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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  September 19, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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conclusion, it seems that they are interested in saving him. carley: were gonna leave it right there but you can catch the gabby petito investigation that nancy grace talks with gabby's family and a panel of experts at 10:00 p.m. eastern time right here on the fox news channel in the "fox report with jon scott" starts right now. >> jon: the fbi is expected to speak any moment about this development, which comes as the search is on in florida for gabby petito's boyfriend who has also disappeared. i'm jon scott. this is "the fox report". ♪ ♪ >> jon: our fox news digital team was the first to confirm information about that body, but we want to make clear, it's not been identified. meantime, police and fbi agents
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also are looking for her boyfriend, brian laundrie, spending a second day at a nature reserve in sarasota, florida. we have fox team coverage. charles watson is in north port, florida, but first to senior correspondent laura ingle, live in wyoming. what do we know so far, laura? >> well, right now, jon, as you mentioned, we are waiting for an fbi press conference to take place. we are in the visitor's center parking lot right now, where this press conference is about to take place, at the grand teton national park. as we've been reporting all day, the search efforts have been going on all weekend to find gabby, and we just -- two hours ago got an alert basically that somebody had been found. we've been working on confirming what that was. we do know that the local coroner's office was called to location. it is our understanding that the coroner has not moved the body yet. they have told us they cannot make anidentification. they can't even tell us the sex
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of the body as of right now. an investigation at the scene of where they were searching for gabby is being don't. -- is being done. while we wait for the fbi to fill us in on what they can, we can tell you that this search really narrowed in after a tip came in from a fellow travel blogger who went back and looked at some video that they shot the week in question, around august 27th, when gabby and her boyfriend, brian, were believed to be in this general area. once that video was submitted, it seems as though search team efforts were focused on this very specific campsite area. here we are. we just spent part of the afternoon as well with gabby's step-father jim schmidt who was talking to us about being hopeful this search effort was going to bring some developments. of course we don't believe that the family now will be here at this press conference, but we will bring you more as it comes to us. the fbi ready to address us soon.
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jon? >> jon: laura ingle live in wyoming. thank you. meanwhile, investigators are also looking for gabby petito's boyfriend, brian laundrie whom they believe is missing on a nature reserve in florida. laundrie's family members reported him missing on friday, telling police they hadn't seen him since tuesday. charles watson continues our coverage live in north port, florida. charles? >> we just learned moments ago that the search for gabby petito's boyfriend brian laundrie has wrapped up for the day, and despite extensive efforts on the part of law enforcement, their search today has turned up nothing. they've had a lot of manpower out here today. we're talking about nearly half a dozen agencies, including the fbi assisting in this search. they had been using drones, atv's, and k-9 units hoping to track down brian as police say it is possible he could be a danger to himself. with that being said, jon, authorities have had a lot of ground to cover.
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the carlton reserve is 25,000 acres filled with tough terrain. on top of that, search crews have been facing wet and muddy conditions in the vast nature reserve. additionally, police tell us they are also working on getting tracking data from brian's cell phone, but it is not clear how far they have gotten in that effort. as for brian's parents, they continue to stay tight-lipped publicly as seen in this run-in today with our fox digital team. >> hi roberta, could i ask you a few questions? why are you covering up for your son? why aren't you helping with the police? >> now, jon, brian's parents spoke to police for the first time on friday when they reported him missing. it was during that conversation that authorities learned brian's parents hadn't seen him since tuesday. police say the parents also claim to have picked up the mustang brian drove to the reserve. his parents told police they found it on wednesday. you can see it in the driveway
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of their home. but jon, right now, there are a lot of questions about how this 23-year-old was able to slip away without a trace. >> brian was not going to speak with us. he would not speak with us. so knowing that, we weren't dedicating a whole lot of resources to following around someone who is not wanted on a crime. our focus was finding gabby. >> and jon, i want to make it clear, that police have maintained that brian is only a person of interest in regard to the disappearance of his girlfriend gabby petito. they are treating his disappearance as a missing person's case and are asking anyone who may have seen him or know about his whereabouts to give the fbi a call at 800-call-fbi. jon? >> jon: charles watson live in north port, florida. charles, thank you. so as we wait for that press conference in wyoming to begin, let's bring in ted williams, former d.c. police homicide detective and a fox news contributor. ted, you've done that job for a long time. i've done this job for a long
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time. and something about brian laundrie's disappearance doesn't seem quite right. >> jon, i have to wholeheartedly agree with you. all we know is that at some stage that law enforcement lost sight, and they had no further conversations with brian. -- went to a specific area that they're searching. they really don't know if he's in that area. as you said, he's being treated as a missing person at this stage. he could be hiding out in that area. he could be dead for all we know. we just don't know where -- what is the final disportion at this time as it pertains to -- what is the final disposition at this time as it pertains to brian laundrie? >> jon: right he could be in mexico or cuba or someplace that
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will not extradite somebody to the united states under certain conditions. this is what bothers me, his parents know that he is an object of -- person of interest in this investigation into the disappearance of his girlfriend, who hasn't been seen in weeks. he leaves the house on tuesday, reportedly says something about oh, i'm going up to the nature reserve. they go get his car on wednesday, but they don't even tell the police about any of this until friday. that smells more than fishy to me. >> well, there's so many things and circumstances surrounding gabby going missy that we could define as smelly. clearly you would anticipate that parents who knew gabby from my understanding knew gabby's family, that they would be trying to help and assist in
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bringing gabby home. as you said, brian told them that he was going to a specific location, but also, we must take into consideration that this is their son, and they certainly had no obligation to cooperate with law enforcement, even though you anticipate that they would have. >> jon: yeah. it's a strange and a sad situation. we are told now that that news conference is set to begin a couple minutes from now. we expect to be hearing from the fbi regarding a body that has been found we believe within the confines of grand teton national park, in the general area where they are searching for gabby petito. a lot of people are wondering, ted, why would the boyfriend, who was with her, you know, on this road trip that started in july, was with her through august, apparently was with her maybe the first of september, why would he come home alone and
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be considered only a person of interest? what prevents police from calling him a suspect at least in her disappearance? >> well, primarily what keeps police officers from calling him a suspect and only a person of interest is the fact that they had not found a body. now that they have found a body, and we don't know, we do not know if this is gabby, but i can assure you that the area in which this body, whoever the body is was found is now a crime scene. and so they are searching that area, and once the coroner, the medical examiner tells law enforcement the cause of death and the manner of death, this could very well change from brian being a person of interest to him actually being a suspect
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in the death of gabby, if, and we don't know if this is gabby. >> jon: we may be about to find out. ted williams, stay with us, if you would, please. we have been told that that press conference is less than two minutes away now from beginning. they are at one of the entrance stations at grand teton national park. that's in the extreme northwest corner of wyoming. i have spent a fair amount of time there. it is rugged, remote, and even those who have visited there haven't seen all of the park because the roads are fairly few and far between. there's an awful lot of wilderness area. there are a lot of places where vehicles simply do not go. we've been told in that report from our laura ingle a few moments ago that the body has been found has not yet been identified. it may not be possible to
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identify it at this point, depending on how long it has been out there. there are wolves in teton national park. there are grizzly bears. there are any number of scavengers who may have done something to the body that apparently has been found. so we are back there looking at the podium there where this news conference is about to begin. so ted, if you were running the investigation, the search for brian laundrie, and i don't know, do you call it a missing person's search at this point? do you call it a search for a potential suspect? what do you call it? you know, the situation in florida? >> i think, jon, they are treating brian being missing just as the definition a missing person. he is not a suspect according to law enforcement. i think in the back of their minds that they believe at some
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stage he will become a suspect, if in fact something injurious has happened to gabby, up and to her death, if that materializes. but they are treating it as a missing person, just as they are treating gabby at this stage as a missing person. >> jon: yeah. >> so even if they find brian, the fact that he's lawyered up, and he has constitutional rights -- >> jon: ted, the news conference is beginning. let me interrupt you. we'll take this news conference life live. -- live. >> i'm supervisory agent here in wyoming for fbi denver. standing with me today are acting chief ranger matt wilbur with the national park service, hunter bailey, chief of the national park services investigative services branch. we also have teton county sheriff matt carr and jackson police chief michelle weber. first and foremost, on behalf of
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the fbi personnel, and our partners, i would like to extend sincere and heart felt condolences to gabby's family. joe and tara petito and jim and nicole schmidt, as every parent can imagine, this is an incredibly difficult time for the family and friends. our thoughts and prayers are with them. we ask that you all respect the privacy as they mourn the loss of their daughter. as you are aware, fbi personnel in coordination with our partners at national park service, the forest service, teton county sheriff's office, and jackson police department have been conducting an investigative activity in the vicinity of the spread creek dispersed camping area. earlier today, human remains were discovered, consistent with the description of gabby petito. full forensic identification hasn't been completed to confirm
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100% that we found gabby, but her family has been notified of this discovery. the cause of death hasn't been determined at this time. we appreciate your continued support and patience as we work through this process. the vicinity around spread creek campsite will remain closed to the public until further notice. this is an active and ongoing investigation, so we ask everyone maintain distance from law enforcement personnel and equipment. vehicles and related activity, for their own safety, as well as to protect the integrity of our work and respect privacy for gabby's family. we appreciate the tremendous support from the public, the support from the public's response to request of tips has been remarkable. we continue to seek information from anyone who utilized the spread creek dispersed camping area between the dates of august 27th and august 30th. anyone that may have had contact with gabby or her boyfriend or who may have seen their vehicle in that area.
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please share any new information with the fbi at or 1-800-call-fbi. and the denver field office direct is 303-629-7171. photos and videos can also be up loaded at we thank our partners at the national park service, the u.s. forest service, teton county sheriff's office, and jackson police department for their collaboration and diligence in this investigation. they surged their resources in a very short amount of time, and their personnel have been intimate -- or have intimate knowledge of the rugged terrain that we're dealing with which made this process much more difficult. we greatly appreciate the invaluable skill and expertise of the teton county search and rescue team. we also thank the community of jackson and the surrounding areas for the hospitality and
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for accommodating a rapid influx of law enforcement personnel in the area. in order to protect our investigative process, and increase probability of successful prosecution, should it be necessary, we have no additional comments. we appreciate your cooperation and respect for gabby's family, loved ones, during this difficult time. thank you. >> [inaudible]. >> we cannot answer those unfortunately at this time. >> [inaudible]. >> jon: so an obviously emotional fbi agent there telling us what many people had long feared, gabby petito it is believed has been found dead near the spread creek campsite in grand teton national park. the autopsy has not yet provided
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a cause of death, and in fact, it has not yet provided absolutely confirmation of her identity. however, you notice that in the photos of her, there are tattoos on her arms and so forth. there are ways to make a presumptive identification, and that appears is what the fbi has done in this case. they started by -- they started the news conference by saying we offer our condolences to gabby's family, and we ask for your thoughts and prayers. let's bring in dr. michael baden. he is a forensic examiner and obviously forensic pathologist i should say and a fox news contributor. i have not seen too many cases, dr. baden where police release a name without having an absolute identification, positive identification. what would be the reason in this case? >> well, nowadays police want to
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wait for dna to come back, number one. that may take a day or two, once they draw the specimen at the autopsy. but as you pointed out, the tattoos on her arms that are apparent in these videos when she's interviewed by the police that you showed just there -- a few minutes ago, are very unique, unusual tattoos, and even after 25 days, even after decomposition during that time, tattoos are very durable and protected by the outer layers of the skin, the under layers of the skin. that would have been enough to make a definite identification for unusual tattoos. but they are going to wait to get dna also, dental records that they may have comparisons, that the family gave dental
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records days ago and also x-rays that they will take of bones. so identification will be completed within a day or two, i suspect. but right now it's really for all intense and purposes, it is a definite identification. it isn't anybody else. the next is what is the cause of death? that will take -- the autopsy -- the body is still probably at the site where she was found because the person in charge of that body is the coroner. the fbi does not have their own medical examiner coroner. they will wait there for the coroner to come and make a decision on moving the body. they have a lot of potential trace evidence at the scene, shoe prints that he could have left days ago, but it's more likely a cigarette butt, a soda
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can, beer can that may have been discarded at the scene that would have fingerprints and dna on it, even after 25 days. >> jon: what about the prospect of figuring out cause of death? i know that there are, you know, situations where, you know, asphyxiation, choking, strangling, that kind of thing, that can be very hard to determine. >> yes. and what you hit on is the most common type, if this is a homicide, the circumstances suggest strangulation being the most likely reason, a shooting or stabbing or being hit in the head with the baseball bat, if those were done, they would be easy to identify even at this later date, holes in the body, the fractures would still be there even though there's a lot of decomposition. the neck injuries are going to be very important, looking for hemorrhage underneath the skin to look for whether there are
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fractures of any of the windpipe bones, the bones in the larynx, the thyroid, the cartilage, the coroner, medical examiner, they will be looking for. so if there's a manual strangulation, they should still find some hemorrhages, some fractures that could be identified. that takes a very careful dissection, especially because of the decomposition of the soft tissues. >> jon: let's bring in the former homicide detective ted williams. ted, you have obviously conducted many investigations like this. where do police start now that they have found a body and presumptive identification is that it is that of gabby petito? >> well, first of all, i send my condolences also out to the family, and i also agree with everything that my good friend michael baden has said here. what is going to be essential
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and important is to find out the manner and the cause of death here, but what we now have, and they are going to treat that entire area as a crime scene, and as a result of that, they are going to cordon off that area and keep it cordoned off, looking for any physical evidence or any trace evidence, anything that will help them to find out what actually happened to gabby here. at this stage clearly we do not know, but i can tell you, that this case when it comes to brian laundrie, the man who last from all indications saw her alive, he can turn quickly from a person of interest to a suspect pursuant and based upon what they find based upon the autopsy. so as you heard the fbi agent,
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they still want the public's help. they want the public to remain engaged, trying to get as much information as they can. i have said before, they are still looking at any videotapes that they can find in that area to show that van, to show when and if gabby was in the van with brian laundrie and they are also looking into circumstances or videos that would show when she was not in that van. all of those things are a part of this investigation. and so i think the public still has a role here, jon, and that is that they can continue to give the law enforcement as much information as they conceivably can. >> jon: you know, some of that information goes back a while. gabby hasn't been seen
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publicly -- i mean last spoke to her mother i believe it was on september 1st. so we're going back several weeks. >> yeah, but jon, the last time we actually know that she spoke to her mother was august the 25th. that was a conversation between her mother and gabby. >> jon: right. >> after august the 25th, the mother received several text messages. the mother has even come forward and said -- meaning gabby's mother, that she's not sure that gabby actually sent out those text messages. quite naturally, that's also a part of this investigation. >> jon: and obviously, police will be able to pinpoint where that phone was when those text messages were sent, by triangulating the cell towers that were employed; right? >> you're absolutely right. i suspect that that's been part of the investigation already, that they were trying to find
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out what cell phone towers the ping came from, from gabby's cell phone, and that's also very essential, and it probably was also essential in them actually locating gabby's possible remains, because as we've said, they have not said 100%, but the thing that caught my eye, and i think it caught yours also, jon, was at the beginning of the press conference, the fbi agent made it clear that he had contacted gabby's parents to offer his condolences. so that right away alerted me that there's a strong likelihood that the body that they found there and with the marks that michael baden just spoke about, it is in fact gabby. >> jon: is it too early, ted, to call this a murder investigation? i suppose, you know, there's always the chance of an accidental death in this case,
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or, you know, a tumble off of a ledge or who knows what. but there are an awful lot of questions to be asked here. what would you call it? >> well, i think they are going to continue to treat it as a death investigation. but i think it is a little early and a little presumptuous at this stage to call it a homicide investigation. i do believe that they are going to treat that area, though, as a crime scene, and they are going to investigate it under those circumstances. and you're right, jon, we don't know what happened to gabby. she could have slipped and fell. or there could have been many things that happened to gabby, and the law enforcement officers, as well as the coroner office is going to be able to [inaudible] the various questions that we have. but what we do know and what is
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very suspicious is that a man who says he loves a woman, takes that woman, gabby, all the way across-country, and then leaves and comes back to the florida area, meaning brian laundrie alone and immediately lawyers up and immediately exercised his constitutional right to remain silent. those things alone to me are very suspicious about brian and maybe his possible involvement in the death of possibly the body that they found gabby. >> jon? >> jon: go ahead, dr. baden. >> to add something what you just said, right, we don't know what the cause of death is till the autopsy done, but one of the things that has to also be considered is a drug overdose and whether or not she was taking any medications or didn't take medications that she was supposed to take.
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but ruling in or out drugs of abuse or a drug overdose under these circumstances is going to be very important and the length of time that she's been dead will not interfere with the toxicology that will be started by collection of material [inaudible] by the coroner in wyoming when they do the autopsy. that also has to be kept in mind as a possible cause of death or something that might be raised as a cause of death, if there should be a trial of somebody if this turned out to be definitely a homicide. >> michael, would you agree with me that you find it very mysterious that this man, brian, would come back all the way across-country and not cooperate in this investigation? >> ted, i agree with you 100%. however, that's not going to be allowed to necessarily come into
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trial if there were a murder trial. >> jon: dr. baden, i just wanted to ask, is there any general rule of thumb as to how long it will take to determine a cause of death in this case? >> i think that in 24 hours, they will probably be able to determine a cause of death because the most likely reason is as you said probably manual strangulation or some kind of traumatic injury, blunt force trauma, stabbing, gun, which there's no evidence for, which all will be available at the time of the autopsy. if they don't have a cause of death at the time of the autopsy, that would mean they are going to be looking further into the toxicology, which will be done anyway. the toxicology may take a few days to do, if they rush it through, but there's a delay in
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toxicology sometimes, but not in the other causes of death. >> jon: this investigation really stretches almost all the way across the country from the far northwest corner of wyoming where apparently gabby's body has been found according to the fbi, down to the southeast, and the state of florida, where north port police who have been looking for her boyfriend and reportedly fiance brian laundrie just put out this tweet. it reads saddened and heartbroken to learn that gabby has been found deceased. our focus from the start along with the fbi and national partners has been to bring her home. we will continue to work with the fbi in the search for more answers. it's hard to say there is good news here, ted, but there are many people who have loved ones disappear and they never know what happened to them. in this case, police say they have located the body that they
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believe to be gabby, and her parents will be able to bury her and will be able to have at least some closure that some families never get. >> yeah, you're absolutely right. these are very sad circumstances, and yes, we do have people all over this country, unfortunately, that go missing. but what i think amplified this story more than anything else is the fact that this man who was supposed to have been the fiance of gabby takes her all the way across-country. we know they went across-country, and then when he comes back, to lawyer up, he's by himself. he's without gabby. he lawyers up, and then the one thing he does is remain silent. he exercises constitutional right that he certainly had, and those rights were to remain silent. so the sad part about it is this man says i love this woman, but
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i'm not going to help you all find her. i'm not going to tell you what i know. i'm not going to tell you when i last saw her. all of the things that could have helped the authorities find gabby perhaps maybe sooner, as michael baden said, we really donn know the manner or cause of death, but i do agree with michael, that within a 24 hour period here we perhaps may know something about the actual cause of death, and as michael has said, it could be anything from strangulation to a gunshot wound, or maybe she slipped and fell. there are so many things that one could speculate about, but i think we're all going to have to hold off and reserve until we see what the coroner's office comes up with. >> jon: yeah, we have a lawyer standing by, fox news legal analyst mercedes colwin. mercedes, we will get to you in a moment. laura ingle is live in wyoming
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where we just got the awful news from the fbi, the charles jones, the fbi agent who spoke, the awful news that they believe that they have found the body of young gabby petito. laura, what can you tell us? >> hi, jon. well, that news conference, though it was brief contained that devastating information. it was very quiet in the room, held in the auditorium here at the grand teton national park visitor center. this is an area of course that is absolutely gorgeous. this is where gabby petito and her boyfriend, fiance, brian laundrie came to take part in their cross-country trip, and just a short while ago, charles jones, as you mentioned, when we got here, we were told by the coroner that they could not give us any type of identification. they couldn't even tell us the sex of the human remains that were found. he came out and started his
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announcement by sending condolences to the family of gabby petito. then he said this. >> earlier today, human remains were discovered consistent with the description of gabby petito. full forensic identification has not been completed to confirm 100% that we found gabby, but her family has been notified of this discovery. the cause of death hasn't been determined at this time. we appreciate your continued support and patience as we work through this process. >> and overnight, jon, we all woke up to the news that there was a critical tip here in wyoming that there was a fellow travel blogger who had found a piece of video -- you know, all along as the search for gabby was going on, there was the plea to come forward with anybody who had been in this area between august 27th and the 30th, asking if anybody had video or pictures of their time here, saying look
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carefully, and as it turned out, there was somebody that had taken video along this path that is this area that people just kind of pull over and camp. it's not really an official campsite. it is called the spread creek disperse camping. that means that people can pop up out of their cars and put up a tent. there's not a lot of registration that goes on. but this couple went through this area, and they noted that very distinctive-looking white van and said wow, it looks like we have something. they submitted it both to the authorities and to the family and said we may have something here. we want to let you know. and so that is what appears to have caused the search and rescue efforts to go directly to that campsite. when i spoke to gabby's step-father earlier today, he told me look, we're hopeful that this will at least pinpoint this area. i mean, this is of course an area of over 300,000 acres of this park. when authorities first got here, you would think to yourself where on earth are you going to
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start? but with this very specific tip, it looks like that probably did help them zero in to this exact location. of course, now we wait. now we wait for the body to be removed. we wait for the coroner to do the autopsy and find out exactly the 100% confirmation of the identify and cause of death. jon? >> jon: laura ingle, live in wyoming there, just outside grand teton national park. laura, we will check in with you in a bit. want to bring into the conversation mercedes colwin, fox news legal analyst. there are an awful lot of fingers, mercedes, pointing at brian laundrie, the ex-fiance, the boyfriend, the guy who apparently left his fiance somehow in wyoming, whether alive or dead, made his way all the way back home to florida, never reported her missing, never reported a problem, and then when her mother finally filed a missing person's report, he refused to talk to police.
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that -- nothing illegal about that, i suppose, but it sure is strange, and it points the finger of suspicion. >> you're so right, jon. i mean, certainly his behavior was so aberrant, so out of the norm. here's someone that if you look at his blogs and his social media, he's professing his love for the love of his life. he wants to share his life with her and suddenly returns home and gabby petito is nowhere to be found. by the way, remained silent until the family, gabby petito's family starts pressuring, wanting to know where is gabby, instead of cooperating with authorities, instead of calling police, instead of calling petito's family, he lawyers up and remains silent. i'm with ted on this. look, of course he has the constitutional right to remain silent. he has the constitutional right not to engage law enforcement before charged of a crime. he has all those constitutional rights, but he certainly looks very guilty. now he's been missing since
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tuesday of last week, this coming week. all of it put together, it is very suspicious. now that there's a body, in a short period of time, as dr. baden reported, we will know what the cause of death was. >> jon: mercedes stay with us. i want to go to north port, florida, where charles watson has been keeping an eye on the search for brian laundrie. charles, give us the timeline again because i think this is interesting and important. laundrie has not been seen in several days. his parents said he left home, what, on tuesday and told them that he was maybe going to go up to this wildlife area, but then they didn't even mention that to police for several days? >> yeah, jon, all of that has raised a lot of questions. of course you mentioned it that brian laundrie returned here to florida on september 1st, without his girlfriend, gabby
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petito, after they embarked on that cross-country trip out west. it was ten days that passed before her family originally reported her missing to police. at that point, the laundrie family lawyered up and decided not to cooperate with the police, even though the gabby petito's family had been pleading with them to cooperate with that investigation. now, as that was all going on, police seemed confident here at north port about brian's whereabouts, but on friday evening, we saw police enter the laundrie residence for the first time. that's when we learned from police that they had spoken to the family who had told them that brian had been missing since tuesday. now, police tell us that the family told them that brian told them that he would be going to the carlton reserve. it's a place that they say he frequents often. he went there with his backpack in hand and planned on hiking. police say the family told them
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that they went to the reserve on wednesday, and they found the mustang that brian had driven there. it was empty. it was abandoned. they searched the area, couldn't find him. that's what brought them to reporting him missing to police on friday. yesterday, saturday is when authorities nearly a half a dozen agencies, including the fbi, were out in that carlton reserve 25,000 acres using everything at their disposal, drones, atv's, k-9 dogs searching for brian laundrie. of course the search today has wrapped up and police have told us that so far they have not -- they have not come up with any leads in their search for brian laundrie right now, but certainly, a lot of questions as to what is going on in his parent's homes right now and what is going through their heads after hearing this news about their boyfriend's -- girlfriend gabby petito being
3:41 pm
found dead. of course the fbi still needs to positively identify her, but a lot of questions right now as to what brian laundrie may have known and what type of involvement he may have had in the disappearance and now death of his girlfriend. of course those questions again that need to be answered, and so far police have maintained that he's only a person of interest, but again, lots of questions, jon. >> jon: yeah, charles, and i want to throw a couple of them back at you because you gave us this information. but i want to stress this, because it is so bizarre. so laundrie tells his family that he's going to the carlton reserve on tuesday; right? takes a backpack. he's known to go hiking there. they go there on wednesday, you said, and found his car. the car was empty. they brought the car back, but they didn't report him missing to police until friday? >> that's right, jon. we spoke to the north port
3:42 pm
police department today who tells us that the family claimed that brian on tuesday decided to go to the carlton reserve. he took a mustang. he is not the registered owner of the mustang. but he took a mustang that was at the family's home. he drove it to the carlton reserve. the family hadn't heard from him so they decided to go out to the carlton reserve because they know that is an area that he likes to frequent. he's known to be a hiker, known to frequent that area quite a bit. they discovered the mustang. they searched it. they found that it was abandoned. they searched the area for brian. they could not find him. they took the mustang and drove it back to their home. we have seen it today in their driveway, but they didn't report brian missing to police until friday, several days later. so police so far, you know, they have a lot of questions, and they are really days behind in the search for him. he could be anywhere.
3:43 pm
we've heard from police that they fear that he could possibly be a danger to himself and others, but, you know, it is not clear what that actually means right now. they will continue their search for brian laundrie in the carlton reserve tomorrow, but again, jon, a lot of questions out here that need to be answered. >> jon: a lot of questions and a lot of strange behaviors. charles watson there in north port, florida. charles, thank you. and we'll have more on the tragic case of gabby petito now said to be deceased, according to the fbi when "the fox report" continues in just a moment. ahh, thank you! ready to eat? yes i am! you have the best pizza in town and the worst wait times. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do.
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3:48 pm
the fbi says a body that is believed to be gabby's was found inside grand teton national park earlier today. joining us once again on the phone dr. michael baden, forensic pathologist and also a fox news contributor. dr. baden, as this hour has progressed, we have learned that the coroner there in teton county, wyoming, says they expect to have the cause of death in the next few days. does that seem -- does that timeline seem about right to you? >> yes, that -- yes, it does seem right. probably 95% of the time, one can figure out the cause of death when you finish the autopsy. so if the body is there at the scene still, which is now sunday evening, they would move that
3:49 pm
body to the morgue before night fall. they would like to move the body and yet preserve the scene as ted williams said for any other types of forensic evidence there might be. we've had situations where in dumping a body someplace, the person's clothing got ripped a little bit and some pieces of clothing were on some of the branches that became valuable, but they will be looking for anything that might identify who was there when she was put there. the only thing that will be missing really will be the toxicology, so if they don't have a good cause of death, after the autopsy, the 5% that they don't have a good cause of death, certainly they would want to wait for the toxicology which could take a couple of days, a few days, if they do it rapidly that might help explain some things to do with the cause of
3:50 pm
death. but a few days would be a reasonable statement for the coroner to make. >> jon: and speaking of statements, we just heard from charles jones, at the top of this hour, he's with the fbi denver and covers wyoming. and it was an extraordinary and moving news conference. you could tell that he was quite choked up. >> yes. >> jon: when he said this. listen. >> earlier today human remains were discovered consistent with the description of gabby petito. full forensic identification has not been completed to confirm 100% that we found gabby, but her family has been notified of this discovery. the cause of death has not been determined at this time. we appreciate your continued support and patience as we work through this process. >> jon: so an emotional news conference. there were other law enforcement officers standing by, and ted,
3:51 pm
perhaps, we can get a reaction from you on this point, ted williams, but there were other law enforcement personnel standing by. none of them spoke, and the fbi said we're not going to answer any questions and curious to me, we do not yet know who found the body. was it a searcher? was it a hiker? was it a fisherman? we don't know because they didn't say. they said a body was found. >> jon, at this stage because the investigation is in the infancy stages, they're keeping a lot of information close to their vest. that is normal with law enforcement officers, when they are doing this kind of an investigation when they find the body or perhaps a missing person. but this also shows, jon, the human side of these law enforcement officers. this is very difficult.
3:52 pm
this is very hard on them. they have been out there searching. they know, these law enforcement officers what parents and relatives go through when a person is missing and can't be found. so they have been there, with gabby's family that they could bring gabby back to that family alive. and unfortunately, under the circumstances that we have now found out here this afternoon, it is more likely than not that this is in fact gabby and that she will not be coming back to her family alive, and this certainly has an effect on law enforcement officers who are conducting that search. >> jon: there were obviously very moved by these terrible and tragic developments today. want to bring back in mercedes colwin, our fox news legal analyst. we were talking just before the break, mercedes, with charles down in north port, florida,
3:53 pm
about the odd behavior of brian laundrie's family. he tells them on tuesday that he's going out hiking in this carlton reserve that he's hiked in before. now, they know that his fiance, his girlfriend, the love of his life is missing, hasn't been seen in weeks. and he is a person of interest at least in her disappearance. he goes out hiking on tuesday. they don't hear from him. they go look for him on wednesday. they find a car he was driving that's apparently not his car. they bring it home, but they don't tell the police anything until friday. it just boggles the mind unless the family has something to hide, and i just wanted to ask you about the possibility of, you know, charges being filed in a case like this? >> i mean, their suspicious behavior started on september 1st, when brian shows up without gabby, and meanwhile, gabby had been living with the laundrie
3:54 pm
family prior to her going on this cross-country trip with brian laundrie, so that's when their behavior starts becoming suspicious because not a word to anyone about gabby's whereabouts, they lawyered up, and now in fact when their son goes missing, they spend 72 hours not saying anything to law enforcement either. all of this at the end of the day, if brian laundrie is found, or if there's evidence to establish that somehow he's been involved in gabby petito's death, if it is all confirmed with the forensics that are forthcoming, that there was a criminal act, that it is gabby petito's body, that in fact that she was murdered, then certainly there's going to be a lot of look into what the family has done and whether or not they have obstructed the investigation to law enforcement, whether they have been hiding evidence, all of that. the focus starts now on the family. many people suspect that brian laundrie will not be found, that maybe perhaps he will even take
3:55 pm
his own life, but nonetheless, if there has been a crime committed against gabby petito, then law enforcement will follow those facts to see if anyone can be brought to justice under that circumstance, including the laundrie family, if they had any involvement in a cover-up of the crime that may have been committed. >> jon: that's why his disappearance just seems a little too clever. >> sure. >> jon: his family, you know, apparently concerned about his welfare, concerned enough that they go looking for his car on wednesday, but they bring the car back and don't tell the police he's missing until friday. if they are trying to give him a head start to get someplace, they certainly succeeded in that. one last -- >> exactly right, jon. i mean that's 72 hours. he could be anywhere. he could have left the country. who knows where he could have gone, but it certainly gives him sufficient lead time to do so. >> jon: all right. i will do my best to sum up what
3:56 pm
we've learned today. mercedes colwin, our fox legal analyst, thank you very much. at the top of this hour, we heard the very sad news from an obviously emotional charles jones, the fbi agent and the fbi has taken the lead in this investigation, news that they have found a body inside the confines of grand teton national park in northwest, wyoming. it is believed to be that of gabby petito and her family has been notified of her death. thoughts and prayers, he said, go out to her family. stick with fox news channel for continuing coverage of the gabby petito case. tune in tonight 10:00 p.m. eastern for a gabby petito investigation with nancy grace. that's how fox reports this sunday, september 19th, 2021. i'm jon scott.
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>> good evening thank you for joining us we're following a fox news alert from wyoming, fbi said remains discovered at grand teton national park today, matched description of missing 22-year-old gabby petito. laura is in teton county, wyoming. authorities wrapped up a press conference less than an hour ago. reporter: this happened quickly.


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