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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 30, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> greg: another great show. we are out of time. thanks to emily compagno, jimmy failla, kat timpf. tyrus. thanks to our studio audience. i'm greg gutfeld. i love you, america, and nashville. ♪ ♪ >> hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am mike emanuel in washington for shannon bream tonight. breaking, late night on capitol hill as the future president biden's legislative agenda hangs in the balance. the democratic divide overspending only deepening while the white house is left to try and cover for it. >> has the president lost
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control of his party? >> this is how democracy works. it feels foreign because there wasn't much of it happening over the last couple years. >> mike: our panelist handing by to break it all down as negotiations dragged on through the night. near public school employs have until the end of the workday friday to get one dose of the covid vaccine or risk losing their jobs. how that could lead to a major personnel problem and what does it mean for the students who just want to go to school and learn. the fight over covid vaccines making its way to the nba. one of the league's biggest are speaking out while some of his fellow basketball players face an uncertain season. we begin with the civil war and the democratic party while the residence multitrillion dollar spending plan is hanging by a thread. white house correspondent kevin corke has the breaking details tonight. >> this is right in your wheelhouse. we will get to it. as the rolling stones famously put it, you can't always get what you want. that is the democrats lament on
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capitol hill. what began as a $6 trillion goal than slip back to 3.5 trillion the summer and it may drop by more than half once again. before i tell you all that, the president making news today. he did sign a stand-alone continuing resolution to avert a government shutdown before the current funding was set to expire about 2 minutes ago. the house passing that measure after the senate pushed over the finish line 65-35. the language keeps the government funded through december 3rd. however, that leaves the heavier lifting. discussions, dealmaking and arm-twisting continued between allies and competing factors. this is the white house's domestic agenda teetered between the infrastructure and social spending plans on the hill. once again in the spotlight, no
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surprise joe manchin and kyrsten sinema, both physical moderates and undergrads are trying to pare down the $3.5 trillion price tag. despite withering criticism from many on the left like entertainers like joy behar who called them enemies of democracy and some criticism from fellow democrats like ro khanna and dick durbin. members of the squad and bernie sanders, along with washington states camilla gianto fund more aggressive and progressive social agendas. at the white house, there was competence earlier in the day. that happened before the chaotic close down the road at the capitol. >> this is how democracy works. i know it feels foreign because there wasn't much that happened over the last couple years but how it works is the american people elect their elected officials, the president of the united states puts forward a bold and ambitious proposal and everybody negotiates about it.
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>> a lot of snark at the white house. longtime observers, we have seen administrations come and go. this is a bit of egg on the face although i think it's also fair to say you and i have talked about it, i've made calls to my sources and everyone says this will probably happen by tomorrow. we'll be keeping an eye on it and bring you the latest. >> mike: for those scoring at home, no government shutdown, no inference from her vote and no major spending package. stay tuned. kevin corke starting us off. see you in a bit. debate happening among democrats over how much they're willing to spend to accomplish president biden's agenda another they have called it a night with adelia to be had, what happens next? let's bring intimate panel. ethan bearman, owner and attorney at the berman firm. fox news contributor and professor at the king's college in manhattan. welcome. >> good to see you.
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>> mike: west virginia senator joe manchin is pretty matter-of-fact about the situation. take a listen. >> any of them who believe they're much more aggressive are much more liberal. elect more liberals i guess. >> here represents a ruby red state. is manchin doing what he is supposed to do? >> the people of his state one for president trump of the last election by a wide margin. he has people in the state who care about fiscal sanity and he is hearing them as he looks at the bills that are insane by any measurement comes to spending. the centrists are pushing back. they feel like the president has thrown them under the bus. he has cast his lot with the left. they feel betrayed by him. they are standing up who may be for the first time in this administration. we'll see how long it lasts. they have a lot to push back on. the truth is if we move forward
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with 3.5 trillion or more in spending in this country, we are going to watch inflation accelerate. that's bad news across the board. >> mike: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and her progressive callings are quite frustrated, calling out senator manchin by name. >> this is what senator manchin was saying two months ago. the question we have is which senator are we negotiating with? june, september, august manchin? will december manchin be a different, will it be a different senator that pops up? >> mike: do you worry tension could blow things up. >> i don't think so. i think it's going to be down, as the press secretary said, negotiations that happened. the democratic party is a broad tent representing many different constituencies and i completely disagree with my esteemed colleague tonight. if you're worried about finances, the 2018 tax giveaway
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to the billionaires would've never been passed through the billionaires who made a trillion dollars roughly during the pandemic while americans were suffering. the billionaires who would pay for the $350 billion a year, less than half the defense budget there would be invested in the american people. that money that would be invested in the american people which by the way economists have shown in early childhood education investments has 13% annualized return for every public dollar invested. that is smart money. >> mike: let's play senator bernie sanders. >> and senator manchin or anyone else talks about the spending of the spill, it must be pointed out it's going to be paid for. it's not adding to the debt. >> mike: brian, is that funny washington math? >> wrong. completely wrong. i can see ethan has bought into it but the fact is this spending
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far outstrips anything democrats are going to raise with their taxes which means the american people are going to pay 2.1 trillion more in taxes for the pleasure of having their national debt increased by $3 trillion over the next decade. that's what you get from this bill. you can talk all day about investing in the american worker, investing in the american people but the truth is you're bankrupting them and that's what centrists see. >> mike: senator manchin offering 1.52 and other counter offer blow this up when progressives thought they were getting 3.5 trillion? >> i don't know that it will blow it up. i don't know 1.5 is the final number. it's a negotiating point and that's what happening. are these negotiations? let me reiterate that when you raise a million dollars a year in taxes on the wealthiest .01%. you get a 13% annualized rate of return. economists have been using it
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since the early 1970s yet i have an economist telling each night or not. talking about funny money. $6 trillion that were spent in afghanistan. knocked on the american people. the american people see that and they say it's time to return some money to us. we have kids who need help. we have families who need help. families help children. a long-term payback for the american people. >> mike: we are up against the clock. >> long-term dependency. that's what this bill has. that's what ethan is ignoring and that's what people care about. they don't want dependency. >> mike: we have to leave it there. thank you so much for your time. have a great night. breaking tonight: the senate barely confirmed tracy stone manning to the bureau of land management director by a vote of 50 have been 45.
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stone manning has faced criticism for her involvement in the 1989 tree spiking plot out of idaho. tree spiking is considered a dangerous and violent eco-terrorism tactic where metal rods are inserted into trees to prevent them from being cut down. three democratic members of congress getting very personal on the hill today as the house oversight committee held a hearing debating the texas abortion law. congresswoman cori bush, pramila jayapal, barbara lee giving testimony about their own abortions. >> i am compelled to speak out because of a real risk of the clock being turned back to those days before roe v. wade. to the days when i was a teenager and had a back alley abortion in mexico. >> for me, terminating my pregnancy was not an easy choice. the most difficult i have made in my life. but it was my choice. that is what must be preserved for every pregnant person. >> choosing to have an abortion was the hardest decision i had ever made.
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but it 18 years old, i knew it was the right decision for me. knowing i had options. to all the black women and girls who had abortions and will have abortions, we have nothing to be ashamed of. >> mike: testimony took place as that committee was examining how to respond to conservative states limiting abortion access. friday is the deadline for new york city schools have to be vaccinated or risk losing their jobs. that could lead to a major personal problem. many school districts throughout the country are dealing with similar issues thanks to the pandemic. rich edson shows us. >> teenagers on a party bus with neon lights and a stripper pole. the only ride earlier this month that a group of boston high school students have their field trip. there neon substitute is just part of a nationwide campaign of impromptu fixes to major school staff shortages. also in massachusetts, governor charlie baker deployed
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about 250 national guardsmen to drive school buses. >> it's all hands on deck. >> this morning on capitol hill education secretary miguel cardona told a senate committee that part of the solution is federal money for better salaries and training. >> if we are serious about reopening schools and making sure our children have the best opportunities to engage not only in the classroom but are extracurricular activities, getting to school on time. we have to make sure we are addressing these. >> in brooklyn, reports of staff shortages forcing a school cafeteria to close. starting monday, the nation's largest school system, new york city, is requiring the bulk of its workers to show proof of vaccination. union leaders are warning of employee shortages. others from states with lower vaccination rates same mandates would create major problems in school districts. >> we can't shut down alabama or some of these other state something for the fact we might not be taking as many vaccines. >> city officials in new york
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say they have thousands of substitutes standing by for teachers who failed to present vaccination cards. union officials say there too about staff beyond teachers, like custodians, cafeteria workers, safety officers. just this afternoon, a federal appeals court ruled new york state marched -- must temporarily allow vaccination exceptions for health care workers with religious objections. the judge will hear arguments in that case next month. in washington, rich edson, fox news. >> mike: california making several changes to its criminal justice system tonight. governor gavin newsom signing a bill that could remove the badger from some police officers. correspondent matt finn is joining us from our west coast newsroom to explain. good evening, matt. >> hi, mike. governor newsom signed a log california that allows police to act criminally or with a demonstration of bias to be stripped of their badges. california was just 1 of 4 states without such a system
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alongside hawaii, new jersey and rhode island. the golden state's new reforms also limit the use of rubber bullets during protests headsets a statewide standard for when officers can use projectiles or tear gas during demonstrations. the law also bars a type of restraint that has led to death and lays out detailed instructions for when police should intervene. police can lose their certification for excessive force, sexual assault, intimidating witnesses, false reports or participating in law enforcement gangs. multiple groups represent and police officers including the california police chiefs association oppose this new law, arguing in part that a bias panel without law enforcement expertise will review police cases and that officers will be subject to broad definitions of wrongdoing. the california police chiefs association writing part "sb2 requires the individual
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officer engaged in serious misconduct, not that they were found guilty, terminated or even disciplines. governor newsom touted his new police forms and urged people not to be dismayed by recent bipartisan police reform that failed in washington. >> i want folks not to lose hope that just because things aren't happening in washington, d.c., that we can't move the needle here not only in our state but states all across this country. >> the new law in california increases the minimum age of officers from 18 to 21 years old. >> mike: mike finn -- matt finn live in l.a. first up in tonight's real news roundup. three california parents taking legal action against the state for a school curriculum which asks students to pray to aztec gods. it's part of an ethnic studies lesson. the attorney represent a the parents says the activity is blatantly unconstitutional.
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former late-night host jay leno speaking out about cancel cultures impact on comedy. the 71-year-old comedian told the people every day podcast for the entertainment medium must "change or die" end of the rules of the game have changed. he faced criticism earlier this year for josie previously made about the asian community. ahead of saturday's women's march in d.c., organizers are instructing protesters not to wear costumes depicting "handmaids" from the popular tv show on hulu. organizers say outfits exclude people, reasoning that they ignore "black women, undocumented women, incarcerated women, poor women and disabled women have always had the reproduction freedom controlled in this country." what caused the driver of this card to lose control and smashed into a tollbooth? a puppy rescue that will make you smile.
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>> mike: police releasing jaw-dropping footage of a driver under the influence losing control of his car and a highway in england, rolling on its side and smashing into a tollbooth before landing on top of another vehicle. thankfully no one was seriously injured in the crash. the driver was arrested and is facing charges. a true miracle the driver is alive. this isn't the safest way to go bowling. watch this. teenager rolling a ridiculous strike from the top of the stairs, knocking down every pin with ease. maybe not try this at your local bowling alley. bowling a strike is hard enough from the actual line. it is clear this french bulldog
9:23 pm
is not quite into spooky season. the pup looking rather frightened and not digging the spider decorations. this scared pooch stopping, refusing to pass the door without being picked up. halloween isn't for everyone. new york has a new attraction that may be not for those with a fear of heights. 77 story building showing the city and a new light showcasing the world's largest glass elevators, sending people 1,000 feet up in 42 seconds. for the real "braveheart" it, you can do higher. you do you but i'm more comfortable on the ground. finally, a group of hikers rescued a pup trapped in a cave 30 feet deep. they notice the poor guy while exploring the nature preserve in indiana. using the few tools they had carefully pulled the dog to safety. they even named him dewey. it turns out the pup had a family. it's a very happy ending for
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everyone. if you've got any viral video you want to share, hit us up at @foxnewsnight on social media. lawmakers keeping up with nba players fighting against covid-19 vaccine requirements. texas republican senator ted cruz made a show of support for individual players on twitter including lebron james who said he doesn't want anyone to be pressured to get the jab. correspondent garrett tenney has the latest on what's happening inside the league. weeks away from the first regular-season tip-off. good evening, garrett. >> the nba is preparing to make life a whole lot more difficult for players who choose not to get vaccinated. this week the league informed teams that its covid-19 protocols for the upcoming season include banning unvaccinated players from eating with their teammates, requiring them to stay in their hotel rooms while on the road and almost daily testing. on top of that, the league announced that any players who miss games because of local
9:25 pm
vaccine mandates won't be paid. that could add up to millions of dollars for players in cities with vaccine mandates like brooklyn nets all-star kyrie irving and the golden state warriors andrew wiggins. irving appeared via zoom for media day, barely due to new york city's mandate requiring proof of vaccination for entry to public places. >> i would like to keep that stuff private. office am not able to be present there today. that doesn't mean i'm putting limits on the future of me being able to join the team. >> other players have been more outspoken. more than 90% of the nba is vaccinated a few weeks ahead of the season. lebron james: the league's biggest stars, says it's not his job to convince others to get the jab. >> talking about individuals bodies. not talking about something that's political or racism or
9:26 pm
police brutality and things of that nature. we are talking about people's bodies and well-being's. i don't feel like for me personally that i should get involved in what other people should do for their bodies and their livelihood. >> lebron is getting heat for that hands-off approach including from the women of "the view." he is also getting support from texas senator ted cruz who tweeted that he stands with the players and called lebron james courageous and adding he could be even more courageous. he could solve the problem by saying i stand with my fellow players and i won't play in any arena the advance another nba player because they made a personal health care choice. >> the season tips off in three weeks and it's hard to believe this is the third season impacted by the pandemic. we hope it will be the last. >> mike: garrett tenney, thanks very much. it's time to bring in kevin corke. another fun survey for you food fans. i hear you discovered the most
9:27 pm
photographed food on instagram. >> i have two questions for you that i'm going to save. put on your thinking cap. if you're going to love the segment. we have posted. we have looked at or like someone's photo food on social media. it could be a meal. could be a dish or something that makes you stop and say that looks good. according to a study by kitchen retail specialist, lobster is the most popular food to share a picture of online. what's next? kate, state, burgers, sushi. i would add pizza, ramen, barbecue, hot pot in any number of savory or sweet desserts. a couple questions, number one, what makes you salivate when you're looking at instagram or twitter or facebook and are you guilty of posting pitchers of good grub? >> mike: i would love a big old steak.
9:28 pm
a burger. lobster? i don't get. who is doing that? chowder heads? >> do you ever post pictures of food? your wife might do that. >> mike: kids definitely. >> you're not posting beer and brats. not a big poster of food. i'm visiting someplace where i'm working in my garden. if i was going to post something about food, do you know it would be? dessert. you've got to have some cake. >> mike: gold chocolate chip cookie may be. >> only come back, we have a good news good night a little bit later in the show. i think everyone will enjoy. we will appear together. we'll tell you all about it. >> mike: that's a great tease. thanks. with the administration is saying on getting americans out of afghanistan. that's next.
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>> mike: house speaker nancy pelosi leaving the capital, telling reporters that there will be a vote tomorrow on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. senator joe manchin also departing the capitol this evening saying that negotiations are ongoing. >> will work as hard as we can. >> mike: according to our talented capitol hill team, speaker pelosi left the building shortly after midnight sounding confident about a vote before the weekend. we'll see. breaking tonight, federal appeals court siding with the biden administration offering a lifeline for they reportedly feared could be a surge of hundreds of thousands of migrants in october. the ruling allows the administration to continue expelling migrant families that cross into the united states from mexico as part of the title
9:35 pm
42 policy first enacted during the trump administration. the situation is still dire. jeff paul giving lessons a look at what's happening at the border from del rio, texas, toy. >> the same situation repeats itself. migrant group after migrant group streaming into the u.s. in some spots, this river is the only barrier that separates them from the destination they so desperately desire. doug baxter has known the waters of the rio grande nearly his entire life. >> i have run this river all the way for miles and miles and miles. never had one instance of problems. >> baxter noted the changing tide when it comes to the river separates texas and mexico. >> it's crazy. >> nothing prepared him for the thousands upon thousands of migrants crossing recently seeking the american dream. >> don't get me wrong. i feel bad for these folks.
9:36 pm
how do you handle a migration like that? >> such a steady stream of migrants, folks in the rio grande say you really have to slow down and pay attention with so many people out here trying to cross the river. for several days, a spike in haitian nationals went to the closure of the international bridge that connects del rio, texas. >> always had a big impact, mainly, this area here. >> sergio gores owns a gas station. he said he went from selling 2,000 gallons a day to barely 100. >> we know that the u.s. welcomes all citizens of the world but it has to be done the right way. >> with politics in the immigration system, border crossings are showing no signs of slowing down. >> it hurts my feelings. makes me sick to my stomach to
9:37 pm
watch. what are you going to do? >> sources on the ground tell us there could be yet another migrant caravan just around the corner. authorities tracking a group they could be as large as 20,000 people that's heading north and could arrive anywhere along the u.s.-mexico border within weeks. in del rio, texas, jeff paul, fox news. >> mike: the kilauea volcano erupting on the big island for the first time this year. new aerial video shows a lava lake forming the crater. right now officials with the u.s. geological survey say there is no need to worry and that the eruption is part of a normal pattern of activity. some of the nation's top generals admitted to lawmakers that the biden administration's withdrawal from afghanistan was less than ideal to say the least. now the september 30th cut off to obtain visas has passed devastating many afghans helping to escape taliban rule. joining us to discuss where we
9:38 pm
go from here, derek that orden, former navy seal who served to tours in afghanistan, congressional candidate for the great state of wisconsin. >> thank you for having me. >> mike: the hearings featuring top military generals were pretty devastating. take a listen. >> there was never a discussion about the plan to defend kabul before its fall? >> a real possibility for reconstitution of al qaeda or isis. >> mike: does that mean it's only a matter of time before a commander in chief is forced to go back to afghanistan in some form or fashion? >> that's a real possibility. do than a malfeasance of the biden administration complete lack of competency, we are essentially sitting at septembe. he did not need to happen. let's remember the biden
9:39 pm
administration intentionally abandoned thousands of american citizens and tens of thousands of allies to their feet to terrorists in afghanistan. highlighted by these devastating hearings in the house of representatives. steel and military leaders contradict what president biden told the country. let's play it. >> either the president lied to the american people or he legitimately cannot run up to the counsel of his top military advisors. >> the appropriate level of forces in afghanistan should've been 2500. >> if we left 2500 people there for an extended period of time, you would have to reinforce those people. the taliban was committed to attack. >> wanted the president no? did he forget what was told to him? is he not being truthful? >> it's an inappropriate question. >> mike: how damaging was that to the white house? >> it was incredibly -- it was
9:40 pm
devastating. either the president of the united states lied to the american public or his national security staff lied to the american public or they lied to the president. there's no other way around this. it's unbelievable. some of the questions i wish they had asked, senator warren, believe it or not asked who wrote up these plans? the secretary of defense pointed to the commander and said he did it. the next question should've been who approved it. the secretary of defense with the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff in conjunction with the secretary of state and the national security advisor, president of the united states. that means that they intentionally abandoned thousands of american citizens to their fate to terrorists. that should be all stop, do not pass go, do not collect $200 anymore. it's unacceptable. the sole purpose of the united states military is to protect american citizens and the sacred duty of the president
9:41 pm
of the united states is to protect american citizens and they both failed. >> mike: then there's the mess of getting americans and afghan partners out. we will continue our efforts to facilitate the safe and orderly travel of u.s. citizens, lp rs, afghans to whom we have special commitments and who wish to leave afghanistan since august 31. we have assisted 105 u.s. citizens and 95 bel prs to deport via air and overland routes. is that enough in a month? >> no, it's not. let's remember they said there was 10,000 to 15,000 american citizens in afghanistan. they said they got out about 6,000? where are the rest of them? that number went down to less than 100. state department of the department of defense. the biden administration is obfuscating because they don't want the american people to know how many people are in
9:42 pm
afghanistan because they don't want to be held accountable. these measures are incomplete and inadequate. depending on the taliban's largess to get american citizens out. >> mike: derrick van orden, thank you for your service and thank you for your time tonight. >> you've got it. have a wonderful evening. >> mike: a copyright legal battle could threaten the marvel movie universe. night court convenes next. to s. ...can uncover clearer skin and improve symptoms at 16 weeks. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tremfya®. emerge tremfyant™. janssen can help you explore cost support options.
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>> mike: scarlett johansson and disney settled their dispute over the release of marvel cinematic universe movie "black widow." johansson said the studio breached its contract by releasing the film on their streaming platform disney plus. the terms of the settlement are unknown but johansson released a statement saying she look forward to continuing her collaboration with disney in the years to come. time for night court, another legal fight on disney's hands. this time from its marvel division. blockbuster implications over who could own the right to popular figures like spider-man. the dispute centers around a provision or of the copyright law that allows authors or their heirs to regain ownership of a product after a certain number of years. disney argues that since marvel
9:48 pm
exercised control over its rider's contributions and networks were effectively made for hire, the copyright law does not apply. let's take it to our legal eagles. attorney and data privacy specialist. and criminal defense attorney bob bianchi. exhibit a from the hollywood reporter. the complaints which the hollywood reporter has obtained, against the heirs of some late comic book geniuses including stanley, jean. seeking declaratory relief that these blockbuster characters are ineligible for copyright determination. if marvel loses, disney would have to share ownership of characters worth billions. sarah, what about that argument? >> the defendants are likely going to argue that under the copyright act, termination provision that they do have an ownership right, especially when
9:49 pm
the statutory period passes. the act itself was amended in the '70s and the intention was to give creators more ownership rights. the current test to determine the ownership is to prove instance and expense. in the lawsuit, marvel who claims this but the problem is there's no paper trail of an agreement. the proper employment classification and notes of any actions they took to claim that ownership. >> mike: exhibit b, these contributions in the work for hire situation and the complete. donald's is one such artist. assigning stories to illustrate, has the right to illustrate creative control over his contributions and paid him a per page rate for his contributions. as a result, any contributions he made were at marbles instance and expense rendering his contributions work made for hire
9:50 pm
to which the copyright act termination provisions do not apply. bob, how do you see it? >> i see it that way. it may be unfortunate for the creators with the fact is the creators never had a copyright is sell in the first place. these -- marvel did things interestingly. i looked at this, they created the outlines, they collaborated with the artists and they had complete creative control over the product. that's the work for hire scenario. to sarah's point, the case looks pretty clear. absent an agreement to the contrary it's presumed under the law that it was the intention of the parties that the copyright rests with the party whose instance and expense was causing the creation of the problem. disney wins. marvel wins. it's pretty clear. >> mike: exhibit c. no stranger to intellectual property fights. the company spent 18 years battling a rights infringement
9:51 pm
case involving winnie the pooh. disney pushed so hard for an extension of copyright terms in 1998 that the resulting law was derisively named the mickey mouse protection act. sarah, does disney have better lobbyists or the better legal argument? >> one thing to point out is there've been other creators that have come out. actually disney presented lawsuits against those creators and those lawsuits were settled. so i think it's a huge indicator because the creators don't have anything to lose.
9:52 pm
they don't have anything right now. disney has everything. so that's the sign right there that shows that they don't want to lose what they already have. >> mike: bob, 15 seconds. how does this play out? >> i think sarah is right. i think disney wins on the law but a lot of times you settle a case because it's better to do that and walk away that have a protracted litigation that you could potentially lose. >> mike: bob and sarah, thank you for your time. finally tonight, good news before we say good night. fox news is marking its 25th anniversary next week. we have covered a lot of stories in that time. a lot of them have come from here in our washington bureau as we look back on the past quarter-century. we are moving forward with a special ceremony here earlier today. here is our chief political anchor and host of "special report" bret baier. >> a state-of-the-art all-digital newsroom. the fox news washington bureau reopens after a major renovation. flagship studios, super high-resolution technology platform for video and graphics. an hour newsroom. reconfigured to allow our producers and editors to easily monitor the ever growing number of satellite video feeds on
9:53 pm
75-inch tv screens. fox corporation ceo locklin murdoch calls it an investment in the future for the top-rated news channel. >> the reason is to give all of you the space and the environment to continue to do your very best work. >> behind-the-scenes feature of the new bureau, special places honoring two special people. the charles krauthammer greenroom. if you watched "special report" you know how important he was to the show on the channel. we miss him every day. this plexus and memory of our beloved colleague, friend, petrie. the tony snow radio studio in on of our friend -- in honor of our friend. this is to remember him every day. >> the heartbeat of the news operations kicked off 25 years ago this past spring. >> it's a moment to remember an extraordinary boys and a gentle giant and our business. >> this renovation was long and
9:54 pm
planning. the original fox news washington bureau was our home through the major news events of our time. impeachments, wars, congressional fights, bush v. gore, 9/11. and ever evolving news environment has inspired us to redesign our new offices. bigger and better to complement the latest technology along with our solid storytelling and reporting. >> mike: exciting times in our washington bureau and at the network. >> terrific time to be there and obviously missing some of the luminaries as they were talking about. charles and tony. you think about others. so many other great names that have come through this place that i've worked so hard in this bureau. we hope we can continue to make them proud and continue to build on history. >> mike: a blessing to work with those guys and a blessing to work with you. >> back at you, brother. >> mike: good night from
9:55 pm
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