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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  September 12, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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naming rights life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and to secure these rights governments are instituted among men deriving their powers and the consent of the governed we are not subjects. we are we the people, the citizens. see you next time on life liberty and levin. >> good evening everyone welcome to the next revolution this is another pro- worker family pro- community this weekend especially polymeric. these two men andrew carnegie and rockefeller lied and she'd just cheated for the pursuit of economic power the robber baron of capitalism in a heated that so they set about changing their image of wanted people to forget about all the terrible things they did so carnegie belt libraries and
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rockefeller set up a foundations to con the establishment into moving on that is what we are seeing today with these two. bush and biden to forget about what they did they are desperate for praise and pats on the back from the establishment but unlike the original robber barons who did some good with their deflection tactics with bush and biden it is entirely negative in the past few days they have cynically come to gather to pack on —- attack a common enemy, george w. bush use the anniversary of 9/11 to imply that republicans the people who put him in the oval office are like the 9/11 terrorist although he didn't just mean those who committed crimes he knew perfectly well how his remarks would be amplified he intended to smear the republican base but a sick cynical transparent ploy to ingratiate himself with the
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political establishment does he really think he will make americans forget what he did? instead it has done the exact opposite at times us to remember that george w. bush let osama bin laden slip through his fingers december 2001 because he was too busy dialing up plans for the invasion of iraq. we remember bush took us to war on a lie and according to those around at the time he did it just to look tougher than his father the actual war hero. we remember the bushes war of vanity squandered the sympathy and unity of the civilized world of 9/11 the matter how many portraits he paints or speeches he makes sucking up we will never forget that george w. bush affect millions needlessly to destabilize the middle east endlessly into trillions of dollars of your money corruptly to put in the pockets of his cronies led by the cheney's whose family business is war by other
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people and their children. biden said he wanted to end the war not just overseas but here at home. >> we must end this uncivil war. conservative versus liberal. urban versus rural. steve: just has his abject surrender to the taliban did not stop and restart the endless war in afghanistan ending out the uncivil war but reviving it that the southern border the humanitarian crisis for the security crisis and a crime crisis and inflation crisis and to bring the country to gather in every single thing he said or does tribes is further apart.
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as a centrist now the front man for the extreme far left government in history biden thinks meal forget he can barely string two sentences together but even in the moment he tries to distract us from his failures and his lies. >> the bottom line to protect vaccinated workers from an vaccinated coworkers. it is called a vaccine. just stopped for a second and describe accurately what we saw on thursday. in our president who went off script to directly contradict science or it was in the script and he successfully read that out in which case we have a retired white house operation has the president of
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the united states saying things this is not a joke folks this is a crisis of government. and biden reminds us why we must not move on and of course more than anything that applies to his greatest catastrophe the narcissistic to stop the endless war at any cost whether dead marines in afghanistan or another 9/11 or americans and our allies desperate and fearing for their lives in the hands of those that attacked us 20 years ago what a grotesque way to commemorate the bravery and heroism and sacrifice of some the americans not just on that day but the two decades since. biden surrendering to the taliban leaving people behind and equipment behind and our morality. the appalling regime still
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can't seem to comprehend the gravity of what they have done. listen to this from the state department when challenge not letting planes take off. this is an actual official statement. we understand the concerns many people are feeling as a try to facilitate further charter and other passage out of afghanistan however we do not have air assets we do not control the airspace. exactly. that is the whole point he ran away. and talk about it as it is the immutable fact of life you took the air assets out of the country you did this and now you turn around and wring your hands? you really are the lowest of the low actually there was a lower point. what was the word the white house used to describe the murderers professional and
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despicable just like the drone strike wag the dog we are learning. they mistook water canisters for bombs killing an aid worker and nine other civilians and this is a great over the horizon anti- terror strategy it says over the horizon is somewhere over the rainbow got help us if they are looking at bombs and think their water canisters. and then have the nerve to suggest all this strengthens america to freeze is up to concentrate on the real threat from china they are right about the threat that the idea that this biden regime to ever stand up to china is the readout from the phone call this is an actual quote from white house official he sought to explain actions toward china that in the way it is
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not misinterpreted as to sort it out that is the biden strategy on the threat the whole afghan disaster would enable him to protect us from not to undermine beijing. no wonder there were reports china is taking over bagram with the strategic assets that biting gave up overnight. nothing better corrupt machine politician with no principles or integrity or decency. he said he would bring compassion but instead gave us cruelty promised confidence but delivered chaos elected as a moderate centrist that was sworn in with the far left socialist takeover running around yesterday with the biden signs he saw. honestly considering the damage he has done to this country that is a mild rebuke as we said last week if not resigned he must be
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impeached. tell us what you think and share this message when we posted later with project dynamo jen wilson along with a farmer state department's. so let's start with what is happening you know better than any of us. they want us to move on what you think of that? >> we have not moved on. we have been working 48 hour shifts literally no sleep we basically had to roll up a private airline and the travel agency in the span of three weeks because we have over 20000 request for evacuations that is americans and green card holders i cannot even count how many pregnant we are
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trying to evacuate. it's not over. it has been one hell of a three weeks but we are not done. steve: it so incredible so just to ask specifically there is 100 americans left we will get them out the state department is working so when you hear that you know what's going on, tell us about the americans i worry about those we don't even hear from or in kabul or next order to an airport tell us what is really going on. >> we are in constant communication all day every day and you are right they do span the entire confines of
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that country not just in kabul but all over i don't want to get into numbers because of how many there are. but we have a lot americans, a green card holders, state passport holders and with that foreign creed of afghan nationals the humanitarian parole the refugee stratus their children don't have passports you have a chance to get out of that country or any neighboring country on any neighboring country without a passport and there are no embassies. so the enormous swath of these people are stuck in a bureaucratic hell and we are trying to help them but we are
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a government agency and that's a heartbreaking conversation we have all day every day i cannot approve your visa or help you get when i have no way to do that. and then to try to make this happen so stay with us. so now let's switch to the strategic picture because the other aspect we are constantly told by the biden regime now we can really focus on china we don't have to worry what do you make of that of america's standing in the world. >> even the europeans, the british and the germans have scolded us on this exit and
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nato it is funny in the trump administration we were told he would break nato and this decision to leave afghanistan in a manner that we did really got close to breaking nato more than anything but just to expand, she is so right many of us are still trying to help talking about the passport issue that's the challenges that we have with the visa the secretary has yet to publicly announce the asylum not one so for jennifer or i or anyone trying to help get refugees out of afghanistan there is no safe third country to go to. getting out on us planes that are processed around the middle east and europe but if you're just a regular woman and did not work for the united states but a woman in afghanistan to get out there are no asylum agreements in
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place. and also what we need to watch for looking for the strategic picture we have a feeling in diplomacy with no asylum agreements and a counterterrorism failing. here we are a catastrophe in afghanistan of anything of seen in my lifetime and we have no counterterrorism coordinator at the state department. you would think over the past three weeks they would say we should fill this position. these are the adults in the room supposedly. >> so why is that coordinator position working across nato and the us government looking at terrorism threats around the world. now we have a huge terrorism threat likely that we did not expect to happen.
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the fact we did this withdraw without the key position in place and now a potential huge terrorist threat, m&a out of afghanistan we just saw isis kill our troops a few weeks ago. even named much going through senate confirmation that shows a huge lapse in judgment in my opinion. steve: there are so many aspects from what it seems. so let's go to the politics now we have 9/11 of course there was something that happened this weekend. i don't know why it really pointed out the contrast between what we have seen from biden and the white house the past month or so and what we had with president trump because the picture on 9/11 he chose to spend it with the fire departments of new york and the police officers. look at that picture. there is something of that photo of him. there is a strength.
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it was very powerful to me and really show the contrast of the biden regime. >> it sure did and to be there with a dynamic like that also going to some of the stations and saw the firefighters and police officers, visited with them. they love him and this is about law and order and the nature of what he represents and a reflection to the american people the nature of who we are of what we had established versus the shocking contradiction of biden and what his game a full have done to the country. you almost could not do this unless you intended to do this by not having that coordinator like abandoning everyone when it comes to diplomacy and no agreements.
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it is interesting there is such chaos but i would also say looking at the charter planes that have been held back that this refusal to allow landing rights and other countries that they reveal that to say we will not help you or facilitate and the question has to be why not? so the framework you hear if i can't have you no one will in this case we cannot rescue you then we will not let anybody else do it that is what we have here jealousy and control and that instance a visible conservative was involved. it was politics to see no one worthy of saving it's only about them, the news cycle and photo ops and what happens in ground zero. that is all it is in with the
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civilian rescuers for the retired military and those working on to get people out because there are thousands and our state department is actively resisting and impeding these efforts. steve: that is what is so outrageous happy may be the wrong word but i am so pleased we can allow you to update us on what is happening and we will continue to do that. for the government should do it —- be doing we appreciate it. thank you. we will see later on in the show. just before we go i want to share one of my most powerful memories was 20 years ago today on september 12th in london where the queen had her
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absolutely there's a real
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sense of urgency gavin newsom said he's looking for a man day and make no mistake he means a mandate for further mandates there is a real sense of urgency here for folks to cast your ballot vote yes on question one you can find my name question number two have been a member of the legislature since the last five years i've been fighting against the corruption and the dysfunction of the super majority the last year and a half i've been fighting against the one-man rule and took him to court and sued him for abusing emergency we should start by ending the state of emergency. they pushed this recall off so long that it will only be a year before our next election. we need to act boldly to get california back on course. >> if certainly agree about tha. how are they treating you? have they called you a white supremacist? from the beginning they called it the california coup. they said we are trying to overturn a democratic election.
9:26 pm
one of the governor's allies filed a lawsuit to cancel the vote all together. they attacked me. they attacked larry. they attacked anyone associated with the recall. this is an attempt by the people of california to take their government back and throw out a political class. it's gavin newsom who brought that decline into a total recall. special interests gave newsom $70 million. he's runs ads with malicious lies. we have overcome every obstacle in our path so far and i think we have a golden opportunity to get this across the finish line in two days. steve: the movement will keep on
9:27 pm
going, no matter what happens tuesday. joining us next, the man who faced off against gavin newsom in 2002 *. john cox. >> i talked to the organizers of the recall. i thought it was necessary to get this done. i wrote a big check that got them through to a court date. this state was suffering under a man made drought, electricity blackouts. and the shutdown, and i thought the recall was necessary. here we are a year later. i think it's very necessary and i hope the voters recognize that and come out the next couple days to change the management of this state which is desperately needed. steve: i am looking at the backgrounds there and it features a bear. what you are emphasizing is
9:28 pm
your -- the fact that you are a businessman and that's what the state needs. tell us why you think that's so important. >> california tried politicians and they tried celebrities and media stars. i know you like larry. but i think we need to do what a lot of states around the country have done. you look at massachusetts and maryland but they have republican businessmen as governors and they are the most popular in the country. you see nebraska with pete rickets. tennessee, north and south dakota. they all have business people as governors because we get the job done. this state is so badly run. we don't have enough water or electricity. our housing crisis continues and it's gotten worse understood gavin newsom. the same with homelessness and
9:29 pm
rising crime. the politicians are the ones who run this state in the grounds. it's not a good idea to replace them with another politician or a media star who will make us feel good by attacking the other side. the way for the republican party to get back into power is to demonstrate we can fix things. there are 7 million voters in this state who are unaffiliated. they are not republican or democrat. they just want bater life. i think the way for california to come back is to get a businessman, show we can get the job done and improve the schools and deliver electricity and water. then the voters will trust to us continue to do the things we promise to do. and we bring the state back. steve: i think it's a very clear message. no dispute about what you are
9:30 pm
saying about the state being badly run. good to see you this evening. thank you very much. you can see extended conversations with john and kevin kylie. the mayor of san diego, another leading candidate. they are all on my podcast. make sure you subscribe at apple or youtube, wherever you get your podcasts. we'll be right back.
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there is efforts by democrats to blame republicans for it but democrats have had a super majority in the legislature. they controlled the governor's mansion for over a decade. this is clearly on progressives. they basically removed any accountability for people's personal behaviors. the question used to be how do we mix carrots and sticks to make sure people follow the law and follow norms.
9:37 pm
we are enabling people to camp out, shoot meth, fentanyl and heroin in front of city hall in san francisco and all of california's open-air drug scenes called homeless encampments. >> i think you can see the name mentality as you have seen disaster out results. >> in 2019 when gavin newsom was blaming president trump for wildfires, within president trump said you have to do better climate management. at that's very time governor newsom was cutting the budget for fire prevention with forest
9:38 pm
management. they under manage the forest and blame climate change. and we have blackouts which they blame on climate change. steve: why do they -- why is it that you have got this phenomenon of such appalling governments. >> there is financial interests at stake. financial interests that make money on this problem. we spend more per capita on mental health than any other state but we have the worst outcomes. we have a power power, desire to feel powerful by controlling other people. progressives have elevated caring and compassion above all
9:39 pm
other values. the truth of the matter is love is not all we need. we also need discipline, hard work, we need the law and respect for the law. we have seen respect for the law and basic civil norms undermined. i think it's fair to say this is a new religion where progressives have turned compassion and caring without requesting anything in return. religions used to have a better balance between old testament and new testament, carrots and sticks. now it's just about caring and loving and no discipline. we flow that's not how you raise kids right and it's not the way to maintain a proper society. steve: michael, congratulations on the book and we are pleased
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steve: one of the most notable features of the california recall shows the only racial group in overall favor of kicking knewsome out is latinos. join being you now co-host of the california rebel base podcast. and tammy bruce is back with us. kristen, the democrats totally take the latino vote for granted. suddenly it's not look so good for them. you are mexican-american.
9:46 pm
what's going on? >> it's exciting. 54% of latino voters in california want to kick this guy out. they are done. they are done being taken for granted. you see these polls and gavin is panicked. he's worried. he's frantically running around this weekend trying to find any latino community he can find and say a few word in spanish and eat a burrito or whatever his handlers has told him to do. but we see through it. latinos took covid on the chin. we suffered the most in health outcomes a and economic outcome. and where was gavin. when my kids couldn't go to school and his went to private school, where was gavin. heis told us not to have
9:47 pm
thanksgiving dinner yet he's at the french laundry with a $15,000 wine bill. he kept churches and schools closed and strip clubs open. this guy is a joke. steve: tammy, you escaped california. what's your take on the recall election as well. >> i come whack he now and then. it's a beautiful state. it's worth saving. we can't abandon it. it's an important part of american history with all the mix of who we are as americans. it's a magnificent place. having been involved somewhat in the gray davis recall. californians in general, we are still rebels at heart. we want freedom.the hispanic cos
9:48 pm
generally freeing tyranny from south and central america and finding the american dream for your family. and they are a group of people of faith and they noticed when they couldn't go to their churches. all of this looked and smelled like the tyranny their ancestors fled years ago. there is a passion for that and that's what makes this country great.ut so many people have left california, i'm not sure when it comes to the electorate who is there. this is about a get out the vote effort. it's about passion.he they want to make it gavin newsom versus larry elder and it's not. it's gavin newsom versus the future. you heard from kylie and cox earlier. theserd are great guys.
9:49 pm
californians have to give themselves as a gift. it's for one year because there is another election in november 022. californians are still the wild west. we love our state. we know what's possible. we have seen it governed well. it's not normal what happened here. that election will affect the entire country. it's aboutnd saying to your if fellow americans no matter where they come from, we are here for you, we are going to try this and let's do this together. steve: kristen one quick last thought from you. biden is coming here, i think that is still on to help, inverted commas tomorrow. do you think he will help? >> i don't. as a latino i fine the whole thing offensive.
9:50 pm
i think biden is a fundamentally racist man. he made racist comments about how latinos don't want to get vaccinated because we are all scared we'll get deported. he thinks the latino community is made up entirely of illegal immigrants. we are nothing to him. it's a sitting that he would come out and campaign for gavin because they don't have any regard for the latino community. steve: what you are capturing there is this people's movement against this unbelievably tyrannical rule that has taken people for granted. they haven't had a challenge until now. now the challenge is there. we'll be right back after this. a reminder you can catch kristen with me on the podcast twice a week. i think you will enjoy it. >> she was hated in
9:51 pm
san francisco. nobody could stand her then and everybody knew she was a political shill. shee was totally empty and she said of of what she needed to say to get elected. america knew that right away, it's whyay she has always polled so terribly. steve: make sure you subscribe at all the usual places. don't go away. in 2016, i was working at the amazon warehouse when my brother passed away. and a couple of years later, my mother passed away.
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9:56 pm
gavin newsom's hair this week. adam corolla, what's going to happen tuesday? >> i hope gavin newsom goes away ander in comes back. that would be so nice. i'm a lifelong californian. i have lived here my entire life and things have never been this bad. homelessness, joblessness, the schools, graffiti. and california is dirty. there is trash everywhere, there is homeless tents everywhere. it's tough to travel and see what it's become. steve: there is a phrase that stuck in my mind from john cox. it is so badly run. everyone agreed about that.
9:57 pm
it'sno so badly run. it feels like what's happening with l this recall for a long te they got away with it because of the virtue signaling. i think people are saying no, we are sick of it. we actually do care now about what's happening. >> you know, the thing about california is it's so big and the topography is so amazing it can absorb a lot of bad. but we are at our saturation point. we really can as california absorb more than most states can absorb. we can be run more poorly as some states because we'll edge up going down to malibu and take a swim and come back and feel better about ourselves. i always looked at california as a beautiful blond from high high
9:58 pm
school and it's now turned 40 and it's time to get a job. steve: if it doesn't go your way, if newsom doesn't go away. i think the recall has started this movement. you have people in district attorney in l.a. it's going to take a long time to turnn things around, and it s just a start. >> yeah. it's ad good start. just the fact that for a change people are talking about it. there has been a movement going on in california for about a decade. it's peoplepl moving to texas ad florida. but this iss the first one where there has been approvement amongst people who are -- a movement amongst people who aren't trying to move. steve: when you see people say it's a republican recall.
9:59 pm
that's the big line from the democrats and newsom branding them as trump people. it's just not true. i meet people the whole time who say i am a democrat and i still can't stand him and i'm sick of what's going on. >> let's lean into it. okay, democrats, it's a republican movement. we don't like failing schools or the cost of housing or gas over $5. let's make it a republican movement, fine. we like to run things efficiently. republicans would like to live in a good state. fine. steve: the republican party itself has died in the state as far as i can tell. >> there are more republicans in california than there are in texas. there is a lot of republicans in california. if you want to know -- remember
10:00 pm
when they threw the egg at larry elder when he was walking through venice? venice is as blue as it gets. orange county is the only bastion of red that there is. would you rather live in orange county or venice. that's the question. televised. ♪ ♪ >> i remember saying to the cia, my god this could be bin laden. >> killing bin laden would be important to our national security. >> how dangerous did you think it was going to be. >> one way, i thought we were not coming home. >> what did you think was likelihood that bin laden was in the compound? >> some said it was less than 50%. >> you could


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