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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  September 9, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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who arrive in the united states and seek relief and who do not have yet lawful presence. we do not use the term illegal alien. >> laura: what they really call them are undocumented democrats. "gutfeld!" next. [cheers and applause]nis.
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they are so bad, and it's about time somebody came in and you're really beating them badly, greg. >> greg: i feel like i'm beating up on people. >> mr. trump: they are not very talented, you are. >> greg: i am mildly talented. >> mr. trump: you are very different. >> greg: yes, i am. that's true. clap away. if that is not emmy award winning stuff, i don't know what is. maybe if i sent contagious people to nursing homes and then grabbed my coworkers asses, i would have a chance. but i won't. but the fun hasn't stopped yet because it is time for... >> another meeting of the minds part three. >> greg: part three of the greatest presidential interview in the history of presidential interviews. that's not funny. warning, this interview is so powerful it may change forever the way you look at the world
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and especially need. but before we do that. greg's seven jokes. i envision greg brady playing the organ. upstairs, in the attic. this afternoon president biden unveild. he was originally called a six step plan. joe is not good with steps. biden also prioritize getting kids back into school where they are easier to sniff. joe biden is also preparing to sue texas over the new antiabortion laws. that's right before heading to mass to receive communion. you know, because catholic. they are pro-life. he wants unborn children to die. you see the connection.
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meanwhile, the taliban is expected to continue their ban on music which means afghans can only listen to maroon 5. >> tyrus: turned the laugh track on. >> greg: in other news, congressman adam schiff urged facebook to address the spread of covid-19 vaccine misinformation on social media. the company sprung into action instantly deleting the account of anthony fauci. yesterday a protester through an egg at gubernatorial candidate larry elder. the egging confirmed two things we already knew about liberals. one, they hate black republicans. and two, they throw like a girl. the deadly egg was never recovered but detectives did find several shell fragments. you don't have to laugh. that's your seven jokes.
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i'm now time for purgatory with our 45th president, donald trump. take it away. i've got to ask about hunter biden's new profession. have you seen any of his paintings? >> mr. trump: i haven't seen them. i've seen some newspaper shots. >> greg: could you imagine that was -- >> mr. trump: don jr. has decided to go into painting. he has never painted before. he wants 500,000 a shot and you know what they don't even go after him. >> greg: he paints with a straw which is a new use for a straw for him. >> mr. trump: when i heard this one, this one, even the fake news media will not allow. he is selling his paintings. if my kids ever did that, they could do good things. i have a son, raised $20 million for st. jude's. he was under two years of investigation and got nothing out of it. nothing. two years of investigation. he raised 20 million got the most beautiful letter from the
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head of st. jude's that this young man, i won't even say which one of my kids. >> greg: it would be don jr. or eric started selling sketches and giving the money to drug addiction programs. some really primitive sketches before hunter ever sells a painting. >> mr. trump: if you go, during the presidency to do this. i think the paintings of the least of it. you know that. that's the least of it. >> greg: the gun violations. >> mr. trump: we had a much softer justice department. let's say they didn't like doing that. i understand that but i don't want to see a family in trouble. he has got some difficulties which are very serious difficulties in terms of what happened to him with the views, cetera, et cetera. i tell you what, you can't do it republicans. some of the republicans, especially the rhinos. we have some very stupid republicans. don't you sometimes have to
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fight fire with fire. >> greg: what are your plans for 2024? >> mr. trump: i love our country. two or three years ago you might not of been that happy. but another going be very happy. especially when you see what's happening. i'll make a decision in the not-too-distant future. i love our country and i think a lot of people are going to be very happy. you look at the poll numbers, i certainly like that. we got on the other day, 98% approval in the republican party. reagan had 87. we have a 90% approval rating. that makes me feel good. it makes me feel appreciated. not like a guy like you they can be critical. in the past. only the past. >> greg: i have to ask, do you miss twitter? do you tweet in your head? >> mr. trump: a lot of people think twitter was bad for me. i disagree. i think it was good for me. twitter has become a very boring
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place. when i went onto twitter 12 years ago, twitter was a failed operation. it became successful and a lot of people said i had a lot to do with it. when they took me off, i had way over 100 million people. then if you add facebook and everything else, it's over 200 million people. that's a lot. you go from 200 million people to nothing overnight. what i do know is i have save america and i release things that i'm tremendous play. we are suing twitter, facebook, google, class action suit. anyone wants to join, please join. i think it's a great lawsuit. these people are sick. zuckerberg used to come, the lockboxes. the lockboxes all over the place. he used to come to the white house to kiss my ass.
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i have the head of facebook coming with his lovely wife and they come have dinner with me at the white house. you see what they do about me and about republicans and that sort of crazy. that's the way the world works. >> greg: watching how the media treats joe biden, it's an obvious question but worth bringing up. there's always a game that we play on "the five." imagine if its trump. joe biden leaving behind afghan translators. if it were you, you would be called a racist, correct? >> mr. trump: they would be impeaching me. >> greg: now you have this phone call, this phone call that he made to the afghan president asking them to live. that is not a perfect phone call. >> mr. trump: my call was a perfect call. >> greg: how do they square that in their heads, knowing what they did before. talking about the media. >> mr. trump: my call. we sent it to the justice department. i didn't know who they were.
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certain divisions. they called back and they said we read this transcript three or four times. what exactly are you looking for? these are guys that are looking at drug deals in all sorts of bad stuff. they go, what is that you're looking for? they couldn't figure it out. it was a perfect call. when you watch this call, this was not a good call. this was not a good call. >> greg: he was asking him to lie in order to make him look bad, may be to make himself look better or politically, whatever. >> mr. trump: he's been a cook for a long time. he couldn't get it all into the helicopter. do you think some people at the airport -- >> greg: it kills me. that's our money. >> mr. trump: you don't hear that story. you don't hear that much about afghanistan anymore. i watch the evening news and they talk about everything they can but they don't like to talk about afghanistan. >> greg: all right, that that was powerful.
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you know what we are going to do now. we've got to turn to an immediate post-interview with the interviewer. >> jean nelson reports with jean nelson. >> let me say i thought last night's interviewer was the best i've ever seen until tonight's interview. hands-down the best thing i've ever witnessed. >> greg: i have to agree with you and i did the interview. you'd be surprised to learn more there will be a part four leader of the show and tomorrow a part five. >> wow. i can't wait. gene, you were on my show yesterday. gene nelson reports. >> greg: do you work out? how much do you bench? >> about 250. do you lift weights? >> greg: i work out but i don't use weights. i use the body weight of my workout partner. i have him straddle me on my back and that i do squat thrusts. she want to go work out?
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>> i don't have my workout close. >> greg: you won't need any. >> here he is. >> greg: let's welcome tonight's guests! this former placekicker is up, and he's good! fox news contributor and former gop congressman jason chaffetz. this ex-public defender has taken more prison calls than kat. former white house national security council aide kash patel. she likes her men tall, dark, and on life support. fox news contributor kat timpf. and even his inner child is bigger than most people. my massive sidekick and the nwa world television champion, tyrus.
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tonight we saw joe biden talking, did a presser. tyrese, you made a very good point. when you compare joe biden to trump in the world of vaccines and he saw the interview last night talking about persuading my wife to get the vaccine, there is a noticeable contrast between who can persuade and who can't. >> tyrus: he wasn't even that. he talked to someone who was a parent, a father, leader and how important it was me put some facts behind it. he was a very un-trumplike response. we are used to the narrative or he doesn't care and he selfish but he was giving you good reasons and he was respecting your wife's decision not to do it. from the other side of it, the side that is supposed to be that way, he was basically threatening us by telling somebody we are losing our
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patients with you. that's his frustration. you hired your administration. you're not getting rid of anyone. the worst part, the reason why that didn't get a lot of attention was because mainstream media is whole narrative is it's the numbers that don't get vaccinated and those are the ones hurting the country. the leader of the trumpers is not only vaccinated, he's promoting to get vaccinated and doing it in a way where you're comfortable with it. he didn't insult your wife. he didn't say if i was you, i would divorce her. because that's what -- we are seeing the size of what is supposed to be come up with those two interviews together, run them side-by-side. who is the bully? who are the american people going to listen to? it's president trump. >> greg: jason, when i saw biden today, and i'm going like, he's going to reelect trump and trump winds if he decides to run.
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>> jason: you're exactly right. he was angry, upset, trying to blame everybody else. then gives the exception to postal workers. everybody in the federal government has to do it except the postal workers. if you really think about it, who are the people within the federal government that you interact with most? it's the postal workers. they come to your house every day for goodness' sakes. you go to the counter to buy stamps and mail things. but they get a pass. it makes no sense. donald trump, i think he created the vaccine, and it was kamala harris and joe biden that were saying oh, i wouldn't do it if he was involved. >> greg: using his criteria, biden and kamala harris were a threat to our public safety. they were a threat to our public safety by saying don't use the vaccine. because biden made it very clear that the 80 million people who aren't vaccinated are a threat to public safety. he said that.
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kash, you worked in the trump administration. do you think is going to work again -- run again? >> kash: 100%. >> greg: how do you think it's going to go? this is going to be the craziest thing ever. >> kash: i was talking to tyrus about it. does biden stay for a full year. does kamala try to come in. it's a political disaster. they have violated, every law they put against rome, they are violating. covid, afghanistan, the border. i don't know that president trump needs to do anything if he does decide to run again in 2024. he just needs to let them keep ruining the country unfortunately. they will elect him and put him back in office. >> greg: kat, last night after the interview, there was a left-wing blog saying we added a laugh track to the interview and it was the audience that was laughing. they have not taken it down.
8:16 pm ran it. people are running it. shouldn't they take that down now that they know they were wrong? >> kat: they should but isn't it kind of the greatest compliment ever? we are so funny that people think we can't possibly be that funny. but we are. and i think it also shows just how in a bubble they are that they thought there is no -- remember when the chauffeur started, they were starting rumors that it was canceled after three days. now we are beating everybody else. they will never learn that if they don't get outside their bubble, they're not going to have any access to everyone else out there which is more than five people. >> greg: have got to ask, what were your feelings marching biden as a libertarian today? >> kat: i'm obviously pissed off. who does he think he is? if you don't own your body, you don't live in a free society.
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>> greg: that's true. you can apply this logic to any other thing. they are going to compare to smallpox but i believe that's a little bit different. smallpox. more trump later. next, the media chokes by ignoring folks who throw yokes. ♪ music playing. ♪ there's an america we build ♪ ♪ and one we explore one that's been paved and one that's forever wild but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure ♪ ♪ you get both. introducing the all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l jeep. there's only one. one, two! one, two, three! only pay for what you need! with customized car insurance from liberty mutual! jeep grand cherokee l
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>> greg: the reporter's is larry elder gets a yolk. yesterday woman in a mask through an egg and elder. maybe she was just complying with the new gorilla mask mandate.
8:22 pm
no word on the identity but no one has heard from nancy pelosi lately. let's watch the tape. >> getting egg from behind. [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] [yelling] >> greg: that's all. she seemed so reasonable up until then. from the looks of things, her brain is the only part of her that's been washed recently. so in summary, a white racist and an eight mask taunts and assaults a black leader and barely a blip. can you imagine if this happened to stacey abrams or maxine waters. the liberal media would implode, branding all republicans racist. calling it the worst attack since the civil war and harp on how eggs are high in cholesterol. since elder is their own kind a black man, the republican kind,
8:23 pm
she is just an egg pelting protester and a footnote in a newscast. >> he was greeted by some angry people, including a protester wearing a gorilla mask with pink hair who threw an egg get him. >> pretty scary. thank you very much. >> greg: yeah, yeah, whatever. who cares. just a black republican. let's talk about some real news, you know. that was that but it's like that old joke, why did the chicken cross the road? to get away from a story they didn't feel like covering. kash, we know that if the situations were reversed, this was a trump supporter in a mask throwing eggs at maxine waters, we would already have the name of that person. that person would be everywhere turning on every social media platform. >> kash: the national security apparatus of the administration would've made this the biggest threat. that's what they would have pivoted too. why don't we know who the person
8:24 pm
is who assaulted a gubernatorial candidate in california? that's insane. where's the police investigation? the former public defender it in me, why is the media missing the entire narrative? because she had an eight mask on and he was black and she was white? i can relate to being the wrong kind of brown. i get that everyday. you work in the trump administration? yeah. he's not a racist. can you believe it. they missed the story on purpose. they can actually have the same rules applied to their side of the media. >> greg: it's really amazing that this is not treated as a hate crime. you know it would be. for me it's more evidence that the democrats and the media only care about black people as long as they stay on their ideological plantation. get away with murder once they leave. >> jason: you can't fight on the issues. you don't see gavin newsom out there talking about the issues. and then when you have a
8:25 pm
formidable candidate like larry elder stepping up, it's all about race. it's the most disgusting part of politics and it needs to be called out. but instead you have these other people just blow by it like it didn't happen. then there's this perception that is just a one-way street. we need to know who this person is. she took that swing afterwards. nothing happens. that's what america is so tired about. nothing happens. >> greg: somebody instigated it. she was so angry. who is this person? get into her mind. >> kat: i would rather not. it's the same thing we have seen before. they are so incensed with identity politics but also at the same time they are at all. when hillary clinton was running, other than trump is bad, her whole campaign was "vote for me. i'm a chick." i had friends tell me that i was a sexist bigot because i was not voting for hillary clinton because she was a woman.
8:26 pm
and then this past election, i did vote for a woman. joe jorgensen. those same friends told me that i was a sexist bigot for not voting for their old white guy. they actually don't really practice all the identity politics that they preach which would be a good thing if they understood that ideology mattered when they were insulting or going after anyone else. >> greg: tyrus, i was thinking about all the stuff could gavin newsom supporters throughout larry elder. they suggested that he brandished a gun. a black man brandishing a gun. they said he dated sex workers, and he's brandishing a gun. the supporter is comparing him basically to a primate and getting away with it. >> tyrus: this is nothing new. we would see this in the '50s when they took the hoses to the brothers and sisters that were marching. those people were heroes in the
8:27 pm
news covered it that way. she's a hero to the democratic party. where is newsom? today the press conference, that was president trump, there would've been 16 reporters asking him what his thoughts were on what happened today. but he's an uncle tom, so it's fine. he had it coming. his uppity sell. what's he doing running his own ideas? he doesn't want big government so of course he deserves what he got. it was beyond racist. she wore a gorilla mask. if you let the video continue, brother who gets passionate about it, he doesn't care about his own people. you just stood by and let some woman with a gorilla mask throwing eggs at another black man in your questioning whether he cares about his own people. one thing, security team, you're a lot better than i was because when i was bodyguard and coming took a swing at me and that was your ass and you would've had a bad day. would've had a bad day. the reports would've been trying to figure out how to get the bike on wrapped around her body.
8:28 pm
wouldn't have hit her because she's a woman but i would have gave her a hug without bike. she wouldn't be riding away anytime soon. >> greg: it is part of the antifa world that women get into the front lines and do some serious damage. and then "i'm a woman! i'm a woman!" >> tyrus: in the clubs, the most dangerous fights were women. guys have rules. trying to stop two of them for fighting and eve got a stiletto in your eye. they don't play by the same rules and you have to treat them as dangerous. >> greg: all right. more trump on the way. mass finds getting slapped while chicagoans are getting capped.
8:29 pm
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♪ ♪ ask your life is fullarmacist of surprises when you least expect it. (woman laughs) and open. what happened to all your things? i know you needed a place to study, so... and other times, it pays off knowing what to expect. at university of phoenix, you can count on fixed, affordable tuition from the moment you enroll to the day you graduate from your program. learn more about our tuition guarantee at >> greg: covid violators are
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getting caught while chicago residents are getting shot. the number of covid finds grow higher despite the hail of gunfire. chicago is handing out citations for mask violations, investigating a hundred businesses in the first 90 days of the recently reinstated mask mandate. you have to wear a mask indoors and outdoors, especially for shooting someone. which seems to be the new way to celebrate a three day weekend. over labor day. over the labor day weekend in chicago, 65 people were shot and six died. the city seems unable to stem the violence but are relieved people dead from bullet wounds are far less likely to get covid. speaking of crime, real clear politics to the head-to-head comparison between the riots in 2020 and the capital chaos on january six. this study will surely be ignored. we want to ignore it. here's what they found. at the george floyd riots, there were 15 times more injured
8:34 pm
police officers then january 6th. three times more arrests, and the damages from the riots were 1300 times more costly than january 6th. or a scene and called them affordable. think about it. imagine the cost of the riots weren't mostly peaceful. once again, the numbers don't lie. the media does. this report doesn't even include the 20 men who attacked jussie smollett. we've got to find the real abusers. all right, jason chaffetz. masks trump murder. >> jason: i am worried we have become so numb to it. the idea they are taking money out of people's wallets to give people fines on masks when you've got people that aren't going to live because they are murdered because they are shot because kids don't feel
8:35 pm
comfortable even going outside because it's so dangerous out there. where are the priorities? democrats have no solution, no offering to say this is how we are going to bring peace and security to the places like chicago or portland or new york city. they just don't have any solutions. >> greg: tyrus, i always go back to the idea that in the mind of a lefty, reform is always the removal of the consequence. whether it's illegal immigration. we want to have to get rid of having to post bail or go to jail. >> tyrus: when they know that, they're not going to do it anymore. that works with my kids. no spanking. you all go to bed at 7:00. they're doing cartwheels and saying, what are you going to do, dad?
8:36 pm
i think in the spirit of trying to bring everyone together, let's do this. let's split the difference. let's make our masks connected to a bulletproof vest, the connection. people in chicago will be more open to wear the mask everywhere because they've got a bulletproof vest. you kind of kill two birds -- but that's not the way want to say that. let me rethink it. i want to not use the word kill. throw in some mask vests. >> greg: or bulletproof masks. that's a great idea. >> tyrus: as long as they shoot you in the mouth, you're good. >> greg: exactly. >> jason: they'll shoot your mouth off. >> greg: there you go. kat, is gun crime a response to those opposed mask mandates? >> kat: no. this actually makes sense. i think it's horrible and it's wrong. but it makes sense when you
8:37 pm
understand that they're not really worried about the safety aspect. they know that it faces are not more dangerous than bullets. but the mask mandate is such an easy way for the city to make money. they can go in. no mask. you have to pay a citation of up to $2500. it's easy and it makes money. that is not true about hunting down people and gangs and prosecuting them. that's not fruitful or easy enterprise. it's really about getting more money in a city where obviously people are paying huge amounts of taxes. they're not even pretending to care. >> greg: the worst type of person, kash, the fake righteous jerk who chooses these low risk issues like to take a stand on. i can take a stand on masks because i'm not going to go near -- >> kash: i thought you were talking about me. >> greg: i was talking about your jacket. i'm not going to touch and violent crime or gang violence or mental illness on the street
8:38 pm
or the homeless but i can come after you. it's a low-hanging fruit, low risk. i can get righteous without spending any capital. >> kash: you have a willing mainstream media. there is a 50% increase in violent crime in chicago, new york and los angeles. shootings. two weeks ago a 5-year-old got shot. a 5-year-old got shot. that should be national news. going back to gangs, it's a hard problem here we tried to graph it -- crack it under trump. but the media doesn't care. he took on violent crimes in narco trafficking and they didn't care and now we have more children getting shot, more drugs and refugees not getting vaccinated. they don't care about that because it's a voting block that they can retain. they are going to try to buy it by saying take from the rich and give it you everything that you want we will be the biggest hypocrites on planet earth. >> greg: coming up, the next
8:39 pm
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>> mr. trump: when they see that antifa is not prosecuted and they kill people in portland and seattle and all these other places, they take over a large portion of seattle. people die. they walk in and beat the hell out of the store owners. they take it over. if i didn't send -- i was getting ready to send in the national guard and maybe the military. they heard that and all of a sudden they left. it's an amazing thing. same thing in minnesota. >> greg: mostly peaceful. >> mr. trump: always peaceful. >> greg: summer of love they called it. >> mr. trump: the cnn reporter saying this is a peaceful protest. the entire cities burning.
8:44 pm
this is peaceful. we appreciate the peace. rocks are being thrown. >> greg: they denied the rise in crime going on because of the defunding of the police ideology and the demoralization of the cops. none of the networks are covering it except for fox. >> mr. trump: they don't prosecute murderers, killers, a guy killed an old woman, grandmother the other day. they don't even talk about it. they only go after republicans. it's true, the prosecutors. they only go after republicans. what people are getting away with in new york. what they are getting away with in chicago. look at chicago. they say 113 people were shot at and 28 died. that's worse than afghanistan was. we didn't have that. we didn't lose i told you a soldier in many, many months and here they have 20 people died over the weekend. it's a disgrace. >> greg: taliban has finally made afghanistan as dangerous as
8:45 pm
chicago. one problem with you running for president again is that going to save cnn. you're aware of that. >> mr. trump: that's a problem. i am very proud of what they've done for them. they are down 89%. maybe lately with all the crazy things happening but maybe not because i don't like to cover afghanistan. they are torn. if they cover it, they will get higher ratings but they don't want to cover it because it's bad for the radical left democrats. they are doing it to protect some of the most incompetent people in history of politics in terms of office. they are getting there. once they get there, everything turned sour. i won't use the same word used in alabama. everything turns bad. >> greg: was the woke of a response to you? you have the politically correct. you come in and you point out how screwed up the politically correct is. then there is something worse, more pernicious, the smoke
8:46 pm
movement basically saying that america is endemically racist. >> mr. trump: even the woman soccer team, the woman with the purple hair, she wasn't a fan of mine. she said negative things and then she lost. woke means your loser. i am watching parents in virginia. they are tired of it. they don't want it. they are finally getting it. school boards. they are throwing these maniacs out. it's been great to watch. >> greg: it used to be on campuses and now it's in high schools, critical race theory is being taught in grade schools and stuff. parents are finally engaged and showing up. that's kind of knew, don't you think? >> mr. trump: i entered it in the military but as soon as they came in they put it back in. we had guys that got paid $444,000 to teach critical race theory and wokism. to teach it. i said boy, they are highly paid. i said they are highly paid and the more importantly their theye
8:47 pm
teaching this stuff. general milley, he was never like that but he changed. ultimately he was a politician i guess he figured he was going to do better with the current people. isn't that the worst kind of general? >> greg: you think that joe is going to last the first term? do you think kamala harris is going to be stepping in? >> mr. trump: i don't know. it's probably not appropriate for me to comment on that. i don't know. when i see a man say a few words not necessarily well and then turn around and walk. somebody said he has really nice here the front. i see them walk away. they are soft questions. when he did answer them, i remember during the campaign, they are screaming, what do you think of is and what do you think about, maniacs. i don't know. maybe i don't get credit for it. maybe i do. fake news was a great turnberry
8:48 pm
people say what was your favorite. i think fake news. though we had any idea how fake it was. when you ask a question and then you see him read the answer off the teleprompter. that means he knows what's going on. they told me to ask so-and-so. it's so sad for our country. i got to know putin and president xi of china and kim jong un and all of them. very well. they are at the top of their game. when they see the scene at the meetings they had where his wife, whose lovely, a screaming come here, joe. come here, joe. joe, come here. et cetera. that's not appropriate. but when they see that, i can't imagine there inspired. >> greg: all right. up next, the real identity of the fast food entity.
8:49 pm
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>> greg: did mcdonald's purple blob once have a real job? this is a story "special report" won't cover. the manager of a mcdonald's in
8:53 pm
canada said grimace is actually supposed to be an enormous taste bud. not a purple turd. it's kind of shocking. who knew they had mcdonald's in canada. according to the food website, grimace was called the evil grimace until 1972 when the evil part was dropped. interestingly the same thing happened with shannon bream. kat, what do you make of this amazing story? this is like al capone's safe. >> kat: i almost judge myself because i have office leasing that guy a lot. around, being a girl about town. [laughter] i never bothered to think, what's that? as a child even. you see that, okay, there he is.
8:54 pm
i never wondered who that was. >> greg: if you look at him, take a look at his face. he is like bernie's drug addict brother. okay, man, barney, what are you doing? got to go to work. when are you going to get a job, grimace? >> i'm doing it in time. no? >> tyrus: first of all, thanks for letting me bring my kids here. bernie is a dinosaur. >> greg: i know. barney is a dinosaur. this is a taste bud. whose mouth is that? i thought my entire life he was a melted shake because grimace always had a shake in his hand. or he was prehistoric what you're going to look like if you continue to eat bad.
8:55 pm
prehistoric obesity. you eat all the shakes, you're going to look like grimace so you don't eat shakes. then he lost his job. an issue with him and the burglar. now grimace is hanging out with oscar the grouch. thank you for breaking down who grimace is. he's a taste bud. outstanding. >> greg: looking for you we have under a minute left to pontificate. jason, thoughts on grimace. >> jason: i probably look at it through the political lens. i always thought it was just chris christie. >> greg: oh! no love lost. >> kat: i can't top any of it so i'm going to go back to canada and now say maybe trudeau will rock purple face. >> greg: don't go away. we'll be right back. meone else.. i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique.
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>> greg: set your dvrs every night. thanks to jason chaffetz, kat, kash patel, tyrus. i love you, america. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, the republican national committee says it will sue the biden administration over its sweeping covid vaccine mandate. it could affect as many as 100 million americans. will the state department admitting that only ten u.s. citizens were aboard a


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