapple express to work through pitch black darkness and dangerous conditions to secretly move people through the streets of kabul to safety at the kabul airport. pete: our next guest is a met enter man behind that mission former green beret, thank you for being here when i saw this no surprise you will be up behind it considering your investment in the level of contact that you have talked to us about what you been able to accomplish. >> thank you for having me on what started was retired and active-duty berets that saw one of our partner special operations command was under arrest he was hiding in his uncles house like anne frank when the start of the state department would not agree of
5:53 am
his visa and we decided we would have to move him ourselves, we use these things are here in our craft and relationship and trust with him and we help to move and navigate through the checkpoints we were in the united states as we didn't and we called people inside the wire we facilitated his entry ultimately his family and the codeword to get through was pineapple and that became what our taskforces but it's a group of men and women, volunteers and veterans who were not good with what's happening in the process we've help facilitate the entry of afghan commandos, special forces these are the men who fought to the last bullet in their families these are female judges and were working to find ways to get inside the airport unless we've been doing for the last week. will: take us behind the scenes a little more i know part of this operation i'm sure you cannot share with us but it seems like a logistical
5:54 am
nightmare hurdle that you're having to make contact multiple steps as much as you can, please share with us how you do that. >> i have to point out there's thousands of veterans in task force team america all over the country doing this in the real gap right now is safety it was impossible to get to the taliban checkpoint i know what the ministries and was saying people were getting through female judges orphanages afghan commandos sitting in the crowd completely exposed unable to move through and the people on the inside did not have authority to bring them through we found ways to bring them through through relationships and ordination in our veterans that are working with them we called them shepherds because of the trusting relationship and i will tell you they guided them through these checkpoints and we would listen on the phone as a families are being beaten and asked her what joy need to do
5:55 am
and we would say hold type you have to get through this is that number these veterans have gone through so much weeding go through anything what these afghans did but to stay on the phone and to help them get through their is a testament to our warrior population and we moved through 700 and our pivoting to the ones that are left there are thousands left american citizens afghan special operation forces and their families so were pivoting doing overland type work and was going to be the private sector because i don't see anything coming from the government. rachel: it sounds like a movie and i'm sure it's encouraging to the afghans to know everyday americans don't stand with the government and that you are doing that good work, thank you so much and thank you for giving us an insight into that speech i'm honored to call you friend and meaningfully not surprising your behind this, thank you for what you're doing lieutenant
5:56 am
colonel and it understood how to move people, god bless you. operation if you want to help. the u.s. targets a terrorist behind the attacks that need to be 13 american troops on the ground on qatar. joining us live at the capitol at the top of the hour. ♪ because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank, or when they were in. a marine just out of basic, or a petty officer from '73. and even his kids. and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their families. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join.
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janssen can help you explore cost support options. pete: we begin this final hour of "fox & friends" weekend with a fox news alert. the biden administration warning kabul will likely see another terror attack before u.s. troops leave on tuesday. rachel: the warning comes as the u.s. launches a drone strike on the planner believed to be behind thursday's bombing that killed 13 troops. will: we go to trey yingst live from qatar with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. overnight, a u.s. drone strike took out an isis-k terrorist allegedly planning a further
6:01 am
attack on u.s. forces on the ground in kabul. a spokesman for u.s. central command on friday, quote, the unarmed airstrike, initial indications are in that we killed the target, we know of no civilian casualties. this was in direct response to the attack that killed 13 u.s. service members and injured 18 others on thursday. the taliban has tried to distance itself from the if isis-k attacking that does have fighters in eastern afghanistan. asked about the organization on friday, pentagon press secretary john kirby told fox's jennifer griffin that thousands of isis-k militants were released from prisons when the taliban took over. isis-k is considered an enemy of the taliban, but given the current security situation across the country, even with good intelligence, it can be hard to stop a terror attack. with just three days left for american forces to leave
6:02 am
afghanistan before that self-imposed deadline, other u.s. allies like germany and italy have already pulled their forces out of afghanistan saying they are completing their operations. back to you. pete: thank you, trey, appreciate it. when you look at the next 24-48 hours, trey, expect threat stream, are there any differences from what we heard before? obviously, this was a threat issued by the state department before our 13 u.s. troops were killed. it's been a little more time since the second threat warning was given. any indication that what they're planning for and looking at that airport right now? >> reporter: well, look, u.s. officials believe another attack on american forces on the ground in kabul is likely, that's according to both the pentagon and the state department. but the major concern right now is trusting the taliban. we saw new images from the ground in kabul yesterday with of taliban security forces basically pushing out the
6:03 am
perimeter from the airport. so you still have american troops, thousands of them there at the airport, relying on the taliban to check anyone who would come into that security perimeter. and while there are still thousands of people being evacuated, the process to vet these people would actually pat them down to insure they don't have weapons or explosives on them is still the same. so the threat is there, american forces will be under a direct threat until they leave on tuesday, and moving forward really anything is expected. they are preparing for any possibility on the ground, but the contingency plans in place still do not take american troops out of harm's way. will: joining us now on the couch is joey jones, former marine bomb technician and fox news contributor. trey, i'm sorry if i missed this in your report, it sounds like what we're looking at is the likely possibility of another terror attack in conditions that remain largely the same. the gates are not yet reopened, we'll see if they do, and the
6:04 am
only real condition that we're relying on for a better circumstance would be the taliban pushing out that security perimeter in a safer or further distance. i'm just trying to distinguish what a makes this potential situation of a likely terror attack different from the conditions that led up to the last. pete: good question. >> reporter: i think there's a lot of similar conditions on the ground. again, the united states has to basically take the taliban at their word that they are checking the security perimeter and doing everything they can to insure that terrorists aren't getting through and close to american troops. but it's important to remember the taliban is responsible for isis-k members and al-qaeda members roaming free now in kabul and across afghanistan. when they work their way through the country, even bagram air base where there was a prison housing thousands of these terrorists, the taliban released them free into the country. and so the threat and the force that these militants and fighters now have on the ground
6:05 am
has only increased since the taliban took over, and the conditions in this last window, the retrograde period for the u.s. military, remains the same, and that is an extremely high threat level against u.s. forces and very, very few things to stop any potential terrorists from heading towards this soft target, this airport where thousands are still trying to flee. rachel: trey, it's is so important to note that it is the taliban that released these prisoners, and these are the people we're being asked to report. you say the conditions are the same, i interviewed representative waltz yesterday who said the other pathway is through the area the resistance had, and they've said we'll provide safe passage for americans or anyone who needs safe harbor. is that really a possibility? >> reporter: well, look, i think in the coming weeks you are going to see thousands of afghans flee on foot once that
6:06 am
critical air bridge closes. the united nations this week said we could see half a million afghans flee to neighboring pakistan on foot. and you already see the images along the border, people desperate to leave taliban-controlled territory, but the reality on the ground is it's extremely dangerous to do that. ask and we're talking about americans not only stuck in kabul, but across the country, this window is closing very quickly to get them to safety. and while you have these heroic actions by veterans as you just heard on "fox & friends" and by the american troops and special forces on the ground to conduct these individual missions to save americans who are trapped, we have three days left, and it's going to be extremely difficult to conduct the final operation. and if they're not successful in getting every single american out of the country in that window, there's going to be a period where the taliban controls the entirety of afghanistan, u.s. forces are no longer on the ground, and there are really no safe ways out of afghanistan for american citizens. >> trey, this attack was
6:07 am
basically your conventional unconventional ied, suicide bomb vest, gunfire after that. all we've talked about is how the taliban controls u.s. weapons. is there anything to indicate isis-k has that type of weaponry as well? have they done anything with mortars or ground to ground missiles, things like that, do you know if there's any kind of threat that that we really haven't talked about? >> reporter: we don't know about the capabilities of isis-k right now and how many, if at all, american weapons the up group has. >> yeah. >> reporter: but it's extremely concerning when you look at the list of technology and weaponry that the taliban was able to take control of. basically, every single weapon, plane and helicopter that was donated or sold to the afghans over the past 20 years is now in the hands of the taliban. and you saw these images outside of the airport just yesterday, american humvees now controlled by the taliban. and the only differentiation is that you see a white flag, the
6:08 am
michigan flag on the back. in a quick glance, you might think this is an american troop outside of the airport securing the area, but it's the taliban. and that's just in kabul. when you think about the more rural areas of afghanistan, it's anyone's guess about where those weapons end up. and one just piece of information we have to remember, when some of those afghan troops fled when the taliban took over, they actually drove american humvees and weaponry into iran. [laughter] i mean, so there are not only isis affiliates on the ground in the region that could get control of american weapons, we also have foes like iran that will now be able to look at and analyze american weaponry that has fallen into the hands of the michigan and afghan security forces -- taliban and afghan security forces who fled. pete: trey yingst, you paint a stark picture. thank you for your time this morning. and, guys, that's not the mention the biometric data which somehow has also fallen into the
6:09 am
hands of not just the taliban, but presumably haqqani, isis and al-qaeda. but also the intelligence services in pakistan. so anyone in the region who wants to know who we've been working with is going to have access to it. joey, sometimes over the course of a show you'll come back to basics, and i think this moment was at least one of them for me. when you realize here we are multiple days after that attack outside the airport, you want to think things have changed, and, owe, there was a drone strike -- can yes, there was a drone strike, but ultimately, our troops are in the same position. the taliban controls it completely, they decide who comes in, and while the gates may be closed, you still have troops manning that wall which is inherently vulnerable. so here we are after losing 13 americans stuck in the same situation at the behest of the taliban. joey: let me just paint a picture for you. when i was in afghanistan, one of the last places i went before i got injured was a little
6:10 am
patrol base with a hospital with a 12-foot wall around it. t just this big wall projectile, looks like it should be shot out of a cannon. they didn't have any way to guide it. every single day we would get one of these things shot at us. it wasn't super effect if i, but every single day a 200-pound bomb would hit the wall outside of where we were, and it was nothing shy of them having the right equipment kept us alive. and everything past us was no man's land. we weren't able to operate there. this is what kabul is right now except now they have the equipment. now they have probably mortars and guided missiles and drones. and so i think it's really important that people understand, and this is not even to point the blame at the biden administration, it's now more how are we going to combat this. there's so many security
6:11 am
protocols, things that we could not do at that airport that we could normally rely on. there's nowhere on that tarmac that's safe if they have any type of conventional weapons system whatsoever. and that's my concern, is that doing -- we have this saying, you can do everything right, but if the enemy does everything right as well, you lose. and that's because they're the aggressor, right? and they're willing to die for their cause. they're willing to kill themselves in the act of doing it. i can't stress enough for people at home just how heroic even the administrative clerk in the marine corps of the army that that's there just helping do the diplomatic side, how heroic that person is. rachel: i can't imagine being a mom. just telling me nothing has changed, and my son is still there at the kabul airport and i saw just what happened this past week? and then on the other hand, as a taxpayer how angry am i about our weapons being used by the michigan. i mean, i just -- the whole thing, i understand a that
6:12 am
getting out was going to be messy, but this is just unbelievable. joey: there's going to be chaos. be the one that creates it, not responds to it. that's simple right there. you practice for perfection the moment you step foot on the battlefield, it becomes chaos. it's your job to control the chaos, to direct the chaos. i'm not -- this is not monday morning quarterbacking, this is just hooking so much different than what i would expect as someone who served there and not hundreds of thousands, millions of veterans are feeling the same way. i hope that every congressman and congresswoman that wanted to investigate president trump over a phone call, if they're worth their weight in salt, better be willing and able to investigate this just to know why this happened and what we're going to do to not let it happen again. will: i saw that the taliban now has a bigger fleet of blackhawk or similar weapons of the air than almost every nation on the earth. very few nations on the effort that have a bigger fleet than
6:13 am
the taliban at this point. really quick, picture you painted, pete, which i think is fascinated and i want to put this to joey, the situation at the airport in kabul remains the same as the one that led to 13 dead servicemen. the only difference is we're relying on the taliban to control the perimeter and and the gates are closed. the taliban who have the biometric data to go door to door, imagine three days left with that catch 22; strand americans or reopen the gates and recreate the situation. that led to 13 dead servicemen. joey: last night advocating with the acting vice president of afghanistan for us to support a northern alliance, essentially, a resistance insurgency against the taliban. we're not -- we are so reset back to zero, it's laughable. if that's what we end up needing to do in order to bring americans out, we didn't end the
6:14 am
20-year war, we just literally took it back to day one and armed our enemy, and that's what's frustrating. that's what's really upsetting. pete: joey, those 13 troops, we're learning their namesment not all 13 yet. the cover of "the new york post" simply says heroes and, of course, even that the not enough to describe what they've given on behalf of us. what's your message as we learn their names, as we see their faces? they had families, they had kids on the way, they had wives, future lives that they'll never see when you think about that sacrifice. they volunteered to be on that that wall there knowing the taliban was there, knowing they were vulnerable to reach out and grab citizens or others. they put their lives on the line, they lost it, heroes. joey: the message for everyone in this country is honor their legacy by being more like them. care about the people around you. don't worry about who they voted for, how they pray, what they
6:15 am
eat, how they speak, care about people in this country. today's a day we should have a little bit more love in their hearts because people died for us to have that opportunity. the message. will: always good to see you, joey. now we turn to fox weather. hurricane ida rapidly intensifying as it barrels towards the u.s. rachel: it slammed cuba yesterday with winds up to 80 miles per hour. the national weather service now expecting it to make landfall in the u.s. as a category 4 hurricane. pete: it's projected to hit and louisiana tomorrow including new orleans exactly 16 years to the data that hurricane katrina made landfall. meteorologist rick reichmuth is tracking it all and joins us live with the fox weather forecast. rick: south mississippi, that is just going to be some storm surge, but the center of the storm, i don't see how we don't have it come aloss louisiana. that -- across louisiana. now we're getting some daylight
6:16 am
out here so we can get visible satellite, and right here at the center of it you can see we're starting to see some thunderstorms develop right there, storm beginning to strength as we expected it would. on the infrared satellite, you can start to see a bit of an eye, we think this is going to go through a period of rapid intensification over the next 12-18 hours, getting up to a category 4 storm, at least that's officially the forecast. maybe a little bit of a later landfall if it goes off to the right. a bigger impact across new orleans. you'll notice impacts way away from the center of this storm across participants of florida -- parts of florida panhandle, rain, a lot of winds and even some storm surge that far away. because this storm is coming on at a cat 4 strength, it's going to take time for that to weaken, so we're going to be seeing hurricane conditions far inland,
6:17 am
tropical storm conditions up across parts of tennessee and storm surge, obviously, the worst where it comes onshore, 10-15 feet, all of those areas you need to be evacuated today because by tomorrow morning we already have those impacts. guys, back to you. will: okay. rachel: thank you, rick. will: president biden finally takes the podium only to admit he was instructed on which reporters to call on. marc thiessen, former chief speech writer for george w. bush, joins us next. ♪ else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot.
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6:21 am
pete: many hours after thursday's attk in kabul, joe biden was still nowhere to be seen. will: and when he finally found his way to the podium, he took questions from the press though admitting his team instructed him on who he could call on. >> ladies and gentlemen, they gave me a list here. the first person i was instructed to call on was kelly o'donnell of nbc. will: this bizarre moment raises the question who is really in charge. here to react, marc thiessen, former chief speech writer for
6:22 am
george w. bush and a fox news contributor. marc, you've been there, you've been behind the scenes. tell me what we make of this. these are small moments, joe biden bowing his head during the question from peter doocy, saying i've been instructed to call on kelly to o'donnell, but do they have bigger meaning, these moments? >> they do. look, i'm the less worried about him coming to the podium late because, look, he's commander in chief, they're having meetings in the situation room. i've worked in the white house, i understand that. and the, you know, saying that he's been instructed is something we've seen before. what really struck me was that image of his head in his hands after peter doocy asked that question. he looked so defeated, you know in and a picture tells a thousand words. that image was spread all across the world. it was on the front page of every newspaper, broadcast all across the world. and it sends an image of defeat on a day we needed to send an image of resolve, of strength. we were projecting weakness in
6:23 am
the world, and that's extremely dangerous because weakness is provocative. our enemies are watching us. al-qaeda was watching that, the isis was watching that, iran, north korea, china is watching that, iran is watching it, russia is watching it. and it makes not just a terrorist attack more likely when we project weakness, but another war more likely because our enemies will test our resolve. so just that image of weakness is what really was the message that came out of that entire press conference. rachel: marc, when he says i was instructed, a lot of people are wondering, well, when's instructing you? i spoke -- who's instructing you? i spoke to some members of congress and republicans, and they're saying what we're seeing here unfolding in afghanistan has the fingerprints of susan rice all over it. do you agree? and does that matter? >> so i think that it's less that it's susan rice's specific
6:24 am
fingerprints. i mean, look, first of all, joe biden has been wrong, as robert dates said, on -- robert gates said, on every major policy issue over the last four decades. he didn't do that on his own. he's surrounded by a team of psychopants. the person i blame most is tony blinken. tony blinken back in the obama administration was pushing for this policy of retreat. he's the guy who got wrong the iraq withdrawals, that there was no danger in us withdrawing from iraq even as the caliphate was building and isis was going 700 troops to 31,000 troops, he said don't worry about it, they're not worried about attacks on the west, they're only focused on building their caliphate, and a few months later we had the "charlie hebdo" attack and the nightclub attack and the bombing of the brussels airport. and all these other terrorist
6:25 am
attacks. and that's the people who are running this withdrawal, the same people who gave us the disaster in iraq, you know, that -- and what was required was we had to go back in. we had to send forces back in, and donald trump succeeded in taking away that that caliphatet it took us seven years to do that. i pray we're going to have to go back in in afghanistan once the terrorists start threatening the homeland and our allies. pete: marc, i've got to believe as a speech writer you're always laboring over the right words for the moment, but you need someone to deliver those words and create the gravity, even joe biden said i've got a meeting, i swear, guys, i've got to go. bowing your head. marc thiessen, thanks for your insight, we appreciate it. >> thank you. pete: thank you. well, as the taliban take over, they're promising to treat women better. that'll be delightful. but many aren't buying it, and
6:26 am
afghan women live in fear. our panel of female veterans, next. ♪♪
6:27 am
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♪ will: women in afghanistan living in fear as the reality of taliban rule returns. a taliban spokesman says this time will be different telling "the new york times", quote, we are worried our forces who are new and have not yet been trained may mistreat women. for now, we are asking them to stay home until the situation gets normal. three female veterans -- marine corps veteran, jasmine, a retired major in the army and stacy washington who served in the air force. ladies, thank you all for being with me this morning. you know, what sticks out to me about what we just read is so many of the taliban fighters and people who'll be on the ground
6:31 am
were actually the people who were there before enforcing a sharia law. and by the same token, so many of the young women in afghanistan were born in a period with freedoms that they're now going to be giving up. they never lived under the taliban because they were born in the last 20 years. what can they expect? >> well, if you look back to the last time the taliban had influence there in afghanistan, they executed strict sharia law, so that men that women who were currently working alongside men serving in government, working as aircraft mechanics -- these women are doing amazing things -- they will be rolled back into a slave status. they will not be allowed to speak in public, their face has to be covered from head to toe, they can't show their feet, wrists, ankles, hands or their eyes. they can't be seen on their balconies, can't walk around in their front yard, no man who is related to you is able to look
6:32 am
on you. it's the erasure of women. and and i'm talking about, you know, little girls who are currently running around with their faces out playing in shorts and t-shirts. all of them will have to be covered in burkas, and the taliban are already taking girls as young as 12 for, quote-unquote, wives. so we're talking about the complete erasure of rights for women in afghanistan, and it's such a shame. will: lisa, as somebody who fought in afghanistan and in many ways fought not just to protect americans and insure that terrorism didn't find its way to our soil, but as we were invested in the project, fought to help women and people in afghanistan live a different way, live with liberties that we've become accustomed to, how does it feel as you. watch this basically not unfold, but reverse to the status of where we first went in? >> it's a feeling that is very difficult to put into words. many of us are very heart broken
6:33 am
right now. we feel as if all of our efforts were almost for nothing, and i are have to keep reminding myself and reminding veterans that it was not for nothing. one of the biggest things that i continue to remind everyone is that we have gone there because our president told us too, originally for political reasons, but ultimately the people on the ground, the people like myself, we went there for each other. we have to continue to remind ourselves that. i went there for the marine the my left and to my right, and what came of that was a democracy that these people deserve, and now they're grown accustomed to it. and now we are reverting, and we're ripping that away from them, and it's heartbreaking, to say the least. will: jasmine, is the ending that you imagined when you went to afghanistan? >> i actually didn't serve in afghanistan. i did serve for 17 years. my husband is an afghanistan veteran and has many friends who lost lives in service to this
6:34 am
war. and i have to say what's important is the taliban is the elephant in the room. things will go back to where they were, and as you said earlier and my counterparts, there were babies who were born there under our protection that were allowed to go to school as little girls, that were allowed to get an education, who have known the freedoms that we were there doing our safety and stability operations who will now have that ripped from them, and god knows what will happen to them. so it is very hard to know for system of our counterparts that lost their lives to help them have a different tomorrow, a different future, to now see some of that, you know, definitely their lives were not in vain, but i would have hoped for a different outcome for the services and sacrifice of my brothers and sisters. and at in this point in time, i think a lot of us are conflicted as to what's going to happen and the legacy that they left behind, unfortunately. will: babies born into freedom, raised in freedom, protected,
6:35 am
inspired by the american military and now it will be ripped away. ladies, thank you for joining me and thank you all for your service. if. >> thank you. will: after the deadly attack in kabul, the media is calling this darkest time of the biden presidency, and we're less than a year in. lara trump, leo terrell and jackie deangelis of "the big saturday show" reacting. ♪♪ (vo) how do you know when you've found your team? whether you're winning, or just doing your best. when you're on the lanes, they're right behind you. reunite with your team. go bowling. you need an ecolab scientific clean here. and here. which is why the scientific expertise that helps operating rooms stay clean now helps the places you go too. look for the ecolab science certified seal.
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♪ rachel: welcome back. fox news alert, the pentagon confirms a u.s. drone strike killed the isis-k planner believed to be behind the attack in kabul. this as the media's calling the deadly bombing one of the darkest days of the biden presidency. >> it is a dark day for america. it may also be considered the worst day of of joe biden's presidency. >> president biden facing the biggest crisis of his presidency. >> it was the worst day so far for him in his presidency. >> these are tough, dark days at the white house and the pentagon. rachel: here to react, fox news contributors lara trump, leo terrell and fox business' jackie deangelis. jackie, i'm going to start with you. how bad are things when you're seeing the mainstream media, cbs and even cnn, calling this darkest day and really not being able to provide cover for the biden administration in. >> good morning to you, rachel.
6:40 am
it is a dark day for the administration and an administration that is so young. you can't take anybody in the media and have them honestly, legitimately be able to defend this. you've got a left-wing media that is actually stepping up to the plate for the first time and saying things are really bad in afghanistan. we could have prevented this. this administration had the intelligence at its fingertips, and it chose not to react in a certain way. listen, president trump wouldn't have done this. he wanted to withdraw troops from afghanistan, but he wanted to do it in a very different way. right now america is sitting in a situation where we've attacked, we did the drone strike to make sure that we got that isis-k leader, but now what's happened? have we upped the stakes here? we have to see in the next few days. the white house has said the darkest and most difficult days could be ahead of us, so this is a really tough situation for us to sit back and be watching and knowing that we could have prevented it. rachel: yeah. it is a sad week. our hearts have been breaking here on this show all morning reporting it.
6:41 am
and since we heard the news. you know, during the trump presidency for i think the last 13 months not one american life was lost despite the fact that they were beginning to withdraw and beginning this process. why the difference? >> i'll tell you, rachel, i want to be as clear as possible, i am sick and tired of the biden administration trying to throw president trump under the bus with. every american knows in this country this would have never if happened under the trump administration. he used force, he protected america. and what i find amazing is the fact that the biden administration has hurt the integrity and credibility of america throughout the world. i reject, rachel, the concept and the idea that those 13 american service members had to die. this was a unforced error caused by the incompetency of the biden administration, and this country is hurting because we have the
6:42 am
incompetency of the biden administration coupled with a infective secretary of state. and the result is this country is hurting, and this is a problem that cannot go on any further. this is the darkest day of the biden administration and one of of the darkest days in american history. rachel: yeah. you know, i agree with you. i think this was foreseeable and preventable. people for a week were saying something like this was going to happen. lara, you know, a lot of people are saying, obviously, there's blood on biden's hands, on his administration, but let's talk a little bit about the nerve trumpers who put donald -- who put president biden into office and enabled this presidency and this administration. >> yeah, i have never, rachel, heard 81 million people be so silent. where are they? rachel: yeah. >> where are they on this? yeah, i know, the 81 million people out there. i mean, where have they gone? they have completely been silent on this whole thing. , and look, it is such a dark
6:43 am
day. lee owe is right, this is a -- leo is right, this is a stain on america that will last forever. this is a terrible situation. 13 if service members dud not have to die -- did not have to die and, gosh, you know that it's bad whenever the mainstream media is finally calling out joe biden. even the democrats, guys, can see that the he is incapable of executing the role of president of the united states at this point. you know what they love to throw around the 25th amendment, gosh, we know they love impeachment. where is it now with a president that clearly cannot handle this role and and it has a full dereliction of duty at this point as it relates to the afghanistan situation among many other things? rachel: well, you guys have a big show tonight, "the big saturday show" is coming up at 5 p.m. we look forward to hearing from all three of you tonight at 5 p.m. eastern to. thank you, lara, thank you, leo, and thank you, jackie. >> thank you.
6:44 am
>> thank you. rachel: all right. turning now -- will: to some headlines? if. rachel: that's right. will: which i'll grab. rachel: go ahead. will: a 7-year-old girl was killed in a drive-by shooting in pennsylvania. police say the game had just ended when gunfire erupted. investigators say the little girl was shot in the neck and two other minors were wounded. three people were taken into custody. police have not released a possible motive. the ceo of t-mobile says he's truly sorry for a massive data breach. earlier this month the company said personal information was stolen if millions of customers who applied for t-mobile credit including names and social security numbers. an american hacker who lives in turkey told "the wall street journal" saying he was behind the cyber attack saying t-mobile's lax security made it too easy. and those are your headlines. pete: we know what has not been
6:45 am
easy, obviously, is to try to get americans and translators out of afghanistan. i had the privilege of hosting a series on fox nation called modern warriors. we just filmed one, it's called modern warriors: afghan extraction, and we very quickly got together a group of guys, one of which you saw this morning, didn't know each other for the most part but have been involved in the same types of activities, leveraging their private networks, intel networks, guys on the ground to try to pull out the allies they have on the ground. they speak very candidly about what it's been like for the last two weeks. here's quick clip from afghan extraction. how did we get to this point in afghanistan? >> i mean, i think we went in with good intentions, to get rid of some people who enabled al-qaeda at some point, we decided we should spend another 19 years nation building with no victory condition. >> calling this a taliban
6:46 am
takeover, but i personally, i would call it it's a transition. the taliban are transitioning from a shadow government to an overt government. >> we're trying to do as much as we can on the human side of this, trying to save allies and u.s. forces and international community. so we're not giving up. pete: guys, that's a portion of when we had to pull back and talk about the macro, but the first half hour is how did you do it, like, where did you start. where does one begin to build a network on encrypted apps, how do you find where a taliban checkpoint is and guide someone on the ground around it from in your flip flops from your kitchen table in arizona. fascinating stories, you're not going to want to know it. modern warriors: afghan extraction, airs sunday night on the channel and also watch on fox nation for a bit of an extended version. rachel: you won't see that anywhere else. will: thousands of americans are
6:47 am
still trying frantically to leave afghanistan. our next guests are now on a new mission to get people out of the taliban-controlled country. ♪ ♪ [engine revs] ricky bobby, today the road is your classroom. [zippers fasten] [engine revs] woo-hoo! it's time for your extracurriculars. ¡vámanos, amigos! i'm greg, i'm 68 years old. i do motivational speaking it's time for your extracurriculars. in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to or they don't remember things as vividly as they once did. i've been taking prevagen for about three years now. people say to me periodically, "man, you've got a memory like an elephant." it's really, really helped me tremendously.
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♪ rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." a new coalition on a mission to rescue afghans who have helped america. will: save our allies has already evacuated more than 8,000 people from the country. pete: wow. our next guest worked with the organization, former force recon marining with eight tours in afghanistan, chad robicheaux. chad, thanks so much for being here. all morning long we've been covering different efforts like in this, and it's always a different group, you know, some with large, really large numbers like yours, some with smaller, but collaboration of vets coming together to try to help allies who have fought alongside us. >> yeah. i mean, it's is so amazing. you know, one, we shouldn't be doing this. i wish we didn't have to do it. this is the job for the effort that should have been given to dod and not taken away to the state department. combat and evacuation operation
6:52 am
is a dod methodology and should have been handled by that, but it wasn't. we all knew as former military special operators that our allies and many of our interpreters, you know, we had to go get them. and so we quickly assembled a team of about 12 people, and and we set up a joint operations command center in washington, d.c. in the middle east with a host country that was amazing to us, provided us military support and support for the humanitarian side, we put a team on the ground in kabul and today i just got a final head count. we were supposed to get 4100, but we ended up with over 12,000 that we were able to to get out. and we were very specific, by the way, of who we got. we didn't just open the door of a plane and let people in. we had a very clear methodology of who we were going to get, how we were going the get them and very effectively and efficiently, and i'm so proud of our team. we were able to get people that we knew who they were and do
6:53 am
authentication processes and, you know, guide them out, got them to to the humanitarian cen. i'm just so proud of our team, such an incredible week. will will you have guys on the ground, that's a pretty big statement. and when you were getting them somewhere, was that inside hamid karzai e airport or somewhere else with your own planes? >> yeah, so we had two sets of planes. again, we worked with a country in the middle that wants to remain unidentified right now. we worked with their military, they offered us military aircraft and support here in the country that i'm in right now. and so we used the military plane, in addition some charter manes, we did about two flights a day. but the way we did it, we had -- we announced that we were going to do this, and that put a chain reaction, we got about 15,000 requests for help. we had our team in washington, d.c. that was just a logistics machine taking all those names and personnel, building a
6:54 am
database and a triage, so break it out to siv applicants which are intenters, p1, p2, orphans, widows, christians that would have been possessor do you wanted. we built those lists, sent them to our joc here in the middle east, and we built rescue target lists. we coordinate quaint -- coordinated with our team outside the wire and those people, and we would do link-up sites and do seven-factor authentication to make sure these are the right people and, you know, they had to meet at the right place, the right time, the documentation they had, and we had near recognition symbols to make sure we were getting the people we were trying to get. we wanted to be careful we weren't just bringing anybody in. so that was a very thorough process which is why we anticipated to get 4100. we were moving fast and accurate, but we ended up with, you know, a lot more than we
6:55 am
thought. pete: chad robicheaux, we have to leave it right there for reasons of time, but this is the first i've heard of americans actually going in in a private capacity, this story will be told. chad, thank you so much for that. so many questions to ask. rachel: yeah. like, why isn't the dod doing it? why are these guys doing it? pete: right. more "fox & friends" if moments away. hat liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, . . ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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(noise of fridge opening) guy fieri? will: we end today's show withs3 troops killed in kabul. just gotten married and be expected first child. >> 2k5eu6d lee he is pin nosy >> marine tied just a day after sending his father of a video of himself giving afghan children ceand.
7:00 am
marine lance corporal gerald schmid from missouri was on first deployment abroad. >> corporal dagen page of nebraska joined marines out of high school and hoped to go trade school. staff sergeant tennessee devout christian and staff sergeant darren taylor 11 years his father said he served the united states and gave everything for it we remember their souls today. ♪ ♪ ♪ neil: this says it all. initial indications are that we killed the target of the words of the central command spokesperson referring to a late raid to take out a suspected isis k planner of that attack on u.s. soldiers and afghans a little more than 48 hours ago. welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto. we got the very latest on that attack. and if it did get its desired target, how many were taken out, and how


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