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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 21, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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like ever. that can't be comfortable though. the smart, fast, easy way to travel. a news alert on a manhunt for the boyfriend of gabby. a florida wildlife area where he could be hiding. we are looking to confirm if th remains are in fact gabby.
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welcome to all of you. we have a civil rights attorney and the search is on. the fbi went looking through hi home where his parents live. the focus is trying to search t the massive nature preserve. they called off the search citing dangerous waters with alligators and snake. they are not doing an autopsy o the body that matches her description but we do not expec confirmation until today. for some brand-new insight into the case. >> we drove by them and the
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gentleman was slapping the girl. he tossed her in the car and they drove off. if in fact this was going on i know you are an attorney. if they were having problems before what does that communicate the? >> there was a potential crime and there may be a history of domestic violence. arthritis we know the fbi has a search warrant. they need to have probable caus of some sort of criminal activity. they did not take this type of aggressive action. they must know a lot more in th public does at this point for them to get a search warrant that means they had information
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of some sort of criminal activity and they are now searching for a former person o interest. for them to have a search warrant in effect that means they are pursuing a criminal case that a crime has been committed. his status may change eventually. >> in the last hour we had a forensic pathologist on and he said the crime scene as you talked about is a specific focus. >> was she killed where she was found or was she killed elsewhere and then taken in place where she was? we are looking at the body and the medical examiner also tells you how long she may have been there. >> i want to come out to the couch. emily when we are simply lookin
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at the fact when you hear these types of details -- if the information and actual evidence that matters. obviously what we've been exposed to in the public eye an a social media we think connecting everything for the last few months. the 911 call a lot of these things are ancillary and circumstantial. we have to ask whether this value is outweighed by the prejudicial value. meaning when we are in court a long road away we are not implying anything at the moment but the stuff we are being fed right now may be ruled that its prejudicial and may not have a probative value meaning it does not help the case enough to outweigh the fact that it would
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unduly harm the defendant. the fact that we are waiting fo this autopsy is what matters. >> this is the color of what we've seen in the media. we want to see what the autopsy says. i don't like when things leave the scene. i don't like to hear the vehicl and the primary person of interest both left. he just left to go get some foo or something. we only know what we've been told. i want to come out to casey and get your thoughts on this. >> thank you all for having me. i think touching unmet social media aspect you hear of all of this chit chat on social media.
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but if not for those blogs and you tubers we wouldn't know the van was at the campsite. i don't know if this is true or not but they said they gave him a ride when he was hitchhiking. for the mother to get that text message that's what it's so hard. seeing the footage on the side of the road of her being so upset. when the police separated them are one day that time that they pulled them over potentially with a chance to save your life and nobody knew.
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and the call for them and you can hear on the body camera can hear the officer saying we are going to separate you for the night. they are experts because they deal with so many of these cases. according to this doctor we should have gone further. i think you hit the nail on the head. we can always speculate but there's the question of domesti violence. she said something different to the officers that she had experienced this behavior. to blame yourself and also pointing out that there was a makeshift memorial found in the area this is where her body was
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found with a cross of rocks right in the area. they are focused on whether or not the body is actually where somebody was the person killed in the spot? we are trying to tell a story i not dependent upon social media. we are also now looking for brian. at first the search was called off before they started looking for him again. look at the timing of this. that search warrant as we said earlier they know more than we do. that after you execute the search warrant in the search
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continues. they are much more superior investigative teams in the stat troopers. after the trip to the house you are going to see more and more evidence being collected. in the autopsy report they will see the location of the crime the cause of death in the time of death. those are going to be the three components that matter as far a things being collected at the house. amid a surge of thousands of migrants that our southern border we are expecting more of this in the future. this is the vice president facing criticism for booking a trip on a talk show instead of talking at the border.
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has the administration works to deport thousands of mostly haitian migrants in texas more than 20,000 people are now reportedly gathered in columbia. they will soon be headed to the us. they are reporting they are monitoring this as well as groups of about 1500 migrants and 3,000 in peru. the president is facing criticism for not doing more to address certain. meanwhile they are being presse on why foreign nationals are required to be vaccinated but migrants are not.
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here we are talking with the press secretary yesterday. >> when they walk across the country did somebody ask to see their vaccination card? >> let me explain how the process works. as individuals from across the border they are both assessed for whether they have any symptoms if they have symptoms the intention is for them to be quarantined. they don't intend to stay here for a lengthy segment of time. >> is she making any of this up? they don't intend to stay here long. there is just such a level of delusion. it is so disappointing because it does not have to be this way.
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now he probably had his people in worse conditions than they were in. >> haiti is no picnic but now they come here and this is not the land of the free that they have heard about. by the way marshall was off me yesterday and she said social media is playing a huge role in this. taking an aim at them from the hill they are getting ready to have a hearing. this stuff is being spread in reaching the citizens that thin they should come. what they hear is the loud megaphone that's broadcast with our president of us saying you can come. says if he was answering a
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campaign promise to the progressives. where do we go from here? how these things that normally happened in the dark are happening in the daylight. we are deporting these people and it's a terrible look. jason works with the trump campaign and he doesn't have a voice now. >> in the green light that been amplified on social media is only surging now. because many of his migrants have been in countries for the last year or so because they no longer have to remain in mexico. and we have a sound bite from our president and we can get your reaction on the other side of whether we believe anything he says we will take a listen.
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>> it's under control. we are going to get this under control. >> simply amazing. as he said what is happening on the hill the senator is testifying about his plan. when is this plan going to stop working? they said that this is working. have the audacity to make our allies the border is not open but migrant crossings are at a 21 year high. 14,000 was the high number and you can see the human excrement half the population and we hear they aren't intending to stay. they traveled this far to build tents.
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this does not make sense and we'll see him lying. is from an administration that seems two only prioritize the pandemic. they are refusing to vaccinatio at the rate of missions as abov 8 percent. public schools were shut down a 3 percent. the positivity rate is upwards of 15,000 for example. these numbers are truly terrifying. in this administration is only looking at it as the people are republicans. me be very clear. if you are an american citizen the people at the southern border entering this country there is no restriction. there is no vaccine requirement. this should drive the american public crazy.
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there is a double standard. it's a third world country down there. i submit to you another country that looks like this. this administration is strictly lying to the public. i guarantee you the only reason they won't do anything is because they are afraid. and i think they are afraid of the social left. we have a vice president that has refused to hold a press briefing and visit the southern border. refusing to even take questions from reporters. all of a sudden against this landscape she is now agreed to go on a talk show. we need a leader not just a talking head. >> she decided which will pull team was going to get the ball first. she attended a college ballgame over the weekend.
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there may be some more importan things to come out. >> up next to the same media that ignored the humanitarian crisis is now peddling a narrative that they use the reins in a whipping fashion against migrants.
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they went they should not be using on humans. beer talking about mimi black migrants and black immigrants. will they speak to the kind of racism that is embedded in this department. you may be drawn to the desperation of amman trying to escape others in desperation fo keeping the borders safe of wha i believe the former president tried to paint a pitcher of our border.
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they are confirming their own biases. we don't carry whips. of course they don't. these people are desperate. there is desperation and where was the media that was covering at the last month. they were crying hysterically and they couldn't even lie down because they were having troubl with each other where were they when the entire country was raising the alarm over concern of background checks. people said the human migrants aren't solid conditions. for me now if they have issues for equipment issues with the surge we need more people to listen to law enforcement. two local officials who are
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crying for help of these desperate humans and the desperation of the americans that are trying to kick them out. >> you hit the nail on the head with what you are asking. measurable outrage. to a have to wait until there i a category of people that peopl might care more about? i care about that child who was dropped into america. fortunately they topped the child. i didn't even care that the child was from central america. it doesn't matter to me where the child came from. i think measuring the outrage i
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very important. and it's because it's been out of control for a while. only care about this when it tilts this way. it's because of this that we ignore the fact of the story. there should never be a situation where you feel outnumbered. when you look at these numbers they had to bring in a squad ca to build the barrier. look at the reporting they shouldn't have had to do that. let's talk about the whips. these images are heartbreaking. i'm not an equestrian genius i've been on a horse and i live in arizona. amalie knows her stuff but it's easy to buy into whatever the narrative is the optics on the screen and the pitchers because they are on horses and when we put the best amongst us we put
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people in the worst physicians and it does look bad. meanwhile they are all funding with the story. they cannot with the horrible article thinking people were overdosing on horse the warmer. let's talk about how they chang the words on the bottom of the screen. a network changed it on my tv. that's exactly right. they had to change the word up to appear because they had to portray what appears in the
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video rather than pushing the narrative of what we saw earlier. is frightening in any regard because therefore relying on it desperate. what about the ones that are fanning out across the country that we don't know about? the white house has thrown fuel in this. listening to the change in tone. >> do you think this is a human way to treat people. i think you are assuming things i can say that respectively.
9:32 am
we are investigating the fax an if it's anything different we will respond accordingly. it's against border patrol policy. am wondering if the press secretary picked up the phone h said get on board with this. you are correct again. the damage has been done.
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maybe we can ask these questions. because they do need to be answered from the president himself. i would love to hear them askin questions. the san francisco mayor was dancing at a nightclub. why we have to follow the rules but they do not.
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that's why there's only one best network. most of the guests did not wear masks. the department is now defending the celebrities saying exceptions are made for known productions. modifications are made for thes constructions. is a television production and
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people on the show are considered performers. were you aware there was a celebrity exception? >> as long as everybody helping wears a mask everything is okay. if you are sophisticated and vaccinated you can't transmit the disease. i forgot about the sophisticate part. that the great reminder. we are going to roll the tape o this protocol. this is the mayor when she violated the rules. there is a feeling exception exists. that's not singing.
9:40 am
i don't know what you call that but it's not singing. this is some blowback. after he defeated the recall th elite people that are part of the democratic elite party they get a pass and that made this a role in san francisco that you have to wear a mask. she wasn't eating she was not drinking. yet she does not have a mask on. at the double standard of democrats around the country. we've seen in nearly two dozen democrats violating the rules. i won't bore you with the many other names.
9:41 am
i don't know about you i had to get up and dance i was wonderin if they just called out tony. don't include me in this. and there was a plan and they felt moved. which exception are you on with. if you are sophisticated these democrats sophisticated word is the same thing. that's the main thing along wit being a celebrity.
9:42 am
this is coming from the elitist point of view. they said he reached out the public health in advance to share their proposed. they said they reach out to us and everything was okay. but with money being thrown around as their leverage that the rest of us don't get to enjoy? is the biggest defense is not that they are human. they pretended not to be in the only hold us the ordinary americans to that standard. the men and women of oklahoma say they are causing gunshot victims to not have hospital bed. >> that's what this is. that the left wing playbook. you look at the other side you do not look at yourself. they won't look in the mirror because they are guilty of the
9:43 am
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the texas governor holding a news conference. thousands of migrants have set up camp they are expected to talk about the administration for the border. they canceled a news conference as they speak with the fbi the search begins. >> that's a video from a black class matter protest.
9:48 am
they got into a brawl last week. the tourists were charged with assault and criminal mischief. they claim the host just made racist remarks. surveillance video shows they were asked to leave. >> apparently black class matte has been to relevance the last six months now they are going t play the race card. let's see if the prosecutor has the guts to prosecute these women. and they are making the allegation that the n-word was used.
9:49 am
when i come to new york to see you ladies i will go to that restaurant. this is classic race card gamesmanship. with the vaccination card police. there is potential for injury. camp for carter played role as well. be are we in college again. using these vaccination cards. we have the hostess or the manager at the restaurant policing the patrons.
9:50 am
in turn we have patrons that wants to have a bit of normalcy. where is the unity? it's difficult to watch. in a workforce that is already in difficult times in the service injury. they want to act as a police officer as they pointed out before potentially getting into altercations and having to deal with this. by the way this place is delicious the meatballs definitely are. >> this is the opposite. now it seems like we might be letting skin color be more important than the content of our character. i'm not sure where we are going with this but we can't judge each other.
9:51 am
we can stay on this all day long. i want my time and give lee olson time. >> i think we are on same page. unfortunately this racism and race card has them played it's going to be played after we leave this great country in thi great planet. it's used for political purpose and what you see here is an organization that has only one purpose. intimidate and constantly attack. we've seen these accusations that this country is inherently racist. it's not. that the live.
9:52 am
and we even know if she actuall used that word? they denied that anything happened. i do find this interesting that they were in agreement with sea hannity. i seem to remember others makin that very point that would mean 65 percent of people have not been vaccinated. preparing tonight on fox business you are not going to
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that one actually sold. we've got one in miami, two in chicago that you will see. it's so glamorous. >> harris: you think i'm joking about jersey, but let me tell you. franklin lakes, those places up there. >> we have yet to go. >> hey, kacie -- harris, can i say this? kacie, i want to reserve with kayleigh's permission, i want to reserve one of those home force baby blake's next birthday party. >> thank you. we'll schedule it and the camera man won't show up or something. >> harris: real quickly, kacie, i want to know the premise of the show. >> basically, i tkpwelt in fransy dresses and tour mansions that i have no business going into. mansion global. keeping it all in the family. we literally just pick the most
10:00 am
fabulous houses in each city. every episode is city centric. tonight will be miami, chicago. it's every time of home. you have modern, traditional. something for everyone. >> harris: i'm always fascinated to see how other people live. >> my mom is so excited to watch. >> harris: congratulations. mansion global with kacie, congrats. here's america reports. >> john: speaking of how people are living, humanitarian crisis unfolding under a bridge in a texas border town. thousands of migrants are living in dirty, hot and unsanitary conditions. looks like a scene from a refugee camp, not an international border. good afternoon. i'm john roberts in washington. hi, sandra. >> sandra: video shows migrants living in whatever debris they can find. their only shelter from the brutal heat is just some sticks and branches thrown together. we are


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