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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 17, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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effective therapeutic for covid and why is nobody talking about that? were not sure of the answer and will look deeply into the cluster next week because it's important. we will see you then. in the meantime, have the best weekend with the ones you love. watch rose mccowan on fox nation. sean hannity is next. ♪ ♪ >> american held hostage, behind enemy lines. it's been welcome to "hannity" come a day 34 americans held hostage abandoned by joe biden behind enemy lines of the taliban and that's right terrorists so-called commander in chief has ignored the hundreds of americans and thousands of allies, thousands of americans with green cards or legitimately have a right to be here. he abandoned them in afghanistan. these people aren't hiding
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tonight and with each passing day the prospect of their survival gets worse and worse, joe doesn't want to talk about it. at this hour, biden's not working around the clock to secure their release, he's not at a command center working on the solution, instead he's enjoying another long weekend off in delaware. someone in the administration needs to remind joe, joe, you're the president of the united states. americans could use your help right about now. it might be time to get off your -- and get to work to save americans lives. if too weak, too frail, too slow to handle the job, seven days a week you should step down to retire. right now, there are serious crises on multiple fronts this news night. of france, one of our top allies just recalled their ambassador to the u.s. because of a dispute over nuclear submarines. great job, joe. once again respected on the
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world stage. this is embarrassing yet again. breaking tonight, and shameful friday information dump from the biden administration remember the recent u.s. drone strike in afghanistan? when the biden administration, they told us they took out an ice is terrorists transporting a bomb and they stopped the bomb that he was taking right to the international airport in kabul? young, they wouldn't give us the name and that's the first tip off that something was wrong. today they officially announced they did not kill a ices terrorist. joe's drone strike killed ten innocent civilians, eight workers instead of terrorists. including seven children. did you get that, joe biden? over the horizon drone strike killed seven innocent children and people that where they are helping on a humanitarian level. yeah, joe, you have blood on your hands.
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but how could it be because remember jen psaki promised us that biden's brilliant over the horizon, anti-terror strategy was more than sufficient. if you might remember this. >> we've seen over the past week is that our over the horizon capacity can work and has worked in going after ices targets. if killing people who went after our troops. that's where the resources will be at this point in time. >> sean: it worked for it trump, and the al qaeda leader in yemen, but it didn't work for joe biden. per usual, that's all b.s. it like the terrorists, they tell us they are so professional and businesslike as they are beheading people, beating women in the streets, biden's first task of the over horizon anti-terror strategy, horrific failure. another embarrassment.
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two weeks ago, the general in the genius that he is, he called it a righteous strike. you stand by this general tonight? by the way, you should be on administrative leave pending the results of a real investigation as to the seriousness of the charges against him. and take a look. >> where there are others killed? >> yes, there were others killed. if we who they are. we believe the procedures at this point i don't want to influence the outcome of the investigation, but the procedures were correctly followed and it's a righteous strike. it's been when you stand by the statement, general? believes in biden's over the horizon capabilities, over the horizon does he know what date is? what about the allegations of treason against you, general? according to these upcoming book from bob woodwork and robert costa, the final months of the trump administration, general mark milley reportedly according to them promised to
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give communist china a heads up at the u.s. planning any attack. he is accused of colluding with other military leaders and nancy pelosi to strip the president of his sole constitutional authority as commander in chief to launch a nuclear strike if he needed to go. a nondenial denial, he defended his calls with china and called them perfectly within the scope of his job. okay, you didn't tell the director of national intelligence or the secretary of defense. it did you promise or not to give china the heads up before any attack? and we get a copy of that transcript? did you attempt to usurp the constitutional authority of the commander in chief, the president of the united states on nuclear calls? if the answer to either of those questions is yes, that would make you, general milley, a traitor. by the way, that would make you an insurrectionist. by the way, we need to know if
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nancy pelosi's role in all of this. tonight, even more revelations from the upcoming book of woodward and costa, and i need to know what they say they are standing by every word of their reporting involving general milley and every other issue that has come out. now according to this book, a very general milley actually played down the violent protests that were going on in 2020, and he called them because penny packet protests." whatever that means. it even pushed back against president trump's statement that the u.s. was suffering under the violent nationwide riots that were burning america down. according to woodward and costa, general milley stated "mr. president, they are not burning it down." really? okay, general, will show you the video and remind you. what would you call all of this?
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>> [bleep]! >> sean: excuse me, general, but law and order broke down completely in city after city after city. police precincts were burned to the ground. hundreds of businesses were lit on fire. looting was rampant. entire city blocks taken over by anarchists. dozens of americans died, including multiple police officers. if thousands of others law enforcement officers pelted with bricks and rocks and bottls and frozen water bottles and molotov cocktails. around the same time general milley reportedly made these comments. may 31st in new york alone, at
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least 345 people were arrested, at least 47 police vehicles damaged or destroyed, 33 police officers were injured. that was just one day. coming up, the great one mark levin will have a message for general milley, you won't want to miss it. he'll weigh in on biden's border crisis which has continued to spiral out of control. they tried to stop us from showing you these images and they stop and the faa stepped in bullying the sized to mikey mikey mack politicized. we have video as promised from senator ted cruz and we will show you throughout the night in not revealing a shocking scene at the southern border. thousands and thousands and thousands of migrants as far as the eye can see. of course, biden's borders are, vice president kamala harris as usual nowhere to be seen. hardly ever heard from. she hasn't said a word about the border and over four weeks.
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we had 200,000 illegal immigrants that we know of that were processed into the country. they didn't get the covid vaccine mandate, by the way, not even a covid test. but they got the dispersed throughout the country. that would be the biggest super-spreader event at all history. literally, whatever she did have anything to address the crisis has been a total failure. if now in the middle of the pandemic, we have the single biggest largest super-spreader event in american history, why don't we have vaccine mandates for the illegal immigrants that they are processing into the country? here with the reaction, now the author of what is the number one best seller now nine weeks in a row, "american marxism" host of "life liberty and live in" mark levin. over 1 million copies sold. of mark, the reason the book is resonating is because it's in antidote to what the country is going through.
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i'll open it up to you all, we've got general milley, afghanistan, a board, and begging opec for energy and we've got inflation, fuel prices up above 50 a gallon. where would you like to start? >> first of all, none of this has to happen. thank you, sean, for having me. go to chapter ten and act on it. it let hit some of this. general milley, they will have a hearing, everybody, september 28th, general milley will be present. what's going to happen, the democrat party will do everything they can to run interference for general milley. they'll run entrance because the running interference for nancy pelosi. he is a key role in this. a telephone conversation between nancy pelosi and general milley in which she who is absolutely nuts accuses the president at the time trump of being crazy,
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talks about nuclear weapons, and general milley agrees with her completely. they took to talk about the process. trump never hinted ever about using nuclear weapons, no basis for this whatsoever and i added in the footnote i don't know who's more lonesome, general milley who is loathsome or woodward and costa. if they're all standing by this and big-time news and it is, they sat on it for months and months when the american people should have known when congress should have known, and of course the people in the military should have known that we have a rogue general. they are standing by it, it's appalling what "the washington post" has done with the country. just as bad as general milley. at the over the horizon stuff, they think it's "the wizard of oz" over the rainbow, over the horizon, that's a phrase that has absolutely no meaning. no intelligence whatsoever left in afghanistan and you point out night after night, hostages, the
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whole country has been held hostage by biden for eight months. let me tell you what's going to happen to most of the american citizens. if they are not coming back. let me tell you what will happen to most of the american green card holders, they are not coming back. let me tell you what will happen to those 80,000 or so visa holders, patriots who served with us. they are not coming back. they hope you forget it. now they go to war on florida, texas, read southern states that biden has no hope of winning. what are they doing now? biden is holding back monoclonal antibodies from florida and southern states that have been using these antibodies effectively to save people's lives once they get the coronavirus. out of nowhere! no warning to any of the states! because the federal governor rent buys them from the producer and hands them out to the states! he's pulled them back from government states and republican governors.
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if no american president has done that in history. a look at the southern border! 11,000 haitians trying to get in? worst of all, they had to come from an island nation to come to the united states. if notice when he came to the cubans they were cleared to. you come across the borders, we are sending you back. what about the haitians? they are here. why? they hope to vote democrat. of america, i don't care what "the new york times" and "the washington post" say about that or anything else. we have an invasion. millions of people are coming into this country illegally. if he is president for four years, it could be upwards of 10 million people. meanwhile, the party in congress is trying to hand out amnesty like lollipops as fast as possible. our constitutional constructs under attack in the tradition to the adherence to laws under attack, under attack. because we have this do for us as president of united states. he was a doofus when he had his
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wits, he's just a disaster. a couple quick things i want to talk about too. pay attention to september 27th. september 27th is when the democrats are back in town and they want to ram through the most disastrous deal in american history. and certainly one of them. which will change our constitutional system, which will change our voting system, which will change our immigration system. which massively expands the welfare state, which is going to break the back economically of our children and grandchildren and generations yet born. this guy biden has lit a match, lit a match to the society. when he goes up and gives the speech where he lies through his teeth and uses marxist like propaganda, he turns one people against another, people, he talks about the rich versus the poor and goes on and on and on, he's a destructive person. that's when he is. if the people around him, they talk about diversity.
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it might be physical diversity, diversity, color diversity, religious diversity, but when it comes to ideology, there is no diversity. finally, sean, the media. you and the media are so corrupt. it's you who allowed this to happen, "the washington post" sits on the story like the general milley story for a month, "the washington post" and other media push the phone the russia collusion stories for years. now somebody's finally been indicted. "the washington post" which undermines facts in "the new york times" and the horrific history. they failed to cover the holocaust, the case of "the new york times" they back to stalin. they had achieved that was empathetic to the third reich, 1959 they backed castro, that's the paper of record. the media in the country is contributing to its destruction and turning it inside out. this is a battle.
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between liberty and tyranny. there simply no question about it. that's it. >> sean: chapter seven, i want to put an emphasis on this. seven chapters, this is the final chapter in your book "american marxism," get in on bookstores everywhere. it gives us the road map to get america back to being the greatest country on earth. it's a powerful chapter, over 10,000 words, that's a lot for a chapter in any book. i think one of the best chapters you've ever written. great one, thank you, congrats on the success of the book., bookstores everywhere. if joining us now with more reaction, fox news contributor jason chaffetz, former trump chief of staff reince priebus. let's start with you. we will start with general milley in the disaster of afghanistan and you can see what's happening at the border and happening now with the monoclonal antibodies. by the way, god bless -- we have
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breakthrough cases of covid, a therapeutic that works according to everybody i've talked to. i told people to talk to the doctors and now we are going to eliminate and politicize that? we have called it, we have checked and there's no shortage of these monoclonal antibodies. there's plenty to go around for anybody that needs it. if joe only mentioned it for the first time last week, reince. >> you remember the phrase that our teachers used to tell us, honesty is the best policy. that's because policy is who you are. you look at the border crisis, sean, 20 year record on the border 200,000 plus illegal aliens coming across in august, 200 plus thousand illegal aliens coming across in july. if june. is because now biden's policies are front and center. they have been front and center. in mark 11, he called in an invasion, the problem is this was a welcomed invasion by the
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biden administration. if on january 20th, you want to talk about who he is as a person, he signed eight executive orders on january 20th all of which had to do with illegal immigration ends at three the craziest policies are in those executive orders. one once he's going to stop building the border wall, pretty crazy stuff. the second one though was that he ended -- get this -- joe biden ended the law that said that if you committed a crime in the united states and you were an illegal alien, that you would need to be deported. he ended that. a meeting if you committed a crime, that's not going to be a reason to be deported anymore in the united states. the last executive order, the craziest one, was that he said that now under the law of joe biden, this is true, he said to all the newness of polities cities across america that you
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are to count illegal immigrants, illegal aliens in your number when counting for the census. in other words, if you're los angeles, we want you to include illegal aliens in your numbers so you can get more taxpayer money from the american people. it is insanity, but it's the policies of joe biden. it is who he is. and that's what is ultimately going to cause him the most trouble, sean. >> sean: abandoning americans, jason chaffetz. open borders, we are headed to 2 million illegal immigrants this year alone. we will set a 20 or 35 year record. a begging, stopping energy reduction and abandoning energy independence. you look at what happened with france and the economy, the price of energy. looking at the price of everything we paid for going through the roof. i'm really worried for the state of the country. i'm very worried about those americans trapped behind enemy lines in afghanistan. very worried.
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speak of the president of the united states lied and lied to many times. he did before the election, did it since he's been the president of the united states, when he has said and done has been totally and absolutely the opposite of what he promised. i don't know how long we can continue to have the commander in chief read a teleprompter and lying to the american people. i worry who is behind the scenes. i think people like susan rice pulling the lever's thinking they can just hoodwink the american people by saying one thing and having a compliant media not really challenge them and then go off and do what they want to do. i think general milley should be dismissed, at the very least you should be on administrative leave while there is a serious investigation. why should american put up with this? if there is a person who is potentially involved with the insurrection, that he should actually be put on leave. have an investigation. why should we take the chance?
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we have the work, and general milley has not come out strongly and denied this. we can't wait two weeks for the congressional hearings, there should be actions now, but there is a very weak president, sean. the weakest president we have ever seen. they tried to compare him to carter, president biden's far weaker than jimmy carter ever was. >> sean: it's not even close. a great analysis, jason chaffetz. reince priebus. and thank you both. and when we come back on this friday night, the biden administration playing politics with life-saving treatments. when are dissenters, he's rightfully fighting back protect to the people of florida. we will get reaction from senator rand paul and much more. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> carley shimkus in north port, florida, where there has been a major development in the case of missing gabby. now make it to missing people. the law attorney says brian's missing and the fbi's trying to look at both brian and gabby. multiple police officers and others enter the home at 6:20 p.m. after brian's family reached out to per release. they removed items from the house to help for the search for brian and they also helped search a car in the driveway. brian's a person of interest and not a suspect at this time. he came back to north port, florida, on september 1st after going on a cross-country road trip with gabby. of the last she was known to be wyoming on august 25th. gabby's family has been pleading
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with the law enforcement to reveal any information. >> sean: this is a fox news alert, this friday night breaking tonight and influential fda panel, today we checked a plan to administer the pfizer booster shots to the general public exposing yet another massive biden covid failure. >> earlier today, medical experts announced a plan for booster shots. if to every fully vaccinated american. adult american. you know, this will boost your immune response and increase your potential from covid-19. it's the best way to protect ourselves from new variant's i could arrive. >> sean: all right, dr. joe, rather than follow the science, biden decided to get out in front of the science. that's not all because we have yet another broken promise from
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joe biden to nine. just one week after the president said the administration was going to boost the distribution of life-saving monoclonal antibody treatments like regeneron, the biden administration is now slashing doses to the state of florida with breakthrough cases. it meaningfully vaccinated people now coming down with covid and governor ron desantis set up the centers all around the states. meaning that people who have either vaccinated, they have the ability to get the regeneron. biden only mentioned for the first time last week donald trump had covid nearly one year ago. he had the monoclonal antibodies. the biden team wants full control. you're going to take away distribution powers from states like florida? playing politics with life-saving treatments? hears florida governor ron desantis leming this move, rightly so. >> we are very, very concerned
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with the biden administration and the hhs and the recent enter broughton sudden amounts meant there's going to dramatically cut the number of monoclonal antibodies that are going to be sent to the state of florida. just to pull the rug out from anybody one week after the president himself said they are going to be increasing the distribution by 50%. it is a very, very problematic. >> sean: he only mentioned it for the first time last week, the centers were already set up by ron desantis. of course, that's not all. if dr. gloom and gloom to minister flip-flop slouching a come of the liar stricter vaccine mandates like getting on an airplane. take a look. >> i want to support if you get on the plane and travel with other people that you should be vaccinated. >> sean: all right, get this, not that long ago that flip-flop a fauci was saying the opposite.
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another flip-flop. it took a look. >> to let the local institutions like hospitals make the decision, usually that's better than a central mandated system. i don't if you will ever see a mandating of vaccines. a particularly for the general public. it's extremely unlikely you'll get a federal mandate for vaccines. i cannot see that that's in the cards. if not i believe it's going to come centrally. i doubt very seriously it would be a central, fairly government mandated vaccination. >> sean: what does the media mob -- when are they going to add fauci tough questions like new revelations that affected the nih, did actually find a gain-of-function research at the wuhan lab? fauci lying when he was asked by senator rand paul. here to react and much more is kentucky senator, and a medical director rand paul. i checked with multiple sources,
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multiple sources. they confirm to mia, senator, there is no shortage of monoclonal antibodies like regeneron. eli lilly has a version of it as well. there is no shortage. why were the federal government -- what? >> realize this is the difference between socialized medicine and capitalism. under capitalism when there is increased demand and florida has increased demand right now, you increase the supply. supply matches demand and capitalism. in socialism, you have political reasons. it could be they think they are more deplorable people in florida, more republicans or more of the unvaccinated unwashed. and so, decisions will be made for political reasons, but if this were capitalism and this were going out into the marketplace, companies would be wrapping up production and distributed where it's needed. it's life-saving, and we also have to change the recommendations coming from fauci and the cdc allowing people to take it as an
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inpatient. you can be an inpatient with relatively good oxygenation, talking, not yet on the ventilator but they will not give it to you if you've gone beyond ten days of symptoms or if you're an inpatient. you can have four days of symptoms, meet the criteria as far as symptoms, but once you cross the threshold from the e.r. into the hospital, they deny you treatment. there's a lot of bad things going on, a lot of lives can be saved if we allow the monoclonal antibodies to be used. we also should be looking at allowing inhaled steroids to to be used as an outpatient and also as a inpatient. they've known about these things, their studies, trials, and it all adds up. there is good treatments for the government and stopping in and by the government owning all of the monoclonal antibodies, we just have socialized distribution and that's going to lead to problems. the one i thought of you this week, you had covid and stated it publicly i'm not disclosing anything private. we decided not to get the
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vaccine. interestingly, pfizer announced the efficacy of their vaccine decreases over time. if same with mud during and what we are seeing, the actual research dr. robert malone is, the guy who discovered the vaccine. he said natural immunity antibodies the very things you have been saying are much better than the very technology that he himself discovers and then cited a study on the of israel. i'm not a doctor. i'll ask you as a medical doctor. >> over 100 million americans have gotten the disease naturally. if all of this study showed that their natural immunities is at least as good as the vaccine, bt the one from israel and shows its 20 times better. this is not an argument against the vaccine. it's an argument for treating
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people fairly. think of all the hospital workers who work for a year with no vaccine available yet, risking their lives to save people's lives from covid. thousands of them got covid naturally, have immunity, now the hospitals because fauci is breeding the ignorance in this unscientific approach, they are all being told if you want to get, you will be fired. how unfair and insulting is that to the hospital workers? there is one thing the government could do right now on the vaccine front to, instead of just approving a booster, the booster is nonspecific for adults. they should do what donald trump didn't have operation warp speed for the next generation which will be a delta vaccine. that actually would save lots of lives. it's already been created to, it's already there, but it's languishing in the bureaucracy. instead, they are going to improve the old one which has escaped from the old one so it's not as effective, but they should allow a new variant to come forward and come voluntarily being taken not given by mandate.
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>> sean: you've been very insightful and you're right, dr. fauci was wrong. i'm next, shocking new developments surrounding the disappearance of 22-year-old gabby. beyonce's sister now speaking out. we will tell you what she is saying and get reaction from nancy grace when we return. why this kid won't talk to the parents, i cannot explain. i can't comprehend it. straight ahead. usable musical (upbeat pop music in background throughout)
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♪ ♪ >> sean: tonight we are continuing to follow developments in the mysterious disappearance of 2020-year-old gabby petito who is believed to have been lansing on august the 25th in wyoming. but unfortunately, the one man
6:40 pm
who likely has answered and was less likely to have no one to see her boyfriend, brain laundrie is refusing to talk with the family and cooperate with authorities and hired a lawyer. demonstrators have even gathered outside his florida home demanding he speak on and explain what happened. and where he saw her. the boyfriend sister says she wants gabby home safe. why all the silence? why is the boyfriend and hide in? why won't the parents of this young man, you know, talk to their son and tell us everything you know? last night, the family, the young woman's mom and dad and stepdad, they came on the show and made an impassioned plea for help at right here on the program. take a look. >> the outreach is 350 million plus people asking where is
6:41 pm
gabby. everybody's asking. if one person not doing and in all honesty, we are all trying to find the answer the only pern who knows it is sitting over in that house over there. you can't have a more frustrating situation. >> sean: here with reaction, and a host of crime stories on become a friend nancy grace, one thing i've loved about you is that when you take a case on, you put your heart and you put your soul, your blood into it. you just -- i thought of you in the story while i was interviewing the family last night. wanting to know what your take is. if i am infuriated by this, nancy. this kid needs to tell us what he knows. >> sean, i am surprised to gabby's parents having gone down there and are on the front yard to themselves slamming on the door. think about it, if, if gabby is
6:42 pm
still alive, knowing her whereabouts could save her life. if she's alive, i've been involved in a lot of research is that our dumpsters, the woods, on the water where you try to find somebody. it's a very difficult under any circumstance. if are talking about wyoming, the hike, it's a very rugged terrain. every minute counts. if she is alive. he knows -- he left her! think about this, sean. even the sister, the sister speaks out about how much she loves gabby, really? even the sister has not talked to brian. they are really keeping it close to the best come up at a cone of silence and the family is an allowed to speak to him. >> sean: i know you've followed many cases over the years. i don't even want to go where my
6:43 pm
head goes on this and i speak as a parent and every parent in many ways, this is your greatest fear, right? that something terrible might have happened to your child?om e family saying you need to go and talk to this family and tell them everything you know. if where is the family? i will not accept that. that's unacceptable. >> i'm with you, i'm with you. keep in mind also that he, laundrie, gets home with gabby's van, her van without gabby september 1st. the reality is that gabby's parents find out only until september 11th. all this time, the parents know this is the van, here is my son, they know where gabby is or do they? one has he told him? whatever it is, it's so disturbing they are not letting him talk to police.
6:44 pm
they're not letting him talk to his own sister. of >> sean: let me ask you this. >> they're keeping it secret. of >> sean: when the family believes that august 30th text that came from gabby's phone doesn't come from gabby. now, my question is, because he was home if my dates are right september 1st. if okay come van was back. that's august 30th. if have they tracked it down the ping of that because we can usually track where the cell phone tower it came from and what do we know about that and the van that i understand is in police custody? >> yes, the police seized the van and i'm just wondering if the 2012 transit has navigation information in then too they could find. regarding her phone, i'm very curious has it been triangulated? one of the reasons, sean, they called and the fbi because the fbi analytics is so much more sophisticated than any local police station.
6:45 pm
i guarantee you right now, they are trying to find out where that last ping was. i agree, that was not from gabby. which opens up another can of worms, sean, that means this was staged as we say, a random kidnapper killer does not think, oh, i'm going to text her mom and throw her off the trail, no, it doesn't work like that. and statistically. i guarantee you they are trying to ping every cell tower for her phone, back tracking the van and did he order at mcdonald's, breakfast were one or two. it did he use an atm or debit card? there's a lot of financial data and data as i call it to be analyzed right now and we need it. in schema nancy grace, don't forget her show live sunday 10:00 p.m. when we come back, another example of do as i say, not as i do from the left. the mayor of san francisco, partying, massless, like at the met party.
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nightclub this time. joe concha, leo 20 terrel join us next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: down to nine more democrats caught flooding their own covid rules, look at the field san francisco mayor who recently caught breaking her own indoor mask mandate while she was partying with blm activists. if we reached out to the mayor's office for comment, shockingly, we didn't hear back. meanwhile congresswoman ocasio-cortez, the real speaker of the house has been hit with a second ethics complaint over her recent met gala attendance over allegations she violated house rules of accepting gifts. $35,000 a ticket. and by the way i didn't know as many people with masks there.
6:51 pm
they stood to get their pictures taken by the paparazzi. here's joke give mikey mike joe concha, leo 2.0 terrell, i know of no power obviously. joe, you look at this, you can see what's happening in san francisco, you can see on them watching the met gala, nobody has a mask on. i'm like oh, i guess that's how it's works. $35,000 a ticket. i would like to know the answer who paid for the ticket? is that a fair question? >> that's a very fair question if you talk about lawmakers being transparent as aoc promises to do. by the way, leo, the leo 2.0 2.0 show i think we could go joe concha as well. >> everybody is on that! everybody's good on that! [laughter] >> it's got to be contra 1.0.
6:52 pm
>> sean: by the way, leo is to rip down his mike, throw down that ear piece and walk off the show. to speak out that's not true, that's not true! >> he's a lawyer, sean, you're going to lose this one. if of course the mayor of san francisco is massless because she was following nancy pelosi's lead in getting her hair done without a mask while salons were shut down. or maybe she's the governor and news and who aided the prevaccine with 12 other massless people. or a fan of the former president who threw a party at the superdome. or marielle barrows or give mikey mike bowser, parted like his 199920 hours after or during the mask mandate. you get the point and traditional media will not talk about the story and we know that
6:53 pm
joy reid on this because it's rules for the, not for these, sean. >> sean: leo? >> definitely. the democratic golden boy gavin newsom fought back the recall and all the democratic elites are celebrating. it that's why you see the mayor of san francisco party and she was not singing. that's not singing. what the embarrassing thing is they are going to lock down the average citizen. they're going to deny the freedom and liberty and they are going to do whatever they want. the thing that's embarrassing, the mayor of san francisco is black lives matter. a racist, marxist organization that tells you where her head is at. i'll tell you right now, this state is in trouble now because gavin newsom and the elites like nancy pelosi are going to put their thumbs on the average citizen while they live like kings and queens.
6:54 pm
mask mandate, the restrictions do not apply to the democratic elite. >> sean: i mean, imagine all three of us are at a party and we didn't have the mask on. joe, leo, what would happen? 30 seconds each. it joe, would happen? >> it would be the apocalypse certainly and by the way, a limousine taken her from and to the event. limos are horrible for the environment. and she didn't wear a mask as you said but it happened at the gala, and the person who had to carry her dress out when she was walking back to said limo. at the objects here are horrible and that's what it's all about these days. >> sean: i don't know, did you ever go to a $35,000 c dinner, leo? >> never in my life and they never planted with those democrats. at the thing about it is, they feel emboldened right now. they do not give a rip about the average citizen and what scares me is that they have now taken
6:55 pm
the position that they can do whatever they want and they have dumbed down their constituents where they allow them to do it. perfect case in point, what happened in california this week. it golden boy, nancy pelosi's golden boy is now controlling the state for another year and a half. we are in trouble in california. it's been thank you both, when we come back, wait until you see the billboard somebody put out patrolling biden for his disastrous afghanistan withdrawal. more when we continue. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm pat and i'm 75 years old. we live in the mountains so i like to walk. i'm really busy in my life; i'm always doing something. i'm not a person that's going to sit too long. in the morning, i wake up and the first thing i do is go to my art studio. a couple came up and handed me a brochure on prevagen. i've been taking prevagen for about four years.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: before we go, take a look at your screen. former pennsylvania senator and electoral candidate tom weidner put up over a dozen billboards in the state of pennsylvania reading "making the taliban great again." with the joe biden just as the taliban. okay, speaks a thousand words, doesn't it? unfortunately that's all the time we have left. as always, we do thank you for joining us.
7:00 pm
never miss an episode. pray for the family of gabby petito. pray for our fellow americans behind a enemy lines. we will see you back your monday and let not your heart be troubled as laura ingraham is up next. we will see you monday. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. an accomplished neonatal nurse from new york has quit her job rather than agree to the vaccine mandate. she is here and she's going to tell us why she's taking a stand. but first, sensing off the capital. from moment he decided to run for president, biden has been eager to convince you that he's an aboveboard kind of guy. speak of the vice president harris and diane our entire administration will always be