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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 30, 2021 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> tucker: no, the whole thing is grotesque, forcing some of the best people to leave. we are rooting for you, rachel, thanks for coming on today. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> tucker: we are out of time, we will be back tomorrow and every weeknight, apm, the showw that is the sworn enemy t of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. have a great evening with the ones you love. sean hannity now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> americans held hostage behind enemy lines. day 47. >> sean: welcome to "hannity," this busy breaking news night, day 47 with hundred of americans, their families, thousands of american green card holders eligible to live in this country,y, thousands of our alll abandoned by joe biden in afghanistan, they are hostages of the taliban. he has not mentioned our fellow americans that he abandoned in 31 days.
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joe, it's repulsive, and tonight, joe biden and his fellow democrats are more concerned about getting a political win right here at home rather than think about this. anyway, as we speak, joe and his fellow socialist comrades are now desperate to pass two separate trillion dollar spending bills, the so-called infrastructure build that cost $1.2 trillion. onop top of that, the other buid back better plan, which is a social welfare bill, is basically aoc's renewed deal that cost a whopping $3.5os trillion, money we do not have and will never be able to pay back. keep in mind, the whopping $6 trillion in emergency covid relief spending, that has already been allocated and for reference, let's go back to the entire federal budget was only $4.4 trillion, so wherere e we going to get the extra 10 trillion in new spending that joe is claiming won't cost you a
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single penny? well, into ways. one,ax texas. the build back better plan, it raises taxes on corporations, but they don't pay taxes, you pay taxes. it raises taxes on small businesses, individuals, and families and after they take a bite of the apple, when you die, they will take an extra $0.61 of every dollar you might have inin your piggy bank. everyone in america will bill the impact of these taxes. it doesn't matter if you're wealthy, poor, middle-class, somewhere in between. reparations, businesses, will not sit back, they are not going to take the loss, they will pass that tax on to you, the consumer. you will pay these taxes. everything you buy will become more expensive and that's not all. the second way the federal government will raise funds is through what they call quantitative easing. in other words, they are just going to print money. this causes inflation. that means your paycheck becomes less and less valuable and again, everything you buy will once again become more expensive. your grocery bill will be higher, everything you buy atig
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the drugstore will be higher, the cost to fill up your gas tank will be higher, to heat and coole your home, that will be higher. raw materials like lumber and aluminum, they are already becoming higher, and more expensive, and housing and rents will go up as well. by the way, this isn't theoretical, it's already happening. the fed has been working overtime to print enough money to pay for the $6 trillion in emergency covid relief spending and now inflation, thanks to joe biden's horrific policies,ug henc isha now at a 13 year high. add to all of that economic disaster the fact that joe biden gave up the energy independence he inherited from donald trump. donald trump accomplished energy independence for the first time in 75 years in this country, and we all benefited rated low cost to fill up our gas tank, lower heating and cooling costs, delivery for all the things you buy in your grocery store, cheaper, you save money.
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gas is now on average about a buck 50 more per gallon nationwide. heating and cooling your home goes up again here. and everything you buy will cost more on top of the inflation that he is causing, and that's not enough for this radical democratic party. they've gone full comrades socialist, they will not rest until every business, everyhimo corporation, every hardworking successful american it's brought to their knees at the altar of big government. they want mother government to provide all. womb to the tomb and cradle to the grave.en housing, food, green energy, child care, medical care, family leave,re guaranteed basic incom, free college, free health care, even free illegal immigrants. urthat's with the $3.5 trillion build back better, what they call human infrastructure, is all about. it is socialism. socialism has been tried under many names, many forms, and everything, is based on false promises that will never be fulfilled, and then we all end upd being poorer and -- no, wrog way, then you end up being poorer and as a result, you look
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at the result of how much freedom you give up in the name of false security. that's the first down payment, and there will be more if you allow this to happen of aoc's green new deal socialism. the bill expands medicare, obamacare, it includes money for government funding, housing, government-funded medicine, government funded high healthy food. i really need their healthy food advice. after all, they look so healthy, joe looks so healthy to me. and of course government-funded green energy programs, that wilr be solyndra on steroids, and that's not all. the bill also gives billions and entitlements to illegal immigrant. oh, what other countries charge for citizenship, why are we offering illegal immigrants that didn't respect our laws or sovereignty, why are we offering them -- making them pay? 15 million to older americans who are underserved due to their sexual orientation, gender identity, that's included. 15,000,002 deuce human wildlife
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in national parks. and to stop global warming. in reality, this is a radical transfer of wealth and power from private citizens to the federal government. even the guy that's running for new york city mayor, a guy namea eric adams, i prefer curtis, even he says, you know, in a city of nearly 9 million people, 65,000 pay 51% of the income taxes, that's redistribution. betsy mccoy pointed out in her article in "the new york post," billions are going to unnamed community organizations for vague purposes like promotingng community engagement, providing support and advice, translationt your taxpayer dollars will fund the payrolls of left-wing advocacy groups during elections. this bill is so extreme, or a that two liberal senators, they are now blocking it. they are not conservatives. joe manchin and kyrsten sinema from arizona, joe from westma virginia, vote with their fellow democrats all most 100%
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of the time. they are not a member of the vast right-wing conspiracy, although listening to liberals,h you would think that they ares, evil incarnate just like every conservative. but even this bill in itshe current state is too much for them. in july, joe manchin, he vowed i'm not going above 1.5 trillion. still a very huge, unsustainable number, frankly unacceptable. thatkl is a burden where putting on our children and grandchildren. but because the rest of the democratic party is now completely insane, manchin and sinema almost seemed moderate by comparison. there's no room for moderates in this radical comrades socialist democratic party. there are none left, just soviet style socialism and others who try to appease them. nancy pelosi, i've been telling you, she's not the speaker, she is speaker and the house in name only. she answers to aoc and the squad. and now pelosi is in a full panic if she is on able to pass the $3.5 trillion build back battle socialist comrade spending bill, there will be a full-fledged revolt in the
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democratic party just in time for the midterm elections. here with more, the author of the upcoming book, beyond biden, rebuilding the america we love, and boy, it can't happen fast enough. fox news contributor, former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. you know, i'm watching the infighting and the civil war within f the democratic party. if it wasn't so serious, i would enjoy the fight, because, you know, democrats want to kill each other, scorpions and a brandy glass, i'm fine with that, but the reality is this is so dangerous, so destructive on so many different levels from inflation to the high cost of energy, that it actually scares me and the number is so high. >> well, i mean, it should scare you. this is an effort by big government socialists to profoundly change america. even joe manchin has said in the last 24 hours he doesn't want to change america. and he -- although he's a democrat, he said this bill is
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designed to profoundly change america to create ade welfare dependency and i think it has stunned him as a west virginia and how far they've gone. i think that people need to realize this is not an accident. these people are determined to take your money to rebuild your country with them in control, and you see it right now in a fight over vaccines when, you no, schoolteachers or been fired, nurses are being fired, policeman or being fired. do we really want more big government bureaucracies led by politicians totally out of touch with reality? and i think, sean, you're exactly on target here. everybody watching tonight should call their congressmen, their senators, and demand that they stop these bills.
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it looks, right now, like senator sinema in arizona and senator manchin are going to stop the bill in the senate. it looks right now -- it may change, but likely left-wing of the democratic party there's going to be in open rebellion in the house before the end of the week. if all of that comes together, then these bills will collapse in their own weight. we did a poll on a project we're doing called the american majority project and cannot just say only one out of every six americans -- 1 out of 6 -- favors big government socialism. >> sean: so the new deal fdr, lyndon johnson's great society, lofty ideas. i can understand, because it's been tried in many countries, many forms, many names, socialism, communism, redistributionism, whatever, and it always ends the same way, i put this in my last book that i wrote before the election, and that is socialism's history of failure, and in the name of false security, the guarantee of everything, people are willing to give up their freedom and i don't have to worry about anything, my government is going to provide.f
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now, it sounds appealing, you will never have any stress in your life, but aren't these the same people promised that you would keep your doctor, plan, and save money? and millions lost their doctors and plans and we all paid 250% more. aren't these the same democrats that have destroyed our public school system? the same people that can't keep their cities safe and secure but that don't believe in law and order to you know, my question a therefore is based on their horrific track record, why does -- why are so many people caught up in the false hope and promises that everything is going to be free, we will just steal it from the other guy? >> look, i don't think you can explain what's happened to america without looking at the news media. the effort by the elite media to not cover everything that'ss goe on to protect joe biden, to protect the democrats -- you know, when you go out and you start looking and you begin to
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realize -- first of all, i just want to say the best country in the world by definition is the united states for a practical reason. where do people try to get in? you see a big crowd getting into russia. you see a big crowd getting intt china. no, people want to come here a because up until now we've avoided big government socialism, we had freedom, we've had entrepreneurship, we have created wealth. people are dramatically better off in america. and it's just a strange thing that the left wing of the democratic party is committed to making us as sick as venezuela or zimbabwe or some of the european countries. with systems that don't work. i mean, you go out and you look at all these big bureaucracies are hopelessly incompetent. they need to be much smaller, much more effective, much better run and why we would give them with all of their failures this kind of money i think tells you how ideologically-driven the big socialist democrats are, and
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virtually all of them with the possible exception of manchin and sinema, virtually all of them are committed to higher taxes, bigger government, more control of your life and this is a real fight i think over the very nature of america and what kind of country our children and grandchildren are going to live in. >> sean: so let me ask you this. maybe i'm not giving manchin and sinemand enough credit. but 1.5 trillion on top of all of the trillions we've already spent -- okay, if you add the 1.2 to it, that's 2.7, then you at the 600 billion, you know, now we are over 3 trillion. 2019 we only took -- we only spent 4.4. this is on top ofth all the covd money.y. i don't think it ever comes a time when you get to pay that money back. you were the last person as speaker to balance a budget, and you did it by managing the growth of government. remember medicare, 70% -- 7%
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increase every year for seven years and they were screaming it was a cut even though you are increasing at 7% a year, just lowering the rate of increase? >> look -- let me say, first of all -- >> that brings back memories, i know. >> yeah. but i'm just saying if we had a serious republican congress and a serious republican partisans, we'd be back to a balanced budget in 5-7 years because there's so much waste, so much incompetence in the current bureaucracies, you could get rid of huge chunks and it would actually work better, not worse. there are 240,000 people in the department of moment security. that's inconceivable! going to give you a good example onre the border. we went back to the trump model of the border and allow the border patrol to actually do its job, we would dramatically cut the number of people to
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illegally come into the united states within 48 hours. so i'm an optimist. not with the current gang. because the current gang, they want illegal immigrants to come in. and p r you'll notice, by the w, in california and vermont, they are starting to allow illegal immigrants to vote. now, that tells you part of the democratic party's model. they can't win with regular americans, they sure can't win with people who come here illegally from these countries because all most every person i meet was come from a foreign country legally will say to you this is what i got away from. i don't want these guys to be in charge. and i think that werial could ft but we are never going to fix it if the big government socialists are in charge.lylywa >> sean: mr. speaker, great to have you back, thank you for your analysis as always. and with more, forming a massachusetts senator scott
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brown, also former ambassador to new zealand for four years. "new york post" columnist, fox news contribute or miranda devine, who refuses to send me her manuscript on hunter biden's laptop from hell and i thought we were friends and i don't know why, but i'm giving miranda a hard time. i don't know if you want to be called senator or ambassador. you know, it's very interesting, because i know you are friendsmb with joe manchin, and maybe i'm not being fair enough tonc joe manchin, and he says i did come from us, i went from 0 to 1.5 trillion. that's also on top of 1.2 trillion, also on top of 600 billion, also on top of all of the trillions we spend on covid, senator, ambassador, ofwhichever you prefer to be called, an end -- i believe he's going to stay firm. i'm not sure, he's getting his arm twisted left and right, what have you heard? you are friends with him. >> yeah listen, first of all,at it's great to be on, good to see everybody again after four years, but more importantly, yeah, joe is a good guy and he's getting it from edison want to pressure from obviously
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chuck schumer and all of the other liberal democrats, so he's under fire, so i would encourage your viewers and listeners to actually give him an ad a boy and say listen, hang tough, because he's the only person holding this freight train back and you look at what'se happening, sean, you highlighted oquite a few things within his boondoggle of a bill but the thing that really bothers me is they want to hire an army of irs agents to go and investigate your bank accounts, your venn mode transactions, a lot of the things that you do have maybe 600, 700, $800. now you're going to pay taxes on it. does anyone remember lois lerner and the power that they have used back then? and then you throw in the union bosses $250 tax deduction for union dues that goes to line the pocket of union dues, $630 billion to the new green deals a prop that up. listen, there is so much waste, it's out of control and i'm thankful that joe is there and he's trying to do his very, very best, but respectfully, the good
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news is we live in a country where we have elections every two and four years. you have an election coming up. that's why herschel walker, who was on last night who i spoke with today, that's why my wife and others on the country are so infuriated. >> sean: by the way, your wife is running for congress in hampshire, where you are originally from. >> that's right, yeah, we've been there since i -- eight years now after massachusetts. my whole family is up there and i wish her well, and she is just so upset about what's happening, she's decided to stop complaining and actually run. but you know what, remember reconciliation, that is like -- i have night sweats. that's what they used when i got elected to stop me from stopping obamacare. they used this -- they went through master nations to actually find a mechanism to ram it through and here we are stuck with well, guess what?
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nancy pelosi is doing the same thing. they'ress going to go through political machinations, do something that is hardly ever doneng except for obamacare and these massive bills just to t avoid the public and guess what, the public is paying attention, madame speaker, and they are upset and they are going to show it. >> sean: bottom going to tell you something and i will throw this to miranda. i honestly think aoc wins this battle against pelosi. i don't think aoc is getting in and i think aoc is going to show pelosi what i've been saying for a long time. nancy pelosi is speaker in name only. congressman alexandria ocasio-cortez is the speaker. i l >> well, she certainly has a lot more power than she ought to have, and if she does vote -- you will see her perhaps weeping on the floor again, and you know that she will -- and the progressives -- will have been offered something under the table by nancy pelosi. and you know, the bill, the $3.5 trillion bill that they are having such trouble with, two and a half thousand pages plus long, what do you thinkk
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nancy pelosi has read the whole thing? to think joe biden has any clue what's in it? we're talking about things we don't like. what about free college, free health's care for illegal alien? what about the fact that there's no covid testing for people streaming across the border and yet now we are looking at vaccine mandates that will be enforced by making fines on companies ten times greater than they are now, 70,000 to $700,000 per infringement by companies that don't abide by the vaccine mandates that joe biden has enforced on us and i think the vaccines are great. but you don't force people to do this by bankrupting companies that they own. >> sean: let me shift a little bit. i've talked about open borders, weit have about a minute, scott brown, and i mentioned countries like antigua and belize and nevis an end cyprus and turkey, even canada, australia, and new zealand. how much would it cost to get a passport in new zealand if i invested in the right businesses there, and how long would it take?y,
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>> you are sean hannity, you could probably do it overnight. but the average person, it would take a little time. >> sean: like i need that. but the reality is, you can buy your way in. myrn point is they tried to snek in mst again. -- amnesty again. i'm pro-immigration, legal immigration and i don't care where you come from, but follow the process. you should have a security check, a health check, and you should be able to provide for ocyourself. if you get here, than i don't care where you come from, welcome aboard, but follow along. how much would it be in new zealand?ro >> listen, if you have a profession, a doctor, nurse, something like that, you'll get in right away. but it will cost you and take you a little time. you can ask some of the people that have tried it. >> sean: yeah, but the point is we give away citizenship and they are trying to give it away free. if every other country is selling citizenship, maybe we ought to get into the business. because we obviously need the money. thank you both. we got to roll though, guys,
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thank you. straight ahead, deep state in trouble again following the release of the ig report. gregg jarrett break that down. and also, the border crisis continues to worsen, sara carter and lara logan weigh-in, straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: at this hour, divisions among democrats ♪ ♪ >> sean: at this hour, divisions among democrats are threatening to derail the biden agenda and its serious tonight, and the house has yet to vote on the $1.2erid trillion infrastrue package, which, remember, is separate from the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bills democratic senator joe manchin and others say they oppose in its current form. he's only going to 1.5 trillion. >> here to explain all of the details, our own chad pergram, and, chad, the hitchhikers guide to all things the swamp, what i find interesting about this is "the squad" has been very firm, we either get the $3.5 trillion package or we are not voting yay on the 1.2 trillion.s is that holding, and is pelosi going to blink?otis >> the person who's getting olrolled right now is nancy pelosi. that might be the case at the end of the day but nancy pelosi does not have the votes. if the house had the votes toot pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill, the house
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would vote, and that explains why the vote has not yet happened. there are intense negotiations to work out a framework for the social spending package right now. democratic senator joe manchin of west virginia finally made it clearig that he only supports 1.5 trillion in spending. >> i've never been a liberal in any way shape or the form, and i have voted pretty consistently my whole life. i don't fault any of them who believe there are much more progressive and much more level. god t bless them. and all they need to do is we have to elect more -- i guess for them to get there is, elect more liberals. >> fox obtained a memo written over the summer where manchin indicated 1.5 trillion was all he could back. it was believed that manchin's scathing statement on wednesday about excessive spending was to show he was not up for negotiations, but the leak of the memo from the summertime underscores that manchin is, otherwise you wouldn't leak the memo,ch when you wouldn't argue for an exact figure.
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house new speaker nancy pelosi rejected the notion that democrats should tone down their ambitious agenda because of narrow majorities in the house and senate. >> from what i implied -- infer from what you say, is that we should have just done nothing because we had a majority. that's not who we are. no, it's not too big, no, it's not too big. it will be a compromise. >> historically pelosi doesn't go to the floor and lose, and her calling card is winning big votes by narrow margins. but this may take days to sort out. sean. >> sean: my money is on aoc and "the squad." i don't know. if i had a chance to bet, i bet on aoc. >> the issue there is that they have taken a hostage, this is the language they speak on in capitol hill, they have taken hostage and they're willing to shoot the hostage and then they don't get anything. they don't get the info structure bill, they don't get a
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3.5 trillion. >> sean: that's not aoc's problem, aoc is sticking up for her constituency, as is the rest of "the squad." i don't think they care. and it might in the end actually put pelosi's job in jeopardy. weweon will see how this will py out, it's going to be very interesting. chad, hitchhikers guide all things swamp. thanks for being with us. also developing tonight, john eldurham is back. reported he has now issued more subpoenas in his investigation of the trump/russia collusion hoax including to the clinton-linked firm that we talk an awful lot about, clinton and the dnc she was controlling, they funnel money through this law firm, which then of course used the money and they funnel it to fusion gps. they hired christopher steele, he comes up with the dirty russian disinformation dossier full of nothing but unverifiable lies. we can verify now that they are lies. those clinton bought and paid for lies, then they were used in the carter page fisa warned four times every three months as a backdoor way of spying on donald trump campaign, his
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transition team, and donald trump as president. we are learning tonight even more about the extent of the fbi and doj's fisa abuse, the 1%, not 99, as new findings from the inspector general michael horowitz are uncovering even more widespread surveillance abuses across dozens of different warrants. the watchdog report found 209 errors in a sample of m just 29 fisa applications reviewed. that can't happen. i support fisa because we needed topp protect against enemies abroad, not to be used in weaponized against american citizens politically. here to break it all down, fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. gregg, you wrote two bestsellers on this very topic. we were right, they were wrong. you did great work, as our whole ensemble cast did, and now we have more vindication tonight. >> that's right. of durham appears to be widening the net, and zeroing in on
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additional people closing in on them that may face potential criminal indictment because it's a crime to knowingly lie to the fbi, to frame somebody, in thisd case donald trump, and that documents show it was clearly hillary clinton who invented the lie and then she delegated her dirty work, sean, to a coterie of confederates, including, as you point out, the law firm that not only allegedly disseminated the lie of the trump-russia hoax i'm a but they lied about their clients, so other additional charges could include false statements to the fbi, obstruction of justice and because more than one individual was involved, a criminal conspiracy. what's so terribly revealing about this durham indictment, 2i pages long, is how vivid it is in a detail, the evidence is accumulating. times, dates, places, specifics,
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individuals who not only knew that it was all alive, but they had evidence that it was untrue, which they concealed from the fbi. here's just one smoking gun email, i will read one line, it tells the whole story. it reads -- we don't have any evidence -- "the only thing that drives us now is that we just do not like donald trump," so in other words, this was all driven, the greatest delusion in american political history by hatred of donald trump, and a thirst for power by hillary clinton and the power she could confer to her acolytes surrounding her. >> sean: you know, it's a incredible. now, the only problem i have with this is michael horowitz's report that took a long time to put together, a road map. this could have been done expeditiously. why it's taken this long is unconscionable and it should have been finished long before the election in 2020. that part, to me, is unforgivable. now, what we do know, it seems
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like all fingers are pointed back to clinton campaign. let's see how this plays out, gregg jarrett, thank you. now we turn our focus to joe biden's worsening security, humanitarian and public health catastrophe, that would be our southern border, where illegal immigrants continue to pour into the country, no requirement that they show negative covid test or proof of a vaccine. now get this. according to a dhs whistle-blower -- now, listen closely. border patrol now have been put on notice, you get vaccinated by november 1, or you will be terminated. so border patrol agents must be vaccinated, illegal immigrants -- you know, waiting, waltzing across the border, they don't need to be vaccinated. there's no mandate, they don't even get covid tested. it's the biggest super-spreader event in the history of this country. even the dhs secretary admitting it's as high as 1.5 million illegal -- i'm sorry, 1 out of 5
11:36 pm
illegal immigrants that are covid positive. we had over 1.5 million come in and without a covid test or a vaccine, they are going to be bused or flown to all different parts of the country, but the open border madness doesn't stor there, because new dhc guidelines reportedly say that someone shouldn't be deported just for being in the country illegally. okay, explain that to me. so let's be clear, joe biden is surrendering american sovereignty, not only not enforcing the laws of our land, which he is sworn to do, but also aiding and abetting the lawbreaking which is making our country less safe, less secure, more dangerous, he's doing it by putting vaccine mandates on you, the american people. he's not even testing the illegal immigrants with a high
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rate of covid positivity, whether they have covid and nor is he mandating a vaccine. i mean, this is absolute madness. now we are going to fire border patrol agents, and we see what's happening at the border. it's madness, it's mayhem, and it's more evidence of the, you know -- biden's america last agenda. here from mcallen, texas, tonight, investigative reporter sara carter. >> yeah, sean, morale has never been lower, and i think coming to the border since probably early 2004, i've never seen anything like this. s morale is low, border patrol agents say with these new guidelines issued by dhs secretary, they don't even know what their job description is. i spoke earlier today to national border patrol council vice president chris cabrera. he not only talked about these new guidelines issued, but he also talked about the alleged
11:38 pm
mandate to vaccinate all of the border patrol agents in the force or they say it's termination. regardless of whether or not the illegal migrants are even getting tested. listen to what he had to say. >> i think that's just -- that's just silly. i mean, that's just a silly, silly reasoning. i mean, you're in the country illegally and you are subject to removal, that's what the law says. and f for him to say otherwise s just -- i don't know if it's wishful thinking on his part, maybe if he doesn't know what we do for a living, apparently what he does for a living, it's just -- it's ridiculous. >> border patrol agents have to be vaccinated by november 1st or face termination. that's completely the opposite of what's being required of migrants. migrants aren't even being tested. how do agents feel about that? >> agents are upset, and rightfully so. some people have different views than others on the vaccine, and we are being required to take in howeverso people that are coming in the country illegally, already breaking one law and they are getting preferential treatment and not being required to take this vaccine that's being forced on us. >> sean, the border patrol
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agents say because of the biden administration's actions here at the border, it sent a message out to people all across the worldt that we are wide open, e are open for business. right now there's about between 50,100,000 people just from haiti alone reportedly making their way up from panama and central america to the u.s.-mexico border, and that doesn't even include the tens of thousands of other people from all over the world that are making their way here and not the t 1.5 million that you mentioned earlier. >> sean: 85,000. >> they're frustrated, they are angry, and they want something to change. >> sean: there are 85,000 on their way now. >> right. right. so there is between 50,000 and 85,000. this is coming from government officials in panama right now and sources that i've spoken to on the ground, it's very, very concerning. when you think about it, those numbers are just the haitians. that doesn't include people from
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all over the world, people from other parts of south america and we are seeing those numbers grow. they are saying is the weather starts to temper their going to expect more and more people and they w just don't have the resources, sean, to handle this. >> sean: sara carter down at our southern border. thank you. here with more reaction to tonics breaking news, fox nation hosta lara logan, along with fox news contributor lara trump. let me start with treatment for you. with preferential treatment for immigrants, no vaccine mandate but we are going to fire or to patrol. then you have them -- behind enemy lines where he abandon people, and garland, now they are going to go to mexico. why don't they go to texas? why don't they talk to the border patrol that they're going to fire as they offer preferential treatment to illegal immigrants that don't respect our laws, our borders, or are sovereignty?
11:41 pm
>> just what a disgrace to see that are border agents are being treated this way. sorry, we have two laras, i'm assuming it's me. but i think it's horrible to see this happening to our border o o obviously these people are overwhelmed. we don't even have enough of them as there are, now they are to fire people if they don't get vaccinated. give me a break. as it relates to the three you just mentioned on this trip to mexico. sean, if they are going down to mexico to do anything other than reinstate the trump immigration policies, then they are wasting exit coast time, they are wasting taxpayer money, they are going to further embarrass the united states on the world stage. if this is like a kamala harris, you know, root causes of migrationis l trip, then spare , don't waste our time with this, don't waste our money with this. they ought to go to the national archives museum instead and pick up a copy of the united states constitution. clearly nobody has read that. >> sean: really well-said. this is the difference, laura, between america first and now
11:42 pm
it's america last. lara logan, let me go to you -- we are not betting people at the border. i believe in illegal immigration. you've got to respect our laws and sovereignty. you have to also -- i would have is a criteria -- background check to make sure you don't have radical associations in a medical of append -- middle of a pandemic, healthcheck, and you got to show you are able to take care of yourself and moment be a financial burden on the american people if you get one of these highly coveted spots that other countries sell and otherwise than welcome to the country, i don't care where you come from. your thoughts? >> well, sean, this is really a very dark day for the united states of america, and you hit on the keyword leading into this.htss you said "sovereignty." this is about the sovereignty of the united states of america. in fact, this is the end of sovereignty. not just of this nation, you know, in terms of our borders, but in terms of our own
11:43 pm
sovereignty. what is the united states constitution? it is the only document in the world that actually enshrines god-given rights and protect them with a document that is written by man. and what they've done here is it eviscerates the constitution. it has been obliterated in one motion like this. and they are given legal rights to people who are in the united states illegally while they obliterate the law, and that is by design. you will remember from the very beginning, what i have said, when you look at the border in the aministrations policies they have never taken a single action to acknowledge a crisis, to change the outcome, and to see -- acknowledge this as illegal.n
11:44 pm
why? because for them this is not a crisis. it is not illegal. they removed that anguish even from the lexicon, and they have obliterated the immigration agencies. they have abolished ice without abolishing ice. just like obama said, wethyen shouldn't have used the words defund the police.e. why was that? because then you will know what they really intend to do. and that's what they've done. yeah, they've obliterated the sovereignty of this nation. they are implementing an open border policy. they are literally implementing the ideology of the open society foundations, and nobody wants to talk about that. it's the big elephant in the room, but they have advisors from that organization who are advising the biden administration. t is their policy of safe, orderly, legal ways of regular and irregular migration and it's not just the people coming from panama, it's all of the people nothat they say have a legal rit to head for this country and unicefef and the u.n. provide te guide not how to get to safety, but how to cross all the other countries of the world and make
11:45 pm
a beeline for this nation, because when they are done, there will not be in america. we don't have sovereignty of our bodies, w we have to take a vaccine that's not really a vaccine. we have to do all of these things. >> sean: i will say this, they are offering something of great value. every other country sells it. you've got to respect our laws, borders, and sovereignty. lieutenant colonel stuart scheller, the one in the brig, his family will join us tonight. ♪ ♪
11:46 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: tonight, we are continuing to follow the disturbing developments around marine lieutenant colonel stuart scheller, who back in august posted video demanding account ability for the leadership failures in afghanistan but now he's actually been thrown behind bars, is locked in the brig for reasons we are still seeking answers. here in our his parents, along with cumbersome and louie gohmert, who today personally met with lieutenant colonel schaller. his parents, let me ask you both, it's got to be brutal, your son told the truth. they failed our fellow americans in afghanistan. now they're going to punish him. where does it stand at this hour? >> we got some very encouraging news this evening. asou it stands right now, he wil remain in jail until early next week. he's's being treated fairly, he
11:52 pm
sent a message that the guards are treating him well. he -- sent a message that the guards are treating him well. >> sean: you haven't seen -- you have not seen your son? >> we have not talked to him and we have not heard from him but i have to tell you, the american people -- three days ago, sean, we talked to you on your radio program and for three days we've been asking americans to find their voice, to stand up, demand justice, and be heard by congress members. >> and to pray. b >> and to pray. and i will tell you, i am encouraged by americans. as my son said in one of his videos, we are not as divided as they want us to think we are. my heartfelt thanks goes to representative louie gohmert a
11:53 pm
from texas. i have not met you yet, sir, i look forward to meeting you, but i understand you traveled today, and i understand you were instrumental in helping our son, n stuart scheller, as well as te united states marine corps, began to have discussions on how itwe could amicably settle this. >> sean: louis, how is he doing, and tell us about today. >> thank you, sean. and, he looks good. he sounds good.
11:54 pm
and we did have a wonderful discussion. not at first, because they weren't going to let me in, but i'm grateful to the general for stepping in and making sure that we had the opportunity to visit. he's got good attorneys. the military attorney, good lawyer, and brian is just terrific and he's doing good, but let me tell you, there are people in that brig that like him, and so please know that and they -- >> sean: let me ask this. >> the chief, he's good, he likes him.ean: >> representative, we have received -- go ahead, sean. >> sean: i'm just out of time. all three of you will be on my radio show tomorrow, and i'm saying this to this every american needs to contact their congressmen and senators and put an end to this. >> it is not over yet! it is not over yet, and nothing has been -- by the way -- by the way, sean, marjorie taylor greene has offered him a job, and he was thrilled to know that that when he's out he's got a place. >> sean: every american now, you will be on my radio show tomorrow -- needs to help. pay attention to this, it's important. straight ahead.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening. please set your dvr so you never miss an episode. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. "the ingraham angle" is next. we will see you tomorrow night. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington laura: this is the ingraham angle from washington. youtube kicks uses off its platform for covid misinformation. the left in the media cheers, long overdue. what are these tendencies really about? remember when being a maverick in the senate matter? now the mavericks are on the left, the media is lashing out.
12:01 am
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