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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 7, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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jillian: you heard it here. todd: 45 house. giving the high side. jillian: sean duffy, thank you. good to see you. all right. well, that's it right now. "fox & friends" has continuing coverage of all the latest news. hope you have a good day. todd: pie bye, everybody. ♪ >> those accused of planning still have never been to trial. >> crisis on the border only getting worst. >> texas rancher asking why washington is doing nothing to stop the surge. >> bodies in kenny county are s. astoinding started to call them biden bodies. >> see the damage left by hurricane ida and new york and new jersey. >> over 400,000 people still out of power in the state of louisiana. >> the supreme court reinstated president trump's remain in mexico policy. >> the biden administration are
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scrapped earlier this year. >> right now the situation is out of control. >> sons of a fallen firefighter are honoring their heroic father's sacrifice. >> it means so much to be able follow exactly in that foot step and be able to work under the same roof that he worked. ♪ ♪ brian: great. i love the ferris wheel. a lot of bulbs on there light it up now. later it will not be lit up. monday to tuesday after labor day, how many people are still on it. ainsley: still going. look at this 6:00 in the morning. brian: i don't know how long the lines are. staff steve i don't think very long at all. i don't think it opens until 9:00 o. 10:00 this morning. they might have turned on the lights for us. ainsley: maybe. we appreciate it. steve: welcome, it's fall. just like that, boom.
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ainsley: i know. no more white, right? we can't wear white after labor day. my grandmother said that the fashion police. brian: you can't go to a restaurant wearing white or vaccine card. two new things. ainsley: fake news, brian. steve: it's fashion week. i think brian could actually be on to something. brian: thank you. we enforce fashion week. ainsley: it is 6:02 on the east coast. we thank you for waking up with us. start with this. the taliban takeover of afghanistan. overnight secretary of state anthony linken and lloyd austin are traveling to qatar. brian: they insist the u.s. is working around the clock to save americans stranded tongue in cheek behind enemy lines. steve: they have a strange way of doing that griff jenkins is in washington as the state department found itself in the middle of a scandal. griff, sounds like they are trying to take credit for something they had very little to do with. griff: that's right. i will get to that in a second, steve, ainsley and brian. secretary blinken in qatar
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minutes ago making news acknowledging for the first time the stranded planes full of americans and afghan allies are in shareef after congressman michael mccaul sounded the alarm on sunday. in those comments blinken isn't calling it a hostage situation. listen. >> we have been able to identify a relatively small number of americans who we believe are seeking to depart with their families. we have been assured, again that all-american and afghan citizens with valid travel documents will be allowed to leave. griff: this after the state department over the weekend claimed credit for facilitating the rescue of four americans. a mother named meriam and her three kids saved by a private team who got them, drove them other land to the border and got them into another country. congressman markwayne mullin calling blinken's team out tweeting this is a flat out lie. the biden administration abandoned them. let's be clear. it was our team of patriots who worked around the clock for two weeks to get them out despite the many road blocks from the
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state department. meanwhile, it's creating bipartisan anger on the hill. democrat senator richard blumenthal said this in a statement, quote: i have been deeply frustrated even furious at our government's delay and inaction. now, last night at the white house, as the president returned from wilming top, well, he wasn't wanting to talk about afghanistan. >> will you recognize the taliban. >> no, that's a long way off. that's a long way off. thank you. >> what's your message. >> will you recognize the taliban? griff: comes as the flag of the taliban is raised over the last providence to fall in the panjshir valley where centcom sources tell fox news pakistan's military played a role in helping the taliban put down the resistance and in kabul these images as the taliban flag painted on the u.s. embassy. it's just quite a telling part of the story. now, blinken continues his trip
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today, but, the senate foreign relations committee will be awaiting his return when he gets back. a week from today, to testify about what went down, who knew, what and with when. brian, ainsley, steve? brian: thanks, griff. the thing is about the panjshir province 140,000 led by massoud's son former vice president of the former afghan government in that area. think about this. where was bin laden? pakistan? pakistan is supposed to be technically our ally things go wrong they say blame isi and terrorist groups. guess what that phone call was, the phone call that ghani gave to president biden the transcript of which was reported it said hey, i'm in the middle of a full scale invasion. there are ten to 15,000 terror groups and pakistan is providing support for them. wait a second. joe biden didn't even make the effort to tell pakistan to knock it off let alone say what the hell are you doing? and now they are wiping out the last enclave of would be afghan
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fighters. ainsley: you have a democrat, senator richard blumenthal who is furious because he says we're not trying hard enough to get these americans out of afghanistan. you heard griff talk about this lady meriam and her three kids ages 2 to 15. they are american citizens. she went over there to visit her family, her parents. and congressman ronny jackson was saying after two weeks and multiple life threatening attempts we finally are getting her home, thanks to corey mills. corey mills, is a former dod official and combat veteran. and congressman mullin who is a republican out of oklahoma, he got an email from one of his friends who said will you please go save meriam and her kids. he contacted corey mills. and corey mills and veterans got her out. is he going to be on our show talking to brian at 6:30 this morning. steve: she tried two weeks. apparently the congressman's office tried to get her on those flights out of harmid car xie international airports when they were still flying them these
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guys went over land into a country not releasing name they are trying to get more people out through that way. corey is going to be talking about what they did took credit we helped no. they didn't. ainsley: the taliban held her at gunpoint. steve: when she went to the airport. you have been here before. don't ever come back. it's like okay, i'm not coming back. that's when cory sprang into action. brian: lawmakers condemnation from both sides of the aisle. i like the fact that those two congressman went over to the kabul airport to harmid karzai airport to see for themselves. i love the fact that the other republican congressman went over and did the same thing. he came out and he gets condemned mark wayne mullin of
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oklahoma. he says i want to help out. i'm seeing all these calls because the state department is not doing their job. in case you think these are republicans trying to make a democratic administration look bad. they can do it themselves. they have proven that david brodie from new says the white house and u.s. state department are holding up charter planes at airport that would transport 19 americans and 40 sivs to al bane i can't. i want to repeat that quote: it is the state department and the white house. ainsley: they said americans are just sitting on the planes waiting to take off. brian: look at the satellite photo. michael mccaul in a statement from chris wallace says oh yes we have six planes waiting at the airport. chris says what? i haven't heard of this. nobody outside of kabul got to the airport. in kabul you cut get tarpt. why wouldn't there be sivs or americans or green card holders outside in afghanistan? steve: it is just a disaster. let's bring in pete hegseth "fox & friends weekend" co-host and
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former gitmo guard and we will talk more about gitmo in a moment. pete: good morning, guys. steve: good morning. you are joining us from the twin cities today. good to have you. what do you make of the state department trying to say yeah, we were in on rescuing the mom and her three kids when they had nothing to do with it? at the end of the journey they go welcome. and that was it. pete: absolute garbage. this story is one i have been hearing time and time again behind the scenes firsthand from people working to get siv holders and citizens out of afghanistan. mazda russia reef is one of the locations. there are others. this is one instance. there are many others there are planes that have been called back. they have been actually released to fly and mid flight the state department is standing between the freedom of our allies and a are past with the taliban. i don't know what it is. i don't know if it's
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bureaucratic incompetence which is a portion of it. i don't know if it's a desire to hold it back so they can try to take credit like we are seeing right now. i don't know if it's some sort california with the taliban. brian: there you go. pete: they want to see it fulfilled that could be part of it any one of those three is unacceptable considering the fact that there are vets or the ground wanting to get groups out. you. jillian: i know you were at gitmo and all these 9/11 terrorists still there. and the pre-trial starts today this week starts today and khalid sheikh mohammed architect of 9/11. conspiracies, attacking. causing serious bodily injury. murder. in violation of the law of war. hijacking or hazarding a vessel or aircraft and terrorism how many pre-trials? 40 oso far?
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>> when there were almost 700 detain years at gitmo. guantanamo bay. i was a guard there we were really excited because the trials were finally getting started. we were moving up to the new commission hall which had just been built to allow for media and translators and others. we thought okay. all these years we're finally going to start these trials. that was our thinking in 2005. fast forward to 2021 and we are having the pre-trial for ksm who by the way probably wasn't even at guantanamo bay by that time. there is questions about when he actually arrived. i think it was later than that but the supreme court stepped in multiple times. congress we wrote the law multiple times. ultimately international lawyers and others who wanted to gunk up the mix and wanted to create rights, con be constitutional rights for 'terrorists created a process that was almost gobble get past. here we are in 2021 with only a handful of people there and khalid sheikh mohammed might
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actually get -- by the way he released a manifesto during that time. they have great healthcare and lots of opportunities to speak their mind. now he will have a day in court. we will see if it holds up and if it actually happens. this is not how you win a are with a. just like we saw in afghanistan you don't win a war by allowing for constitutional rights for your enemies, allowing them to speak out-to-against you while they stay alive and ultimately getting to pre-trial 20 years later. it's ineffectual. brian: ksm admitted he wanted to die as a march t wait a second, he gave up that testimony after he was waterboarded. so now everything becomes it's going to be the torture trial. they are going to talk about how bad americans, how bad it was because we did enhanced interrogation. by the way we saved subsequent attacks because of that and intelligence that's got has been invaluable including usama bin laden. the other guy wall lead to be is
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the one who took care of the hamburg sale the other one paid mohammed atta to go ahead and pull off the hijacking, the flight classes in america. so these other two are equally evil and ksm went to north carolina nicknamed pluto because such clown and loser. ends up coming back and blowing up in a way that we could not have thought imaginable. pete: good history lesson how it's all connected together. we don't know any of that without the interrogations that happened around khalid sheikh mohammed. ultimately we were told we were not abiding by the good evenings with the way we are connecting military try bibles and military interrogation. last time i checked taliban and financial al-qaeda were not signators of the geneva convention. you have to be a signatory to be applied to you as combatant and
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in this particular case they don't have it. brian: no theatrics a pre-trial hearing. that's it. what great timing days before 9/11. 20 years later. pete: exactly. no justice because we didn't fight it seriously the way we should have. thank you. steve: the question is whether l. they ever, ever, ever be held accountable for what they did? brian: listen 39 prisoners, $13 million a year to house each one. $13 million. ainsley: versus 70,000 if we house them. brian: how much electric do you need to thought put them in the electric chair and get rid of them? steve: here's the thing they are actually building on to the facility. spending millions more dollars to build a new top secret interrogation room or something. ainsley: 6:14 on the east coast. the patriarch of a prominent south carolina family now entering rehab after being shot months after the unsolved murder of his wife and son. hear the shocking admission as this investigation continues.
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brian: and the worst may be yet to come at the southern border. while officials say crisis will continue to hit historic levels if policies don't change. ♪
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shooting happening months after wife maggie and son brawl murdered. police have not made any arrests in either case. tributes pouring in after the shocking death of michael k. williams. >> you are a power. >> just like. >> you a culture of drugs. >> excuse me? >> i got the shotgun. got the briefcase all in the game. >> found dead in brooklyn home. his death is being investigated as a possible drug overdose. he was 54 years old. the seattle police department could lose more than 200 officers over the mayor's vaccine mandate. the jason rantz radio show brorts 20% of the department's deployable staff seattle police are already down about 300 officers since last year's key fund the police push. city employees have to be fully vaccinated by october 18th or
3:21 am
face termination. vice president kamala harris is heading to california to stump for embattled governor gam ahead of next week's recall election. right now the democrat has brought in more than $72 million. he faces steep competition from republican frontrunner larry elder who has only taken in $13 million. >> gam the only politician i know praised biden for afghanistan disaster. how he has handled crime and homelessness and water brown out and water shortage in california. he has been an absolute disaster. >> jillian: the white house says biden will campaign for newsom but a date not set. steve: busy 'tuesday that feels like a monday. the u.s. supreme court looked at the challenge from a number of state and they said hey, wait a minute. the biden administration could
3:22 am
not legally pull the plug on the remain in mexico policy and so the supreme court ordered it reinstated, which is happening. the department of homeland security says we're going to go ahead and appeal that well, in the meantime, some people in the administration are realizing wait a minute it, a disaster on our southern border. our worst numbers are on immigration and the border. maybe we use the court as political cover to go ahead and start what they're referring to as remain in mexico light. and essentially that would be a smaller number of migrants waiting in mexico government give them better living conditions and lawyers as they wait to come to the united states as they remain in mexico. ainsley: the "new york times" you can see at the both the screen. the "new york times" is reporting that some in the administration were looking to reboot the remain in mexico policy already. christopher a texas department of public safety answered says this is only going to get worse if we don't start changing their policies down there. listen. >> right now, this situation is
3:23 am
out of control. and unless the administration steps in and does something to put some stiffer policies in place, we're going to continue to see this historic numbers month in and month out. so right now nothing is being done on their part but the state of texas is stepping in and keep our nation safe. brian: having remain in mexico light says it takes a certain number of illegals and leave them in 'mexico. they have more what they call humane conditions. number two you should say maybe you should call mexico. one of the first things president trump did even though he was a socialist when he got elected and the president knew nothing about him was call him up and say listen, you have to put marines on your southern border, if you do that you will be rewarded. also this remain in mexico thing. if you leave some room that will help you alleviate the pressure on your border. people realize they can't just walk. in as usual the biden administration will go halfway. because they can't do anything that works from the trump administration. they are going to leave just some which will not send the
3:24 am
correct signal to central and south america that you will not get in if you come to our border. keep in mind, this is a lifeline. no question. but where was the president's political instincts when he had the lifeline to build wall. >> we know it worked. in 2006 he voted for it it's all paid for. the contractors are getting paid not to work. we made the wall and it's being stored or destroyed as we speak. he walked away from that lifeline. he is almost walking away from this lifeline. but it's not just texas. even though they are hurt the worst. new mexico, a democratic run state and arizona. ainsley: california. brian brian good luck on 2022 if the people in those states have some pride and put aside their party they will realize that joe biden could not care less about the pandemic when it comes to your cities and towns and about illegal immigration because the people in line for illegal immigration is looked at
3:25 am
suckers, the quick line is it that way. ainsley: not to mention all the little kids we have seen stranded. the mom and her daughter that died last week. brent smith is this rancher. he has been on fox seller times. he faces $60,000 in property damages he says they keep tearing down his fences. he says his county the is the epicenter of thinks migrant invasion an attorney in kenny, texas. he says you can't go in your backyard anymore. you don't feel safe during the day. if you don't have a gun with you, you are taking a chance, and he has talked about the bodies, bodies that were found on his property. listen to this. >> since the border crisis has hit we are about same place we were. the amount of bodies that we're finding in kenny county is astounding. just last week we found three last week. and they have become so regular around here we are starting to call them biden bodies it's from one policy that this is occurring and it's the same policy that can be stopped by one person but it's not happening. brian: the border patrol, they're the ones that have to
3:26 am
deal with, this seeing the bodies and families and illegal traffickers not being able to do anything. the council for refugee and human rights says the most frustrating part of the last eight months constantly changing policies particularly the asylum seekers they are on the other side think going we wait biden is eventually going to open up the ports of intreend allow us. in that's the messaging. don't worry kamala harris is on it whoops, i forgot she is not really interested. gavin newsom needs someone to appear with him at recall fundraiser. she is going there. steve: why is the administration considering the remain in mexico light policy? because apparently they are tiferred terrified they are going to lose the midterms in a year given what's going on. those images we have been showing are nashville attack ad. they will be used. the problem is they are worried they are going to anger their base, the democrats. joe biden you said as soon as you were elected president you would pull the plug and now you
3:27 am
are reinstag stalling it? what's up with that political blow back? they are thinking the courts could give them the cover to do it in a little way? stay tuned. let's turn to fox news weather today the president is going to see some of the damage left by hurricane ida last week in new york and new jersey after approving a lot of federal aid for both of those states. ainsley: his visit comes as crews are scrambling to get the power back onto the hundreds of thousands down in louisiana. brian: fox weather media journalist robert ray looks at the devastation across the state. hey, robert. >> >> here in the french quarter of new orleans it's been over a week since hurricane ida's category 5 winds came in counterclockwise in southeastern louisiana. there is damage everywhere. including here at the edge of the french quarter. this is just a small part of what people are experiencing all
3:28 am
over this part of the state. >> praying every day that every second that you make it through. >> we don't have no if [inaudible] barely surviving through this heat. >> just so many heart breaking stories like that from people trying to survive. this is what a lot of folks are getting this humanitarian aid given out by the national guard and groups that are down here trying to make people's lives better there are massive gas lines, water lines and food lines all over the place. the power is not on in some spots. in fact, in some of the perishes around new orleans, it won't be until the end of september that people get the lights on and water running. and with hundreds of thousands of people suffering in the region, many looking to have their homes repaired, because they have been destroyed, the issue is there is not enough workers to come out and make those changes, make those repairs. in fact, 200 miles to the west
3:29 am
in lake charles, louisiana, where they were slammed by hurricanes last autumn, they're still reeling down on the covid-19 where the hurricane came n grand isle, louisiana. it's just mass destruction. 360 trees. and it's totally uninhabitable. >> we just need help with the lights. that's it. but thank god also. it. >> the neighborhoods and people all around this area are trying their best, trying to be neighbors. and give each other a helping hand. they all know this is going to be a long road to recovery. >> by the grace of god we are going to make it through it everybody is okay. everything that's messed up we could replace. that's a good thing. it chance to come and rebuild everything. >> over 400,000 people in louisiana still out of power. and listen to this. according to the coast guard, there are 350 oil and chemical sphils here in louisiana.
3:30 am
mostly in the gulf of mexico, and on the mississippi river. from oil refineries, and it the wrath of hurricane i'd darks the problems keep mounting as the folks here are just waiting for that power to come back on. it could be until the end of september. tough times down here as ida has just put a beating on the south. steve: end of september. that's two more weeks. unbelievable. robert, thank you very much. ainsley: fox weather is coming right after the end of september. starting in october we will have fox weather. so you have to watch out for that. steve: all right. in the meantime with american troops gone, some vets are taking it upon themselves to help rescue americans and allies trapped in afghanistan if our government won't do it. our next guest just rescued a mom and her three kids and says his team will not let the state department take credit for what they did. that story is coming up next. ♪ hm. your happy place. find your breaking point.
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3:35 am
[crying] brian: we first showed you that video last week american woman with three children trying to escape afghanistan. she was blocked until yesterday. army combat veteran corey mills would not give up. he just completed the first ground evacuation since the taliban took control he cory, congratulations for pug this off. how did you hear about this woman 25 years old from california nasa are a's polite plightwhat did you take. >> we actually rescued meriam and her family three children and we did this after we were notified by congressman ronny jackson's office. congressman jackson and i knew each other, mutual respect there. i respect what he has done as
3:36 am
well as congressman markwayne mullin he is heavily involved in this as well. we had an actual ability with all of our special operations background to go in, identify, look at the various strategic planning and then try to plan evacs. originally it was air evac. that was absolutely thwarted by the centcom command and the state department when we tried to land our plane. we had approved ppr. we had a crew fly over approval faa. our plane had been designated as emergency humanitarian aircraft didn't have to meet just the seat standards but actually do weight and balance standard. which meant i could have up to 25 americans, brian on to that plane. and like 9,000 feet in dissent landing gear down with approved landing they waived us off. brian: unbelievable. did they give you an explanation why? >> they gave no explanation.
3:37 am
we utilized our contacts and networks to apply and get approved for three more pprs which were all approved and immediately terminated at that point we were told by ground command unless chairman of the joint chief of staff millie approves it, you are not permitted to land. and f-16 scrambled went to go to show force. i asked to land anyway. and when the pilot said they were going to land and stay in a holding pattern for a certain period of time. that's when they threatened to take away the pilot's license. brian: inexclusive. about this evacuation. this going to be explanations and better start next week with antony blinken i don't remember and i don't know first time i hear about it can't be an answer. did you actually walk this family across this air evacuation or did you just direct them where to go? >> as far as walking them across in regard to getting them out of afghanistan, yes, i did.
3:38 am
one of them, my -- [inaudible] speaks five different languages, also prior military as well. he was with me and myself. we were the only two to get approval to cross over the specific crossing from that local military force. and we were able to move back all the way across the border. take chain of custody and in the process of getting her back home with her children now. brian: the state department said it facilitated the safe departure of four u.s. citizens from afghanistan yesterday. and that the taliban was aware and did not interfere with the evacuation. would you like to tackle that statement? >> that's -- well, i will go ahead and say that there [inaudible] first off, the taliban did interfere. i had multiple conversations recorded where the taliban said on certain occasions especially the commander who was there who is a malawi their kind of leader, this specific check point in that he said we have no
3:39 am
agreement. we have no coordination with the americans to allow you to pass. and, you know, there is a whole string of things that he was basically noting as far as you requested these lob docked down why should we reopen now? we had to go through a shell game trickery and multiple phones to getting malawi to contact. that's how we eventually tricked them into allowing once clearance to get this family across. right now, this is the greatest part, brian, we literally were on the tenth hour. we were told by the state department officials here hey, i'm sorry, the border is totally locked now. the taliban issued issued will american go through or not because they're waiting to establish their government and nothing more they could do. it was our team that was basically able to trick the taliban commander to letting them through because they thought had a number doha and we convinced them that doha where the leadership was had approved this and had another malawi basically say the same thing
3:40 am
that named us to pack them through at the enth hour. brian: state department not only tried to take credit they lied how it was done. if we want to support you, you said there is many more than ron klain said. you told me there is more than 100. it people want to continue rescue missions because the country won't where do they go? >> first off, go ahead and find me on twitter at cory mills fl. i will post our donation site so we can continue to go forward. let me clarify one statement, brian. i will say in country consulate. in country state department officials are eager to help. there is a cooperation opportunity there. this is politics being played out by the state department d.c. they are the issue. millie is the issue. and also you have got mckensey and others literally going to let this family inside but yet they didn't. brian: core mills, thank you so much. i know i'm speaking for my whole
3:41 am
audience when i say that. >> thank you, brian. brian: cory mills, two decades after 9/11 attacks. reflecting on the tragic day and how it shaped their lives. we will talk to some of the survivors who ran inside the world trade center to save others. ♪ ♪ experience, hyper performance that takes you further. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get 0.9% apr financing on all 2021 lexus hybrid models. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. (burke) this is why you want farmers claim forgiveness... [echoing] claim forgiveness-ness, your home premium won't go up just because of this. (woman) wow, that's something. (burke) you get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. [echoing] get a quote today. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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steve: this week as america marks 20 years since the september 11th attacks, we remember those lost and honor the first responders who face unbelievable odds. our next guests are among the few survivors who ran into the world trade center building on that day. fire department of new york firefighter tim brown was one of the first ones inside the south tower. he had just run outside for help as the second plane hit surrounding him in rubble. port authority canine unit officer dave limb was directing people to the stairwells when
3:46 am
the north tower collapsed on top of them. he survived inside a pocket of stairwell b where the only way out was up and tim and dave join us live near in new york today. good morning both to of you. >> dave, as the evacuation was going on. there was one woman who was having trouble and you said you know what? i'm going to stay here and help you, tell us about her: well, i was in tower 1 in b stairwell as you just said and i was coming down with a lot of people from my own job, the port authority police, and i saw harris, this woman sitting on the steps on the fifth floor. and the ladder company six and nine were inside looking for a chair to put her in to bring her downstairs she couldn't get up. myself and billy butler picked
3:47 am
her up and started carrying her down the stairs. now, the real important part of that story is if we had not stopped to help this woman, we would not be here having this discussion right now because immediately after we got started going down the stairs, the building collapsed around her. and if we had not taken her down slowly like we did, we would have been outside and killed. steve: that stairwell protected you only 16 people survived. >> yes. most of news that stairwell. and so we called josephine our guardian angel. unfortunately she passed away in 2011. but i had the honor of being one of the paul barriers with the fire department personnel at her funeral i went into
3:48 am
the north tower to help manage command post on behalf of the mayor. when the second tower was hit myself and assistant chief donald burns from the fire department went to the south tower. i wound up ending leaving the south tower to get the paramedics outside. there were a lot of people in the lobby badly injured. we were on the sidewalk on liberty street next to the south tower when it collapsed. we ran next door into the marriott hotel and the marriott hotel collapsed around us. approximately 35 people in that area of the hotel, the lobby and the restaurant lived. i was never [inaudible] or are injured and i was able to get out on my own along with a bunch of civilians and firefighters.
3:49 am
steve: you were actually in the explosion and the attack in '93. >> yes. >> back in '93 they said stay at your desk, everybody, we are going to come rescue you. never in a million years did you think those towers were going to fall? >> no one. the chief who was our special operations expert said early on in the offense on september 11th that what we expected was the fire to burn up in the towers and not for them not to collapse. that's what we believed. he was the one that we really all relied on. steve: it's hard to believe it was 20 years. unbelievable. twice, thank you very much. and thanks for your service keeping all of us safe. >> thank you for having us. thank you. steve: all right. coming up on 10 minutes before the top of the hour. senior meteorologist janice dean is live from the 9/11 memorial at town park in point lookout, new york on this tuesday morning. j.d.?
3:50 am
janice: hi, good morning, steve. we're going to talk to officials here in the 7:00 hour and one of my good friends robin who knows ray pfeiffer who died of 9/11 related illnesses a couple years ago. his name is on the wall at point lookout along with all the victims who died on that fateful day almost 20 years ago. we have steel from the world trade center. the north tower that fell. this is one of my favorite memorials. i hope you will stay with us during "fox & friends." we have some important things to talk about remembering that fateful day on 9/11 when we lost so many and the world changed. the weather here is spectacular on long island. i think my friend ray pfeiffer who lived in this area has everything to do with the fact that we have beautiful conditions. we're going to go towards 83 today and then the chance for showers and thunderstorms wednesday night into thursday, of course we are going to be at different memorials all week. i believe we are at staten island tomorrow. we will also visit new jersey and i think they are going to take me on fdny fire boat as well. there is the forecast for
3:51 am
saturday on 9/11. it's going to be an absolutely spectacular day. >> we have reminiscent of the day we lost some when it was clear blue skies and the world changed forever. steve, back to you. steve and never forget. j.d., thank you very much. all right. coming up on nine minutes before the top of the hour and jillian joins us with a whole bunch of news. jillian: that's right. good morning, steve. let's begin with this. the justice department vowing to protect abortion seekers in texas after a new state law allows private citizens to enforce the ban. the new law prohibits abortions once cardiac activity can be detected which is usually around six weeks. portland city council votes tomorrow halt the goods and services from texas a las vegas mother is demanding a teacher resign after allegedly tape ago mask to her 9-year-old son. she claims the substitute teacher committed the act when a boy stood up for water break but forgot his mask. clark county school district
3:52 am
administrators are investigating and claim to be handling the employee accordingly. former clemson quarterback trevor lawrence taking a hit for his alma mater. >> you are look good in red and black, man, i like you. jillian: the nfl rookie forced to wear georgia gear after bulldogs beat lem willson 10-3. a georgia alum. that is a look at your headlines. ainsley, send it to you. ainsley: thank you so much, jillian. crisis spiraling out of control with a record number of illegal crossings every single month. thought biden administration is reportedly weighing reinstating former president trump's remain in mexico policy. here now to react is retired acting ice director and fox news contributor mr. tom homan, good morning to you, tom in. >> good morning. ainsley: why do you think they're weighing this light version of this remain in mexico policy that trump has stated? why are they interested in that now? is it because the poll numbers
3:53 am
are bad? >> well, that's the biggest reason. look, this past month is going to be over 200,000 again. they haven't announced it yet but it's over 200,000. they haven't announced it but trying to figure a way to spin it. they can't survive this they can't take this beating every month. i'm sure there is people at the white house that are not an idiot that realize that, look, this is going to hurt you was in the midterms. so understand this first of all, they are going to reinstate remain in mexico program at least they were supposed to because they were ordered by the court system. i have been involved in three lawsuits. i wrote more affidavits suing this president than did i my entire career. we won the moratorium on deportations and won the remain in mexico program. these people have to be ordered by the courts do their job. what's the first thing they deal? they appeal their decision because they want to continue doing what they're doing. i'm convinced people in the white house saying look, this is bad, this isn't working. we are going to lose the midterms and probably the white house if we don't change
3:54 am
policies and control the border. ainsley: there was a guy on fox several times brent smith a ranchner kenny, texas, he said he has had to spend $60,000 to repair the fences on his property. he said he has found three bodies in the area last week. he says if you don't have a gun you are going out on your own risk owe says we can't walk in our backyards even during the daylight. what are some of the stories you heard down there? >> i walked to one sheriff last month found 48 today migrants in his county alone. 48. one county out of hundreds of counties on the southwest border. the thing i hear the most is it about right now it's missing families, right? over 112,000 children have entered this country illegally, which is the highest number in the history of the border patrol came out last week about 40% of family unit can't be found. now they attacked the trump administration for 2500 family separations but in the meantime they have 45,000 children they
3:55 am
can't find this is inhumane policy. had children are dying. record amount of fentanyl in this country caused over 90,000 overdose death. they are not doing a thing about it they had to be ordered by the court to do anywhere job and secure the border they are not doing it to secure the border. only reason interested in changing some of these policies at all? ainsley: they texas and arizona and some of here to other states to turn blue. >> they are afraid they will lose the midterms because of the border crisis. this is about politics. this isn't about doing the right thing for this country. looking to get back to some of the trump policies because of the election. about their political future. not the safety and security of our country. ainsley: yeah. then you have the afghanistan problem. what do you expect in the midterm elections?
3:56 am
>> let's not leave afghanistan problem. the border is now vulnerable than it's ever opinion. we already know border patrol. that's why the fentanyl is coming across. 1. million encounters already on the border. thousands of terrorists have been released from the prisons in afghanistan whose sole purpose in life is to do harm to this country. if you are a terrorist and want to do harm to country can't get a plane ticket visa because of the checks of 9/11. come across the southwest border the same way 20 million others did. ainsley: very scary. i read a story this morning that thousands of them have been deemed at risk the ones that we have taken in from afghanistan. thank you so much, tom, for being on with us. the state department is now accused of stealing credit for the first ground rescue of four americans of afghanistan. senator tom cotton will react at the top of the hour. ♪
3:57 am
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4:00 am
♪ >> days before the 9/11 attacks hearings for the accused architect are set to gyp. >> you don't allow for a war allowing constitutional rights for enemy to speak out against. >> you at least 1,000 schools have closed since july due to covid concerns. >> 31 states already back to online learning. >> quarantining students for exposure sake at this point does not make sense. >> the supreme court reup stated president trump's remain in mexico policy. >> the biden administration scrapped earlier this year. >> right now the situation is out of control. >> the crisis on the border only
4:01 am
getting worse. >> texas rancher asking why washington is doing nothing to stop the surge. >> the amount of bodies that we are finding in kenny county is astounding. we start to call them biden bodies. >> the son of a firefighter honoring heroic father's sacrifice. >> means so much to follow exactly that foot step and be able to work under the same roof that he worked. ♪ steve: let's go to nashville as we look across the river at the music city right now. it's clear. beautiful view of the batman building. you are going for a daytime high of 86 on this a tuesday that feels like a monday and you know what? it's back to school for a lot of kids who have not started yet. and it kind of feels like fall.
4:02 am
ainsley: yeah it does. summer is over phis, it is. fall is actually a beautiful season. steve: absolutely. ainsley: so fun to sit outside at the restaurants because it's a little cooler. brian: still not there yet. i still consider this summer. steve: you are in denial. brian: yes, i am. unbelievable this year like any others. wrestling with the mask mandate and vaccine debate. everybody goes to school. i watch for the first time in my life i have been lived in the same town for quite a number of years huge protests down a main thoroughfare of people saying let us make the choice on masks we have this new governor of new york who looks awful mask mandate for everybody instead of leaving it to the individual distribution and then you find out that is the raging debate across the country. meanwhile the other big story that everybody on the left wants to go away that is the mission mess in afghanistan. ainsley: there was a family meriam is the mother's name. she has three children ages 2 to 15. and she was begging and pleading please, america, help me get out. she went to the airport several
4:03 am
times the taliban put a gun to her head and said go away and don't ever come back. congressman mullen who is a republican out of oklahoma, he got an email from a friend who said can you please help mere lamb. >> he went to work and he sat down with core mills, they came up a comment bat veteran here is he describing going over there and rescuing meriam the first ground rescue since the taliban took over. here he is. >> he we were told it? >> was our team who was able to basically able to trick the taliban commander into letting them through because they thought our [inaudible] had a number was doha and we convinced them that doha where the leadership was had approved it
4:04 am
and that enabled us to back them through at the enth hour. steve: they were able to get the mother and family out from that check point. someone who helped rescue one american very prominently on our show two weeks ago. remember we talked live to haroon who was trying to get out and back to colorado? arkansas senator. , senate armed services committee. senator, good morning to you cory mills helped rescue that mother and her children. turns out of the state department now trying to take credit for it. they showed up at the very end. they pretty much stood in the way from start to almost the finish but at the end they are saying hey, welcome to the embassy. now they are claiming credit for
4:05 am
the administration. >> >> yeah. steve. first off let me commend cory mills and so many other veterans over the last three weeks sacrificed time and money in many cases to help fellow americans get out of afghanistan or in some cases the afghan interpreters who served locally beside them. there are real heroes of this tragedy: not surprising that the state department higher ups come rushing in any time they see a good news story and try to take credit of it really nothing but bad news about joe biden and tony blinken state department it continues to be the case that we have, perhaps, hundreds of americans effectively held hostage by the taliban inside of afghanistan. who are probably trying to he is distract who knows what kind of confessions from the biden administration. i will worry they will grant those concessions because they want afghanistan off the front pages and out of the mind of the american people. as long as our fellow americans
4:06 am
are stranded there we are not going to forget this catastrophe. brian: working with the foundation helping support them financially to do this. you know, i saw ron klain over the weekend. he is the chief of staff for president biden says there is about 100 left. we have been in touch with all of them. there is no way that's true and according to cory mills there is many more than 100 left. outside kabul, no one has gotten out. senator, we sit there. you are working the phone. senator blumenthal left wing senate democrat, is he outraged, too. are we just going to sit there and take it and allow them to play politics with people's lives and embarrass us internationally? is there anything we can do? >> >> no, brian. you are right. we are not. you are right that senator blumenthal and his team has been working on this issue very hard. we worked with them as well. trying to get these americans out of afghanistan. i understand the administration wants to turn the page. they want this out of the news. they want to focus on their
4:07 am
reckless $3.5 trillion spending will. a lot of members of congress are not going to rest until every american and every permanent resident in afghanistan can get out of afghanistan. we are working on trying to get people out across the borders or on flights across afghanistan. some of the outlying cities. we are are not going to forget our fellow americans left behind in afghanistan. ainsley: yeah. when you look at the polls it says 60% disapprove of the way that biden has handled afghanistan. only 30% approve. there is stunning video, too. out of germany. this is at the 'ramstein air base. welcoming afghan refugees. look at this video. this is a two mile runway. it's covered in tents. this is a tent city now. i was listening to ric grenell and he was saying he was being told because he was the ambassador there being told by people that he worked with that the biden administration is rushing people through if they don't even have the proper documents. are you worried about the
4:08 am
vetting process? i'm up credibly worried the tent city the lie president biden planning for every contingency. if they known this was going to come together they wouldn't have slapped together a tent city in the span of a couple days. we have had many reports of afghans who have failed our vetting processes as meager as those are some have even come to america and been sent else somewhere. in many cases in the early days after the fall of kabul. afghans who had no particular ties to our military. who had not provid vied direct troops were able to get on planes and get out of the country. many case no, sir way to vet them. no sources on the ground in afghanistan anymore. they can run a name or supposed name or maybe some fingerprints through incomplete databases and if it doesn't come back with a hit you must be good to go. we have no idea who these people
4:09 am
are whether or not they pose a security risk and accept our way of life constitutional government and quality of citizens or if they are even if violation of u.s. laws against trafficking. we have heard reports fort mccoy, wisconsin, grown men showing up with children as so-called brides or polygamous marriages as well. this goes back to joe biden's decision to withdrawal leaving behind tens of thousands of afghans who did support of our troops and serve alongside us while bringing out of afghanistan tens of thousands of afghans who may have had no connect whatsoever. all of our allies have said they are going to have to come to america eventually unless we find some other place for them. steve: senator, should would he be surprised that the perhaps lack of vetting as people come into the united states via afghanistan look at the vetting that is going on on our southern border for the most part it's just come on in call an ice
4:10 am
office some day when you feel like it and we will set up a court date. >> yeah. they share a lot of similarities, steve. but, you know it's shocking that the biden administration is saying that the afghan border is closed and there is nothing they can do to help get americans out across the afghan border or help neighboring countries like tajikistan and uzbekistan secure its border our border is still wide open. most of these afghans who supported news afghanistan who joe biden left behind would have a better chance of getting the u.s. if they could somehow get a flight to mexico and get a flight across our southern border. that is appalling. brian: what is our military bases being used for a day care center for all the unaccompanied minors? now we understand that the bases have been told to make spots for 50,050,000 afghans. do you know how much this operation is costing us? they say an average afghan $250,000 don't stay our cities are pour. we need this type of sending. we are spending so much money on
4:11 am
worst evacuation and end to a conflict in the history of our country. $50,000 spots in military bases do. we have any room to train anybody except to sit there and house people that really in many cases don't belong here? >> and, brian, the demands on our personnel are massive as well. going to end up costing billions of dollars and many of these bases it will be akin to what we have seen at the border. i have been to the border earlier this year. we saw border patrol officers who signed up to be law enforcement actually having to work as nannies and babysitters and day care operator. watching out for all of the children that were showing up at the border. now we are impressing soldiers into doing the same thing when you are right. they should be training. they should be focusing on the mission of deterring our adversaries. to say nothing of the billions of dollars this is going to cost american taxpayers. ainsley: senator, stick around for us if we would. we going to talk to you about gitmo and get your reaction after this report. the accused mastermind of 9/11
4:12 am
attacks will return to the guantanamo bay courtroom in a couple of hours. steve: lucas tomlinson is live on gitmo. he is on the island ahead of the hearing. lucas, good morning. >> good morning, guys, 20 years after the 9/11 attacks, the accused mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed never faced a trial. one of the victim's brothers doubts justice will ever be served. >> i don't expect too much out of them this week, you know, those hearings down there have been a comedy of errors now. we have a defense team has no interest in justice. >> khalid sheikh mohammed better known by initials ksm charged with killing 3,000 people on 9/11 his idea to hijack airliners and use them as flying bombs. in kuwait ksm went to a small college in north carolina before graduating to a life of terrorism beginning in afghanistan. he will be in the courtroom here in gitmo along with four other
4:13 am
high profile prisoners in about an hour including his nephew. they are not expected to say anything today just largely procedural for defense team meeting their six military judge. one of 39 prisoners remaining here down from a height of 680 during the bush administration. today it costs nearly $1 million a year to house each prisoner compared to 70,000 a year for a convicted terrorist super max prison in colorado. about an hour from now that prisoners will be put into the courtroom. fox news will be there sitting behind some very thick glass. guys? steve: i bet. lucas, thank you very much. let's bring in back in senator tom cotton. senator, here we are the week of september 11th, 20 years later and these guys have not been brought to justice. at the same time, it's a problematic case because in the beginning waterboard and stuff like that. the supreme court says they have got to pass a law. 2007, anything they said while they were during the enhanced
4:14 am
interrogation you can't use so they did it again now lawyers. the fbi got out of them can't be used in court. so where are we? disgrace ksm still drawing breath on this earth. i have long said these people after finished with any useful intelligence value should have faced a court-martial and execution. we have an army of liberal lawyers and judges in washington who are apparently more sympathetic to terrorist master minds than they are to the 9/11 families. these proceedings need to move along though and move along as quickly as they can so those families can finally get the justice that they have so long been denied. brian: remember, because we got them. because we kept them. we were able to get intelligence that allowed us to identify the courier that allowed us to kill bin laden. so these guys have some value to us even though the further they are removed from the
4:15 am
battlefield. brian: hierarchy of al-qaeda. they throw out the enhanced interrogation. i'm worried about the case. >> continuing release them valuable as well. some of the guantanamo prisoners barack obama released for a trader russ american soldier have gone onto the battlefield in afghanistan in leadership roles. intelligence value. they have continuing operational value to their terrorist values afghanistan and around the world. steve: it is super frustrating because of people like to see justice. senator, thank you very much for joining us on this tuesday. ainsley: thank you, senator. okay. jillian has some headlines.
4:16 am
jillian: that's right. good morning. a reward is growing to nearly $40,000 for information leading to missing 5-year-old summer wells. the tennessee girl vanished from her family's home on june 15th. her parents fear she was kidnapped. detectives are keeping any leads close to the chest. chicago's top cop david brown warns parents to protect their kids from gang and street violence. this after 8 children are shot over the labor day holiday weekend. among them this 4-year-old boy who was shot in the head and killed. >> i love members of my family but they are not coming to my house at christmas because of a life they lead. you know the life you lead. you know that you are being targeted or that you have done something to cause this retribution from some rival gang or some rival person. why are you continuing to be around young people, our children? that's on you. jillian: chicago police say more
4:17 am
than 260 children have been shot in chicago so far this year. 41 of them have died. today president biden will see the damage left by hurricane ida in newark and new jersey his visit comes as new york lawmakers blame the storm on climate change. >> this is what climate change looks like. we must do something to stop it and deal with global warming once and for all. [inaudible] >> and in louisiana, more than 400,000 people are still without power as flash flood warnings are issued for counties around new orleans. a former nasa engineer using his talents for a new high flying feat, take a look. >> 3, 2, 1. [cheers] mark rover spent a year
4:18 am
designing this high flying steel flying 250 feet up in the air. he launched it surprise a boy suffering with lung cancer. he shattered his record when the volcano only hit 60 feet. ainsley: where rule all the people underneath it it's not like hot. jillian: slime. ainsley: they should have invited kids to come around iten. brian: ainsley, if it was hot it would have wiped out every child on nickelodeon for 25 years. jillian: let's not. ainsley: thanks, jillian. steve: still ahead on this tuesday, at least 1,000 schools have already shut down across 31 state pause of coronavirus. and the kids can't get the vaccine. parents are already sick of it two outraged moms sound off coming up next. brian: 2021 nfl season kicks off this weekend on fox.
4:19 am
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4:24 am
lauren? i will start with you. what's happened in your school district? >> in our school district, we have been battling the different mitigation protocols with covid. in the beginning i feel we were all very patient as this was an unknown thing. we have gone back from, you know, starting with virtual at the end of 2020. then last year having lessons, quarantines, and masks, cohorts of children, separating them plexiglass, we have been, their
4:25 am
learning has been interrupted over the last year, and we were looking forward to a more normal school year this year we started again with the mask. and then now them shutting down a neighbors elementary school. we are afraid that our school is going to shut down. and we are not going to have a place for our children to go. and have -- get their proper education and will keep falling behind. and we don't know how to keep our jobs when that happens. ainsley: right, lauren. i think we are looking at pictures of your two little girls you have a first and third grader and rachel fifth and eighth grader. how would you pull it off if your school shut down and you had to do remote learning again? >> well, actually i'm not as concerned about my personal family. the demographic my son's particular elementary school is the one that's got me worried. you know, those are two income families. we are, too. we can figure it out. i'm worried about the kids we
4:26 am
can't find i'm worried about the kids rely on school breakfast and lunch be feed them during my week specifically at my school and probably several others throughout the district. shutting down school. sending 20% of healthy children home to learn from an ipad just isn't acceptable to me. ainsley: lauren, how would you pull it off if you are a working mom? >> it would be hard. i thankfully, again, i have some family in the metroplex that is possibly able to help. but it's a challenge. i really don't have the money for additional child care. and finding alternative environment. it's not baby-sitting. it needs to be education. like rachel said, i'm in a better situation than most moms. i am a single mom. it's a big challenge. ainsley: rachel, i know you told me during the commercial break the school that shut down, that elementary school it's part of
4:27 am
the richardson school district. brentfield elementary school. 29 kids came out of hundred kids. instead of shutting down the school what would be better alternative. >> the ones that don't feel comfortable give them options. there is definitely a big divided segment here at least in the dallas area of people who have children who need to be at home away from folks with covid. i would say for the vast majority of our children, having an open school, having masks optional would be idea. you know, the governor has made a mandate here that we don't have to wear masks but yet our school district along with dallas, has decided to overstep that. so i think just having some options. and a lot of transparency. you know, i think the biggest thing i have learned in the last 18 months following the school district a little more closely is there has been a lot of things done behind closed doors that i think many moms and dads and community members aren't
4:28 am
comfortable with here. ainsley: ladies, thank you all so much. i hope your schools stay open. >> thank you. >> thank you. ainsley: god bless you and god bless those children. richardson independent school district they sent us a statement on closing the safety protocols. they say we are doing everything we can to keep kids in school learning and to meet the needs of all of our students, all know some of our parents constituents may not agree on either one of those sides. shoplifters were not on the same page. one thief left behind by partner in crime. and first nfl sunday of the season is just days away on fox. fox sports analyst and super bowl champ mark -- brian, help me out mark sleerk, thanks, guys, previews the biggest matchup in the first week. ♪ ♪
4:29 am
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4:33 am
reports 2. is million people went through security checkpoints on friday. that is the highest point since august 15th. airlines have seen a slowdown in passengers cue to spikes in covid-19 cases. a 6-year-old girl dies while on vacation with her family in colorado. officials say she was on a ride at the glenwood caverns adventure park when something happened causing her to fall off. the haunted ride plunges into mountain mine shaft. according to local media riders have complained the restraint system is not safe. a shoplifter is left literally holding the bag when her get away driver just speed off walsh as the sticky. spotting police. she tries to make a bolt for it with stolen good. appears to give up with nowhere to turn. officers were able to catch up and take her into custody. that's a look at your headlines. brian: probably free by now and able to go to school today no.
4:34 am
problem. thank you very much, jillian. get the wings and nachos ready football is coming your way. the football 2021 season kicks off on fox this weekend. our next guest is a three time super bowl champion. one of the finest offensive lineman able to give his his pike on week one predictions. mark schlereth welcome back. mark, the good news is we have fabs back. how weird was it last year and how much more do you think they will be appreciated by the players this year? >> i think it's huge. obviously the players talked about it a bunch 6 as a broadcaster i put the cans on headphones on and they're pumping crowd noise. time i would take my cans off and take it in and realize oh my god there is nobody in here it didn't sound like that. for the players really tough to not have that energy and home field advantage.
4:35 am
think about this, the quarterback numbers were outrageous last year because there were no fans, so there were no crowd noise issues. you didn't have to use silent cadence. go on the road and have your whole playbook open to you. it was amazing last year. interceptions were down. last year easiest year in the highs industry of the national football league to play quarterback. if you are in controversies to see if the quarterback can play this is the year find out whether he is or isn't your guy. brian: i'm glad for the players and you guys that you had labor day with your families for the first time maybe ever. usually there is a game going on and there is a week pause for the first time as we have 18-game season. take a look at 1:00 games on fox. seahawks vs. the colts. will the colts have a starting quarterback? >> yeah. you know, carson wentz, i mean, he is making all kinds of strides. the reports are his foot is healing up. it's been incredible. if you have seen the video, is he bouncing around.
4:36 am
a really good game. a great challenge and obviously issues that russell wilson and carol and the seahawks were able to work out off season disgruntled with. we will see how it pans out. great matchup. brian: quarterbacks against lions. quarterback tandem with san francisco? >> yeah, i think with san francisco you have to look at it like the new orleans saints and the way they use tyson hill, just an outstanding athlete. lines up every position. they have that in trey atlantis. jimmy garr flow starts a package or two for trey "atlantis" for the san francisco 49ers. i talked to 12 teams this off season every one of them has studied shanahan's running game. setting a trend using that zone system and basically adding to that a bunch of adjunct plays. they do a great job running the football. best in the business.
4:37 am
brian: trey "atlantis" run too much. you tend to hit hard playing tackle football. look at the broncos giants are you doing that game. >> yeah. i will be in new york for that game. this is a real big year for daniel jones. i mean, i think he has turned it over 39 times since he came in the league. daniel jones has to prove that he can be a franchise type quarterback. teddy bridgewater for the denver broncos wins that starting job. that starting position. they're basing themselves on our defense outstanding. great secondary. rush the passer. have a guy that can manage the game from the quarterback position. and a lot of people look at that as like a dirty word or negative. that's not dirty or negative at all. that's about winning football games. daniel jones obviously has got to play great this year. their offensive line has been a little bit of a train wreck throughout the preseason they have to figure that out. brian: a little bit of a train wreck that's a problem. 20 years to get offensive line
4:38 am
they forgot. real quick the new england saints are going they going to go through and host against the packers everything they have been in that area. >> that game has been moved to jacksonville, i believe. they will play that game in jacksonville. and, you know, based on the way that jacksonville shows fans probably in front of nobody. that's the one game that may not have actually fans there green bay vs. new orleans. jameis winston start for the new orleans saints. really interesting to see aaron rogers and the packers because of all the issues they had this off season as well. brian: turning out to be a place where quarterbacks can rebuild their careers if jam miss winston ends up coming back. mark, i know you are touched up for the game. you have a daily radio show on top of it. know the details. looks like you could still play. thanks for joining us today and sharing your knowledge. >> brian, as long as they don't hit me, i can still play. brian: they will. >> they start hitting me, i'm out. time out.
4:39 am
brian: if you hit mark now, he is going to hit you back no. flag. thanks, mark. appreciate it download the fox bet super 6 app. and enter for a free chance to win $1 million of terry bradshaw's money. almost broke. all need to do is pick six outcomes from this week's game and watch how this all plays out. free to play. download the fox bet super 6 app. now to get started and i'm not done. after ida ravaged the northeast freddy mitchell had to be rescued from his home. he joins us live as he roars from the devastating storm. communities nationwide paying corinth as america marks 20 years since 9/11. janice dean live with a tribute to ones we lost point lookout new york, long island. ♪ .
4:40 am
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♪ steve: 20 years ago this week at a beach in point lookout new york long island residents gathered in horror watching the smoke rise from the west when the twin towers collapsed on september 11th, 2001. of that site is now home to a memorial to honor the victims. ainsley: after their event was moved to a parking lot because of the pandemic last year, the town supervisor is bringing sunrise ceremony back to the beach. brian: that's where we find our own janice dean with hempstead supervisor done k'lavon. hey, janice. janice: a beautiful day on the beach. we live on long island. you are a town supervisor. tell us about that day and how people came in droves to the beach to watch the twin towers and smoke coming from manhattan. >> amazing people went down to this beach and watched after the first tower was hit. frankly, they stayed the whole
4:45 am
time. >> this is great point for them to be a focal point of what transpired. they come every single year. that's why we do the ceremony. janice: i love the fact that you listed all the names that we lost and those we lost to 9/11 related cancer like my friend ray pfeiffer. >> unfortunately the list gross every single year. it's a fitting tribute. we put in a memorial 2017. this year going back to the beach for the 20th anniversary. we see thousand of people come here on a regular basis this year we are expecting a huge crowd. it's going to be a beautiful memorial. we are asking people to come down an join us and reflect. really take heed of what transpired that day and for the last 20 years of our lives. janice: it's important to remind people. my kids are 12 and 10. they are going to come to my husband's firehouse on 9/11. it's important to teach our children what happened on that day. >> absolutely, 20 years ago. a generation that doesn't understand why the towers came down. the people we lost, our friends and leagues. this is an opportunity for them to remember and reflect on the history that really is so
4:46 am
important in our lives. january expblan my friend ray pfeifer who we lost worked hard to make sure taken care of health insurance. he loved this place so much his family loved this place. i will be talking with one of his friends next hour. what is it about this place that brings people solace? >> this is where they went 20 years ago. this is where they lau they wate events unfold. they come every single year. they come because it's that point in life that you always remember that you will never forget. they come with their family and friends. we have victims from the actual [inaudible] come here they don't want back in the city. closest they will come. this is an important program we do and delighted when they come down. janice: tell us about one of your speakers on saturday family first responders. >> officer lost his father 2019 to 9/11 related illness. we did a street dedication for him about a month ago. phenomenal story. he and his siblings all followed
4:47 am
their father's dream being first responders, police officers. it's a wonderful trinity to them and legacy. i thought it would be fitting message for these residents to know. that's so important for them to hear. janice: a beautiful spot, don. thank you for coming here and thank you for bringing us back and remembering this time in our history that we must remember. >> i hope all of your viewers will come down and join us. it's going to be a very touching and beautiful ceremony. thank you so much. janice: steve, ainsley, brian, back to you. steve: thank you so much. point lookout in new york. residents here in the northeast still doing with the horrible fallout of ida. former nfl wide receiver freddy mitchell is picking up the pieces after he was rescued from his flooded house. an amazing story coming up next on "fox & friends." ♪ how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807!
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count on huge value in every force factor product: the latest science, premium ingredients, and real results - trusted by millions of americans. the game has officially changed. rush to walmart or amazon for force factor. jillian: good morning we're back with quick headlines robert e lee statue in richmond, virginia is coming down its been a source of controversy as people tie the southern leader to the history of slavery in the u.s.. >> marvel seeing a super strong movie sales.
4:52 am
>> it's time for you to take your place by my side. jillian: the legend of the 10 rings shattering labor day weekend box office records. the film made $90 million over four days. steve? steve: all right jillian, thank you. residenters throughout the northeast are grappling with the widespread impact and historic flooding from the rim nantuckets of hurricane ida last week. >> here is my living room floor i just can't make this up, guys. i just can't make this up. everything is floating. here is my kitchen. this is just water. steve: heartbreaking. former philadelphia eagles wide receiver freddie mitchell was among those who had to be rescued after his entire house was flooded as you see right there. being stranded at 4:00 in the morning in his just his underwear, he was forced to walk into this now infamous shot of him buying clothes at a walmart. former nfl player freddie
4:53 am
mitchell joins us right now from philly. freddie, good morning to you. >> thanks for having me steve, how are you today? steve: great to have you as well what a week you've been through. when you went upstairs to your bedroom last wednesday night, did you have any idea there was going to be a big flood? >> well i knew it was going to be a flood but i didn't know to what extent it was going to be. we're in kind of a flooding area , but this flood was basically 15-foot above normal, so it was just something that, it's just something out of a movie that just was a very unique situation. steve: and so they're, the fire rescue people, are in a boat. they are banging on your bedroom window on the third floor? >> yeah, i'm on the third floor , and so i'm literally 20 feet up from stills or whatever else and i didn't know what was going on. i literally got out of my bed
4:54 am
into a puddle of water and me and my dog, i know my dog was going crazy because he was swimming places that he would usually just be laying down and relaxing. i couldn't get none of my stuff. i was basically in underwear, that was it. steve: so you're in your underwear but you needed more clothes and there you are. there you are at walmart. this is the shot everybody in the world saw of you buying some clothes last week. >> [laughter] i mean, it was very interesting, because you definitely see characters in walmart and i became one of them characters and i kind of felt comfortable. it was pretty cool that walmart was open and gave us an opportunity to get dressed. steve: absolutely. pretty what about your house? if the water went up to the third floor is your house a total disaster? >> it really is. the structures compromised, you have valuables everywhere.
4:55 am
it's kind of a mental health issue. you need therapy sessions to overcome something like this. you walk in, you see the suit on the ground, just everything ruined, my football cards and your personal s, that money can't buy or anything can't replace and just a lot of paperwork and stuff. i feel so hurt for my community that's why i really use my platform on my instagram to really let everybody see what's happening to these communities. it's a sad situation. steve: absolutely so what are you going to do? rebuild, move? what are you going to do? >> i definitely, i love the community that i'm in. i'm going to try to rebuild and try to put this behind me. it's a hard situation and i love the area that i'm in and you just have to move forward and to just build. it's crazy. steve: one of the good parts for this , the silver lining is i'm sure people you haven't heard from in years have reached out to you and said freddie, what can we do to help.
4:56 am
>> yeah, you know, the great thing about it even my teammates my old teammates, tear el owens, you know, brian westbrook, dennis zatlin, a lot of guys reached out to me and you can't replace that team comradery. you can't replace a lot of things as far as special friends that i guess there's a country song that's out, you know, you find out who your friends are, so it's good. steve: you do indeed. freddie mitchell good luck to you. >> thanks for having me. steve: you bet. all right, one big final hour still ahead we got chris wallace , charles payne and leo terrell and more fox & friends on the other side of a quick time out. live from new york city, it's tuesday. good morning. >> ♪
4:57 am
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it's not just for kids. whooping cough is highly contagious for people of any age. and it can cause violent uncontrollable coughing fits. sometimes followed by vomiting and exhaustion. ask your doctor or pharmacist about whooping cough vaccination because whooping cough isn't just for kids. >> now the biden administration is reportedly weighing reinstat ing former president trump's remain in mexico policy. >> we'll reinmate your remain in mexico program because they were ordered the court to do it. >> at least 1,000 schools have closed since july. >> 31 states already back to online learning. >> their learning has been interrupted sending 20% of healthy children home to learn from an ipad just isn't acceptable. >> extended unemployment benefits running out. >> nearly 9 million americans will lose all or some of these benefits. >> today president biden will
5:01 am
see the damage left by hurricane ida in new york and new jersey. >> over 400,000 people still out out of power in the state of louisiana. >> former clemson quarterback trevor lawrence taking a hit. the nfl rookie forced to wear georgia gear after the bulldogs beat clemson 10-3. >> you look good in red and black, man. >> ♪ ♪ ainsley: good morning, cleveland wake up with us. thank you so much. if you have your tv on watching us. steve: that's radicals call flats and when we were there for the convention we stayed in the flats. ainsley: that's right. that's right. how appropriate. we had a fun time didn't we have a great time there? steve: it was great. brian: what is rascall flats? ainsley: we should ask them. if you're watching call brian. brian: yes and then i'll tell everybody. meanwhile one minute after the top of the hour we start this hour with the taliban take
5:02 am
over overnight. secretary of state anthony blinken, and defense secretary lloyd austin traveling to qatar to try to explain themselves and thank qatar. ainsley: they insist that the u.s. is working around the clock to save stranded americans and afghan allies from behind enemy lines. steve: really? that's interesting state department spin. mark meredith is live at the white house as the administration finds itself in the middle of a new scandal, it's only tuesday, and there's trouble in the administration. reporter: steve, ainsley and brian good morning. there are two different stories emerging about how four different americans were able to get out of afghanistan. the state department says it helps facilitate their departure from the country but the men behind the rescue are telling fox news that that is not accurate. texas congressman ronny jackson tweeted out a photo showing these people as they were getting out of afghanistan. he says it was former military members who risked their own lives and not the u.s. government who deserves credit. the congressman went even further saying the state department "didn't do a damn
5:03 am
thing" and he's accusing the department of trying to take credit for the work of others. we're still watching what's going on on the ground in northern afghanistan where americans and others are desperately trying to get out of the country via charter flight but the taliban continues to block those planes from taking off. the secretary of state he was asked about all of this earlier this morning, while overseas. >> been able to identify relatively small number of americans who we believe are seeking to depart with their families. we've been assured, again, that all-american citizens and afghan citizens with valid travel documents will be allowed to leave. reporter: meantime the u.s. is also watching what's going on with pakistan's military after reportedly helped the taliban crush resistance fighters where the last remnants of former fighters trained by the u.s. were tried to launch an offensive against the taliban we know that pakistan, long term security as well as the u.n. humanitarian assistance crisis still on the ground in afghanistan and growing by the day, these are all questions likely coming to the secretary
5:04 am
of state next week when he's up on capitol hill to testify. steve, ainsley, and brian, good morning sorry about the noise. steve: you know what they do? it's the leaf blower guy and he waits until you start talking and then they fire it up. reporter: they just fire it up. brian: where does the white house get leaves? they are still on the trees. this is the first someone is trying to throw you off, mark. ainsley: mark, last week when ida rolled through though some of the branches were down so they were using the chain saw to break those up. reporter: peter strzok much better at this than i am. he can handle that. there is the difference. brian: when we grew up we used rakes. ainsley: you get blisters though thanks, mark. brian: only had to worry about the scraping. ainsley: are you saying something about his age? brian: when he was covering the white house he didn't have leaf blowers they were invented soon after. ainsley: [laughter] steve: i don't know about that. brian: joe when you look up
5:05 am
when the leaf blower was invented? steve: so, as mark was talking, you know, that mother, american mother, stuck over there, her name is miriam, has her three kids, she's told she reaches out to a congressman and they say okay we'll do our best why don't you try to get on an american flight and she apparently had passage into the airport but the taliban stopped her each time, and famously for her, the last time she went, some guy with a pistol, a taliban guy, put the gun up to her head and said essentially you've been here before don't ever come back so then they went into plan b, which was to charter a plane but the state department wouldn't allow it to take off, so that team right there, with corey mill, got her across, first land passage into another country. we don't know which one, but now , the state department is trying to take credit. oh, look how we got these
5:06 am
americans out. state department didn't do anything but obstruct until the last step where they welcom ed them at the embassy. ainsley: she was there visiting her parents, and the guy who helped corey mills whose a combat veteran, brian interview ed him in the beginning of the show. it was a wonderful interview. he's just a saint and a hero for going over there, and potentially saving all four of those lives, and they relied on him. he got them out. here he is. >> we're told by the state department officials here, hey, i'm sorry. the taliban issued an order from doha that no one goes through, and there's nothing more we could do. it was our team who was able to basically trick the taliban commander into letting them through because they thought one of my staff was doha and we convinced them that the leadership was, and that enabled us tok pass them through steve: so the phone saved their
5:07 am
life. he says look at that. oh, yeah, let them through. so -- brian: and the state department , we facilitated the safe departure of four u.s. citizens on monday. it's the first land evacuation and there's many more. we heard chairman of the joint chief of staff say we've been in touch with the hundreds left in afghanistan. we're in touch with all of them. you really think there's exactly 100 and in fact i asked corey directly. he goes i think there's many more than 100. not only did the state department not help, they hurt, but he doesn't want to macon e anys right now. he just wants to get people out. unlike the state department whose looking to try to just convince us that this evacuation is all going extremely well. senator tom cotton knows differently. listen. >> let me commend corey mills and so many other veterans over the last three weeks who have worked tirelessly, who have sacrificed their time and their money and in many case there's are real heros of this tragedy. it's not surprisingly the state department higher ups have come
5:08 am
rushing in anytime they see a good news story and try to take credit for it since its really been nothing but bad news for joe biden and tony blinken's state department, and it continues to be the case that we have perhaps hundreds of americans effectively held hostage by the taliban inside of afghanistan. steve: so we learned about that family, because they reached out to their congressman, congressman ronny jackson. he was the president's doctor for a very long time. he reached out to corey, put him on contact, regarding the state department taking the credit dr. ronny jackson said this. the only thing the biden administration seems to be good at is patting itself on the back for a job horribly done. this administration left my constituents behind in afghanistan, and now, they're lying about their role in getting these four american citizens out. ainsley: we have to also give credit to congressman mullin, the republican from oklahoma, who got the original e-mail finding out about them, but this family is from texas an that's how dr. ronny jackson
5:09 am
got involved because he represents that district but corey, the guy who went into rescue them, he's running for congress. he's also a former dod employee but running for could be researcher his name is corey mills. brian: they pulled out 122000 and they are so proud and for the men and women who pulled that off you should be proud for the ones who planned it and plotted it and they roughed it out before this actually happened you should be embarrassed because you left americans behind out of the 122000, you didn't even include the majority of the sib , the people that actually helped us as interpreters or actually picked up a gun and fought side by side with us. you just picked up anybody, it seems, and now we got to make room on our military base for 50,000 afghans, many of which they might be great people , they might not. we have no idea in many cases who they are. is this the way to run an evacuation? this makes vietnam look like a great idea. you thought the saigon moment that we all saw was embarrassing think about the ongoing embarrassment as the rest of the world wonders is this the
5:10 am
united states of america leaving their citizens behind and leaving their allies behind? think about this , if you're in sudan and working with the americans to provide intelligence to take down isis? why would you believe the americans are going to have your back? they just watched what happened because of our politicians and our military leaders in afghanistan. ainsley: we rescued 31,000, and 22000 afghan refugees are deemed at-risk according to this article. brian: 22000. steve: right. well when you look at -- ainsley: they are on seven military bases here in the u.s.. steve: sure and how many have been vetted. ainsley: that's the question. steve: that's the air force base in germany. so, of those people, how many of them were vetted? oh, don't know. the state department isn't being forthcoming with that. you know, when you look at the public opinion polls going in, before what happened a couple of weeks ago, a majority of americans wanted us out, but now
5:11 am
, the popular approval of the president is in the toilet because of the way he did it. i think only 30% now approve of the way we got out of afghanistan. ainsley: it's not even that high steve: i know so that's a problem going into the mid-terms and so is what's happening at our southern border and that's why last week when the supreme court said hey, biden administration, you've got to reinstate donald trump's remain in mexico policy people are going you know what? if we do that, that would give us political cover, so that the democrats who we promised we would get rid of it we'll have to say hey, look the supreme court is making us do this again but it's a way to turn off the flow, the gusher of people into our southern border because that's not helpful to the administration. ainsley: well now there's a report out this morning that they were already planning on looking at that like a light version of remain in mexico. tom who man says no, they are being forced to look at that, because the courts are making them. listen. >> reinstate your remain in
5:12 am
mexico program, at least you're supposed to, because they were ordered the courts to do it. i've been involved in three lawsuit, ainsley. i've written more affidavits suing this president than i did during my entire career. these people have to be ordered the court toss do their job and what's the first thing they do? they appeal the decision because they are going to continue doing what the they are doing but i'm convinced people in the white house are saying look this is bad. this isn't working, we're going to lose the mid-terms and the white house if we don't change policies and control the border. brian: the remain in mexico policy, you need mexico's cooperation, and most importantly, for it to work, you need a place that everyone knows when they come, they'll stay, and we're going to get through your process when your processed you'll get across then the message comes across that you'll get stopped in mexico, and that'll begin to ease the flow, especially if mexico agrees like they did with president trump to stop the , to put 20,000 marines at their southern border. now, keep in mind one of the first things that president biden said was it was a violation of international law for us to have remain in mexico
5:13 am
policy. that and so did the city and the president of mexico, he goes really i'm cooperating with you and now you're saying i'm violating international law? don't they understand, these are the guys that are supposed to be the adults in the room. he has relationships with all these nations and all these major players, and he makes mistake after mistake. robert bernard writes this senior advocacy council for refugees, he said the most frustrating part of the last eight months is the constantly changing policies and the situation on the border particularly for the asylum seekers, because they are on the other side thinking that if we wait, biden is going to vent open up the ports of entry and allow us all in. that is why our border patrol is overturned. because of the messaging from candidate biden and president biden, and he's so scared of his left he won't do what's right for the country. ainsley: this goes back to tom h oman also connected afghanistan with our southern border because he said in afghanistan, when you listen to ric grenell who used to be the ambassador of germany, he was saying that his people in
5:14 am
germany that are on the ground, he said the biden administration they are rushing people through, even if they don't have the proper documents, because a lot of these afghans are there at the ramstein air base in germany, and tom homan said same thing is happening on the southern border any can travel right in not being vetted at all. brian: and new mexico it's also bad. a working class area of new mexico city, 17,000 people at the foot of mount crisco ray, but it turned into ground zero, tens of thousands of migrants crossing illegally into the u.s. the last few years now if you're a new mexico resident how could you feel good about this administration? they are thumbing their nose and telling you, we don't care. in arizona, they are saying we don't care, deal with it, law enforcement. i'm trying to defund you anyway, and in mexico a lot of attention belongs there, of course but at least they're trying to stop it but if the federal government is
5:15 am
allowing it to happen and taking their time to fix it and hoping you'll look away, but the people in those areas can't look away. they can't afford to. it's what they live with with border patrol they live with it everyday. steve: now the administration is terrified that the border and immigration and afghanistan are going to cost them the mid-terms the one subject that the president is still has a better than 50% approval rating is regarding what is going, how they are handling covid. the very latest news from as you look at today, on the calendar, it's the day after labor day. for the most part everybody gets back-to-school this week or next week as well, but when you look at the schools that have been open a couple of weeks in is places down south have been open since the end of july, so far, you know, everybody is trying t do in-person learning. so far, 1,200 schools in 31 states have had to shutdown because of raging covid infections among the kids.
5:16 am
the problem is if you're 12 or under, the vaccine has not been approved yet, so a lot of kids in high school and junior high or middle school have gotten the vaccine, but the little kids under 12, they haven't and that's why it is a wildfire in the schools. ainsley: there was a big school board meeting richardson public school district which is in the dallas area and there's one elementary school there that did shutdown almost 30 kids i think 26 or 29 kids came down with covid out of more than 800 at the school so they shutdown the school. parents some of them were outraged here is a video of the school board, and two of the women that stood up and talked and were begging them to please not close the schools and come up with other options and i'm the mom and i want to make the decision for my children kind of thing were on our show. listen to two of the ladies. >> it's a challenge. i really don't have the money for additional child care and you know, finding an alternative environment and it's not baby sitting it needs to be education
5:17 am
>> i'm worried about the kids we can't find and worried about the kids that rely on school breakfast and lunch to feed them during the week, specifically at my school. sending, you know, 20% of healthy children home to learn from an ipad just isn't acceptable to me. steve: and see , you know, we all want our kids in school, and so they are trying their best but then when there's an outbreak in a classroom what are you supposed to do? dr. marty makary doesn't know whether or not this approach is a good one here he is from earlier on fox news. >> quarantine students for exposure sake at this point does not make sense and if you do so there's really no way to avoid almost every kid or half the school being quarantined and schools in europe they decided to pullback on the quarantining part because it be like saying hey i just took the train in new york and i was around about 1 million people, if everyone was connected to somebody, and it doesn't make sense to shutdown, you know, a million people just because of one exposure. brian: discourages people from
5:18 am
going to school to begin with. i know the athletes in the second semester when they started playing sports again, they go we're not going to school. we're going to have to do remote learning because all of a sudden you get contact traced you feel fine, you don't have the virus, you never test positive but because you're in the vicinity of somebody that tests positive, you go home. so for two weeks. it's frustrating. they could be making adjustments steve: in the state of mississippi, 13,000 students have tested positive for coronavirus. 13,000 since they reopened but they sent 20,000 into quarantine over the past three weeks, so that is just a state of whereas kids go back-to-school, this is something that all the experts are going to be watching. ainsley: if you're on the school board now during covid bless your heart. 8:18 here on the east coast. expanded unemployment benefits are coming to an end cutting off
5:19 am
nearly 9 million americans, how could this impact the struggling job market? charles payne is going to break it down, next. >> ♪ so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. hot dog or... chicken? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪♪ i'm chi lan, i am a mom, and a real estate agent. after having a kid, everything that you used to do for yourself goes out the window. the lines that i was seeing in my forehead were getting deeper than i was used to them being. and i realized, you know, what i can focus again on myself. so, what do you see when you look at yourself? i see someone who is growing and changing,
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5:24 am
and other questionnaires they will wait. they've got enough money socked away, they haven't paid their rent, a lot of folks have had moratoriums from student loans and mortgages, rents, gotten paid big time money, gotten checks from a variety of federal programs. people actually have money, so, it's a mistake to say okay, xyz red states stopped on this date and in the next day jobs didn't explode, people didn't go back to work. they will eventually as that
5:25 am
money runs out, but you're not going to see an immediate reaction. brian: i thought joe manchin is trying to save the country from the 3.5 trillion we can't afford which is basically cradle to grave safety net which is a nice thought but unaffordable in our current system but doesn't seem to matter to democrats but in that column i saw this one line i want to bounce off you. manchin complained the republicans used the reconciliation package of trump's tax cuts in 2017 and it only benefited rich investors more than workers while adding 1 trillion to the national debt. do you want to take on that statement because i don't believe it's rooted in fact. charles: well, first of all, all of this money printing whether it's a federal reserve or the federal government is going to help corporations because eventually, people go out and spend that money and guess what? it goes to the bottom line and when those bottom lines get bad, stocks go up. here is the beautiful thing if you live in america open up an account in the market by 9:30 today. so those kind of things are just completely just land mines of
5:26 am
miss truths and disingenuinous. now as far as the labor market is concerned, the wage market is concerned, the very month that president trump's tax cuts went into effect, blue collar wages surged. they went ahead of inflation, they grew well over 3% every single month year-over-year, and it was the first time in more than a decade, brian, more than a decade that blue collar wages outpaced not only overall wages but inflation and the reason i bring up inflation is key. every single month this year, inflation month-to-month has wiped out any job gains and here is what's really kind of interesting. since that $1.9 trillion went into effect, the so-called rescue plan, here is what your real wages did. not nominal wages but when you go to the supermarket, and in april they were down 3.7% year-over-year, in may 2.8%, in june 1.6% and july 1.2%, wages are actually down because we put so much money into this economy,
5:27 am
that prices have gone through the roof. brian: someone should talk about inflation because if you're worried about both people say why am i getting less and paying more when i go shopping? who did what and whose responsible, and by the way, morgan stanley now predicts the economy will grow annually by just 2.9%, instead of 6.5% real quick on that? charles: yeah, they dropped their number four times in the last four weeks. we've got some problems here. people have to eventually get back to work. i understand if you want to hold out, want more money, want hybrid work, there's a lot of things happening psychological, but we're in a dangerous place. we just squandered the greatest jobs market ever if people don't start to go back to work. brian: charles payne we'll watch making money at 2:00 on fox business if that's okay with you. charles: that be great. brian: meanwhile another twist in the south carolina murder mystery a prominent lawyer stepping down months after his wife and son were shot to death. the shocking new admission
5:28 am
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5:31 am
ainsley: new developments in the murder mystery of a prominent south carolina legal
5:32 am
family. alex murdouch revealing he's resigning from his law firm after being shot in the head and todd piro joins us with a new twist. todd: ainsley this shooting comes three months after his wife and son were gunned down at the family cabin. he was shot while changing a tire over weekend and rushed to the hospital where he was treated for a gun shot wound after dialing 911. he is expected to fully recover but now leaving his law firm and entering rehab. releasing a statement saying, " the murders of my wife and son have caused an incredibly difficult time in my life. i have made a lot of decisions that i truly regret. " the law firm confirming overnight that he had been accused of misusing funds. the firm hiring a forensic accounting firm to investigate the suspected miss appropriation and they also notified police and the south carolina bar association and the family of course has been in the spotlight over the last several months. alex was the one to discover his wife maggie and son paul murdered on their property three months ago.
5:33 am
those deaths ruled a double homicide but nobody has been charged with the killing. at the time of his death paul was facing trial on felony charges in connection to a boat crash that killed a 19-year-old woman back in 2019. unclear if alex was targeted in that shooting or if it was random. police, right now, have no suspects in custody. back to you. ainsley: thank you so much, todd steve? steve: thank ainsley. the accused mastermind behind the september 11 attacks will finally appear in a courtroom later today almost 20 years to the day since the attack. the hearings for four high profile suspects were delayed a year and a half due to covid. former guard and fox & friends weekend co-host pete hegseth joined us earlier to react to the plans to resume the trial. pete: fast forward to 2021 and we're having the pre-trial for ksm. the supreme court stepped in multiple times kong congress
5:34 am
rewrote the law, and ultimately international lawyers and others who wanted to gunk up the mix and created constitutional rights for terrorists created a process that was almost impossible to get past. steve: here with more is fox news sunday anchor, and author of "brand new book just coming out countdown bin laden" mr. chris wallace. chris, good morning to you. chris wallace. >> good morning to you, steve. steve: i think we have a little delay. chris there are a lot of people frustrated. its been 20 years since 9/11 and just now, we're trying to get to the pre-trial stuff? what's going on? >> it is insane. ksm, the architect of 9/11, was caught in 2003 in pakistan after going through considerable in
5:35 am
tar o equation including waterboarding and in 2006 was 15 years ago and still hasn't had his day in court, and it was supposed to happen in 2020, but then with covid it was delayed for a year and a half and they are just doing pre-trial. we're nowhere near a trial. these are pre-trial motions. he confessed after he got to git mo, but now they are saying that has to be thrown out , the lawyers do and yes, he's in a maximum security prison, but one wonders if he will ever actually have his day in court and have to answer for what he did to all those thousands of americans on 9/11. steve: absolutely. so this week, today i believe, your book "countdown to bin laden" comes out. the untold story of the 247-day hunt to bring the mastermind to justice, and i love the way you opened the book. you open the book where leon pan etta, the president's chief of staff
5:36 am
during the obama administration hears boss, we think this fortress, this street story house in pakistan is a place where that guy could be, and it took 247 days before they said okay, let's go do it. he said at the end of that meeting he said you new york try to get more information before we pull the trigger on this. >> well, this is what i'd call a history thriller and we take you inside the 247 days. it went on for a long time before that for nine years to try to get a lead on where bin laden even was, but as you say then the cia director leon panetta on august 27, 2,010 year and he said we praised a guy we think might be his career to that compound, what you're seeing there, everybody thought he was in a cave somer whether
5:37 am
in the tribal area. in fact he's in the quite affluent suburb where the pakistan west point was but it's a totally circumstantial case we take you inside the cia hunt and then the meetings and the white house to try to decide what to do and then they bring in the military and the head of joint special operations command , and they enlist seal team six, 24 fantastic and brave and capable navy seals, you're in the helicopter as it heads to the compound, and then in the house as rob o'neill climbs up the stairs to the third floor everybody knows how the story turns out but i promise you, the last 100 pages you'll be on the edge of your seat, flipping pages saying what happens next? steve: that's right. well you're great at these books you just mentioned rob o'neill, the guy who pulled the trigger here he is actually featured in chapter 2 of your book where he talks about how he learned about the mission to get bin laden and
5:38 am
his reaction. watch here is rob. >> we found a thing, and this thing is in the house, and this house is in a bowl in these mountains and this bowl is in a country and you guys are going to go and get this thing. >> okay cool what's the thing? well we can't tell you. okay, where is the bowl? can't tell you. what country is this? can't tell you. how are we getting there? can't tell you. how much air support? none. okay that's our only answer is no air support and that's how it started. steve: that's how it started and we know how it ended. chris the book is great and i was reading the thank yous and you do thank your wife lorraine for putting up with you when you were putting this altogether because at one point, lightning hit your house and blew up your computer, where you had all the work. >> [laughter] yeah, let me just quickly say, you know, i know a lot of people have very mixed or negative feelings about how we got out of afghanistan, and i think they are completely right. what i think this book reminds
5:39 am
you is that we did do a lot in these 20 years in afghanistan, and maybe the best thing we did is on may 1, 2011. we did what we originally came to do which is to take down osama bin laden to protect this country from a terror attack from afghanistan for 20 years and as badly-handled as the biden withdrawal has been this operation was flawless. the cia, the white house and the military community all worked together flawlessly to bring those off. steve: that's right. chris' new book "countdown to bin laden" is available now, and watch his special this sunday at 10 p.m. on the fox news channel you can also watch it on fox nation after it airs live. all right, chris, thank you very much for joining us from d.c. all right 20 minutes now before the top of the hour just a week from the recall election in california, vice president kamala harris is hitting the campaign trail for the embattled governor there , leo terrell is also from the golden state and weighs in
5:40 am
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shivering, fever, and upset stomach. talk to your pharmacist or doctor about protecting yourself with shingrix. shingles doesn't care. but we do. ainsley: california recall election is only one week away, and embattled governor newsom, gavin newsom, is raking in the cash. his supporters bringing in more than $72 million, out raising republican frontrunner larry elder and as the biden administration juggles multiple crisis, vice president harris is now heading to her home state of california tomorrow to go and campaign for governor newsom. here to react fox news contributor and california resident leo terrell. good morning, leo. >> hi, ainsley how are you? ainsley: doing well thank you so much. her popularity is tanking recently. is she going to help or hurt? >> she's going to hurt. she is a detriment to the gavin newsom campaign, ainsley. she represents the worst of the democratic party.
5:45 am
she did a disastrous job, if anything, at the southern border and basically she's been awol regarding afghanistan. kamala harris is unpopular. you look at some of her policies ainsley. remember last year, she funded a cash bail relief for criminals during the riot. i'm telling you, she's basically unlikeable, she suffers from the hillary clinton syndrome. people don't like her and she's under water in every poll in this country. ainsley: if you look at the public policy institute of california they say 58% don't want him removed, 39% do want to remove him. what is your prediction? >> my prediction is this. there's going to be a tremendous yes-on recall on the day of the election, ainsley, next tuesday. i think that the supporters of larry elder and anyone who wants gavin newsom out are going to come out in great numbers on the day of the election, and that's what i think is going to be very significant and i think
5:46 am
the republicans and the recall, they want kamala harris here, because she's a reminder of the disastrous program at the southern border and the horrific program that the biden administration has pushed in afghanistan. ainsley: they are really going after larry elder, he's a conservative talk show host and the front runner on the republican side saying he opposes minimum wage, downplays climate change, they talk about his issues with race and with women, and they say he's more extreme than president trump. how influential will those messages be? >> those messages are not starting because they have thrown everything at larry elder they accused him of being a racist, it's insulting. they have accused larry of everything, because they are afraid of larry elder. that's plain and simple. larry elder, ainsley, does not fit the democratic narrative that everyone whose a republican is a racist. that is very insulting to any person of color, especially insulting to larry elder.
5:47 am
ainsley: with gavin newsom being hypocritical about masks and so many people leaving california with the high taxes the way he's handled so many political issues , how does he even have a chance to win? >> i'll tell you why. because this state has been forfeited by the republicans. it is so blue in this state, ainsley, it is just a democratic blue state, and i hope that the republican party. i hope larry elder turns california around because this state is disastrous. last year was the first time in my life i wanted to leave california it's so bad in this state. i'm hoping for a turnaround. larry elder represents the first good step to turnaround california. ainsley: leo thank you for coming on with us. >> thank you, ainsley. ainsley: straight ahead we're honoring one of the heroic firefighters who lost his battle with cancer linked to his service on 9/11. janice dean is live with how ray pfiffer's friends and colleagues are paying tribute
5:48 am
let's check in with bill hemmer and dana perino with what's coming up. bill: good morning to you, great question, what can our government do now to get people to safety. it's a big question throughout afghanistan. dana: general jack keane and ambassador ric grenell will be here to talk about that. bill: how a story about covid made its way to the media. dana: also what is the chance college football game vs. to do with joe biden clay travis is on it. bill: dana and i will see you shortly coming up at the top of the hour. this is the tempur-pedic breeze. and its mission is to make sleep feel cool. so, no more night sweats. no more nocturnal baking. or polar ice cap air-conditioner mode. because the tempur-pedic breeze delivers superior cooling... from cover to core. helping you sleep cool, all night long. don't miss our best offer of the year, and experience your best sleep of the summer. all tempur-pedic mattresses are on sale, with savings up to $700 on adjustable mattress sets. learn more at
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5:52 am
brian: this year marks 20 year since the september 11 attacks and today, we're honoring a hero who lost his life as a result from saving others. ainsley: ray fiffer was an fdny firefighter who spent eight months digging through the toxic debris searching for the remains of fellow firefighters and other victims and dedicated the rest of his life to fighting for survivors before tragically dying in 2014 from 9/11-related cancer. steve: so to honor her friend, our own janice dean is live from the 9/11 memorial at town park in point lookout, new york, with robert astroski, a fellow firefighter who also worked with ray. good morning to both of you.
5:53 am
>> good morning. hi, buddy. how are you? >> good how are you doing? >> let's start off with showing ray's name on the wall here. >> right there. >> i love the fact that they have honored the folks that died on that day, but they've also included people who died of 9/11 -related cancer, like ray pf eifer. tell us about the foundation? >> so, we started the ray pfeifer foundation shortly after he passed away, and our mission is to help first responders sick with a 9/11-related illness and we helped them pay for things not covered by the world trade center health program. >> talking to you earlier, you talked to families whose loved ones are dying. >> yeah. so we helped first responders with a lot of different things that are not covered by the world trade center health program. i'll give you an example of one thing we help out a lot with is home health aids, so the world
5:54 am
trade center health program and unfortunately hospice, first responder has cancer, wants to come home and spend his last days with his family. usually, they will cover about four hours a day of an aid to come in and help with that and a lot of families need more because first responders really suffering, so the ray pfeifer foundation will step in and some times we pay for around the clock care, so that's, we have to speak to the families. i have to speak to the wives whose husband is, you know, dying and it's a very emotional thing but it's a niche we found and the families are very very appreciative of what we do. >> and ray fought like hell to make sure that this continued and that your foundation and his honor is helping families >> yeah, you know, it's not a glamorous thing that we do. another way that we help is a
5:55 am
lot of guys are suffering from prostate cancer, they get their prostate remove, they need adult diapers and that's not covered and that's hundreds of dollars a month and we pay for that. not very glamorous or something that makes the news but the families are appreciative and ray, with doing the right thing where no one is looking and ray liked that so we're really holding up his legacy. >> tell me about ray real quick >> ray i was talking to somebody yesterday and sometimes when you're talking to ray, i worked with him in the fire house, felt like he was talking to, you know, the godfather. ray could get anything done, as long as you were a good guy. if you were a good guy ray help ed you out and if he said he was, he would but you had to be doing the right thing. >> i love you. >> i love you too. >> we have to remember this day and honor ray and all those we
5:56 am
lost and continue to lose. right? >> yeah, yeah, my phone rings on a weekly basis, so it's very difficult. >> okay thank you for coming today. >> thanks for having me. >> steve, ainsley, brian i love you too. steve: thank you, janice. ainsley: we'll never forget. we thank ray pfeifer and all of those 9/11 heros who worked so fire tirelessly to save fellow americans, may he rest in peace. this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you.
5:57 am
at this stage in my life to be able to be here as a part of newday usa, everything that we do is centered around how can we help that veteran? how can we help that veteran family? we'll help anyone we possibly can. we'll get them in that home. we'll help them do a refi. we'll help them to get cash out of their home. whatever it is that's going to help that individual. and if it's not going to help them, we don't do it. pool floaties are like whooping cough. amusement parks are like whooping cough. even ice cream is like whooping cough, it's not just for kids.
5:58 am
whooping cough is highly contagious for people of any age. and it can cause violent uncontrollable coughing fits. sometimes followed by vomiting and exhaustion. ask your doctor or pharmacist about whooping cough vaccination because whooping cough isn't just for kids.
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♪♪♪ >> new book comes out the first week of november. a chance to see me in person on stage. go to brian >> bill: thanks, good morning. america's top diplomat denying reports the taliban is blocking americans from leaving afghanistan. frankly, all of this information is quite confusing. we'll try to go through it the best we can on tuesday. hope you enjoyed the weekend. i'll bill hemmer. nice to see you today. thinking about you all weekend. >> dana: i'm dana perino. "america's newsroom." more to come later in the show. jasper passed away saturday, america's dog. rest in peace. amazing dog. total legend. a great


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