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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 30, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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them of all the people trying to get out and the list they got from taking over the afghan intelligence services to make sure they get all the very most vulnerable and high risk and high value people that we have now delivered to them on a silver plate. we know there is no planes going out. we know. jillian: sorry to interrupt. our show is ending right now. i apologize so much. ♪ todd: now tropical storm ida battering louisiana. >> one of the most powerful storms to hit the u.s. >> more than a million are without power. >> we fully expect to see catastrophic damage. some of these areas are going to be inhabitable. >> it's incredible to wake up and see endless tropical storm conditions battering this area. >> the u.s. intercepting five rockets fired at kabul airport. u.s. inches closer to its withdrawal deadline. >> there are hundreds and could be thousands of americans that could be left behind. and the taliban are going to have a hostage bananza. >> now you are telling me we
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should trust what the taliban said. >> no, i'm not saying that we have very significant leverage to incentivize the taliban to make good. ♪ >> all right. straight to a fox news alert. now, the u.s. intercepting five rockets fired at kabul airport as officials warn our final days inside afghanistan can be the most dangerous. ainsley: meanwhile, ida, now a tropical storm now making landfall as a category 4 hurricane, more than 1 million people are now without power in louisiana and in mississippi. steve: take a look at this. this security cam with a capturing the amount of flooding in just one hour. and you can see it come up and come up and come up. jeff paul joins us live from new orleans where the entire city is out of power. you, jeff, are operating on battery lights this morning. >> [broken audio]
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drive to our spot this morning for our reports, and we saw a lot of downed trees and debris in the road. [lost audio] ripped off a building and you can see it snapped a traffic signal in the french quarter. this is something that we're seeing all over the area. [storm. lots of flooding from the storm as well as rain and storm surge, especially along the louisiana coast. caused a lot of power outages, too. more than a million throughout the region without electricity. and any time you have a powerful hurricane, the potential for tornadoes is very real. tornadoes and strong winds often lead downed trees. authorities say that's what caused the first reported death during hurricane ida. one man was killed just outside of baton rouge after a tree fell on his house. but with so much storm debris scattered throughout and power still down, officials say many folks who are stuck or need help
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need to be patient. >> on the highway. fire stations taking water on grand ill, obviously first responders can't get to you. those folks are going to have to hunker down and wait for the storm to pass before it's safe and before we can get to them in grand isle. >> it has been downgraded to a tropical storm. there is still a lot of danger present. got a lot of people under flash flood warnings. and then with the ground being so saturated and people going outside to see what everything looks like, that's when you can see some more downed trees because the soil is just so loose. we will get a better idea just how vast the damage is at first light right around 6:30 here in louisiana local time. back to you. steve all right. jeff. thank you very much. we apologize with the problem in the beginning but there is a big storm down there and you can understand that let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for our fox weather forecast, and this has been a
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big, powerful storm. janice: yeah. it's not done yet. of course it made landfall yesterday. we haven't really gotten full images yet of the scope the daniel. it's going to catastrophic. this has been one of the most powerful systems we have ever encountered across the gulf coast. and you can see the wind gust, the peak wind gust port four chong. this one tying hurricane laura last year in louisiana. this is just senate a wound here because they have endured so much over the last two years. estimated rainfall over a foot of rain in new orleans area. louisiana in towards mississippi as well. can't forget our friends in mississippi you are also waking up to incredible damage and power outages. phase 2 of the storm begins, just because it's a tropical storm doesn't mean it's requesting to could you see a
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lot of problems. that's what we are anticipating. weak tornadoes will be an issue throughout the morning and the afternoon. then this storm is going to interact with a front that has stalled out across portions of the mid south and mid-atlantic and northeast. and it's going to bring flooding rainfall for over potentially 30 million people. so, even though the storm has been downgraded, we're going to worry about tennessee, the mid-atlantic up toward northeast hit hard by henry last weekend. we saw the damage we saw from a tropical storm system over tennessee last week. a lot of rainfall there. that's what i'm concerned as we look at stage 2 of the potential damage from ida over the next couple days. steve, ainsley, brian, back to you. steve: here to comes. j.d., thank you. brian: let's bring in brian trasher, the united cajun navy spokesperson. of course the cajun navy made their name with katrina. brian, can you get out and
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about. >> well, we are waiting for the sun to come up to fully assess the damage. one of the things that happened overnight is a major transmission line, basically a tower that holds the transmission lines from the west bank to the east bank and mississippi river, the tower fell into the river. this has cut power out to the entire east bank of jefferson parish just west of new orleans and the entire city of new orleans. we don't know how long it will be before they will be able to get out and restore any power it could be a month the officials are saying. but, we are hoping we can get safely some of our aircraft in the area so we can get up in the air and start assessing the damage. ainsley: brian, i know that you have been preparing for this the past few days. what exactly have you been doing at the warehouse? >> we have been taking in donations from all around the country. we already had a lot of donations, a lot of water reasonable medical certainty gatorade, smacks, clothing that people have been generous to donate to us over the last
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several months. not sure we are quite prepared for what happened. other assets sending in boats, aircraft. chainsaws, fuel. realfully desperate need of fuel no. where to get fuel south of louisiana anywhere right now. if we have it, the pumps don't have electricity. and so we need to power generators and chainsaws so we can clear roads and get some emergency power to those that need it. steve: that's right. they have to use generators for the pumping stations but the new orleans sewage and water uses generators for the pumping stations because that is what is needed to control the flooding because new orleans famously is under sea level. so, you know, we're waiting for sun up. and that's when you folks are going to be able to go out and get the first look at what happened. all these images are from yesterday. and you know, brian, that any
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place that takes like five hours of winds over 100 miles per hour, there is going to be devastating damage. >> there is. there will be downed power lines. even though the power is out. they still could be charged. they are very dangerous there will be trees in roads there will be vehicles flipped. we have had reports of possible levee failure in platinum parish. last night we were heart broken because it was too dangerous and dark for us to send anybody out to try to help. we had some local people try to do what they could. but, yeah, i'm -- for the first time in my life that i can remember i'm not looking forward to the sun coming up and seeing what's out there. steve: yeah. the national guard, fema will be deployed. but invariably it seems like cajun navy wind up on the scene, first. >> yeah. fema and the national guard they
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are not set up to be first responder. we are grateful for them. they will do a good job. but there is gap between when the government can respond and when people actually need immediate help. and that's the hole that we try fill. we are looking forward it the cavalry arriving. ainsley: brian, yesterday the governor set levees were holding up pretty well and the failure of the levees caused the major of the disaster in katrina. have you heard overnight how the levees faired? >> you know, the new levee system we built we have a lot of confidence. in we think from initial reports that it held up very well. the possible failure that i mentioned earlier, katrina levee over top of the levee failure. that's the difference between overfilling your copy of mug or the mug shattering while you are pouring it. it could have been an overtop. but we vice president heard any reports of any massive levee breaches or failure. all the flooding that we got word about is just from
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rainwater we had over a foot of rain dumped. but that one levee down in lower platinum in la feet, we are still waiting to see what happened there. and hopefully all those folks are safe. brian: yeah. i'm looking forward to seeing if people paid attention this time and heeded the warnings. we will know how many people contacted you. have they been reaching out already? >> yeah. people have been reaching out on zelle la channel. through facebook and other social media. people have been calling our toll free number. ending us emails. we have been getting a lot of tickets. unfortunately, last night we are getting reached out to by people in galliano, homa. people telling us they were on their roof, in their addicts. like i said, we tried to what she assets we had in that area. at the time we were getting these calls, the winds were
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still howling. it wasn't safe. some of these are special forces they are not afraid of anything. we couldn't have it on our conscience to send them a situation we knew could be potentially deadly. we will get people as soon as we can we know those crawls coming and just know that your fellow louisianans and the united cajun navy network all around the country is responding and we are on the way. ainsley: brian, with the help from other states you cannot get -- i know this is probably not your area of expertise, but can you get the electricity back up? you said 30 days possibly. >> no, we don't have any experts. [lost audio] experts in recharging all the hubs around here. that's going to be up to enter guy which is the main company which controls movies the electric power down here in southern louisiana. they had already deployed a lot of linemen in bucket trucks and
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all the equipment they thought they would need. it's already staged and waiting to come in. they have to go out and do an assessment. they have their work cut out for them because in all my years, i never thought about a tower falling into the a river and knocking down power lines it could stop the flow of shipping in the mississippi river, too. i have got to find out if that's going to be true. steve: plus, i have read, brian, 22 barges were knocked loose and floating around in the mississippi this morning. got to be frustrating for you. you are a first responder this morning. the calls came in to kinner, louisiana, where there were over a dozen fires fire department had to tell people we can't come. power lines are down. dangerous to travel. because the water pressure was so low, had they been there, there wouldn't have been anything coming out of the hose. >> yeah. look, when they say that these major storms are like the worst
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parts of the bible, they mean it all the creature comforts used to like electricity, water pressure, first responders like police, e.m.s. and fire, they got to take care of their own families. and you can't put a fire truck out there and sandy ladder up in the air when the wind is blowing that hard. you are going to kill somebody. we have a saying down here the first 72 is on you. the first 72 hours of a major storm like this. you have to do whatever that is to protect your own life and property. you can't depend on the government response. it's just not always possible. so the first 27 is on you. ainsley: that was the governor's message yesterday as well. thank you, brain. thanks for all you are doing to help the families there. >> thank you for having us and helping to spread the message, guys. ainsley: be careful. >> yes, god bless. ainsley: the u.s. intercepting some of the five rockets targeting kabul's airport overnight. steve: latest attack comes on the eve of president biden's deadline for troops to leave afghanistan at midnight
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tomorrow. brian: they shut the airport already. lauren blanchard is live in washington with new new reporting on the attack, lauren. >> last night u.s. systems were able to take down rockets aimed at the kabul airport there were no casualties reported. the white house says the president has been briefed by his national security adviser and top aides and evacuations continue. plus, on sunday, the u.s. carried out a drone strike in kabul on an isis-k vehicle full of explosives the pentagon said posed an imminent risk. the "new york times" reports as many as nine civilians, including children, were killed. the military says they are looking into the casualties. as many as 250 americans are still waiting to be evacuated, the state department says they have assurances from the taliban people will be able to get out past tomorrow's dead ryan for the u.s. to leave. >> 114 countries have made very clear that it is their expectation that the taliban will permit freedom of travel
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going past august 31st. we have very significant leverage to i object sent advise the taliban to make good on its commitments. >> yesterday the remains of the 13 service members killed outside the kabul airport gates last week were brought home as dover air force base president biden met privately with the families of the fallen. despite the deadline just a day away. leaders continue to ask the biden administration to extend a new abc news up some poll wants troops to stay until americans and allies are out. steve, ainsley, brian. ainsley: 84% of them. steve: that could be a while. ainsley: democrats and republicans agree on that. steve: she just mentioned that u.s. drone blew up a vehicle apparently not far just a little west of the airport yesterday. according to the afghans, 9 civilians, including qulirn killed. the u.s. military is investigating. what they're saying is we know
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there were no kids at that vehicle and no civilians as well. apparently they feel that the car was loaded with explosives. so we hit it with a drone, expecting just the car to blow up. but when you hit a car a drone that is full of explosives, you wind up killing people nearby. and that's what happened. now there is an investigation. ainsley: there were additional explosions. steve: there were indeed. this was a big one. they think it could have been loaded with suicide bomb vests. brian: if you thought you had two more days to get out. holding what the taliban said is our deadline to get out. you are wrong. the geat already shut. we know darrell issa is struggling so hard to get more and more people in his district out. said a few hours ago guided american citizen tosca bull airport. after repeatedly being turned back by the taliban, they have given up. american university who we're told okay, get on this bus, go to the airport, about 300 students, you know, they believed they had a shot at life. they believed that the americans were in this to give them a shot to be successful.
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they loaded in those buses. they got to the airport. and were rejected right away. but, tony blinken says don't worry we have mechanisms to get people out after the 31st. mechanisms. does that mean we are going to pay ransom to get people out? they say there is hundred that need to get out. we know that number is higher. because they haven't evacuated anyone, no one believes, outside of kabul. think about this. you have the whole country. you can't ever get people out of capitol, let alone the rest of the nation. they say some americans are choosing to stay. that's because you are telling them you can go but your family can't. what decision do you want them to take and does anybody think those families and they all americans have been contacted. and interacting with the state department. talk to people working on the outside to get people out of that country. that is simply not the case. ainsley: congressman michael waltz the truck florida who also fought. who said we should have been at bagram. it's all soon-to-be gone in just
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48 hours. we gave away all of our bases, our allies are being hunted down and now we have a terrorist army to the teeth with american -- armed to the teeth with american equipment. i watched our coverage yesterday. it was so sad when you saw receipt mains of the 13 service members who are arriving back on u.s. soil. their coffins were brought out in front of the the president and in front of the first lady and family members. they were draped in american flags. and congressman brian mast. he has this message for those families. >> it's so far beyond the injuries and you see the sacrifices that are now taking place because of those that were let out that are saying this is the way that we need to go out there and seek retribution against the americans. this has to be the red line for america that we will retreat no further. we will not allow this administration retreat any further. we are americans. those people that gave their lives, our friends and those that gave their lives this week,
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none of them ever believed that we would seek peace by negotiating with a white flag of surrender. that is not who we are as americans. that is my reaction. i literally cannot stand it when i think about every one of these friends and so many more. steve: absolutely. the president made it very clear as you look at some of the are transfer happened yesterday you saw it here live on the fox news channel in the early afternoon. the president said, you know, we are going to go -- before there was the retaliatory strike on saturday, said we are going to go find those people. then there was that strike out of nowhere that apparently killed some isis-k operatives. the "wall street journal" has got the most fascinating article that talks about that they used a special missile that's never been publicized before. it's a special hell fire missile. doesn't have any explosives. instead of exploding, what it does is just before it hits its target it, ejects a halo of
3:20 am
large blades and it's deployed at the last minute. they use blades because that reduces the possibility for civilian casualty, which is really what they are trying to do. because it's such densely populated area as you can see right there. they're trying to keep the casualties down. so they use this blade bomb, essentially, that has been referred to in the military as the flying begin would you have or the ninja bombs. steve: first time they have ever talked about using that particular munition. brian: maybe we left behind. maybe that's some of the billions of dollars left behind. maybe tsh directions on it they can use it that's the most insignificant part. 8 out of 10 americans say do not leave from independents, to democrats and republicans and you leaf anyway. and then you just arbitrarily hit a target we assume might be the people who may, perhaps, be responsible but you do it after they have already killed 13 americans and 140 afghans. he is looking to be tough right
3:21 am
now. if he cared about the american persona. cared about the american people and american soldier and marine, he wouldn't be doing what he is doing right now. inexcusable. one of the worst things we are witnessing now in a generation or two. it makes vietnam look like a good idea. ainsley: just imagine if you are stranded over there, still. you have 48 hours, less than 48 hours. brian: gates are closed. ainsley: coming up, we are going to talk to mike pompeo, the former secretary of state, is he coming up at 8:00. we are also going to hear how americans are paying tribute to the fallen including family friend lance corporal, staff sergeant taylor hoover. his son died and we are going to interview him. he was a football player. he was from utah. he joined the marines and his dad says he has received some comments and condolences from other marines. he said they looked back on him and say they learned so much from him. one heck of a leader. brian: the commanders have totally let him down. you have that lieutenant colonel who came out and threw 7 year
3:22 am
career in the street because he can't believe what is he witnessing. let's add something else to this. the tiktok what went down chronicled by "the washington post." they go to bat for joe biden every single day. the taliban waited outside the city and told the americans, which i think is us, we'll take the city or you will, tell us what you want. general mackenzie said you can have the city. we'll take the airport. that caused the death of 13 americans and possibly more as we try to get them out. that's what happened. the travesty series of the worst. most inexplicable decisions in american military history. they all should be embarrassed. ainsley: i wonder what the conversations were like when the president met all 13 of those families? brian: unbelievable. i don't know -- i wouldn't know where to start if i was a family member. steve: well, we have these two twin stories we are following all morning, ida, and, of course, what's going on as they close the gates at the airport in kabul. all right, we are going to be
3:23 am
hauling them throughout the day. we are going to jillian who starts in chicago. jillian: that's right. good morning. get you caught up starting with this story. more than 90 school bus drivers in chicago have quit due to a new covid-19 vaccine mandate. mayor lori lightfoot recently mandating all city employees must get the vaccine. the city is offering the more than 2,000 students with no ride to school $1,000 each for the first two weeks of school. they will get 500 per week after that. a u.s. -- resigning in protest after thoughts on afghanistan. >> it retirement on entitlements. i don't want a single dollar. all i asked for was accountability of my senior leaders when there are clear, obvious mistakes that were made. jillian: former lieutenant stuart cheryl was relieved of duty after a video he made criticizing u.s. leaders went viral. >> i served for 17 years. i'm willing to throw it all way
3:24 am
toy say to my senior leaders i demand accountability. >> marine corps said it was, quote: taking appropriate action to ensure the safety and well being of sheller and his family but did not comment further. ed as member whose sex decades has died. >> you know what? you've to the spunk. >> well. >> i hate spunk. [laughter] ing. >> best known for playing lowe grant. playing santa claus in the movie elf and starring voice in the pixar movie up. he was 91 years old. back to you. steve that was the best sitcom in the history of sitcoms and he was the best tv boss in the history of sitcoms. brian: never buttoned his top button because he was always breaking the story. that was the best sitcom ever maybe outside of cheers.
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ainsley: the clock is ticking to get americans out of afghanistan and one group of afghan war americans worked through pitch black darkness and extremely dangerous don's secretly mo 500 allies and their teams safety. the man behind that mission is going it join us next. ♪ oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? so you only pay for what you need. sorry? limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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100,000 customers waking up in the dark. fox weather multimedia journalist will nunly joins us with pass christian with dangerous conditions there will. >> we are part of the lucky few this morning that still do have power. as a matter of fact, i think it's a testament to the work that the linemen have done in trying to prepare for storms like this as the grid has held up pretty well no indication of how brutal this storm has been. imagine being caught in these tropical storm conditions for 14-plus hours now. that's what we have dealt with here this relentless wind and rain. it's also led to a tornado threat. we are starting to get in some images now of several different likely tornado situations touched down closer to the gulfport and biloxi area we are dealing with the ongoing flooding threat. this is far from over from us even though the wind is beginning to die down slightly as the storm is downgraded. we are in that part of the storm
3:30 am
just seeing onslaught of rain and that's going to continue for most of today. the flooding threat very much still on the table here not only for coastal mississippi but places well inland as well. we are awaiting first light to move from the location where we are right here in downtown pass christian. we are snerlt place. we want to make sure that we have a safe route out when we start to deal with debris because certainly limbs have come down. utility lines as well. hundreds of thousands without power, steve. steve: thank you very much, will. let's check in with fox senior meteorologist janice dean for the fox weather forecast and new orleans is completely in the dark. janice: that's the problem. is people think that nothing has happened and unfortunately we are going to see devastating pictures, images as the sun comes out this was a catastrophic event. and, you know, are to have the winds howling overnight. that is going to drive you crazy if you are in your home and you have hurricane force winds for hours and hours. and the potential for heavy
3:31 am
rainfall. the tornado threat is ongoing with these tropical storm systems. we typically see rotation and could cause structural damage. several reports of it tornadoes mississippi, alabama panhandle today that will be ongoing threat. winds still tropical storm force. 40, 50 miles per hour. and the system has slowed down. that's another problem is that it is going to rain on top of these areas that have already seen saturated ground from over a foot of rainfall and feet of storm surge, so that's going to be an issue over the next 6 to 12 hours. we're going to deal with the remnants of this storm. widespread area 3 to 6 inches of heavy rainfall on top of areas already saturated from henry and frontal boundary brought 17 inchts of rain across tennessee. that is going to be the next phase of this storm. and it's going to be ongoing through wednesday and thursday. i mean, look at this.
3:32 am
the mid-atlantic up towards the northeast, and parts of southern connecticut which got hammered by henry just a week and a half ago. we will continue to monitor the situation. the sun will come up and see will see catastrophic damage. brian over to you. brian: thanks. other catastrophe is happening in afghanistan. evacuation deadline tomorrow really done today as hundreds of american citizens are trapped behind taliban lines. secretary of state antony blinken pressed on the plan to get them out. >> a very senior taliban leader spoke on television and on the radio throughout afghanistan. and repeatedly assured the afghan people that they would be free to travel after august 31st. >> i know you say you don't trust the taliban but now you are telling me we should trust what the taliban. >> no, i'm not saying that martha. i'm not saying we should trust the taliban on anything. i'm simply reporting on what of their senior leaders said to the afghan people. >> you are trying to reassure
3:33 am
our afghan allies. they're not reassured. those interpreters not getting out they are not reassured by a statement like that. brian: how ridiculous is that? he is reporting from taliban news, the secretary of state. my next guest is not relying on the taliban to bring americans home. he knows the reality. he led a dangerous rescue admission course of weeks to usher as many as 500 allies and family nobody's safety. scott mann is retired green beret served in afghanistan and running operation pineapple rescue. scott, the gates are closed to the airport yesterday. what's the reality on the ground first for those in buses waiting to get in? >> yeah. thanks for having me on, brian. look, the first thing i would say the pineapple volunteers these are special op. volunteers and civilian supporters. we are doing this remote. we are doing this from the u.s. we are building on our relationship and trust that we have had with our afghan partners for 20 years. we have the ground truth on the outside of the gate.
3:34 am
here's the deal there are hundreds of american citizens right now who are not able to get. in yesterday there was a bus of up to 50 american citizens with many small children within sight of the gate. the taliban were not only letting them. in they were firing over their heads, firing around the bus with these little kids on there imagine sitting on that bus with your kids enduring that for hours at a time. never got in. this is happening all over the city. we're going to have american citizens and afghan allies behind enemy lines within a few hours. brian: so, wait a second. the taliban made an announcement friday anyone that wants to leave can leave. this is a new taliban, right, scott? >> i can tell you we have got through multiple sources that they are burning homes. they have access to databases hough worked for the government who worked with u.s. forces. they're walking them down right now. if that's the case, brian, then why are people hanging off the wheels of c-17s sitting
3:35 am
through checkpoints while the taliban beat their children in order to just have a chance chance to get through a hole in the gate that we helped them through? i have been in the military for almost two decades. i have never seen the kind of horrific treatment that we saw our afghan partners go to. it's beyond the pale. brian: is it true your report not one american through official channels has been saved outside kabul. >> i don't know that but i know that official government agencies were calling the volunteers of task force pineapple yesterday at the highest level you wouldn't even believe if i told you. asking us to help them get their guy out. right? you know, i have never seen anything like this. and we are volunteers. i have been retired 8 years. right? but whether a we have are the relationships and trust of our of a began partners. -- afghan partners.
3:36 am
are regardless of political affiliation, mask or no mask, is that we have an opportunity actually unify around resolve. we are re-purposing private recovery. we are not going away. operation we have already started moving people out of the country through our trade craft and the way we do things and my message is if you are behind those lines were you are an american citizen or not we need the american feel do that and we also need politicians to help. brian: where do we go to help you fought we can't get and don't have the experience and skills you have? >> operation those were the volunteers were pineapple. we don't make a dime on this at bine apple. we are all volunteers. they are putting in rescue corridors right now. we have already moved people out. we need america behind this because nobody else is coming.
3:37 am
brian: listen to this, scott. kind of what you just referenced. those 300 students at american university in afghanistan that were told to get on the bus and got rejected were told that the u.s. military, by the u.s. military that they shared their list of names and passport information and hundreds of students and families with the taliban. they are denying they did this the students were told to be assured that the taliban have your number. and your passport. how would you feel if you were a student? >> yeah. what i would say right now is there are people sitting on buses right now waiting for something to come. my advice to that is don't do that you need to get yourself to safety. you need to get yourself out of harm's way immediately. you need to make the assumption that kabul is not a safe place and get yourself to where you can lay up and be safe and we are putting together every effort that we can. we are working with volunteers across the nation to find ways to connect people and help them get out.
3:38 am
it's going to take some time. we need toe follow paul wolfowitz's recommendation in the "wall street journal" we need a presidential finding to congress to allow clandestined operations to continue in afghanistan so they can come in and take this over from veteran volunteers who have been working this for like 10 days now without sleep. and we're not -- we are not leaving these people and we are going to honor this promise. and we need our government to do the same thing. brian: i understand exactly how you feel. everyone out there who wants to see these americans get out help out, go recovery -- one more time the address? >> operation thank you, brian. brian: got to keep it going. and reach out hopefully. at least somebody cares about the americans left behind. it doesn't seem like anyone in washington does. thank you. all right. straight ahead, land lords across the country are still feeling the repercussions of the
3:39 am
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td is not ok. visit ainsley: the eviction ban was no, i do not protect vulnerable renters during the pandemic. the ripple effect is taking a toll on landlords all across the country. one air force veteran, a single mom and landlord in upstate new york has been displaced from her home with her 11-year-old daughter after being unable to evict the tenant of her three properties who refuse to pay almost a year under the ejection ban. brandy joins us now to share her story. good morning, brandy. >> good morning. >> how did this affect you when they said you are not allowed to evict and they're not paying? >> well, it's affected me in many ways. the landlords, the tenants just stopped paying and so right now i have two tenants that aren't paying.
3:44 am
i have two attorneys. they are trying to get them evicted. my tenants haven't shown up for court and the -- they are not just being evicted and there is nothing i can do about it. ainsley: could they not pay their rent or did they refuse. >> to they just refused after i gave them a letter saying i wasn't going to renew their lease, they stopped paying after that. ainsley: the biden administration says they do have funds to help homeowners like you. did you see any of that money from the government? >> i did not. i have not seen any money from the government or any other rental assistance program. ainsley: and you have tried to get that money? >> yes, i have. ainsley: wow. the u.s. treasury department says almost 90% of rental assistance funds have not yet been distributed. how are you holding up? how are you surviving as a single mom? >> well, i'm out two rental incomes and i receive a lot of assistance from my friends or anybody else. that will help me. ainsley: god bless you. last week the supreme court struck down this moratorium. how did you feel about that?
3:45 am
>> i felt great about that. i just hope it carries onto the state of new york. ainsley: are they going to force your tenants to pay the rent? >> no, i think they may pay the rent for the tenants and there is no repercussions for the tenants not paying the rent. maybe eventually i will see government money. ainsley: what are your tenants saying? are you talked to them? how can they get away with this and not pay at all? >> they don't say much. they don't typically return any messages. ainsley: you served our country in the air force. god bless you for that it's amazing. do you feel like the country has let you down? >> i do. i absolutely do. ainsley: what is your daughter's name? how is it affecting your daughter? >> i shield her from a lot of it so she is very protected. she doesn't know exactly the details of what's going on.
3:46 am
ainsley: she is so cute. we are looking at pictures of her. i'm a single mom, i'm raising a daughter, too. i don't know how are getting through this. is there any way that we, our viewers, can help you? >> we can make sure that, you know, that the eviction moratorium gets stopped. there is unemployment benefits and rental assistance programs. i don't feel the need to extend the eviction moratorium. i don't feel there was a need for it. there were other programs throughout to help the tenants and people who were working and lost their jobs. ainsley: have you heard from other homeowners who are in your same situation? >> yes. i have many, many other homeowners. there is a very good friend of mine who is terminally ill and she can't evict her tenants to let her sister come in and help her prepare for her, you know, her terminal illness and take care of her own son. ainsley: wow. >> so i have a lot of friends that are affected. ainsley: our country has been through so much.
3:47 am
no one expected any of this a few years ago. i wish you all the best. please stay in touch with us, and i hope that you get some money soon. >> thank you so much, i appreciate it. ainsley: you are welcome. god bless you. hand it other to jillian who has more headlines for us. jillian: good morning, ainsley. overnight new evacuation orders as a massive wildfire threatens south lake tahoe in california. the call door fire is just 8 miles from the town and spreading fast. thick smoke and strong winds making difficult for crews working around the clock. the fire has been burning more than two weeks. scorching more than 168,000 acres and destroying hundreds of homes. hollywood is mobilizing to help embattled california governor gavin newsom a slew of republicans are challenging the democrat in next month's recall election. executive directors, producers and actors are donating to his campaign. according to california's secretary of state, the ceo of netflix has given $3 million to
3:48 am
a pac defending newsom. the defeating tie ron woodley in the ring. going all 8 rounds with the former. in fc champion. fourth professional wins a a boxer. woodley is already calling for a rematch. paul seems to be eyeing conor mcgregor for his next fight. so, stay tuned. we will see. ainsley, back to you. ainsley: thank you, jillian. coming up next, the touching tribute of one of the fallen u.s. service members ryan who was killed in kabul. the youth football team behind the show of patriotism is going to join us live. ♪ i booked our hotel on kayak. it's flexible if we need to cancel. cancel. i haven't left the house in a year. nothing will stop me from vacation. no canceling. flexible cancellation. kayak. search one and done.
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3:52 am
steve: a youth football freedom tennessee made a touching contribute on saturday before their game honoring army staff sergeant ryan who was killed in the kabul airport attack along 12 other brave american service members. watch as the players walk onto the field with an american flag paying tribute to their fallen hero. joining us now is gibson eagle football coach jonathan baker and part of the team. good morning to you, jonathan. introduce the kids to us. >> here with me i have freddy,
3:53 am
tim, caisson gavin, bennett and cason. steve: why did you want to have a tribute to this young man? >> oi think you really don't want a contribute to something like that. and what i mean by that is you don't want to have the reason. but, being from our community, what it is, what it represents, just making sure that we are teaching the young men we coach how to pray, when to pray, what to pray for. and that always, you know, the real heroes may not be in a jersey with a number on it but in a union form.
3:54 am
steve: he gras knoxville tennessee and went to gibbs high school. tell us what the boys did. i know aside from the flag there were other tributes to him as well. >> yeah. so, i don't know if we can see it real clear but all of our players wore black medical tape and we put a white k. on it for him being that he went to gibsos here. we took a coin for the coin toss. kept the flag on our sideline. ran out with it on the field. you know, just as sensitive as we can for an 8-year-old, you know, kind of explains it and the situation with ryan and what happened but still at a level where we take the gruesomeness out. steve: right. you try to tell the stories as carefully as possible because they're young children. i understand before you took on
3:55 am
your opponent, catholic team, from catholic, there was a moment of silence. and. >> yes, sir. >> at the end of the game there was instead of a handshake, you met for a group prayer, flight what was said? >> we just prayed for all of our service members, overseas here. past and present. really just thanking god for playing football. recognizing that freedom comes with a price. but, still, again, you know, leaving the gruesomeness out but just lifting it up to god. you know, our lesson to the kids is really football is awesome and football is fun, but, there is more. steve: absolutely. jonathan, what's been the reaction from the community?
3:56 am
>> it's been great. we didn't do it for a reaction. we didn't do it for. steve: of course. i'm curious what the local folks said to you after. >> they are really proud of us. steve: okay. everybody has, you know, shared it on facebook and made a really big deal out of it way bigger than we ever thought that it would turn into. steve: all right. well, jonathan and the kids, we thank you very much for joining us live from tennessee. >> thank you. steve: army staff sergeant ryan knauss was a devout christian who helped to move to d.c. we remember and honor the sacrifice he made for our freedom and all the other lives lost last week. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
3:57 am
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>> now tropical storm ida battering louisiana. one of the most powerful storms to hit the u.s. >> more than a million are without power for. >> we fully expect to see catastrophic damage. >> some of these areas are going to be inhabitable. >> it is up credit to be wake up and still see endless tropical storm conditions battering this area. jillian: the u.s. intercepting five rockets intercepted at kabul airport. >> there are hundreds and could be thousands of americans that could be left behind. >> the taliban are going to have a hostage bananza. >> now you are telling me we
4:01 am
should trust what the taliban says. >> no, i'm not saying that. we have very significant everything to incentivize the taliban to make good. ♪ ♪ ainsley: straight to a fox news alert. the u.s. intercepting five rockets fired at the kabul airport as officials warn our final days inside afghanistan will be the most dangerous. steve: meanwhile, ida is making -- after it made landfall yesterday as a huge urk hurricane is a tropical storm downgrade it was a cat 4. more than 1 million people are without electricity in louisiana and the state of mississippi as it moves north. brian: hundreds have r. seeking evacuations after a failed live left them, in quote: eminent danger. jeff paul joins us live from new orleans where the entire city is out of power this morning, jeff. >> yeah, brian, it's increed dibbably eerie here in the city of new orleans with the entire area without power that's part of the reason why first responders can't go too dangerot
4:02 am
knowing what's ahead as they drive around debris or downed trees. that's a chunk of a roof that was ripped off during hurricane ida. and you can see it smashed a traffic signal over here in the french quarter. and the weather is just another part of this story where you look around the rest of the city and you see other similar scenes playing out whether it's a damaged car or downed tree. the devastation from this storm is vast. and we know of at least one person who was killed after a tree fell on a man's house outside of baton rouge. power is also knocked out for more than a million households throughout the region. now, beyond the strong winds, ida caused major flooding and storm surge, especially along the coast. and that's where we hear reports of folks who are trapped inside their homes. as the storm approached louisiana governor john bel edwards warned that recovering from such a powerful storm will not be easy.
4:03 am
>> there is no doubt that the coming days and weeks are going to be extremely difficult for our state. and many, many people are going to be tested in ways that we can only imagine today. >> now, just because ida has been down graded to a tropical storm, there still is a lot of danger out there, especially as the sun starts to come out there. is going to be debris in the road as well as flash flooding and that's something that people need to kind of keep attention to. especially with downed power lines. you know, those are people shouldn't touch and shouldn't be near. we will see what happens when the sun comes up. sun advise 6: 0 local times in new orleans. back to you. steve: jeff, overnight, the national weather service sent out an alert to folks in alliance which is south of where you are in new orleans, apparently a levee failed and they said seek higher ground
4:04 am
immediately do we know what happened when that went out? >> well, you know, some of these warnings coming to get people out before things happen. so, what we understand is sometimes when the rain comes down so much, you have water over topping the levee. now, we don't know if the levee actually broke and had one of those, you know, big surges of waters coming to them. but we have had reports of water over topping the levee, which is so much rain in such a short period of time. steve: understood. jeff paul, live in new orleans, thank you very much. ainsley: check in with our senior meteorologist janice dean for our fox weather forecast. janice? janice: with all of these storms, too, there is a lag in time because we seat storm making landfall with the meteorologist. but to get crews out there to actually see the damage and then some of these areas it's going to be really difficult if not impossible to get in and look at the damage. this will be catastrophic, mark my words. and in terms of strongest by wind it ties laura from last
4:05 am
year. also a hurricane a category 4 that moved into louisiana in terms of lowest pressure. i believe its lowest pressure was 930 millibars which is top 3 or 4. so this was an incredible storm. the top winds port la chong where it made made landfall. the wind threat is going to go down today. but here is some of the estimated rainfall over a foot or more. learned to threat as well as new tornado watch spreading into the florida panhandle as well as portions of alabama with that tornado warn storm. weak tornadoes can cause structural damage that's worse news on top of all of this heavy rainfall and storm surge that inundated the most vulnerable area across the gulf coast. it's a terrible situation. back to you steve, ainsley, brian. steve: it is and we will keep an eye on what the devastation is like once the sun comes up,
4:06 am
which will be in the next hour. our other top stories this monday morning, the u.s. is intercepting some of the five rockets targeting kabul's airport overnight. brian: yup, the latest attack comes on the eve of president biden's deadline for american troops to leave afghanistan. but they have already shut the airport. ainsley: peter doocy is live at the white house with new reporting on the attack. good morning, peter. >> good morning. and the president is dealing with duel crises right now. there is ida's landfall and then the afghanistan withdrawal. but yesterday he only wanted to talk about one of them. >> mr. president, on afghanistan. >> i'm not going to answer afghanistan now. okay. >> the president had just attended the dignified transfer of 13 soldiers at dover. the first such solemnma. of his presidency. and is he ordering drone strikes in afghanistan including one the "wall street journal" writes use explosive free missile that instead relied on blades firing while on target known inside the
4:07 am
pentagon apparently as a flying begin would you have. centcom there may have been collateral damage after one of these drone strikes, quote significant secondary explosions from the vehicle indicate the presence of a substantial amount of explosive material. we are assessing the possibilities of civilian casualties that we have no indications at this time they think they will have leverage over the taliban after leave deadline. they're admitting americans will be left behind. >> 114 countries have made very clear that it is their inspection that the taliban will permit freedom of travel going past august 31st. we have very significant leverage to taliban make good on commitments. >> briefing will afghanistan behind closed doors. back to you.
4:08 am
steve: all right, peter. on the north lawn of the white house. thank you very much. some of the breaking news this morning. the taliban's supreme leader who has not been seen in public for years, reportedly is now in kandahar, afghanistan. that's obviously is he there to take control and the other interesting thing is, remember, about two weeks we heard that as kabul was falling, apparently afghan pilots got into 46 cockpits of u.s. built choppers and flew them over into uzbekistan to escape. well, this morning uzbekistan is saying to those afghan pilots, you know what? you really can't stay here. so the united states is now trying to find a third country that they can go to some of them took their families along with them because the taliban really hates these guys because they have been shooting at them for years. and if they were to have to go back into afghanistan, they would face certain death.
4:09 am
so now the united states is trying to find some other country, who knows maybe it will be the united states, who will take the guys who flew our equipment out of the country. ainsley: so botched. antony blinken still said 300 americans still need to be rescued. some think it's more. 80% of americans think troops should have stayed until troops were walked and 17% say troops should stay until our afghan allies are removed. congressman michael waltz was slamming the biden administration said we should have been at bagram. it will all soon be gone in just 48 hours. we gave away our bases, our allies are being hunted down and now we have a terrorist army armed to the teeth with american equipment. brian: here's the reason this thing is going to get worse. the pentagon is getting blamed by the white house. the state department and pentagon are at each other's throats because they have screwed this up so royally. the secretary of defense had that genius idea abandoning the
4:10 am
embassy. said the goal was to save embassy. stacked tables at airport. that airport costs lives of 140 afghans after one explosion. 13 marines. 20 struggling for anywhere lives in germany. get this. there is no system for our men and women to escape whether they are allied or american university or they are actually americans. there is no way to get an american as we said originally two weeks ago outside of kabul out of the country. the people that are helping most are the ones that served already, a group of special operators. veterans. some reporters in a third country working individually, originally get people through the barricades and around the taliban at the airport. but, last night. they shut the airport. so, if you got to the gate. the gate was closed. then you had to go back to a hail of gunfire by the taliban.
4:11 am
scott mann, who has been retired 8 years, has put together operation pineapple to try to get our member and women and allies out. guess who called him yesterday? listen. >> official government agencies were calling the volunteers of task force pineapple yesterday at the highest level you wouldn't even believe if i told you asking us to help them get their guy out. right? you know, i have never seen anything like this. we need a presidential finding to congress to allow clandestined operations to continue in afghanistan so that they can come in and take this over from veteran volunteers who have been working this for like 10 days now you know without sleep. we are not -- we are not leaving these people. and we are going to honor this promise. we need our government do the same thing. ainsley: he got emotional. brian: he did get emotional. ourselves when kabul fell was in the hamptons. they needed a vacation because it's so taxing to throw a war in the street. the other thing is they keep
4:12 am
telling us through the secretary of state and the national security adviser jake sullivan that they have mechanisms after which to pressure the taliban with other countries to do the right thing. the taliban are never done the wrong right thing. they will not succumb to pressure. unless we pay them. so, are we paying ransom and isn't that a go sign to every other heinous terror organization hold hold on american. at least carter tried to get our people out. joe biden doesn't even want to talk about leaving 300 behind. ainsley: scott mann said school bus of all these kids trying to get to the airport in afghanistan. they were trying to get them out. they weren't able to get out there. were shots being fired. brian: they got to the gate. ainsley: got to the gate and weren't able to get on the plane. brian: afghan college students the same thing. the college students were informed don't worry, we gave you passport numbers to the taliban. they will contact you so can you leave. thanks. steve: meanwhile, one of the big
4:13 am
stories that emerged over the last couple of days, you probably saw on facebook the marine by the name of lieutenant colonel stuart sheller. and he was chastising pentagon bosses over the withdrawal. he wanted when he first posted this. he wanted accountability. he wanted the people in power so say yeah, mistakes were made. but it wasn't coming. he was frustrated so he posted this a couple days ago on facebook. listen. >> what you believe in can only be defined on what you are willing to risk. if i'm willing to risk my current battalion commander c, my retirement my ability's to say what i want to say, i think it gives me some moral high ground to demand the same honesty and integrity and account frbility my senior leaders. i'm not saying we have got to be in afghanistan forever but i am
4:14 am
saying did any of you throw your rank on the table and say hey it's a bad idea to evacuate bagram airfield the strategic air base before we evacuate anyone? did anyone do that? when you didn't think to do that? did anyone raise their hand and say we completely messed this up? i want to say this very strongly. i have been faith for 17 years. i am willing to throw all away to say to my senior leaders, i demand accountability. ainsley: he was relieved of his command for posting those opinions. then he decided to sacrifice this comfortable retirement. he said he served for 17 years. you can retire at 20 years. get your healthcare paid for the rest of your life and still make stippen, still make money for the rest of your life. is he giving all that up. steve: after that first video we just showed you was posted, he decided to resign. you are about to see that video after a former commander of his wrote in the comment section on lynched in that you should
4:15 am
resign if you were honorable. you know what the colonel said all right, i'm going to resign. watch. >> i'm resigning my commission as a united states marine effective now. i am foremyth my retirement entitlements. i don't want a single glar. i don't want any money from the v.a. i'm sure i'm entitled to 100 percent. all i asked for was accountability of my senior leaders when there are clear, obvious mistakes that were made. i'm got saying we can take back what has been done. all i asked for was accountability. for people to comment on what i said and to say yes, mistakes were made. had they done that i would have gone back into rank and file submitted and accomplished what i wanted. follow me, and we will bring the whole [bleep] system down. >> i am honorable and you can ask any marine that served with me for 17 years. i dare to you ask them all and
4:16 am
find out what i'm made of. we're just getting started. brian: our commanders are not worthy of our war fighters. that is abundantly clear. they have made mistakes. people make mistakes. they are refusing to fix them and letting our people die behind enemy lines and it takes retired men and women to get them out. when in your lifetime have you ever heard that? that lieutenant colonel is exactly the frustration of so many people that have contacted us in uniform and by the way, we can't get nancy pelosi to call back the house members they will do it for reconciliation not life and death and war on terror and won't call back and find out what's gone on. they have lost countless democrats. susan wild and congresswoman spamberger, mike levin, senator maggie hasan. desperate senator mark low is mia. all of them senator cortez
4:17 am
though all have come out and condemned this action and said extend the deadline. when democrats turn on joe biden, six months in, someone going to whisper in his ear how egregious this is? steve: that particular lieutenant colonel, he was 17 years in, he says apparently he is walking away from a $2 million he does not want donations but any fundraising should go to husband wife. mike pompeo coming up in 45 minutes right now. talk to him about that case and so many more. ainsley: i don't understand why he these resign is he a man of his convictions. saying what so many service members. not saying it publicly like that. but many people who who are retired. steve: he says it was the commander on linkedin that said if you are honorable, you will resign and he felt like he was
4:18 am
honorable. brian: mark milley should do the same thing and secretary of defense austin thought it was a great idea to give up the embassy and genius general mackenzie who went out of his way to say no, all we want is the airport. you can have kabul to the taliban. can you imagine this? ainsley: we are also going to be talking to the father of marine taylor hoover jr. who was one of the 13 killed in afghanistan. in the meantime, we are going to hand it over it to jillian who has headlines for us. jillian: president biden being criticized for appearing to check his watch briefly doing a ceremony for the 13 service members killed in kabul last week. the video going viral and as you can understand a lot of supreme strong opinions on this including retired u.s. army combat veteran samuel williams saying quote, looks like he was being inconvenienced by having to show some respect for these american heroes. dr. anthony fauci says vaccination mandates for school children is a, quote: good idea. the vaccines are not yet
4:19 am
approved for children under 12. precedented as schools enemy states require several vaccinations for school kids. the fda could have approval for young children by this fall. u.s. open begins in just a few hours without some of its top stars. roger federer, raffaele nadal and serena williams out of the tournament. so is anyone who is not vaccinated. the tournament announcing anyone in attendance must be fully vaccinated. the u.s. open is the first tennis tournament welcome full capacity since the beginning of the pandemic. send it back to you. steve: it will be nice to see a crowd out there. thank you, jillian. a combat veteran desperately trying to save afghanistan says the president is not fulfilling his promise. he joins us with pete hegseth coming up next. ♪ video along "fox &
4:20 am
4:21 am
4:22 am
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4:24 am
4:25 am
friends weekend" co-host pete hegseth. good morning to both of you. pete: good morning. >> good morning, guys. steve: bret, let's start with you. we just saw that video. this week the white house took exception with there are no americans stranded, clearly as the clock is ticking down. there are a lot of americans stranded. >> yeah. i worked family last night about 8 hours. that video was from the family. they had been trying to get into the back gate, the south gate. was the only one open yesterday. everything else welded shut. and they had been turned back by the taliban multiple times. they had been beaten. they were scared. they were terrified. and we could not get them through last night. steve: and, in fact, we have got some video that you obtained that shows a mother flashing the passports at the gate. what happened? let's take a look.
4:26 am
>> >> check point. they don't let me go. so what we do? [inaudible] my son passport also they are citizen. [crying] >> shhh shhh. steve: bret, it's just heart breaking, they sore close. they can see the planes and they get can't get to them because the taliban won't let them through and now the gates are apparently closed. >> yeah. last night it was pretty heroic effort. these informal networks people will pop up and somebody jumped in with connections. we actually got them into a van. we had a local afghan coordination in w. a team. and we had them that van i havey after many hours. we had them moving through the
4:27 am
checkpoints. they were at the gate. they could not get into the gate. the gates were closed. they are outside. they are waving their passports. we are telling them scream that i'm an american. i need to get on this airplane. and no one let them. in and you know, we heard that went all the way up to the top of the military leadership. and, again, that's just in the chat. i don't know who exactly but the problem is that they are in retrograde. so they're packing out. the military is drawing down. all the reports are taliban owns the gates. so, there was just no way to get these folks. in american citizens. steve: pete. you served in afghanistan. and i know you have got a new he shall sp on fox nation it's called modern warriors. the afghan extraction. you know, these are commandos, not working for the federal government. just trying to get their pals out of the country like the way you were able to get your interpreter out a couple of years ago. >> um-huh. absolutely. and people like brett who i have
4:28 am
gotten to know part of this insane network of veterans and others stepping up because the government hasn't. it's a tale of two americans. you have the drarks the state department, defense department saying we are going to get all americans citizens out. we know there are hundreds. yet we see that video. have them pounding on the gate on the very last day and we know what the highest level people are being notified. at this point it is fend for yourself. even a family from texas with pass boortz kids at the gate prepared to come inside and then you have got the other side which is these heroic americans who are fulfilling that promise. just like those marines who reached over in the most vulnerable positions to say we will pull you in to safety. these vets are stepping up. that's what the modern warriors special is. check it out right now. a bunch of vets sitting around the table talking about how they will not let the promise goes unfulfilled. just like brett in virginia. got another guy in arizona saying i sit 20 hours a day in my flip-flops kitchen table working on group chat talking to
4:29 am
intel officers. guiding people through taliban checkpoints. american citizens. not just talking about siv holders american citizens that's what brett is working on here. i know they are packing up. i know they are heading out. do you know what was sitting outside those gates i feel like you would try find a way. brett and his crew are trying. steve: absolutely. we did reach out to the state department. they referred to us twitter statement u.s. ambassador ross wilson which said, quote: this is a high risk operation. claims that american citizens have been turned away or are denied access to harmid karzai international airport by embassy staff or u.s. forces are false. brett, is that true or false? >> >> well, as of about 3:00 eastern time this morning it was definitely false. i have family of four that were outside the gate. we were networking furiously. every channel that we knew, some
4:30 am
with folks had channels into centcom and other operations. and these folks were not allowed in the base. the base is shut down. so there is americans who are being left behind. and this is not political for me. there is a lot of stupidity that's gone around. i think everybody who is a citizen of this country should in and that we bring our people home and that includes our afghan allies. we need to honor the promise that we made. steve: absolutely. 100 percent. bret, thank you very much for your service and updating us. pete, thank you very much for joining us as well and your good work over the weekend. thank you, sir. pete: appreciate it. >> thank you. steve: all right. 7:30 in new york. 6:30 in new orleans a live look at the damage there. the sun is starting to come up. more than a million people are waking one no electricity there. we are going to show you some of the aftermath as the sun comes up on this monday morning. and as we honor the 1 american heroes killed in kabul, a friend of lance corporal reilly maccallum joins us to pay
4:31 am
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4:35 am
louisiana. steve: fox weather multimedia journalist will nunly joins us from pass christian, mississippi with the very latest. will? >> and, guys, this story is far from over for coastal mississippi and just beginning, in fact, for central mississippi as well. we still have about 30 mile-per-hour wind gusts. we are waterfront here in pass christian. and surprisingly as you start to go t or three streets behind us you see trees and power lines down. frontline coastal infrastructure is made to handle a lot of this. as you make your way inland it's a much different story. track two threats first tornadoes and water spouts. reported damage in gulfport from a believed to be twister that will be assessed later by the national weather service. trees down and some building damage there of course, this ongoing flooding threat as you see the rain continues here and water continues to pile up.
4:36 am
it's going to stay this way for hours to come. we are in that portion of the storm that is just a fire hose. a pipeline of water that is going to continue for hours. and on to that breach that you mentioned we are getting word plaque mine parish flood gate is believed to have failed and they're trying to get people in the alliance area of highway 23 to safety. we will be tracking that for you in the hours to come, guys. steve: all right. thank you live report from mississippi. ainsley: fox weather launches in october. you can watch for it. check in with janice dean for fox weather forecast. janice? janice: light is coming up and we will see damage. a lot of these places are hard to get into because we had storm surge over 1 feet of storm surge and over 12 inches of rainfall in some of these regions and new orleans is really one of the most if not the most vulnerable area in terms of below sea level and those pumps are working overtime. prayers tout all the folks in
4:37 am
louisiana this was actually the strongest in terms of millie bars moving across louisiana, tied for laura last year which brought devastating damage as well as a category. tornado risk is going to be ongoing today for parts of mississippi and alabama and the florida panhandle. we still have strong wind gusts, tropical storm wind gust for duration of hours because this storm is slowing down now. and that's going to mean more of a heavy rain threat and flooding for areas that have been saturated by inches and inches of rain over the last week or so. we had henri of course for the northeast of england and tennessee a stalled front brought 17 inches of rain last week. it's not a good news story. it's phase 2 of this storm that's going to affect portions of the mid south. the mid-atlantic and the northeast. look at these rainfall totals 4 to 6 inches over saturated ground is going to lead to flash flooding and 30 million people
4:38 am
affected in the path of this storm over the next several days. we will be talking about this even through friday and keep you up to date. steve, ainsley and brian up to you. steve: it looks like it could impact us on thursday, right? janice: absolutely. steve: thanks, j.d. the remains of 13 u.s. service members in afghanistan back on american soil as of yesterday afternoon after an emotional dignified transfer service at dover air force base. ainsley: among the heros is rylee mccollum a lance corporal in the u.s. marine corps the wyoming native was about to be a father in a few weeks. his wife is due. they dent know if it's a boy or a girl. they wanted to be surprised. brian: a family friend of lance corporal rylee mccollum and he joins us now. sorry -- so sore for your loss, what you must be experiencing. could you talk about him? >> wow, thank you, by the way. good morning. ainsley: good morning. >> just from the first time we met him in our home, our son popped in to say hey, mom, ryle
4:39 am
is joining the marines, too. he became a regular. a lot of kids come and go, but he was one of those that our dogs quit barking at him because he was there so often. but just from the first time i met him and shook his hand. he looked me straight in the eyes and just i knew he was a good kid. he was strong, resilient. never backed down. kind of kid. steve: reggie, why did rylee want to join the service? >> you know, in talking to his sister and seeing a lot of the posts, he has always wanted to since he was a little kid. he, you know, dressed up that way when he was a little toddler she said. he just -- that's a calling on his life, you know, to be a defender. ainsley: his sister said he was called to the service at 2 years old he knew he wanted to do it. i know he went to boot camp in san diego in 2019 and he met his wife there. and i'm reading that his tour
4:40 am
was supposed to end just in time to see the birth of the baby. how is his wife doing? >> i have not spoken with her. we did not know her. you know, that was a connection in california and we were in wyoming at the time. and so the last time i saw him was we were out visiting our son and we it happened are up into reilly and a group of other marines and able to spend some time with him. but i know it's got to be tough, obviously. ainsley: what was he like? >> just a good wyoming tough i've got your back kind of kid. you know, we loved the fact -- it was like we felt like our son had a great friend in him. and he was not afraid to pull up a chair and have, you know, an adult conversation with us about, you know, anything and so you just knew he had, you know, we knew he had his -- our son's
4:41 am
back and our son had his. brian: i see that his mom spoke extremely angry, on the radio show and blames the president for his death. this whole mission was totally unnecessary. have you been able to speak to his parents? >> i never met his mom his father yes but not his mom. i know it's tough -- i have been in contact mostly with one of of his sisters speaking with her. staff steve reggie, you mentioned your son a few minutes ago. after your son. your son got rylee's name tattooed on his leg. >> yeah. steve: why? >> we haven't spoken in detail about it our son is deployed to another country.
4:42 am
he just said, you know, it shows you the impact, i think, that rylee had on people. so, he just did it in honor of him. he was, you know, they were so excited to get to boot camp and get on with life and it was a calling, you know, that they both had. and so many have, you know, for our country. brian: gotcha. ainsley: you said ryle and eli said if anything happened to them while they were deployed they would have died doing what they love. we thank rylee for his service and we are praying for your son eli. >> thank you so much. steve: thank you for sharing his story. brian: riley maccallum 20 years old. had just a baby on september 11th. just a baby in 2011, 9/11. we honor his service and
4:43 am
remember his sacrifice. back in a moment. at usaa, we've been called too exclusive. because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank, or when they were in. a marine just out of basic, or a petty officer from '73. and even his kids. and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their families. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join.
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learn more at are. ainsley: one person is dead and a million without power as tropical storm ida bears down on louisiana with devastating force. the massive storm made landfall as a cat 4 on the 16th anniversary of hurricane katrina. this morning team rubicon is standing by ready to provide relief. chairman of team rubicon joins us now jake wood. good morning, jake. >> good morning. thank you for having me on. ainsley: thank you for coming on. i love what have you done. when you founded this organization, it's just amazing. tell the audience what exactly you guys do. >> yes. team rubicon recruits training and veterans disastrous response both globally and here at home. as you mentioned, obviously we have been gearing up for this storm since we first dedebted it in the atlantic. ainsley: you have first responders, too tonight you.
4:48 am
>> that's right. we're not exconclusively military veterans. we are military veterans but take people from all walks of life. our philosophy is if you want to serve the community. we are the place where we can come and do that effectively. ainsley: many of this realm finished with their service retired and still want to go out and help because that's their calling. what exactly is the plan for this hurricane? >> well, obviously we are still assessing just exactly how much damage the storm has left. the sun is just rising right now in louisiana. obviously first responders are out. our teams have been embedded with the emergency operation centers across louisiana and mississippi. obviously we're going to be out there side by side with local authorities determining what we can do to assist their efforts as the primary focus right now is going to be life safety, ensuring those people who need to be rescued and treated with any injuries get that treatment as safely and expeditiously as possible. ainsley: the sun is starting to come up. are you hearing from anyone on the ground and what they are
4:49 am
seeing? >> this was a devastating storm. last year are team responded to multiple hurricanes across the lake charles area. all of which were devastating in the wind damage that they sustained. i myself went to lake charles, louisiana last year. so far we suspect this will be just as big if not worse in the damage that it left behind as you mentioned. a million people currently without power. obviously there are many roadways that are going to be flooded and impassable which, of course, will complicate the access to emergency services are going to need to get to people who might be climbing up on their roofs as we speak to avoid the floodwaters that are rising up in their homes. ainsley: what's the biggest challenge for you? well, biggest challenge in any situation like this is communication and coordination. that's why we have our teams embedded in these emergency operation centers making sure that you know, the left hand knows what the right is doing at all times. you know, very similar to the
4:50 am
experience that we have in the military. you often find yourself in this, you know, fog of war where the chaos and uncertainty the ambiguity of everything that's happening on the ground will complicate efforts further. you know, fortunately, you know, the state of louisiana is well prepared for these hurricanes. we know that they have the highest level of professionalism in their emergency services and obviously we look forward to continue to work with. they. ainsley: jake, i know you have worked a lot with janice dean. you have been on our show a lot. i know she donated all of her freddy book the flooding book to team rubicon. so if anyone out there wants to donate. it's going to a great cause team rubicon jake, thanks so much for being on with us. >> thank you. ainsley: you are wex. thanks for all that you do. this morning we are honoring the american heros who gave their lives saving thousands of people in afghanistan how can you help. we will tell you about it next. ♪
4:51 am
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brian: sadly you probably watched this yesterday, 13 u.s. members tragically lost their lives last week in kabul, but campaigns all across the country are stepping up to
4:55 am
honor them and here is one. robert garland, he's the founder and ceo of funds of first you've seen him before, he joins me now to share their efforts. fund the first you're an active police officer, robert, but you saw what happened and you wanted your organization to help. what was the link? what moved you? >> correct. well, first of all our platform of firstthe is a verified platform for those who serve which is military, first responder, nurses, medical providers and also teachers, so we're giving back to those people, thanks to a verified partnership with to ensure the crowd funding industry that all campaigns on that platform are fully verified now we saw this happen overseas this tragedy with these 13 service members that were killed we wanted to make sure we were giving back so we started this fundraising campaign to ensure that these families were getting the support that they need during this tragic time. brian: right so in just one year you've already helped 220 families and sadly there's just
4:56 am
way too many police officers who are in need because they've been slain walking streets of this country, but now we have somebody, 13 families that are affected because what happened in another country. what prompted you to come out with this fundthe campaign? you wanted to make sure that all dollars went to the people that deserve it. you saw too much other stuff going on. >> correct and the crowd funding industry as a whole there's way too many scams, fraud, you don't know if the money you're donating to a specific campaign is actually going to that source that you're intending your donation to go to so actually, our chief operating officer is an active duty marine spouse and her husband served overseas as well so this hit very close to home for her, so we wanted to make sure that we were providing for these military families in a trusted manner, so now, with this campaign on our platform, all funds raised, platform fees
4:57 am
have been completely wiped from our platform and all funds raised are going directly to those families affected. brian: what about you? most of these marines were in their 20s. one was 31 years old and this must really hit hem for your generation, who decides to serve the public in some way, shape, or form and in this case , the country. >> it really does. it's very sad. it's very tragic, and especially some of these verse members that have families and children, it's horrible to see them going through this tragedy right now and we want to make sure the rest of our troops come home safe, our americans they come home safe and we want to make sure at fundthe we're providing for them as well through a trusted manner brian: right, and you can do that and its been verified and you've only been up over a year because you started on july 4 you hoped to raise about $100,000. when you see some of these youngsters, darren hoover was the hold its at 31 and then you've got john rosario at 25.
4:58 am
nicole ge we saw her holding her baby 23. she says i love this job. hunter lopez, dagen w. page, umberto e spinosa, usually the marines are not coming from extreme wealth, and i can imagine the devastation. what's it going to feel like for you to be able to raise money from americans with big hearts, open up their wallets across the country and be able to send those checks out for you and your organization? >> well you know what's great about our platform? we're a family. we're here, we care, and we want people to know that we actually care. listen, the money that comes in, it's great. you see dollar signs coming in behind the fundraising campaign, but also, what you see is that support system that pores in across the country now and we're hoping for these families to see true and honest support coming in and let others know that hey, we're here, we care,
4:59 am
and the american people care about these troops that were affected overseas. brian: absolutely, so fundthe first is the name of the organization. it has been up for a year and you just know when your dollars come in they go out to the right people. robert it's great what you do thanks for putting on the uniform every day and walking the streets in new york, you see you're an active police officer and you are the founder and ceo. thank, robert. >> thank you, brian. brian: you got it final hour of "fox & friends" starts right now >> oh, my gosh, go, go! >> ida now a tropical storm after making landfall as a category 4 hurricane. >> one of the most powerful storms ever to hit the u.s.. >> more than a million are without power. >> it's going to be hot, it's going to be humid just another problem these people have to deal with. >> it's going to bring flooding rainfall for potentially over 30 million people. >> first time in my life not looking forward to the sun coming up and seeing what's out there. brian: the u.s. intercepting five rockets fired at kabul airport.
5:00 am
>> our final days in side afghanistan will be the most dangerous. >> white house says the president has been briefed by his national security advise or and top aid. >> it's horrific and a nightmare situation everywhere you look. >> we're going to have american citizens and afghan allies behind enemy lines within a few hours. brian: straight to a fox news alert. a live look at the kabul airport , as , get this , the final u.s. departure we hear is underway, this according to reuters. the flight includes core diplomatic staff. it comes just hours after the u.s. intercepted five rocket s fired at the airport. ainsley: meanwhile tropical storm ida still packing a punch as it moves inland. steve: a levee failure now prompting hundreds of evacuations in the state of louisiana. jeff paul joins us live from new orleans where the entire city is out of electricity and i can see the sun is coming up and jeff, that means we'll finally get eyes on the devastation.
5:01 am
reporter: yeah, steve, the sun is starting to come out but new orleans remains very much in the dark, more than 1 million people throughout louisiana right now are without electricity, and part of the reason is because, you know, power trucks and crews out there are going to have a hard time repairing those downed power lines in part because of all of the debris and scenes like this is a roof at a nearby building ripped off during the powerful hurricane ida that tore through the area yesterday and into the night, you can see it snapped the traffic light in half and is now blocking the road and that's just one example of the damage from this powerful storm. lots of flooding and rain and of course, storm surge especially along the louisiana coast, and anytime you have a powerful hurricane there is always the potential for tornadoes and strong winds and tornadoes lead to downed trees and authorities say that's what caused the first -reported death during hurricane ida one man was killed just outside of baton rouge after a tree fell on his house
5:02 am
but with so much storm debris scattered throughout and power still down officials say many folks who are stuck or need help to be rescued they are going to have to be patient. >> the fire stations are taking water on grand aisle obviously first responders cannot get to you so those folks just have to hunker down and wait for the storm to pass before it's safe and before we can get to them in grand aisle. reporter: now officials warned just because ida has been down graded to a tropical storm does not mean the danger is out of the area just yet. there is still the potential for flash flooding and of course with all that saturated ground you have the potential for trees to fall down, but we're going to start driving around here in a little bit to get a better idea but just judging by how powerful the storm is and what it did to a big city like new orleans, we are expecting the area to be quite devastated. back to you. ainsley: thank you, jeff. we saw the hospital, the roof of
5:03 am
the hospital peel off. let's check in with our senior meteorologist janice dean for our fox weather forecast. >> yup, we have the latest advisory as of 8:00 a.m., 45- mile per hour sustained winds it is a tropical storm it is weakening but the flooding threat is going to continue for millions of folks over the next week, and also, the potential for some topical tornadoes as well for parts of mississippi, alabama, even into georgia and the florida panhandle. this was 150-mile per hour sustained wind, a category four, a very strong category four at one point we thought it might become a five but it is the second-strongest storm to ever hit the louisiana coastline in terms of strength it even beat katrina. now katrina was a category three , it was a five at one point and brought a 30-foot storm surge, so, you know, the categorization, you know, is not always the greatest way to remember the legacy of the storm , but we will definitely see some of that damage as the sun comes up
5:04 am
across louisiana. now into mississippi, and alabama. tornado threat will be ongoing today, we still have tropical storm advisories in place, but the second phase of the storm is now beginning, and that is the flooding/rainfall threat. as we go through time it slows down, it interacts with the frontal boundary. that provides lift in the atmosphere and that's going to give us the potential for some flash flooding across portions of tennessee. last week, historic flooding not even a tropical storm over 17 inches of rain. this is going to be a potentially devastating situation for some of those areas where we have saturated ground, portions of the mid-south, the mid-atlantic and northeast so we're not done yet and just because it is a tropical storm does not mean it can't cause an incredible amount of damage so we'll keep you up-to-date. i am nervous when we start to see some of those aerial pictures of above because there will be catastrophic damage, most certainly. steve, ainsley, brian? steve: absolutely. ainsley: thank you janice. our other top story the final
5:05 am
u.s. flight is reportedly departing from the kabul airport reuters is reporting that the flight includes core diplomatic staff. steve: the u.s. intercepting some, meanwhile, of the five rockets targeting the airport in the last 24 hours. brian: we're changing the slogan from "no man left behind" to about 300. peter doocy is live at the white house with new reporting on the attack. reporter: good morning, and the white house told us that this was going to happen, to meet the deadline, they were going to have to get people and equipment out ahead of the 31st so it appears that's what's happening right now. we're also learning in the last few hours more about this president's crisis management style, because over the weekend there was a lot going on. you've got ida's landfall, and then this kabul withdrawal, and he's showing that he prefers to focus on one thing at a time. >> i'm not going to answer afghanistan. reporter: the president had just attended the dignified transfer
5:06 am
of 13 fallen u.s. soldiers at dover, the first such solemn movement of his presidency. he is ordering drone strikes in afghanistan including one the wall street journal writes used an explosive free missile that relied on blades firing while on target known inside the pentagon parent as a flying ginzu. and they report back there may have been collateral damage after one of the drone strikes " significant secondary explosion s from the vehicle indicated the presence of a substantial amount of explosive material. we are assessing the possibilities of civilian casualties but we have no indications at this time. we remain vigilant for potential future threats." 26 c-17s carried 1,200 people out of kabul in the last 24 hours. the u.s. is about to leave for good, but the state department thinks they will be able to get more americans out after the withdrawal. >> 14 countries have made very clear that it is their
5:07 am
expectation that the taliban will permit freedom of travel going past august 31. we have very significant leverage, to incentivize the taliban to make good on its commitments. reporter: and there are hundreds of current students and alumni from the american university of kabul who are still in afghanistan. the washington post is reporting this morning that they waited for seven hours in a safe house, only to be told they could not safely get to the airport and they are quoted as being terrified that u.s. officials shared their passport information with the taliban fighters controlling the check points. back to you. brian: unbelievable. thanks, peter. let's bring in the former secretary of state mike pompeo who did the original negotiation with the taliban. so, would you have left 300 men behind was that part of the plan >> brian, good morning. our plan always included an orderly conditions-based withdrawal that would have certainly included making sure we got the sequencing right on
5:08 am
bagram, civilians versus military and also included the central thesis to make sure we got every american out and also president trump wanted to make sure we didn't leave $80 billion of equipment behind as well we were determined to get all the americans out to make sure we got our equipment we were never threatened by our own equipment again. it's a sad day we're now probably 24 hours from having everyone out of there and we'll have a lot of americans that are still stuck in afghanistan. brian: did they teach you at west point, mr. secretary, you were number one. did you ever think that you'd be in america when we leave people behind in a war zone? >> no, this is pretty straightforward, brian. this is freshman year military 101. military stays, it does its work , it gets the americans outs and then it only then does it do the mission that protects itself and gets on its way. ainsley: well if this is true, if this is the last flight taking off we still have 40 more hours until that deadline expires. why would he do this? >> i can't account for that.
5:09 am
i don't know if indeed it'll be the final flight. i'm sure we still military on the ground we'll have to get out as well. i hope there is a plan for after august 31. i've not seen any evidence of that but i hope there is. countries to the north, central asian countries, i am confident be willing to help us get the americans out of there. i hope we've been working that i hope we're permitting non- governmental organizations who want to transfer americans out on the ground today meanwhile seeing stories who are there that contacted me to who have seen these stories i hope they have coordinated with these nations that surround afghanistan in a way that even after we've left there's an opportunity for these americans to get home to their families. steve: absolutely, mr. pompeo, i'm sure you were watching the president on thursday, late in the day when he went into the east room and made the statement regarding the 13 brave americans who died last week. afterwards, he was asked by our white house correspondent and reminded him, hey, mr. president , you said the buck
5:10 am
stops with you. do you take responsibility for what has happened over the last two weeks and the president said yeah, i take responsibility, but at the same time, i blame the trump adminitration. when you were at home with the pompeo house, what did you yell at the television? >> [laughter] steve, i'm kind of past the yell ing phase of this. we know full well the plan that our administration had, we executed it with enormous success for an awfully long time we negotiated with the afghan government, we negotiated and talking to every afghan we delivered the last year of our administration with not a single american killed not a single american even attacked but a taliban. we had a plan and it was conditions-based. we didn't get the last soldiers out of there. we still had work to do and had to get the conditions right. president biden came in, made the decision to sequence the evacuation in the way that he did and you can see the tragedy that ensued. i watched the video yesterday
5:11 am
from dover air force base. i've been out there it's a solemn day. i'm praying for the family members of those 13 and i'm praying for the remaining american americans still stuck in afghanistan. steve: sure so you were saying there is a plan in place and essentially, the biden administration came in and ripped it up? >> well, we were very clear. president trump wanted everyone out. we were working on this for four years, steve you know this , you only read the twitter account. we desperately wanted to get these folks home it was the right thing to do. i think that's the right decision but we also knew that we had missions including to make sure that we were never attacked from this place again so we were working to achieve both of those , so we went, steve, from 15,000 to about 8,600, we paused, we went down to i think it was a little over 4,000 or 4,500, we took a final step to get down under 3,000 but that was each time based on the conditions on the ground. we wanted to get everyone out, president trump wanted to but we were never able to achieve the conditions that could
5:12 am
deliver the important american national security interest which included making sure that we had our people home, and our equipment out. brian: so it's pretty clear now , in the washington post writes it and they hardly wake up every day thinking how do i hurt joe biden. they talked about what happened friday afternoon as kabul fell. the secretary of state needed to go to the hamptons even though had fallen without a fight and that looked to be a place in which afghanistan was going to the government was going to make a stand, and then a guy baradour who you guys got out of president and said what do you want us to do, do you want us to take kabul or us, because the administration being torn apart and we're going to go in and general mckenzie said we will hold on to the airport, you can have the city. if that was presented to you, or the president, what would you have said? >> we would have said we're going to do everything we have to do. we would have said we got this. you stay out of our way. we never begged.
5:13 am
we never apologized we always demonstrated power and we told the taliban that if you don't behave the way that we want you to behave we'll impose real costs. look, i've seen that reporting too, that it doesn't make much sense to me unless there was a truly political mission, that they had told these military folks, you know, you've got to get out the time is running the clock is near, do whatever you got to do, get the force down, that sounds like what was in their minds so that would not have been in president trump's mind. we would not have been focused on that. we be focused on achieving the objective getting our people home, getting afghanistan to the conditions that were right before we did that, and making sure that every american had a chance to get home. ainsley: the current administration is saying we have significant leverage, we heard that in that sound bite, they expect the taliban will allow safe passage for americans to get out of afghanistan, if they want to, but we interviewed brett odem, a former navy pilot and combat veteran and pete hegseth who obviously served over in afghanistan too, had a hand in getting his interpreter 's brother out of afghanistan safely, and they describe a different picture.
5:14 am
listen to this. >> the family of four that were outside the gate, we were networking furiously. every channel that we knew, there's americans who are being left behind. >> it's a tail of two americas. you've got the administration, the state department, defense department saying we're getting all-american citizens out yet we know there are hundreds yet we see this video yet we've got them pounding on the gate on the very last day and we know at the highest level people are being notified and at this point it is fend for yourself even a family from texas with passports with kids at the gate. ainsley: mr. secretary what does the future look like for those american whose want to get out and they are trapped there? >> ainsley, i think it's going to be tough. i've heard folks talk about leverage after our departure. it's our presence that provided the leverage that when we're gone, that leverage is gravely diminished. probably still have some capacity. i hope they are leaving some capacity behind the way that we were thinking about doing that but their leverage to convince the taliban to do anything is
5:15 am
diminished greatly. our leverage for the taliban was always really straightforward. if you don't do what we we'll we'll impose real costs we had established a model and understanding a set of deterrence mechanisms that made clear to the taliban you weren't going to attack americans we executed that. when our forces are gone when our military's capabilities are gone the ability to influence the taliban's decisions if they choose to hold americans for whatever reason, to convince this administration to recognize them, or whatever it maybe, our leverage will be almost zero. steve: sure the leverage is the big stick. a figurative big stick and now that's gone. mr. secretary, are you disappointed with the pentagon? because we have heard that apparently, all the top generals everybody at the present, completely on board with the joe biden plan. >> well steve, i'd be surprised if that's the case, when this gets unpacked i'd be surprised. i watched the senior military leaders on the ground. they were always demanding we made this a conditions-based
5:16 am
departure. president trump did that and honored that commitment. i'd be surprised if they changed steve: so do you think that's just white house spin they're putting out word to friendly mainstream media? >> yeah, steve, i suspect that's the case. i know a lot of these colonels the majors and folks tasked with executing this , some of the junior folks, they all knew that had you to make sure to do the sequence right and in an orderly way. this is what they emplored us to do is the recommendation they gave to president trump and every step along the way we honored that. brian: right so a couple things the taliban brutally killed the interior minister and dragged him through the streets and the former one now and then shot him dead. the lgbtq afghans fear they will be killed because of their past track record and their views on gays in that country. they like to throw them off roof s and they just killed a popular singer just days after they said no more music evidently he played music so
5:17 am
that's the life we're leaving. when they talk about leverage, he's saying that recognition and dollars access to the imf, the international monetary fund, and others. is that leverage, should that be used, so essentially should we be paying ransom to get americans out? >> brian, this is crazy. this is craziness on stilts. this is built on an understanding that somehow, these folks are going to behave in a way consistent with other nations that we recognize. there is no evidence of this and so i've been surprised to hear them talk about the taliban caring about international recognition. i never saw that. they cared about the single thing, creating power to themselves. i hope this administration is not prepared to pay them the same way they paid the iranians before. i hope that because it didn't work. iran continues to be the host, the headquarters for al qaeda. the senior al qaeda leaders in the world, today, are inside of
5:18 am
iran. we gave them billions of dollars and piles of cash. this idea we're going to use american money to bribe the taliban to behave is something that's absolutely ludacris, brian. ainsley: and during our conversation with you our producers were calling pentagon and the pentagon has said the reuters report is not true, and there will be more flights today. so that's great news. nikki haley wants joe biden to resign. do you think he will do that? >> i'm focused on making sure we get the americans out. no, i suspect president biden is not going to do that. what i hope is i hope the biden administration learned that you have to focus on security. you have to get this right and it is american power, not climate change, discussions, not discussions about diversity inclusion, but it is american power and leadership that delivers good outcomes to the american people. i think we've seen when you don't do that, when you demonstrate weakness, you see precisely what we saw yesterday at dover. it saddened me greatly. i hope that's the lesson taken away from this. brian: secretary, the sense
5:19 am
with this administration reportedly is this is a news cycle away. the american people aren't interested in foreign affairs by 2022 everyone will forget this. what do you think? >> i can't imagine people forgetting this. we're now two decades, brian, on from 9/11 and no american has forgotten what happened that day the anger, the outrage of someone attacking americans in our homeland. i'm confident that the american people will remember this , and that they will demand each of their leaders account for what they did and present them a solution for how we're going to make sure something like this never happens again. steve: all right mr. pompeo thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you, steve, thank you, all. brian: sad day. steve: up next on this monday the remains of the fallen heros who paid the ultimate sacrifice in kabul are back on american soil. we're going to speak with the father of staff sergeant taylor hoover after the break. ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool?
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5:25 am
family. that kid had the biggest heart in the world. from the day he came to us, his heart, his love for life, his love for people, especially his family, his sisters and his mother, just a great all- around kid. ainsley: he was the oldest of three, two little sisters and named after you, darin taylor hoover, you go by darin, he goes by taylor. you're only son, how are you doing? how is your family? >> we're getting through it. you know, no parent should have to bury their sons or daughters it's not supposed to work that way, and here i am, here his mom is and here his sisters are and their husband's as well, as well
5:26 am
as grandparents and aunts, uncles, cousins, he's got two nieces as well and they're only going to grow up knowing him by what we tell them and what they will be able to see just from the pictures and stuff that we have. ainsley: they will know their uncle is a hero. did you have an opportunity to talk to him recently? >> i did. i talked to him before he left, and we talked again. its been approximately a month, month and a half ago while he was stationed over there, and he was upbeat, he was happy, just very positive about what was going on. ainsley: when was his tour supposed to end? >> he was supposed to be home september 15. ainsley: wow. then what were his plans for his
5:27 am
life? what did he want to do? i know he served 11 years in the marines. >> it's funny you should ask that. his fiancee, nicole, has tried and tried and tried as well as his two sisters to get him to leave the corps and he was going to stay a little while longer, and unfortunately, we won't have that opportunity. ainsley: wow nicole had a whole life planned for them, you did too. nicole said to know taylor was to love him. he had no clue of the positive impact he made on the lives of everyone he met. his life revolved around his family, the marine corps, and the men that he served. he sounds like a wonderful man. i read what you have said in other interviews in the past, and he just seemed like such a caring individual. always had a calling to serve. >> he did. he did. like he said, you know, when
5:28 am
9/11 happened, he knew then that he wanted to serve. it wasn't until he was in high school and the recruiters came by the high school that he wanted to be a marine, so he loved service. ainsley: do you remember that day when he came home and said dad, i'm going to enlist? >> i definitely do. ainsley: what did you think? >> i was proud and scared at the same time knowing one of the models of marine corps, first in, last out, knowing that he be going into harms way, and ultimately, died with his brothers and sisters by his side ainsley: yesterday, we watched as the coffins were returned back to the united states. is there any way you can put that into words, how did you feel? >> no.
5:29 am
oh, my gosh, no. there's no way to put into words what happened yesterday. it's something that, you know, all the fallen soldiers that have come before, and those that will come after, it's a solemn moment. i pray that no other family has to go through this. we all do, and on behalf of our family and all of us, we're keeping every one of those 13 in our thoughts and in our prayers as well, and those that are still left over there for a safe return. ainsley: mr. hoover, please give his mom a huge hug from us. we've been praying for all of our men and women over there and this is just the saddest news to have to deliver as an anchor,
5:30 am
and i just love your family for what you all do. i love these men and women for keeping us safe and being able to tell my daughter because of your service, your son's service, we are free. we're free to go to school and free to work and have jobs as women, we're free to go whatever church we want to go to and it's because of people, hero s, like your son, god bless you. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. ainsley: you're welcome. a gofundme was started by staff sergeant hoover's fellow marines to support his family, so you can visit to donate. marine corps staff sergeant dari n taylor hoover served his country for 11 fine years and he made the ultimate sacrifice fighting for our freedoms. we'll be right back.
5:31 am
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steve: all right it is 7:34 down in new orleans and rescue efforts are underway, as now tropical storm ida moves north and inland. brian: a levee failure is prompting evacuations as officials are warning of life threatening flash flooding in louisiana. ainsley: fox weather multi-media journalist will nunley joins us live from is a past christian, mississippi on how conditions
5:35 am
are doing there. reporter: guys, we are 16 hours into where we first started to experience these tropical storm force winds, and take a look around. you could tell by my shirt this is still incredible wind gusts 30, 40, 50 miles per hour here, in pass christian, and that's continuing on to gulfport , biloxi and we're also encountering plenty of flooding, this is the coastal beach highway here and it is closed to traffic although we have seen cars trying to make it through and they are encountering flooding throughout as well and there's going to be a temptation over the coming hours for people to try to return home and assess damage but we're hearing from sheriff's deputies and law enforcement across multiple states and jurisdictions right now that's just not going to be possible today because we're still experiencing these conditions. multiple tornadoes reported throughout the night, possible tornadoes, one striking near gulfport just about 15 minutes down the road from where i'm standing, trees falling there
5:36 am
one hitting a home, no injuries reported but guys if you've ever lived here and experienced like this at some point you just wonder when is it going to end and die down but for here not for several more hours. steve: it's going so slow, will thank you very much. ainsley: well fox weather it launches in october, so you can watch for that. now let's check in with our senior meteorologist janice dean for our fox weather forecast. >> it's going to take some time to get aerial visuals of the damage because this was one of the worst hurricanes to ever hit louisiana, and that includes katrina, 16 years ago and this made landfall on the 16th anniversary of hurricane katrina , 150-mile per hour sustained winds that makes it a very strong category four storm, incredible damage is what we're going to see over the next couple of days as people as crew s try to get in and rescue efforts are underway. tornado watch in effect for parts of louisiana and towards mississippi and alabama and the florida panhandle, we have a storm southwest of mobile
5:37 am
and then we watch the forecast radar so the storm slowed down a little bit that is not good news because it's going to bring heavy rainfall, and that's the second part of the storm, not only for parts of the south, but the tennessee river valley, the ohio valley in towards the northeast, i know we've been mentioning that big storm last week, that brought over 17 inches of rainfall in tennessee, more heavy rain this week, and finally we'll see it exit the coast on friday, but we're going to be talking about the remnants of this storm all week long, and the potential for heavy rainfall, at least 30 million people are under some kind of flash flood or flood advisory today. we'll keep you posted steve, ainsley, brian? steve: j. d., thank you very much of course now it's moving up into mississippi and we're starting to get a look at how the devastation is in louisiana. let's bring in louisiana senator bill cassidy joining us from baton rouge, had to go outside because they are out of electricity there. senator good morning. what can you tell us about what people are starting to see as the sun comes up there in
5:38 am
louisiana, devastation-wise? >> well they can only see because the lights are all out, and cell towers at least one of the companies cell towers are down, i have a myfi so i'm on the other company so in part you have to wake up and let the sun rise but there are reports of evacuations from two hospitals down near the coast, which had their roofs blown off. another hospital which had a portion of its generator go out so they had to move patients bagging them, if you will. they aren't on mechanical ventilation, just having a nurse push the bag and breathe and as they move to another part of the hospital, so even buildings that were designed to withstand hurricanes were terribly damaged ainsley: wow we talked to a representative with the cajun navy first thing at 6:00 a.m. and he was saying electricity power might not come on for another month. are you hearing that too? >> you know, i've heard that but i can tell you after hurricane laura, and when you went down and you saw major transmission lines toppled, and within a week, they had them back going, i know they have pre
5:39 am
-positioned crews to begin working on this and it maybe some people out for months but i'm guessing they will have major transmission lines, something rigged up pretty soon. i'm going to put a plug in for infrastructure build. it has $65 billion to harden the grid as well as 50 billion to improve sewer and water. if anything points out the importance of hardening the grid and improving sewer and water, flood mitigation and coastal restoration it is this storm. brian: i'd love to debate your bill and we didn't have the 3.5 being jammed down our throats but i guess that's for another interview. you're a doctor, dr. cassidy, so in particular, now the sun comes up. are they getting in touch with you directly about the needs right away? obviously the top of a hospital blown off, that's a direct need. is there something else we need to relay or you need to relay to the american people? >> there are mass evacuation shelters, and we had a briefing yesterday, the red cross and
5:40 am
others set these up, so there will be plenty of distance between different pods, a family here and a family that far over. they are well-ventilated they will ask people to wear a mask if you don't have one still show up but they give you one when you're there and if you've not been vaccinated, not required they will offer you the vaccine so there is a lot of taken into account covid as we evacuate people, and again, i just again, compliment those agencies for being so far leading to the issue. steve: and before you go, just expand a little bit about how the people who are in the hospital that have no electricity, they had been on ventilators but with no electricity suddenly there's a nurse standing next to them, pumping a bag to keep them alive >> and they move them to another part of the hospital, every hospital here is situated with multiple generators, and so you have your nurse. by the way they are on call. i mean, my gosh. you got a great interview ainsley with the father of that marine but these nurses, doctors
5:41 am
, techs, et cetera, oh, my gosh. they be bagging the patient, and just shoving air down their lungs, as they move them to a different part of the hospital, where they can hook up the ventilator there, where the generator is working. so true heros. ainsley: they really are. steve: wow. ainsley: senator thank you so much for coming on with us god bless all the folks down there, everyone remember them in their prayers lots of people, homes are flooded, no electricity, possibly months and months. steve: and they need the electricity because a lot of the towns are below sea level and they need the electricity for the pumps to get water out. ainsley: we are turning back to the taliban takeover. the family of a young man held hostage by the group is pleading for president biden to make a deal for his freedom. the effort to bring him home, coming up. ere as a part of newday usa, everything that we do is centered around how can we help
5:42 am
that veteran? how can we help that veteran family? we'll help anyone we possibly can. we'll get them in that home. we'll help them do a refi. we'll help them to get cash out of their home. whatever it is that's going to help that individual. and if it's not going to help them, we don't do it. [relaxed summer themed music playing] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. savor your summer with lincoln.
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don't take rybelsus® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrin neoplasia syndrome type 2 or if allergic to it. stop rybelsus® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, or an allergic reaction. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. tell your provider about vision problems or changes taking rybelsus® with a sulfonylurea or insulin increases low blood sugar risk. side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. wake up to what's possibl with rybelsus®. ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. brian: back with a fox news alert the family of an american
5:46 am
contractor believed to be held by the taliban is urging president biden to take action as the clock ticks closer to his deadline to leave the country. mark ferricks was living in kabul for a decade working on construction projects when he was abducted. his sister telling president biden, a statement in this saying this. you said any american who wants to come home will get to come home. that should include my brother. please help us. for more let's bring in former acting defense secretary retired army green beret chris miller. mr. secretary, i mean, this has got to frustrate you because the ball was dropped after you and robert o'brien left government. >> hey, brian, hey team fox & friends. really humbled to be on your show, particularly after staff sergeant hoover's dad and i can't believe we're so blessed to live in a country and a nation that has such great americans that are willing to volunteer and serve and sacrifice and, you know, there
5:47 am
are unfortunately thousands of other gold star families those that have lost loved ones and i want those 13 families and loved ones to know that they have a huge support network and they are going to get through this but we're going to get through it together thanks for having me on. brian: absolutely and also there are 18 others wounded maybe as many as 20 also struggling to a different degree after being in the middle of the bombing but can we talk about something when you guys were still there, your effort to get the contractor back what's happened since, how do we get him out? >> it's a simple one. charlene gave a great letter, sent a letter out, as you referred to. i felt a little guilty because i was talking on behalf of mark fe rricks and i talked to charlene last week out in lombard, illinois, just a great american family and i said charlene, i need to apologize to you i've been speaking on behalf of mark for a while and she says what are you doing? i said well i've been saying that mark wants to come home and i've heard president biden and
5:48 am
secretary blinken say that any american that's being held or is in afghanistan is able to come home, will come home, so i'm here, charlene, you're the best sister anybody could ever have, i've got a great sister but i want her to be as strong as you are, and i'm just here to say, president biden, secretary blinken, secretary of state, and secretary of defense, general austin, i'm speaking on behalf of mark ferricks. he wants to come home. i think we can get this done in hours if he put our mind to it and so let's do this and get mark home as soon as we can. he's been held since december 2020 and we have the ability to bring him home and i really really think it's time that we can do this. brian: and by the way, i want you to hear what jen psaki said but also keep in mind too that he's been turned over to the economy network providing security now in kabul. here is what jen psaki said about this. >> there is an american that's been detained by the taliban
5:49 am
since last year, his name is mark ferricks and i'm wondering if the administration has any negotiations to release him as part of the broader negotiations? >> we certainly raised his case and every opportunity and it has certainly been raised but i don't have any update on that case. brian: is raising enough, you say a president has to make it a priority, right? >> absolutely. that's all it takes. i've done regretably i've done a bunch of hostage negotiations, its got to be presidential priority, he says do it, it gets done. mark let's be clear and not talk about him as a hostage. he's a prisoner of war, we don't leave prisoners of war behind. we've unfortunately had to do that in the past. let's bring everybody home. he's a prisoner of war, it's along his warfare itself doing prisoner exchanges, we have some afghan, we have an afghan and american kudlow in federal prison who can betrayeded and exchanged to get mark out this afternoon, if that's the
5:50 am
decision that's made and only president biden can do that with the attorney general. it's not hard. been there, done it, it's pretty simple. brian: got it and you and robert o'brien are great at it and the track record is unbelievable. chris miller thanks so much. >> thanks, to the families that are pushing on this and thanks for keeping this on the radar scope we got to get this done. brian: hopefully have good news maybe this week. thanks so much, chris. meanwhile tributes to the 13 service members killed in kabul are emerging across the country. how one ohio bar is doing their part to honor our heros that story, next but first bill hemmer and dana perino working hard on their show to bring us two hours of impactful news. what do you got? bill: good morning to you and great show today. we can say some of the last flights are leaving kabul. we can say the pentagon is going to brief in 90 minutes, general jack keane will try and tell us what comes next, we'll talking about september 1. dana: congressman michael waltz has thoughts he will be
5:51 am
here and also the massive storm ida is still a big problem there we'll get you updates from the regional morning, you see you at 9:00. my life to be able to be here as a part of newday usa, everything that we do is centered around how can we help that veteran? how can we help that veteran family? we'll help anyone we possibly can. we'll get them in that home. we'll help them do a refi. we'll help them to get cash out of their home. whatever it is that's going to help that individual. and if it's not going to help them, we don't do it.
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5:55 am
marine resigning in protest after punished for sharing his thoughts on afghanistan. >> forfeiting my retirement on entitlements i don't want a single dollar. all i ask for was accountability of my senior leaders when there are clear obvious mistakes that were made. jillian: former lt. kernel was relieved after a video he made criticizing u.s. leaders went viral. >> i have been fighting for 17 years. i'm willing to throw it all away to say to my senior leaders, i demand accountability. jillian: the marine corps said it was "taking appropriate action to ensure the safety and well being of his family but did not comment further." >> a youth football team from tennessee made a touching tribute saturday before their game honoring army staff sergeant ryan nelst killed in the kabul airport attack along with 12 other american service members. this is what their coach had to say when he joined us earlier. >> making sure that we are
5:56 am
teaching the young men we coach how to pray, when to pray, what to pray for , and that always, you know, the real heros might not be in a jersey with a number on it but definitely still in a uniform. jillian: the coach says team is too young to know much about what happened but that they understand heroism. >> they aren't the only ones paying tribute new york giants head coach joe judge seen wearing a hat honoring the marine corps during a pre- season game against the new england patriots. several players also wore military hats. judge said he wanted to show his gratitude to the service members killed at the kabul airport, and show others that were "all on the same team." that's a look at your headlines steve i'll send it to you. steve: thank you, jillian. meanwhile bars and restaurants across the country honoring the heros with 13 beers and an empty table like that. our next guest is donating a dollar for every beer sold at his place from now until september 11 to the fallen
5:57 am
service members families. niko's bar and gyro's owner, joins us right now, and his daughter christina is on his lap as well. good morning to you. >> good morning, sir. steve: okay so i understand you called your general manager and you said okay, i want you to reserve a table for 13, and she apparently said you realize, boss, it's a friday night and what did you say to her? >> well i told her, first of all she didn't know where i was going with this , in respect to her. i told her that i want to reserve that table. it's a friday night, and she said she made that comment to me , and then in return, i said well those people, they aren't going back to their families tonight. so me sacrificing a table for a night is the least i can do, but then i decided i'm going to keep this table exactly how you see it until september 11. steve: that is great and you're donating $1 for every beer to
5:58 am
one of the military charities. >> yes. steve: you know, and niko, i understand you're the kind of bar keep who if somebody came into your bar and said i just got back from afghanistan, you're going to buy them a beer anyway, weren't you? >> absolutely. i respect all the military and our local enforcement, law enforcement. these people, they put their lives on the line on a daily basis something that people need to realize and not forget, so me buying a beer for a vet that just sacrificed his life for my freedom, for me, to be a business owner, and to have my customers come in here and eat and drink with their families and their friends is the least i can do is buy a beer. steve: sure, i understand the father of a marine came in and with tears in his eyes thanked you. >> yes. yeah, he caught me by surprise i just came out of the kitchen
5:59 am
just to say hello to a couple customers, and i turned and here is this gentleman, a grown man, tears in his eyes thanking me for this tribute to the troops and i looked at him and i go there's no reason to thank me. i thank you and i thank your son and may god watch over him and all the military. steve: sure, and before we go, i know you did not know any of the young men and women who passed but you feel like each and every one of them whose pictures we're looking at, you feel like they are your kids. >> absolutely. i have two beautiful daughters that god blessed me with. i couldn't even imagine, i probably wouldn't be able to sleep at night. steve: yeah. well, if you stop by niko's in north royalton, ohio, every dollar for a beer is going to go to a family. thank you very much and thanks to your daughter who sat there very quietly as her dad was explaining what he's doing. thank you, sir. >> thank you. steve: all right that's great.
6:00 am
really great. ainsley: saw that all over social media, reposted the same pictures just what a tribute. rest in peace, these american heros that passed away 13 of them. brian: this will be a huge story, not only do you have the hurricane, now a tropical storm but you got what's going on in afghanistan trying to get all our people out. see you on radio. steve: see you tomorrow everybody.


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