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tv   Watters World  FOX News  August 28, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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show on fox nation weekdays 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., don't miss it. follow "unfiltered" as well on facebook and instagram. at "unfiltered" on fox. that doesn't for tonight and "unfiltered". i hope to see you back here saturday night 10:00 p.m. ♪♪ welcome to "watters world" this is a fox news alert president biden issuing a warning hours ago that an attack is highly likely in the next 24 through 36 hours at the kubul airport. american still try to escape the taliban takeover the ongoing evacuation likely will not be enough to get all americans out by tuesday's deadline. if another attack happens and so many more cannot make it out alive us service members
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were killed in that attack the department of defense released their names a served in the marine corps, navy, army, servicemembes were killed. here they are.
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our hearts are with their families during this tough time. thursday was the worst day of joe biden's presidency when avoidable tragedy for those of forces in afghanistan in ten years. and now innocent people are paying the price. and to get add of afghanistan and with 350 american still trying to get out a department with a bad track record. us military last night carrying out a drone strike to where the targets were killed and wounded. the president said today the strike will not be the last there's a lot of questions about this and we will have a report just a minute. the taliban blocking americans
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and biden is boxed in letting it happen from working with the taliban now. biden says we may have even given the taliban a list of names to look for checkpoints or a kill list as most people fiercely but here's the names of 12 people to let them through that very well could happened. >> stranding americans behind enemy lines plain and simple the administration refuses to use that word because they are worried about messaging biden makes it seem easy like americans can just had to the kubul airport and get on the next fight one afghan ally reveals the harsh reality. >> 's when i did i will never regret it because i try to help people. >> and just a few days ago biden actually wanted credit for all of this everything biden and this administration has said how this will go has turned out to be wrong.
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>> we will not conduct a hasty rush to the exit. we will do it responsibly and deliberately and safely. thanks to the way we have managed with the withdrawal no us forces or any forces have been lost. >> if the taliban takeover now inevitable? >> no. it is not. >> we are clear eyed about the risk but nobody is being killed right now. >> getting out would be messy no matter. >> now this is on track to be the largest airlift in us history that brings american citizens out and afghan partners out and allies out. no i would not say that is anything but a success t1 he
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lied but he is not to blame he says it is donald trump's fault. >> the very any responsibility for the way things have unfolded in the last two weeks? >> i bear responsibility fundamentally all of this happened of late. but here is the deal. you know as well as i do the former president made a deal with the taliban to get all american forces out of afghanistan by may 1st. >> [inaudible] >> i think they have an issue that people like to get her t1 he is lying again trump steel was conditioned space that
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they had to meet the conditions it was livable if they did not and trump did not include abandoning bog air force base he said no one saw the takeover coming. the intel weren't everyone but they ignore them now marines are data we are facing a hostage crisis this is the follow up on 9/11 saying our allies don't respect us in the american people don't trust them. now only time will tell only eight months in and god help us with the latest on us drone strike a small step toward revenge but not enough biden says it will not be the last so now the latest fox news correspondent spent the
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pentagon is refusing to say exactly that jones taken afghanistan saying the two isis reporters have more us troops at the airbase in kabul with the deadline john kirby called those targets planners and facilitators words normally reserved for low ranking fighters us military reaper drone carried out the strike in providence with that isis branch is based not far from pakistan they killed two fighters and wounded a third pentagon officials are not calling these fighters leaders i thought that was notable. i am told the targets are not in any us military kill list the same part were president trump ordered the mother of all bombs to kill bin laden that each was in this area as
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well. he approved that strike two days after they killed 13 troops and wounded 20 with 160 civilians were killed afghans are desperate to escape and then the mission was launched a few hours before they told all americans to leave immediately 3500 troops on the ground right now at the airport in kabul they will be gone on tuesday in us military mission after nearly 20 years will and. jesse: i don't think there's a surprise there is a gap of the details of the drone strike so far so hear from reaction lieutenant colonel oliver north and author of we did not fight for socialism. >> no way that the generals planned the pullout tactically at the dumbest thing i have ever seen. do you think joe biden is down? to see diminished or stubborn?
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what is going on with the commander-in-chief? >> all of the above. first talk about the marines and the families going through terrible grief right now. that is a tough job when you have to be that kcal - - see acl and then you have to tell the families. we are not compromising the people on the ground here is a very brief summary of what is happening on the ground 13 flag draped coffins arrived at dover air force base this morning telling the president has a card in his pocket to remind him somebody should have met the aircraft even though the formal presentation for the families is set for tomorrow. a group of brave and exhausted americans have been trying to
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get hundreds of pre- manifested then and women and children including american citizens to get them out through aggie at the kubul airport with political military establishment in the pentagon could not get them out it took the president of the united states to authorize a gate to be opened and because of our in action giving up authority and control to the taliban now they are issuing orders for remaining assets at the airport and if anybody thinks any american who wants to get out has gotten out you are dead wrong. and you just alluded to this what will happen in the aftermath is americans have already been selected and high-value targets will be kept as hostages to make sure that the moab does not take
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them out but mostly what they want is to be able to humiliate this president here is a brief timeline first of all even before the bomb went off and killed 13 americans, we ended up with the turks who got there first in was supposed to stay after we left. they were gone. the question remains with a warrant to get out? we don't know that. just wondering that 1211 the chief counsel at the white house reported the president had to be brief before the order to open the gate and then taliban leadership came to the airport to hold a formal meeting at the airfield and sources say that gate will close for good at 0400 tomorrow. it may or may not happen but there will not be a delay in the execution of the final lift out. the marine corps is out the 82nd
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and a handful of others are the only forces on the ground right now at the airport so now the sources say that payment for passing through a checkpoint, hold on it is encrypted the current payment to get through the checkpoints is $1500 the average resident doesn't have that kind of money. jesse: so they are shaking everybody down so what i hear from you to summarize biden is micromanaging and number two there is something very suspicious involving the turks with that isis attack and number three, you saying you don't expect the president of the united states to meet those 13 flag draped coffins when they come home?
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>> i sure hope he does. >> he better if he is not there to greet those coffins, my god. >> i that i have been to a dozen of these both for fox news and after i retired but the bottom line is this president is taking orders from the taliban he will do whatever they tell then you have to wonder why i will give you a couple of theories because right now we know that in kabul you have members of the pakistani intelligence service in the people's republic of china moving across the border and for exploitation with the prc also everybody keeps talking about the taliban and al qaeda and they are all being different but they are not at any given moment the person pointing the firearm at the american to be anyone of those organizations and what bothers me the most
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we don't know what that president is so there is a rumor some of the closest advisers probably schumer were actively thinking now it's time to invoke the 25th amendment that's one of the reasons you can see how often he is contradicted by people he is the commander-in-chief. jesse: necessary's - - heavy stuff. >> one last point that prc is very powerful. we know that these connections never under estimate the power of blackmail. jesse: colonel north giving us a lot to think about with the chinese infiltration. my goodness thank you for coming on we will follow up on those leads we appreciate that. thank you now we have to remember is that the fall of afghanistan and the takeover?
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we knew this was coming morning everybody to leave as soon as possible that taliban's rapid advance and they were told to leave due to uncontrollable violence masters assertions were occurring in the afghan army and the afghan closes is on kubul so our commander-in-chief ignores the intel and for the rapid takeover is unlikely while that was happening? with the infantry captain fox news contributor retired marine corps bomb tact. i don't know if you heard what the colonel was talking about, if you can react to that you can react to the strike that took out the two isis guys.
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the floor is yours. >> there are so many angles to attack this. yes i am very concerned with the chinese communist party influence and your intro infuriated me. you heard from this administration so many times a plan for every contingency. maybe a top priority or maybe a top contingency is how you get thousands of americans out of that country and then further, maybe we should entrust those lives to the taliban who play this administration like a fiddle? they say one thing to president biden and another behind his back they are setting up checkpoints and attacking americans. making it impossible to evacuate now this mission the one lone superpower is poised to leave afghanistan leaving thousands of people behind hundreds of american citizens and yes i am tough on joe
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biden my noncommissioned officers were tough on me. why? because leaders make decisions and guide for bit of a make bad decisions they could get people killed as commander-in-chief makes a bad decision they could get thousands of people killed. we have a president of the united states right now who can barely make it through a conversation with the prime minister of israel without looking like he falls asleep so how is he supposed to handle our greatest adversaries for the taliban on the battlefield right now he is derelict in his duty and not up to the tax. jesse: you served in afghanistan what your thoughts on last couple weeks and today? >> i think it's obvious where we are now the one thing people haven't talked about enough, not three weeks ago, maybe one month ago the headline was american veterans
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and organizations are trying to get people home that are americans and the state department is dragging its feet this story goes back even before biden's involvement this is bureaucracy and red tape embassy shut down for coronavirus how does the administration tell us now there's no other way to do this? we have to have chaos with 13 dead heroes and 200 afghans and dead civilians look at these children they are human beings. now they are dead. that is chaos. it was unavoidable. >> but then they were sent down here from the midgrade officers that i wonder who those guys were in that truck i'm not saying there is a conspiracy theory that we
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didn't take out the isis fighter but that is where the veterans are that's whether belief and confidence is that something to get the heat off that's a bad place to be because the veterans think that way what do the enemies think that strike was to for anyone who might attack test not to prevent that but put them on pods it wasn't even our retaliation so then a faster veterans one of our enemies? we shouldn't have to be in that spot to begin with so the men and women my hats off to you brothers and sisters i don't know the courage that it takes to be there right now i love you and respect you and henri for that. >> i think everyone watching right now feels the same way they have to get out by tuesday i hope we don't sustain any more casualties. thank you so much.
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jesse: joe biden afghanistan was so bad even the mainstream
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media cannot hide it. >> competence and experience severely undermine. >> the worst day of the biden presidency. >> the deadliest day for us service members in afghanistan in a decade. >> that humiliated moment to leave or forced to leave on the taliban clock this is a very dark. spent the biden administration says the backlash over that chaos. >> how did the president get this so wrong? period the rest of the biden presidency. >> this president and his indifference put us where we are. that is a fact. jesse: "washington post", biden struggles to address the most volatile crisis of his presidency. faces a tragedy he pledged to avoid the darkest days of the biden presidency. tonight the liberal media turning on the most liberal
8:25 pm
president joining me now fox news contributor for the hill joe concetta and fox news contributor miranda divine. i think the media feels guilty and it has forced the media to criticize they hate him for that is you cannot spin incompetence or a tragedy unfolding on national television you can spend policy you cannot stand this. >> that's right. you can see what happens when joe biden is subjected to normal media scrutiny not like the horrendous attack that donald trump got but normal scrutiny. he doesn't fare very well but i'm sure it will just go back to normal once the last plane on —- plane leaves kubul otherwise the media has to
8:26 pm
admit they were wrong to suppress that information from the american public about joe biden before the election like the hunter biden laptop and then to pretend he was something he was in and stop the american people from doing the normal due diligence that they do on a candidate it is their fault joe biden is there and is incapable, a hollow man and we see in afghanistan at the southern border all sorts of policies domestically and abroad, the catastrophe that can unleash if you have someone who is basically just a vacuum as a president. jesse: the media owns the joe show they wrote and produced it now it is spinning out of control and they have themselves to blame.
8:27 pm
joe, here is the president explaining he has been given a list to reporters that he has been instructed to call on. >> ladies and gentlemen they gave me a list the first person i'm instructed to call on is kelly o'donnell nbc. jesse: if he needs instructions to call on reporters does he need instructions to call airstrikes? what is he doing by himself? >> jesse they gave me a list here and i'm instructed to only speak to certain fox news house on the topic so jesse? so neither are good so why would the leader of the free world by the way share that he's been instructed by others?
8:28 pm
is journalism's version of a safe space but one can only imagine what they are all thinking. jesse: that photo we are showing right now him saying he could handle a question from fox in the middle of a hostage crisis from vacation now that is everywhere that is a national publication is not good for the united states or for the soldiers in harms way they did not have to cover up the laptop now we all pay the price. thank you as always. , harris is back from vietnam she has had plenty of time to she has had plenty of time to fly so what is the next so what's going on? i'm a talking dog. the other issue. oh... i'm scratching like crazy.
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when i was diagnosed with dupuytren's contracture, i waited to get treated. thought surgery was my only option. but then i found out about nonsurgical treatments. it was a total game changer. learn more about the condition at americans leave the kabul airport immediately. citing threats. earlier today president biden warned another terror attack of the kabul airport highly likely. we are learning new details about the retaliatory drone strike killing two isis
8:33 pm
facilitators. depending on pentagon using a missile explosives. "wall street journal" reporting the missile employees explosives to limit casualties. hurricane ida rapidly gaining strength toward louisiana expected to strike tomorrow with a life-threatening storm with wind speeds of 140 miles an hour, 16 years to the day hurricane katrina decimated the gulf coast killing 2000 people. i am ashley strohmier, doctor "watters world". ♪♪ jesse: afghan catastrophe leading to tragedy that now with biden morning another attack is imminent it will not get better anytime soon america still relying on the taliban for protection.
8:34 pm
it's a joke we shot at the savages for 20 years now they are in charge of protecting us? joining me now more former vp nominee and alaska governor sarah palin i imagine you are angry. >> pretty angry? it's a healthy position to go from sad to angry and a lot of americans better be angry you take action when you are angry. jesse: did you see this coming at all? we know biden's track record is atrocious but this is his honeymoon period the border crisis a hostage crisis a humiliating defeat on the battlefield and dead marines. it's barely not even september. >> we should have seen it coming. based on biden's track record nearly 50 years in government blunder after blunder people
8:35 pm
in his own party or supporters letting americans and voters know before the vote was taken that he gets everything wrong. i look to the other night for the first time ever at debate clips where i was debating biden 2008 i am listening to this and say them or they change the more they stay the same he was a liar back then he is a liar today. his track record should have allowed all of us to anticipate nothing but bad or tragedy under this man's watch. jesse: the media wanted him because he wasn't trump but not to being trump is giving us dead marines and a foreign-policy debacle which is tough to come back from. how do you see his presidency going forward? i feel he has no credibility right now that is shot on
8:36 pm
everything. >> right and those of us in that arena at least one time knew he had no credibility back then. unless he had a transplant overnight he is not a credible human being. he lives. he plagiarizes all the things that we already know in the media did want him to win and they clobbered anybody challenging him and a lot of this is on the media's back but how i see it going that republicans in congress are biding their time with the rhetoric they won't do it because most politicians are a bunch of windbags they won't do it we might have more of a chance to see him resign then we do him being impeached.
8:37 pm
of course i wish he would. i wish i knew who was really in charge it is not the marionette joe biden who is the mouthpiece. jesse: is it susan rice, barack obama, lobbyist to circle around him? no one knows because he needs instructions to call on reporters what else does he need instructions for? probably everything. so the next question, kamala harris been plotting she had a joint to vietnam she got a little distance between herself and this disaster biden is wounded politically what do you think is going to her mind right now? >> she is probably giddy thinking here is my chance. but really she is a giggly
8:38 pm
curly light weight and the white house next to blundering biden and that is a shame unfortunate for her doesn't have a whole lot of support even within her own party may be with the real movers and shakers in the inner circle the far left socialist, they like her because they know what she has in store for america. but she wouldn't have an easy road to how either because i do not believe she has america support. look what happened to her in the primaries and the democratic race. she was not even on the radar because she was not credible she attacked biden left and right typical politician to flip-flop now the day after
8:39 pm
essentially. jesse: thank you for giving us homework now we will all watch the sarah palin joe biden vp debate just to see if we can discover what he was saying back then. thank you so much. coming at the college student dragged out of class by police for covid-19 crime. plus, bill marr says the situation in afghanistan
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jesse: spent the bloodshed and tragedy drive a stake through the heart of openness that total joke now when you see what goes down and the rest of the world. for years we listen to people complain how bad the us is and the people are oppressed and
8:44 pm
america is so evil. men are toxic. really cracks the marines are literally rescuing immigrant babies from death compared america to afghanistan bill marr head on the head. >> maybe that everyone from the giant dorm room confession should take a good look at what real oppression looks like america may not be the country of your faculty lounge and twitter dreams but nobody here tries to escape by hanging onto an airplane. we wait until they are inside the plane to fight and only because they cut off the beverage service. jesse: joining me now governor mike huckabee. i don't want to hear anymore about toxic masculinity as marines are literally rescuing muslim babies from death or saving women from forced marriages and stoning.
8:45 pm
i don't want to hear about micro aggressions when people get their heads chopped off in afghanistan. it is done. >> bill marr is often crude and vulgar but he says things that need to be said i am so proud of him for just taking on the far left, the american hating left that things everything that happens in this country is horrible he pointed out there are so many great things in this country that don't exist anywhere else. the opportunity to come here. because you want a better life and get a better life and talked about how people all over the world live in squalor , without basic fundamental human rights, women are treated like dirt and property. those are foreign to us it is just remarkable bill marr took on his own constituency and basically told them where to set. jesse: he said got felled was
8:46 pm
funny i don't know what's gotten into him he is on a roll. i will play some sound to show you this video. college is now a battlefield kids go back to college and a police officer intrudes into a classroom for students not wearing a mask and goes into the classroom and is kicking this kid out wasting him into the hall physically bringing him out into the hallway. this is what we have to deal with? >> it is a little disconcerting it is risen to the level to get the police involved pulling the kids out of the classroom if the college has imposed unmask law and they had that right then phoned him or throw him out of school but you don't haul him down the hall with handcuffs
8:47 pm
by a person with a gun for not wearing a mask there are more temperate ways to deal with somebody who is belligerent. i get on airplanes every week and i have got to wear a mask. i don't enjoy it but if i want to fly that's what i've got to do so i will not make a big scene. but honestly the idea of a cop going into a classroom to pull the student down the hall by his feet has to be the most outrageous overreaction. certainly there are better ways to deal with somebody who doesn't want to wear the mask in school. jesse: i heard you are throwing punches on planes when the drink orders are late with no legroom we have seen the footage. >> everybody knows me as that kind of guy is a violent temper. especially on airplanes. for a guy who is never tasted beer i'm pretty sure i'm not the guy.
8:48 pm
jesse: more for me. thank you so much. up next cancel culture comes up next cancel culture comes after the office [singing] oven roasted cooold cuts cooold cuts
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homelessness, housing, taxes, water, electricity, crime, wildfires. [sfx: bear roar] gavin, you've failed. we have to immediately cut taxes twenty-five percent. fix housing and homelessness. and make life in california affordable again. i'm a businessman, the only cpa running. shouldn't we choose ability this time? do you think john cox will be a better governor than gavin newsom? [sfx: bear roar] does a bear sh*t in the woods?
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jesse: and triple play comedy central's getting will get just dropped the famous episode from the office. >> stir the pot stir the building part. >> if after do this based on serotypes that are totally not true that we do not agree with maybe would not be a good driver. >> welcome to my convenience store only 99 cents plus tax. jesse: then he gets slapped. but you love ethnic humor cracks in the green room he tells the nastiest jokes that
8:53 pm
i cannot repeat. >> i can get me canceled easily. that's not funny by people who have no sense of humor and try to make everything boring you were just talking about bill marr when did the left becomes so unfunny? and let's make the world a big white noise sound of everything the same? when did this happen when got felled made comedy? >> he is much funnier than everybody out there so ethnic humor has been around for decades. it's always funny when done tastefully at was at gina you cannot do that anymore and nbc, comedy central is already by leftist. it was funny then but not now. >> and it is poking fun at those who don't get diversity.
8:54 pm
>> and ultimately poking fun at the straight white guy to be the idiot. football is back everybody is pumped does that mean brawls in the stands are back and we love that but here is the problem. when women cause the fight though woman slaps the guy in the fight is —- in the face. >> as a gentle man you do nothing i do abide by the hard and fast rule you don't hit a woman. >> i think he had her boyfriend right after that. >> but you are right to point out because it is a trend was this baseball game and then and then have to finish it so this is keeping people up for 18 months dividing them by race and then sending them back to have a good time.
8:55 pm
>> that is why they complain. >> the great challenge he says his bones are too brittle all over the internet people are doing the challenge they get out there we like to watch it because we like watching people fall but now it is so dangerous tiktok has put a ban on it. >> i thank you should do this on fox and friends weekend. >> . >> he doesn't have the balance that you have. >> and you smoke them in the ninja course. >> i don't know i thank you would do well with that. >> the ethnic joke loving >> the ethnic joke loving women fighting
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jesse: how i save the world still on the bestseller list thank you for supporting it. that's all for tonight follow me on facebogram and twitter remember i am waters and this is my world. >> breaking tonight at this hour in kubul us military scramble to evacuate those still trapped in afghanistan all is president biden says commanders tell him another attack is likely in the next 24 through 36 hours. hello and welcome to justice. thank you so much for being with us tonight. national security officials and the president warning another attack is likely


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