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tv   Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy  FOX News  August 29, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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91. jon: that is how "fox reports" this sunday august 29, 2021, i am jon scott, thank you for watching continuing coverage of hurricane ida throughout the night, and sunday night in america with trey gowdy is next. ♪ ♪ trey: thank you for joining us. i am troy -- trey gowdy, we're following two breaking stories, hurricane ida is make land fuel 16 years after hurricane katrina devastated the same region, dangerous flooding will follow the storm for days to come, at dover air force base. remains of 13 americans are back home, they were killed
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in thursday a suicide bombing in afghanistan. u.s. has struck back at terrorist, two isis k bombers were eliminated by a drone less than 2 miles from the airport in kabul. the deadline to withdraw is quickly approach, we'll have more on the latest development in afghanistan, we begin with hurricane ida our report mike tobin is with us in new orleans. reporter: we're in one of the ebbs with the wind but it comes and goes, something that remarkable, is here on canal street, as far as the eye can see all power went out. the entire city went dark, about 45 seconds ago, all power came back on. power outages were feared and promised and are materializing, here in the
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crescents city we saw power out then return. one thing we're watching, are the so many light fixtures here. they are really getting a work out in terms of foundation as the wind picks up, they are moving. some minimal damage is that billboard it is dangerous. because it is made out of sheet metal, it has peeled off and is blowing down the street in the direction where i see a couple people standing. we know a barge has broken loose from the -- mooring and a building bust the membrane. and sheet metal from the bus stop has peeled off.
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as you know new orleans is a bowl, if you will, it is relying on the pump system when water comes street down like this to get water out. the pumps are working. a lot of pumps, some reports that three had failed, that means 96 pumps are still working. those pumps are good to clear less than an inch of water an hour, right now we're averaging about 3 inches of water. that is what was predicted. in terms of places where hurricane came ashore, you have major flooding, grand isle, houma. and we know in grand isle there is flooding because of the storm surge. and houma as well reports about major flooding with the storm surge. in new orleans levee system
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had such an investment it is to prevent the storm surge from coming into the city itself. city leaders said the best engineers designed it, they have a lot of faith in it. right now it is being put on the major test. we're seeing intense winds but not the worst as the eye of the storm seems to be south and east from where i am. trey: when will the worst get to new orleans and how long will it last? reporter: we'll see how it goes, the storm is moving faster than anyone expected. it came ashore faster. it still seem to be maintaining its intensity. in terms of ferocity of the winds here in new orleans, i would call this a strong tropical storm to this point. we have not got to the point where i'm talking about i noticed severe hurricane force winds, even what is
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blowing through right now, quite a gust, right now, that is remarkable is a lot of water, trey. trey: stay safe mike turning to will in gulfport, mississippi. reporter: we're in the part of the storm about 3 hours into this. relentless wind and rain that is pounding gulf port, biloxi. we're aiming away from the oncoming wind. it is not just the wind itself that is a huge concern but also everything in it. street signs and light fixtures they can become projectiles with the tree limbs that are falling, we have thousands without power highway 90 to the right is flooded and storm surge covering that. also few cars on the road, that is a good' thing,
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authorities have worked all day to get theme off of the road, a curfew put into place at 8:00 this morning, it will remain in place until further notice, they are trying to keep people off of the roads during the height of the storm but in the crucial damage assessment that has to come once this passes. we're in the parts of the storm we'll see this wind and rain pound us for hours. if you are having to shelter in place during a storm like this, at some point after a few hours, you ask yourself, when is it giving up? this type of wind, you can experience it or hear it, it will continue for hours. >> will, it looks like you are in for a long night, stay safe. we bring in our meteorologist from fox weather center. reporter: the storm made landfall over 7 hours ago, a category 4, it just in last
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8 minutes was downgraded to category 3. 125 miles per hour winds, that is still a major hurricane, you never see a major hurricane get this far inland. that is unique, folks dealing with really powerful wind much further inland. these are some recent wind gusts, new orleans at 85 miles per hour, baton rouge, 40 miles per hour, and wind gusts to 50 as this system continues to spin and lift farther north. that is why we have hurricane advisories stretching so much farther in and portions of southern mississippi, with the hurricane advisories because of, that we think that the storm will stay really powerful as it lifts to the north, the red area are hurricane-force winds, the time stamp in morning, tomorrow morning we have the powerful winds lifting to portions of mississippi. something that is really
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almost absurd, that never happens. here is our forecast track, this one is not just a storm to pay attention to right now but i think all the way to international and next couple -- tomorrow and next couple of days. >> adam thank you. >> amazing, hurricane hugo devastated my state and nikki haley's state it was a category 3, this is still a category 3. we'll keep watching. we'll check back. and the gulf coast. trey: turning to fox news alert, u.s. drone strike took out two isis-k suicide bombers, a car reportedly filled with explosives bound for the airport in kabul. however the threat is far from over. for those not familiar with the terrorist group isis-k. they went to the maternity ward of a hospital and shot mothers, newborns, and nurses.
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that is isis-k. that is the terrorist group that murdered 13 american service members while the homicide bomber. the deadliest day for u.s. troops in over a decade. americans have different views on whether to withdraw from afghanistan. and when and how. but every american agrees not a single one of our troops should come home in a casket. and if you do attack the united states or our allies, the response should be disproportionate l.a., inland orange county that ly -- lethal, afghanistan is weaker and more vulnerable than ever, this is not the image that america should project to the world. we were told joe biden was one of the most experienced presidents ever on matters of foreign policy, we're learning a hard lesson, there is a difference between experience and
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competence. and while americans may be tired of fighting, the terrorists are clearly not tired of killing. joining me now former u.s. ambassador to the united nations. governor of the state of south carolina nikki haley, thank you ambassador are about joining me, i wish it was under different circumstances, what is your reaction to what is happening in afghanistan over the past weeks? >> first trey, prayers to the people in path of hurricane ida, my heart skips a beat any time a see a hurricane, thank you for your coverage and prayers for the people there. the situation with afghanistan is beyond disgusting. look at where we are now, first, the jihadist have a moral victory, for al-qaeda and isis and taliban. they have all had a moral victory. but not just in afghanistan but in the world. which going to allow them to recruit, and allow more lone wolf situations, it will be
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more dangerous. secondly, you look at fact that look at optics, what our allies are saying in the world, did you think that nato was thinking about doing things without the u.s.? are you watching now our allies are having conversations without us. and you are looking at fact that the british and french have gone out of their way to get their citizens out and we're telling our americans, hey, by the way, don't come to the airport, we have so many americans trey that are not even near kabul. they are on all over afghanistan. and they cannot get through a checkpoint their passports are taken and taliban is not letting them, there is a massive problem when we trust the taliban to secure our airport that allowed 13 solers to die and have -- soldier to die and to think about russia and china right now. this is walking right into the hands of russia can and china. china would love to have bagram air force, they have
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their eyes on mineral resources, they are working with taliban, taliban spokesman said they want to start relying on china going forward. this has been catastrophic for america. it is not a good look. it is not a good time, it is not a safe feeling, we have to do something about it we can't sit back, we be -- can't be victims. as a wife of combat veteran the military families are bonded in our sadness, that did not have to happen. trey: you know. ambassador you say it did not have to happen it looks like both sides thought we had to deal with the taliban, only way tod today a withdrawal was to strike a deal with taliban, was there no other way for u.s. to withdraw or stay without dealing with the taliban. >> it is not about whether we were going to withdraw. that is one issue, it is how you do it.
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this is what should have happened and i think went wrong, when president biden was sitting in that national security council. i have been when president trump had talked about the issue, it is a debate, everyone tells where what is happening and where it is going, president biden of so arrogant he just wanted to prove he could get out of afghanistan, i can assure you, his military official said, mr. president, we can do this but in order to do it right, we have to send more troops in to secure bagram to get americans out to get allies out and so we can do it right biden chose arrogance over doing this right. he chose arrogance and speed over making sure that we were stave safe, this is so on his lap, there is no running away from this you will see finger pointing within the administration biden will say intelligence did not give him good information and intelligence will blame military, and
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military will have less trust in biden, it will be a break down of this administration, and how they handle it matters, we have to get bagram back, we have to make sure we do more than just take out a couple of planters, they can no -- planners, they cannot tell us what they were planning for, we have continued to as americans, that just because we left afghanistan, does not mean this war is over, this war is just beginning when it comes to the fact that we're now going to have to be careful our shores. making sure we have no more 9/11s. trey: thank you ambassador for joining us this sunday night, i echo your thoughts with the people in path of this storm, look forward to talking with you soon. >> thank you, so, appreciate trey. trey: ahead we'll monitor the devastation of hurricane ida in gulf coast. at usaa, we've been called too exclusive. because we were created for officers.
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trey: a live look at new orleans at -- hurricane ida brings heavy rain to the area. it downgraded minutes ago to a category 3. >> here now chief fox news host of special report brett baier. you have covered everything there is to cover. news wise, your thoughts. reporter: good evening, i have covered a lot of hurricanes and tropical storms when i was based in the atlanta bureau, 17 named storms over the years.
4:21 pm
my thoughts are, this is a dangerous storm. when hurricane katrina hit, and a poignant anniversary, 16 years ago, hurricane katrina hit new orleans, it hit as a category 3. this hit as a category 4. now as you mentioned downgraded to a 3. the thing about katrina, it stuck for a while, it was slow. the flooding inundated new orleans because the levees did not hold. a lot of improvement has been made in that area. to the levee system, by army corps of engineers and others, a lot of changes, however there is a lot of danger there, hopefully people have been heeding the warnings, and hopefully the storm moves quickly, it ha slowed wore told to about 10 miles per hour, that is not fast. trey: brett, move from weather to war. you covered the pentagon also. two issues, the with withdraw from afghanistan, the substance and manner in
4:22 pm
which it is communicated by the administration, your assessment of both? >> listen, i think there are a lot of critics in pentagon and on capitol hill about how the evacuation happened. not strong man argument that either we'll leave to knows of troops there --tons of troops there forever it was how it happened. i think it is rightfully so, there is a lot of focus on bagram airbase. administration said it was choice of military advisers, by the time that those was made, there was not the possibility of putting more troops in. the choice was made by the president of united states the ability for us, as u.s. to attack military targets today. like this drone strike,
4:23 pm
targeting 2 bombers on the way to kabul, administration said it was an over the horizon attack, but they would not happen without intelligence on the ground that will dry up quickly. how the administration talks about this, really has been all over the map. i think that is the biggest problem about communicating from the beginning. trey: from weather to war, brett baier thank you very much for joining us on a sunday night, i'll see you soon. >> you bet. trey: situation in afghanistan is at least in part driving president biden's job approval numbers down rapidly and significantly. we'll hear from hakeem jeffries, next on sunday night in america. ♪ ♪ ♪ security at your fingertips. control feels good.
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trey: welcome back to sunday night in america, we want to get straight to meteorologist adam clause and fox weather center. adam. reporter: this hurricane, is devastating in nature, made landfall 7 1/2 hours ago. it just fell down to a category 3 storm. these storms, the hurricanes need ocean water, they cannot run over the land
4:29 pm
forever, the eye wall is collapsing at the end of this loop. it probably will weaken in next couple hours, a little bit more, this is still a strong storm the wind is at 125 miles per hour, a huge rainmaker. there is flooding from this, it will continue, this is future radar as it lifts to the north, there is a lot of very heavy rain, in could be isolated tornadoes and lift across portions of eastern louisiana to mississippi, cover a good portion of mississippi before lifting up to parts of alabama, tep -- tennessee, this could cover a lot of areas, we talk about the flooding, a large area, we have flood advisories in place across the areas i mentioned. this area has been seeing a lot of rain here in last month, it is about a foot
4:30 pm
over amount of rainfall they should see, nowhere for the new rain to go. this additional, not total rainfall. you see the pink area in portions of new orleans included bueastern louisiana that could be another 10 inches of rain before we're finished, then red and orange still 4 to 5inches of rain, a big story moving forward will be flooding. don't think you can get away from this, if you live in the north all that will track across ohio river valley to pennsylvania and midatlantic. in next couple days, there are areas we're paying close attention to for possible flooding, likely, where the storm sits, but it is a still likely as you move north, a good portion of mississippi and alabama and tennessee all a pretty good chance for next days, it takes a while for water to
4:31 pm
fall. then that is when you see flooding. trey, this is not just an event today it will happen the next couple of days. trey: thank you adam. turning to afghanistan. >> congressman jeffries joining me now. >> good to see you, good to be on. jim: congressman. what is your assessment of the withdrawal from afghanistan? >> first of all, our hearts break for the tragic loss of those 13 brave members of the military who gave their life in service to this country and paid the ultimate sacrifice. i think the decision to withdraw from afghanistan was the right one. certainly it has been a tum -- few weeks more than
4:32 pm
114,000 americans and afghan allies and women and vulnerable children have been evacuated over last two weeks, that is an extraordinary acomplish. that should not get lost in the totality of what we have witnessed. trey: congressman, if you were advising president biden, is there any wisdom to say we're not going to agree to august 31, we will agree to withdraw when last american, last vulnerable woman or girl, our last ally is out, that is our withdrawal date. jim: date. >> the administration made its clear in firm date. it is my expectation in next 48 hours, that everyone american who wants to depart will be safely withdrawn, we
4:33 pm
hope we can get out as many afghans as possible. the bulk of 114,000 number that i mentioned are afghan allies, vulnerable women and children, there is still likely more work to be done. at the same time it is important for administration to continue its work on the domestic side to make sure that every day americans who for a long time have been struggling in this country can achieve the american middle class dream and beyond. they have been working on that we have some important pieces to accomplish. tax cuts, for american families and children. good paying jobs as well as lowering child care and health care costs for every day morning. bipartisan infrastructure bill are about. and my hope is that administration will continue to do that work as well as they have been doing to date. trey:
4:34 pm
-- congressman thank you for coming on, i hope you will come on with us again. >> look forward to it, trey, good to see you, your living embodiment that there is life after congress. trey: come join me some time, joining me now, former chief of staff of defense of defense cash catel, how would trump withdraw been different. >> a great question, good to be with you, we had a conditioned base withdraw under president trump that exacted a number of promises from taliban. we had other things about our counterterrorism program and special forces we were leaving in. we were going to do a tiktok
4:35 pm
approach when conditions were met, as they were met we would then progress through a withdraw, one thing that everyone is not talking about is difference between a withdrawal and evacuation, under president biden this has become an evacuation. because they are reacting at the last minute. >> other question, i get almost to person was there no other way other than negotiating with taliban, no other way to withdraw without sitting down at the table with taliban. >> a hard question, i get why nobody wants to tackle it, taliban has been in country for decades in afghanistan. they were there long before, it is a part of their country as it is afghan people who live there only way to negotiate a peace settlement to work with
4:36 pm
them, i'm not saying that taliban are full of good people, but that is reality of the situation in that country, deal with leadership structure, but from a position of strength. like we did with third parties in there are country to get us there, people might hate us for saying, you agree to talk to the tal taliban. that is just the reality of afghanistan. trey: that is why we invited you on. kash patel thank you for joining us. >> up next, tracking hurricane ida with life threatening storm surge and more than a foot of rain in the gulf, ahead on sunday night in america.
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trey: we're back with latest developments on the gulf coast as hurricane ida dumps rain, bringing life-threatening flooding and storm surges, caroline in new orleans now. reporter: hello, we had power until there 40 minutes ago on fames on canal street -- famous canal street, there is a bit of traffic,
4:42 pm
heavy movers there. only good thing we can say hurricane ida it was in daylight hours. we watched metal sheeting go down the sidewalk. there is glass everywhere. some shattered over our heads to the left of us. we're heading into the danger hours now that it is getting dark, there are hundreds and thousands of tourists in hotels through the french quarters, they have to ride this without power, police chief in new orleans came out today and said, please do not put your first responders in danger, think of our police officers, think of our firefighters, they have families too. the new orleans mayor said do not come outside of your house, only thing you can do now is hunker down until you hear from the city of new orleans it is okay to come out. louisiana governor came out
4:43 pm
this afternoon, and said, if you need to be rescued, it could take up to 3 days, there are 5,000 national guard members deployed throughout the state of louisiana, their focus will be search and rescue. trey: thank you caroline, i'll let you go get away from what of is blowing behind you. to casey in baton rouge. reporter: that gives you a sense of how big a system circumstance caroline is 1 81 miles of the northwest, the rain is not really coming down terribly hard here in baton rouge right now, we're not seeing much wind. outer bands are coming in. it is more going to be moving through in the overnight hours and once the sun goes down. but a stark contrast to my colleagues in the new orleans area who have been whipping around in the wind
4:44 pm
and rain for hours now. the bulk of this storm coming ashore it has been 70 miles from coastline, since it came ashore. and we're still dealing with this, we will be for hours, usually baton rouge is safe from brunt of hurricanes, however this g thousands were evacuated fearing what ida would bring, then uk have -- you have talk about those who stayed to do their jobs, we caught up with some railroad workers who were going to stay temporarily and riding the storm out in the little trailers, once the storm is over, they can quickly access of railroads to repair them. >> that sound bite is not available. you can imagine how scary it would be to ride out a storm like this in one of those
4:45 pm
tiny mobile homes, they say they have done it before, it is what they do. the worst is yet to come, you hate to sound trite for so many more as this continues to push north. trey: it is mind boggling this long after landfall, this far inland. still a category 3 hurricane . stay safe overnight. >> yes, sir. trey: thank you, tens of thousands have been evacuated from afghanistan as u.s. with -- withdraws, what happens next. for those afghan allies who worked and fought alongside us, sense tear joni ernst, introduced a bill on this subject weeks before afghanistan fell, international humanitarian lawyer on to -- actively
4:46 pm
working to evacuate individuals from kabul right now, welcome to you both. senator, tell us about your legislation and why it was necessary. >> yes, thank you so much trey. i introduced legislation that would speed up the process for our special i'm immigrants visas allow more of those afghans to come into the united states oncer they were properly vetted, that is important. they have drug their feet now we see the fall of afghanistan, and a happen hazard -- howardly done withdraw. we need to get americans out. we need to make sure we're getting our afghan partners out, it is imperative we do this. i'm afraid with looming deadline, we will not be able to safely evacuate
4:47 pm
those who so deserve to come to united states. trey: miss nguyen, what can america or americans do to help people get out of afghanistan? >> sure, i think there are a couple things. i am the daughter of two vietnamese refugees who were boat people, at the time of the evacuation and the exodus of south vietnams me individuals and families there was a lot of political courage done by the ford and carter administrations to lift the refugee cap, to make it easier for our people to be brought in. i think that is something we can do. americans can reach out to the president and to their
4:48 pm
congress members across both parties, say this is bipartisan issue, they are our allies who we owe them, like the interpreters, they saved lives of american american -- many american troops, we can call for continuation of extracttion missions with support with other entities and after u.s. forces withdraw. and we can increase the capacity for processing afghan evacuees and refugees on u.s. territory and third country, i have family members who were processed in guam under operation new life. then we can also cut the red tape for visa processing, it is not an issue as security, these people have tons of documentation, been
4:49 pm
languishing sent the sid process was created by president bush in 2008, people have been waiting for 7, 8, 9 years to get their visas processed. we can cut that down. >> also welcome afghans who partnered and placed their trust in us by funding settlement and integration at federal and state level, reach out to your governor, say let's welcome the refugees. trey: senator joni ernst, i would like you back on, you are a combat vet. i cannot imagine soldiers serve and sacrifice -- i want you back to talk about that specifically, thank you both for joining me tonight. >> thank you. trey: senator lindsey graham is next on "sunday night in america."
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♪ ♪ life is full of unexpected surprises. for your first day of school. but other times, it helps knowing what to expect. at university of phoenix, you can count on fixed, affordable tuition for your program. learn more at live. trey: a live look at new orleans, it made landfall near port fourchon. looking in biloxi, we're watching life-threatening storm surge, flooding threats in an already
4:55 pm
rain-soaked louisiana and western mississippi. joining me senator from south carolina, lindsey graham, hard to imagine this storm is just now a category 3, when hugo was and devastated our state. 30 years ago. >> yes this is the anniversary of cat -- hurricane katrina hitting new orleans. we spent 18 billion on the levee systems, i hope it holds, i am sure it will. a tough night in america, hurricane hitting louisiana, 13 service members broad back from afghanistan, paying ultimate sacrifice, i was told, a couple hours ago we'll abandon the embassy all diplomatic resources will be taken out of afghanistan. in the next few days we'll close the gates, everyone
4:56 pm
who is not out is going to be left behind, i asked them, the state department, are you helping the resistance in the valley, they said no, we're putting our eggs in the taliban basket. i consider everyone left behind a hostage of the taliban, a terrorist organization. trey: you mean 20 years of service and sacrifice and loss of life, we can't even keep an embassy hope in afghanistan? did i hear that correctly? >> yes, you did. i was told that gates are closed. we may get a handful out. there will be hundreds of americans left, thousands of afghans who bravely fought along our side will be abandoned we're not helping the resistance in the valley. who really i think is there is talk by this administration, that we have economic and diplomatic beverage -- leverage
4:57 pm
over the taliban, i will fight with every ounce of my body, a dime of aid to taliban, if this administration is thinking about paying taliban to get americans out that would be a horrible idea, why would other terrorist groups do the same, you would be setting in motion, a bounty on americans, if you are looking at giving taliban money, that is a horrible idea. trey: senator, i think what people in south carolina across the nation want to know, was this the only way it could happen? if america -- if you want to withdraw, i know there are different people on different sides, does america have to look this feckless during our withdrawal? >> no. joe biden chose the most dangerous and dishonorable path. i don't believe this was a military plan given to him,
4:58 pm
he agreed to it i believe he rejected sound military advice and came up with the biden plan, wouldn't a normal person say, let's leave the military until we get all of our civilians out, we took military out then trying to get civilians out, would a normal person keep bagram airbase open as a second evacuation site. kabul airport in middle of a city, bagram is in the middle of nowhere, we could have done it differently, if you wanted to leave, we chose the worst way to leave, i'm here to say if we begin to recognize the taliban as the legitimate government of afghanistan, you are legitimizing a coup d'etat. putting a bounty on american's heads all over the world. we should not do, that we could leave them dry. and stand up to taliban
4:59 pm
rather than give in to them. trey: use the word hostage senator that say word that i've of us can relate to. we have seen american hostages, do you believe that americans who are there after tuesday, are hostages in afghanistan? >> i believe that every american left behind is a hostage of the taliban. i believe that taliban is a foreign terrorist organizations and should be designated as much, i think any efforts to provide aid to taliban would provide aid to al qaeda, and isis, terrorist organizations that would set in motion -- a series of events dangerous for us, that is the path this administration is going down they are about to take a terrible situation and make it a horrible situation, if we begin to negotiate with terrorists, god help us all. trey: senator thank you for coming oand sharing with us the latest we're not even we have closed gates,
5:00 pm
thank you for coming on. >> thank you for spending part of your sunday night with us, i hope you have a great week ahead, until next week, you can find us on-line. good night from south carolina. live team coverage of hurricane ida, is next. ♪ ♪ >> trey thank you, "life, liberty and levin" will air at 10 p.m. eastern tonight. we are bringing you special coverage of hurricane ida, slamming the louisiana gulf. right now we have live team coverage, mike tobin and caroline schively live in new orleans, but first meteorologist adam klotz who is tracking the storm. reporter: the storm finally slowing down just a little bit we made landfall 8 hours ago. it just got down to category 3 strength,


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