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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 23, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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even folks that are political ought to be thanking them for the work that they do each and every day. jillian: it's unbelievable the work that they have to do. i'm sure they are exhausted as you said they go home to their families. they still have other things they have got to do it's just hard to imagine, ron vitiello thank you for joining us this morning and thank you for joining us. "fox & friends" starts right now. you got anything? todd: that's it. note ♪ ♪ >> southern border. >> i saw people washing babies in the rio grande. they come and go back and forth from mexico as if me or you walk across the street. >> how many immigrant have we apprehended this year? >> we don't have that information. >> i will when i actually return i focus on mission. >> the fda covid-19 booster shot 65 and older. >> army lieutenant general he resigned why. >> biden's vaccine mandate. >> it's really not about whether or not i will get the shot but about freedom of the american
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people. >> new developments in the death of gabby petino. >> the manhunt for 23-year-old brian laundrie now enters the sixth day. >> parents coming on a trip i can see that but taking their 23-year-old son struck as struck us as odd. >> posting prayers on the football field their response just change the game. ainsley: that is a song by lee greenwood going to be on our show we will talk to him come up soon. steve: he gave award. ainsley: he gives people awards every year in south carolina. i don't deserve it but you deserve it you are funding his charity that helps fund houses for wounded warriors when they come home. brian: what award? ainsley: patriot award. brian: you are patriotic. ainsley: it's in my office. i had to like you with your bust at that time we came back from
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the super bowl and that you big brass bust or whatever it was. you had to get another seat for it on the plane to strap it in. steve: she won the earhardt essentially. ainsley: an award for you guys not for me. steve: you were off yesterday. did you notice something different? the walk around camera guy is back ains that's right. gave is on the other side of that the camera? ted, not so much. back there monitoring. [sighs] steve: holding the cable. ainsley: so dave doesn't trip on it. come on, dave. ted, walk around this way so you can be on camera. steve: then we are going to start with the news. this is the cover of the "new york post" and it says border lie. what is the lie? well, the lie is the fact that we have heard from the administration in the form plaintiff mayorkas and the president. don't come. you're going to be returned. >> your journey will not succeed. yet, when you look at that bridge down in del rio, texas. it had 15,000 people under it
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and now it's down to five. 10,000 went somewhere as it turns out most of them, a majority, probably released into the united states. but they will not tell us the number. ainsley: when we were looking at these picture as week ago you saw from a difference. when you looked at some of the pictures close up and the "new york post" highlights pictures close up. you can see horrific conditions sleeping on the dirty ground. there is mountains of garbage. makeshift. steve: squaller. ainsley: the heat is 90 trees. trying to protect themselves. pouring water jugs over their children to wash them. some are washing in the rio grande. fears of covid because they are not required to be vaccinated. brian, i heard you in your tease when you were talking to "fox & friends first." it truly looks like a third world country. brian: or fourth or fifth because people came. senator ted cruz said there was a few came in september. when they weren't kicked out. when they were allowed to stay. the word went out come one, come now. it's not -- they are not coming
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from haiti they are coming from central and south america from brazil and ecuador and honduras and things like that. that's why they said this is our moment. again, misinformation or was it correct information? it looks as though they have not been sent back. they are allowed to stay. so that means thousands will come. >> we have frustrated senate and yesterday the house had a chance to question the homeland security secretary who has no answers but, yet, refuses to reveal the answers that we know he has on the number of people that have come here. the number of people allowed to stay here. and the got aways on down. ainsley: there was a senate hearing before that house hearing and he didn't know the number. he didn't have the answer. steve: two days in a row. ainsley: they thought when he come back for the hearing later in the afternoon he would have the answer. brian: yeah. this is the exchange. >> how many people have been returned? how many people are being detained and how many people have been dispersed? >> i would be pleased to provide you with specific data subsequent to this hearing.
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>> well, sir, yesterday you were asked exactly the same question and you gave exactly the same answer. you think he would be a little bit better prepared now that you have been asked that question. >> let me share something with you quite clearly, i work 18 hours a day. okay? so when i returned from yesterday's hearing, i actually focused on mission. >> so you don't have any estimation at all of the numbers i'ming can for at all? >> congressman, i want to be precise in my communication of data to the united states congress. and to you, specifically having posed the question. >> thank you very much. >> in my provision of the data to you. steve: yesterday for the second day in the row he played dumb. pretended he did not know the number. they know the number. this is the federal government. they got numbers for everything. he knew exactly what it was. peter doocy asked jen psaki yesterday hey, how many people have been released into the country? and she said you need to talk to the department of homeland security. and peter said you know what in the secretary says he doesn't
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know. and she said well, in that case, i will have the answer for you, peter, later this afternoon. all right. it's the next day. she still has not called because the number is embarrassing. one of the things she did say yesterday. she said that 90,000 migrants were deported in the month of august. this is not specific to del rio. but 90,000 deported in august. but 208,000 crossed the board. so almost 60% were secretly released into the united states. and, brian, to your point earlier, that does not count the number of got-aways. so the number of migrants, even though they are saying don't come. you will be returned. your journey will not succeed. it is succeeding. ainsley: the biden administration is saying if you come to the u.s. you will be returned. did. hs is confirming that some of these haitians, these migrants have been released into the united states. and peter doocy also pressed jen psaki on whether or not where is the president? has the president gone down there to the southern border?
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in his 50 years of office? when he was a senator? when he was vice president? when he became president? she said i will have to check. and then it turns out peter doocy has done some research and has not found that information. steve: our brain room couldn't find any record of him going but maybe joe biden did make a trip and she will reveal that to us today. brian: we will see. john roark is an interesting guy army vet spends his time helping out america anywhere he can when he realized what was happening at the border he decided he wanted to go down and clean up the mess left behind. then he heard the real life stories. he shared them with tucker last night. >> i saw people washing babies in the rio grande. i saw babies breast feeding babies sleeping in dirt. 107 degrees outside. red ants everywhere. real coyotes the ones that have four legs walking around naked frayed southern edition. people are knocking down trees and setting up lean toes and tee
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pees sleeping in those. they come back and forth from mexico as if me and you walk across the street. there is nobody there to stop them. brian: what people are seeing in this is race. why are hispanics allowed to get in and now you want haitians outs? and that's what scrambled the squad to suddenly realize there is a border crisis. that's what schumer talking about and kamala harris basically unaware that she is responsible for this. this is her portfolio. and now is commenting on how border patrol on horseback with long reins are handling the influx of haitians. to talk about the challenge and the misconception in this country right now. read the "new york times" today. they are taking out calling out joe biden. the question is being asked. how are you different from donald trump? yes, you campaigned that immigration was one of the places where trump was inhumane and the last time i checked, trump is not president anymore and you are not showing the humanity. you couldn't be more different than donald trump.
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going on and tell me if you heard this story before? when the officials were drawing up a policy when it came to the border, they recommended to joe biden leave the remain in mexico policy arguing that made more sense to unwind it if you are going to slowly. right? does this sound like afghanistan? later on people close to biden said well, it's a trump policy, it's politically toxic so let's get rid of it. and even mexico wanted him to do the remain in mexico policy and he threw it in the streets. does it remind you of, i don't know, the other political disaster and american disaster, afghanistan? steve: one of the things mexico is doing is we know for a fact that apparently, you know, we had 15,000 people under that bridge last week. they have flown 1500 of them out back to haiti. only 10%. where are the rest? a lot of them though still on the mexican side. mexico is flying them to guatemala or rather right down by the mexican-guatemala border putting them in camp where they
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will be able to apply for asylum for the united states. so, in other words, okay, you can try it again but try it down here. ainsley: border patrol sources the majority of them will be released into the united states. and then they will get a notice to appear at an ice office after 60 days. brian: which are basically unmanned. ainsley: isn't it interesting that the republicans don't like joe biden's policies and now you have all these democrats who don't either. steve: 100 percent. ainsley: ayanna pressley aoc and maxine waters saying this is taking us back to slavery days. steve: which shows why his poll numbers are tanking. terrible news with independents. that's coming up in the next hour. still ahead, the search for brian laundrie down in florida intensifies as a memorial is in the works for gabby petino. a live report from her hometown coming up next. brian: a high ranking u.s. service member steps down over the president's vaccine mandate. >> if i wanted to, i could
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on your wireless bill. plus, save up to $400 when you purchase a new samsung phone or upgrade your existing phone. learn more at your local xfinity store today. steve: the search for answers we hope to find more about the search for gabby petino's death which was ruled a homicide.
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ainsley: the family is planning a memorial service to honor her life out in rhode island. are. brian: blue point new york as new tributes for will gabby are emerging. >> we are learning friends and family of gabby petino will gather on sunday to remember her. this does come exactly one week after her remains were found at the grand teton national park in wyoming. fox news returning to the same spot on wednesday after her stepfather james schmidt made a cross out of rocks. he has been on the ground helping with efforts to bring gabby's body back to long island where she grew up. blue rib wons line the streets. she graduated from the the high school in 2017. >> can i feel what the parents feel because i lost a daughter five years ago. so i know what they feel like. >> she just seemed like a very innocent sweet girl. and we all felt like she was our
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daughter. >> there are also memorials for gabby in southwest florida where she was reportedly living with her boyfriend brian laundrie and his family before setting off on the cross-country road trip. in an exclusive interview, neighbors in the north port community recall the family packing up the camper days after brian came home without gabby. >> also, which struck me is i spoke to my wife about is that the parents going on a trip. i can see that but taking their 23-year-old son in a small camper that's on the back of the truck struck us as odd. >> okay, so fox news has s. also learning about explosive argument brian allegedly had with a waitress while dining at jacksonville wyoming restaurant. this happened just days before gabby vanish dollars. it says it is helping the fbi with its investigation. this morning we expect the search to resume for brian who is considered a person of interest.
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crews will return to the carlton reserve in sarasota county to search the waist deep water. also, guys, just to point out the blue rib wons behind me on this fence can you find these anywhere and everywhere basically in blue point out here in long island. that color, that steel color blue was chosen by imeab's mother to represent her eyes. the color of her eyes. so that's what you will see when you see that and also i want to note that today between 2 and 6:00 p.m. people in the town can come here to the blue point nature preserve to pick up their candles where that vigil will be held. the thing about that is that it can be done anywhere. a lot of people are doing that in their driveways. back to you guys. steve: ashley, thank you very much. while she is at that nature preserve down in florida they're looking for brian laundrie at the carlin preserve. john walsh was on tv yesterday from america's most wanted. he said he didn't think that brian ever went to that preserve aside from dropping off his car and he said his parents and the
3:19 am
lawyer bought him four days to run. ainsley: what was interesting is they said they were no longer going to search the preserve. then they go into his parents' house. i don't know what they found, but the next day they start searching the preserve again. steve: maybe it was that note. we heard there was a note on the car. we don't know what the note was. maybe that is what changed everything. brian: we will follow it meanwhile, 19 minutes after the hour. jillian you have been following other news stories. jillian: we have a number of stories to get to. start with this. we note name of the police officer shot and killed in d.c. angela washington was working as a security guard outside an apartment complex when she was killed. she is a mother of four and a grandmother. no arrests have been made in her case. homicides are up 12% in the area compared to this time last year. the d.c. union has repeatedly argued that the council police reform measures are blamed for the crime spike we are saying. the d.c. council chair says the council ♪ responsible for the increase. meantime the fda authorizing
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pfizer's vaccine covid shot those 65 and older and those considered high risk. the third dose is recommended six months after the first vaccination injection. the cdc still has to approve booster shots before they can officially be given. cdc advisory panel is expected to meet today to discuss which americans should get the third dose. let's go to fox weather. a prolonged storm slamming the midwest with rain for most of wednesday. over 193,000 people are without power in michigan after strong winds battered the state. the storm is now headed towards the northeast. it's expected to threaten the area with thunderstorms and bring the potential for flash flooding over the next 48 hours. and dozens of states now facing a liquor shortage due to the ongoing covid pandemic. alcohol consumption has been rising since the beginning of the pandemic and supplies just can't keep up. pennsylvania and virginia where liquor sales are controlled by commonwealth placed rations on a
3:21 am
few products that are popular. limiting customers to just one or two polts, restaurants and bars reporting a shortage of alcohol delivery drivers. that is a look at your let lines, i will send it back to you. ainsley: we were talking about this during the pandemic the guy who owns my liquor store says ainsley we have seen records amounts of sales and steve goes, ainsley, your liquor store owner knows your name. [laughter] jillian: actually, that is funny. i like wine. ainsley: i do too. steve: rationing new jersey is one of the states. ainsley: really in how many bolts can you buy? do you know? steve: apparently two in some areas. ainsley: certain products. steve: certain areas they're allowing you to buy two bottles a day which seems like a lot. brian: that's why you should make your own. ainsley: or if you are having a party family over for dinner. steve: generally the family is there at dinner. ainsley: liquor store every day, right?
3:22 am
brian has his nameplate on the parking spot right in front of your liquor store. brian: that's interesting. steve: what? brian: i make it' on my own. i watch all tough do is walk on grapes and get your own wine and i got potatoes and i make begin. steve: all you had to do was watch lucy where lucy was stomping the grapes. brian: really? steve: famous. ainsley: you are like mayorkas you work 18 hours a day how do you have time to make your own. brian: i have staff. i text them and say how many got aways? meantime talk about this 75% of the united states has a single shot vaccination, right? over 60% of eligible people have it. and let alone all the people have natural immunity. that hasn't stopped the president of the united states from making an enemy out of every unvaccinated person and then offering mandates because he -- his patience is running thin. so when he told the military to get vaccinated, people with
3:23 am
businesses. when he told medical professionals to get vaccinated. did he ever think there would be a backlash. steve: army lieutenant colonel hague announced he was going to resign the day after the president announced that everybody in the military had be van sin nateed. it was particularly tough for him because he was 18 years into the service. he was just two years away from a pension. but he said among other things, he had to go. and i believe that is with his wife katie. who posted about the resignation on twitter. but he said look, i don't want to comply with the vaccine mandate. but there were other reasons as well. he cited afghanistan. and he cited. ainsley: marxist takeover of the military. he said there is a lack of confidence, a significant lack of confidence in this presidential administration. he was on with sean last night. watch this. >> this is about principle. like i said, it's about the
3:24 am
freedom of the american people. and i swore an oath to protect that freedom. and i have got -- i have looked at the army has published its recent guidance on how it's going to unfold this plan for implementing this. i have looked it over. i do believe that if i wanted to, i could willing my way wiggy through the next few years and get my retirement. sacrifice my personal integrity and turn my back on the oath to protect americans' rights. that's what i believe it was about. ainsley: he didn't think the vaccine had been studied adequately. he refused to sit down and allow a serum to be injected into his flesh against his better judgment. he served our country 18 years two. years away from complete pension for tricare taking care of them the rest of their lives if they get sick in their 70s and 80's. is he sacrificing that because he doesn't want to get the vaccine but is he being forced. to say he says i quit. steve: his wife waity as i mentioned posted on twitter about his resignation and all
3:25 am
these people on twitter said hey, he had to get a bunch of vaccinations to get into the army. and she said he did not resign over a vaccine, according to he said he felt the vaccine was being used used as a political tool to divide americans. he went on to list other reasons for his resignation. none of which, she said, had anything to do with vaccines. brian: really? he has got it wrong because the president was elected to bring us all together. he would never divide us by mandating and dimensioning those who don't want a vaccine. scott taylor is a former navy seal and congressman. there also is a lawyer on two nights ago with tucker who is representing a whole group of navy seals who also didn't want to be vaccinated. the other navy seal training not only do they have to be testimony individual in it costs the american people $500,000 just to train and implement. resign rather than acquiesce. listen to what scott taylor says
3:26 am
he is finding out. >> when you hear the number hundreds of navy seals. this is something -- this is devastating. tough understand that on a typical year, we're very lucky if we net positive just a couple seals. meaning those who retire or get out as opposed to those who make it through training obviously it's a very high attrition rate you can't mass produce navy seals or pilots either, right? so when you hear that number if it's just 10 folks leaving we have a problem. if it's hundreds, this is devastating to our force. it's devastating to our national security. you are talking about decades, if not hundreds of years in that case if not thousands of years of institutional knowledge and experience of war fighting time. and i have gotten a lot of t mtion from my former colleagues, of course, who -- who will get out and you are talking about senior leaders with massive amounts of knowledge. steve: sure. and this particular army lieutenant colonel who is
3:27 am
resigning is reminiscent of remember last month? we talked about marine lieutenant colonel stuart sheryl. he was relieved of his duty after he called out the administration and supervisors on facebook and he, also, gave up his pension. ainsley: there are a lot of people choosing to pull their kids out of school, too because the kids have to wear masks down in charleston county in south carolina. it is a madhouse when you try to take your kids into school because the principal meets you at the door and says if you are wearing a mask you can come in. if you are not wearing a mask you go over there, you go to another room and you zoom with your teacher. so the teachers have also that response sibility of not only teaching those kids over zoom but also teaching the kids in the classroom. steve: so every day you over there or over there? ainsley: that's right. one dad i watched the video you are segregating my child because i don't want my child in a mask? she said this is just our policy. the dad said then i'm not putting my kid in school. so, i think people on all sides of the aisle are feeling the effects of this.
3:28 am
a lot of people are resistant to getting the vaccine or their kids wearing the mask and they are choosing other options this is costing a lot of money. retirement, pensions. brian: meanwhile, that walls the buzz last night at the elite place just like the name would indicate on long island, it was the first, i imagine, of annual michael murphy galas. michael murphy one of the finest special operators in the history of this country. he was also featured in marcus luttrell's book lone survivor on the same operation. and michael murphy was the one who went out in the open field to get reception on his phone to be able to call and help. save marcus luttrell. the murphy museum. they honored him and his pictures. so pictures roll them again. gold star moms showed up. packed to the gills. there you see marcus luttrell with maureen murphy. and then you see the gold star moms there including mrs. deitz whose son also served in the
3:29 am
same unit. gave $500,000 for the museum. big surprise to daniel murphy. and that is matt brady he inserstd the seal team into the kutcher mountains surrounded by dan murphy michael murphy's dad. you see matt brady again just extraordinary night to hear the same stories over and over again. and how angst-anguished search about the way we left afghanistan. something else, medical professionals. i talked to this guy who is in charge of the catholic hospitals on long island, and they are losing nurses and doctors and medical workers assistants who are saying i'm not getting vaccinated. i'm wearing the mask. i have natural immunity i'm not doing it hospitals that need workers the most are now having them leave. so, military is leaving. hospital workers are leaving. teachers are leaving. good job dividing the country even further at a very difficult time. ainsley: people have the
3:30 am
antibodies still have to leave because they don't want to get the vaccine they have already had covid. brian: murphy seal if you want to help out. ainsley: on long island. brian: one of two in the entire country. steve: looks like a great night to celebrate the men and women who aurn america. ainsley: it was delayed three tore four times because of the pandemic. i'm glad you were there that was nice. brian: it was great. ainsley: 6:30 on the east coast. scenes of desperation down in del rio as officials are struggling to tangle -- handle the humanitarian crisis. brian: ye. steve: or tangle. brian: are border chief patrol agent tells us what must be done to address it that's that story next.
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ steve all right. the squallerred pictures keep getting worse. thousands of migrants living as you can see right there camped out in a massive tent city under that bridge in del rio, texas. the next guest knows the area well. he served as border patrol chief and he joins us down in texas.
3:35 am
good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. how are you doing? steve: i'm doing okay. we called you in because we have a best of your knowledge of questions. over the last two days, the secretary of homeland security mayorkas has been called up on capitol hill, how many people are we letting in exactly answered goes i don't know they go how about a ballpark number? i can't even give a ballpark number. the white house was asked yesterday we will get the number to you this afternoon. that was 18 hours ago. do they know the number? >> it's hard to believe those numbers aren't be documented. every apprehension goes into the system. every release goes into the system. everything is cataloged so for somebody to say they have no idea i think it's a little disingenuous. >> where are they sending people? >> well, who knows and that's a problem initially the story was we are moving that we are having
3:36 am
extradition flights from the united states to haiti then you hear we are notice. a notice to respond instead of a notice to appear. it doesn't have the same legal weight as a notice to appear. if someone doesn't show up to court date or immigration appointment then we can issue a warrant or arrest for them. this notice to respond good faith. only 20% show up. >> old days like 95% didn't show up. so maybe the process has improved. steve: yeah. so, help me understand, why is the administration playing dumb with the numbers and not telling us where they are putting people? >> well, that baffles me, you know. usually you have an administration and we all have
3:37 am
different political philosophies on whichever side of the aisle you are on. border security is not a political issue. border security should be everybody's concern. these are the people we are catching we don't know what we're not catching. the people in sector alone over 200,000, i think, hondurans. you have only had about 80,000 mexican nationals that have been apprehended here. we are over 520,000 apprehensions at this sector compared to less than 80,000 last year. so, what, 500 and something percent increase? it's amazing the amount of people that are coming to the united states and they are coming because we created the magnet and the magnet is catch and release and this is not a hard solution, i mean, it's not a hard problem to solve. the solution is very easy. you detain and you remove and you deliver consequences. and as a retired chief rodney scott said a couple days ago
3:38 am
when he submitted that letter to congress is these solutions have been provided to dhs hierarchy and they refuse to implement it. steve: i think they want to do it their way but their way as we see not working rosendo, hinojosa, thank you for your service and joining us on this thursday morning. >> i want to thank all the agents out there doing the job. keep the faith and keep your heads up. steve: well done. well-put. sir, thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: all right. coming up straight ahead on this thursday, september 23rd, the battle over booster shots continues today as the cdc debates who should get the third dose. and when. dr. marty makary says we wouldn't need a booster if officials had listened to the advice of doctors in the first place. ♪ ♪ sing a song ♪ sing a song ♪ ice cream is like whooping cough,
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it's not just for kids. whooping cough is highly contagious for people of any age. and it can cause violent uncontrollable coughing fits. ask your doctor or pharmacist about whooping cough vaccination because it's not just for kids.
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brian: decision into whether americans should get a pfizer booster shot and when. the panel is expected to vote on the covid-19 policy today. this as the fda authorizes pfizer booster shot for senior citizens and others at high risk for the virus doctor matter in carry joins us now. 65 and up, are you for that? do you expect the rest of the nation to get the world that we all need a booster. >> good morning, brian. there is some slight benefit. remember, everybody has a different risk tolerance. and we have to quantify that period of time. before we go out there and use these broad terms like must or have to get a booster, let's quantify that benefit. right now, if you are fully vaccinated that benefit is -- one in 2,000 of risk of severe illness as low as 20,000. the risk tolerance of an
3:44 am
everyday american may be different risk tolerance of dr. walensky. being fully vaccinated is a solid only seen the significant waning of the pfizer vaccine the space station between the first two doses are narrow. brian: trying to tell you with johnson & johnson to get the second shot now. >> johnson & johnson came out trial this week if they spaced out the second dose the further out you space the better the potential. we have also seen with moderna pretty solid over time. everybody who got a first dose hold off on second dose until you get to a couple months out. you will get better protection and you may never need a booster. brian: dr. makary one of the things you have been saying why are we using israel's studies? we have all this money. we are paying all this money. we have this huge study group doctors with the data. why are we not using our own data why can't we get american studies? >> you know, we called in
3:45 am
israeli researchers to the fda meeting to explain their data and that's great and israel is doing a terrific job. kudos to them. but where is the united states of america? we have 20 times the data. we have 50 times the funding and yet, most of these important studies guiding our policy are coming from overseas. the largest study on masks ever done was done in bangladesh. these are things we should have funded last year when the nih spent twice as much money on aging research than it did on covid. brian: in pennsylvania these parents are getting upset a push for medical exemption one 5-year-old has asthma. the mask is really not asthma worse if you got the actual virus. do you sympathize with the parents? >> some kids really struggled with the masks, and we have to have carve outs with kids with special conditions. that includes kids with cognitive and physical disabilities and special
3:46 am
breathing conditions. if you put a mask on somebody with severe copd which you can get from smoking, you can watch their oxygen levels go down in front of your eyes. we have to have carveouts and recognize that kids have the influenza. stop fighting over masks in young kids. randomized trial showed almost no benefit and a surgical mask had a 11% reduction. >> we have low. remember e. her, half to 75% of all of kids have already had covid it may be endemic and all we are doing is torturing these kids when they already had it or are going to get it regardless of the mask. had county had everybody masked and guess what every single kid got it in the first day of school. >> under 5 you are not for it new york just mandating precoolers get it. >> yeah. look. under 5. kids need vicialgize phone nation of words and make that
3:47 am
human connection. that's where you are talking about really low caves fatality rate and real harm to kids with the mask. brian: dr. makary real quick over the weekend dr. fauci was finally asked a tough question what about people with natural immunity who have it and beat it and have the antibodies he said well, that's something to think about. but we just don't know the durability of the antibodies. why don't we? we have people that beat the virus. moth most people beat the virus. most people get the vaccine. why aren't we study natural immunity? >> one of the greatest failures of our public health leadership has been ignoring natural immunity. we are 19 months into this. we do not see reinfections cause severe illness. that's clear occasional data. you add that to the 5 studies are hard data showing it's effective and up to 27 times more effective than vaccinated immunity. public health officials are going to have to substantiated start to recognize this because ignoring natural immunity is ruining lives right now he. brian: and ruining credibility
3:48 am
because people understand the medical part of this. dr. marty makary, thank you so much. always great. >> thanks. brian: meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, actually, i'm -- instead of taking a break right now, i would like to go to janice dean i have that type of power. i want to go to the weather forecast. janice i'm curious. >> i have got nature's as the gt and there is the last 24. forecast. not going to be manhattan and
3:49 am
northeast. beware. the potential for flash flooding for new york city and west of that area north of that reasoning and southward around the d.c. area. so just know what to do if there is a watch or warning. there is your forecast so that area of low pressure across the great lakes also bringing the potential for blustery conditions this is going to be hurricane sam. out to sea. we will have to watch for it. all right. brian. we appreciate that thanks the united states an idea what the weather is going to be like. now, country music icon lee greenwood is proud to be an american as you know spreading unity through song service on the acclaimed national council on the arts might be coming to the end after 20 years. thanks to the biden administration. he will try to make sense of that. ♪ defend her still today ♪ because there ain't no doubt i love this land ♪
3:50 am
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3:53 am
♪ ♪ ainsley: well, he is a proud american known for uniting the country through songs of his rendition of god bless the u.s.a.
3:54 am
but legendary country music singer lee greenwood says the biden administration is replacing him from the national council on the arts a seat that he has held for 20 years. the white house claims if it's not dismissed anyone singer lee greenwood joins. >> good morning. ainsley: you get this letter and it says that you are being -- you are being -- your term is being expired and you are being replaced by someone else? but you get to stay until the senate confirms that person. how did this make you feel? >> you know, it's a six year appointment and i was appointed by george w. bush 43. so i served under his term also president obama's term. of course president trump's term. and then as you know he used my song god bless the u.s.a. which is unilateral for me. it's meant for all people not just for a particular political party. so hearing now under the biden
3:55 am
administration and he's cleaned house and finally fired a patriot. i was quite shocked to tell you the truth. i didn't get a phone call or letter. it was just an email. ainsley: when he was elected he said he wanted to unite our country. your song united us during 9/11 and has ever vince since. what's more unifying than that song? >> yeah. i would like to think that it is. and i have to tell you all our shows. i don't care where they are. we always honor our veterans and want to particularly point out the fact we have this amazing show coming up october 12th in huntsville, alabama at the bronze center and set a side a lock of tickets which i too at most of our events. this is very special television production and more importantly we want to make sure that veterans and their caregivers can come to our performance. it's going to be star-studded with 40 different singers singing the 40 years of hits that we have had. if your listeners will go to our website lee and adopt a vet. for $100 you can put a vet and
3:56 am
caregiver in a seat to watch this amazing television production. ainsley: the show must go on do you think you are canceled because donald trump used your song? >> i can't quite hear you have. ainsley: do you think you were canceled because president trump used your song? >> i'm sorry. my audio connection just isn't good enough. sorry. ainsley: i'm sorry. thank you so much for being on with us, lee and for all you do for veterans. you are a patriot. scenes of desperation down in del rio as the white house is stumped as to whether the president has ever visited the border. that question was asked to jen psaki, lara trump on that next. overwhelmed by the ups and downs of frequent mood swings of bipolar i? ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs. vraylar effectively treats depression, acute manic or mixed episodes of bipolar i in adults. full-spectrum relief for all bipolar i symptoms
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4:00 am
army lieutenant colonel, reresigned, why? biden's vaccine mandate. >> it's really not whether i will get the shot. it's about the freedom of the american people. >> new developments in the death of gabby petino. >> the manhunt for 2-year-old brian laundrie enters the sixth day. >> parents go on a trip i can
4:01 am
see that but taking 23-year-old son struck us as odd. >> lead us posting prayers on the football field. their response just changed the game. ♪ ♪ i love this life ♪ ryan brian threw are looking at charlotte, north carolina. that is live. and special thanks to the sun not quite coming up yet. it helps the show. major city in commercial hub in north carolina. and if you want to call over there start with the number 704. that's the best way to get in touch with it. 55 degrees 13 celsius and a little senseless and the wind is out of knot. ainsley: my parents live about an hour away from there. my aunt watches say hello to lynn and robert. steve: we were down there for the big convention that was a little complicated because they had it at one venue and decided
4:02 am
to move to to some place else. it was a mix-up and it worked out. brian: flight on average $118. steve: from new york. ainsley: if you were just watching the last segment with lee greenwood he was removed in the endowment of arts he was appointed by president bush he is so upset because he said i have been with this organization for decades. appointed by bush. then i stayed on with obama. then i stayed on with president trump and now he is being replaced under joe biden. the last question he was having trouble with his audio we asked him do you think it's president trump played god bless the u.s.a. so much during his rallies. during the break we asked him what's the answer to that because he couldn't hear our question and he said he doesn't think it's for that reason. he just thinks that biden wants to clean house. brian: like he did with the military advisers. ainsley: that song united all of us after 9/11. how quickly we have forgotten we need that song god bless the u.s.a. please, god, we need to you bless our country. brian: not anymore it's illegal for the next three and a half
4:03 am
years. steve: it's 7:02 here in the east. thank you for joining us. lara trump, fox news contributor joins us right now. lara, good morning to you. ainsley: good morning. >> good morning, guys. by the way another set on charlotte it is four hours away from my hometown of wilmington, north carolina. brian: there you go. ainsley: that's where you went to go shopping, right, when you were a young girl you still are young. >> we went to raleigh and we went to charlotte. ainsley: we did, too. steve: it's great to have you. yesterday at the white house our correspondent asked jen psaki about something that your father-in-law did a number of times. and this is go to our southern border. but, it wasn't about when was the last time. it was a little more expabssive and the answer is shocking. watch this. >> president biden ever been to the southern border? >> in his life? >> yes. >> i will have to get -- look back in my history books and check the time he has been to the southern border. >> we have been looking all morning and we cannot find any
4:04 am
record of him visiting the border as president, vice president, senator, or even as a concerned citizen. why would that be? >> i can check and see when the last time or when he may have been but tell me more about why you are asking? >> because this is a president who makes a point when there are disasters in this country like a wildfire or hurricanes to go and see for himself firsthand what the needs are of the local community so that he can have an informed pob to make policy. why doesn't he do that -- why doesn't he go down to del rio, texas and see what's going on. >> well, first of all, peter, i think the situation at the border is the result of a broken system. and the president certainly relies on his experience. steve: so, law, yesterday peter in our brain room looked for hours, could not find any record of joe biden ever being at the u.s.-mexican border. >> can i just say that i am so glad that we have peter doocy at the white house asking real
4:05 am
questions and these aren't -- they shouldn't be tough questions by the way. these are very straightforward questions that should be easy to answer. but it seems to give the press secretary there a real hard time when he is there we are very fortunate to have him asking actual questions. but you heard jen psaki there dare i say did she slip up, guys, and perhaps tell the truth that joe biden is actually relying on his experience here. his five decades of doing just about nothing for the american people and applying it to the southern border? i think that's pretty accurate. he is doing nothing down there. you would think, to peter's point, if you have a complete crisis at hand, whether it's wildfires, whether it's hurricanes, whether it's mass shootings, whatever it might be, the president of the united states always goes to those areas and as he referenced, talks to the local community and says what do you need? how can we help? >> joe biden is completely absent in this scenario. but, maybe there is a more
4:06 am
sinister reason. maybe it is because this is all purposeful. maybe it is because they want these millions of illegal immigrants pouring into our country perhaps these are the future voters for the democrat party. the united states of america is incredibly disenfranchised with what we have seen in the first 8 months of the biden presidency. so you have to ask yourself, is there a bigger reason? he hasn't even bothered to go down there. maybe they want it to happen. ainsley: closest we could find in guatemala in 2014 to investigate root causes. sound familiar? brian: in the "new york times" they said when he was drawing up his immigration policies officials in his cabinet were saying maybe you should hold onto the trump policy known as remain in mexico. at which time they decided he decided not to do that. because trump had become so toxic. so, rather than solve the problem. he wanted to play politics. it sounds exactly like afghanistan. >> it sounds exactly like
4:07 am
afghanistan. and, yeah, we have a solution. it is to do what donald trump did. because that was working. finish the wall. we saw that they had to build basic lay wall with vehicles down there to stop people from coming over the border. walls work. we know that finish building the wall. keep the remain in mexico policy. reimplement the policy that the trump administration had put in because they were working but joe biden couldn't help himself. he had to do away with every single thing that donald trump had put in place. so, you are right, brian. it is preposterous to see this happen in america that this guy would rather play politics than protect the american people that sadly that is what we have on our hands right now with joe biden as president. ainsley: we know when your father-in-law was president he was pro-israel and supported the iron dome which has saved the lives of so many israelis. we normally contribute to the iron dome. we were supposed to give $1 billion for that defense system.
4:08 am
the funds was removed on tuesday from this government funding package after a lot of pressure from the squad. there is now a democrat from connecticut congresswoman rosa did he layer row, she is a house appropriations chair she wants that funding put back in place. steve: good. ainsley: she is sprucing a new bill. the united states commitment to the security of our friend and ally israel is ironclad. replenisherring interceptors used to protect israel from the attacks is our legal and moral responsibility. while this funding would ordinarily be included in a year-end spending package we are advancing this legs now to bipartisan commitment to israel's security as part of a middle east with lasting peace. so why do you think the squad is against giving israel this money which protects their people? >> sadly they have shown they hate central israel. they have shown anti-semitism at
4:09 am
every single turn. it's horrible to see. israel is our middle eastern ally. they are the only free nation in the middle east. gosh, we ought to want to protect them and ought to want to protect that country. we always have. i think the scariest part of this is if you ever wonder who was actually in control of the democrat party is these women could take $1 billion and make it zero dollars? basically in the matter of hours, that's your answer. these are the people running the democrat party. it was not hyperbole when we suggested that there were sug socialists running the democrat party. it is these women. and here is your proof. that is a really scary thing for the future of america if decisions like this can be made by a very small group of people who do not represent the average american. whose values are far outside of the bounds of anything, you know that we have ever considered american, what does that say for the future of our country is these are the people now in charge? steve: listen, mac miller who is
4:10 am
running for lieutenant governor of the great state of nevada, went to the people in charge of clark county in nevada. and he wanted to speak on behalf, you know, his point of view, they were talking about covid and all sorts of things. there he is being dragged out of the meeting, they rammed him into, i'm sure, it was accidental but nonetheless they threw him through metal detector. here is he talking about what happened and what he thinks why it happened, he is mac miller. >> the county commission meetings are supposed to be run by the commissioners for the people of clark county here in nevada. and those people have a right to ask questions. and be interested in what's on the agenda at these meetings. and what was on the agenda at this meeting was a proclamation to basically do away with nevada's clark county's first amendment rights. and i was there to witness and oppose this proclamation.
4:11 am
and that didn't get to happen. because i was attacked after trying to defend the people in this county. they will never stop me, mac miller from being able to defend them and never prevent me from coming out to defend the people of this great state of nevada. steve: lara at that particular meeting the 5-2 spreading covid-19 misinformation is a public health crisis. he wanted to speak out but, obviously, and perhaps it was because he was a republican, not allowed. and that's what he was talking about. >> yeah. any dissenting machine will get this -- this is what will happen to you. basically where we are headed in america right now under democrat control is that if your opinion does not directly align with theirs, and you are not putting information out that they agree with, then you are silenced. your first amendment right is immediately taken away. you saw it happen here. what a terrible scene. this shouldn't happen in the united states of america.
4:12 am
and i think it's very, tre very brightening that this has happened so quickly here. what happened to public discourse? what happened to us sharing opinions and we can all gain from that. that used to be the way of things and i would share my opinion and you could share yours. and we can learn from one another. but now that is over. those days are gone. now unless your views, as i said, align directly with what the democrats and big tech want to have out there. you are silenced on social media, you are kicked out of meeting like this. and we see it happen time and time again. it's terrible. brian: yeah. you remember the president said his patience is wearing thin with the american people. we are getting on his nerves a little bit we see. also, what's great our allies really feel welcomed. france just recommend their ambassador and israel left naked in front of hamas thanks to the democratic party. it's a great message. lara, thanks so much. >> thanks, guys, have a great day. steve: you too. ainsley: this morning police are resume their search for brian
4:13 am
laundrie. brian: this as gabby petino's begins preparations for laying her to rest. steve: venice beach laundrie went to the reserve dumped his car there apparently and charles is there right now. charles? >> hey, good morning, steve, brian, ainsley, we are starting to see a lot of vehicles move into the carlton reserve so we expect this search for 23-year-old brian laundrie to begin shortly if it hasn't already. authorities say they are utilizing five teams and sonar technology to search waist deep water. that on top of cadaver dogs, atvs, drones and water buggies to help search teams navigate the unforgiving terrain of the 25,000-acre nature reserve. but after missing for more than a week, they there are a lot of questions about brian laundry's ability to survive if he is in there. >> you definitely need to know some preemptive type survival skills out there. you know, there is no potable
4:14 am
water especially right now everything is still and stagnant. you would need to wait to purify your water. you know, there is water everywhere and not a drop to drink. >> now police are calling brian a person of interest in the disappearance of his girlfriend gabby petino after returning from a cross-country trip without her on september 1st. neighbors in the north port community where the two live say they saw the laundrie family packing up a camper shortly after. this as new details emerge about a heated argument between brian and a wait staff at a restaurant in jackson hole, wyoming around the same time gabby petino was last seen. a couple tell fox news digital the confrontation was so explosive that gabby allegedly had to apologize for brian's behavior. in an instagram post on wednesday the restaurant confirmed it has notified the fbi. meantime, memorials honoring the life of gabby petino continue to pop up including this stone
4:15 am
cross her stepfather jim smith placed near the site where the 22-year-old's body was found neither bridger teton national forest and a memorial for gabby is expected to happen on sunday in new york as the petino family prepares to bring her body back to long island, guys? steve: all right, charles. thank you very much. gabby had hoped to become a social media influencer and yesterday her instagram account ended up with 1 million followers. ainsley: oh wow so finally her dream came true. i know that the -- brian laundrie's attorney was using her picture on his yep page and so her family is upset about that and asking him to take the picture down. because they feel like using her as advertisement and then they took it down. brian: jillian mele is standing by for us. jillian: good morning. two chicago high school students are killed in shootings just hours apart. police say 15-year-old kentrell
4:16 am
mcneil shot in the head and killed while sitting in a car. he had just celebrated his birthday. in a separate incident jamari williams shot in the hess near a high school on chicago's south side. so far no arrests have been made in either shooting. a los angeles police union is slamming l.a. county district attorney george gascon over the decision not to charge an nba player with a felony. police say this body camera video shows new orleans player jackson hayes pushing an officer responding to a 911 call earlier this year. the l.a. police director spoke out earlier on "fox & friends first." >> george gascon has made it clear is he an advocate for the criminals. his motto is if you commit a crime don't worry about serving time. people need to be held accountable for this. you can't go around hurting police officers and not be held accountable. jillian: the officer reportedly suffered a torn ligament and still recovering. there is ongoing investigation into whether police used
4:17 am
excessive force against hayes. we will continue to follow that meantime in pennsylvania a college there is sending a warning to students if they do not respect their classmates' preferred pro-nows. point park university emailing misgenderring continued misuse of an individual's pronouns could result in a violation of the policy on discrimination and harassment. action could be taken if a complaint is filed. the email did not detail what actions could be taken for an offense. all right. watch this. an overly eager bat dog gets a little excited and takes the field minor leaguer at bat. the dog named rookie stopped play in the first inning with his adorable pitch invasion. it was a ruff start to his debut for the buffalo bisons. things only got better when the minor leaguer posted on twitter saying you are doing amazing, sweety. that's a look at your headlines. ainsley: the dog is there for that sole purpose to get the
4:18 am
bat? it. steve: awesome. ainsley: bat boys are cute but dogs are cuter. jillian: i don't mind it. steve: hey, why is my bat covered with dog slobber? brian: exactly. what's next robot dogs getting bats? steve: brian, that's adorable. ainsley: it is adorable. brian: are we out of bat boys? there is a bunch of boys. stuck at school they could be at afternoon baseball game. ainsley: no one bat as eye when a bat boy runs out there when a dog does it gets attention. i'm glad you are outraged. brian: bunch of kids in uniform stuck in school right now hoping the yankees will call. steve: brian, did it ever dawn on you a public relations stunt to get us to run the footage which we did and now everybody is talking about the bat dog. brian: i would never be that gullible. this is news not a stunt. steve: well, maybe it could be both. brian: all right. steve: meanwhile 7:18 here in the east. republicans stormed out of a classified briefing on afghanistan yesterday, accusing
4:19 am
the top pentagon official of treating the situation like a joke. kauai senator johnny earns says critical questions are going unanswered. she joins us next. ainsley: no run for god on the gridiron? a group of high school football players and cheerleaders take a stand for faith after their coaches were told they can't lead prayer. they are going to join us live. ♪ ♪ as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
4:20 am
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4:23 am
how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. ♪ brian: biden official facing backlash over what our next guest calls immature performance at closed door senate briefing on afghanistan. this as defense secretary lloyd austin, joints chief of staff
4:24 am
chair mark milley are set to testify next week that will be explosive. joining us now with what she wants to hear senate armed service committee member joni ernst. set me up now. i do not know you guys do this but before a major hearing like this you kind of got briefed and you were able to ask some questions ahead of time to get you ready for next week at which time what took place. >> yes. that's correct, brian. we had a closed door briefing from three dod officials. one of them being the dod policy chief civilian collin call. he was very, very dismissive of our senators and their questions. he gave immature responses. and it very simple things number of them surrounding the afghan nationals that were evacuated. the numbers of those evacuees and the security questions and concerns surrounding those evacuees. he could not answer those questions. he could not respond to any
4:25 am
questions we asked about the threat assessments on the ground in afghanistan. and, again, very immature, dismissive, and rude to the point of our senators and our very valid questions. brian: senator, what you are saying is the worst decision in american military history, arguably, that took place a few weeks ago, you finally are going to get clarification next week and the country will get a chance to see people explain themselves, how we leave at least 10% of americans and allies and green card holders behind. and when you ask collin call what went into this decision he said i wasn't even confirmed yet. >> yes. that is correct. to one of my questions about the threat assessment on the ground who was making decisions, he basically told me just very upfront he said i wasn't confirmed yet. and he said i was at home sitting on my couch because i wasn't confirmed yet. absolutely no excuse.
4:26 am
what an immature response. certainly he had the opportunity once he was confirmed to go back to have those conversations with general scott miller, who was the commander on the ground at the time. and really take into consideration all of our military leaders, their recommendations, he evidently did not do that. this administration is acting as if we are done with afghanistan. we are done getting americans out. it was extremely disappointing. i can tell you that general milley. general mackenzie and secretary austin will have a lot of questions to answer next week. brian: senator, you are a veteran. i have had a chance even last night to talk to maybe three dozen veterans. they are outraged and disheartened by this in a way you can't put into words. they have no right to turn the page on this disaster. and right now americans and our allies are being hunted down and killed and they want to turn the page. >> yes. brian: if secretary of defense
4:27 am
austin was against this move, and general milley was against this move, are they going to say that next week? and, if they don't, are they going to be held accountable for this decision? tony blinken just put a big stop sign and gave you guys the heisman last week. are you guys -- what's going to change this week? >> well, brian, i do hope that they will be very upfront. i understand that they serve at the pleasure of president joe biden but, you know what? they serve us as americans as well. we need answers to why this happened. we lost 13 souls, those brave service members in the last few days this haphazard withdrawal. we need to know and understand what has happened. we understand we still have americans in afghanistan. we still have special partners, those siv applicants trapped in afghanistan and held at the will of the taliban. we need answers from these
4:28 am
leaders again, very disappointing performance in that closed door hearing that we had this week. i hope to have those answers answered next week in the open hearing. brian: i would say so. and we better not be writing a $64 million check to that country without congressional approval. >> absolutely. brian: that's not their right to give our money to the taliban and al-qaeda. not in this country. and, senator, i know you are passionate about it. you put on the uniform before and you are still serving. senator joni ernst, thanks so much. >> thank you, brian. brian: meanwhile, we change gears. faith takes the field. a group of high school players lead in prayer. sideline. they share their inspiring story right here next. ♪ going to be all right. ♪ ♪
4:29 am
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♪ jillian: good morning and welcome back.
4:33 am
we have your headlines now. philadelphia police are looking for suspects in a drive by shooting. surveillance video shows a silver sedan driving by a group of people standing on a street. police say the shooter was in the backseat and fired at least 24 shots leaving one person dead and five others hurt. here's a better photo of the car. you see it there. police are asking for help in finding the vehicle, which is a chrysler 300. there is a 20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. monday, house speaker nancy pelosi plans to hold a vote on the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. that despite opposition from progressives in own party demanding it be passed with the party's $3.5 trillion spending bill. but as the white house prepares for another day of negotiations to save the president's agenda moderate democrats like joe manchin are holding out over the bill's deep price tag. incredible video showing two massive bison.
4:34 am
serious disagreement one sending the other through the air last month in yellow stone national park. bison are 2,000 pounds. they are aggressive mating season. yellow stone the only play they have lived since prehistoric times. ainsley, i wonder what they were fighting for. >> the one just wanted to be friends with the group. >> that learned said no, you are not welcome. jillian: maybe they are fighting over a girl. ainsley: maybe she was protecting her young ones. jillian: jill if they could just tell us. ainsley: a high school football team standing up for religious freedom leading a post game prayer after preventing the leading one themselves. prayer and school activities should not mix. joining me now are parents and students from the high school community who took part in this prayer. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. ainsley: we have elijah who is an offensive lineman and he led
4:35 am
the post game prayer and jenna as cheerleader and homecoming queen and christa who is a mom and it was her idea. christa, i will start with you. tell us what happened. >> well, my son came home from practice last week and was really upset and said that our coach had received a letter from an attorney stating that they could no longer prayer. well, come to find out the coaches and our team pastor are no longer allowed to lead the boys. and so i was talking with some other football moms and i just said you know what? how about tomorrow after the game when they are in their huddle, post game huddle in prayer, how about if we join hands around them and just give them a show of support and solidarity because, you know, there were some concerns about possibly being kicked off the team if they continued to pray or even kicked out of school if they continued to pray. so i just wanted to reassure the team and cheerleaders that we as parents and community are here for them. ainsley: well, elijah, i'm so proud of you, it's so refreshing
4:36 am
to see a high school football player lead his team in prayer. and think that that's important to him. why was it important for you to lead the team? >> well, you know, they told us to not pray. so i mean i had to do that. that's like one of the things that i got to do. someone tells me not to do. ainsley: are you surprised this is happening in tennessee? you hear this in liberal states but not necessarily tennessee where church is so important to families. >> i am surprised. i mean, that's one of the things that growing up i never thought would happen is that i would be told not to pray. ainsley: yeah. you hear about it on news outlets in other states but you don't expect it to happen in your community. jenna, tell me about your role in this. >> so, when we found out as cheerleaders we always pray before the game, too. when we found out we were not able to, be able to pray with the adults and the teachers and the coaches, that gave us assurance that we still have
4:37 am
each other and that we can be -- we can do it together without, you know, those people. but the whole community is going to come together as a whole and we're going to do it whether they tell us to or not. ainsley: elijah, what did you say to the team? what was the prayer? >> well, to be honest, i don't remember exact words. but along the lines it was hopefully everyone gets better. bless the football team. thank the lord for the wonderful night that we had and to take care of that stone memorial kid that got carried off the field. ainsley: oh, wow. here was the statement from the school. the courts have consistently ruled that prayer and prosthetically advertising cannot be sponsored by school and school. we participate the students leading in spontaneous prayers. ainsley: how did you hear when you heard the students can basically do this? >> which is great.
4:38 am
i'm thankful. you know, it's a constitutional right that they're allowed to pray. but, at the same time, you know, it's kind of frustrating to me as a mother. i'm a single mom. and my son looks up to his coaches not only as coaches but mentors and even friends. and so, you know, if he is having a bad day or needs some prayer, you know, i think it's important for the youth to be able to go up to a teacher or a coach. i mean, these are lifelong relationships and ask hey, can you pray with me. so to be hold that they can't do that is where i'm frustrated. ainsley: jenna, how important is prayer to you? how has it helped you in your life? >> prayer is the reason i have come so far in life. god is the reason that we are able to be able what we do every day. he is the reason we are up today getting this opportunity, set reason these boys get to play football and are safe. and he is the reason that we are blessed with everything we have. so i believe that prayer is the
4:39 am
most powerful thing in the world. ainsley: i agree with you. listen, god is going to bless your team to be being so voble about this and standing up for him. i wish you all the best as you pursue careers. >> thank you. have a great day. ainsley: you are welcome. christa, you are an amazing single mom. keep pressing on. identity politics and will mandates pushing americans nationwide to quit their jobs. our next guest has a solution to take wokeness out of the workplace. ♪ ain't no river wide enough ♪ to keep me afrom getting to you, baby. ♪ psst! psst! allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long.
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psst! psst! flonase all good.
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4:44 am
workplace. red balloon is a job seeking company whose mission is to, quote: honor and celebrate the american liberties that make this country great and empower employers to place talented americans into careers that will value their freedom and prioritize their success. red balloon ceo andrew joins us now along with one of the sites first customers cannon press ceo jess hall. good morning to both of you guys. >> good morning. thanks for having us. >> good morning. thanks for having us. steve: andrew, let's start with you, red balloon, you are a job site. you are trying to connect employers with employees but there is no wokeness. it's all about free speech, right? >> yeah. it seems like a novel concept, right? well, so, the last 15 years i was the ceo of one of america's leading labor market companies and i had access to enormous
4:45 am
amount of data and could see labor trends. the labor shortage we are seeing today is actually not a surprise. we have seen that coming for quite some time. and so, when i left that company several months ago, i realized that one of the things that i have always been passionate about is how do we connect people to great jobs where they can be free and where they have the freedom to work? because, a job is such a defining feature of someone's life. and if we can hook people up with a greater employer who actually values their freedom, values their opinion and isn't going to jam the woke world view down their throat at work, then we're going to have successful site. so that's really what i did and i only started the site about two months ago. steve: i know you start it locally and now people all across the country are calling you and asking for questions and it's really blossoming. but, you know, we have already today been doing stories about people who are quitting their jobs because my boss wants me to get a vaccine. i don't want to do that or my
4:46 am
boss' politics don't align with mine. you are just looking for like-minded people or people who simply don't want to talk politics at work. >> yeah. i think that's the big thing is what if we could just focus on work? what if employees could focus on bringing value to the business that's hiring them instead of being worried about whether they have the right pronouns or whether they have the right vaccination status. look, we just want to focus on work. steve: indeed. right. jess, you are looking for people why did you decide to use red balloon? >> yeah. i mean, it starts with the pandemic. we're a christian plusing company. publishing company. when the pandemic hit people turned to us because we provide k through 12 curriculum in addition to other stuff. that exploded our business. we tripled in the last two years. so i had a lot of jobs to fill. and that was a tough thing to do before red balloon. but when i heard about red
4:47 am
balloon, andrew said when he was going to start, i jumped at the opportunity to have a place that i could post jobs and confidently find employees who would be willing to come and just be evaluated on the efforts that they put in rather than the virtue signals that they should or should not be waiting. so, i jumped at the opportunity. posted a few jobs and we had huge success. i think we had over 100 employees -- 100 applications for the jobs that we posted. 42 for one in particular. steve: that's great. >> i found some really qualified candidates. and this job shortage and the labor shortage, you know, i think that is a pretty wonderful thing. and if there is other employers who are trying to find employees that just want to work and just want to be evaluated by the quality of their work, i think red balloon is going to be a great resource for companies like mine that just want people to come and get the job done. steve: it's a free speech work
4:48 am
website. so check it out. it's red balloon dot work. andrew, jess, thank you for joining us today from out there in moscow in indiana. thanks, guys. >> have a good one. >> thanks so much. have great day. steve: you too. interesting stuff. a dozen minutes before the top of the hour. let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for a preview of today's weather. janice: yep, a cold front going to move through today and overnight tonight throughout the northeast. that could bring flooding. take a look at the maps. you see where the cooler air is behind that front ahead of it it's 75 in new york. 61 in raleigh. 50's across the great lakes and you were midwest. that's a pretty powerful cold front my friends. it could bring the potential for heavy rainfall flash flooding for areas to don't need to see any more rain. know what to do if there is a flash flood watch or warning. we have flood advisories from d.c. up all the way up through new york including the new york city area. the timing of this is going to be late this afternoon into this
4:49 am
evening and overnight tonight. can you see the area of low pressure spinning across the great lakes. a powerful system. just be aware and listen to your local forecast. certainly keep up to date from fox weather. steve back to you. steve: thank you j.d. janice: you got it. steve: the battle roe v. wade raging for 50 years. now a film that tells the untold story of a high court ruling. you think you know the story? you don't. we'll be right back. ♪ highly contagious for people of any age. and it can cause violent uncontrollable coughing fits. ask your doctor or pharmacist about whooping cough vaccination because it's not just for kids. as someone who resembles someone else... ...i flea medication.
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ainsley: a powerful film is now available on fox nation and it's giving viewers an inside look at the events that led up to one of the most controversial court cases in our history. >> we will hear arguments in row roe vs. wade. >> you want to know how abortion became legal i'll tell you the true story. >> would you like to head up a right to life group that i'm starting. >> dr. bernard nathanson performing a thousand abortions per week. brian: our next guest wrote, directed and starred and says he hopes his film helps people understand how the case came to be. steve: filmmaker nick lobe who narrates it joins us live now, good morning to you, nick. >> good morning, thank you so much for having me today.
4:54 am
steve: it's great to have you back. you came out on the program when the film first debuted. you know, a lot of people think they know what roe vs. wade is all about, but the way you present it in your drama is that essentially, while congress is supposed to make laws, it was the supreme court who turned this into law. >> well, yeah, absolutely, man. i tell everybody, roe vs. wade is the court case that everyone in america has heard about, but nobody knows really how it got there, how it came to be and also how it was decided. ainsley: tell us about this doctor. he said in that clip, a thousand abortions, a week, but then he had a change of heart, right? >> yes, so the dr. bernard nathanson was the biggest abortionist in american history, he did over 70,000 abortions he was really instrumental in getting roe vs. wade passed and one of the founders of the national association to repeal abortion law, and he and
4:55 am
the head really came up and made up fake statistics and planted news stories and did everything they could to sort of move the pop culture and the media at that time to support what they were doing, and later in the 80s when technology got better, and he realized he was actually killing babies, he converted and became pro-life and he made a very famous documentary called " the i lent scream." brian: lastly, real quick, nick , can you tell me what you hope people takeaway from this? >> yeah, you know, i hope at the end of the day, people realize there's a baby there. they follow that journey, a lot of us, especially people from the northeast or my age, we grew up being taught that when a woman gets pregnant, it's just a clump of cells and there's nothing there and when technology got better, we see now that there's an actual baby in the womb, very early on. a heartbeat can be detected in
4:56 am
the first couple weeks. first 21 days you can detect a heartbeat. ainsley: what changed your heart >> technology, really. at the end of that that's what changed my heart, being able to see there's an actual human being there, and i had no idea and i think a lot of people, my generation, didn't know that. steve: i think you're right. nick, thank you very much for joining us from new york. you can watch the movie roe vs. wade it's now on fox nation, sign up to see this plus get exclusive access to other original content, events and your favorite personalities on any device. you can watch it on your phone. brian: meanwhile straight ahead the men and women of the san jose police department are over worked now losing personnel after being forced to be vaccinated. that's the story around the country we'll share it with you next hour.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> scenes of desperation down in del rio as officials are struggling to handle the humanitarian crisis. >> border security is not a political issue. border security is everybody's concern. they are coming because we created the magnet and the magnet is catch and release. >> has president biden ever been to the southern border? >> in his life? i will have to look back in my history book. >> if you have a complete crisis at hand, the president of the united states always goes to those areas and joe biden is completely absent. >> they're motivated and hungry , to find brian laundrie.
5:01 am
steve: the search for brian laundrie intensifies as a memorial is in the works for gabby petito. brian: a high ranking member steps down over the president's vaccine mandate. >> it's really not about whether i'll get the shot but this is about freedom of the american people. ainsley: a group of high school football players and cheer cheerleaders take a stand for faith. >> they told us to not pray. >> prayer is the most powerful thing in the world. >> ♪ you know i love it when you get your shine on ♪ steve: well, they are already out on daytona beach where currently 75 , overcast, going for a high of 80. did you realize that daytona beach, that area down there in florida is one of the biggest concentrations of fox & friends viewers in america. ainsley: really? steve: there are a lot of people
5:02 am
down in that neck of the woods that get up with us each and every day. brian: by the way as we listen to florida georgia line brian kelly spun out his own album, i listened to it over the weekend and i was in junior high, clarinet in eighth grade and i believe it's fantastic. i really recommend everyone do it. i understand music. ainsley: you're an artist. comparing your artistic abilities to his. brian: i didn't want to do an album, i had other interests, i was playing soccer at the time ainsley: clarinet album? brian: yes i was thinking about rolling it out because benny goodman was on the downside, i saw an opportunity and i passed by. ainsley: that takes us back to those gross days of elementary school if you forgot your clarinet you had to borrow one that came out of that sanitizer thing. brian: i never had that. always travel with a reed. you don't want to be sucking on someone else's piece of wood. steve: i had a saxophone, alto, so same thing. from florida georgia line let's
5:03 am
talk about the texas mexico line , and as you see what's going on on our southern border, the new york post headline is border lie and they perfectly summarize it. biden said he would deport migrants but he's secretly letting them in. the department of homeland security confirmed to fox that people are being released into the united states, but they won't give us the number, because the number is embarrassing to the administration. ainsley: a lot of people think they do know the number they just don't want to tell us the number but the biden administration said if you come to the u.s. , you will be returned, but dhs is now confirm ing that's not case. some of the migrants have been released into the united states. brian: so far, this fiscal year , 1.5 million roughly have come to our border. we saw yesterday, and the new york post reports, that we are flying some of the haitian immigrants, most of them are haitian, to tucson and busing some to el paso, where they're not even given tickets to say you have to appear. they are given recommendations to appear when they have the
5:04 am
time at a desk to somehow register in our country. they are getting in. meanwhile, they're talking about how joe biden is cracking down like donald trump did at the border. it's a total head fake. listen to this exchange. where secretary mayorkas uses this excuse. i work so much, i can't give you information about the job i do. listen. >> how many people have been returned? how many people are being detained, and how many people have been disbursed? >> i be pleased to provide you with specific data subsequent to this hearing. >> well, sir, yesterday you were asked exactly the same question and you gave exactly the same answer. you think you'd be a little bit better prepared now that you've been asked that question. >> let me share something with you quite clearly. i work 18 hours a day, okay? so when i return from yesterday 's hearing, i actually focused on mission. >> so you don't have any estimation at all of the numbers that i'm asking for , at all? >> congressman, i want to be
5:05 am
precise in my communication of data to the united states congress and to you specifically having posed the question, and i will in the provision of my data to you. brian: the biggest department in maybe washington, all you have to do is send a text and tell a staffer to make sure we come up with these numbers by the end of the day. lawrence jones, they went and talked to people and they got numbers about families, so-called pregnant women, about individual men. we had all of the stats. he could put on his jean shirt and instead of giving a press conference telling americans not to come here, we're already here , maybe you could find out some numbers. ainsley: the congressman's point was you were sitting down with the senate, you had a senate hearing earlier, the day before, and you were asked that same question. you would think you would come to this hearing, the house, and be prepared. maybe that's what's making some people question, wait, do they really know the numbers because you would think he be prepared for that second meeting.
5:06 am
steve: they absolutely know the numbers, and mayorkas is just playing dumb, because twice this week, he has refused, even to give a ballpark estimate. let's ballpark estimate it right now. we know that there were 15,000 people under that bridge a couple of days ago. it is now down to 5,000, so 10,000 have moved. we only know that 1,500 actually were flown back to haiti. so that means something like what, 8,500 could be here in the united states. peter doocy given what the dhs chief just said, used that in asking the white house, what is the number? >> just following up on this very basic, but very important question. you're telling us that the dhs chief has the most recent number s about how many of these under the bridge have been sent back and how many have been released into the u.s.. the dhs chief is telling us that
5:07 am
he doesn't know, so who else can we ask? >> you can certainly ask the department of homeland security. i am confident, peter, i am confident you wanted to have the most up-to-date numbers and we will venture to get you those steve: she said i promise i will get those numbers to you this afternoon. that was yesterday. she has not given him that number yet, and so we don't know , and why is that? because the number is embarrassing to the administration. ainsley: he also asked her, why hasn't the president been down to the southern border. how many times has he been down there, she said she wasn't sure. steve: he looked into it along with our brain room, fox news cannot find any instance of joe biden ever being at the u.s. mexican border, never, not once, in 50 years of service. ainsley: wow. brian: so we talked to retired, or steve did, talked to retired chief patrol agent about this because the possibility, the plausibility that the homeland security secretary actually doesn't know, listen.
5:08 am
>> it's hard to believe that those numbers aren't being documented, every apprehension goes into the system, every release goes into the system, everything is cataloged, so for somebody to say that they had no idea, i think it's a little disingenuinous. initially the story was that we're having an extradition flights from the united states to haiti, and then all of a sudden, you hear that we're releasing them into the interior of the united states, but border security is not a political issue. border security should be everybody's concern. these are people that are coming in, and these are the people that we're catching. we don't know what we're not catching. steve: that's right the got-away s. border patrol agents did warn the administration back in june, there's going to be a problem here and do you know what they said? we will explore the issue of more resources. they didn't do anything. ainsley: i'll tell you what's another problem too is the conditions that are down there underneath that bridge. when you see some of these close
5:09 am
-up images it's a tent city down there. they are building make shift tents. it looks like a third world country, sleeping on dirty grounds, there's mountains of garbage, make shift tents, the heat is 90 degrees and above , bathing their kids in the rio grande or dumping water jars on top of the babies, fear ing of covid because they can't require them or they aren't requiring them to be vaccinated. brian: a couple of things. do you know what else they're thinking about doing? in fact they're interviewing contractors, moving some to gitm o. they are going to move a place to barack obama, first thing he says i'm going to close it, it's a military base in cuba. now they say we'll look for private contractors who have creole, i guess french- speaking people, that could work there, and we can keep some of them in gitmo. you would not bring them back to haiti where they're from, in many cases even though they relocated years ago but send them over to cuba? that makes almost no sense.
5:10 am
steve: they would do that -- brian: in the public eye. steve: they would do that so they can process them there. they just need, they got to get that picture off the screen, because every day it's like that , ainsley is going to describe the conditions under there and how it is inhumane. how the church volunteers in del rio are describing it as fourth world conditions, and they're just trying to get them out and then process them, and do you know what? they are going to fly them back here. brian: what would get a democrat interested in this? they saw images of boron horses with large reigns trying to get the horses through difficult terrain, and they're saying well haitians are black and the border patrol agents aren't so therefore, this is slavery re visited. it is a total head fake. it has nothing to do with it. maxine waters, the whole squad is down there. the vice president of the united states suddenly interested in the job she got six months ago is outraged looking for an
5:11 am
investigation. they've been pulled off and now have desk duty. the whole border patrol is on desk duty because they have to process people behind the desk. ainsley: this is the reason that i should say four republicans are filing for impeachment. here are their pictures, gibbs, biggs babin and weber and they want him to be in peached and if you look at the independence and the approval rating it is unbelievable. the support he had back in january, 61% of independents like him and then in summertime 54% and now, september, only 37% approval rating among independents. steve: and that's how he won. the independents gave him a majority, and people were hopeful in january, but fast forward to today and suddenly, you know, things have gone so far south. one of the guys who voted or rather voted, filed a motion for impeachment, he said there are dynamics in congress preventing this from being debated or voted on, obviously, because the democrats control the house, but i could no longer
5:12 am
stand by while biden commits flagrant and deliberate violations of his oath in office and it pertains to the border, it pertains to extending federal eviction moratorium and it pertains to afghanistan and the debacle there where a dozen, at least a dozen of our people were killed. ainsley: it's so sad and sad to see those images down underneath the bridge and joe biden is nowhere to be found and peter doocy when he asked jen psaki has he ever been to the border turns out he hasn't, then jen psaki says why do you ask me these and he said because when there's a crisis, when there's a tornado, when there's a fire, the president of the united states goes, and he's there for the people. he has a heart for the people and he tours the area and he hasn't done that. steve: she then responded well that's just our broken system. it's a system that's broken. well if it's broken have the president go look at it. brian: and by the way it wasn't broken. it was being, after some fits and starts, was under control with the border. he made that problem. he made that problem in afghanistan.
5:13 am
he made that problem with france he's the reason why his disapproval ratings dropping. it's not circumstances, and i'll give you this. guess whose beating him? in september, in november of 2020 biden had 50% approval. trump had 46%. now, it's september 2021, his approval, joe biden's approval is 46 which i think is obscenely high, i think it's much lower, and according to the harvard harris poll, donald trump is 48, but donald trump just to be away his numbers have gone up and for joe biden to see him in action have people watch their numbers, his numbers go down. ainsley: you mean riding his bike at the beach when you see all these people underneath in this tent city? brian: away from the press day in and day out? steve: the harvard harris poll just suggests there's buyer's remorse like okay we voted for this guy to make things better, things ain't better. ainsley: 8:13 on the east coast. let's talk about this , gabby petito's step-father visiting
5:14 am
the exact site where her remains were found making a cross out of those stones in her honor. steve: he went there to help bring gabby's body back home to new york, where she grew up. brian: ashley strohmier meyer joins us live from gabby's hometown as her family begins the process of laying her to rest, ashley? reporter: yeah, guys we're just now learning that gabby's friends and family will gather on sunday to remember her. this comes exactly a week from the point that herains camp site grand teton national park park in wyoming and fox news is returning to that same spot on wednesday after her step-father as you mentioned, james schmidt, made a cross out of rocks and he's been on the ground helping with the efforts to bring gabby 's body back to new york's long island where she grew up and blue ribbons line the streets of her home of blue point, new york gabby graduating from the town's high school in 2017. >> i can feel what the parents feel, because i lost a daughter
5:15 am
five years ago, so i know what they feel like. >> she just seemed like a innocent sweet girl, and we all felt like she was our daughter. reporter: there are also memorials for gabby in southwest florida where she was reportedly living with her boyfriend, brian laundrie, and his family, before setting off on that cross-country trip, road trip in an exclusive interview, neighbors in the north port community recall the family packing up a camper just days after brian came home without gabby. take a listen. >> also, which struck me as odd is i spoke to my wife about is that the parents going on a trip , i can see that, but taking their 23-year-old son in a small camper that's on the back of the truck struck us as odd. reporter: fox news is also learning about an explosive argument brian had with a
5:16 am
waitress while dining at a jackson hole, wyoming restaurant , this happened august 27. in an instagram post the restaurant said it is helping the fbi with its investigation, and this morning we do expect the search to resume for brian, who is considered a person of interest. crews will return to the carlton reserve in sarasota county to search the waste- deepwater also guys these blue ribbons behind me they line this fence and you can see them in various places throughout blue point where she is from and that color, tale, was picked by gabby's mother to represent the color of gabby's eyes and here at the blue point nature preserve is where people can pick-up those candles for the vigil that will happen, the candlelight, the lighting that will happen tomorrow. you can pick those candles up between 2:00 and 6:00 today and you can light those pretty much anywhere you want in the town. a lot of people are doing it in their driveways back to you guys steve: i'm sure they will. ashley thank you very much for the live report. ainsley: let's hand it over to jillian. jillian: good morning, let's
5:17 am
begin with this. we now know the name of a police officer shot and killed in d.c. angela washington was on duty when she was killed outside an apartment complex earlier this week. she's a mother of four and a grandmother. no arrests have been made in her case. homicides are up 12% in the area , compared to this time last year. the d.c. union has repeatedly argued that the council's police reform measures are to blame for the crime spike but the d.c. council chair says the council is not responsible for the increase. >> the fda authorizing pfizer's covid vaccine booster shot for people 65 and older and for those considered high risk. the third dose is recommended at least six months after the second vaccine injection, but the cdc still has to approve booster shots before they can officially be given. the cdc advisory panel is expected to meet today to discuss which americans should get the third dose. >> one patriotic singer says the biden administration is replacing him from the national council on the art. a seat he's held for 20 years.
5:18 am
lee greenwood joined us earlier to say how he found out. >> now under the biden administration and he's cleaned house and finally, he's fired the patriot and i was quite shocked to tell you the truth. i didn't get a phone call, a letter, just an e-mail. jillian: the white house says no one has been dismissed from the consolidate ill and his replacement will need to be confirmed by the senda >> call it a giant leap for sin city. a developer wants to build a massive las vegas resort in the shape of the moon. it be the second tallest building on the strip and would include 4,000 rooms and of course, a casino. plans for the $5 billion project are still in the works, but it could be built across from the wynn. brian: the windows at the wynn. ainsley: you expect to see that in vegas. steve: just a ball? >> i'm not developer. brian: right. jillian: nor the architect.
5:19 am
brian: you're really out of feedback. meanwhile, the biden administration is reportedly buying chinese-made drones despite stark warnings from the pentagon not to buy chinese- made drones. the drone expert weighs in on the potential of the national security risk. will someone tell the fbi how to do their job? for deb, living with constipation with belly pain was the same old story for years. trying this. doing that. spending countless days right here. still came the belly pain, discomfort, and bloating. awful feelings she kept sugar-coating. finally, with the help of her doctor, it came to be. that her symptoms were all signs of ibs-c. and that's why she said yess to adding linzess. linzess is not a laxative. it helps you have more frequent and complete bowel movements. and is proven to help relieve overall abdominal symptoms belly pain,discomfort, and bloating. do not give linzess to children less than six and it should not be given to children six to less than 18, it may harm them. do not take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual
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steve: federal law enforcement agencies reportedly buying chinese surveillance drones that were previously labeled a security threat by the pentagon. that's according to axios which claims both the secret verse and the fbi have recently bought drones from the company in china dji. here with reaction, former special operations intel analyst
5:24 am
brett bellakovich. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, pete, thanks for having me. steve: okay, so i don't get this , because wasn't buying drones from china made in legal in 2019? >> yeah, sure was, steve, and look, i think the people need to , the american people especially need to look at what this administration does, and not what they say, because they are clearly full of it if they don't stop this illegal activity immediately. i mean, the purchase of chinese- made drones is not only hypocritical to the biden administration's stance on reducing america's reliance on technology, but it was also made illegal by the dod in 2019 when specific legislation was passed banning the purchase of drones and components made in china, and there is no denying at this point that this technology poses a national security risk. i mean, the cybersecurity vulnerabilities are very very well documented. the biden administration has even come out and made dramatic unprecedented statements saying
5:25 am
that the text poses a national security risk and not only that. you look in my opinion, i think this is also a test the administration's stance on human rights because the specific drone entity company in question, they are on an economic black list for their support for the chinese government's human rights abuses against the weger people for using this drone technology maliciously so i'm just scratch ing my head, steve, trying to understand why they would risk purchasing these drones unless they were using them for target practice or something like that. steve: here is the thing. i understand this particular company, one of the market leaders in the world. they are cheap, but, the secret service buys them. should the president of the united states be surveilled by a chinese drone? >> you're exactly right. look, it's all about the data, okay? it's about privacy, it's about the chinese government, you know , trying to dominate the world with this technology and they're going to use this if the secret service is out there
5:26 am
flying drones to check on the locations of our leadership and why risk it at this point, with everything we know about the chinese communist party, its companies, their abuses, everything they are trying to do with this technology there's no excuse for a federal agency to be purchasing these drones and purchasing not just from china but from any country that serves these type of interests, and i just don't know if these agencies just are lacking the education that we have american alternatives that we could be using right now instead of this chinese technology, but look, congress needs to wake up for this. the stakes are so high when it comes to china, drone technology is a major piece of that, and we've got, you know, congressional leaders that are trying to do the right thing, guys like marco rubio and dan crenshaw putting out these initiatives to push policies to stop the activity across-the-board but congress needs to wake up and realize the implications of allowing chinese-made technology that can send a lot of this data right back to the communist party and we need to put laws in place to curb this activity immediately because it's only going to get
5:27 am
worse. steve: see and you made the perfect point there at the end thinking okay i've got the little driver thing right here, i'm standing, you know, standing at joint base andrews. i'm here, but the technology is it can be transported back to china where they can gather all the gps data and who knows maybe they can actually see the image. >> they can. it has been well documented what the security vulnerabilities of this technology. that's a fact. okay? its been documented unclassy classified levels and in classified levels so the government is very well aware of this which is exactly by the dod banned this not to mention before president trump left office in january he put out an executive order that made it illegal for the use of taxpayer dollars to purchase these systems to be used maliciously and frankly this is one of the executive orders that the biden administration is even going to transfer over and they canceled the previous executive orders but this is not just a left or
5:28 am
right issue it's both. it's bipartisan issues that needs to be solved before you've got chinese tech that's controlling everything that we do. steve: officially in the it's a dumb idea category, thank you very much for joining us today from savannah. >> thank, steve. steve: meanwhile disturbing new images capture the fourth world conditions at that migrant camp under the bridge in del rio, texas. lawrence jones spent the last couple of days reporting on the crisis firsthand and he joinses us live in studio to discuss it. >> ♪ trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high you know how i feel ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel ♪ [man: coughing] ♪ it's a new dawn, it's a new day... ♪ no matter how you got copd it's time to make a stand.
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5:32 am
>> we cannot find any record of him visiting the border as president, vice president, senator, or even as a concerned citizen. why would that be? >> i can check and see when the last time or when he may have been. >> this is a president who makes a point when there are disasters in this country like a wildfire or a hurricane to go and see for himself, firsthand, what the needs are of the local community, and going down to del rio, texas and see what's going
5:33 am
on. first of all, peter, i think the situation at the border is the result of a broken system and the president certainly relies on his experience. steve: right. the white house stumped over whether president biden has ever visited the southern border, in his lifetime, images of migrants living under that bridge just keep getting worse. brian: lawrence jones just returned from del rio, texas joining us now with a look and reflection about what we're experiencing. i guess they say it's down to 7,000, 5,000, you saw it with how many? reporter: it was about 15,000 when i was there. they eventually got it where they were able to start moving people, about 3,000 a day, but they just can't get control of the situation. now, as you guys know, we've been reporting in colombia. they are already getting word there's another group of migrants that are going to start about 20,000, they are trying to make their way across. brian: from where. reporter: from colombia so they will go through mexico, the mexican authorities are asking them. brian: haitians in colombia?
5:34 am
reporter: correct, correct, and also it's a diverse group of people but it's important to know that a lot of these haitian populations, they are coming from central america and south america, they aren't coming from haiti, specifically. ainsley: what about the conditions what did you see because we're getting reports you see these images. it doesn't look like america, it looks like a third world country reporter: it is and it was very troubling, because texas is my state. i'm born and raised there. you're just not used to seeing this type of stuff down in the state and as much as the border patrol is trying to get control of the situation, they just can't. they don't have the manpower, i mean, our hotel was an hour and a half a way because the border patrol and state troopers need hotels to get this under control but the migrants are getting agitated and word some of them are being deported although it's only about 25% most are being released back into the country given a court date and being asked to appear, many don't come back. steve: and it's so valuable that you've gone and seen it with your own two eyes and peter
5:35 am
asked jen psaki about whether joe biden has been down there in his life and they don't know of any instances, if fox news, if the president went and laid eyes on it what would he think? reporter: i don't think he would have an answer. steve: but he would see it. reporter: then he be forced to address the situation and all i can relate is the sheriff of the county, he said he asked the biden administration to come and see it, and the troubling thing is behind doors, mayorkas, kamala, the president acknowledged that it's a crisis but when they get in front of the camera, they tell a different tale, and that's why the democrats in the local town are upset, because they know that there's a problem. ainsley: well you know there's a problem when he's making democrats mad. reporter: that's exactly right. ainsley: now you have the squad down there, and maxine waters saying this looks like segregation, or it looks like -- brian: all because of the horses, she's not just worried or not saying not only that, she's upset because she
5:36 am
said boron horses are treating haitians badly because they're black. reporter: can i just speak to that for a second? i've been covering the border for five years under the tariff and now, the trump adminitration and now under president biden's administration. the same taxes that are used there, first of all, they never touched the haitian population with the reigns of the horse. that is a way to control the horse, and how you progress the horse forward. also, that is a crowd control tactic. steve: using the horse. reporter: correct, so do not train the border patrol agents to do that and when they do it, then you want to put them on leave. i don't think that's fair. brian: they are. they are on desk duty now. reporter: this was done to the mexican population as well. anybody that's come across the border that same tactic has been used. no one got hit by it and my sources are telling me i actually saw the guy that did it , i'm trying to get an interview with him exclusive to fox & friends but my understanding he's now been put on leave to tell his side of
5:37 am
the story, but again, they are making this , and by the way, i just have the need to say this , maxine waters is comparing this , first of all, they didn't come here willingly and they had no opportunity to fight for their country and this country has addressed that issue in the past and they should go willingly. if they want to go back to the country, they have an opportunity to do this so comparing the situation, saying that the training that the border patrol has received and implementing that same training, and battle right there , i think is just so unfair steve: i read this morning that apparently two of the haitians are suing the border patrol. brian: for what? for what? reporter: and i'm just curious what the biden administration is going to say about this. we already know yesterday when they stormed the plane and got off the plane and started to attack i.c.e. agents they did not defend the i.c.e. agents. they support the right to protest and people who have their voices heard. have their voices heard on what? brian: right. reporter: they are doing their
5:38 am
job, and i just think, and by the way, there are black americans in this country right now, that are struggling. i cover this story every single day. i wish the administration would give a damn about them as well. now, they are all outraged. the border patrol is doing their job, and this is why, by the way , texas state troopers are on the front lines now, because border patrol has initially said do you know what? we're done. we're just going to handle the processing, we can't do chases, we can't arrest people, so, we'll let the state troopers do their arrest and we'll process. ainsley: they created that steel barrier of all their cars. reporter: exactly right and by the way that's not texas job. is the white house going to reimburse the state of texas and the taxpayers there? ainsley: they spent $2 billion. reporter: they are already trying to allocate another billion to get the job done. steve: you've had a very busy week. brian: great job. ainsley: 8:38 on the east coast coming up next, police veteran, an officer, is hanging up his badge after facing the choice to get vaccinated or be fired. that sergeant, on his reason why he's resigning, after nearly
5:39 am
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all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? >> when you hear the number hundreds of navy seals, this is something, this is devastating. you have to understand that on a typical year, we're very lucky if we net positive just a couple seals, meaning, those who retire or get out as opposed to those who make it through training. this is devastating to our force , it's devastating to our national security. you're talking about senior leaders with massive amounts of knowledge. ainsley: a former navy seal sounding the alarm on hundreds quitting over these vaccine mandates and it's not just happening in the military. law enforcement members are also fighting back including a veteran police officer out in california who hung up his badge over the vaccine requirement for all city employees. david guttenberg served nearly 30 years in the san jose police department and he joins us with
5:44 am
more on his decision. good morning to you. >> good morning. i just want to thank god for giving me the strength to step out of my comfort zone and thank you for the opportunity to speak. ainsley: well thank you so much for coming on it's an important topic and thank you for your service out there. tell us why you decided to hang up your badge. >> well, when we received the e-mail saying that you're going to have a vaccine by a certain date, or face discipline up to and including termination, and i took it as a threat, and because i don't plan to be vaccinated, and i decided to turn in my badge so i can speak up, because others can't, for fear of losing their job. ainsley: sergeant, how hard of a decision was that? >> very difficult. especially after serving for that many years and putting on the uniform, so many times.
5:45 am
the last time i put it on, it's emotional. ainsley: you're being forced to leave your job because you don't want to get this vaccine. are you alone in this in your department? >> i'm definitely not alone. there's several hundred people throughout the city that back this , and it's unfortunate, because they were doing weekly testing for very short period of time before they moved on to this mandate, and while most people don't want to do weekly testing, they would much rather do that and keep their job, than be forced to get a vaccination and the mayor had said that this was done to protect the employees and the population , but the thing is , they're not testing the vaccinated employees and we all know that vaccinated people can get the virus and spread it without knowing even, so that doesn't seem right, and he also had said that the percentage
5:46 am
went up from 82 to 85% and he had said that the strategy is working, and if the strategy is to force people to decide whether to have a livelihood or get the vaccine, that's not something to be proud of. ainsley: i know that your department's already under staffed so if so many people quit that's going to be detrimental to the community when they call 911 and there aren't enough officers to come to their rescue and aid. i know you're not an anti- vacce r. you don't want to be forced to put something in your body for religious reasons. what will you do next? how will you make money? >> i haven't even thought about that. i am retired. i have my retirement. after i retired i became the reserve because i was making extra money, and i don't know if we could always say extra, because we all get enough just to pay the bills but i'll find
5:47 am
some way and it's really, money 's not important to me right now. it's this cause and my other people in the group. and it's not just police officer s, it's our dispatchers, it's people in every other city function and like you said, they're very under staffed. you can't find qualified people, and also, you can't lose these people who have been here for so many years. you're not losing just a person, you're losing all of that experience as well. ainsley: do you feel defeated, abandoned, who do you blame for this? >> i don't feel defeated at all , because i have strength, i have faith, and i know that it's going to turn out right, because i believe that god's leading me in this direction, and we're going to win, in the end. ainsley: have you thought about moving and going to an area where you don't have to be vaccinated? >> yeah, i be lying if i said
5:48 am
it hasn't crossed my mind, but there's so many other things right now that are important here, that i would not move on before they're taken care of. ainsley: real quickly, david, why did you serve? >> i served because i had a skillset that turned out to be really good for that, just enjoy talking to people, really, we all say we want to serve the community. i really did enjoy that. i like to help people. i like to fight for the victims. i worked in so many different units, just so i can serve people in many different capacities, and i enjoyed it. ainsley: well you have a skill to protect the community that you love so much, and i'm really sorry that you're not going to be able to do that anymore, but your faith will get you through this and you'll find something else. god bless you. >> thank you very much.
5:49 am
ainsley: tom brady is coming off a blockbuster win against atlanta but could the undefeated la rams be strong enough to steal their thunder? this sunday? we're going to take a look at the nfl games on fox you won't want to miss but first let's check in with dana perino for what's coming up at the top of the hour. dana: ainsley don't you want to book me to talk about the nfl ainsley: [laughter] you and i together. dana: i'll just make it up. oh, thanks so much. the border crisis in del rio appalling and a huge second wave of haitian immigrants are on the way to the southern border, and the white house scrambling to keep its legislative agenda together, karl rove will analyze and we will speak to a couple who saw brian laundrie arguing with wait staff at a restaurant in wyoming, gabby was not with him, and where is he now? we will have the latest see you at 9:00. psst! psst! allergies don't have to be scary.
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5:53 am
brian: let's check in with fox senior meteorologist janice dean , that means she takes order s from no one. fox weather forecaster, extraordinaire, please tell us something enlightening. >> well, you know, it's light out here in the streets of new york but we are going to deal with a cold front in the next 24 hours bringing showers and thunderstorms to the region. let's take a look at it ahead of that cold front that's where we got that warm, sticky air mass, 76 in new york, we could
5:54 am
actually see the potential for not only heavy rainfall, but some severe weather, so keep that in mind, know what to do if there's a watch or warning that 24 hour temperature change that shows you we've got a big old cold front, a powerful one that stretches as far south as the gulf coast, and you could see where we've got that area of low pressure that counterclockwise spin over the great lakes and the front associated with it bring us the potential for that heavy rain, especially later on this afternoon, into the overnight. all right? so i am concerned about the flash flooding potential, and again, know what to do if there's a flash flood warning in your area including new york city, also d.c., up towards portions of upstate new york. also dealing with a tropical storm 18, this is going to be sam. it's going to be a major hurricane, and we will keep an eye on it for you with fox weather. jillian, my friend over to you. jillian: thank you very much janice, and listen up because this just in. harry and meghan are in new york city, this video from just moments ago of the duke and dutchess visiting one world observatory they are in the big apple ahead of an appearance as
5:55 am
saturday's global citizen lives music fest festival. >> a tennessee high school football team is standing up for religious freedom the players leading a post-game prayer after the school district prohibited coaches and teachers from leading one themself, put tammy bruce county school saying in part, "courts consistently ruled that prayer cannot be sponsored by schools or school personnel." the player who led the prayer and a cheerleader joined us earlier. >> that's one of the things that growing up i never thought would happen is that i be told not to pray. >> the whole community is going to coming together as a whole, and we're going to do it whether they tell us to or not. jillian: during their prayer, players asked god to bless their team and thanked him for the game they just played. brian? brian: all right, thanks jillian. let's talk football. terry bradshaw, the co-host and analyst on fox nfl sundays, won a bunch of super bowls is coming back to i guess football just in time.
5:56 am
>> hall of fame quarterback terry bradshaw did some pretty amazing things on the field back in the day so it's no surprise he was eager to go back in time. initial tests confirmed it just might be possible to pull off this unique side by side talent. brian: really? i can't wait to see how this turns out bradshaw and gus johnson filming fox marketing spot to promote watching football live on fox. meanwhile, ahead of this weekend , we have a full slate of games let's look at three, here to break it down players and teams to watch fox nfl sideline reporter jen hale. we've got three big games, so let's talk about buccs. they're 2 and 0, rams are at home, tom brady not a bad start nine touchdowns already. >> yeah, shocking tom brady has a good start right, guys? amazing. the buccs returned all their starters and they looked better than ever, clicking on all cylinders. the biggest change we're seeing actually this year, tailoring
5:57 am
offense even more to tom brady whose giving brady more and more influence, you're seeing shorter passes, more emotions, really just speak to the amazing influence that tom brady has, season in and season out. on the other side of the ball you got matt staffford. yes you're right it's a perfect 2 & 0. last week not so pretty, in fact john mcvey said i need a beer after that one but a win is a win and actually matt is the best in the nfl it's those come from behind last minute wins, he has 30 of them so this is going to be fabulous between these two quarterbacks. brian: yeah, meanwhile football plays against the buffalo bills, what is happening right now, with fitzpatrick? is taylor heineke going to play again? >> he's getting his first road start of the nfl, indeed, brian and tough having to go up against them but talking to folks in washington all week long. they are super am pressed with
5:58 am
this journeyman. undrafted free agent out of old dominion, but they think he has a chance to be the guy, not just a place holder right now, so if he were able to have a really good performance against the buffalo bills defense, which they look really good this year, i think that would go a long way and filling confidence and solidifying his reputation as a guy who can get the job done. brian: absolutely and josh allen having another great start , but so is everyone except the jets in that conference . meanwhile the bears and browns. so intriguing especially because justin fields will get the start , correct? >> yes, indeed. we found out yesterday, they are saying andy dalton, that bone bruce on his knee isn't ready to go yesterday, is this the start of the justin fields era, we'll find out and see how he does, that's also a road start so many folks have been very excited to see how this young man does, they watch him through college yet obviously a fantastic impressive college career and bear nation is really hopeful he
5:59 am
will be the key to their future and getting back on a winning track. he'll have a pretty decent test up in cleveland, cleveland's run game especially, led by nick van pat patrick so far this season. brian: absolutely the good news is the browns don't have much of a pass rush, so he might have some time to see things develop. so jen, i know you're doing the washington buffalo game. best of luck there. i appreciate it, and always great to see you. >> thanks for having me appreciate it. brian: best of luck. meanwhile fox bet will enter i want you right now to enter for a chance to win on fox super bet $1 million of terry bradshaw 's money, even younger terry is still loaded so that's it he puts his money upfront because how he wouldn't. steve: your chance to win big cash. and tomorrow, we'll be playing the fox bet super 6 quiz show, with tom shillue, your chance to win $5,000, so it's all about
6:00 am
the benjamins. ainsley: i'll be on greg gutfeld tonight if you'd like to watch. i'm nervous. you told me it can go off the rail sometimes. brian: it's very fun. and greg will definitely reference something to do with this show. ainsley: will he? all right look forward to that. steve: have a great day. we'll see you back on the couch tomorrow.


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