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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  September 18, 2021 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> a major law enforcement search underway at this hour at a 24,000 acre florida nature preserve for brian laundrie, the boyfriend of gabby petito, the 22-year-old woman. the nationwide search has been in headlines all week. they had been on a cross-country trip together, but laundrie returned. and petpetito's family says tha
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he's now hiding. i'm griff jenkins. jacqui: i'm jacqui heinrich. charles, from north port, florida, let's start with you. hello. >> hi, jacqui. this is a double missing person's case and now brian laundrie is now missing and hasn't been seen by his family in days. north port police department just posted to twitter a short time ago that multiple officers and the fbi are currently conducting a search of the vast carlton preserve for brian laundrie. and his family says they believe he entered the area earlier this week. on friday, north port police showed up to the laundrie residence and they spoke to the family at their own request for the first time since gabby petito was reported missing by her family. and by that encounter, the family told they had not seen or spoken to brian since tuesday, but didn't say whether
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or not the family knew anything about the disappearance of gabby petito. >> it's not that you're not helping anymore, it's hindering investigations. you're using up people's resources and time and it's been beyond days that you could have talked. >> now, the petito family released a statement through their attorney that reads, quote, all of gabby's family wants the world to know that brian isn't missing. he is in hiding. gabby is missing. at this time police say they consider brian only a person of interest and have not opened a criminal investigation regarding the disappearance of his girlfriend on friday. protesters demanding answers popped up outside the laundrie home as questions mount about why brian returned home to florida alon from that cross country trip he and gabby had enbarked on together and why he refused to speak to investigators about his girlfriend's whereabouts.
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and north port issued a statement. they know the community is frustrated and they'll update the public as soon as they can. when that will high pressure -- happen we don't know, but we'll get back to you. >> you mentioned the protesters gathered outside the laundrie home on thursday, at that point, it was believed that he was somewhere with his parents and now it's come out he hasn't been seen since early in the week. how has the reaction from the community been changing? >> well, you know, there are a lot of folks out here who are just in disbelief about how this story is playing out. we've heard from folks out in front of the family's home who have said, how could brian return home to his residence without his girlfriend and not report her missing or cooperate with police officers? and now they're hearing that he's not in the home so a lot of folks out here are shocked
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and really dismayed about how the story is playing out. again, police are not considering brian laundrie a suspect in this case, he's only a person of interest. jacqui: charles watson, we'll keep an eye on that. griff: investigators are still in the dark what happened to van life influencer to gabby petito and brian laundrie, staying silent. lauren. >> with every passing hour, the family of gabby petito grows in frustration and anger and the investigation and search for gabby continues in wyoming. the fbi released this missing persons poster telling the public that gabby was lat known to be in the area of the grand teton parks, thousands of acres of mixed terrain. that's where gabby's stepfather has gone to help with the
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search and told cnn's chris cuomo, all that matters is bringing gabby home. >> we're trying to get the word out there and find the one person that could have the details that we need and find that person to help with anything that will bring her home. >> and thousands of tips have been pouring in to the fbi and police, according to a report in the east idaho news, the owner of a local shop in victor, idaho, near the wyoming border told the fbi that she saw gabby and brian either on august 25th or the 26th, a day or two after gabby's mother last spoke to her daughter. the owner of the rust particular rose says that they seemed happy and mentioned they were going to yellowstone next. still, the family expresses frustration on brian's silence. >> you need to just really give us at least, are we looking in the correct spot? because there's a lot of space
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in between here and we can't just keep doing that and it's really actually torture. >> now, of course, the fbi continues to reach out to the public for help in finding gabby. so, if you have any information, you can contact the fbi. griff: lauren, thank you. one quick follow-up. we've heard frustration as you mentioned with the silence of brian laundrie, but some are trying to question whether the investigators are telling us everything they know. is there a sense that they may know more than what they're sharing how? >> one of the fox contributors said the fbi and police investigators are probably withholding a lot of information from the public for whatever reason so they don't spook either brian or people who may know where gabby is. they probably have a lot more information and i guess for you and me, we hope they have more information than they're letting us know. griff: that's right, lauren green in new york. thank you very much. >> sure.
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shifting gears, a tragic mistake, that's how the pentagon is characterizing the air strike at that killed 10 civilians last month in kabul, afghanistan. trey is in kabul as americans are still trying to leave. we'll start with lucas tomlinson how the u.s. military is explaining this tragedy, hi, lucas. hi, griff. a u.s. reaper drone shattered a white toyota corolla before destroying the vehicle. and the military thought they launched another attack. and said that they anticipated more attacks. >> i will stress this was not a rushed strike. in the 36 hours preceding the strikes our leaders on the ground at the airport and in the strike cell received more than 60 different pieces of intelligence related to
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imminent threats. >> they admitted troises a mistake. and they thought the car was full of explosives instead no terrorists were killed only 10 innocent civilians including 10 children were killed. without friendly forces on the ground the military considers it a blind stroke. and the drones must fly for hours from a base in the united arab emirates. and president biden touted this. >> we have what's called over the horizon capabilities which means we can strike terrorists and targets without american boots on the ground. >> three days after, the top general mark milley called it success. but general mckenzie said he knew something was wrong immediately. >> and we thought it was correct and righteous strike. >> we knew from the beginning there was a possibility of civilian casualties. >> and the officials say there will not be any disciplinary
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action taken to the military. jacqui: griff, hoping to get help from the state department. trey has been in kabul with the story and efforts to get them out. what are you hearing, trey? >> well, jacqui, today we have an update on civilians who were killed in the drone strike last month. the united states admitted they killed 10 civilians in afghanistan and this is the story of the innocent afghans. >> this is where he sat with me and when i saw it, i'm so confused and so sad. >> his daughter malika was killed last month in a drone strike. in the courtyard of this house near kabul's aircraft when a hell fire missile was at a car they believed was isis-k. the u.s. military admitted it
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was 10 civilians. >> and no one from the united states called to apologize. >> and why that they do this action? and also, i want for the u.s. that they should pay compensation perhaps. >> seven children were beyond the dead. seven future members of afghan society young minds with dreams and desires gone. his brother lost all of three of his children along with tamley members-- family members and he was inside the house. >> i ran to the car to take my nephew and then my wife called to me to take my other nephew then i saw the car was burning and i ran to pull out my daughter. she was totally burned, everybody was burned. >> no matter how many of these stories we cover around the world, it never gets easier speaking with the parents of a dead child. this time the united states is responsible. what really struck me speaking with those fathers, they felt the need to prove their
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innocence after a drone strike took out 10 of their family members. jacqui. jacqui: trey, thank you for that report. and tomorrow on media buzz, chris wallace's taking out bin laden, that's a must-see show on the fox news channel. griff: the january 6 rally is getting underway now, and supporters are calling politically motivated arrests of nonviolent protesters last january. some 600 people are facing charges including vandalism, preventing the work of a u.s. congress and assaulting police officers for the events of january 6th. these are live pictures here. it looks quite peaceful and we hope it remains that way. we'll bring you updates as they happen. jacqui: griff, the biden administration is vowing to increase deportations flights to haiti as thousands of
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>> the biden administration is planning to begin flying thousands of haitian migrants back to their home country
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after they showed up in tiny del rio, texas. and the ongoing surge and now a budding health crisis there at the border. hey, bill, what can you tell us? >> jacqui, this is a crisis in every way, shape and form. we're live on the rio grande right now on a boat. take a look at this, this cuidad acuna where we've been watching a steady stream of hundreds of migrants crossing the rio grande illegally. brian will pan left. they're acrossing over illegally and walking over to the united states where there's a massive crowd of migrants who have gathered. they go over there, bathe in the river and change their clothes and walk down a dirt path toward with are that international bridge is. and some border patrol agents and texas troopers pulled up on the other side there. you might not be able to see them, but lights and sirens on there, a state trooper vehicle pulling up. earlier there was nothing, but this is a remarkable scene here showing just how much the situation down here is
9:17 am
deteriorating. and let's take a live look at our fox drone right now over the international bridge which is where the crisis first started. sources are telling me the number of migrants under that bridge has now swelled to more than 14,000, consider that on wednesday morning it was just over 4,000. so, these numbers are absolutely exploding and the reason why that's happening is what you just saw in the river right here. these migrants continue to show up by the hundreds pretty much every single hour and the border patrol agentsen completely overwhelmed. it doesn't matter how much are bused out. fox's griff jenkins reporting that about 1900 migrants were processed here just in the last 24 hours, that's not going to cut it with 14,000 under the bridge and more coming. how are you going to keep up with that? it's not just a humanitarian crisis, a public health crisis. most of these migrants coming
9:18 am
through are coming through from haiti, a vaccination rate less than 1%. and what we're seeing on the other side of the river there, that's the side, people are taxied up there and dropped into the residential neighborhood by the hundreds and they're actually bused up to northern mexico in massive buses. we have a contact on the mexican side of the border who has been sending video to us showing massive busloads of migrants moving north and take taxi cabs and find their way to the neighborhood where they gather, get their supplies together, they walk down to the edge. river right here. and then they cross the river. what's ironic about this, brian, if we can zoom in on the bridge. that's the international port of entry if people want to claim asylum that's where legally they'll present themselves. there are know he cars driving up or down that bridge right now, yesterday because of this situation, cvp announced
9:19 am
effective immediately that port of entry here in del rio is closed. anybody driving on will now have to go 57 miles to the east to eagle pass, texas and that's having an impact on legal migration. we left our hotel this morning and the front desk told us several house keepers couldn't show up to work because they drive in from mexico and they couldn't get across the port of enter, crossing legally, going through legally. americans going to mexico and mexicans coming to the united states. they can no longer do that because of what is going on here, illegal migration. and this is spiraled out of control. we got here two days ago and significantly worse. it's stunning witnessing what we're watching on the river. we've been here for two hours now, almost two hours and this line of people hasn't stopped. there's been no breaks. no breaks in people coming across. it's a constant line of people and that's why the bridge
9:20 am
situation is untenable right now. it's why they cannot keep up with what's going on. brian, sorry to keep turning you around. if we pan over to the american side, texas state troopers through the crowd and got some of their lights on and just started showing up and these images are just remarkable. because there are-- i don't know how to count all of these folks because i can't see what's beyond this embankment, but there's a dirt path they all walk on and end up at that international bridge. what's striking about this is, these people are not being detained. they're waiting under the bridge because it provides shade and shelter and they have not been processed yet. they're free to go. you see some of them walking back into mexico. >> pardon. >> yeah, some of them go back and forth into mexico to go get food and that sort of a thing. they're only processed once they're placed on border patrol buses and taken to a holding facility or processing facility once they get the paper work done. as you can see here, none of
9:21 am
that is happening. so all of these people, they're not detained free to come and go where they want and wild to watch people coming back and forth between the united states by the hundreds. this does not look like an international border of the united states. there is no resistance on either side, and you know, i know you're anchoring with griff jenkins there, it's just, he's been down here at the border many, many times and it's one of the most remarkable things i think he and myself have ever seen. back to you. jacqui: bill, i want to ask you because we were speaking yesterday in the afternoon show, and you were up in the texas dps helicopter and showed us incredible images more than i think 10,000 people you mentioned gathering under that bridge and there was a concern there weren't enough, like porta potties and facilities for these people gathered there. has that changed? have they brought in any assistance for people? >> yeah, so griff was reporting that a little while ago, a
9:22 am
couple of days ago, there were only 20 porta potties and i saw one of the tweets between 50 and 60, but that's not going to cut it when you've got 14,000 people there and more coming by the minute. we're not seeing any resistance on the mexican side whatsoever. you might remember when we had live shots and when there with as a group of 100. we did live shots all of a sudden the mexican marines plugged it up and well, we've got thousands coming through here and no resistance. we haven't seen any mexican police, no mexican immigration officials, we don't have any border patrol agents able to man this side of the river. they're overwhelmed. del rio doesn't have the infrastructure to support this and it's wild to think about how is this going to improve in the short-term? they don't have the holding facilities out here. they don't have the manpower to deal with this and any busloads of migrants they take out from
9:23 am
under the bridge are immediately replaced about this never ending stream of migrants. most are from haiti, however, we've been told by sources there are a lot more africans starting to show up from senegal and angola. so they're coming in literally from all over the world and people on twitter saying how the heck are they getting here? taking flights? >> i can tell you for the haitians, many i've talked to say they left haiti years ago and they've been living in countries like chile or brazil for a while and decided now is the time to try to come here. jacqui: wow, and you said yesterday there were taxi cabs full of migrants showing up on the mexican side close to where you're standing. >> yes, right up there. jacqui: interesting details you gave us from that report. thank you so much. >> yes. jacqui: griff. griff: incredible reporting by bill down there and the images that you just saw. for more on the crisis on the border, joined by republican congressman from texas and member of the house
9:24 am
transportation infrastructure committee, troy naills and you saw and heard the report from our own bill, and pointed out something i've never seen before and he's never seen before i've been covering the border more than a decade. and i want our viewers to get context, you came and joined me back in april some five months ago in that same very area, del rio, texas. here is what we saw in what you told me then. listen. >> the border patrol can't handle all the children. there are thousands of them entering our country and now they're being sprinkled throughout texas and pretty soon they're going to come to a neighborhood in a small town, a small community near you. griff: congressman, it's not under control. it's gotten worse. why? >> well, i thank you for having me, griff.
9:25 am
it's because there's a crisis at our southern border. remember, dhs secretary mayorkas said that the border is closed, he's in denial. they've been coaxing them to enter the southern border, and even prior to his inauguration, when he was a candidate he was encouraging people to enter our southern border. now we've had people from well over 100 countries. 1.2 million people enter our southern border and telling those people come on in, the border is open. oh, by the way, don't worry about covid, whether you have it or whether you don't, don't worry about any other type of disease because with once you get mere, we're not going to test you. the testing and the mandatory vaccines and stuff only apply, the travel restrictions only apply to the american people. we'll make sure it doesn't
9:26 am
apply to you and don't worry about having any money because we'll take care of you there. we're going to line your pockets with some cash. we're going to make sure that you're able to participate with some of our programs here, we're going to educate your children. we're even going to educate your kids going to college. we're going to educate your kids going to college and don't forget who i am. my name is joe biden. and i approved this message. griff: congressman, you mentioned the administration coaxing people, inviting people to come and as bill was saying in his report, that many of these haitians had left haiti long ago and chose to come now. i would submit to you in the end of may, this administration reinstated the tps temporary protective status for haitians that had been lifted in 2017. do you believe that was a mistake and part of the problem? >> of course. and, you have got to look at
9:27 am
why are people coming from countries around the world? griff, we're spending trillions of dollars in washington. we're going to do everything we can to find a pathway to citizenship, we're going to make sure that we encourage them to come here because we're going to let you participate, we're going to give you health care, education. he's doing this, this is an orchestrated plan by this administration because you know they want to give everyone a pathway to citizenship. and this administration has put the american people last. he is doing more for the migrants underneath the bridge in del rio than he is for the people under the bridges in washington d.c., houston, and baltimore, the homeless, and many of those are veterans and they're americans. it's disgusting. griff: it's an interesting point. congressman troy nehls. you talked about spending trillion and we'll have you back again after you start tackling that infrastructure bill. thank you very much.
9:28 am
thank you, god bless. griff: jacqui. jacqui: moving onto the spending bills, big headlines coming out of the hill this week. democratic congressman from california, former-- excuse me member of the house foreign affairs committee joins us know you and he's also on the house science, space and technology committee. congressman, thank you for joining us. taking the time. >> thanks for having me on. jacqui: this week there were more deep divisions between the liberal and moderate democrats party. and the salt cap tax and the channelling what can come out of the house can ultimately pass the senate and the president is getting involved and trying to get senator manchin and sinema with a larger amount than they want. >> and the leadership said they'd bring the infrastructure bill to a vote by september 27th, you now that announced and i'm going to assume that's the timetable.
9:29 am
i think there's going to be a lot of negotiation back and forth. i think we'll start at 3.5 trillion, but i think it will end a little less than that. joe manchin, i know him pretty well, has come out with about 1.5 trillion budget. let's get something done for let's get it to the american people. jacqui: what are the weakest points in this bill where you see something potentially being stripped out? you mentioned likely a lot of changes before it hits the fine form. what do you think is going to happen and get removed? >> big things in health care, i think some of those may come out because of the price tag on there. you know, you've seen some jockeying among democrats on prescription drug pricing. and we want to lower the cost of medication to the american public and i think there's some room to move around there. but i think we'll do something to lower drug prices. jacqui: republicans say this bill has a lot of hypocrisy, tax breaks to the wealthy,
9:30 am
special interest groups and the democrats have railed against in the past. they claim that the-- one piece that they take issue with, we by the way have not independently confirmed through our own calculations and we have to mention that because it's going to go through several more iterations, but a 2 1/2 billion loophole for wealthy ivy league, and tax increases that would fall on the back of the middle class, essentially breaking the president's promise of no tax increases on anyone under $400,000. >> let's hold that, not increasing taxes on people making less than $400,000, a year and i think that's generous. i think that folks like jeff bezos, who are billionaires ab have incredible wealth, they ought to pay their fair share and reinvest that in ladders of opportunities for the next
9:31 am
generation and pay it forward. you know, i think that's, now, the american system of building for the next generation, but let's be mindful of the debt and deficit. we don't want to pass that on to the next generation either. jacqui: theres already democrats, especially in the senate who want to see the size of this bill shrink because of issues like the national debt and inflation. what are the must-have items for the democrats that are red lines that cannot be removed from the bill? >> to are my perspective, this is a chance for us to really address climate change. do it in a smart way and we don't want to put people out of work, and there are people in texas and west virginia, joe manchin's state, gas workers and coal miners, and we ought to build job opportunities and focus resources so those folks can transition into higher paying jobs. i think it's an opportunity for us to lead the world in clean and renewable energy. jacqui: well, there's certainly going to be a lot of eyes on
9:32 am
this as it goes through the remaining committee work. i think 13 committees or something working on this, good luck to you guys, as you work that out and we'll be watching. griff. griff: a short space crew set to return to earth after three days in orbit. that's next. sion is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo hoo! ensure, with 27 vitamins and minerals, now introducing ensure complete! with 30 grams of protein.
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>> police say this is now a multiple missing persons case. first, gabby petito was reported missing september 11th, four days after she was suppose today return from a cross country trip with her fiance brian laundrie. and now brian laundrie is missing. and gabby's father has more information coming out of his family, and utah and wyoming. we're looking at legal analysis of the case and turn to our guest here, attorney from
9:37 am
northwestern law professor, thank you for joining us. it's frustrating to a lot of those who are hoping that this justice system delivers answers for this family, but so many questions remain. and a lot of people are, including gabby's family are reading into brian's silence now that his attorney says he hasn't been seen since tuesday and investigators think he might have gone to a nature preserve. what does his absence in all of this say to you? >> it's just another red flag that he may have an involvement in it and you can look at it one of two ways, look at it, saying, hey, he is being harassed repeatedly by multiple different people and he wants to get away or number two, something more nefarious, he's in effect on the lamb because the noose is tightening about him. and police are getting stuff like his cell phone, or his
9:38 am
cell phone. they've got the van, or signs of blood or any signs of distress. we'll see what happens, but the fact that he disappeared is suspicious. >> if it turns out that gabby is alive out there somewhere and brian didn't give information that could have helped rescue her, could his silence be held against him? >> you know, that's his best case scenario. they just got in a fight somewhere and she walked out, and he just isn't cooperating. she has no legal liability. if she ends up showing up healthy she's in the clear. but the $64,000 question is where is she and what happened to her and that remains to be seen. >> what can law enforcement do to compel him to talk if that's their investigation? >> absolutely nothing and it's horrific that he's not cooperating with the police. common sense would tell you if
9:39 am
your fiance is missing, you talk to the police and tell them everything you know. but from a legal perspective, he's getting excellent advice. so many times people use interviews with the suspect to charge them with a crime. so again, it's wrong morally and from a human perspective, but it's excellent, excellent legal advicement if i was his criminal defense lawyer i would say don't talk to anyone about anything. jacqui: do you think though that that pressure coming from the public might have pushed him potentially, you know, to a place where he felt like he needed to go into this nature preserve as his family apparently has said or his attorney has told police, that maybe that pushed him over the edge? >> yeah, absolutely. i think he's under blistering criticism right now. there are people who are looking at him saying, hey, buddy, if we were in your situation, and my fiancee or
9:40 am
your fiancee went missing and the fact you're not telling police when is the last time you saw her and what's the situation, it's what i call the uber red flag and indicia of guilty. i have no idea what happened, but sure isn't the action that people would take if their spouse, girlfriend, wife or husband were missing. >> so this case is spread over such a huge swath of the country. what is it that investigators need to hone in on and find to push this along? >> i think there are two data points they're looking for. number one, looking for video evidence from various gas stations and one of the police officers said you can't do a trans-country trip without stopping at gas stations. and they want the camera angle to see if she's in the car.
9:41 am
and once she isn't work back from there and her and his cell phone records because even though they're in the same car, we all know sometimes when you get in a verbal fight with friend, relative, spouse, you tend to break away and maybe there are texts and they can find the texts to find out precisely where they were when the texts were placed. so i guarantee you those are the two major data points they're looking at right now. >> thank you for your expertise and of courses our hearts go out to the family of gabby petito, you can hear the anguish in their voices desperate for their daughter to be found. >> it's a nightmare, thank you. griff: history in the making, the first all civilian crew to go to space is set to return to earth tonight bringing attention to a special cause next. welcome to allstate. where you can pay a little less and enjoy the ride a little more.
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>> spacex inspiration four mission is expected to return
9:46 am
to earth after a three-day voyage to space. the all civilian crew is making history. alexandria hoff is following the latest and alex welcome to the family. you're our newest reporter here in the d.c. fox family. thank you for joining us. >> i'm so excited, griff and i was thinking of adventure seekers and speaking of space travel and tourism and this is the launch of that. and crew has two rocket burns to lower their altitude and prepare to return to earth. the three-day mission was the first all civilian grew orbiting earth and they've been doing so a distance farther than the space station and hubble telescope. producing stunning images and coming up with stunning answers for children from st. jude's. >> is there something and
9:47 am
aliens in space, did you see there. >> i did not think there were until our big beautiful cupola window and next thing you know, who comes flying by? your favorite alien here. >> my goodness, on wednesday, a physician's assistant, an aerospace data engineering, a wealthy benefactor, they were atop the reusable falcon rocket and the rocket itself was flown by a ground-based team. and they had fun playing ukulele and an experiment with m & m's. >> i have to say that floating is-- i don't know if you saw i caught that peanut m & m. floating is so much fun. >> m & m's a lot nicer than the space food i was taught about when i was young.
9:48 am
and in florida tonight, splashdown set for just after 7:00. griff: that looks fun. alexandria hoff joining us from washington. thank you. jacqui: and griff, it's a multi-faceted spacex mission a world's first carrying an all civilian crew. and they're doing this for st. jude's and what space tourism might look like. and the university of buffalo, distinguished professor of aerospace engineering, thank you for speaking with us, john. i want your expertise. what makes this flight historic? >> well, thanks for having me on. it's historic because it is an all civilian crew, the first time ever. think where we were 50 years ago and to go from that to an all civilian crew, it's an amazing result today. i'm looking forward to the splashdown. jacqui: we've had a few weeks, really, or months, i think, of
9:49 am
some ground breaking launches. what is most interesting to you about what we've seen develop with our space travel capabilities over the course of this summer and what that says about the future for space travel? >> sure, well, first of all, astronauts train for years to go to space and this current crew trained for about seven months, it sounds like a long time, but it's not. they had to go through rigorous training and learn high level math and trainings i teach to my seniors in aerospace program and to be able to go up in space in seven months is truly incredible and shows how far we've done and the ability to hopefully get to space tourism and our kids, you saw the beautiful montage of kids there from st. jude's and i hope they're inspired because of missions like this. jacqui: this flight is raising money for st. jude's children's
9:50 am
hospital and i was reading one of those, is hayley arceneaux, the first to fly in space with a prosthesis, what are your thoughts? >> it's great. it's a medical experiment in space, and she's the first and having good data on that and the youngest american and there is good scientific data as well, too. jacqui: there's also been some discussion, a little bit of battle going on whether this mission is going to earn those four people in orbit their official astronaut wings from the federal government. what's the latest with that? do you have any information? . i don't. i know they're playing semantical games because they say you need to be a crew member. they flew 100 miles above the
9:51 am
space station, i think that earns them to have a right to astronaut wings personally. jacqui: a quick last word, any lessons learned? >> sure, yeah. so actually many lessons learned. they did a number of experiments in less than 600 astronauts that have flown in space. jacqui: we're running out of time. i'm sorry. we'll be right back. discounts on floor models, demos or displays. shopping malls can be a big trigger for young homeowners turning into their parents. you ever think about the storage operation a place like this must rely on? -no. they just sell candles, and they're making overhead? you know what kind of fish those are? -no. -eh, don't be coy. [ laughs ] [ sniffs, clears throat ] koi fish. it can be overwhelming. think a second. have we seen this shirt before? progressive can't save you from becoming your parents. but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto with us. but you know what? i'm still gonna get it. your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill
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9:55 am
>> it looks like the u.s. will miss a direct hit from tropical storm odette swirling off new england. meteorologist adam klotz has our fox weather forecast. hey, adam, what's spinning out there? >> hey, griff. well there are a couple of storms to pay attention to. you mentioned the first one odette, this one not going to make landfall, 45 miles per hour winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour. but it's going to shoot out to sea. this one just for the fish, not a big concern, but the tropical season continues on and we're seeing another development or possible development now back across the atlantic ocean and this is working toward the caribbean. good chance of turning into our next named tropical storm. what would that be? that would be peter and we're moving through the atlantic basin names. it's an active season if you're wondering where we are. typically this is about where we top off, average of 14
9:56 am
storms, we've seen 15 so far and at least one more. it was predicted to be an active season and there are several weeks we could see these things spin up. this is historically when we see the most activity. we've reached peak around september 10th, but all the way through october. it's very typical to see some fair will i -- fairly big storms and we'll watch one currently in the atlantic. otherwise, temperatures across the country, fairly comfortable, a lot of spots in 70's and 80's, feeling like summer in some of these places, griff, as we move later in the year. griff: all right. adam klotz. thank you very much. meanwhile, two major searches underway this hour. one for a missing long island woman, the other for her boyfriend, who has a lot of explaining to do. that's next.
9:57 am
9:58 am
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10:00 am
your future starts today at griff: development in the missing person's case that has gripped the nation as shop owner in idaho believes he saw gabby patito and bryan landry on august 25th or 26th, two days after the last confirmed sighting of the couple. gabby patito, 22 long island reported missing but laundry returned to florida alone on september 1st, landry is now
10:01 am
hiding from authorities. welcome to fox news live. i'm griff jenkins. jacqui: and i'm jacqui heinrich. charles watson in north port florida. charles: police have two missing persons cases on their hands as we learn ha brian landry is now missing as well and has been for at least 4 days. we just heard from the north folk police department including fbi agents are on the ground conducted search of wooded area. a place he goes to often and he went there tuesday with his backpack in hand but it wasn't until friday that all of this started unraveling when north folk police officers showed up to landry residence and first to family for the first time since
10:02 am
gabby pattito was missing and the family told them they had not seen or spoken to brian since at least tuesday and as for what the family may or may not know about the missing persons case involving gabby, well, that's still unclear. >> what the family knows we need to know from them. it is very possible that he's shared some of the details with them. they obviously weren't there so they would be getting his rendition potentially of whatever took place but certainly we would love for them to share with us what he shared with them. charles: now the pattito family released statement through the attorney that reads, quote, all of gabby's family want the world to neglect that brian isn't missing, is hiding, gabby is missing. at this time police say they consider brian a person of interest and have not opened a criminal investigation regarding the disappearance of gabby
10:03 am
pattito, investigators demanding answers about questions why brian return today home to florida alone from the cross country trip he and gabby had embarked together and why does he refuse to speak to investigators on girlfriend's whereabouts h. >> he it is a to tell people what happened. >> and, again, brian, is not being considered a suspect in this case, being considered a person of interest. you have any information as to where he is or his whereabouts, fbi is asking to call 1-800-fbi. griff: her family makes a plea for brian landry to come forward with any information he might have. for the latest on the case let's turn to lauren green. >> as you can imagine can every
10:04 am
passing hour the family of gabby pattito grow more angry and frustrated. the investigation and search for gabby continues out west in wyoming. the fbi released the missing person's poster telling the public gabby one last known to be in grand peak national park. huge swap of land, mixed terrain. that is where family members of gabby have joined law enforcement in the search. gabby's father is hoping for the best but blocking out what could be the worst. >> positivity is hard. trying to focus on the scenario i have in my head that she is stuck somewhere and she just needs help and we got to get her and bring her home. i know how these things sometimes end, you know, and i'm trying not to think of that. >> thousands of tips have been pouring in to the fbi and police and according to a report in the east idaho news, the local owner of a local shop in victor, idaho
10:05 am
near the wyoming border told the fbi that she saw gabby and brian landry either on august 25th or the 26th, that's a day or two after gabby's mother last spoke to her daughter. the owner said the couple seemed happy and mentioned they were thinking about going to yellowstone next but still with brian silence a big piece of the puzzle is missing. >> you need to just really give us at least are we looking in the correct spots because there's a lot of space in between here and we can't just keep doing this and it's really actually torture. >> and, of course, with brian in silence the fbi continues to reach out to the public for help in finding gabby, griff. griff: lauren green, thanks, lauren. jacqui. >> christina coleman has live in
10:06 am
los angeles. >> accused of murder of his friend, convicted of murder in 3 different states. robert dersh is 78, never charged in 1992 disappearance of wife kathy and was acquitted of murder of neighbor in galveston, texas back in 2001 he claimed self-defense. as for this murder trial in los angeles, prosecutors alleged that he killed his best friend because she was willing to tell police how he helped cover his wife's mother. both sides referenced the defendant's age. prosecutors argue it shouldn't stop jury convicting him of murder which they did yesterday. >> this case started back in
10:07 am
january 31st, 1982 when this killed his wife. this man. i don't care that he's old, i don't care he's sitting in a wheelchair and i don't care he's sick. it's irrelevant. he has killed 3 people in this case. 3 people. it is time that he is held accountable. >> i just hope that when this is over you'll let mr. durst be in a hospital of his choosing to live out whatever time he has left. jacqui: sentenced hearing is scheduled for october 18th, jacqui. jacqui: christina coleman live in los angeles, thank you. griff. griff: turning to these stories thousands of haitian migrants arrived in del rio, a new strategy to deal with the overwhelming crisis.
10:08 am
for more former acting ice director and fox news contributor tom homan, thank you for taking time on saturday as you may have just seen dhs putting out a 6-point plan to address the crisis. the images of del rio are nothing short of startling and stunning. i have spent a lot of time there, 5 months ago, i watched thousands cross the río grande river. i went to con front a smuggler but i saw nothing like this. how -- i am going to get to the 6-point plan, first to ask you because of your experience, how do we get this under control? >> you fire the secretary of homeland who is failing to do his job. his inactions have made our homeland insecure. i mentioned this this morning on a show, i talked to a command at the border patrol this morning, griff, his words were this,
10:09 am
broken arrow. we are broken arrow. we have lost operational control of the southern border. we are overwhelmed, we are being invaded and we can't control it. should cake up every american. he needs to be removed and you want to fix it, even though i have no respect for this administration, i will come back tomorrow and i will bring mark morgan and steve miller with me and we will shut it down in a week because there shouldn't be a six-step plan but a one-step plan. reimplement trump's policies that worked. what's most insulting what's going on right now, intentional, they purposely came in in two weeks and opened the flood gates to win the progressive left and to win the election. this is intentional, they have abandoned the men and women in the border patrol and our country is at great risk.
10:10 am
griff: as we look at the drone pictures, 14,000 or more migrants under there in the last 24 hours my sources confirmed for me, tom, that 1,949 migrants were processed. that's not even 2,000 and there's 14,000 under that bridge. there's only 50 to 60porta potties, a hygiene nightmare. how are they going to get this under control even if they have a 6-point plan which includes among other things 400 agents to be surge today that location bringing in ice to move migrants to other processing centers and to work with transit countries to take these people back. tom: because of the ridiculous policies because of bad decisions because of their incompetence, they are going to pull more law enforcement off the border to the processing facilities which means the border is even going to be more vulnerable, 40% of border patrol
10:11 am
is off the line. not only 50 or 60% off the line which is going to drive the cartels and move more fentanyl, traffic more women and children and -- and god help us, a terrorist coming into this country because the border is left unprotected. one thing we haven't talked about 350 got aways. 350,000 people have gotten not arrested. what are they going to do, more agents off the line and less arrests to deal with this crisis that they created. this is a national security issue. how are they going to fix it? i have no problem of transporting to other facilities across the country to process but the follow-up is detain and remove and that's something that this administration hasn't done. they think that's next batch of democratic voters in the future and counted in the next census. this is about political future rather than securing the united states which is our duty.
10:12 am
griff: they put in a plan that they are accelerating the repatriation flights to haiti but at the end of may this administration reinstated tps, temporary protective status, was that not a mistake to invite more that we see now to come? tom: absolutely. griff, it's always the slight of hand. they announced the other day, we only got 208,000 encounters, down 4,000 from the 212. but they are lying yet they have 208,000 counters it's because they got less people on the border arresting people so there's less encounters but what they failed to talk about is less encounters means more got aways because they are taking law enforcement away from law enforcement duties. they already shut down enforcement checkpoints and they shut down ice in their operation. this is lawless, this is the first administration in my lifetime that is actively facilitating illegal immigration in the country. they all need to go. this is putting the country in
10:13 am
an immense crisis, not just immigration crisis, not just public health crisis because of covid coming across the border but it's a national security crisis we no longer have control of this border. griff: all right, tom omen, thank you for sharing your insight. i've never seen it like this and i know you haven't either in that 6-point plan they ended by saying the biden administration has reiterated that our borders are not open. it appears that they are based on the images that we are seeing, tom homan, thank you very much. jacqui. tom: no integrity. jacqui: fda only approved pfizer's booster shot for people 65 and older and also those at high risk. mark meredith is live with the latest on that story. hey, mark. mark: jacqui, good afternoon, well, this was an fda advisory panel who want today recommend who booster shots would be good for. they say they are not recommending for everyone that's over 16, instead they are recommending for those who are
10:14 am
65 years or older or at high risk for the disease. we are getting reaction from the white house. they put out a statement yesterday in which they said that this was an important step forward for offering better protection to americans from covid-19 and that they stand ready to provide booster shots to eligible americans once the process concludes at the end of next week. so this committee only offered a recommendation, the fda and cdc, they are still going to get the final say but this does offer a stunning blow to what we were thinking from the president just a few days ago that boosters were going to be rolled out nationwide within matter of days, some health officials even when as far call biden administration for the way it was pushing for booster shots. >> to proof a booster without adequate safety undermines integrity of the fda. it is unfortunate that the white house announced the need for and availability of boosters prior to fda's assessment of the data. mark: but administration officials there, they are
10:15 am
pushing right back, they argue that they had to begin planning and had to do this weeks ago because of logistics involved when it comes to booster shots even as health agencies were evaluating the data. >> we have always said that this initial plan would be contingent on the fda and the cdc's independent evaluation. we will follow that evaluation and recommendation and we will make sure that our final plan reflects i. mark: 180 million people in this country are now fully vaccinated against coronavirus. that's 54% of the total population but you see deaths happening every day. 1400 on average a day. that's up 17% just from the week prior. so while we are seeing, of course, this back and forth between the fda and other health officials on boosters, there's also jacqui as you well know a political fight browsing with the president continuing to go forward with the vaccine mandate he's proposing and we are seeing pushback from republican-led states that say they are ready
10:16 am
to challenge this in court, jacqui. jacqui: mark meredith, thank you so much. colorado parents are suing over mask mandate threatening teachers and administrators with fines and possible arrests if it's not enforced. the attorney representing those parents joining us to discuss the mandate. mr. george brockler. thank you for joining us. is this about the mask mandate or the enforcement mechanism. >> it really isn't about the mask mandate. i'm not antimask and antivaxx but i am government overreach that co-op parents and teachers if you don't help us enforce this you're at risk for losing your liberty. that doesn't make any sense in america. jacqui: are the parents part of this lawsuit also in support of mask-wearing. there was a recent pull in axi: os that 63% of parents thought that students 11 years of age
10:17 am
and older and staff who hadn't gotten a shot should be required to wear mask in school. 36% opposed that idea. what's the breakdown of the people who are part of your lawsuit, what are your views on this? >> it's a great question. it's very similar. we have a lot of parents who understand the need for it. they are invested in making sure that their kids go to school in a healthy environment but they are also invested in their kids going to school and to the extent that the government steps in here and tries to order them to do things that are either contraindicated for their kids medically or impossible to perform, a lot of the kids as little as two, two year's old are part of this order. i can't get a 2-year-old to wear a hat. how am i going to get them to wear a mask. jacqui: what are some of the things that teachers and administrators are being threatened with in terms of punishment if they don't carry out the mask mandate. >> terrific question, carry it is highest misdemeanor punishment. 365 days in jail. the same sentence that the
10:18 am
teacher walked up to another one punched them square in the mouth. that doesn't make any sense here and you can see the teachers are reacting. we have seen a shift in how teachers behave towards student in light of the advice they are getting from superintendents and attorneys in the school boards who tell them if you don't do this, you may be criminally liable. jacqui: has the local authority indicated that they plan to enforce that and actually send teachers to jail to up to a year if they can't keep a mask on a 2-year-old? >> another great question. even though they agree that the words they put out, carry the force of the criminal law, they throw up their hands and say, well, we don't enforce it, we don't arrest people. that's a lot like the legislature passing a law making something criminal, it's not us, we are not the ones arresting people and sending them to prison, that's right, but the words carry the force of law. once they put them into the public stream, who knows what law enforcement agency may act on. jacqui: tri county health department had a statement, we
10:19 am
appreciate all that teachers do and are doing to help preserve in-person learning for students while the law does set penalties for public health order violations, schools have been successfully implementing the mask order with the goal to keeping children in school. does that say to you that they are trying to scare teachers into keeping masks on kids and don't actually intend to send anybody to jail, what does that say to you? >> yeah, if that were their goal, that would be reprehensible to threaten the use of government to take someone's liberty to cajole them or coerce them to do something, if the words are not to scare or threaten to lock up, don't issue order. issue other guidance on the side. when they wrap it into the order, they make it a crime to violate it. jacqui: all right, we will have to lever it there. george bruachner, attorney
10:20 am
representing the parents in colorado. griff: political debate will break down debate over general milley's to warn one of america's top adversaries is next. mmended brand that's scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar. live every moment. glucerna. ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar. got a couple of bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. what do you say we see what this bird can do? woooooooooooooo...
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10:24 am
a lot of people say let's wait and see before he testifies in congress but this doesn't look good, what say you? >> well, i think first of all, we have to recognize this is a complex situation. i mean, when -- when president trump during his administration he was not recognizing the election, we know what happened on january 6th. i think the general number 1 he did the right thing to protect
10:25 am
the country. i mean, it's a tough decision and no leader, no general should be put in that sort of situation in the first place. i think what we have to do is do a better job in electing better leaders. griff: wait, jose, are you saying then that you accept the reporting from bob acosta that general milley made the determination that the president wasn't of a stable mind and yet he needed to reach out to this chinese counterpart? >> well, -- number 1 be very clear, it's unfortunately the protocol of generals to talk to counterparts in many countries in china. it's okay for him to do so. secondly, to your point, absolutely, i mean, the president, i mean, there's many americans that think he lost the election and number 2, many americans who doubt that he was sound to be commander in chief. and the general had a right to protect the country and i think that's -- that's what he did.
10:26 am
griff: charles, let me give you a chance to weigh in and i should ask you the same question, how much credibility do you give to acosta and the allegations? >> well, you know, first of all, thanks for having me. i'm hesitant to jump on allegations until we hear from him on september 28th. if what we heard proves to be true he needs to be held accountable. to correct what jose said, he wasn't put in this position. he put himself in this position. he circumvented the processes in place and took it upon himself to deem the president unfit and to unilaterally decide that he should insert himself into that process and that's entirely wrong. griff: well, we shall see and you point out correctly, charles, that on september 28th we shall certainly get more of what the radio legend paul harvey used to say the rest of the story we will find out. let me move forward, though, on the infrastructure fight coming in here on capitol hill. the 3 and a half trillion dollar infrastructure bill, jose,
10:27 am
there's a lot of criticism from republicans about the -- the tax hikes coming and some of the things in it to include among other the things, if you earn up to $800,000 a year, you'll qualify for a 1200, 500-dollar credit. >> first recognize that majority of americans who are wealthy weh believe and understand that there needs to be a tax hike. that's number 1. number 2, i'm not too concerned and the number. something has to get done on infrastructure. what happened in new york on the subway system, that can't happen. the bridges, the schools, their condition needs to be improved. so i think something has to get done on infrastructure. i'm not concerned on the number. we shall work -- whatever the house passes, it needs to be something realistic that the fed
10:28 am
is going to accept. griff: charles, reasonableness insanity, do you think there's any chance that progressives would say negotiate all the way down to 2 and a half trillion instead 3 and a half trillion jam-packed with what they put in it? >> i don't think so. the number is the problem. we are seeing unprecedented levels of spending and that's just being passed down. you mention the increase taxes on the wealthy as well as on employers and that's passed on to the least and the last. we are talking about helping folks at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder this is not going to be helping them. this is going to be making life more expensive for them. the number is exactly the problem and that's why republicans are holding steady to this deal. griff: thank you very much, have a great saturday. we will bring you back once this start to play out some more.
10:29 am
>> thank you. jacqui:
10:30 am
10:31 am
10:32 am
10:33 am
jacqui: family of gabby patito is begging for help, for any clue to find their daughter that is still missing. brian landry returned from trip but no one knew gabby was missing until a week ago. now -- gabby's family says rather in hiding. searches are underway in florida and also out west where the couple was last seen in utah and wyoming. griff: in south carolina the administration around attorney alex murduogh and lauren
10:34 am
blanchard has been following the story this week. >> with handcuffs lawyer alex entered courtroom after surrendering the police. he faces 3 felony charges, insurance fraud, conspiracy and filing a false police report. >> the only violence he's ever been involved with is this to have himself executed. >> murdogh is accused of hiring client to shoot him in early september so surviving son can return $10 million in life insurance but the bullet grazed his head. murdough is out on 20,000-dollar bonds. >> sometimes those who have everything and are suffering a possibly fault are actually more of a concerned than a criminal. >> part of a prominent family in the area has suffered from drug addiction and recently fired by his family's firm for allegedly stealing money. in june his wife maggie and 22-year-old son paul were found shot to death in their home, that case remains open.
10:35 am
>> he's cooperated with them, they are investigating it and i hope they have a suspect. >> in another twist police are reopening the 2018 case of the death of the murdough death of housekeeper. >> everyone around this guy seems to die except him when coincidently he wants to die. >> murdough is being treated for opioid addiction in rehab center and facing 20 years behind bars. if convicted. lauren blanchard fox news. >> let's bring in colonel defense attorney in south carolina susan williams, susan, you've been following this and joined us routinely throughout all of this and this morning you've learned something new as well about the many cases that are tied to this family, what are you learning? >> so what we know now is that the sons of gloria satterfield, the housekeeping for the
10:36 am
murdoghs for 20 years and there was a wrongful death suite and unfortunately there was a payout to someone and her sons have not received any money whatsoever and fern fees seemed to have been paid but her sons who were the only people that would be the beneficiaries have not been paid. griff: susan, what was your reaction when you watch alex being arraigned in the courtroom, your thoughts? >> i noticed it was dramatically different from when his son -- the now late paul murdogh went through his court hearing. he, of course, had his photograph taken in a polo shirt and seemed to be taken from an iphone and that when you compare that with alex murdogh he was dressed in the jail garb and was in full dress as far as the
10:37 am
county detention center, what they provide for him. griff: six, six investigations that state law enforcement division has open right now surrounding this law dynasty, legal dynasty family in north carolina and among them the biggest question is who killed maggie and paul on june 7th. do we have anything new on that? >> we are still waiting on any suspects, none have been named, no persons of interest. we have heard absolutely nothing from sled and sled gave us information that they are keeping things close to the vest to preserve the integrity of the investigation. griff: one of the other investigations sled has is looking into the embezzlement that alex murdaugh stole however
10:38 am
many millions from his former law firm from which he has resigned, do we know anything else about that? >> we don't know any more about that at this point. he does not have any criminal charges and i believe the investigation must be still under way as far as i know. >> this story obviously has gotten stranger and stranger by the day and i know i'm asking a lot of you to look into a crystal ball but where does this go, what do we think might come next? >> it all depends on the investigation from the south carolina law enforcement division and any other agency that may be investigating. they're taking their time and making sure that they're doing everything correctly because they know how much scrutiny these investigations will be under, so it doesn't surprise me when i wake up each morning what
10:39 am
new has dropped. griff: susan williams watching it for us in the low country, susan, give us the latest as soon as you do as you always do. thank you for joining us. >> thanks, griff. griff: jacqui. jacqui: millions of americans in the gulf coast are still struggling to recover after a severe weather. that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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jacqui: thousands of people are still without power in the aftermath of hurricanes ida and nicholas as coastal cities are still working to rebuild homes and clear up flooding. joining us now to discuss morgan city louisiana mayor lee and surf side texas mayor greg bisso. to both of you thank you so much for joining us. major i want to get to you first, we heard so many stories of people's homes damaged and they were still trying to recover when they got hit from nicholas and what does your community look like right now and what are you telling those people? >> you know, our community is probably 3 times as many people as normal so it's a real strain on our infrastructure but we are dealing with it trying to help our neighbors and ourself, but i'm just telling to hang on and fema has told me this week that they are going to be open in
10:45 am
these place where is they can go and register to get some help. i mean, i don't know what they are going to give them but they really need some help because they basically got wiped out and we are helping as much as we can but it's a lot. it's a lot. jacqui: in the break we were talking about how is it fema or is it the national guard that's there in your community, you have a lot of people in gymnasiums, that kind of thing. describe that. >> that's fema and red cross in every gymnasium in our entire parish, parishes is full to the max and we even have the -- the u.s. coast guard is stationed in their southern centralized southern department in our city, at our auditorium. there's quite a few of them here too. >> jacqui: okay. >> fema, i think fema is trying to help these people, you know, but it's like -- it's just not out there yet.
10:46 am
it's coming, it's just not there. jacqui: mayor bisso, biggest issue for your community has been really power outages. can you describe the challenge that's been pose to go people especially in getting services they depend on? >> yeah. we were, you know, we were hit pretty hard and we were without power for about 2 full days, they are still restoring it now, center point energy has come out and they brought in extra help from other states and cities and the group we had working, working with us in surf side are all on island with us, was frontline power out of port, louisiana, let me tell you those guys were fantastic. they came in and they worked from morning tonight and we are just now getting almost everything back up and we still have some outages but it's getting a whole lot better.
10:47 am
when we lose power, we lose everything on the island. we lose internet, we lose everything. and then we are depending upon our generators to keep our infrastructure running and so we have to make sure they're fueled and ready to go and hopefully we don't get any problems with them. i mean, we had -- we took a surge, electric surge on our -- some of our generators and we-the controllers and we had to bring in someone to repair them so we could get them running. but we are recovering and like i said, the outside help from those people, from neighboring states and other cities around us has been great. we weren't expecting this kind of start. jacqui: no kidding. we've got less than a minute left. so each of you, if you could, you know, put out one request for your community, i guess, at this point, what would it be? mayor, you first and then bisso.
10:48 am
>> just keep coming, please. we need help. jacqui: okay, mayor bisso. >> fema, whatever they are going to do, i hope they hurry up and do it. >> mayor bisso, what's your request? >> mine would be just like the mayor said. we need help coming and we also need fema to come down. almost every house in our community received some type of damage. no one skate it free. jacqui: thank you very much. hope you get through this recovery. >> thank you very much. griff: jacqui, lying to the fbi, facing some of the first charges in the durham investigation, more coming up.
10:49 am
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10:52 am
griff: remember the durham investigation? well after 2 and a half years this week one of the first indictments was handed down, take a look. not guilty that's how washington attorney michael pleaded in u.s. district court friday after being indicted on one count of making false statements to a federal agent. it's only the second prosecution
10:53 am
in special counsel john durham's 2 and a half year probe into the origins of the trump-russian investigation. accused of portraying himself as a good citizen who sought out the fbi but in reality working on behalf of the dnc in the 2016 clinton campaign pushing false connection between the trump organization and russian bank. attorneys came out swinging saying their client was indicted because of politics not facts. but former federal prosecutor and fox news contributor andy macarthur says case is already playing out overseas. >> christopher steele, he's being sued in england for liable alpha bank for things he put in steele dossier and steele testified in the british proceeding that it was susman who gave him the information about of alpha bank.
10:54 am
griff: this after kevin clinesmith pleaded guilty used in fisa warrant to surveil trump aide carter page and as to whether more indictments are to come, there's no indication durham is done. will be back later in court this week. he's facing up to 5 years in prison if he's convicted and you know jacqui, this case is really interesting because many are saying, well, not much and we waited so long. we thought that there would be a bigger fish but in the 27 page indictment for one single count for lying to the fbi making false statements to the fbi, there's a long history of how sussman coordinated with others in the clinton campaign to peddle not only to the fbi but also to the media and as the wall street journal pointed out in an op-ed on friday, it suggests that maybe there are
10:55 am
more indictments coming. jacqui: that's the big question, who will be next. friday citizenship day and to mark occasion, thousands of newly minted americans at this ceremony in new york city. 200 people taking the oath of allegiance promising to support and defend the constitution and laws of the united states of america against all enemies foreign and domestic nationwide the u.s. welcomed some 21,000 new citizens this week. congratulations to them. griff: congratulations to them and i just want to finish on this note, jacqui because i have attended those ceremonies, i did so when i interviewed alejandro mayorkas who was then the cis director under the obama and biden administration and he went onto become number 2 in dhs. he is now in charge of dhs and when you are at those ceremonies and you talk to those migrants that spend so much time working so hard to become american
10:56 am
citizens, so proud they are, they are -- many of them are upset when they see things like we saw with the migrants in del rio today, they feel that they simply cut the line and that they didn't go through the proper channels as they did. jacqui: i have been to a few ceremonies myself and heard similar messages and one thing stands out to me is how proud they are to become americans and we are proud to have them. griff: the other point being that it's great that with all the problems we've got, there are still millions around the globe who see us as a bright gleaming light of hope and they want more than anything to be here, kudos to those that were there. that's all for us, fox news live continues with benjamin hall and arthel neville. jacqui, it's been great to be with you. jacqui: we will be back again
10:57 am
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arthel: we are following three big stories this hour starting with a stunning twist in the disappearance of gabby petito. police say her boyfriend, who they name a person of interest, is now missing as well. they're working with the fbi to find brian laundrie. hello, everyone. welcome to "fox news live." i'm arthel neville. hello, benjamin. ben ben and i'm binge men hall benjamin hall in for eric shawn. the border crisis going from bad to worse. the number of migrants growing by the


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