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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  August 30, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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humanitarian undertaking. one of the most tiff in our nation's history. and extraordinary feat of logistics and coordination under some of the most challenging circumstances imaginable. many, many people made this possible. i want to commend our outstanding diplomats who worked around the clock and around the world to coordinate the operation. they volunteered for duty at the kabul airport. they flew to transit countries to help process thousands of afghans bound for the united states. they deployed to importance of entry and american military bases to welcome afghans to the new home. they staffed 24/7 passports in washington overseen by deputy secretary mckean. they built a list of americans possibly seeking to leave afghanistan then worked to contact every single one of them repeatedly making 55,000 phone calls, sending 33,000 emails
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since august 14th. they solved problem after problem to keep the mission moving forward. they did this because for the thousands of state department and u.s. aid employees who served in afghanistan for the past 20 years this evacuation operation was very personal. many worked hand in hand for years with afghan partners. many of whom became trusted friends. we also lost cherished members of our foreign service community in afghanistan. we'll never forget them. helping americans our foreign partners who have been by our side for 20 years and afghans at risk at this critical moment was more than just a high stakes assignment for our team. it was a sacred duty. and the world saw how our diplomats rose to the challenge with determination and heart. u.s. service members in kabul did heroic work securing the airport, protecting civilians of
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many nationalities including tens of thousands of afghans and air lifting them out. they also providing vital support right now caring for afghans on military bases in europe, the middle east, and here in the united states. we have seen pictures of u.s. service members at the kabul airport cradling babies, comforting families. that's the kind of compassion and courage our men and women in uniform exemplify this carried out this mission under the constant threat of terrorist violence and four days ago, 11 marines, one navy medic and one soldier were killed by a suicide bomber at the airport gate as well as scores of afghans. nearly all of them were in their early 20's. just babies or toddlers on september, 2011. these deaths are devastating loss for our country. we at the state department feel them deeply.
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we have a special bond with the marines. the first person that you see when you visit an american embassy is a marine. they guard our diplomatic missions. they keep us safe around the world. we couldn't could our jobs without them. and we will never forget their sacrifice nor will we forget what they achieved. the most exceptional among us perform a lifetime's work of service in a short time here on earth. so it was for our exceptional brothers and sisters who died last week. finally, i want to thank our allies and partners. this operation was a global endeavour in every way. many countries stepped one robust contribution to the air lift, including working by our side at the airport. some are now serving as transit countries, allowing evacuees to be registered and processed on the way to final destinations.
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others have agreed to resettle afghan refugees permanently we hope more will do so in the days and weeks ahead. we're truly grateful for their support. now, u.s. military flights have ended. and our troops have departed afghanistan. and new chapter of america's engagement with afghanistan has begun. it's one in which we'll lead with our diplomacy. the military mission is over. a new diplomatic mission has begun. so, here's our plan for the days and weeks ahead. first, we built a new team to help lead this new mission. as of today, we suspended our diplomatic balance kabul and transferred our operations to doha, qatar, which will soon be formerlily notified to congress. given the uncertain security environment and political situation in afghanistan, it was the prudent step to take. and let me take this opportunity to thank our outstanding it
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charge ambassador ross wilson who came out of retirement in january 2020 to lead our embassy in afghanistan and done exceptional courageous work during a highly challenging time. for the time being, we will use this post in doha to manage our diplomacy with afghanistan including counselor affairs, administering humanitarian systems and working with allies, partners and regional international stakeholders to coordinate our engagement and messaging to the call ban. our team there will be led by it who served as deputy chief of mission in afghanistan for this past year. no one better prepared to do the job. we will continue our relentless efforts to help americans, foreign nationals and afghans leave afghanistan if they choose. let me talk briefly about the americans who remain in afghanistan. we made extraordinary efforts to give americans every opportunity
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to depart the country in many cases talking and some times walking them into the airport. of those who self-identified as americans in afghanistan who were considering leaving the country. we have thus far received confirmation that about 6,000 have been evacuated or otherwise departed. this number will likely continue to grow as our outreach and arrivals continue. we believe there are still a small number of americans under 200, and likely closer to 100 who remain in afghanistan and want to leave. we're trying to determine exactly how many. we're going through manifests and calling and texting through our lists. and we'll have more details to share as soon as possible. part of the challenge with fixing a precise number is that there are long time residents of afghanistan who had american passports and who were trying to determine whether or not they wanted to leave. many are duel citizen americans
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and deep roots and expanded families in afghanistan who resided there for many years. for many it's a painful choice. our commitment to them and to all of our americans in afghanistan and everywhere in the world continues. the protection and welfare of americans abroad remains the state department's most vital and enduring mission. if an american in afghanistan tells us they want to stay for now and then in a week or a month or a year they reach out and say i have changed my mind, we will help them leave. additionally, we have worked intensely. -- we gotten many out. but many are still there. we will keep working to help them. our commitment to them has no deadline. third, we will hold the taliban to its pledge to let people freely depart afghanistan. the taliban is committed to let
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anyone with proper documents leave the country in a safe and orderly manner. they said this privately and publicly many times. on friday, a senior taliban official said it again on television and radio. and i quote: any afghans may leave the country, including those who work for americans, if they want and for whatever reason there may be. end quote. more than half the world's countries have joined us in insisting that the taliban let people travel outside of afghanistan freely as of to date, more than 100 countries have said that they expect the taliban to honor travel authorizations by our countries. and just a few short hours ago, the united nations security council passed a resolution that ebb shines that responsibility. laying the groundwork to hold the taliban accountable if they renege. the international chorus on you this is strong and it will stay
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strong. we will hold the taliban to commitment on freedom of movement for foreign nationals, visa holders, at risk afghans. fourth, we will work to secure their safe passage. this morning, i met with the foreign ministries of all the g-7 countries, the united kingdom, france, germany, canada, italy, japan, as well as qatar, turkey, the your honor europeanunion. safe travel out of afghanistan we opening security airport as soon as possible. we appreciate the efforts of qatar and turkey in particular to make this happen this would enable a small number of daily charter flights which is a key for anyone who wants to depart from afghanistan moving forward. we're also working to identify ways to support americans legal permanent residence and afghans worked with us and may chose to depart over land routes. we have no allusion that any of this will be easy.
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or rapid. this will be an entirely different phase from the evacuation that just concluded. it will take time to work through a new set of challenges. but we will stay at it. john bass, our former ambassador to afghanistan, who returned to kabul two weeks ago to lead our evacuation efforts spearhead help residence and permanent residence. citizens of allied nations. afghans of high risk if any of those people wish to depart afghanistan. we're deeply grateful for all that john did in kabul for and for his commitment to this mission. as well as the extraordinary counselors of officers serving by his side. fifth, we will stay focused on counter-terrorism. the taliban has made a commitment to prevent terrorist groups from using afghanistan as a base for external operations that could threaten the united
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states or our allies. including al-qaeda and the taliban sworn enemy isis-k. here, too, we will hold them accountable to that commitment. but while we have expectations of the tall pan, that stunt mean we will rely on the taliban. we will remain vigilant in monitoring threats ourselves and we'll maintain robust counter-terrorism capabilities in the triage neutralize those threats if necessary as we demonstrated in the last few days by striking isis facilitators and threats in afghanistan and as we do in place around the world where we do not have military forces on the ground. let me speak directly to our engagement with the taliban across these and other issues. we d. engaged with the taliban the last few weeks to enable our evacuation operations. going forward, any engagement with the taliban like government in kabul will be driven by one thing only, our vital national interest. if we can work with a new afghan
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government in a way that helps secure those interests, including the safe return of a u.s. citizen who has been held hostage in the region since early last year and in a way that brings greater stability to the country in region and protect the gain for the past two decades we will do it. but, we will not do it on the basis of trust or faith. every step we take will be based not on what a taliban like government says but what it does to live up to its commitment. the taliban seeks international legitimacy and support. our message is any legitimacy and any support will have to be earned. the taliban can do that by meeting commitments and obligations on freedom of travel, respecting the basic rights afghan people including women and minorities. upholding its commitments on counter-terrorism, not carrying out reprisal against those who choose to stay in afghanistan and forming inclusive government that can meet the needs and
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reflect the aspirations of the afghan people. sixth, we will continue our humanitarian assistance to the people of afghanistan. the conflict has taken a terrible toll on the of a began people. millions are internally displaced. millions are facing hunger. even starvation. the covid-19 pandemic has also hit afghanistan hard. the united states will continue to support humanitarian aid to the afghan people. consistent with our sanctions on the taliban the aid will not flow through the government but through independent organizations such as u.n. agencies and ngos. and we expect that those efforts will not be impeded by the taliban, or anyone else. and seventh, we will continue our prod international diplomacy across all the issues and many others. we believe we can accomplish far more and exert far greater
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leverage when we work in coordination with our allies and partners. over the last two weeks, we have had a series of intensive diplomatic engagements with allies and partners to plan and coordinate the way ahead in afghanistan. i have met with the foreign ministers of nato and g-7. i have spoken one-on-one with dozens of my counterparts of the last week president biden met with the leaders of the g-7 countries and deputy secretary of state wendy sherman has been convenes a group of 20 allies and partners from all regions and partners. going forward we will coordinate closely with countries around the region and the around the world as well as leading organizations ngos and private sector. our allies and partners share our objectives are committed to working with us. i will have more to say on these matters in the coming days. the main point i want to drive home here today is that america's work in afghanistan continues. we have a plan for what's next. we're putting it into action.
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this moment also demands reflection. the war in afghanistan was a 20-year endeavor. we must learn its lessons and allow those lessons to shape how we think about fundamental questions of national security and foreign policy. we owe that to future diplomats, policymakers, military leaders, service members. we owe that to the american people. but as we do, we will remain relentlessly focused on today and on the future. we'll make sure we are finding every opportunity to make good on our commitment to the afghan people. including by welcoming thousands of them into our communities at the american people have done many times before. generosity and throughout our history in this way we will honor all those brave men and women from the united states and many other countries who risked or sacrificed their lives as part of this long mission right up to today. thanks for listening.
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>> this administration no american would be left behind? >> welcome to prime time everyone that was secretary of state tony blinken after u.s. troops exited afghanistan i'm tammy bruce and this is fox news. joining me here tonight our g.o.p. congressman and afghanistan war veteran brian mast and jim banks. i was listening to that, gentlemen. and was shocked it was like i was sitting in a boring seminar at stanford with someone spouting things that were rather bizarre. one of my -- one of the remarkable things i made a note of was his comment that we were going to continue with diplomacy now that's the shift but we all all run over from qatar it's going to be from doha. congressman mast your thoughts. number one what you said they are going to continue diplomacy when they couldn't even conduct diplomacy when they had military
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on the ground. that's number one. number two, probably the most dire thing that i heard him say was this that the taliban made a commitment to not allow afghanistan to become a terrorist safe haven. let's break that down. the terrorists said they won't allow that country to become a terrorist safe haven. that makes you wonder about blinken state department bind at every possible level. >> tammy: stunning. i made so many notes of what we are dealing with here because we have got such a shocking development in general that this is seemingly over and, yet, there are, i think, untold numbers congressman banks about how many americans are still left. it seems to be incredibly shrinking number and now it's at 100. they had trouble giving us a number early on and now it's this magical number of people who just somehow want to stay. what are your thoughts about what you just heard? >> well, you heard him say it's
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around hundred but closer to 100. an hour or so ago the state department said 250. then you have general mckenzie just said moments ago it's in the few hundreds of americans who are still left behind enemy lines. the fact of the matter is they don't know. they don't know how many americans that they have left behind. and the furthermore, it's unfathomable to me that we would leave any american behind. these guys decided that they would bow down to the taliban and abide by the taliban's deadline and their red lines. i never in my life thought i would see an american president kowtow to a terrorist group like the taliban but that's exactly what joe biden and his team have done and at this point since the last evacuation the last plane has left, you now know the american people now know that this president has done something no president in american history has done before. he left americans behind. it's disgraceful and he should be held accountable for it.
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>> tammy: representative mast we heard jacqui heinrich earlier that the last five transports that did not include any americans. we know from rescuers we have incredible groups of americans rescuing on these kind of rand dom kind of flights of things that they have arranged privately to rescue people. is this a dynamic that we can even comprehend here that private americans, including this network rescuing over two dozen people who had worked with us and their families out of afghanistan, how does our government do that? how do they not even pry to make this work where have you private citizens making work in the meantime? >> i think you actually touched on the one silver lining, the one bright spot in the midst of all of this horror there is still a few americans over there that are showing the world who america is. just like those marines that gave their lives. americans that are stepping up, in and out of uniform to say you know what? there is a line that we are not going to let you pass. there is a point that you will
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not go beyond. that's what those americans are going out there saying. they are showing the world these are the lions that americans really are don't look at this lamb that's standing in front of us, president biden. this is the real america. not the land that's holding up the right flag of surrender to move out of bagram. to say move out of the embassy. to move out of the country on the timeline of the terrorist. that's the only bright spot that i can point to in the midst. >> tammy: it's a reminder of who we are what we stand for and what we are willing to accomplish raping from instagram celebrity to television network to other retired military. everyone working to try to make this right. gentlemen, you both made a personal sacrifice in this war. thank you for joining me tonight. i appreciate it now, johnny joey jones as you know him well is a retired u.s. marine. and we're very proud to have him as a fox news contributor. you have been with us a great deal. your perspective has been key and fundamental after what you just heard from the secretary of
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state, what are your feelings tonight? >> yeah, first, i want to start by saying my thought and prayers and my love and support and everything you need is with the families of the 13 we lost. i'm easy to find if any of those families need anything from me. please let me know i'm there to help you any way i can. any organization that i support or know. we're here for you. secondly,i would like to say to the thousands of people that fled afghanistan because you helped us and you believed in us, we are here to welcome you and anything i can do for you, please let me know. lastly i will say for over family throughout and gold star family who bled and shed pound of flesh for this war i love you and appreciate you. i can't tell you don't that your service and sacrifice meant what you thought it did when you were there. i can't tell you don't that it meant that our country would be safer. i can't tell you don't that it meant we would search down and kill the people that tried to kill us because i just don't know if that mission is accomplished but what i can tell you is every single one of us
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that bled and either took some fainting breaths or last br t there's we did it because we knew the people to our left and right would do it for us. if that's what it took, if it took us dying so they would go home then by god that was worth it. i want everyone to understand that's what it was worth it i don't know if the mission laid out by our leaders on our government was accomplished or full heartedly attempted to be accomplished. i don't know that. i don't trust politicians or trust this type of diplomacy any further than can i throw it and a guy with no legs can't throw real far. i will tell you i believe in the men and women i served with i believe in the pureness of our intent. and when the secretary of state stands up there and tells me that the people who killed my brothers and took my legs can earn our trust? well, thank god this is television news and not just a casual conversation because i would have words for him nobody wants to hear. >> tammy: i also know some
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pretty harsh words which we will both keep to ourselves. i will tell you this is a reminder that leadership matters, we knows that a military man, we know that in life. this is leadership matters. we know this is not a reflection of this country or of our military or of the american people. that is what is so shocking that we are will to make sacrifices. did you so. and everyone else is wig to. what's shock something none of this had to happen. this is not a natural end to what this -- we all wanted to be out of there but not like running away to qatar. not running away and gaslighting the american people about what or is not happening. let alone abandoning. we abandoned people with an arbitrary deadline. is that -- how do we -- how do we process that? what do you say to people? >> >> i just hope the american people understand something really special about this
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country. blood is the easiest currency to acquire. we offer it up. we volunteer military. i don't know many that didn't beg to go on deployment. can you get blood real easy. the interest on that, the payment, the interest on that currency last as the lifetime because those are broken hearts that ripple throughout this country. and so the next time a politician stand at that bully pulpit and promises you something like a war, ask questions. and have consequences at the ballot box because we know now regardless of party we can't trust them. before they send our sons and daughters we knowed to know why and how they are going and how they are going to get back. >> tammy: i'm a partisan for america and you are as well. this is about the human condition. and what the greatest country on earth, which we wake up in every single day, thank god, is capable of doing. joey, i want you to listen to something from general mckensey with centcom giving praise to the taliban. listen to this. >> the taliban have been very
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imaginatic they were useful to us as we closed down operations. >> tammy: one family at least throughout begging joe biden to get an american back who was kidnapped by the taliban over a year ago. they are still holding americans. what do you make of a man in uniform who makes a statement like that about the enemy? >> that's tough. i don't know that man. as far as i know i didn't serve under his command. i don't know what political pressure are on his shoulders, but i know what it means to be a marine. i know what it means to bleed with men and women. and to hold their hand when they're taking their last breath and to do everything i can everything in me. if it means walking down and lean everything a bomb and taking a damn good guess to keep
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them alive even that means i get blown into pieces that's oak. i would never look him in the face even if the president who was the united states who was my boss at the time told me to and say some trash like that about the people trying to kill him you can say you are proud of this mission we just accomplished as far as air lifting 100,000 people out of a country that's about to go to ruin but to go so far as to be a spin doctor for an organization that literally tortures people, oppresses them, and kills them how dare you and how dare you ever ever look troops in the face again and order them into combat. you don't deserve it you just don't get to do it. you don't get to play both sides of the ball when you put that uniform on and you ask our 18 and 19-year-olds to go bleed and die for this country. each if we are smart enough to know what the cost doesn't mean anything to you i don't mean general but politicians even if we are smart enough to understand the politics behind it we raise our right hands and
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behind it we do it with honor and do it because we love this country. even if it's some partisan war, if it can keep our enemy at bay one more day that's worth it how dare you think that you can lead troops and stand up there and speak glowingly about the people have tried to kill us for 20 years. just how dare you do that? >> tammy: it is shocking. >> if you want to withdraw and botch it, turn it into an evacuation, and spin on that, that's okay. listen, i am proud of the men and women that got everyone out of there. but to go so far as to brag on the taliban, it's betrayal is what it is. >> tammy: it is. and if there is a point where you have to do that or you could resign in protest where there is this understanding about what is appropriate, what decency really is it's hard enough with everyone who served, you and your brothers and sisters, now watching this collapse, but then to praise the people as they stood there and raided al-qaeda and aided bin laden as we are just within a couple of weeks of
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the an verse satisfy september 11th, it is remarkable. it is also, sir, i think you would agree with me unacceptable. god bless you, joey, it's an honor to be even remotely associated with you. keep up the great work. i know, of course, prayers for you and for everyone. it is difficult but we are strong people. we know there needs to be some changes and you are in the forefront of reminding us why. thank you, sir. >> thank you and don't forget about those still recovering from that bomb that weren't killed by it. we need to pray for them. >> tammy: yes. we have a few of our troops i know have where are already been transferred here to the united states. families are asking for prayers for the seriously injured and that must be on the forefront of our minds as well. thank you, joey. here tonight also, a afghan interpreter, u.s. army intelligence officer and illinois national guard member who was helping evacuate our allies including his own family
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out of afghanistan. i really appreciate you being here. we talked briefly earlier about this silver lining, one of the things we have seen which are individuals like yourself going in there and making a difference shockingly as the american government says that well, it's too hard or we don't know where they're or and we know the taliban is blocking the road. you have made a commitment to do this. can you speak to everyone about why you are doing it and the difficulties and what the reaction is with from the people in afghanistan that you are rescuing? >> thank you very much. it's a privilege to be on your show. what i can tell you that i have not been alone. i have been working with extremely committed team. these are men and women of the armed forces. they serve very honorably in our armed forces. they are intelligence professionals. i have been very lucky to have the support. i was able to get my own family out. i am extremely grateful to these, again, men and women. but what i can also tell you that interest are a lot of
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american citizens that are stranded in afghanistan as i speak. they made every commitment. they made every -- took every opportunity to try to find their way to the airport but unfortunately they were not able to get. in and now they are stranded and they are at the behest of a very extremely -- very dangerous enemy which is the taliban. >> tammy: you know, we are being told and we just had the secretary of state speak to us about how people have had multiple opportunities and we saw the messages of just get yourself to the airport. the fact is we know the taliban is stopping those routes. we know the gates have often been closed. we have also been told some people tonight want to leave because it's either uncomfortable to get on the plane or maybe you are pregnant or like your village. the fact is though we also have aban toned the families of people that have supported us. that if you have got a family there that's in danger, you are less likely to want this then leave them if you are the only one who can leave. you know, that's really i think
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when we are talking about people who can't do it, it's not literally it's not a choice, it's because they have got their family who then has to face these savages. >> absolutely. i knew of two families that have been in touch with me and the team that i have been working with we did everything we could to try to get them inside the airport. we are unfortunately unsuccessful. and, again, there are americans that are stranded. there are a lot of our allies. these are siv visa holders. their lives are in extreme danger. a friend of mine interpreter who worked in afghanistan for several years, he lives in value praise zoe, indiana, last night the taliban located his father in kabul. >> tammy: oh no. >> they beat him nearly to death. is he in a hospital bed. the family has gone into hiding. again, the informal networks that was in -- that were in place, again, made up of veterans and intelligence professionals they have been extremely helpful.
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they have been extremely key in getting a lot of our people and our allies out of afghanistan. >> tammy: what do you think, sir, with your knowledge of afghanistan being from there, family, friends there? that blinken suggested that they expect the taliban to create an inclusive government that cares about the human rights of the citizens there. is that -- it seems like a strange delusional wish fantasy. it's like asking charles manson or ted buddy to please be night to the women we leave with you is that even remotely possible that the taliban are caring about inclusivity? >> i don't think that is an accurate representation of the taliban. this is a still a very dangerous terrorist organization. they are engaging in a lot of rhetoric. they are using the kind of language that the western media finds perhaps acceptable what is happening on the ground is very
4:33 pm
much different than what they say on twitter and facebook. what's happening object ground that they are continuing to locate and murder our allies and americans and afghans that work for the united states government for the last 20 years. >> tammy: god bless you for your work and those who work with you. so many will teams of people doing what the american government for some reason the biden administration has refused to do. there's really that's how i'm seeing it at this point. god bless you. prayers with you, sir, and thank you for sharing your story with us tonight. now, but for many americans still who were left behind, this crisis is far from over. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has been following this situation very closely. she joins me now. jennifer, you watched this statement by blinken. right? i'm worried about now as we are out as fahim noted we won't be actually seeing what's happening in afghanistan and on the street. what's your take this evening with everything that's transpired? >> tammy, it's really first, let
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me say i was shocked that the president released a paper statement on the end of the afghan war. he says he is going to speak to the nation tomorrow but a paper statement i find that very strange. i thought that the secretary of state statement's which was vaped and he was looking slightly off camera it looked like a hostage video. it was not the kind of production values that you would expect for such moment in time. what he said is interesting in the sense that they have now regrouped. they are going to regroup back to doha, qatar. they're -- qatar obviously is the nation that's closest to the taliban. they are going to try to use the qatary leverage with the taliban to try to get these remaining americans out. let me read to you a text that i just read to you from signal from one of the very groups that we have been working with that are trying to locate american citizens as well as help some of the vulnerable afghans that we were trying to help get out and
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this is really it's hard to describe this right now. you feel reading something like this. i have picked up 8 green cards and four blue passport -- american citizens now as they have been completely abandoned after multiple attempts to get in to the kabul airport and promises of passage to. i have a 2-year-old american with lupus. i have a 12-year-old american with diabetes. i have an 8-year-old green card with asthma. abandoned by their government but not by us. what these groups are doing now is they are going to look at land routes out. now, i need to step back from my point of view here at the pentagon and explain the very difficult choices that i saw the commanders having to make. after the suicide bombing that killed the 13 americans on thursday, the u.s. military at that point had to take a decision, how do you keep gates open? how do you keep allowing
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afghannive holders, friends of america, vulnerable afghans and american citizens through? they kept the gates open and through heroic efforts they still managed to get several thousand more people out. but you can imagine every time you open that gate and had you to send a marine to pat down a woman wearing traditional dress. you don't know if there is a sue so wide bomb under there. so these commanders had to take a very difficult decision. they met with the president this morning at 0:00. and i think there was a realistic security threat against that airport. and you can understand we can't understand unless you are in that position having to take that decision. >> tammy: of course. >> what that's like. so i think we do have to look at the facts that the u.s. government did manage to get 6,000 americans out. they did manage to get 122,000 afghans and now the mission continues. and those land routes but we need to put severe pressure on pakistan and other nations that
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are -- have not been as cooperative uzbekistan, tajikistan they need to help with safe land corridors to get these thousands -- you have the few hundred americans but you also have thousands still of very, very vulnerable afghans, 20 years of war. you can imagine there are so many people who -- so the taliban may have been on best behavior for the last two weeks but that's about to end. that ended at midnight tonight. >> tammy: gentlemen, exactly. the framework of us not knowing and seeing. that's when of course genocide begins to happen. to say nothing of the fact in your description of the airport and the quandary, the problem there with that dynamic is true. and, yet, americans realize that didn't have to happen. that is where we come back to is that this did not have to happen this way. and, yet, it is what has transpired. jennifer griffin great job. thank you very much. now, coming up, why north carolina is watching what's happening in afghanistan.
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and laughing at us. plus, the white house want us to believe that america is going to be safer now that the taliban is back and running the show. do you really buy that? i don't know who does. more "fox news primetime" next. ♪ this is the greatest idea you'll ever hear. okay, it's an app that compares hundreds of travel sites for hotels and cars and vacation rentals like kayak does for flights. so it's kayak. yeah, like kayak. why don't you just call it kayak. i'm calling it... canoe. compare hundreds of travel sites for thousands of trips. kayak. search one and done. >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. compthis couple lovesravel sites camping adventuresrips. and their suv is always there with them. so when their windshield got a chip, they wanted it fixed fast. they drove to safelite autoglass for a guaranteed, same-day, in-shop repair.
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4:44 pm
adventurism by our enemies. this is a perfect example. what is your take on this? what are they doing? >> isn't it just, tammy, a little taste of what's to come in the next, you know, three and a third years of the biden presidency to come. and the debacle with the withdrawal from afghanistan has just put up in neon lights the weakness, the fecklessness and the incompetence of this administration and his administration. there are unforeseen circumstances around the corner. all we know is that america's enemies have been waiting nor moment of weakness to pounce. they will in every which way. unfortunately, you know, tonight, what should have been a, you know, a good moment of leaving and ending that war in afghanistan which most americans wanted was so botched, it's done more harm than good and, you know, i can't believe that joe
4:45 pm
biden has let tony blinken the secretary of state address the american people instead of the president doing it. but when he does do it tomorrow, he better not try a victory lap because this has been a debacle in every way and, you know, the massacres from the taliban are only just beginning. they have $85 billion worth of our sophisticated technology and helicopters and equipment, including 7,000 of those biometric scanners. they have already been going door to door in pursuit of collaborators with america. the torment to come and joe biden told us just two weeks -- less than two weeks ago. 10 days ago in that george stephanopoulos interview that he would not be leaving until he had every american. he didn't do that tony olympicen is trying to hose that down and say the united nations is justs has just issued a very sternly worded resolution.
4:46 pm
that's just delusional. this is not the way islamist fundamentalists work. he should know that. >> tammy: in listening to him, it was like someone who had been living in a cave somewhere and had no idea what had transpired over the last 30 years when it came to terrorism. it's very strange attitude of contempt in a way for the american people. and at the same time, you know, we have got this framework now with afghanistan now we're going to do diplomacy from qatar and all of that. it's as though they expect to just kind of walk away from this. but this is -- we're less than two weeks away from the september 11th anniversary and they did this. this is the irony of what you note about how horrible this position is now. that this was really meant, i con tend and i think a few others do because they wanted a photo op. for september 11th. and this is what resulted. >> well that is exactly the words that kathy maccallum used the mother of 20-year-old marine
4:47 pm
rylee mccollum. my son died so you could have joe biden a september 11th photo op. it's hard to escape that conclusion because this is a white house that is driven by optics, number one and the entire premise of this withdrawal was not to do it in a safe and orderly way. it was to get out, so that he would have a big trophy brandish on september 11th. we should not allow him to do it. >> tammy: that's right. great take on all of this. and thank you for your perspective. you have been in the midst of everything that's been happening here in new york and in the world as well. of course, miranda devine, thank you very much. i appreciate it difficult evening for all of us. our hasty retreat has left billions of dollars worth of weapons and artillery in the taliban. if we ask the white house we now somehow are more safe from terrorism. listen to this. >> is the u.s. more or less safe than we were before the taliban took over? >> well, again, we are not going
4:48 pm
to do anything that's going to allow fares to grow or prosper in afghanistan or any terrorist organization. >> tammy: wow. that's funny because that's what we just did. tough talk coming from an administration that just made the taliban, in fact, one of the best equipped militaries in the world. courtesy of your money, your work, your taxpayer dollars. joining me now with more is buck sexton host of the clay travis and buck sexton show. buck, you have got some experience with the cia. you know the government. you know foreign relations, you know the nature of terrorism. americans know a lot because of our history. how do we for the viewers really try come to terms with what's happened here not accepting it i refuse to accept it how do we come to terms with what we need to do and how we think this is going to unfold? >> >> well, tammy, i think we have to prepare for a future here in which as you point out you now have the taliban armed better than they have ever been and in
4:49 pm
a position where they have a narrative of victory over our trained afghan national security forces, of course, which essentially melted away. but beyond that that this is going to play into broadest jihadist propaganda about how another great imperial power has gone down in afghanistan. this could become a clarion call for other international terrorist organizations around the world. they may not set up shop right away openly in afghanistan. but the threat that it will pose to us in the future will be even greater in many ways because it will be a state that has learned a lot about our weaknesses. it will be a government that understands how to play the system a bit better and it's going to be wealthier, better armed as we already pointed out and also with that victory narrative. so we have got some real challenges in the future in afghanistan. >> tammy: it's fascinating. it's because you have got these are individuals who have now something that's priceless, which is inspiration. it's a priceless thing to feel
4:50 pm
oh my gosh, look at what we have been able to accomplish. especially even if the administration wanted to avoid a black hawk down dynamic that was inspiration for usama bin laden. our concern would be, would you agree. that yes not just the taliban forker cell in america or europe isis whatever gets returned in that regard and of course al-qaeda which has still been quietly watching and acting. >> well, certainly the ineptitude of the biden administration on display here is going to embolden every actor who wants to work against u.s. interest all over the world whether we are talking about russia, china, international terrorist groups, iran, of course, still the greatest state sponsor for terror although i'm sure the afghan taliban is going to be trying to via for. >> tammy: going to be a fight for that title. >> of course, when you see this happen, you cannot help but think that the biden administration lacks the kind of strategy planning and ability to
4:51 pm
thwart threats ons horizon that are right in front of its faces a well. take stock and realize we are have real challenges. >> tammy: we have challenges this cannot stand because we would not survive another three years we certainly would not. buck sexton thank you for being here. up next a military mom's unimaginable grief. >> i woke up at 4:00 this morning to marines at my door telling me my son was dead. i never thought in a million years he would die for nothing, for nothing because a feckless dementia ridden piece of crap decided he wanted a photo op. on september 11th. >> tammy: my gosh, that's heart breaking. pete hegseth joins us right after the break. stay there. ♪ ♪ . i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> the family of 20-year-old marine ryan mcculum killed in kabul is disgusted with
4:57 pm
president joe biden and his plan to get out of afghanistan. >> that piece of crap just sent my son to die. i woke up at 4:00 o'clock this morning to marines at my door, telling me my son was dead. i never thought in a million years he would die for nothing. for nothing because ... >> obviously extraordinarily heartbreaking and shocking. it's, you can feel and understand her approach here. now to react a war veteran and co-host of "fox and friends weekend." pete. >> she speaks for a lot of people. you look at what happened the last two weeks. it was preventable. it was a be trail. you talk to guys. now a gold star mother. guy whose served feel betrayed by the decisions leading up to this, actions take not, they
4:58 pm
don't blame the 82nd and the marines on the wire there. they blame leadership. they point to the fact that they feel like nobody has been held accountable and nobody hr-fplt the only guy held accountable is the lieutenant colonel who says brass, take that brass and throw it on the table and demand different options. he was relieved of his command and had to resign. he maybe the only one that has. >> todd: that's the expectation. good, i feel relieved the men and women on the airfield are gone. i didn't trust the leadership in the white house in charge to protect them. what have we done? ignored the oath of the military to leave nobody behind. they're and they're being hunted. as we speak there is hunting of americans and siv holders in kabul now. >> that's what the taliban has always done. that's not new. we heard from the white house. these politics. we have to noted the politics.
4:59 pm
politics is how we discuss serious issues and how we make decisions. it's how elections occur. determines who we put into the white house and what they say they stand for this. is the time. it's not just a irritating thing on a issue we disagree. it's literally life and death. more than that, a generation a future for the country, how we are viewed and how many more will die in the future. that's what this means. >> and the white house and state department, pentagon maybe on an eye hrapbt cheering their own success. 84% of americans on a recent poll. you can't get 84% of americans to agree on anything. veterans are doing it on the ground getting their brothers home. this is unacceptable. it didn't have to end this way. >> that's the key. we agree we wanted to be out. that is not the issue. this has been about leadership
5:00 pm
and making the decision how to do that. how to be wrong on everything is beyond me. >> this is a lesson -- >> pete, thank you, very much. thank you for being with us tonight, everybody. huge night. thank you for watching fox news primetime this week. i'm tammy bruce. stay tune for our friend tucker carlson, next. ♪ ♪ >> welcome to tucker carlson. tonight america's longest war ended today. after nearly 20 years the final u.s. military aircraft lifted off of afganistan. general mckenzie oversaw this war. here was his announcement. >> i'm here to a pounce the completion of our with draw from afghanistan and the end of the military mission to evacuate american citizens, third country nationals and vulnerable


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