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tv   The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  September 19, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> hello everyone i am raymond araujo along with carley shimkus, tyrus and tammy bruce, welcome to "the big sunday show", here's what's on tap. carley: a breaking news update for everyone a body has been located by the teton county coroner's office near the site of the search for gabby petito, we will be watching that throughout the show and have updates as we get them.
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raymond: tyrus what you've got. tyrus: aoc's fancy dress that she wore to the met gala turns out it is attacked. raymond: surprise surprise, tammy what do you have. tammy: never ends new poll numbers are in a biden's approval ratings are going down as his disastrous pileup as he held up in the oval office trying to fix things, no he is on vacation. raymond: but first abide in the administration is beginning to deport tens of thousands of patients who have arrived in the united states in recent days, the massive surge causing border patrol agents yesterday to shudder the del rio into port at one time over 14000 migrants were camped out under the del rio and national bridge this fiscal year more than 1.5 million migrants have been
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apprehended and another 200,000 were picked up last month the dhs plans to send more resources and more agents to the border to hire civilians to help them respond to the search republican congressman kevin brady sounded off this way. >> no one loved by this president vice president seems to care about the humanitarian crisis here about the danger of these illegal migrants entering the u.s. and so far they have managed by exhorting it apparently avoid their responsibility but we've never seen it like this in texas and i don't think we seen in the united states, it cannot continue. raymond: it is continuing, the dhs stop deportation flights and haitians is a message to
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colonies and you're welcome. will the resumption of the deportation flights stop the surge, do you think? tammy: it may there is concern with some interviews that were done by fox reporters on the border but what i'm curious about with the numbers that you mention 200,000 last month there is a massive panic over 14000 haitians and i'm wondering what exactly is the difference because now were going to apparently fly back out to haiti single males but the women and children with a family unit can stay but the single male they're sending back to haiti as we have tens of thousands coming through, 200,000 last month and this seems to be bringing up a panic and i would deposit that maybe it's because it's individuals, the fact that fox tried to stop those visuals, people can see what this looks
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like but it is a sliver of what's happening across the border and it seemed like a distraction and i think people need to ask why are we sending haitians back but no one else at this point. raymond: border patrol stands by and watches these people, their coyotes ferrying families by the hundreds every night, they know the spots and they cannot do anything they're outmanned, they're outgunned and they'll have the people process. biden just granted protected status to 150,000 haitians who enter before july 29 now he's unveiling a six-point plan to alleviate the surge of haitians and he wants to send 400 more agents to del rio into other locations and accelerate removal flights and work with countries to accept the individuals, now he tells them and direct agencies to work with regional governments, isn't this too little too late.
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>> it certainly is and every time i hear the biden administration say the ramping up evacuation it's kind of like which is it, you have 1 foot in the pro-illegal immigration pool and the other foot in the border security pool and i think tammy is right the biden administration only has to act when the media is covering the story which is why fox was allowed to fly the drones the media was not allowed into the detention center in texas either. the biden people when they look at the footage that were seen on the screen they do not see a crisis they see a political opportunity especially when it comes to mexicans because mexicans typically vote democrat and if you think back to alejandro mayorkas telling cubans not to come to america it became so completely clear, the cuban population is a vast
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majority they vote republican and that does not set the political narrative that the biden administration wants to push. raymond: is no doubt the messaging of this biden administration led us to what were seen they put the green light out and they told everybody come in and we want to humanely deal with this crisis in all of these migrants are potential migrants heard it and here they are i've been talking to people along the border all day long all weekend and they tell me they have lost operational control, it is gone and when you look at the data this should be sobering to everyone watching 10000 criminal noncitizens were encountered since january by border patrol that is just the people they encountered, 10000 that is more incidentally the 2070, 2018 in 2019, a full years of data something is fiercely wrong,
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tyrus i want to look at what were talking about the title 42 biden is using title 42 which is the health and emergency provision to deport the haitians but my question this is a trump policy biden tried to get rid of it and the courts told him you have to implement it, now they're using it shouldn't we implement title 42 and say wait a minute we are closing all of these border downs we have concerns about covid and nobody is coming in until we can get operational control of the border. >> that would make sense but the problem is he would have to go back on the giant dinner bell with his administration came into power saying that the doors are revolving and they're not welcome. and we need 40000 and we need boots on the ground and we need
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the flights again in the group of 150,000, people keep coming in and they realize they're not going to get their way it's going to become a aggressive. they were here mostly peaceful crossing the border. , they know they have the numbers in the mainstream media and president biden can hear them when they are arrested they are screaming they lied to him. this is not the administration of the best and brightest this is a administration of identity politics and the chances are they're not in it for the right reasons anyways. raymond: i do, that's exactly what it is i spent time covering the del rio sector, i helped mothers and families out of the rio grande my heart goes out to these people my father was an
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immigrant my heart breaks when i see these families coming. but we have to say in clear consistent message from this a administration should be we control our border, it is now close, we will decide in orderly process here by which we can protect the people and protect our citizens that's not the message we've been hearing. tammy: i appreciate the experience at your pad with sending these people directly going to the rio grande. people think this is somehow a humanitarian dynamic and it's best for people to come here and they are encouraging them to come and it's a humanitarian crisis, putting themselves in the position, it will not happen either going to be broken and collateral damage in children we are fighting around the rio grande and dell real area even
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at one point a two -month-old found with a 5-year-old that is a humanitarian crisis a messaging from biden encouraging people to risk their lives to come here in the midst of anarchy that is a crime and america's need to view it that way. raymond: is a chaos in all man-made and could be avoided is a tragedy, biden has to stop it, breaking developments for gabby petito, a body has been found near the search site in wyoming but we don't know if it's gabby, the latest coming up next. stay with us. ♪ rs of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger.
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carley: welcome back to "the big sunday show" a fox news alert a body has been found in wyoming where authorities are searching for missing 22-year-old gabby petito that is according to the teton county coroner but we should note we do not know the identity of the body. gabby disappeared on a cross-country road trip with her fiancé brian laundry, her family heard from her on august 25, brian returned him to florida
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with her vn on september 1, now brian is a person of interest in the case, he is also missing and his family said he disappeared on tuesday but they told police on friday night, search for him near their florida home has come up empty so far, fox news confronted brian's mother outside of her home about the families lack of help in the search for gabby. take a listen. >> and i ask you a few questions why are you covering up for your son wired to helping with the police. carley: a body has been found near the search for gabby and grand teton national forest, we do not know the identity of the body and tyrus i will start with you the denver fbi is holding a press conference eastern time so we will find more about this breaking development but you've got to feel for the gabby petito family as i'm sure they wait on pins and needles to hear the
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results of who exactly this person found in the forest. tyrus: a bittersweet would be a complete understatement, as a parent you can only imagine you want the answer even if it's a worse dancer in the world at least to have an answer. and then there's the joy of the possibility of it not being your daughter in that moment of relief if not there then where, the horribleness of the story we don't want to get ahead of ourselves to make assumptions it is still bad and i go back to my comments yesterday in my opinion one way or another it's really bad inexcusable behavior, what we should be focused on is how responsible his family as for covering up for him, what it looks like they basically drew attention from the police giving him time to flee. that's what it looks like, to
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see how this fbi press conference comes out and you hope for the best for my condolences to the family right now i would not want to be her father right now, then that is gut wrenching. carley: without question, we have seen the family honor channel pleading with people and the laundrie's, brian was with gabby, two people one on this trip and only one person returned and he is choosing to remain silent. it's a gutwrenching horrible situation in the story that is caught the attention of the public. raymond: it's a bizarre and heartbreaking story in her heart goes out to the gabby petito family our prayers are with them and that she has found. but brian laundrie, her fiancé would not talk to authorities, now it appears he is on the lam he is missing he went out for hiking now he's missing.
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now we have fbi and local law enforcement into locations searching for both of these people which is on tragedy young cops running into directions when if brian had spoken we would have clarity on the whereabouts of gabby petito. right now we don't, there is an object lesson in all of this i was listening to jesse watters he had john walsh on his show last night. he said, speculating that brian laundrie may be a psychopath that people should of kept eyes on him, it appears that did not happen because you didn't have a body, you didn't have a victim and then a crime in a charge. but now things are celebrating oc with the press conferences evening bears but i hope the take away for families and young women like my teenage daughter watching, the lesson should be if a guy tells you he loves you don't go on long trips with him alone and if anybody touches you, hits you and appears to have happen here in the police video that was released, get away from this guy and don't get
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back in the van and i hope that is the take away for the young ladies and young women watching today and tonight, our hearts go out to the family. carley: that was so well said, there is cameras everywhere and everybody has a cell phone and the fbi and police say they have received thousands of tips in this case and one woman caught the police of the attention and posted a video on tiktok and said she picked up brian on august 29 he was hitchhiking in his behavior was odd, take a listen to what she has to say. >> why he became agitated i don't know, he was set on getting out of the car which is why we pulled up by the dm and he got out i don't know what he wanted to get out so bad.
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carley: he got agitated and got out of the car and was not sure why, the search ended at 430 eastern time, the weather has hindered the search police have had to deal with a whole lot and they say there's no evidence that he has hurt himself but they're not ruling it out. tammy: i saw an interview earlier with fox, we were not watching him, it would be smart if they had been watching him, anticipating an attempt to flee, the general wisdom of humanity this is a young man you do not want to lose touch with they said you weren't going to do that because why should we he's a person of interest, we know this and were all human beings and there is a lot of pressure always but some things are basic common sense and this is the thing that we have to remember if this is not gabby and we don't know who this is someone's
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loved one has been found somewhere in the desert. no matter who it is we seem strange murders, colorado two women killed, elderly people, this does happen we have a number of serial killers, the average number is 30 so serial killers operating at any one time, as americans we recognize this were a large country we make choices about freedom all the time they took the road trip in june of 2020 in the middle of the pandemic that is the time to take a road trip to be alone and all of that and things can happen, what is shocking normally even with family members who has done something bad there is a responsibility to make sure that person only hurt themselves but to the other people who have been harmed by
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that person, this is a challenge when anything goes wrong for a family to realize that loyalty is important but sometimes loyalty is making sure someone takes responsibility for what they have done and been held accountable because were living in an environment where we don't see many people being held accountable for anything. even sports more violence in children sports breaking out where the news we see these images of violence constantly and the messaging that people let out and that's a message from society that we don't care about this. americans are captivated by this because we do care it is an amazing element and the young woman that you did as well when it comes to how women are treated and what we expect of them in women being treated as a disposable and this is just another murder that as women we have a responsibility to recognize that she is all the
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young women in this dynamic we can relate to because in all likelihood we know someone who's been through something similar when it comes to a bad relationship and it looked like that was the case. carley: it is a tragic update, hold that thought were gonna take a quick break but more on the update out of the teton county, a body has been located near the site of the search we don't know if it is gabby that we will keep you updated we will circle back with tyrus thoughts and everybody else's will may come back from the break. ♪ but we need something better. that's easily adjustable has no penalties or advisory fee. and we can monitor to see that we're on track. like schwab intelligent income. schwab! introducing schwab intelligent income. a simple, modern way to pay yourself from your portfolio. oh, that's cool... i mean,
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the fbi press conference is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. eastern time we are with you until that point we will cover that life when they begin. tyrus, we were having a conversation in our thoughts are so many different fronts with what were dealing with let's have you take this away. tyrus: two points, ms. bruce you made a wonderful point when you were discussing how law enforcement is handling these things across the country because they have been hit so hard with defunding and trying to limit the funds that they have and where cops and detectives have to make decisions on how long they can search in the forces they can spread these type of things that have a lot to do with the situation where they cannot necessarily waste the man hours through the night to watch the fiancé because they have so much other stuff going on.
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my concern is that but you talk about the responsibility of young women to report there is a responsibility for young men and this is not how young men are supposed to act you want to be the macho guy and the guy who drives and in charge of the remote and there's a certain thing that is honor and integrity to protect your family members and you most certainly protect your woman in a situation this is so bizarre for so many young men, i would be combing the desert myself looking for my fiancé or my wife or my sister, you don't always like to assume things and i really think we should stop showing the pictures with any type of tenderness with him and her because the way this is looking this is not going to be tender at all and if he has nothing to do with the result of where this is, his behavior is apprehensible, their shameless and everything to represent of what to be an american now. tammy: great point, even beyond whatever would've occurred between them in this dynamic, drawing conclusion is a natural
2:30 pm
dynamic but when we think about how they should be seen what struck me we have the body cam footage, her demeanor when the police were called to a so-called domestic incident between the two of them her demeanor was something unfamiliar with those that work against violence against women and the police having to remove her from him and i found his demeanor kind of strange, let's watch as a reminder of the last time that we seen these two together. >> personal issues and i was apologizing to him in my vibe is like i'm in a bad mood. >> let's take a breather and let's talk.
2:31 pm
[inaudible] i was told no let's step back and breathe. >> you're going to take the van tonight and you're gonna go somewhere else. >> i want everybody to breathe and get a break from each other. tammy: that says a great deal, what i recognize the nature of the blaming of oneself saying i get in a bad mood, you can tell that she's been told this that's been his argument, when you see that, what goes through your mind. raymond: that emotional difficulties and we should not forget gabby petito lived with the laundry family in florida, she lived with them, whatever went on in that family the authorities should've been made available to the authorities and it seems like this family along
2:32 pm
with brian has closed the doors of information, shielded the sun that is now on the liam and whatever happened it looks like she took the van back into the park and he was hitchhiking from the tiktok video everybody is turning into adjunct members of the scooby gang and their posting their images in the media attention to the story fuels this drama and i hope with the discovery of a body maybe we will learn more in the coming hours but that will bring the temperature of all of this down so law enforcement to get to the bottom of where brian laundrie is and what he knew and what actually happened with gabby petito, we pray for the best outcome but i agree with you that something a young woman in distress and somebody who may have been subjected to some sort of emotional control. tammy: before then the video she was saying i was just
2:33 pm
straightening up the back of the van, i have ocd and that's what i was apologizing, clearly we have an issue but hopefully if we have an announcement and get some clarity that this does involve gabby petito, we do not know when the fbi has a press conference at the top of the hour this may shift to more availability on the federal side to find the last person that was with her which is brian that seem to be stopped he clearly has not been found. what do you think at this point should be a focus and what do you think will transpire if this is gabby and even if it is not at this point, what are the next steps. carley: i was at the search area this morning and the police presence was really impressive there were dozens of police vehicles of different departments across florida, the fbi is involved in k-9 units
2:34 pm
this is a swampy area and were looking at youtube footage into you tubers posted and they were just taking video of their trip and teton national park this was from august 27 and they happened to see what looks like gabby petito's van and i was just talking about the search for brian but just a focus on the search for gabby, that is helping narrow the search target zone down and that may be why they have found a body, i was going through some e-mails and there are some updates a coroner's office came in at about an hour ago, we don't even know the sex of the body and the new york post is reporting to other people are missing in the grand teton area, 27-year-old and someone in their 40s as well. so we're gonna have to wait and see what is said at this press
2:35 pm
conference as to who this person is. this is a tragedy no matter what because the body was found. i want to say something about the body camera footage that we were just talking about. another thing that i noticed when i watched it police asked her why they were fighting and she said she's trying to start a blog and her boyfriend doesn't think she could do it so she was getting frustrated. it just breaks my heart to see this young girl who had all the streams and have people look at her life and think that she's lucky to be in all of these national forest and to see it in like this it is so tragic and dizzy or think that her boyfriend was not supporting her is also a tragedy. in that police body cam video in the encounter police named her the aggressor because she's the
2:36 pm
one that hit brian and they ended up separating them for the night because they came to the reasonable conclusion she is 11a threat to her much larger boyfriend but clearly this relationship wasn't as positive as it seemed on the surface and what they wanted to see on social media. tammy: the combination of the actions seem to be the phone was an issue and his keys were an issue. she was either trying to get keys, trying to get the phone back and that's were apparently he had a mark or a scratch on his face. all of this is issued in some guest work but this is what were stuck with at this point because we are limited. at the same time i would say let's take it with a grain of salt people and tiktok videos to make a claim like the video with the van is key that looks really striking and could've been very helpful and maybe it was but the video of picking up someone who
2:37 pm
was hitchhiking, you're right with tiktok and other places a lot of people will want to get into the story and already a crushing life-changing event. breaking development in the search for gabby patino, body has been found, we don't know if it is her, the very latest when we come right back stay right there. ♪ at you need. sorry? limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ we did it again. verizon has been named america's most
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2:42 pm
conference at 6:00 p.m. eastern we would hope to learn more about the body found. if i could go back all we can talk about is what we do know, the video of the police interview i looked at it what typically happens in these situations when there's domestic violence in a scuffle the woman typically takes the blame because she's trying to protect her boyfriend and her husband from going to jail you always see the body language where they accept it's my fault, i got mad i'm ocd, she's blaming, blaming herself and making herself responsible and then when you go to him his response is not going to jail because there was physicality and he would not talk about it whenever he got to the point where he wanted his keys and his phone, he doesn't want to say anything to the police officers that will incriminate him and she was taken the wrap because she was trained to protect her guy but usually when we see these things
2:43 pm
typically we know what the situation is and he doesn't want to go to jail and he thinks he's helping by keeping from going to jail into my daughter's sometimes it's good if they go to jail. if a police officer asks what's happening you to tell them what happened. tammy: it's a part of self protection because normally in her case in a dramatic way she goes back, there's no other place to go she's in of van with a guy and if this is the case that were presuming there has been emotional abuse that you know you are literally stuck in a 10-foot squarespace with this guy who is listening to you. i think that is part of the group battered women is about reassuring the man who could do harm to you that you are not a threat and you're gonna follow the rules and you're not going to turn them in and that is
2:44 pm
self-preservation in a certain sense and for other young women you may not be on a road trip in a van but the sense of isolation can be a similar they are in an apartment or relying on that person to pay half of the rent or has access to you and will even be able to come back or at least you made to feel that you have no one to turn to and that is the power of the person, and her situation is a dramatically reinforced because being in a van with a guy. raymond: in the situation this is my point earlier it is dangerous to go on long distance trips like this without any other contact with people that you know without friends and without family that is a dangerous thing for young person or maybe anybody in this type of situation but the other point we should mention it was not gabby or brian who reported the other party to the police, it was somebody from the outside
2:45 pm
whether they saw a swerving car or witnessed a scuffle it was an outsider who called the police and here, that also bears mentioning and we should keep in the back of our minds if we watch his press conference. tyrus: that goes into my point immediately protection of him her body language and taken responsibility for it because she wouldn't have turned to men i'm just going off of body language that is a scared individual who is trying to make it better, correct me if i'm wrong as a journalist you seen this. carley: i just want to provide some color as to what's happening on the ground fox news digital watched some canine units leave the scene ten minutes after the corners van rolled up, we don't know what that means we don't know if they were wrapping up regardless or if it was a few canine units and more that were there.
2:46 pm
but that did happen, canine units left ten minutes after the corner arrived and i just want to go through a quick timeline, your reporting on these things and it could get a little confusing. gabby and brian started this road trip in july and august 12 that's when the domestic disturbance call came in in the body camera footage that we've been showing and on august 25, this is not that long ago it was the last known time that gabby spoke to her mom and gabby's mom was convinced she was in grand teton national park and then on august 30 she got a text message from gabby cell phone the said gabby was in yosemite national park. the really confused mom because she said wait a second this was on her itinerary so she jumped to the conclusion that this
2:47 pm
seems wrong this seems like maybe gabby didn't send it and on september 11 she filed the missing persons report, police have been really interested in getting cell phone records and triangulating where some of the text messages have been coming from to help in their search and speaking of police i want to point out they faced a little bit of heat today because people are saying how the heck could you let brian laundrie go and police are saying we did not let him go he's just a person of interest we cannot keep them there because is not charged with the crime but clearly the community here in northport and around the country my goodness, he knew something, couldn't you keep him in the house whether it's by the law or not that's what people which could've happened.
2:48 pm
tyrus: to the point that tell the law works strange behavior disrespectful and disdainful as his behavior is is not against the law you don't want to cooperate it shocking that he's cooperating and the question is why were gonna find some answers releasing but the latest on the body found on teton national park when we come back. new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do.
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carley: a fox news alert on the big sunday showed the body has been found in a teton national forest in wyoming the same site where research is underway for 22-year-old gabby pitino she vanished on a cross-country road trip with her fiancé who returned home to florida september 1 without her in a crazy twisted fiancé brian laundrie is also missing his family said they have not seen him since tuesday, the fbi is holding a press conference at 6:00 p.m. eastern time where we hope to learn more about this body found, tammy, locals in the teton area have said it'll be really difficult for anybody to survive in teton national forest for weeks because it gets really cold at night if she didn't have
2:53 pm
the van, brian took the van back to florida with him and there's a lot of animals in the forest and it seems a survival situation for three weeks on and would be a tough task even for an experienced survivalist. tammy: this is what were forgetting of all that we don't know we don't know if it was a dynamic where he kicked her out of the van and abandoned her and just left, i believe the body was found in the camping area and we don't know appropriately about her personal situation, medically, other issues they hear sheer dealing with when it comes if you are lost two or three weeks at a time. that took to raymond's point, the choices that you make no matter your age at any point, there's modern technology in the modern world if you go anywhere you'll be fine you'll see the
2:54 pm
survival shows and everyone's okay and whether it's a loan or the alaska shows you think this is something the television tells you you can pull off the fact of the matter that is not the case survivalist were professionals in the world presents a dynamic that most of us a young person or an older person cannot survive. in the majority of women are not in relationships that are bad, you can actually go on a road trip and enjoy life with a man in your life or the woman in your life and they make the news and those of the bad relationships of the troubling dynamics where is in fact we should be grateful that our world, when you have a good relationship in a family that supports you and everyone is getting good shape that your emotional relationship is not
2:55 pm
abusive, most of us could take a great road trip with friends of ours travel internationally and when these situations come up it's an important reminder for families in general and especially now after the lockdown enduring covid mental health issues arise, some drug abuse, suicides, all kinds of human personal dynamics have become really epidemics because of what we've been facing as a community for the last year end half. carley: looking at the pictures we've been scrolling, she was so full of life and so young, 22 years old cheddar whole life out of her and she was a nutritionist working at a juice bar and she quit her job but working at those jobs because she was saving up to go on the cross-country road trip in this theme like a dream for her to do
2:56 pm
and absolutely breaks your heart no matter what comes of the press conference, it is in fact her that is found in preacher heart that she is dead or still missing at this point. raymond: to pick up on something that tammy was talking about, trips are normally a safe place when the people around, i've been to the grand teton, my son got me hiking up to the major grand teton's, it is six hours round-trip it is a rough terrain and if you're not prepared for that physically or otherwise you will not survive therefore long but it's very isolated particular in this camping area you're talking about, there's no one to turn to and nowhere to go for help when you're in that particular terrain it exacerbates what ever difficulties emotionally
2:57 pm
otherwise this couple might've been having but at this moment all we can do is pray for gabby, if this ends up being her body, brian laundrie has a lot to answer for in together looking for him as well he went off hiking into nature preserve is what his parents have told us near sarasota and they have not found him yet. what happened here we can only speculate paid on but we pray for the best outcome for these families. carley: gabby's father has ascribed gabby as the coolest chick in the room and he has spoken out on fox news, the not sleeping understandably, here's a little bit more from joe will get more on the bakken. >> positive youth hardening tried to focus on that she stuck somewhere and just needs help
2:58 pm
and we've got to go get her and bring her home. and i'm trying not to think about. carley: this is been a weeklong and nightmare for this family and were gonna have to wait and see how things unfold after we get the press conference at 6:0. tyrus: i think it is important we have to look at a certain sense of skeptic every statement that is come from her fiancé's family this is starting to look more and more like this is in some way he's had a pretty good lead on authorities in time to change his story and the really disheartening strange text saying she was in yosemite national park to throw everybody off. that's a huge red flag if you are missing and you don't know
2:59 pm
what happened you won't send a text saying i'm in another place. that is a huge red flag in the body language, the family i feel like he has a huge lead on authorities no matter what his role in whatever the case may be the circumstantial evidence is all here. carley: you bring up such a point were running out of time but i think a to ask you a series of unanswerable questions, why did brian laundrie's family wait several days if they knew that he went missing on tuesday why has brian laundrie's family not spoken out at all when this beautiful girl who was living with them in new was missing ten days when they spoke to authorities it's unanswerable.
3:00 pm
tammy: would have to draw a conclusion, it seems that they are interested in saving him. carley: were gonna leave it right there but you can catch the gabby petito investigation that nancy grace talks with gabby's family and a panel of experts at 10:00 p.m. eastern time right here on the fox news channel in the "fox report with jon scott" starts right now. >> jon: the fbi is expected to speak any moment about this development, which comes as the search is on in florida for gabby petito's boyfriend who has also disappeared. i'm jon scott. this is "the fox report". ♪ ♪ >> jon: our fox news digital team was the first to confirm information about that body, but we want to make clear, it's not been identified. me


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