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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 24, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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i think it is ridiculous to think that joe biden did not know what his son hunter was doing. it seems like at every turn he was trying to bail him out whether it's with prostitutes, whether it's with drugs on all different fronts. so we're going to assume somehow that he didn't know when millions of dollars were being offered what he was. todd: lara, we have got to go. >> give me a break. >> the biden administration struggling to give straight answers when it comes to the number of migrants. >> it is 5,000 that are still left. where is everybody else? >> i'm happy to get you a more fruitful run down. >> this is such a failed administration and a failed president it's terrible. >> federal arrest warrant officially issued as brian laundrie continues to evade authorities. >> the public is the key to this. just tell me where the dirt bag is, and i will arrange to go pick him up. >> new emails show joe biden may have been profiting off his family's name more than the white house wants to admit. >>the evidence was overwhelming from the very beginning and yet, they lied and lied and lied.
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>> four house republicans are filing articles of impeachment against president biden. >> this president is a danger to this country, willfully violated his oath of office. [cheers] >> darnald is going to keep and get it into the end zone for the touchdown. the panthers win it a final of 24 to 9. ♪ jump right in ♪ let the music pull you in ♪ ♪ brian: jet fans are being tortured sam darnald jumped out with the panthers 3-0. unbelievable. that was nashville. population of 692,000, the mayor is john cooper. if you want to call there use the number 615, and then you will go through. ainsley: 615 and make up the rest of the numbers. see who you get. brian: right. people used to do that. prank calls were a big thing in the 1970s and 1980s. ainsley: might get elisabeth
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hasselbeck she lives there now. brian: she will be nice to you. ainsley: she will be. steve: with our phone we lived out in the country and we had this thing called a party line. ainsley: that sounds fun. steve: it osounds fun. they had a limited number of circuits. when somebody would call you, everybody's phone in your neighborhood would ring but you would have a specific ring and it's like okay, that's ring ring that's us. pick it up. but everybody listened. everybody on the line would pick it up and listen. ainsley: seriously? steve: a party line. pete, you know what i'm talking about, party line. ainsley: different ring tone you could pick it up and hear their gossip. steve: this is before gossip of course you would pick it up and listen. if we wanted to have a private conversation we would say hey mrs. so and so, i can hear you breathing. >> good morning, "fox & friends." >> good morning, "fox & friends." steve: over than party line? brian: chronicled on that series petty coat junction.
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the phone would ring and you have to climb the pole. steve: that was green acres. brian: gavin or joe would you look that up? >> stand by. ainsley: what color was your phone? was it the olive green. steve: avocado. ainsley: our whole kitchen and wash room dryer were yellow. steve: or copper tone. ainsley: how long is the cord? my mom would cook here and walk down the whole gally kitchen over there and set the table. steve: we felt so rich when we got a 15-foot cord because it had been three feet. brian: you try to untangle it every friday. quick thing on nashville they got kit with a epidemic and it took the life much james k. polk. steve: thanks for bringing down the room. ainsley: what was the zip code. steve: there was no zip code there. listen, let's talk a little bit about the news today and once again we are starting at our southern border. and, you know, if you have been
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watching the images live from del rio, you would notice that the administration is for the most part clearing things out. there goes that tent city or bidenville as pete hegseth referred. to say. ainsley: all about the optics, right? steve: it is, absolutely. and apparently the administration was sick of our drone and images, so they gave the people down there a deadline of tonight to clear out under the bridge because there is going to be black black lives matter protest. they don't need to see the squalor conditions because it's making joe look bad. ainsley: this is unbelievable. look, yesterday, we saw thousands of people down there with their tents in terrible conditions. well, the white house says this doesn't look good for us, we have to clean it up. so, now, they are bulldozers out there cleaning it up. brian: let's too some math about 15,000 were there by last sunday. right? ainsley: yep. brian: now it's time to clear everybody out. first they are tell us we are shipping all these people back to haiti. turns out they haven't been in
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haiti for 10 years because they were sitting in central and south america some of which in brazil and they decided to come here because the word came out real quick that if you come to the border, you will get in. so, yeah, 1401 haitian nationals were expelled. we finally got these numbers after asking for three days. expemed. okay 3206 migrants sent to other sectors. steve: including title 42 and removal procedures. brian: some went to tucson. some went to the rio grande valley area. which is overrun anyway. so there are about 5,000 remain but that number is dwindling which begs the question if you do the rough math, and that's all we could do at this point it's been so long since the sats. there is a lot of people unaccounted for. steve: there is a lot. the numbers don't add up. and if you are realistic about the problem down there you realize that peter doocy was in the briefing. you saw it yesterday live on the fox news channel and he said hey, jen, what's up with these
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numbers? watch. >> so, there are 15,000 migrants under the del rio bridge saturday. if you add up the ones that you say were expelled or released, it's less than 5,000. then there is 5,000 that are still left, where's everybody else? >> i'm happy to get you a more fruitful run down for you if you -- if helpful from the department of homeland security. pete: okay. and when you talk about how some of these people are being placed in removal proceedings. that does not mean removed, correct? >> that means they are in the process of going through a removal proceeding so that we can -- it can go through the process. our immigration process that's long been in place. steve: see, here's the white house and the administration are stonewalling because they do not want the world to know that two thirds of the people who came into our country illegally are going to get to stay. you know, when she is talking about removal proceedings, what that means is you are given a notice and they let you go. all these people are being bused
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up to san antonio and then going into the interior of the country what's different about this particular project down there, they're not being given notices to appear. they are being given notices to report. in other words, when you get to where -- we are going to let you go. when you go to wherever you are going, go to the ice office and let us know where you are. steve: however, there is no legal requirement that they show up, and we know from the biden administration day one they are not a priority to be deported. so, when you look at the numbers, are you know, republicans would like to see, for the most part, would like to see a strong border. democrats are angry that anybody is being deported. ainsley: well, black lives matter protest is scheduled for othis weekend. al sharpton went down there. brian: that didn't go well. ainsley: no, it did not. ainsley: he was trying to talk and say it a s. a disgrace all these protesters from texas yelling over him. one man is yelling del rio not a
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racist city. it is a loving and caring community you couldn't even hear al sharpton talk they were screaming over him. brian: don mcglaughlin who has been left without any agents because they have all been pushed to this area characterized this story at the border as he sees it this way. >> it's pretty much a clown show. i mean, the border is wide open. all the checkpoints are closed from west texas all the way to below del rio. the foot traffic has increased 10 fold. the human smuggling has increased 10 fold. there is no border patrol agents available. they are all down at del rio processing haitians. and these peaceful immigrants, illegal immigrants they keep talking about are getting more and more aggressive with landowners. they are doing more destruction to property. they are tearing things up. trashing ranch houses, trashing vehicles. you know, you can complain all
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you want. but this administration turns a blind eye to it. this is such a failed administration and a failed president it's terrible. brian: they say they are processing people every 15 minutes. what's making it tough according to the "washington times" they are getting more a and more belligerent. not only are they demanding to get into our country. they are upset about the conditions as they wait. when they're processed they don't want to wait 15 minutes. keep in mind, they attacked ice agents on a plane, they attacked a bus driver on the bus. so, they came to our border with a huge chip on heir shoulder, demanding access to our country the only people they're mad at are the border patrol agents on horses who are doing what they're trained to do. they are under manned. they are urched staffed. and now they are under appreciated and now they are condemned to desk duty because of these clueless people in washington. mayorkas is going to be at a press conference today. is he try to answer some questions. if it's anything like his last
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three days, they are woefully inadequate, his answers. daniel foote the ambassador though has also, is he a special endestroy haiti, he resigned. he is so outraged about the biden policies he resigned. ainsley: and if you are a woman and down there on the border and you claim to be pregnant. brian: you are in. ainsley: they will release you into the country without giving you a pregnancy test. steve: peter asked about that as well yesterday. do you know why so many people wound up going to del rio, in particular? what's app. apparently the coyotes and everybody else using what's app. to tell i exactly where to go and what to do use what's app. talk to your family and next thing you know they are wiring you money. big tech essentially was able to engineer what we have seen on our southern border. ainsley: wow, well it's the busiest sector i thought that's why they were going. 6:10 here on the east coast a federal arrest warrant is out for brian laundrie now as search teams scour swampy terrain down
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in florida. meanwhile, gabby petino's hometown is prepping for a candlelight vigil. we have a live report on the case that's gripping the nation. brian: get this. the plot thickens on the hunter biden scandal. suddenly people realize the emails are real shining new light on the allegations of influence peddling by the president's son. now you are interested a year later? ♪ ♪ strength gel for powerful arthritis pain relief... voltaren the joy of movement as someone who resembles someone else...
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to the most businesses and advanced cybersecurity to protect every device on it— all backed by a dedicated team, 24/7. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. ainsley: tonight, abbey petino's
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hometown will come together for candlelight vigil in her honor. steve: this as a second come woman's forward saying she picked up brian laundrie hitchhiking. we heard from another woman yesterday. brian: that's not the only new development in this case. ashley strohmier joins us live from new york with more. ashley? >> hey, guys, good morning. yesterday that federal arrest warrant was issued for brian laundrie but it wasn't for gabby's death. it was for an acts following her death warrants alleges he committed debit card fraud. september 1st which is when he rushed back to florida. here in long island tonight at 7:00, people in blueprint are being asked to light the candles that they picked up yesterday wherever they are in memory of gabby petino. a lot of people are doing that in their driveways. people were asked to pick those candles up yesterday between 2 and 6:00 p.m. around :20 they ran out of candles the people i spoke to here say they were not surprised by that one bit.
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this area always comes together. it doesn't surprise me living here my whole life. >> we are trying to do what we can because we just want to say we are here for you. our hearts hurt for you. and we will always be here. >> but we are all lifting you up. we are all here to support you. when you are ready, that's what it is about. >> absolutely. with everything going on none it really matters. people matter. gabby matters. >> an in an exclusive statement to "fox & friends," gabby's friend rose davis said in part she is a bright light and a remarkable human she did not deserve this she will be remembered forever. funeral are process in long island. we will let you know when that does happen. can you see the sign over my shoulder. can you see signs like this in remembrance of gabby all around the town of blue point.
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back to you guys. >> all right. ashley, thank you very much. the fbi did issue that arrest warrant for brian laundrie because he has been using somebody capital one credit card. they did not say it was hers. but in the missing persons report filed on september 11th, it was revealed by her family that she did have a capital one debit card. is it the same one? ainsley: and the police need some reason, probably, if they find him to arrest him, right? or to question him maybe that would be the reason. steve: they have already got probable cause. ainsley: well, is he a person of interest? he is not a suspect. brian: they definitely have enough. and i also think that the family is in trouble. i mean, you have got figure if they're covering his tracks and it's proven, i know they have a lawyer consulting them, but, man, if they seem to be complicit in this whole thing. ainsley: carley was down there for how many days, a week?
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carley: a week. ainsley: great job with the reporting. what was it like when you were there? carley: well, brian, to talk about the family, i mean, you do have to wonder how they fit into this equation because if your son is a person of interest in the disappearance of girlfriend, he goes away and missing for three days why would you wait three days to report the missing person to police? so you have to wonder okay, were they giving a three day head start? were they scared for him? did they actually think he was going to come back? there are a lot of questions about the family. steve: that's what john walsh says. awful we is what the parents have told us. they said he was in the house until last tuesday. nobody knows that except the parents. they could have been making it up according to john walsh. carley: talking about one tragedy. we have got to talk about another right now. start right here with this. a gunman opens fire in a tennessee kroger store killing one person and injuring 12 others before turning the gun on himself. police say they arrived to find
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people hiding in freezers and offices. police chief dale lane reacting to the gruesome shooting. >> like any other community in the country, it's who are historic. we hate that it happened. this is one of the most resilient communities in america. >> the identities of the shooter and victims have not been released. cdc director rochelle walensky endorses the pfizer covid it booster shot for young workers breaking from the agency's advisory panel. the are recommended for 65 and older and those under 50 with under lying conditions. walensky added the younger at risk workers in atedz from earlier this week. meanwhile moderna's ceo says the pandemic could be over in a year. he believes there could be enough vaccine available by the middle of next year so that everyone on earth can be vaccinated. a good samaritan coming to the
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aid of a woman and her two kids and their dog after they were caught in flooding. heavy rain in pennsylvania catching the family off guard. the good samaritan wasting no time jumping into the thigh high water to get the family out. >> as soon as i rolled down the window as the mother rolled down the window they stopped crying, soothed them, helped them told them it was going to be okay. >> joe says there was no question he was going to help that family. and the carolina panthers are off to a 3-0 start thanks to a thursday night win over the houston texans 24-9. quarterback sam donald led the way with two rushing touchdowns and also had more than 300 yards through the air. but the night featured some lows for carolina. star running back christian mccaffrey went down with a sprained hamstring and did not return. mccaffrey will undergo tests to gauge the injury's severity. we hope he is okay this morning, guys. brian: sam darnald is really
3:22 am
okay. sorry, joel. [laughter] brian: huge jets fan. ainsley: shaking his head. brian: he was supposed to be the franchise quarterback. don't take a shot at the giants. nothing to do with this conversation. ainsley: he said giants are 0-2, too. brian: exactly. steve: look at the comp of "the new york post." ainsley: here we go again. steve: harry and meghan were in new york. he was at a bar and she cannot accompany him according to what i read. trader joe, isn't it interesting? this is unrelated to the hunter biden laptop. according to a couple of emails that one democratic donor said to another democratic donor. hunter biden was pitching himself as a lobbyist for the libyan government, essentially, but it's going to cost you $2 million to have hunter work for you this goes back to 2015 when joe biden was vice president. ainsley: president obama froze $30 billion in libyan assets.
3:23 am
so, these two donors will make 5% of whatever they can unfreeze. steve: defrost. ainsley: they allegedly according to the insider emails are reaching out to hunter biden, according to these emails, saying we will pay you or you will make $2 million -- we want you involved. your dad is vice president. can you help us unfreeze these assets. steve: one donor talking to another donor about the good things and bad things about hunter biden. ainsley: they are saying he wants $2 million plus he wants success fees if he can unfreeze the money. brian: this democratic donor it jauhari and al are a bane, this is how it goes. per our phone conversation i met with number two son meaning hunt $2 million a year why we should give it to him. he wants to hire his own people. close circle of people for confidentiality. his dad is deciding not to run. he has a little bit of a
3:24 am
background world food program business program for john forbes kerry's son. of course everybody knows. john kerry linked to christopher hynes as he knows. got the connections. bad part is he is also a alcoholic, a drug addict, and kicked out of the u.s. army for cocaine use. and he chases low class hookers, constantly needs money and liquidity problems. he has many more headaches, the email said. that's the bad part of hiring hunter. of the good part is his dad. he has connections and his dad knows the president. and his dad, the president at the time was president obama. and could unfreeze things. he also has connections to china. ainsley: then there is a bigger reward. steve: sure. ultimately they hired a different firm, did not hire hunter and chris hynes as well. and it does not appear that the libya deal went ahead. glenn greenwald, the investigative reporter, has this observation about who all is
3:25 am
going to be talking about this story today. >> the emails were authentic and yet they lied and lied and lied as you just showed trying to convince people to not even pay attention to them on the grounds they were disinformation from this young reporter at politico who spent months digging into all of these emails. obviously, had he unearthed proved that these emails were forgives and put that in his book he would be a star. because his reporting said the opposite, he found even more proof that all those emails were authentic, which meant that she's media outlets, all of them, pretty much, with a few exceptions, deliberately lied to the public in the weeks before the election by telling them that this was russian disinformation when they knew it wasn't true. they are ignoring their book. he is not a right wing journalist, he is from one of the most mainstream publications. he has the proof in his hands that they all lied and they don't want anyone to know it. brian: politico, this guy is doing a book and that's going to come out business insider is doing a story and that is out. of course, you know, the intercept is also suddenly
3:26 am
interested in story a newspaper he founded. it's now online. i just ask you in this big question. they are really interested now in a story and i just go back to those 50 intelligence agents that say this is classic russian disinformation. what about their credibility for this? they looked at legitimate emails and said this is russian disinformation every network dismissed it. the "new york post" twitter handle was frozen. if you retweeted it you were frozen. ainsley: such a joke. imagine if this were donald trump's family. steve: sure. ainsley: imagine if his sons had done this it would have been headlines forever and put on every network. steve: the "new york post" talked about it we talked about it and who is going to talk about it today? there is one other story that the "new york post" broke as well, and that is, you know, joe biden is always saying, you know, the rich need to pay their fair share. turns out they have looked at one of the congressional groups, the congressional research
3:27 am
service nonpartisan looked and figured out that joe biden, when he was out of the vice presidency, he and jill made $13 million but they routed it through an s corporation and then they only counted of the 1 million, they only counted 800,000 as actual salary. so what they were doing is they were avoiding the about 4% self-employment tax. in other words, it looks like joe biden owes the federal government half a million dollars. brian: he is on everybody. the rich has got to pay their fair share. a way to beat the system. steve: he should pay his fair share. brian: s corporation beautiful way to beat the system but the system caught up. ainsley: rules for thee and not for me, babe. sorry. steve: the irony is this is one of the loopholes that the biden administration tried to close. ainsley: did he make all this money book deals? steve: speaking deals. brian: by the way this story has come around three times. we have had this about three times. it's the same story told a
3:28 am
little differently and it doesn't seem like that ever comes up in the pressers. steve: a lot does. ainsley: 6:27. steve: but not that. ainsley: florida fighting to keep its sanctuary city ban after a federal judge has now blocked it claiming it's unconstitutional. brian: but since when was upholding the rule of law against the law? florida attorney general ashley moody live next. ♪ an amusement park is like whooping cough, it's not just for kids. whooping cough is highly contagious for people of any age. and it can cause violent uncontrollable coughing fits. ask your doctor or pharmacist about whooping cough vaccination because it's not just for kids. tide pods ultra oxi one ups the cleaning power of liquid.
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ainsley: federal judge in miami has struck down parts of a florida immigration law banning sanctuary city policies. it's something governor desantis has been pushing since the beginning of his run for office leading up to the moment that he signed the bill in 2019. but now this federal jump, her name is beth bloom says portions of the law are unconstitutional and racially motivated. desantis' office says it will appear the ruling. florida's attorney general ashley moody joins us now. good morning, ashley. >> good morning. thanks for having me. ainsley: thanks for coming on. what was your reaction when it ruling went down? >> you know, i have served as a law a prosecutor, juan for over
3:33 am
a decade. which is one of the most nonsensical rulings i have seen in my decades in law. i can tell you as the attorney general and working alongside governor desantis, we have fought to ensure that florida is a rule of law state. that we do everything within our power to protect our citizens and ensure law enforcement hands aren't tied in removing folks that are here illegally that are criminals that need to be deported for the safety of our communities and to see a judge come in and, again, tie our hands it's, i think it's disgusting. and i think it undermines the security and safety and stability of this state and our country as a whole. ainsley: ashley, we have a lot of viewers down in florida. what does this mean for them? how is this going to affect their communities? >> you know, i think they want leadership that will step up and do what our federal government certainly isn't doing.
3:34 am
my lawyers are in court this morning on another case where we had to sue the biden administration because they went against decades policy of refusing to deport those that are here illegally that are criminals. drug traffickers, burglars, just not doing it anymore. and we had to sue. so we are arguing fiercely in court this morning to think about it. you have a federal government says states, you can't do anything about it. that's our purview but we are not going to do anything either. so they're tying the hands of leadership within states to make the best decisions they can and pass policies and laws to protect their citizens, and then you have a judge up end it with a ruling. so we are having to fight from both sides but i can tell you governor desantis and i will continue to do so in court with every ounce of energy and passion that we have. ainsley: what do you know about this judge? her name is beth bloom. >> i can tell you that we repeatedly see judges across the country that may not personally
3:35 am
agree with laws and will make findings and rulings which i believe are baseless and not grounded in law to follow along with a personally believe the law should be. ainsley: she says racially motivated. but, really, if you are here illegally isn't that breaking the law? >> again, it's nonsense. judges jobs. i can tell you i was a judge over the decade before having the opportunity to be florida's attorney general. a judge's job is to take the law that's given to them and apply it to facts and here you have a judge that has rendered a ruling that will affectively tie our hands in florida from ensuring that our law enforcement can help federal officials if they will, enforce the rule of law and our immigration laws. ainsley: ashley moody florida attorney general. thank you for joining us. >> i'm grateful. thank you so much.
3:36 am
ainsley: a school district sparking outrage. district wants kids 12 and up to get the shot despite a lack of full approval for that age group. is this really following the science? dr. nicole saphier is on deck to discuss it. ♪ ortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? we've got you taken care of, sgt. houston. thank you. that was fast! one call to usaa got her a tow, her claim paid... ...and even her grandpa's dog tags back. get a quote. i looked on ancestry and just started digging and found some really cool stuff... it was just a lot of fun. just to talk to my parents about it and to send it to my grandparents and be like, hey this person we're all related to look at this crazy stuff they did in arizona 100 years ago.
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movement dysfunction, sleepiness, and stomach issues are common side effects. and you can pay as little as $0 if eligible for your first 2 prescriptions. when bipolar i overwhelms, vraylar helps smooth the ups and downs. brian: millions of americans age 65 and older at the highest risk of covid-19 infection now eligible for the pfizer booster shot cdc director rochelle walensky recommended booster shots younger at risk. the cdc advisory panel as you may remember, rejected that guidance in yesterday's decision. she is doing something rare breaking from her advisory panel? is that okay? let's bring in fox news medical contributor dr. nicole saphier. is that okay? >> well, brian, i can tell you the white house, the fda and the
3:41 am
cdc have done a really good job at making this whole booster process as confusing as possible. and really just adding to the whole vaccine hesitancy you think of last month when you heard the white house and president biden say most vaccinated americans will be eligible for a booster shot by september 20th, 8 months after their vaccination they rolled that back and said maybe it's going to be six months or five months. you know what? maybe we will wait for the fda. the fda met earlier and they recommended that it be given to a certain population, then their eua wept through and expanded on what their advisory committee had recommended then the cdc met their advisory committee met yesterday, and they were more restrictive in what they recommended. they didn't include healthcare workers or other high risk professionals. but then in the we early of this morning's hours the cdc director said i'm going to break with my advisory committee and i'm going to recommend it in healthcare workers and other at risk. so bottom line, it seems like at this point those 65 and older
3:42 am
are going to be eligible for boosters. really anyone that has a pre-existing medical condition and anyone who is considered in high risk professions. bottom line, brian, if you want a booster you are going to be able to go get one. and whether the science supports it or not, who knows. but that's what they're doing. brian: it's just so unbelievable. people on the fence, this makes them throw their hands up in the air and said i told you. they don't even have their act together. they are trumping each other. why should i be in the middle of this with my health? however, go see your doctor. this other doctor story is going to interest parents across the country. oakland school district mandating a vaccine for students 12 and 0. this is despite a lack of full fda approval kids 12 to 15. what do you do if you are a parent and how out of control is this. >> 245er9. brian. so oakland public school district is joining a few of the southern california school districts in mandating vaccines
3:43 am
in those 12 and older. two points here, brian, we have to make. first of all vaccinating the adolescents in this age group. that is very important. and school vaccine requirements is not foreign. we have always had school vaccine requirements. the big questions here are should all adolescents be vaccinated regardless of natural immunity and at what point should that happen? let's take -- touring the pandemic states were not equal. we had to look at things on a state-to-state and even a county to county basis. aled me dough where oakland county school district is right now over 80% of total population vaccinated. studies estimate half the children have already been exposed to sars cove 2 their community immunity is very high which is why they have a 2% testing positivity rate and their hospitals have ample room. so why is it that the school district right now is mandating vaccine in these adolescents
3:44 am
through the emergency use authorization? this is not an emergency in alameda county. all they are doing at this point are political posturing and really fueling the skepticism. >> what they should be doing is if the county is not in a state of emergency, which they're not, wait for that full fda approval. and you have to acknowledge natural immunity. if you want these vaccine mandates to follow the science, you need to be acknowledging natural immunity as a form of protection because if we start giving these adolescents the full dose of the vaccine, which is currently being recommended, in those that have already recovered from covid-19 we may be increasing their risk of adverse effects. on top of that brian, when you think about why schools close for the flu, they usually don't close until about 20% of the whole student population has been absent because of symptoms. that's not happening here. brian: oh, it's so unbelievable and now mandates and a whole bunch of medical workers not showing up for work on monday and teachers the same thing in
3:45 am
new york city. and when they point to stories like this, they say you guys are so confusing, and confused, leave me out of this. meanwhile, dr. saphier, thanks so much. here's what the oakland unified school district said as for how the district will create the requirement the team will take a look a at the vaccine requirement in los angeles and adjust it based on local context and need per the resolution all exemptions required by law and a personal belief exemptions will be included. oh, unbelievable. thanks, dr. saphier. and follow her on twitter for her latest opinions on that. meanwhile, i want to go to carley on the other side of the stadium here to find out what's going on. carley: stadium. that's right. we are going to begin with, this brian. the mystery surrounding the mur law family double murder in south carolina deepens as law enforcement calls on the fbi to assist. they say potential crimes involved in the case warrant further investigation. alice murdaugh is currently at an out-of-state rehab facility after a botched attempt to have
3:46 am
him self-killed following the june shooting death of his wife maggie and son paul. he was charged with conspiracy to commit insurance fraud last week. league documents show the coast guard's plan to grill service members over religious exemptions for the covid vaccine. the darryl caller reporting internal memos instructing military personnel to, quote: note any comments made by service members that make it appear they are using the religious exemption as a ruse to avoice the vaccine and whether they, quote, begin by discussing concerns about safety, politics, et cetera and move from nonreligious belief to religious ones. take a live look at capitol hill as we are seven days out from funding running out for the federal government congress still unable to reach an agreement on a spending bill as both sides of the aisle dig in their heels about extending the debt limit. buff the house -- the white house budget office is warning about a government shut down
3:47 am
writing, in part, we fully expect congress to work in a bipartisan fashion to keep our government open, get disaster relief to the americans who need it, and avoid a catastrophic default. meanwhile senator schumer announcing a free to pay for the 3.5 massive trillion dollars spending plan democrats like bee sanders and mark warner say they have been left in the dark. washington state eradicating yet another giant murder hornet nest. state officials found a tree that contained the nest and split it open. there were 10 combs inside the tree. all the hornets were workers which means no new nest would be created from it officials say the queen that started the nest had interesting coloring. the insects are native to asia and pose a threat to honeybees and native hornet species. those are your headlines, and an update on said murder hornet population in america. brian: right. carley, i'm getting word now you
3:48 am
will have to cover the murder hornet story so you can get on that right away. carley: i have always wanted to bear a bee suit. brian: be deceptive to be part of the story. i'm going to go out because i'm very curious with the weather. adam klotz, you have the fox weather forecast. adam: good morning, brian. always beautiful and pleasant in new york city i don't know if you heard that jack hammering behind me. hoping hopefully you are waking up to the sound of birds and a little more pleasant. finally a who whole lot cooler across the country. big cold front swept across the eastern half of the country. 43 degrees early this morning in cincinnati. 20 degrees cooler right now than it was 24 hours ago in new york city. that is a big coast and with it it's brought at least some heavy showers to some areas. we currently have flood watches and warnings there as this is sweeping its way across new england. the story for the temperatures today are going to be still warm in the middle of the country.
3:49 am
78 degrees in chicago. high today 81 degrees in kansas city. those are your weather headlines for now. tossing it back in to you. brian: all right. thanks, adam. appreciate it straight ahead. vice president kamala harris is mia from the southern border but she is happy to accept an invite to "the view." are her priorities in line? i want you to think about that in the break and then we will examine it with joe concha. ♪ ♪ s coverage customizer tool? so you only pay for what you need. sorry? limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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3:53 am
steve: vice president clarifies going to make talk show appearance on "the view" but with multiple crises unfolding on the administration's watch will we see questions like this? >> do you have any plans to visit the border? >> at some point, you know, we are going to the border. we have been to the border. so, this whole thing about the border, we have been to the border. we have been to the border. >> you haven't been to the border. >> and i haven't been to europe. steve: never gets old. joe concha is a fox news contributor and the hill media opinion columnist and he joins
3:54 am
us from his underground bunker. joe, so, how pad is it -- what kind of a grilling is she going to wind up with on the viewview. >> few safe predictions to make studio audience will give her a standing ovation when she is introduced and so will co-host. there will be hugs. considering the v.p. wore a mask outside doing the coin toss last weekend. if meghan mccain on the show i absolutely predict fireworks on the q and a instead anna navarro in the conservative seat which is a bit of a contradiction like jack kevorkian teaching a class on the heimlich maneuver. hosted a campaign event joe biden in 2020. if navarro is a republican then so is the lincoln project, nicolle wallace and sonny. focus on jeopardy, race, jim crow 2.0. voting right.
3:55 am
questions from behar questions on donald trump we know trump is horrible how horrible in your stems, camla. any questions on afghanistan will focus on trump as well and how joe and kamala had no choice but to go ahead with the deal they made even though they overturned the keystone pipeline after taking office. questions about inflation, trillions in proposed spending, skyrocketing crime, 1.5 million people entering the country illegally and americans left behind in afghanistan are drone strikes killing children in the same. thou shall not be broached like the 11th commandment. wouldn't want to make anybody uncomfortable. steve: i haven't left "the view" since meredith vieira left like 25 years ago. i will make you a bet, if somebody on "the view" mentions hunter biden and the story we were doing earlier about how he was trying to sell influence for 2 million bucks. i will buy you your favorite lunch at market in franklin. i think there is a possibility they might talk about
3:56 am
immigration and how those mean border patrol people were using the horses to hurt the migrants. >> right, right. which is a completely false narrative. i like the salad, couscous salad i got that yesterday at the market basket, steve. there you go. taking that bet would be like betting on the new york jets and giants meeting in the super bowl. ain't going to happen. no way, can't do it. steve: all right. let's see if there are any conchaseqeneces that was my neighbor's name for the. see if someone is watching "the view." aoc's left wing allies con sold distraught house leader after the house approved funding for israel's iron dome. south carolina senator tim scott joins us to discuss the democratic disarray on capitol hill on this friday. ♪ i'll take you there. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting
3:57 am
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todd: president biden and kamala harris nowhere to be seen at the southern border. >> al sharpton tried to have a press conference and ended up getting shouted down by protesters. >> we don't want your racist down here. get out of here. steve: u.s. house members tried to stop the funding for israel's iron dome. >> a federal arrest warrant is out for brian laundrie as search teams scour swampy terrain down in florida. >> warrant alleges he committed debit card fraud between august 30th and september 1st. >> coverage of dr. flip flop
4:01 am
fauci now being dubbed a movie star. >> he is not a movie star. this is a con artist who can swim in the washington swamp. >> darnald going to keep and get it into the end zone for the touchdown. the panthers win it and a final of 24-9. ♪ but since you've been gone ♪ i can breathe for the first time ♪ yeah, yeah ainsley: do you know why i love south carolina? how much time do you have? exactly. look how beautiful that is. the sun is coming up there. that's murals murrows in between myrtle beach and. steve: wave, everybody, it's friday. brian: i always see the back of their head. ainsley: what's the zip code in
4:02 am
murrells beach? steve: why do you need a zip code nobody sends mail anymore. ainsley: brian said sends mail maybe it will land in the hand. brian: sun set come out. ainsley: i chartered that boat fishing expedition. brian: on the phone wait a second trying to talk to you is that how were call? fantastic. steve: great everybody is with us today. we have had a very busy week start friday in style murrells, south carolina. republicans are calling out president biden after the administration suspends border patrol horseback unit. steve: that's right. this as the white house is being accused of rushing to clear out the haitian migrant camp in texas because it's making the biden administration look bad the optics are terrible and there is a black lives matter protest scheduled for tonight. brian: right. so the reason why people are accusing them of rushing to clear out what's happening under the bring is because they are
4:03 am
rushing to clear out what is happening under the bridge. griff jenkins is live in washington with a new blm protest, which is way down in texas. i wonder if it will two as well as al sharpton's presser. griff: that's the point. good morning. "the washington examiner" says they are clearing out that camp because they don't want migrants riled up during a blm protest this weekend. the administration was already rushing to sweep away the horrific optics under the bridge of a third world conditions now about 3,000 remained according to the folks on the ground there last night. when blm gets there if they are coming they should expect the same treatment al sharpton got when he decided to descend down on tiny del rio and call people racist. watch. >> you are racist. nobody wants you in texas: >> border patrol. >> nobody wants you in texas. why are you not for the children that have gone missing at the border? where is your voices?
4:04 am
stop with the racism. griff: he eventually gave up and left. dhs updates are numbered you see 1,149 haitians sent back. 3391 were removed to cbd custody where they will be removed or custody. had 15,000. here is the math problem. thousand still there. those are the new numbers. some 6,000 are unaccounted for neither the white house or dhs could account for it yet, they wasted no time halting all horse patrols after disputed agents images of agents dispersing. joe biden created this crisis and now he is throwing the border patrol under the bus. this will make things much worse. meanwhile, guys, this surge could be shifting, a thousand miles west in human marks arizona, the border patrol chief there tweeting yesterday a thousand migrants crossed yesterday set a new record for
4:05 am
that sector among those thousand included migrants from 21 different countries, brian, ainsley, steve? brian: thanks so much, griff. i appreciate it you know it's really important, too. they are so concerned how abrupt and badly we are treating the migrants set up a hospital there treated 70 different people there you have thely the haitians are getting impatient with us who just decided to come to our border and expect to be treated as if they belong, they don't. this is not the way our system works. they evidently we are moving people through 15 minute clips. that is not quick enough. now they are complaining as we start processing them, which means have a ticket to go into the interior of the country with no obligation to show up anywhere else, they are getting aggravated which is making it harder for us to process them took the picturesner saw anyone
4:06 am
being whipped he didn't witness that now the biden administration says now you can't use the horses. they're saying two thirds of those under the bridge are able to stay and if you are pregnant woman -- if you are a woman and claim to be pregnant, you are allowed to stay without a pregnancy test. steve: sure, you know, we relied on the white house to give us the numbers but they won't give us the numbers because they're embarrassing. because they are embarrassing to both -- they have a political problem. republicans want to see a strong southern border and the democrats don't want anybody deported. so, with griff just talking about it looks like 1900 have been deported back to haiti so far of the 15 or 20,000 so far that's, what, 10%, 15%? something like that? where is everybody else? everybody else is being released into the country. i know that they say well, we're using either title 42 or the removal process. the removal process is, okay, that sounds like the removing them. it's not. they say okay. we are requesting to book you. we are going to write you down
4:07 am
now leave and we are going to give you not a notice to appear but a notice to report when you get where you are going. let us know. contact an ice office. there is in legal obligation for them to do it. you have got wonder how many will do that on day one joe biden said you know what? we are going to stop key porting people. and the only people ice is going to go after are people who are national security threats. are they a national security threat simply for coming in? brian: are they not positive for the coronavirus? have they been tested? did they get the vaccine only 30% when offered the vaccine for free are rejecting it. ainsley: listen to john york. founder of the great american clean up. he is describing what he saw firsthand when he was down there at the bridge. listen. >> we went clown to pick up thousands of pounds of garbage we never expected to what we saw under that bridge. retired from the army. served overseas in multiple
4:08 am
location. this is some of the roughest, you know. so roughest living conditions i have ever seen. children are being bathed in the rio grande, sleeping under a bridge. breastfeeding babies. sleeping in dirt. there is wildlife everywhere. garbage everywhere. people going to the bathroom everywhere. literally chopping down trees and making lean toes and tests and tee pees. it's really crazy. it's disgusting. steve: it is disgusting. the optics are the reason the biden administration didn't want our drone down there. we're still flying it. but, if you watch bill melugin over the last couple of days. to the amount of territory with where the migrants are camped is getting smaller and smaller. shanty town is gone. they bulldozed it out. the people are still there about 3,000 or 4,000, nonetheless the stuff, the bad optics, gone. brian: all right. let's talk about another foreign policy fail. it's not going to be a good ally of america.
4:09 am
nato we pulled out of afghanistan. didn't even call. had to find out through news reports and france, they just said we're so upset by the deal you cut with australia we are taking our ambassador back. we know about that. we know about the haitian ambassador envoy has quit because they are upset with the biden administration. so people are falling apart there then you have this: one of our greatest allies if not our greatest ally israel. barack obama, to his credit sold them the iron dome to knock rockets out of the sky and prevent them from being, i guess, thousands from being killed in israel proper. now, we find out there was a vote yesterday and they have trouble on the democratic side keeping the no votes from unfunding the iron dome to the tune of $1 billion. ainsley: we give money to israel to help with the iron dome to save lives. right? they rely on the iron dome. this is something that we have done for years and we are -- they voted yesterday in the house to give $1 billion to israel for the iron comb.
4:10 am
steve: because they took it out earlier. ainsley: but you have these nine congresswomen and men in the house that have voted against it. and rashida tlaib was one of them and she said we can't talk about safety for israelis at a time when palestinians are living under a violent apartheid system. you have people accusing her of anti-semitism and say this is about saving lives on both sides. brian of course it is. steve: when you look at those images of the 9 who voted against it they are all democrats except as you can see in the lower right-hand corner thomas massi a republican from kentucky. he doesn't want to give anybody any foreign aid. but what's interesting, so it passed 420 to 5. ainsley: 9. steve: well five or nine. i can't read my own handwriting. ainsley: 420-9. steve: the progressives have accused israel of human rights
4:11 am
violations and being an apartheid state. the democrats' own leaders were horrified that the progressives were refusing to fund them. interestingly enough, after this vote you can see down in the corner aoc from new york, she appears to be crying and is being consoled and you are wondering why. what she had done is she initially voted no. she would have been -- her picture would have been in that line-up we just showed you there. she changed her vote from no to present and then she is in tears. so why did she vote present? clearly it's a political thing, you know, some have suggested that she might be eyeing the u.s. senate run. also, some have also suggested that there is a possibility that her district would be redrawn riverdale which would include riverdale which has a large pro-israel jewish population. she wants to get reelected, she would have to be a yes.
4:12 am
instead she simply is a present. '. brian: karol markowicz has said this she voted present. are jews really are going to say well she didn't vote no she voted present and cried about it which is totally different? how real are those tears? are they real as the tears that she had at the border when she was looking out when she said there were kids in cages during the trump years and she doesn't seem to be interested in that now? ainsley: ted cruz is. he says go down there. brian: and cry a little. here's the thing to keep in mind. if you are an american of jewish faith, how could you continue to vote for a democrat? because time and time again, you are seeing them vote against israel's interest on a regular basis it blows me away that they have not -- they can look at the administration of the trump and bush, compare it to president obama and biden and still think the democrats is their way to go. because harry truman was the one who recognized their country. steve: well, the good news is, the house has approved a billion
4:13 am
dollars for the iron dome in israel despite the nine who voted against it. brian: i think ukraine is going to get an iron dome, too, which would be a great move. carley: tough details on a story i want to bring you here. illegal immigrant sentenced to 30 years in prison after pleading guilty to kidnapping and killing his ex-girlfriend javier decile have a rosas was convicted of breaking into the new york city home of valerie reas beating her and hiding her body in a suitcase in 2019. she was missing for one week before being discovered in a wooded area in greenwich. the family calling the da silva rosas, quote: a worthless soul. minneapolis residents are asking for the national guard and state patrol to help the city with a surge in violent crime. 26 locals writing a letter to governor tim waltz describing their neighborhood as a, quote, war zone. this as the city is set to vote on a measure to replace the
4:14 am
minneapolis police department. governor waltz sis his office is, quote: working to prevent gun violence. cdc guidance that recommended phasing out masks for school kids is now gone from the agency's website. that guide dance was intended to help school leaders plan to transition out of covid-19 protocols but now no such plan is available online. a spokeswoman telling fox news the cdc guidance is, quote: always being revised based on current epidemiology. so those are your headlines, guys, masks forever. steve: speaking of masks, halloween is about five weeks away. great transition. thank you very much, carley. and so when you think about, you know, if you are going to dress the kids up. what are you going to dress them up as, apparently one of the most popular costumes online is based on bernie sanders. remember bernie at the inaugural where he is wearing the gray overcoat and he has got the mittens, right? well, a company online called dolls kill is selling this
4:15 am
costume for $85. ainsley: a sexy version of it no pants, it's a jacket. steve: that's the $85 bernie sanders -- that doesn't look anything like it. i can't see the gloves. ainsley: there are other pictures. steve: there are the gloves. that's the question. brian: you or on gutfeld. ainsley: i was on greg gutfeld's show we were talking about his sexy halloween costume if it's sexy we love it we love wearing the gloves and flannel pants and that kind of thing it would be wonderful. here i am on greg's show greg rolls out montage of other costumes with you buy this year and both of were you included. steve: what? >> it's that time of year again when you search and search for a halloween costume but can't seem to find the one that's right for you. >> i'm tired of all these costumes that objectify my body. they all look the same. honestly, i'm out of ideas. >> sounds like you could use a costume that's fair and
4:16 am
balanced. >> yeah. >> introducing the fox news favorite faces costume collection. each outfit comes with a unique design so there is no mistaking which cable news network you are representing this halloween. like the brian kilmeade costume complete with dark jacket, suit calculateys bold but tasteful tie or how about the steve doocy with his awesome looking dark jacket, light shirt, calculateys and a bold but tasteful tie. we have even got tucker carlson with his one of a kind dark jacket, light shirt, calculateys and a bold but tasteful tie. >> got anything else? >> then try the greg gutfeld. [laughter] take my money now. it's the fox news favorite costume collection. steve: brian, the good news is we have got our costume. ible. brian: that's how much i dress up. ainsley: you didn't wear your
4:17 am
calculateys. steve: i haven't worn khakis since 1957. brian: did you like it. ainsley: it was fun. brian: you were worried when you left. ainsley: everyone told me you should have a vodka before you go on because it gets off the rails which i did not. brian: good. ainsley: everyone said it's just really funny. and julie banderas. i have forgotten. i haven't seen julie so long because of the pandemic. i forgot how funny she is and ka. >> it is great. douglas murray was on with us too. greg is so brilliant. i said how do you come up with all of this? he was talking about there was one segment where he was saying if we remove he or she or these pronouns so he took this montage of all these songs that have woman in it and man in it and changed it to all these different pronouns he was so funny. was a good time. brian: i will be on tonight. friday is great because they tape at 2:30. ainsley: that is great. brian: keep that in mind. steve: if you haven't seen it you should watch it it's the
4:18 am
number one late night show. brian: he was shunned. he wasn't allowed to be in the climate conference of all the late night host. steve: i didn't think he wanted to be. brian: i think it hurt his feelings. he gets hurt a lot. steve: oh man. check that out tonight. meanwhile straight ahead on friday telecast. they claim they are the new and improved taliban but they are bringing back brutal in a big way. will the biden administration simply look the other way? general jack keane reacts to that coming up next. ♪ ainsley: and charter school enrollment skyrocketing as parent are worried about the pandemic restrictions on their children. a superintendent who says students deserve better joins us live. brian: bring the music up ♪ and that makes you larger than life ♪ ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug ♪
4:19 am
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4:23 am
>> still have measures in afghanistan. we still have special partners, those siv applicants trapped in afghanistan and held at the will of the taliban. we need answers from these leaders. brian: it's coming up next week we hope to get them. pregame meetings did not go well this week. lawmakers are demanding answers and accountability. and the administration's mismanaged and everyone agrees with this afghanistan withdrawal that help put the taliban back in power. and reality keeps getting worst. the extremist group now says it's strict punishment like execution and amputations are back. here to react fox news strategic analyst retired four star general jack keane. general, you are the least surprised person on the planet with that announcement, aren't
4:24 am
you? >> yeah. well, certainly. listen, the taliban are -- they are not taliban 2.0 in my judgment. they are the taliban why know historic more rays are like impression on people. trying to include some other members in the society in the regime much lesser positions than the real powerful positions to demonstrate that they are more inclusive, they want international support, certainly financial and economic largely and the other thing they know full well that afghanistan economically is a basket case and it's heading towards a failed state and there will be huge pressure on the tribal leaders and war lords at some point to do something about it, which means take up arms in a civil war. the taliban have been down that road before they don't want to go there. that is the other reason why they are trying to bring some of
4:25 am
these groups. in it's really not inclusive in terms of representing the various factions in afghanistan. that sense, it's more of a charade. and the repression certainly are the people going on every single day. brian: secretary of defense austin, secretary of state two weeks ago and now we have the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff mark milley in front of congress next week to answer questions. house and senate. will we hear anything new? will we hear these generals say and the secretary of defense say not our idea, president's idea trying to make you work this is the best we could do. will we see that? i think it will be very forthright in what their part was in this. and i think it will be illuminating. i mean, there is some questions that have got to be asked. one confirmed for us, mr. secretary, and the chairman, that dod was, in fact, opposed
4:26 am
to the withdrawal that the president wanted to execute. and, also, in that light, the president was using one of the reasons for the withdrawal is the potential for american casualties again in afghanistan. for a president to bring to the forefront american casualty aversion as a major policy formulation is somewhat unprecedented. and it deserves to be pursued with the secretary and the chairman where they agree with that reasoning. also, were there any contingencies if the afghan government and its military collapsed sooner than expected, what were we going to do about it? why didn't we stop the withdrawal? what about bagram? did the pentagon as reported recommend the evacuation of american citizens and afghan partners in may? what happened to that? why didn't that take place? and the whole issue surrounding bagram should have been kept
4:27 am
open or not. and then it comes down to the proper security of the airport itself if kabul was offered to us, what was the reason we didn't take kabul or at least a piece of it to help better secure the airport and the dod agreed with the president about the deadline of august 31st even though we would leave thousands of our citizens and afghan partners behind. all of those things deserve to be explored. i'm confident they will be explored. the congress. brian: we're going to keep you on speed dial next week. on the quad. why dots quad matter? what would be effective when you talk about japan, india, the u.s.? why will it be -- why will it matter? will it work as a counter effectively to china? >> well, it's the best thing we have for sure. it's started by by trump and biden is putting teeth into it.
4:28 am
that's good. three of the four largest economies are in the quad. it's not nato. we can't get to a formal organization like nato political military alliance with a military staff that does planning. but this is a good thing it is primarily to counter china's aggression it's also beginning to work with other partners in the reasonable, too. obviously immediately to, singapore, vietnam, so, yes, answer to china certainly not just the united states standing tall but allies and partners. president trump doesn't get any credit for beginning that but the biden administration is moving in the right direction in my mind in doing this. and having a summit is very important. brian: general jack keane be talking to you next week testimony going on. have freight weekend. >> you too, brian. thank you. brian: meanwhile a federal arrest warrant out for brian
4:29 am
laundrie searching the swamps near his family home intensifies. a live report from florida on this closely watched case next. ♪ ♪♪ we believe everyone deserves to live better. and just being sustainable isn't enough. our future depends on regeneration. that's why we're working to not only protect our planet, but restore, renew, and replenish it. so we can all live better tomorrow. ♪♪
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4:33 am
ainsley: federal arrest warrant out for line brawn dri who is a person of interest in the death of gabby petino. laundrie may be ready and able to survive in the wild for months. charles? 23-year-old brian laundrie facing federal federal charges. a grand jury indicted laundrie for unauthorized access of twices days following the disappearance and death of his 22-year-old girlfriend gabby petino. the indictment alleges laundrie fraudulently used a debit card between august 30th and september 1st to obtain items
4:34 am
valuing $1,000 or more in multiple states including wyoming where petino's remains were discovered nearly a week ago. the laundrie family attorney issuing a statement saying in part, quote: it is my understanding that the arrest warrant for brian laundrie is related to activities occurring after the death of gabby petino and not related to her actual demise. this as a second woman, exclusively tells fox news that she gave laundrie a ride as he hitchhiked in grand teton national park two days after his 22-year-old girlfriend was last heard from. meantime, authorities continue their search for laundrie in the carlton reserve. a friend of gabby petino tells the daily mail laundrie, who is still considered a person of interest in the death investigation of his 22-year-old girlfriend is experienced and well-equipped to survive in the 25,000-acre nature reserve. in an exclusive statement rose davis tells "fox & friends" quote gabby is a remarkable human. she didn't deserve this she will always be loved and i am so
4:35 am
grateful she came into my life and can you see the death of petino has really affected so many people who know her personally and who are just strangers to her and a lot of people are aching to know what involvement, if any, brian laundrie may have had in her death. ainsley? ainsley: yeah. we are all fascinated by this, so sad. thank you so much, charles. let's bring in fox nation host, nancy grace. good morning, nancy. >> good morning. ainsley: we are learning he was hitchhiking but drove the van back to florida. people are wondering why did he have to hitchhike. this debit card. do we know who this debit card belongs to. >> very interesting. the federal indictment is one count and got it right here. does not reveal to whom the credit card it's a debit card, belongs. but it was used over a thousand dollars. there is an important reason they put that that makes it a felony there is a threshold amount that has to be cited. so this is what we know. we know that laundrie's defense attorney is parsing words. saying well, this is about use
4:36 am
of a debit card. not about her death. what? she is lying dead out at a camp ground wyoming. and he is making his way home using her debit card. if it were his own debit card it wouldn't be a crime. of course it's hers accessing two different accounts. this is also tactical by defense. they are going to arrest him on this while they build their case on the homicide. i have seen 59 love cases where somebody is picked up on a minor charge to get them in custody. i have also spoken to divers who have dived in very difficult circumstances like carlton reserve. the water is as black as coffee and it is contaminated because of all the animals living in it. they have to wear dry suits which means it's really hot and they are down there looking for either laundrie or evidence. ainsley: there is also another case has fascinated the country.
4:37 am
i'm from south carolina. and everyone is texting me constantly about this case. the murdaugh murder mystery. i know you focused on this. you have a special airing sunday night at 10:00 p.m. right here on the fox news channel. also available on fox nation. tell us about it, nancy. >> well, while we are all looking for brian laundrie and trying to figure out what happened to gabby, alex murdaugh somehow got put on the back burner. can't do that. got two dead bodies with a killer walking free. in the last days lawsuits have been hitting murdaugh like bullets. including claims he engaged in a whisper campaign to blame somebody else for driving the boat the day, the night mall lerry beat was killed in that drunk boating accident. this while murdaugh apparently, thanks to a judge, tangy alexander, is walking free, reportedly in an atlanta rehab not even in ankle monitor. once again, he walks scot-free.
4:38 am
ainsley: i think we have a clip of your special. let's watch this. >> this area where we are right now, which is murdaugh country, their name is not only revered but feared depending on who you talk to. >> oh that means nothing to me at all. what does matter to me would be all the forensic evidence and what we know so far. >> so far we can connect five dead bodies, five dead bodies to the murdaugh family. ainsley: gosh, nancy, what did they say while you were there? >> everybody has a theory. but the theories were wildly divergent. everyone seems to be a little bit afraid of the murdaugh family. ainsley: who are the five that have died? i know you have maggie and paul, the mom and the son. >> maggie, paul, stephen smith, the teen boy, gloria sutterfield, the housekeeper and
4:39 am
mall lerry beach the 19-year-old girl thrown off the murdaugh boat. ainsley: i will definitely be watching that sunday night at 10:00 p.m. thank you, nancy. >> thank you. ainsley: dr. anthony fauci is all over the tv. now the "new york times" proclaiming him a movie star. >> can't take everything seriously because then you will start thinking that you are something you are not. ainsley: will, rachel and pete are going to react to the celebrity treatment being thronn fauci's way next.
4:40 am
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guy fieri! ya know, if you wanna make that sandwich the real deal, ya gotta focus on the bread layers. king's hawaiian sliced bread makes everything better! ♪ (angelic choir) ♪ and here's mine! ♪ ♪ apes. >> which would you want to play you. here is suggestion ben stiller, brad pitt, which one? >> oh brad pitt, of course. [laughter] steve: of course, come on. ainsley: dr. anthony fauci is no stranger to the bright lights as the "new york times" is dubbing the doctor a movie star ahead of
4:44 am
a new documentary about his work. steve: here to react "fox & friends weekend" crew pete, rachel and will. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. pete: good morning. will: good morning. steve: pete, start with you since you are in the top box if they were going to do the movie you would want brad pitt to play you. pete: of course steve or you, or brian you either one. in this case fauci didn't have to choose he played himself. claims to be so media shy that he let cameras follow him around for months. and let lots of people go on the record having an opportunity to see the amazing work he does. he has unbelievable ability to make himself the story. yet, claims that he doesn't want to be the story. yet, does all the media -- more interviews than you can imagine. by the way, if you missed the movie, there is also a book probably coming out it looks like he is taking notes for a memoir as well. can't wait. brian: the problem is he has been wrong almost every step of the way misleading and he just
4:45 am
lately acknowledged natural immunity in the pandemic. in the beginning he said it was not going to hurt us. then he told us not to wear masks. i wonder if that comes up. here is a little from the documentary we won't watch. >> you can't take everything seriously because then you will start thinking that you are something that you are not. i love clinical medicine. the idea of discovery and having an impact on people. that's what really captured me. i grew up in somewhat tough neighborhood in brooklyn. the culture is that you didn't get intimidated by a lot of things. when someone attacks, i don't immediately fight back. there is nothing personal, it's strictly business. ainsley: rachel, what's your reaction? >> well, i don't think it's much of a documentary when the only criticism of him is about flip-flopping on masks. remember, this is the same person, ainsley, who told donald trump that he shouldn't stop the flights come in from china. and, again, he has been more
4:46 am
concerned with his reputation on the global stage and being part of this elite globalist circle of the w.h.o. and whatnot than he has with his allegiance to america. he threw the world and america off the scent of the wuhan lab when no one knew more than fauci that the wuhan lab was, a, not safe, and, b, doing this research, because he knew about it through ecohealth alliance which he laundered money through that organization. his friend peter daszak. i think when this is all written, he is having to do this documentary in order to bolster his credibility because in the end he may end up being the villain in this story. steve: well, so far, we have two people who will not watch the documentary. will, how about you? will: i doubt i'm in on it. i have had two months -- or rather two years of fauci linization already. i don't know another two hours. movie step is a step down for dr. anthony fauci because he has
4:47 am
been playing the role of god for two years. have you or can you think of in, i will give you most of the spans of american history. can you think of everyone who has wielded more power with less accountability? can you think of anyone who has been questioned less based upon their directive and the power their directive carries? i can't honestly. every president gets grilled. steve: great point. will: any president who will in this case the media. anyone who had this much power had to answer to inconsistencies their mistakes, their conflicts of interest. everyone has had to face questions except dr. anthony fauci. movie star is a step down from god i would think. brian: plus ted lasso is on, will and you kind of like soccer now. you have to make a choice fauci or ted? will: hey, look, here's the deal. pete tries to do this on the weekend kilmeade and i know you are not. pete: i don't know who ted is. will: i can't be shamed. i wear it on my sleeve.
4:48 am
i love soccer not as much as american football the real football not as much. pete: american football. steve: rachel, what's coming this up weekend? rachel: lara trump, mike huckabee congressman jimenez from florida and also james craig. we have a huge show this weekend and everyone should tune in. brian: james craig might just be the next governor of michigan. rachel: might. steve: thank you very much for joining us live. ainsley: thanks, guys, we will be watching. brian: coming up straight ahead the pandemic triggers a charter school boom. steve: superintendent who says enrollment is up double digits on deck next. you are going to want to hear this story on "fox & friends." brian: we hope. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
4:49 am
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steve: covid has prompted some parents to vote with their feet and choose charter schools with their kids just last year charter schools saw a 7.1 jump in enrollment while regular public school enrollment took a 3.3% plunge. the largest exodus from public schools in at least two decades per a new report. here with reaction is the superintendent of
4:53 am
partnership schools cath reason porter mcgee. good morning to you. >> good morning thanks for having me. steve: last year, parents wanted their kids to get an education, but so many public schools were like, we're going to do it remotely, the teachers don't want to come back, and now, they're going to schools like yours, because it's a choice. >> yeah, that's absolutely right. it's really interesting when you think about the impact that covid had on education in america. i mean, it was arguably the most significant education disruption we've seen in modern history. schools, almost every school in the nation shutdown first in march of 2020, a year ago this september, fewer than half of traditional public schools opened for in-person learning, and remote learning, as you said , was just, it was a poor substitute for in-person learning, and it also gave parents a window into what was happening in their child's classrooms and we've seen the
4:54 am
impact nationwide, we're starting to see returns coming in, showing significant learning loss, particularly among our most vulnerable students, we're seeing childhood o december iterates increase, reports of loneliness and depression and isolation increase and parents, i think, are just fed up, and so parents across income spectrums are exactly as you said voting with their feet, exercising their right to choose the best option for their child. steve: sure, so last year, it was the shutdown, the lockdown and now, you know, we've been doing stories about the woke schools and the mandates and a lot of parents are just going this is not what i would like my child to be involved in, and so they are opting for charter schools like many have gone to your part of the catholic school system. home schooling has gone up as well, because parents are sick of the public choice, but maybe they do have a choice, because in some spots, some
4:55 am
parents are lucky enough to get vouchers where they can take their kidney where, but it's not all across the country, because the unions want to make sure they have that grasp on everybody. >> that's absolutely right, and i think one of the most heartening things that we saw or we're seeing right now is that we know that wealthy and middle class parents have long had options whether they have access to vouchers or not, but obviously, those who live in poverty don't have the same options, and what we're seeing this year is parents across the income spectrums, including some of our most vulnerable parents are trying to find an exercise choice, so in about half of the states, parents have access to tax credits or vouchers but in half the states they don't so at partnership schools we run urban catholic schools both in new york city and also in cleveland, and in cleveland our parents have access, all of our parents have access to tax credits and vouchers. in new york city none of our parents do but even still our new york enrollment this year is
4:56 am
up 14%. parents are clammering for choice, and i do think it's incumbent upon us to figure out ways to expand all kinds of choice so that every parent has that option. steve: absolutely and if you're in one of those districts where there are no vouchers, a lot of the schools do have scholarships so if you really want to take your kid out of public schools talk to the school and they can probably make something work. i know you guys do that all the time. kathleen porter-magee, the sun of partnership schools thank you very much for joining us live. >> thanks so much for having me steve: you bet good luck. meanwhile, the house passage of funding for israel's iron dome brought aoc to tears. south carolina senator tim scott is going to join us to discuss the democratic divide on capitol hill. good morning, new orleans. >> ♪
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> the biden administration is struggling to give straight answers. >> 5,000 that are still left. >> i'm happy to get you a more fruitful rundown. >> for every democrat in this body, go see the biden with your own eyes. >> federal arrest warrants were officially issued as brian laundrie continues to evade authorities. >> he committed debit card fraud between august 30 and september 1. >> just tell me where the dirt bag is and i'll arrange to go pick him up. >> director wolenski endorses booster shot for at risk workers
5:01 am
breaking from the at say's advisory committee panel. >> the fda and cdc have done a really good job adding to the whole vaccine hesitancy. >> florida fighting to keep its sanctuary city ban after a federal judge blocks it. >> one of the most nonsensical rulings i've seen in my decades in law. >> welcome home after being gone a year private first class, lauren harris, everybody, turn around over here. >> ♪ steve: live from new york and miami, good morning, miami this is your 8:01 wakeup call on fox & friends, fnf, tgif, thank goodness it's fox, and welcome aboard. we know that it has been a very busy week of news, and so we
5:02 am
appreciate you spending, starting your weekend, really, with us here on the curvy couch. ainsley: a few weeks ago it was afghanistan and now it's the border. brian: right now if you look at the fact there were 15,000 people last weekend, 15,000 people underneath one bridge, most of which from haiti and then we found out they're not coming from haiti, they are in south and central america, and the word went outcome one, come all, and you will get in, now the numbers are decreasing and it makes one wonder, where is everyone going, and where are they now? ainsley: it didn't make the administration look good when we were all showing these pictures. brian: it was with the drones. steve: really bad. ainsley: underneath the bridge and these drone images showed us how they were living, it looked like a third world country and right now, you won't see that, because look, the biden administration, they've come in there and moved people out, some have gone back to haiti, the majority are still here in america, but it's all about optics. steve: so ainsley, you know, you
5:03 am
were right. there were 15,000 over the weekend and now, it looks like, and these numbers that griff supplied us through dhs looks like close to 2,000 have been sent back to haiti. they're doing these airplanes that hold about 185 people each time, and then close to 4,000 sent to other sectors, also, according to the white house, turned around because of title 42, and others are part of the removal process, which really is code for , we're going to let them into the balance of the united states of america but when you add 15,000, 5,000 still left, the numbers don't add up, and that was a topic yesterday at the white house. >> so there are 15,000 migrants under the del rio bridge saturday. if you add up the ones that you say were expelled to relief is less than 5,000, say there's 5,000 still left where is everybody else? >> i'm happy to get you a more
5:04 am
fruitful run down for you if helpful from the department of homeland security. >> okay and when you talk about how some of these people are being placed in removal proceedings, that does not mean remove, correct? >> that means they are in the process of going through a removal proceeding so that we can, it can go through the process, our immigration process, that's long been in place. brian: the washington examiner says that most of the holding facilities are in other sectors, they are just moving them around "they are basically just moving the bridge to other areas it's all about optics, it's getting hard to move them because they are getting aggressive." on average it takes 15 minutes to process an illegal immigrant and when they do get processed that 15 minutes is getting them angry. they want to move even quicker, let alone the fact that when we put them on a flight to bring them back to haiti, they attack the pilot and the i.c.e. workers , as well as attacking the bus driver, when they were brought over to tucson to the rio grande valley so they are getting aggressive when they are
5:05 am
being transported they are being aggressive but the only thing that interests the democrats is the fact that border patrol was forced to use horses in certain areas, so they quickly banned border patrol and horses. they are underpaid, they are over taxed, and they are now, clearly under appreciated. i don't know why they hold on to these jobs but stephen miller said this last night. this administration has shown no loyalty to you. tell the story of their policies to the press, because you know longer should hold your tongue because nobody has got your back in washington. ainsley: al sharpton went down to the border and he was standing in front of the mic talking about this is a human disgrace and while he was trying to talk there were so many protesters in the crowd from texas yelling back at him, where you couldn't even really hear what he was saying and they were shouting del rio is not a racist city, del rio is loving and a caring community. if you talk to some of these folks that were from haiti, there was one lady she was 36 years old she says this has been
5:06 am
such a difficult moment, before she started to cross into the rio grande with her husband and four kids the. another lady said things are going badly. her husband was carrying bags of belongings and several pairs of sneakers dangling from his neck. steve: brian, border patrol not just under appreciated. they are under the bus, because that's where the administration has thrown them. jen psaki, in the last hour, has been on morning television, and she, you know, keep in mind the biden administration changed everything regarding our immigration policies as they can , when a new administration comes in, on day one. she said essentially the problems that we're seeing on our southern border are because of republicans and trump policies and there's no plan from the other side. meanwhile, ted cruz actually issues a challenge to the other side. here's the senator from texas yesterday on capitol hill. >> mr. president, every democrat who stood up and lament
5:07 am
ed kids in cages, and the house of representatives, representatives ocasio-cortez has a famous photo of her grasping her head by the kids in cages. well i'm going to give a simple challenge for representative and for every democrat in this body , go see the biden cage s, with your own eyes. why does joe biden refuse to go to the rio grande valley? because if he goes, the tv cameras will come with him. why does kamala harris supposed to be the border czar. she's supposed to be in charge of this. why won't she go to the rio grande valley? because if she went the tv cameras would come, and would show the biden cages. steve: not only has joe biden not gone to our southern border as president, but jen psaki was asked the other day, has joe biden ever been to the southern border in the last, during his
5:08 am
lifetime? and she said she would have to look that up, fox news still has not heard back of an instance where joe biden has ever been at the u.s. mexican border. ainsley: jpmorgan is blaming republicans even tulsi gabbard is ribbing biden and harris saying the trump policies worked brian: vice president will be on the view today so that's one way of handling the border ignoring it, the other way secretary of homeland security mayorkas will be at the press briefing so be sure to be watching on fox at 2:30 in the afternoon so let's bring in congressman brian babin in texas and of course texas has got the worst of it when it comes to how texas has been affected. congressman, when the numbers go up in texas at any point does anyone ever bring up that the illegals are coming in here, not exactly vaccinated, not even tested? >> absolutely. great to be with you three. brian: good morning. >> i can tell you that texas
5:09 am
has taken the brunt of this all because of the invitation, basically, that the biden administration has made starting back when he was a candidate for president. he has reversed these wonderful policies that worked and that were developed by president trump back during his trial at the border and that was back in 2019, and incredibly, we saw secretary of dhs mayorkas this week, testified in front of the homeland security committee and said that the border, under biden, is no less secure than under president trump. that is the biggest whopper i've heard probably in 25 years because as he said that, that's when there were 15,000 illegal immigrants that were underneath that bridge, and the numbers, you're right. you're right. they don't add up. what's happening, the last i heard that there were less than 2,000 haitians that were returned or repatriateed and
5:10 am
there's still thousands and thousands of illegals that are unaccounted for , and it's a shell game, exactly what they did early in the year, when i went down to the donna facility and saw kids in cages, kids in these cells, and then just a few days later, they took pictures of these kids that were there and now all of a sudden these cells are empty. all they did was move them across the street. brian: yup to military bases. steve: and congressman, you know , the reason the administration is stonewall ing and when you were referring to secretary mayorkas, he wouldn't even give a ballpark number of how many people have been deported. it's because joe biden has got a problem. the republicans want our southern border stronger and the democrats don't want anybody deported so if they give a number then it's like look what joe biden is doing. he can't win either way, and ultimately what's going on, we
5:11 am
can't win either way. >> well, steve, we know what the grand strategy of the democrat party is. they want to change america, a hope and change that started under obama and now it's really going at just race horse speed, and they want to change america, they want to replace the american electorate with third world immigrants that are coming in illegally many of them covid positive, drug resistant tuberculosis, i'm a healthcare provider i can tell you it's a disaster down there from a public health standpoint, and they just want to change the electorate and put these people on a path to citizenship and franchise them with a vote and have a permanent majority, on every face, we can see every aspect the democrats are trying to change america from what we know, what we love, and what we have enjoyed for 244 years. it's despicable. ainsley: his approval rating is taking a big him if you look
5:12 am
back in july, 55% of the folks approved biden and in september, 44%, disapproval in july it was 43 and in september it was 53%. this is going to be a big hit and what is this going to look like mid-terms or in three years? >> well, we're looking at probably, we'll have 2 million come across this year, by the end of this year. at the end of biden's administration, his four years he'll have 8 million, 8 million illegals will have crossed. he has no intention, the democrats that he has surrounded himself with, have absolutely no intention of securing this border, and so what we have here is a constitutional crisis, and i tell you, our governor, greg abbott, and the great state of texas, has it within their power constitutionally, the u.s. constitution, article 4 , section 4 of our constitution , says the federal government will guarantee each
5:13 am
state a republican form of government and also protect us from invasion, and they are absolutely not obeying the law. they are putting many many people in danger, on every aspect, terrorism, criminal activity, drugs, public health, you name it, it's happening, and the governor needs to continue what he's doing and that is stepping up with our department of public safety, with texas national guard and that securing that border ourselves and i'm very proud to see that happening and i want to see it happen a lot more, because that's the only thing that's going to save this great virus. brian: its got to be quicker. it's taking way too long. by the way, lindsey graham tweet ed out, the coyotes and cartels will appreciate the biden administration removing border patrol agents on horseback, as they're quite effective. that's another thing they are doing without even understanding the terrain and what they were doing, they just banned it and condemned it and that's what they want to investigate.
5:14 am
i've got to ask you too, how does all this lead to impeachment? you're one of the people signing off saying the president should be impeached. where is this going? >> well, with us in the minority and with pelosi in charge in the house, it's probably not going anywhere. we have to have some democrats to successfully impeach the president or anybody that he has any of his subordinates but many of them need to be removed. i am on my good friend bob gibbs hads from ohio, he's got articles of impeachment against president biden. he's the absolute most in competent commander-in-chief that we've ever seen. i know in my lifetime and i'm an army and air force veteran myself, and the things that he's done on the border, stopping the great policies that president trump came up with, and we talked about that earlier , letting thousands of covid positive individual migrants come across illegally, into our country, stopping
5:15 am
unilaterally stopping the federal mandate for evictions, against the warning of the supreme court and then the afghanistan debacle , having left americans there, left 85-$90 billion worth of assets there, and not having a plan to get american citizens out or our allies. steve: congressman, brian babin from the great state of texas, congressman, thank you very much ainsley: he's a veteran, his son , navy seal, who wrote the book with jocko willink. brian: carley shimkus you've been on our show before. reporter: thank god. the question this morning should you get the covid vaccine boost er or not and cdc director is breaking from the agency's advisory to endorse the pfizer covid booster shot for younger at risk workers. now the panel recommended the booster for americans 65 and older, and for those over 50
5:16 am
with underlying conditions, but she added younger at risk workers saying it aligns with an fda booster authorization from earlier this week. meanwhile moderna ceo said the pandemic could be over in a year, he believes there could be enough vaccines available by the middle of next year so that everyone on earth can be vaccinated. a new bipartisan report claiming president biden owes nearly $500,000 in back taxes. the president reportedly rerouted millions of dollars in taxable income to avoid a self- employment tax. this comes as the president makes pressuring wealthy americans to pay up. the white house has not comment ed on the report but his campaign said in 2019, the biden s "pay their fair share." >> police are looking for this customer who threatened chipotle workers with a gun. philadelphia police say the woman pulled a gun from her purse after an employee told her the store was closing because of
5:17 am
staffing shortages. now workers say she asked to speak to the manager before threatening them to make her order. they ended up making her food and she left the store. police are asking for the public 's help in identifying the woman. >> costco will start limiting purchases of essential household products due to supply chain delays. the limit the could be on bath tissue, paper towels, water and cleaning supplies and the big box store cites higher labor and freight costs and shortages on shipping containers, trucks and drivers among other things, costco also says customers are stocking up amid the spread of the delta variant. can you believe it, guys? a year and a half in, people are still stocking up, we're still dealing with shortages. steve: my wife predicted this she told me two weeks ago, we need to stock up. ainsley: people are saying you need to christmas shop now because they won't have the stuff, if you are buying furniture it's taking forever.
5:18 am
lumber taking forever. brian: that's why the vice president told us when she was in malaysia to start shopping. steve: carlie thank you. ainsley: start shopping for our guests. brian: be prepared to be disappointed. just letting the world down. ainsley: sears is closed. brian: i thought they'd last a little while longer. ainsley: and he gave me a build-a-bear workshop gift card. brian: is it better when you build it yourself rather than just go buy one? i'll give it to my daughter. steve: kind of thoughtful. ainsley: listen, it's the thought that counts. brian: like the pioneer woman. my kid needs a toy, i'm going to make it! steve: carlie thank you very much. meanwhile, straight ahead the manhunt for brian laundrie is now on, again today, as we're learning he could survive in the wilderness for months. ainsley: geraldo is in the
5:19 am
studio with his thoughts on the latest twist plus the return of the long running series "cops " on fox nation. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: try hypnosis... or... quit cold turkey. kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette
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steve: right now, investigators in florida are gearing up for their seventh day of searching for that man, brian laundrie, the person of interest in gabby petito's case, and ashley have meyer learns as laundrie has been indicted by a grand jury and is in trouble with the fbi. ashley? reporter: yeah, yesterday, a federal arrest warrant was issued for brian laundrie, but it wasn't for gabby's murder. it was for activities following her death. now this warrant alleges he committed debit card fraud between august 30 and september 1.
5:24 am
september 1 is when laundrie returned back to florida, but here on long island, tonight at 7:00 p.m., people in blue point are being asked to light candles wherever they are in memory of gabby petito. a lot of people are doing that in their driveways people were asked to pick-up candles yesterday between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. and around 2:20 yesterday right at the beginning of the pickup, people were coming out saying they ran out of candles and people i spoke to said it's not surprising, because this town always comes together. take a listen. >> any time something happens whether it's minor, or great tragedy like this the whole community comes out to support. >> we're just all here to support them, whatever they need they know all they have to do is knock-on the door and anybody will come out and help them. >> this community is so small, we all kind of just come together. even people that didn't know her are coming together, we all feel the pain of her family.
5:25 am
reporter: and in an exclusive statement to fox & friends, gabby's friend, rose davis said in part, gabby is a bright light and a remarkable human. she didn't deserve this. she will be remembered forever, and then funeral arrangements are still in the process of being made, but it is slated to be at maloney's in long island and of course we'll keep you updated as to when that does happen. back to you. steve: ashley strohmier meyer in long island. let's bring in geraldo rivera, fox news correspondent at-large. geraldo: steve good to see you in person. steve: thank you. fbi issued an arrest warrant for him, not for her murder but because he was using somebody else's debit card which is presumed to be hers. geraldo: i presume that it was hers and this skunk was apparently using it from august 30, according to the arrest warrant, to september 1, so after he killed her, i believe firmly, and he wants to kill himself now, i think after
5:26 am
he killed her what happened is he used her debit card, over $1,000, so he -- steve: well he was in her van. geraldo: he is in every day the low down and dirtiest kind of defendant you could possibly, you know, ever think of, and now , there is absolute reason for him to be apprehended by any law enforcement agency in the land. local, state, federal, he is now the most wanted man in america, if he still lives. steve: well do you know what? they had a chance to keep an eye on him about a week ago, more than a week ago, when he was still apparently in that house, but the north port police down in florida just kind of said you know what? it's only a missing person's thing so we're not going to. geraldo: john walsh calls the parents the dirty laundry. it is clear none of this could have happened but for the conspiracy in the laundrie family to protect this punk.
5:27 am
they could have gone in, they could have short circuited this and they gave him a five day window during which he disappeared, and he is, you know , a trained survivalist. the appalachian trail is one of his haunts, now, he's in apparently the carlson reserve that big 25,000-acre nature preserve near sarasota we know very well and no one knows where he is, but i hope that he is no longer with us. that's my firm hope. i don't want a circus. i just don't want him breathing the same air we do. steve: first we need answers to figure out what happened. geraldo before we started, i was talking to geraldo about remember the tv show "cops"? turns out you were involved in the beginning of that and now it's come to fox nation. geraldo: the producers of cops, the late john langley, bad boys bad boys, we produce together a series called "american vice" where i went undercover and in disguise.
5:28 am
steve: i remember. geraldo: shortly after that, i went off to do my daytime show, my talk show. steve: and get hit in the face. geraldo: among other things and they went on with "cops" which was our program, american vice without geraldo but three went on and were very successful and i loved them and the most humble successful people but cops was a visceral show and brought people right to the heart of what law enforcement does, the danger, the drama, the problem was it got caught up in the whole george floyd, sensitivity about police brutality, about police z eal. steve: it was the ultimate ride- along. geraldo: and it was real life. everything in cops is unedited, much of it is unedited. they really brought the viewer to what law enforcement does in terms of keeping us all safe, and i'm delighted, i'm honored
5:29 am
to help bring it back. we're going to do a show called we, we've already taped a couple of episodes of it. it's cops all access and lara logan is on the program steve: you're on the program. geraldo: i'm kind of the anchor of it so it's a lot of fun, and you will see police, law enforcement in action and more importantly, law enforcement, the thin blue line, we all honor them, they keep us safe, you can't have anything in society without law and order, without people having a reasonable expectation that they will be safe, that government will keep them safe. that's what cops do, and that's why the show is such a success. steve: check out cops all access with geraldo starting october 1. how does that song go? geraldo: ♪ bad boys bad boys ♪ steve: thanks, geraldo. all right, still ahead on this friday, chuck schumer wants to go on a spending spree, but the top democrats say they are totally in the dark on details on how he's going to get the
5:30 am
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ainsley: september is hispanic heritage month. here at fox we are celebrating that heritage and highlighting the work of those who have really made their mark and fox news correspondent alecia acunia join s us with more on the first mexican american balleria. >> hi, good morning, ainsley, the grandchild of migrant farm workers, her mother took a job at her dance studio to pay for classes and wholeheartedly supported her dream. that led to her performing for president reagan, and becoming one of this country's leading prima ballerinas. >> ♪ ♪ blackrock >> evelyn leads class at ballet west academy in salt lake city, utah. >> fondu tondu finish. >> her own technique is
5:35 am
impecable on the floor and with her students. >> something that i'm very passionate about is giving them a hope, and being able to visualize what the possibilities are for them, and that especially today, it doesn't matter what color their skin is, the opportunities are there. >> cisneros, the first mexican- american prima ballerina in the united states began ballet at eight years old to overcome shyness. >> we were the only mexican american family in the neighborhood so my parents had always instilled in my brother and i, the responsibility of being that role model for our culture. and that's something eye always kept inside my heart, to be the best that you can, to be that example for others, and to shine a positive and a good light on my background and my culture. >> cisneros-legate took the mind set to the prestigious san francisco ballet in 1976
5:36 am
where she captivated audiences for 23 years. >> i was the only person with non-white skin, the only dark- skinned person in the company for a number of years. >> from sleeping beauty, to swan lake. she performed nearly every star ring role in the company until she retired in 1999. in the early years, she was asked to powder her face, in order to blend in with the ballet, the group dancing behind the principles. >> it was a difficult time but through that difficulty, i think it really instilled in me a passion for making sure that i danced out of the core. i remember a moment where i just looked in the mirror at myself and said do you know what? i don't want to look like everyone else. >> she didn't want to dance like anyone else either, and incorporated her mexican culture when collaborating. >> its been really wonderful to be able to dig deep into who i am, knowing my background, and be able to bring all those
5:37 am
elements to the table to make a deeper, richer, artform. >> cisneros-legate, the granddaughter of migrant farm workers went on to co-write ballet for dummies and had a bilingual children's book written about her and after teaching it several esteemed ballet schools, she has found a new home. still in the studio, this time, running the show, as director of ballet west academy. >> miss evelyn is an amazing role model to me a strong female who followed her dreams and worked really hard to become a professional dancer, with hard work and perseverence. >> she makes us feel good about ourselves and she shows us what potential we have and that's what's really inspiring and that's what a director should be doing for her students.
5:38 am
>> ms. evelyn, as they say in the studio credits her faith filled family for supporting her and giving her the confidence she needed to become the star she is. ainsley? ainsley: she's so beautiful. i love watching ballerinas. thank you so much, alicia. drama playing out among democrat s over israel's iron dome the party is so deep, aoc shed tears after fail ing to block the funding bill. senator tim scott is going to react to the divide, next. >> ♪ a pool floatie is like whooping cough, it's not just for kids. whooping cough is highly contagious for people of any age. and it can cause violent uncontrollable coughing fits. ask your doctor or pharmacist about whooping cough vaccination because it's not just for kids. super emma just about sleeps in her cape. abut when we realized she was abbattling sensitive skin,nation we switched to tide hygienic clean free. it's gentle on her skin, and out cleans our old free detergent.
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brian: the house voted over overwhelmingly to pass $1 billion in israel's iron dome missile defense system and the nine members who opposed it are facing huge criticism,
5:43 am
michigan congresswoman rashida tallib fac ing accusations of anti-semitism again and aoc roasted for breaking down in tears if you believe that on the house floor after failing to help her party block the bill, she voted "present." joining us right now is senator tim scott. do you believe we're talking about an iron dome defense system being debatable in the house? >> i can't believe it. if there's anything that is not debatable, it is standing strong with our allies. iron dome has saved thousands upon thousands of lives just recently, over the last decade, i can't even count the number of lives that have been saved because of iron dome but more importantly, think about this way, brian. iron dome prevents deaths which then allows for us not to see a war in the middle east because if you start killing thousands of israelis, they have to respond. it is their ability to defend themselves that reduces the
5:44 am
likelihood of war in the middle east and why would we not stand by our allies, it feels akin to the afghan crisis, now an iron dome crisis, it's just dead wrong. brian: it is. it's a dangerous time to be an american allie from france, to nato, on down. we're seeing -- >> it's amazing. brian: i want to pivot to spending. this is a big a couple of weeks as there will be for the biden administration. they are looking to get the bipartisan bill passed with 19 republican senators and then get a 3.5 trillion maybe 4.5 trillion on a reconciliation simply vote. the question is how will they pay for it? out of nowhere, majority leader senator schumer said this yesterday. >> the white house, the white house, and the senate, have reached agreement on a frame work that will pay for any final negotiated agreement. so the revenue side of this , we have an agreement on.
5:45 am
brian: most democrats didn't even know this , did you know about this? >> absolutely not, and what that tells me is that a) it's impossible to raise taxes enough to spend $3.5 trillion, so the size of that deal is coming down, but more importantly, when you start talking about tax increases, you're going to have a reduction in revenue years 5- 10. the first few years you may see a spike but then it plateaus and it goes down. the more you tax it the less you get of it. can you imagine raising our indicate gains tax from 23% to 43%? you're going to attack farmers by cutting the inheritance tax down, the threshold that the deductible that's related to it. how would you do that to our farmers in america? you're going to make it harder to pass assets from one generation to the next generation, and then we're going to ask them to continue to provide the food and the resources that we need around this country. it is the wrong direction, but
5:46 am
brian, don't let the price tag fool you. the content might be more important than the cost. the content of this package could literally create a socialist state as we give more money away, not connected to work. that's what they started in july , they are going to see an acceleration of the path towards socialism in the middle of the content of this package. brian: great point. the free community college, free preschool, free school lunches, free elder care, expanding medicare, that's just off the top of my head that the going to be jammed in this bill. lastly you've been working for over a year on bipartisan police reform. it collapsed. they are blaming, corey booker is blaming republicans. "we made it clear from the beginning of our negotiations that a bill must ensure true accountability, transparency and the policing standard necessary to bring an end to the horrific incidence of violence americans are routinely seeing like the murder of george floyd." unfortunately even with that law enforcement support and other compromises, there was still too wide of a gulf with our
5:47 am
negotiating partners and we face significant obstacles securing a bipartisan deal. one of the things they said is republicans want to protect bad cops. senator, what happened? >> that is ridiculous. the bill that we had negotiated included dealing with bad cops. here is what i'm not going to do i'm not going to support a bill that demoralizes and defunds local law enforcement. when you do those two things, you destabilize the communities where they serve. everyone knows that change requires resources, and what the democrats wanted to do was to try a credit accreditation to more money or less money. they literally said, if you do not become an accredited department around this nation, we will cut your ability to apply for grants. i'm not going to be a part of de funding the police by making them in eligible for the two major grants that come from the federal government to local police and remember, brian, this is an issue that was caused
5:48 am
by big liberal cities, failing to do what they're askings to do , they could have done it themselves. minneapolis, portland, seattle, these big cities with a blue mayor and blue city council could have done all of this themselves. brian: don't let them steal the microphone get your side out that's what you hear this morning. senator tim scott thank you so much. >> thank you. brian: appreciate it. meanwhile, up next, do you want to win $5,000? we got the fox bet super 6 questions for you, but first let's check in with dana perino for what's coming up at the top of the hour. dana: thank you, brian. the border patrol horses put out to pasture by the white house, an emotional response to a misunderstood photograph, a retired mountain border patrol agent says this is wrong, and foolish and he will be here. >> democrats scrambling to keep their legislative agenda from cratering while republicans start turning up the heat our friday money team of steve moore will debate and the keyboard of bon jovi has a very cool new
5:49 am
project he'll join me live live onset, plus judge jeanine, and dan crenshaw, see you at 9:00. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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ainsley: the fox bet super # app is giving you another
5:53 am
opportunity to win $5,000, in a quiz show game, just answer these six questions correctly, on a wide variety of topics. brian: fox nation host tom shillue knows all about this he's the host of fox nation "happy hour" sign up at fox nation and get exclusive access to other original content vents and your favorite personalities on your device. any device. steve: and so tom is joining us, carlie is joining us. reporter: yeah, man. steve: these are the actual questions people need to answer, so you can give them. >> predict the future and win some money. first question. the rider cup is coming up. this isn't whose going to win the whole thing, how many matches will usa win? more than eight? steve: 0-3. >> come on. ainsley: more than 8. >> yeah! brian: c. >> i don't even know what that is. powerball drawing what's the
5:54 am
number? steve: powerball? >> powerball. reporter: this is an opportunity to win both. steve: 21 plus. ainsley: me too. >> whoa. ainsley: you lost you can't get the money. >> which of the following college football games will have the closest point margin? steve: nebraska. ainsley: notre dame. >> there we go. carlie is looking for answers here. how about this? tony awards, best performance by an actor in a leading role,. ainsley: blair underwood. >> interesting. if you look here on our quiz, he's the favorite on our --
5:55 am
the critics say tom hittilson is it. steve: well the critics aren't here. brian: they're not here. >> let's go with jake. >> how many nfl teams will remain undefeated after week three? panthers won last night so it's not going to be 0 what do you think? steve: d is the crowd favorite. brian: i'm going to, um, i can't, um, i'm going to say c. >> c. ainsley: what's d again? >> d is 3. ainsley: i'll do that. >> how many points will the nasdaq gain or lose on friday at 4:00 p.m. eastern time . steve: i'm going, blowout day. >> big. a blowout day either way and you will win. brian: all right >> that's how you do it. brian: i'm going to say what everyone is thinking you put on a lot of pandemic weight and i can't believe what you've done.
5:56 am
>> [laughter] steve: what got into you? he's put on pandemic hair. >> because you get a lot of exercise and you could get out there. reporter: you could do a pony tail. ainsley: what do you do to stay so fit? >> i do a lot of yoga. steve: listen so we're playing here for 5,000 bucks. don't forget, somebody could win $1 million of terry bradshaw's money, nobody won last week so download the fox bet super 6 app for your chance to win some of his cash. and tom, thanks for your cash. >> $1 million. >> ♪ ♪ to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪ rybelsus® works differently than any other diabetes pill to lower blood sugar in all 3 of these ways... increases insulin when you need it... decreases sugar... and slows food.
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6:00 am
>> we'll be live on stage. charlatan, west virginia, december 7th. >> bye, have a good weekend. >> dana: the biden administration ramping up its removal from haitian migrants. they deported some of them but thousands being released. >> trace: the number of haitian migrants at the texas border encampment shrinking to under 3,000 to nearly 15,000 days ago. as to where they've all gone, the answers are in short supply.


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