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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  September 5, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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be back at 4:00 p.m. eastern to update all of these stories. i'm griff jenkins. alicia: and i'm alicia acuña. right up next is mike emanuel. ♪ ♪ >> mike: foreign affairs committee texas congressman michael mccaul telling chris wallace on fox news sunday today that the taliban are holding americans and others, quote, hostage in planes waiting on the runway to leave afghanistan. welcome to fox news live. i'm mike emanuel. we will get reaction from medal recipient and afghan veteran dakota meyer and david spunt in
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wilmington, delaware. david: still no word from the white house or national security council specifically about what congressman mccaul said. very eye-opening, very serious allegations that he made talking specifically about 6 different planes that are holding americans against their will specifically at airport 265 miles north of kabul. i want to play what congressman mccaul said and we will talk about it after, listen. >> well, they are not clearing the airplanes to depart and sat at the airport for the last couple of days, these planes and they're not allowed to lever. we know the reason why because the taliban wants something in exchange. >> mccaul saying this is about 265 miles north of kabul at airport, senior u.s. officials telling fox news, i want to read this here to make sure it's the specific quote. the u.s. government is trying to figure out who is on those
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planes, they have no way to verify the manifest. you have to remember after 20-some years, mike, a lot of those sources on the ground have dried up in afghanistan since the united states has left. now, specifically the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general mark milley, four-star general, top adviser to the president of the united states, met afghan refugees in germany and he took our national security correspondent jennifer griffin along for an exclusive interview. he served, met many different people including one that served as his interpreter more than a decade ago. jennifer asked general milley if u.s. troops will eventually have to go back into afghanistan, listen. >> that's a difficult policy choice. i wouldn't say yes or no to anything actually. i think those are -- it's too early to say anything like that at this point. right now we need to continue to
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monitor the intelligent situation and continue to see if the they are risk organizations threaten and develop or not. david: according to officials those planes that congressman mccaul are talking about those are charter flights, those are not u.s.-run planes, the u.s. left a week ago, down in kabul 265 miles south. chief of staff ron said on cnn that they are waiting to get some americans out with the qatar government possibly coming in where trey is right now to actually evacuate afghans and americans to qatar and that's where secretary of state antony blinken is flying to today, mike. mike: david, many thanks. president biden, secretaries of state and defense are heading for qatar is qatary and turkish team help restore operations at the kabul airport. united nations says this is crucial to providing the country with humanitarian assistance. trey yingst live in duha, trey,
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what's the latest there? trey: mike, good afternoon, domestic flights have started in afghanistan as the qatarys and turks works to reopen kabul's airport and get it operational as soon as possible. we do know that there are ongoing negotiations and discussions about who exactly will run the airport and how long they will do that for but qatar sources say the focus over the coming weeks will be on e vicuations and humanitarian aid. >> this was our first flight. yesterday we went to iraq and spent the night down there. then we took the passengers and we traveled to kabul. trey: this comes as the taliban works to get civil services working in islamic system. the video in afghan capital number of banks while other facilities have closed. the united nations is scheduled to hold an international aid conference on september 13th to discuss issues that afghanistan
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faces and the world food program is warning of resource shortages in the coming weeks. meanwhile in the panjshir valley, fighting continues as taliban tries to retake held by resistance fighters. the taliban made some gains into their territory but were pushed back. now the taliban is expected to announce a new government next week, the big question is how much they will be willing to engage with the international community. mike. mike: great question, trey yingst live in doha. texas congressman michael mccaul said president biden has blood on his hands for his strategy in afghanistan. the top republican on the house foreign affairs committee added this is now a hostage crisis. >> we have 6 airplanes at airport, 6 airplanes with american citizens on them as i speak also with these interpreters and the taliban is holding them hostage for demands right now.
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the taliban will not let them leave the airports. >> joining me to discuss all the latest medal of honor recipient, fox news contributor dakota meyer, dakota, welcome. >> thank you, mike. mike: what is your reaction to what congressman mccaul said there about the taliban holding americans and afghan partners against their will? >> i mean, this is what we all knew was going to happen. we were saying this a week ago watching this exit strategy of leaving all of the american citizens over there. we knew that if we didn't stay and get all the american citizens out, the way that we should have, and lead with that, then we knew we would have a hostage crisis on our hands the day that we pulled out and this is exactly what we have and this is only going to continue to get worse, what you will see the biden administration continually kick the can down the road and hopefully it goes away. you heard the narrative, biden
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came out telling us what we want to hear. one day we are not going to leave until all americans are out. this is in the true. we see this now. last week -- a couple of days ago we were hearing that no americans were left there. well, this is false as well. we see this now. so at some point they are going to have to do something or say this is not our issue, we don't care, we messed this up and good luck to everyone. mike: i want to play a clip of chairman of joint chiefs of staff mike milley. >> we are not done yet, public-partnership happening with various groups. mike: to be fair to the chairman, the pentagon did not want to go to zero troops on the ground in afghanistan. isn't this evacuation effort much more difficult without brave marines, soldiers and airmen on the ground there?
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>> well, i mean, absolutely. but what i don't understand is why is general milley not coming out and saying this, right, why is he playing the politics. our generals should not be playing politics and this is the issue we've seen for a long time and this is the reason that afghanistan has gone on for 20 years because our leaders are so busy playing politics instead of playing tactics and doing what we need to do to win the war. we have the best fighting force in the face of the planet, the best men and women willing to serve and go over and carry out the beliefs of this world and to go ahead and protect the free world but the problem is that we have been held back for 20 years and every one on the ground will tell you that, that we haven't been able to do our job completely to do our job and it's complicated when you're playing with politics. mike: dakota, with those not familiar with your service in afghanistan, truly heroic. how are you and your colleagues
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who serve so bravely in afghanistan doing following the pullout from the country? >> i mean, it's tough, it's tough to go over -- you always question the strategies of what we were doing over there, right? we didn't question what we were doing, if we were doing the job. we were over there and we provided women and children to be able to go to school for 20 years so what we did was made the world a better place in afghanistan by the united states presence. there is no arguing that but the problem is that if there was no strategy of how we leave this place better than what we founded. that was on the back of my mind and many people that we served with. while we are here, we can keep the place remotely secure and make the place a little bit better but what's the strategy for the long term so we don't have to stay here forever and better than what we found it and that's truly what the objective is, right? mike: well, dakota meyer, thank
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you for your heroic service and pleasure speaking with you and all the best to you and obviously the men and women who served so valiantly. thank you so much. a lot more on afghanistan, you can see texas republican congressman michael mccaul. ♪ ♪ ♪ mike: hundreds of thousands are still without power in louisiana in the aftermath of hurricane ida as crews assess the extensive damage across the south and northeast. jeff paul in new orleans but we will start with bryan llenes in new jersey. >> we know president biden will be visiting new jersey to assess
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the damage. this is some of what he will be seeing. tornado tore through the community through new jersey, 150-mile an hour winds. luckily no one seriously injured or died in the neighborhood. here is another home, we spoke to the owner who said around 6:00 o'clock they heard what sounded like a freight train came barreling through. you can see it ripped the side of this home, also the building is tilting and they heard glass and ran into the basement and that's where they were able to survive the twister. ultimately, you know, this is some of just what the damage we have seen. we have been up and down all through new jersey and new york over the last few days and while we are hearing is people are shocked and stunned by the severity of the weather, seeing twisters in new jersey is not something that you're used to seeing all of the time. 7 twisters fell in the region and landed in the region in new jersey and pennsylvania. here is new jersey's governor if
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you will murphy who spoke about and reflects about the extreme weather that we are seeing. >> we screamed loud and clear tornado warnings, flood warnings, flash flood warnings and begged people to get off the road. we had rain in many communities in 2 or 3 hours that were equivalent to what they normally get in a month or two. and -- and this sadly we think is part of -- of what we are going to be facing more frequency and intensity. reporter: and you're looking at what's left of a home here in the neighborhood. we will put up a photo to show you the before and after to give you an idea of just the extent of the damage, really incredible. there was a family of -- there was a pregnant woman and her two children and her husband were able to escape by running into the basement. they say the basement also saved their lives and frankly, mike, we are dealing with the situation in new jersey where there are now two more deaths that were confirmed by governor phil murphy. that brings the death toll to
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27, 4 people are still missing, the majority of people that died in the state died in their vehicles swept away by those flood waters, tragic stories and also incredible stories of survival, mike. mike: the material possessions can be replaced but not the lives, bryan llenas doing a phenomenal job, thank you, my friend. still reeling from the aftermath of hurricane ida much of new orleans remains without power and for many no way to stay cool in sweltering heat. good afternoon, jeff. >> more than 469,000 here in louisiana who still do not have power today is going to be a rough day and while we are seeing crews out here working around the clock and we are seeing the results you can see here on canal street, power is coming back, traffic lights are coming up and businesses are starting to reopen, there's still a listening way to go and in some communities it can be days, weeks, maybe even months until they get a chance to flip
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on their ac or their lights. heat advisory in effect throughout new orleans in the surrounding communities in louisiana. the thermometer says it's going to be 90 but because of heat index values it'll feel more like 100 to 105. for some folks it's too hot to rough it out and evacuating to shelters far outside of louisiana or outside the state. >> we were hot all week. we had power only in the hallways and elevators but the apartments didn't have any powers. i slept on the balcony for like a whole week. the first night i'm not sleeping on the balcony. >> crews from all over the country are here right now and they are working around the clock to try to get people who had been impacted from hurricane ida back on their feet. we know that 30,000 power polls throughout the storm damaged areas have been damaged. that's more than hurricanes
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katrina: zeta, delta combined. folks are having to rely on help of others to get basic necessities to make it through the day. >> i'm asking you to be patient. i'm asking you to be good neighbors to one another and i know that you will be. you always are. louisianans are nothing if not faithful and resilient and good and decent and compassionate. and this is when it's needed the most. jeff: now the governor also addressed a tropical disturbance that is developing in the gulf. at the moment it only really has a 30% chance at developing into anything but the governor still says that people here in new orleans and the surrounding communities that were impacted by hurricane ida, they should prepare for some sort of rain and, of course, they can't handle much more rain after the rain they got dumped on a week
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ago, mike. mike: jeff, we were on the air a week ago when the storm came ashore and you have done a phenomenal job, thank you, jeff. in a baffling murder mystery, there's a case of the murdoch family of south carolina, 3 months ago the wife and son were shot dead, now someone has shot the husband, a prominent attorney. charles watson has the latest, good afternoon, charles. charles: hi, mike, good afternoon. a family member tells fox news that murdoch is hospitalized and expected to survive after being shot once in the head on saturday. south carolina's law enforcement division also confirming to fox news that murdoch is the victim found shot on the rural road in hampton, south carolina about an hour and a half west of the city of charleston. the 53-year-old attorney telling multiple outlets that murdoch was traveling and had car trouble and fixing a flat tire when a truck drove past him and the vehicle circling back with someone inside allegedly shooting the prominent south carolina lawyer in the head.
10:17 am
this shooting coming as south carolina police department investigating death of wife and son. elec murdoch discovered the gruesome scene. take a listen to 911 dispatchers. >> it's bad. >> okay. are they breathing? >> no, ma'am. >> you said it's your wife and your son? >> my wife and my son. >> are they in a vehicle? >> no, ma'am, they are on the ground out at my kennel. >> the case has gone unsolved and raised questions of families ties to local law enforcement. last month former prosecutor rescued himself because of his long-standing friendship and work relationship with the murdoch family a well-known family with 3 generations of
10:18 am
lawyers who were once elected prosecutors in the same jurisdiction and mike at the time of the double murder the younger murdoch, paul, was set to stand trial in connection to a deadly voting accident that killed a 19-year-old girl. those charges have since been dropped but a strange string of circumstances for this family in the last few months and a lot of questions, mike. mike: quite a mystery. charles watson live in atlanta, charles, thank you very much. the number of migrants coming across the border still ticking up, a live report from laredo, texas coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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to help protect all your connected devices. and get started with a great offer on fast and reliable internet and voice for just $64.99 a month. plus, ask how to get a prepaid card up to $500. call or go online today to learn more. comcast business. powering possibilities. >> there's no sign of a slowdown for the surge of migrants across the southern border as law enforcement tries to keep up. jonathan hunt is live in laredo, texas with more. hey, jonathan. jonathan: law enforcement officials here in the southern border tell us they are seeing of the so-called runners those evading border patrol rather than handing themselves in saying they are seeking asylum. take a look at the video, shot from border patrol drone here in laredo, texas. it shows a group we are told 30 in total who were trying to evade border patrol and get
10:23 am
further into the united states and not hand themselves in and make those asylum claims in any way. it's also having tragic consequences. i want to show you video now. we are keeping it very wide for obvious reasons. this was a scene we witnessed just the other day on the banks of the rio grande a woman intercepted made a run for it and went entirely the wrong direction, she ran straight off an embankment here on the rio grande and hit large piece of wood, broke neck and died almost instantly according to border patrol. look at shot in la joya, texas, groups still coming across and you're wondering why migrants rather than making asylums claims are desperate to evade border patrol, listen to what this migrant says he went through in mexico and he wants -- why he wants to avoid being sent back there.
10:24 am
listen. [speaking in spanish] >> in mexico he was assaulted and he was robbed of the money that he had. it wasn't much but it was enough to feed his kids on the journey up here and, of course, the kids arrived here starving. jonathan: and one police sergeant in la joya, texas, mike, tells us that the increase in the so-called runners coincides with that supreme court decision essentially ordering the biden administration to follow the trump-era policy of returning asylum seekers to mexico. it may be coincidental but according to that police sergeant, it is making a difference. mike. mike: chief correspondent jonathan hunt, live in laredo, thanks a lot. for more on the crisis at the southern border we are joined by general ken paxton, welcome.
10:25 am
what impact is having on communities? >> the numbers continue to increase, you can go back a year ago and you can see dramatic increase and the numbers continue every month to get worse we are going to have greater crime problems and greater covid problems, we have more fentanyl coming from the chinese across the border and the cartels are getting stronger and stronger as they get paid by each of these people to come across the border and as they get paid to smuggle drugs and people across border. >> if the homeland security secretary or some other senior administration officials are watching right now, what do you need from them? >> i need them to follow federal law. that's all we are asking them to do just like we were told by the supreme court in a case that we filed along with missouri to make them follow the asylum policies to keep people in mexico before letting them across the border and disappear for years. there are safety issues for the people. i talked to border ranchers who don't know what to do. they are moving cattle, they are
10:26 am
worried about the safety and safety about their property and then, of course, the spread of covid. think bring people in and transport them all over the country, of course, it's going to impact our health and of course, impact safety. i would ask them, please, just follow the law. >> it's been a long hot summer in the great state of texas, what are the morales of those in the front lines dealing with the crisis? >> they are not being allowed to do their job, they are being put in logistics as opposed to stopping importation of drugs and people and just liked they pushed ronnie scott out, i said why are you going, i'm being pushed out because they don't want me to do my job, they never asked me to do my job, they would criticize for me doing my job and try to stop me from doing it so there is no effort on the part of the biden administration to enforce the law. as a matter of fact, it's just the opposite, they are inviting people to come and then they are moving around the country putting all of us at risk. mike: new abortion law that took
10:27 am
effect in texas, here is president biden's reaction to it. >> the most pernicious thing about the texas law is that it creates vigilante system where people get rewards and anyway, i know it just seems, i know it sounds ridiculous, un-american what we are talking about. mike: how do you respond? >> if anybody is un-american is the president not defending border and afghanistan. we had a right before roe v. wade. the system that the supreme court has set up is constantly changing based on different judges coming in and going out and it hasn't worked. they need to go back to let states regulate the way they see fit and each state can make their decision and people can live to the state that they are comfortable living in. mike: the law sets an awful
10:28 am
precedent that conservatives should hate. could california allow private citizens to sue individuals for hate speech or new york deputized private lawsuits against gun owners, your thoughts, sir? >> well, i typically don't agree with the wall street journal editorial board and texas has the right to protect its unborn and they provided cause of action and individuals that have the right to be heard in court by the judicial system and it will proceed forward and they'll be an opportunity for each of these cases to be heard on the merit and the facts that each case presents. mike: abortion a hot topic expected to be this fall with the mississippi law in the supreme court and up doubtedly somebody will sue about the texas law at some point and i'm sure that you will defend it in court. attorney general ken paxton of the great state of texas, thank you very much for your time. >> have a great weekend. mike: taliban holding americans hostage in afghanistan. that's next.
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talk to your doctor about mavyret. mike: the united states navy has identified 5 sailors killed off the coast of san diego. 29-year-old bradley foster from california, lieutenant paul at 28-year-old pilot from virginia, 31-year-old naval air crewman james from salem, virginia, sarah burns, 31-year-old and 21-year-old bailey tucker from st. louis, missouri, the navy has not released details of how the incident happened but investigation is underway. our thoughts and players with their families. top republican on the house foreign affairs committee, top republican telling that taliban is holding americans hostage, take a listen.
10:34 am
>> they are not clearing the airplanes to depart. they've sat at the airport for the last couple of days, please planes and they're not allowed to leave. we know the reason why, it's because the taliban wants something in exchange. >> senior u.s. official telling fox news, quote, the u.s. government is trying to figure out who was on those planes, they have no way to verify the manifest. joining us now to discuss republican strategist alex vogul and fox news contributor jessica tarlov, welcome to both of you. >> thanks for having us. >> thank you. >> jessica, your reaction of what congressman mccaul of planes loaded with people and not being able to take off due to the taliban? >> it's obviously a deeply disturbing reality if this is the case and being reported by other networks, this is what we feared would continue to happen after official pullout of auguso
10:35 am
get more information on it but it seems like the door is kind of closing for the prospect that we are not going to have to send more people in to get those people who have been given rightful passage to come here, americans that have been left behind to get out of afghanistan before it comes taliban controlled state and we have no leverage anymore. mike: alex, does this feel to you like the beginnings of a hostage crisis? >> i think it is a hostage crisis. i think it's not a question of when we have authoritarian state, we have one. the taliban are in charge. we don't have any leverage and we have american citizens and others who have a right to come to this country and if they are ready to leave and at the airport, it really is a crisis and i'm -- i'm frankly disturbed at the prospects as has been noted with no one on the ground. it's not just a question of no one being able to confront
10:36 am
manifest and can be done in third-party country before they came to the u.s. but what leverage do we have with the taliban to try and get these folks moving and get these planes flying, very, very troubling and frankly probably going to get worse as the days go by. mike: jessica, next saturday marks 20 years since september 20th, 11 adabbings do you worry about the propaganda 20 years later? >> i certainly worry about it any time frankly that there are extremist terrorists in charge of the country and they have shown they are good at propaganda game there and not necessarily concerned of something happening in terms of our own soil but when you think about the fact that there are americans and afghans who have helped us over the course of 20 years left in afghanistan, i certainly worry for them and you have to find yourself questioning the deadline that we came up with, not the precision to leave but the deadline because we wanted to be out of
10:37 am
afghanistan by 9/11. i think we all know that we are not going to be out of afghanistan at that point and what the taliban in charge sends strong message of what the last 20 years were for. mike: a lot of folks not questioning the why of getting out of afghanistan but the how and whether or not a force would have been necessary for interest. alex, final thought from you? >> even independent a point made sense, this is a fiasco and the fiasco is going to continue while we have americans wanting to leave that can't and tragic way for us as a country to remember 9/11. mike: jessica, final thought from you and do you think we will have to send american book backboots back in to help ameri?
10:38 am
>> i think if we are in similar conflicts, they'll have to be forces. it's a very tough thing to think about 20 years post 911 as someone who grew up and evacuated after the attacks, it's very personal for me and it's an incredible milestone to pass and with circumstances of what's going on right now. mike: jessica tarlov and alex vogel, thank you very much for your time. kamala harris heading to california to campaign for gavin newsom in the golden state's recall election. christina coleman live with the details, hello, christina. christina: the vice president will be in the bay area campaigning for newsom this week. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren campaigned with the governor yesterday in los angeles. a poll released last week by the
10:39 am
public policy institute of california shows 58% of likely voters now say they will reject the recall. this comes as governor newsom continues to try to convince voters in this heavily democrat state that the recall effort is a republican power grab pushed by trump supporters. democrats are also taking aim at the gop front runner conservative talk show host larry elder. >> make no mistake larry elder dreams of being california's own donald trump and i don't know about you but i will fight with everything i've got to keep from putting one more donald trump republican in office. >> we said last year that the most important election of your lifetime was last november defeating donald trump, that was right. [cheers and applause] >> but you also know this, we did not defeat trumpism.
10:40 am
christina: larry elder is blasting newsom for the state's homeless crisis and rise in crime and he woulds replace democrat california senator dianne feinstein with a republican if he becomes governor and she were to step down during his term. republicans would then be able to retake control of the senate, however, 88-year-old feinstein says she has no plans to step down. elder was also on media buzz defending himself against recent ramped up political attacks against him. >> i think because the press oftentimes serves as public relation bureau for the democrat party and they're definitely afraid that larry elder, a black guy from the hood, went to public hood might break the strangle hold that democrats have had in become and brown voters here in california. christina: as for newsom, he's campaigning with minnesota senator amy klobuchar later today, mike. mike: christina coleman, thank you so much. long-time weather man and larger
10:41 am
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you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. mike: the original ronald mcdonald clown to clowning on the today show set willard scott being remembered as unique broadcaster, alex has more. hello, alex. >> he brought just as much joy off camera as he did on screen. 87-year-old willard scott worked at nbc for 65 years. scott broke at tv in nbc affiliate in washington, d.c. before getting called up to the network. eventually leaving the role to meteorologist al roker who considered scott as mentor and father figure. nbc releasing the tribute to the pioneer. >> here he is. willard scott. >> it's a tough job but somebody
10:46 am
had to do it. >> wonderful run. i really love what i do and i never worried about the must be and i was happy with what i had always and it was such a wonderful, wonderful career. >> he wrote several books and took the role of meteorologist to another level sharing personality spreading laughter on the morning show dresdeing up in wild costume, he made a tradition to wish happy birthday to those passing the 100-year mark, not only his role but scott also played both of the clown and the original ronald mcdonald on tv. loved by many, president regan awarded scott a private-sector award for private service and during 1989 inauguration of president george h. w. bush barbara ran over to plant a kiss on him. he was married for 4 decades to his first wife mary scott until
10:47 am
she died in 2002. scott leaves behind two kids, grandkids and his wife paris scott whom he married in 2014, mike. mike: condolences to his family. alex, thanks very much. we will be right back.
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>> i did everything in my life for this property. i don't know what to do. i just hope everybody pray for me. mike: absolutely, heartbreaking stories from the northeast and the gulf coast after hurricane ida left extensive damage across several states. joining me to discuss from baton rouge spokesperson for the american red cross, stephanie cox. tell me some of the things the red cross is doing to bring relief to folks in louisiana in the aftermath of hurricane ida? >> so after the immediate aftermath of a hurricane, of course, our top priority is ensuring folks have safe shelter, access to food and access to water. as we get into the days and weeks after the impact, we look to do more advanced recovery efforts. right now we have 3 kitchens stood up that are pushing out thousands and thousands of meals
10:52 am
a day both lunch as well dinner. we have emergency response vehicles that are taking those meals out into the hardest-hit communities. we have distribution points, emergency supplied to places that were impacted the most to be able to provide resources, solves, clean-up kits and things that folks would need to cover any damage to their roof. we continue to move forward in that flow and still recovery process as the impacts -- impact folks across the state. mike: do you find the red cross is playing a similar roll after 16 years ago in hurricane katrina now to hurricane ida? >> every disaster is completely different. a storm can take a very similar or exact path and the needs of a community are going to be completely different. so we don't really compare
10:53 am
disasters but we've always learned each disaster that we've been a part of how to better support our communities, what those needs may be and to preemptively try and stage supplies and meet those needs in advance that as soon as the danger has passed, as soon as those roads are clear, we can get into communities and provide the comfort, care and those necessities soon possible. mike: would you take about the mission up there? >> as of last night we were sheltering 150 people up in the northeast area and also providing a lot of comfort by way of mental health services, spiritual care and disaster health services as well for those that may have lost relatives, may be just emotionally scared by what they've been through for a couple of days and, of course, we are looking to continue our service deliveries and providing
10:54 am
water as well as comfort kits, hygiene products and additional resources as we see exactly where the need is and what folks are going to need moving forward. mike: the american red cross does a phenomenal job when disaster strikes, stephanie, we thank you so much for your time, stephanie fox from the american red cross and we have been flashing on the screen what folks at home can do to help. thank you for your time. >> thank you. mike: hurricane larry a category 3 storm, more on expected path after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> we are expecting this to primarily be a wind flood rain event. >> another major storm is brewing over the atlantic. for the latest on the possible impact of hurricane larry, we're joined by meteorologist adam klotz. good afternoon, adam. >> adam: good afternoon, mike. larry is a big storm. the good news, this one is currently still really fall away. hurricane larry with winds at 125 miles-an-hour, that's a cat 3 storm. it is expected to lift across
10:59 am
the atlantic ocean not even getting close to landfall till around thursday. by then it's weakened a bit, a category 2 hurricane. then there's indecision. this could past close to new england. i don't think it will make landfall but you could see choppy seas and rip currents. otherwise we go from a hurricane to another area we're paying attention to, a low chance, but there's some disorganized thunderstorms that are looking a little bit -- they could lift up into the gulf of mexico. we have a 30% chance of that turning into a tropical storm in the next five days. it is something we will pay attention to. this is typically the time of year you see something like this. this is our tropical activity through the years. we are getting right into peak season, september 10th, 11th, those are the days when we see the most tropical activity. we should be seeing that kind of ramp up here in the next couple of days as we kind of already have. otherwise, your temperatures across the country, a lot of 70s, 80s, fairly pleasant. one spot we're paying attention to rain, mike. otherwise looking like a fairly nice weekend for folks across
11:00 am
the country. >> mike: busy season for the folks at fox weather. adam klotz. thank you very much. that's all for fox news live. "fox news sunday" with chris wallace is up next. i'm mike emanuel. thank you for watching. have an awesome day. >> chris: i'm chris wallace from new orleans to the northeast, the death toll from hurricane ida rises, as the recovery continues. devastation stretches from the gulf coast to the nation's biggest city. but it's far from the only disaster striking the u.s., as the west battles drought, heat, and fire. we'll talk with fema administrator about the federal response and the forecast for the future. then -- >> no one is saying from the federal government, no one, that the taliban are good


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