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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  September 30, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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technology along with solid story telling and reporting. >> great digs, 25 years later, we'll be looking back over the next couple of weeks. tomorrow on special report, we'll talk about the coronavirus pandemic, the food and drug administrations commissioner, dr. scott gottlieb. thanks for watching us. thanks for this special report, fair, balanced, and still unafraid. primetime hosted by brian kilmeade starts right now. >> brian: i'm sorry for yesterday. i was caught up reading to the guys, your book. they have not put it down. the book, "to rescue the republic." they've formed a bret baird book club. i got bad news, i got to do the show. >> bret: i can get you more than one. >> brian: we can only have one
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in the building. see you later. good evening. welcome to fox news primetime. as brett said, i'm brian kilmeade. take a look at what we're going to be discussing today and who with. dan bongino is here going to talk about immigration and how we were warned ahead of time there were people coming up through haiti through panama and we did nothing. mark levine, what's going on with vaccines? should you get a vaccine? yes, should you make somebody get it and fire them if they don't, absolutely not. jim dorn is here. he will get us up to date. and the congressional baseball game. but first, let's getting started with the monologue and i will go right to my start. if you thought last week's migrant surge was bad, you have not seen anything yet. 64,000 more migrants, mostly haitian rshgs on the way to the u.s. southern border right now according to a warning from the foreign minister of panama.
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she's been sounding the alarm for nine months. thousands of haitians have been passing through her country and she knows where they're heading, to our southern border. she warned the biden team repeatedly, they don't seem to want to listen is what she said. will 60,000 migrants make them pay attention. if it wasn't for our drone team, no one would have seen them under the bridge last weekend. judging by actions so far, i don't see adjustments. despite being tipped off, anthony blinken and mayorkas and merritt garland are waiting for the next week to take the trip to mexico. it doesn't look like they're going to address the border crisis or the root cause of the border crisis to begin with and the surge at our border. they're going talk about crime and violence in mexico. are there more pressing issues like the collapse of our border and where is vice president harris, why didn't she getting the invite to mexico to go on
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this trip? was she too busy or were they trying to prevent another moment like this. >> we are going to the border, we've been to the border. this whole thing about the border. we've been to the border. >> you haven't been to the border. >> and i haven't been to europe. i don't understand the point that you're making. >> brian: doesn't age well. it would be a good thing if they wanted to repair the mess they created. dhs is moving to end trump's remain in mexico policy that the court said should stay in existence which keeps asylum seekers into our country as they try to get to our country. ahead of a huge violence surge that's coming our way. here to respond, the host of "unfitered," he's in studio, dan bongino. you're all over it.
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you know how dangerous it is. why doesn't the biden administration get it? >> dan bongino: it would be rewarding if these people are stupid and they can't figure it out. that's the better option. the more damaging option is, what, they know what's happening, they know how to stop it and they choose not to. that's what's happening right now. these people aren't dumb. they know what worked, remain in mexico. they know what worked, speeding up asylum claims, and building and constructing a wall, and good consistent rhetoric that we're a country of law and order. that worked under trump. the numbers prove it. they got away from it. now we have an invasion at our border going on. >> brian: they're passing through this pass, very dangerous. they go through the jungles, colombia to panama up through central america right through mexico. mexico says, i don't care. they come right to the border. there was a meeting this summer between mexico, the u.s., and
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canada, what did they discuss? why isn't there something executed right now. if you look at the president's poll numbers on the border, he's looking dependents, 36% approval, just on the numbers, it doesn't seem to make political sense for a guy that's been in the business since he was 28, why? >> dan bongino: look at the polling numbers surrounding the border. you're seeing the hispanic voters en masse, democrats treat hispanics like they have a hive mind. oh, my gosh, they're people? yeah, they're people just like us, american citizens who care about their jobs and kids and healthcare and education. they don't want their counties invaded by people. the point you brought up is per flexing to me. i'm not trying to be silly about it. he's got to know it's political suicide. there's no constituency for an evaporated border, none. is he afraid of aoc? is it a money thing with
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lobbyists and leftist pacts? i don't know. really, the only explanation is really dangerous one, a pernicious one that this guy doesn't care. they're looking to destroy the case as quick as they can. >> brian: in a way, i think you're right. mayorkis used to work with him. chris wallace pointed out something to me on radio. he said, you took 2,000 haitian illegal immigrants and shipped them back to haiti. they haven't been there in seven years. but the deterrent effect is great. it works in the direction. if they knew they were leaving their country, bolivia, panama, or brazil. and they're going to come to america. if they don't get asylum, they're going back to haiti, that will stop the surge. that would stop in the country they are in. how important is that messaging? >> dan bongino: the incensive/disincentive message is huge. i'll never forget being a young cop, you work in the cells and you talk to people who break the law.
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shockers, criminals, who break the law and engage in illegal activity talk to each other. it shouldn't be a stunner to anyone. they find out how to leverage the system and make money. i want to bring it up because it's important. this is framed as a people issue. we have to be compassionate. i'm not compassionate to lawbreakers. this is a sex trafficking story, a drugstorery, a potential terrorism story. people forget the 11,000-word expose in politico like four years ago, i addressed it earlier on " the five" how they're paying the same drug and immigration mules to get terrorists into the united states. is everybody forgetting that article even happen? this is not just about people. drugs, terrorism, crime, sex trafficking. like that's what an open border is. and the democrats are always framing it in terms of some kind of compassionate like a fairy tale, you put in a quarter and get a beautiful story. >> brian: 1.5 million people have come since biden took over. they expect 300,000.
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that will be a high in october. that's a perfect time to come here in the south. check your school district. there are 12 new kids in my school district nobody knew about. planes were landing in a small airport sunday night. black hawks were there. men with badges were there. people who seemed very uncomfortable in this area without masks were getting off planes in the middle of the night when they don't usually have commercial jets. this is going to affect a lot of people. people think, oh, i don't live at the border, it's not my problem. >> dan bongino: there's no way it doesn't affect a lot of people. say it's 1 million illegals that enter the country illegally. that's a low number the time biden is done. say 1% of them. thousands of people, say 1% of them are criminals. thousands of criminals. that's probably, seriously, being generous here. talking about thousands of people in communities who should not be here, the first initial act of the united states is to break the law. >> brian: who's on "unfitered"
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this weekend. >> dan bongino: i forgot. it's my 15th show tonight. i don't want to lie to you all on the air. we're still working it out by tomorrow. nice you told me that. i totally forgot. it was on many i show this weekend. >> brian: i should have had prepared to have your lineup. >> dan bongino: i will tell you the opening monologue on the growing tyranny. i killed time for a few seconds. will king. >> brian: that was worth the wait. you see will all the time. >> dan bongino: fantastic. >> brian: thanks for coming in. i'm your 15th show. i feel so important. bide season going after the understaffed border patrol promising to fire any agent who refuses the vaccine. the wife of an agent who will
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lose their job spoke out. >> there are going to be men and women who are not going to stay. they're deciding we're not going to stay. we have four small kids at home. that's our sole income. we're praying for a miracle at this point that something changes and he doesn't lose his job. >> unbelievable. here to react, nationally syndicated radio host. come november, the border patrol, who is about 100 -- 1, 700 officers down. they're going to have their jobs on the line and maybe taken away because they're not vaccinated. what's your reaction to that? >> how are you going to demand that border patrol be vaccinated when apparently they don't have that concern of people coming across the border. you have seen hundreds of thousands of people. it's five, six fold, more so than they've seen at any other point in the past couple of decades here. but that's because of the policies with the current administration. the -- the migrant protection protocol, the remain in mexico, the mvp policy, that stuff
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worked when it was implemented. and now to sit here and threaten border patrol agents who there are not enough border patrol agents at the border. i have to tell you, one of the first times i went down to the border, i was in a jeep that was driven by congressman louis gomer who terrified me. he scared me half to death driving a jeep. we were all over the place. there were border patrol agents. we were there before the sun was up. so many people had been coming through. this was at a point in time -- this was not with joe biden as president. this was -- this was before we started to see people who had been granted asylum in chile and brazil -- haitian refugees coming over, not even refugees anymore. coming across to these sectors. and to now demand -- to have people -- i mean, i've been down there, i see it. i know the terrain that they have to cover, it's crazy. to not demand border patrol agents that are under so much pressure that they get vaccinated when they just spent the last week, brian, smearing them because they didn't know what horse reins were and
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western style riding. people didn't see reins before that work in the biden administration. they were blasting them. they are forcing vaccine, they won't assume any liability if they have a negative reaction. it's ridiculous. >> brian: i don't care what you call it a fence or a wall, whatever you call it, it was working. it doesn't have to be -- it's a block. it goes back to the vikings. people like hungary use it because it works. you said 1700cbp officers down, 200cbp nonuniformed trade specialists down, 228 air, sea, and land ports of entry people down. and you're going to say by november 1, if you're not vaccinated, you're fired or furloughed. to me, some people are saying this is intentional. >> it is intentional, brian. and if this administration were serious about -- if this was
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about following science as opposed to politics, they first off would be doing everything possible to make sure people who are unvetted and not even tested coming across the border that they weren't actually testing positive with a virus during a pandemic. they would do everything they could to mitigate that issue. instead, they made it worse. they've been exposing border patrol to the potential of contracting coronavirus by allowing every person to come in. they talked -- they talked to bill melugan with fox news. they said they're not getting tested or keeping records with any kind of testing or vaccination or anything else. if you were to leave the country and come back in to the country, you would have to provide a negative test or be vaccinated or both, wearing masks, six feet, all this stuff. this is not about science, this about politics and punishing border patrol again. these people have gone through enough. it's time the administration had their backs instead of coming at them with knives to the back.
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>> brian: try not to deport the elderly. if you have a criminal, don't necessarily deport them if they're not a threat. if they committed a crime that's not going be a threat to the rest of the population. defang i.c.e. and the border patrol, what could go wrong? meanwhile, straight ahead. who is nancy pelosi yelling at? i think it has something to do with the infrastructure bill. i have a sense. and why is she still scheming to jam through joe biden's radical agenda. mandate madness leads to hundreds of firings across the country with cops, teachers, and healthcare workers in the cross hairs. taking it up with mark levine, next. s going at any given time. i absolutely have to be sharp. let me tell ya, i was struggling with my memory.
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>> brian: welcome back. remember last year the first responders were heroes, we cheered them from windows, we banged pots and pans. funny how quickly things can change as hospital workers and police officers are now being fired or resigning over refusal to take a vaccine. and to add insult to injury if possible, hospitals are already facing staffing shortages because of the pandemic. so when will the mandate madness end. joining me, mark he gin, host of life, liberty, and levine, author of the hit book "american marxism" still raging on the best seller list. i know you just like to work one day on television. appreciate the time you're giving us. i have to you can at an about a the mandate mania. i'm stunned they're cracking down on the people we called
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heroes, the medical profession, saying get vaccinated by this week or you're fired. the answer is, most have been vaccinated. but in new york presbyterian, they found 250 there aren't, they're fired. 276 on unpaid leave. syracuse, they shut down half of the operating rooms they had to lay off so many people. is it necessary to threaten the american people with these mandates? >> mark levine: this is disgusting. the same allowing illegal aliens in this country bringing other diseases, tuberculosis, measles, and so forth. this is the democrat party the surrogates, the corporatists, so forth. how many have natural immunity. they have the antibodies. israelis say they're 27 times more protected than from a vaccine. it's outrageous. how many people are going to die? how many people can't see a doctor or can't get into the
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hospital as a result of the man made pandemic that's being layered on top of what was this horrible virus. you see other countries, japan, so forth. there's no more limits. look, we have people who are vaccinated. a huge number of people, 80%. we have people of natural immunity. what percentage of the 20% have natural immunity. the cdc won't tell us. go to the website, you can't find it. no need for these totalitarian tactics, nurses, teachers, others who put their lives on the line for the last year and a half. tyranny has no bounds, you're looking at it right now. it's disgusting this administration lets in illegal aliens willy nilly. i know, maybe the illegal aliens should take the teaching and the nursing positions, they don't have to be vaccinated. >> brian: they're talking about bringing in medical workers, filipinos, and the irish. interesting. teachers, friday, they're going to have to be vaccinated by 5:00
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on friday or they're going to get laid off. they said, don't worry, we have plenty of subs. i can't wait for the military. by november, they all have to be vaccinated or they have to hit the road. this is an unnecessary conflict to me that is further going to divide the country. i just don't understand it. however, get this, a gallup poll found that 63% of the american people are in favor of these mandates. how do you mix the two? >> mark levine: if you asked the question, do you think the mandate should take place even if it means firing the nurses or restricting the number of people who can get into hospitals, i think you would have a different result. that's why the framers were so brilliant. they didn't support democracy, they supported republicanism. that's why we have a declaration of rights. everything is not about voting. a majority supports this or that. sometimes you have to do what's right, moral, and just.
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what's being done is not right, moral, or just. we have spreading herd immunity in this country. we have a lot of people getting vaccinated. that's a good thing. people who are vaccinated don't have to be afraid of those unvaccinated. the politicians want us at each other's throats on all things. that have politicized this science and virus. i'm disgusted with all of the tyranny. they talk about we may have a short-term government shutdown sometime in the future. you think the sky was falling. or you shut down hospitals or schools and you shut down the private sector and gyms and bars. that's a righteous thing. so be it. again, a double standard, i'm personally sick of it. >> brian: the other situation that i want to address right now is what's happening with lieutenant colonel, marine colonel stu art schellier. he decided to call out the military leaders because they let him down after multiple tours of duty in iraq and afghanistan. they put him in solitary
4:25 pm
confinement. last night they dumped a 640-page indictment on him and his lawyer. his parents have seen him for ten minutes. his dad hopped on with tucker last night to say this. >> his crime was speaking truth to power and power couldn't handle it. >> tucker: no. >> i also said he broke the chain of command, austin milley, mckenzie, they broke the chain of trust and confidence in the american people. we're mad, we're mad as hell. >> brian: what's going on here, mark? >> mark levine: they're trying to make an example of this. i had a retired brigadier journal jag called my radio show last night and he said he never heard anything like this. someone is dangerous, dangerous to themselves or other people, something to that sort, they will go ahead and put him in the brig. this man is not dangerous. they put him in the brig.
4:26 pm
he's in solitary confinement. he's not able to communicate with anybody. they want to shut him down. let me tell you something, this has to come from the top. this has to come from -- it's not the secretary of defense, it has to come from milley or somebody. it's all over the news, they're aware of it. milley should be in the brig in my opinion, he's leaking to left-wing "washington post" reporters who are writing books. he doesn't tell the commander in chief when he talks to the chinese. thin about that. xi knew what milley was talking to his counterpart. xi knew but the commander in chief didn't know what milley was saying. he's celebrated, he's told he did a great job. this man is thrown in the brig. this is a dreyfus case as far as i'm concerned. the man knew he would get in trouble. but he didn't know he had been treated this way. >> brian: finally, mark, i was looking at your book.
4:27 pm
i was watching the anger that the media had towards joe manchin why he won't give in and sign up for the reconciliation bill. i went to chapter 6 of your book, "american marxism" and you talk about the fact that karl marx was primarily a journalist. i see the anger he had towards trump and manchin as if to say how dare you not go along with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. is this part of the story you're telling. >> mark levine: these are propaganda operations now. if you listen, they'll tell you they're not strictly news. they don't believe in objectivity, per se. they believe in social activism. they call it public community reporting or some such thing. yeah,er karl marx was a -- was a writer, was a journalist. he contributed to a number of newspapers in new york. he became very, very radicalized, obviously. and the american media in this country is utterly corrupt.
4:28 pm
they're absolute propagandaists, everybody knows it. they know it. they're going to do a number on manchin. that's why chaney does 60 minutes and others are celebrated. easier to cave than stand up. manchin should stand up, represent the people of west virginia. the people of west virginia are not represented by aoc or nancy pelosi. >> brian: ask a question, not yell at them. thank you so much. congratulationses on your success over the weekend and the radio show. thanks, mark. coming up, nancy pelosi is pulling up the electric paddles. is she too late? and later, a guy got naked and shot his gun at a group of car jackers. guess which one of those actions got him arrested.
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>> brian: welcome back to "prime time" as the democrats try to jam through the spending bills, they face obstacles in their own party. joan manchin and sinema could cave to the progressives. manchin has a special message to his liberals if they have a problem with him. >> i have never been a liberal in any way, shape, or form. we have to elect more liberals for them to get theirs, elect more liberals. >> brian: and congresswoman omar is responding to him telling him to move over because progressives are just getting
4:35 pm
started. >> let me tell you about negotiating at the end, that's when you really have to weigh in. you cannot tire. you cannot concede. it's -- this is the fun part. >> brian: that looks a lot like nancy pelosi. i have to watch the show back later. even though it seems that the infrastructure bill and the agenda is on life support, don't count nancy out. somebody is getting chewed out on the phone. she's not paying attention to the game. i don't think she's ordering ice cream. don't worry about it, joe brought it with her. nancy is wheeling and dealing and she's enjoying it too. look at that. look on the other side of that phone. join us right now, nancy pelosi, senator tom cotton. welcome, tonight at 9:00, the house is going to vote on something on the bipartisan bill, we think. even though some of our reports say they won't, on a bipartisan bill. do you think it will happen? >> i don't know, brian. i can confirm that i was not on the other side of that phone
4:36 pm
call with nancy pelosi last night. i think the house is going to have to vote so late because nancy pelosi and her radical democratic left are out looking for the tree around the capitol on which all of this free money grows, brian. joe manchin put it well today. they want to transform this country with a socialist agenda. between the $2 trillion bill they passed in march, the $1 trillion infrastructure bill they want now. and even if you go with joe's $1.5 trillion welfare bill, it would be $4.5 trillion in spending, brian. that's taxes on every family in america. it's spending for illegal aliens and deadbeats that won't look for work, much less work. democrats are realizing how unpopular the agenda is. that's why nancy pelosi is corralling those votes. >> brian: i risk confusing people. two separate bills. so-called moderates to say i want the bill in the senate to
4:37 pm
pass. you didn't vote for it. others did. the moderates said nancy pelosi, do it by the 27th of september. well, it's september 30, and they're going to vote today. if they don't vote for it, kirsten sinema and other moderates say they're out when it comes to the 3.5 or any other compromise. if they don't have the vote tonight, even if it fails, the moderates balling, if they do have the vote, the liberals don't vote for it. nancy gets a fail, joe biden gets a loss temporarily. are they willing to risk that? >> you laid it out well. i would say they're in disarray. but i don't want to apply they were in array. this gang right now couldn't organize a one-car funeral. the one thing they can agree on is they want to take more of your money and give it away for your priorities like welfare for illegals. . so, you should never count the democrats out. no matter how bad it looks for them while they're making the sausage. in the end, what they care about is taking your money and getting manier power.
4:38 pm
>> brian: -- and getting more power. >> brian: you do believe something is going to come out of this. did it shock you in august that joe manchin put a pen to paper and chuck schumer and say i'm not going to go along with 3.5, i'll go along with 1.5. i won't sign off on anything until october 1. every time they talked about the 3.5, they knew exactly what he wanted. chuck schumer wouldn't talk about. bring me behind the scene there is to the cloakroom. what's happening? >> first off, brian, i've never seen such a document in my entire political life, not as long as chuck schumer's or joe manchins's, but when we have our differences, we talked them out, we don't sign contracts with each other. but second, i think chuck schumer has some explaining to do with his fellow democrats. you pointed out. joe manchin has been up front with him in the beginning. now i strongly disagree with what senator manchin po proposed
4:39 pm
in that memo. chuck schumer knew about it for a couple of months. he's leaning on the far left of his caucus to believe they're going to go for broke in the $3.5 trillion bill. i'm wondering if chuck schumer is hearing some footsteps from aoc in the new york primary next year. >> brian: really quick, 168 of the 2,000 page bill, we're looking for fines $70,000 to dlb 700,000. that will destroy so many small businesses. the irs goes on steroids. you think they're going after amazon, you're dreaming? they're going after small business. final thought? >> yeah, all of the efforts for bureaucracy, whether it's the coded police force or giving irs tens of millions of dollars to come after small businesses to put more power in the hands of bureaucrats in washington. >> brian: who knows if it will
4:40 pm
pass. senator tom cotton, thank you so much. that was not tom cotton on the phone with nancy pelosi. we have news. my little pony joined antifa. but first, joe biden's secretary has a simple answer to parents upset by their kids being taught critical race theory? suck it up, your guy lost. jim jordan always looks good. change the screen. i'm going to be on the road when the president freedom fighter comes out on october 2. i want to see that place sold out. orlando, floridament. clearwater, florida, december 4. brian jim jordan, meet you upstairs. you can stay where you are.
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4:46 pm
blame trump supporters for the outrage saying they're mad their guy didn't win. car doe in a was on capitol hill today where mike brawn gave them a chance to clarify those comments. why? >> your response for that engagement was, i think it's a proxy for being mad that their guy didn't win. and i'm quoting it verbatim here. would you want to take that back? >> senator, i will tell you the lack of civility in some of our meetings is disappointing and frustrating. >> i'll take it you don't want to retract it at this point. >> brian: he doubled down, continuing to politicize children's education. is he going to get a hall pass? let's asked jim jordan. what do you think about the fact he had a chance -- you have a book coming out. he said do -- sorry, you said do what you said you would do. that's a common jim jordan phrase. what do you think? should we give him a hall pass? >> no, this guy has for regular
4:47 pm
americans for moms and dads. remember when peter struc said, i can tell the trump supporters at the virginia walmart? remember that? that's how the folks think about it. they can have all of the disdain they want. here's what i know. the school board meetings where the parents have been showing up who care about what their kids' education is going to be, what it's like, they're going to fight for their kids. i learned a long time ago these bureaucrats who think they know it all or some high-paid lobbyists, they will never beat a mom on a mission to do what's right for their child. we're going to see it play out in virginia and in the governor's race for virginia, that's a good thing. the disdain we have for bureaucrats and education secretary and some of these folks are driving some of these guys nuts. >> brian: terry mcauliffe has been governor. joe biden won by 19 points. soming is going on. see how it resonates nation-wide. revelations today, more subpoenas are going out.
4:48 pm
it's not just michael sussman anymore. what can you tell us? did something come from sussman that gave them this? >> durham gets it big picture. you saw that indictment. durham knows this was the clinton campaign, hiring the perkins-cooey law firm, going and putting together false information and using -- giving that to the press and creating this whole narrative that turned out to be completely false as we all know. so, the other thing is, this was not just a false statement that sussman made to mr. durham and his investigative team, this was a false statement, this was the false statement made in 2016 that sussman made at the fbi, not just anybody, but the chief counsel jim baker. then he passes the information on to struck and paige doing the investigation. not the first time baker did that. he passed it on to struck
4:49 pm
and paige the people doing the investigation. and now he's looking to perkins-cooey even more, that's a good sign and i'm cautiously optimistic to get to the bottom of it and see who's responsible. >> brian: interesting, he never thought to ask, do you work for the clinton campaign or are you a citizen? he's a cyber expert. remember, they had cyber technology that linked trump to some bank that had something to do with russia. so, they were coming with these expertise, and i'm -- i'm sure at some point they're going to peel off and get very, very close to hillary clinton. stay on it. just because they're not big names, doesn't mean they're not important names. thanks for being with us. >> thanks. >> brian: don't go anywhere. we go on the clock. surprise, not only is she in the big screen, she's in the big studio. she's off and done playing baseball and hanging out with
4:50 pm
all of the congressional leaders. are you ready to go on the clock? >> i am ready. >> brian: take a wide shot. this is it. >> social distancing. >> brian: the new fox.
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>> brian afrment few minutes left in the show unless my watch is way off. time to put my friend on the choral, carly on the clock. are you ready? >> let's go. >> brian: the meat king of new jersey is fed up. thieves have stolen luxury cars, they stole many on more than one occasion. they tried an 18th time, he fought back buck naked. he grabbed the semiautomatic instead of pants, we all have to make decisions. he went after the bandits with the briskets hanging in the wild. he cared off the car jackers but the cops took his gun. >> we need to go back to that
4:56 pm
line. >> it's michael -- >> brisket hanging in the wind, what a visual. he didn't get a public nudity citation. must not live in a school zone, good for him. he's a victim. >>ed and he's in his house. >> tired of people trying to steal his luxury cars. goes on the porch. shoots a warning shot in the air and gets charged with aggravated assault. that's so new jersey. if this happened in texas or alabama, he would have been given a badge, turned into a civilian police officer. >> brian: my takeaway is don't sleep naked. >> put your shoes on. he could have stepped on a nail. >> brian: for the record, i've never been comfortable naked. i'm too uncomfortable. on to a different kind of theft. singer, shakira, no last name, claims that she was assaulted by two wild boor. she won a grammy award. she and her son were walking in a spanish park which are her favorite when the boors attacked him and tried to run off with her purse. do you believe this story?
4:57 pm
>> it's a misleading headline. the headline is shakira got attacked by a wild boor boar. when you uh read the details, a pig steals her purse. how about the headline be a pig steals shakira's purse. >> brian: we talk about guns and we node to shoot wild boars? >> have you seen people shootinger if ral hogs from inside helicopters. i went on a weird deep dive internet rabbit hole. i wound up there, i don't know how. they're very dangerous. >> i'm sensing a specialist. carly goes in the helicopter and shoots things. up next, the news we've been waiting for. a new my little pony movie has gone to netflix. it's going through a political awakening about tolerance, prejudice, and fascism, wait for the sequel when the pony joins
4:58 pm
antifa and burns down a courthouse. >> i watched the trailer. i did. i was more entertained than i should have been as an adult. i didn't see anything political. 2 1/2-minute trailer. who knows? this could be "the new york times" projecting. it could be a classic story of good versus evil. they're trying to make it political. who knows? maybe, could be. >> are you giving the benefit of the doubt to "new york times." >> no, to my little pony saying "the new york times" is projecting and trying to make something political into something that's not political. >> brian: we were watching a movie while you were talking. people were focusing on the middle of the screen. the cast that includes chris pratt, charles day, jack black, is too white. needs more latinx representation among the leads. but, wait, is it mario and luigi italian? how come no one called joe
4:59 pm
piscapo in that movie? >> he needs to be in a that movie. so, john leguizamo was in the original mario's movie. so his tweet should have been i'm sad. >> brian: they're turning on themselves now? >> he lost me when he tweeted latinx. only 3% of spanish people use that. ment a quarter don't know what it means. >> brian: you're hispanic. >> half puerto rican. >> brian: what does it mean? >> it's a gender neutral way of saying latino or latina, i guess. >> brian: great job at the congressional baseball game. great to see you. >> appreciate it. >> brian: i'm out of time. that's all the time we have for "primetime," check this out. you know him. tim greene has a great book out
5:00 pm
for kids 10 to 18. he's battling als right now. going to be one of the books you pick up and your kids pick up and they choose to read it. also, tim greene's book, listen to the radio show tomorrow 9:00 to noon, geraldo, no last name, clay travrs, jesse waters, dan bongino will be there. time for tucker. i was thinking of doing small talk. now it's two seconds. >> tucker: good evening, welcome to tucker carlson tonight. one thing about americans, they love australia. most americans have never been there. it's a long way away. but when americans think of australians, they imagine a freer, tougher version of themselves. steve erwin, crocodile dundee, that kind of thing. so a huge reserve of affection in the united states for australia, it's culture, and it's people. it's also possible that most


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