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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  October 1, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> bill: so we are 20 minutes past and getting our first look at conditions inside fort mccoy in wisconsin. that is where more than 12,000 afghan refugees are being housed at the army installation as they wait to start their new lives here in the united states. mike tobin is live at fort mccoy to tell us how the process is going thus far. good morning there. >> good morning, bill. i can tem you 12,600 refugees are waiting to start new lives in the country. allies welcome and the largest concentration of afghan refugees is here on the base in
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wisconsin. they're staying in bare yaks constructed in 1942 and refurbished but used when soldiers come to the base to train. it is serving 40,000 meals every day approved by an imam. 45,000 vaccinations administered from measles to covid-19. the operation is to repay those who supported the allies over the last 20 years in afghanistan. people like this man. >> i worked for the u.s. army with the special force and canadian with a different unit. i worked as an interpreter. those people know about my job i did work for americans and why i was in trouble. >> like most of the refugees he doesn't know when or where he will be resettled or what he will do for a living. no timeline for resettlement. the operation is not without trouble. two measles cases and two assault cases, one dems particular and one a sexual
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assault and referred to the u.s. attorney. that prompted senator ron johnson and u.s. representative scott fitzgerald to raise concerns about the vetting process. 230 of the female refugees are pregnant. eight of them have given birth since arriving in wisconsin. born on u.s. soil it means the u.s. population of citizens has increased by eight. bill, back to you. >> bill: mike tobin in wisconsin. >> dana: back in afghanistan new life under taliban rule is taking shape especially for women. after a 20-year effort to build up higher education there are growing fears women will never be allowed back in school. trey yengst spoke to a law student about her concerns this week. >> i think all of my hard working is working out and if i go away from here, i have to start from the first. >> what does it feel like after all this work?
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>> i just want to cry. >> dana: let's bring in morgan ortega, a state department spokesperson and lives in nashville. governor bill lee will be here in a minute. you care deeply about this issue. we aren't surprised this is happening under the taliban. what are the consequences. >> the dynamics are similar to 20 years ago in that the taliban is trying to -- they've issued a decree saying women will not go back into higher education or the workforce. the women are very different than they were 20 years ago. i talk to people on the ground in afghanistan and you are seeing almost daily protests by women. it is not the women from 20 years ago. if you are even in your early 20s or in college the life you know is a life of freedom where you could get a business, start a business, open a job.
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i don't think it's a given that the women will lay down and take it from the taliban. >> dana: one of the young women i talked to during all this is a reporter. she works with "the new york times." i think she still is. she had only graduated from high school at the age of 26 because when she was a little girl she wasn't allowed to go to school. she a an amazing and beautiful writer and women started businesses and jobs. condoleezza rice gave a speech in january of 2009 in the middle east saying you cannot have productive societies or not grow your economy or become part of the modern world if you do not allow women to be educated and to flourish. >> secretary rice is totally right about that and i think it's not a given we'll see everyone in the country acquiesce to taliban rule. the taliban is talking about forming an inclusive government. that means all factions of the taliban, right and their inclusive government. it is inevitable -- it is not
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inevitable but likely we could see afghanistan turn into a syria situation where you have the taliban fighting isis or fighting old factions of the northern alliance. they haven't really had a good fight against the taliban over the past month but i think it's very possible that people are waiting things out and that we could see a very bloody 2022. i hope it doesn't get like syria but it could head down that path. so then you look to see we're talking about the terrible situation for women in afghanistan, these women that have been educated and have businesses. so the question is what can we do? where is american leverage? the problem is we don't have any leverage anymore because we've given up every possibility of boots on the ground, the administration is holding some economic leverage over their head because of the funds that are frozen in the u.s. but china and russia could fill the void or iran, pakistan. there are plenty of actors that could fill in economic leverage that couldn't fill in the
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military leverage we had. >> dana: mike tobin's report about the refugees resettled here. eight new americans will have a very different life because of that. >> thank god for that. i was instrumental in helping a friend's family get to canada. you have had so many people on the air who have done that. what worries me are the thousands of sivs we've left behind, green card holders and american citizens still there. there is no effort by our military to get them out. >> dana: there was a private effort and yesterday they arrived and we'll have a report in the 10:00 hour about them. they are here and safe finally. thank you, morgan. >> bill: looking forward to that next hour. talking about a 1-2 punch. consumers seeing higher prices. supply chain crisis getting worse. how much worse? how long does it last? we'll talk about that and back to the drawing board for democrats. can they break the stalemate?
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you see that? virtual wallet® with low cash mode℠ from pnc bank. one way we're making a difference. >> dana: big changes are coming to the southern border. the department of homeland security rolling out new guidelines that basically abolish another trump-era policy. the biggest takeaway being in the united states illegally is no longer enough to detain or even deport migrants. jeff paul is live from the border in del rio, texas. i think people would expect some policy changes but not this one. >> the biden administration essentially with this new directive is putting the emphasis for arrests and deportation on those who pose a risk to national security or public safety meaning for the folks who cross the border, if they keep their heads down and go to work they won't be a target for ice. and that comes as a big relief for people coming to this country for the first time and
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this just one of their many stories. >> when the waters of the rio grande are low and the sun is shining bright, that's when they make their move. troopers caught them as they take their first steps into the river and a few splashes and helping hand later these migrants are in the land of the free. >> free, freedom, freedom. that's the word. >> this group made the journey from cuba leaving everything behind. >> my family, my father, mother, grandfather, my brother, i'm just coming. >> just a bag and a few personal items to start a new life in a new country. >> come around. >> depending on their situation many of these migrants are handed to border patrol. loaded up and then processed often given a notice to appear for a later date in court and released into the u.s. but after the last massive migrant surge border towns like del rio are bracing for what could be up the road.
6:34 am
for migrants like this, the concern is who they left behind. >> they don't have anything like this. food, freedom, nothing. >> while the biden administration has softened its stance on who they target, as far as arresting and deportation, they will still be able to expel people under title 42 due to the pandemic. a judge just ruling that yesterday. dana. >> dana: jeff paul with an update at the border. thank you. >> bill: in the meantime in washington democrats hit a roadblock. there is no deal on how many trillions they want to spend. friday money panel now, steve moore worked for president trump. austan goolsbee worked for president obama. welcome to the broadcast. we are talk being trillions. nancy pelosi at 12:01 this morning says we're not trillions apart. there will be a vote today. "new york post" headline, only in lefty land is 1.5 trillion
6:35 am
considered a compromise. all right, steve. you are up and you look fresh. good morning to you. does this get done in some form or fashion? steve is frozen. austan, you're on deck. does this get done in some form or fashion? >> i think it does. this is the moment where nancy pelosi don't make me stop this car and she had to stop the car, they are arguing and if the kids are arguing enough they will call off the whole trip. i don't think they are going to because at the end of the day while they are bickering, this is what joe biden ran on and he won by 7 million votes and the content of both of these bills remains very popular with american people. i think that the democrats will be able to sort out. >> bill: we'll get steve's signal up here. we can talk about it.
6:36 am
you said it's very pop you are la. -- popular. there is a democrat moderate on the fence for reelection next year and represents district 3, des moines in southwest iowa. she said this all at once or nothing is no way to govern. she said when iowa tells me they are sick of washington games this is what they mean and what the american people are watching now. does this help your party, austan? >> it doesn't help the party to see the internal bickering, it never has. this is how the democratic party has operated for centuries. that said, everybody now is holding out the hope that they can get all of what they want and the news is, not everybody is going to get all of what they want. they are going to have to compromise and that's why this is so bitter is everybody real ietzs that. >> bill: does it blow your mind we're talking about the t word? >> yes and no.
6:37 am
it is about a 10% increase in the budget. the federal budget is 4 trillion per year. this is 3.5 trillion over 10 years. and it is smaller than the trump tax cut was. the t word is a big word but that's where we are in the modern times. >> bill: that's where we are. steve moore is with us as well. steve, you got a chance to jump in here now. hello to you. austan thinks eventually it happens. do you? >> yeah, look, this was a really bad week for the democrats. they couldn't get the debt ceiling bill passed. >> bill: that's a shame. we're 0 for 2 on that. steve moore stand by. this is covid cable, folks. just deal with us. here is joe manchin on his big press conference from yesterday. listen here. >> my top line has been 1.5 because i believe in my heart
6:38 am
that what we can do and what the needs we have right now and what we can afford to do without basically changing our whole society to an entitlement mentality. i've never been -- i've never been a liberal in any way, shape or form. i am not asking them to change. i'm willing to come from zero to 1.5. >> bill: i went from zero to 1.5. he is in a state that went for donald trump by 39 points. >> i've worked with joe manchin when i was in washington i respect him. we don't agree on every issue but if you compare somebody's to position to where they are and who the voters are in their state, you have to say joe manchin might make some parts of the democratic party upset by the guy is holding the line in a tough environment. donald trump won big in his state and i still think that there is a lot of not posturing
6:39 am
but position taking that at the end of the day politics is about some compromise and people will get 2/3 of what they want. somebody else get 2/3 of what they want and they will be able to do it. if not it will be a big setback to the president. >> bill: inflation ticks higher. global supply chain. don't know what's moving in the sand beneath the surface. that's a lot of what joe manchin is talking about now. austan, thank you. apologies to steve moore. we'll fix the signal next friday. back to dana. >> dana: bill, new york city teachers are turning to the supreme court in a last-ditch effort to block a vaccine mandate going into effect just this afternoon. details on this high stakes showdown are just ahead. plus president biden's push to expand the i.r.s. raising concerns about financial privacy. we're in nashville and so it's
6:40 am
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>> bill: legal victory for new york state healthcare workers. lower court ruling they can claim religious grounds for an exemption from a koefld vaccine mandate. new york city teachers have filed a request with the u.s. supreme court to block the vaccine mandate set to take
6:46 am
effect this afternoon. interesting drama here. >> good morning. u.s. supreme court justice sotomayor must now decide on her own or choose to have the full court weigh in as to whether or not to issue an emergency order blocking the vaccine mandate here in new york city for all public school employees. four teachers petitioned the court calling that vaccine mandate unconstitutional and also discriminatory. this is interesting. they say unlike other city workers, unvaccinated teachers are not being given the option to take weekly tests in lieu of the vaccine. they face a 5:00 p.m. deadline today to either get the shot or be put on unpaid leave and risk being fired. teachers unions are warning thousands could be placed on leave potentially crippling the nation's largest public school system. 93% of teachers and 90% of d.o.e. staff have received at least one dose.
6:47 am
as for new york state's vaccine mandate for all healthcare workers, a panel of three federal judges ruled healthcare workers can be exempt from the vaccine mandate for religious reasons. at least for now. this is a temporary ruling until the judges meet again in two weeks. governor is standing by the state's vaccine mandate for healthcare workers noting vaccine rates jumped at least 10% in the last month. 87% of new york hospital staff are now fully vaccinated. >> let people know this is not something that i will deviate from and hold firm and so if you are waiting, what are you waiting for? because we aren't changing our position. >> governor is doubling down saying they'll expand the vaccine mandate to include healthcare workers in prisons and mental health institutions. >> bill: nice to see you, bryan llenas is brooklyn. >> dana: critics are slamming president biden's new tax plan for what some are calling a
6:48 am
financial spying operation. the requirements mean the i.r. is would track activities in every american's bank account with at least $600 leading to concerns it could destroy financial privacy. here to weigh in john rich country singer and host of the pursuit with john rich on fox business. good interviews coming up which i want to see. let me get your take on this. i don't think people realize this was in the bill. and this could affect every single american be able to look into your bank account for any sort of transaction that you are doing. >> is that right? sounds like communism to me. that is verbatim what they do in communist china, verbatim. it is right out of the playbook in communist china. you ask yourself what virginia communists ruled over in its history? what have they only ever ruled over? burning piles of destruction,
6:49 am
despair, failure, unhappiness. why are people in our government places of power who obviously lean communist at least with their policies, why are they doing this? it will destroy things. why is our border open? why did we arm the taliban in afghanistan, devaluing the dollar and spy on everybody's banks account? it brings destruction as you were laying out. they have to destroy america, dana, before they can fully control it. and i know that's a big statement but don't listen to what they say, watch what they're doing. this is both sides of the aisle. there is a lot of republicans out there i've raised money for over the years that i have supported that i no longer support because they say one thing and they do another thing and we're paying for it right nou. >> dana: this is not law yet but certainly in the bill and as you just heard austan goolsbee they'll continue to try. republicans are saying the 3.5 trillion dollars for cultural decline as you were talking about. kevin mccarthy minority leader in the "new york post" said
6:50 am
biden democrats have declared war on american small business there are nearly 11 million job openings nationwide and our small businesses are trying to get back on their feet after the crushing lockdowns. where are the workers? the biden administration is more interested in hand-outs that pay as much to stay home as go back to work. you have a great bar and a small business owner. you see it firsthand? >> kevin mccarthy had control of the house and we had the senate and white house and he didn't fix anything number one. let's move on from there. have you ever worked for a poor person? you ever been hired by a poor person? you never will be. whether you are a big business, middle business, small business like me guess what bosses and business people do? they figure it out at the end of the day. they'll make that net wind up at a spot it has to be at for their business to stay alive and guess who pays the price for that? the workers. full-time, now part-time. might have had five mechanics, now three in my little shop. >> dana: you might have had
6:51 am
eight hours and cut back to four. >> right. the bosses will figure it out. in effect when you kick these bosses around like that, they will still figure it out at your expense, at the expense of the workers. this whole thing about taxing the rich. i grew up in a trailer in texas and have a high school diploma and i run businesses. any policy or person that stands in the way of our right to pursue happiness is an adversary of the things this country was founded on. >> dana: watch the pursuit wednesday nights at 9:00 p.m. eastern prime time on fox business channel. i will check it out. thank you so much. i'm coming for wynonna. >> bill: the ciels is at the southern border having a deadly impact across the country. drug cartels smuggling record amounts of fentanyl back into our country and how it's ripping apart american
6:52 am
communities. l.j. is next here in the studio.
6:53 am
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think i'm gonna wear these home. -excellent choice. >> bill: crisis on the southern border fueling america's deadly opioid epidemic. lawrence jones just back from the state of idaho to see the devastating impact that fentanyl is having on communities there. lawrence is with me now. you flew into boise and went west and what did you find there? >> brokenness. every state is a border state and that's what the sheriffs wanted me to communicate to people. you don't think the border crisis will hit idaho. but the fentanyl coming across the border. 40% of the drugs have fentanyl in it. these kids going to parties and thinking they are trying it out, you may be trying out the bad stuff. so it is hurting communities everywhere. >> bill: i think we have a sample that we can play for you
6:58 am
from idaho. the number of opioid deaths that we have reported on going back three years. these numbers blow you away. 46,000, 2019, 50,000. in february of 2020 to february of 2021 over 71,000. >> it's out of control. when you think about it. people think the border and say let's focus on the illegal migrants coming across. what they fail to recognize it's a criminal enterprise. the same criminal enterprise to get across is the same pathway they use to get the drugs across the border as well as sex trafficking. it is a combined issue. separating it to one category does us no good. >> bill: here are the seizures of fentanyl at the border. this number is amazing. you are up 160%. an extraordinary number. you think the job you -- you are doing the job and doing it better. there is such an amount of supply that you almost have to double down.
6:59 am
when trump was in the white house he put a big focus on this. were we winning at that point? or not? >> i tell you why -- i wouldn't say we had won the war but we had started to battle. we were on the offense. the law enforcement officials tell me today you can't police your way out of this on the local level. what they mean by this overabundance of supply. they put people in jail with drug addiction that won't solve the problem. they have started going to offense and going after the cartel. having relationships with the border patrol as well as state police. working together across the country. they aren't doing that as much right now. as a result the cartel is winning. that doesn't do us any good. right now -- and i talked to them and said why don't you prosecute and go after the cartel? they have some of the best lawyers in the country and they sue us as well. they have to end up paying for litigation going against the big dogs that are at the border. >> bill: maybe an easier way to
7:00 am
ask the question. >> we have gone backwards. we aren't on offense. we're in a defensive posture. the cartels know it's wide open. the sheriff i'm interviewing 15 percent of those trucks coming through, 50% of those is stacked with drugs and they'll never know. >> bill: it's too much. the governor told you in idaho that 96% of the drugs coming into his state are from mexico. >> exactly right. >> bill: the border is open. >> mexico gets it from china. the cartel takes it and it comes from the u.s. and across the country. every state is a border state. >> bill: i'm glad you went and thank you for bringing us that story. nashville, here is dana. >> dana: no new deal on capitol hill deeply divided democrats failing to reach an agreement forcing house speaker nancy pelosi to once again delay a vote on rebuilding america's crumbling roads, bridges and
7:01 am
public works. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm dana perino and i'm in nashville to do exclamation point bill. >> bill: a beautiful set and place. a lot of history. we'll tell our viewers about that in a moment. the listening room where the sounds always sound better, too. dana, in washington despite a long night of frantic negligent yaintions democrats still can't reach a deal to save president biden's massive spending plan to reshape america and it would if it goes through now if senators joe manchin and kristin cinema standing in their way and hoping that manchin and sinema don't cave to the far left. >> the far left extremists have completely taken over the democrat party completely. if you don't capitulate to them they'll come after you and they will steam roll you. i hope that manchin and sinema stand firm. >> bill: fox team coverage. chris wallace with analysis in a moment. first chad pergram from the hill after a very late night
7:02 am
last night. chad, good morning. where are we? >> good morning, bill. democrats are slightly closer today to an agreement on the social spending plan. it was a lengthy night of negotiations at the capitol. if there is a deal, that likely unlocks votes in the house to pass the infrastructure bill. but even though the focus is on the house, the problem is the senate. >> any suggestion for when you might see a deal here? >> we're working as hard as we can. no one is giving up. >> the light atop the capitol dome burned all night. the house was technically still in session. just like cher, congress can turn back time. it's still thursday. nancy pelosi left the capitol at 12:01 this morning. >> speaker pelosi. after hours of meetings, the two sides seem trillions of dollars apart. how do you break this down?
7:03 am
>> how disappointed are you there is no vote tonight, madam speaker? >> there will be a vote today. >> so a vote on infrastructure could come today or tomorrow or whenever. >> vote today? >> what is your definition of today? you know, today in legislative language is not until you adjourn. >> house democrats hold a caucus meeting in less than a half hour. moderate democrats want the infrastructure bill. fox is told they're prepared to walk. they believe no extra spending is better than a lot of extra spending which they can't support. bill. >> i don't know how you define today but i think it's- >> it is friday on the calendar. could be saturday or thursday. >> bill: thank you, chad. dana. >> dana: and tgif it is. let's bring in chris wallace the host of "fox news sunday". i have to tell you, the far left is saying we've had enough.
7:04 am
moderates are saying we're mad at you. president biden hasn't been out there trying to push this publicly. i understand he is working behind the scenes. how do you see it today, chris? >> well, it's interesting. it turns out that the role of president biden was played last night by nancy pelosi as opposed to the president trying to bring the warring factions together. when nancy pelosi decided to pull the vote she got on the phone and was negotiating with the two centrists in the senate joe manchin and kyrsten sinema and talking about going down considerably from 3 1/2 trillion on the spending bill. talking about something more in the neighborhood of 2.1 trillion. still a lot of money but a lot less and a lot of the programs that the left, the progressives want both in the house and senate would be out. for instance, expanding medicare or free community college. now they don't have a deal yet but they are a lot closer to a deal than they were and this is
7:05 am
one of these things where you've got to get everybody together at the same time. you have to get the progressives to buy what the moderates are willing to accept and the moderates saying we can go a little higher than we want to. basically you have to get everybody to hold their nose and vote for something they don't like which is the way legislative sausage making often goes. >> bill: manchin and sinema are the people of the hour. manchin said you have to start with tax policy, which means based on his argument get rid of the tax cuts of 2017. i don't know if that's a baseline for a establishment of further debate. we'll see on that. "wall "wall street journal" frames it this way. democrats may recognize manchin is providing a reality check on progressive excess. have you ever considered that in the future in the long term or where it might go? >> absolutely. i think a lot of democrats are scratching their heads.
7:06 am
remember, when joe biden got the democratic nomination he beat people far to the left like bernie sanders, like elizabeth warren, running as a centrist and yet he seems to be espousing a lot of the sanders/warren agenda going for this $3 1/2 trillion spending bill. you are exactly right to a certain degree manchin and sinema are saying wait a minute. that isn't how you got the nomination in the first place or elected president beating donald trump. let's go back to first principles. the question i get a lot what happened to joe biden? i think at some point between the election and when he started being president after the oath of office on january 20th i think he got swept up in the transformational fdr, lbj great society new deal but he wasn't elected with a mandate and didn't have those kinds of majorities in the house and senate. so maybe manchin and sinema are giving democrats a reality check.
7:07 am
look, they are still talking about a whole lot of money, $2 trillion. it isn't 3 1/2 trillion. >> bill: interesting answer. manchin yesterday saying i went from zero to 1.5 trillion. he didn't say a billion or 100 -- 1.5 trillion. dana, go ahead. >> dana: i have a last question about the republicans and basically they've just sat back and watched all this happen. >> yeah. why would they get involved? when your enemy is self-destructing -- opponent self-destructing stay out of the way. and in the end democrats will have to -- there was a bipartisan agreement to pass the funding bill so the government didn't shut down at midnight tonight but when it comes to the bipartisan bill remember, republicans did their share to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill in the senate with 18 or 19 republican senators voted for that. when it comes to the house, the democrats are going to have to
7:08 am
do the heavy lifting both for the trillion dollar infrastructure bill and the 3 1/2 trillion, 2 trillion, 1 1/2. they better stop pretty soon. it will keep going down, not up. social spending bill. >> dana: by sunday who knows where it will be? thanks, chris. thank you so much. >> bill: meanwhile now one nominee taking a lot of heat from the white. the "wall street journal" blasting biden's pick for comptroller of the currency. the woman wants to abolish the bank she is being appointed to regulate. educated in the former soviet union. pay scales, capital and credit should be dictated by the federal government. the journal reporting she was nominated despite the objection of treasury secretary janet yell en. watch how it goes. background for that nominee, dana. >> dana: the other day when i read that i think it was on wednesday night in the "wall
7:09 am
street journal" editorial page posted early read that and i said how did everybody miss this? this is a big nominee and i think that it might go the same way as david chipman who they pulled and others. it doesn't seem they have a good strategy for getting nominees concerned but gives them a terrible impression. i have to say i think this deserves a lot more attention and glad we brought it up. >> bill: she got her finance degree in the soviet union in moscow on a lenin scholarship and tweeted about the virtues of a communist system. special counsel john durham making more news now. he issued a fresh round of subpoenas in the investigations into the origins of the russia probe. it targets the law firm with close ties to hillary clinton's campaign of 2016. mark meredith back on that story live in d.c. what are we learning, mark? >> good morning.
7:10 am
the latest subpoenas show john durham is still digging potentially building a stronger criminal case in the investigations of the trump-are you shall yeah probe. one subpoena was issued to a law firm once connected to hillary clinton's campaign. also the same firm where michael sussman worked. he was indicted and charged last month with lying to the f.b.i. and accused of not being forthcoming about his connections to the clinton campaign when he was speaking to the f.b.i. back in 2016. he was talking to them about this supposed suspicious connections between a russian bank and the trump organization. the f.b.i. of course later investigated and didn't find proof. last month sussman pled not guilty to the charge. fox also learned a subpoena was issued to a technology executive with links to sussman. the man was believed to be collecting data about the trump organization that sussman turned over to the f.b.i. the man's attorney says he
7:11 am
stands behind the research and analysis conducted culminating in the report he felt it was his patriotic duty to share with the f.b.i. former president trump has demanded durham turn out more from the investigation. trump allies believe the latest subpoenas show durham is working the case. >> now he is looking into the law firm more it's a good sign and cautiously optimistic we'll get to the bottom of this and find out who was ultimately responsible. >> durham's probe stretched out for more than two years and landed one conviction earlier this year a former f.b.i. lawyer pled guilty to alter documents in the fisa application process. >> bill: we'll seal where it goes. >> dana: a grueling mission to evacuate americans and others from afghanistan is now complete. watch. >> they were literally surrounded by the taliban in taliban controlled afghanistan
7:12 am
and china and we got a plane on the ground and got them in the air and here we are. >> dana: project dynamo getting more than 100 evacuees to chicago last night after being stranded for days by bureaucratic red tape. we speak to the people behind this incredible rescue next. ♪♪♪ one, two! one, two, three! only pay for what you need! with customized car insurance from liberty mutual! nothing rhymes with liberty mutual. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ ♪ mom! mom! every day can be extraordinary with rich, creamy, delicious fage total yogurt.
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7:17 am
>> here we are coming out of a pandemic and virginia is ranked 44th in the nation when it comes to job recovery and terry mccauliffe wants companies to fire their employees if they don't get the vaccine.
7:18 am
this is what dictatorial leadership is all about. >> dana: virginia's race for governor heating up a month before election day. a new fox news poll showing democrat terry mccauliffe with a 4% lead over republican glen youngkin among registered voters and terry mccauliffe is almost running for a second term. he was governor before, four years off in virginia you can run again for a single term. in some s the incumbent. if you have 9% still undecided someone who is an incumbent it is not too good for terry mccauliffe at this moment. >> bill: i would just add the election is in a month, as you said. early voting underway now. the audience knows this election will get a lot of attention for a lot of different reasons. critical race theory, education in the classroom. economy, litmus test what joe biden is doing in washington, d.c. all of that is kind of wrapped
7:19 am
up in this governor's race in virginia. all right, back to that in a moment. first good news here, watch. >> i am very happy i am safely here. i can't believe it right now i am here. >> bill: is what doesens of american citizens green cards holder and special immigration visa who arrived in the city of chicago yesterday after their flight had been detained in the united arab emirates for two days and denied landing rights in the u.s. cheap operating officer of army we association and project dynamo who organized the rescue flight. good morning to you in chicago. job well done, jen. we got to know you quite well over the past couple of months. you are jumping through a lot of hoops to get this done. you managed to do it. what happened on this flight?
7:20 am
>> oh, which time? this is our fourth attempt but it's fitting that we are here today with you guys because we launched this with you. brian launched it on the phone with you from theater and today we're back here with you with 117 americans home. and that is -- this is an america team win. we couldn't have done it without you, everybody in your control room, without our donors, without our friends that have helped us. this is literally an america team win today. >> dana: brian, you were on the ground this entire time and now you are back and you were there protector, how do you feel today? >> it's tremendous. this whole thing started off in my living room and to go from an idea that turned into a dream which turned into a plan which turned into here we are, there is nothing like it really.
7:21 am
this is the best work i've ever done for my friends in the world. we hatched up this idea and bought tickets and flu into the problem. nothing else like it. i feel like the father of 59 children. we've been locked up together, traveling together, 59 afghan american children, their parents are great but the children are the same no matter where they're from. thank god while we were staying in abu dhabi is a jungle gym. we're happy to be here. nothing else like it. best work i ever did and we're super stoked for the next one. >> bill: you guys are a great team. well done. by the way, dhs on the delay. all u.s. flights must establish the safety and health protocols before cleared for departure.
7:22 am
flight manifests need to be verified. the thing about this, these people deserved to be out of afghanistan before we departed kabul on the 30th of august officially. now they are here. jen, what's next, what happens, how many are waiting? >> we have a database of over 20,000 that are still requesting evacuation and dynamo 02 starts on monday. >> we plan on -- as long as we have donors that are going to be generous, we will keep on going. >> dana: brian, i had one last question for you. i know the children don't really understand what it means to them to be here in america again but their parents do. what kind of relief did they express? >> yeah. i have had people crying on my shoulder, jen and her team do all the case management so they interact with them very much over the phone and like so many
7:23 am
things -- one of the interesting things about this whole story most of these people we're meeting face-to-face for the first time. while jen handles the phone calls and coordination, these men and women and mothers and fathers and grandfathers, grandmothers, brotherss sisters, cousins, children traveling with them is very hard, it really is. they're happy but sad. they are frustrated but relieved. so it's an emotional rollercoaster. the fear of the unknown is very, very real. every step of the way has been fraught with change and that change while fleeing for your life from a war zone from the clutches of the taliban can be frustration doesn't really capture it, to be frank. even for me being with them trying to figure it out. >> dana: on behalf of all of us at "america's newsroom," thank you for bringing american citizens home. you brought them home and the green card holders who deserved
7:24 am
it and special immigrant visas who had their paperwork done and ready to go, we thank you. >> bill: thank you jen and commander. well done. we'll stay in contact. thanks. >> dana: amazing story. far left democrats making big demands for welfare and social programs while letting crucial funds for road construction run out possibly leaving thousands of americans out of a job. plus smith and wesson moving its headquarters here to here to tennessee. tennessee governor bill lee joins "america's newsroom" live from nashville next.
7:25 am
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7:31 am
the federal highway administration to lapse overnight. no plan for road construction and could put countless workers out of a job. aishah hosni is on the story on the hill. what's up? >> unfortunate not a lot of people have been talking about this part of the puzzle but really this is one of those tragic consequences because of the failure to pass the infrastructure bill last night. here is what's going on. congress as you know passed this continuing resolution yesterday to keep the government going. that's great. that does not include funding for the federal highway administration. their funding lapsed at midnight last night. that means thousands of department of transportation workers will be furloughed for the first time in a decade and federal road projects will be suspended. then you have the even larger ripple effect on hard working construction workers out there and companies out there. the associated general contractors of america really
7:32 am
put it this way. that would put countless construction workers out of jobs and leave materials and equipment suppliers across the country holding the bag on orders they are ready to fill but won't be paid for. republicans are sorely disappointed by this and want evidence to pass this bill separately to get it done. house speaker nancy pelosi she has promised her caucus she will only move infrastructure through along with the president's multi-trillion dollar tax spending plan and she has got to be feeling a lot of pressure on capitol hill to deliver today. >> you will you be having -- >> yes, i don't want to consider any options other than winning the vote. >> even late last night progressive senator bernie sanders was also very fed up over this calling to kill the bill all together so that really lawmakers could have discussions in a more calm setting.
7:33 am
sort of start all over again. >> bill: here we go. aishah, thank you. we'll watch it. >> dana: thanks. meantime far left democrats pushing forward with a massive $3.5 trial yoon and marking the biggest expansion of the welfare state in decades. would this washington money help or hurt a state like tennessee where companies like smith and wesson and mitsubishi are moving headquarters to here. governor bill lee. get your thoughts on the fact they let the highway funds lapse. your state is seeing growth. >> a disconnect from congress. spend, spend, spend, always on the verge of a shutdown. they ought to go to assembly line and see who actually keeps the lights on in this country and it's hard working americans they are boef to put out of a job as a result of that. so they ought to look at
7:34 am
states, too, and the way they manage their budgets. tennessee lowest tax state in the country, no debt. one of seven states that prospered in the pandemic. america should operate their fiscal policy, conservative fiscal policy works. if the country ran that way we wouldn't be putting people out of work. >> dana: the far left are in the big frustration moment because they want 3.5 trillion and they want to backfill the policy into it. the number meant so much to them. the infrastructure bill, for tennessee you would be able to get 5.8 billion for the highways, water infrastructure, bridge repair and replacement. airport improvements and you have a place -- a state here one of the reasons people are moving here because of the low taxes, because of the job environment. what does it mean to you to have a company like smith & wesson say we'll leave where we've been for decades and relocate here in tennessee?
7:35 am
>> i think a company like smith and wesson, i think people all across america are looking at a place like tennessee and they see opportunity and freedom and they see a place where america hasn't lost her way and that is attractive. as they look around the rest of the country and see what's happening is where do we want to go and they are coming to tennessee. we are one of the most moved-to states in this country. countries, massive, important, 165-year-old companies making a decision to move. >> dana: let's put up a list of all the companies coming here because you look at this and you think this means jobs, right, for people and these are good jobs. >> good jobs. ford motor company announced they are building the largest automotive assembly plant in the country in tennessee. >> dana: do you have enough workers? >> we will have enough workers for them and it will produce 27,000 -- 6,000 jobs at the
7:36 am
plant, 27,000 direct and indirect jobs. that is significant change x transformational for a state. most importantly it changes people's lives in tennessee and gives them an opportunity to raise their families, have a good job and have hope for the future. >> dana: what's the biggest problem you are dealing with right now? >> i think when we look at the significant growth here, the numbers of people moving, look at the tower cranes in downtown nashville and the number of companies coming here. we've got -- it's a good problem. >> dana: other governors have the opposite situation. people can't take the taxes and regulations anymore or like the schools and so they are leaving. do you hear from other governors maybe looking and say governor lee, what are you doing down there that we should be doing here? >> i this i the last year has shown a bright light it matters how you are governed, the impacts on regular everyday people are significant.
7:37 am
just look what took place in d.c. last night. the impact it will have on construction workers. it matters who makes these decision and they see the way states operate and say i think i want to go somewhere -- >> dana: i was on broadway last night with all the great bars and fun there. tennessee is open. >> it is open. >> dana: people from all over are here. >> it has been open. you know who is here? people from regular america. >> dana: i met people from kansas city, chicago, omaha and i think also colorado springs last night. >> it is regular people usa here and what makes this place so great and why we are oef the greatest state in the country and we're really glad you are here. >> dana: we love being here. i will be on gutfeld tonight and his entire crew has had a great time here. thank you so much. bill, you have to come with me next time. >> bill: you bet. heard from so many people who moved down there and they love it. thank you for that in nashville. in the meantime we have never
7:38 am
before seen police body cam video that sheds new light on a fight between gabby petito and brian laundrie and the possible signs of an abusive relationship. judge jeanine pirro looking for justice on this. a deep dive with the judge next. >> two people that came to us and told uls they saw him hit you. they saw him punch you. independent witnesses. >> to be honest, i definitely hit him first. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ brushing only reaches 25% of your mouth. listerine® cleans virtually 100%. helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath. never settle for 25%. always go for 100. bring out the bold™ this isn't just a walk up the stairs.
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>> bill: new developments from the state of utah. police released new body cam video though gabby petito admitting that brian laundrie hit her and cut her face. >> i hit him first. >> where did he hit you?
7:44 am
don't worry. >> on my face. he didn't hit me in the face he didn't punch me in the face or anything. >> did he slap your face or what? >> with his nail. i guess that's why -- >> bill: a lot more from that. hard to watch. jeanine pirri from judge jen seen. -- jeanine. i have a thousand questions. we'll sit down on the hemmer time podcast and get that out this afternoon. this is a very intriguing case as you can see. >> but not unusual. >> bill: do you have a working theory what happened to this young woman? >> you can see from that interview. it is interesting how all the information comes out later and later. things on first impression aren't always the way an investigation goes. she admits he hit her, her face burns. cut her with his nail. he is actually a classic batterer.
7:45 am
he minimizes the injury to her and he is very arrogant and says i don't have time to defend myself against her allegations. he is condescending. he has her phone, he has her van. all the indications are that he is a controlling, manipulative guy. he won't let her in the van. cops know he won't let her in the van and holding onto her phone. this guy is a classic guy in terms of what cops look for and why we have mandatory arrest laws in the united states as it relates to domestic violence. police are mandated to determine who was the primary aggressor and they are mandated to make an arrest. this isn't like we can't figure it out. she says he has. when you are dealing with a woman who is battered or abused she is going to take responsibility. just as we know she did at that place, the restaurant where she goes in and apologizes for him getting into a fight.
7:46 am
that's classic battered woman mentality. >> bill: the body cam video goes for hours and three or four different cops and park rangers that haven't yet been released. that could still be forth coming. the f.b.i. -- i don't know what's going on inside the house in florida. there were 46 911 calls in a period of 10 days in september. just doesn't make sense. f.b.i. has been in and out of the home. here is a statement. they dropped something off on thursday. they said the f.b.i. is at the laundrie home to collect personal items for brian and there is nothing more to this, end quote. what does that mean? >> what that means they are looking for more information or they got a tip they need something extra. they know that anything in that house has been tampered with at this point. the fact that they go in now is to get something kind of presti ordinary, not out of the ordinary. >> bill: she said canines in the statement. they are on to something.
7:47 am
>> they have are using canines all over and i'm sure in wyoming and i'm sure they are using canines in the carleton reserve which i think is a red herg. herring. the parents got involved. they bought a camper for a truck after he gets back to go camping with him and they change the number from 2 to 3 and take a 23-year-old camping and say no, he is hiking in the woods. they go to know pick up his mustang in the place where he hiked in that swamp area in the carlton reserve. the parents are very involved in this. i don't like it. believe me, bill, i get when parents love your kids. you take their side but this is a whole course of conduct that the f.b.i. and police have to be looking at. >> bill: roll some video. big turn here from a very serious discussion but you are in a new movie about topics today that are quite relevant. >> right now we're fighting about what the state has a right to teach our kids and in
7:48 am
this movie god is not dead is the essence of the movie. i play a judge and look a little tired there. and that is exactly what's going on. it is news of the minute right now where parents fight against what this state is demanding their kids be taught. >> relevant for the times. i'll see you at 11:00. >> i'll be there. >> bill: you bring your game >> i got my game. >> bill: see you saturday at 9:00. back to dana in nashville. >> dana: speaking of education, the education secretary is standing by his claims that parents concerned about mask mandates and critical race theory are just mad about the 2020 election. a sign that politics is also taking over schools? tyrus is in nashville and we'll get to his reaction and more. here he is. hi, tyrus. ♪♪♪
7:49 am
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7:54 am
>> dana: critics say education secretary miguel cardona seems to be putting politics over students as he refuses to take back comments about parents upset about masks and critical race theory. he claims they are angry over the last election. >> your response for that engagement. i think it's a proxy for being mad their guy didn't win. is that something you would want to take back? >> i no he that across the country our school board meetings are a little bit more intense. >> what about the statement? i agree with you 100% there. you want to take that back? >> the lack of civility is frustrating. >> i take it you don't want to retract it at this point. >> dana: joining me now is tyrus, fox nation host in nashville with me shaking your head. >> you know, you guys are so
7:55 am
polite it is the way you and bill are. it seems? no seems there. what bothers me is own it. when you are asked to take it back don't like he is asking you a different question. just own it. it was rude and out of place. parents have been concerned about masks during the trump administration, we want our kids to be safe but at the same time we want our kids to have a good learning environment and parents should make the decisions for their kids. i agree with that 110%. for him to be that way is disrespectful and you are spitting in the parents' faces. when we aren't involved it is a problem with the schools. we can't do it without the help of the parents. when parents are giving input it's like why are you telling us stuff? you can't win. >> dana: it gives you insight into what they really believe. >> bill: him pushing his stuff. if i was in that meeting you are guy because your -- we'll sit here and call each other names our kids are suffering. >> dana: if you started that fight you would finish it. >> it would be a non--- the
7:56 am
title would not be on the line. it would be a squash match. >> dana: the other thing that happened there was a facebook controversy and hearing and talking about the detrimental effects to teens. watch some of this exchange here. >> have you quantified how many children have taken their own lives because of your products? >> first of all, senator cruz, the research that you are referring to is, in fact, not causal research. >> you didn't answer the question. has the company done any effort to put a number to it? so it's a no? >> this is the morning. you know, that's the question. i have a very simple rule. parents, we have to parent. they sell cigarettes and beer in the store. i wouldn't let my kids to do it until legal age.
7:57 am
social media i think don't think your child would be on their until 18. there is no reason for it. the images are terrible, especially for my daughters. when you see the kardashians and people who spend millions of dollars to change their face and have fancy photographers to taking a angles. they'll never achieve those looks. as parents we have to say no. there is no reason for your child to have a social media account. doesn't matter what they do. what we do as parents. >> dana: if they ask you for one or don't they yet? >> i have had the conversation. it usually goes no. >> dana: last night talking about parenting. we would go to dinner in nashville but you had to pull out because? >> i had to study. we had a big math test so i had to study. we have images and adding and subtraction and duty calls. >> dana: you have your priorities.
7:58 am
have you had a good time in nash ?ril >> i have had a great time. i like people and enjoy the interactions with the crowd. any time you get to be if front of a giant crowd is a great thing. >> dana: an amazing week and excited to be on the show tonight. tips for me. i've known gutfeld a long time. >> i don't think you need any tips. that's still the best. >> dana: let's bring in bill hemmer so we can -- i know you and i like trivia, go ahead. >> bill: i want to say tyrus, i miss you. >> dana: i wish you could see here for the shot. >> her obsession with my size is -- >> dana: i wear a 5 1/2 news. >> she said no, 5 1/2. i was so off. >> dana: i love trivia and bill is very good at trivia. you are going to join us for this. >> bill: i don't know. talk about it. >> dana: nashville is home to
7:59 am
the world's only full scale replica of what famous greek landmark? >> parthenon. >> dana: how did you know that? >> he is bill hemmer. >> dana: that was really good. all right. who is the only u.s. president to perform at the grand old opri? hthalmologyry? -- opry? >> bill clinton. >> dana: richard nixon. richard nixon performed glod bless america on the piano in 1974. nashville is home to the country music hall of fame. who is the only performer to be inducted twice? that's a pretty big deal. >> he was in a band. >> roy rogers. >> dana: oh my gosh. you cheated.
8:00 am
>> that's an allegation. >> dana: bill could see the monitor. >> i don't know what you are talking about. my eyes are here, i don't know anything. no idea what asheville -- >> dana: you could beat him in an arm wrestling contest. >> bill: dana, see you on gutfeld. >> you didn't answer the question. >> dana: thanks, bill. >> bill: have a good weekend. >> a fierce power struggle is going on on this friday within the democratic party and it threatens to derail the president's multi-trillion dollar agenda. this is "the faulkner focus" and i'm martha maccallum in for harris today. good to be with you today. progressive democrats have force evidence speaker pell easy to delay the vote on the infrastructure bill and threaten to tank the bill unless lawmakers agreed on the separate and much,


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