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tv   A Gabby Petito Investigation with Nancy Grace  FOX News  September 19, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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the population right now. >> you have been a voice of reason in this whole debate, good to see you. >> stay with fox news, nancy grace is next with a gabby petito special investigation, we'll see you next sunday when the next revolution will be televised. ♪ ♪ >> she is the coolest chick you will meet, she needs your help. >> only one who does not care is the one who is supposed to care about her the most. >> you say she is the love of your life, yet you have no comment, and you hiding behind an attorney, our lives are falling apart. >> i think he is a coward. >> i don't give two craps about him. >> why are you covering up for your son? why are you not helping. >> if you or your family have please tell us
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where gabby is located. we have drones up, 4 wheelers, 50 people who are used to dealing with these elements. elements. >> breaking news. has the frantic search for gabby petito come to an end? >> full forensic identification has not been completed. this confirm 100%. but her family has been notified of this discovery, the cause of death has not been determined, at this time we appreciate your continued support and patience. the vicinity around spread creek campsite will remain
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closed to the public. this is on going investigation. vehicles and related activity, for their own safety, as well as to protect integrity of our work and respect privacy for gabby's family. nancy: breaking now. we're live in wyoming. the search for 22-year-old gabby petito in rugged terrain of grand teton, wyoming, search dogs have been called off, sent home. as a medical examiner's wagon approaches. we believe that the body of the so-called van life girl has been discovered in the camping area at rough terrain, bridger teton. gabby on a cross-country trek with boyfriend, 23-year-old brian laundrie,
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he comes home to his parents in florida with gabby's van but without gabby, it is 10 more days before gabby's parents realize she is missing. but in the thick of it all. in the middle of the search for gabby, boyfriend brian laundrie disappears. his parents now claim he went for a walk about in the dense leawooded, swampy canton research, 25,000 acres of wilderness or did he. does he have any idea that gabby's body has been found? where was she killed? how was she killed in when was she killed? what happened to gabby? good evening, i am nancy grace, thank you for being with us, tip line for anyone that thinks they know anything, about what happened to gabby, 1-800-call-fbi. with me all-star panel to break down when we know. straight out to
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investigative reporters on the ground outside of home of boyfriend brian laundrie, and in wyoming. very vast grand teton national park, straight to wyoming, fox news senior correspondent laura ingel. what do we know? reporter: the day started with us following with the search effort that were going on for the missing 22-year-old, then by midday, our phones went off with news that the county coroner had been called to the very spot where the search efforts were focused over the weekend. today, the search teams were combing specific area at spread creek disperse camping area, looking for any signs of petito after her boyfriend, brian laundrie, returned home from their cross country trip to florida without her in the her van on september 1, it appears a travel blogger who
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posts videos to youtube may have provide a critical clue overnight to gabby petito's last known whereabouts, after discovering she captured the couple's white ford van in the area august 27 near the grand teton national park, she shared that video with fbi and family this morning, we grabbed still shots of dashboard of the couple's van, from body cam footage of the traffic stop in utah on august 12. of this blogger's van sighting, you can see in the pictures, what looks like gabby hat in the same spot on the dashboard, this is a real clue in case that lead police to the campsite. the grim discovery of made today, the investigation is far from over. as you said, many questions, fbi saying today, they still need anyone who may have seen anything in this area,
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to come forward. nancy: joining me in wyoming laura ingram, it is so important that we understand when brian laundrie left. now, how do we figure it out? there is some discussion that he actually flew home in mid -- middle of the trip, then went back out and the van seem league abandoned gives me a lot of information. i want to get back got coroner's wagon pulling up today. and the search dogs called off, so many of us had been hoping and praying that gabby was still alive, somehow trapped down a revene or taken up with other friends, making her way home. but that was not to be.
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what happened when the coroner's van pulled up. reporter: they kept all press away from the area, not just that but earlier yesterday, this area had been honed in on this, a potential area then the tip from youtube blogger. but you know there was almost a pall that came over the area, i was with her stepfather earlier. talking about the search area, you get here, if you have never been here, you are taken aback by the mountains and the wide open spaces. you know talking about what that was going to be like. we had just had a conversation, i can tell you, after being with him today and hopeful there was going to be a result not this one.
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it really, it hit all of us. i think that everyone watching and following this case, feels the same. just so incredibly sad with the new developments. nancy: laura standing by, we go to panel, joseph scott morgan. and -- he has handled over 10,000 death scenes to you, there is so much to find out, if laundrie was there at the time she died. is in trouble. forensics can tell us when she died, how she died, how she died, was she dragged there. so many questions. >> yes there are. one thing we like to think about is what was the activity surrounding these remains found premortom
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prior on death and postmortem. was she placed under rubble or cut trees like a pile or an effort to dig a grave, maybe a shallow grave. this goes to the behavior of the individual that wound up placing this body out there in the widtherness area. there is a lot we can tell about behaviors of the individual that had contact with her, how were the remains treated, many time that will tell what kind of relationship this individual had. nancy: right, straight out to cheryl, maccallum. been in trenches for many years on cases like this. the best case, cheryl, is that they got into an argument like in moab. and he left. and left her there. that is the best case scenario. but the way we find the body
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is going to answer everything. explain. >> where that body is located. the condition of that body, what was done to that body, this case will be solved friendically, the -- forensically. the injuries to her, her clothing or jewelry removed, did it look like a fight. was one earring missing her necklace broken? they will work this case backwards now, and i think it will tell a very sinister story. nancy: when you say work the case backwards, can we focus one moment on now. for those of you just joining us. body has been found. there in the bridger teton area, a disperse camping area, means, there are no commodes and sinks and porta-potties, you are off the grid so to speak, in the
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wild. breaking it down, if it looks like she fell down a ravine that is natural cause. >> if she fell down a ravine, they will go on top of there and look for drag marks and for anything that was maybe on the bottom of her shoe, what is not on the bottom of her shoe, is one shoe missing, down the pathway. just because she is down a ravine does not indicate this was an accident. nancy: well, okay. you say that. but i'm saying, if she is found in a shallow grave. that changes everything. >> 100%. nancy: that is not death by accident or natural cause, the panel of experts is standing by waiting to jump in when we come back we go straight to good to
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florida, could brian laundrie's face charges in death of 23-year-old gabby petito, this is the gabby petito investigation, stay with us.
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nancy: welcome back, we go to florida. charles watson is outside of laundrie home. any sign of brian laundrie? reporter: no sign. but as you can imagine there are a lot of heavy hearts here in north port after hearing news on gabby petito, that includes parents of brian laundrie who released a statement a short time ago
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-- through their attorney. north port police department also releasing a statement, saying in part it is saddened and heart broken to learn that gabby has been found deceased, as law enforcement tried to track down brian, half a dozen agencies zeroed in at carlton reserve, spending last two days navigating the terrain, police say he could be a danger to himself. there are a lot of questions about how the 23-year-old slipped away unnoticed. >> brian was not going to speak with us, he would not speak with us. knowing that we were not dedicating a lot of resources to follow around someone that not wanted on a crime. reporter: nancy, brian's parents reported him missing friday, this was days after
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they last saw him. police say his parents told officers brian drove to carlton reserve tuesday for a hike. they did not hear from him, they drove to reserve, and picked up his abandoned mustang that now sits in driveway of their home, his parents have been silent. >> roberta, can i ask you a few questions? why are you covering up for your son, why are you not helping with police? reporter: we reached to north port police, asked them if the discovery of what appears to be gabby petito's body would change anything about their investigation, right now we're waiting to hear back, nansy. nancy: question. to you. i understand that the search for brian laundrie has been called off for the unite, why in. >> when we heard, they spent
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most of the day, go through the muddy water, it is such a large area to comb through, they have not been able to find anything. as i mentioned they had k-9s, atv's, drones using everything at their disposal to find anything, they got some clothing from brian's home to pick up his scent. but no evidence or any sign of brian so far in the nature reserve. nancy: charles thank you. >> for those of you just joining us, we know that remains according to fbi, found out in bridger teton most likely that of gabby petito, the search for the boyfriend, brian laundrie still goes on. to jc, survivalist expert
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joining us. have you been there in 25,000 acre reserve with the 80 to 90 hiking trails it is swamped, sometimes in the middle of the day, i would be in there so dark, you can't see in front of you much less at night, what is he doing out there. >> a great question, i have not been to that specific area, but i have been to southern florida, it is one of more difficult areas as far as outdoors. what he is doing, a great question? probably honestly trying to day alive. there is a lot there, there that is against him. alligators, snakes, wild bore, bobcats and on and on. nancy: there are campsites there. and he took a car. i assume was loaded with gear. so, he is missing? or as gabby's family said,
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hiding, that is the question. a whole another terrain, as compared to in the tetons, to dr. bethany marshall, i appreciate. the families prayers, if gabby died of natural causes, such as falling down a ravine, left in wilderness without food or water. don't you think that telling us where she was earlier on would have been a huge help in addition to those prayers, i'm not knocking the prayer, but how about telling me where she was at the beginning to start the search earlier. >> nancy, these parents brian laundrie's parents they -- gabby petito lived
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with them for an entire year. when gabby and brian sit off on their van life trip, they were engaged to be married, gabby petito was their future daughter-in-law. and they are not coming -- they are not forth coming with details about where she was, i will tell you something about brian laundrie, i have been reading a lot about him, been listening to interviews with gabby's best friend. brian laundrie did not like to have separation between him and gabby, he was quite jealous, and possessive, the day that van was pulled over in moab. where the police officer was and all body cam footage, that fight started that morning because she was working on her social media. he became upset. i listened to the tape many times, and watched it, i think what happened that day, was he became jealous and enraged, because she was
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working on her social media they got into an altercation, he attacked her, she had to push him away. he went into the -- got into the van, locked her out. the power play. i am guessing because she was so desperate she tried to climb into the window of the van, was worried about destruction of her property. nancy: i think she was thinking about surviving. all they had was the van. she was locked out of her van. no wonder she was upset. >> nancy, remember during the interview with law enforcement, he said, he patted his pocket said i have the keys, he was afraid she might drive off and leave him, he was not going to give her the keys to her own car, there was a person that was controlling -- >> did the moab incident
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where police were called start the beginning of the end? how did gabby die? what was the cause of death? how was she found, this is the gabby petito investigation, stay with us.
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>> welcome to fox news live. the senate parliamentarian is blocking democrats from using their $3.5 trillion spending package on immigration. it's a major setback to democrats urging to get immigrants permanent residency. chuck schumer says his party will pursue alternative proposals and their immigration agenda. >> a military training jet crashed in a residential area near fort worth texas. the student pilot suffered electrical shock when he got
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caught in a fire line. ♪ nancy: welcome back, i am nancy grace. this is the gabby petito special investigation, joining me, an all-star panel to make sense of what we know how, and last hours to air, a body has been found in the tetons. we believe with law enforcement that search for gabby is over. this is gabby. straight out to joe scott morgan, professor of forensics, death investigator, logged over 10,000 death cases. joe scott, i want to know, is she clothed? not clothed, can we get cause of death, depending on how long she is out there. can i tell how long she has been dead. we start with that, if so, how. >> yes. and let's keep in mind, when
10:31 pm
the vlogger took that image it was 27 of august, we're 22 days down rain. that significant for us, if medical legal death investigation, let's suppose she -- died approximately that time, i hate to say this. her body will be in compromised, with exposure to elements and animal activity, we have to think about what are we going to be able to tell relative to the trauma. let's keep in mind, we know there had already been some kind of physical contact in the altercation earlier. is there any signs of violence? will they be able to determine what the violence is. nancy: joe scott, we know she was alive on about
10:32 pm
august 25. she face timed or in -- mother, after that mom got text she does not believe were written by gabby, it means it was staged if they were not written by gabby. folk with us us with you -- focus with out body, go with august 27. as time of death, will we be able to tell if she was strangled or beaten? start with that. >> yes, quite possibly. they can. again, we have to factor in the decomposing of the body, in muscles of neck officially there could be signs of hemorrhage, also there might be an to still appreciate a blood vessel that blows out in the eye. nancy: i doubt that. after a month. we'll see her be able to tell if i blood vessels in
10:33 pm
her eye are burst. i was hoping you would say a potential fracture of bone. and or a knife or a knick or a cut, a scratch on her rib cage or bone. will be really, really difficult, i understand joe scott, autopsy is not set until tuesday, why. >> it will take time to complete the autopsy. let me tell you why, they are looking for, first, it will take time, they will be very careful, when a body is in this state, we assume it is, they have to be extra careful, there are things that are easily missed because of changes after death. one other thing they will look for, is to try in some way to draw toxicology on her, that could be difficult as well at-this-point. nancy: to jc, joining us,
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tell me about the elements, at this time of year, where she was found, how that will weigh on analysis of her body. >> that area, the temperature is fluctuating very wildly. you have 70, 80 in the daytime, i believe this week they are calling for snow, dipping to upper 20s. a lot will play huge factor in her body, of course. i'm not a forensic expert but she has been there for a couple weeks in the gluk waiting temperatures, high meet is -- in the gluk fluctuating temperatures, high heat. >> that makes it all the more important that the coroner preserve this scene. coroner still out there. thank you for being with us. stay with us. as we continue a gabby petito investigation.
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possibly see it a little bit better. >> i don't know. i have really bad ocd . >> she gets worked up sometimes. >> earlier today human remains were discovered: nancy: how does all of that physical evidence, timing fit with the death of gabby petito? straight out to fox chief investigative reporter laura laura ingraham, joining us in wyoming. >> next thing we're looking at now is coroner's office. teton county coroner told fox news they plan on performing the autopsy of
10:41 pm
gabby petito, they believe it is gabby petito on tuesday. not only will help to determine the cause of death but also determine the timing of the death. that is very important. it will be key in drp -- key in determining the timeline. this area where human remains were found today remains closed. hope not only to find more physical evidence but this hear from anyone in the area, fbi still needs more information today as you played in the sound, a travel blogger provided a video she shot of campground she filmed a white van, she and her companion did not think anything of it at this time, she heard about news of case, she went back to her video, knowing she was in the area, there it was the white van, pulled over at a specific campsite, as find find spoke with us
10:42 pm
today, they said, if you were in the area, go back look at your pictures and videos, you may see something that will be important to this case. nancy: laura ingraham thank you. >> standing by in florida, charles watson. laundry's family -- laundrie family tells us he went into the 25,000 acre swamp. why should we believe him. he was not returning gabby's parent's e-mails or calls, how do i know he is not on a plane to cuba. reporter: that question is on a lot of people's minds, tomorrow police say they have not found any signs yet of brian laundrie, you can expect the search to continue tomorrow morning.
10:43 pm
likely we'll see dozens of agents scouring through the canton reserve. they wanted him missing, police say brian is a person of interest. very important to note he is a person of interest. in the case pertaining to gabby petito. no word on whether police will change that designation with the news of the discover of the body believed to be that of gabby petito. >> why has brian laundrie left? why should we believe he is in the carlton reserve? or has he left the country? left the state? we don't know. let's go back to panel. high profile lawyer, out of jacksonville, former fed with fbi, how can you make the forensic evidence of her body found fit with all of the other evidence.
10:44 pm
such as strang -- his movements. >> there is an odd twist to this. you would want the medical examine to demonstrate that she died laundrie was back home, now it is not possible because of the duration and changes in body, we cannot have an exact time of death, result will be not proveable one way or the other, whether he was back home or with her when she died, that is a big problem for defense team in protecting him. in addition to which, we also now know that it will be difficult to determine the manner of death. what actually tossed her death -- caused her death if she fell off and he left, and she had her phone with her, and he did --
10:45 pm
abandon her and take the phone with him, when we suspect he did. that could change it up and make him more guilty. >> they have to prove he was there with her -- >> nancy. nancy: at the time of her death. cheryl jump in. >> this is what law enforcement is doing right now, he returned without her. there was a text-message sent that said, we're in california. you know, yosemite. there is no way gabby would not know the state she was in. she had planned this trip for years. she had it on an app, in her journal. she was documenting it daily with the drone in an app in her phone, he returned without her in her car, never searched for her,
10:46 pm
would not answer to her mommy and daddy, you are kidding me. >> if -- >> we're all go back to florida and back to wyoming. when we come back. was laundrie with gabby petito at the time of her death? i looked on ancestry and just started digging and found some really cool stuff... it was just a lot of fun. just to talk to my parents about it and to send it to my grandparents and be like, hey this person we're all related to look at this crazy stuff they did in arizona 100 years ago. it actually gives you a picture of their life, so you get to feel like you're walking the same path they did. ♪ ♪
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nancy: out rage building, is it possible that life of gabby petito could have been saved? had the boyfriend, brian laundrie, or his family come forward and given her whereabouts, joining me on the ground from florida. kelly, from fox 13, what is happening. reporter: good evening, i spoke with north port police, now this investigation is in fbi hands, i asked whether or not a warrant has been issued for brian laundrie, he has been missing since tuesday, they want to caveat that saying according to his parents he has been missing since tuesday, police say that they showed up friday at fam -- invite, they all only talk about brian, only interested in talking about him as a
10:51 pm
missing person would not speak with them about gabby petito, they told police he left tuesday, in his car, taken that to the carlton reserve. he didn't come back after hours. they went there for whatever reason, accord police, later on and picked up his car, brought had home, then waited until friday to let police know about that that is what police saying. that is all based on what the parents are telling police. nancy: kelly, i believe that is what they said, it does not make sense. your grown son goes on a walk about in carlton reserve, 25,000 acres of swamp and forest, after a couple hours you go and bring his car home? cheryl, that does not make sense. there is a reason for it. >> he lied about being in california, he had
10:52 pm
not cooperated in anyway. supposedly they moved car. because law enforcement said, you cannot leave it here overnight. we have no way of knowing when he lift, we know he left tuesday. what they told us, we have no idea of direction he went, whether he was on foot, car or train or plane, we have no idea. >> you say he didn't drive that car to the reserve? >> we don't know. >> that -- >> we don't know. >> how did they know to pick it up. nancy: we know in the last hour. a body has been found. and we believe it is that of gabby petito. outraged building, could her life have been saved? (vo) how do you know when you've found your team? whether you're winning, or just doing your best.
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joining us. we believe that body of gabby petito has been found. now more questions piling on. had she survived in a homemade shelter under a rock? tried to build a fire. did she die of natural causes or was gabby petito killed in outrage building and brian laundrie and his family had refused to speak. did they know her whereabouts. kelly is joining us from florida from fox 13, seems that on-line community helped solve this case? reporter: in many ways they came together and were able to provide crucial pieces of evidence. sometimes law enforcement has to submit subpoenas it takes time for an investigation, everyone was screaming about cell phone records during this, that takes time to gather the
10:58 pm
information but when you have a community, that is posting photographs, blogs, videos, you know a blogger helped find the van, pinpoint it on 27. we have video of it we from florida we notice that van with the florida plates here it is employer he served, they were able to use the web site. >> right, that try -- trianglation. does it appear that laundrie of the there at the time she died? >> absolutely, the bottom line is, if she slipped or had a medical event, he left her in that state. that is the best he is. >> you make him morally responsible. >> he had a hand in it, the minute he sent bogus
10:59 pm
text-message, drove 5 days straight to his momma, never searching for her, not responding to gabby's momma, not posting on social media, she had a fan base, she could have alerted her immediately, i can't find her, he did not do anything. his inaction tells me as much what he did after the fact. >> i have to say -- glit -- right now. nancy: fbi, police in florida and wyoming are gathering all analytics. to try to determine if laundrie was with her at the time she died. for us who had high hopes gabby would be found alive today, the search has ended in the discovery of a body that we believe it gabby, our prayers go on for her family. and for justice.
11:00 pm
nancy grace. ♪ ♪ ♪ day. chris: i'm chris wallace. new fox polls on president biden's handling of the pandemic, as confusion spreads over the rollout of vaccine boosters. ♪ >> our objective is to be prepared should all of this process move forward. chris: the biden administration saying it's ready to go once federal health officials sign off. >> we will follow that evaluation and their recommendations. chris: we'll ask nih director dr. francis collins whether a third shot is needed and safe. then -- >> the decisions we're about


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