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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  September 20, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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the population right now. >> you have been a voice of reason in this whole debate, good to see you. >> stay with fox news, nancy grace is next with a gabby petito special investigation, we'll see you investigation, we'll see you >> earlier today, human remains were discovered, consistent with the description of gabrielle, gabby petito. todd: a heart breaking announcement for gabby petito's family and supporters across the nation. the case is far from closed. police now turning their focus of the search for brian laundrie. we are live with the breaking details. jillian: a growing humanitarian crisis at the border topping a long list of pressing issues for the biden administration. for the president himself, it's another day at the beach. we're live with the calls for
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accountability. todd: hollywood proving that rules do not apply to the elite, social media have a pretty swift reaction to the maskless emmy awards. "fox & friends first" on your monday starts right now. jillian: you're watching "fox & friends first." i'm jillian mele. todd: i'm todd piro. gabby petito's father posting an emotional tribute. jillian: carley shimkus joins us live from north port, florida as the search for gabby's boyfriend intensifies. >> reporter: it's the news that nobody wanted to hear but a denver fbi agent, charles jones, confirmed the body found at the grand titon national park is believed to be that of gabby petito. >> i would like to extend sincere and heart felt condolences to gabby's family. we ask that you all respect the privacy as they mourn the loss of their daughter.
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earlier today, human remains were discovered, consistent with the description of gabrielle, gabby, petito. >> reporter: investigators made the grim discovery while searching the spread creek disbursed camping area in the titon national forest. the coroner will conduct an autopsy tomorrow to determine the cause of death and officially identify the body. her father posted a video, writing gabby petito touched the world. the family thanked the search and rescue team, writing your tireless work and determination helped bring gabby home to her parents. the family and i will be forever greatful. the laundrie family attorney releasing a statement saying the news about gabby petito is heart breaking, the laundrie family prays for gabby and her family. brian laundrie is a person of interest and police are looking
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for him. bad weather forced authorities to stop their search yesterday evening. brian's parents told police he went for a hike here at the carlton reserve on tuesday and never came back. but they only reported him missing three days later. police say it is a possibility he has had hurt himself or even committed suicide but they have no evidence of that right now. community members responding to the tragic news of gabby's death had at a memorial yesterday. >> how dare you, anybody, take a child away from their parents. don't do that. that's only up to god. >> reporter: and also a photo is going viral that shows a rainbow near the area where gabby's body was found in grand titon national park. there has been no official confirmation from authorities that the search for brian laundrie will resume in this
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area today but we are going to be here, going to be monitoring the situation and we will bring you the latest as we get it. todd: carley shimkus live for us this morning in florida. carley, thank you. jillian: the senate parliament arian blocks the immigration plan while president biden vacations at his delaware beach house. todd: lauren blanchard joins us live. >> reporter: a big setback to include 8 million green cards in the spending bill working through you congress. they said it's not within the rules of the budget process that allows democrats to pass this bill without any republicans. quote, the policy changes of this proposal far outweigh the budgetary impact scored to it and it's not appropriate for inclusion in reconciliation. the president, who spent the weekend at his home in delaware, called the ruling deeply disappointing. meanwhile, thousands of migrants have continued to camp out under
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a bridge in del-rio, texas. the u.s. is flying haitians back to their homeland and the border patrol chief said the plan is to have the encampment cleared within the week. >> we're working around the clock to ex be pee dishesly move -- expeditiously move migrants to our processing facilities in order to quickly process and remove individuals. >> reporter: and as the situation at the border remains chaotic, abroad the administration is facing criticism in an air strike in kabul that killed 10 civilians including children and no isis k fighters. some members of the families say they want a better apology from the u.s. and a flight out. >> i hope they understand what happened and make sure that never happens again. this is not only a human tragedy, it reflects on us before the entire world. it's unacceptable. >> reporter: and he said he would follow the science but president biden is facing criticism for getting ahead of
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an fda panel that only recommended vaccine booster shots only be used for those over 65 and with severe health risks. the administration planned to roll out the boosters for all this week. 65% of voters believe the vaccine is safe and effective and we'll go back to the issue we talked about, the massive spending bill. the poll showed the top concern for voters with 82% is inflation and prices. republicans have warned a $3.5 trillion bill could send that inflation and those prices even higher. todd, jillian. jillian: lauren blanchard live for us. thank you. todd: kevin brady says the president cannot ignore the crisis at the border any longer. >> it is unconscionable that the president ignores the crisis and the danger it presents. clearly the word is of out that if there are open borders in the u.s., this is how you access it. what we read and hear about,
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there seems to be different path hadways haitians are taking to get the to the border many these are dangerous journey especially for young women and young men and i don't understand how this president can ignore it an hour longer. jillian: former secretary of state mike pompeo is also taking the white house to task for the drone strike that killed afghan civilians. >> you could see the political pressure. if there was one thing that drove the failed evacuation was the arbitrary political deadline that president biden set, the arbitrary cap on the full better of troops that could be there so we could secure american he departure, these were all a political decisions driven down to the military and i'm confident the military was under enormous pressure, president biden said we're going to strike back at the folks that killed the 13 americans and we had a strike that clearly failed and killed civilians. this is another piece of an
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evacuation that was driven by politics and not putting america first and america's national security. todd: senator ted cruz says the presidents is trying to change the subject back to the pandemic rather than own up to its failures in afghanistan. >> they want to change the touchic from -- topic from afghanistan. it's why biden issued this completely illegal and unconstitutional vaccine mandate because he wanted to change the topic from the disaster in afghanistan. the vaccine mandate is going to be struck down in court. they know that. but the president is defying the law because he wanted the press to start defending him and stop talking about the disas a tears in afghanistan and -- disasters in afghanistan and he's counting on a bunch of big businesses in particular forcing their employees to comply before the matter is adjudicated. todd: he says americans will pay the price for the incompetence and weakness for years to come. jillian: and fda panel backs
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booster shots for older and high risk americans but they believe >> the place that might still be somewhat he questionable will be the very youngest individuals, is the benefit-risk needed there but i believe there will be a decision in the coming weeks to extend boosters beyond the liss not approved on friday. jillian: -- list they approved on friday. jillian: they will make their own recommendations on booster shots this week. todd: seth rogan got the emmy's started, calling out the shortcomings of the covid protocols. >> let me start by saying there is way too many of us in this little room. what are we doing? they said this was outdoors. it's not. [laughter] >> they lied to us. we're in a hermetically sealed event right now -- tent right
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now. jillian: the host pushed back, saying all guests were required to be vaccinated. but online social media users blasted the lack of masks and social distancing. let's go to week two of the nfl, tom brady throwing five touchdown as the bucs beat falcons. the buffalo bills defense dominated the dolphins with their first shutout win in five years with a score of 35-0. todd: the cardinals escapes with a win. greg joseph missed a 37-yard field goal with two seconds left. then check this out. >> untouched, into the end zone. todd: wow. that was cool. baltimore stunning the kansas city chiefs with lamar jackson slipping his way to the end zone, the ravens getting the win
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on a late fourth quarter drive. jillian: my team not only lost the game, we lost one of our best defensive ends so that stinks for us. todd: and yesterday, i'm still the saddest story when it comes to football so far this year. 0-2. coming up, continuing coverage on the heart breaking discovery in the search for gabby petito. jillian: was this video taken by a travel blogger the key to helping investigators zero in on a search area? our next guest spent decades investigating homicides and he'll walk us through the developments. todd: plus, ron vitello, james comer, joe concha and dr. carol swain joining us live on a very busy monday morning. don't go anywhere.
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todd: welcome back. a devastating update in the search for gabby petito. the fbi confirming it recovered remains that fit the description of the missing woman. now the focus of the investigation turns to the search for brian laundrie who vanished on tuesday. jillian: former miami-dade homicide detective joins us from florida to break down the case. thank you for being with us this morning. we want to start with the latest developments with the body that the fbi confirmed they found yesterday. let's pull up this video on the screen. i know you probably have seen this video, everyone has at this
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point. this is video that a travel blogger posted online, police obviously got their hands on this video and it shows gabby's van off the side of the road, this is from august 27th near the spread creek camping area in grand teton. do you think this video ended up being the missing puzzle piece that led investigators to this area. this is a massive park. the fact they were able to find a body so quickly speaks volumes. >> absolutely. that was a he key part of the investigation was the blogger and this is a well traveled area for people traveling to see the national park. so without a doubt, key piece of evidence. todd: what specifically will investigators be looking for in the area where the body was discovered? >> well, right now what they're looking for, they do a search not only of the campsite but they'll grid it off and they'll
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look for any bit of whether or not the body was up or any clothing, blood, dna. they're looking for any type of physical evidence they can match back not only to her but to the possible suspect in the case. jillian: let's talk about brian here for a second because brian has gone missing, as we know. you know, it's just really mind boggling when you hear this timeline in the last week of what reportedly happened. so brian's parents report that last tuesday he left their house and went to this near 25,000-acre carlton reserve aira in florida. that was on tuesday. wednesday, it's reported that brian's parents went to the reserve, found the car he drove there which was reportedly a mustang which was abandoned. they reported library the car back to the house -- reported library the car back to the house. they waited until friday to report him missing to the
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police. when you hear of everything that's gone down, what does your gut tell you about this. >> it's kind of embarrassing that the police let him out of their sight. clearly he was a possible suspect in this case and they -- jillian: it seems like we just lost him. maybe they can get him back up for a second. he said possible suspect. that's what's interesting. he hasn't been named a suspect in the case yet. many are questioning why. todd: where i get confusion is when it comes to the statement from the north port pd. it says the police department has no authority to execute a possible federal search warrant on our own. i don't see how anyone with the facts on the case can come up with the conclusion. that said, there are things that a da in conjunction with your own police department can do to get more information and they didn't do it in this case. jillian: there are a lot of
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questions. i believe we have pat back on the line. we were talking about the timeline from when brian laundrie reportedly went missing from his family's house and your thoughts on that and do you think in light of all of this that we're hearing, his parents or whoever is living in the home could potentially be in legal trouble. >> absolutely. even though they say they're not, everybody in this case will be an accessory to his disayou s disappearance. once they knew he was a possible suspect in the case they should have been on this case, looking at everybody in the family including the parents and maybe they knew the wear bouts dash dash whereabouts of everybody in case remains were found, they should have been aware of where he was at. todd: looking forward what investigators doing in the search for brian laundrie. >> they should have gotten the search warrants for the vehicle, the house, his labtop, his
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devices. this way they would know of his menal tall state of mind, what he was doing, what he was planning to do. in addition, they should have had him followed, they should have had 24 hour surveillance on him. now that he's lost in the national park, it's going to be difficult to find him, where he's gone, knowing that he glue he grewup in the area and may he idea where to go. jillian: why do think he wasn't named a suspect at this point and hasn't been at this point. >> he should have been a possible suspect in the case. you don't know have to name somebody a suspect. he should have been a possible suspect. once he came home with the vehicle and she wasn't with him, he's part of the missing person case. you can do stuff without naming had him a suspect but, you know, keep in mind let's keep an eye on him because he is the last person that was with her. so that's just a general conclusion that he is a possible suspect and you have to be aware
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of where he's at at all times. todd: like pat said, there are things they could have done that they didn't do. jillian: it's devastating on all ends. pat, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. jillian: still to come, the white house set to begin deportations to haiti after an influx of 14,000 haitians flocked the border as fox news cameras captured the mounting humanitarian crisis. former border patrol chief joins us live next. >> i have no problem at all with their decision. todd: dr. fauci now weighing in on the back and forth over booster shots. can the administration get on the same page? ♪ why you want to give me the run-around. ♪ sure fire way to speed things up. ♪ when all it does is slow --
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jillian: today, hundreds of
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border agents are set to arrive in del-rio, texas. the reinforcements come as the biden administration ramps up deportation flights to haiti after thousands of migrants flooded the border. todd: anita vogel joins us for more. >> reporter: the u.s. is finally expelling haitian migrants and fast. it's said to be the quickest mass expulsion of refugees in decades. migrants have been camped under a bridge in del-rio, texas, for days now. many more are being blocked now by the border patrol from entering the u.s. the government has also begun flying thousands out, more than 300 arrived in port-au-prince yesterday on three separate flights. six more flights are expected to arrive on tuesday. most say they are fleeing extreme poverty, gang violence
1:27 am
and natural disasters like the recent earthquake. but officials in texas say they simply can not accommodate anymore people. >> the city is not going to be housing migrants inside of our city. >> have you heard from him or his office or vice president. >> not directly from the vice president or president's office unfortunately. i think the public needs to know about the transparency of what's happening in the city of del-rio, texas and the white house needs to address the situation in real-time and let the american people know what's happening at the southern border. >> reporter: to that end, the sheriff of nearby bexar county, texas is pleading with the biden administration to do something. he writes, quote, i cannot just stand by and let my fellow law enforcement officers and even state legislators who come from some of the more affected regions continue to lose faith in your leadership and administration. please help us address this crisis with the balance of enforcement and compassion.
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no word yet publicly from president biden or vice president harris about this whole situation but the homeland security secretary, alejandro mayorkas, says he will travel to the southern border soon, although he did not say when. todd and jillian. todd: let's bring in former chief of border patrol, ron vitiello. what do you make of the white house's abrupt reversal of course on the haitian? >> good morning. thanks for having me. it's obviously a little bit too late. this crisis started several days ago. they sent a signal across the globe including to haiti that they weren't going to deport people who came in the country illegally and so the images that we're seeing from del-rio should disturb all of america, whether you're on the right, the middle or on the left. we deserve better from our leadership at homeland and certainly this administration. this kind of chaos is not good
1:29 am
for anybody. it's not good for cities and towns in the homeland, it's not good for for deer community. -- for the border community. think of the agents who have to deal with the crush of humanity every day and go back toheir own families, all in a time of a pandemic. we're one incident away from making that camp a disaster for anybody that's involved. you have this kind of chaos where people are coming back and a forth across the border. it drives more drug smuggling. it increases human trafficking. everybody that's in the pipeline is at risk both from the health and safety perspective but also from being exploited by criminal gangs. they have to put resources at the problem. they needed to do is sooner than later. now they're playing catch-up. you saw the thousands of people that are there. it's really unfortunate. we deserve better. this is the world's only super power, the most prosperous nation on the planet. we're letting people walk into the country. where's mexico in this? let's set aside they destroyed
1:30 am
the policies on january 20th. where's mexico in this? they're letting thousands of people come through their country and walk up into del-rio without any consequence, without any monitoring, without any health screening, with nothing. they're just letting this happen. mexico needs to get engaged also. they need to protect their border from this uncontrolled flow and that would help on the del-rio side as well. todd: you mentioned the images, obviously heart breaking images to see all weekend long, over 12,000 migrants now under that del-rio international bridge. if the administration wanted to, how could they turn this around starting today? >> reinstate the remain in mexico program. reinstate the migrant protection t protocols. if there are people in this group of thousands that have a legitimate asylum claim and that a is that they're being persecuted by their government for religious or other purposes,
1:31 am
if they're being -- if they need asylum in the united states, they can wait in mexico for their hearing. that's what ended the last surge in 2019 and 2020. that's why the surge occurred. everybody talks about the root causes, we're going to work on the root cause. the t root cause is we ended a policy that kept people outside of the country, not released into the united states. we've driven this surge by releasing thousands of people into the united states because they brought their children or they sent their children along and so that's driven this flow to del-rio and we've seen it all across the border since january. todd: but ron, can you envision a scenario whereby this white house actually does that? because that would be admission that they've done something wrong. >> yeah. well, we have 212,000 encounters in july, 208,000 in august. they failed to act. congress could force them to
1:32 am
reinstate the policies, they could put the force of law behind the migrant protection protocols, they could legislate that in. i don't see that happen aing either. so in the meantime, unfortunately the men and women of dhs and their families have to pick up the pieces. in the case of border patrol, they can't say no to people coming across the border like that. they need to be processed and given their you due process in immigration proceedings. unfortunately, they're left to pick up the pieces because this administration fails to act. todd: let's talk more about the brave men and women that you did lead when you were at border patrol and at i.c.e. how impossible is it for those brave men and women to do this job? look, this was a tough job months ago. it has gotten progressively worse and now we see the scenes the that we see now. how do they do it, ron? >> it's unfortunate. there are brave men and women that go out every day to protect us.
1:33 am
they're certainly mission focused. they're capable of doing this work. it's demoralizing for them to know this could have been avoided with proper prior planning and keeping policies in place until there was a plan for this surge. it's tough and my heart goes out to them. todd: ron vitiello, thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate your i'm. >> thank you. todd: lawrence jones is on the ground in del-rio for a firsthand look at the growing human tear an crisis happening at our -- humanitarian crisis happening at our border. we'll check in with him next hour. jillian: beto o'rourke is considering a run. he launched a short lived bid for the white house in 2020. a new poll shows the democrat trailing governor greg abbott by five points. despite his national profile, the poll shows other possible candidates including matthew mcconaughey are more popular with texas.
1:34 am
todd: i haven't wrapped my head around what that would mean for texas and the country. jillian: a major medical journal shifting its stance on the lab leak theory after top scientists are linked to wuhan he researchers. todd: congressman james comer wants some answers. we're talking to him, next. let's go walter! after you. walter, twelve o' clock. get em boy! [cows mooing] that is incredible. it's the multi-flex tailgate. it can be a step, it can even become a workspace. i meant the cat. what's so great about him? he doesn't have a workspace. the chevy silverado with the available multi-flex tailgate. find new adventures. find new roads. chevrolet.
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todd: we are back with a fox news alert. one month after the taliban took full control of afghanistan, the largest evacuation flight under
1:38 am
the strict regime reportedly leaves kabul airport. the charter carrying more than 230 passengers from sense severl countries including the u.s. it's not clear how many americans remain in afghanistan. the former chairman of the joint chiefs doesn't think there was anything unusual with general mark milley's calls to china in the final days of the trump presidency. listen. >> having communications with counterparts around the world is routine and even having them now with china. todd: but admiral mullin's defense comes as another says milley violated the constitution and the media is covering for him. listen. >> the chairman said i coordinated it with some junior staffer in the defense department and so i was allowed to make this phone call. it's outrageous that the mainstream media is carrying water for these deflexions when the only thing had they should
1:39 am
be focusing on is the failure to do the mission. todd: he accused milley of a pattern of behavior from a chairman who says what he needs to say to save his job. jillian: a major medical journal is shifting its stance on the wuhan lab leak theory, publishing an alternative view and calling for a transparent debate on the true origins, after it's revealed most of the scientists who disputed the idea of a lab leak reportedly have links to wuhan researchers. kentucky congressman james comer joins me now. sir, thanks for being here. appreciate it. let's go ahead pull up the quote. this says there is no direct support for the natural origin of covid-19 and a lab bring related accident -- laboratory related accident is plausible, contrary to the first letter published in the lancet, we don't think scientists should remote hypotheses that are misinformation and conjunction churr. what do you make of the new information? >> what a turn of events.
1:40 am
this is lancet covering their tracks. i think anyone who put any amount of time into studying this issue realizes that the probability that it came from the wuhan lab is almost 100% and i believe now that with new medical journals who were very critical at the onset of people that suggested that this was manufactured in the wuhan lab, now they're open to the possibility which in other words means they realize it probably did come from the wuhan lab. they're coming forward now with these statements and it's sad that the biden administration and the world health organization continue to turn a blind eye to this. jillian: people who were talking about this lab leak theory for the last year and-a-half were vilified, we're told they're not credible. it's been a long time that people have been condemned so of to speak for having that belief and that theory. let's take a look at the original letter from the scientists, dated march 7th of
1:41 am
2020 and this says the rapid open and transparent sharing of data on this outbreak is now being threatened by rumors and misinformation around its origins. we stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that covid-19 does not have a natural origin. again, march 7th of 2020, calling it a conspiracy theory. i mean, boy, how much has changed in a year and-a-half and i have to wonder what would have changed, what would have been different in the last year and-a-half if articles like that weren't calling it a conspiracy theory and a if everything was open to an investigation. >> exactly. it almost seems now that there was a coverup, an organized coverup. many of these media outlets have ties to government funding that was issued through dr. fauci. that's the link that's connecting all of these medical journals and all of these people who were the first ones to come you out and criticize people who
1:42 am
suggested this could have been manufactured in the wuhan lab. all of these people were the very first to criticize this, they all have certain links, traced back to dr. fauci and receiving some type of medical funding through some of dr. fauci's organizations or the world health organization. the fact that joe biden in one of his first acts as president rejoined the world health organization after donald trump removed the united states from there, primarily because of their unwillingness to look into china's role of covid-19, another black mark on the biden administration. jillian: you take a look at this, 26 of the 27 researcher whose denied the lab leak theory reportedly have links to wuhan he researchers, links of different kinds, whether it be to the researchers themselves, their colleagues or their ben factors. how -- benefactors, how
1:43 am
dangerous is it when you have people that are putting out medical opinions that people are supposed to trust especially when a time where people haven't been through a pandemic like this so we're relying on medical experts and all of a sudden a year and-a-half later we're making a turnaround. >> the medical experts have been so inconsistent on covid, particularly with the origination of covid, that's one reason we have such a high level of vaccine hesitancy, that's why we have so much misinformation about covid right now. the medical community is really -- has really made a lot of mistakes, especially the medical community with ties to the wuhan lab. the main area that republicans on the house oversight committee are trying to investigate with respect to the wuhan lab is who all was involved in the lab, which american companies were involved in this lab. and also, how much american tax dollars. we identified the 600,000 from eco health alliance to the wuhan lab. i believe there's more.
1:44 am
i believe there are private companies that had relationships with the wuhan lab and they sat quiet this whole time. so there's a lot of problems still with the wuhan lab and it's very disappointing that the biden administration took 90 days to investigate this and then came up and determined that it was inconclusive evidence to link the covid to wuhan. very disappointing. republicans in congress are going to still look into this and try to get to the bottom of this and hold someone accountable. jillian: congressman james comer, thank you for your time. have a good day, sir. >> thank you for having me. todd: coming up, president biden's silent shoulddown. businesses across the country are forced to close their doors over vaccine mandates and extended covid handouts. three frustrated restaurant owners join us to discuss the new rules they're facing in the fight for their livelihoods. ♪
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jillian: good morning. welcome back. dr. anthony fauci facing questions over his changing tune on booster shots, recently the white house medical advisor claimed it would be a mistake not to get a booster shot but fauci now says the fda made the
1:49 am
right decision to advise against the extra jab for most americans, the doctor clarifying his stance on cnn. >> my own personal, looking at this again, just because i look at the data and say i would do it this way, that's the reason why we have qualified groups of people who together as a committee examine all the data and make a decision. so i have no problem at all with their decision. the thing that i'm saying is that data will continue to come in. jillian: fauci adds it's entirely conceivable that the general public will need a third booster shot. okay, many are still trying to figure out where the six foot social distancing recommendation came from including former fda chief scott got leave. -- gotleib. >> nobody knows where it came from. the initial recommendation was 10 feet. a political appointee in the white house said we can't
1:50 am
measure 10 feet. society will shut down. the compromise was 6 feet. jillian: the cdc says social distancing and staying six feet apart is still an official recommendation to stop the spread of covid-19. todd: president biden silent shutdown causing some businesses to shutter following his federal vaccine mandate. the administration is standing by the requirement even though it increases the burden on an industry already struggling with labor shortages. >> one economist called the president's plan for vaccination requirements, quote, the cheapest and most powerful economic stimulus ever enacted. workers support vaccination requirements. todd: do had they? let's get into it. here to react, owner of brooklyn chophouse and dumpling shot and aaron byrd and tamara kennedy. 72% of unvaccinated workers would quit without an exemption from the vaccine.
1:51 am
how much of a burden does that threat place on business owners like yourself? >> good morning. thank you for having me. it's an incredible issue for our company right now. we've got 103 employees. more than half of whom are under 21 years old. just did a survey with them last week. more than half will leave their job if they're forced to take the vaccine or go through some complicated testing. we can't run our restaurants without our people. and it's not our -- in my opinion, not our responsibility to be their health advisor on top of everything else. it's not possible to do all of it. todd: to follow up with you, you said you're at 1103. might you have to -- 103. might you have to trim four people from the payroll to get under the 100. >> hardest decision we have to make. we're already short staffed. our goal is to put more people to work, it's not something that i really would want to do. i think we're taking a wait and
1:52 am
see on this. i don't want to have to mandate to my employees. they work for me. that should be the end of maybe my ability to influence them. i give them all the information that i can. it doesn't feel right to have to force them to do something that as minors even their parent might not want them to do either. todd: 50% of small business owners reported unfilled job openings in the month of august. vaccine mandates of course just the latest headwind keeping that number high. aaron, how much more can you take? >> that's a good question. i don't know. i've been listing jobs for several months and haven't been getting any applicants. the new applicants i have gotten haven't come in for interviews. and again, more of the burden of covid is being thrown on the shoulders of small businesses. and we're probably going to start vaccine mandates and
1:53 am
they're forced deputzing us to be the vaccine police. the long-term effects of covid are having an effect on businesses. the employment force is completely destroyed. supply chain is completely decimated and prices are inflating. todd: your state of course being california where the governor just survived a recall. will be interesting to see how he follows up following the recall failure, gives him a little bit of a mandate i think. last time we talked, we were optimistic that things would be getting easier for you. here is the biden federal vaccine mandate, applies to companies with 100 plus employees, requires vaccination or weekly covid testing. the fine is $14,000 per violation. we thought you were going to get back to worrying about dumplings and porter houses. now you have to worry about this.
1:54 am
what doesn't biden understand about the latest burden imposed upon you? >> he was never a small business owners in the first place. they put these mandates on them that are just so unconstitutional and absolutely impossible to enforce. and that's the problem you acrossthe board on this whole m. they give us a piece of paper that looks like a 1983 driver's permit and they want me to police this. no way am i policing such a thing. they should have had before they issued 2 million of these cards, they should have had this city ready and should have had tests ready, they should have had an infrastructure ready. they release these two million cards on us. they want us to police it from the oft can her's standpoint -- customer's standpoint, from the employees' standpoint. none of this works. todd: one thing government could do to make your lives easier, first to you, tamara. >> definitely stay out of my business when it comes to this.
1:55 am
they have no business having an employee be their spokesperson when it comes to health mandates. it's just not -- they need to get out of this conversation. todd: aaron, one thing government could do? >> let us run our businesses. don't make us into the health police. todd: stratus, take us home. >> listen, stay out of our way. the consumer trusts us where we put food and beverage into their bodies and we keep them safe. government, take stay out of the way and let us protect our guests and consumers. we've been keeping them safe for many years as small business owners. now leave us alone. todd: thank you so much. wish you the best of luck. hopefully the situation improves soon. jillian: coming up in the next hour of "fox & friends first," president biden enjoying a weekend at the beach as multiple crises continue to pile up. todd: thousands of migrants take the president up on the open border invitation.
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>> earlier today, human remains were discovered consistent with the description of gabrielle, gabby, petito. jillian: it is monday, september 20th. an unwanted discovery, the disappearance of gabby petito is obviously developing new information in the overnight hours as the heart breaking announcement for gabby's family and supporters across the nation was made yesterday evening. todd: plus, a growing humanitarian crisis at the border topping a long list of pressing issues for the biden administration. for the president it's another day at the beach. we're live with the calls for accountability coming from both sides of the aisle. jillian: hollywood proves that rules don't apply to the 'lead, social media had a s


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