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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 30, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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it's time to treat td. td is not ok. visit >> harris: simultaneous catastrophes unfolding. we'll start at home. you see on the left of your screen. both with major ramifications. the one on the right, obviously, afghanistan. let's begin with ida. hit the united states has a category four transform with the theory of 150-mile-per-hour win. it struck louisiana 16 years to the decade after hurricane katrina.
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item now tropical storm, was ens and powerful. lashing the gulf coast with torrential rains and high winds. the entire city of new orleans is without electrical power. more than 1 million people. so far at least one death blamed on the storm but that number we're told could grow as the full scope of the tragedy is known today. at the same time, we are watching afghanistan. where we are now just hours away from the august 31st deadline for troop withdrawal and getting americans out. president biden is warning that the terror threat to cobbles airport remains high. this after the united states thwarted a rocket attack. you're watching "outnumbered." with me emily, upon you and kaylee mcenaney, "new york post" columnist and fox news jupiter miranda divine. in the center seat, retired u.s. army infantry captain sean parnell is with us. he spent 485 days fighting along
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afghan-pakistan border. we are interested to get his take on everything. let's watch. what was left behind after u.s. missile system intercepted most of the rockets aimed at kabul's airport where the vehicle where they were reportedly launched from going up in flames. the u.s. flies more evacuees out of afghanistan, racing to get them all out ahead of tomorrow's deadline for troop withdrawal. sean, the reality, watch the pentagon today. we are not going to get out. >> it's a tragedy and what we keep coming back to visit didn't have to be that way. leaving afghanistan was not a secret. we knew we were going to be doing this for a while. the fact that we close to bagram air force base to now entrusting american lives of the taliban. i resent the biden administration trying to rebrand the taliban sort of like a
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kinder, gentler terrorist organization. it's kind of unbelievable. and then to learn just yesterday that we have the opportunity, the u.s. military, to seize kabul, protect kabul as evacuations began. my gosh. looking at that now, what a difference that would've made with regards to being able -- >> harris: how so? >> sean: we have the opportunity to seize kabul but we are relegated to the airport, relegated to a static position is very, very difficult to defend especially given there are thousands of afghan civilians desperate to get out of the country. so it's an indefensible position to be in. very difficult place for our soldiers to be in. didn't have to be this way, we could've secure the city of kabul but we let the taliban, and throughout the last week or so we were working behind the clock trying to get people out but the taliban are telling one thing to joe biden, yes, we are
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going to protect your withdrawal, doing another thing on the ground. they are setting up checkpoints all over the place and stopping american citizens before they can get to the gates and evacuate. it has been a preventable tragedy and i lay it at the feet of joe biden. it's an unbelievable leadership failure and it breaks my heart to see it. >> harris: kayleigh, looking at polling that says 84% of americans want to see the united states see this out. 71% of them saying we need to stay as long as it takes to bring all americans and the afghans who helped us home. it's hard to get 84, 71% of anybody to agree on anything, especially in this political atmosphere that we live in in america. we nearly all agree this is not the way to the exit. >> kayleigh: americans do not want to leave other americans behind. that's the american way. we don't leave men and women behind. it's not something we've done in
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this country. it's a new era of american foreign policy. let me underscore a little bit of what sean was saying. biden era dealmaking looks more like capitulation. what i mean is a focus on exactly what sean just mentioned, the notion that we handed security to the taliban is very revealing. "washington post" based on a dozen interviews with afghan and american officials. also one taliban commander on the ground, very long report but in there was this. we had a discussion, general mckenzie, united states military with the head of the taliban. we have a problem. we have two options to deal with. either you, the u.s. military take responsibly for securing kabul or you have to let us do it. the deal was reached that the u.s. would be in the airport until august 31st. as sean said, the taliban would take over the rest of kabul. what a disastrous decision. i spoke with general kellogg,
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lieutenant general and the national security council before coming to air, and he said this was "an unforced error. basically we said secure the perimeter but we are not going to push out. we are not going to go get americans." he said this has to be a presidential decision, or at least i hope it was. it was an unforced error to name a deadline and tuesday we won't leave the airport. that means we are leaving americans behind. polling, 84% of americans do not want to see that happening. a >> harris: from the top republican in the house, he was on moments ago. >> it is disgusting that we are depending on the taliban. i am sorry, you can't say the taliban, isis, and al qaeda are different. they are all the same fruit from the same tree. they are leaving and still they are leaving americans and our hostages there and they are leaving americans become hostages.
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>> miranda: he is dead right. they are all islamist fundamentalists. those of the people who attacked us on september 11th. they are the people who have been at war against america for a quarter of a century. they despise america. it doesn't matter what label we put on them. there has just been willful naivety about this fact. and that every fighting man and woman understands. every gold star family knows who the enemy is. it seems that joe biden and his state department colleagues have no idea. they are just being taken for chumps by the taliban. they must be laughing their heads off. the people who got on the plains, that's not what we are realizing. american citizens being turned away while god knows who is getting through and the
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administration is making a virtue in fact, were going to get these people before they come to our shores. how do we even know who they are? this is the second disaster on top of a disaster. >> harris: did you say blynken, wynken, and nod? wow. i wrote back down on the secretary of state today, antony lincoln. everybody is tough on him. the answers coming now from the administration are, boy, they are tough to hear in some instances. we literally are going to leave people behind. at least they have stop saying those who want to come home. >> emily: incremental progress is something to be stated. i have to say, harris, i think the dominant emotion, ordinary americans, for those of us watching this unfold, is one of confusion. i'm not quite sure why there's so much confusion surrounding
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getting the americans out when this administration still stands there and has a commitment, they say, to transparency, getting every american out. they said before when today major general hank taylor said the evacuation mission was "to help as many people as possible." that's not what we heard before. we heard there was a commitment to getting every american out. for those millions of americans and are watching with baited breath that have an investment into giving those americans out, those nonprofits that are seeing everyone else doing everything possible around the clock to get those guys out and seeing that they are only running into red tape, that they don't have landing permits. they have a place but not a scheduled departure. they were stuck outside the gate, stuck inside the gate. how is that acceptable for an administration that keeps touting this as a success when it was merely putting out the dumpster fire of their own creation. it's unacceptable to all of us
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watching. i don't know how they're going to fix it or complete the mission by tonight. to me the mission is getting every american out and that's what they said it was before. >> harris: i'm glad you bring up the timing. i try to mention it every day. there are -- they are eight and a half hours ahead of us. the deadline is 3:59 p.m. eastern tomorrow because they want to avoid a situation. you don't want to be pulling up stakes in the middle the night. all of the timing of it, and we'll get into it later, sean, all of the timing of it has been so awkward from a logistical standpoint. we are in the middle of fighting season. it's like taking on scorpions when they are mating. >> sean: joe biden likes to talk about americans are back, but mr. president, please get americans back. >> harris: hurricane ida
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>> emily: the mayor of new orleans is expected to hold a news conference on the aftermath of hurricane ida as daylight reveals the deadly destruction left behind. take a look at this video, you can see the sheer power and force of ida. the hurricane clocked winds around 150 miles per hour, destroying homes and buildings throughout louisiana. this dramatic video capturing heavy winds tearing the roof off
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buildings. ida causing massive flooding, making it hard for rescue crews to get to those in need of help. jeff paul is live on the ground in new orleans with more. >> it was incredible to wake up this morning and be in a city so vibrant like new orleans and have absolutely no one around and be absolutely in the dark. no one got power. it made for a bit of a hectic drive in the morning but once the sun came out we started getting a better idea of how this storm has impacted new orleans and all the rest of the state of louisiana. this used to be a two-story building 24 hours ago. now you can see what the strong winds and costs from hurricane ida did to the building, reducing it to bricks and wood. the same story is playing out throughout the state, especially along the coastline, areas that are very low lying. we've got a lot of flooding, and
9:17 am
we are hearing reports of people who chose to ride out the storm being trapped in having get rescued. the understanding needs to be, some of these people didn't have a choice. they couldn't leave. this storm form so quickly and got so strong so fast. some people just didn't have the capacity to leave. or maybe they had a medical attention they needed to stick around. that's something that's happening right now, rescues throughout the state. one man was killed in baton rouge jets -- just outside baton rouge after a tree fell on his house. that is something authorities are warning today, more trees could fall. somewhere like new orleans got anywhere from six to 12 inches of rain. that's a lot of rain for an area that's already nearly at sea level. can't handle too much rain. but on the other side of it, the other devastating storms like hurricane katrina, the levees
9:18 am
helped in the pumps worked. for people who live in the city, yes a million people do not have power but a lot of people are thankful that they are standing on dry ground at least here in new orleans. emily. >> emily: jeff paul, thank you for that reporting. we'll be sure to stay with you as events unfold. harris, you spent the last hour doing such in-depth reporting, one interview in particular which stuck out to me was captain undergoing rescue efforts. >> harris: the captain was in mobile, alabama, there staging about six helicopters before dawn. they went out to get the lay of the land. one of the things i like to report the good news too. very early on in this process, part of the whole mix. she didn't see people standing on rooftops. with the hope is, because they didn't need to.
9:19 am
we no reports of water in attics, people had to go to the upper levels of their home. some of the southern areas of louisiana along the gulf that were first hit as the storm came in. he said the good news is most of the people were probably not even in those homes. they were evacuated and they heeded the evacuations and only would need help in those situations where the rain continues to let the water rise. we saw this after katrina. the question is, what's going to hold in the area after all the changes they made post-katrina. the anniversary, 16 years to the date yesterday that they took that huge monster of a storm that came in, katrina. so there is a silver lining in all of this but the damage of all this in the livelihood loss in the landscape changed is heartbreaking. to have more than a million people without power. it could take some time before people's lives even approach
9:20 am
something acceptable compared to what they had before the storm. >> emily: sean, sometimes the damage really, is harris' outlining, occurs after the storm. it's difficult for those in the sweltering heat to be people to be living without power and it underscores all the different rules the military plays as we cover a report from afghanistan and around the world, the military is undergoing rescue efforts protecting american citizens. >> sean: it's so true. watching those images, they are devastating. our thoughts and prayers are with everybody down in louisiana. what i always find it remarkable that in times like this, there is in combat situations were here at home, the american people, doesn't matter where you come from or what god you worship or what color your skin is, we are in this together, find solutions, fighting common missions. to the people of louisiana, you're strong. you're resilient. america is with you, and we are going to be with you through the
9:21 am
end. >> emily: amen. coming up, where ida is heading after leaving more than a million without power. plus, remembering the 13 young american heroes killed in afghanistan. the u.s. service members who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. what we have learned about those lives tragically cut short, h next. values ahighs,time now is the best time ever to use your va benefits to turn your home equity into cash. newday usa lets you borrow 100% of your home's value and take out $50,000 or more for security today or retirement tomorrow. get the cash and peace of mind every veteran family deserves. so make the call.
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9:26 am
grandfather said "he was a believer and we will see them again and god's heaven." he was 23. jared schmidt was on his first deployment. his father described him as one of the coolest, most unique individuals he'd ever met and was honored to call him son. daegan page, his family remembered him for his tough outer shell and giant heart, as they say. he was 23. david lee espinoza also joined the military after high school. his mother says david was always looking out for ways to help the most vulnerable in the community. he was just 20. as the war itself, 20 years old. >> emily: she served at the
9:27 am
young age of 18, describing her as vibrant and brave, johanny rosario. humberto sanchez. the mirror of his hometown wrote any plans he may have had for his post military life are given in sacrifice. he was 22 years old. 31-year-old darin taylor hoover served as a marine for 11 years. his father says "he did what he loved and gave his life protecting those that can't protect themselves." kareem nikoui always wanted to serve his country. the day before kareem was killed, he sent his dad a video showing him giving afghan children candy. a week before she was killed, marine sergeant nicole gee posted this photo of herself and
9:28 am
wrote "i love my job." she was 23. >> kayleigh: those who knew navy carmen max soviak, he was s old. hunter lopez, being a marine wasn't a job but calling, he was 22 years old. dylan merola texted his mom "i won't be able to talk for a little while. we are being sent to a different location. i love you and i'll talk to you soon." it was the last message the marine would send. he was 20 years old. the sister of 20-year-old rylee mccollum said he wanted to be a marine his whole life and he was also going to be a father. his baby is due in just three weeks. the marine corps posted this photo of the flag draped caskets of their fallen brother and they
9:29 am
arrived home on u.s. soil with the caption "gone but never forgotten." harris, such a tragic image, starting with you, talking about rylee mccollum and his service. he used to walk around in his diaper carrying his toy rifle and play marines. that's what he wanted to be. on his 18th birthday, he signed up and said dad, you've got to sign these papers. he said never mind, i am an adult. this was his calling. this was what he wanted to do. he got married in april. his sister and his dad felt something wasn't right and they got that harrowing visit that no one wants to get at 3:30 a.m. rylee mccollum. his baby, we don't know the gender but in three weeks that we will is going to grow up knowing their dad is a hero. >> harris: what i love about this story and that of the others, you get the background
9:30 am
on who they thought they wanted to be, all of them wanted to be great americans who would serve this country. little ryan might've been playing with his rifle as a kid but he grew up to be somebody who wasn't playacting. he was the real deal. sean. >> sean: yeah, boy, this is really difficult to discuss. i have lost soldiers in combat. i have written letters home. i have been the knock at the door. family members' worlds fell apart. it's difficult. it's part and for this country to remember the america sons and daughters are our most precious natural resource. leaders, whether your democrats and republicans, have an unbelievable responsibility to make sure that when we send them into the fight that it's worthwhile. yes, freedom is worth defending. this great, exceptional country is worth defending and every one of those men and women on your
9:31 am
screen right now raise their right hand, volunteered to serve this country. probably knowing that they were going into the fight and knowing that they might not come home. this country is so blessed that we have men and women. .4% of this country serves during the longest period of war in our nations history. we are blessed to have incredible americans like that willing to rise up and defend this country and we are lucky that they exist. >> kayleigh: so true. brenda, these are men and women with a servants heart beat. nicole gee, holding that beautiful baby. darin taylor hoover. these are servants. >> miranda: they are the best of us. the more you find out about these young men and women, you
9:32 am
see that their lives were dedicated to the duty and service in their country. they are marvelous representation of their generation, and we should not forget. we should respect their generation. generation y, they've inherited a world with the moral capital depleted by their feckless elders. they are destined to rebuild that moral capital. i think on their young shoulders, we can trust that they will do that because they really are, they have everything. compassion, kindness, patriotism, these young men and women just make you proud. our hearts go out to their families. they did not die in vain because their memories will live on. they saved a lot of people. >> kayleigh: emily, america showing their appreciation. i spoke on friday night in texas, we only knew nine people
9:33 am
at the time. the audience stood, huge standing ovation for these heroes. the atlanta braves leaving seats open at their game for these heroes. >> emily: thank you, my father, we own and operate a winery in cornelius, oregon. my father was a commander in the u.s. navy. he's a veteran. we honor those 13 fallen. old armor buried in north carolina , special forces veterans who founded the brewery. they laid out 13 beers. all across the country. in saint pete's florida, the atlanta braves reserving 13 seats over which they draped the american flag. all throughout the country, patriots, veterans, supporters,
9:34 am
everyone honored those 13 fallen. the common denominator is their youth and the fact that the -- it doesn't matter what age you are. to have a service heart, to be a hero make the ultimate sacrifice so we are safer at home. >> harris: i remember growing up on military bases. sometimes parents wouldn't come back. the leadership on base would always remind everybody that we will see them in heaven. but there other fighting partners are still in hell on a battlefield and that hell is in afghanistan. recognize these heroes, pray for their gold star families. i can't help but also think of those that are still left behind on that tarmac, making sure everybody gets home safely. god bless them today. >> emily: amen. >> kayleigh: what a reminder. amen to that. "greater love has no man than this than to lay one's life down for a friend."
9:35 am
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two and a quarter percent, just 2.48 apr. lock in this record low rate and save. >> emily: so-called taliban kill squads reportedly in possession of u.s. equipment and data. among the significant amount of weaponry that was left behind are american-made biometric devices that contain fingerprints and scans that can identify anyone who worked with coalition allies or intelligence agencies. fox digital spoke with a u.s. army vet and afghan national whose family is stuck in afghanistan and being targeted by the taliban. >> local commanders. in kabul, they know me by name. they know my family. they know where the houses. they've been inside my house
9:40 am
last week. pictures of me and my uniform. they trashed the house. i am a traitor to them. i am a traitor, an apostate, so is my family. they cut all of my affiliation with the u.s. government. my family, my niece, my brother, they were beheaded. i am proud of being an american staff sergeant, it's an honor for me. i love it. i would do it again. >> emily: this is absolutely devastating. my fear is as the clock ticks and we have hours left, people like this will be left behind. americans who have served and their families are left to a fate that we can only imagine the now, and our worst nightmares. >> sean: i am absolutely furious, my heart is pounding in my chest. you've heard this white house say over and over and over again that they plan for every contingency. but when you are talking about
9:41 am
evacuating a country in the middle of a war zone, might the number one priority be evacuating american citizens and our allies! what jumps out to me is this is just an unbelievable leadership failure at every level. when you're in the military, you only have so many hours in the day to plan. you don't raise your right hand to join the military because you want a career in the military or you hope it will pay for your college. your job as a leader of the military or as a commander, you have to be willing to lay your life down for your troops and your allies at any moment. this is why i get so frustrated with joe biden is a commander in chief and our generals. it seems to me they have been wholly unengaged when you talk about critical race theory or a white raid on capitol hill. i talked about this a few months ago. i said it really seems like they're not focused on the responsible drawdown in afghanistan. we are seeing the tragic
9:42 am
consequences play out on the battlefield. >> emily: miranda, that was just the beginning of the interview. he went to say they dropped a fire bomb at my house and it destroyed it completely. they caught my sister outside our house and they beat her, punched her, kicked her. everyone came outside to save her and my brother was first and they beat him. the brutal beating. yet he says it's an honor for me to be an american staff sergeant. i love it and i would do it again and again. >> miranda: there is everything that is such a betrayal by the biden administration. of americans, america, our standing the world, our future. being safe from terrorism. the betrayal of our allies. that makes it very difficult for america in the future to ally with other people.
9:43 am
who would ever trust an american again? the tragedy of it all can come down to one fatal position and that was the decision to close bagram airbase. that was a decision that came right from the top. joe biden is trying to throw the generals under the bus. general milley has said that he was operating under the instructions given to him by joe biden. they are both to blame, and general milley obviously has to take and has to take accountability. >> emily: hundreds of students and their relatives and staff of the american university of afghanistan have also met a dead end as they received the news, the evacuations have ceased for them and yet their information has been disseminated as well. i also worry that after this, as midnight comes to a draw, that this administration will insist on trying to tamp down all this information and all the stories that they will try to pivot to the american people stop talking
9:44 am
about it and stop hearing about all those that were left behind. >> kayleigh: of course they will. they were trying to call it a success just last week before that horrible attack at the kabul airport. they will try to spin it. put yourself in the shoes of an ally right now. afghan ally of the united states. you were told you'd be getting out of there, that's what biden told us. you were told that. then he found out your name was given over on the list potentially to the taliban. then you find out american equipment, 7,000 of these scanners are left behind and will be used to track you down. even if they come to your house, you cannot deny working with the united states because they can scan your eyes and find out that in fact you did. what a betrayal. what incredible words from that man. singh had i not been a u.s. soldier most of this would not happen but i'm not ashamed. i am proud to have been american staff sergeant. that man and his family should be here, not left there. >> harris: what kayleigh just
9:45 am
said is hugely important, biometric cross -- comes -- cross-sections of who's on the ground. there's nowhere to hide, no way to run. especially not now, not in the winter months where you can scurry to the mountains. john, i want to see the rest of my time. tomorrow, 3:29 p.m. eastern is the cutoff deadline for us to get allies in our american citizens out of that country. if you are left behind, what does it look like? >> sean: the situation is pretty dire. but i hope beyond hope that president biden is up to the task of getting our americans and our allies out of that country. again, what is he been doing for the last seven months? my god, i don't know. but it's looking like we are going to have hundreds if not thousands of americans trapped behind enemy lines and surrounded by the taliban. this whole narrative of americans who want to come home.
9:46 am
what i want to know is how many americans are left in afghanistan. the fact of the matter is that our americans left whose family members aren't citizens and who are unwilling to leave their family members to the predation of the taliban. we need to save them and their family members. we need to know who they are in order to do it and i don't have a warm and fuzzy at all of the pentagon or the department of state has a sense of how many americans are in the country, how many green cardholders, how many others. don't think they have a handle on it at all. they better get smart to the task quickly. >> emily: that's exactly right, there's a -- the notion that there's a delineation between the american citizens and afghans in that it would be easy to pull them out, absolutely we've been hearing multiple stories like we just didn't hear where someone, an american citizen, their family members or not. they are refusing to leave the
9:47 am
staff they worked with for years, because they are deeply passionate about. and as the clock ticks we have only the worst to look forward to. coming up, as president biden faces multiple crises, his poll numbers on many issues are understandably plummeting. the panel on that next. as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ we did it again. verizon has been named america's most reliable network by rootmetrics.
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>> threats are rising on the ground in afghanistan. we are one day away from the full afghanistan withdrawal. our calling bill hemmer will join us. brand-new polling that shows where americans stand on u.s. troops pulling out. plus, peter meijer, one of the two congressmen to fly to kabul in the middle of the evacuation, sparking outrage among his colleagues. he'll be here to explain to us why he went and what his takeaway was from the ground. u.s. marine veteran and former special forces operator trying to get people out of afghanistan on their own. they will join us live on that as we await the president. he has had to speak at the latest at 1:30 p.m. eastern time. we'll have it for you. join john and me on "america reports" at the top of the hour. >> kayleigh: seven months into his term, president biden facing
9:52 am
serious mounting questions about his leadership with a major hurricane slamming the gulf coast and u.s. forces racing to evacuate the remaining americans from afghanistan before tomorrow's withdrawal deadline. critics are asking if the president is in over his head. some are comparing him to jimmy carter. william mcgurn writing in "the wall street journal" "in the history books the stake of our second saigon will hang over mr. biden's legacy but with more than three years left in his presidency, the idea that we may have another jimmy carter at the helm may be even scarier." especially if that is the reit in beijing, moscow, and tehran." even cnn noticing president biden is facing a lot of questions. economy under 50%. tanked in his covid numbers. in afghanistan he has gone from 58 to just 34% approval. >> miranda: it shows you you can fool all the people all of
9:53 am
the time. a lot of people have been fooled for a long time about joe biden. he his image has been -- on foreign policy, an old hand, steady, all that is on the window when you see what he's really like. in great britain, you're seeing headlights questioning his cognitive capability, especially since there was that footage of him seemingly falling asleep during a meeting with the israeli prime minister. there just is feeling that he's out of it, he's not up to it, he's too old. he's not smart enough. and he is not surrounded himself with very smart people. we are looking at the border and inflation in any number of things. i don't think he's capable of handling them. >> kayleigh: no doubt he's not capable. you look at this, gallup did a survey. 23% of the country believes we are heading in the right direction.
9:54 am
among democrats it's 39%, down from 63%. this was before the afghanistan debacle. on every front we are looking. >> sean: yeah, i think in times of crisis, americans want a leader who is strong. one thing i hear over and over again is who's really running the show? after we had lost 13 american lives, i think the american people were watching and wanting joe biden to express resolve and empathy. we didn't get that. instead we got somebody who was, projected weakness. at the end, set i've got a list of people who i'm allowed to call on. every american in the country saw that and wondered who is running the show? say what you want about president trump. he was always in charge. clearly always the guy running the show. joe biden clearly is not running the show and i don't think he's up to the task either. >> kayleigh: he is not running the show.
9:55 am
two democrats on the hill writing it's increasingly likely republicans will take over the house, the senate, and even joe biden being a one-term president. these are democrats writing this. >> emily: out of likely 22 voters, in the areas where it matters, the academy, afghanistan, pandemic and immigration, his numbers are plummeting. these likely voters favor republicans over democrats. i think aside from these specific numbers, it's the trends that matter. this president has plummeted 16 points in overall ratings since april alone. as sean and miranda illustrated, and all these categories, the american people have watched a commander in chief fail without reassurance to the contrary. the way the trend is going, absolutely and 2022 there will and should be an overhaul. >> kayleigh: absolutely. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. there's no telling what we might bundle! homeandautobundle xtravafestasaveathon!
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>> harris: sean parnell, a warrior. tomorrow the deadline. our top thoughts?
10:00 am
>> sean: well, the enemies of this country don't dictate terms to the greatest superpower the world is ever known. i don't care about the deadline. mr. president, you have to do everything that you can in your power to bring americans home. >> harris: and i know from talking to you that means stay as long as you have to. all right, thank you so very much for watching "outnumbered." here is "america reports." ♪ ♪ >> sandra: thank you. fox news alert, a tropical storm leaving a path of destruction has a terrace across the southeast. at least one person has been confirmed dead so far. more than 1 million customers are now without power in the state of louisiana. the storm knocking out power to all of new orleans at this hour, damaging buildings and bringing massive flooding there. we will take you lives to louisiana just moments from now. and this fox news alert, the u.s. is now just hours away from turning over kabul's airport to the taliban.


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