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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 1, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> greg: we are out of time. thank you! our studio audience! "fox news @ night" with evil shannon bream is next. and she's on our show tomorrow! i'm greg gutfeld, i love you america! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream tonight in new york. ♪ ♪ breaking tonight, and anonymous white house official speaking out lasting president biden for stranding americans in afghanistan. of the current it administration official telling political tonight "i am absolutely appalled and literally horrified we left americans there," adding that we have failed that mission
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as a second official added that the mission isn't accomplished if americans are left behind. the top military officer says it is possible the u.s. will cooperate with the taliban when taking on other gnomic terrorist groups like isis-k as a national security visor struggles to define a relationship with the group that helped facilitate the september 11th attack. >> coordination against isis-k. >> it's possible. >> what is the taliban? are they now our frenemy? are they are adversary? what are they? >> it's hard to put a label on it in part because we have yet to see what they are going to be now that they are in control, physical control of afghanistan. >> shannon: thought admission as the new reality on the ground is kabul is fierce. the declarations of victory continue as the taliban parade american grade weapons through the street and long lines formant bands many try to withdraw their savings buried at present by and sticking to the script in his oval office
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meeting with ukrainian president refusing to enter shouted questions from the press corps. >> president biden: thank you, we have much to talk about. you all very much. >> [indiscernible]. >> [overlapping shouting] >> shannon: tonight, questions remain about how americans who remain in afghanistan will be able to get out. trace gallagher reports tonight on those who are still left behind. good evening, trace. >> shannon, good evening. when it came to get people out of afghanistan the state department of knowledge is the kabul airport was designed to be difficult to access, not expect munication's on the ground to be so challenging, and they had many problems trying to relay information to certain priority groups. a senior state department official tells fox news, quoting "we are haunted by choices we had to make and the people we
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were on able to help." that includes afghans applying for sivs, or special immigrant visas. one official said, according again "i don't have an estimate for you on the number of sivs and family members who are still there but i would say it's the majority of them." president biden also promised to evacuate u.s.-sponsored journalists. these are afghans who work for u.s.-funded news organizations and have been targets of the taliban because they help americans. it turns out hundreds of them were also left behind. today, white house press secretary jen psaki appeared to indicate the journalists had opportunities to flee. >> secretary psaki: estate apartment would blast notifications through a variety of channels to american citizens telling them to meet at a specific location from which we would either bust them into the airport in convoys or escrow people on foot. >> it's unclear of our afghan allies got these notifications and the state department has already said communication on the ground was challenging.
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now democratic senator ben cardin says, quoting "it is disheartening that so many professional journalists employed by american-funded news organizations have not been left behind." and journalist from radio free europe and radio liberty did not make it through the airport gates. finally, an update on those 27 students from sacramento we told you about last night who were stranded in afghanistan. now their school district says it believes some of the students and their families are in transit out of afghanistan, but it's hard to get a number because they have not been able to reach many of them. the school district and a number of congressional representatives are now working to coordinate information. shannon grade >> shannon: trace gallagher, thank you very much. in the wake of the u.s. withdrawal of afghanistan, there is still an unknown number of americans to get out along with thousands of afghans who assisted u.s. forces and thought they were going to be released as well. now the task of resettling more
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than 100,000 refugees who have already made it out. corresponded lauren green has that story tonight. good evening, lauren. >> good evening, shannon. u.s. forces have officially pulled out of afghanistan but the work of evacuating people is not over as the situation no demands upping the ante on diplomacy. >> top priority to continue to evacuate any american citizen who wishes to leave afghanistan. >> the state to permit has its hands full, it must work with accurate and estimated 100 to 200 americans and thousands of allies still afghanistan, now controlled by the taliban. >> these efforts did not end on august 31st and they will not end until we have secured the evacuation of any american citizens and lprs and folks who worked with us and serve the american people who want to get out. >> but now the thousands of refugees who did make it out
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need to be resettled, adding to the pressure the european union is not exactly throwing out the welcome mat. germany's interior minister warned against quotas while e.u. ministers in a joint statement stressed avoiding the recurrence of large-scale illegal immigration resulting in new security threats for its citizens. the u.s. has evacuated more than 123,000 people since mid-august, including 6,000 americans in more than 73,000 afghans print civilians from other countries. right now evacuees arriving in the u.s. are being brought to various airbases, including virginia, texas, wisconsin, and new jersey. another probable site, new york's jfk international airport as homeland security and state officials work to transform one of its hangers into a processing site. no where and how many refugees will come here, but the mayor said the city of lady liberty will welcome them. >> we are city of immigrants and we are a city of refugees, of course we will provide a welcome to those who need our support.
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>> secretary state antony blinken conceded it begins in a chapter. the military mission is over. a new diplomatic mission must begin. shannon. >> shannon: lauren, thank you. the federal government has reported the been unable to contact thousands of migrant children released from its custody, meaning essentially one in three calls made to those kids or their sponsors between january and may went unanswered. that's according to information obtained by axios via my freedom of information act request buried at the information also shows 32,000 and have been released into the u.s. from hhs shelters where the government placed fewer than 15,000 follow-up calls. mark wayne mullen is on his way home tonight following reports he tried to get into afghanistan in an effort to extricate americans left stranded by the u.s. withdrawal. quoting from his early instagram post, "i'm a great americans, many more veterans and many were not, are stepping up to keep our
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promise, we will never leave an american behind." let's talk about the road rescue mission at the current reality on the ground in afghanistan with former obama state to permit official david to tear and former cia chief of station fox news contributor daniel hoffman. welcome back to both of you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> shannon: i want to play a little bit of something from the joint chiefs, chairman, general milley, today about how we are going to deal with certain groups, and will we. >> as far as our dealings with them at that airfield or in the past year or so, in war, you do what you must in order to reduce the risk of force. >> any ordination with them against isis-k? >> as possible. >> shannon: daniel, you know the realities of this probably better than most. how does it work? is at the enemy of my enemy is my friend, do we work with terror groups if there's an even worse terror group or threat we are trying to avoid -- how does
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this play out? >> welcome i think that's the big question we are asking the biden administration. you know, there's a couple of really critical issues right now for the united states and our national security. first and foremost is getting are american citizens out of harm's way, those who are still in afghanistan. the biden administration really hasn't indicated what is their plan to do that. secondly, afghanistan is morphing before our eyes into a terrorist state, i think they're only going to grow into that ungoverned space that the taliban allows them. what is the biden administration's plan to deal with that? over the horizon and otherwise sweet-sounding phrase without really any clear indication of how we get the job done. afghanistan's terrain is mountainous, we need human sources to detect the threats and preempt them before they are visiting our shores. i really haven't heard a plan for that either, i think it administration is struggling with how they're going to accomplish both of those missions. >> shannon: there has been a lot of attention about the fact that this congressman and others
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have gone over to afghanistan to take a look. the congressman we are told is headed home. there are a lot of allegations and reports about where he was, what he tried to do, what level of success he may or may not have had, but david, it gets back to this thing that there are a number of americans who cannot believe that there were americans left behind, if there were allies by the thousands, maybe tens of thousands, we were told today that the majority of the people who helped as interpreters and others did not get out. i don't think that that, you note -- we should be sending people over there or folks should be taking their own initiative to go over there, being warned by the state department and others, it is absolutely not safe but you can understand the frustration. >> yes, i do. i will give congressman mullen the benefit of the doubt. i assume that there are really some people there that need to be rescued who he is in touch with and he thought somehow he could help. as someone who worked in iraq and works with congressional delegations, members of congress do have a right to come to a place like afghanistan in order
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to do their oversight response bill it is, but when they engage in operational aspects of afghanistan like he was, doing a rescue, it is somewhat problematic because there are better people, more better trained people, who know the terrain better who can do that, but i assume his intentions were good, i hope these -- this family that he was trying to rescue dies get out and i hope he comes back safely, but let's leave it to the experts in the future. >> shannon: we know there are a lot of private groups with private charter jets and raising private money trying to get people out, especially afghan christians and others who know they are absolutely literally in the crosshairs of the taliban. i want to read something that congressman eric swalwell, democrat, tweeted out tonight. he said "august 31st estimate past and what we all fear has finally happened, a tyrannical regime is using its power to control women. at first blush most of think that that is obviously a reference to what is now going to be reality for women there under the taliban in afghanistan, but he uses the hashtag texas taliban talk about
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this texas abortion law that was allowed to come into effect. daniel, do you think people will get the full impact of what actually is going to happen to women and girls in afghanistan and can there be any comparison to the way women are treated here? >> i wish represented swallow and others would leave politics at the waters edge and let's not compare whatever's going on in the united states to the taliban. the taliban is a tyrannical medieval regime and they are going to deny human rights to women and others, minorities, ethnic and religious minorities in afghanistan. we live here in the united states, with got democracy, freedom, and liberty. i think we would do well to separate those two things but for sure drawing attention to the plight of women at others in afghanistan is absolutely worthwhile for its own sake and it does reflect the situation on the ground there. it's a horrific tragedy frankly that we have left behind in afghanistan. >> shannon: you will know the name well, david, tweets this
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out. "you assimilation afghanistan is the role and not the exception and then lists all of the countries where the u.s. has had trouble. iraq, kinston, vietnam and others, he says "use of force is not just illegal, it's suicidal, high time to abandon the fallacy of all options on the table." based on your familiarity and work in that region, what you make of that tweet? >> i think that's an over simple vocation of what we have tried to accomplish. i don't agree with him. sometimes use of force is absolutely necessary. for instance, when we used force against isis in iraq and syria, we actually did a lot of good, ridding them of the territory that they controlled, they enslaved women, they enslaved children, the persecuted religious minorities and it was only because the u.s. used force authorized by obama, continued by president trump, that we were able to fight that medieval islamic terrorist group and if we had not done that, they would have expanded, more people would have flocked to them and they
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would've engaged in more atrocities, and so sometimes use of force is absolutely necessary. >> shannon: all right, david and daniel, thank you both for lending some expertise on that situation tonight in afghanistan. >> thank you, have a good night. >> thank you. >> shannon: welcome of the alleged gunman who shot and killed a student in north carolina is finally in custody at this hour. correspondent kevin corke has got details live from winston-salem. good evening, kevin. >> evening, shannon. a day full of anguish and so many unanswered questions here as the tar heel state once again finds itself in the throes of another school shooting. in fact, the shooting here today in winston-salem was the second such school shooting. the other one happened back on monday over in wilmington, so a very tough time here for this beautiful state and that shooting, a 15-year-old was charged after a student was shot and wounded during a fight on monday. as for today here in winston-salem, a student that police have identified as liam
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davis brainard miller jr. was killed in a shooting at the high school. the student -- shooter who is believed to be a fellow student, has been taken into custody. the shock that setting after the shooting eventually gave way to fear and even resignation that this sad reality has hit especially close to home. >> it's scary to know that -- you see stuff like this in the media and it's scary to know that it's actually reached out and touched you this time. my son is not a victim but he is part of this -- he will probably were member this forever. >> because of the age of the alleged shooter, police are not naming him officially, at least not yet. even as the painful search for answers here continues. >> we experienced something we see on tv across the country, but we have been so fortunate here we have not had to experience that, but today we are facing it head on. >> it's like a punch in your
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stomach. and it takes your breath away. >> the investigation, as you can imagine, continues here in north carolina. we understand that there is expected to be a news conference and around 11:00 local time, we will pass along any details as we get them, but for now back to you. >> shannon: all right, kevin, thank you very much. if ♪ ♪ some breaking news just a few moment ago, the united states up in court has now acted in a case involving this texas abortion law that went into effect today. or rather earlier on wednesday, heading to thursday here on the east coast. but that case is about a law that says after six weeks essentially most abortions in texas will be illegal and it allows private citizens to be the one who are enforcing. they can sue abortion clinic's or others who assist in people getting illegal abortions and then they can actually win money and damages and attorney fees.
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5-4 vote there has been emergency request to the supreme court to put that texas law on hold. by 5-4, the court will allow the texas abortion law to continue, considered the most restrictive by most people in the country. they say they are not get into the underlying merits of the case, there are challenges that are proceeding on the merits but for now 5-4 the court will not step in and block that law, the texas abortion law remains in effect, just moments ago that decision from the courts. the remnants of hurricane ida, torrents of rain every where from the central appellations to new england including major flooding right here in new york city, check it out on the subway system. that has led mayor bill de blasio tonight to declare a state of emergency here. he calls this an historic weather event. almost all the subway lines in the city are suspended tonight. the severe storms also lead into a tornado captured by a storm chaser in new jersey tonight. meanwhile, the devastation is keeping many in louisiana to return from their homes. there are huge numbers without power now spreading here -- they
9:18 pm
don't have portable water gas, the latest tonight, good evening, caroline. >> hi, there, shannon. people here have never been so excited to see a stoplight because that like coming back on means the electricity is coming back here in new orleans three days after hurricane ida crushed this part of the gulf coast. on wednesdays, lines at gas stations stretched for blocks for people desperate for fuel to run generators or get out of town. louisiana governor asked the half-million people who evacuated before the storm to stay away because resources are already stretched too thin. other officials were even more plainspoken. >> i can tell you, we want you to come back but we want you to come back if you are self-sufficient and you can handle yourself. >> temperatures has risen into the danger zone, the heat index in new orleans was over 100 today, so hot the city let people come and sit and parked buses with the air-conditioning blasting, one of the few ways to
9:19 pm
keep cool for those without power. >> no electricity, no water, you know, it's hard to get gas, it's hard to get everything right now, so i am here, we are trying to get whatever we can and try to do whatever we can to survive. >> while the power is coming back on here in new orleans, for others duties in louisiana, it could be out for more than a month. shannon. >> shannon: thank you very much. using helicopters like sheepdogs to guide wild mustangs. we will explain that and the school but prank that would make bart simpson proud. the best viral videos are next. ♪ ♪ doubles dates and great escapes. through all your favorite moments, we keep you smiling with flexible financing on treatments you need - from routine care and dentures, to implants and clear aligners plus convenient appointment times in the evening, weekend or right now. start your treatment today for zero down plus zero interest if paid in full within 18 months and bring on life's happiest moments. call 1-800-aspendental
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: utah's bureau of land management says beautiful wild horses are suffering, some of them even dying because of the regions severe drought so they are using helicopters like
9:25 pm
sheepdogs, guiding the horses. the goal is to get more than 6,000 mustangs like these off public lands and into an adoption program where they will go to good homes. beautiful, stunning footage. a beaver with great taste, jimmy chee was are nice but i'm not sure i like them as much is this little guy does. found in may 2020 and the side of the road and was placed in the care of a wild triumph rehabber, apparently he likes that she was buried by the way, he has since been released. they say they spotted him healthy and happy in the stream nearby. no shoes there. >> i leaned over. i leaned over. >> shannon: what seemed like a normal school board meeting virginia took on comical twist one a few inappropriate names were read in a completely professional manner, the trick, and a modest to the long-running prank on the simpson's were part prank calls most tavern asking to speak with nonexisting
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people. social media loving this one. check out these fluffy tiles from idaho. they love getting pampered, they even wait by the gate when their owners, with the brushes and what's funny is we're told that everyone of them is a favorite spot that they like to be brushed exactly. and finally, the multitalented australian shepard, watch her painted beautiful flower, carefully holding the brush in her mouth, getting different colors, impressive. we got to stick around, maybe see a little bit of the finished product here. pretty cute! if you or your pets have any special talents, we want to see it, hit us up with your videos on social media. good job. ♪ ♪ president biden has declared a state of emergency in the state of california as the caldera fire continues to threaten south lake tahoe tonight. a virtual ghost town following an evacuation order for its 22,000 residents and vacationers. in less than three weeks, the fire has burned more than 320
9:27 pm
square miles, nearly 600 homes. national correspondent william la jeunesse gives us a close-up look tonight. >> oh, yeah. we don't want to go any further. >> high winds, a record drought. the caldor fire turning this california playground intraghost town. >> i promised my kid i would be out of here as soon as i saw any flames anywhere. >> i'm hoping at some point i can just nab that cat be out of her like a shot. >> moving west to east, firefighters struggled to keep it south of the homes and businesses around lake tahoe. >> and getting out, as soon as i secure this area, which is my business, as soon as i secure a time getting out of here. >> tahoe is america's largest alpine lake, pristine waters surrounded by pines, clean mountain air, now a pillow blanketing ash stretching hundreds of miles. >> basically a plane or an ember lands on the dry brush and it ignites. it's not stopping it. >> torching pine needles in an overgrown forest that hasn't burned in decades.
9:28 pm
adding 40-mile-an-hour winds, you get this. >> created what is called an active crown fire run with a fire actually goes from treetop to treetop. when it does that, those ember casts that it throws out are going over a mile in distance. >> containment lines held overnight, giving crews optimism the fire could spare the tahoe basin. >> we are using all of our resources, everything we have at our disposal and coordinating closely with cal fire. >> so winds are expected to improve tonight and tomorrow but big picture, california has a problem. six of the states' seven largest buyers ever burned in the last 12 months and southern california's santa ana-driven fire season is just beginning, which is one reason why every national force in california is closed for the next two weeks buried in south lake tahoe, william la jeunesse, fox news. >> shannon: navy and coast guard rescue crews are still searching for five missing sailors off the coast of southern california tonight
9:29 pm
after a navy helicopter crashed in the pacific ocean near an aircraft carrier tuesday. one sailor was rescued shortly after the incident and is listed in stable condition at a san diego hospital. five other sailors were also injured. ♪ ♪ first up into nights where in the world, mexico's national guard rounding up migrants in a town in southern mexico not too far from the guatemalan border. national guard and national immigration institute breaking up the caravan of about 200 as they took shelter from heavy rain earlier this morning. the group included pregnant women and children. opposition leader alexis navona, the activists and personal doctor. accused in the past of encouraging breaking over 19 restrictions during january protest in the wake of the arrest. the footage of the arrest captured by another ally. flash floods in a coastal town
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in spain following a downpour, the floodwaters sweeping away cars and furniture as the deluge, you can see, roars down the streets they're buried in pakistan, 4-year-old boys the honest person to receive a multigroup bionic prosthetic arm. he lost his limb last year in a grass cutting incident and now he's adjusting to a new normal with the help from the prosthetic company bionics. in argentina, friendly whale playing around with the pattern border. the mid seasonal migration of southern whales near patagonia. wow. san francisco trying to add a new idea to cut down on gun violence. pay people not to shoot each other. next. ♪ ♪
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9:36 pm
backing of the virginia state supreme court. chief washington correspondent mike emanuel has that story for us. good evening, mike. >> shannon, good evening. a legal battle from earlier this summer is heating up as the new academic year is getting started. the virginia supreme court reaffirms the lower court ruling involving physical education teacher tenor cross. he was suspended by the loudoun county, virginia, school board back in june after expressing his religious beliefs at a public forum. cross came out against loudoun county's proposed transgender school policy that would ultimately force teachers and students to refer to students by their preferred pronouns. >> i will call any child by their desired name. i just can't say things that are untrue. >> the reason this was so extreme is that the public -- the school board punished tanner simply for speaking at a public meeting in his private capacity and even he went to work the next day and there were no problems, yet they still suspended him. that's unconstitutional and that shouldn't happen. >> it's expected the loudoun county school board will
9:37 pm
appeal the supreme court decision. the school board tells me it does not comment on pending litigation. virginia falls within the fourth circuit, which is currently assigned to chief justice john roberts. he would likely have to sort out whether cross gets to stay at his job or not as this plays out in court. this comes as 20 states have sued the department of education over there guidance allowing biological males who identify as transgender girls to compete in biological girls sports. shannon. >> shannon: mike emanuel, thank you very much. san francisco is about to begin a unique new program in an effort to stop skyrocketing gun violence in that city. the initiative will pay ten high-risk individuals $300 each every month not to shoot people. okay, that seems like the perfect place to start tonight's lightning round. the event from a thankful to have both of you guys with us to weed through
9:38 pm
some of these topics tonight, welcome. >> thanks. >> thank you very much. >> shannon: let's start with the san francisco idea, the "washington examiner" today and editorial piece there said violent criminals need jail, they do not need cash. people who shoot other people need to be walled off in prisons and kept away from the rest of us, no one deserves to be paid for not shooting people. vivek, what do you make of this plan? they say it's worth -- worked in some other places. >> this is really just a smoke screen for failing to deal with the root causes. if california is a failed state with failed policies on crime, poverty, education. i think the root cause is family formation, family structure that is stable, stable access to education. these are the things that actually matter. on this particular policy though, one thing that bothered me is that for years we've actually talked about stop and frisk as a potentially racist policy when it targets predominantly black communities. at this is a program specifically designed to get aid into black communities.
9:39 pm
that was the purpose, the stated purpose of the program, and if you think is a racist presupposition in targeting black communities with stop and frisk, which in many cases has actually been effective in preventing shootings, but also that racist presupposition in that it hear that you've got to go to black communities and pay people not to be shooters so i have problems with the fact is, as open-minded as i looked to be with the data but i think this is all a smoke screen from preventing us for actually going to the root causes that we need to address, and that's harder work. >> shannon: it is harder work, it's very complex. so jonathan, along with this idea in san francisco that you're not going to shoot people and you're getting paid not to shoot people, the associate oppressed that california is looking into paying drug addicts to staying sober. people earn small incentives or payments for every negative drug test over period of time, most people who compared the treatment without any positive test can earn a few hundred dollars and usually get on the gift card. what you make of these? >> neither of these past the giggle test, right, and which we say no, that can't possibly be
9:40 pm
true, but it is true it it's actually not funny. and let me tell you why. the very basis of communism is a marxist philosophy of class struggle and the way you make classes struggle against each other as you promise free stuff. we are going to take from the rich, in this case from the government, which is our money, and we are going to give it to people who have not earned it, in this case people are getting paid not to shoot people. very similar think that's very close to home right now is here in new york city, people are getting paid to get the vaccine. need to get the vaccine now you get a hundred dollars and you hear the mayor actually talking about this has a very normal thing. it's not normal, it's class struggle. it's the very basis, the foundation for marxist philosophy. not funny at all, but it does
9:41 pm
make it hard not to giggle. >> shannon: it does. we have to double check these and it's not babylon be or something like that when we see these headlines, but both of these cases, these are legit stories. i want to ask about this one as well, and jonathan i will start with you here, because this is about this atheist has been chosen to be the chief of chaplains at harvard. here he is quoted saying this. there is a group of people who no longer identify with any religious tradition but still experience the need for conversation and support on what it means to be a good human and live an ethical life. he says we don't look to god for answers, we are each other's answers. so jonathan, doesn't believe in god, and yet he's now the head of all the chaplains at harvard, what you make of it? >> that's right. the other chaplains at harvard university voted this new chaplain, who is an atheist, humanist, to be the head chaplain. just think of the word for a second, shannon. i chaplain. it comes from chapel, right?
9:42 pm
in italian it's capella -- it's all the same, it comes from a building that is constructed where we can go and worship god and so a chaplain is there to help people understand who god is and to worship god and for someone who says i don't believe god exists, how are they going to actually teach people to worship god? again it goes back to a complete deconstruction of basic common sense in the name of woukism, in the name of inclusivity, whatever was the new adjective. it's all the same thing. it just doesn't make sense. >> shannon: it's a bit of a head-scratcher. i will give you the final word there. >> taken back to my dad harvard, number one god that everyone believed and was himself. that was the model for harvard students. i think one of the ways out of
9:43 pm
the egotistical dilemma is redemption to belief in a higher power in an actual god. all this discussion about inclusion, we had a christian chapel, peter gums, he is now deceased. he was also gay but he brought in the dalai lama to my freshman year, the first time i wanted to harvest chapel was to listen to the dalai lama so it's not a christianity or judaism or a particular religion but you're going to have a space in a liberal arts university for faith, then make it of faith for a place, god. don't put an atheist in charge, i think that's an implicit attack on religion, right now they want to check everything by apologizing for it, ranging from capitalism to religion, here is apologizing for religion by putting atheist and start of the chapel of stealth, i think it's bull hardy. >> shannon: he says people need to have conversations about living a good and -- 20 people to do that with the students who aren't atheists leading faith parts of campus. thank you both for winning income agreed to see you. >> good to see you. >> thanks, shannon.
9:44 pm
>> shannon: can a mom be denied custody of her child because she's not vaccinated? is that legal? we will take a look at one woman's case in illinois next. is a co musical my brother passed away. and a couple of years later, my mother passed away. after taking care of them, i knew that i really wanted to become a nurse. amazon helped me with training and tuition. today, i'm a medical assistant and i'm studying to become a registered nurse. in filipino: you'll always be in my heart.
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: we are getting in just brand-new video is the
9:49 pm
remnants of hurricane ida dumped torrential rains on new york city and its whole area tonight. mayor bill de blasio has declared a state of emergency due to this historic weather event. a lot of video coming in from the subway stations, almost all the subway lines in the big apple now have been suspended, drenching rain, triggering flash floods, high wind, a lot of folks without power. it is a crazy night here in the northeast. ♪ ♪ first up in tonight's real news, britney spears lawyer claims that her father jamie spears is attempting to get $2 million as a condition of stepping down as conservator of her estate. in the new court filing this week returning set britney spears will not be extorted. a judge is expected to rule on whether to drop jamie spears as a conservator as early as september 29th buried congressman alexandria ocasio-cortez slamming president biden's choice of rahm emanuel as ambassador to japan.
9:50 pm
aoc blasting the former chicago mayor and chief of staff to president obama for how he handled the 2014 murder -- each stage should be disqualified from holding the post. missouri congresswoman cori bush agree with that and adding that emmanuel covered up the murder of mcdonald. knowing one's patriots head coach bill belichick is denying that stark order by cam newton was released from the team due to his vaccination status. by the way, citing a high number of positive cases of vaccinated players and others on the team. >> the number of players and coaches and staff members that have been infected by covid in this training camp who have been vaccinated is a pretty high number. >> shannon: cam newton has not confirmed his vaccination status, saying it is too personal to discuss. a judge in illinois has recused himself from a child custody and support case tonight after he initially borrowed a mother from seeing her 11-year-old son because she was not vaccinated.
9:51 pm
so county judge later reversing the order citing widespread media -- is it legal? robert pattillo and criminal defense attorney -- i suspect, gentlemen, you may have a lot more in common then you don't on this case. let's talk about this. you know, robert, is this a situation where you could say parents in any home in america if you are not vaccinated, we are coming to get your kid? >> that's not the case at all. in turn at the cook county -- one thing that was the guiding principle is what is in the best interest of the child, particularly emma custody case when you're trying to decide which parent will have primary custody in which prince will have visitation rights, if the parent was a smoker sometimes they wouldn't get custody. if they were a drink or gum if they, in this case a parent not
9:52 pm
being vaccinated as a threat or not in the best interest of the child, that can be used as the justification for it and i think it gives more reason to take the dash that they're providing a safe environment for the children. i think people on twitter sometimes think is our personal opinions but these are just what the law leads us to. >> shannon: let's see what the mom had to say. she said the judge asking -- she was surprised that this came up, she said i was confused because it was just supposed to be about expenses and child support asked him what had to do at the hearing it is that i am the judge and i make the decisions for your case. what about that? brian, the question is for you. >> yeah, sorry about that. there's really two issues here, can a judge in chicago or any court in the united states consider whether a parent is vaccinated in determining child custody rights? that's the first legal issue,
9:53 pm
let's focus on that and i think the answer to that is yes. the reason why, partly what robert said is the public safety or the safety of the child. what is in the best interest of the child, shannon and judges are making those decisions. especially when you have an 11-year-old. 11 roles can't talk about what he or she wants on the stand, they are not mature enough. also, the impact of covid on kids has been dramatic. since i think april of last year, nearly 5 million kids have come down with covid, so there clearly is a public safety risk to kids and i believe that the judge can factor that in. but the second issue, quickly, is did the judge make the right decision here and i think his initial decision, he should have looked at more of the facts. invoke some preventative measures, maybe have the whiteware mask -- i'm sorry, the mom where the mask.
9:54 pm
social distance, have the mom, for example, test every week for covid-19 before she can see her child. so i think [indiscernible] before -- >> shannon: are we going to do that to every parent in this country who is not vaccinated? because that's what this goes down to. there were millions of kids i'm sure in homes across the united states where one or both of the parents are vaccinated so i don't know where we draw the line on this but let me throw this out there as we go. she said, the mother, i had adverse reactions to vaccines in the past and have been advised not to get vaccinated by my doctor because it opposes -- it poses a risk to me so we will leave it there but we are going to follow the case because i think there will be developments soon on this one. robert you for spending have -- happy birthday, thank you for spending part of it with us. thank you both. finally, a retired flight attendant is on a mission to honor flight crews killed on september 11th. paul is pushing this airline beverage cart all the way from logan airport in boston to ground zero in new york city. the mission is called polly's push with the intention of
9:55 pm
commemorating the courage of the attack. he lost colleagues and said he could have been working that flight with them out of boston. he is currently making his way across connecticut, the goal of getting to ground zero on the 20th anniversary of the attacks, always good to remember the many heroes who stepped up that day. of paul, thank you for what you're doing. good night from new york, i'm shannon bream, see you back here tomorrow. to ask yourself... 'are my bones strong?' life is full of make or break moments. that's why it's so important to help reduce your risk of fracture with prolia®. only prolia® is proven to help strengthen and protect bones from fracture with 1 shot every 6 months. do not take prolia® if you have low blood calcium, are pregnant, are allergic to it, or take xgeva®. serious allergic reactions like low blood pressure, trouble breathing, throat tightness, face, lip, or tongue swelling, rash, itching, or hives have happened. tell your doctor about dental problems, as severe jaw bone problems may happen, or new or unusual pain in your hip, groin, or thigh, as unusual thigh bone fractures have occurred.
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♪ ♪ >> this is a fox news alert, ashley strohmeyer in new york. wreaking havoc on the new northeast, the new york region experiencing historic flash flooding, rising waters granting cars, flooding apartments and subways, all subway service in new york city has been suspended. water rescue underway, and new york mayor bill de blasio has declared a state of emergency for the city. both the governors of new york and new jersey have also declared states of emergency for their states. appear in people to stay off the roads


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