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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  August 29, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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jesse: how i save the world still on the bestseller list thank you for supporting it. that's all for tonight follow me on pete: straight to a fox news alert. two big stories breaking overnight. the u.s. embassy warning of a specific and credible threat at the airport in kabul. joe biden says another terror attack highly likely in the next 24 to 36 hours. rachel: right now category 4 eyed day barreling towards the shores. louisiana cotake a hit. will: meet role gift rick reichmuth is tracking the storm.
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dan hoffman with insight into the potential terrorist attack. griff jenkins live at the white house with new reporting coming in. reporter: good morning. the deadly debacle in kabul continues department of state saying to every american left in country, get away, stay away from the airport. the president issuing a warning in a statement, saying the situation on the ground continues to be dangerous and threat of terrorist attacks on the airport is high. our commanders inform me a attack is highly likely in the next 24 to 36 hours. pentagon spokesman john kirby echoing that. watch. >> the threats are real, dynamic and we're monitoring them real time. >> is it as serious as yesterday. >> it is deadly threat.
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i'm not sure how any terrorist threat can't be serious. reporter: they used a reaper drone, over the horizon capabilities not naming them leading military experts saying exactly high level they are. here is what kirby had to say about them. >> the fact two of these individuals are no longer walking on the face of the earth, is a good thing. food thing for people on afghanistan and good thing for our forces on the airfield. reporter: in the statement the president announced more actions will be taken sayinghe strike is not the last. we'll continue to hunt down any person involved in the heinous attack and make them pay. the heinous attack claiming the lives of 13 u.s. servicemembers. the clock is ticking. in 48 hours or sooner the last american flight will depart and they will turn it over to the
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the taliban. meaning thousands of americans and will be left behind. the department of state you updated number of americans evacuated safely out is 5400. the number of americans trying to get out they say 350, which they say are nearly are already out of the country but only time will tell. will, pete, rachel. will: thank you so much, griff. rachel: 2000 people were evacuated just last night. pete: it's a scene of desperation right now, especially for american citizens. taliban not letting people through the gates. most of the gates are closed because of the threat assessment. it was 36 hours. we're within 24 hours of an imminent attack. we have more questions than answers. friday night we reported about the isis-k drone attack. great, as john kirby said, two guys are dead. i never heard the title used. they are certainly not
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high-profile or haven't released the names. was sitting related at all that happened to killing our troops at that gate and 100 afghans? do we have the armies around our intelligence that is necessary to deter another attack? these last three days will be the most dangerous for our troops on the ground. will: what stood out to me is the information that is lacking. it is a departure of the kind of reporting we've seen in the past if it is a high level terror suspect we got the names of the person who was the target of the attack. we have no information on the two individuals killed in this drone attack. meanwhile specific language when it comes to the potential threat at the kabul airport. specific and credible threat, that is language they're using to define this attack. they're giving a very specific team frame, 24 to 36 hours. i would love to know what that means. we have the person to ask. dan hoffman, former cia station chief and fox news contributor.
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dan, i'm focusing in on the language, a specific credit threat and we have tight time frame, 24 to 36 hours give me a time frame what that language means? >> it definitely means there is a threat out there, an acute threat. remember we've been tracking these threats sometime. it is possible that isis fighters conducting pre-attack surveillance of the airport. they have been doing that on foot for quite sometime. we may have gotten chatter from some of the isis operatives. what i emphasize. will: i've been in this position many times in the war zone, there are three things you want to do when you collect this sort of intelligence even if the is not 100% accurate or even not as detailed as you like. you like to get off the x. we know that is not possible. we can't leave the airport. secondly, we're defending at the
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point of attack the airport. we would like to extend the perimeter out, but we know that is controlled by taliban. haqqani network is in charge of security at kabul, they have been conducting suicide attacks against our coalition partners and innocent civilians in afghanistan. we can't rely on them. they are certainly interested in as isis is hurting us. third thing we like to do is take the fight to the enemy. we successfully had a airstrike in nandahar province. the what is important we haven't gotten to the network in kabul, those conducting the attacks. we don't have the capability to do that. the specific intelligence to find, fix, con net tick ability to define that. rachel: dan, there is isis-k
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taliban, that they're coordinated, that they're tied at the hip. many experts say that last night on judge jeanine's show. lindsey graham says the taliban is slow walking clearing people to go, to these points and that he believes that they're doing that on purpose to hold them hostage. so my question to you, clearly kabul airport is dangerous, in control by these terrorists. is there any other way for the americans to escape this country, perhaps another region, perhaps by foot or some sort of network through the region held by the resistance fighters? >> look, the airport has been a kill zone. that is how isis would regard it. it has been that way over a week now. as far as getting out with other means, keep in mind that our american citizens and our afghan partners are being hunted down not just by the taliban which is seeking revenge but by isis as well as al qaeda.
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so they are in grave danger. trying to make your way out of afghanistan on foot without assistance is extraordinarily difficult and challenging. really again we can go back over this about all the mistakes we made. right now the focus rightly so what we can do going forward. you raise a great point and the biden administration needs to tell us what is the plan going forward? first and foremost target the terrorists that seek to hurt us in the region and here in the homeland? what are we going to do going forward? secondly how are we going to protect to get our american citizens out of harm's way in the coming days. i haven't heard about a plan yet. that is real concern. pete: what is their most likely course of action and what is their most dangerous course of action as you're thinking through what the enemy could be doing? here we are on the kill zone, on
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the x, 36, 48 hours for american troops what is most likely? i know you can't predict the future. what is the most dangerous thing the enemy can do? >> my concern is, pete, isis wants to own the narrative. they want to be perceived to induce the united states, the great power that we are, the superpower to depart afghanistan ignominiously. what they would like nothing more than to launch another suicide attack, a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device. there are weapons awash in afghanistan now, many of them ours. the worst-case scenario, a stinger missile, or rocket propelled grenade targeting our aircraft on the way out. that would concern me. like you, pete we went through what if snare quote, didn't matter how unlikely you have to go through with them. i don't think we have a plan to deal with these sorts of challenges we're facing.
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will: dan, is it odd to you or normal that we don't know the supposed name of the isis-k planner the subject of this drone attack? >> well, not always. there are times when we know there is a senior isis planner out there. they may not know his name. might not want to release his name. i think they probably know who these guys are. they may not want to release it at this point that they haven't confirmed 100%. it usually takes a lot longer to do that than we've seen thus far. usually a couple days ago. it takes a little longer before we confirm identities. we need reflections, with other guys talking about who was killed w the diminished intelligence footprint that is hard to do. will: dan hoffman, fox news contributor. thank you for getting up this morning. pete: this morning the remains of the 13 american troops killed in kabul on their way back to dover air force base. we want to take a moment to remember their names and
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sacrifice. we have staff sergeant darren hoover. a 11 year veteran serving his third tour of duty. sergeant johanny rosario. she leaves behind a mother and sister. sergeant nicole gee, i love my job on this picture of herself holding an afghan baby last week. hunter lopezs was the son of two california sheriffs. who say serving was their son's calling. rachel: dagen page leaves behind four siblings. humberto sanchez was honor student and. david es spin nose is a joined the marines after graduating high school. his family said he died doing what he wanted. corporal area h jared smiters wanted
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schmitz. will: lance corporal dylan momarola was known to give anything to anyone. lance corporal, kareem nikoui, he brought fellow marines home for him for the holidays to enjoy a family meal. knave hospital man max seven very yak was on the honor role and grew up in ohio. army staff sergeant ryan knauss was on the second deployment. he leaves behind a wife. we honor the 13 troops killed in the blast in kabul. pete: we hope everything goes the next two or three days that honor them. military leader, part retribution, part compression. we'll not change what will unfold her say as far as the
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timeline looks like but do it honorably. rachel: do we know if our president will meet them at dover? pete: reports are they are obviously aware. no reports whether they would. how could you not. will: whether or not these servicemen are honored by highest levels of government by our supposed leadership, i will say when you see about the individuals americans across the country are honoring 13 people. bars where tables are set up with 13 beers sitting at an empty table. high school football games carrying out the flag at halftime, pregame honoring former alumni. americans know what is lost and taking the time to honor these 13. rachel: no question about that. pete: god rest them. to fox weather, the french quarter in new orleans all boarded up as they embrace for hurricane ida. will: category 4 storm is expected to be land tall in
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hours. the governor warns it could be the strongest hurricane to hit louisiana since the 1850s. rachel: meteorologist rick reichmuth joins us all with the latest forecast. rick: 140 mile-an-hour storm as of 5:00 advisory. hurricane hunter aircraft went in with winds sustained at 145 miles an hour. on the satellite view the image it looks absolutely perfectly symmetrical. a storm strengthening at landfall is the worst-case scenario what we want to see on the louisiana coastline. for quick measure, saffir-simpson scale how we measure the winds, category four storm. i don't think we'll get up to category 5. it doesn't really matter. winds so strong and devastating for people at southeast coast. when winds are strong incredible storm surge. center of the storm very well-defined. pretty much all around the center of the storm.
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there will be winds on all sides of the storm. the forecast increased 11 to 16 feet of storm surge. where it comes onshore, four to seven feet across places as far as away like mississippi and alabama. that will cause significant damage along the coastline very far away from the center of this storm as well. here is the category 4 storm. it increased a little bit in the forward movement. we'll probably see landfall midday today, sr. here just to the east, excuse me to the west of grand isle, maybe home of louisiana area. that is this afternoon, and tonight. it will not move quickly at all. because a lot of rain falling with this, that is important because place like new orleans that has the ability to get the rain out of new orleans, that is eight feet below sea level. 90 pumps try to get the water
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out of the to the other side to the mississippi river. that is where we have jeff paul in new orleans. what is the mood like. reporter: literally the quiet before the storm what we're expecting from a category 4 hurricane. the rain is falling. the winds are calm. if you look at the palm trees across canal street. not a lot of people out. normally would be a busy street, saturday night into sunday morning, there would probably be stragglers out here in new orleans. no one around as people embrace for whatever hurricane ida will bring. people here are preparing for the category 4 hurricane. 130 mile-an-hour winds, some areas expecting anywhere from six to 12 inches of rain. you have got the dangerous storm surge in some parts of the southern louisiana coast have
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been told they could get up to 15 feet high. a lot of people not taking any chances. when we were driving in from houston yesterday, we saw a lot of people on i-10 west driving to houston as we drove towards new orleans. all the highways sort of backed up, packed with a lot of people getting out of town because the governor here in louisiana saying this could be one of the worst storms that has ever hit louisiana. >> this will be one of the strongest hurricanes to hit anywhere in louisiana since at least the 1850s. the wind speed at landfall is projected to be sustained in the neighborhood of 140 miles per hour. this is a very strong storm. reporter: a lot of businesses because of what they're expecting aren't taking any chances. they have boarded up the fronts of their store preparing for that floodwaters to come in. people are getting off of the street and really just bracing
3:18 am
to see what will happen over the next few hours. but as of right now the winds are very calm as the outer bands start moving in. the rain is coming down here and there. we'll see what happens over the next few hours. back to you. rachel: thank you, jeff. appreciate that. that is a town that knows how to deal with a hurricane. when you see the streets empty like that in that city you know people are preparing and bracing themselves for what's to come. they're getting out of dodge. will: absolutely. rachel: our coverage on the taliban takeover continues with one army combat veteran who was on the ground in the middle east helping people escape. he is going to join us live next ♪. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. hot dog or... chicken? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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rachel: americans are fleeing kabul airport overnight after the u.s. state department reported another credible security threat. this just hours after president biden warned another attack in afghanistan is highly likely. pete: our next guest is a vet who is on the helping with evacuations this week. will: former dod advisor, congressional candidate corey mills joins us now. thank you for joining us today. here we have a credible and specific terror threat just days
3:23 am
of course after the blast outside kabul airport that killed 13 americans. you've been in the country, helped facilitate evacuations. what you hear the news, what is your reaction? >> will, pete, rachel, thanks for having me on. i am not surprised by. this this was a flawed strategy from the very beginning. we knew bagram airbase which was two runways than kia, with only one. it had the necessary protection. it lad all the housing barracks left for the troops we could utilize for the current ref you gee sivs, those going through the process, secures americans. back ram road, highway 76 gave you additional ought let's to get you in kunduz. and open isis-k p and al qaeda main hub they're bubbling in through that. so this was a flawed strategy
3:24 am
from the very beginning based on the fact they closed bagram before they had an actual pullout strategy. pete: cory a we talked to a lot of vets trying to pull out but many are not there or saw it with their own eyes at real time. what was process like from your perspective, was it coordinated with the military out, sivs house, what has been like to evacuate people. >> to be honest pete, it has been absolute chaos. they had the ability could have used the churchhill strategy after damage tall dunkirk. instead of doing so in some cases they waved off aircraft that were not standard gray tails. i had a g-550 that had cleared ppr. they waved it off, with only 15 seats. that is 15 more americans home
3:25 am
who are sivs out of taliban. they had had landing permission, literally waved the plane off coming on approach is absolutely ridiculous. give you a further explanation of things. the state department, others were trying to get u.s. personnel to come straight to the gates to try to get in. the gate they were going through is the abbey gate which is the one recently hit was actually even closed. there was no purpose whatsoever for that. last night they tried to do another attempt with undisclosed location at the petrol station. many americans and others went to the petrol station coordinated, stayed there four or five hours. no one ever came to collect them. americans sitting there with blue passports with children. we had one of our staff, one of our pats went there to try to attempt that. that was a failed strategy. not to mention from a strategic sense if you're threat is a car bomb, body born ied why would you plan a petrol station which is one of the most explosive areas possible? it doesn't make sense.
3:26 am
knee-jerk reactions. they have welded two of the major gates closed. this was a failed approach by biden and his entire administration and now they're basically trying to blame it on every other excuse except the primary which is then. rachel: you worked for the department of defense. whatever evacuations we're doing are being coordinated through the state department. why isn't the dod doing this? with the evacuations that you're doing are you getting any help from the government? >> we are getting very little support from the government. i actually found more support from foreign governments willing to take in refugees than i have our actual government themselves. rachel: wow. >> i will say though that, yes, when i was trying to advise for the dod, remember this was back when the trump pompeo administration put together an actual condition-based agreement. if those conditions were not met we should have started for planning of evacuation because we know there will be tension. we know the doha negotiations were failing we should have gone forward already had the idea of get people back to bagram to
3:27 am
alert them, secretive covert manner that wasn't done. the biden administration came looked like political football. looking idea utilizing september 11th as political optic date, we pulled out by september 11th. that is become a propaganda piece of the taliban. they're the one victors for september 11th. like we always say the americans had to watch but the taliban had the time. will: really quickly, cory what amazing inside you're giving us. what a cluster at every level down to specific decision making, you lay out gas stations, gates are closed. does your indictment stop at the administration? i don't know where the decisions are being made. sending people to a closed gate or to a gas station, how far and wide is your level of con dim nation? how far and wide is the incompetent decision making? >> oh the incompetence runs across theater. while they were actually very good coordinating all of the
3:28 am
military consolidation looking getting rid of current equipment they have in country that is all a moot point. we have $82 billion of hardware fell into the hands of the at thatban. to put that in perspective the taliban has more blackhawks than 166 other nations. what we've done, essentially not just condemned all of those who held this, the brits left 1100 qualified sivs who are there. i'm hearing i hope this isn't confirmed the uk intentionally left an employee handbook inside the embassy which actually has the names of local nationals working for them. you put together slipped "schindler's list" from people on the ground. this is debacle from the beginning. as a result of u.s. leading nato force in afghanistan, when they withdraw failed approach it was cascading effect to many other nations who are now in the same
3:29 am
position. pete: fubar, that sounds right. cory, thank you very much. thanks for what you're doing, you stepped up the institutions supposed to be doing it did not. >> pete, tell you something like i said before, our oath doesn't expire because we step out of uniform. we have americans over there. it is the u.s. government and military's role to protect our citizens. i can tell you now between myself, former jsoc member the 82 team i have a lot of tier one device working. a lot of foundations with us. one way or another we're not defined what president trump and president biden. as americans we protect americans. rachel: you make us proud. pete: cory mills, thank you so much. rachel: when you feel like you're losing faith in america you hear from guys like this, it is not all gone. it is incompetents in government, but real americans, real americans honoring those who died at the airport this past week, real american heroes like this who aren't being defined by you know, the
3:30 am
expiration date of their time in service. it is mind-blowing. pete: can lose faith in the government but not -- rachel: we never had faith in government as americans. pete: staying on the top of the monster category 4 hurricane ida gaining strength in louisiana. florida congressman says leaving them would be a dereliction of duty. he joins us live. a triple-lift serum with pure collagen. 92% saw visibly firmer skin in just 4 weeks. neutrogena® for people with skin.
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♪. rachel: welcome back. we have a fox news alert. the state department announcing 350 americans are still trying to leave afghanistan ahead of president biden's firm withdrawal deadline which is only two days away. our next guest warning that if the president leaves any americans behind it would be a dereliction of duty.
3:35 am
congressman greg stuebe is a member of the house foreign affairs committee and iraq war veteran. he joins us now. congressman, thanks for joining us. i will start with. this we know you did support president trump in the negotiations to begin the withdrawal process obviously not like this. you're calling for the president to resign, explain. >> yeah. absolutely. we've seen a complete failure of leadership. your previous guest cory mills talked about it very correctly. there was condition-based withdrawal negotiated by the trump administration and the taliban to leave on may 1st. the biden administration breached that agreement. what do we expect the taliban to do? so soon after that you started seeing the taliban taking over parts of afghanistan and obviously they took it over a lot quickly than the administration thought they would take it over but again you know what is happening in that country. we have intelligence assets on the ground or we did. we have satellite capabilities. you're seeing what is happening
3:36 am
in real time and they failed to respond appropriately. your previous guest also talked about the fact that we gave up bagram airbase, better airbase, better situated two airfields to be able to take more people out. they completely failed to do that. rachel: yeah. one of the parents of one of the fallen soldiers who died in, at that airport said listen i'm a carpenter. i could see this coming. this was a terrible situation. you're right about that. now you filed legislation to make sure that the u.s. government prioritizes americans in this evacuation. it is hard to believe we actually need to have that kind of legislation, explain. >> yeah. on friday actually democrat out of california, panetta, another military veteran. he served in afghanistan i served in iraq. we're together on the four country caucus. democrats and veterans who
3:37 am
served boots on the ground in deployed environment, working together to declare to the administration they shall not leave an american behind, we should run operations military or otherwise to get every single american citizen out of the country, after we get our humans, our assets, people out, we'll go back in to get our equipment. if they don't have the capability to go in to do missions to recover our black hawks, vehicles and weapons we need to destroy that. we saw recently we have the capabilities with jones to take the equipment out. we know where the blackhawkss are. we know where the vehicles are. we know where the weapons are. last thing we should have billions of dollars of equipment and blackhawkss and weapons, uniforms in the hands of terrorists. rachel: so logical, congressman, hard to believe you have to have legislation to try to get this done. i want to change topics with you. there was an op-ed in the website, the american greatness.
3:38 am
it says the cdc, about the cdc coverup. the truth about the cdc's culpability in covid spread would cause too many powerful elitists and too much money would endanger their elite status. basically they're saying we know where the virus came from but a lot of elites in our own country who don't want to talk about this. not just the chinese. it is our own elites. basically do you think the chinese have fought off our elites and their complicit in this coverup? >> i'm sure they have. they gave a billion dollars to the hunter biden. you don't think the biden administration is compromised what is going on? i sit on foreign affairs committee weeks ago that showed evidence that it absolutely 100% came from the lab in wuhan and dr. fauci and others sent funding your tax dollars paid for some of this gain of function research to happen at
3:39 am
this lab and it came from this lab. the foreign affairs committee, republicans sent out a report weeks ago detailing evidence it came from this lab. what are we doing about it as a country? speaker pelosi wants to investigate what happened on january 6th but wants to do absolutely nothing for the millions of people that died all across the world because of covid and hundreds of thousands of americans that have died because of covid. what research are we doing there? what investigations are we doing there to go after the chinese for their failure in killing americans. rachel: congressman, there are so many corporations that are in bed with the chinese communist government. they know if this comes out assertfiable and everyone gets behind the that china is behind this, might mean they can't do business with china that has a lot to do, i think not just the coverup, just move on. let's deal with the virus and not figure out where it actually came from. congressman, you've been a truth teller. we appreciate that. we need that in these times.
3:40 am
thank you. still ahead we're learning more about the connection between the taliban terrorists and isis-k. and who funds them. that's next. plus a live look at new orleans as a category 4 hurricane barrels towards land. we're tracking it live. ♪i got ♪ ♪i want it, you want it♪ ♪when i want it, you've got it♪ ♪when you want it, i got it, i got it, yeah♪ ♪when they want it♪ ♪we got it, yeah♪ ♪ it's the biggest sale of the year, on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it's the most comfortable, ♪we got it, yeah♪ dually-adjustable, foot-warming, temperature-balancing, proven quality night sleep we've ever made. save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 0% interest for 60 months. ends monday.
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♪. will: kabul airport bracing for a possible secretary rift attack. officials say the next few days will be most likely the most dangerous yet. the warning coming after pentagon learned thousands of isis-k prisoners were released ault over the country. they are sworn enemies. what do we need to know? about the kirks and how dangerous it is. let's ask the editor of the long war journal. this is complicated relationship between the isis-k an taliban. one described as power struggle almost a civil war within afghanistan. we see thousands of isis-k troops released from prison. at the same time i believe the taliban executed their leader before they let everyone else out of prison. how do we rationalize all these different moves? >> good morning. it is extremely complicated relationship. the taliban and the islamic state in afghanistan are certainly enemies. the taliban wants to have
3:45 am
primacy of the jihad. it wants to represent the afghan people. the islamic state projects that. there have been reports from the united nations at times the haqqani network an intry call part of the taliban, its leader is deputy amir of taliban, haqqanis are in control of kabul right now, it use islamic state as cutout for attacks. the taliban defeated their strong holds in nan today heart several years ago. they are known to keep some on a leash. not to say this attack in kabul was a part of this relationship. we just don't know. i don't like to speculate. i don't have information, we probably never will have information. we know this attack worked in the favor of the taliban. the u.s. is keeping to that withdrawal deadline and people aren't getting to the airport. probably more than 1000 americans trapped in afghanistan.
3:46 am
the airport is closed. they're not getting picked up. will: take a quick look about we can, bill, this is lucas tomlinson pressing kirby on the relationship between these two groups. >> that we're going today, lucas, lucas, i appreciate it very much. appreciate it very much. >> 1000 isis were released by the taliban. is that evidence that the isis might be in -- will: sensitivity, bill, i would assume is related to the fact that the international community seems to have made a big bet that the taliban is a better thing, a better stablizing force within afghanistan, because isis is interested in global affect, right? if they're intertwined, inseparable, that is a bad bet by everyone including the united states. >> this is the result of binary thinking i see that exist with issues like this in washington all the time. it is possible that both the taliban and which is deeply in bed with al qaeda, is a threat
3:47 am
and the islamic state are a threat. the reality is what weigh did hear in kabul. this is what administration officials are uncomfortable with, we bet on one terrorist group that uses suicide tactics, that is the taliban to protect american citizens and our allies from another terrorist group, that would be the islamic state that also uses suicide tactics. will: right. >> the real threat in the afghanistan is the taliban-al-qaeda relationship. the isis is secondary at best. will: quickly, i don't have much time at all, bill, did we make that bet, binary bet, we made the assumption that all the taliban is interested in afghanistan while isis wants to export terror? was that the reasoning behind the bet? >> that and to secure the airbase. remember president obama said the same thing about the islamic state, the jv back in 2013 and 14. they wound up having international aspirations as well. will: right.
3:48 am
fascinating insight, important insight, bill, thank you so much for being with us this morning. right now cat-4 hurricane ida hours from striking louisiana. we're tracking it live. you founded your kayak company because you love the ocean- not spreadsheets. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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3:52 am
>> live look at new orleans as the gulf coast braces for hurricane ida. new orleans right on the edge what will be a a massive storm. maybe they will have part of the hurricane eyewall going over the city, bringing winds well over hurricane strength, maybe up to 100 miles per hour. we might not see, hopefully we won't see any levy damage for new orleans. this is the first big test since that 16 billion-dollar remaking of the levee system around new orleans. we'll see hurricane force winds and a lot of rain that will test the pumping system they have in the new orleans area. this is the latest radar loop with the center of ida strengthening overnight an continuing to do so this morning that means we have a category storm major hurricane hours away from landfall. something that happens in the next four to six hours. this is one model depiction of
3:53 am
the forecast radar. the center going over port fourchon, one of our largest areas of any kind of oil production. provides 16 to 1% of 18 percent of the oil production in the united states. that will take a big hit. storm surge of eight to 12 feet and grand isle. towards 3:00 p.m. we possibly have the wall, one of the eye walls here of the hurricane going over new orleans bringing incredible sustained wind and sustained rain likely probably six to 12 hours that will test every system across new orleans. hopefully that will hold. that is the latest from here. pete: thank you, rick. the chaos in kabul weighing heavily on the veterans of the war in afghanistan. 1600 calls coming in from the va hotline on the day of the takeover. our next guest has an important message about the service and sacrifice of those brave
3:54 am
americans. we have a former tactical intelligence officer who served in afghanistan. steele, thanks for being here. you wrote a op-ed about this, the title is, my fellow afghan vets know this about your service and sacrifice. what should the vets know about their service and sacrifice? >> pete, thanks first of all for having me on the show. veterans right now are hurting grieving, cycle of grief. some are repeating the cycle of grief. wounds they have, not merely their bodies but emotions. number one message their service was good. veterans go through training process. they ha bit eight themselves to certain virtues. loyalty, trust, courage, self-sacrifice. served our country on daily basis. what they did was good, period, end of story. not good.
3:55 am
only if we do well, only in america succeeds in all of its endeavors, their service to the country was absolutely wonderful, we should be thankful for that right now. pete: can't help feel like that service has been undermined or betrayed how the game was finished. nothing doesn't diminish their service. scrapping to the last minute to get folks they served with as well, how does that factor in? >> play as huge role in this image of biden at the podium that hurts them. that is their commander-in-chief. every soldier at some point has a moment they realize i'm not in control. i can't control everything. so i think that is why it is really important to remember what they have done but ask ourselves to put those things into our daily lives. we maybe can't control the horrible decisions that the administration is making or that
3:56 am
the brass have made but what we can do is control what we do in our daily lives. pete: amen. steele brand, thanks for writing this. >> i appreciate it. pete: moments away, a interview with father of five who helped people in afghanistan desperately tried to escape the taliban's grip. pay for what yo. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
3:57 am
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4:00 am
♪. rachel: straight to a fox news alert. two big stories that we're following this morning. first, a live look at kabul airport. the u.s. embassy warning of a specific and credible threat at the airport as the president says another terror attack is highly likely in the next 24 to 36 hours. will: meanwhile right now category 4 hurricane ida barreling toward louisiana expected to hit in just hours. pete: we're live with team coverage. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is tracking the phone. steve bender live in lafayette.
4:01 am
griff jenkins live from the white house with the latest on afghanistan. reporter: good morning. they're on high alert in the debacle in afghanistan as the state department continues to warn all americans to stay away from hkia airport because of this threat and the president issuing a imminent threat warning statement saying the situation on the ground continues to be extremely dangerous. the threat of terrorist attacks on the airport remains high. our commanders inform me that an attack is highly likely in the next 24 to 36 hours. the pentagon spokesman john kirby echoing the warning. >> threats are still very real, they're very dynamic and we are monitoring them literally in real time. reporter: is it as serious as it was yesterday. >> it's a serious threat. i'm not sure, how any potential terrorist threat could be anything other than serious. reporter: this after the pentagon announce as u.s.
4:02 am
military reaper trone killed two isis-k fighters injuring a third in the nanaghar province in eastern kabul with the president vowing to take more actions vowing this strike is not the last. we'll continue to hunt down any person involved in that heinous attack to make them pay but notably, guys the pentagon is not identifying who they killed. leading some to question how high level these individuals were, watch. >> we're not getting into this one was this, this one was this. capability of facilitators and planners right. reporter: were you aware of them before? >> we'll not going to discuss the intelligence. reporter: can't say if they were individuals already on the u.s. radar as high-profile people? >> we had intelligence on the target set that led us to continue to work up that, conduct that strike. reporter: this comes as a race against the clock winds down. in roughly 48 hours the last u.s. flight will likely depart. we will turn the airport over to the taliban. the last british flight departed
4:03 am
overnight. the defense ministry tweeting this, saying the final flight carrying uk armed personnel left kabul. to all those at that served bravely under horrendous conditions most vulnerable of conditions, thank you. it is a stark reminder that some americans and thousands of afghan allies will indeed be left line. now the department of state yesterday informing us that approximately 5400 americans have been safely evacuated saying about 350 americans are still seeking to get out and they believe them to be already on their way or possibly already out of the country. the president has no public events here, pete, will, rachel. we're told he will meet with his national security team here at the white house, guys? rachel: thank you, griff. 350 americans still in afghanistan. 2000 were taken out or evacuated yesterday. pete: total people.
4:04 am
not necessarily citizens. rachel: not necessarily citizens but total people. and right now we're being told that you know, there is all these terror groups, al qaeda and isis, taliban. we're getting told a lot of things from our government about who are the good guys, people we could possibly work with when we leave afghanistan here in another day or two. lucas tomlinson was actually pressing the pentagon press secretary john kirby on this haqqani al qaeda and taliban relationship. are they connected at the hip? are they working together? here's that. >> do you consider the taliban and haqqani networks separate entities? >> lucas, i'm not going to give you a break down here and characterization of the taliban -- >> haqqani? >> lucas you have to remember what we're focused on here, getting more people, getting our troops out. >> the deputy leader of the
4:05 am
taliban is haqqani who has a 10 million-dollar bounty on the head. people should know are these separate entities? >> we know there is certain matter of commingling here. there are is marbling if you will of taliban and haqqani. will: fascinating to watch john kirby's frustrated with lucas tomlinson question. that is not only one we played for you this morning. we played a list of lucas tomlinson asking the relationship of isis-k and taliban as well. a question which john kirby walked out on. here is the best i've been able to gather getting my arms around this, the taliban we made a bet is the most stable force whose only goals was really to dominate afghanistan. the taliban has partnered it seems with al qaeda through the form of the haqqani network. meanwhile isis-k wants to export terror and do damage across the globe, have a global islamic emirate. we have the situation where the taliban and isis-k are supposed to be enemies and rivals. they have comingled to some
4:06 am
degree. al qaeda we use to accept as biggest threat to the national security is comingled with the people we bet on, the taliban and just what, six, seven years ago, president obama says al qaeda was the real worry and isis-k was the jv or isis was the jv the point is, rachel, who knows? they all want to do damage. there is nobody to put a good bet on. we're in the position of saying trying to pick winners. i guess, pete, in our best interests. pete: our only interest or only option at this point. john kirby knows what you just said. he knows the truth of it. he describes it as marbling. we made our bed with the taliban. we legitimatized a terror state. haqqani, who founded the haqqani network was one of osama bin laden's closest mentors. this goes back decades and decades. his descendants are leading that network tied at the hip with
4:07 am
al qaeda. they're number two in taliban and in control of kabul. al qaeda is effectively in control with the capital of kabul. in total cahoots with the taliban. the option we made provide our security and legitimatized the taliban. isis-k may have been responsible for the bombing but likely did it with the knowledge of the taliban and al qaeda. while we assassinate ad couple of leaders of isis who were released from that prison out of bagram, thousands of fighters are swamped country. they're happy to expel the americans. will there be fighting after we leave? absolutely. make no mistake taliban are tied to al qaeda. they claim only domestic focus right now. if they hit us again they would. the problem the way we left we legitimatized the taliban. some parts of the state department are considering
4:08 am
whether to recognize the taliban as the government there. that would be recognizing a legitimate terror state 20 years after 9/11, exact opposite what we were supposed to do. will: by extension what you explained, legitimatizing, recognizing not just the taliban but their partners in al qaeda. so the complete reversal what we went in 20 years ago to your point, we went in to defeat al qaeda but we leave legitimatizing al qaeda. pete: same bub bubbas different flags. same headscarf, matley expel americans, export terrorism around the globe. rachel: we're in this situation in afghanistan because president joe biden had this deadline, he wanted this pr photo-op on september 11th on the 20th anniversary on this moment to say we're out. many people believe, not just the mother of one of the fallen soldiers who actually said that on a our radio station, but people in government, leaders on the republican side who say this
4:09 am
is what happened. the irony now is of course the groups that are going to be able to have that photo-op on the 20th, on september 11th on the 20th anniversary such an important date for americans is actually the terrorists. so much irony. pete: right now our boys are surrounded at almost indefensible airport. al qaeda has ground to ground, ground to air suicide bombers at their disposal. a credible threat within next 24 hours. it may happen today with our troops there we lost 13 already. we read the names on the program. we remember them. i pray not more than that certainly our enemy would like it to be. rachel: senator lindsey graham was on judge jeanine tonight. he says he believes the taliban is slow walking all of this, they're holding people back because these people, these americans that are left behind, these allies are going to become
4:10 am
hostages. pete: are you kidding me, more emails and texts the last 24 hours more frantic than any point. american citizens are stopped, pushed away, enemy has names of who they are. rachel: we gave them a kill list. pete: current them down. rachel: biometrics. pete: you couldn't make it up if you want to create the worst-case scenario for american exit. our next guest knows it first-hand. is he is interpreter that worked with the u.s. and trying to escape afghanistan with his five young kids. he says the taliban is hunting him. zarif joins us on the phone. >> thank you very much. pete: can't imagine the situation you're in right now. paint a picture if you would of what you're up against. >> okay. as i was a former interpreter for the coalition forces isaf in the north of afghanistan as well as a procurement specialist for
4:11 am
the usaid, for the government of the united states in afghanistan, for almost 11 years. it means that half of my years, i have five children that all this is 11 years old. when the taliban -- i leave. taliban came two times to find me in my house. they knocked the door, of my brother-in-law, asked me -- [inaudible]. i was actually hiding in my friend's house in the same neighborhood. then the next day they came also asked me where is this guy? my brother said he left here. they warned them i can he won't be here, we'll take you instead of him. then my brother came to my friend's house said this is happening in here. it is not good for you living here anymore.
4:12 am
we left, another province 400 kilometers away. we came to kabul. i brought all my documents from the university. i graduated from english department from boston university. i burned all of the documentation, all of my, and everything physically but still my contract and everything in my email. i already send it to siv, special immigrant visa in 2016 but based on the requirements, they postponed it, postponed it until now, until july 2nd. on july 2nd i applied for the special immigrant visa. they said the recommendation letter that your supervisor used signed, has no date put on that. it takes you know, go to three months to send me again another set of recommendation letter.
4:13 am
however the recommendation letter was already dated at the top of the paper. but it means that postponing somehow the special immigrant visa is not issued for me from 2016 up to now. however i was eligible for everything. you know, i escaped from -- came to kabul. now i am in -- [inaudible]. will: i had a question for you as you talk about the delay for two or three months, do you have that time? as the taliban is going door-to-door looking for you, zarif, how do they know of your existence? have they known you a long time, that you helped the americans or do you have a list they're working off of? how do you know who you are and where you are? >> actually the job that i was doing in the city, everybody knew me because i was a procurement specialist. i had to go shop to shop. all of my neighbors, all of the
4:14 am
people who are around, everybody knows me, that i'm one of the staff members of the united states and i worked for the partner. they're calling me, you are a spy for the government of the united states. even the mullah, the mullah at the mosque, when i attend to pray, they say that you have word with the united states. one day i will kill you. -- [inaudible]. he was something warning to me. this is very hard for me. i couldn't live. i left everything, my house, my car, my money, everything back home. i left with one cloth, me and my children came to kabul because of this threat. i heard last night one of my friends who was a guard for the camp working with military service in -- [inaudible]
4:15 am
he was captured by taliban. he is now unknown where he is is now. we are trying to find him but he is captured with two papers showing he was a guard and on the application he was going to the apart. taliban captured him from the blue mosque. and now he is unknown where he is now. it -- okay. rachel: zarif, go ahead. i will ask you my question. >> okay. rachel: zarif, i'm hearing your children in the background. all of us are parents here sitting on this couch. how are your children doing? >> my children doesn't have enough food right now because all the banks are closed. we run out of the money. if you look at them, there is no pillow and mattress to sleep on it. from up to now me and my wife
4:16 am
did not have three or four hours sleep of 24 hours. during the night we sleep two or three hours in one month since the taliban came in here. all of my children in the room, if -- how would they sleep here? i went to the airport to show my documents, 200 yards of the gate fire open. everybody escape from them. my children was almost die on that place. however my wife and my daughter hand wounded but it was not so serious. i saw a lot of women and children, they were under the feet of. one time taliban opened fire. i cannot get to the gate at
4:17 am
airport to show my documents. pete: zarif, i know you the timeline of america's exit, you know many of the gates if not all of the gates are closed except for u.s. citizens. what are your options? >> the option, for the time-being there is another option that the youth ministry of foreign affairs -- should take out from other border like uzbekistan and also with tajikistan. i'm hearing that pakistan border is crowded like the airport. i'm sure it is crowded. there will be terrorist attacks also on that place. we will not be able to enter on that place. you know the reason of why airport become so crowded, people rushed here, the reason why the first and second flight,
4:18 am
they took all the people who didn't have worked with the u.s. or with any other organization. i will give you addresses of one of my family that they taking their own children and also to qatar. he is now in qatar but he didn't work with the americans. he didn't see any americans to say hello. he is already there. he is already there called to families that friends and i am here without any documents. other people that are here in afghanistan they rush to the airport to leave afghanistan. this is why a lot of people, thousands and thousands of people, most of them they don't have any documentation or they didn't have worked with the americans or any other country. will: zarif, we wish you the best of luck. we pray for your you and your
4:19 am
family. thank you for sharing your story with us. we can't send you our best wishes enough. thank you, zarif. >> thank you very much. rachel: we hope this brings attention and gets you some help. >> i hope -- [inaudible]. thank you very much. pete: god bless. he is the brother of a former interpreter for a fox employee so he knows his brother -- knows first-hand his brother got out, he worked for them, hat not been able to get out. rachel: can you imagine his frustration. pete: i can't. you can't feed your kids. rachel: then you find out people who didn't help america that got out and you didn't, and you're being hunted down to down wherever you move. pete: he may be safe in kabul because he left maziar el sharif but there is a database. will: rick reichmuth, joins us with the latest fox weather
4:20 am
forecast. rick: hurricane hunters are flying in and out of the storm. they are finding it rapidly is strengthening. this is not good at all. it is 150 miles an hour. if it gets to 157. that is a cat-5. we have a few hours over really, really warm waters. on satellite presentation it looks more significant in anytime in the life cycle at this point. it is getting close to the coast. we're talking a storm surge in worst case of 11 to 16 feet. 11 to 16 feet, i'm six feet tall, 2 1/2 of you. of additional water coming onshore that will wipe out everything in its path. everything down here across the southeastern louisiana coastline is not survivable in a storm like this. that storm surge will go farther inland as well. because the storm strengthened, that increases all threats along the coast. it increases storm surge coming towards the new orleans area.
4:21 am
testing the levees worse than we were thinking it was. each of these levels of threat go up a little bit. we will continue to track this more later in the show. guys, 150 miles an hour sustained storm. will: thanks, rick. more "fox & friends" coming up in moments voltaren the joy of movement you have the best pizza in town and the worst wait times. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description.
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4:25 am
♪. rachel: customs and border protection reportedly flagging a small number of afghan refugees for concern during their vetting at military bases around the world. representatives from the department of homeland security, fbi around the state department had a phone call friday discuss the screening efforts. let's bring in former acting deputy secretary for the department of homeland security ken cuccinelli. welcome to the show. i don't know if you heard our last segment. good morning. >> i did. rachel: an interpreter trapped basically we're fearing for his life but the frustration for me wasn't taken out but he and other guests that we had this weekend said many afghans have been evacuated who did nothing to help america. what the heck is going on? why is that happening and why aren't those people who got out
4:26 am
vetted to make sure they were actually prioritized as people who helped america? >> well, there is certainly a lot there. first of all, to the first part of your question, the reason people are coming out who did nothing to help the united states while others are stuck there is because this wasn't an orderly withdrawal. rachel: right. >> we collapsed our security perimeter before we took the protective steps that should have been taken first. and this was part of a conditional withdrawal that had been previously planned under the last administration that this administration threw out apparently just because it was president trump's plan. that is the simple answer to why you see this sort of chaotic situation where people who have done nothing for the united states are getting out and actually arriving in the united states while people who helped the united states are now trapped and being hunted by the
4:27 am
taliban. rachel: right. >> so i would also note for these people coming here, being brought here so quickly, look the vetting process is hard. it is especially hard in collapsed nations with collapsed governments like this one. this is an 18 to 24 month process with 14 different steps and they're supposedly doing it, which they're not, in days. i would tell you it hasn't been reported anywhere, they set up as i understand it a dhs task force headed by a guy named john lafferty. a career official who was removed by him from his asylum position because he was basically conducting his own efforts inconsistent with the administration and with, he would literally change final documents before they would go out, in my view to set traps for us. that is who they have leading
4:28 am
this. they have a radical deep stater leading this effort for dhs the quality of the vetting has gone through the floor. rachel: of course. this is why we had such, that is why we had such a backlog of interpreters all year, pete hegseth has been trying to shine light on this to expedite it. the state department says it takes time. all of sudden it doesn't take time. why, ken, i don't have enough time yet, why haven't they been placed to other countries where we wait for them to be properly vetted before being brought here, probably less culture shock for a lot of them if they're in some middle east country that is an ally of ours? >> there you go thinking logically. there is a worldwide consensus how to deal with refugee issues and it is regionally. the united states provided a lot of money all around the world. we continue to do so to help resettle people close to their home for all the reasons you just cite, very intelligent
4:29 am
reasons and that is why we do that. why they're rushing this, really skipping the vetting for many of these people for the purpose of bringing them in i'm not entirely sure other than, that it fits the open borders mentality on immigration in general. it is just break the doors down and bring anybody in. rachel, we might have the answer why they're doing it when we figure out where they end up settling them. politically speaking. thank you, ken, really appreciate that. >> good to be with you. rachel: good to be with you too. straight ahead we're live on the ground in louisiana as hurricane ida races towards the louisiana coast. ♪. because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served.
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4:34 am
barrels towards louisiana. pete: it is now a category 4 storm expected to hit in just hours. will: fox weather correspondent steve bender is in lafayette, louisiana, with the latest. good morning, steve. reporter: good morning, guys. we're in lafayette. we're west of the storm and we're inland but we have ominous news coming from the hurricane hunters as they continue to track hurricane ida. it is strengthening. it is sustained winds at 150 miles an hour but the initial threat is from the storm surge. from morgan city, to bay st. louis they're looking at life-threatening storm surge marking out 12 to 16 feet. i'm six feet tall. that is twice as high as i am as the storm surge moves into the coastal areas. yesterday was action day in st. bernard parish. plenty of locals were filling up the sandbags. with hurricane ida strengthening, and winds every hour seeming to strengthen as
4:35 am
well, you need to board up your home. thankfully the governor of louisiana, john bel edwards, has already issued a state of emergency. >> one of the strongest hurricanes to hit anywhere in louisiana since at least the 1850s. the wind speed at landfall is projected to be the sustained in the neighborhood of 140 miles per hour. this is a very strong storm. reporter: we know now that those sustained winds are at 150 miles per hour. there have been four category 4 hurricanes on record in landfall in louisiana. the most recent one was hurricane laura last year. this is something we're keeping an eye on this afternoon. we expect it to make landfall and we'll continue to bring you live coverage throughout the day. reporting live from lafayette. we'll send it back to you guys. pete: thank you, steve. fox weather coming in october. look out for it, we'll have
4:36 am
wall-to-wall coverage. madeleine rivera in new orleans. madeleine. reporter: guys, we're seeing rain consistently throughout the morning. we don't have wind gusts just yet but make no mistake we'll have it this morning. steve said maximum sustained winds of 150 miles per hour. here in new orleans we could see 15 inches of rain. that could lead to flooding on the streets and tributaries. this is usually a pretty busy street but almost completely empty. stores along the streets boarded up. seems people heeded warnings from the governor, city's mayor said. everyone here were told to evacuate in low-lying areas but for people outside of the levees, they had to evacuate. that was a mandatory evacuation. it is going to be something a fluid situation people will be
4:37 am
paying attention to this morning. all of this happening on the 16th anniversary of hurricane katrina. that is leading to a lot of feelings of apprehension here in the city. it is really going to ses the city's flood protection system t was rebuilt after hurricane katrina. the federal government invested nearly $15 billion into that system. so today we are going to see that tested, you guys. live from new orleans. back to you. rachel: thank you so much, madeleine. up next the u.s. is on high alert as the officials warn of an imminent threat at kabul airport. our next guest helped afghans break the taliban's grip. he served 10 tours of duty in afghanistan and he joins us live ♪. only pay for what you need.
4:38 am
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♪. >> the taliban came two times to find me in my house. everybody knows me that i'm one of the staff members of the united states and i worked for the partners. you know, they are calling me, you are a spy man for the government of the united states. my children doesn't have enough food right now because all the banks are closed and we run out of the money. pete: fox news alert. that was the voice of zarif, a former afghan interpreter who says he is being hunted by the taliban. we spoke to him live from afghanistan just minutes ago. it comes as the u.s. embassy
4:42 am
warns of a specific and credible threat at the kabul airport as the white house says another attack is highly likely now in the next 12 to 24 hours. our next guest knows all about the dangers in afghanistan. he served 10 tours there, leading a special forces team through the region own horseback. to fight the taliban and is now running for the u.s. senate. retired army brigadier general don bolduc joins us now. general, thanks for being here. you hear that voice of one of our former allies, sheer desperation. you've been working people to get out. you can talk specifics or overall what the effort has looked like. >> well pete, thank you very much, again, thank you for your service and your sacrifice as well as those of your men. pete: appreciate it. >> that is voice i heard over and over again from either i can sense the voice either through facebook messaging or direct facebook face time phone calls.
4:43 am
that is unbelievable. i've heard it over and over again. i'm just a spokesman for men and women on the ground i have been working with and through trying to get our afghan allies, partners, that saved american lives, particularly my life, many of the lives of the desert eagles i served with in afghanistan on the brown. i have to tell you this is a huge, you know, mistake in planning diplomatically and military. no anticipation of the refugee crisis. no anticipation of intermediate basing required to get people there. no security whatsoever. it is just complicating it. giving a list and having these, zarif and others being hunted down in their homes. the only way they know they're in their homes if they have a list. we have members about the military that are there. we have former members of the military that are there. we have former civilians that served in afghanistan and many
4:44 am
other places that know about moving refugees out of the country, out of these type of situations. we're working all together very closely to get people to the airport and of course that is a herculean task in and of itself because have only one airport to work out of. pete: general, now though reports are the airport is closed not just for afghan sivs but for u.s. citizens. i have heard plenty of reports u.s. citizens turned back or not being able to reach it because of the taliban. we have two, maybe three days left on the ground. someone who knows afghanistan as well as anybody, what does the picture start to look like with the gates closed, planes taking off and folks like zarif and others are still there? >> the picture looks like increased humanitarian crisis. the opportunity for them to be hunted down. no place to go. they can't go to iran. they're not, there has been no
4:45 am
outlet there for refugees or pakistan. uzbekistan is a, you know, interesting process. i'm told our folks go up there, they get across and get resold back. it is about 40 grand to move through afghanistan right now. who has $40,000 to move through afghanistan. tajikistan, turkmenistan are all closed borders. our state department, military did no work for a refugee problem outside, did no work internally. it's a huge disaster. people are going to die. they will be killed. they will be murdered even at higher rate than they are now. the taliban controlled the rural area for a long time. al qaeda, isis, they have been committing atrocities that you and i don't even know about. pete: general, real quick before we have to go, the 5000, quickly shrinking troops at kabul
4:46 am
airfield, what's the most dangerous course of action they could confront? what kind of situation are they in? >> well, first of all i can't believe the tactical you know, malfeasance, not even protected there. the force protection is terrible. number one is force protection. not having a buffer zone, not having a stand-off, not being able to control that square and allowing the taliban to control it? we can't work with the taliban, al qaeda, isis. they are not our friends. we learned that in the first rotation. they were working together then and they are working together now. they're in position of power. they're in jeopardy big time from vehicle borne ueds, from indirect fire, mortars, you name it, it could come, it could come and where are they going to go? this idea of one airfield, very poor military planning. pete: afghans trapped outside,
4:47 am
americans trapped inside. don bolduc, thank you for your service there. i know you're working to get afghan allies out. you're running for senate in the new hampshire as well. good luck, sir. >> thank you very much. god bless you all. pete: likewise, turning now to fox weather and meteorologist rick reichmuth with the latest on hurricane ida. rick: pete, the storm continues to increase rapidly. pressure down to 935 millibars. that is meteorological speak, to put in context, hurricane laura made landfall in southwest louisiana and destroyed lake charles, many places are left as they were last year. that storm took a battering. that had 938-millibar pressures. this is deeper and stronger storm than lawyer and headed toward a much more populated area. that said, onshore 70, 80 miles away from new orleans. at this point hurricane mile winds extend out 30 miles from
4:48 am
the center. as it moves to the north i think we'll see hurricane force winds, because of strengthening storm, when you have a stronger storm, all of the element come with it worse, bigger threat for tornadoes, bigger threat for flooding, a bigger threat for storm surge. a bigger threat for heavier rain. storm will get close to the coastline. talking about landfall somewhere midday today. when the landfall happens we'll see worst of the storm surge, probably about a 12 to 16-foot storm surge comes around port fourchon, grand isle, areas outside of the levee in new orleans. talking about a 12-foot storm surge. it will test the levee system and heavy rain will test the pump system we have in new orleans, to pump out all the rain that false. rachel: we'll see if the billions of dollars spent works.
4:49 am
we hope it does. as we mourn the loss of 13 american heroes many turn to prayer. the archbishop joins us next live. your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit it's the biggest sale of the year, on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it's the most comfortable, matching your job description. dually-adjustable, foot-warming, temperature-balancing, proven quality night sleep we've ever made. save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 0% interest for 60 months. ends monday.
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4:53 am
♪. will: more than a dozen california high school students are desperately trying to flee afghanistan after visiting family during the taliban takeover. according to the cajon valley union school district one family consisting of two adults and five children returned back to the u.s. the two additional families are returned out of afghanistan. additional five families with cajon students are remaining. 14 students with eight parents to the best of our knowledge. a bishop cordileone is asking for prayer for these family. thanks for being with us. the plight of afghan citizens with children living in the united states, families living in the united states who attend high school in california. >> yes that part of san diego county, eastern part of san diego county has many people from the middle east, many chaldeans, iraqis and afghans as well. so they were visiting family during the summer, presuming
4:54 am
that everything would be safe and controlled and this crisis has broken out an in these moments of need more than ever we need to turn to the help that come from above. we realize how dependent we are on god's mercy. we need to implore god for that mercy and we'll be open to the grace he wants to give us to know how to deal with these situations. will: best of our knowledge these were families connected to siv holders or siv holders themselves and children who attend high school here in the united states. i know you're calling for prayers to help these high school students as well. as christians stranded in afghanistan as well. here is a quote from a anonymous christian there in the country. there are already posters appearing if you have single girls, 15-year-olds you have to marry them to taliban soldiers. christians fear their daughters will be taken away from them and forced to marry the taliban. they will be sent to madrassas
4:55 am
to brainwash them. parents may or may not be killed. there are 10 to 12,000 christians, 200 whom are catholic in afghanistan. you're also calling for prayers for these christians as well. >> yes. they check all the boxes for who is vulnerable because of their religion, the women and girls especially, coming from foreign countries, they are very, in a very dangerous situation so we need to pool all of our resources together including our spiritual resources of prayer and fasting. will: archbishop, your grace, thanks for calling for prayers this morn morning on "fox & friends." >> you're welcome. will: big hour coming up. joey jones, general jack keane, mike huckabee and rob o'neill coming up live.
4:56 am
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like you, my hands have a lot more to do. you need an ecolab scientific clean here. and you need it here. and here. and here. which is why the scientific expertise that helps operating rooms stay clean is now helping the places you go every day too. seek a commitment to clean. look for the ecolab science certified seal. pete: we start this hour with a
5:00 am
live hook at the international airport in kabul, afghanistan, the scene of what the white house fears will be another terror attack. rachel: this break as a powerful category 4 hurricane is gaining intensity as it moves through the gulf. louisiana is bracing for a direct hit. pete: we have fox team coverage on both stories, joey jones will react, and chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is following hurricane aye a da. we start -- ida. we start with griff jenkins outside the white house this morning. >> reporter: that's right. good morning willing. the imminent threat attack continues, the department of state warning all americans to stay away from the kabul airport. it is a warning they have been giving for a few days, and now we have an imminent threat warning from the president saying this: the situation on the ground continues to be extremely dangerous, and the there threat of terrorist attacks on the airport remains high. our commanders inform me an
5:01 am
attack is highly likely in the next 24-36 hours. at the pentagon, spokes'emman 'em john kirby announcing that a u.s. military reaper drone killed two isis-k fighters, injuring a third east of kabul. notably, the pentagon not identifying who i think killed, leaving some to question just how high level these individuals were as the president vowed to take more actions saying this strike was not the last. we will continue to hunt down any person involved in that heinous attack and make them pay. in an interview set to air a little later with our chris wallace, national security adviser jake sullivan had this to say. >> the president will stop at nothing to make isis-k pay for the deaths of those american service members at the kabul airport. he will insure that we get the people responsible for this, that we continue to put pressure on the group responsible for this and that we continue to take targets off the
5:02 am
battlefield. >> reporter: this comes as the race against the clock winds down, just 48 hours left before we expect the last u.s. flight to depart, turning the airport over to the taliban. the last british flight departing yesterday with british prime minister boris johnson praising the efforts. >> u.k. troops have worked round the clock in harrowing conditions. they've seen firsthand barbaric terrorist attacks on people they were trying to comfort as well as on our american friends. >> reporter: it's a stark realization, guys, that very soon undeniably some is americans and thousands of afghan allies will be left behind, dependent on the taliban to get out. we don't know what that's going to look like. meanwhile, the department of state says since august 14th, some 5400 americans have been
5:03 am
evacuated, they believe 350 americans are still seeking to get i out. by the way, you can catch more of jake sullivans' interview a little later on "fox news sunday." will, pete, rachel? rachel: thank you, griff. pete: it would be an interesting interview if jake sullivan decided to resign on air, otherwise i don't have much interest in how he explains away how we've got our americans surrounded, americans trapped outside the gate, 13 americans killed, strategic blunders across the board and right now a deadline that hasn't moved. rachel: our weapons in the hands of our enemies. interesting to see boris johnson there bragging, really, about what a stellar performance the brits have done in evacuating their people, saying there's nothing like it in speed and scale. their operation was called operation pitching, and he says he's lost in admiration for the performance of that evacuation by the british. and i guess in america we're
5:04 am
just not as proud of what our government has done. as you said, it's a debacle. will: and it's not yet done unfolding, unfortunately, with this specific, credible threat against our forces which, essentially, are sitting ducks in the same place where where they got hit just days ago. let's bring in joey jones, fox news contributor and retired marine bomb technician. joey, always good to see you. love your specific insight and knowledge when it comes to these types of threats. when we saw it's last attack just day canses ago, joey, i think the three of us were talking about the surprise of the number of americans that were not just killed, but hurt. the numbers were north of 30 at that specific gate, the abbey gate, and a suicide bomb that caused that damage. here we are looking forward, joey. how do you protect, what kind of things are you on the lookout for? how much damage can a suicide bomb vest do? what should we be afraid of this morning? >> yeah. you said how much damage a bomb
5:05 am
vest can do depends on the type of explosive and how con to densed the people are -- condensed the people are. to have that many casualties, that tells me people were packed in like cattle cars, and we had way too many service members in one spot. the one thing we do is dispersement. we keep ourselves spread away from each other. a bomb might kill one person but wouldn't kill the one to the left or right. that's basic 101. now, that's hard to do when you're doing a mission like, say, bringing in thousands of people through an airport gate that you were never trained to do and probably shouldn't be doing especially at that airport gate. and that's where the criticism comes in. when you see a lieutenant colonel to go on facebook and basically throw his career away to demand accountability, that's because people violated some really, really simple and basic ten innocents in this type of -- tenets in this type of operation. they've probably got everyone dispersed, and that's why they're in a force protection
5:06 am
posture. in other words, they're sitting are there, and they're literally maneuvering themselves and placing themselves believing that another attack is imminent. and at a civillen january airport in the largest city in afghanistan because we didn't do anything else to put them in a better situation. if you want these press briefings, every time questions come up about this, kirby blames the state department. if he doesn't have a good answer, well, they're figuring it out. listen, i was an e6. i wasn't in charge of anybody, but even if there was an officer on scene when a bomb was found and i showed up, i was in charge. that was my responsibility. right now the defense department is responsible for this operation, and keeping their service members safe in conducting it. on top of that, the state department turns around and blames the americans and afghans trying to get out of the country. that type of not only lack of leadership, but blaming and pointing down, attacking, i understand why a lieutenant
5:07 am
colonel might want to jeopardize his career to make sure everyone see understands that. pete: we see the president heading to the dover air force base, that means the bodies of those service members are are about to arrive x, of course, it's proper that the commander in chief would be there for this kind of arrival. you mentioned that lieutenant colonel, joey. he says the baby boomers' tour is over. i demand accountability at all levels. if we don't get it, i'm bringing it. there is that underlying sentiment that so much has gone wrong, so many people unwill to take -- unwilling to take responsibility. no one from jake sullivan to milley to austin to blinken to the president himself has been willing to stand up and say we messed this up, maybe we change
5:08 am
something as a result. instead, sticks to a deadline, 48-72 hours left bringing americans out no matter what surrounded by the taliban. i know you, the operation isn't over, but how and when does accountability comp as well? -- come as well? >> that's a good question, pete. i mean, we live in a world where top brass military aren't held accountable. and i don't know how to explain that. we have a situation, some leaders that i'm close to and have appreciated my whole life, we had a situation where a base was overran a couple years ago in afghanistan. there was a marine corps times article published that the junior officers were essentially what we call fried, their careers were ruined, but the senior officers who allowed it to happen weren't even touched. i don't know why our military has become this kind of good boys! club that doesn't -- boys' club that doesn't know accountability to be to change direction, but
5:09 am
when people start diagnose over it, it's -- dying over it, it's time to find out what's going on. will: can i ask a quick question? the answer to that might be because that lack of accountability isn't limited to the top military brass. obviously, it's existed in our political offices like the president of the united states. we increasingly see it's clear when it comes to doctors like dr. anthony fauci as well, you're not held accountable for your pass. when you get that high, what you're talking about is a political office, and that's why there's no accountability -- pete: hold on, i want to note what we're seeing on our screens, the president saluting there, first lady walking up the stairs of air force one which likely means the dignified transfer has already occurred, the bodies have already arrived at dover air force base. oftentimeses those are closed to the public. families can decide whether or not cameras are allowed, but it
5:10 am
appears the bodies have arrived and that joe biden is now preparing to fly back to washington d.c. just wanted to explain what's going on. okay, excuse me, joint base andrews, enroute to dover. so they have not. he's enroute to dover, short flight which means bodies arriving imminent as well. my mistake. but, joey, to the question that will raised, when there is such a high level and there is so much at stake, there were other eras where generals and others would own that mistake or stand up to to politics and others who were manging poor positions -- making poor positions, put their careers on the line -- rachel: but, joey, can i just add and maybe you can speak to this as well, under the trump presidency there were lots of people who quit because they were so principled that they had to leave the administration. here we have one of the greatest, as pete said, debacles, this is the most humiliating retreat that will
5:11 am
have, that has already had deadly consequences, and now it's putting more americans in danger in terms of the reemergence of the threat of terror nhl a way that we hadn't seen before in the last, you know, four years, five years. now speak to that, because it's not like people haven't been quitting government because they're so outraged by our commander in chief. >> yeah. let me say this, i mean, every honorable general or senior enlisted in the military right now wouldn't walk away from their post even if they didn't believe in the decisions being made because it's in their dna to try and influence the situation of in a way that's positive, in a way that would help save lives and make things better. we don't walk away from a tough mission just because we can. so i don't expect or wouldn't expect a resignation or somebody to speak out publicly against the president. what i would expect is for them to start changing their policy, changing things they're doing, making every change they can at their level to make this a
5:12 am
successful mission, to get americans home and probably most importantly to keep the men and up women they're in charge of safe. for all i know, that's what's happening. obviously, a bomb went off and killed folks that should not have died, and we should want to investigate and find out what happened, but for all i know, the people that can make decisions especially those in kabul are trying to do that. a what we need to know is how much bureaucracy and politics prevented them from being able to or if they were complicit. it's going to take probably congress to find that out or some really good journalism. rachel: i just look at the way the lieutenant colonel who's calling out milley and the generals and the president on this situation, i don't see the media celebrating him. we saw another lieutenant colonel vindman, the nsa leaker who leaked the call to ukraine, he was celebrated, he's on a book tour right now, and this
5:13 am
other lieutenant colonel removed from his post. >> well, and we have to be consistent. we have to have some integrity. vindman was completely wrong going outside his chain of command, and the report that came out of that said the chain of command had problems with him doing that over and over in his career. i have mixed emotions about this marine lieutenant colonel doing it the way he has. i know he feels passionate and believes in the cause, but there's a process, and that's why he was removed from his post. he said he understood that on facebook and would have done the same thing. rachel: he did. >> i know he's passionate, and i know he cares, and we all do because those mama leans shouldn't have died -- marines shouldn't have died. pete: consistency in the application of accountability. joey, real quick, as we watch these live pictures of joe biden joining air force one on his way to dover, the weight of a moment like our troops coming home and
5:14 am
what a nation should be reflecting on as our flags are at half staff across the nation if, i know you've lost folks you've served with as well, families awaiting their arrival at dover, a lot of emotion here. >> yeah, i just want to take a moment to remind everyone the that bomb went off inning afghanistan. it didn't go off in boston, new york, austin, atlanta or san francisco. it went off a world way, and -- world away, and that's because our men and women have stopped the enemy on their own turf to stop them from getting to our turf. as much as that is rhetoric at this point, and that point has been used to justify things it should not have been used to justify. at the end of the day, our men and women went to the fight and fought it and eventually died fighting it so that it would not come to our shores. so when those bodies get here, when those heroes are laid to rest, that's something every single american needs to take into account and have gratitude for.
5:15 am
pete: that's such a good point because when you talk about those 13, standing on top of that barrier knowing the taliban was controlling it, sticking their arm out to grab people, aren't governments and the decisions people have made, it will lead to people being left behind. we've talked about the 300 citizens, we know about the siv holders many of which we've talked on the air are with even today, but that staff sergeant and navy corpsman and army staff sergeant, they were that arm still there on the wall ready to say we don't want to leave anyone behind. anyone we can find, we're going to put ourselves in a vulnerable position, which is what it was. grouped that much together at a tiny gate with a sea of humanity and the taliban a stone's throw away, they understood the risk, they accepted the risk even if they were put in that impossible situation. america's still producing the best of what our ethos represents of leaving no one behind. we're going to leave people behind, joey, we're going to leave hostages behind. but if it wasn't for these
5:16 am
marines, we wouldn't. >> people need to understand every single soldier, ma if lean, sailor, airman on that a base would still do it right now knowing what just happened and what could happen. it's imminent, as our president has said. they would do it in a heart a beat because that's their job. and they know they would give their lives to save the lives of innocent people and americans. and that's something we need to understand and be grateful for. they didn't stop working or taking risks just because it happened, they didn't hide in their shell, they're still working. they're still taking risk, and they're still in danger, and that's something we need to appreciate. the reason why it matters so much that americans may be left behind is that the taliban has control of afghanistan because they recruited young men mostly, almost exclusively, that are indoctrinated and didn't fight this fight ten years ago. they have a row. plant sized view of this war, and they're radical and blood thirsty. is so for the taliban to take control of afghanistan to be a
5:17 am
legitimate government and to do the things they'll do, be benevolent, rule the country, receive funding, that's going to be really hard for them to do because their power over their to own force is blood thirsty beheadings and radicalism. that's the only reason they begin with. and so to think that we're going to pull out and the taliban isn't going to have to satisfy that blood thirst among their own ranks is pretty naive or a lie. so the taliban has their own work cut out for them if they do want to be a legitimate government, but why it's so scary for us is it's going to be almost impossible, and then you have an otto warmbier situation where they accuse people of being something they aren't. they tell the world one thing and do atrocities inside their country, that's the situation we don't want to be in, and it looks inevitable. will: we're waiting and watching as air force one heads to dover,
5:18 am
delaware, where 13 american servicemen and women will be received by president joe biden as they land in dover. joey, i'd love to return to something you said that really struck me. you said it's going to take some good journalism or congress to figure out how far and wide accountability needs to be held. how many political versus military decisions were made, and i'm assuming what you're referring to is the decision starting with, i'm sure, vacating bagram, falling back to the airport in kabul, including even the major details -- minor details of having so many soldiers at the abbey gate where we had so many wounded and killed in one terror attack. joey, if you had access, if you were the journalist in front of the right people or sitting in congress, give me, please, the main questions you would want answered. >> it seems to be a big contradiction on if the biden administration knew or assumed that the afghan army would fall if or if they didn't. i mean, you hear, of course,
5:19 am
every single day a little nuanced thing said here, a report there that really anticipated this same scenario was probably what was going to happen. and what i want to know why was it three weeks ago, three months ago, six months ago we weren't prepared and getting people out of that country, expediting -- taking a two-year process and making it a two-month process instead of a two-day process. those are the kinds of questions in the origin of this that would have stopped us from getting to this situation to begin with. why did we close bagram, why did we leave the way we did, are you aware that leaving in the middle of the night probably signaled to the taliban how weak the afghan army was and probably is why they went on overtime the way they did? rachel: right. >> pretty common sense things we watched happen. did they have the information and ignored it, did politics trump solid strategy? those are the kinds of things we need to know so it doesn't happen again.
5:20 am
rachel: you bring up a good point about bagram. everybody we've talked to, former generals, people who understand that the military and the tactical decisions that need to be made for withdrawal on this scale have said that the big mistake was leaving bagram, was closing down bagram air base. general milley said on june 23rd that it wasn't tactically or operationally necessary for the final -- so right there you have one person who really should resign, not to mention our secretary of defense who's, you know, refocused our military on woke politics and phantom white supremacists who happen to be everywhere. there's just been such a lack of focus on the real things that the american people are paying our military to do. and it's people like this, nicole gee, 23 years old. you talk about the bravery, let's talk about the compassion of our military. holding this little baby and
5:21 am
saying when she posted this post, i love my job. i love my job. and then she died. unnecessarily. and we see this plane going over to dover, it just breaks our heart because i just think this was so is preventable and so foreseeable, and it just makes me angry. as well as sad is. >> you know, you look at those faces and read those stories, do you see white supremacy? do you see hate? rachel: right. >> do you see a bunch of white males across the screen? >> that's the last thing you see because that's not our military. i've never been so just wrecked by the comments of someone. and to have a leader of our military sit in front of congress and say something like that, to accuse the men i served with who were willing to lay their lives down and many of them did of some hate in their heart and that's the basis of why they're serving? i've never been so mortified to
5:22 am
hear someone say something. if that's what a you believe, you're not fit to lead that force. if you don't have belief in the people you're leading, then you're not fit to lead 'em, and that's a big deal. i don't know if that's a distraction to the point that stops this mission from being conducted properly or at least safely or successfully, but when the administration is still standing up there calling the evacuation a success and to omitting the fact that it is an evacuation and not a withdrawal, i mean, that's living in your own reality and don't get much accountability when you just reframe things and kind of ignore your obvious blunders. that's kind of where we are right now. pete: yeah. and that's why there's such a lack of trust, because you want to believe isis-k fighters were killed and they were top levels, but they're called planners and -- >> two dudes with a shovel in their truck. pete: we don't know. same thing with so many things surrounding this. we just watched that flight take off. you know, that photo you just held up, she's on that airplane
5:23 am
or on another airplane headed to dover, and her soul is with our maker right now. god bless her. joey, thank you so much for breaking it down nurse. >> thank you. pete: we appreciate it. rachel: thanks, joey. pete: all right. we've got meteorologist rick reichmuth tracking hurricane ida hours from landfall. rick: hey, since i was on, pressure continues to drop, storm continues to strengthen, and it's already a 150 mile-an-hour storm. center looks so incredibly symmetrical, this is what you don't want to see, we're talking about a strengthening storm. we saw that in 2018 with hurricane matthew that hit the panhandle of florida and just completely wiped out areas there across parts of the panhandle. we're going to see areas that are completely destroyed along coastal areas of louisiana. and i think the center of this looks like it's going to be going over one of the areas where so much of our oil work that is done here across parts of the oil, all of that oil is
5:24 am
brought in, and it's going to take a hit from a cat 4, cat 5 storm. they've done a lot of work there to reinforce it, but we'll see if it's able to sustain a storm of this magnitude. if it gets over 157 miles an hour, that's a cat 5, and the latest brings it to 155 somewhere in the next 4-6 hours. center of the storm right here, you see some of that lightning, that's often indicative of a storm that's continuing to strengthen. that's certainly not good news, and we're going to be seeing that storm surge 12-16 feet likely across the immediate area where where it comes onshore and off to the right. the hurricane force winds only extend out 40 miles an hour, so a fairly small, compact storm. that's maybe one good thing if we can find any good news, but as it pulls off towards the north, that's going to get very close to the new orleans if area, so i think we'll probably be seeing hurricane force winds for a number of hours across new orleans. and notice this, sunday evening, tonight, we've got the storm right here, sunday afternoon,
5:25 am
monday morning, overnight tonight, it doesn't move very far at all, so we're going to have a prolonged period of that rain, incredible amounts of rain, incredible inland flooding and maybe those pumps can't handle pumping out that much water that fast. lots going on here. back to you. will: thank you, rick. now to a fox news alert, the state department overnight telling all american citizens to leave the kabul airport immediately, and president biden warns another terror attack is highly likely. pentagon also announcing they killed an isis-k planner and a, quote, facilitator, by airstrike, but they won't say if they played a specific role. let's bring in fox news senior strategic analyst general jack keane. general, good to see you. what's your reaction when you hear the news we have specific and credible threats again at the kabul airport in. >> yeah, we've got to believe it. i mean, that's the same announcement we made before the
5:26 am
actual horrific attack took place. there's no doubt that isis of-k has operating cells in kabul and, certainly, they're trying to pull off another attack before we get out of there. certainly, we're taking all the necessary precautions we probably can, but we are vulnerable as we, as you have noted on the show morning. -- this morning. we have outsourced the security outside the perimeter of the kabul airport to the taliban. they're running the security checkpoints, and, listen, the taliban, the al-qaeda, the isis-k, they all have the same radical islamic fundamentalist loafs. they all believe in killing americans. and while they may fight among each other as isis-k and isis does at times, i believe that common theology wraps them in a sort of special glue when it comes to anti-americanism, anti-west and anti-democracy. will: right. >> could they have been complicitsome you betcha. will: what do you make of the
5:27 am
biden administration's explanation that the taliban is not an entity in which we should trust, but we should trust their self-interest? in other words, we heard people from the administration say the taliban wants us out of afghanistan, and the best way to get us out of afghanistan is to unsure we're not hit on the way -- insure we're not many hit on the way out. clearly, that didn't work with out. do you buy that that as we have two days left, the taliban has a strategic interest in unsure ising we leave, therefore, let's not let the americans get hit, is that something we can trust? >> oh, absolutely not. but i would have taken a different approach. i believe they're right, the taliban wants us out of there as quickly as we can get out of there so, listen, they have earned an unbelievable victory that we handed to them. let's face it, it's being broadcast around the world that the united states has, indeed, surrendered to the taliban, and it'll become the premier radical islamist organization in the world. but i would -- the approach is,
5:28 am
in my judgment, yeah, they want us out of there, so let's put a finger in their chest. should have told them we're going to stay as long as it takes to get our people out, and we're going to bring in the forces that are necessary to secure this evacuation as it's taking place, and we are going to be in charge of it. and when they were running those checkpoints, we either should have been at those checkpoints with them, or we should have owned the checkpoint ourselves and told them to get out of the way or suffer the consequences. we had every right to secure our people in a fashion that we know how to do this. you don't think the cg of the 82nd who's responsible for security at the kabul airport knows that he needs a security zone in front of that barricade called the three or four gates that are there? the guy's got 17 combat deployments, he's been in delta and the rangers for years. of course they know what needs to be done. the fact is they're hamstrung by
5:29 am
these policies that are restricting them from doing what should be done tactically and operationally are. makes no sense to me. will: i'm sure it's us from if traiting -- frustrating, for example, for the 82nd. we don't have a replay of what we saw on thursday. general keane, thank you so much for getting up and and shining some light on this this morning. >> you're welcome. take care. will: former arkansas governor mike huckabee is set to join us live right after the break. new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria.
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rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." a marine corps battalion commander or relieved of his couth duty after calling out top brass for their failures in afghanistan. >> i'm not saying we've got to be in afghanistan forever, but i am saying if any of you say,
5:34 am
hey, it's a bad idea to evacuate bagram airfield before we evacuate everyone. i have been fighting for 17 years. i am willing to throw it all away to say to my senior leaders, i demand accountability. rachel: now lieutenant colonel stuart scheller is saying i demand accountability at all levels. we don't get it, i'm bringing it. let's bring in fox news contribute kerr and former governor of arkansas mike huckabee. welcome, governor. "the new york post" interviewed some of the people that served under this lieutenant colonel, they said he is a marine's marine, they'd follow him to the end of the earth, that that's how much trust and faith they have in him and his reputation is stellar are. he put if it all on the line, two years left til retirement, three kids. what do you make of this? >> this is a true marine. marines put their lives on the line every single day that they
5:35 am
serve, and they also know they have to have a chain of command they can trust. if they have people above them making very bad decisions, decisions that everyone down below knows are political, not military digs, then men's lives are in danger, women's lives are in danger. so what he did was courageous and bold. he knew full well he was burning his career downed to do it. if have said, look, i want to say these things, i don't want any responsibility, any accountability, any consequences, then it wouldn't have been so courageous. but the courage was that he knew full well that he was going to be relieved of his duties, and sure enough, just as he expected, he was. he paid a price. that's what good marines do, they pay a price for what they do, the decisions they make. i tell you, he's a remarkable young man. i think he's going to have a great career in the private sector or wherever he goes because he takes something with hum.
5:36 am
it's called integrity, and we need a lot more of it. rachel: yeah. and patriotism. i look at what's happening in kabul, and it's not just the incompetence, it's the lack of patriot im. i mean, you just want america to do well and not leave in this humiliating fashion if in addition to, of course, wanting to protect americans. i had a congressman on, governor huckabee, who had to put forward legislation to prioritize americans, and i'm thinking, what kind of country do we we live in that that's not already understood, that we have to have a republican congressman put forward a bill to prioritize us getting americans out? i just, i'm so confused and in addition to all the woke policies, these woke generals, there's just such a lack of focus and patriotism these days, isn't there? >> there really is, rachel. and in my now 66 years on this planet and as a proud american,
5:37 am
this is the first time i've ever seen us put america and americans last. this is not what we do. and the fact that that we've got americans that are struggling to get out of an absolute hellhole in afghanistan and they're told go to the airport, oh, no, don't go to the airport, we may not be able to get you out, well, we'll try but we can't guarantee anything, that's not the country that created this extraordinary experiment in government where the people rule. right now the people are being ruled over by folks who don't care. and i just am very angry and frustrated that the legacy of our country is not being handed over to the next generation with the same kind of sense of hope, opportunity, and you used the word patriotism, a love of country that we need. but we also have to have a country that's easy to love, and it's not as easy to love when the country doesn't love us back. rachel: wow. i can't, i can't agree with you
5:38 am
more, governor. it's a sad day. those bodies are now at dover air force base. our president is going over to greet them. this was, again, foreseeable, preventable. i mean, my heart just breaks for all those parents -- >> rachel, i do want to say this, we said a lot of things about joe biden, his lack of leadership. let's give him credit, he is going to dover. rachel: i agree. >> there was speculation that he might not, but i want to say is i appreciate and respect that he made a decision that was a horrible decision. those people are coming home with flag-draped coffins, but at least he's giving them the respect they deserve by going, and i genuinely appreciate that he's going to be there when they arrive. rachel: i commend him for that as well, governor. i think the parents of those behave heroes are also looking for accountability -- brave heroes. and i think that's what this subject was with the lieutenant colonel. again, thanks so much, governor. always look to you for some sage advice and words. >> thank you, rachel.
5:39 am
rachel: all right. straight ahead, we are live along the gulf coast as category 4 hurricane ida gains speed. the dangerous storm set to make landfall in just hours. ♪ ♪ over the years, mercedes-benz has patented thousands of safety innovations. crash-tested so many cars we've stopped counting. and built our most punishing test facility yet, in our effort to build the world's safest cars. we've created crumple zones and autonomous braking. active lane keeping assist and blind spot assist.
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5:43 am
to honor the 13 american troops killed in kabul. wonder what kind of reception he will get from the families who will be there to meet those bodies. what we're going to do right now is take a moment to remember those 13 and their sacrifice. staff sergeant darren hoover was an 11-year veteran serving his third tour of duty. sergeant johanny roe star row. sergeant is nicole geoi love my job on this picture of her holding an afghan baby last week. corporal hunter lopez was the son of two california sheriffs. they say their serving son, that was his calling. corporal daegan page leaving behind four siblings. if corporal humbertoing sanchez was an honor student.
5:44 am
and lance corporal david espinoza joined the marines after graduating high school. lance corporal jared schmidt knew if he wanted to serve as a freshman in high school and was on his first deployment. rylee mccollum was going to be a father. lance corporal dylan merola was known to give anything to anyone in need. he was just 20 years old. lance corporal kareem nikoui has one of the biggest hearts, he brought fellow marines home with him for the holidays. navy corpsman maxton soviak was on the honor roll in his high school. and army staff sergeant brian knauss was on his second deployment. he leaves behind a loving wife. we remember them all this morning. they arrive on our shore this morning. ♪
5:45 am
pete: here to react on the sacrifice of those brave troops, rob o'neil, the man who killed osama bin laden, and dakota meyer, retired marine corps, who served in afghanistan. gentlemen, i don't know if you had a chance to see those faces, but you heard the names, dakota, i'll start with you. they're arriving here today. where's your mind at considering the sacrifices of just the last couple of days in afghanistan? >> i mean, look, there's a lot of emotions. one thing i'll say is, is that, you know, when we lose a marine, everybody feels it. you know, it's just, it's just horrible, right? i don't know there's something to say they went down defending their country, going down doing what they believe in, but the problem is, is that they shouldn't have even been in that situation in the first if place. the problem is, is that our president, our leadership has put these young men and women in
5:46 am
this position. and if i think that's the difference between seeing this versus what, i mean, look, i understand, i definitely understand incompetent leadership can get you, right? but i just think it's so, so horrible that these young men and women, it just was not necessary. pete: rob, you know, we've already heard some of those parents speaking out to the press, pointing the finger at the white house, at leadership. those families are going to come face to face with joe biden if not right now, just in moments. what kind of interalaska, what kind of reception -- interaction, what kind of resense do you think the president gets? >> you know, these parents of these marines, they're obviously going to be courteous, they're going to treat the president the way that these great americans should. the issue is just the incompetence, that they didn't need to be there in that way, the way these bad leaders did it, put 'em in a spot where even one of the fathers is carpenter,
5:47 am
and when he was talking to his son, even i could tell they shouldn't be doing that. it's a bottleneck with the taliban as your external security? so to lose, i mean, just to lose a son or a daughter in that way, that it was so avoidable. it was so predictable, so avoidable, and it's just -- can the emotions with me, and i had a lot of events yesterday, it's sadness, it's grief, it's anger. and it's needless. it's not like we're out there storming a castle and winning the war. we're in retreat as these incompetent leaders put these brave men and women in this spot where they know they're in a lot of danger and yet they still did it because that's what ma if leans do. i don't really have a lot of words for this. pete: you're right -- go ahead, dakota. >> and i want to say this, it's not -- joe biden -- i'll tell you this, the leadership of whoever was in charge of those marines, i mean, we were all
5:48 am
watching as three people who have been in combat, we were all watching these photos going, well, we know what's about to happen next, right? watching these marines walk around out there and us not have a perimeter off of the base with, i mean, there are -- whoever was in charge of those marines. that were lost needs to be released, needs to be held accountable. you've got lieutenant colonel scheller who is calling out the leadership. we've been in combat for 20 years, or dealing with the taliban for 20 years, do we not know what they're about to do? you've got marines, you're putting them at harm. there's no tactics, it was complacency at its best. this is incredible, and if there is no one held accountable on this, we've watched leadership held accountable over the breach of the base a few years ago, right? i mean, this is the exact same thing, and they should be held accountable. pete: rob -- go ahead. >> i've got to get in here too
5:49 am
because i woke up that morning realizing what could possibly happen with that bottleneck, and then for the media just, i mean, someone that fought, you know, myself and dakota, for them to come out and say, yeah, this complex attack -- it was not complex. they were going to send in a suicide bomber, chaos was going to ensue, and guess what? it's going to go off again, and they're going to shoot at us. this is not hard. we're so much better than these people, and it blows my mind that we've put our brave men and women in this spot that's completely useless. we surrendered our decision, we have a lieutenant colonel that all he asked for was accountability. guess who the only officer that's been fired so far? just asking for accountability. no one's resigned. there's suits in the beltway just waiting for the next election, and really it puts a thorn in my side. it's really hard to describe this. pete: no, we could talk about it all morning. i didn't even have to ask a
5:50 am
question, because you guys took it. when there are americans dead and we're in retreat and we have more threat reporting that another attack like that is likely, what else can you say other than something needs to be done, something needs to change. it's untenable in an absolute, abject failure. dakota and rob, guys, love ya. thank you so much. >> thanks, appreciate it. pete: all right. up next, hurricane aye ta da set to make landfall in just hours. we're tracking the powerful category 4 storm as it nears louisiana. [engine revs] ricky bobby, today the road is your classroom. [zippers fasten] [engine revs] woo-hoo! it's time for your extracurriculars. ¡vámanos, amigos!
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♪ rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends". we're going to check in with chief meteorologist rick reichmuth tracking the latest with hurricane ida. rick: yeah. the storm's probably going to happen in the next 3-5 hours. this is the direction the storm has been moving over the last three hours. if you just extend that in here, we're probably talking about 4-6 hours from now, 16-18% of the country's oil comes here from the gulf, all goes through that spot right there, and they're going to be taking the worst of the storm surge. we'll see how that fares. this right here is where the mississippi river exits out in towards gulf. this is going to be pushing a lot of that water back up into
5:55 am
the mississippi river. that mississippi river held out by the levee system that is really going to be tested from this storm, that he e see system that they repaired, replaced and shored up after hurricane katrina which, obviously, failed and caused the flooding. 150 mile-an-hour storm is, it's expected to continue to strengthen, wind pressure continues to drop, and that means very heavy rain. rainfall here across southeastern louisiana probably 15-20 inches, and that's going to be a really critical issue in new orleans where that town sits around 6-8 feet below sea level are. they have to pump all that water out. we have jeff paul in new orleans if, you're going to be seeing hurricane force winds certainly there, and all of that levee system is going to be tested. jeff, what are you seeing there? >> reporter: yeah, rick, the winds are really starting to pick up along the mississippi river as those outer bands move in. we've seen a few people out and about throughout the french
5:56 am
quarter here in new orleans walking their dog, getting their last minute exercise in, but now things are really starting to turn, and i think people are going to take this hurricane very serious. rick? rick: all right, jeff. will: thank you so much for the latest from new orleans: fox news alert, several reports of an explosion in kabul. we're going to have details in just moments, top of the hour. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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will: straight to a fox news alert this morning on "fox & friends." several local journalists in afghanistan saying there was an explosion in kabul. very little details known. the white house had been warning of another terrorist attack within a 24 to 36 hour window. rachel: this as a powerful cat-4 hurricane closes in on louisiana. expect to hit in just hours. pete: we have fox team coverage. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth tracking the storm.
6:01 am
we first begin with greg palkot the latest on afghanistan. a lots of conflicting information. is it a controlled detonation a rocket, mortar, what can you tell us right now? reporter: a lot of different messages but the messages things are different right now. all of our contacts here at the military base, what we're seeing in the final days, i repeat, the final days of the u.s. military involvement in afghanistan, we're even finding out even the final days are dangerous. at the kabul airport the last evacuations of desperate afghans fearing taliban rule continue. the numbers are way down. that is because new terrorist threats, possible terror attacks even today. that looms as the u.s. troops and gear must get out over the next two to three days. look at what we saw this weekend at this important transit hub for the operation in germany. >> it is being called one of the
6:02 am
biggest airlifts in u.s. history. u.s. military and civilian planes taking part here at ramstein airbase in germany. 20,000 folks have come in here. 5000 have left so far. sense we're getting it is winding down because of that august 31st deadline set by the president, also because of that brutal terror attack last thursday in kabul. in fact in the two days that we have been here on the ground we have seen no, zero, flights of refugees coming in from kabul or from other bases. we now have learned however, that five specially chartered u.s. commercial planes with refugees on board left for the states yesterday. this was scheduled 10 going out today. we just saw one leave. folks here are trying very quickly to get rid of, move the backlog of 18,000 afghan refugees. listen first to the head of medical operations here at this base.
6:03 am
then to another refugee. take a listen. >> my team is tired. we're working 12 hour shifts non-stop. everyone of us is getting up every day. we're happy to be here. more we work, the more people we can help. we're okay with continuing to do the mission until it is completed. reporter: you didn't want to live in the country with the taliban? >> never ever. no one wants to live there. this is the wish of everybody to leave afghanistan. reporter: finally we've been telling you about the marines injured in that thursday kabul attack. they were brought here. they are being treated at a nearby u.s. military medical hospital. this is unconfirmed but a reliable source is telling us the number being treated is larger than originally thought and some are well enough to have been transferred back to the states to be treated there. it is not over till it is is over and yes, these last few
6:04 am
days could be ugly, guys. will: thank you, greg palkot. pete: we're relying on local reporting. we're confirming everything. the threat was there, next 24 hours a credible threat on the kabul airport. a couple things we're seeing in local reporting, fox news again is looking to confirm it, possible controlled detonation inside the airport the pentagon would like to confirm that quickly if that is the case. multiple reports after rocket or mortar hitting the airport even if it didn't reach the airport, we're looking problematic with airlift and evacuation, mortars or rockets that makes aircraft in evacuations very vulnerable t could have been an attack similar to the earth one. we are working to confirm. we've been almost waiting, there is this looming sense of something like this, troubling to see the initial reports. pictures of smoke plumes. nothing more than that. rachel: we've seen the pictures
6:05 am
on twitter of plumes of smoke, the president, will, said this was to be expected. he announced that. will: yeah and he gave us a tight window after serious and credible threat starting yesterday, 24 to 3hour window. almost culmination of an expectation. what this explosion is to your point, pete, we do not yet know. but seems certain there is some explosion taking place in afghanistan. we're working on details all throughout the morning. bring in on the telephone, short joni ernst, senate armed services committee, retired war veteran, retired army national guard colonel. senator, what do you make of the initial reports, when you posit it, sit eyed h side by side with the expectation provided by intelligence services and pentagon and biden administration there was another threat of another terror attack in kabul? >> that is to be expected. we look what is happening right
6:06 am
now. we knew if the taliban took over the country as they did that a number of these violent extremist organizations would be able to reconstitute and gain strength. of course they are targeting our american men and women in uniform as well as making us abandon the americans we still have on the ground. pete: senator, we're still working this as well. some other reports saying powerful explosion, huge explosion, hyperbole is often used. having been in the military, senator, as you know first reports are almost wrong. we're waiting for confirmation of this. part of the reason we wanted you on this morning, senator, one of the 13 killed in the kabul attack arriving at dover air force base someone whose family you were familiar with in iowa. talk to us about that person and what you're thinking about. >> yes. first of course to all the of the families please know that america is behind you.
6:07 am
we are grieving with you for all those that are mourning the loss of their loved ones but yes, corporal dagen william tyler page, he was raised between my hometown of red oak, iowa, and omaha, nebraska and his grandmother is a dear friend of mine and my mother's. we've known their family since i was born. so it is a great loss to all of us and to know that his mother wendy and his father greg are receiving him today at dover and they will take him back home where he belongs but they wanted me to express to everyone what an amazing man that daegan was. that is what we should remember, these men and women who lost their lives, they didn't just wear the uniform, they were friends, they were brothers, they were sons, they were daughters. they all had a backstory.
6:08 am
he loved hunting and playing hockey and he was in the boycotts growing up. everybody knew him as a behind hearted person, we could tell that, even though the tough exterior was a marine he definitely had a soft spot for people and he loved serving and he wanted to do the right thing for the country. though again i want to stress to everyone that these young men and women, they are incredible people and they sacrificed literally everything now for our country. rachel: senator, thank you so much for bringing that story. our hearts break and we mourn with that family. we hope that having their son's body home brings them at least a little comfort. we know the days will be difficult ahead. thank you, senator. >> we ask for prayers for everyone. rachel: of course. thank you, senator. will: senator joni ernst. this from fox news jennifer griffin, she was told the explosion was not at the
6:09 am
airport. seeking more details. but as of right now the explosion did not take place at the airport but rather elsewhere in kabul. more details to compete pete what it tells us it was not likely a controlled detonation which would have happened by our forces inside the airport. we don't have forces elsewhere. could have been a rocket, a mortar, or suicide attack or any other type of attack. either way in keeping with threat reporting that we've seen. just at end of last hour we had rob o'neill and dakota meyer on the program. when we got the news they agreed to stick around for us. rob, dakota, welcome back. thank you very much the we just got done talking about the likelihood of something like this. rob, we don't know what it is. we know first report are almost always wrong. an explosion in kabul, what is your take what is happening now? >> looks to me it is right outside of some of the gates. i talked to my sources something, ternnal.
6:10 am
you have to figure with us retreating the way we're retreating it will turn into complete chaos. you will see more explosions. this could be anything of a suicide bomber in a spot, a family they didn't like, could be an rpg, could be anything. you're about to see some crazy stuff happen because we've tucked our tail and ran and we're leaving them in complete turmoil. they have nothing, they being afghans have nothing to look forward to except taliban and isis and sharia law and just madness. so it is going to get -- could be anything from people trying to escape. once we leave it is going to turn into, the best advice our state department if they were there which they're not, some of the first to retreat, the best advice they give the locals is run. rachel: rob, interesting you say that. dakota, we spoke with an interpreter, zarif, who made his way to kabul. he is hiding. the taliban are hunting him and
6:11 am
his five children and wife down now. they have no confidence that the american government will save them. they're depending on brave veterans, network of people attempting to rescue people like him. how much more does this explosion complicate those kind of missions, or can we expect they will just end because of this? >> i mean i think that like you know, look, you can go ahead and know that the american government is done saving people, right? unless there is enough pressure from the american people put on our politicians, calling up and getting with their senators saying something has to be done. i mean i think the message that is really disturbing that is sent across we lost 13 u.s. servicemembers as we're pulling out. our agreement, let's go worst-case scenario, the agreement is up to the 31st we'll be there. we're not to the 31st yet. we haven't gone past that as president biden is saying we're not going to but what message does it send across the level of
6:12 am
power that america is that 13 servicemembers died and we did one drone strike? that is, it is not a good statement. that is not a great rep representation it is and how powerful our servicemembers are. president biden needs to come out to say this. if you're watching this, i'm sure you're not, i hope somebody sends it to you. look i'm a weak leader, i'm a weak leader as you can tell over the last weak leader. america is different state under my leadership, under my administration. let's get everybody off, all u.s. servicemembers. pull them out right now so we're not all sitting here waiting for what the next bomb will be. how many more people will we have to receive at dover. that is the whole piece of it is, we have a weak leader, we have a weak president, it is showing that all across the world right now. pete: rob, that certainly feels like the message. as a member of seal team six
6:13 am
your disposition is almost always surprise and offensive. initiative it in any particular engagement, they don't know where you're coming or coming from. in this particular case our soldiers and marines there have the opposite disposition, on our heels, on our way out, no stand-off whatsoever from the taliban and haqqani and al qaeda. what does that do to the guys there surrounded attempting to defend almost the indefensible? also the psychology of our enemy on the other side who says we have them surrounded and on psychological warfare side of it? >> the enemy is laughing at us right now. i don't care how you call them, isis-k, whatever the flavor of the day or haqqani or whatever, they're the same people. they're the same -- they're laughing at us. our adversaries, russia, china, iran, they're enjoying. this what they're getting at us right now, this is actually one of our greatest traits, those marines out there they were the good guys. they didn't need to be out there
6:14 am
trying to help these babies getting trampled from the mobs of, whatever. but they're out there because that is what good guys do. we're the good guys. sometimes it is like that. those marines would do it again. the thing that what bothers me what marines actually do is they show up, break a bunch of stuff, kill a bunch of people and they win. that is what marines have always done from the hauls of mon at that zuma, shores of tripoli. right now there is weak leadership, right now i'm not just talking about president biden, but i'm talking about president biden, general lloyd, chairman of the generals, joints chief, in disgust just left. amazing me they're making us look like this. this is how we'll be remembered now, just standing there trying to run away but you know the bully is not letting us nonsense. we can win this right now but we won't because you know, we would rather be woke than tough. there is difference between being woke and waking up and we
6:15 am
need to wake up. will: we're waking up this morning again to reports of an explosion in kabul. is it a controlled detonation? is it a rocket? is it near the airport? is it somewhere else in the city, all those details we're waiting on. this is the at end of reports that we would imminently see a credible threat of an explosion from the very tight window. that was coming from the biden administration. today we have reports of a in fact a explosion in kabul. rob brings up an interesting point this is to be expected. dakota, the question is, whatever hell and chaos afghanistan descends in our departure, isis-k, taliban, al qaeda with taliban, whatever may be, whatever violence ensues the question how much takes place the next two days while american troops are still on the ground? here we are, as pete described on our heels trying to get out, trying to help as many people as possible. this defensive posture has to create news like what you're
6:16 am
seeing at the bottom of your screen, has to create more vulnerabilities, more expectation, less surprise and hopefully not more casualties in a two-day time frame? >> yeah. i mean look, the next two days will be how the united states is remembered in afghanistan. the way that we leave this, you know, and understand this, this is the last chance that some of the taliban, like rob said, whoever, whatever you want to call them today, this is the last chance, this is the easiest target they are going to get. first off, we are surrounded. the united states is surrounded on one location there right now and you know, this is the last chance a lot of them will get to fight us. do you think they will not go all out, try to make their name? their messaging to the afghan people is look who is here now. the united states was here for 20 years but look who pushed them out. we look like we are running
6:17 am
scared to our enemies right now, which is so terrible because we have some of the best american and women over there. let them do their job. this is what is so hard for me to comprehend is me and rob were going around trying to hunt these people down. the taliban were not openly showing themselves who they are. they're standing around the base right now with their guns. like until the 31st, shoot them. kill these -- they're right there wide open. this is the easiest, like shooting fish in a barrel right now. i promise you this, if we started shooting, give us one day of letting these marines do their job against the enemy which the taliban is still our enemy, they are not our ally, i promise you they would all back off and we would get out there have safe. rachel: rob, what is your best guess why they won't let our military do their job like that? >> i, you know i wish i could make sense of it but right now politically down is up, up is down.
6:18 am
some of the most ridiculous stuff happening. some of the stuff happening right now we're so ridiculous we're getting used to it. the rules of engagement are still in place. dakota was right, we're surrounded, we're just surrounded. there is no reason for it. we would have a hard time finding these guys because they're sew weak, we're so much better. we can take on any military in the world all of them at once, beat them. but we have people so worried about getting reelected. so worried about offending someone they won't do it. those marines out there right now could go out to crush everyone. they won't let them because some officer somewhere needs a ribbon. pete: to that point one of the first statements came out after the isis cave reaper attack, they won't disclose, don't worry no civilian casualties. that is the thought anyone on this side understands after thousands of civilians have been killed and our troops as well.
6:19 am
dakota, go ahead. >> i should expect it, you're crazy if you don't expect it from the biden administration. this is what we expect. i'll tell you where i'm disappointed, we have general burger and sergeant major black both who i know, relationships of the united states marine corps who are allowing this to go on. why are you playing politics with young men and women's lives? why are we doing this? pull them off. my marines aren't going to be there. we'll bring them home. you don't have better strategy, if they can't do their job, bring them home right now. like, just, it is so disheartening, and if you try to figure out like in the military at what level are the politics at? obviously you've got a lieutenant colonel who feels like he needs to stand up with his sub bored gnats, he gets fired. let me silence you as whistle-blower.
6:20 am
i hope at some point this lieutenant colonel gets back in and do him right. reporter: powerful words from the medal of honor recipient from the marine corps. no doubt they will be heard. rob, coming in, reporting not confirmed we'll have it throughout the hour. many of the reports seem to point to a potential rocket or mortar attack. assume that would be the case. one airfield surrounded -- one airfield. what is the impact of rockets and mortars, accurate, not accurate, raining down on the airport for the next 12, 24, 48 hours? what does that do to a evacuation effort or retreat? >> we have proven in the war 20 years the only time enemy can beat us hit it with a rocket. we saw it with turbine, we lost a bunch of guys in 2005. in 2011. a rocket needs to be right once. a lucky shot is whatever.
6:21 am
that is all that matters. if one of these rockets hit as c-17 full of people, it will go down. everyone on board will die. this is big problem. the generals talk about the taliban, they're extending their perimeter. no, they're surrounding us. one of the rockets hits one taking off, just at airspeed, doesn't take off, going down, blowing up in a baffle flames. as we're retreating. i cannot believe we're having this conversation. it is such an insult to everyone whoever fought and died in this war. rachel: one general said we didn't need bagram, on record, that is general milley. again, no resignations, no calls for his head to roll, no response. >> there should be. rachel: there should be i agree. pete: dakota meyer, rob o'neill, you know what you're talking about. thanks for speaking bluntly. rachel: thanks for speaking the truth. pete: the reports are explosion
6:22 am
in kabul, details still unknown. nature of explosion, via rocket or controlled detonation, inside, outside, somewhere in kabul near the airport. we're awaiting reports of the explosion in kabul. to our other major story. category 4 hurricane ida hitting the gulf coast. fox meteorologist rick reichmuth tracking it live. rick: the storm is very organized. we're seeing pressure plummet throughout the morning. with the lowering pressure that is explosive strengthening storm. that means all the impacts increase across louisiana, mississippi, alabama coastline. there is center of the storm, we talk about the center. to the center, to the right where the worst of the storm surge and worst of the wind will be. this large storm expands across parts of mississippi, louisiana, large storm surge with flooding. we'll see hurricane conditions
6:23 am
in baton rouge and definitely in new orleans as well. the storm is coming onshore, so strong, it will take a long time for that to weaken into below hurricane storm strength. this right here, the lightning around the center of the storm, that is generally indicative of a storm to continue to explosively strengthen and that's what we're seeing. because of that all of our storm surge projections have gone up a little bit, speculating 11 to 16 feet anywhere the storm comes onshore just off to the right of that. areas across lake born, the lake that feeds into lake pontchartrain, the one held by a levee in towards new orleans we have up to 12 feet of storm surge across there. the levys put in place after katrina will be tested. the other thing that will be tested the pump system from new orleans. new orleans is in a bowl. all the rain they need to pump out of the system. parts of louisiana, mississippi,
6:24 am
15 to 20 inches of rain. we'll see flooding across parts of mississippi, western tennessee as well. but in the short term new orleans are in the cross-hairs. definitely the flooding, certainly hurricane force winds, possibly tornadoes. that is where our madeleine rivera who is live right there now. what are you seeing? reporter: hey, good morning, rick. yes we've had rain on and off all morning but it is the wind gusts that are really starting to pick up. as you can see i'm struggling here to hold my hat down to my head. we got a wind advisory on our phones not too long ago said we could see 115 mile-an-hour, to 150 mile-an-hour winds. i to want to give you a look at the scene right over here. this is canal street. as you know this is a very busy street. there were some people, there are some people still here but for the most part it is pretty empty. you can still see stores across the street from me boarded up.
6:25 am
over to my right people here reinforcing the stores with more plywood so they can withstand the storms. there are mandatory and voluntary evacuations throughout the city. mandatory evacuations of those outside of the levee system. within the levee system with voluntary evacuations. the city mayor said there wasn't enough time to evacuate anyone. she didn't want anyone out on the road risking more danger. everyone who did not evacuate has to shelter in place. obviously this happening on the 16th anniversary of hurricane katrina. there are feelings of apprehension throughout the city. many people here remember the damage that katrina caused. as you mentioned this will really test the city's flood protection system which was rebuilt after katrina in a way that has not been tested before. will, rachel and pete. pete: thank you very much. on our other story breaking right now, we have confirmation from the afghan police chief who would also be a member of the
6:26 am
taliban by default right now confirming a rocket hit outside in a neighborhood outside of the airport and kill ad child is their report. again consider the source. this is after the white house warned of another imminent terror attack. i can't help but speculate, we have not talked about the fact, i know i'm going to segment, one thing real quick could have been an american attack. crazy our first instinct we would go on the offensive but will you had interesting, again all speculation. we believe it's a rocket outside of the airport which is dangerous, which is a scary development in and of itself we have a evacuation going on one airstrip. ultimately reports of a child head your thoughts in a direction too. will: as you point out there are so few details and speculation but we didn't think of possibility of united states led initiative. you wonder by the reports of child killed confirmed by afghan
6:27 am
police chief and make sure the origination of the source of the attack. rachel: maybe we knew who was going to attack us on the imminent bomb we heard about from the president. maybe this was counterstrike. that would be interesting. pete: we should have eyes in the sky everywhere. drones in the sky everywhere. the first recognition after mortar tube or rocket hopefully could lead to an american reaction immediately. let's hope again, that is speculation but the afghan police chief not to be believed at this point considering who is in charge of kabul but the initial reports are a religionket which complicates the entire situation. we'll bring you details with we have them. our next guest is a devout muslim from saudi arabia who once set out to train for jihad. center of islamic awareness and research, joins us now. thanks for being here. really appreciate it. you're seeing recent developments. recognition of american withdrawal and retreat in kabul.
6:28 am
we're hearing a lot of reports whether it's taliban, al qaeda, haqqani, confluence of them, isis-k as well. what is the mine set of groups like that -- mind set of groups like that as america is leaving the battlefield. >> thank you, pete. that is an excellent question. back in 1979 the soviets invaded, end of '80s they withdrew. afghanis celebrated they defeated one of the great powers of the world. now they will say exactly the same thing, they defeated the second superpower, they become aspiration for many young men who would like to go fight for a cause or ideology unfortunately we cannot change. even though there is minority obviously of muslims adhere to this extreme form of jihad, never it takes only a few of them. took 19 hijackers to cause 9/11. less than 100,000 with isis back in syria to cause all the havoc
6:29 am
in the world. that is the mind-set, that is the problem, we're not dealing with one group, as you accurately stated it. there are multiple groups. all of them will collaborate because the enemy of my enemy is my friend. they will work together and start butchering each other. we are leaving a mess behind unfortunately. reporter: not to mention any citizens left behind or afghanis as well. i want to talk about the current crop. you mentioned soviets fought the mujahadeen. our invasion after 9/11 fighting the taliban. how does this crop differ, the recent jihadis? are they more radical than their forefathers? >> no, they're not, they're more equipped, mower trained, more experienced. they learned from past lessons. now they know how to deal with us and deal with others in a very sophisticated way. we left them equipment. we left them some elements,
6:30 am
basically some of the assets that we had. some of the members that we were training most likely turned now to be with them. they are going to be training these jihadis. they are a sophisticated group. they know what they're doing now. unfortunately with a open border like the policy we have the danger is right here in our backyard. pete: a great point. our own southern border wide open. we are refugees flooding into our country as well. real quick, we don't have much time, we've been hearing from the biden administration this idea after taliban 2.0. maybe they will reform. maybe they want international recognition. treat women well this time. your experience with jihadis, who are they? >> i wouldn't buy a word of this. they will say anything that tickles your ear until they are in power. this will be a slower death now to women, slower death to anyone that rises against them. now they can cover up any of their atrocities. the ideology is still there.
6:31 am
why would they change? if they changed they are basically asking the other factions to start attacking them, others say you're not following the rules correctly. we'll remove you from power. so that is exactly what is going to happen. pete: their propaganda will not change and nowow we have a legitimatized terror state in afghanistan. thank you very much. we continue to monitor the explosion in kabul. former deputy national security advisor under president trump kt mcfarland joins us with the latest coming up. nothing will stop me from vacation. no canceling. flexible cancellation. kayak. search one and done.
6:32 am
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♪. will: breaking right now, two officials telling reuters the united states has carried out a military strike in kabul. the afghan police chief said the rocket struck a neighborhood outside of kabul's airport and a child was killed. as the details came in, looks like our suspicion was correct. those details come first because it appears to be, according to reuters an american-led
6:36 am
airstrike. you would assume targeting those reports of serious and credible threats to american extractions, evacuations and airlifts out of kabul airport. the attack did take place reportedly a residence just west of the airport. if you look at aerial images it looks like an area within kabul that would potentially be right in the flight path of planes coming in and out of kabul airport. pete: very good news. it piggybacks on something we were talking about during the break. if the initial report from the afghan police chief who would be in cahoots with the taliban a child is killed, incentive to make it look like an attack gone wrong or shouldn't have happened. in this case thankfully it was an american attack on what could have been any number of imminent threats on the airport. rachel: we just had rob o'neill on. it is not too late to turn this around. maybe this is a little bit of hope. pete: bring in former deputy
6:37 am
national security advisor under president trump, kt mcfarland. thank you for being here. we have limited information all along. i am ashamed to admit it would not be a u.s. strike because we have been so weak in our response. thankfully it was a strike against an imminent threat. reaction to the reality we struck them outside of the gates of kabul? >> well i hope it is the beginning of a trend. i hope it is beginning of turning a page what is happening in afghanistan, particularly in kabul. we need to reseize the initiative in a tactical military sense. we need to reseize the initiative. what is the world seeing? a superpower wrought low, after 20 years brought low by a ragtag militia who has american weapons using them on americans. i'm delighted if it's a u.s. strike and i hope first of many.
6:38 am
pete: absolutely. threat our troops have been under, any number of group. i can't believe some of our leadership talked about mixing the groups marbleized, we'll get sophisticated aboutries between each other and taliban, haqqani and al qaeda, that region of the world in your experience, can you splice them out or ultimately are they in cahoots to push them out? >> they're all the same. they're cousins of each other. they're all intermarried. they know about what they knew. i'm not bowing now the taliban, afghan government says that was not us at airport. that was isis-k. they all know what each other is doing. most of the time they're fighting each other. i'm not buying the innocence of this new kabul, the new afghan taliban government. i think a lot of this is public relations. the administration says we'll trust the taliban government now because we know they want international respect and recognition an down the road
6:39 am
they will want american aid. no they won't. they have exactly the kind of recognition they want. they look like they have brought low a superpower. they brought low the soviet union. now they brought low america. they don't care about going to the united nations cocktail parties. they have gotten exactly what they want. as far as american aid down the road, what will they do with american aid? teach little girls how to read? open hospitals for maternity wards? they will not do that. they will get whatever aid from the chinese. rachel: i was going to say that, kt they prefer to get money from the chinese. comes with a lot less strings attached as far as things they have to do for little girls as you say. talk to me a little bit about accountability. if you were in charge, whose head would roll on this right now? >> well i would want, not an investigation that lasts for months and months and months and then finally down the road when the dust is settled maybe a few
6:40 am
junior officers are mentioned. i think you need an immediate investigation and you need it find out not just what went wrong but should have gone right. what i've been so upset within the last 20 years, rachel, washington generals trot up to capitol hill, you know, all we need is a few billion more dollars, couple more months, maybe a year, few thousand american forces we'll train a modern american military capability in afghanistan. we'll seize these guys up and they will defend their freedoms. none of it was ever true. what are the generals doing? they were trying to pass the buck long enough to retire to go work for the defense industry around the beltway. so i would like to hear all of those guys held accountable, starting with the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, going back several generations of joint chiefs of staff in the last 20 years. i think the american people will hold joe biden. i don't think he ever recovers from this, not after this sham
6:41 am
of a response and whatever inevitable challenges in next six months, the chinese will test us, the russians will test us. they think american leadership is in disarray as cardinal rule of foreign policy when your enemy senses weakness that is when they make their move. rachel: we're definitely less safe today because of this. >> yes. will: kt mcfarland. thanks for being with us. let's bring in griff jenkins who is live at the white house. there was a report of a explosion earlier this morning in kabul. now reports coming in that explosion was an connected to an american airstrike, you would assume in response to those serious and credible threats presented to american forces at the kabul airport. griff, what do you know? reporter: will, we are working at this hour right now to confirm what the nsc at the white house exactly what it is. but as we look at the black smoke billowing outside of the airport in kabul we first heard reports. there was a question whether
6:42 am
this was part of the retrograde, whether the u.s. was destroying their ordnance we know they can't take with them. appears associated press and reuters reporting this was a u.s. air strike citing two officials in anonymity. the rocket hit a neighborhood northwest of kabul international airport and killed a child. we will find out what we learn about that but the ap also saying this was believed to be targeting more isis-k fighters. now we earlier this morning through our reporting obviously the statement from the president saying that the strikes will continue. he will continue to hunt down those that perpetrated the heinous attack 13 killing 13 u.s. servicemembers. the president right now at dover air force base meeting the remains, to honor the remains of those brave heroes to go what we know as a dignified transfer.
6:43 am
we believe the president may be meeting with some of the families right now as we speak. he certainly i'm sure being briefed about this but as of this hour all we know is what we're seeing crossing the wires. fox news working to confirm some of this but it appears all likelihood this is a u.s.-led airstrike in a neighborhood near the kabul airport, not an attack from an isis-k fighter like we saw, suicide bombing on thursday at the airport. it is very fluid. as we knew, guys, we should put into context all of this, we knew it would be a very chaotic final hours. we're in the final 48 hours. the british troops have fully pulled out as of yesterday. now our groups, our forces trying to totally get out as well but this would appear that the administration, the pentagon continuing to go after those that perpetrated the attack on thursday. will, pete, rachel. rachel: thank you, griff.
6:44 am
pete: those that can perpetrate a future attack. if you have intel that shows an attack is imminent and credible we were talking about this earlier hopefully might have enough information to know who they are and when they might be striking. because we have presence on the ground so many years, even most radical of groups, hopefully in this case out front, not just rep rhetttry. will: one observation. i would suggest ap report relies on afghan police chief a child is true, whether or not that is true that information is being used clearly to paint a picture less flattering to the united states of america. that is propaganda. regardless of its truth we should know that came out early and quickly, which gave us an indication that might be united states-led attack and what that information confers to us.
6:45 am
second how this changes situation on the ground. the united states has gone on the offensive. have we changed dynamic of airlift what is taking place to the airport? do the gates return to open. i'm doubtful that is the case. we now have changed the situation on the ground. we rechanged some initiative as kt mcfarland says. who knows, 500, 600 americans still in kabul. pete: two things. baby is out of hamas playbook, trot out children and weeping families, that the minute strange worried about civilian casualties. we'll use that to pressure less from this is happening. my guess the way the administration will pursue this work hard to delineate, even true or not true, say this was isis-k fighters we're killing. taliban go back to doing your job. continue to secure the airfield. we're out of here. that is my guess. but again, so comingled how the
6:46 am
taliban propagates this and whether or not they think they need to save face is something that changes the security dynamics on the ground further. rachel: there is another thing that could have happened. this has been so bad and so humiliating and poll numbers are already showing how negatively even democrats and especially independents feel about this administration and the light of this, on the day that our, these heros are being flown home and all of this, that maybe, we can only hope, just maybe they're changing their entire strategy. i had a lot of hope when i was, we were talking with rob o'neill that, and dakota, they said, this is winnable. we can turn this around. it is still possible to do this. pete: our generals know how to do it, given the opportunity to do it. if you evacuate 5000 boys out of afghanistan, troops the next two days, but ther go on the offensive. otherwise they're chasing out.
6:47 am
everyone is more vulnerable in the process. rachel: i hope after this, our military has a huge awakening a stop focusing on woke generals policies an politics. we get back to the military does best. will: go to doha qatar, with trey yingst. tell us what you think this means going forward with two days of american troops left in afghanistan. reporter: we have conflicting reports in kabul. initial indications a rocket hit a residential building northwest of the airport. that a single child was killed. that was according to a afghan police chief. we're getting information from reuters citing two unnamed u.s. fishes that the americans carried out a strike inside of kabul city limits. as we go along with the timeline it appears americans are involved in the strike. again these are changing pieces
6:48 am
of information, very common when there is any sort of strike on the ground far away, thousands of miles away from where u.s. officials are often talking about the incident itself. so if we take that on its face value, this could be another target for the americans taking out isis militants who are operating on the ground in afghanistan. you remember friday evening president biden ordered a drone strike against an isis-k cell along the afghan-pakistan border. this was an opportunity for the administration to directly respond to that suicide attack on thursday that killed 13 u.s. servicemembers. you saw the pentagon press briefing that day. there was a lot of questions about who these planners, that is what they were called, planners were. if there was intelligence on the individuals before hand and whether or not they were directly involved in the suicide bombing and the administration basically wanted to make clear that these were isis-k fighters but they didn't want to make clear they were directly involved in the attacks. so why is today interesting?
6:49 am
it is interesting because there is a strike reportedly inside of kabul city limits which you could infer, we don't want to speculate because we are just gathering information right now, but if there was a isis-k militant or cell targeted inside of kabul, much more likely the cell was related to the thursday suicide bombing or one of the cells planning a further attack. remember the biden administration is very clear. they believe an attack over the next 24 hours over the against the american forces in kabul is highly likely unless everyone on the ground there is on high alert. pete: thank you, trey. appreciate that information. same source is some of the sources i've been talking to about this saying potentially this is a reaper attack on a vehicle borne-ied, a car bomb. if you have information and something like that is headed towards the gates of kabul, you have eyes and assets in the sky operating quickly it will save a lot of lives. not confirmed. we do know an american strike just happened.
6:50 am
rachel: we have some new information here the taliban spokesman says a u.s. air strike target ad suicide bomber in a vehicle who wanted strike kabul airport. pete: my sources are good. rachel: we'll keep following that. pete: think about the idea that the taliban is con furthermoring for us that a drone strike hit a suicide bomber in a vehicle. talk about the double games going on right now between friends and allies and non-friends. rachel: so confusing. bring in maria bartiromo from "sunday morning futures." your reaction to all the breaking news, maria. >> thank you very much, rachel. good morning, team. this is ongoing back and forth fight. we're back in a terrorist situation. we will likely see this continue. there was a lot of criticism over the weekend of the administration drone strike taking out the planner trey told us about, the situation is if they knew the exactly who the
6:51 am
planner was why did they wait until 13 of our servicemen were dead the planner of the terrorist attack of the our people? there is criticism going into that. we see another strike from america this. fight back and forth will continue. this morning we will get information what this means for congress. kevin mccarthy, the gop leader is on. he wants to know why nancy pelosi continues to refuse to talk about any of this. she came back last week. forced everybody back. pushed her spending plan, 3 1/2 trillion dollars to create a green new deal as well as the infrastructure package. they had a classified briefing last week for 90 minutes. right at the 90 minute mark the democrats slammed the gavel down. it was over, no more briefing. we'll get information about what kevin mccarthy the gop leader has learned. why he is in washington while his democrat colleagues are not during a terrorist situation that is on going.
6:52 am
we're also talking with two afghanistan veterans, that is congressman brian mast and congressman michael waltz, both of these gentlemen were on the ground in afghanistan and dealt with this over past several years. congressman brian mast who were one of the congressman rolling up the bad guys putting them in prison in bagram air force base. of course now we have all the 5000 prisoners out. no wonder we're seeing terrorism once again between the al qaeda, taliban and against america. we'll talk about all of that coming up. by the way, all of this in the backdrop of the democrats trying to push through their voting laws. they're doing something in california that is worth putting a spotlight on it. secretary of state saying go ahead, print out your own ballots, no problem. larry elder, gubernatorial candidate leading in california coming up as well. we'll get into every angle of the terrorist attack where we are this morning coming up in
6:53 am
eight minutes time. continue your conversation this morning, guys. rachel: thank you, maria. jam-packed show there. pete: bring in retired navy seal officer jocko willink back. nobody better to continue coverage, likely close it out on "fox & friends" on sunday. jocko, i'm sure you saw the news confirmed by multiple unnamed sources it was a drone strike took out a vbid, by taliban, may have been an isis-k attack. it is confusing, overlapping, feels like good news we're getting in front of something, a threat we should have been in front of before. >> we really still need to be careful of, like in iraq the enemy started off as disorganized and disconnected an over time they bam more organized and became a insurgency and became unified. we will see the same thing with taliban, isis-k, al qaeda. they get unified, they start
6:54 am
executing coordinated complex attacks of the those things are very devastating. i think that will begin to happen here. we really need to step up. do a couple of drone strikes here and there we need to step up and go on the offense. rachel: i wonder whether we didn't drone strike the prisoners coming out of the prison in bagram airbase. saw you last night on dan bongino's show, i assume you said no matter how it turns out forward we're witnessing the beginning of the end of the biden presidency. >> yeah. i don't think you can give billions of dollars away to the enemy. i don't think you can surrender these prominent, strategic bases. we're giving away bases, these airbases. it is just disgusting to watch. then of course we see that the loss of these servicemembers, it is, i don't think he can recover from this. i think we're seeing the beginning of the end of joe biden's presidency. will: i share that opinion. i think this whole fiasco has been the start of the slide.
6:55 am
jocko, big fan, pay attention to things you say. you went viral you basically took on the role of the president, said how you would have responded to the incident, how you reseize the initiative, how you make promises to our enemy how you strike back. you're not incredibly political person, jocko. not everything comes to you in a partisan argument, democrat or republican. what you see this morning maybe the united states did respond taking some initiative with a drone strike outside of the airport in kabul. what are your thoughts? is this what you're hoping for? >> i think it's a start. this is not a response we need to say oh, that's it. i'm telling you these last couple days here can get a lot worse. i think we need to go on the offense. we need to take the fight to the enemy. this is what we need to do or it will get ugly. pete: jocko, i couldn't agree anymore with your overall indictment. this video we saw moments ago,
6:56 am
plumes of smoke in kabul. a u.s. strike on what we're told is vehicle-borne ied. we get a strike from signal intelligence and satellites and often from human beings and running sources. we been in country 20 years, developed a lot of relationships. in your estimation, do we still have real time actionable intelligence inside some of these islamist organizations? "people" we're paying getting information from, leading us to this type of information, that can hopefully prevent overwhelming attacks on our troops as they leave in just a couple of days? >> yeah. we've got great intel people people in america that make these relationships. we have the relationships and i bet that played into the situation that unfolded here. that is why the idea of leaving people in afghanistan for some period of time, to me that is not a forever war. we have 40 military bases in
6:57 am
germany. we have 23 military bases in japan. we have 15 bases in south korea. these are not forever wars. this is the prevention of war. that worldwide presence we have is strategic way to win wars without fighting it is not necessarily a bad thing as it has been called. rachel: you make a great point. those who want the to get out of afghanistan had no problem with a small base and small number of troops. your brand is taking responsibility. full ownership. we've been talking about that all day. you given us your point of view on joe biden on his presidency. who is responsible in the military for what we saw happen? >> listen, when you're the president of the united states you are the commander-in-chief and you take input from people
6:58 am
but you're ultimately responsible for the decision that you made. listen, people can make mistakes. i've made mistakes on the battlefield. i sent but when you make a mistake like that, you have to take ownership, and you shift course, and you correct it. and that's what i think we're not seeing, and that's why i think it's going to be a very tough road for joe biden to continue down. will: reports are this morning there was an explosion in kabul, it was a airstrike on a vehicle-borne ied. the united states of america going on the offense to protect its airfield, its soldiers and its extraction of civilians there in afghanistan. jocko, two days heft in afghanistan. what would you like to see happen? >> >> i just want to see our people get out safe. pete: how likely is that at this moment considering the threat level and the manner in which we're leaving? >> i think it's gone that be
6:59 am
tough but, look, they're the best military in the world and god bless our troops that are over there trying to keep everybody safe. pete: good way to conclude it. one of the most highly decorated soldiers of this 20-year war. thank you. that imagery right there is of a building smoldering in kabul because of a drone strike or some sort of an airstrike we conducted against a car bomb. you guys, we started these four hours not knowing if and when, not knowing when our 13 troops would be landing at dover, and we know they're there, their bodies are likely there right now, and joe biden is, we believe, we understand, to be there right now. and we didn't know if there'd be an attack because there's imminent threat reporting, and it turns out against what we had all been assuming, we're sitting on our heels are we going to get hit, thankfully, for now, at least we struck back first and, hopefully, that that's a sign of a change of course. hopefully. rachel: that's what i'm hoping,
7:00 am
signs of hope here, turning the corner and as you talk about, will, that something has to change, and maybe this is it. will: so as we leave you this morning, there will be continuing coverage on fox news of this u.s. military airstrike. fox news has confirmed it was a vehicle-borne ied and an american-led strike. stay tuned all morning long are. thanks for being with us on to fox. ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. welcome to "sunday morning futures," i'm maria bartiromo. fox news' jennifer griffin reporting there has been a second explosion near the kabul airport in afghanistan. reuters is reporting that the u.s. conducted this military strike against suspected isis-k militants. black smoke can be seen rising into the sky near the airport. there are reports that a child was hit. two witnesses said the blast appeared to


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