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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 31, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> president biden: american citizens left we will stay until we get them out. the situation wouldn't allow it. jillian: it is tuesday august 30 first. president biden breaking his promise to keep troops in afghanistan until all-americans are evacuated. todd: the last us soldier exiting couple -- kabul while
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our allies remain stranded in town and occupied territory. jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first". todd: we begin with a fox news alert, gunfire as the taliban and celebrates the final us soldier leaving afghanistan. jillian: we learn more than 100 americans have been left behind. >> reporter: after two decade us troops of left afghanistan. this nightvision image showing the last soldier to leave, major general chris donahue seen boarding the last c-17 out of kabul. the withdrawal finished 24 hours ahead of the delay but military leaders already admitting some have been left behind. >> a lot of heartbreak associated with this departure. we did not get everybody out we
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wanted to get out but had we stayed another 10 days we wouldn't have gotten everybody a we wanted to get out and there still would have been people who were disappointed with that. >> reporter: anthony blinken insisting the us won't abandon those still in afghanistan. >> protection and welfare of a man's -- americans is vital. if they want to stay for now into a week or a month or a year they reach out and say i've changed my mind we will help them leave. our commitment to them has no deadline. jillian: as us troops moved out heavily armed taliban moved in to inspect what was left. meanwhile, the white house dodging a question on whether the administration turned down an offer to secure kabul. >> the washington post reports that taliban and offered to stay out of kabul and the united states forces secure the city,
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we told them about the airport, is that reporting accurate? >> i have not seen this reporting. i have to look at it. >> reporter: hundreds of military women, fees and aircraft were left behind, the military insisting it major they can never be used again. neil: spring in the ranking member of the intel and counterterrorism subcommittee and an air force veteran. let's begin with the broken promise by president biden. >> president biden: we will do everything in our power to get all-americans out and our allies out and -- >> are you can is making sure the troops day until every american who wants to be out is out? >> president biden: yes, yes. if there are american citizens left we will stay and get them all out. neil: you are a veteran, you understand military fo's, leading your fellow americans behind the most un-american thing a president can do. >> absolutely.
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waking up this morning as a labor to think we've left americans who wants to come home behind and to hear the administration talk about so sanitized, even the centcom commander completely unacceptable. jillian: how is it possible we get anyone out now? >> couldn't get everyone out, troops in afghanistan and kabul executing this noncombatant evacuation. there is very little hope, the trust is completely broken. my confidence in this administration, the abandonment they displayed the entire world is almost without any words to describe it. todd: can we real ability our global reputation and if so how? >> good question. you see the british parliament,
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the government of germany condemning these actions and we will see the impact not only in nato but with our allies in the far east with japan and korea. china is watching, russia is watching, let's talk about the terrorism threat, very worried about the fact that 528000 prisoners were released in afghanistan, what threat does that pose, introducing legislation to get accountability and understand who those people are but our allies are watching and disappointed in the president's actions. jillian: over the last few days we've seen different active service members expressing, want to see accountability on behalf of the us military and those at the top. would do something like this do to our military and even americans who might feel less safe now than they did a few days ago or 20 years ago.
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a fracture within our military, should that be a concern? >> absolutely it is a concern and you look at all the troops from the 4-star down to the private, they may not agree with the decisions at times but always know the commander-in-chief has their back, that's in question right now and we must have accountability. in washington dc right now a group of people, republican lawmakers we are asking the speaker of the house to come back into session to make sure we know we get accountability so we can tell those service members, the goldstar families that may be the decisions word right and we could have done things differently but our commitment is in question right now. you ask the perfect question. >> it is demoralizing to all involved, let's focus on the counterterrorism part of your
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resume. i'm looking at an open border on the southern border, i'm looking at afghanistan that is now a hotbed of terrorist activity and can be in the months to follow with no presence in the area to prevent it. are our counterintelligence services prepared for the onslaught of what is to come? >> the american confidence in this administration's ability to keep a safe is weakened at this point and understanding whether or not they will keep this country safe and secure, we know what they've done to us on the southern border, opened up and we have a hotbed, void of power in afghanistan. i was texting minutes ago with folks in afghanistan understanding what the situation is like. there are bad actors who slipped through the cracks and got into places like qatar.
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we need to understand who is coming into this country, we have 1.2 million folks who come in illegally, and we will add to that threat by opening up afghanistan as a safe haven for terrorists. jillian: thank you for joining us at your service to our country. "cavuto" we go to efforts, gulf coast continuing officials, fearing the death toll could rise. jillian: video shows the aftermath from what was once a category 4 hurricane. madeleine rivera live in new orleans where million people are still without power. >> reporter: still a lot of cleanup to do in new orleans was the governor of louisiana says now was not the time for people to return. if you evacuated, schools are closed, businesses are closed, hundreds of people are rescued
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and the louisiana national guard and others conduct rescues in helicopters and high water trucks and the death toll has risen. the highway mississippi collapse, the death toll now at four and as you mentioned more than 1 million people still without power as utility crews work seriously to restore power, something they say could take weeks. president biden pledging to support the federal government. >> people of louisiana and mississippi are resilient, moments like these we can see the power of the government to respond if the government is prepared and if they respond. that is our job. folks get knocked down we are there to help you get back on your feet. jillian: the president has approved a major disaster declaration, freeing up funds and additional resources for recovery.
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and better friends. no! no! that's why comcast works around the clock constantly improving america's largest gig-speed broadband network. and just doubled the capacity here. how do things look on your end? -perfect! because we're building a better network every single day. >> a lot of heartbreak
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associated with this departure. we did not get a video we wanted to get out but if we had stayed another 10 days we wouldn't have gotten everybody out we wanted to get out and there still would be people who would have been disappointed with it. todd: thousands of allies left behind taliban lines in afghanistan. jillian: in iraq and afghanistan samuel williams joins us with what comes next. secretary of state anthony blinken says there are 100 to 200 americans remaining in afghanistan after the us withdrawal, those are the people we are aware of. what happens to them now? >> we are getting reports of the taliban going house to house conducting executions. with people on the ground, we don't have a force in place to deal with that at all these
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people that helped us, we needed to get them out and should have extended at least long enough to put less people in danger. todd: one of the big issues we are facing is so much of our military equipment from blackhawks humvees is in the hands of the taliban and how dangerous that is. let's look at what the taliban has of our stuff, 2000 aircraft, 2000 armed vehicles, 40 aircraft, how worried are you they will use this against our allies and citizens but more importantly but probably equally as important how worried are you they are going to sell the sequence on the black market and use those funds to fund terrorism here at home?
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>> they could. they have c-130s, don't know how many are operational on the ground but they can project that power all the way to israel right now if they have external stores, external fuel cells on the c-130 so they may sell it too because they may not be able to maintain it. we don't have any idea what was left for spare parts to take care of this agreement but my questions the whole thing is even as a noncommissioned officer we knew we didn't leave equipment on the battlefield that could be used, we destroyed it. if we had to abandon it, it was a given to destroy that equipment so the enemy couldn't use it. jillian: why did that not happen? >> someone had to have ordered that from the top to stop that
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from happening, even the ground-level company commander would know does is destroy that agreement, every soldier restrained that way. we don't leave stuff for the entities again. todd: how much faith you you put in the notion that the notion that it is too complicated for the taliban to understand and utilize because we deprogrammed it or it is so high tech and they are not used to high tech, are you confident in that notion? >> i'm not. they've seen the equipment before. night vision, we don't know if they can maintain the equipment but down the road they will figure out a way. jillian: it is a scary thought. and overarching question, we've seen how much the last 2 weeks of broken this country. how upset people are, how frustrated people are, how ashamed some people are by the
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way we left americans and allies over there. what this does to the mind of someone in the military and how important it is now to be supportive of our troops who have done everything they could for this country. >> they need all the support they can get. you could see it when jennifer did -- general donahue was walking onto the aircraft, you can see in his face the discussed, he looked generally disgusted with the situation on the ground, what had happened and he had to do. that it wasn't, he didn't have the power to fix the problem and wasn't allowed to do what he could to make things happen. jillian: that is terrible. what do you want to say to this
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administration? >> i don't have words, the best they could do is probably redesign and get out of there because they messed this up by leaps and bounds. any private could have planned this operation like they did. it was basically a simple operation but we didn't go in with enough force to expand and by giving up bagram that created another logistical nightmare to get people out, at least we could control the ground around bagram, something we couldn't do in the city. jillian: a lot of people looking at the decision to leave bagram. today is august 31st and we are at the deadline and the last evacuations have departed and that is heartbreaking for so many people.
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>> this administration allowed the taliban to dictate the way we were going to fight the war and that is not the way it should be. we have the most powerful military in the world. we should have dictated to the taliban what we are going to do. jillian: thank you for joining us. todd: the supreme court ordering the biden administration to reinstate the remain in mexico policy but border agents say the migrant surge hasn't let up at all. chapel joins us to discuss it. jillian: a republican effort to keep $9 billion out of the taliban's hands. ♪ [band plays] ♪ a place where everyone lives life well-protected. ♪♪
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massive wildfire in northern california. thousands of people racing to escape the south lake tahoe region as the fire closes another part was tourist destination. 22,000 people are ordered to evacuate. it is fueled by triple digit temperatures, it is 50% contained and burn 245 square miles. that is an area larger than the city of chicago. jillian: sheriff stephanie shot in the line of duty. officials say they are responding to a robbery call when they came under fire, the deputy was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. in florida three police officers and a canine heard in a police involved shooting, the scene playing out in broward county overnight, the injured officers and canine are expected to be okay. one suspect died in custody. todd: five republican run states
2:26 am
under federal investigation for bending mask mandate, iowa, oklahoma thomas of toledo, tennessee and utah are targeted in this pro-blooge education secretary miguel cardona said the mandate bands could be a civil rights violation for students more vulnerable to covid 19 but i'll governor kim reynolds says president biden and his team decided to pick a political fight with a handful of governors to distract from his own failures. jillian: gop senators calling on treasury secretary to give billions and internationally held funds out of the hands of the taliban. todd: shall caselli from foxbusiness with details on the assets meant for the afghan government. >> reserves by the u.s. treasury totaling $9 billion should not be released now that the taliban is in control of the country according to marco rubio florida and rob portman of ohio say the taliban and maintain close ties
2:27 am
with al qaeda and cannot be trusted to distribute money to the afghan people who needed and we use any and all funds to advance priorities hostile to us interests. we are asking treasury secretary yellen to make sure these funds do not go to the taliban. jillian: a large number of house gop senators signing a letter not to raise the debt ceiling. >> reporter: 100 house republicans signing a letter saying they would not vote to raise the debt ceiling amid massive spending packages pushed by the biden administration. for this funding to occur nation's debt limit would have to be increased significantly because democrats are responsible for the spending they need to take responsibility for increasing the debt ceiling. democrats.include this provision when they passed the $3.5 trillion budget resolution, we asked the question on or how to pay for this, trying to figure that out. >> that is the battle getting
2:28 am
lost in the shuffle but i would say no more. we saw pictures of merrick garland, a stunning request. >> the attorney general is urging the legal community to block evictions, the supreme court tossed out the eviction moratorium. >> people i needed to provide legal counseling or representation to tenants as they apply parental assistance, mediate disputes with landlords or litigate evictions in court. >> the eviction filings will spike with 6 million households behind on rental payments, he cited census data but 70% of landlords, small businesses, even in 2018 data four of ten,
2:29 am
$46 billion in aid for landlords, 3 billion has reached them. may be the federal government could figure out how to get the money to landlords instead of saying make sure everybody stays in our home. the landlords have been lost. >> a number of stories from people on the show saying i know my tenant has a job because i've spoken to their employers but they are still not paying. they are absolutely being taken advantage of and a lot of going into default on their own mortgages. jillian: 29 after the hour, president biden directs dhs to take the lead on resettling afghan refugees in the us. todd: the same officials that are failing to get a handle on the border crisis so how can we trust them to juggle both tasks. we will ask a guy in charge of that organization next.
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jillian: broken promises, president biden said do address the nation 24 hours after the last troops left afghanistan. >> ended of americans but behind taliban lines, something biden said would not happen. >> reporter: we expect to hear
2:34 am
from president biden early this afternoon. he said he would explain why he did not extend the deadline pending the decision on the joint chiefs say they believe it was for the best to be out by today. a photo from the defense department showed the servicemembers to leave afghanistan, he's not the last american. the embassy in kabul reached out to those still in the country making contingency plans to leave when it is safe to do so that do not rely on us government assistance but this is what president biden said two weeks ago. >> president biden: we are going to do everything in our power to get all-americans out and our allies out. >> are you committed to making sure the troops stay until every american who wants to be out -- >> he is. if there are american citizens left we will get them all out. >> the president has been criticized by both parties for his rush to leave by today. house republicans want a bill that would require the
2:35 am
administration to give updates on those americans and their plans for evacuation. >> the taliban, the americans in afghanistan to get them out, kept his promise to the taliban and broke his promise americans. >> the criticism i have we should have gotten the civilians out. >> reporter: the number of americans left behind are in the low hundreds, the state department says is closer to 100. todd: texas senator ted cruz sounding the alarm concerned the biden administration cannot handle the massive influx of afghan refugees and the border crisis at the same time. >> one of the refugees call them uber to downtown el paso. they are not detaining anyone there and i'm concerned the biden administration is bringing tens of thousands of refugees to the united states without thoroughly vetting them.
2:36 am
jillian: heritage foundation visiting fellow chad joins us to discuss. do you have confidence in our vetting process or do you share the same concern that ted cruz has? >> reporter: normally i would have confidence in our vetting process but it takes several months, even years to that applicants. the fact that we are doing this amount of individuals in a short period of time in a matter of days i have concerns the corners will become during that process. todd: let's look at the overall picture, no disrespect to the brave men and women that make up this agency, you know them, you're in charge of them and they worked tirelessly to keep us safe but this administration struggled mightily through the border crisis, and refugee settlement to their place.
2:37 am
>> taxing the system. and other resources, and on top of that the fact they convert these thousands of it individuals, whether they are those we have a lot of information about our other vulnerable afghans we have very little information about. it is taxing the system and when you have this amount of individuals to screen invest in a matter of days there are corners that will be cut. the most concerning thing is these visa applications are not going to be finished in time, dhs is paroling them into the country without an immigration status and they are doing checks on the back end and so you can have dangerous individuals at
2:38 am
military installations leaving these military installations and they don't pass the screening and vetting at the end of the day. todd: and the permit of the went security securing the homeland what are the ramifications of the homeland of these if they are not carried out well by dhs? >> it is extremely serious. when we look at afghanistan, the disastrous way we conducted this withdrawal my concern from homeland security perspective is we are allowing afghanistan to become a safe haven for terrorism. isis k and other groups, their ultimate goal is to strike here in the homeland and have that reach here so if we continue to foster that and allow it to continue without any assets on the ground in afghanistan that is from the homeland security perspective and when we look closer to home on the southwest border we have 200,000 individuals coming across the border every month.
2:39 am
the fast majority are not screened or vetted. there's criminals and other bad individuals, so national security and public safety issue going on on the border today getting overshadowed by afghanistan. jillian: your opinion on this before we let you go because migrants spill into the rio grande valley despite the supreme court order that the biden administration reinstate the remain in mexico policy is new numbers show border debts could break all time records. these numbers are staggering and numbers tell a story. this decision was a 6-3 decision. what is your response? >> the numbers are staggering across the board as you indicated. not only are we seeing increased number of migrant deaths crossing local police and others finding but also in custody cvp
2:40 am
in custody deaths, over a dozen, in a 12 month period. the biden administration had a policy where they encourage this type of mass rush to the border that causes the death we've seen, a vital program to making sure we bring, root out that fraud, we know it works, the court acknowledges it it worked, we hope the biden administration implements the program in a fast manner. i don't hold my breath. i think they will drag this out. there not a fan of the program and what i want implemented at the end of the day. todd: thank you. still ahead university students among thousands of afghans left stranded. jillian: two of the students came close to making it to the deadline but stopped. >> we are leaving a nightmare where there is no hope for
2:41 am
future. >> the future no longer exists for us. everyone trying to leave the country. jillian: their stories were unbelievably powerful, we are going to share them with you. gillette proglide. five blades and a pivoting flexball designed to get virtually every hair on the first stroke. so you're ready for the day with a fresh face for a fresh start. for a limited time get a 5th cartridge free.
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todd: breaking overnight two did, 10 more hurt after a bridge collapses in mississippi following heavy rain from item. jillian: near the alabama state line gave way, janice dean is here with our fox weather forecast. some devastating images out of the storm. not over yet. >> janice: we will be talking about the storm throughout today, tomorrow, thursday as an area of low pressure seeing quite a bit of rain over the last couple weeks. the flooding concern is the worst over tennessee towards the mid-atlantic and the northeast which we had henry a week and a half ago, additional rainfall 3 to 6 inches depending where you live in the mountainous regions in tennessee to the northeast. this is concerning, 4 to 6 inches of rainfall that is going to be a big deal across heavily populated neighborhoods.
2:46 am
the rest of the forecast watching what is left of ida and also what is left of a tropical system in the pacific bringing much-needed rainfall to the southwest. too much of a good thing can bring flooding concerns to this region. also in the tropics a couple little features out there, nothing imminent but it is that time of year and gulf coast, east coast, florida, have something prepared so you can get are quickly. todd: i was reaching into a garbage can, turn off sprinkler. we don't need a sprinkler wednesday and thursday. thanks. jillian: now to the story, hundreds of afghan students desperate to flee the taliban's rule left stranded after waiting hours outside the airport gates in kabul. >> we are leaving a nightmare right now where there is no hope for future.
2:47 am
>> the future no longer exists for us. >> carley shimkus with their absolutely tragic story. there is a school called the american university of afghanistan. most of the funding, these are prime targets for the taliban and. and many of them boarded a bus, on getting to the airport and get out. the last rescue flight had departed because they stay in the country and many of them felt that email was a death sentence. listen to what one of them told jillian last hour. >> they do something with us as
2:48 am
they -- >> all of the dreams of shattered in the blink of an eye. >> to make matters worse, the us military shared a list of their names and passport information with the taliban and. one wonders what the taliban is going to do with that information. >> it was so tragic, she said at the end, with their education. what they are proud to be getting over there. their dreams are just dreams now. >> on the security know the taliban attacked a school in 2016, killed 15 people, 7 students, this is a real threat.
2:49 am
neil: jen psaki has not read washington post report she should have read by now. jillian: amid the rapid collapse of the afghan government, president afghani would kabul, the taliban asked if they wanted to secure kabul and turn them down. jen psaki was asked, how she responded. >> out of kabul, to secure the city, is that reporting accurate. >> the washington post, and the longest war. on the spot and understanding
2:50 am
with us officials, the taliban would control the city. ron lane, he liked the tweet that said we were right not to take over security in kabul when the taliban and asked if we want to do. the concern was this was a dangerous mission to secure the city. think of the reaction we all felt when kabul sell, how do we get people out, a terrorist organization controlled the city to learn we voluntarily entered into that agreement, a stunning detail. todd: president biden breaking his promise to fellow americans and allies who are left in afghanistan, waking up behind taliban lines. tomi lahren has something to say
2:51 am
about next. jillian: a look at what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> the day after we leave afghanistan reaction to this disastrous end of america's longest war. senator john kennedy will talk about that and what is happening in louisiana. congressman brian mass in congress, he wants to speak about what is going on and people left behind. there are like the working hard to get high school students back from afghanistan. they were left behind. morgan ortagus on the difference between the trump plan and we are witnessing now and pete hegseth put it in perspective and an afghan interpreter who just escaped afghanistan on family left behind. lance corporal was going to be a father before he was killed, his family is outraged, they will
2:52 am
discuss it along with a meeting with the president of the united states. don't miss that coming your way in 9 minutes. (struggling vehicle sounds) think premium can't be capable? think again. .
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♪ are you committing to making sure that the troops stay until every american who wants to be out. >> yes. if there are american citizens left we are going to stay until we get them all out. >> i believe our department of state is going to work very hard any american citizens left we think the number not brought out very low hundreds. >> president biden breaking his promise on the u.s.-afghanistan withdrawal deadline as americans are left stranded and at the mercy of the taliban. todd: here to react fox nation host tomi lahren the juxtaposition of those two soundbites ouch how much of an indictment of this administration is that. >> listen, this administration has little to no credibility left on any of the issues that they have tracked thus far in the last 8 month of this administration. furthermore their message to those americans still stranded
2:57 am
in afghanistan quite frankly you just don't count. you just don't matter. we never leave americans behind in this situations especially a situation created by this administration. but he has effectively saying you know what? we care about you. we don't care but enough to get you out of afghanistan and make sure that you return home to the united states of america safely. and, in returning to the question of credibility on this administration, they they have no credibility when it documents afghanistan. they have no credible when did documents twind open border and covid messaging the american people are starting to realize who they voted for in this administration and democrat party they voted for left them with more unanswered questions than anything else. it's a disappointment, it's a disgrace. and i hope americans remember that because this administration will attempt to rewrite history when it comes to the midterms and certainly when it documents 2024. ainsley: so a number of people including bernie sanders throwing their support behind gavin newsom in this recall effort in california. celebrities are rallying around
2:58 am
him and you can see on your screen right there the money that's going into this between hollywood and big tech. i'm going to go out on a limb here, tomi, and say you're not surprised. >> i'm not surprised at all. but, if gavin newsom thinks that socialists and celebrities and the hollywood elite are going to save him from recall, that just goes to show you how out of touches with the millions of californians that put this recall into motion. i'll give him a hint, those folks that want him out, they are not the ones that survived his lockdowns, shutdowns, code map dates and tyranny and plush mansions and gated communities in silicon valley. they are the average americans that had to muddle through his tyranny and lockdowns. had to close their businesses and deemed unessential by him and his administration. and those that had to have their children in virtual learning while illegal immigrants were receiving schooling at our southern border. those are the californias that set this recall into motion and there is no celebrity, there is
2:59 am
no within a wannabe socialist that's going to want him now. todd: what are the sources in california telling you about how this is ultimately going to play out middle of september? >> i'm very confident. i think a lot of californians are very confident. they are not forgetting what was going on in the last several months. in the last year and a half of covid. they know what this governor has done while he was dining at the french laundry and stuck in poxes of having-to-shutter their businesses. now many of them can't get them to come to work at their businesses they know who put this in motion and it's from the top down and leadership has failed them. i will say that: to those californiasens on the fence about recalling governor. remember this? if is he not recalled? i believe is he going it punish your state. you are going to have more mandates and restrictions put in play. be very careful if you are on the fence. this governor his leadership has failed at every turn. it's not going to change unless you get rid of him and replace him with somebody that believes in freedom for your state.
3:00 am
jillian: tomi lahren thank you for joining us. that is it for our show. it is august 31st. the deadline of the withdrawal. our troops are out of there. the aircraft 3:29 east coast time yesterday. the cost of war for measures killed 2461, 13 in the last week. ♪ >> the last american warplanes have left kabul airport. >> this night vision image showing a last soldier to leave. >> taliban seeks international legitimacy and support. >> outrageous and i'm honestly speechless. >> we did not get everybody out if we wanted to get out. >> if there are american stipulates left we will stay until we get them you a out. >> he broke his promise to the american citizen. >> rescue workers are working nonstop in louisiana. >> the death toll is continuing to rise. >> more than 2 million people are without power. >> education department is opening a civil rights investigation into five states


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