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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  September 20, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> mike, the dairty job just got better. >> somebody's face is going in the cake, you know it. >> you have to try it. >> you want a dirty job? use your hands. it's so good. >> bye, everyone. >> happy birthday. >> dana: happy birthday. hope turning to heartbreak in the search of gabby petito. >> dana: the clue that may have broken the case, a video from two travel bloggers. it appears to show her van
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abandoned on the side of the road not far from where that body was found. >> the video was taken two days after gabby lost contact with her family. we're awaiting the results of an autopsy scheduled for tomorrow with so many questions still unanswered. >> human remains were discovered consistent with gabby petito. forensic identification has not confirmed 100% we found gabby but her family has been notified of this discovery. the cause of death has not been determined at this time. >> just heartbreaking. her father posted an emotional tribute online saying his daughter touched the world. >> dana: team fox coverage. ted williams and jonna spilbor is here. first senior correspondent laura engel reporting from
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moose, wyoming. >> good morning to you all. we're here in grand teton national park and this was a dream destination for gabby petito according to her family when she embarked on that cross-country trip that turned into a nightmare. >> has every parent can imagine, this is an incredibly difficult time for the family. and friends. our thoughts and prayers are with them. we ask that you all respect the privacy as they mourn the loss of their daughter. >> the area where human remains were found sunday is still an active investigation site according to the f.b.i. the hope not only to find more physical evidence at the scene, but to also track down anyone who was in that area at the time gapetito went missing. this was a massive area to begin a search. when news of her disappearance came to the attention of the f.b.i., national park service and local law enforcement
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investigators had to try to pinpoint an area to start the search in over 300,000 acres. as you mentioned it appears a travel blogger who posts videos to youtube may have provided this critical clue over the weekend after going back through the video she shot during that time frame of the end of august when petito and her boyfriend were believed to be in the park discovering she had captured gabby's whiteford van in a very specific area and campground and shared it with the f.b.i. and family. statement released by the attorney for gabby's family asked for privacy during this time adding they'll be forever grateful for the efforts by law enforcement to find her. last night joseph petito tweeted a photo of his daughter standing in front of a mural with wings saying #gabby petito, she touched the world and as her family absorbs the new developments, they wait for news from the coroner. >> dana: laura engel in wyoming
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for us. >> new details in the search for gabby petito's boyfriend. a woman said she picked him up as he hitchhiked alone in wyoming days after gabby's last phone call with her mom. brian's family hasn't seen him since last tuesday. jonathan serrie with more oh this. >> good morning to you, trace. brian laundrie's parents made their first public statements since gabby's disappearance after the discovery of what is presumed to be gabby's body found in wyoming issued this statement through their lawyer. the news about gabby is heartbreaking. the laundrie family prays for gabby and her family. after initially refusing to speak with authorities brian's parents called police to their north port, florida home saying their son was missing and said he left on tuesday. they believed he had gone into
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the carleton reserve, a swampy 25,000 acre nature park just outside of town. according to wtbt fox 13 news the family attorney says the parents foind brian's car there with a note on wednesday but they left the vehicle there for him to use. when he didn't return to their home the next day, his parents went back to the preserve and drove the car back to their home themselves. police confirmed they have spoken with a tik tok user who claims she and her boyfriend gave a ride to a lone hitchhiker matching brian's description in grand teton national park. she says the man offered them $200 to drive him just 10 miles to the town of jackson, wyoming. he quickly became agitated. >> conversation we are going to jackson, he freaked out.
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he is like no, i need to get out right now. pull over. >> trace, this apparent sighting from august 29th is an example of the types of information police are looking for as they try to piece together a reliable timeline of the movements of gabby and brian, the number to call is 1-800-call f.b.i. if you know anything. trace. >> bill: jonathan serrie live at the scene. >> dana: joining us now is ted williams and attorney jonna spilbor. not the result the family was looking for. we're still awaiting autopsy report. at this point, ted, with brian laundrie still missing looking back in terms of the police never having a chance to question him, was there anything else they could have done? >> well, i think law
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enforcement did everything they possibly could have done under the circumstances. they had brian laundrie in their sights and they tried to question him but he lawyered up and had constitutional rights and as a result of that he did not have to provide them any information. so what law enforcement had to do is work back wards, they had to go back to where gabby was last scene. august 25th she and her mother had a conversation stating she was in the grand teton park area and may be headed toward yellow stone. they had that park in mind and they focused their investigation in that park. unfortunately may have located the remains of gabby. we're waiting for the autopsy, of course, to see what is the
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cause of death. >> i get, jonna, brian laundrie has the right not to speak to police. there is some dispute over the execution of a potential search warrant. could they executed that? some people said they should have, others say they couldn't. what about going after his electronics, phone, computer to see if there is evidence there? >> i think that would have been wise because right now authorities are going to have a tough time piecing together this puzzle out his help. if i were a betting woman i would say we never hear anything from his mouth because look, he is not obligated to provide evidence to the authorities. that runs afoul of what we feel is compassionate human beings but from a legal sense he is getting some great advice from his attorney and following it to the t except for i guarantee his lawyer didn't say get out
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of dodge. his lawyer probably said you don't have to stay here and that would have been accurate. but we're not going to have help from brian laundrie, i can almost promise you that. >> dana: i was interested in the fact that citizens, these bloggers, travel bloggers looking through video, editing and see what they think is the van. they match it up. the hat in the window, sandals that she was wearing. how important is it sometimes for citizens to answer the call to provide any information that they find? >> it is tremendously important, dana, for this investigation and for most investigations for citizens to get involved. i think that law enforcement officers initially did the right and proper thing by putting out as much information as they could. of course, there is always information that law enforcement has in their vest
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that they don't talk about. but in this instance they put out the information, got the citizens involved. i think they were looking for videos in that area to show brian and gabby either going into grand teton or leaving grand teton and who was in that vehicle at any given time. so i think the public was essential here in locating perhaps what is now the remains of gabby. >> jonna, technically we don't know if a crime was committed. autopsy is tomorrow. this guy certainly is behaving by all accounts like a criminal. that's the first part of the question, jonna. quickly, do you think we will see brian laundrie again? do you think he might have harmed himself? >> i don't know if he has harmed himself. what he is doing is exhibiting what we call consciousness of guilt. now since we don't know whether a crime has been committed. if we work backward it seems
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that way because he is acting like a guilty party. i don't know so much if he will harm himself as if he is crossing the border. look, they were cross-country in a van. he knows how to survive in the wilderness and knows how to make himself disappear and he might be doing that in another country to avoid prosecution if a crime has been committed. we still don't know how she died. did she get bit by a snake or hit over the head? it will be crucial information in the very near future. >> dana: ted and jonna, thank you so much. we appreciate your time and expertise and trace, a little later on in the show we'll have a chance to talk to nancy grace for her input on this as well. >> looking forward to that. i keep going back to the family. i have a daughter who is gabby's age and you think that it is heartbreaking for them and to have to be in this situation for weeks, not knowing where your daughter is and not getting any help at all, zero help, from the person
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who was with her for months has got to be excruciating. >> dana: it has to be. now this. >> look around. that's where we are right now. you can see there are still upwards of 12,600 migrants still living under this bridge right now in third world conditions. it looks like a refugee camp from another country. >> dana: stunning images from the border. thousands of migrants hiding under the bridge in triple digit heat. >> inflation, beating out crime and covid as a top concern for voters. could it deflate democrats' big spending push? we will ask maria bartiromo about that next. >> dana: a major update on vaccinating kids against coronavirus. what pfizer is announcing this morning and what it could mean for your family coming up. that's why they customize your car insurance,
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>> dana: united states started deportation flights for thousands of haitian migrants. border agents tell us there are at least 12,000 more still there living in squall i had makeshift camps amid a dangerous heat wave. we're live at the border in texas, bill, it was interesting for me to be in contact with you over the weekend for all the stories you've covered. you think this one is one of the most incredible of your career. >> good morning to you, it absolutely is. it is like another world down here. the federal government is grappling with how to fix this. look at the situation under here. we're live under the international bridge here in del rio as you mentioned upwards of 12,000 migrants are still living here waiting to be processed, waiting to see what
6:19 am
happens to them after they crossed illegally into the country. many of them have used sticks and plants to build temporary structures. some have been here since wednesday. many don't know how long they will be here or if they will be deported. look at this second camera angle here just to give you the full perspective of how many people are here. this is a massive camp. it looks like a third world refugee camp. conditions here are absolutely horrible. it is blistering hot out here in the middle of the day. 105 degrees, horrible conditions and border patrol now doesn't have the manpower. take another look at the drone above. we've shown our drone for several days just showing you the scope of how many people are down here. the federal government has started repatriation flights back to haiti. mostly haitians here. a lot of women, children and family units can stay and processed and released into the u.s. with nta, notice to appears. why so many people here?
6:20 am
look at this remarkable video we shot on saturday. we got exclusive access to go on the rio grande in a boat where we were watching a constant stream of hundreds of migrants crossing the river illegally from mexico just walking across the river over a dam right into the united states right down the road from where the bridge is. you can see the mass of hundreds of them right there. it wasn't stopped until texas dps surged hundreds of troopers down here and able to plug that up. what happened? the migrants moved down river. this was another area where they were trying to cross. texas dps and border patrol on horse back tried to push the migrants back across the river to mexico. yesterday del rio's mayor, a democrat said he tried getting in touch with the white house but hasn't heard anything. take a listen. >> you have been trying to tag president biden on twitter. have you heard from him or his office. >> not directly from the vice
6:21 am
president or the president's office. i have been trying to spread the dire situation here. >> at 12:05 p.m. local time in texas dhs secretary mayorkas will be coming and giving a press conference. >> dana: incredible. thank you for all the images and hard work. we'll stay in touch today. lots more on all that plus reaction from texas lieutenant governor dan patrick coming up next hour. >> meantime inflation is now the top issue for voters. a new fox news poll shows 82% of those surveyed say they are extremely or very concerned about runaway prices. let's bring in maria bartiromo anchor of mornings with maria on fox business and sunday morning futures on fox news. maria, great to see you. i did research. it affects everybody and why everybody is concerned about it. it affects everybody when you pay $5 a gallon for gas here.
6:22 am
i want to say back in may we did some research, the biden white house economic policymakers, federal reserve at that time were saying inflation was under control and now four months later it doesn't appear to be under control. >> no, it's not under control, trace. thanks for having me this morning. the bottom line is the federal reserve and the administration have been saying inflation pressures are temporary. we'll hear from the federal reserve this week. they have a two-day meeting and they will answer questions about how temporary it has been given we're seeing prices spike. the price of lumber has come down but many expect it to continue going up and resume the spike because we've got supply disruptions, covid has shut down a number of manufacturing facilities and that has the price being pressured higher because you can't get the supply. but i just want to point to
6:23 am
what's going on in the market today. we have a sell-off underway. the market will open in 10 minutes and you'll see the market open down 600 points. why? because there are worries about the impact of a debt crisis in china. the second largest property developer a company called ever grand and it is missing its debt payments. the ccp has already come out and said this company will not be able to pay its debt payments which one payment is due this upcoming thursday. investors are speculating on whether or not u.s. banks are going to be on the hook for some of this. so beijing has to make a decision. is it going to come in and save ever grand and pay the debt payments? will it cherry pick and pay other debt payments of other property developers? ever grand is china's second largest property developer and that's what's going on today. don't forget what's happening in washington we have nine legislative days left to deal with the debt
6:24 am
ceiling being raised. two massive packages i infrastructure and the 3.5 trillion. it's playing out in a big way today >> the inflation of goods since january. run these down quickly. car and truck rental up. gasoline up, hotels. you get the picture here of what's happening across the country. here is the news. fox news poll conditions of the economy, put this up. this is back in january. 55% said yep, excellent or good. now that number 30%. that's a significant drop and that has got to be concerning for the biden white house, maria. >> look, the bottom line, trace, is the fact that the definition of inflation is the following, too many dollars chasing too few goods. how many dollars are we up to? the reconciliation package will cost upwards of $5 trillion because they have gimmicks in there they say these programs
6:25 am
go away next year. they aren't going away. it is much more expensive than the 3 1/2 trillion. one reason inflation is taking off. we have a crisis at the border and afghanistan let's hope we aren't moving toward an economic crisis as well. >> the u.s. natural gas price is going up. over the past this is i want to put this on the screen as well. friday at $5 a little over $5 per million on btus they were half that a few months ago. >> this is largely about supply again. when you don't have the supply and you've got the demand moving up, prices move higher. this has been an area that we're watching because we normally don't see such moves in natural gas. it will affect your home heating oil and one more piece of the puzzle that inflation is hitting us all on the kitchen table items that we need to buy
6:26 am
every day. >> this is the offseason for natural gas. imagine what happens as we get closer to fall and winter. great to see you as always. thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: president biden criticized on the foreign affairs front. relations with france, one of america's oldest allies, taking a major hit as calls grow for accountability over the botched kabul drone strike that killed 10 civilians and allies losing confidence in america's global leadership. >> this is just another piece of an evacuation that was driven by politics and not putting america first and america's national security. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. one call can save you thousands every year. and it's easy. there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees. and while some banks are raising their rates, newday is holding the line for veterans. lock in your rate.
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veteran homeowners, the two and quarter refi is the lowest rate in newday's history two and a quarter percent, just 2.48 apr. lock in this record low rate and save. >> trace: after spending the weekend at helps delaware beach home he has multiple foreign affairs headaches on his plate as he prepares to head to the united nations general assembly in new york city. more on this with david spunt. >> a busy travel day for the commander-in-chief.
6:32 am
he will land on the white house south lawn by helicopter by marine one around noon. spend a few hours here at the white house meeting with senior advisors, then get back in the same helicopter, go to joint base andrews and fly to new york for that united nations address tomorrow. of course he has some meetings tonight before that but this weekend you can see him biking right there. he spent time at his summer escape in delaware. he planned to spend even more time there in august but that taliban takeover in afghanistan quickly nixed that plan. that's where the president's trouble started picking up about five weeks ago. it has been more than a month and americans alongside translators and other afghan allies who partnered with the united states are still stuck in that country and don't forget the big news over the past few days the drone strike from a few weeks ago we found out killed 10 civilians including seven children. our recent fox news poll shows just 36% approve of the president's handling of
6:33 am
afghanistan. 60% disapprove. his overall approval rating 50%. disapproval rating increased in 3% increments since june. when it comes to afghanistan, joe biden and his administration have presided over the worst foreign policy catastrophe in a generation. >> other foreign policy news things remain tense between the united states and france over that submarine deal announced with australia. france continues to feel snubbed but macron and president biden will speak in the next few days. it is the united states states oldest ally. here is the president on the importance of allies earlier this year. >> president biden: the message i want the world to hear today, america is back. america is back. diplomacy is back at the center of our foreign policy.
6:34 am
american alliances are our greatest asset and leading with diplomacy means standing shoulder to shoulder with our allies and key partners. >> the president will address the u.n. general assembly tomorrow and meet with the secretary general this evening. >> david, thank you. >> dana: republicans are demanding accountability after u.s. central command admitted botching a drone strike in kabul last month. a tragic mistake killing 10 civilians and no isis-k as originally claimed. one of the things that the biden administration has assured us in this taliban takeover is that we have over the horizon capabilities. that's supposed to mean you have good, accurate information in order to take out terrorists. that didn't happen in this case. what do you know and what do you think should happen next? >> thanks for having me, dana.
6:35 am
over the horizon means you can fly them in from far around outside the country's geographic borders. you lose ground level intelligence that strives the strikes we take routinely during times of war. tragically the loss of life is the worst case scenario especially of innocent children. when you lose that capability to inform your decisions on your targets mistakes happen. in this instance my biggest problem is they announced a successful strike less than 24 hours after 13 u.s. service members were killed. that to me is a national -- -- there needs to be -- >> dana: in a fox news polls released over the weekend 55% of americans say they believe the taliban is a major threat to united states security. do you think that's about right or do you think it's higher or
6:36 am
lower? >> well, i think the taliban is constantly shifting. what they decided to do once president biden rejected president trump's conditions-based withdrawal plan the taliban leadership said we're reorganizeing the negotiation and broke off and added more al qaeda members to leadership structure. it becomes more violent from the day. you need to keep them at bay for a peaceful deal and what we were doing under president trump. they're becoming more deadly by the day and have hostages. brutalizing women and who knows what will happen with the leftover americans in the country there. >> dana: is biden administration continues to blame the trump administration. if people are feeling frightened about the threat of the taliban the biden administration might blame the trump administration for that, too. >> as a nation fall security
6:37 am
official for 16 years it is unfortunate to see the one mission that shouldn't be political has become totally political. if they want to lay blame at us that's fine in the political theater. they could have used pieces of our plan. i led the trance for the department of defense. they refused to meet with us. they could have taken pieces and said this is working, this is not working. we cannot leave bagram because we lose the intelligence we need to provide our overhead protection and drone strike and predator program and we lost that immediately when they left. >> dana: special prosecutor durham charged a former clinton campaign lawyer for lying to the f.b.i. last week on one count. "wall street journal" headline. special counsel's indictment tells the real story of 2016 collusion. you have probably followed this
6:38 am
very closely. is this getting to the thread of what was happening when the dossier was put out? >> yes. i was the lead investigator for chairman nunes driving the investigation on capitol hill and the staffer that took the deposition that cited durham's indictment. i'm familiar with this. he is the centerpiece for these allegations. he ties the hillary clinton campaign to fusion gps to christopher steele to the department of justice and the false information they fed to the f.b.i. and d.o.j. to spy on the presidential campaign. exactly the heart of the matter being a formal federal prosecutor. a 27 page indictment for a lying count that you normally have 5 pages to discuss. it is a well laid out con spiracy charge. >> dana: his lawyers say it is false but there is a possibility he could decide to talk instead. great to have you. >> trace: breaking news coming
6:39 am
out of houston told in the northeast part of the city two houston police officers have been shot and wounded serving a search warrant at an apartment complex. gunfire, two police officers shot and wounded. potential suspect was shot and killed. we don't know the severity of the police officers' injuries and we know they were taken by life flight helicopter to various hospitals which is an indication those wounds could be serious. updates as we get them. >> dana: justice for j6 rally after mainstream media's warnings of potential violence put the city on edge. it ended with a whimper instead. as millions of students return to school. an announcement of pfizer vaccine for kids and its safety.
6:40 am
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>> trace: pfizer announcing this morning its covid vaccine is safe and effective for children ages 5 to 11 and will seek u.s. authorization for that age group soon. alex hogan has the breaking information live in the new york newsroom with more. alex, good morning. >> like adults, kids will still get their shots three weeks apart. the main difference is the size of the dose. actual amount in the vile is only 1/3. despite the quantity results show ages 5 to 11 develop the same antibody levels at teenagers and adults to fight against covid-19. pfizer biotech announced the findings today and now this does not mean it is clear for use. pfizer plans to hand over all of its information to the european medicine agency and the fda as soon as possible for
6:46 am
further review. >> they will work 24/7 to go through it. it will happen in weeks. >> the news comes as parents across the country send their children back to class and since july cases of covid-19 among kids in the u.s. has jumped 240%. as far as reactions, doctors said the kids could experience sore arms, temporary fevers or achiness basically the same side effects felt by many teens and adults. trace. >> alex hogan live in new york. thank you. >> dana: for more let's bring in former fda commissioner mark mcclellan. some parents want this. they were worried about kids going back to school. they would like to get the vaccine. what do you think happens next with the fda? >> this is a lot of data that pfizer will be submitting. over 2,000 children involved in this study as you heard on the report. dose that's being used is
6:47 am
significantly less than for adults, 1/3 the dose and the side effects of that dosage seems good. immune response seems very strong. fda will be working 24/7 as francis collins said to process that data and analyze it carefully. i expect another advisory committee meeting in a month or so but as many people are speculating now, the vaccines could be available to kids 5 to 11 as soon as the end of october, even before. >> dana: one of the things the country has dealt with is some people are hesitant to take the vaccine. is that exacerbated for parents when they are worried about their kids? >> parents are understandably worried about kids getting any kind of shots but parents are used to vaccines for kids whether it's diphtheria, mumps, measles, are you bella. kids get a lot of required vaccines now. it is good generally to vaccinate early because the
6:48 am
immune responses are so strong in young kids. so they will want to see what the data shows. i think it looks very favorable. >> dana: dr. collins was on with chris wallace talking about the confusion about booster shots. listen here. >> i'm not sure about absolutely everyone will have to see what they say ultimately about the youngest individuals because of concerns about benefits and risks. i will be surprised if boosters are not recommended for people under 65 going forward in the next few weeks. >> dana: one of the reasons there is confusion, the white house announced boosters will begin starting today. what happened here? >> the white house got a little bit ahead of the data. they said they wanted to wait for the fda and now the cdc to act but also they wanted to plan ahead. there are millions of americans who are going to be eligible for booster doses very soon. i think the outcomes from the fda meeting last week was as
6:49 am
dr. collins said that some people under 65 in addition to people over 65 will get boosters very soon. the advisory committee voted unanimously to support boosters for people who had serious health conditions including conditions like obesity as well as they spoke favorablely for healthcare workers and teachers, others who are exposed to covid a lot or who could transit it in a close work setting. so next up is the fda's final decision that will happen today or tomorrow. the cdc will meet about translating these recommendations into specific actions for supporting vaccination availability. for people young and healthy it is probably a bit further off. it wouldn't be unexpected for them to get a booster recommendation down the road when we have a little more evidence and there are a little further out from their first vaccine. >> dana: what for people who
6:50 am
had covid and might have the antibodies. would they be included in this or no? >> well, these reviews didn't really focus on that population. we know from that group, dana, if you've had covid before, you can get a strong reaction just to one dose. so it has been three months or more since your infection the recommendation stands you should get vaccinated at least with one dose. also should add that this was not about the moderna or j&j shot either. both of those companies have submitted data to the fda and expect a similar process in the next three or four weeks or so for people who have those vaccines to get recommendations about boosters as well. >> dana: great to see you, doctor. >> trace: thousands of our allies still stranded in afghanistan weeks after the last u.s. soldier left kabul. up next an update on evacuation efforts from one of the volunteers who is working to
6:51 am
get americans and allies out of taliban territory. plus after the tragic end to the search for gabby petito so many questions still unanswered. we'll ask -- this is live pictures of the house of brian laundrie and his parents in florida. we'll ask fox nation host nancy grace about the questions involving this case coming up. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in newday's history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. just one call, and you can save thousands every year. there's no money out of pocket and no up front fees. the newday two and a quarter refi. at these rates, you may never need to refinance again. >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. this couple was on a camping trip... ...when their windshield got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair.
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6:57 am
trapped in afghanistan. >> yes. thank you for having me. definitely there are more than the 100 being stated. we have multiple groups working together with teams of rosters of people and we continue to scrub those rosters to make sure that we know where these people are at. i do want to say that i'm appalled at our administration and disrespected americans and our allies as well as put our soldiers' future operations globally in jeopardy. i'm in contact. >> trace: i just want to stop you. you are appalled at the administration and you want them to help. >> i've stated that numerous times. that we're totally willing to work with them at any point in time. they might be working with other groups as well. we still haven't seen any movement, very slow moving. people don't have time for that. they're being executed, killed, hunted as well as we have
6:58 am
americans also being in safe houses that are scared that they might be made an example of. very dangerous for everybody there. we do not have a lot of time. >> trace: who are the super high value targets. americans or afghan allies. who are you the most concerned about right now? >> well, people that worked for us for 20 years. there are announcements all the time from the taliban coming in through on the ground reports of people being told that if they worked with the americans, if they have anything to do with american companies or government they'll be punished severely and there is a lot of different levels for that. the afghan interpreters and people that are in special forces, things like that are definitely high targets as well. but as far as even just -- >> trace: you talk about the taliban trying to trap people, to trick people. can you explain that for us?
6:59 am
>> yeah. they have some different techniques they use to send out emails, to send out notices saying come here and we'll look on getting you cleared for a visa or send an email saying they've been requested to come somewhere to be evacuated, things like that. as well as they are blocking communications. they are tracking communications so that they're able to find out kind of what we're doing and what our movements are. we have had to really come up with different ways to strategically help to protect people. it continues every day to get worse as we move people around as well. but i will say one of our partners is lieutenant colonel john meyers. we talk with him on almost a daily basis. he has a large group of americans and green card holders he is tracking so we have the evidence out there. we're talking to these people.
7:00 am
we have american children, we have children being born that are really under american citizenship technically. so there is a lot of different things. americans being shot at. but i will say this, we want to work with the administration. >> trace: it's an awful situation over there. you guys are doing great work and we wish you the best of luck. thank you for coming on. >> thank you. >> trace: she is frustrated because she says listen, the odds are that all these people have been vetted and the add gabby petito. >> dana: a grim discovery in wyoming as a body is found. the f.b.i. says the remains
7:01 am
appear to match her description. police are searching for gabby's boyfriend, a person of interest in the case. his parents say he has been missing since tuesday. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. bill hemmer is off. >> trace: i'm trace gallagher. those remains were found in a remote campground at the edge of grand teton national park. a formal identification hasn't been completed by gabby's parents have been notified about the discovery. >> dana: now the investigators are waiting for autopsy results to get further clues about what happened? >> police are treating this as if it were a homicide. they may have a lot more information than we have. is it a fall, because she was struck with a rock or something? that they can tell from the autopsy. >> dana: carley shimkus is at the florida park where police
7:02 am
were searching for laundrie yesterday. >> police and f.b.i. agents are outside brian laundrie's family home right now. we don't know why they're there. one f.b.i. agent went inside with a bag and envelope. there is movement at the house right now. we thought there would be a lot of movement at the carlton reserve area today because authorities conducted a massive search of this area where i'm standing yesterday. came up empty-handed. we thought they would be back today but the north port police spokesman released a statement this morning saying at this time we currently believe they have exhausted all avenues in searching of the grounds there. law enforcement agencies continue to search for brian laundrie and law enforcement agencies are now at his house. this comes a day after the f.b.i. delivered the news no one wanted to hear. >> i would like to extend
7:03 am
sincere and heart felt condolences to gabby's family. we ask that you all respect the privacy as they mourn the loss of their daughter. earlier today, human remains were discovered consistent with the description of gabby petito. >> investigators made the discovery while searching grand teton national park yesterday. the county coroner's office will conduct and autopsy tomorrow. gabby's dad posted this beautiful tribute on twitter writing gabby petito she touched the world. also hearing from her brother speaking out on instagram saying my heart is shattered #justice for gabby. the laundrie family we're hearing from them as well. their attorney releasing a statement saying the news about gabby petito is heartbreaking and they pray for gabby and her family. we'll show you a live look at
7:04 am
the laundrie family home. police and law enforcement had entered the house again. they said they hadn't seen their son for three days when that development came down we all thought, dana, it was going to be about gabby because there was such a heavy law enforcement presence at the house. we haven't seen a significant presence since friday until this very moment where f.b.i. and police are outside the laundrie family home right now. >> dana: one of the things that was reported is that he left a note in his car. do you know anything about that note and was it turned over to the f.b.i.? >> that is absolutely the reporting that brian laundrie drove his car to the carleton reserve area tuesday to go for a hike and then he never showed up and never came back home. his parents got worried. they searched for him and found the car and a note on the car.
7:05 am
left the car there apparently overnight just in case he wanted to drive it back to the house the next day. they reportedly picked up the car and the following day after that is when they called police. it is a three-day stretch between the time his parents saw him last and when they called police. >> dana: thank you so much. stand by because we have breaking news the f.b.i. now searching the laundrie house again. nancy grace is the host of crime stories on fox nation. as this news happens as we are here live on air in north port, florida, searching the home again i want to -- there is so much to ask you and lets get your take what they might be looking for at the home. >> number one with all of the press and citizens outside the home how did laundrie get out and nobody noticed? that place has been staked out 24/7. did he really go to carlton reserve?
7:06 am
why do we believe that other than it's what the parents said? i don't know how the car could have left with him in it and the parents brings it back and nobody sees this happening? i'm very concerned about the condition in which gabby was found, her remains. was she buried, at the bottom of a ravine, was she attacked by animals, did she die from the elements? if gabby was buried, then she was murdered. that's what i need to find out. >> dana: so the autopsy will be done tomorrow. i understand they have to wait a little while. police seem to feel pretty sure about it and the family devastated. interestingly in this case the bloggers are looking back through their video, travel video, these are civilians and they see the van and they look and a little bit closer they see the hat that was also in other photographs that we had
7:07 am
of the video and sandals that seem to match the ones gabby had. they were critically important to getting to this point where the f.b.i. was able to find the body. >> yes. i don't want to be too hard on them not finding the body earlier because this is a huge -- thousands and thousands of acres. remember, they are dispersed camping. they are way off the grid. thank god a blogger saw that and posted it or another camper. it really helped them hone in. the nature of the discovery of the body will be critical. they set up a tent so you couldn't see what was going on. back to laundrie. was he even in carlson reserve and something else to think about? has anybody seen him at all since he got home on september 1? how long has he really been
7:08 am
gone? the parents wouldn't let the cops in the home and wouldn't let them see laundrie or talk to him. has he been gone this whole time? >> dana: trace, go ahead with your question. >> trace: i was curious, nancy, i am fascinated by the whole thing. people forget that gabby petito lived in this house with the laundrie family before they went on this five month thing. he comes home september 1st and there are no questions where is gabby for 10 days until the family finally decides to report her missing? but the question in all of this. you made a good point. there had to be eyes on this house. maybe they couldn't talk to the guy because of his constitutional rights. maybe they couldn't have a warrant to get all the electronics but there had to be eyes on this house and it is very difficult to believe that brian laundrie with the help of his parents or not just decided to go to some reserve and take a hike while nobody saw him leave in or out. it doesn't make sense. the car going back and forth is
7:09 am
weird. >> yeah, i'm curious. are there cameras at carlton reserve? there are no cameras in a lot of hiking spots. it's a bunch of trees. it is nature. if there is not surveillance cameras then that's a problem. how about in the neighborhood? could you see him driving in and out on ring door bells? was it even him or has he been gone since september 1 and have the parents been covering for him? >> dana: nancy, you think back to last week when laundrie's sister did an interview with "good morning america" and she said that she had not been allowed to see him, either, right? >> right. because was he not there? you have to think back. number one, establish your timeline. we don't even have a timeline because nobody can sai, other than the parents, that they have seen brian laundrie. why? >> trace: nancy, you have covered a lot of this stuff and you look at the scene and
7:10 am
wondering why is the f.b.i. there now and going back in the house? what are they looking for now? have they exhausted the search for the carlton reserve? and what's next? what do they believe the parents are not telling them? the parents did not cooperate at all nor did brian laundrie and now the f.b.i. is on the premises scouring this house. what information have they gleaned maybe from the other side of the country in wyoming more about the condition of gabby petito's body, but what have they gleaned that's making them present themselves to the house right now in your estimation? >> it could be a matter of getting the necessary warrants. i believe they could have gotten a warrant way back when but maybe they know more than we do. i'm sure they do. i think warrants should have been gotten on the parents, phones, emails, texts, the works to find out where she was. now that her body has been
7:11 am
found this thing is another can of worms. because we're talking about now a potential homicide and i'm telling you, what they found out there may have led them to believe she didn't die of natural causes, this is a homicide and now they are trying to get all that -- let's just say laptops, i-pads, everything, even their alexa. what was said in the home? that can be gotten pursuant to warrant. think. >> dana: the other thing that happened is we found out that he hitchhiked at one point and was picked up and the woman miranda on "good morning america" today picked him up when they said they were going to jackson he got agitated and wanted to get out of the car. what might investigators glean from that? >> he got out of the car to hitch a different ride. he didn't want to go anywhere near jackson. he and gabby had been sleeping
7:12 am
on a tarp which is not that uncommon. you put a tarp underneath your tent. out on the snake river. miranda, the tik tok girl said he was clean, he didn't smell bad. he looked freshly showered. how is that when you've been on a tarp on the snake river? where had he really been and why didn't he want to get close to jackson near where gabby was found? >> trace: one of the key parts of this investigation now you talked about carlton reserve. for people who don't know anything about that, you are talking about 83 some miles of hiking trails in and around that reserve and what they are saying now is you know what? there is a belief he is not there. so he is somewhere else and somebody, if he is somewhere else, somebody in that house knows where or has an inkling of where that somewhere else might be. i think is that a proper assessment in your view, nancy? >> i think you're right and i
7:13 am
also think that you'll have to pull their fingernails off before they say anything else about their son. i think that's why as you pointed out earlier the sister wants allowed to see him. a he wasn't there or b they wouldn't want her to have knowledge to put her under a cloud of suspicion. what they found out in wyoming made them believe it could be a homicide and taken on an entirely different character and why the feds are on their doorstep in their home right now. that's what you don't want to see. feds at the door. >> dana: we have breaking news in north port. carley shimkus, what is happening now in the home? >> there is a bit of activity that just unfolded outside the laundrie family home. like i said before, f.b.i. agents entered the home. one of them had a bag and an
7:14 am
envelope. they also brought several other things in like chairs and a folding desk and other equipment and then at 9:48 a.m. eastern time brian laundrie's parents were rushed out and put in this black dodge caravan with tinted windows. it's still in the driveway. the car hasn't moved. the parents moved from inside the house to outside the house. they are sitting in that black dodge caravan with tinted windows right now and all of this is unfolding in a cloud of somewhat secrecy. we don't know exactly why the f.b.i. has decided to do that. one of the big surprising developments that came down just a few hours ago was that the police, north port police called off the search for brian in this area. they say they aren't searching the carlton reserve anymore today but still looking for him in general. so something made the police feel like they have exhausted
7:15 am
this area enough. they called off the search this morning just to give a timeline, a couple hours later the f.b.i. goes to the laundrie family home and they are inside the house right now. >> dana: thank you, carley. nancy, one of the things about the carlton reserve, there is a lot of standing water because of the recent hurricane. why would they call off the search there for today? >> i can tell you this much from my own searches, tracker dogs, blood hounds can smell under water. they can smell the scent of a dead body or live person on the water. that's a myth they stop when they see water. the fact that it's covered in water will slow it down immensely but won't stop a tracker dog. it tells me more not about the conditions. it's swamp to start with. a lot of the trails are under water with all the rain, a lot of trails themselves are under water. they don't think he is there. i don't know if he ever was
7:16 am
there and i wonder if they tracked around where his car had been and got nothing and that's how they know he wasn't there. >> trace: i'm fascinated by the fact that carley was just reporting that the parents are now outside in the car, an indication the f.b.i. wants to be alone in that house. they want the run of the house and now they have it. and i'm also wondering why the parents were not separated, why they weren't put in separate cars. i know we're not calling them suspects. but as a rule in these types of warrant searches and investigations the parents are normally taken away and put in separate areas so there is no coordination of any kind of stories or anything else. i'm wondering if you're struck by that or is it just me? >> i am struck by it but i think their target right now is to have free run of the home. i do think the parents are going to be questioned but i don't think they will get anything else out of those parents. i think they've already been
7:17 am
questioned and they've been -- they aren't going to say anything else and why they are in the vehicle together. i'm wondering if they will take them away for further questioning at hq headquarters. it seems to me the search going down now because they would have already taken them and on their way for questioning and a different team would be searching the house. curious about what they are bringing out. >> dana: it is interesting because as carley reported, the parents say that they went -- he was gone, they went and found his car, left it overnight and then they got the car. there was a note on the car and they brought the car back. if that turns out not to be true what else are we dealing with? >> well, another thing reports are that one of the notes, if there were in fact two, but there was a note from police saying you can't leave your car here. you will have to move it. one of those yellow notices when you park there too long. to that effect the parents
7:18 am
still left it there and when he didn't come back they came and brought it home. how did they get it out? with a cloak of inviceability? where was the car all this time and where is laundrie? i don't know that he was ever in the home. >> trace: breaking news. you see the house in north port, florida, the house owned by the parents of brian laundrie. he lived there with them and gabby petito lived there a short time before they left. the f.b.i. is inside the house searching and they apparently have given up the search at the reserve where the parents said that brian laundrie was. i want to bring in jonathan serrie live at north port, florida police headquarters. what are you hearing? >> if you look on your screen at the extreme left you can see that yellow caution tape blowing in the wind. when you can't see is just
7:19 am
below the screen there is also caution tape on the other side of the road. law enforcement has backed curious onlookers and neighbors and other people in the area to the other side of the street and when they did our fox digital reporters on the scene said you're in a crime scene. the first time they referred to this area as a crime scene. a different dynamic. as you recall last week any time there was any development, witnesses, neighbors, curious onlookers would crowd the house and walk right up onto the lawn. at that point authorities did not know that any crime had been committed. they simply were referring to this as a missing persons case. clearly there is a new sense of urgency in this investigation as f.b.i. agents execute that search warrant. >> trace: i know the police have a lot of pressure because
7:20 am
they say they could not execute a search warrant on the home. they could not go in and question brian laundrie. others saying they should have been compelled to exercise a search warrant. i wonder if this changes? is this maybe a nod that the f.b.i. is saying we're going to take the lead on this, we're going to go in there and do a thorough search, we are going to find out for ourselves what we want to find out? >> yeah, that's interesting. i don't know there has been any change in the leadership of this investigation. i know that north port police have been very professional and very transparent through this entire investigation but they are a small police department. they have limited resources. so really while they were searching for brian in the area, they only had so many resources to monitor the home. and so clearly with the f.b.i.
7:21 am
coming in and being able to provide their manpower and expertise, this will only enhance the investigation, trace. >> trace: jonathan serrie, stand by if you would for us. >> dana: ted williams was on with us earlier and now back on the phone with us. former homicide detective. ted, the parents are in a van outside the home being held or possibly questioned. let's get your take on the latest developments. >> i listened to nancy grace and i agree with everything that she said about this. look, from the beginning i think the parents and relatives have known more than they let on. what we've been told is they went down to this swamp and they recovered this vehicle. i have always questioned that as being something suspicious.
7:22 am
we don't know where brian is. brian could very well be in another country for all we know. he could be down in the swamps. he could be anywhere. but what has happened in this investigation, i believe, that he is no longer -- and they have not officially said this and i'm only saying it -- that he is no longer a person of interest but actually a suspect, i believe. i believe as a suspect that they believe that there is something in that house that they want. they have gotten warrants to go into that house and do the searches that they need because he is no longer a person of interest. i think they are focused on brian and looking for brian. it may very well be that brian is in the search area but for some reason they believe that there are other areas that they need to look at and they are
7:23 am
also perhaps questioning the family as to whether they have been truthful with them all the way along in this matter. remember, it was on tuesday that brian was alleged to have left that house and gone hiking. what in the hell do you mean? your girlfriend, the person you are you love is missing, and you are going hiking? that doesn't make any sense whatsoever to me. so i think that they are on a track that i can tell you, dana, i absolutely believe that they now have a great deal more information than they provided us and that they are now looking at this as a criminal act. i do know that that crime scene is now being processed and it is, in fact, being processed as a crime scene. >> dana: can i ask you one question then? would it be the f.b.i. that
7:24 am
would make that switch from person of interest to suspect? or is it more the north port police. >> it's the f.b.i. i believe. the f.b.i. has been in control of this investigation from its inception. the police department, the local police department is where brian -- they have done their investigation because brian on september 1 came back to that area. but from what they've been told, they also have scrubbed that vehicle to look for foul play. i believe at this stage that the f.b.i. has determined that there was, in fact, foul play in this investigation. let me make sure i'm clear. it is not an official statement. that's a statement coming from me. but all of the indications that we have seen here so far this morning leads me to believe that they know that there was
7:25 am
foul play involved in the death of gabby petito. >> dana: trace gallagher, turn it over to you for questions? >> trace: i want to rerack the videotape because we want to show when the f.b.i. first arrived at the house in north port. there they are. this is the f.b.i. arriving at the house before they took the parent out and put them in a van. this is an all hands on deck. a very small police department in north port, florida, right? now the f.b.i. comes in and they are going through this house with a fine tooth comb. my question to ted williams is, is the information that they are looking for, do they believe it's in the house or ted, did they get information that maybe came from wyoming? we've said the autopsy is not officially supposed to happen until tomorrow on gabby petito. there has to be a sense of urgency here.
7:26 am
did they get information from wyoming officials that now makes them believe this is a crime? because right now we don't officially have any crime that has been committed in wyoming and that seem to have changed when the f.b.i. pulled up this morning, ted. >> trace, from the time that they located this body and they were able to make certain identifications by certain tatoos on the body. the f.b.i. started off by just about offering the family his condolences as to the result and saying that they needed to reserve and wait for the coroner and autopsies. but there is a lot of physical evidence that they found where this body was that would lead a
7:27 am
reasonable police officer, a reasonable federal agent to believe that there was a crime afoot here. and so what they've decided to do is to treat it, i believe, as a crime scene. and as a result of that, they have now moved with all deliberate speed at the home of brian laundrie because they believe that there possibly may be physical evidence in that home. and so they are now in that home doing a search. and it is the f.b.i. that's leading this operation. they are leading this search. you asked about the two parents that were put out into the car that has been reported, that is normal procedure. normally they separate them but remember, at this stage we don't know the stauts of the parents. are they part of a criminal --
7:28 am
do the authorities believe that they are part of some criminal activity? these are some of the questions that we don't know. but i can tell you i do not believe -- and i'm being slightly redundant this is anything other than a criminal investigation. i think the authorities now believe that there have been foul play and they are directing their attention at laundrie and to try to determine where he is and to try to determine if he was ever in that swamp area. and who may very well be assisting him. those individuals may also be charged with a crime, accessory definitely after the fact. >> dana: this is dana. i have a question we've been wondering for a while which is laundrie, if he does in fact ever go to the home and the van is there, but at some point
7:29 am
along the way you would have surveillance coverage of him possibly getting gas or using a rest area or something like that. we haven't had any of that come forward yet. >> well, we haven't been told of any of that, dana, you are absolutely correct. but that does not mean that the authorities do not have that kind of information that they're keeping close to their vest. so as i've said before, there is a great deal that the authorities already know about this complete investigation. i believe that while they were saying that laundrie was a person of interest, that they in the back of their mind knew that unfortunately that there was more likelihood that gabby would not be coming home and they were treating this also as a criminal investigation. >> trace: it's striking to me, ted. you go over the timeline and a
7:30 am
couple of things stand out. you go back and august 24th speaking to her mom and on the 27th face time with the mom. on the 30th the parents get a text message from gabby that says no service in yosemite. the parents don't believe that text message was sent by gabby petito. they haven't revealed why they don't believe it was sent by her but they don't believe it was sent by her. you look at the gaps in the timeline, ted. you have the the parents finally decide they are going to file a missing persons report. and is there something in your
7:31 am
mind that says all of this wasted time could have been pertinent? was she alive at a certain point in time during this time that maybe somebody could have helped, ted, or do you believe that august 27th is really the time frame where something bad happened in the western part of the united states? >> well trace, i think we are going to have to wait for the autopsy. the autopsy will perhaps be able to tell us the actual time that she died. but we do know that on the 25th of august, she spoke with her mom and it was after the 25th of august that they received these text messages that the mom, meaning gabby's mom, said may or may not have come from gabby. and then brian laundrie returns home on september 1.
7:32 am
you've got to think gabby lived in that house. the first question that you would have thought that the parents would ask is where is gabby? and so there is this big question mark. and -- but i can tell you all of this, the f.b.i., they have more knowledge and more information than they are actually giving us. i think right now their main objective is to find brian. and i think once they find brian, you will see that there is more likely than not that brian will be charged with a crime here because i think, again, the f.b.i. after their investigation and the circumstances of the finding of this body leads them to believe that there was foul play and
7:33 am
they are acting on those -- on the information that they have available to them at this immediate time. >> trace: it sure seems like it. >> dana: stand by for us. we have charles watson live outside the laundrie home in north port, florida. what is happening there now, charles? >> just a few moments ago we start evidence to see a lot of police ---started to see a lot of police activity. they started cordoning off the street and clearing out the area before the f.b.i. arrived. we saw f.b.i. agents move into the laundrie residents. they announced a search warrant two times before going inside and removing both chris and roberta laundrie, the parents of brian, and placing them in a van an our lawn. a tweet from the f.b.i. a few moments ago that says quote, the f.b.i. is executing a court-authorized search warrant today at the laundrie residence
7:34 am
relevant to the gabby petito investigation. no further details can be provided since this is an active and ongoing investigation. and it seems as if authorities are refocusing the search for brian laundrie at the home of his parents. of course, this morning we were expecting the search for brian laundrie to continue at the carlton reserve. authorities several agencies have been out there for the last couple of days searching that area after his parents reported him missing and said he had gone there. that's what they reported to police on friday. they said he had gone there on tuesday and they hadn't seen him since. over the last couple of days police have been using atvs, drones, canine dogs and some of brian's clothing to try to find any trace of him in that carlton reserve which is 25,000 acres. so it was a big surprise to us this morning that the north port police department said
7:35 am
they had exhausted all of their efforts in the carlton reserve when this is where authorities are refocusing their investigation inside the laundrie residence. we saw agents moving in tables a few moments after they arrived here so it looks like they are expecting to be here for quite awhile as they try to figure out where brian laundrie is and continue their investigation into what happened to gabby petito. >> trace: i see your camera right there. a couple of questions. one, do you -- can you see in the van behind you, is there an f.b.i. agent in the car with mr. and mrs. petito? i'm curious about that. and two, is there a crime scene lab, a mobile crime scene lab on scene while the f.b.i. is in the house? >> since we've been here we
7:36 am
haven't seen the laundries or any f.b.i. agents inside that van and right now it looks as if they are moving as many resources as they can. right now we don't see a crime scene lab yet but they're moving in resources and there are agents inside the house setting up tables, looking as if they'll be here for quite a while today. >> dana: the fact that the north port, florida, police department, it's not a large police department but they have the extra resources and no doubt because so many people were following the story and wanted to help find gabby that other police resources would be available including the f.b.i. in terms of the presence, the law enforcement presence there is it different today than it was a few days ago when the parents say he was able to leave and park his car at the reserve and apparently disappear? >> that's right. we do have a large police
7:37 am
presence out here as you mentioned, the north port police department is a small department. they do have the f.b.i. out here. there has been a lot of questions surrounding what the laundrie family has known or if anything about this entire situation since it all began to unfold. of course, the family decided to keep quiet. they didn't want to talk to police at the advice of their lawyer. even though their son was named a person of interest in this case. police have all along maintained that it was their right not to speak to police and it was brian's right to move and go wherever he was. but wherever he wanted to. but it certainly came as a surprise to a lot of people, police and the general public on friday when the family decided to call police for the first time since this all unfolded and wanted to talk to police.
7:38 am
a lot of people thought they would give them information about the disappearance of gabby petito but police tell us when they got to the home, they learned that brian had been missing since tuesday and the family was only concerned about finding their son. we've gotten further details since then. police tell us the family told them that brian left on tuesday to go to the carlton reserve. they say it's the place he free quents often. he went with his backpack in hand and expected to go on a hike. when the family didn't hear from him they decided to go to the carlton reserve where they found the mustang that we see in the parents' driveway now being blocked by another vehicle. that's where they found that mustang. now there is a sort of a discrepancy about how this all played out. police say the parents went there on wednesday, they found the car and then transported it back to their home.
7:39 am
but our affiliate in tampa is telling us the lawyer for the family says that the family actually went out there on wednesday after not hearing from brian, they found the car and apparently found a note inside. they left the car there and when they didn't hear from brian again they went back the following day and retrieved the car and brought it back to their residence. the next day, last friday, is when they called police and officially reported him missing. >> dana: thank you so much. we appreciate that and we'll stay on this story. trace, it is so interesting the last 30 minutes a lot of things are not adding up. >> trace: i was looking at the video there we showed ut where the f.b.i. was first coming on scene and a rough count. by my count there were nine or 10 different f.b.i. agents on the scene. i've covered a dozen of these types of stories. when you have 9, 10, 11 f.b.i. agents actually on scene, that's an all hands on deck scenario. at some point in time between
7:40 am
the time that we started this show about an hour 39 minutes ago, dana, to now there was some information that possibly came in. because in that time they have now canceled and ended the search at the carlton reserve, 83 miles of different hiking trails and areas where you can go and hide. there is no way with the size of the police force in north port and the people they had searching out there even with the dogs that you can cover that much ground in such a short amount of time. so there was some kind of information or tip they got which led them to say we won't do the search anymore. we'll focus everything on the house, which is where all the assets are right now. bring the parents out, bring the f.b.i. in the house. they have got -- they didn't have a mobile crime scene lab. they may have that in the hours to come but they certainly have the tools and a better idea of what they are looking for now
7:41 am
than they did an hour and a half ago. >> dana: indeed. we'll stay on this. i believe we have to take a quick break but we'll be right back. got a couple of bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. what do you say we see what this bird can do? woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. looks like we're walking, kid. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ life... doesn't stop for diabetes. be ready for every moment, with glucerna.
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7:45 am
>> trace: continuing coverage now breaking news in north port, florida, that's the house of the parents of brian
7:46 am
laundrie. he also lived there, as did gabby petito, before they went on this cross-country tour in gabby petito's van to visit national parks around the country. the news that came in yesterday, the body of gabby petito was found in wyoming. we do not know a cause of death. we're told the autopsy will be tomorrow. the f.b.i. converged on the house while ago. 9 to 10 agents. a significant force showing up to the house. the agents went in. parents came out and placed in a van. we believe they are still in that van. we don't have any eyes that have seen them go elsewhere. and the f.b.i. remains in the house. the question in all of this is where is brian laundrie? there was a massive search in an area called the carlton reserve which is a series of
7:47 am
hiking trails and backcountry that he apparently went to last week and there has been no sign of him at all. we want to bring in -- by the way, that search has been canceled so there might be information that brian laundrie is not at the carlton reserve. let's bring in carley shimkus on the scene and insight into what's happening now. what do you know? >> trace, we're hearing from the laundrie family attorney. he responded to the fact that the f.b.i. is at the laundrie house with a no comment. he issued that to fox news digital. that is unique for him. he has been filled with comments after the presumed body of gabby petito was found and he released a statement for the family saying the laundrie family's heart breaks for gabby petito's family and many responded said if they're so heartbroken why wouldn't they work in coordination with the police?
7:48 am
why did brian and his parents never contact police when brian came back on september 1st? and for 10 days they were sitting on this information that she was missing. i want to provide a little bit of color how different things are where i'm standing right now at the creek in carlton reserve. this areas was filled with law enforcement yesterday. there were dozens of police vehicles from the north point police department, the sarasota county sheriff's department entering and exiting this back here, the entrance that says the environmental park. that entrance to the carlton reserve where brian said to his parents he was going hiking. they were definitely boots on the ground yesterday. they had canine units, atvs, swamp buggies. they were in full search mode. now all that activity has left this area and hyper focused on
7:49 am
the laundrie family home as f.b.i. has set up shop inside and trace, i just want to say as the news is breaking, we're all sharing notes as to what exactly is going on. your numbers were right as the estimate of f.b.i. agents inside charl's cameraman told us he saw a dozen or so f.b.i. agents enter the house. >> trace: that's a lot on the ground there. that's a significant show, whatever information they got, they want to get in that house and want to retrieve some tip, something somewhere in that house. >> dana: we couldn't have a better guest to follow up on what carley reported. former f.b.i. supervising agent jack. one of the questions is would the f.b.i. have had a travel alert on brian laundrie as soon as they found out that gabby petito was missing? >> thank you for having me.
7:50 am
he would have been a person of interest from the get-go. there would have been an alert out for him. not an all points bulletin because they wouldn't have had a warrant yet. they still don't have a warrant for him but obviously information has been triggered. when you see now at the house is the f.b.i.'s probably a combination of tactical team to make sure they secure the location, but that's the f.b.i.'s evidence response team. and they are the best. i was part of that for three years early in my career. they are highly trained agents to just do federal search warrants of this type to collect forensics, documentation, cyber information. so they are doing a total sweep of the house right now and this will be a complete investigation. as far as the mobile crime scene, they aren't going to do something like that. everything will -- everything will go to the crime lab.
7:51 am
they will collect and preserve all evidence and that will be processed at quantico, virginia. we don't like to do a mobile crime scene but we have professionals on scene to collect that evidence securely and get it back to quantico. >> dana: one more question. how important is the information on the phone? not just brian laundrie's phone or gabby's phone but possibly the parents' phones. would the f.b.i. have access to those phones and how do they deal with encryption if the phones are locked? >> absolutely. right. there are warrants and getting warrants for everybody's phone, not just his, the mom, dad, friends, relatives. we'll look at everybody's phone who was in touch with them and the last context and text messages and emails as well. so they are looking at
7:52 am
everything. they are not going to leave a stone unturned in this case. as i talked earlier, one of your producers, you know, it is about following the evidence here and following who talked to when and who talked to who last. the parents, very odd that they are not cooperating. it is odd he is missing. so there is a lot of holes in this case right now that need to be looked at and the f.b.i. will uncover all that. >> trace: i'm just curious timeline here. what do you think the motivating factor was today to get this going? is this standard operating procedure and something they happened to get the warrant and went there now or is there information that might have come from wyoming? medical examiners can tell you in two seconds cause of death if they had some kind of cause of death that hasn't been released yet they have a strong moitive. autopsy is tomorrow.
7:53 am
a strong idea of what the cause of death was, did that lead potentially to the f.b.i. thinking there might be something in this house that they could find that could corroborate or back up what people are telling them in wyoming? >> trace, that's a great question. it could be either/or. this would have been normal operating procedure for the f.b.i. to do what we call a police assistance matter on a matter like this. you know, north port is not a large police department. we're working directly with them and we're partners with them. it is not an f.b.i. matter per se. it is their case. but in the case like this one of two things happen. one we were leading up to this anyway, this search warrant, which would have been normal anyway, or something did happen in the last 24 hours which would have shown us an immediate need to execute this
7:54 am
warrant. it could have gone before a judge with those facts and circumstances and executed this warrant as they are doing right now. so the answer to your question is not an easy one but the f.b.i. is working in connection with all our law enforcement partners on this and you mentioned earlier about the search yesterday and what led up to where we're at right now, it's a combination of a lot of factors which a lot of us don't know right now at this point. >> dana: thanks. stand by. i want to get to joe concha. one of the interesting things. a lot of media coverage from the beginning of when she was first reported as a missing person. there has been cameras there around the clock in order to watch this house to see if there is anybody coming or going and now you have this scene unfolding as the f.b.i. has the parents in a van asking them whatever they are asking them and in the meantime they are all inside but we haven't seen a lot of activity going in
7:55 am
and out. >> no, we haven't. to your point around media coverage. this is a story evolving quickly and has legs because there are so many questions here, dana, right? for starters the f.b.i. and police, no one kept any eyes on brian laundrie is a mystery probably to viewers watching at home because the boyfriend or husband -- i know this wasn't at first a criminal case but it is always the first suspect in these sort of situations and now you have all these cameras, everywhere. we're in a camera-filled world and not one has called brian laundrie since he went for a hike last tuesday? and now the parents, along with their son, were taken out of the home and carley shimkus it sounds like electronic equipment, perhaps emails and messages from brian laundrie has been taken by the f.b.i. so there are so many questions. for instance, trace correctly brought it up before. autopsy is tomorrow. why the delay exactly?
7:56 am
with brian laundrie missing and all the f.b.i. agents you would think it would be an urgent priority. brian laundrie goes for a hike and never returns and the parents allow him to go for a hike when this is going on and they don't alert the police and retrieve the mustang from the park. the parents involvement here is quickly becoming a big part of this story and this mystery. >> trace: joe, i want to bring in the social media aspect of this. you are a media guy. the concept of how many tips that were put forth just because of social media. they documented their entire trip on instagram and suddenly it stopped. then you had people viewing the video and analyzing the video for different aspects of this and police have used a lot of the tips and how it played into this is fascinating. >> citizen journalism is the term, right?
7:57 am
so many people looking at the videos as you said and helping police out in these situations or in this situation, i should say, to get to the point that we are at now. so it just really a gripping story, a tragic story obviously and one we'll keep asking a lot more questions before we get answers, particularly until brian laundrie is found, if he is found. >> dana: i want to bring back jack. i have a question. the possible crime scene to me in this last hour has grown because you have the situation in wyoming and florida and places in utah as well. in some ways this crime scene is getting bigger rather than smaller. >> absolutely, dana. and you are correct. that's exactly what the f.b.i. is doing.
7:58 am
utilizing all our resources in every state. so you are using a multitude of f.b.i. field offices in this investigation. we are sending out leads to our other f.b.i. offices to cover different aspects of this investigation. and it's a huge investigation. you have a missing person and you now have a body, you have a victim, and we have a missing suspect and we have parents that are clearly not cooperating. so you have a multitude of locations that we need to be at simultaneously checking out all these different leads. that's exactly what is happening across the country. the f.b.i. is using all our offices and resources and they are going to track down every piece of evidence. this will not be solved unfortunately overnight, i don't believe. it is going to take time. even once they god willing they
7:59 am
do find him and we find more and more information, it is going to take weeks and weeks and weeks. >> dana: last question. he has to be funding -- if laundrie is alive, if he is out and about somehow he has to pay for things. how does the f.b.i. follow the money? >> obviously we're doing all the typical stuff following it. credit cards and obviously his phone i'm sure we're pinging his phone right now to see where he is located. unless he has thrown his phone away or disposed of the battery. we will be able to identify the phone and that's one of our normal tactics. if he is truly on the run and he knows he is a suspect, he is using cash so that will be very hard. we'll continue to utilize video coverage of different locations in the area where he was last seen. so we'll do things like that and continue to do witness
8:00 am
interviews. >> dana: great to have you. we had the breaking news throughout fox news channel all day today, trace. we'll be covering this breaking news. >> trace: this is a riveting story. our hearts go out to the petito family and hoping the brian laundrie is caught soon. >> dana: we'll keep everybody updated. "the faulkner focus" is up next with harris. here she is. >> harris: we'll pick it up from here wi


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