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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  September 26, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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♪. eric: mourners, family, friends, strangers, member of the public so touched by this tragedy sharing their grief our gathering in the emmiry of gabby petito. a public memorial service at the funeral home for the tragic woman to cap further the nation. she was found dead after going on a cross country trip with her fiance brian laundrie. an intense manhunt for him. welcome to "fox news live," i'm
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eric shawn. arthel: hello, i'm arthel neville. fox news learned gabby petito's remains are still in wyoming as the fbi continues its investigation. no date has been given when the remains will be released to her family. her death is being ruled a homicide. eric: we start out with laura engles outside the funeral home in holbrooke, new york. reporter: hi eric and arthel. family and friendses are gathered inside of this memorial and funeral home today to have a more private part of today's celebration of life. it is time for the public to start entering this funeral home to pay their respects. i want to step aside for you can see the bright blue banner hanging above the entrance of the funeral home right now. it is of course raised by fire truck aerial ladders at the entrance with gabby petito's
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hometown, blue point, with large print. this is tight-knit community with heavy presence by local firefighting crews. her father jim schmidt is the ex-chief of the blue point fire department. a card has a words from one of gabby petito's firms you may have seen on her arm, let it be. share with me the memories that will always be. it is a hard day for many reasons here. we have learned exclusively gabby petite tote's names still have not been released by the fbi and are still in wyoming. it was difficult decision for her stepfather jim schmidt to leave wyoming without her, the family says uncertainty around when the body will return home, it is important to grief together to hold a service in her honor. as i mentioned this long island community is tight-knit on friday they held a candlelight
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vigil in blue point. >> the last text i got from video, she sent me her video. what you see is what you get. she radiated light and love. reporter: petito's father joe, announcing a new foundation to help family in similar situations with touching photo of his daughter with wings like a dove on twitter. they will bring resources, guidance bringing children home. gabby's mother nicole thanking supporters on her facebook page, with all of you on our side we'll get hashtag for justice for gabby. her that's right is expected to give the eulogy in the next hour. we'll bring more to you when we get it. eric: you spent time in wyoming. you were with her stepfather jim schmidt in wyoming. what keep family going, allowing cameras inside for the nation to view this?
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reporter: they want to focus on gabby. now that she is found they are hoping for more answers. right now they need the time to grieve together. they know the world has been watching this case. they want everyone to be a part of this as they can, watching a live stream in the next two hours of service inside, eric. eric: what are they saying about brian and his parents apparently they didn't return texts for so long? reporter: you know what? they have not been talking about the relationship. in fact as weave been moving forward, after her body was discovered they asked the media please just schopik tourings of gabby. don't show them together. keep the focus on gabby which we have done. as far as the search they remain tight-lipped as the fbi. eric: the foundation again, the name of it? reporter: linked on our fox news website. they are still, i believe it is going live here soon. it is something that they're still putting together, justice for gabby.
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eric: justice for gabby is the website. laura, we'll get back to you as developments warrant. we'll have much more on gabby petito's story in a moment. charles watson in florida at the wooded site reporting on the intense manhunt for brian. former fbi special agent will give us insight on the case in a few moments. arthel? arthel: the surge of migrants entering our country is not slowing down fox news is learning. texas authorities are monitoring a possible caravan that crossed into central america into mexico. home as homeland security secretary mayorkas, told chris wallace on sunday the number of illegal immigrants released into the u.s. could top 12,000. >> how many have been released into the u.s.? >> they're released on conditions, approximately i think it is about 10,000 or so. 12,000. >> have been released?
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>> yes. >> are we talking about a total of 12,000 or could it be even higher. >> it could be even higher. the number that are returnedbe even higher. what we do we follow the law as congress has passed it. arthel: go to jeff paul live on the border in del rio, texas. jeff? reporter: arthel the number of migrants streaming into the u.s. is showing no sign of slowing down. at this one location along the rio grande near del rio, texas, we have seen four different families come across the river, give themselves up to and surrender to next sass dps. they will be processed by border patrol. the same up and down the entire length of the u.s.-mexico border. we have people from haiti coming in in large numbers and places like cuba, venezuela, guatemala, honduras and today on fox news when asked about the perception if people come they will likely
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eventually get released into the u.s. here is how homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas responded to that perception claim. >> this is nothing new. we've seen this type of irregular migration many, many times throughout the years. i don't know if governor abbott said the same thing in 2019 when there were more than a million people encountered at the southern border. reporter: mayorkas wouldn't call the situation a flood of people trying to migrate to the u.s. the biden administration doesn't agree with the building of a wall, that the law provides the individuals a opportunity to make a claim for asylum, but texas governor greg abbott who spoke to fox news, that president biden is in dereliction of duty, nothing is be done to protect texas and entire united states. >> they have created a magnet that led to these massive groups of haitians as well as the other groups that are coming here for one reason and that is because
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they have sent a message and a signal to the entire world that they are not going to secure the border. they're going to allow them across. reporter: sources on the ground here in texas tell us that shorts are tracking what could be another -- authorities are tracking what could be another large caravan heading north to the u.s.-mexico border. they are have crossed mexico. could be anywhere along the border within the next month or so. arthel. arthel: jeff paul from del rio, texas. we'll get more on this with congressman michael cloud, republican from texas who serves on the house oversight committee. thank you for joining us. 12,000 haitian migrants who were in del rio, texas were released to the u.s. that number could be higher as 5000 migrants are still being processed. do you feel confident that the biden administration will have an accurate count where the
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migrants will be placed and that all the migrants will return to court for official processing? >> there is nothing that would cause us to have that sort of confidence. nothing historically that has that sort of confidence. when they say they're being processed they will come before a judge. given a slip of paper. many times, majority of times we never see or hear from them again. that idea is more of the political posturing. the biden administration is more focused on managing the pr, than dealing with the cause of the than they were taking with trips across the world to find. everybody knows in south texas what the root cause is. this administration is content to say oh, no, we don't want you to come and then wink invite everyone to come, put policies that encourage everyone to come. arthel: what do we do about that, congressman? what do we do about that? >> we have to keep telling the story here.
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i've gone to the border number of times. we have a couple of media outlets willing to show what is going on. the media, every time they put up a drone they squash that. they're really concerned about this because people could see it t was out in the open. this is nothing of the thousands of people that are in facilities across our southern border. what is continuing to happen on a day-to-day basis. nothing about -- arthel: i understand that, congressman. forgive me, i want to move this along because i have a short time to speak with you about a lot of stuff here but you're talking about those images. we all saw them. they're really disturbing images. across the board you don't want people flooding into our border when they are, you know, illegally, if they're not processed properly. we don't want a humanitarian crisis as well. we don't want the people living in squalor under the bridge. but that said, right, but that said, you know, you talked about the drone images that are shown to depict the problem that area,
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encampment under the bridge has since cleared but we show the pictures here, how does the message get back to the migrants before they make that trek towards the border? >> well we need an administration who is going to stand up to be bold about it. the whole haitian migration started when the biden administration put out a message we'll not send you back so people started coming. we need an administration that will stand up and be bold about securing the border and the thing is to understand that we're aiding and abetting cartels who are driving this crisis. this is an not an organic effort. cartels with hundreds of millions of dollars a month. they have a process throughout central america to and having strong foothold in united states of america. creating a destablizing force in different communities.
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that is the kind of geopolitical construct that this humanitarian crisis is within. and so this is very important that we deal with this and realize that, we're doing no favors to the lives of these people who are being abused by these cartels along the journey, many being put into modern-day slavery. this is just tragic that we have an administration allowing this to continue. arthel: congressman, the administration will say they're doing something about it. i only say that because they're not here in fairness. i just have to say that, that is what they are claiming. i'm sure they believe that. i want to mention at that texas does have a law, a new law, as according to governor abbott here, this law makes it easier to arrest and prosecute human smugglers. this law increases criminal penalties for human smuggling especially payment is involved in the process. that is what they are trying to
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do with that. >> yeah. arthel: listen, i wonder if the political system is too dysfunctional for us to fix the dysfunctional situation at the border, do you think? >> i don't think it has to be. this has been a bipartisan issue in the past. we were building border infrastructure throughout republican and democratic administrations in the past. unfortunately this administration has decided to embrace lawlessness on a bunch of fronts, texas one of them. texas is standing up. it does help. the story of a story the difference between people arrested by texas dps versus the federal authorities, the difference it makes in texas to enforce the law. us having strong laws in texas will help the situation. one story after human smuggler ran a checkpoint for example, they decided it would be more effective to prosecute them on the traffic violations that person meant than hand them over to federal authorities for the human smuggling because of lack of enforcement there.
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arthel: a bureaucracy involved. >> exactly. arthel: you are the on house oversight committee. they're rushing me but i have to ask you this are you working with the biden administration based on your experience to try to fix this problem, a short-term fix and a long-term solution? are you working together on this? >> we continue to bring issues to the, write letters to the administration summarily just ignored. we called for hearings. we had a number -- arthel: how about meetings, face-to-face, that is when things work, people look at each other in the eyes to make it happen? >> sure. we talked with a number of reps across the aisle, a couple of them are willing to deal with this issue. of them are continuing to embrace the lawless socialist, push that nancy pelosi continues to push through the house and so it makes it very difficult to deal with situations in the
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current environment for sure. arthel: congressman, michael cloud, i have to go. we don't have speaker pelosi here. you said that she didn't get a chance to rebut what you said. your record stands. you are here. we appreciate you joining us. thank you very much. >> sure. arthel: thank you. a quick reminder, check out the full interview with homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas on "fox news sunday" 2:00 p.m. eastern here on fox news. eric: gabby pettino's family honking a service on long island to honor her. her fiance brian laundrie is still missing. they called him a person of interest before her remains were found. is he in the florida swamp or has he fled the country? a live report for the florida manhunt and former fbi officialing on the search for justice for gabby this sunday.
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arthel: 11 people now facing charges in connection with the hazing death of virginia commonwealth university freshman adam objection. he died in february of alcohol poisoning after a delta key fraternity rush event. oaks family report he had says he was given a half gallon of jack daniels whiskey and told to
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drink it. he was found dead at the scene the next day. eight of the 11 suspects have already been arrested and police expected other three to turn themselves in within the next few days. eric: back to the gabby petito case. you're looking live. that is the hallway of the meloni funeral home in holbrooke, long island. you see the family photos of gabby petito and the composite of her with angel wings. these are family, friends, relatives, members of the general public who the family is allowing to attend this service, a chance for all those who loved gabby and strangers who didn't even know her but only know her through the media reports to share their grief and feelings about gabby, what happened to the service that will continue throughout the rest of the afternoon for several hours. we're waiting for that to get underway. as the intense manhunt for her
9:21 am
fiance brian laundrie is continuing in that florida swamp. it was a week ago, one week, laundrie's family lawyer said they hadn't seen brian for three days. that he left the car at the wilderness site. it is a site filled with alligators and snakes. there is no proof he is even there. charles watson is live in florida with the latest on the intense manhunt. reporter: eric, the question on some peoples minds where is brian laundrie. includes famous reality tv star dog the bounty hunter who is trying to drag down leads in this case. dog was met with silence after showing up to the laundrie family home in northport, knocking on the door. he says the fox digital team he was in florida when people started reaching out to him with requests to help find brian and having lost a daughter of his own. he knows exactly what the petito
9:22 am
family is going through right now. >> i know what the parents feel like, okay? you want justification. you want the guy behind bars. we work off leads. somebody knows something. somebody else knows where he is at, where they dropped him off at or did they drop him off. that person will call us. again we're not the police. reporter: now authorities are calling brian a person of interest in the investigation into the death of girlfriend gabby petito whose remains were found in wyoming a week ago today. since a federal grand jury has indicted the 23-year-old on bank fraud charges as law enforcement searched alligator colton reserve for an 8th day. dozens of people in northport showed up to a makeshift memorial for gabby, many lighting candles as they held a butterfly release to honor the 22-year-old's life. eric, that memorial continues to
9:23 am
grow by the day. over the days we have spoken to so many people they are absolutely devastated that this story, at least part of it is playing out in their backyard. eric. eric: charles, thanks so much. for more on gabby's case, let's bring in former fbi agent maureen o'connell. could that claim that he is in the wilderness or swamp be a decoy or a ruse? that it is not even true? there is a report he may have been spotted in toronto. how does the fbi nail this down to follow through if he is indeed in the swamp? >> you're right, it could be a red herring but the fbi and municipal law enforcement authorities in this case know far more than we do and they're sifting through hundreds of thousands of tips and leads every single day. they're distilling that done to actionable intelligence and moving forward in that direction. they have to do that until something happens. dog the bounty hunter is right, these tips are coming in.
9:24 am
they may come into him and come in to us in both locations but social media is blowing up with everyone trying to garner information to give to law enforcement to bring brian brian laundrie to justice. eric: what do you look for? 1.8 miles home from the laundries to the site where the vehicle was found. you have to have red light cameras, surveillance video, to see if he was indeed in the car. what is the important for the fbi to look at? especially have they alerted border authorities if he may have skipped the country? >> alerting the border authorities happened very, very early on but with regard to searching an area like this, it is really important to coordinate heavily, put everything on like a grid system. because you are going to search different grids, different sectors and if it is not organized you're not doing a thorough job.
9:25 am
trust me they're doing a very thorough job but to answer your question, they're looking for everything. they're looking for license plate reader recognition to see if and where that car traveled. they're even checking camera access for along the route that would take brian laundrie and our his parents to that location. they're looking at every single thing they can. they're trying to put it all up on a timeline. when you throw something up on the timeline you really see things that you might miss otherwise. eric: why is the timeline so important? that is a foundation of a criminal investigation. what does that tell investigators like yourself that could potentially lead them for justice in this case? >> well, when someone says, a happened, b happened, we have this information, when you put it up on the timeline you can see this person says this but look, their phone was pinging in a different direction or in a different location. or the parents said they went to
9:26 am
drive the car together, they went in their truck to go pick up brian laundrie's car at the reserve but when they look at surveillance video perhaps only one parent is in the car, something along those lines. when you look at every single thing along every moment that it happens it really gives you a holistic view of what's happening, who is being truthful, who is being less than truthful, what that means with regard to the investigation. eric: let's hold off for a moment. let's go live to the meloni funeral home on holbrooke, long island where gabby petito's father is speaking. >> we would sit up and talk and you know, really is wild to see what has happened. you know gabby, is grown up i mean she always had those blue eyes, right? those ridiculous blue eyes. you couldn't keep her in
9:27 am
trouble. you would ground her and she would start crying. when i see a lady cry i fall. guy cries i don't care, but if i see, if i see a female cry especially cry i fall like -- [inaudible]. she would be crying. she would do that on purpose to take her off grounding. it worked. but, she was, she was great. i mean it didn't matter, she always wanted to go out and do stuff whether it was scuba diving with her, her uncle, myself or hiking the appalachian trail. surfing sand dunes in colorado, i am jealous of. you will see me do that i will fall a lot but i will try. she had while experiences i could only wish that i could
9:28 am
experience. that is just wild the stuff she was doing, you know and to see that type of joy that brought her and stones it took to do that at such a young age. that is something i want you to take a look at these pictures here and i want you to be inspired by gabby. that is what we're looking for. that is something i want to see. there is a trip you guys want to take, take it now, do it now while you got the time. if there is a relationship that you're in that might not be the best thing for you, leave it now. we've got more emails from men and women doing that. taking care of themselves. taking care of themselves first. and watching that happen, and seeing that type of inspiration, an email we got from a young lady that her child's, he was 11 years old, wants to travel the country like gabby did in a
9:29 am
van. making her parents take her to, the old arches. >> [inaudible] >> just wild stuff she inspired people to do. you know. gabby is the most amazing person i have ever met. so if you're going to leave here today, i'm asking that you guys be inspired by the way she treated people, all people. love know knows gender. love knows know bounds. she didn't care. she genuinely loved people. it didn't matter. so when you leave here today be inspired by what she brought because the entire planet knows this woman's name now and she has inspired a lot of women and
9:30 am
lot of men to do what is best for them first. put yourself first. do it now while you have the time. i couldn't be more proud as a father. so, jim. just to be clear. gabby had four parents. they weren't stepparents. she had four parents that genuinely loved her as if she were own and this man is one. >> hard to see behind us but i still see gabby as this. the world sees this but like joe says, this is what i see. this is when i got to be blessed to know gabby. you all got to see our extended family, the firehouse family come through here and that is,
9:31 am
what weigh -- we do funerals unfortunately, we're good at. done throughout my career. did eulogies. planned these funerals. not one can planned or prepared for this moment. my grandmother told me she would be 100 next month when we buried my mom earlier this year. parents are not supposed to bury their children. this is not how life is supposed to work but it is a unfortunate reality. i spent a good fortune of my life trying to earn money to provide for our family and our kids to give them the best life. gabby at 22 years old helped teach me you can always make money but you can't make up for lost time. gabby loved life and lived her life every single day. every day. this child lived her life. she is an example for all of us
9:32 am
to live by, to enjoy every moment in this beautiful world that she did. love, give love to all like she did. gabby had a tattoo on her arm that read, let it be. the title of a song for a man she loved. the beautiful thing about music is it can mean so many different things to so many different people. there is a verse from that song that speaks to me. when the broken-hearted people living in the world agree, there will be an answer, let it be. it is okay to mourn for gabby. it is okay to feel sorrow an pain but we want to celebrate her and how she lived her life. we want you to hold on to all the wonderful memories we shared with her. that will be the answer. let it be.
9:33 am
>> right, let it be. >> i am never short of words but i've been up for days, weeks now with this. the love and support from everybody from all across the world, means so much. we thank all of you for remembering her and celebrating her because this is what it is, it is celebrating a beautiful person, a beautiful soul. although there is a lot of evil and wrong in the world there is more good and there is a lot of good people out there and they're all in this room right now. they're all across the world. they are with us all.
9:34 am
i love you all. [inaudible]. eric: emotional service as you see gabby's father and stepfather pay tribute to her, an inspiration to all. let's go back to maureen o'connell for a final word. maureen, i can't imagine the strength and love of course for both of them to stand up. but it is also so public. tell us about the sense of service, the importance of this being so public and something else that her father joe said, which is to think of yourself, that an apparent reference to a domestic abuse, perhaps sense of what the allegations were in terms of what some eyewitnesses said they saw between gabby and brian which caused the police to stop them. your thoughts, why this is so important to be public? >> well, i think it has brought
9:35 am
a lot of things to the forefront. for example, gabby was apologizing during the contact with law enforcement. law enforcement did a wonderful, compassionate job in my opinion. they went over and above spoke with her, two separate officers took her aside, this might be a toxic relationship. if anyone knows what a toxic relationship looks like it is law enforcement because they're faced with it every single day. i just think there is something about gabby. she is just so angelic and so sweet. law enforcement officers, the one thing we care most about are the victims of these types of assaults and murders. these cases live with us, stay with us, carry them with us our entire life, our entire career. these are important things but i see huge changes happening as a result of this and
9:36 am
groundswelling of awareness that i think will really help people. it makes her legacy so important. eric: former fbi agent maureen o'connell on the importance of gabby petito as we remember her and her family and public remembers her in holbrooke, long island. thank you. >> thank you. arthel: it is so sad, so tragic, so young. meanwhile a statewide vaccine mandate starts tomorrow in new york and officials there preparing for critical staff shortages in hospitals and elsewhere if workers refuse to get the shot. that is up next. when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast heartburn relief in every bite. crunchy outside, chewy inside. ♪ tums, tums, tums, tums ♪ tums chewy bites
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9:41 am
before the senate and house armed services committee tuesday and wednesday on the botched withdrawal that left the taliban back in control of stan. eric: back here at home a federal judge blocked the new york city school district from implementing a vaccine man tate for teachers and employees that was supposed to start tomorrow. the rule applies to state health care workers, those that don't comply could cause a severe health shortage. alex hogan live from the new york city newsroom. reporter: eric, less than 24 hours new york state health care workers don't have at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine, they could lose their job, governor kathy hochul is preparing for just that. the state's response plan is issuing a state of emergency if necessary. it would bring in new professionals, retired medical workers or even medically-trained members of the national guard to assist with staffing shortages.
9:42 am
this comprehensive plan isn't just for hospitals but also for other long-term care facilities. workers who were let go for failing to get their shot will not qualify for unemployment insurance and that is unless they can prove that this is due to a medical reason. alpha it is will need to self-report their vaccination updates daily to the new york state department of health. meanwhile tomorrow vaccine mandate for all teachers and staff in new york city schools was scheduled to go into effect. frustrating those who would have been impacted. >> it's really difficult to put people in a situation where you're going to lose your job, your livelihood, your career if you don't do this. reporter: a federal judge however, temporarily blocking the rule which means for now, school employees will need to continue to abide by the city's vax or test mandate. a hearing in front of a three-panel judge is scheduled for wednesday morning to decide if this vaccine requirement can
9:43 am
be enforced. the department of education responding quote, we're confident our vaccine manner date will continue to be upheld once all the facts have been presented because that is the level of protection our students and staff deserve. now as far as a medical -- so far, only two counties in the state have 100% of their staff in adult care facilities vaccinated that really shows how much these volunteers and national guard members might be needed this week. eric. eric: alex, thank you. arthel. arthel: meanwhile mixed messages, mixed messages over vaccine booster shots after cdc director dr. rochelle walensky broke with the agency recommendation and additional doses for younger americans who are in high-risk groups. joining us now, dr. freida fischer, specializes in pediatrics, nephrology and internal medicine. doctor, confusion aside now.
9:44 am
start with clarification, who can get a third shot as of now and how much more protected will they be from coronavirus specifically the delta variant? >> as of now, arthel the people who are recommended to get the third shot are citizens over the age of 65. also between the age 60 and 64, with chronic condition like diabetes, obesity, should get it or live in a long-term care facility. who may get them, cdc is not saying you should get them, between 18 and 64 if you have underlying medical conditions. also work in a high-risk situation such as health care providers or if you live in a high-risk institution such as people who are in prison or homeless shelters. that is what the recommendations are. everyone is not in agreement. arthel: yeah. there is some debate. because the delta variant is so contagious, dr. fisher, when
9:45 am
might everyone get the first shot and should they be worried until it is their turn? >> here is the issue. the data is not very strong right now to say that the boosters will decrease your chances of getting severery ill. now in the elderly, people over the age of 65, certainly people immunocompromised we do have compelling data to suggest getting a booster will help their immune systems, better prepare them, better protect them against hospitalizations. for young healthy people, even with the delta variant, yes they may get infections even though they're fully vaccinated but the data is not just bearing out to show young, healthy people vaccinated are getting hospitalized or dying. in other words the current vaccination still protects against hospitalization and deaths which is why we have some confusion when younger people will get booster. boosters are not new. we've been getting boosters for the mmr vaccine, hepatitis-a,
9:46 am
many of vaccines we're getting all throughout our lives so i do believe in the future the science will bear out that at some point everyone will need boosters but right now we rely heavily on data. we just don't have the hardcore data to support young people needing boosters right now. arthel: okay. so as i said you're a pediatrician. are the first and second shots safe for children and will they be eligible for a third shot down the line? >> well the fda is still reviewing the data but based on the preliminary data it looks like the answer is yes. pfizer presented data for children ages 5 to 11. looked at over 2200 children. they received a smaller doze of pfizer, 10 micrograms, as opposed to 30 mike grow grams as the adults received. they had robust antibody response looks like this is safe but we should never get ahead of the fda. we are waiting for the fda to say after they get their review.
9:47 am
it looks like it will be approved for children, very likely. we'll have to wait and see. arthel: meantime you're saying the first and second shot that is safe for children? >> yes. arthel: what about those who got moderna and j&j what do they need to know? >> they need to have some patience. moderna has shown some data to the fda about boosters, showing how they will be he have city -- efficacious. they're not up for boosters, just the pfizer. as far as johnson & johnson, they have shared data if you get two doses of johnson & johnson you have 94% protection against moderate and serious disease. this data has not been fully reviewed or gone through the rigorous scrutiny of the cdc and the fda. i don't want to get ahead of the cdc and fda particularly with the children's vaccinations. i'm talking about what pfizer present the. we have to review with certainty that the vaccinations are safe
9:48 am
for children. based on the preliminary data, it looks like it is going that way. arthel: final 30 seconds, dr. frita you mentioned those with shot one and two, fully vaccinated we shouldn't rush to get a third shot until it is our turn, the shots they provide us with protection. we keep hearing, reading, reporting that these, those shots wane over time, the effect, efficacy of shots wane over time. what are we supposed to -- it concerns me. >> absolutely. it is confusing especially when we've got the israeli data saying certain things. we do have some data to suggest every two months, you have a 6% decrease. you have data showing people fully vaccinated in march are more protected since those fully vaccinated in january. it is complicated when you break down the data, the definitions. israel has a different definition of severe infection than we have usually in the
9:49 am
united states. it really needs scrutiny. for right now please continue to wear masks indoors. make sure you socially distance, be very careful. yes the delta variant is so serious and all vaccines, most vaccines wane over time. the question is when and when is it time to pull that trigger and that remains to be seen. arthel: people who have not gotten vaccinated should they get vaccinated? >> absolutely that is the priority group. if you're eligible to get a vaccination please do it because that we do know, that getting vaccinated will protect you against severe illness and against death most of the time. so absolutely, if you're eligible, suite get the first shot. arthel: pediatric, internal medicine, dr. frita fisher. gorgeous and intelligent. take care. eric? eric: very good advice. spending showdown about to play out on capitol hill. president biden's agenda hanging
9:50 am
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eric: spending showdown set to take place this week in washington as president biden's massive spending package makes
9:54 am
its way through congress. progressive and moderate democrats are facing off as speaker nancy pelosi tries to get her caucus to reach an agreement. lucas tomlinson live at the white house if that is even possible for them to do. reporter: eric, that's right. this morning house speaker nancy pelosi says she intends to pass the one trillion dollar infrastructure spending bill this week. the votes could come as soon as tomorrow if they're there. >> i'm never bringing a bill to the floor that doesn't have the votes and i think anytime you put an arbitrary date, remember when the republicans said they would overturn the affordable care act on the anniversary of the affordable care act? i knew right then and there they were deemed. reporter: pelosi sent a letter to her democratic colleagues saying this would be an intense time on capitol hill. pelosi intends to pass not only on the infrastructure bill a government funding bill, the massive $3.5 trillion spending bill all this week, the largest in history. house budget committee met in
9:55 am
rare saturday session to okay the $3.5 trillion bill. it is 2400 pages, eric. democrats have to figure out how to pass it. as our colleague chad pergram said muscle through the senate. republicans say there is not a bipartisan endeavor. >> never passed a budget, never had a single discussion with republicans how we tackle our financial future in the country. they have the ability to pass the debt ceiling on their own. the question will they do that? my guess will only if they're forced to. right now they're more interested in playing political games with the debt ceiling which is wrong, than passing it and raising it. reporter: fist challenge year-ends this thursday. not much time to avoid a government shutdown. eric: 2400 pages. they are going to read it really? lucas, thank you. arthel. arthel: the annual new york tunnel to towers 5k run and walk is underway. the fund-raising event didn't happen last year because of the
9:56 am
pandemic but today thousands are taking part. the route follows the footsteps of 9/11 hero, stephen siller, an off-duty firefighter who on september 11th, turn ran through the blocked off brooklyn battery tunnel to the twin towers where he died a hero. eric: that is such an important charity and an amazing charity. they also help gold star families too. the fact stephen had 60-pounds on his back going from the firehouse all the way to the world trade center, amazing. arthel: didn't stop him that story is special to all of us, eric, especially for you because you were born and raised in new york city. everybody thank you very much for joining us this hour. we're back at 4:00 p.m. eastern. hope you can join us then. right now more news from washington in just a moment. thank you. eric: take care. it's the simple act of enjoying time with friends,
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