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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  September 18, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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paul: all right, thank you all. if you have your own hit or miss, tweet it to us at je art on fnc. that's it for this week's show thanks to my panel and to all of you for watching. i am paul gigot, i hope to see you right next week. ♪♪ >> a stunning twist in the disappearance of gabby petito. police say her boyfriend who they named person of interest in the case now missing as well. working with the fbi to find brian laundrie. welcome to fox news live. >> i am german, and for eric shawn. northport florida, learning from his parents they haven't seen him since tuesday. the total shock to authorities. a spokesman says investigators are expecting to find brian.
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we have fox team coverage on the search for the missing 22-year-old woman stretching to the rocky mountains. where the investigation goes from here but burst, charles watson is live with the deepening mystery with brian's whereabouts. reporter: the police department had there are nearly half a dozen agencies including the fbi searching for brian laundrie right now. 5000-acre nature reserve. he may be in danger after going missing for at least four days and they are using everything at their disposal including drones and searching to try to find brian. authorities say his family goes to this place often and he went tuesday with his backpack enhanced. >> apparently they are concerned so he's a resident and is our
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responsibility to do everything in our power to locate him. reporter: it wasn't until friday this all started to come out. the police officers showed up to his residence and spoke to the family at their own request and it was at that time were officers learned from the family that brian had been missing since tuesday. place set things from the home hoping to use it in the search. there is no luck in finding him today. the patino family released a statement, all of gabby's family wants the world to know brian is missing, he is in hiding. gabby is missing. friday protesters demand answers, popping up outside the laundry home and questions about why he return home to florida along from the cross country trip they had gone together and
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why he is refusing to speak to investigators about his preference whereabouts. those are all questions local police and fbi hope to answer but right now the focus is on finding brian laundrie and we will see where that pans out in the coming days. benjamin: thanks so much. arthel: the fbi the search for gabby and wyoming. they are looking at the area of the right national park believed to be the last location she was visiting when she faced time with her mom before gabby went missing. lauren is live in a newsroom with the latest. >> as you can imagine the frustration and anger continues with the family of gabby petito. grateful for the media's extensive coverage of the investigation gabby continues at weston wyoming. fbi released missing persons posters telling the public gabby was last known to be an area of
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the national park. that's a huge plot of land, more than 300,000 acres of terrain. they're actively looking for gabby in the areas, mountains and rivers and rocks and fbi saying today jackson police expect ground surveys in the area relevant to the investigation on her disappearance. her hot father is hoping for the best but walking upwards. >> just trying to focus on the scenario i have in my head that she's stuck somewhere and needs help. we got to go get her and bring her home. i know how these things sometimes and i'm just trying not to think about. arthel: tips have been pouring into the fbi and according to the report, the owner of a local shop near the wyoming border fbi he saw both gabby and briar
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brian august 25 or 26 timothy date after gabby's mother spoke to her. the company seemed happy and they were thinking of going to yellowstone next. still with his silence, a big piece of the puzzle is missing. >> you need to just really give us at least are we working in the correct spot hope for gabby's safe return home. the number is called fbi. 800 call fbi. thank you. benjamin: thanks. the mystery around this case deepens, investigations trying
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to put together the pieces on multiple fronts. but bringing ted on the former homicide detective. thank you for joining us today. bring us up to speed with this case and how you see it playing out. the focus has to be brian monger, he must be the key. you say you don't believe he's missing, you believe he's in hiding. >> brian definitely the key to finding gabby at this immediate time but the audience needs to understand bryant is lawyered up meaning his lawyer has advised him not to say anything, he's closing the protection of the constitution doesn't have to say anything. when it comes to camping missing, i'm going to have to believe they treat him as a missing person. they said bryant is a person of interest and not a suspect. there's clearly a line between a
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person of interest and a suspect. i can tell you everything about this is very suspicious and if it turns from what we are looking at the half of gallery she's a missing person returns to a criminal investigation where they believe theirs fell play here been brian could become a suspect. one of the things that stands out and is troubling to me and investigators are doing this, there looking at videos in the area of the rent park and yellowstone and rationale behind that is august 25 she had a conversation saying she was heading from there to yellowstone. there looking in that area and they are looking at cell phone
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towers to try to find out if they could locate where her telephone was last used. we know two days after her mom talk to her august 25, there are texts sent, it's not clear to whether gabby actually sent the text but i can tell you, the longer this goes on, the more likely than not gabby may not be coming home. >> and everything matters in this case. we are looking at live pictures of the reserve where brian laundrie is under way right now. 300,000 acres at the national park. it's going to be very tough search. i want to play for you a sound bite from gabby's godmother. listen to this and then i will get your response.
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>> brian, you're the only one who can tell us where to start looking so as of right now, it's not but you are not even helping anymore, it's now hindering the investigation. you're using up resources and people time that's now then beyond days you could have talked and we are still choosing to keep silent? it's reprehensible. >> it's so upsetting obviously to the family of gabby petito but so many other people but the one person who has information on behalf of where she is in her where her last move was has refused to say anything and i wonder what it would take if brian was still here, what it would take for him to talk. when she is a person of interest, what do police need, what suspicion do they have to get? >> because of his constitutional
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safeguard, bryant does not have to say a single word. he would think a man them up with a woman he's about to marry and even though he came back across country alone after taking her out to the wyoming area, he'd have something to say but there is absolutely no way whatsoever to cause brian to say anything he doesn't want to say on his own status the frustrating aspect of this. gabby is somewhere out there, everyone -- it doesn't take a rocket scientist to believe the last person he was with, brian, what no where or what happened to gabby but he does not have to tell and that's -- again, i'm being redundant but that's what's frustrating for authorities. >> and surprising he was able to slip away like this. his at his parents on tuesday,
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begging to find himself as a person of interest, the one person who can answer these questions, couldn't have police kept an eye on him? you're absolutely right. i would have to believe the circumstances that police officers would have had some kind of eye on him they couldn't invade his property but they could definitely have tried to keep an eye on him for his location as you notice, search warrants on the van he came back with, it concerns me to determine if there's any foul play and they have looked at his home and i would have to believe they've done that with a search warrant but he slipped through, he somewhere either hiding or he's missing and if they find him, they still can't question him or they can say you are a missing person there looking for you but if they want to question him, they got to go through his
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lawyer and of his lawyer told him to remain silent, then he can remain silent. >> when you put together all the pieces, his refusal to talk in the video we saw the other day where he was questioned by police after an altercation with gabby, everything, his refusal to talk and his disappearance, what does that say to you? >> it says to me that brian knows just about everything concerning gabby going missing. the question is, if there is foul play and ryan himself is involved, quite naturally this is a reason he's lawyered up and his constitutional safeguard. he did come back across country without gabby. they are looking certainly to try to determine the routes he took in see videos to see if
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gabby was with him and anytime he came back across country. it's like a needle in a haystack it's unfortunate right now and there's a great deal of frustration because everyone would like to see gabby home safely and i've got to tell you, the longer this goes on, the more i do not hold out hope she will be brought back home safely. benjamin: how will the police play this right now? do you think they know more than they are letting on perhaps they are bringing together evidence they have to make a move? >> at this time, i would have to believe law enforcement has a great deal more than they have let onto the public and as a result, they have as many leads as they possibly can and you're going to hear those who say they saw her, maybe they did or didn't but they are going to
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have to run down each and every lead. benjamin: thank you for joining us. that's all we have time for but we will keep watching us and we are going to hope gabby petito comes home. fox news goes deep with a special show, be sure to watch gabby petito investigation hearing tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. eastern here on fox. arthel: thank you. fox news cameras capturing hundreds of migrants pouring across the southern border illegally as local officials and border patrol leave for more help than resources. we are live in texas up next. ♪♪
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stunning images from the southern border showing hundreds of migrant streaming in the u.s. from mexico across the rio grande. more than 13000 migrants are shuttering under texas order bridge waiting to be processed. live on the ground in del rio, texas. bill, what are you watching? >> good evening, we are talking developing situation here right now showing masses of migrants across illegally all day long.
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the crowd is starting to thin out because texas state troopers came out a minute ago and they started kicking everybody out from the riverbank you could see a trooper on the light and another vehicle the flashing lights, border patrol came up inside like there's going out of ready to get out of the water and off the riverbank. you can still see people crossing illegally into the united states right now. this has been a nonstop trail of migrants coming in since this morning. when i say it's not let up at all, it's been a constant stream of migrants showing up every single minute since this morning but it looks like law enforcement is trying to take action here to clear them off the riverbank. look at this video are thrown timisoara earlier today. the situation is only getting worse, there are no reports of 15000 migrants under that bridge and it's not getting any better because of what we showed you on the river here.
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more and more are showing up. border agents are completely overwhelmed. we are getting some weather out here, it looks like a thunderstorm moving through my trash is going all over and dust blowing all over. will probably have to move in a moment but this is the situation that adds to an already stitched stressful situation protect his troopers and border agents. there streaming across the river illegally, a thunderstorm trying to blow in, dust blowing all over and barely can see anything. trash blowing all over and law enforcement officers trying to get a grip on the situation that continues to get worse by the hour. tony gonzales report local grocery stores experience food shortages and restaurant having to close early to provide food. if the weather situation is getting back, got to wrap and get off the water. we'll send it back to you. benjamin: thanks, get off the water.
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the extreme weather, they do this in extreme heat and extreme cold, thick oak no matter what. incredible going back and forth so casually. thank you, reporting all day. extraordinary images enter numbers rising. 200,000 at least. arthel: meanwhile, the mayor in del rio said its cost his city $1 million a week just to exceed all the migrants. calling on the biden administration for immediate help. >> agents are just trying their best to maintain what they can. this is just something that needs to be brought to light that we need, we need a response in real time. arthel: that joins us now, a
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member of the house transportation infrastructure committee and former mayor of texas -- how can border patrol officials get a handle on things? how much help do they need and what kind of help do they need? >> they need a lot of help and resources. different asking for more help, resources are dwindling. arthel: what is the solution? what kind of help to they need? >> for the administration to take it seriously and stop inviting people to come over. arthel: we are not saying -- of course there are politics involved and i don't have the other side here so i can't just let you say there coming but when i want to know from you,
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your domino the area, what kind of help -- wednesday sufficient but what kind of help would bring some relief for what's happening there? clearly there is a crisis at the border. >> clearly there is a crisis at the border and last week biden was telling the world they are not going to deport them coming over. they need resources and agents, instead of being at the facilities where the are at, you need to put them back where they belong which is on the border and making sure that people are not freely coming over, going back and forth. our laws are not being enforced so i don't know if it's political as you heard is not political, they are in desperate need right now. we have kat borders make sure
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people coming in are doing it in an orderly fashion and their city is completely overrun. arthel: one 100%. you are one 100% right, it is unacceptable what we are seeing i'm not disputing you at all. maybe play some sound from jen psaki thursday discussing this topic. >> we are focused on taking steps to address root causes of migration, strengthen collaborative migration, efforts in the region and effectively secure our borders. we've made considerable progress on that front. arthel: it does sound like talking points. the humanitarian crisis at hand drives the need to expedite processing but what kind of problems crop up when you're trying to quickly register these migrants in del rio?
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>> you seek massive amounts of people coming in, they don't have enough to process them which is why the last administration the first country they got into was much bigger searches at the border and thank goodness the state of texas is taking it seriously and sent people down there. we have a lot of people coming back out but they are not only not wanting to see it or provide solutions but they are trying to make sure the rest of the world can skip and you see how they are trying to outlaw even having drones. i've got people down there right now sending all of us photos. there are women giving birth under that bridge right now and whoever comes in, they don't have enough food or clothing, for don't have medical equipment, it is horrific what's
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happening they need resources instead of going resources away from for protection which is what we have seen, we need to make sure they have the resources they need and respond, the mayor has seen firsthand on the ground as therapy invaded by folks coming over illegally the administration is even willing to acknowledgment. arthel: when you see these pictures, it is mind-boggling. a couple questions come to mind that it people are asking, how do these migrants get to our southern border and where do they go now? >> it's a great question how they got there, i think it's an organized fashion, i don't know how many soap many at once. we've seen 1000% increase. we had 420 and not 22000 are coming over.
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what we do with them now? we understand there is an exempt by plane throughout the u.s. 85% are never going to come back to actually complete their case, we have no idea where they go or who is coming in. it's a national security threat that we need to take seriously. this administration has got to get on the it acknowledge what's happening, it's a humanity crisis and they need to put forth resources and acknowledge this at a massive scale. arthel: i can, congresswoman beth, i am not just disputing that you're trying to be political but i just want to take to realizing you're right, is not democratic or republican, this is an american problem, we
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have to work together to try to solve it so that all i'm saying. people kind of zone out but it is a problem we need to take care of. we wish you well and whatever you can do to help your penetration get it taken care of. thank you very much. take care. benjamin: thank you. stunning admission, a botched drone strike in afghanistan. the tragic mistake with our ability to fight terrorism. ♪♪
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apologizing for the drone strike in civilians, a tragic mistake. the family and victims, lift and afghanistan where you spoke to the family.
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>> good afternoon, that is right. the u.s. military admitted they killed ten civilians one day before u.s. forces left afghanistan, this is a story about them. [inaudible] i'm so confused, i'm so sad. reporter: his daughter daughter was killed last month any loss from strike, a courtyard near couples airport when a missile was fired at a car. it strike u.s. military admitted they acted on wrong ecologist killing ten innocent civilians. monica's father is because they were proven innocent but said no and from the u.s. is calling to apologize. >> why did they do this?
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reporter: seven children were among the dead. members of african -- young minds with dreams and desires gone. his brother lost all three of his children along with other family members. inside the house recalls the horrifying moment after the strike. >> iran to the car to take my nephew and my wife told me to take my other nephew and i saw the car burning in a management dollars and she was totally burned. everything was burned. reporter: it's always gutwrenching to interview parents who lost a child, this time at the fault of the united states one thing that stands out about those two fathers, it was their family killed in a u.s. drone strike but they want to let them know world to know they were innocent. benjamin: thank you for being out there. arthel: remarkable reporting. the deadly drunk mistake highlights limitations of u.s.
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counterterrorism intel gathering on the ground in afghanistan. it raising questions not about the over the horizon intelligence president biden raised this past month. >> we will maintain the fight against terrorism and other countries. we just don't need to fight a ground worth to do it. we have over the horizon capabilities which means we can strike terrorists and targets without americans boots on the ground. we found capacity this past week s horrible story, what does it say
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about the over the horizon counterterrorism? >> we've always known you can't write terrorism from afar. we know from strikes from the u.s. but they rely on civil intelligence and human intelligence and having assets on the ground. the right person and right target and effectively conduct counterterrorism operations. afghanistan left with no u.s. embassy, no intelligence on the ground. it's hard to effectively conduct the operations that are efficient and effective in avoid these challenges. arthel: i want to read a report from yesterday saying the bombing shows limits of mr. biden horizon strategy, the pentagon identified the right target despite having troops and presumably some intelligence. it would be much harder to
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locate the most threatening jihadist using thrones drones over the country without local allies to provide intelligence. how long is the shortest flight from where we are based over the horizon to get afghanistan should we need to be there? now let the troops happen taken out have been removed, how would you qualify reliability of the intelligence we have in afghanistan? >> we have a variety of places in the middle east and saudi arabia so depending on what we have operations out of so there's a variety on how far the operations are from, there are some we have to launch off carriers, those are new and
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potentially could be used but at the end of the day, all of this to know on the ground, we still have forces there, who drawn out capabilities at the airport was off, a lot of operations going on so that's part of what contributed to this. let's be real, faced do you have there are accidents and mistakes that happen. we can't avoid those but the number and quantity dramatically are reduced when you have capability to recruit in fact the flock, over the horizon counterterrorism and keep them effective. the challenge is the taliban back in power, fleecy all credit returning. we know isis can so we know the little groups are planning again
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and how connie is the taliban government. the key terrorist group in the region to this somehow is simply false. arthel: welcome back to. >> i do worry we will have to eventually go back to afghanistan or at least fight in a different way. we've taken the fight to the terrorists overseas in afghanistan and other places. they have not been able to reconvene. i worry they will have a chance republican and more attacks in the u.s. we don't want to wait for that day. let's be honest, what we did was a huge mistake and it will lead to more threat to allies around the globe. arthel: i'm not an expert but i still asked why we didn't leave
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troops there to keep the peace but i want to talk about the family killed in the u.s. drone strike. they cannot replace loved ones. did they have any equal rights? any compensation for the loss of life? >> i don't know that they have legal rights but more responsibly. i think the u.s. will try to do the right thing by the area the attack happened. beyond that we have the moral obligation 20000 afghans who supported us working side-by-side alongside americans and holders and men on the ground. we left afghan allies behind. tony clinton admitted still in afghanistan we left behind, real crisis not letting that go unforgotten. we left afghan allies out of the
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country and safety is critical. the department of state and presence responsibility to get people out of afghanistan. arthel: we'll leave it there. thank you for joining us. benjamin. benjamin: thanks. the fda approving a covid booster shot. details on qualifies and what it means for the biden administration's plan coming up next. ♪♪
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police arrest at least two people during a protest the nation's capitol today, hundred gather to show support for the defendant january 6 right. a small group of counter protesters gathered nearby. the u.s. capitol police taking no chances deploying a large force to prevent any repeat of private. officers detained one man in the crowd armed with handguns. police arrested a man with a
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knife the turnout was low, reporters and police outnumbering dermatitis in both valleys and think peacefully. benjamin: the advisory panel rejecting booster shots for most americans and endorsing for those 65 and older at high-risk patients. it's a block to the five demonstration process the plan. live in delaware where the president is spending the weekend. >> good after noon. the white house has been parent preparing for the a lot of vaccine booster shots but the plant now are in limbo after the fda advisory panel decided against recommending the shots for most americans. it is about 62 to in most americans won't need the shot, instead it's recommending people 65 and older, those eligible at
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severe risk for disease and eligible to get the shot. the white house decided to put out a statement saying it's an important step forward providing better protection to americans for covid. we stand ready to provide booster shots for eligible americans once the process concludes at the end of next week. eligible think the key word. the panel recommends against booster spreader length of the fda and cdc will still get the final say. the decisions are expected within days and surgeon general says this is always part of his calculation as the administration repairs to roll this out. >> we've always said ms. initial plan would be on the fda and the cdc in the evaluation. we follow that evaluation at their recommendations and make sure final plans reflect that. reporter: where does it stand right now? 180 million people in this country are fully vaccinated, roughly 54% of the public population but we are seeing quite a few deaths, 1400 today
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and there up double digits from the week prior. the president facing pushback over his vaccine mandate he's rolling out, the business community will back these efforts but 44 republican attorneys general sent the president a letter think that's not true and urging him to reconsider for pace lawsuits. we don't expect the president to make on camera comments on his vacation here. however, it's possible we hear more about covid next week, he'll be attending the un general for the first time. a lot about the pandemic global dissension. benjamin: a setback for the booster program. mark, thank you. arthel: the world first all civilian space crews returning to earth tonight tapping off three day historic trip in orbit, why some collimation return for spaceflight. ♪♪
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it looks like the u.s. won't take a direct hit from the tropical storm odette throwing out the coast heading toward canada. fox whether meteorologist with the forecast. reporter: there was a storm he
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were mentioning and a problem that continues to weaken of it with 45 miles an hour and i will head out but we are still in the heart of hurricane season. there's other areas to pay attention to, without a system moving across atlantic lifting up into the northern caribbean the next couple days. this will likely to become our next mainstream. we'll be watching as it happens and we been cruising through the storm which will be peter next will continue into the season it's already been an active one. so far this year we are at 15 and basically what we would be on an average year for the whole season. this was anticipated and we were expecting for a busy season. we got another couple of weeks probably until middle of october until wind down. it's something we'll be paying attention to for at least another month. arthel: blow through the names as long as they remain calm and don't turn into anything major.
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adam, thank you. benjamin. benjamin: thanks. historic lights had to come home a couple of hours from now. mark from washington. >> civilians train seven months prior to the mission said to come full circle around 615 were expected to come to orbit after 7:00 o'clock. further from the space station, connected with curious kids from the hospital while after. >> something like aliens in space. >> are there such a thing as aliens? i did not think there were until our big beautiful window and the next thing you know what comes find by? your favorite little alien here.
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>> a physician's assistant scientists and aerospace data engineer blasting into space part of the spacex inspiration mission, for spacecraft was cloned by a ground-based team. earlier today jacqui heinrich asked a professor, this mission might persuade the feds to give the civilian team their official astronaut we. >> i know they play games because they are not official group so they changed the wording, they have to be a crewmember. i think it's a little silly to give it to them. they flew 100 miles above the space station. they have the right to be an astronaut personally. >> returning to earth can be quite a process so we will keep you updated on that as it happens. benjamin: thank you and again, welcome to the fox family. move over, tennessee. manhattan's over a century, open
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for business. you can get 90 proof rye whiskey, 500-gallon and still the fda 28000 square-foot in the cocktail bar restaurant and speakeasy. i'm not about you but i would have thought whiskey comes from scotland. >> you are right, technically but come on, new york can do anything new york wants to do. [laughter] we have to go for now. we'll be back tomorrow at noon eastern. join us then. have a good evening, everyone. ♪♪
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hello, i am raymond along with marley, tyrus and tammy. welcome to the big salary show. here's what's on tap tonight. >> missing 22-year-old gabby petito's family is serious. her fiancé brian laundrie was a person of interest in the case, now apparently also missing. according to his family but gabby's loved ones say he is in hidi


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