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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  September 16, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> thanks to everyone and now here is "america reports." >> we share the frustration with the world right now. so, you know, two people went on a trip and one person returned. and that person that returned isn't providing us any information. >> sandra: and that was the police chief giving us an update on the gabby petito case and as of right now, no crime is being investigated and this is a missing persons case. but as you just heard, her fiance is not cooperating.
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>> john: here's a break down of what we know about gabby's disappearance. on august 8th they left and making stops in utah and colorado. >> sandra: august 25th is the first time that she called her family. and now, releasing body cam footage of an incident in utah involving the couple. take a listen. >> i was distracting him from driving. i'm sorry. >> john: that's a couple of weeks before gabby went missing. >> sandra: team coverage now.
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laura has information on the search that is currently underway. >> john: first, we are going to go to jonathan and he is live in north port, florida. they are examiing her van. >> reporter: police say they do know where the missing woman's fiance currently is, however, brian laundrie is refusing to speak with investigators. take a listen. >> our focus is to find gabby. my focus is not to bring brian in. brian is exercising his constitutional rights and i have to respect that. >> reporter: quote in my
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experience intimate partners that law enforcement usually focuss on in cases like this. and any statement that you say can be used against you regardless of if my client had anything to do with gabby petito's disappearance. there is body cam footage after a witness called 9-1-1 to report what appeared to be a domestic dispute. >> i'm sorry i'm so mean. >> step back please. >> reporter: according to the police report, brian quote had attempted to separate from them, so they could both calm their emotions.
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gabby had gone into a manic state and started to slap him and as brian pushed her away. they explained to the police they were in love and they had spent so much time together on their road trip and it was increasing tensions and they were arguing more and more. police decided not to press criminal charges against them, but had the couple spend the night apart. >> sandra: brett, help dig into this for us. we went through that police report when we received it last night from the incident in utah. at first, i thought, to be honest there was some sort of love triangle, because who is
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chris? you certainly don't look at the fiance like he's the killer. he seems to be like a nice, reasonable person in that video. >> yeah, we can't put together an image of what this puzzle is yet. the concern is that everyone has is the fiance taking the fifth and that he doesn't want to talk or cooperate. i'm pleading with his attorney to change his position on this. he can put them on the right track to find her, without incriminating himself. but he has done nothing to help investigators find her. >> john: i have gone through the entire video footage and she was very upset that she could have
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been charged with domestic battery and violence because she kept punch him as the police came up looking behind them. and after the cure rated images on instagram, not everything was blissful in their relationship. >> yeah, and when police officers have to respond to allegations of domestic violence, it is the most difficult call that police officers have to respond to. you don't know who is going to be at fault. there is always a disagreement in terms of the facts. you always see officers perplexed and trying to put together what they can. this is very alarming if you are investigating this case because it shows at least, there is enough tension to get physical between the two. and more important, now that she
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is missing, you have no choice to look very squarely at brian and his involvement and anyone else that may have come across them. >> sandra: he is not cooperating. what would be the reason if you are brian and his parents that are clearly getting between him and law enforcement and the f.b.i. in this case, and saying talk to his lawyer. why would someone -- let's assume that he is 100% innocent and she just went missing and not to his knowledge and he wasn't involved in anything in her disappearance. why would he not cooperate? why would his lawyer recommend that? >> when someone is 100% innocent you do see a very different response. i get criminal law and a lawyer may advise a client never to say
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anything to law enforcement. but this is different, a woman is missing and you have limited time to find her. if he did something wrong and let me tell you, when they do uncover what occurred, that judge or jury is going to know he did nothing to try and help them find gabby. >> john: something else has popped up here and the argument we are told in the police report started at the moon flower grocery store and it just so happens that a person that worked at that grocery store and his newly wed wife were found brutally murdered in a homicide right around the time that gabby and brian were in the area. what are the potential
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implications there if there are any at all? >> i saw that, john. i think that you are right to highlight it. this is a very quiet, tourist town. you don't see very many crimes and the police chief is down to make an assessment if there are any connections. it is hard to believe that it is just coincidental, so i'm glad they are looking into it. >> sandra: it remains a mystery for all of us, including the police and the f.b.i. and for on the search for gabby petito inwise -- wyoming. and to give you a sense of how big this map is to search. you can fit 22 manhattans in
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that grand teton park. that means an incrediby difficult search for investigators. >> we are talking about the mountains and the valley. i have been on the phone with the best friend of the stepfather. they went out to wyoming and they said that they want to facilitate interviews. they physically, themselves are not searching and they saw the scope of this terrain and realized that you are not going to go charging up the mountain with this type of terrain and wildlife. and i just spoke with the stepfather, jim schmitz and what they are doing and talking and putting out fliers.
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right now, it is the jackson county parks service and the teton sheriff's office. all they said is all that we can tell you is that it is a coordinated search and they are looking at the terrain and any kind of forensic clues. >> sandra: and the father and the mother keep saying to put her picture out there, so they know what she looks like, so you can call the phone. and that being said, this video really changed the story for all of us. because we really got a glimpse into their lives and the interaction between gabby and brian laundrie. what was the family's reaction? >> they watched it like all of us when it was released.
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they didn't get it ahead of time. they said they were shocked and saddened and surprised how upset she was. and i said, is this behavior that you have seen before and they said no. >> sandra: and you go back to that body cam video and you don't see a violent interaction and hope that is the case and we hope to learn more in the next hour or so. laura is on the case. john, intriguing and continues to be. >> john: obviously, there are stresses on the road like that. i think that any family or couple that are living in a van for weeks on end will get into a spat. but she was clearly really
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rattled when you watch that video. and the police forced them to spend that night separately. they got laundrie a hotel and she slept in the van. >> sandra: john, good point. you read this in the police report and hear it on the video, i suffer from mental health problems. i have very serious ocd. that's is obviously something with the investigation for the police when they are investigating this case. >> john: and they were given the description of the vehicle when they drove away from that moon flower grocery store. she also said that laundrie grabbed her around the pout. so, it did get physical. >> sandra: and the police report
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identifies brian laundrie as the victim in that interaction. we could learn more and we are awaiting a news conference by the way from the mother's attorney. hopefully, we learn more. >> john: as well as gabby's stepfather. coming up, alex murdacgh is turning himself in. police in south carolina have opened up a second investigation in the death of a housekeeper in murdaugh's home in 2018.
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the county corner says that the death was never reported to her office. intrigue. intrigue. intrigue. >> sandra: and coming up, more calls for general milley to resign. we have brand-new details on that phone call with china coming up. >> john: plus, general milley says that he would follow the advice of leader on afghanistan, but did he? coming up next. ♪ ♪ veteran homeowners, mortgage rates have dropped to near record lows. with home values at all time highs, now is the best time ever to use your va benefits to turn your home equity into cash. newday usa lets you borrow 100% of your home's value and take out $50,000 or more for security today or retirement tomorrow. get the cash and peace of mind every veteran family deserves.
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that they have full confidence in the president of the joint chiefs of staff. and now, officials telling fox that milley's calls with china were not precedent. >> reporter: the reporting that suggests that general milley's calls to china were secret and the content was classified and saying that the calls were fully briefed to the white house leaders and the intel community. acting press secretary, chris miller has stepped back his comments to fox. and looking back, i imagine there was a prefunctionatory meeting between us. >> i can tell you that frequent
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communication with two countries like russia and china are routine. they are staffed and coordinated and they are transparent. >> the u.s. military's top general also calls his russian counter part. general milley called russia's top official back in march when there was concern that an invasion was about to take place. general milley defended his two calls to china and saying quote "calls with china and russia were to maintain strategic stability". and then, mark ordered his policy team to do the same ahead of october. it was during the october phone call that the assurances were
10:22 am
given to the chinese leader that the u.s. had no plans of a u.s. military strike and ordering a delay of a major exercise in the pacific so that china would not misread u.s. intent. >> it is completely appropriate for the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, as the senior military advisory to want to see those protocols reviewed. >> reporter: if there were a nuclear launch by the president? >> the chairman would be intimately involved in that process. >> reporter: another section of the book describes how president trump after the election ordered all troops to be pulled out of afghanistan by january 15th.
10:23 am
the plan did not include any afghanistan interpreters. trump was eventually talked out of doing so. >> john: now, on the foreign relations committee in the senate. it is good to see you this afternoon. what is your take on this milley business? >> i think that it is very serious, john and the american people deserve accountability. general milley is going to have to testify under oath about what happened because these allegations are very serious. it is the civilians that oversee the military and it is in the constitution. we have to verify all of these and get to the bottom of this. and if they are true, general milley has to go. >> john: he's going to be talking to the armed services committee on the 28th. he won't make it to yours first.
10:24 am
here's what he said about the phone calls that were made by general milley. >> i can tell you that frequent communication between two countries like you are -- russia and china are not unusual between the chairman of the joint chiefs. they are coordinated and transparent. >> john: if general milley was telling the chinese that everything was status quo. that's one thing. but general milley reportedly made to alert china ahead of any strike. what could justify offering a foreign adversary such a pledge? milley is quoted in the book saying that he said to lee, if there is going to be an attack, i will let you know ahead of
10:25 am
time. it won't be a surprise. if he actually said that, is it problematic? >> very problematic. very damming. it is the content of that communication and if the general is going outside of the chain of command, then it is absolutely off limits and if these things are verified, then he would need to go. whether it is a resignation or a firing from the president or if criminal charges would be brought him, that would be determined. >> john: both mark milley and austin llyod, the commander on the ground in afghanistan and saying that a force of 2,500 should remain on the ground in afghanistan at least for a
10:26 am
period of time. it would appear that the president ignored the advice. >> the president ignored the advice and sometimes, the president has a habit of bragging that he went against the advice of his military team. joe biden was so focused on the calendar than what was going on on the ground. and then he had the nerve of calling it a success. this was a failure how it was executed. we will no longer be able to say that we left no one behind. and by the white house's own numbers, americans were left behind under the mercy of the taliban. >> john: thanks for joining us.
10:27 am
appreciate it. >> thank you. >> sandra: interviewing the leader of the haqqani network, one of the most dangerous fractions of the taliban and what he is saying about the americans on the ground there. ♪ ♪
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>> sandra: fox news alert. at half past the hour, a live look at the state department. secretary of state, antony blinken is expected to speak. the topic at hand, coming out of china and the u.s. and australia and the counter part with
10:32 am
machines. the french foreign prime minister calling the move from the u.s. and the biden administration a stab in the back. >> john: not sitting well with china either, sandra, fox news is getting an inside look at the haqqani network. they operate in kabul and pakistan. trey is live in beside, afghanistan for us. quite an extraordinary opportunity there to question haqqani. >> reporter: the taliban says that the united states is not living up to the doha agreement. this man is personally responsible for hundreds of bombing in afghanistan and
10:33 am
previously held at the bagram air base. >> getting them out now is a big victory achievement for afghans. you also would be proud if your leaders kicked them from your land. >> reporter: in an off camera meeting, he told that the taliban wants to have no conflicts in kabul. but the united states is not living up to their agreement. >> blacklist of taliban is also included. unfortunately, the united states is not doing what they are saying. it is against the doha agreement and they are causing more war and disagreement. >> reporter: talking with the
10:34 am
applicant here in kabul and calling on the biden administration to keep their agreement and getting the americans out of the country. >> sandra: in moments, john, president biden is set to speak on his massive spending plan with trillions of dollars in new taxes. brian, a professor of business and economics at the kings college in manhattan. former chair of president obama's economic council and president at harvard. pretty qualified to speak on this. can you pay for this without everyone seeing their taxes go up in some form? >> yes, you can pay for this without everybody seeing their taxes go up. the bulk of the tax increases are high-income, in fact, very
10:35 am
high-income households and the bulk is on corporations, as well. and most people are going to see the benefits of this. >> sandra: pay for it now. give us your taxes now. we will show you later how you are going to benefit later as the american taxpayer, right brian? president biden says at the salt conference in new york that we have found a way to pay for every part of the spending in taxes. the net cost of build back better is zero. >> what scares me is that he actually believes that and the president believes it. and they don't understand when they raise taxes on businesses and investment. that hits workers. we are talking about inflation. we are saying not everybody is
10:36 am
going to hit with taxes, well, if you count inflation, everybody is getting hit with taxes and those at the bottom are getting hit the hardest. if you want to level the playing field, get inflation out of the picture. >> sandra: jason, good point. can we talk about jobs and filling the 11 million jobs in this country? and saying that it will eventually hurt the working class in this country. here's a couple of members of congress, a republican and a democrat. they are debating which party actually cares about the middle class more. >> if you are saying this is about keeping a clamp on the rich, this is not about a clamp on the rich. this is about driving jobs overseas. >> you believe that you are the
10:37 am
backbone of this country. i believe that the american people, the working men and women, the middle class are the backbone of this country. >> sandra: do you worry, jason, that raising corporate taxes and penalizing corporations, do you believe that makes us less competitive and eventually, drives jobs and business out of this country? >> look, sandra, the business round table wanted a tax rate of 25% for corporations. just a few years ago, that's what they were out there asking for. this legislation would result in a tax rate pretty close to what businesses said themselves they needed a couple years ago. the big picture, the level of tax collection under this plan is not that much higher than we have seen in the past. it is much lower on the middle
10:38 am
class that it ever has been before. and much higher on high-income households than it ever has been before. i would rather collect from high-income than middle income. >> small businesses are saying they want the ability to hire workers and grow and invest. this president doesn't care about that. he wants to turn the page on his political image and not a win for the country. he's been dodging that question all day. but america's workers -- america's workers, the real backbone, need that. >> sandra: we are all spending more on just about everything in the last few months.
10:39 am
great to have you debate that. thank you. all right, john? >> john: utah police releasing body cam video of a visibly upset gabby and so upset she was hyperventilating and as the police name her fiance a person of interest. more on the investigation. stay with us. ng the vietnam era, would be eligible today for a va home loan. so many do not know that. there's no expiration date on your eligibility for the va home loan. every veteran, every service member out there if you're thinking about buying a home if you're thinking about a cash out refi whatever you're thinking with a mortgage, you should come to newday usa first. veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now.
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10:44 am
to respect that. >> john: police in utah releasing bodycam video showing an emotional incident in utah happening just weeks before she was missing. a witness calling 9-1-1. and police investigators say they are not ruling out the connection to the disappearance and a homicide in the same area. you can see there was lots of tension between the couple. not surprising seasons they had been traveling the country and cooped up in a van together. could there been a situation where tensions were escalating and might have possibly lead to some sort of incident?
10:45 am
>> you are right, john. and how many times have we covered stories like this? there is a history of domestic violence and the outcome. and the police detailed how she was crying uncontrol my and brian had said there was a lot of tension between them and they had been traveling 4 or 5 months together. in fact, what they did redact and it is interesting, the police redacted any mention about mental health and the police said apparently there had been mental health issues amongst the two of them, but they redacted it to respect their privacy. there is some footage in a utah
10:46 am
hotel on august 25th. that is still being confirmed and worked on to make sure that footage was actually gabby and it was she that posted it on social media. there are a lot of unanswered questions here. >> john: the time date on the video is the 12th of august and a couple weeks since they were last seen together. this apparently started at a grocery store called the moon flower. the police thought they had seen brian laundrie hit gabby. and it is interesting because when the police actually stopped them, they talked about chinching gabby under the domestic violence statute. and it does suggest here and despite the fact that we see all of these images on youtube and
10:47 am
instagram and a happy couple traveling together, enjoying life and america and things are not as blissful as it might seem. >> correct, john. and there are a lot of social media sleuths and saying that it has been edited and the last time she was seen alive with brian laundrie and they were posts that she had done and what i found was most interesting and again, kudos to these social media sleuths out there, it looks like the social media pictures that he has done himself are actually on timer. and now, he's alone in some of these pictures and these social media sleuths are opining that
10:48 am
in fact, these are all done with timers. and the elephant in the room, he is not cooperating. and they are right, there is a constitutional right to remain silent. you don't have to cooperate with law enforcement. all of that said, he's the one person that can tell authorities when is the last time that he saw her? and complete silence and by the way, erect yourself between you and law enforcement and have a lawyer speak to you instead. so much is being said and reported, it doesn't seem like that would be the likely outcome. let's just pray that she is found alive. >> john: i have talked to lots of defense attorneys and said he's doing what his attorney is telling him to do and he's well
10:49 am
represented in this case. more coming up, as well at the top of the hour, jim schmidt, her testify father and her mother's attorney is going to hold a press conference. >> sandra: and jim schmidt, he has joined the search on the ground for his stepdaughter. just a changing situation and we will talk to him, as well as await the news conference with her mother's attorney. and we should hear in a moment, aiming to talk about levelling the playing field in this country and who will pay. just moments away. >> john: plus the debate over vaccine boosters and whether they are needed if at all? that's coming up. ♪ ♪ veteran homeowners. newday usa has dropped their rates again. the newday two and a quarter refi is the
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during an emergency. >> sandra: president biden's remarks on the economy are just moments away. he talks about levelling the playing field. we will take you to the white
10:54 am
house as soon as he starts speaking. and now, the debate over covid booster shots. >> john: this is what he said last week. >> the plan is get a booster shot eight months after you got your second shot. the cdc and outside experts will be ready to start this booster program the week of september 20th. >> that's a few days from now. and there are two leader that are planning on leaving the agency because they have separate concerns. to ensure that the recommendations about boosting, are based on reliable science
10:55 am
more than politics. even if boosting were eventually shown to decrease the medium term risk of service disease, current vaccine supplies could save more lives if used in previously planned vaccines. >> the government is compeing with business. making the encourage to stay home, instead of getting back to work, which is causing inflation. >> the fda advisory board is going to have a meeting about this tomorrow. >> john: we are following the gabby petito mystery. police releasing new bodycam footage from an interaction that gabby and her fiancé, brian laundrie had in utah after they
10:56 am
were pulled over after suspicion of domestic violence. we will talk to her stepfather just minutes from now. that plus brett baier and larry kudlow all coming up in the next half hour. ♪ ♪ save thousands every year. plus there's no money out of pocket and no up front fees. newday is holding the line on interest rates so every veteran family can save. call now.
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11:01 am
point in this country and the decisions that we are about to make can literally change the trajection of our country for years to come. i believe america at this moment, is facing such a choice. the choice is this, are we going to continue with an economy where the overwhelming share of benefits go to the big corporations or rich? we are going to change this path. one that sustains economic growth and benefits everyone, including middle class and working folks. that's something that we haven't realized in this country for decades. excuse me. the data is clear, over the past many years, only the wealthy
11:02 am
have gotten wealthier. just look at the facts. ceos used to make 20 times the average worker in the company they ran. today, they make more than 350 times than the average worker in their corporation makes. since the pandemic began, billionaires have seen their wealth go up by $1.8 trillion. everyone knows what a billionaire is and before the pandemic began and then, since the pandemic began has gone up $1.8 trillion. simply not fair. how is it possible that the largest corporations in this country pay zero dollars in federal income tax. think about that. zero dollars on federal taxes
11:03 am
and $40 billion in profits. how is it possible that the wealthiest in this country cannot pay taxes on what they have made and they can pay a lower rate of tax than teachers, police and firefighters. here's the truth. for a long time, this economy has worked great for those at the very top. the ordinary, hard working americans, those who have built this country have literally been cut out of the deal. i said this when i began to run, this is our moment to implement a great change and to prove to the american people that our government works for them and not just those at the big top. when i was running for
11:04 am
president, the economy was trying to pull out of the greatest struggle since the great depression. then, we went to work. and passed the american rescue plan back in march and it worked. and it is still working. over the last three months, we have been creating on average 750,000 new jobs per month. our economy is growing at the fastest rate we have seen in nearly 40 years. our recovery is unique in the world. we are the only developed country in the world whose economy is bigger than it was before the pandemic. while this is all great news, i know too many americans are struggling to make it through each and every day. it is too hard to pay the rent,
11:05 am
healthcare, gas, i get it. as i said for a long time, coming out of this economy crisis as deep as the one that we're in was never going to be easy. but we are doing it and we can continue to do it. covid, supply chain issues, bad actors seeking to profit off of the pandemic are contributing to the challenges that we are facing. that's why i committed to getting covid under control my top priority as the u.s. president. we have made enormous progress against the virus through the summer and now, we have put ourselves in a strong position to battle this delta variant. that's why the mandate that i passed week is so critical. requiring healthcare workers to
11:06 am
get vaccinated. requiring companies have their workers vaccinated. calling for vaccine or test requirements to enter big venues and a whole series of steps i proposed to protect our kids in schools. wall street firms have analyzed the impact of these plans and they are projecting these new requirements will help 12 million more americans get vaccinated. the polls show that the overwhelming majority of americans agree with my proposal. but we are facing a lot of push back, especially from some of the republican governors. the governors in florida and texas are doing everything they
11:07 am
can to undermine the life saving requirements that i have proposed. and some of the governors that are opposing me have the strictest vaccination policies. children are required to be vaccinated against polio, tetanis and more. i propose requirement for covid vaccines and the governor of that state calls it quote ater rankle type move. a tyrannile type move? it is putting the lives of the people in their states and those children at-risk. and i refuse to give into it.
11:08 am
they are going to save lives and protect your economy as well and allow the economy to continue to grow. we are also going after the bad actors in our economy. there is lots of evidence that gas prices should be going down, but they haven't. we are taking a close look at that. taxpayers have paid for an extraordinary effort to keep our economy going during this pandemic. we are working to protect vulnerable americans to have their identity stolen. as a consequence, they're workers unemployment checks stolen as well. look, we are also taking a closer look at places in our economy where fewer and fewer corporate giants are controlling more and more of the marketplace in the area they work.
11:09 am
just look at agriculture and the food industry. a very small number of giant corporations dominate the market, which gives them the ability to drive up prices because they have no competition. to crack down on bad actors, the american rescue plan, which we passed in march is working to give hard working americans some relief. one of the examples of that relief is the expansion of the child tax credit, which in effect is a tax cut for families with children. just yesterday 39 million moms and dads got their payment. that's going to help cover groceries, the mortgage, a new pair of shoes. all of the things that families need. it is a tax cut for families. so, we are working to provide as
11:10 am
much relief as we can right now to working families. here's the truth. yes, the pandemic has caused a number of economic problems in the country. but the fact is that our country faced problems long before this pandemic struck. the big corporations and the very wealthy were doing very well before the pandemic. that's why i said starting back in my campaign for president, it is not enough to just build back. we have to build back better than before. and that's how it all begins. the large corporations and super wealthy have to pay their fair share of taxes. if you can make a million or a billion dollars, that's great. god bless ya. all i'm asking is that you pay
11:11 am
your fair share. pay your fair share. just like middle class folks do. but that isn't happening now. today in this country, right now, the top 10% for example, evaded $160 billion in taxes they owe each year. not new taxes, taxes they owe. if you are a typical american like i suspect most of the press people sitting here, you pay your taxes. why? because you get a w-2 form and it comes in the mail every year. the irs gets that information as well. the taxes are deducted from your paycheck and you pay what is owed beyond that. that's why 99% of working people pay the taxes they owe. but that's not how it works for people with tens of millions of
11:12 am
dollars. they play by a different set of rules and often not employees themselves. so, the irs can't see what they make. can't tell if they are cheating. that's why the top 1% get away with paying virtually nothing. it is estimated by economists that number is $1 billion. and my plan will help to solve that. to give the irs the accountants that it needs to keep up with the super wealthy. it asks for two pieces of information from the bank accounts themselves. it asks for the amount that goes into their bank accounts and the amounts that go out of their bank accounts. so, the wealthy can no longer
11:13 am
evade and pay what they owe. just like what hard working americans pay in this country. 55 the most profitable corporations in america paid zero in federal income taxes amounting to $140 billion in profit. not a penny. that's not right. my accounting plan will change that. not punish anybody, just make them pay their fair share. my republican friends in congress don't want to change the law. so, what are they doing? they are attacking me and my plan and that's fine. if you want to have a debate, let's have an honest debate.
11:14 am
and they are attacking my plan and saying it is big spending. just to remind you, the same members in congress passed the tax cut. a giant giveaway to the top corporations and 1%. listen to this, almost none of that 2 trillion tax cut was paid for. it just ballooned the federal deficit. in fact, the unpaid bills racked up by the last administration are projected to increase the national debt by more than $8 trillion over time. what i'm proposing is totally different than that approach for three reasons. first, my plan is paid for. it's fiscally responsible. because your investments are paid for to make sure that the largest corporations and the super wealthy pay their fair share. second, we are not ray ring
11:15 am
-- raising taxes on anyone making over $400,000. only large corporations and persons making over $400,000 a year are going to pay extra cut. and the middle class are going to get some tax cuts. some breaks. my plan benefits ordinary americans. not those from the top that don't need help. it is an historic middle class tax cut cutting taxes for 15 million families. my republican friends want to give tax cuts to the top. where is it written that all of the tax breaks in the american tax code go to corporations at
11:16 am
the very tough? it is enough. i'm tired of it. it is very simple. it is about time that working people get the tax cuts in this country. by asking big corporation and the very wealthy to pay their fair share, it makes it possible to invest in america, invest in working people. forecasters like moody's and major financial institutions, my plan will make us more competitive and create jobs and not increase pressure. releasing a letter yesterday arguing the exact same point and they said, and i quote and this is from 15 nobel economists.
11:17 am
because this agenda, the one they are talking about, mine. and it will enhance the ability for all americans to participate productively in the economy and ease long-term inflationary pressures. it will ease it. i know this is long and i apologize, but it is important. my plan lowers the cost of daycare and child care and elder care for families. and the added benefit of millions of people and mostly women who were not able to go back to work because very young family members or elderly people they are taking care, it will allow them to go back to work. it is estimated in the millions can't go back to work. it lowers healthcare premiums for the american family.
11:18 am
and it strengthens medicare by adding dental, vision, and hearing coverage if you are on medicare. it also extends the tax cut for families of kids that we passed in the american rescue plan in march. all of this will mean thousands of dollars this savings for the average american family on the toughest and most important bills they have to pay every month. my republican friends talk about inflation, but if you want to actually talk about lowering the amount of debt in this country, my plan does just that by lowering the inflationary pressures over the long run. this is something else that my plan does, it decreases the weather events. we see it everywhere.
11:19 am
we know it is real. in the past few weeks, and we know there is more to come, i have seen the destruction from hurricanes in louisiana, a deadly toll from flooding in new york with 11 inches of rain in some areas. more than 5 million acres of our lands and communities have burned to the ground in wildfires just this year alone. that's more than the size of the entire state of new jersey burned to the ground. when i was out in california, i flew over some of these areas. in addition, there's a severe drought in the west and the midwest. there is a blinking code red out there for the nation. we can't wait to act. extreme weather, just last year cost the american public
11:20 am
$99 billion in damage. $99 billion in damage last year. and unfortunately, we're lucky to break that record this year. and the evidence is overwhelming that every dollar that we invest in resilience saves $6 down the road. when the next fire doesn't spread as widely or the power station holds up against the storm. we need to build with resilience, with resilience in mind. so, roads are built higher, levies are made strong -- stronger. the power lines are protected and so much more. i hope that we are past debating climate change in this country. now we have to act, and we have to act fast. and my plan does that.
11:21 am
let me end with this, this pandemic has been god awful for so many reasons. the lost lives are over 660,000. the lost businesses and lost time in school for our kids. but it does give us an opportunity, we can restore sanity and fairness to our tax code. we can make investments that we know are long overdue in this nation. that's exactly what my bipartisan infrastructure plan does. i should say our bipartisan infrastructure plan does. investments in roads and highways. clean water in every home and school. broadband. and we can invest in our people giving our families a little help with their toughest
11:22 am
expenses like daycare, child care, prescription drugs, healthcare. competing against every country in the world with preschool and college. we can protect america against climate change and create new opportunities, new industries, and new jobs. in short, this is an opportunity to be the nation that we know that we can be. the nation where all of us -- all of us, not just those at the top are getting to share the benefits of a growing economy years ahead. let's not squander this moment trying to preserve an economy that has not worked too well for americans for a long time. let's look forward together as one america. not to build back, but to build back better.
11:23 am
thank you all very much. god bless you all and may god from -- protect our troops. thank you very much. >> reporter: when was nicki minaj invited to the white house? >> john: and president biden asking for corporations and wealthy to cough up more. >> sandra: pay their fair share. i wish i began counting at the beginning of his speech because it was said many, many times. >> john: on fox business, and brett, are the tax increases an opt in here or could a certain senator from west virginia stall of this? >> there are a few of them that
11:24 am
stand in the way of this. the $3.5 trillion and it is interesting to hear the president talk about the success that he sees in the economy. 750,000 new jobs per month. the economy growing faster than every other place on the planet, yet people are having a hard time paying for things like gas, food, and lumber and that is called inflation. and i'm sure there are a lot of them and larry is one of them, that says by doing on capitol hill pushes inflation up. >> sandra: larry, you can imagine, we were sitting here onset in new york and fact checking joe biden and the president said that the top 1% get away with paying almost
11:25 am
nothing. >> it is a terrible, factual misstatement. it goes beyond cognizant disdense. and the numbers are very clear. first of all, the top 1% pay 40% of the income taxes. the bottom 50% or more don't pay income taxes, okay? he doesn't talk about that. and the spending is going to be, if you do the numbers right, over a 10-year period, the spending will be roughly $5½ trillion and the spending for the infrastructure bill and it is only a third for infrastructure. nobody in their right mind believes that a strong economy with excess inflation requires $6 trillion in new spending. i don't care what side you are
11:26 am
on democrat or republican or draconian. we are seeing record tax revenues from record profits, okay. the trump tax cuts, if i may, the trump tax cuts not only succeeded in record low unemployment and help for poverty and economic groups and it paid for itself and it paid for itself and added profits and revenues within 18 months. and biden's treasury department, they will be happy to supply him with the numbers if he ever wants to look. if you go after these company that are so profit, you will lose $100 billion in profits
11:27 am
next year. >> sandra: next is jobs and it goes down the line. >> you know who gets hurt the most by that? not rich people. middle income. blue-collar and average families because there is no profits to pay for wages and productivity and those are the ones that are hurt the most by this. and one last point, they are going after small businesses. the biggest hurt is on small businesses, which is really the heart beat of the economy. >> sandra: john, who is sitting in larry's chair yesterday made the same warning. >> john: he wants to raise taxes for the 21. capital gains go from 20% to
11:28 am
25%. there is some hope among some people, if they are going to have an increase in taxes, they restore the state and local state deductions that got trimmed in the trump administration. that might soften the pain a little. >> they are going to have to if they want those votes. and a lot of democrats saying they will not vote for it unless the salt fix is in there. he says that the top 1% pay zero income taxes. >> i debate that. we just came out of a pandemic where businesses were closed all across the country. they didn't make any money. they didn't make any money!
11:29 am
>> i understand what you are saying. this is the president's pitch and i'm just giving it to you from that side. >> you know, most americans 155 million working americans in this country, they work in businesses large and small. they know the score. they don't believe these phony facts because they are men and women in business. you can go back and look at what american companies pay. we have the highest now and with this ways and means proposal and if you add in the states, this will come to 26½.4%. just call it 31%. only hungry and portugal will have higher tax rates. is that what we want? we will have a higher capital gains tax for investment than china.
11:30 am
is that what we want? somebody look at these profit numbers and tax revenue numbers and this is phony. he should be ashamed of himself for putting this stuff out there. >> this is the gamble they are taking because they have a divided government and they have to sell this to a divided congress. $78 billion of this plan goes to irs workers to go after people who don't pay taxes. >> this is minuscule. and they think that attacking pharmaceutical drug companies with higher controls and tax decreases and making higher subsidies, they think it is going to balance the budget. i will give you breaking news, they will never see that money. by the way, i thought that we owed the pharmaceutical
11:31 am
companies a debt of gratitude for producing these vaccines, which has reopened the economy and kept the vast majority of americans a lot healthier than it would have been the case. we are punishing the most successful companies in this country that have helped save our lives. >> sandra: keep the fire there, larry. >> it is not aimed at brett, by the way. brett is the best at a lot. just saying there is a lot of cognitive disdense in this country. >> sandra: i don't know how many times he called on the rich and the large corporations to pay their fair share. here's the president i believe saying three times in a row. listen. >> i don't have to punish
11:32 am
anyone. i'm a capitalist. if you can make a million or a billion dollars, that's great. god bless ya. all i'm asking is that you pay your fair share. >> sandra: all right, he went on two more times to say pay your fair share. your response, larry? >> this is just a talking point. the fact is that people like me and all over the country will rebut this and say they already pay the majority of taxes. bernie sanders is running out millionaires to tax and you can tax them to death and there still is not going to be enough money. $350 trillion and it is still not going to be enough according to the long-term.
11:33 am
levelling the playing field is much different than opportunity, growth, and prosperity. there is a big difference. and americans know this. my pal, newt gingrich did a poll. do you favor capitalism or free enterprise or socialism? and they don't want socialism. and this business about buying them off by raising the salt deduction ceiling again, which by the way, only favors the richest among us. if you are going to play that game. they are the only ones that benefit from this. i don't think that is going to
11:34 am
work. >> they are certainly making the idological argument. and just like aoc at the met gala. >> john: now to gabby petito, the woman that went missing during a cross country trip with her fiancé. and now her stepfather is here. and her fiancé has refused to answer any questions since gabby has vanish. >> we are pleading with people out there to give us information, point us in the direction that we need to be and help us find gabby. gabby and her family deserve that. two people went on a trip. one person returned. and that person that returned isn't providing us any
11:35 am
information. >> sandra: that was in florida. and in utah, bodycam footage from a fight that went physical. >> what is going on? >> we're just fighting. >> it was a long day in here yesterday. >> i was apologizing. >> john: that's just a month before gabby went missing. more of that bodycam footage. there is about an hour of it. and we will walk you through it in a moment. and the last time that anyone saw gabby was at a hotel in salt lake city with her fiancé. and her mother says the last time that she spoke to gabby was a day after that. >> she needs help and she is nowhere to be found.
11:36 am
>> sandra: that was gabby's father, of course. john? >> john: yes, and now you are going to hear from gabby's stepfather, who is in was trying to find her himself. >> reporter: police had a press conference a little earlier this afternoon. they say that finding gabby is the primary focus of their investigation, but the last person known to be with her is simply not speaking with authorities. and his attorney issuing this statement, in my experience, the intimate partner is the first person law enforcement focusing on in cases like this and the warning that any statement made will be used against you. it is true regardless.
11:37 am
and brian laundrie returned home alone here in florida ten days before gabby's family reported her missing. they are still collecting evidence from the van the couple had been traveling in to determine if any of it is useful. the family is asking anyone with any information to call that number up on your screen to the f.b.i. >> john: a grizzly pair of murders from a couple that worked at the grocery store where brian and gabby's fight originally began not long before they were murdered. >> reporter: that's right. police say it is still early in the investigation and they have
11:38 am
not found any evidence linking these two. the other case involves a newly wed couple. they were last seen alive on august 13th at a bar in moab, utah. five days later, the couple who had been on a camping trip found shot to death. a relative said that the woman in the couple had actually informed friends there was a man lurking around the camping area that was sort of creeping them out. still very early on in the investigation and the authorities are not willing to say if these cases are linked, but again, they can't rule anything out at the moment. >> sandra: police releasing bodycam footage from an incident
11:39 am
weeks ago. a lot of dramatic moments happened in a hour long video. we all watched it and trying to get a grasp at this story and it really tells us a lot. >> what you are about to see, sandra, that traffic stop two weeks before gabby was last heard from. following a witness report of a fight between the two and police say that gabby never stopped crying for the entire hour after police made this stop. >> i don't know. [crying] i have ocd and i was just cleaning and apologizing and saying i'm sorry that i'm so mean because sometimes i have ocd and i get really frustrated. not mean towards him, i guess my vibe and if he was -- like i'm
11:40 am
in a bad mood. >> john: so, gabby admits to fighting after brian tried to lock her out of the van and take the keys. police notice multiple scratches on brian's face. >> do you want to tell me about those scratches on your face? >> i said, i will let you take a breather and that's fine. i won't go anywhere. and then, she had her phone. [inaudible]. >> john: so, how did the fight start? it's bizarre. brian complained about having dirty feet. gabby was stressed out about starting a website. >> we just had a little disagreement there.
11:41 am
>> what was the disagreement about? >> just i'm dirty and i can't stand be dirty. >> john: still own consistency. brian claims that gabby grabbed the phone and brian admits to shoving gabby, but police say he also grabbed her face. >> i'm just -- i feel badly. [inaudible] >> john: so, here's the police version of he said/she said. >> everything she is saying, everything that he says is what
11:42 am
the witness is saying. i couldn't tell if it was an aggression against her or a defense against her. at this point, unless the guy is screaming [inaudible]. >> john: so, the police decision? instead of an arrest or citation, they separate the two that night. brian would stay in a hotel. gabby in the van. >> you are going to go somewhere else. i am going to get him a hotel. i want you guys to stay away from each other. both of you guys. from what you told me and what he told me, you guys have a bunch of little things that are building up. does that sound about right? so, i just want to give you a
11:43 am
chance to breathe and get away from each other. >> john: so, police concluded this was not a domestic violence issue, but a mental health issue. and brian was determined the victim of that battery report. jim, thank you so much for being with us. first of all, your thoughts after seeing that bodycam footage. does it give you any insight into the direction that trip was taking that lead to her disappearance. >> obviously, it was very upsetting for us to see her that emotional. we had no indication by watching it, they were in tight quarters
11:44 am
for a long period of time. maybe they were getting a little frustrated or whatever it might be. but we never had any indication there would be problems along the way. >> sandra: they were engaged to be married. have you ever seen anything between this couple that indicated to you that he would potentially harm your stepdaughter? >> no, he's always been respectful with us, poe lite. what you see in the pictures is pretty much what we saw. so, there was never any indication. >> john: you have been in wyoming for a couple of days now and you are on the ground at teton national park and how confident are you that's the
11:45 am
last place she was seen? >> we are pretty certain this is where her last location was. she texted her mom when they were heading through here and on the way to yellowstone. we just had a feeling this is where they were going to be. and one of the last couple of text messages that my wife received. the chore riff and law enforcement are all working together here. right now, we are just here to support them and help them with anything they may need. we have family and friends in new york and florida. but we didn't have anybody out here. we felt the need to be out here and be present and put faces with the family and just get out here and be present. >> sandra: jim, our hearts are with you. we can tell how difficult this
11:46 am
is for you to talk about her at the moment and just to get her picture out there and see that face if they have any indication if she walks by them or they see her in public. so, our hearts and prayers are with you and your family. can you fathom why her fiancé would not cooperate with law enforcement and any idea in your mind why he would not be answering questions and helping to find her? >> it is absolutely mind boggling to our entire family and friends that you are on this cross country road trip and you have been with her for so long and every picture and video that we see, you seem to be enjoying yourself and she goes missing and you have nothing to say and hiding behind an attorney.
11:47 am
i understand the constitutional right that people have, but you have the pieces to this puzzle to find gabby and whatever the reason maybe, you need to come clean and come forward. whether something happened or didn't happen, i don't know. but you have to start talking and tell us. every day that goes by is just another piece of us that is just falling apart because we don't know where she is, or what's going on, or is she safe? it's unspeakable. it's terrible. >> john: jim, in terms of the area that she may have been before the couple obviously split up and brian laundrie headed back to florida and it is my understanding that the last confirmed sighting was in salt lake city and there was a text message that was sent to her
11:48 am
mother, that said no service in yosemite. do you believe that she actually made it to yosemite or could she have been somewhere else? >> it is our understanding there was no plan to go to yosemite, but to come up to this region at teton and yellowstone and to receive a text message saying yosemite, it is like 800 miles the opposite direction. we are looking atlanta the timeline now when we know that van and brian were back in florida on september 1st. and those text messages were received on august 26th and 27. that time frame doesn't line-up.
11:49 am
it's really calling into question who sent them? was it her? we are really questioning it now? >> sandra: final question to you, say, about your stepdaughter and she seemed to be very open and wanted the police to know in that moment that she suffers from mental health issues. she says that she suffers from ocd and she said i have severe or extreme, i don't remember the word that she said but ocd. but does that have anything to do with the search or how she might behave or act when approached? >> no, i'm not going to speak too much on her medical conditions that she may or may not have. as far as her having ocd, she is someone who is very organized.
11:50 am
she is very organized. she was working very hard on her social media and youtube channel and knowing gabby, she is creative and artist and always very organized with everything and she likes to keep things that way. that's how i read that. >> john: well, jim, we wish you a lot of luck on your search efforts to get gabby where she might be. we wish you all the best a to get gabby back home. >> thank you. >> sandra: so difficult and you see a stepfather in pain. you know they are having so many sleepless nights. you know that he's out there looking for her. what stands out in this story as the search continues for gabby? >> it doesn't take a detective to know that the boyfriend has
11:51 am
the key to this search. and the parents realizing that he's back in florida with her van ten days before they report her missing. that's the lynch pin to this investigation. i'm sure there are a lot of things going behind the scenes because the investigators have been observing good case discipline and not putting out a lot of details on this case. they are looking at geotracking on the car and cellular tracking and of course, they are making the call to the public for more information. >> john: we have to jump away for a second because the lawyer for gabby petito's family is making a statement. let's listen in live. >> gabby lived with you for over a year, she is going to be your daughter in law, how could you keep her location hidden?
11:52 am
you both were at jim and nicole's house and so happy that gabby and brian got engaged. they were going to spend their lives together. please, if you and your family have any decency left, tell us if we are looking in the right place. all that we want is for gabby to come home. please make that happen. that was from jim schmidt and karen and joe petito. the family is not going to discuss any facts that deal with the relationship between brian and gabby. they were asked by the f.b.i. not to discuss that. the family is devastated.
11:53 am
every day that this goes on, they get more and more desperate. they are at the point that that desperation is turning to anger. they know that the laundries know where their daughter is and they will not tell them. that's infuriating. yes? i'm not going to talk about what the f.b.i. is doing and what their investigation is. all i know is that the f.b.i. and the law enforcement agencies that are handling this are the best in the country and i'm sure they are doing a great job. umm, i know they reached out on friday, the 10th and i believe again on the 11th and the laundries refuse to answer those. they stayed silent. as you know from the north
11:54 am
port's police department press conference yesterday that brian was back in florida on september 1st. so, that was over a week later. i will not. >> reporter: [inaudible]. >> i know they were out here. gabby's brother had a graduation from a local high school, from their school and she came up for that to spend time with their family. and i believe on july 2nd, they began their trip. i'm sorry. i'm not going to discuss when they became of the videos or anything to do with the videos. thank you.
11:55 am
>> reporter: were they aware of the incident? >> again, we are not going to discuss anything about the incident. we were told by the f.b.i. not to discuss it. >> reporter: some type of a search? >> jim schmidt is out in wyoming as you guys know. he felt that he needed to be there. we have family in new york and in florida and he felt that he needed to be out there to be the contact person, as well as out in wyoming. i'm not going to get into the specifics of what he is doing, but again, the whole petito family is going everything they can to find gabby. we don't know anything about that. again, i'm not going to comment
11:56 am
on what the police are doing. they are going a great job. i just hope everyone, again, pulls together and helps us find gabby and from i have seen the last few days, everyone is doing that but brian and his family. >> reporter: ocd and the conditions or the disorder that she was referring to. any comments on that? >> i'm not going to comment on that. >> the august 30th text and she implied she received a text on august 30th. >> i'm not going to get into the content of the message. i believe it's out there. but i will say that the petito family doesn't believe that message was sent from gabby. it's my understanding they were engaged and i know they decided with the pandemic, they couldn't
11:57 am
have a wedding or the wedding they wanted and that was put on hold and they decided to go on their trip instead. >> reporter: [inaudible]. >> from what i know, they were going to go to oregon by october 2nd and spend time there. i don't know what they planned on that afterwards. i do know they were supposed to be out there until august 2nd. brian's family knew when he showed up on september 1st, that, you know, they knew that was against their, you know, plan. and again, when the police showed up over a week later, they already had an attorney's name and contact information for the police. so, again, we're asking the laundrie family to come forward and tell us what you know. tell us at least where to look.
11:58 am
i'm not going to get into that. i'm just going to say that the family doesn't believe it was her with the text. anything else? and i do have copies of the letter and i can hand it out. >> john: that is richard stafford, an attorney for gabby's mother, out there in wyoming and desperately trying to get some sense of where gabby maybe and imploring brian laundrie to come forward and tell what he knows. because if anybody knows her whereabouts, it's him. >> sandra: the lawyer is saying that it is infuriating this man,
11:59 am
her fiancé will not cooperate. the family is devastated and they are growing more desperate by the hour and it is leading to anger why he will not answer questions and help find gabby. >> clearly he's the lynch pin. clearly he knows what happened to her. did he abandon her somewhere? did he do something to her? did she do something to herself? he has those answers. but as i mentioned, there is other ways to find out. the geotracking in the van. the social media and video. maybe someone saw them. there's a lot going on. >> john: no question about that. and maybe someone who originally saw them in grand teton will come forward at some point. we are going to stay on this investigation. this is captivaing the nation
12:00 pm
as to where this young woman might be. and as you watch the bodycam video, you get a feel for who she is as a person. >> sandra: thanks for joining us everyone. the story will continue and coverage of it. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. >> martha: thanks, john and sandra. a lot of breaking stories unfolding this hour. i'm martha maccallum in new york. breaking now, the white house press briefing is about to -- is underway now after fox news has confirmed some information about the -- that came from general scottie miller. we'll take you there in just a moment. we also want to take you back to this immediate story. we expect we'll have new developments on this in moments as well. you saw the emotional plea of gabby petito, the attorney who
12:01 pm
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