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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  September 16, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> the general motors do the right thing? >> i have great confidence in general millie. >> thursday september 16th, the white house standing by general mark millie as the former head of the pentagon says he did not arise any secret call to china and urges millie to resign immediately. >> president biden ignored advice from his advisors to leave troops on the ground in afghanistan, the president was warned about the timeline to the towering takeover of the country.
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jillian: officials say nothing is without in the case of missing women gabby petito as her boyfriend is a the person of interest with her father joins us with an update on the search effort. >> you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. jillian: a lot of news to get to. let's begin with this fox news alert, the white house stevens general mark millie as he faces accusations of treason over his calls to china. >> donald trump's acting different secretary tells fox news he did not authorize the controversial communication. griff jenkins joins us live in washington with the latest. jillian: sources so fox news two calls made by general millie were not secret and maybe 15 people in the room including takers and allocations millie offered to give his chinese counterpart heads up before launching his strike our fault. millie's spokesman colonel dave butler issued a statement saying, quote, his calls with chinese and others were in
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keeping with duties and responsibilities convey reassurance to maintain strategic stability. at the white house president biden stood behind general millie. >> the general millie do the right thing? >> president biden: i have great confidence in general millie. >> the call for millie's resignation are growing as officials from the previous administration paint a different account, christopher miller tells i did not and would not ever authorize such conduct and john ratcliff had this to say. >> i can promise you i would have remembered that and it would have prompted a specific action by me that involved chairman millie and donald trump. unequivocally that didn't take place. >> reporter: donald trump is weighing in saying if the accusations are true, it is an act of treason, he put our country in a dangerous position.
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millie is a complete nut job. at the pentagon talking treason was a bridge too far. >> donald trump, for him to save the allegations are true and the chairman should be put on trial for treason. >> oh my goodness! >> millie will have a chance to speak. he sits in the senate armed services committee, lloyd austin over the afghan withdrawal and these things really come up. >> but your bottom dollar it will. to give's point hearing september 20th will focus on afghanistan ten talking about afghanistan for the last month. there's a lot to unpack, they need to unpack but situations will get a lot of questions from republicans on the committee,
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questions the american people deserve answers to. is sean hannity asking what we all want to know. >> the question is simple, was general millie, living with nancy pelosi, 39 to be president and second in line after vice president pence or as he now states was he just performing routine procedural training regarding a nuclear strike. if millie was colluding with policy to undermine the constitutional authority of the commander-in-chief and take away the president's ability to do his job as commander-in-chief, one of those jobs would be perhaps to launch a nuclear weapon he would then be guilty of the very definition of insurrection, that is the democrats favorite word. >> let's drill down, the american people deserve to see
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transcript of the calls between millie and his chinese counterpart. did this violate the chain of command? that is a huge question. we need an answer to that question because that's not how our democracy, our nation, our government works. was pelosi usurping the president's authority because of the rage filled hatred of him, just because you don't like somebody doesn't mean you can go above them especially when he is the president and for a story with national security applications like this why did woodward and costa stick it out so long as we are battling china, the country in question on:don't they have an obligation to put their duty to the american people above profit from their pocket. >> a lot of questions remain unanswered and listen to what the media has to say on this. >> president biden saying he has great confidence in general mark really. >> america's top general taking political far but tonight president biden with a clear defense. the white house press secretary argued it is important to consider the timing. >> godless general millie for straightening things out. jillian: to be fair nothing has been streamed out exactly because we don't know the
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answers to all those questions you laid out so let's wait for all of the answers before we say anything has been straightened out so an interesting take on this is senator john kennedy who says right now president biden is sticking by millie but says he wouldn't be surprised if that changed. >> i know president biden said he will stand behind and stands behind general millie and maybe that is true for the short term but i will give you even odds that eventually the white house throws them under the bus. because the white house desperately needs someone besides president biden on which to blame the stunning incompetence in afghanistan. jillian: at the end of the day the american people deserve to know the answers to this because this in addition to the fallout of what happened in afghanistan relates to our powers on the world stage and our relationship
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with our allies which seemingly have been tarnished based on what happened in afghanistan but the result of that is still to be determined that this would add another layer to that. >> nancy mays, congress one from south carolina coming up later this hour and we will ask these questions and see she can give us some insight into what is going on in dc because this bears watching. with that about the 7 minutes after the hour. a fox news alert. police naming the boyfriend of missing woman gabby petito is a person of interest. >> carley shimkus is live outside his home as he refuses to answer questions. >> reporter: good morning. brian laundry and gabby petito were on a cross-country road trip they were documenting for the youtube series that on september 1st brian returned home alone and have been hiding out his parents house behind me. yesterday, northport police named am a person of interest in this case.
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he is remaining tightlipped at the advice of his lawyer and police say that is not good enough. >> we went to the door saturday night, asked -- we were essentially and the information for their attorney. that is the extent of our conversation with them. >> reporter: police called this case odd and to see how odd it is here is a timeline of eventss. on july 2nd a couple left new york and set off on the cross-country road trip but on august 12th they were in utah and police responded to an altercation between the couple august 2, '05, the last communication with gabby week of september 1st, brian returned to florida in gabby's van without her. september 11th gabby's mom filed a missing person report. gabby's mother revealing what she was thinking.
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>> the first couple days, i became concerned and figured she couldn't be off the grid for that long. >> reporter: as for the august 12th altercation it is getting a lot of attention and for good reason. a witness said he saw brian and gabby arguing over the phone and saw gabby hit brian in the arm climb through the driver-side window of the van. the police report says brian explain he and gabrielle have been traveling together four or five months, that time spent created emotional strain it increased the number of arguments and another thing is gabby's mom says she received a text message on august 30th, now mom is saying she doesn't believe the text message was
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sent gabby. the text message said she was you 70 national park in california. the mom, nicole schmidt is saying it could have been sent by brian on gabby's phone to throw the family off her trail. >> the text read something like no service in you somebody but you hope investigators are able to somehow figure out where the text from, from cell phone towers but if they weren't in yosemite than where were they? they have to search all those towers. a lot of work they have to do. >> absolutely and to echo that point if they were in yosemite national park in california on august 30th, brian was here in florida on september 1st so he would have to drawn cross-country in a number of days. the timing is very interesting.
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>> it is 10 minutes after the hour, two moderate democrats standing in the way of president biden's $3 trillion budget. if it passes joe concha predicted will be the last straw for voters. he will explain why next. we raise the rest of the money. >> tough stuff on the news today, this will put a smile on your face, used to walk to work every day, this amazing moment he was able to drive home. we will show it to you coming up.
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common sense, public. >> blaming general millie as much as i blame donald trump. >> godless general millie for straightening things out. >> not reading the room on this one, media pundits defending general mark miller is accused of breaking the chain of command in calls he made to his chinese counterpart by donald trump's back. >> is facing call to resign because the former head the pentagon says his secret communication is not authorized. >> joe concha the would it be
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considered common sense if telling me these calls during the biden administration? >> reporter: excellent rhetorical question. alexander bend been who isn't going to be invited to the next maga rally because he testified against the president during his first impeachment, he said if this is true general millie must resign. he usurped civilian authority for chain of command and violated the sacrosanct principle of civilian control over the military. interestingly dangerous precedent. you simply can't walk away from that and he's not the only one saying this here. you you have a general who said i will surpass congress and the president, there for the american people and conduct his own foreign-policy there is no excusing this regardless what
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you think - trump was elected, millie was not and here we are but i think it is a reflex with certain people put on tv, can't call them the media, i can't consider steve schmidt or george read the media, they are activists but we are because they are given a national platform and they do have to some extent some influence over the people they are watching. we too i serve under general m eld but everyone else is under general millie. jillian: let's pull up a statement from millie a spokesman saying these conversations with russia and china remain vital to mutual understanding of national security interests providing clarity and avoiding unintended consequences or conflict. is calls with the chinese and others in october in january in
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keeping with these duties. do you see any reason we shouldn't be able to get transcripts from these calls? >> that is the thing. if transparency is the theme of this administration, let's hear what was said and not bob woodward and robert costa and what we see here i think is you have a general thought that in october, before the election he's making the phone calls, the chinese are supposed beginning the phone calls and saying would be give the us any phone calls if it look like anything was unstable over here, of course not. china is probably our biggest flow. we saw that with covid as we see that in the way they conduct themselves on a regular basis. they may control bag the ram air base and here we are talking to them as if they are a friend and
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the posture the general show here needs to be questioned at least on capitol hill at the minimum and answer these questions. i want to hear him answer tough questions. todd: you have a new op-ed, $3 trillion infrastructure bill fails, a quick answer of all the feelings of this white house from afghanistan to the border why would infrastructure be the one that doesn't end is the progressive wing, aoc, the squad would revolt if that package, they will revolt. independents elected the president on being a unifi will revolt. economy, crime, border, afghanistan, the most powerful joe in the country is not biden but manchin and he holds the keys, they are not budging. good to see you. >> 19 after the hour. a brand-new report from the fda
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crossing illegally. >> the biden administration making booster shots as new data shows pfizer vaccine efficacy declines over time. doctor marty macario joins us to separate fact from fiction. is for the booster itself would you tell your patients to get it and if so under what circumstances? >> i would let them know there is a small benefit in reducing severe illness or hospitalization if you are over age 60. there is the group of people never got a good response, i've been recommending people get the second vaccine dose, it functions almost like a booster. >> as for the politics of the booster shot republicans demanding answers, quote, president biden instead of
2:26 am
following the science is attempting to distract from his numerous crises by playing politics and moving ahead of the fda and the centers for disease control when it comes to science on coronavirus vaccine booster shots, that from steve scalise and james comeare. of the white house follows the science on boosters where does that leave them? >> new data came out this week suggesting boosters did almost nothing to reduce severe illness in younger people and that makes sense, they have a more robust response to the vaccine and many fda officials signaled with boosters, but not with the general public. we got to hear what they have to say but it appears they are not that enthusiastic about boosters for the general population which is why two of them left in frustration, felt they were pressured by the white house and there was an announcement that they were in the process. >> an update of significant interest to me and many others,
2:27 am
babies could be given the pfizer vaccine this winter, there are plans to seek approval for 6-month-old plastering in december. let's pop up existing covid 19 cases, the baby category including 0 to 4 years, 2.4% of cases, babies in that there is one range would be much less than that. should i give my baby was 10 months old the vaccine? >> it has to be an individual decision with the pediatrician but i will say we haven't seen the data yet. people reached a lot of conclusions we expect the trial in kids 6 months to 5 years to be available in november, as early as december of 2022 the dose might be available, they are not making it, you ask a lower amount and as early as
2:28 am
halloween the vaccines being developed for kids 5 through 11. todd: here is what pfizer said we would expect to have data for children between age 6 months and 5 years old we would file with the fda. the filings of the data for the 5 to 11-year-olds. based on how you watched this process play out in the last 18 months, when it comes to data, the accuracy of the data, whether you trust the data do you trust or anticipate trusting the data when it comes to our kids? >> reporter: i think so. they've done a good job reducing the dose. i felt the dose is too high, they should get one dose but they've done a nice job reducing that dose. todd: this is important stuff. a lot of parents are worried about this. you give us good answers.
2:29 am
jillian: let's turn to the weather, the remnants of hurricane nicholas on the gulf coast, heavy rain saturating louisiana causing flash flooding. todd: the storm creating problems for the people of new orleans or in the midst of cleaning up. janice dean with a fox weather forecast. >> janice: the rain is moving out of louisiana which is great news, parts of the southeast getting in on the remnants of nicholas, portions of florida to georgia and the carolinas today. we will start to dry is out over the gulf coast. i am having problems with my quicker. it needs batteries. fled advisories, we all need batteries this time of morning. here are the flood advisories in advance of that moisture for louisiana, mississippi, alabama, florida, additional rainfall, two to four inches but the rest of it is over. the gulf of mexico we have to watch because we are in the peak season and it is that time of
2:30 am
year. we have areas of concern off the east coast, this area of low pressure will stay away from the east coast in this area rate off the coast of africa that could develop. have to keep an eye on that but the are other tropical models look like this one close to the us will curve which we love to see. we can ever billion storms as long as they curve in the next named storm will be and there's the rest of your forecast. 74 and across the gulf coast. >> reporter: it takes a little nudge sometimes. i am nothing without my quicker. jillian: now to this story. the search for gabby petito captured the country's attention. police name the person of interest. the family wants to bring her home.
2:31 am
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>> reporter: president biden ignored the advice of top military leaders in afghanistan. jillian: american stranded in the taliban controlled country.
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>> reporter: president biden rejected his military commanders advice and pressed on with full withdrawal from afghanistan. according to two members and two senate armed services hearings, general scott miller said he advised against afghanistan withdrawal early in the biden administration. he passed his recommendation through the chain of command and general mckenzie, martinelli and secretary of defense lloyd austen. billy record to 2500 troops stay on the ground to keep stability in afghanistan. he said he was turned down and his job became execution of the withdrawal order. pentagon spokesman john kirby would not comment on miller's testimony. >> i won't speak to general millie's views he may or may not have expressed in a session with members of congress. he was given advice and counsel to formulate what ended up being his opinion and decision. >> republicans are putting pressure on the white house to designate the talent and as a
2:36 am
foreign terror organization. >> why would not the taliban in afghanistan be a foreign terrorist organization? they are a bunch of terrorists. the taliban and equals al qaeda. jillian: the white house is flights of stopped for 7 days because of measles cases. >> the cdc requested 7 additional days out of abundance of caution. that remains the case. we are assessing and working with the national security team, public health officials and others to determine the next steps. jillian: the white house has not confirmed the number of americans and visa holders waiting to leave afghanistan. todd: newt gingrich says the white house is living in a world of liberal idealism if it thinks the withdrawal from afghanistan was a success. >> not the biden is stupid but biden and the team around in my
2:37 am
living in a left-wing world that doesn't have any relationship to reality. the taliban is really going to be our friend, do you know how nuts you have to be to believe that and yet that was the message from the central of central command, wonder why we didn't win, people at the military level, 3 or 4 star general. >> lloyd austen in general martinelli will testify about the true patrol before the senate armed services committee on the 20 eighth. >> the search continues for gabby petito, vanished without a trace. her father joins me. thank you for joining us. start to talk to under the circumstances and hope you will get the news you are searching for. tell me the latest with your family search to find gabby. >> nothing new. we have all the information you
2:38 am
have. i wish i had something more to say, pushing efforts of to do what we can with the information we have and start shooting from there and look where we can. jillian: your family should a statement talking about how brian's home in his house, gabby is out there in the wilderness and you don't know what happened to her or where she is. how do you begin trying to piece this puzzle together? >> must be difficult for laundry family to have their son home while we're looking for hours. i'm not concerned with how they are feeling. the way we are doing it is heart wrenching. that is mildly daughter. i can't give her a hug.
2:39 am
i don't know where to begin. it is just difficult. jillian: a beautiful girl, looking at pictures from the trip. northport police named brian a person of interest. this reads, quote, he's not made himself available to be interviewed by investigators or provided any helpful details. he returned to northport september 1st, ten days before the family reported her missing september 11th. brian laundry is a person of interest in this case, hired an attorney, isn't cooperating with police. the latest information is police in utah said there was an argument, police were called by a third-party. what do you make of all these details that transpired in the last few days.
2:40 am
>> not what you thought it was. august 12th, person of interest, i get it, no sign of it but from the family's side of that we don't have gabby and as much as i want to care about that stuff i care about finding my daughter first because that's my first objective. i don't care what happens to him right now. that can't be my purpose. he can sit in the comfort of his home and get home cooked meals while my daughter is out god knows where. i want to make sure we get my daughter home first and then worry about brian. jillian: what do you think happened to her? >> i don't know. i can speculate all day.
2:41 am
when i put scenarios in my head it doesn't end well. i can't focus on that. i hope she is stuck somewhere or hurt somewhere and needs our help and we will go get her. if i think of any other scenario i will be on the floor. i can't be doing that. i've got to focus that she is hurt and needs our help and we will get her. jillian: you are remaining strong. i know you are on a mission. you are her father, your only daughter. you've got to be out there to help her. what do you want the world to know about your daughter? >> i've got to be out there to help her. one person who is supposed to be leading the charge. is amazing, the coolest chick you will ever meet and she needs your help so look at the photos, look at the tip line and call, stay focused, don't focus on
2:42 am
brian. i understand the legal side is of interest to the main concern is getting gabby home. we can scrutinize all that stuff after she is safe. call the tip line. jillian: we will be following this and showing her photos and saying her name, joe petito searching for his missing daughter gabby petito. if you have any information on gabby petito's whereabouts call 800-225-5344. we will be right back. that's a nice truck. yeah, it's the chevy silverado. check out this multi-flex tailgate. multi-flex, huh? wow. it becomes a step. mom, dad's flexing again. that's not all. you can extend the bed for longer stuff. is he still... still flexing. that's right! and, it becomes a workspace... you can put your laptop here. i'm sending an imaginay email. hey dad, dinner!
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>> good morning. coming up on "fox and friends" in 14 minutes the white house is standing by the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff has some accused general market really of possible treason. we will get insight from retired brigadier general bulldog and texas candidate for attorney general george p bush talks about the latest on the border crisis and why democrats are losing texas to latinos. laura trump will join us live as
2:47 am
well. countrywide bus driver shortage leading parents scrambling for rides for their kids in the morning. we will talk to two maryland mothers struggling to get their kids to school on time. one oregon elementary school teacher bringing real-world lessons to his curriculum by teaching students the ins and outs of skilled jobs. we have a busy 3 hours kicks off 13 minutes from now on the channel you trust for your morning news. back to you. jillian: you are in that state. todd: saying that in the show after us. jillian: let's talk about this. president biden sits down with senator joe manchin and kristen cinema to save the $3.5 trillion budget. todd: cheryl casone is here with whether or not biden's lobbying played off.
2:48 am
>> reporter: good morning to both of you. democrats timeline to pass the $3.5 trillion spending package getting pushed back as president biden did reach out to the holdouts senator christensen of arizona, west virginia senator joe manchin, so far no deal. press secretary jen psaki saying there will be ongoing discussions, massive price tags in the senate. jillian: the covid 19 vaccine, a lot of news around this, ceos and business leaders on these mandates a lot of people have questions. >> reporter: to your point, met with ceos in several business leaders putting vaccine requirements in place after his executive order went out which requires any company with 100
2:49 am
employees get their shots or get tested, columbia sportswear, microsoft, walgreens, companies face fines of 14,$000 for violation if not in compliance. the order affect 80 million workers, 54% of the population has been vaccinated. this will be an interruption to business. todd: the story america cannot get enough of. >> reporter: became an irish is in twitter jail and will never use the platform again. she brought this on instagram. twitter jail, they didn't like what i was saying over there. she is referencing controversial comments about the covid vaccine which up online, the wrapper responding to criticism saying i can't look at someone from a particular political party, people aren't human anymore.
2:50 am
twitter is telling fox she is not band. >> it isn't about disinformation. most of the vaccine if you trace it back to joy read's twitter feed. >> reporter: he has been invited to the white house, she tweeted she's going to wear pink like they did in legally blonde. jillian: there is confusion with that. jackie heinrich was reporting i don't think she was invited to the white house but she was invited to ask questions. >> reporter: the white house confirmed they will give her a call. now it sounds like she's getting invited to the white house. she is not band from twitter but doesn't know that yet but she is
2:51 am
not. todd: america needs the white house press conference. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. the surprise of a lifetime. watch this. it is a god. todd: teachers raising money to buy chris jackson a new car. community members offered to pay his car insurance for a year. jillian: and alligator swims up to a paddle border, the close encounter with scott on camera. >> oh my god! why are you messing with me? jillian: the alligator hissing as the woman pushes away with her or, he tried biting her or before she started filling. the gators swimwear the woman made it back to shore. todd: a terrifying stroll on the texas beach right before tropical storm slammed the
2:52 am
coasts was mike myers shot a lot of looks from nervous neighbors and the officers, put his hands behind his head, taken in for disorderly conduct. president biden says he has great confidence in general nearly who is facing accusations of treason. jillian: they feel different about his calls to china. congressman nancy mason next. (noise of fridge opening) guy fieri! ya know, if you wanna make that sandwich the real deal, ya gotta focus on the bread layers. king's hawaiian sliced bread makes everything better! ♪ (angelic choir) ♪ umm, honey...why is guy fieri in our kitchen? i don't know. i'm booking you a one-way ticket to flavortown with a king's hawaiian meatball sub. ♪ ♪
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todd: former acting secretary of defense miller said he did not authorize a call to china and urging him to resign immediately. jillian: amanda mayes is here to react. thank you for joining us, congresswoman. what do you think will be done? are we going to get to the bottom of this. >> we heard president biden just yesterday or the day before give cover to general milley, if the report that general milley subverted the authority of the united states president, he
2:57 am
should be court-martialed for that this is a democracy and i don't care what you think of the president that you serve you don't subvert the chain of command or the authority of the united states president it's unbelievable what's happening right now. >> the white house is defending milley. this white house does not seem overly concerned about these concerns about chain of command. why do you think that is, congresswoman? >> well, i'm old enough to remember a certain phone call that democrats made a bunch of hay about just a few years ago. and if this is one phone call we all should learn more about and see the transcript it would be general milley phone call with china. we see this left and right politicizing every single event that's happening or situation or crisis that's happening to our country. and this is just the same. it's the same as always done in giving cover to general milley what president biden and his administration did this week it shouldn't matter who is in power. the standard should be the same for everybody and every administration. jillian: what should be done
2:58 am
with this in congress? >> well, we certainly should have an investigation and hold hearings. perhaps even a commission. general milley, if you look at his track record over the last few month, let's start with afghanistan just a few weeks ago with the botched exit, now this phone call and maybe we are hearing reports he may have even colluded with china, if these things are correct, he should immediately resign or be relieved from duty. and if the alleys are true, he obviously should be court-martialed. that's the very least we should be doing on a situation as serious of the allegations as serious as this one. todd: meantime congresswoman the border patrol finding a 2-year-old and a 3 month old, they were siblings, are siblings abandoned in the rio grande sector as the surge continues with migrant encounters topping more than 200,000 again in august. you just toured the border a few weeks ago. do these heart breaking images, ever, ever move your democratic colleagues in congress to do something? >>
2:59 am
>> not a single one so far very few have visited the border. the situation on our southern border is worst today than it was nine months ago. it's heart breaking on that visit with senator ted cruz and congressman chip roy i talk to republicans and democrat alike down there on the border. and it's heart breaking we have incentivized this situation it goes to show no matter what you thought of president trump the policies were spot on. title 42, we're able to send illegal aliens back into mexico and central and south america with that. our intrp desperate for more walls. they can have better support, greater support down there. they are spread thin all along the border remain in mexico programs about were great programs and they worked. because president biden hated president trump so badly he had to revert all the policies president trump created. jillian: thank you for joining us this morning.
3:00 am
we appreciate you waking up early. have a good day. >> thank you, good morning. jillian: there is a lot of news to follow today for sure. todd: that story that interview with that father absolutely heart breaking. we will be following that story on the channel all day long. hopefully we'll get an update soon. jillian: carley shimkus is in florida she will have live reports throughout the morning. "fox & friends" starts right now. have great day. ♪ ♪ >> i have great confidence in general milley. >> the white house defending general mark milley as he faces allegations of treason. >> i will give you even odds eventually the white house throws him under the bus. >> gabby petito's boyfriend now a person of interest. >> we are pleading with him at this point. please speak with us. >> brian laundrie has been hiding out here at his parents' house ever since he returned home alone. >> migrant encounters showing no signs of slowing down. >> there were more than 200,000 during august. >> that's about the population of birmingham, alabama crossing our border in one single month.


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