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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight Special  FOX News  September 6, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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with an afghan human rights activist who lives in the u.s. but was trapped in afghanistan as the taliban took over. thank you so much for watching "special report." it's been a pleasure. i am mike emanuel in washington, i will see you back here tomorrow. have a great night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to a special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." happy labor day, hope you stayed away from labor all weekend and enjoyed it. so much is going on in this world right now. occasionally it's worth taking a istep back and making time to think through what is actually happening. we have 4 minutes every night on her show per guest, and it's great buried there are guests for whom it's just not enough, so tucker carlson today, which you can stream on fox nation,
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gives us a lot more time to speak to a lot of very interesting people, and we have. the one recent conversation for example, we sat down with ted nugent to talk about attacks on the second moment in this country. it was an amazing conversation. here's part of it. >> i met a political firestorm. i've always been confrontational, especially regarding theal second amendment and hunting rights. and i've never been uncomfortable when they attacken me. i go so venison is -- you don't recognize its value? what you think deer are here for? if you don't eat them, what are they here for? carrying a gun, i would be attacked for carrying a gun. i go so by the way venison and self-defense are perfect and you're attacking me for carrying a gun and killing deer? what are you, nuts? and of course they were all stoned. so i suppose the inclination would be uncomfortable when you're attacked, but i was so confident. you may have noticed this.
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i am so confident that the weekend with my dad and brothers dear hunting was perfect. literally perfect. >> tucker: yes. >> balancing the herd, participating in god's miraculous creation as an asset to bring balance and thriving conditions and training, small marksmanship, i'm a sheriff deputy for almost 40 years now, i trained with delta force, tucker, get out of here. so marksmanship and tactical capabilities to stop evil. could it be anything but perfect? it's literally perfect. so my hunting and my guns, perfect! and the beatniks and the hippies were to attack me for those things because if you're comfortably numb, you think peace and love happened in spite of the trail of tears, in spite of the bataan death march. here's a little battle cry i believe in.
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you pearl harbor you me, i nagasaki you. >> tucker: [laughs] and that keeps us at peace. >> yes! the best way to keep peace is to be ready to destroy evil, and if you don't destroy evil, it wins, venezuela, cuba, china, democrats, chicago, are you kidding me? who doesn't see the glaring evidence -- so i've always known i was in the righteous camp not because of my opinion of what's righteous, but i consume evidence. i monitor evidence, i listen to stories. i see john belushi got high, john belushi is dead. i went hunting, i'm still ted. bad behavior, ugly results. cognizant, conscientious behavior, happiness. if so -- and by the way, don't confuse comfortably numb with
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ultra relax. i'm a bow hunter. i spendre more hours silent in a tree then all humans combined since hunter nation has jumped in were all these alphabet soup organizations have not and i'm a member oft turkey -- white tale, you got a creature -- >> tucker: wally. >> are that you love that. >> tucker: i know them well. >> so is where itit starts. if you are like what i do, what do i do, go to and see what we are doing, because it's not about hunter hunting really commits about god, family, country in the traditional -- people who take their lives into their own hands to get here because there's there'sec unique freedom that is guaranteed by the secret documents and again, those are just documents. the freedom is already here. i was born with the right to
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keep and bear arms. i was born with the right to speakk up, i was born with the right to privacy from by government intrusion without just cause. i was born with that. i couldov come here naked withot any constitution and i know ii can say what i want to say. i don't have to get the kings permission. kings, emperors, tyrants, kiss my ass, we are a self government. we are in charge, we hire people to represent us based on these self-evidenteo truths. and if you infringe on them, we will fire your ass and don't make us arrest you. >> tucker: [cackles] it is so simple! this is how i conduct my life. >> i love it! >> tucker: ted nugent, asian gentleman, undimmed after 50 years. we also had a long and very interesting conversation with hollywood's most famous fixer, -- a lot of things he spent in prison.
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hehe told us one story but the time he was offered a $500,000 bounty to get dirt on michael jackson. here is that g part. >> tucker: you get out of prison, obviously need to make a living. the easy way out would be to write a book. i mean, you work for -- our viewers can look it up. >> yeah, i've been out of prison for over two years before i started to write a book. >> tucker: but i'm saying you could have written a book, here are all the famous people i worked with. >> i got offered 500,000 just to tell the truth about michael jackson and i said no.i i won't rat on anybody. >> tucker: even someone who is deceased? >> even some but he was deceased. where's the honor and that? where's the honor? no. you know. i know what happened and i know what i did about it. that's all that's important to me. >> tucker: you don't need to tell other people about it. >> no, why. for money? no, no thank you.
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my brother has been pushing me. he says you don't have to mention names, you don't have to do this, just tell how you would handle things. i said well, i might be interested in that, but every person that i've come across, or reproduce her, every documentary producer , first thing out of their mouth is tell me about this. >> tucker: you work for all of thesehi famous people, where thy sleeping with? obvious question. >> and i said no and i continue to say no. no. why would i go to prison and spend all that time in prison, to understand, and then telling people? does that make any sense to you? >> tucker: no it doesn't. >> no. it's with the attitude that i went in with is the attitude i cameud out with and it's the attitude i will die with. i'm never going to tell on my clients. >> tucker: maybe that's why you're not angry, because you're at peace with yourself and your conscious. >> what's there to be angry about? >> tucker: but i lovers that! you can tell when a man is at rest inside, and you are. >> yeah, i love myself.
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i can look in the mirror and say i love you and mean it. if i got all the confidence in the world. i've never lacked confidence ever. you understand? and i'm going to tell you this, i don't know if it's going to make a lot of sense to yourhi viewers, but there was like a poem that had an immense effect on my life. a man who knows how to live and walk abroad without fear of tiger or rhinoceros. in him the tiger has no place to use its claw or the rhinoceros place its horn. he will not die because there's no place for death to enter. what that means to me is total absolute [bleep] confidence that you can conquer anything including death. i heard that poem when i was like 14 years old, it stood with me. ndone other thing. when i was a little boy, my
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mother went to a place called woolworths she got a couple little lithographs and one she hung and my sister and one in mind. mine was a little girl standing under an umbrella in the pouring rain, really exaggerated raindrops, if you can picture this in your head. in a puddle of water buried underneath it it said "come what may." every morning i woke up, i saw that. every night before i went to sleep i saw that subliminally it stuck, come what may. whatever [bleep] comes, i can handle it. i'll take care of it. i'm not worried, confidence. >> tucker: the total collapse of the afghanistan project continues tonight, unfortunately. it's the result of many years of mismanagement, but in thein shot term, this is the biden administration screwing up. why did they do what they did? lara logan has been watching afghanistan, quoting from inside the country, for many years. she knows the answer and she
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joins us just ahead on this special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." ♪ ♪
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well, you all have xfinity home, with cameras to home security monitored by the pros. *laughs* learn more about home security or get our self-monitored solution starting at just $10 per month. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: welcome back to a special labor day edition of "tucker carlson tonight." the catastrophe currently unfolding in afghanistan could haveo a been prevented. the buy demonstration will not admitth that, but the people who
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know about there are talking about recognize what this pullout is, it's a total failure of leadership, not simple or political leadership of leadership at the pentagon. it lara logan understands what's happening apparently better thae mark milley, here's part of our recent conversation. >> tucker: i'm fixated though on your meta-analysis that what we are watching happen is only happening because the u.s. government is allowing it to happen. and onlo some level must want it to happen, otherwise it wouldn't be happening. so if the taliban are dismantling american weapon systems and bringing them back into wherever in pakistan, why in the world would we want something like that? >> that is a question for the biden administration and for the intelligence agencies. that is who that is a question for because they are the ones watching it happen in real-time and they are thehe ones with the power to change it. and there's pictures of it, you
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know? whether it's afghan troops driving their humvees and everything across the border, whether it's the taliban fighters that just got sent and intel brief that came -- you know, that is from a company in europe and showed taliban fighters dismantling helicopter. they know far more than i know. i'm a [indiscernible], right? and they have the power to change it. i don't have the power to change it. you don't have the power to change of but we are supposed to use the accountability that is built into the first amendment to hold people to account and get them to give us real answers, but you're not having that because why? ambiguity increasing. we are arguing about whether or not the afghans are corrupt, whether or not the afghans -- you know, look at them all, they all just gave up. no, not true, they didn't all just give up. some did, some made deals ahead of time but there are also others and that's where it becomes more complex, there are other factors that came into
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play there. that nobody is talking about in the world stage. it's like the virus. it becomes very simple in the end, we can argue and scream about the virus. china builds bio weapon facilities, that's what they do. they don't create vaccines, they don't create treatments to save the world, they let the people die of the most basic diseases. so we know they have bio weapons facilities, that's all they are. so when we send research to the yuan lab, we know it's a bio weapon lab. it's always simple. the truth is always very simple. it may have, you know, complex -- it may be complicated answers to it, and you may feel very, you know -- may have a whole range of complex reactions to it and emotions and whatever else, but the truth itself is always very, very simple, because it either is true, or it isn't. you either knew from the beginning thathe the virus was man-made, or you didn't. if you know how these things are
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engineered, they are engineered in a host, so they are always come from the bats or some other host. they never come out of the lab. it's just that the bat is in the lab. >> tucker: [cackles] very good point! so the taliban will be running afghanistan now? >> oh, the united states has made this deal with the taliban. nobody asked why the u.s. made a deal with the taliban. why? they have been negotiating -- the u.s. is negotiating with the taliban without the afghan n government. i have not been at the talks. they have not been -- >> tucker: so we know -- i mean the whole microro see, we e for democracy -- no one even pretends -- we are not for democracy, period. >> who is "we"? because if you look at the united states today, the narrative that is being reinforced on the world stage, every country in the world is watching. every indigenous force or group
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or tribal community or whatever, every u.s. ally, every enemy is watching right now, and the message that we are sending is that the american idea is not worth fighting for. why? because it's based on a lie. because of the moment, when the very people that we asked to fight for it are dying, being hunted down and slaughtered, what you think is happening to those afghan special operations soldiers for the government employees? or the female women who went into government or have been on tv. what do you think is happening to them? whether it happens quickly in full view of thepe world, or the taliban pursue a claim to stein strategy and information coming out in order to get the dash what they've been promised by the u.s. the u.s. will recognize them as a legitimate government of afghanistan. and we will take your tax dollars and mine and fund them with it. that's what they're going to get out of it and that's one of the things that we know about, right? how much do we not know about?
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>> tucker: so the u.s. government is funding the taliban? >> well, consider when we know how much money and support the pakistanis have been giving to a the taliban,ni and within findig the pakistanis. we've always been funding the taliban. literally while our troops were being killed and maimed on the battlefield, we were paying the people who put them in the ground. >> tucker: you are the united states, there's a lot of political -- it's a democracy so you have to but ultimately -- at least indirectly bow to the will to the population, they want to go to afghanistan -- previous administration said we're doing it, we're doing it, so that's what we're doing. your joe biden, your job is to get us out of afghanistan. how would you do it better than the way they did it? >> i wouldn't make a deal with the enemy, first of all. you don't need the permission of
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the taliban to withdraw from airbases, do you? >> tucker: [cackles] good point, lara logan! >> why would you make a deal with the taliban? the peace deal? where's the peace, don't attack my soldiers killing afghans? the people that we have fought alongside? that's the deal that we made. >> tucker: one of the best parts of having a long interview format is you get to listen. you are in receive, not just transmitted and if you listen long enough people say things you did not expect them to say. actor jon voight for example told us a story that he had never said to anyone. told us what saved him when his life seemed out of control. that's next on this special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> welcome to fox news live, i'm jack a bonnie is new york, another tragic milestone in the covid-19 era, the virus is now the leading killer of
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law enforcement officers who became infected while in the line of duty. that statistic comes amid the resurgence of covid this summer and the debate over vaccine requirements. city and state and its affect tens of thousands of police officers, firefighters, and others in the frontline of all the nations first responders are dying in large numbers, many are still fighting mandates despite the risk of losing their jobs. meanwhile, vice president kamala harris flies to california wednesday to campaign for governor gavin newsom. he's facing a recall election in one week, but newsom has got top democrats on his side, including the vp and president biden. supporters say the election could impact climate change, immigration, and women's rights. now back to "tucker carlson tonight." for all of your headlines log on to >> tucker: welcome back to a special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." actor jon voight has been shunned to some extent in hollywood because his political views differ from the majority. when we sat down with him, we
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expected to talk about politics. but we didn't. we wound up talking about jon voight'sbo spiritual journey. he told us out of nowhere the moment when he believes god saved him from a very dark place. here's a clip from that conversation. >> i was in a lot of trouble at one point. divorce, had some problems, and i was in this little house that i have and i was really suffering for many reasons. my career with a little bit in flux at that time and lots of things were going on, my relationship to my kids and wife and stuff, and i was on the floor -- i found myself on the floor saying "it's so difficult."
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so difficult. i said it out loud. and i heard, in my ear, "it's supposed to be difficult." [laughs] can you imagine? can you imagine? >> tucker: like a separate voice telling you that? >> yeah, it's supposed to be difficult. a voice of wisdom, kindness, you know, clarity. i mean, it had so much resonance, this voice. >> tucker: what a message! it's supposed to be difficult. >> can you imagine -- and i went boom, what? and i got up and it -- and i can tell you, tucker, that moment in time, at that time i knew, i said -- you know, what it meant was i'm not alone. >> tucker: yes. >> everything is known, everything is known. i am known. that's what it meant to me.
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wow, this is -- >> tucker: did you expected? where you calling i forgot? >> knocked me out. now i have perceive in my life. but i felt this tremendous energy. somebody is rooting for me. it's like don't give up, it's like, you know, there's a purpose here. you know, you've got a ways to go, son, you know what i'm saying? whatever you might imagine it meant it meant, do you see? and i got -- and i felt great. and so it -- the next morning -- and i -- i'm not a person who really prays with the idea that anybody is listening. after that moment. now i know we are covered, man, everything we think, everything
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we say -- everything. you are known. like they say that god knows every bird that falls. this is us too, kids. we all are known, being observed. and helped,d and loved. and we are expected to get up and, you know, do battle, do something, do what's right, whatever it isig coming to see? there's a purpose here, and the purpose here is to learn our lessons and grow and what's the big deal? to give to eachro other. two be here, to be of help. i mean, this is what you figure out. at that moment i was just interested in mes surviving, so the next morning i get up and i say what you got for me today? [laughs] and turned on the radio and
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here's what came on -- i swear, this is what happened, but i turned the radio on. having fun, and having fun because i'm not take myself too seriously, but it's serious. i turn on the radio it says ♪♪ i'll build a stairway to paradise ♪ ♪ with a new stepy every day ♪♪ what! it's another one! wait a minute! what's going on here? anyway, i had that kind of thing going on for several days, you know, things were happening to me, and then i started -- i was kind of drawn to certain things from that point on and i've had many, many experiences, but that was -- that was the beginning. >> tucker: so that's the moment when you realize that god is real, knows who, and is on your side. >> right. >> tucker: what were the applications of i that? >> well, i had to straighten out if i'm going to be a vessel for
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god, i mean i better be cleaner than i was, you know what i mean? i better be a righteous fella. >> tucker: how hard wass that? >> you know, i've always had good examples in my life, my dad, as i said, was a very righteous man, my mother and i've had many good people in my life, so i just got off track a little bit and i realized that at that time, so i worked since then to be a better fella. >> tucker: what to do for your joy levels, the way that you feel every day? >> that's interesting. i said just a couple of days ago, i was asked about something and i said that i have fear of the lord. you know they say have fear of the lord. i got it. i am really afraid. i'm afraid of offending god, right? because god is everything, god
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is love, guidance, you know, all these beautiful things, beauty, everything. and i'm going to -- how can i live up to that? i need a lot of help, but i think that's the fear of the lord. it keeps you on the track, you know what i'm saying? it's not a fear of -- frightened ofri getting, you know, attacked by anything. it's a fear of offending, fear of not living up to. >> tucker:it yes. >> fear of doing the wrong thing, you know, of making a terrible mistake, so all of that, you know, but i've been a happier fella. i'm much happier -- i mean, i may notno look like it right no. i don't know what i look like, -- >> tucker: one of h the most interesting and newsworthy interviews we've done recently was with a virologist who escaped from china, was there at the very beginning of covid.
10:35 pm
she told us that covid was manufactured by the chinese military in a laboratory in wuhan and she knew that for a fact. big tech and this country censored the conversation, but now it turns out she was right. you will hear what she said straight ahead on a special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." ♪ ♪ the covid-19 vaccines can be our chance to get back to our plans. who we are. what we miss. to get back to each other.
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to life. but... it's ok to have questions like... how were the vaccines tested? in rigorous clinical trials among adults of diverse backgrounds. can the vaccines give you covid-19? you cannot get covid-19 from a vaccine. why should i get vaccinated? protecting yourself also helps protect the people around you. find the latest information at
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: welcome back to a special labor day edition of "tucker carlson tonight." covid lockdowns began overreaction to the virus and they've become in the last year and a half increasingly untenable, even absurd. the state of oregon for example, you can't go outside without a mask, even if you are vaccinated. what's going on here? one of the few people who saw this very clearly from the first day is jesse kelly. when we talked to jesse kelly, he told us why these lockdowns are so destructive and how they are hurting the united states in ways that most people don't even perceive. here's part of that conversation. >> we learned in february, march, 2020 that this pandemic is on the way, the country shuts down and everybody has to make
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within their own family decision, how do we respond to this, how does your family respond? >> i want to work and my kids went to school. you don't stop -- what we did during covid -- the idea that you stop an economy from moving in response to a virus, virus, antivirus, no matter how deadly it is, the idea that you safe that you point your economy and say stop in response to a virus is the most financially devastating idea in the history of mankind. in the history of mankind. what we did during covid by stopping moving, by pointing to our economy and saying stop, we didn't just crush small business and jobs and all of the other bad stuff you could say. what we did, we laid out a blueprint to our biggest enemy on exactly how we will respond to a virus and if people think china, whose very, very good at warfare and the long game, if you think china wasn't sitting there making notes in mandarin on exactly how the west will kill itself in response to a
10:42 pm
virus, you've got another think coming. if you think that's the last one coming from the chinese sure, y people are crazy. we told china just make sure someone gets sick and we will work ourselves up into a panic frenzy and make sure we slaughter ourselves. and we did and it was pathetic. >> tucker: were you afraid of it? no.. but that's not to me it's nothing i'm not one of these people, it's an invented think i'm i'm not saying that. it's a real thing, it clearly affects people, especially older people. >> tucker: of course, but i'm just wondering your personal viewex of it. speakke on 39 years old, i don't have any fear of covid, i don't have any fear of my kids getting covid or my wife getting covid and i don't understand why this is so controversial when you look at the people who have serioushe effects from covid, im not in any danger. i'm not getting vaccinated for something i'm in no danger for, my wife isn't, my kids, they sure aren't either but this is the dumbest -- i think we would even have to have this conversation with people. why would i be afraid of it? even if i got it. okay, i will go lay in bed and have a fever for a couple of
10:43 pm
days and get up and go right back to work. that's what you do! i have a responsibly to provide. but i understand everybody who makes a living sitting at home and they can just zoom all their meetings in their pajamas told the small business america you have to go home and fire your business and just destroy everything you've ever worked for. that's easy to say when you're a cable news pundit on cnn when you're buying seltzer's sitting there in your hello kitty pajamas doing her show, that's nice, but someone else lost every thing. >> tucker: should men wear hello kitty pajamas? >> whatever you're into, i'm not here to judge. >> tucker: you just said you didn't get vaccinated. that makes you i think a criminal. >> welcome of course i'm a criminal at a heretic and anything else. and i'm not telling people not to. get vaccinated if you want. i just think it's absurd how we pretended as if everybody has to. we have data now, we have a year of data showing who is a danger, who is not a danger. we vaccinated people and offer diseases they are not a danger for? because if we are -- i went to
10:44 pm
community college. if we are, that's a new thing to me. i don't think you get vaccinated for something you're not at danger for. if you're in danger for it, please. >> tucker: so it does feel like we've set a new precedent here. we can force people to take medicine they don't want or need. >> we've set so many new precedents in the last year it's going to be the end of us. we told them we could force people to take vaccines, which will people we can force you to close your business. i think we forget and i'm as guilty of this is anyone else, we had governors and mayors in the last year point to this business and this business anday said close, close your doors, i will send the cops. close your doors. you can stay open, amazon, you're fine. closed, you'd be better close but i've had this business for 30 years. sorry coming out of -- that is a stunning place to be for the land of the free. >> tucker: it wasn't so long ago, the other day essentially, that you are not even allowed to contemplate the remote possibility that maybe covid wasn't natural, it didn't come from a pangolin, but instead
10:45 pm
from a chinese military lab. a group of virologists signed a letter that said virologists didn't cause the virus. therefore big tech censored anyone who disagreed with the virologists us and spent of themselves. one of the people they censored was a doctor, she's a chinese brawler just was been published in some of the world leading medical journals. she was in china when sars-cov-2 emerged, she told us, in no uncertain terms, based on her first hand experience, but this virus did not come from nature, it came from a chinese military bio c weapons lab. big tech didn't want you to see it. here's what she said. >> tucker: i want to be really clear about what you're saying. sars happens years ago, the chinese military decides this is an effective virus to turn into a bio weapon, they find sars-cov-2 you, they are doing research on it to make it a bio weapon. they tested in wuhan, it gets
10:46 pm
out of control, they didn't expect that to happen. at that point, they realize okay, it's out, they lied about that, but then they intentionally allowed some huge number of people, some infected, from wuhan, to travel around the world to infect the rest of the world. >> exactly, because first, you know, china is a country which has a lot of materials, so so the other military that go to u.s. or other countries some of the best technology andri use it to the modifications for many years and then later when they found the appreciate the virus back from eastern china, it's like playing lego. >> tucker: playing lego. >> the functions are from
10:47 pm
different things which have different expertise in making this function. so they added to the virus and made the whole virus become the sars-cov-2, which carried different kind of functions and attack of humans, so that's why later on you see there are a lot of unexplained symptoms happen in the population, and that's also why i think that we should understand the real back room for more because you can study how many functions they added to sars-cov-2 you. >> tucker: so my questions. let's just start with the virus itself. you heard the eminence, very famous, highly respected american researchers and brawler just say we've taken a look at this virus and there's no chance it could have been manufactured in a lab.
10:48 pm
>> i know this kind of people always tell you that there's no way he comes from lab. what i can tell you is china government actually spends many years to infiltrate the scientific world and that also i know these people actually try to help china government for their own purpose, so except for some who may not have enough experience in virus, those -- they are lying. they know they are lying. they just tried to use misinformation to help china government for their own benefit and these are all later reviewed again. again. >> tucker: they should be in prison if that's true, immediate lead. >> yes. >> tucker: see you are a virologists so you look at this virus and is it obvious to you that it's manufactured? >> yes, this is based on the
10:49 pm
real virus and as i said, the diagnoses and all the functions that i can examine presented in my paper, dysfunction for all type of human. one function is learned from staff one, so the purposely changed the structure of that genome. that's part of genome, make it like the hand and carrier receptor very well and even much better than any other animals, so that's why you cannot find the nature, intermediate host, because the other animals receptor cannot find it so well. in china, it's totally different as happened in u.s., they just locked on in your room and lock your room. and then you can be hungry, died at home, which happened in wuhan at that time. >> tucker: people starved to death in their homes.
10:50 pm
>> whether or not they had covid are not. >> tucker: but they weren't allowed to leave so they just died of starvation. >> yes, because government control it. that's why china claims that they can conquer covid very well in the used propaganda, tiktok, media, to show a democratic party, even make americans, china is great, we should learn from them, but trust me, none of you want to experience such terrible stuff. >> tucker: if you've ever seen mark steyn on her show and if you've watched it before, you have, we probably thought to yourself i bet that man sleeps well. is there anything that keeps him up awake at night? actually there is, and mark steyn told us what it is. it's her special edition of "tucker carlson tonight" continues. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: welcome back to a special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." the supreme court made gay marriage the law of the land, the decision included the footnote that most people didn't read about polygamy.
10:56 pm
summarize it for you, basically a footnotete that said gay marriage is good, but polygamy is bad, but they didn't explain why. that has been keeping mark steyn up at night ever since. he wants to know why we don't all embrace polygamy. interesting question. here's part of oury. conversati. >> tucker: i'm not defending polygamy, because i don't practice and impose all the caveats but the same people who are telling you that the nuclear pam is completely outdated in any combination is not only cold but preferable to the nuclear family are deeply offended by polygamy. i once raised the defense of a polygamist not because i'm poor polygraphy, but no, kids taking responsibility for them, i'm for that. and wow i got attacked. why is polygamy the one family arrangement that just sets them off? >> well, because here it's traditionally associated with unfashionable people.
10:57 pm
basically if you say the word polygamy to most americans they are thinking on some stern faced patriarch in utah with five the fact is, statistically speaking, in the western world, the practitioners, the main practitioners of polygamy are muslims and their arrangements artifacts are recognized by for example welfare in france, welfare in ontario for the purposes of inheritance tax, in the united kingdom and that kind of polygamy no one wants to go anywhere near. as you point out, the left is completely incoherent on this because they are all for the same-sex marriage, so the sex doesn't make any difference in the participant, but it's like a man taking a wife -- that's not what it'sth about. it's about expressing your
10:58 pm
commitment and your love for each other. well, if the sex of the participants doesn't make any difference, why should the number of the participants. >> tucker: i have made this case. and they go crazy when you make the case. i don't really have any kind of vested intereston in it anyway t it's interesting. >> i'm not in favor of polygamy, but if anything can be anything, which is where we are now, why is it that the polygamists are uniquely out-of-favor and because, again, because they are associated with utah and a particular kind of -- >> tucker: i think that's right. my view is if a professional athlete can have nine kids out of wedlock and brag about it intake was once ability for none of them, here you have someone saying no, my children, i'm their father, these to are married to their mothers, i'm not into it but you are taking responsibility for the kids, why shouldn't we applause that?
10:59 pm
>> that's basically what -- they said on the one hand, these people who suddenly become -- they can become worldwide icons and they knocked up a selection of babyhe mamas, and so there's all kinds of former girlfriends, partners, all these euphemisms. >> tucker: it's always a fiance. we are about to get married, yeah. [cackles] >> but they are all basically euphemisms for a man who left huge amounts of human wreckage in his wake. but as you say, some guy in utah is taking care of all the children by all his wives. that guy is deserving of unique scorn. and it just -- the whole point about the leftist worldview is it doesn't have to cohere, because they have the power
11:00 pm
>> tucker: that is it for us tonight on our labor day special. there's a lot of good stuff on fox nation. you can watchfo all these episos right on and of course, we will be back every weeknight 8:00 p.m., the show that is a sworn enemy of smugness and groupthink. have the best night with the ones you love and we will see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to this special edition of hannity. happy labor day. tonight for the hour, we will highlight some of our town halls and exclusive interviews from the past summer. we have all witnessed the disaster of the southern border due to the bidenha administration's complete incompetence, failure to control the migrant surge and here is highlights from the u.s.-mexico border. >> from day one, t


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