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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 1, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> this is a fox news alert, ashley strohmeyer in new york. wreaking havoc on the new northeast, the new york region experiencing historic flash flooding, rising waters granting cars, flooding apartments and subways, all subway service in new york city has been suspended. water rescue underway, and new york mayor bill de blasio has declared a state of emergency for the city. both the governors of new york and new jersey have also declared states of emergency for their states. appear in people to stay off the roads and if you
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can come avoid any unnecessary travel. flash flood warning for the area has been extended to 3:00 a.m. eastern. of the flooding also stranding air travel, with water rising in new york international airport. earlier, tornadoes touched down in new jersey, dozens of homes destroyed. joining us now for more on the situation is new york city councilman, in staten island, one of the hardest hit areas. joe, can you hear me? >> i can, thank you very much. >> what does it look like where you are right now? >> it's more widespread in terms of damage that hurricane sandy. with that storm, it was the storm surge and some of the low lying areas. we have the coast affected come almost predictably. with this, just the sheer volume of water is something i have never seen in all my years living in staten island, and it just overwhelms the sewer system
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and has backed up so many basements with sewage water and flooded garages and flooded houses, and i have to say, i've never seen damage this widespread before, and i've been in about three basements tonight up to my waist in sewage, and really have never seen anything. >> ashley: was new york city ready for this, the sheer amount of volume and water we are seeing? >> i don't know if you can be ready, it was just a few days ago when we broke records in central park with the most volume and any rainstorm in an hour. this is after the wettest summer we had ever had on record, and right now, we are seeing the biggest rainfall in an hour or two ago that we have ever seen since we recorded this, so i don't even know if it is possible for a city to be ready in the sense that a sewer system is just not going to be designed for that once in a thousand year storm, or the collection of storms that equaled this volume.
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it's going to be really tough to sort of place blame anywhere on this. the bigger picture is how we get homeowners restored, how we get them potential federal funding to restore damage. because there's going to be more damage with the storm in this area then we think there is. >> ashley: right, and talking about that federal funding and helping people, i guess, fix the problems they are having as far as the water in their homes, anywhere you turn right now, you are going to see video of people's cars submerged. what did that conversation look like with the mayor bill de blasio today about declaring a state of emergency in the city? >> look, i chimed in with the mayor and had a good conversation with him and spoke to the office of emergency management, and i conveyed, you know, not an exaggeration, this is really unprecedented flooding we have ever seen, and thankfully, he agreed, and he issued the state of emergency that will free up resources. the governor did the same.
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at the end of the day, we want to put maybe a little pressure on our federal funds know my partners to bring in fema and some of the agencies that will be able to restore homeowners, just like we do in the south, earlier this week, when the hurricane hit there. we are going to need some support because this is a level of damage that i think no one even saw coming just a few hours ago. >> ashley: right, and that brings me to my next question, obviously, the south, louisiana, hit superhard by ida. is that going to be tough for new york and new jersey to get those federal funds, since they are putting all -- their eggs in one basket down there? >> look, i hope not. i hope there is money to go around and i hope the insurance companies do the right thing when it comes to their customers. a lot of these flooding issues were sewage backflow coming in through the sewage system and toilet bowls and things. ideally, a lot of the repairs can be taken care of by the insurance company.
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we're just going to need help. this is a natural disaster. it is unprecedented. it is not like the city failed in providing some service, so what we are going to have to rely on is the federal government, at some point, restoring these homeowners, just like we do all the time around the country. >> ashley: right, and you said you had spoken briefly with the office of emergency management. had you been in contact with them in the last couple of hours or heard anything from anyone, as far as injuries reported or potential rescues? >> yeah, we do know that some of our resources here in staten island are stretched a bit thin, so the office of emergency management is urging people to stay home. if you are listening to me right now, don't drive in your car, because roads are more flooded than you think, and even -- i have seen it on my way driving around staten island, i see people stranded and waiting for the fire department and the police department. they have diverted resources to staten island, especially with the police department, and it is
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good and welcome, but we have a lot of people calling emergencies, who probably should not have been on the road in the first place. >> ashley: that travel ban was implemented for new york city. obviously, we are not going to know how long that is going to be around, but has there been any when you have spoken to, how long we can expect this to happen? i'm looking at video on the screen right now and this is absolutely insane to see what is happening in parts of new york city. i mean, obviously, i have not lived here very long, but i know i have surely not seen anything like this. >> no, and that is the surprise. first of all, the office of emergency management that the travel ban is in effect until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, so people should be aware of that, but the biggest problem with this is this is happening in areas where we have never seen flooding before. they are not typical coastal areas where a storm surge might have happened in the past and brought water. these are just choked sewers and
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too much nonpermeable surface that is just not allowing the water to seep into grass and seep out into the river or whatever it is going to go with the normal course of a storm. the volume is just too much, and given the past rain this past summer and this past week, specifically, the ground, the ground water table is just too high, could not absorb that much water. >> ashley: right, we just had fred come through a couple weeks ago and it was nothing compared to this. i didn't exactly get -- i think we kind of skipped over it, but have you heard of anything as far as injuries? because when you look at the subway system and see people coming out, have we heard anything about what is going on the subway system or if there is going to be any rescue? >> i'm sure there have been. you know, the fdny, there is a limited units available, and i know they are all operating right now, as we speak. they are not responding to nondangerous calls, so i am
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assuming they are out there making potential life-saving grabs whatever they can, and another danger is of electricity. people have a problem in their basement, could potentially get electrocuted from outlets getting flooded, so you really should be careful and there are a lot of hazards people are thinking about. >> ashley: joe, is there anything i didn't ask you that you want people watching to know as far as what is going on or what you have heard or spoken to people about in the past couple of hours about the storm and this flooding? >> yeah, i mean, it is just so frustrating and so surprising, i was out of the restaurant three or four hours ago and it was raining hard but certainly not anything biblical. you know, in the sense. so people should continue to take precautions, continue to stay off the roads, and keep it in line with new york city emergency management on twitter, a social media, because that is where you will get the most up-to-date information.
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>> ashley: okay. joe, thank you for being with us late at night on the situation. we appreciate it. >> ashley: if you are just now joining us, just to kind of recap what is going on, the remnants of hurricane ida is basically wreaking havoc on the northeast right now. new york mayor bill de blasio has declared a state of emergency for the city. the governors of new jersey and new york have also declared states of emergency, so hopefully there will be some federal funds coming in on that. also, a travel ban has been implemented for new york city and joe pirelli just told us that will last until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, and the office of emergency management are asking, if you do not have to be on the roadways, stay-at-home, be safe, be smart, and we will of course if you updated throughout the night on this developing situation, and this ongoing situation, to be quite honest. we are going to send you back to regular programming right now. >> tucker: in february, the state legislature in california
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passed ain law requiring all registered voters getting mail invalid, even if they did not ask for a male invalid. why would you do that? covid, of course. "the pandemic has not gone away" said one telephone at congressman. they are telling us the pandemic has still not gone away, and that isve convenient for them -- specifically for gavin newsom, who knows mail-in ballots, which by definition like any form of voter l i.d., cannot be verifie, those kind of ballots overwhelmingly benefit his party because they about voter fraud. in connecticut, the democratic party is not allowing anyone to vote absentee as long as they say they are afraid of getting sick. "anyone who is afraid of contracting covid or expect they will be sick once it is announced is intended to a mail-in ballot." these orders came from the state secretary of state who is at a partisan democrat. the media outlet said that it gets the voting system elected to become permanent, no matter what happens with covid. so, this isn't about public
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health, this is about elections. if it was about public health, they would be telling you to lose weight, but they're not. this is about elections. but whatever you do, don't notice that, don't ask questions about the thousands of afghans that have not been we are quoting now, i can assure you that no one is coming into the united states of america who has not been through a thorough screening and background check process. that's what joe biden's press secretary said just today. but it is a lie. meanwhile, hundreds of thousand of unidentified illegal aliens stream across the southern border every month. who are these people? we don't know. we can't know. in a functioning democracy, this wouldn't work.op voters wouldn't put up with it. even partisan democrats would say, come on now. you have to have a border. it's a country. so when you start behaving this way, so outside the bounds of normal behavior, so far from where the population actually
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wants, clearly you don't plan to be held accountable at the election. you plan to change the way the election works. and that's exactly what they are doing. sorry. it's true. stephen miller is fully aware of this. that's why they hate him. a former senior adviser of the white house and joins us tonight. stephen miller, thank so much for coming >> thank you. >> tucker: i think for normal people, they tend to be very literal. so covid is a real disease that kills a lot of people and everyone wants to be safe. okay, we will hear you out. c refugees, americans, they are bighearted and want to help people that helped us. they want to help in general. you know, they want to do the right thing.. i don't think a lot of normal americans, both parties see that there is a political motive behind these policies, but there clearly is. >> well, what we are witnessing right now, tucker, is the greatest bait and switch of all time. joe biden callously played on america's sympathies for a small core of afghans who worked
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closely in difficult conditions with american troops, left all of those people nearly in afghanistan, and then in their stead, brought over 100,000 randomly-selected afghan nationals, and he is not bringing them to the united states through any lawful process or any lawful vetting chains.ri and my sources inside the a government are very clear that most of these individuals, when you run a background check, it comes up blank. they are ghosts. nobody knows who they are. of course, if they work for the u.s. government, when you check their fingerprints, they would come up right away. but there are no matches. because they didn't work for the government, and nobody knows who they are. but it gets worse, i have also been informed very credibly that this is the beginning, not the end of the refugee settlement operation. as we speak, the biden administration is making preparations through its foreign consulates and missions to accept in an open-ended, unending way afghan nationals who leave the country and applys
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at any u.s. mission around the globe. most of that will be happening in pakistan. again, they will bypass local visa channels and if necessary, abuse and in fact violate a law known as parole that is meant for case-by-case circumstances and bring those individuals into country with no real vetting anl no real knowledge of who they are. but more important than all of this, tucker, is common sense. if you bring in several provinces that worth of individuals from afghanistan, you are replicating the conditions in afghanistan here in the united states of america and all of the horrors that entails. >> tucker: which is why i think martha's vineyard is a perfect place for them to go. the island is big enough for 100,000 afghan refugees and the people on the island can afford
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to help. they say they care.s, every single afghan refugees should be moved to martha's vineyard. >> open their home, there are clubs, their private dinner clubs, all of it. >> tucker: amen. tonight. stephen miller, i appreciate you coming on thank you. so americans are completely shocked by what happened in afghanistan. the question is, why were they so surprised? they had no idea that the afghan army was going to fold and it was not a real government could why didn't they know that? because someone in washington had lied to them for years.a in particular, one republican member of the united states senate lied to them for years. we will tell you who that was. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: it's hard to overstate the damage the biden administration has done to the♪ united states over the past couple of weeks. they abandon hundreds of american citizens in afghanistan including school children, even as they imported thousands of unvetted afghan tribesmen into the united states. on the way out, as one final insult, they armed to the taliban which is one of the best equipped armies in the size of the world. it's beyond belief.h most people are stunned by we have to be honest and tell you that the biden
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administration did not do this alone. they have had a lot of help oves a very long time from the reckless neoconservatives that run our foreign policy establishment.t. the main reason americans were so shocked by the fall of kabul last week is that for years people in washington have been lying to them about it. and telling them everything in afghanistan is just fine. it's improving, forever improving. our sacrifice is well worth it. our strategy is successful. just keep sending us money on young soldiers and we will make the world safer america. for decades, that's what they have told us. one of the main mouthpieces for these lies has been senator lindsey graham of south carolina. graham identifies as a republican but his views in real life are indistinguishable from tony blinken's or mark milley's, graham's permanent constituents in washington, not in south carolina. we have pulled together three representative sound bites that tell you the story of lindsey graham's personalre responsibility for the debacle now on display in afghanistan.
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here is the first of them,pl 12 years ago, and graham explains, as an obama super fan, he is in favor of sending 35,000 more troops to fight a war despite the fact he knows perfectly well that many of them will die. watch. >> when it comes to afghanistan, i am completely supportive of the president-elect's decision to send 35,000 troops into afghanistan. they are needed. i would like every american to know that not only are the troops needed, unfortunately casualties are likely to increase, but we have a game plan in afghanistan that i think justifies the expenditures of blood and treasure that is i about to come. >> tucker: nuzzling with obama telling us, unfortunately casualties will increase, but we have a game plan in afghanistan that i think justifies the expenditures of blood and treasure. so, now is the moment to ask, really, lindsey graham, what was
10:23 pm
that "game plan"? and at what point did you realize that it wasn't working? well, if graham ever knew that his plans were failing, somehow he forgot to mention it to the rest of the country. so here is two years later telling us that we are really, really close to winning in afghanistan. and not just in afghanistan, bui also in tunisia, egypt, libya, syria, and yemen. this clip is hard to watch, but please, make yourself. >> we are on the verge, in my view, of turning this thing around. i see afghanistan, tunisia, egypt, libya, syria, yemen as incredible opportunities to change the world for the better. if we as congress accelerate the withdrawal schedule because it is popular at home, we will undercut all of the gains we have made. >> tucker: so the beauty of videotape is that it lives forever. that was ten years ago.
10:24 pm
afghanistan, tunisia, egypt, libya, syria, yemen, lindsey graham described them all as little laboratories to test his theories. all of those places still exist and are still countries. the question is, how are they now? has anyone of those countries been improved by lindsey graham's game plan? that's a good question. you have to ask the people that live in those countries. many of whom have since fled as refugees to germany and sacramento, california.ced lindsey graham himself has not weighed in on the results of the game plan. he does not like to look backward. reflections suggest a countability. if there is one thing that lindsey graham is strongly opposed to, it is that. instead, by this spring, lindsey graham had dropped the talk of winning the war against terrorism or bringing democracy to the great unwashed. those were yesterday's goals. the new justification for d keeping troops in afghanistan was the fight for global feminism. we sent marines to kabul to tear down the patriarchy, lindsey graham told us. keep in mind that he said this
10:25 pm
with a straight face into the camera. >> and here is the saddest of all news, as difficult as afghanistan has been and will be, things have changed. i went over right after the fall of the taliban. today, there are over 6 million women who have been educated. kabul is a very commerce-driven area. people can sing and dance and i live their lives without the oppression that the taliban brought on them. >> tucker: he has been going there for 20 years. we are said to tell you tonight that lindsey graham's dream has died. h the last gender studies class in afghanistan has shuttered its doors. everyone in that country is now thoroughly binary. the question was the whole experiment worth it? we would love to know what lindsey graham thinks about that. we see him on television all the time, on his never ending fund-raising tour. i'm a conservative, send me money.
10:26 pm
it's political televangelism but he won't come on this show, and that's a shame, because it will be a worthwhile conversation for everyone. the invitation remains open. joe biden told us the fall of kabul has been "an extraordinary success." an extraordinary success. and everyone around him as saying the very same thing. so it's a moment like this where we need, what we call them? a reality check from someone who knows the country and asked and following it closely and does not lie for a living. and that would be lara logan. a she joins us tonight to assess that claim. thanks so much for coming on, an extraordinary success, is that your view? >> i just was stunned when i heard that, and so were hundreds and thousands of americans who know what is going on on the ground, very many democrats, i can't tell you how many democrats i've heard from
10:27 pm
who say that they regret to voting for joe biden, that they are ashamed to be american, that never in their life had they ever felt that sense of shame, because this is the kind of thing we are talking about. right? there are literally wounded afghan special operations soldiers who were wounded before we pulled out, who areer lying n their hospital beds waiting to be executed by these islamic terrorists, who they were fighting and now the u.s. is supporting.or saying, maybe we will give them aid. we don't want to call them an enemy. and this has been a great success. i mean, the thousands of desperate afghans. i have lost count, tucker. i'm drowning under the cries for help. and it is heartbreaking. and i can't tell you how many f soldiers and veterans and other people are just -- they are trying to put their shock and heartache aside to do what the government isn't doing. which is live up to america'sth promise to leave no man behind. >> tucker: i wonder how long it will be since the afghan
10:28 pm
government is now the taliban and we are supporting the taliban. we've armed the taliban. how long will it be with the criticism of the taliban is racist? >> well, it's interesting you raise that point, tucker, do you remember when islamophobia became a thing? this happened during the obama administration, so you weren't allowed to talk about it. that was one of the early subjects, you know, that radical sort of progressive ideology that came for all of us. you know, don't talk about any of this. you are pushing hate. don't talk about this, you are a white supremacist. don't vote for trump, you're a terrorist threat. we have seen this play out. and americans realize this now. it has been going on too long and happened to too many people. people on both sides know that. wonder why the democrats are so discipline in their messaging, you know why, because they come for their own. these people will eat their own alive, tucker. you know, and then they will ask for seconds. that's how they are. they are the embodiment of evil.
10:29 pm
and when you have afghan -- you know, there are other afghans like afghan special operations forces with no legs, whose legs were blown off in combat. one guy that i spoke to, his wife was on the run, and he is there waiting for these execution squads. and you have afghan in lockdown right now. the borders are being sealed. the entire country is being turned into a killing zone. and the united states is not doing anything to persuade the neighboring countries to open those borders. they are letting the taliban shut them down on their side and being systematically hunted. the most vulnerable, high-risk, high-value afghans, including those who created leadership schools and can train terrorists for generations to come. >> tucker: yeah, our new allies. lara logan, thank you for that. does not sound like an extraordinary success at all. we appreciate it. >> no. >> tucker: the cdc was created to fight malaria and did a good job.
10:30 pm
then they oversaw the public's health, and did fine. then they became in charge of housing, and now they are in charge of language. now the cdc has come up with a list of new words you are not allowed to say ever again. in the interest of public health. we will tell you what those are next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: one of the defining characteristics of our ruling class is its impulse to come up with labels for large groups of people. it does not matter if the people want those labels, they get it. the point is to strip people of their individual identities. there's nothing unique about a member of the group. it's just a drone working towards the greater good. so, for example, something like 3% of latinos said they want to be called latinx, but the biden administration does it anyway.
10:36 pm
they don't care what the people they are calling actually think. nobody cares. it's all political. whole sections of people who identify as lgbtqia plus or whatever, the letters of the acronym, they can't help themselves. the point is to dehumanize and segregate millions of people into arbitrary categories in the name of empowering them. all caught on to this a long time. "to be able to destroy with good conscience to be able to behave badly and call your bad behavior righteous indignation, this is the height of psychological luxury." which is deep and true in this case. the covid pandemic has allowed our public health establishment to indulge in that strategy for a year and a half and there are no signs of giving it up. the cdc which again was created to stop malaria, now controlson public housing in this country has now announced a new commandment in the name of health equity. according to the cdc you are no longer allowed to talk aboute "people who don't want the covid
10:37 pm
shot" or any reasons they may be hesitant to take that shot. instead you must refer to them as their new name, new category, people who have yet to receiveve the vaccine." it's hard to describe how creepr that is, because it suggests free will plays no role in who they are. they just haven't been forcedol hard enough yet, in other words, there are many more examples coming you are not allowed to refer to smokers anymore. you need to call them people who smoke.le you should not call anyone disabled, but rather a person with a disability. this is social control masquerading as sensitivity. as always, we would laugh it off, but there is nothing funny about the cdc at this point unelected, unaccountable, more powerful than the united states congress. most of us imagined, when democracy died, they would be wearing military uniforms. who guessed they would it be in lab coats, we should've guessed. so the federal reserve is supposed to be nonpartisan.
10:38 pm
they are defined by law. table prices and stable employment. but beginning this summer, the democrats in congress tried to transform the mission of the federal reserve. now sandy cortez who literally could not balance a checkbook,cn has never had a real job, has decided we need to turn the fed into a vehicle to fight global warming. j imagine a world where sandy cortez weighs in on the fed or the power grid, but she does "we urge president biden to reimagine a federal reserve focused on eliminating climate risk and advancing racial and economic justice." how is that going to end? with people with literally no skills whatsoever, who can't do anything, who could not program a microwave are in charge of the most complex and significant systems in the country. go back to the gender studies department, you can really break things. dave rubin is a host of "the dave rubin show." we are happy to have him. thanks so much for coming on. so, it seems like the least qualified people are grabbing massive amounts of i mean, massive amounts.
10:39 pm
>> for the record, programming a microwave can be a little complex. >> tucker: fair point. >> it just doesn't make any sense. what is it really doing? but the point is, you're completely right. i think you know this. i took a month off..e i do a month off the grid every august. and i tried to think about some of these issues further than the day-to-day political fight that we are constantly in. t and the truth is as your lead in is pointing out, they are here to have a government takeover of absolutely everything. there is no institution that aoc and the progressives don't want to take over. there is no governmental structure that they don't wantve to change or alter or completely destroy.y. and until the rest of us really realize that, that fact. and it is a fact. until we realize that everything we hold dear is either being dismantled or ready to put on the chopping block, they will keep coming for these things. they want government control. they want giant government
10:40 pm
institutions and government layers to control everything you do, from what you eat, to where you think, where you go, whenry you can leave your house and down the line. >> tucker: it's all about the group, these are clearly people who feel powerless and inept, and only by controlling large groups of faceless people beneath them do they feel anyy satisfaction at i mean, they are only about power, not about promise. >> no, they hate the individual. the individual, your ability to think for yourself, make decisions for yourself, decide how you want to live, how you want to work, what relationships you want to have, what type of family you want to have, what community you want to live in,ti those are the biggest threats to people that want top-down power. that's why they want everything done federally. that's why they want the federal government to take control. they don't like states rights. they don't like local rights. because they don't like you.
10:41 pm
they like themselves. >> tucker: [laughs] they don't like you. man, is that true. l certainly in my case. >> they don't like you. they certainly don't like me, tucker. >> tucker: dave rubin, great to see you. thank you. speaking of skills, jack carr has a lot of skills. what an impressive and good guyn former navy seal.. served in both iraq and afghanistan. now a best-selling novelist. with the biden strategic failures in afghanistan and joins us to explain what they are. plus, we are planning to bring you a brand-new website,, before we do you can get a signed copy of "the long slide" and cut big tech out of the equation. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ and cut big tech out of the equation. we will be right back
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: for the past two weeks, a lot of americans have been shocked by how stupid and unwise the people in control of the u.s. military are. at the same time, you are always so impressed when you talk to the people at the front end. the people with guns in their hand. jack carr is one of them and one of the smartest people we talked to in a long time.
10:47 pm
for 20 years, he ledd intelligence officer, seal team who was a sniper, who was in iraq and afghanistan, a best-selling author and brights thrillers. we spoke to jack carr for a brand-new episode of "tucker carlson today" about what is happening in afghanistan. here as part of it. ♪ ♪ >> giving them legitimacy on the world stage, obviously we are leaving in defeat. we rushed, we have the seal team, don't rush to your death. and that's what we did. >> tucker: don't rush to your death. >> that means evaluate the situation, take a breath. make a good call for the guys that you are commanding. in this case, we had 20 years to prepare for this moment, and we did it about the worst that you can possibly do it. let's give everyone the benefit of the doubt and say, since april, we could prepare. even from april to now, we don't know how many were in the country, where they were, at
10:48 pm
city to city started to fall, providence after providence started to fall to the taliban. we did not make any moves to try to locate american citizens inin case we needed to evacuate them. in case the taliban took over kabul or took over the country, and you can see it as we can into june and july, as we get into august, and then everybody in the white house goes on vacation and auto-replies on their emails and the falls, and we have given out strategically advantageous decisions, but once again that e1, e2, e3, the junior officer in the most disadvantageous position you can possibly put them in, and it was a completely unnecessary. if you applied common sense to the problem. >> tucker: so this has been my obsession for the last week, as someone who was neverio in boy scouts, i don't know anything about military strategy. >> we should have given it to the boy but they don't exist anymore. >> tucker: that's kind of the point i am making.
10:49 pm
they don't exist anymore. they were bigots. the mistakes were so obvious, even i can understand them, but they made them anyway. so then you ask, why is that? it's not one or two mistakes, or even a series, this is an uninterrupted chain of mistakes, what do you think drove this? >> it's a snowball effect, when one error turns into multiple errors. >> tucker: that's how planes crash. >> that's exactly right. we can go back to 2001 to start seeing the snowball take effect. and then it picks up speed here in mid-april until we get to where we are today. and we left dogs behind, and we left all these weapons behind, which, that is just -- so we armed to the enemy we have been fighting for the last 20 years, even though we conflated the enemy, taliban, harboring al qaeda, al qaeda, we kind of dumped them together. we did not understand tribal
10:50 pm
nature of things, how they change sides and move around. we did not quite get that. so we ended up going to war to crush al qaeda, okay, and then we wanted to degrade, i think the exact wording from the national security team back in 2001 was that we wanted to degrade the military capability of the taliban. that's how it started off. then the taliban got conflated with al qaeda, and we started fighting al qaeda, and then it was our enemy for the last 20 years. at the same time, we are nation building. at the same time, we are shifting focus to another war it the region that is draining resources from afghanistan. so becomes this quagmire is the best way to describe it, and then we get to what we are seeing today, where we are now not just elevating them on the world stage because we had to leave, but we are also arming them, and we are also recognizing them as a legitimate government.e so, okay. they are better armed, better trained, and better situated on the world stage than they were before 9/11.
10:51 pm
which i think is the hard part for veterans, for people thatar fought there and people that are dealing with that emotional and physical trauma on the battlefield. that's why the suicide hotlines are ringing off the hook right now, because veterans are looking back and saying, wait ae second, all of those things that i just said are true, well, what did i sacrifice for? >> tucker: yes. >> what did i give my leg for? what did the family of my friend give their son or their daughter for, if we just armed thisei taliban that is fighting overr there in 2006, '10, '11, '12,ig whenever it was. i can see how veterans are going to have a hard time with this moving forward. what's important is they take that rage and they channel it in a way that moves the ball forward for the rest of their country, which means not taking -- not robbing their family of their tomorrow, because of the horrible things we are seeing, and take that rage and channel it in a positive direction. >> tucker: so with guys like jack carr fighting the war, you
10:52 pm
know that it was not their fault. it was the decisions above them. it was a really interesting conversation. full episode with jack carr on w so, the biden administration famously abandoned dogs and afghanistan, but finally owed good news tonight. a former royal marine has just left that country with more than 200 dogs and cats, and joins us next. ♪ ♪ you know, the right says that christ was conservative. the left says christ was radical, but christ is the creator, god in human flesh, and he's the only one who can give you peace, and he wants to give you that peace, eternal peace. will you come to him? - [woman] are you looking for peace that can withstand any hardship that life can bring? visit to find answers. that's
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>> tucker: if you are an >> tucker: if you are an animal lover and many americans are, and has been frustrating to watch the biden administration and american authorities preventing dogs from being loaded on the plains and leaving afghanistan. but here is a happy story. a former royal moline from the u.k. who runs an animal charity in kabul, escaped from afghanistan with 200 dogs and cats.
10:58 pm
weha are honored to have him jon us tonight. thank you so much for coming on. tell us what you did, make us feel better about this disaster, if you would. >> i'm still in shock, listening to your show earlier, when you said joe biden said it was a complete a success. i'm absolutely lost for words on that, to beto honest that to be. obviously that's all gone, a 15 years of hard work is now down the drain but we managed to rescue the dogs and cats that we had at that shelter. we managed to get them out of afghanistan on basic thinkic la possible flight i could. we had a privately chartered commercial flight. it flew out just after the last troops left afghanistan. >> tucker: what can our audience do to support you and these
10:59 pm
animals that you have rescued? >> right now, or animals in the uk are going through their quarantine procedures an final health checks to be released. we're still asking for funding because we still have got our staff stuck in afghanistan. we need to get them out and sadly the taliban would not let me take me through the last checkpoint. at gunpoint we were turned around. we're still trying to fund them to get them out of afghanistan. if anybody can visit our website and help us with that. >> tucker: people who love dogs would want to. one of the heroes on this story coming on, thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: that's it for us tonight, you can watch a brand-new episode of tucker carlson with jack, a great novelist on
11:00 pm
we'll be back. reat evening and now sean hannity takes over the 9:00 p.m. hour about 20 second early. i >> sean: thank you, i'll take it. welcome to hannity. coming up, a phone call transcript joe biden does not want youot to see. he's been lying about afghanistan from the very beginning and it appears his top priority, a victory lap on the 20th. . >> this is a fox news alert coming to you live from new york. the remnants of hurricane ida wreaking havoc on the northeast. the metro new york region experiences historic flash flood warning, rising waters, stranding cars. flooding subways and apartments. also, service in new york city has been suspended. water rescues are under way and the new york mayor has also declared a state of emergency for the city. both the governors of new york and new jersey have declared state of emergencies for their


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