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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 31, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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jillian: tomi lahren thank you for joining us. that is it for our show. it is august 31st. the deadline of the withdrawal. our troops are out of there. the aircraft 3:29 east coast time yesterday. the cost of war for measures killed 2461, 13 in the last week. ♪ >> the last american warplanes have left kabul airport. >> this night vision image showing a last soldier to leave. >> taliban seeks international legitimacy and support. >> outrageous and i'm honestly speechless. >> we did not get everybody out if we wanted to get out. >> if there are american stipulates left we will stay until we get them you a out. >> he broke his promise to the american citizen. >> rescue workers are working nonstop in louisiana. >> the death toll is continuing to rise. >> more than 2 million people are without power. >> education department is opening a civil rights investigation into five states that banned mask mandates for
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schools. >> alleging that mask restrictions deny disabled and at risk students a right to an in person education. [gunfire ] we start with a fox news alert. fireworks, gunshots in kabul as the taliban is celebrating the final u.s. soldier leaving afghanistan. steve: the group bragging they have full independence as the u.s. even suspends operations in its embassy in kabul. that's the night vision of the last man out. brian: something we didn't want to see this way. lucas tomlinson at the pentagon as america's longest war comes it a close at least for now, lucas. >> that's right, the last plane carrying american troops departed the airplane at kabul 23:29 eastern one minute before midnight local on august 31st.
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president biden's deadline. the top general overseeing the operation admitting some americans were left behind. >> heart break associated with this departure. we did not get everybody out that we wanted to get out. i think if we stayed another 10 days we would have never gotten everybody out who wanted to be out there. still would have been people disappointed with that. >> major chris donahue 82nd airborne division the last american soldier to leave afghanistan this ghostly photo as iconic last soviet general to leaf afghanistan three decades ago. donahue working here 9/11. led a scwaw deron a decade ago. special operation forces. tony blinken explained who it some of these american citizens are left behind. >> long time residents of afghanistan who have american pass prts and trying to determine whether or not they'ved to leave. many are dual citizen americans deep roots in afghanistan who
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resided there for many years. for many, it's a painful choice. >> outside the airport in kabul this morning scenes of a hasty withdraw. afghans desperate to escape taliban rule leaving suit days cases and everything they left behind. waste nothing time standing guard on street corners, blinken says he is open to working with them in the future. >> taliban seeks international legitimacy and support. our message is any legitimacy and any support will have to be earned. >> 20 years ago the u.s. military defeated the tall within a, today the taliban rule afghanistan once again and this afternoon we will hear from president biden to explain the withdrawal. guys? steve: lucas, i have got a question for you. i just heard a report on the radio that they said because there were was so much u.s. equipment at the airport i think the term was they demilitarized it. it sounds like they blew it up or made it inoperable. there is other video floating around an "l.a. times" correspondent has got on his
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twitter page a bunch of the taliban giles looking at the chinooks and, you know, like it's christmas time. look at all this cool stuff we got right now. did they blow stuff up or all in working condition? >> general mckenzie says a lot of stuff were left behind. you saw those helicopters old ch 46 helicopters that contractors were using to father were people around afghanistan. general said those were all disabled. we're not sure if that can be reverse engineered not blown in place. still standing. images of taliban soldiers fully kitted out. looked like very modern special operation bike helmets, m-4s. this is in the taliban of 20 years ago. brian: yeah. they got our stuff now. lucas, the other thing is, you are a veteran, are you surprised there was no contingency plan as the afghan army was beginning to collapse to blow up some of our stuff to take it out? did anyone think this through?
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$90 billion worth of elite military equipment now in the hands of our enemy? >> very telling when jake sullivan on "fox news sunday" said it was the generals who decided to leave bagram airfield. i will tell you people are angry about that statement here at the pentagon saying the president gave them no choice. he said the u.s. military it h. to go to zero leave behind a small embassy presence 650 soldier. we saw happened the u.s. military went to zero. bagram went down. u.s. military left in the middle of the night. many afghan soldiers left thought the u.s. had given up and one of the reasons we are here guys. ainsley: we see that picture of the last service member leaving afghanistan. that's not the last american to stay there the white house is estimating so chilling to look at that because we know right behind him, in afghanistan, there are so many men and women that are stuck there and children and moms and dads. now, the white house is telling us they are estimating 100, maybe 200 americans are still there countless americans left behind. but, sources in washington are telling me they are thinking it's more than that, maybe 1,000
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people, if not more than that what are your sources telling you? >> we just heard from secretary blinken last night explaining who some of these people are. this is not joe smith in war dock selling soap, ainsley. many of that's afghans are dual of a afghanistans. even though they have blue passports some of them torn. not clear all of them want to leave. while americans are left behind not clear exactly who are these people are. ainsley: students from american university they want to be out. they were interviewed by "fox & friends first." we will display play that soundbite in just a moment. they want to come to america. they are fearful of their life. steve: they were stranded. lucas, thank you very much. we will check in with you a little later on. people are stranded over there. and here's the thing. joe biden made it very clear in the last couple weeks. remember when he talked to george stephanopoulos? we're not leaving until all the americans are evacuated. that turns out not to be true. there are no americans stranded.
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all that stuff. remember that? here -- let's get in the way back machine this doesn't go way back, this goes back last week. just listen to the things that the administration said that now we know. ainsley: broken promises. steve: absolutely, ainsley. roll the tape. >> first of all, i think it's irresponsible to say americans are stranded. they are not. >> there are in americans stranded is the white house's official position on what's happening in afghanistan right now. >> i'm just calling you out for saying that we are stranding americans in afghanistan. >> we believe there are still a small number of americans under 200, and likely closer to 100, who remain in afghanistan and want to leave. >> americans understand that we will try to get it done before august 1st. >> but if we don't the troops will stay. >> if we don't, we will determine at the time who is left. >> and? >> and, if there are american -- if there is american citizens left, we stay until we get them all out. steve: didn't happen. brian: right.
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so the president made it clear. it's not his fault. for now, i report that union unanimous to end our mission as planned. finally the pentagon is doubling down and saying mr. president, you are right for the first time in american history great time to leave americans behind. in what country do they actually put the uniform on to represent? and if it's not true this is what they will ask lucas next hour or jennifer the pentagon has got to stand up for itself they have been left tout dry by the administration and the state department. the commanders decided to leaf americans behind? from the day they marines report to paris island, that's the first thing they learn. you don't leave people behind. you don't leave dead bodies behind of americans. ainsley: the taliban has our equipment. brian: 90 billion worth. ainsley: taking over afghanistan there was loud gunfire ringing out. they were celebrating that america had left. the last five aircraft have
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left, they say, it's over. i cannot express my happiness in words. our 20 years of sacrifice worked and the taliban worked in quickly to seize the airport. brian: we chose to lose. michael waltz chose to win but it was taken from him and everybody who fought with him. listen to how he character rizzss what's left behind in afghanistan. >> i'm honestly speechless because i have been up night after night helping americans get out. and they are still there. i was on the phone this morning with two american stipulates and their children outside the gate of kabul international. and but biden left them behind. and we're trying to smuggle -- we are trying to smuggle them out through other means. and here's the other thing, right? is now they are saying well, we have leverage. we have foreign capital and reserves and we have all these things the taliban want. do you know who has the leverage are the taliban in the form of hundreds of americans we just gave them on a silver platter.
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so, last i checked when you are paying billions or allowing them access to billions for n. exchange for americans being left freed, that's a ransom. steve: sounds like ransom. here is what apparently is happening now. now that we have gotten out of dodge, apparently the taliban are pinning what are referred to as night letters on the doors of western allies. what they say is hey, you need to come to the taliban court and we're going to talk a little bit about what did you with the westerners. and if you don't, then you are going to get the death penalty essentially is what happens. they have used this in the past during the soviet occupation, used as propaganda tool and now it is back. lara logan as you know, her former source rather former intel person source said they are going house to house committing executions in kabul following our retreat. brian
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they wouldn't do that they want to be part of the world community. steve: when lucas said that the people at the pentagon are steamed because the president gave them no other choice, there are now 90 retired generals and admirals who are calling for the defense secretary austin. ainsley: we saw that list. we had the list of all their names last night streaming. steve: general milley to resign. they said they should not have rushed the withdrawal. they should not have abandoned bagram and if they advised against this they should have resigned in protest if the president ignored them. ainsley: if you want talk about americans left behind studentsing in kabul. they were on a bus for seven hours trying to make it to the airport. they couldn't get on a plane. they tried so many times. they got email saying the last plane has left and one girl interviewed this morning and she said they got a message from the taliban saying we are going to kill you. we are going to rape you. there is a man who said all of
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his dreams have now been shattered. in 2006 the taliban attacked the school and killed 15, seven of the student died in that attack. listen to some of these students who were talking with jillian on "fox & friends first." >> we are sitting -- we are living a nate mayor right now. where there is no hope for future. we are not at home, actually. we just [inaudible] knock happen on our door. >> like every other student i feel terrified. the future no longer is bright for us. everyone is to leave the country. my biggest fear is i won't be able to continue my quality of education that was provided to me here. the developments, the advancements throughout the 20 years have gone in vain. and nobody knows what the future hold for us. brian: these students we know, they were put in a safe house, put on the bus got to the gate and the gate was longed.
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general mckenzie says by the way i don't know this who this guy is he couldn't be left impressive from what i have seen. general mckenzie said we were hoping, i will give you the quote. we were not able to bring back any americans. that activity ended probably 12 hours before our exit although we continue the outreach would have been prepared to bring them until the very last minute but none of them made it to the airport. i wonder why? you locked the gates. they have been trying to get there for days. you have one story after another of them getting to the gate, putting up with the hail of gunfire around them. the threats they were experiencing. and they couldn't get. in and what happens a lot of times with the americans soldiers, when they find out an american needs to get there, they go get him. have you thought about that going to get him or unlocking the padlock and letting them in? he acts like well, we had the seats there they had the reservations, they chose not to show. we're not that stupid. steve: well, good news is it sounds like the special operators who are over there, working, you know, essentially
3:14 am
free-lancing trying to free people are still at it. it sounds likes a we told you last week the best opportunity now seems to be through one of those two ports into the country of pakistan. what's interesting as after we pulled out last night, section after the last flight, the taliban overran the airport. there is footage on social media where they are examining the helicopters and all the stuff we left behind although lucas says it sounds like they took the keys to the helicopters. brian: and spark plugs i'm sure they will never be able to figure out. a fighter says i cannot express my happiness in words. our 20 years of sacrifice worked the taliban fighters said. the spokesperson for the taliban said congratulations to afghanistan this victory belongs to all of us. the taliban's victory was a lesson for the invaders. ainsley: listen to this the cover of the "new york post" a cover of joe biden looking at watch when 13 service members brought back to the united states it says dishonor. biden looks at watch as caskets come home.
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underneath that americans abandoned as last plane exits kabul. brian: yeah. he did it multiple times. think about this in the big picture. say it's a waste of time. reason why tens of thousands are going to leave because they got a taste of freedom. they got a taste of education. they got a taste of quality to a degree. and tens of thousands are choosing to leave because of this brutal form of government. how many do you think left when we came in? how about zero in they came back in huge numbers because america provided opportunity and tens of thousands took advantage of it we made progress in there giving them an opportunity to be successful and we stopped future thai attacks and we killed tens of thousands of al-qaeda as well as taliban. on the show senator john kennedy will have a dual purpose as well as devastation as well as what is hang with the afghanistan discuss dismount. darrell issa working with free
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southern california students and teachers. ainsley: we have pete hegseth and family members of those 13 killed in afghanistan. he this talk about their opportunity to meet with the president. some of them chose not to. some of them did. one said it did not go well. steve: that's under estimation of what happened. so many people are so frustrated today as we was it a with crawl? was it a surrender? was it a retreat all of the above. >> it was a chose retreat and loss. he had no right to do it. he chose to do it. and on some level i don't think he understands how much he hurt the american persona and the american people. he is going to speak today. the prompter will be too far away. he will squint his way through it just understand the damage he has done. ainsley: it's 6:16 on the east coast. president biden pays respects to service members killed in kabul.
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precipitate brian 1 minutes after the hour. back with weather officials fear the death toll from ida will rise as search and rescue crews mobilize across louisiana and mississippi. >> video shows the aftermath from what was once a category 4 hurricane. >> so many houses missing their roofs. jeff paul is live in new orleans with a look at the destruction. jeff? >> yeah, ida has obviously cleared new orleans but folks
3:22 am
here are still very much impacted by this powerful storm. this entire city is without power and officials say it could be weeks until electricity is fully restored and we're also learning that in addition to the two people who died here in louisiana during the storm, one from a fallen tree, another from drowning in his vehicle, we are learning that three have now died in mississippi. two of those deaths are related to a highway collapse. investigator say because of all of that rain, the soil got loose and basically washed a portion of the highway away. not only killing two people but injuring 10 others. those conditions making it so tough for power crews and rescue crews get out. you have downed power lines everywhere and downed trees making it hard for vehicles to get around. there is the floodwaters that have left to recede and. hundreds of people so far been rescued after being trapped in hurricane i'd do. some have climbed into their
3:23 am
addict to get away from the floodwaters. others got on top of their roof just praying for a rescue. despite it being so tough out here, people who call louisiana and mississippi home, remain resilient. adding stress to an already stressful life. we love it down there and we want to stay. we will rebuild. >> now, with no electricity obviously businesses are not open. so the potential for looting is very real. the mayor here saying that we will lock them up. so far a few arrests but we do have teams out here with the police department that are cracking counsel on that as we speak. back to you. steve: all right. jeff. thank you very much. brian: i want to check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for the fox weather forecast. slow moving storm it? >> is and devastating to think that these people could be without power for weeks. i don't know what they are going to do in new orleans. that is terrible. i mean, it's one thing for a couple of days for a couple of
3:24 am
weeks. what are they going to do in the temperatures are going to be really hot. it's terrible. any way you look at it there are the rainfall totals, new orleans over a foot of rain. parts of louisiana, you have close to 1 inches. and then we had that wind gusts of 172 miles per hour where we had the landfall in port fourchon. devastating. several reports of tornadoes and damage. that's what happens with these landfalling tropical systems and then the flooding. this is going to be as i mentioned yesterday part 2 of this storm. even though it doesn't have a name anymore. it's an area of low pressure it's going to bring tremendous amounts of rain to areas where we have already seen incredible amounts of rain like tennessee last week 17 inches for them and look at how much we are going to get. 3 to 6 inches of heavy rainfall across very populated neighborhoods, so, this is going to be a big deal as well, the ground cannot take any more rainfall. so this is, you know, a devastating story, obviously.
3:25 am
ainsley: janice, i was talking to a friend who had to leave louisiana and she is now in virginia visiting her other daughters in college. they don't know when they are going to be able to go back a lot of water and roof damage. other daughter is at tulane. she says tulane is closed because they don't have electricity so the kids are not going to be in school they think for a month or more. janice: it's so awful. it's hard to wrap your head around, right? a couple of days without, you know, electricity you can do with it. but when you are talking about weeks not beening in your home and you can't function, it's awful. steve: and as we discovered during sandy up here when we didn't have electricity for a couple of weeks the main problem right now for the people in louisiana and mississippi with no electricity is there is no gas. the gas stations can't pump the gas so they can't drive the cars. janice: it's awful. brian: thanks, japan miss. it 5 minutes after the hour. jillian medically you have other headlines making news. jillian: a los angeles county sheriff's deputies shot in the
3:26 am
line of duty. officials say they were responding to a robbery call when they came under fire. the deputy was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. in florida, three police officers and a canine are hurt in a police involved shooting. the scene playing out in broward county overnight. the injured officers and canine are expected to be okay. one suspect died while a second is in custody. thousands of people are racing to escape south lake tahoe as the fire closes in on the popular tourist destination. 22,000 people it ordered to evacuate. burned an area larger than the city of chicago. five republican run states now under federal investigation for banning mask mandates in school. iowa, oklahoma, south carolina, tennessee, and utah are targeted in the probe which says mask mandates ban could say endanger students and make them more vulnerable to covid-19. this as the florida education department fines two counties
3:27 am
for violating governor ron desantis' order banning mask mandates in schools. for utah children helped to create a touching display honoring the 1 american service members killed in the attack outside the kabul airport. the display includes 13 american flags with a drawing of each service member's name. the kid drew a issue 'of service member next to an american flag with 13 and the phrase never forgotten. wow, that's beautiful. ainsley: really sweet. steve: all right, jillian. thank you. "the washington post" has an item that says the headline is biden's tough meeting with grieving families and it goes into the dignified transfer that we saw on sunday and afterwards he met with every one of the families who wanted to meet with him. some families and this article is very telling and very raw and it talks about how the families a lot of them didn't want to meet the president or shake the hand of the commander-in-chief
3:28 am
who they felt was response cybil for the death of their child. ainsley: one of those is rylee mccollum, he was killed, a marine from wyoming. he had just gotten married. you heard his story his wife expecting a baby in a few weeks this was his first deployment. his sister said he wanted to be a marine his whole life. he even carried a rifle and cowboy boots in his diapers when he was a baby. she said he was tough and kind, a loving kid who made an impact on everyone that he met. they feel like the president is responsible for his death. so when they had the opportunity to meet with him. the sister, the other sister and his father did not meet with the president and his mom. but his wife, the one who is expecting the baby, she said she wanted to meet with the president but she left feeling disappointed. they said this to the "the washington post." one of maccallum's sister said she and her sister joined jenna mcklum on the trip. they left the room when it came time to meet with the president this they did not want to speak
3:29 am
with the man they held responsible for his death. only jenna expecting the couple's child stayed shoe. he left disappointed. the president brought up his son bo describing his military service and subsequent death of cancer it struck the family as scripted and shallow. brian: mark schmitz a gold star dad on biden checking his dad during the dignified transfer i actually leaned over my son's mother's ear and i said i ware to god if he checks his watch one more time that was only probably four more times i couldn't look at him. this especially the time and why we there were i found it to be the most disrespectful thing i have ever seen. that's going to gold star dad mark schmitz. the mother of thefamily you werg about featured on a clip last night on the laura show this is how she had to say on the will cowell majority. >> genius child iq 156.
3:30 am
he could have done anything he wanted to do in the military. he chose to be a marine sniper. but, i never thought in a million years he would die for nothing. for nothing because a feckless dementia ridden piece of crap decided he wanted a photo op. on september 11th. evidence democrat that's listening you did this to my son to prop up a disgusting human being. steve: mark smith also featured in this particular report in the "the washington post" when he got there he did not want to talk to joe biden. he agreed with joe biden to pull out of afghanistan but he believes that joe biden botched it. he slept on it and decided he was going to meet with the president and when he finally did come face to face with the commander-in-chief, according to the "the washington post," he glared at the president, biden looked at his ex-wife and kept talking about bo, which we just heard. schmidt didn't want to hear about bo they write. he wanted to talk about his son jared. he took out a photo and said,
3:31 am
mr. president, don't you ever forget that name. don't you ever forget that face. don't you ever forget the names of the other 12 and take some time to learn their story and according to the "the washington post." the president didn't like that he said do i know their stories. but, clearly, joe biden was face to face with grief that he had a role in creating and he was uncomfortable. ainsley: here is mark schmidt. >> well, initially i wasn't going to meet with him but i felt i owed it to my son to at least have some words with him about how i felt. and it didn't go well. he talked a bit more about his own son than he did my son and that didn't sit well with me. ainsley: do you want to know his story he? said get to know my son. his son was marine lance
3:32 am
corporal jared schmitz. he said his son dreamed of being a soldier since he was little. his dad's message to america be afraid of our leadership, pray every day for our soldiers to ho protect us all. they are the only ones who actually have our back. brian: coming up brian mast will join us. he will talk about everything we just discussed but from the personal perspective of the experience observing investors choose assets to balance risk and reward. with one element securing portfolios, time after time. gold. agile and liquid. a proven protector. an ever-evolving enabler of bold decisions. an asset more relevant than ever before. gold. your strategic advantage. your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates
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at chevron's el segundo refinery, we're looking to turn plant-based oil into renewable gasoline, jet and diesel fuels. our planet offers countless sources of energy. but it's only human to find the ones that could power a better future. steve: fox news alert. 90 retired generals and admirals
3:36 am
demanding lloyd austin and mark milley resign over the mess in afghanistan. in a letter, they argue austin and millie should have recommended against this dangerous withdrawal in the strongest possible terms. if they cannot do everything within their authority to stop the hasty withdrawal, they should resign. their must be accountability at all levels nor tragic and avoidable debacle. joining us right now is retired army ranger congressman brian mast who joins us from d.c. congressman, good morning townchts good morning to you. steve: yesterday was a tough day for all of us to watch. it wasn't supposed to end that way. >> yeah. it's tough for me to just watch the exchange, our fighters coming off the aircraft underneath the flag draped caskets. you know, just preparing to speak to you right now. i just sit here and wipe the tears out of my eyes just because i saw those caskets coming off the plane.
3:37 am
[clearing throat] i have tried to hold myself together here but i have seen it so many times. it is impossible to watch. especially when it was this senseless, this preventable. and entirely the result of something that none of our service members ever had. they were never intimidated. all the guys that i was in the hospital next to like johnny joey jones and others that you know, everybody's desire laying in those beds was just to get back in the fight. just to hold the line. just to fight for the things that we believed. in these what these fighters were all about. but they were killed by the lambs in the white house that allowed themselves to be intimidated which is what they never were. steve: speaking of the dignified transfer and you see that and one of the enduring images of it is the president checking his watch and, you know, a number of the families who talked to the "the washington post" said, you
3:38 am
know, the president came in and talked to us, we lost our loved ones and he kept talking about bo and he kept checking his watch, they said. the "new york post" today says the president looking at his watch says it all. he can't wait to move on. so, for him, this is a -- you know, he has got something invested in it but ultimately, it's a political calculation. he wants to be the one who ended the war. but, americans by a vast majority, congressman, are upset not that we are getting out but that he did it this way. >> yeah. there has been an important saying that the most important thing that you bring into battle is the reason why. why are you doing that? what are you fighting for? and the why for president biden in every single action here is totally unacceptable. that has to be held to account for everybody that's been a part of this process.
3:39 am
why did you let yourself become intimidated why did you pick an optical indict to have a photo op. why did you give up the high ground and why didn't you listen to those who warned you otherwise and checking the time real quick. i have had a lot of fathers, mothers, family members cry on my soldier. they would apologize i'm sorry, i'm sorry for crying. i'm sorry for this emotion. i say to them every single time, there is no shame for anybody that has tears. there is shame for the people that don't have tears over our greatest fighters that gave their lives. president biden is the one that deserves the shame. he is more concerned about his watch than about giving those families every single minute to talk about how they feel and the stories that they could tell about their sons and daughters about why they grew up wanting to be fighters for our country and what they believed in and
3:40 am
the funny things that they remember about him, his concern was how is the time ticking? that's heart breaking. steve: it is heart breaking. you know, one of the families at the dignified transfer and we quoted this man mark schmitz a moment ago from "the washington post. he didn't want to shake the hand of joe biden because he regards joe biden as the reason his son jared is dead today. a marine who lost his life last week. and he said to the president after, you know, the president kept talking about bo, schmitz didn't want to hear about bo. he wanted to talk about his son. he took out a photo and said don't ever forget that name. don't ever forget that face. don't ever forget the names of the other 12. that's the least we can get. >> we have to make sure as we discuss this we never for a second take away from our service members that they knew the hazards of their chosen profession and then they went in
3:41 am
and they undertook those dangerous actions anyways. that is who they were. but, in doing that, they expected competent, thoughtful, american driven leadership that believed in life the same way that they did. that you fight for freedom with everything that you have or you don't fight for at all. that's where that difference lies. we have a president that went to the ends of the earth to quit, to give up, to back down, to not hold the line. steve: he lied to all of us he said we will not leave afghanistan until every american is out. and we left 24 hours early there are still hundreds of americans and thousands of our allies so ultimately people are watching right now and they're frustrated and thinking, you know, how do we get accountability -- how do we get accountability for what
3:42 am
just happened? >> every statement from beginning to end of this was a lie right up until the last statements of secretary blinken who should be one of the ones held accountability in addition to others should be removed immediately for every part of -- that he played in this role. right up until the last second. what did blinken say just now? well the terrorists told us they are not going to let terrorists into the country and we believe that. every talking point from this administration from their secretaries from the president on down was to say the exact opposite of either what was going on in the world or afghanistan or anything else. those were their very literal talking points say the opposite of what is actually happening. and then what did they do after that? they showed us the back of heir they had every single time as they would about face, walk out of the room and not take questions because that's just
3:43 am
one more place that they were too intimidated. intimidated to take questions. steve: sir, we thank you for your service and for joining us. our thoughts and prayers are with everybody who sacrificed so much over the last 20 years. all the best. steve: all right. brian mast. 17 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, ida left a path of destruction with some americans stranded on their roof and in the addict due to the flooding. the cajun navy on the ground. they will update us on their efforts coming up next on "fox & friends."
3:44 am
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ainsley: rescue efforts underway in louisiana as the cat 4 made landfall. the cajun navy is on the ground to provide assistance to first responders and to those in need.
3:48 am
one of the group's members is jordan bloods worth and he joins us now with an update on their efforts. good morning to you, jordan. >> good morning. ainsley: what are you seeing on the ground? >> total devastation for the most part. ainsley: water damage? roofs being ripped off? what specifically? >> both. ida came through with some pretty extreme winds. it was something, you know that would be compared to katrina. and everyone who stayed or you know, saw the effects of both. we said this storm kind of made katrina look like nothing windwise. it was unbelievable what they saw and came through with the winds. and also pushed in a storm surge that gave us a lot of flooding in system of the lower areas in south of i 10 as well as north hoble as well. ainsley: i know they lost length in new orleans and you are in la place. do you have electricity there. >> i'm in baton rouge there my
3:49 am
house, thank god, was unaffected. but la plays with a only about 25 minutes from me. i have been going back and forth. still very little cell phone if any service there. ainsley: is that the biggest challenge, communication? >> yes. communication has been very hard. going in to yesterday i was anticipating and being there working fully too long rescues, luckily the water ha gone down and it was hard to communicate with anyone once i was there to see, you know, tell them what was needed or where else we could go. but luckily we already had some teams in some of the other areas. ainsley: thank you so much for helping the folks down there. i know y'all are in need of medical help. if anyone is watching and can go and help that would be great. do you have a website or any way that we can donate? >> we do, yes, ma'am. louisiana that's in cajun and also on facebook keep everybody updated there. there are donation buttons and
3:50 am
push a list of things we need and can use and any help available. ainsley: thank you so much, jordan. god bless all those people they have been in our prayers, yes, ma'am. it's going to be a long road to recovery. thank you. ainsley: thank you. let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for fox weather forecast. it's not over. >> no it is not. part 2 of this storm potential for heavy rain. even severe storms. the potential for that along the gulf coast. new orleans areas of that don't have electricity temperatures in the 90's, with the humidity is going to feel even worse than that. so, you know, prayers and donations, to the cajun navy would be wonderful. and we'll continue to track this ainsley. but, i mean, flooding is going to be the business biggest concern next. back to you. ainsley: heart breaking. thanks so much, janice. >> you got it. ainsley: americans and allies are still trying to escape taliban control. speak to an interpreter who fears for his family that are stranded in kabul.
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
brian: as the last troops leave afghanistan dismiss concerns that the taliban will take control of valuable weapons that we left behind.
3:55 am
>> it's a complex procedure. complex in time and intensive fror break down those systems so we demilitarized those systems oso they will never be used between. we felt it was more foreign protect our forces than to bring those systems back. brian: really? but with the equipment abandoned, what is the threat of the demilitarized weapon, so to speak in the hands of the taliban forces if that is indeed the case? let's break down what we left there it's estimated this, you know, between the beginning of the war in 2017 we have 33 black hawks they now belong to the taliban. when it documents armored personnel 169 there. including, 169,000, i should say, are including 70 m wraps. that's interesting. black hawked a cessnas to that comes to armored humvees 22174 is the last time we took a count of that and then when you talk about assault rifles, 358,000,
3:56 am
including 136,000 handguns. so what does all of this mean? let's discuss it with george town university professor and retired air force officer who served in afghanistan jody, we don't have an exact count. some say 90 billion. some say 24 billion "the washington post" today. what bothers you most about this? >> thank you for having me today. it's very disturbing that we never actually really tracked where all of those weapons went or had good accountability for those weapons at the time. as a former military officer, your weapons accountability is the one of the most important things that commanders in the field require of their troops. we did not keep the same due diligence of those weapons. that went into afghanistan or where those went and what units had them and so forth. brian: if the afghans can use them, the taliban can use them, maybe china or iran wants them. maybe some other organizations want them. they will use that as a big fire sale in order to get some
3:57 am
revenue into their country. the other thing to keep in mind, we had a slow build up to that. at which time wouldn't you expect our military to say oh my goodness, there is a lot of our stuff that's being abandoned we have got to go get it. we have got to blow it up? >> i would push back a little bit on how much of that weaponry is going to show up in other countries. there is a lot of reasons for the taliban not to hand it to other countries right now. the first is that they don't know what their future looks like. the taliban are in the process of, you know, they have taken the country, but they have actually now got to govern the country. it's one thing to get local community leaders or to get senior officers to abandon their post and order their troops to abandon their post. it's a very different thing to actually take and hold territory. take and hold the population in that territory. especially when the population doesn't really want you there as we see it particularly in large cities where we have seen protest. that is going to require the
3:58 am
taliban to use at love violence to keep their population down. that means they will use the weapons to use that violence so they would be hesitant, i think, to start shipping a lot of weapons out. they also don't know how big the insurgency command is going to be. we don't know that the taliban isn't going it break up into their own thief domes and civil war and no one would be want to give away weapons what's going on additional lit taliban has made. brian: those are good points but i would also add this. the afghan army didn't have enough pilots. didn't have enough mechanic mics. i don't know how many talabanis are pilots or mechanics. >> some mechanics did get out. it's going to be difficult for the taliban to use there is a lack of spare parts. a lot of them were disabled before they left. about 46 of those aircraft and helicopters flu into uzbekistan they are not even in the
3:59 am
country. what we would be watching more is what happens to the russian helicopters. those the taliban do know how to fly or at least did in the past there are a lot more afghan pilots there and of a began maintainers there. there are supply lines to supply those helicopters. the taliban in the northern alliance prior to 9/11 both flew those helicopters around afghanistan. that's much more likely to be the kind of aircraft that the taliban are ikley toly no. brian: also you can go on the sweater and get basics on black hawks and basics on cessnas especially if you can fly a russian helicopter. bottom line is there was no con continue genesee plan effective outside the airport to disable some of this equipment. and if you want to cash it in, there are a lot of people that i think would love to do it and do some reverse edge nearg. jody vitorry, thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> second hour of "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ '.
4:00 am
>> the taliban celebrating the final u.s. soldier leaving afghanistan. >> waking up this morning is just a nightmare to think that we have left americans who want to come home behind. >> count the numbers. 90 retired generals and admirals are calling on millie and austin to resign. >> every talking point from this administration from their secretaries was a lie. >> catastrophic. >> officials fear the death toll from ida will rise. >> this entire city is without power. >> devastating to think that these people could be without power for weeks. >> the attorney general is actually now urging the entire legal community to help block evictions. >> people are needed to mediate disputes with landlords or mitigate eviction filings with court. ♪ [gunfire] brian: fox news alert. the taliban shooting off guns
4:01 am
and fireworks that's how they celebrate. celebrate the departure of american troops in afghanistan first time since 2001. ainsley: there is a chilling picture, look at that last soldier boarding c-17 from kabul's airport leaving so many americans behind. steve: the president we didn't hear from him yesterday regarding this we will today. live at the white house at':00. good morning, peter. >> garage, president biden said earlier this month if there's american citizens left we're going to stay until we get them all out. but that didn't happen. >> look, there is a lot of heart break associated with this departure. we did not get everybody out that we wanted to get out. but i think if we had stayed another 10 days, we wouldn't have gotten everybody out that we wanted to get out there. still would have been people disappointed with that. >> this is what it looks like in kabul right now as the state department claims they are going to start working with other international partners to help americans, the military left behind leave afghanistan. but that is something republicans and some democrats
4:02 am
are furious about. >> the big criticism i have, we should have gotten the civilians out sooner. >> it's a disaster for american credibility. and it's a disaster for counter-terrorism as we head into the 20th anniversary of 9/11. we're far less safe. >> celebratory shots rang out in the dark of night near the harmid karzai international airport they claim with americans gone they have gained full independence of afghanistan. and even though there have been report of taliban led violence and human rights abuses just in the last two weeks, the secretary of state sounds open to eventually giving them a seat at the table. >> the taliban seeks international legitimacy and support. our message is any legitimacy and any support will have to be earned. >> president biden is going to speak later on today. the white house advised these remarks last night but really they probably could have put it
4:03 am
on the schedule in january because it seems like no matter what the realities were on the ground, the president's order was going to hold everybody out by yesterday. back to you. steve: and they're. so, peter, last week, the white house pushed back. when you asked about the americans who were stranded, now they say there are 100 or 200 americans, are they using the word stranded or is it like, you know, they are just inconveniently detained? >> we have not heard them use the word stranded. they don't like the word stranded. so you can use your own adjective for whatever it is when somebody is hunkered down and is not safe to get to the airport because there are isis terrorists that want to kill you there and now you are in afghanistan and the u.s. military is not. ainsley: peter, what are the congress men and women saying about the number of stranded americans that are left behind? >> we are hearing from the pentagon who say that they have the most accurate count that
4:04 am
it's less than 200, closer to 100. that's the pentagon and state department's estimate. so it's triple digits and it's about double the number of the people left behind in -- or that were stuck in the iran hostage crisis. ainsley: joe biden broke his promise. steve: it sure sounds like it. peter, thank you. brian: let's bring in pete hegseth "fox & friends weekend" co-host and served in afghanistan. pete, we knew it was going to happen. i love the way general mckenzie we had seats open on the plane but no one came. maybe because gates were locked. people tried to get through. no wonder the seats were empty. i doubt the total evacuees. a lot of these planes left half full. >> yeah, they did. that last photo which is a powerful image major general christopher donahue, he was the commander of the 82nd airborne the last one to get on that aircraft. i don't blame him for that. ainsley: no.
4:05 am
>> if i'm him, i'm getting every single one of my men and women on that aircraft as quickly as possible ahead of the deadline because of the threat assessment, because of the ineptitude of higher brass and the white house. if i'm him, i'm getting out. ultimately the process was haphazard over the last two weeks. his soldiers, those marines who we lost did what they could to grab afghans through gates that were open and, again in a haphazard manner at certain times based on conflicting guidance from the state department. as a result of the failure of leadership at the top, not of him, at the top, we have hundreds of american citizens left behind. and i sit here, you know, you sleep on it, and you text with a lot of afghan vets and i wish they could speak right now and so i try hard to channel on behalf of them. and the overarching feeling that i get time and time again is a feeling of betrayal.
4:06 am
a feeling of failure, a feeling of weakness, a feel of dishonor and ultimate lay feeling that there needs to be accountability somewhere, anywhere, and that picture of general donahue from all i have heard he is a great soldier. but if you look at the information, there has been hundreds of generals in the field over the last 20 years over these conflicts not one has ever been relieved by military brass for combat ineffectiveness. these are wars lost not by troops on the ground but by political leaders and generals who didn't it advance the right strategy. as a result, as you said, we have left troops. we have left american citizens and allies on the ground and we left the most legitimized. the most robust, the most radical and dangerous terror army the world has ever seen behind us 20 years after 9/11. the group that we fought is back armed with the haqqani network and al-qaeda and brian as did you in that last segment our
4:07 am
black hawks and our weapons. that's what this demoralizing. not clear when we get to this 20th anniversary. what is clear is that we're less safe, unfortunately. maybe we understand the threat just a little bit better. islamism a little bit. the realities on the ground we didn't -- if you are going to weigh the wins and losses we didn't get much out of that effort despite the shear valor of so many of two decades. ainsley: pete now they are calling for some are saying they want president biden to resign. they there are now 90 retired generals and nirls that are calling for austin and millly to resign. where do you understand? >> i think austin and millie should resign. the idea it the debacle of this size and scope can go without accountability is what bowls the minds of guys that have carried rifles. i have tethered my rifle to my body. my unit in iraq raided an entire town for days because we lost a
4:08 am
240 bravo mounted machine gun in an ambush against our scout platoon we went house to house day after day to find a rifle. we ended up not finding it. when you think of that, vis-a-vis the decision made on bagram. the decisions made to allow them to release prisoners, the decisions that were made to not accept -- we were accepting every other deal of the taliban, we didn't accept their deal to stay out of kabul. we didn't pay attention we should to the threat assessment while marines were vulnerable. all the different things were there. and no accountability at all? jake sullivan, antony blinken says that the taliban might earn legitimacy, this is -- and it does -- the bucks to stop with joe biden, although it's not clear that he understands the depth of the decisions he has made. what we get instead and so maddening and frustrating we get the spin from the podium like we got yesterday. look at the numbers. look at the historic air lift. that's like the captain of a
4:09 am
cruise ship that's going down and been going down for many years making a fatal decision of when to evacuate at the wrong time and then yelling about how proud he is of the amount of people that were evacuated while hundreds of people drowned in the ocean as if that is something to be proud of. this is -- they are going to spin it because it's no longer in the d.n.a., guys, of leadership politically or the scary part in the military to take accountability for clear failures. and joe biden is someone who has never shown an ability to fire people who is incompetent because is he incompetent himself. steve: pete, they have got spin it, when you look at the whole story, ultimately right now the big story is we retreated and ultimately we left americans behind. and that is a terrible legacy for an american president. you were talking about the accountability. we were speaking to your fellow afghan vet brian mast who is a
4:10 am
congressman from the great state of florida. he was talking about how we get accountability going forward. but he was also quite struck at the dignified transfer on sunday of the number of times joe biden looked at his watch. watch this. >> the most important thing that you bring into battle is the reason why. why are you doing that? what are you fighting for. and the why for president biden in every single action here is totally unacceptable. that's what has to be held to account for everybody that's been a part of this process. why did you let yourself become intimidated? why did you pick an optical date so you could have a photo op.? why did you give up the high ground? why didn't you listen to those who warned you otherwise? president biden is the one that deserves the shame he's more concerned about his watch than about giving those families every single minute to talk about how they feel and the
4:11 am
stories that they could tell about their sons and daughters. steve: and, pete, as peter doocy said earlier, you know, we have known for a while what the date was because the date certain was what joe biden said even though he said circumstance could say change. he was going to pull out regardless of what happened. >> what the taliban is saying americas have the watches and we have the time. what a sad piece of evidence that that is more true than ever before. i listened to a couple of those families on sean hannity's program last night. many of them said he didn't just do it once. he did it with almost every single family if not every single family. as if come on, folks, is this over yet? and i bet a lot of those families are conservatives or inclined to be republicans. if this was handled in a way that wasn't preventable.
4:12 am
that wasn't shear weakness, that wasn't based on incompetence. that wasn't based on fake deadlines and based on poor decision will making. even if they didn't like joe biden. they would have stood there and wanted to listen to the condolences of a commander-in-chief. that is a time tradition, something that no family ever wants. but they will stand and receive because it is the full weight of the love that a nation has for those who give everything. and for families to decide they don't even want to take part in it, that shows you the level of betrayal from this white house, to their mission, it was never about whether we should get out. it was all about how we do. and when your boys are made vulnerable boys and women are made vulnerable. ultimately at the behest of the taliban, our enemy who you are now funded and given biometric data to and then you retreat, i wouldn't want that meeting either. and, you know, it was over a little bit sooner for joe biden pause those meetings didn't
4:13 am
happen and looks like he was fine with that. brian: other thing is, pete, you didn't lose a battle. how many times you how many terrorists have been killed. how many taliban forced out of the country? we chose to give this country back to them. could have held it forever if we chose and we could have used it as outpost to fight the war on terror which we are in the middle of. you brought up interesting you talk about people being accountability as we went over yesterday with the "the washington post" story not did and. but general mckenzie got a call from the bora door not prepared to take kabul today. should we secure it or should you secure it? mckensey knowing the president's goal to get out. you secure it we only need the airport. setting up that small perimeter, setting up the bombing that killed 170 afghans, maybe more. 13 americans and sending 18 to the hospital who are by all reports are struggling for their lives at ram stein air base.
4:14 am
if you are one of those families, you are wondering i could tell you in realtime the decision that killed my son or daughter. and on top of that he keeps going into his personal story which is tragic but it's well chronicled and it's not about you. john mccain brought up every time there was this rough situation well i was a prisoner of war. he would never talk about it he would say it's not about me. it's vietnam. that was then. this is now. that's what made it so miserable. no one knows how to deal with a grieving person. there is no handbook for it but talking about yourself really not a good move. >> talking about yourself and talking about your son who died and who died tragically but not in combat is not the way to talk about it. and, again, the sad part of it is, he is not a real commander-in-chief he is not all there on making these decisions. if i'm a general and i'm given that option, i say stay out of kabul over our dead bodies and
4:15 am
here is what i know. i have been talking to vets all over the place who have been involved in trying to get afghan special operators out of afghanistan who fought valiantly to the very, very end. all the way to the kabul airport. there were hundreds and thousands of them consolidate the afghan special forces into the capitalment allow them to control the streets. keep the taliban out. and while they are controlling the streets or at least a far wider perimeter than 10 feet, you are allowed to evacuate americans because the writing is on the wall of what's happening. the amount of bad decisions are stag gerring. ainsley: pete, the immediate concern obviously for the americans that are left behind for our allies that have been left behind what the taliban will do to them. but long term recommendation as we are coming up to the 20th anniversary of 9/11, you mentioned our data. they have our weapons. you saw brian's report and last block, so many of our weapons, our black hawk helicopters and they have afghanistan now. what is the threat going forward
4:16 am
for america? >> the threat is worse. i don't know what their calculation is as far as their desire to strike us here or snrik europe. if it doesn't exist now, it will. you can't be in bed with haqqani and al-qaeda and isis-k to some level and not have a desire for a spectacular mass casualty event. what i think you will see over the next days and weeks and we have seen reporting. it's blood letting. blood is running in the streets of kabul. they are going door to door and finding anyone who couldn't get out. anyone who worked with us. anyone who is not willing to bow to the taliban. i think what tragically could become a part of our lives and i hope it doesn't, are the types of videos that we saw splashing across our screen when isis took over iraq. executions, public executions, retribution, killings door-to-door, videos. others that are celebrated piatt taliban. that's going the long tale of this disaster. in an optics sense of them
4:17 am
dancing on our grave and executing our allies, this is no taliban 2.0. they will see what they need to say. they don't care about what the international world's recognition is. brian: back door to iraq joe biden thought it was a great idea to. you say he fast ball. it's exactly what he thought in 2005 and 2009 and exactly what he thought in 2011. this is him. and this is why no one listened to him. right? mcchrystal got fired in rolling stone story because they were mocking joe biden's idiotic decisions and now we're stuck with these idiotic decisions. pete: i don't think there is any way we go back. brian: he says the joint chief of staff and pentagon blaming the british they made us keep that gate open longer to get more evacuees out. that's nice, blame the british. staff steve hey, pete, thank you very much. few commentators have the experience you do. you served there. we appreciate your service and
4:18 am
thanks for weighing in. pete: thanks, guys. god bless everyone that served there. steve: absolutely had indeed. it is 7:17 here in the east. turning now to fox weather. and ida's aftermath more than a million people are still without electricity after the storm came ashore as a category 4. jeff paul is live in the hard hit city of new orleans where the french quarter did not escape unscathed. >> no, it did not. folks in new orleans are still without power and that could go on for weeks. but if you talk with system folks just outside the city, they will tell you they are just thankful to be alive. and if you take a look at this video, this is just one of the many rescue scenes we are seeing throughout the state of louisiana and areas that were flooded out by hurricane ida whether it is local deputies, the united cajun navy. the national guard or just a neighbor with a boat or big truck. everyone is pitching in to get people to dry land. some of these folks did not have
4:19 am
time to evacuate. given their particular situation. and were forced to ride out the storm. some in their addicts or on the roof. >> i just thank god we survived. my mom and dad. cared about saving them. >> now, others have not been fortunate in addition to the two who died here in louisiana. we are learning three have died in mississippi. two of those deaths related to a highway that washed out. there is also a big focus here in the city on looting. the mayor saying that if we catch you, we will lock you up. back to you. steve: all right. jeff. live in new orleans. thank you, sir. ainsley: check in with senior meorologist janice dean. portions of the gulf coast and then the heavy rainfall threat over saturated ground. at least 30 million people have
4:20 am
some sort of flood warning in advance of the trajectory of this system. and new york could get 4 to 6 inches of rain. that's typically what we might see in a month in one day this is going to be the biggest story going forward. ground saturated from henri. power could be out for weeks across portions of louisiana. that will be ongoing story we will cover as well. steve: all right. j.d., thank you. while american troops leave afghanistan, americans and allies are trying to escape the taliban control. we are going to talk to interpreter for the u.s. military who fears for her family still stranded in kabul. ♪ you need an ecolab scientific clean here. and here. which is why the scientific expertise that helps operating rooms stay clean now helps the places you go too.
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jillian: good morning back with headlines, launching an investigation after this man allegedly killed a lyft driver and drove a police station and opened fire. police say he left a note suggesting he may have been inspired by foreign terrorist organizations. they say he had been investigated for suspected terrorist sympathies before he shot and killed isabella lewis. rashid was shot and killed by police when he opened fire in the plano police station. the illegal immigrant convicted in the 2018 death of mollie tibbetts is sentenced to "fox news live" prison. cristhian rivera will serve his time without the possibility of parole. the 27-year-old has been in jail since his arrest in august of 2018. tibbetts vanished while running on a rural road outside her hometown of brooklyn, iowa. and virginia teacher tanner cross claims another victory in court. the state supreme court
4:26 am
rejecting loudoun county's attempt to challenge an order reinstating him. cross had previously joined "fox & friends" to talk about his protest. >> i spoke against two proposed policies that were going to force teachers and students to affirm that biological males could be females and females could be male. i think that's would be lying to a child i simply could not do that in good conscience? cross and two other teachers are suing over the school's preferred pronoun policy. ainsley? ainsley: stranded in afghanistan. this morning, hundreds of americans and allies are stuck behind enemy lines as the last plane carrying u.s. troops leaves kabul. our next guest is named z.z. a female interpreter for the military who was able to flee just before the taliban's takeover. but the rest of her family was not as fortunate and they are still stranded there. after tempting to enter kabul airport three times they're currently in hiding and z.z.
4:27 am
joins us now. good morning, z.z. >> and good morning, ma'am, thank you. ainsley: thank you for come on i'm grateful what you did for our troops. i'm grateful you are in america and you are safe. how did you get out? what was it like for you. >> it is my honor that i'm here. so the day that i was leaving taliban took over kabul it was scary. et the day i was leaving home taliban were trying to build up their checkpoints and it was hard and very difficult to get to the airport because i had the visa and my passport and it was very tough to carry if the taliban capture you or get you because it's very scary and dangerous for us. ainsley: jen psaki at the white house said no one is stranded but your family is, right? >> yes. my family is stuck behind in kabul and they are hiding right now. this situation is very bad over there because taliban is
4:28 am
searching the houses for those people forces as interpreter or assess them as a language. it is very hard for my family and for my brother that they are there and if they get my brother, they will kill him or kill my sisters and my mom. ainsley: you are most worried about your brother, why? >> yes. because taliban mostly they target the men in afghanistan and he was constantly receiving threat from the taliban to return [inaudibleing are stop supporting coalition forces. that's why he was receiving threats from taliban. ainsley: how are they hiding? if they come door to door do you hide in the attic or build a separate room. >> they are n kabul. i can thought say taliban.
4:29 am
if the taliban hear that they're hiding in the attic. ainsley: what do they think about our leadership here in america joe biden. >> joe biden, so my message to the joe biden because i understand the process and he give the priority to the to get them out of afghanistan. if he can make an exceptional policy for my family to get them out of afghanistan, to help them because they are in danger and they are not safe in afghanistan. and also he promised to the those commitments that they support the coalition forces as an interpreter, there in afghanistan to get them out of afghanistan, but right now all of them left behind the u.s. soldier afghanistan they come to the united states and all those afghans that they supported and forces there and their family in
4:30 am
danger and they don't have [inaudible] they are in danger. ainsley: we are grateful for our freedoms here in america. thank you so much for everything. we appreciate you coming on with us z.z. and your family is in our prayers. >> thank you so much. ainsley: you are welcome. rescue efforts are now underway in louisiana as the governor warns the death toll from ida will go up considerably. congressman steve scalise has an update after the break. ♪ i booked our hotel on kayak. it's flexible if we need to cancel. cancel. i haven't left the house in a year. nothing will stop me from vacation. no canceling. flexible cancellation. kayak. search one and done.
4:31 am
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4:34 am
steve we're back with a fox news alert. millions are waking up in the dark no electricity again as search and rescue efforts are underway across the gulf coast states in the aftermath of ida. brian: at least two people are dead in louisiana officials fear that number will go up. >> overnight a bridge in mississippi giving way after the floods killing two people and injuring 10 more. senior meteorologist janice dean is tracking ida and where it is heading next. janice? janice: just looking at some of the rainfall totals steve, ainsley, brian. over 15 inches in parts of louisiana, new orleans proper over 13 inches, the good news is the pumps are working. they were working the power is
4:35 am
out. we are expecting power to be out for days maybe weeks. that's my biggest concern because the temperatures are going to be very warm into the 90's with humidity that's going to be a big problem going forward. we had wind gusts in excess of 170 miles per hour. the storm has weakened but now the legacy is going to be the heavy rainfall 4 to 6 inches of rain in a day or so. that could break records. the fact is the that ground is already saturated from henri and we had incredible flood advisories millions of people people here. wednesday and thursday trying time for people across the northeast there is the additional rainfall. you don't be see that a lot,
4:36 am
okay? so, and this storm is not even going to have it name anymore but the fact that it's going to bring 4 to 6, even 8 inches of rain in a very short period of time that is going to be a huge story. steve, ainsley, brian. steve: and that is headed this way. ainsley: that's thursday? janice: wednesday into thursday. yep. steve: thanks, j.d. joining us on the phone is louisiana congressman steve scalise. congressman, good morning to you. >> good morning to you all. steve: looking at what happened in louisiana over the last 24, 48 hours. the good news is the levees held unlike screen. the bad news is you have got a storm parked over you with 125 mile-per-hour winds for five hours. you are going to lose your power. and now you have got a problem with the infrastructure. so, is it going to be a couple of weeks before people get the juice back on?
4:37 am
still what it is sounded like and ida came in category 4 and really almost a category 5. and then are those winds for hours and hours it was still a strong category 3 when it was hitting around the new orleans area. can you imagine those winds, sustained. just doing tremendous damage to people's houses wells to the energy infrastructure. that's the most immediate problem right now. we talked to the power companies and they have got some major lines down going over the mississippi river that's in the mississippi river. a lot of the physical structures substations that are down. so they are still assessing that damage. >> they were only able to get in starting yesterday, but there is a lot of damage assessment still going on. and they are saying be prepared for weeks in some sections of the new orleans region and of course you can imagine with 100 degrees as janice just talked about, that's a big concern. ainsley: yeah. to be without power when it's really hot is just devastating.
4:38 am
we are hearing sewers are in danger of overflowing and the governor expects the death toll to go up considerably he says are we seeing any looting what are some of the issues you are seeing on the ground? >> yeah. those are all issues really yesterday focused on evacuating the hospital in the lower lying areas. right where the eye of the storm came over at port fourchon. they still have covid patients. you have people as they start repairing their houses and this is one thing emphasizing just be very careful because we see a lot of injuries after hurricane from people on roofs and things like that doing recovery work and then ending up in the hospital. we're just encouraging people to be safe there. trying to get hospitals new patients in emergency room and get everybody else out to higher level hospitals in other parts of the state that weren't hit as
4:39 am
hard. brian: real quick, congressman, i'm wondering how your grid held up. >> not well that's where the big concern is 8 lines that feed the city of new orleans. you can imagine a spider web of power line. they're telling us all 8 lines went down. now, what levels does that mean? how long is it going to take? some will take longer than others. you don't need all 8 at the same time to get your power grid back up and running. they are making those assessments. we do have a nuclear facility and that was -- that came out fine. you know, those facilities are built for much stronger but just to get the power to households right now is going to be the biggest challenge. and, you know, all of our hospitals are running on generators. we checked. they have got more than enough power supply to fuel to keep their generators going and there is a constant flow of that. there is no concern that the hospitals won't be able to maintain power but for, you know, the bulk of the city,
4:40 am
people don't have any power and won't for at least days or weeks. ainsley: that's so frustrating when you are without power. especially if you have waters in your living room. our hearts go out to all the people there. >> and we appreciate the prayers. look, you have already got a lot of are faith based organizations. i know i was on the phone yesterday with folks from samaritans purse bringing in relief supplies to hardest hit areas. some people sending in relief supplies. we appreciate that. and we appreciate the prayers, too. steve: congressman steve scalise, we know you have a very busy day today. you have your hands full as everyone does down in louisiana. sir, thank you very much for starting your day with us. >> thank you, god bless. ainsley: thank you, you too. steve: 20 minutes before the top of the hour. americans are demanding answers over the president's botched withdrawal from afghanistan. how is it impacting our standing on the world stage? former state department spokesperson morgan ortagus and general michael maguire will
4:41 am
join us to weigh in next.
4:42 am
4:43 am
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4:45 am
>> now, u.s. military flights have ended, and our troops are departed afghanistan. a new chapter of america's engagement with afghanistan has begun. it's one in which we will lead with our diplomacy. the military mission is over, a new diplomatic mission has begun. brian: that's interesting. what kind of leverage do we have with our embassy in do ha, for the first in 20 years no u.s. troops in afghanistan. the biden administration flying final soldier out of kabul as the taliban celebrates taking control. how will this impact america's standing on the world stage? joining us now former state department spokesperson morgan ortagus still helping to get americans out of that country. arizona national guard maguire.
4:46 am
morgan, start with you, how hamstrung are we with our base in doha and beautiful facility that american tax dollars built up abandoned? >> yeah, we can't have a diplomatic presence. we flew out as we should have what we call our les staff locally employed staff. so we don't even have afghans that were working in our embassy still manning the embassy, obviously. they couldn't stay. so, i don't know how you have a diplomatic presence in a country without diplomats. perhaps they are referring to ambassador can a legal ziad continuing to negotiate for the taliban diplomatic passport is very stricty on the world stage, brian. if you look at the united nations yesterday, the security council had a vote on trying to hold the taliban account to be letting afghan citizens leaf who want to guess who abstained from that vote at the security council, brian? china and russia. they still have their embassies
4:47 am
there and engaged with the taliban. we saw great power competition set up on fire leaving afghanistan the way we did. brian: general. bordering those two nations we border a base that would border iran and china and russia. and the so-called stand. and we left a lot of americans behind. what do they teach new military school? is that okay? >> well, brian, it's not okay. our motto is no man left behind. i have heard arguments in the media about the numbers of americans that have been abandoned there and even one is too many. just 8 weeks ago we had complete freedom of movement and the ability to get people in and out of bagram. president biden promised us that this would work fine and the execution of this thing has been a complete disaster. he is derelict and other duties they have put americans at risk as we have now abandoned them putting them at potential loss
4:48 am
of life. brian: how do we get the remaining people out? we understand they are going door to door execution style bringing them to so-called court. morgan? >> well, listen, if you have anyone that you love, i would get them out of kabul. kabul is not a safe place to be. my messages are open on twitter. i will be glad to try to hip. unfortunately there are not a lot of great options now that we are completely gone. brian: general? >> well, brian, if the commitment is for us to get all of our troops out, our great special operations forces are part of our great military, and they are the best group to go in and get them. but if the president has -- doesn't have the resolve to do it, i don't know how we get them out. brian: is he going to look to turn the page today in his speech this someone else will write. thanks so much, guys. >> thank you very much. >> thanks, brian. brian: five republican led states that have banned or eliminated federal mask mandates facing civil rights litigation. does it have a case? we will talk to leo terrell
4:49 am
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4:52 am
steve: the u.s. department of education is opening civil rights investigations into those five republican-led states that banned or limited mask requirements in schools,
4:53 am
including utah, oklahoma, iowa, tennessee, and south carolina, the education secretary is saying "state bans on universe universal indoor masking are putting their children at risk and preventing them from accessing in-person learning equally. it's simply unacceptable that state leaders are putting politics over the health and education of the students." all right for conversation about this , let's bring in fox news contributor civil rights attorney and former history teacher, and he never lets us forget that, leo terrell. leo, good morning to you. >> [laughter] steve, thanks for having me. i couldn't sleep last night. i wanted to talk about this , because of the just outrageous accusation that the secretary of education is making. i want to be very clear, steve. there is no civil rights violation. there's no violation the rehabilitation act or the american disability act. this is a political witch hunt on the federal government to try to impose federal mandates on
4:54 am
states, regarding masking kids. steve, where's the medical evidence that any kid who has a disability is being denied a quality education? it's strictly political. it's a back doorway to impose mask mandates by joe biden's administration. steve: well, the department of office of civil rights announced the investigations and then they say those states have issued varying prohibitions on mask requirements which the office says could prevent some students from safely attending school, and also is concerned about their health and things like that. you know, leo, i was talking to somebody who lives across the street from me yesterday. she's been going to the town meetings regarding getting kids back-to-school in about a week, and our town is split right down the middle. half the parents want the kids in masks, half the parents don't want the kids in masks and so they are figuring it out on the local level. isn't that the way it's supposed
4:55 am
to work? >> yes, steve, and here's the thing about it. you have to understand that the biden administration wants the pandemic to continue. they want federal control. it's a dependency and a power argument. this should be handled on the school level on the district level and steve here is the part so obvious. if there was a disability violation, do you see any of these families in these local districts, in these republican states making this allegation? this is a game. they are using the pandemic as an excuse to impose power. there is no, i want to be clear. this is in my wheel house, miguel cardonas accusation or investigation is a fraud because there's no ada violation one last point. it makes the assumption that the kids that want to or who are disabled must wear a mask or alternatively everyone else has to wear a mask. where is the medical evidence? i submit to you there isn't any.
4:56 am
steve: well, and the cdc hasn't looked at kids in masks because maybe they don't want to know exactly how effective they are, for whatever reason. >> exactly, steve. i'm telling you i want to be clear about this , because this is what fox hired me for. i'm a civil rights attorney. there is no ada violation. there's none. this is a political stunt by the biden administration to try to go back door to impose federal mandate of masking. bring on dr. nicole and the other doctors we have here. there's none. there is no justification. ada is not in plight. steve: leo that's why we woke up you up early, leo terrell, thank you very much. >> glad to be here. steve: senator john kennedy coming up, next. playing] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:57 am
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5:01 am
recovery. >> part two of the storm we have the potential for heavy rain across the mid south, mid-atlantic. >> people including bernie sanders throwing their support behind gavin newsom. >> if gavin newsom thinks that socialists and celebrities are going to save them from recall, that just goes to show you how out of touch he is. >> [gun shots being fired] steve: it is currently 4:30 in the afternoon in afghanistan, and we start this hour with a fox news alert. the taliban, as you can hear, shooting off guns and occasional fireworks, celebrating the departure of american troops , from the country of afghanistan. ainsley: we also have a picture of the last soldier boarding a c -17 from kabul's airport. brian: right. peter doocy live at the white house as the president is set to address the nation at some point , usually a half hour or 45 minutes or like yesterday,
5:02 am
over an hour from when they said they're going to speak. reporter: right and on this first day, in almost 20 years that there are no u.s. troops on the ground in afghanistan, what is left behind in kabul is a really tricky diplomatic situation in the weeks and months ahead because officials around here know, millions of afghan citizens are still going to need some sort of international assistance, but to get it to them that is going to mean, in some way, working with the people who are now in charge the taliban. >> when it comes to our economic and development assistance relationship with the taliban, that will be about the taliban's actions. it will be about whether they follow through on their commitments. their commitments to safe passage for americans and afghan allies, their commitment to not allow afghanistan to be a base from which terrorists can attack the united states or any other country. reporter: and this is what it looks like in kabul right now as the state department claims they are going to start working with other international partner
5:03 am
s to help americans, the military left behind, get out. that is something though republicans and even democrats are furious about. >> the big criticism i have, we should have gotten the civilians out sooner. >> it's a disaster for american credibility, and it's a disaster for counterterrorism as we head into the 20th anniversary of 9/11, we're far left safe. reporter: officials are guessing there are between one and 200 americans left on the ground, and the pentagon claims that was unavoidable. >> there's a lot of heartbreak associated with this departure. we did not get everybody out that we wanted to get out but i think if we stayed another 10 days we wouldn't have gotten everybody out, and there still would have been people disappointed with that. reporter: but that just is not the outcome the president promised in his abc interview a few weeks ago. he said if there's americans left, we are going to stay until they all get out, and that
5:04 am
didn't happen. back to you. steve: it did not. peter, you opened your report by talking about what we're leaving behind. the administration must be embarrassed because this morning , after we pulled out, you know, there's video of the taliban reportedly flying one of our blackhawks across the sky, and then you've got video from la and la times reporter that shows the taliban fighters going through a great big hanger looking at all their brand new helicopters. that's embarrassing. reporter: if you talk to officials around here though, they claim that the sophisticated parts of equipment like that blackhawk, like the stuff that gives the u.s. an advantage over every other country that has helicopters like that, has been stripped out, and i know that over the last couple months, they had been weighing what to do with this equipment and they basically had assessed that it was best to leave the afghan national security forces with that equipment as opposed to just asking them to hand it all over while the u.s. was still
5:05 am
there, and then tell them good luck with the taliban. steve: now they spray paint taliban air force on the side, so let's see what happens. pete? thank you very much. ainsley: let's bring in louisiana senator john kennedy. good morning to you, senator. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning, you heard peter talking about the equipment that's left over there. u.s. weapons that were sent to afghanistan forces, here are the numbers, 33 blackhawk helicopters, 169 armored personnel carriers, 22, 174 armed humvees and 358, 530 rifle s. the biden administration says it's best to leave it all over there? what do you say? >> i say, ainsley, that what we have witnessed, and i mean, by we, i mean our world, is stunning in competence. breath taking incompetence. the mona lisa of incompetence.
5:06 am
now there are good arguments to withdraw. there are good arguments to keep a limited force, air cover in afghanistan but there are no good arguments for what the world has watched. i don't know who president biden had in charge of this thing. it looks like he put gavin newsom in charge of it. we have been, i've talked to three foreign leaders over the past week. they are all pro-american, they are nato allies, they are humiliated. they are angry, and they are scared. they don't understand how we could have this stuff so badly and they hear all this talk from the white house, talking about well, we have to pivot immediately to if we in america,
5:07 am
president biden is going to have to spend an enormous amount of time talking to our allies in the world, telling them what happened. we left behind the equipment, weapons, we gave them to the enemy, and the white house says our friends, we need to get out and well we got out all but 200. right. and i hope that i'm wrong, but the people we left behind, the taliban, they are going to gut these people like a fish. they are going to kill them and hurt them the entire time they are there and this didn't have to happen. brian: senator kennedy, i know we want to talk about what's happening in louisiana that's your focus and why the signal is breaking up a little bit, but just in terms of this. people said well, john f. kennedy got over the bay of pigs ronald regan got over the beirut bombing that killed hundreds. bill clinton got over blackhawk down. should joe biden just, is this
5:08 am
just a news cycle away from america getting over this? >> this is a tatoo on president biden and a tatoo on america, and we're going to have to explain to the world and the president needs to explain to the american people how he's screwed this up so badly. steve: yeah, you know, there are 90 retired generals and admirals calling for the defense secretary and general milley to resign and they say that if they did say to joe biden, you know, we object to this , and he went through with it and they facilitated it, they should resign, you know, just out of principle. what do you think should happen to those two? >> well i don't know whose responsible. we'll find out and there will be time for that.
5:09 am
in the meantime, we need to try to fix as much as we can, and i don't believe we have all americans out. i know we don't have all of our allies out, and the white house needs to grow some oranges and get tougher with the taliban and tell them, look, we're going to get our people out. i mean, that's my biggest concern. yeah, the equipment is important and the aftermath, that's all-important, but we got to get our people out when you surrounder like this , you don't leave your people behind, and we did. and i hope the taliban has had an epiphany all of a sudden, you know, i don't believe it and i'm afraid they are going to kill these people and hurt them the entire time they're dying. brian: yeah, just a last thing,
5:10 am
president biden said for now, i'll report that with the unanimous recommendation with the joint chiefs of staff and all our commanders on the ground to end our airlift mission as planned so he's taking down everybody with him. don't blame me, i went to the military experts. at some point without showing in subordination they got to put up their hand and say that is not the case and if it is the case, they don't belong in that position. >> look, mr. president, you know, i didn't vote for you, but you're my president. this is untenable. just stop it. you've humiliated america, and we need to try to stop the bleeding, get our people out , this arbitrary deadline of
5:11 am
august 31 and then we need to go out and rebuild our relationship with our allies. brian: good luck. >> and that's all there is to it. this is no time to bubble wrap it. ainsley: senator your governor is warning the ida death toll will go up considerably. so many are trapped in their homes we're hearing stories of people being trapped in their attics. electricity is out. could be out for a month at least in the new orleans area. what is your message to the people? how can we get that electricity on quicker? do we need to pull in resources from other states? >> well, we do and they're coming, but we took it, except for new orleans this is worse than katrina. becky and i evacuated, we evacuated in the direction and we never experienced 120-mile an hour wind it's hard to describe, but we are in search
5:12 am
and rescue right now trying to save lives. the most important things in life are not things. we got some, and it sounds like little things but it's important you have to have cell service. thank you, verizon, for getting the cell service back. i'm not going to say anything about at&t. my momma told me not to say bad stuff too much, so after that we're going to worry about the property, the devastation is pretty bad. i mean, look, people tell me all the time oh, you know, louisiana is used to this. you've been through hurricanes, and we have, to some extent it's like riding a bike, but every time it's like riding a bike and the bike is on fire and you're in hell, but we're going to get through it. i'm not going to kid you, my people are tired. steve: we can understand because this has been a terrible storm, and it looks like, you know, your cell service is a little in
5:13 am
and out, but it looks like the lights are out in the house you're at. >> they are. i mean, we took it, if you can see my backyard, you know, it'll trigger your gag reflex, but we were right in the middle of it and this is going to be, the electricity is going to be out for a while. all the amenities, but right now , we're worried about loss of life. st. charles and st. john counties, we don't know if they're dead or alive and this was a tough one. and down there we got 150-mile an hour winds. this was a water event but also a wind event. steve: yeah, and why it's at the search and rescue level right now. senator thank you very much for joining us. our best to all of you folks down there as you try to get back to normal and it's going to take a couple of weeks.
5:14 am
>> i'm sorry about the cell connection. call at&t for me. ainsley: [laughter] brian: you thank verizon i can't call at&t. thanks senator kennedy. thank you. ainsley: thanks senator. jillian has headlines. jillian: that's right good morning and let's go ahead and gibbs with this story a los angeles county deputy is shot in the line of duty. officials say they were responding to a robbery call when they came under fire. the deputy was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. in florida three police officers and a canine are hurt in a police-involved shooting. the scene playing out in broward county, overnight. the injured officer and canine are expected to be okay. one suspect died while a second is in custody. >> a lifeguard is dead and seven others are hurt after lightning strikes a beach in new jersey. this happening monday in berkeley township about 60 miles south of new york city. three other lifeguards are among those recovering. township officials say its beaches will be closed through thursday. >> thousands of people are
5:15 am
racing to escape south lake tahoe as a raging california wildfire closes in on the popular tourist destination. 22000 people have been ordered to evacuate as triple digit temperatures fuel the fire. it is only 15% contained and has burned an area larger than the city of chicago. >> and waiting in long lines to see u.s. open in new york city. officials are mandating public events require proof of covid-19 vaccination from everyone over 12. the screening process causing lengthy delays, the tournament began at 11:30 but by 2:00 p.m. thousands of fans were still waiting to get in. yikes. that does not look fun. steve: a lot of the people who are tickets missed their matches because they were standing in line. ainsley: i have friends that went. it was a nightmare. i mean some of those pictures the pictures i saw were shoulder -to-shoulder for it looked like a mile. jillian: terrible. steve: thank you, jillian.
5:16 am
ainsley: more on our top two stories two improvement kellyanneed in a highway collapse as ida's dangerous winds blast mississippi, the governor gives us the latest on the relief efforts this morning brian: as president biden breaks his promise not to leave americans behind, congressman darryl darrel issa is working day and night to bring constituents home including one pregnant u.s. citizen who says she been blocked by the taliban. aaaand welcome back to guess the price. sal. what do you do? oh, i'm a retired postal worker. fantastic. are you ready to play? oh, heck yeah. ok johnny, tell him about eargo. these top of the line hearing aids from eargo are straight out of the future. they're rechargeable and virtually invisible in your ears
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join for free on the xfinity app and watch all the rewards float in. our thanks. your rewards. >> i think it's irresponsible to say americans are stranded they are not. >> the white house's official position on what's happening. >> i'm calling you out for saying we are stranding americans in afghanistan. >> we believe there are still a
5:21 am
small number of americans under 200 likely closer to 100 who remain in afghanistan and want to leave. >> americans need to understand we're going to try to get it done before august 31. >> but if we don't the troops will stay. >> if we don't we'll determine at the time whose left. ainsley: the biden administration breaking those promises, to not leave americans behind, as the last u.s. troops officially depart from afghanistan, but our next guest is not giving up on his fight to bring trapped citizens back to america, including a pregnant woman that's trying to escape with her husband and her father. she claims the taliban is blocking her and even kicked her in the stomach. gop congressman darrel issa joins us now with the latest. good morning to you, congressman >> good morning, ainsley and thanks for bringing out the challenge we're facing. she was kicked in the stomach but kicked in the stomach while after as she got through the first checkpoint where she remained for hours, waiting for those people at the south point to supposedly come out and
5:22 am
get her. it wasn't until it was clear they had closed they weren't taking anyone else for quite a while, that finally, she accepted that she was going to have to go back and hide in her apartment. this was multiple trips. we also have an elderly couple there, we're talking elderly like in their 80's that same thing. repeatedly went to the gate, waited at the gate with their blue passports, and did not get in, so anyone that says that they didn't break a promise to the american people and leave people behind is wrong. anyone who says that there aren't people stranded is wrong. these people were stranded, they did everything they were supposed to do and they simply were not a priority at the end. ainsley: when was the last time that you talked to nostria, the pregnant u.s. citizen and what did she say? >> well three hours ago and we were working with her on a possible alternative with a third party group. the offer was not particularly inviting and it was extremely
5:23 am
dangerous so for the time being, we've agreed that she's going to stay sheltered in place, hiding her identity and hoping that her friends will continue to bring her food and keep her secret until frankly we can come up with something new. we know her exact location, but literally, are afraid to even have a conversation it until we know where and when somebody could meet her. ainsley: why is that? are you worried someone is listening to the calls? >> absolutely the russians have already come in, as have the chinese. once you control a phone system, the ability to find out where every cell is and who owns it, they have that data now, so anyone who wants to remain unknown has to switch phones, turn them off, use all the techniques that you would use if you were in survival, escape, and evasion. for these americans, because we
5:24 am
don't know what the intention of this terrorist group, remember the president made an agreement and kept an agreement with the terrorist group that was responsible for harboring those who bombed us on 9/11, and then didn't keep his promise to the american people. the embassy has moved to qatar, so there is no longer any diplomatic mission in kabul, so the idea that either military or diplomatic is going to work is hoping that a terrorist group still in its relations with other terrorist groups somehow is going to help us get americans out. ainsley: congressman please don't stop fighting thank you for all the hard work you're doing to bring americans home and keep us updated on her story and the elderly couple too. sure will. ainsley: god bless you, thank you. 20-year-old marine corps lance corporal riley mccollum was on his first deployment when killed in kabul leaving behind many loved ones including his wife expecting their first child in just a few weeks.
5:25 am
his family pays tribute to the fallen hero, next. [relaxed summer themed music playing] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime.
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5:29 am
that inmate now charged with attempted murder. the correction officer's association is holding new york city mayor bill deblasio accountable for the dangerous conditions while crime surges in the city. the mayor has supported several measures to cut funding from law enforcement. deblasio is blaming criminal court saying felony convictions have fallen to a fraction of where they once were. >> senator bernie sanders is throwing his support behind california governor gavin newsom in the recall election. >> the september 14 recall of governor newsom is a bold face republican power grab, don't let it happen. jillian: voters should turn out for newsom to fight climate change, guarantee universal healthcare and pass immigration reform. >> former nfl quarterback facing criticism over a video of him shoving a high school football player. the head coach at a nashville school is seen grabbing the player and screaming at him after the player reportedly spoke back to him.
5:30 am
the former super bowl champion has apologized saying he unfairly signaled out the team and admitted he should have been a better leader. that is a look at your headlines brian i'll send it to you. brian: wow okay we'll talk about that later but now remembering our fallen heros 20- year-old marine corps lance corporal riley mccollum was on his first deployment when killed in kabul last week. riley knew he wanted to be a marine since he could walk carrying around his rifle in his diapers and he got married earlier this year and leaves behind his wife gianna, whose pregnant and due to give birth to his first child in just three weeks here to honor riley's memory is his dad, jim, along with his sisters. guys, so sorry for what has happened. appreciate you talking. american people care so much, especially about those who serve and i want to talk first about riley. what was he like? start, if you would, and then
5:31 am
cheyenne and jim. >> riley was the funniest kid you ever met. he just had such a great sensor humor and was always cracking jokes and making everyone around him laugh. he was just loved so much and made everyone else just love. >> yeah, he was the light in evidence's life when they needed it. he was a gold hearted kid. he very much put everybody else before himself. he even, people he didn't know well. if they had a hard day, he was the one beside them and wanted to make things better. >> yeah, what they said. he had a heart of gold, good kid , always wanted to stand on the side of right. he wanted to do the right thing no matter what. he always was seeking justice for those that he thought weren't getting it. good kid. proud of him. brian: jim where did the passion for the marines come
5:32 am
from? >> i wanted to be a marine but medically i was disqualified and it was just something we talked about as he grew up over the years, and it just kind of evolved and developed and he wanted to do something to make me proud. he didn't know how proud of him i was, and it just kind of, it evolved from there, and on his 18th birthday, he joined. he enlisted, and to make me proud and it was a passion that he had. he wanted to do something bigger than himself. brian: wow, man, he grew up quick. marries gianna, a child on the way. what was his reaction when he heard about his deployment, do you know? >> he wasn't scared at all. i think he was ready. i don't want to say he was excited but we knew it was coming and when we got the official word he was supposed to deploy in october and then that was postponed and
5:33 am
pushed to the april deployment when he actually left, so he had the time to prepare and get ready and spend the time with his wife and i think he was ready to go. he knew what he was getting into and that's what he signed in for , and he was ready-to-serve his country. >> he was getting deployed to jordan originally so he was there and not in afghanistan, so tension wasn't high, it was supposed to be a pretty easy deployment in jordan and yeah, it wasn't super stressful message for any of us at that time. brian: when all this 13 came back to and there's 18 struggling for their lives now in germany, the whole world stopped and was transfixed even though it was a weekend afternoon, to watch. i couldn't imagine what it was like for you, jim. afterwards or before, i'm sorry for not knowing. i know you met with the president. what was that like?
5:34 am
>> i actually declined the meeting with the president. we went to a different room. when he came, we went to a separate room. i had no desire to meet with the president. brian: why? >> the way he has handled this , everything he's done, every step along the way has been absolutely backwards and i don't understand the process of how they came to the decision that they made. a high school kid can make better decisions than they made in this. they fumbled the ball every step of the way. >> roice and my dad chose to leave the room. i chose to stay with my brother 's wife. she wanted the chance to look him in the eye and see if it was going to be a sincere
5:35 am
conversation or apology and i was able to stand about 15 seconds of his fake, scripted apology and i had to walk away. brian: i heard he talked about his son, and he talked about the service. what made you feel like it was fake? >> he would not look us in the eye. there was not an ounce of sympathy looking at his face. it was, he tapped her on the knee and said i know what you're going through, i lost my son. >> it was more about his son. my son wasn't mentioned. it was his son and about him and nothing to do with the 13. >> he actually, i forgot what i was going to say. he stayed with rylee's wife after i walked away for maybe a
5:36 am
minute more and he talked to every other family for about 10 minutes if not more, and he got maybe three talks. brian: how is gianna do doing, jim? >> the girl is so strong. obviously she's heartbroken. she's confused, she's devastated , she's trying to process this. again, i love that girl so much and i could not be more proud of her and how she has handled this at such a young age. she is a rock. she is going to be a wonderful mother. she loved rylee so much. she's doing well. she's back at camp pendleton, we're going to give her some time and let her have the baby, let her get settled a little bit and then we will have a celebration of life for rylee somewhere down the road: we miss her, as soon as we had to leave her yesterday, there's a hole in our heart, wanting to be
5:37 am
with her. we're missing my son all over again by not being able to be with her. she is the piece that brings us altogether now. brian: you guys got real close real quick. is there anything, any of you need, cheyenne is there anything people watching right now you got millions of people watching. the minute this happened we don't think about numbers we don't think about uniforms we think about people and families. anything roice do you guys need the people at home could help you with? >> the out pore of just love from complete strangers and the help that we've received from the community has been amazing. i couldn't have asked for more, i was blown away just by the number of people that have reached out even just to say, you know, we're so sorry for your loss, all the way to your brother's the reason i didn't quit boot camp and i'm so glad that i had the chance to meet him. so yeah, its been amazing.
5:38 am
the stories that we get from people that knew him, pictures and videos that's just kind of keeping him alive and showing us parts of him that we hadn't seen before and we love it. brian: and cheyenne, 122000 people did get out that has a lot to do with your brother. there's a gofundme page to support the education upbringing of rylee's future child visit right now to donate. guys can't thank you enough for sharing your story because we need to know about him. now we know more than just the name. we know about his future, we know the type of man he was, and the type of dad he was going to be, and that kid is lucky to have a support system like you guys around and please give our best to gianna. >> absolutely, thank you so much. brian: all right i hope to see you again soon. marine corps lance corporal rylee mccollum was 20 years old he made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, may he rest in peace.
5:39 am
at this stage in my life to be able to be here as a part of newday usa, everything that we do is centered around how can we help that veteran? how can we help that veteran family? we'll help anyone we possibly can. we'll get them in that home. we'll help them do a refi. we'll help them to get cash out of their home. whatever it is that's going to help that individual. and if it's not going to help them, we don't do it. (man) my ex is dating a pisces. so i'm like, 'screw it. let's talk manifesting. let's talk chakras. let's talk self healing my way through the 12th house. (woman in van) set your intentions. (man sitting) crystals up. (woman) full moon bath ritual. cleanse and find your magic. ♪let it go (huh, huh)♪ ♪let it go (word, word, 88)♪ ♪let it go (let it go)♪
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steve: all right, back now, as officials fear the death toll from the storm named ida will rise as search and rescue crews mobilize across louisiana and now mississippi. this , after a highway gave way in mississippi overnight, killing two and injuring 10. fox weather meteorologist rather multimedia journalist will nunle y is at the scene and joining us live. will? >> steve all this unfolded on a largely rural stretch of highway in the middle of the night and in the pouring rain troopers say and this is what's left take a lack at this incredible section of hedonic way that was washed away, quickly, by this storm, we have some video to show you of the scene overnight. officials were here on the scene starting at about 10:00 last night working as frantically as best they could, volunteers, mainly, working to rescue their neighbors out of this stretch of highway. we're told that a crane actually
5:44 am
had to be brought into help bring some of the vehicles up to street level. emergency managers characterize this as multiple head-on collisions. there were seven vehicles involved and they characterize this as multiple head-on collections at about 55-60 miles per hour again resulting unfortunately in two fatalities, 10 additional injuries with three critical. the emergency managers here on the scene telling me this morning this is the worst accident scene they've ever worked, steve? steve: just terrible will, thank you very much. where is the storm right now? in mississippi, and heading, actually, across an area that will impact how many million americans? >> 30 million, this is the second part of it obviously it made landfall, we're starting to get those images in today. the area of low pressure is across mississippi, still the tail end of this , moving through portions of mississippi, alabama, georgia, the wind gusts of course when we had landfall over 170 miles per hour, this is one of the worst storms to hit
5:45 am
this region, obviously, within the last at least 20 years, and the rainfall totals over a foot of rain including, you know, portions of mississippi or close to a foot in mississippi, and then the potential for heavy rain as we get into the mid south, the mid-atlantic and the northeast and this is going to be a huge concern, because as we mentioned over 30 million people in these watches and warnings over the next day or so, we're going to see on order of four to six, even eight inches of rainfall and this is, you know, this is just an area of low pressure and a frontal zone, so this is very concerning this area here. we're not done with it and we'll certainly keep you up-to-date throughout the next couple of days not going to say bye to this storm until friday or saturday steve, back to you. steve: thanks, j. d. as ida moves through mississippi , let's now check in on the states latest efforts as they face damaging winds and threatening floodwaters. the governor of the great state of mississippi, tate reeves joins us right now.
5:46 am
governor, good morning. >> good morning. steve: well we just saw janice's map and it looks like spots in your state wound up with about a foot of rain. i know as the storm moves through you need to go and figure out how much damage has happened, but with that much rain you could have a lot of flooding. >> well, there's no doubt about that. you know the challenge with hurricane ida, which actually made landfall in south louisiana , is, it's such a big storm, and so the eye of the storm actually entered mississippi and far southwest mississippi and the footage that you just showed where we had the wash-out of the road overnight is well over 100 miles from where the eye of the storm actually entered mississippi, and so it's a big storm. it's carrying a lot of wind but also carrying a ton of rain and what that rain does is it gets in the ground and it saturates the ground and you have trees falling over, trees falling on homes, trees falling on power lines and then sadly, trees falling across roadways as well, and so we're trying to make sure
5:47 am
everybody as they get back to moving back to work today, to please be very careful, be cautious as you move the roadway s, because it is some dangerous conditions. steve: absolutely and i know that the federal government approved funds in advance of the storms so the money is waiting which is good, but unfortunately, with so many spots out of electricity, i've been reading that that means a lot of gas stations don't have the electricity to pump the gas, and in some spots, down that have been impacted by ida, people can't get gas, and are running out of it. >> well this is a federally declared disaster, in mississippi the president approved all 82 counties that's extremely unusual in a situation like this and just it speaks to the severity of the storm and speaks to the size of this particular storm. in our state, we had in our peak yesterday 136,000 homes and
5:48 am
businesses that were not able to receive power. that number, as of 6:00 a.m. this morning is down to 59,000 these linemen have been out overnight working to get power restored. with respect to gas, we had a report late yesterday, both the chevron refinery as well as their facility in collins, mississippi, are back functional, they are back operational. the winds have died down, that allowed the trucks to get back on the road because they can't run, obviously when winds are at a certain level, 35-40 miles an hour it shuts those trucks down off the highways but now because the winds have died down they are back running, and so we should be getting fuel back in those tanks overnight, if not early this morning. steve: yeah, of course governor mississippi is in a unique geographic location, the storm came in across louisiana and a lot of people were told because of the low lying areas get out. when you're inland, people are
5:49 am
less likely to evacuate because it's like it's going to slow down, and it always does, but then you've got this problem and so when the rescuers get the phone call, hey, i'm stuck in the attic, i need help, it's like we can't come get you until things are safe. >> well that's right. we can't put our emergency first responders in harms way, although i will tell you in our state and really throughout the region, we have the best first responders i've ever seen in my life. they will put their own life on the line to go out and help their neighbors and we've seen it time and again. we have multiple water rescues in mississippi, and what i'll tell you is because the storm did impact south louisiana, the eye of the storm certainly impacted south louisiana and many of our guys and men and women here in mississippi are asking to be released so they can go help and louisiana and we'll certainly look at that as we move throughout today. steve: that's great helping your
5:50 am
neighbors when they need it. governor thank you very much for joining us. >> thanks for having me on. steve: straight ahead, we are honoring the 13 service members who made the ultimate sacrifice defending our freedom. two soldiers from the army join us live with an emotional performance of "amazing grace" coming up next. and bill and dana, you're not going to want to miss it. dana: we'll watch it and sit here for it. bill: we just wrapped up an interview with admiral john kirby from the pentagon, a lot of questions you have at home we put those to the pentagon a moment ago. dana: also talk to andy card the chief of staff to the white house to the president george w. bourbon 9/11. bill: also one of the fathers of the fallen marines met with the president over the weekend and has not held back and had some very tough things to say. dana: we'll have an update for you on the effort to save our friend carl. bill: see you then, top of the hour.
5:51 am
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and watch all the rewards float in. our thanks. your rewards. brian: this morning we honor the lives of the 13 brave men and woman who made the ultimate sacrifice in afghanistan last week. steve: our next guests are here to pay tribute, showing that although they're gone, they are not forgotten. ainsley: army sergeant christian
5:55 am
brayley and staff sergeant andronica spouse join us with a special performance of "amazing grace." good morning how are you all doing? >> we're doing fine and you? ainsley: we're doing well thank you so much for coming on. i know that we're all remembering these 13 that paid the ultimate sacrifice, and christian, i know it looked like you were in the army barracks this video went viral and you break out into song, and you start singing "amazing grace" and some of the other soldiers join in. tell us about that day. >> brian: the picture just froze. usually, we can get them right back, because of technology, we're dealing with that on face time, satellites. steve: yeah, there's a broadband issue right now. should we take a quick time out? producers? should we take a quick time out? brian: this is one of those
5:56 am
times oftentimes when people, who lose their lives in battle you don't hear from the families. these families have been out and about and willing tariff talk about their frustration, their loss, and the types of lives they all live. ainsley: they were so young. they ranged from 20 years old to 31 years old, and five of them were only 20 years old which means they were babies when 9/11 occurred. brian: first deployment steve: if we could put up the images again and the names of them ryan knauss, jared schmitz, daeg an page. ainsley: nicole gee johanny pichardo, dar ren hoover. hoover., rylee mccollum maxton s 'soviak, hunter lopez and dylan merola, and they all have stories wie keep hearing from the parents and they all say
5:57 am
they wanted to be a soldier, when they were one years old, two years old, the family you interviewed, brian that was riley mccollum's family and they said he would carry a rifle in his diaper. brian: and this family in particular was not pleased with the president when they were meeting one on one before, when it was about generic statements according to some, and they really wanted to say you should know who my kid is. overall, in afghanistan, 2,461 have lost their lives, over the last 20 years, and thousands , tens of thousands of moreover 20,000 have been wounded and some with invisible wounds along the way because we're marking that day because yesterday was the first day in which we had no american soldiers or airmen or marines on the ground in afghanistan since 2001. steve: well, and this morning, so many times, we have just heard 13.
5:58 am
this morning, we had called in the sergeant to sing the song and oops we're having technical problems but rather just saying the number 13 we want to give them names and show pictures because we do not see their faces enough, and these are such great american heros who lost their lives doing something that they dedicated their lives to and that is trying to open the door for other people they had never met before, to have a life of freedom, as they stood guard at that gate at the airport. ainsley: so many people did get out because of their bravery we hear the stories about what the taliban does to women, and so many women now will have the opportunity to be raised in a civilization where they can go to school, where they can choose what church they want to go to, they can say whatever they want, they can be what they want, they can go to school. brian: and also it came to mind ainsley is that over the last 20 years, we really improved the lives of many of those people. yeah, there were civilians that
5:59 am
died and 69,000 afghans lost their lives fighting for freedom and liberty i get it and for their former government whatever it is but along the way people had a chance and women had a chance to learn a skill, and go to college, and go to school, period. ainsley: and walk in the street without a chaparone. brian: be able to drive, understand and you had internet maybe for the first time. they left the 7th century and went to the 21st century. not enough. there were misstep missteps, i get it but there's tens of thousands of people who said, i want what the americans showed i could become, and tens of thousands risked their lives to go to the airport and now tens of thousands go to the border and the taliban who come back are so unwelcomed by those people, people are willing to sacrifice their kids over the wall into the airport, handing them to a military man or woman in a military uniform just to give them a better life than they were about to experience under that brutal regime.
6:00 am
steve: as we come up on the 20th anniversary marking september 11 , how many of those people who gave their lives were just had just barely been born, and it would come years later, you know what i want to dedicate myself to freedom and to america and they did, and they are heros and that's why we remember them today. brian: bill and dana rohrabacher next.


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