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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  October 1, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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d blue shield plan at >> tomi, lauren, and of course julie, happy friday to you all. thanks to everyone. enjoy the weekend. it is going to be a great one. here is "america reports." >> thank you, fox news alert, awaiting the white house press briefing. president biden faces off against members of his own party with the agenda at stake o stake. i'm sandra smith. >> i'm mike emmanual in for john roberts. nancy pelosi says they will take up the infrastructure bill today. the left holding up the bipartisan bill, as leverage for massive social spending plan with critics saying the plan could reshape america is expand the welfare state.
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>> sandra: and shrinks price tag of the spending plan. >> the resolution is two senators and the rest of the 90% of the democratic caucus. i think that is where the discussion is and we'll see what offer we get. >> sandra: team coverage, karl rove will join us. ayesha hasnie has latest from capitol hill. we begin with peter doocy live from the north lawn. hi, peter. >> pete: good afternoon, sandra, this is not republicans versus democrats fight. this is democrats fighting about how many progressive authorities they think the country can afford. republicans watch from the sidelines. >> i hope progressives stand their ground and nothing
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happens, that would be the best result. when we win in november 2022, we can start reversing damage of the progressive left and what will pass real infrastructure programs and bills and we'll repurpose that $700 billion that is not in the schedule to be spent until 2022-2028. >> pete: schumer knew if he pushed the budget bill, joe manchin would be a no, he did it anyway. progressives are not upset with schumer, they are mad at manchin. >> senator joe manchin said 1.5 trillion is the number, is that for both of you? >> for one year? [laughter] >> i mean, here is the thing is that there is a lot of games being played with this number. >> pete: not everybody is laughing at aoc's dismissal of the critical vote in the senate. >> he represents the people that
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sent him to washington. i don't think name calling, i'm someone that had a long history of treating each other civilly and name calling is not useful. i will not call out anybody specifically. >> pete: so far president biden doesn't have anything on his schedule, but officials left open possibility he could have interested parties over here to talk shop or could possibly venture out to meet democratss where they are up the street. sandra. >> sandra: update while you were saying that, this just in, reuters reporting the president will travel to the hill to speak with members of the house and democratic caucus this afternoon. >> pete: we'll check on that, all right. >> sandra: you will see activity behind you soon. peter doocy. thank you. mike. >> arm twisting by the president. infrastructure bill could leave tens of thousands of federal transportation workers
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furloughed. would have reauthorized programs and money for roads, bridges and projects. ayesha hasnie is live with more on this. hi, ayesha. >> ayesha: hi, mike, this is mind blowing what is happening on the hill. bipartisan supported infrastructure bill, democrats and republicans onboard with it. last night it failed to pass. why? because of politics and strategy and now scenario where 20,000 american workers may be furloughed, getting their furlough notices very soon. here is what happened. yesterday congress passed continuing resolution to keep the government going. democrats claimed this as big victory s. it really? it does not include funding for the federal highway administration. their funding technically lapsed at midnight last night. that means 20,000 department of transportation workers could be furloughed for the first time in a decade and federal road
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projects suspended. you have a larger ripple effect from this. general contractor of america group put it this way, that would put countless construction workers out of jobs and leave materials and equipment suppliers across the country holding the bag on orders they are already ready to fill, but won't be paid for. republicans sorely disappointed by this. they wanted to pass the bill separately. house speaker nancy pelosi promised progressives to move it through if she moves the president's multi-trillion tax spending bill along with it. >> do the infrastructure bill passed, but they are -- it is far left of the party that is controlling all of this had right now. they are holding it hostage. >> ayesha: this is plan b option for congress to pass it, emergency extension, looking like progressivess will try to use that to fix this blunder. >> there have been 28 short-term
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extension of transportation since 2003. i'm not concerned we can get ap extension done and take care of that. >> ayesha: the question, mike, when, when will they do this? right now there are no votes scheduled on the house floor. mike. >> going to be long day on capitol hill, perhaps coffee. ayesha hasnie, thanks. sandra. >> sandra: coffee will help. bring in karl rove, fox news contributor. i just mentioned we just got word president biden plans to travel to the hill today to speak with members of the house democratic caucus, expect this afternoon. reuters reporting that moments ago. will progressives stand their ground, karl? >> karl: we'll see soon enough, maybe the president can pull a rabbit out of his proverbial hat. they are firm in opposition to the bipartisan infrastructure bill. funny thing playing on here we
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need to know about, this talk about the highway bill, surface transportation bill, that is reauthorization of the highway trust fund. senate had a version embodied in the bipartisan infrastructure bill that looks like traditional reauthorization we've been doing since the 1950s. money for roads, bike trails and more for mass transit, basically for roads and bridges. the house has a version of the bill it wants to pass that says no additional capacity built on federal interstate highway system and no new federal interstate highway. imagine what that would be for people living in major mp areas, like texas trying to build a new pair of interstate highways to lengthen the mex cap border to our big industrial cities. lots of things being fought out here, i don't think it will have much impact today. see if they bring it up for a vote f. they bring it up for a
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vote today accident my gut tells me it goes down, stranger things have happened 6789 >> sandra: stranger things have happened we confirmed biden will travel to the hill this afternoon to speak with those democrats. we are expecting jen psaki to hold a briefing at 2:00, perhaps we will get clarity on the president's plans there. the "new york post" cover this morning, karl, get your reaction, i only want this much because of course senator joe manchin saying he would accept a bill $2 trillion less than progressives want. this is massive amount of money. look at 11 zeross behind the 1-5, 1.5 trillion considered a compromise, karl. >> karl: absolutely. this is a very expansive and expensive bill. the democrats are talking about. bernie sanders said they wanted to spend $6 trillion and compromise was $3.5 and they
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will not go for $1.5 or $1 trillion bill. that money has to come from somewhere, it will come out of people's pockets in the form of higher taxes and fees and be spent on what is gigantic expansion of welfare state, biggest since the great society of the 1960s. it is gigantic expansion, including creation of what is universal basic income that says if you have kids no matter how much money you make, the government will give you moneyy for them. >> sandra: why democrats are divided on this issue. this is aoc accusing joe manchin of waffling on what he wants here. >> senator joe manchin said $1.5 trillion, is that the vision for both of snu >> for one year? is this june manchin? september manchin? august manchin? will december manchin be a
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different, will this be a different senator? >> sandra: okay. you tell me, what is this division word process the party do? does it have long-lasting impact? >> karl: absolutely. in fact, look, maybe aoc is new to politics, insulting the person you are trying to negotiate with is not a good way to get to a deal. all this personal program being aimed at joe march manch and cinema, it will make them dig in deeper. notice the president has not engaged in that, he knows enough, if you try to cut a deal, you don't go out and publicly insult people you are trying to get to the table to find common ground with. that is what progressives are, my way or the highway and insult you on the way. >> sandra: digging into reporting from our own jacqui heinrich in washington and i'll take you through it. she's reporting right now sources are telling fox news what is happening right now behind closed doors.
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pelosi is trying to gauge how many votes she has for a vote on the infrastructure bill, karl, weighing whether to bring it to the floor. she does not like to bring up votes that will foul and progressives are vowing to vote against the bill unless they get not just agreement on reconciliation package, karl, but a vote on that issue as well. that will not happen today, to your point. it is not even written, jacqui is reporting. white house trying to get manchin and cinema to agree to reconciliation deal but the framework is not enough for progressives to vote for the bill. now we get word biden is traveling to the hill, karl. final thoughts? >> karl: look, isn't it interesting progressives say, we want to spend 3.5 trillion, don't spend 1 trillion on top of that, unless you agree to 3.5 trillion, we will shoot the bill and kill it. you won't have 4.7 trillion of
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spending, we want 3.5. it is weird. >> sandra: finish by putting "new york times" up on the screen when you talk about the party. momentary blip or danger sign, karl, biden fared unexpectedly poorly among many same groups he's struggling with now. it raises possibility that recent events revealed broader problem, they are losing support among voting groups they generally take for granted. karl, great to have you. thank you. >> karl: thank you. >> sandra: mike. >> special counsel john durham, into the origin of the ruzia probe, one to the law firm perkins couey, close ties to hillarry clinton's campaign. -- was charged with lying to the footwork bi. the identify of one of the people is tech executive robert
10:13 am
jaffi, believed to have been collecting data about the trump organization that susman took to the f.b.i. new developments indicate durham could be looking to build a broader criminal case. >> sandra: could lead one to believe that, a lot of twists and turns, mike. >> wondering where the investigation is going and they are still working, we'll see where it goes. >> sandra: newly released bodycam saying saying gabby pet say her boyfriend did hit her. >> we want to know the truth. >> he did, i did first. >> that newly released bodycam video raising questions about this case, fox legal analyst mercedes will weigh in next. >> battle over who should have more influence on school curriculum as new fox polling sheds light on who voters are
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we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together. >> mike: search for brian laundrie intensifies. reported dispute between him and gabby petito weeks before she disappeared. according to newly released bodycam video, gabby told police laundrie had hit her, but she tried to backtrack and take some blame. >> we want to know the truth if he actually hit you. >> yeah, but i -- him first. he didn't hit me in the face, didn't punch me or anything. >> did he slap your face or what? >> he had grabbed me. >> bring in fox news legal analyst mercedes colwin. welcome. >> mercedes: thank you, great to
10:19 am
be here. >> mike: how do you read her saying he grabbed me? your thoughts? >> mercedes: you know, unfortunately, my own life, we had the same tragedy, my sister died in a violent relationship. it is so clear, especially to your point, mike, the fact she immediately, when she did say she had been struck, that well, i have ocd, i bring up, blaming herself for being struck by her intimate partner. it is a classic sign that you see with domestic violence victims. so unfortunate and i know the police did separate the two of them, but frankly it wasn't really enough and it has been reports that there have been 911 operator told the authorities what they had seen. the operator had heard from the good samaritan who made the call, he saw and observed and reported on that 911 call brian
10:20 am
laundrie was striking her in the face repeatedly, why he made the call. the 911 operator did not make that statement to the law enforcement that showed up as the pair was pulled over by the police. >> mike: to your point about how she handles this physical violence between the two of them. she actually said that she hit laundrie first. play that clip. >> two people saying they saw him punch you, we have independent witnesses. >> it could be -- him first. >> where did you hit him? >> i slapped him in the face. >> you slapped him first, on the face? >> mike: mercedes, it sound like she's feeling guilt like she's responsible for his physical violence? >> mercedes: if you talk to experts, it is true, if you talk to experts they say that, many victims will start to say to themselves, take the blame, say they started the entire event,
10:21 am
entire episode and interesting, if you continue the bodycam, they go back to brian laundrie, who has bruising on his face, he says, i hope you didn't hear too many bad things about me. there is strange dynamic between the two of them. if law enforcement officials looked deeper into the situation, possibly separated them for longer, even kept track on gabby to make sure she was doing okay, we might mot have had this issue, this result. unfortunately, so much happens, one of the leading causes of death for women are domestic abuse by their intimate partner. it is such an unfortunate set of circumstances and frankly i'm sure law enforcement officials wish they had done more. >> mike: you get a sense it was a toxic relationship, if they could have separated the two of them. at one point gabby is asked about marks on her face and
10:22 am
shoulder, play that one. >> did you get hit in the face? >> um -- >> looks like something hit you in the face. over on your arm? shoulder right here. that is new, huh? new mark? >> oh, yeah, i don't know. >> can i see the other side of your face? what happened here and here? >> i am not sure. >> mike: as a husband and dad, i find this heartbreaking and so troubling. mercedes, your thoughts on this video we're seeing? >> mercedes: it is heartbreaking. especially someone from my vantage point having suffered the same tragedy with my sister, it is heartbreaking. what i ask everyone out there, the public to really take a look and understand more about domestic violence, it is an insidious issue, epidemic proportions, during covid especially, all of us can save live fist we see
10:23 am
cues. this couple listed with brian laundrie's family, i find it hard to believe some issues had not manifest in their home. so many people could have stepped in long before august 12. i'm hopeful that the public at large look for cues, if you have family members, i obviously had a close family member, i tried my best to separate my sister from her intimate partner. it didn't work. the same goes for, there are individuals out there that are suffering, let's see what we can do to save their lives. separate them. get the help they need and god willing they won't have circumstances like we have here and circumstances like i had in my family. >> mike: great advice, mercedes colwin. thank you for sharing your story and your arkinal sis on this story. >> mercedes: thank you, thanks for having me. >> sandra: thanks to mercedes for that. hunt for brian laundrie continues. where he's hiding no one knows.
10:24 am
what did the parents know and what do they know about his whereabouts and a lot of focus is on that in this moment, as well. >> mike: your heart aches for the petito family. as they see the video clips, really -- >> sandra: heartbreaking. >> mike: absolutely, sandra. >> sandra: afghans starting new life in the heartland. take you inside their temporary home in wisconsin. plus this. >> the current level of debt is unsustainable, if we pass bernie's budget $45 trillion in 10 years, that is unacceptable, we are mortgaging our kids' future. >> mike: democrats slugging it out over how to spend billions of your tax dollars, could a win mean big losses in the future? doug holt and robert wolf ahead on the push to transform america into a socialist welfare state.
10:25 am
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>> mike: the clock is winding down until a covid vaccine mandate takes effect in the nation's largest school district. every public school employee in new york city must be vaccinated by 5:00 today or face losing jobs. workers are hoping united states supreme court will step in. brian is live near a school in brooklyn, new york. hi, brian. >> brian: mike, we are waiting for the u.s. supreme court to weigh in on this, in last-ditch effort to try to stop this vaccine mandate. 148,000 public school teachers and staff in new york city face the deadline, 5:00 p.m. today. if they are not vaccinated, unvaccinated staff will be put on unpaid leave come monday morning. 90% of all department of education employees and 93% of teachers are vaccinated. mayor de blasio said the city is
10:31 am
prepared for several thousand staff members to be put on leave. the mayor insists there will not be staff shortages. >> we have many more vaccinated, ready, willing, able substitutes than the number of people that we expect to be out. that is across different categories, teachers, paraprofessionals, folks who do general education, special education, a lot of folks in reserve. >> four new york city teachers are asking the u.s. supreme court to intervene and issue emergency order to block the vaccine mandate calling it unconstitutional and discriminatory in part unlike other city employees who follow the mandate, teachers are not given the option to take weekly covid test in lieu of vaccine. doe workers maintain close contact with children who are less susceptible, firefighters and police officers who routinely deal with the public
10:32 am
are exempt from the mandate. healthcare workers statewide mandate continues, 87% of healthcare workers are vaccinated, up 10% in just a month. yesterday a federal court ruled healthcare workers can be temporarily exempt from the vaccine mandate for religious purposes. same court meets in two weeks time. see if that ruling will stay. mike. >> mike: brian live in brooklyn, new york. many thanks. sandra. >> sandra: mike and all of that as this just comes in to us. california has become the first state in the nation to have a coronavirus vaccine mandate for all schoolchildren, of course there is gavin newsom talking about this, he just announced it. the plan will affect all elementary through high school student to get the shot once they reach full approval issue the shot for all school aged children, right now the f.d.a.
10:33 am
only fully approved the vaccine for those 16 and over. they will have to get the shot. they are waiting on full approval for those 12-15. it is only emergency authorization at this point and when it gets full approval for ages 5-11, they will be mandated to get the vaccine to attend school. >> mike: you consider california, the number of students, this would affect millions of children in california, only a lot of parents will be watching closely. we'll see how it plays out. >> sandra: first state in the nation. we're watching that and back to our top story. president biden now expected to speak with democrats on capitol hill, he will go there later this afternoon in an attempt, we are told, to unify his party as his agenda hangs in the balance. bring in doug holtzman, from the budget office and american action forum and robert wolf, former economic advisor and
10:34 am
founder and ceo of the firm, 32 advisors. we give the resume because you are both very qualified to tell us what is about to happen. robert, the president traveled to capitol hill this afternoon after jen psaki holds her press briefing, atop the next hour, what does the president do and say to democrats? >> robert: good sign he is going for the democrats and for the nation. it means likelihood of the infrastructure bill passing, the bipartisan infrastructure bill is highly likely. whether it is today, tonight, tomorrow, it is going to pass and i think that trillion dollars of infrastructure, physical infrastructure is incredibly needed for a country that has a d minus or d plus from the engineering on how our infrastructure is so incapable right now. >> sandra: we know, robert for party inflation reared ugly head and heard from democrats, they didn't like it, here is senator josh josh hawley on just that,
10:35 am
listen. >> you have working americans playing inflation tax democrats created every single day, people paying more money for food, gas, can't afford to get their car repaired. why? inflation is out of control thanks to democrats and socialist spending and want to make it worse. >> sandra: yet president biden is saying this will cost zero dollars. tom cotton said if the president believes this $3.5 trillion plan will cost zero dollars, hold a press conference to explain his math. wouldn't we love to see that? >> i find that comment completely perplexing and it is inexplicable, can't explain that away, it is a mistake. this is enormous bill, enormous in dollars and enormous in the united states and it is enormous in scope. it is education bill, health bill, climate bill, social safety bill. it is way beyond the mandate that the president and
10:36 am
democratic party got in the last election and that is why they are having trouble, they can't do all this, it will have to get skinnier, drop elements out and cost a lot less to have a fighting chance of getting over the finish line. that is the conversation the president has to leave with his party and that is not a conversation that happens this afternoon, this is going to take a long time in my view. >> sandra: getting word kristen cinema is not on the hill, she's traveled back to arizona, robert, we're told, i believe for some sort of medical appointment. i don't know what that means for what is about to happen this afternoon. "wall street journal" says democrats trying to pass bernie sanders agenda with joe biden mandate. biden ran against this. that should have gone by the
10:37 am
waste side with the small majority in congress, but it did not, robert. >> robert: a few things. one to douglas' point, talking about the infrastructure bill passing and i agree with douglas, we should skinny doup the reconciliation. with respect to cinema going back to arizona, the senate has passed the infrastructure bill. now we're waiting on the house side. on the whole manchin versus bernie thing, the idea 6.5 trillion was starting point for bernie is nonsense. starting point at 3.5 trillion is still too high, my opinion it will come in $2 trillion and i think there is a lot to do in this post-covid environment and on the pay for, unlike the trump tax reform, we are paying for it. there are pay for to pay for it. >> sandra: let douglas respond before i move on. >> that's fair. >> doug: the problem is simple, progressives in the house don't trust they will get the
10:38 am
reconciliation bill if they vote on this bill. whatever the merit, it is not moving, they cannot generate trust overnight, put them back together and get something that is passable. real issue, robert, they are spending time on things they want, wish list, have to raise the debt ceiling and not doing that, that is a huge peril. getting tagged with bad inflation, if they get financial disruption out of this, terrible for the democrats. >> sandra: robert, you and i had a chance to talk a second ago, you have republicans warning this is going to transform america, as we know it today. this massive amount of spending, the plan joe biden is laying out for america, you are free market capitalist guy, you ran big companies, robert. do you stop and think -- >> big bank. >> sandra: do you think how will this change this country? >> robert: i'm not for the whole broad-based kitchen sink that
10:39 am
douglas is speaking about, but in this post-covid environment, we need to make sure we look at child care and elder care and pre-k school and totally different way. we have to have learned from what happened -- >> sandra: totally different way? >> robert: i think so. i think that makes sense to me and what this nation wants. i would say it is going to change, i think it will change in a good way, not talking about -- >> sandra: people don't want taxes to go up, they don't want to pay more for everything. douglas, final thoughts? >> doug: yes, maybe americans want things, they want them well designed, this is none of that. these bills are poorly designed, they are not well targeted and will create more problems than they fix. start over issue get real solutions to problems people care about. >> sandra: i appreciate the debate, gentlemen. thank you for coming on with us. thank you. mike. >> mike: interesting discussion, many americans could see slowdown in mail delivery
10:40 am
starting today. u.s. postal service desperately tries to cut cost, how this could affect deliveries in the next hour issue plus this. >> this is a huge national security problem, we have people crossing this border and we've heard numbers up to 20,000 and had thousands before this. >> sandra: that was a texas official sounding the alarm on migrants overwhelming the southern border, why is dhs secretary mayorkis telling ice agents not to deport immigrants for entering the country illegally? chad wolf will weigh in next. address my fellow veterans. to one of the benefits that our country gives us as veterans is the powerful va home loan benefit. it lets us refinance 100% of our home's value, not just 80% like other loans. that's a big difference. and it can mean a lot more money for you and your family. and this is the best time in history use it
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>> mike: 60,000 hatians migrants draw closer, alejandro mayorkas announcing new guide ance that says entering the country illegally should not be basis for detaining and deporting
10:45 am
migrants. bring in chad wolf. chad, welcome. >> chad: thank you for having me. >> mike: i'm sure in your days at dhs, you wrote your share of memos. put on the screen one from alejandro mayorkas and i'll ask you to break it down. "the fact an individual is a removable noncitizen therefore should not alone be the basis of an enforcement action against them. we will use discretion and focus resources in a more targeted way, justice in our country's well being require it." chad, how do you read that? >> chad: it is remarkable statement. i think in the middle of historic crisis on the southern border, telling ice, law enforcement to ignore the law. he is saying he is exempting classes of aliens eljebl to be removed. he goes on to say simply for crossing the border 'll legally, that alone you cannot be removed for, he is exempting folks by
10:46 am
that statement alone. that is not what you want to do in the middle of a crisis we are seeing today we don't see an end in sight. another pool factor as individuals south of the border, cartel will advertise this as another reason to come to the united states because you won't be removed. >> mike: in washington, we talk about politics of things. i'm thinking of front line men and women who are there enforcing american laws and american policy. what is impact of a memo like that on people on the frontlines who have had a rough, rough summer and basically year enforcing american laws at the border? >> chad: it is devastating, devastating for ice law enforcement who this directly impacts and for border patrol on that line everyday apprehending thousands of migrants and they don't see an end in sight and don't see policy designed to stem the flow. instead you get new guidelines like this that encourage more
10:47 am
and more of illegal behavior. discretion is okay to have, prosecutorial discretion is okay from law enforcement perspective, you don't expect large classes of aliens from deportation or enforcement action, that sends signal it is okay to continue to come here and stay in the u.s. without any legal right to do so. >> mike: chad, do you worry about brain drain, people who spent years at the border enforcing laws perhaps throwing up their arms and saying to heck with it, they are not letting me do my job anymore, i'm out? >> chad: absolutely. i think we have seen that. we had rodney scott, former chief of the border patrol resign. 29-year professional, served five administrations, immense amount of interest he had, he said, i've had enough and since spoken out about the policies that we're seeing here. border patrol is in eighth month of crisis they don't have an end in sight.
10:48 am
that weighs on you each and everyday and coming in to contact with thousands of migrants, we know 20 to 25% are sick as they come across that border. you have to go home everyday to your family and go back to work. it is trying on you. they want to know when this is going to stop, when is the administration going to back them up and put policies in place to end the crisis and want the administration to stop attacking them, we saw with border patrol mounted units, as well. >> mike: chad, if you put out a memo like this, would you expect to get sued by texas or something else? >> chad: absolutely. absolutely. 100%, you are not enforcing the law. texas, arizona and florida want to see an end to this crisis, by enforcing the law is first step toward that. when you are not enforcing the law across the board and telling law enforcement officerss to ignore classes of aliens for deportation, it is encouraging more of what we've seen over the
10:49 am
last seven and a half months. >> mike: chad wolf, many thanks. >> sandra: thank you. fox news alert here, we learn and reported a few moments ago. president biden will head to the white house this afternoon to meet with democratic caucus as he tries to salvage his massive spending plan. all of this set to happen after his press secretary jen psaki holds her daily briefing from the white house, expected 10 minutes from now andy we will see where all this is headed next. chris wallace on that, just ahead. one, two! one, two, thre e! only pay for what you need! with customized car insurance from liberty mutual! nothing rhymes with liberty mutual. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ what's the #1 retinol brand used most by dermatologists? it's neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair® smooths the look of fine lines in 1-week, deep wrinkles in 4.
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10:51 am
cash mode℠ from pnc bank. one way we're making a difference.
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10:53 am
>> mike: disney reaching a settlement with johanson for adequate black widow. johanson claimed breach of contract claiming the move cost millions of dollars. both sides said they are happy they have come to an agreement, the terms of the deal are not known. if you get paid based on box office, you don't like streaming, right, sandra? >> sandra: a lot of back and forth before the settlement happend and there is big implication for the rest of hollywood. >> mike: look forward to working
10:54 am
together long-term. >> sandra: exactly. good one, mike. fox news getting first-hand look at a massive resettlement camp for more than 12,000 afghan refugees. senior correspondent mike tobin is live in wisconsin for us. hi, mike. >> mike: hi, sandra, the bearics were constructed for world war ii, to house soldiers who come to train. groups of barricks are called neighborhoods who house refugees waiting to start new life in the united states. 12,600 of them, the capacity is 13,000, largest concentration of refugees, dubbed operation allies welcome. fortmccoy dlifred 45,000 vaccinations, everything from measles to covid-19 and serve 40,000 meals, approved. and refugees have a connection to the united states and needed
10:55 am
to get out, telling tales of threats to families, colleaguess assassinated and chaos when the government fell apart. >> the government is going to collapse within 11 days. it happened suddenly, nobody was imagining. >> mike: different group of u.s. citizens, green card holders and people with special visas trapped in afghanistan arrived yesterday with the help of a private rescue group called project dynamo. refugees fled the taliban and likely violence. >> i am very happy. i am very happy. i am safe in here. i can't -- >> mike: re-eshg vacuation was fast and chaotic, refugeess don't have plans for what they will do when they get out and getting out is taking a long time. >> sandra: live in wisconsin. thank you. >> mike: we're still waiting for the white house press briefing
10:56 am
with jen psaki as president biden meets with democrats as he struggles to unite his party over massive spending plan. see if the timing is fluid. right now jen psaki expected at 2:30, we will take you there live. veteran homeowners. if you haven't refinanced yet, get in on record low rates now. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in newday's history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. just one call, and you can save thousands every year. there's no money out of pocket and no up front fees. the newday two and a quarter refi. at these rates, you may never need to refinance again.
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11:00 am
agile and liquid. a proven protector. an ever-evolving enabler of bold decisions. an asset more relevant than ever before. gold. your strategic advantage. >> sandra: breaking news as we kickoff hour two of "america reports," and fox news confirming president biden is about to head over to capitol hill this afternoon, part of a last-ditch effort to save the signature piece of his agenda from sabotage within his own party. welcome back to "america reports," i'm sandra smith in new york, welcome, mike. >> mike: sandra, happy friday. lots of moving parts. i'm mike emmanuel in for john roberts, should learn more about the presidency's plans minutes from now at the white house press briefing, pushed back to 2:30 as white house adjust to fast-moving developments.
11:01 am
>> sandra: we're following it for you. president trying to push through trillion necessary spending and tax hikes. not one republican supportss it, it is democrats standing in the way, with the president caught between progressives, who say it wouldn't be enough. >> mike: chris wallace will give us his thought necessary a moment. we begin with jacqui heinrich. good afternoon. >> jacqui: the president's visit to the hill scheduled for 3:30 issue the white house announced, sources tell me this is happening now. house speaker nancy pelosi is trying to gauge how many votes she has if she brings up the bipartisan infrastructure bill, the hard infrastructure bill weighing whether to bring this to the floor. remember, nancy pelosi does not like to bring bills for a vote if they are going to fail. progressives are vowing to vote against the bipartisan bill if
11:02 am
they don't get agreement on social spending and not just an agreement, demanding a vote, as well. that is not possible today because there is no final text for that social spending package. congresswoman ocasio-cortez says it is -- keep to the commitment to vote down the bipartisan bill without social spending or if there might be republicans who could make up the difference. the math is part of pelosi's calculus. >> could you answer a few questions right now? >> i have a very important -- i will come back lat. >> the white house announced president biden going to the hill 3:30, the speak with members of the democratic caucus, significant part of this path forward. white house aides were trying to
11:03 am
get manchin and cinema to agree to reconciliation package, framework is not enough for progressive to vote for the right bill. it has been indicated there are doubts the president's visit will make a difference. >> do you expect a vote today? >> if i had to guess, i would say no, but you -- >> not ruling out the weekend? >> definitely not. i'm here, baby. i'm staying the whole weekend and i'm going to do whatever it takes. >> meantime, peter confirms the house is putting together a short-term extension of the baseline funding of the infrastructure bill, since it has not come up for vote. that money goes to surface transportation funding and needs to be renewed every five years. they are looking at 30-day extension. 3700 employees will be furloughed until the bipartisan bill passes or short-term extension passes.
11:04 am
a lot of moving parts changing hour by hour. >> mike: jacqui all over it. jacqui, we'll be back on breaking news and for questioning with jen psaki. let's bring in chris wallace, anchor of fox news sunday. >> chris: good to be with you, guys. >> mike: chris, watching this situation hour by hour, pelosi is not likely to put a bill on the floor until she's convinced she has votess your arkinal sis of where things stand right now? >> chris: i don't think she will get the votes at this point, if she had the votes she would have had it last night and not put it off until today. the key is if they can work out a deal. it is not between house democrats, it is between house and senate democrats. what they want to do is get an agreement from joe manchin and cinema, who is not even in washington, she's in phoenix right now. so much for having a vote on that in the senate to get them to agree to a certain number, in
11:05 am
the talk now well south of 3.5 trillion, a ton of money, $2 trillion or somewhere between 1.5 and 2.1 trillion and hope if they get that framework on top line number that would be enough for progressivess they will take that in good faith and vote for the bipartisan infrastructure bill f. they are demanding there are a legislative bill passed in the senate first, we're talking into next week and maybe several weeks beyond that, which would tick off moderates promised a vote on their bill this week. >> sandra: progressive wish list, mutt it on the screen. free community college, universal pre-k, expand medicare, dental, hearing services, expanded medical leave. take us to the moment we are awaiting jen psaki from the white house, getting questions as the president aagenda hangs
11:06 am
in the balance, 2:30 eastern time. we expect to see her. the president will head to capitol hill, 3:30 to forge some sort of compromise. what does that look like this afternoon on capitol hill? >> chris: well, as i say, i think they are going to have to see whether or not the moderates in the senate can agree to a social spending bill, so-called 3.5 trillion bill at much lower number, say 2.1 trillion and a lot of those wish list items you are having there would be pulled out, joe manchin has made it clear he does not favor expanding medicare to include dental and vision. that is one of bernie sanders' must-haves, have to be a lot of give on both sides. if they arrive at framework for social spending that would satisfy progressives maybe and i emphasize maybe, you would get a vote to pass the bipartisan
11:07 am
infrastructure bill. if i had to bet, i don't think they will pass anything tonight. maybe over the weekend, whatever the date you say, sandra, i take the over, i think it will take longer than that. >> mike: two points come to mind, once washington starts giving out things it is impossible to take them away and so while the price tag could be 3.5 trillion, this could be trillions in dollars if programs continue forever, secondly, trying to govern like they have massive progressive majority, senate is 50/50, the house loses three or four votes, something goes down, they are trying to govern like they have massive majority. >> chris: those are both exactly right and on that last point, remember joe biden ran running against bernie sanders, against elizabeth warren and all of their social programs and all of
11:08 am
their huge amounts of spending, he ran and won as centurist, feeling among moderates this is not what we came to washington or got control of the house and senate even though by razor thin margins, why are we governoring like it is fdr or lbj and have a huge mandate and majority, we don't have that. you are right on entitlement side, that is point joe manchin keeps making, these are not one-time spending programs like infrastructure, you build a highway once. you start having child care or free community college or free pre-k, you know, the odds are that is in our social safety net forever and as far as the eye can see, trillions in spending. >> sandra: we had karl rove on top of the last hour, chris, talking about political division within the democratic party and lasting implications as we stare
11:09 am
2022 right in the face. what does all this division within the party mean politically for the future of the party? >> chris: i think depends whether the division holds. they didn't win by much, biden did win, democrats hold the senate in 50/50 tie and hold the house. if they can't pass, come to an agreement and on the social spending, not talking about zero, talking about 1.5 or 2 trillion, which used to be a lot of money in washington, if they can't come to agreement to pass the domestic agenda, i think it sends a terrible message to diameters, why are these guy necessary charge, they can't come together and cobbel together an agreement to spend 3 trillion tweep the infrastructure and social spending, very bad for democrats. why is why in the end, my guess is they pass something, well south of 3.5 trillion on social
11:10 am
spending. failure to pass anything is huge political failure on their part and i don't see them doing that. >> sandra: i wonder why joe biden doesn't take the microphone at 2:30. i pointed to tweet by tom cotton, joe biden believes this costs zero dollars, hold a press conference, explain the math, provide transparency, how do you come up with that? he will head to the hill? >> chris: on this point, remember, no reporters in the briefing room have votes, he needs to convince the people who have to go on the floor and vote. i think it makes sense for him to go to the hill and talk to him, a lot of people say he should have done this long before, he kept his fingerprints off this and not been twisting arms and pushing in a public or private way hard enough. we'll see what he's able to accomplish. the danger of going to the hill and the president coming to push for his agenda is if they reject
11:11 am
him, doesn't look good for him, does it? >> sandra: good point. >> mike: busy weekend in washington. chris wallace will be all over it. >> chris: who upons where it will be sunday morning, we'll be there. >> sandra: we'll be watching. who knows where we will be by then or where we will be an hour from now, right, mike? we will watch for the briefing and for the president to head to the hill later. >> mike: test of relationships, can the president get people who are not entirely happy to yes. >> sandra: absolutely. >> mike: breaking news on the vaccine front. major mandate update out of california. governor gavin newsom announcing plan to require covid vaccines for all schoolchildren, public and private in the state. mandate for children, first of its kind in the country and comes before vaccines for children have f.d.a. approval and requires all students from elementary school through high school, but required for kids in
11:12 am
kindergarten three sixth grade after the federal government given final approval for kids in that age range. gavin newsom says school staff in grades k-12 required to be fully vaccinated. >> sandra: something to add, the age group 12-15, were emergency authorization from the f.d.a. is in place for the vaccine, they are still going to say mandate takes place for that age group until it is fully authorized. >> mike: what is interesting, if you don't like it, not like you can leave public school and go to private, it is public and private. >> sandra: statewide, yep, mike. scott will join us on that, a lot of questions, we'll ask the former f.d.a. chief what this means and what options people have if this is a good thing. new bodycam shedding new light on relationship between gabby petito and her fiance, still at large.
11:13 am
brian laundrie. >> want to know the truth if he hit you. >> yeah, but i did first. >> sandra: did police miss major warning sign? we look at brand-new video, will show you the rest of that tape coming up >> mike: and major change coming to your mailbox starting today. if you thought snail mail was slow, it might be full on sloth. that is next. veteran homeowners, the two and quarter refi is the lowest rate in newday's history two and a quarter percent, just 2.48 apr. lock in this record low rate and save. ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo hoo! ensure, with 27 vitamins and minerals, now introducing ensure complete! with 30 grams of protein.
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11:18 am
>> sandra: starting today snail mail might feel even more sluggish. breaking details in the big change to the postal service. first this developing story. the supreme court revealing justice brett kavanaugh tested positive for covid just days before the new term on monday. he says he has no symptoms and
11:19 am
has been fully vaccinated since january. >> mike: the wait for your mail is about to get longer issue the entire united states postal system is deliberately slow rolling mail delivery all in an effort to save money. mollie lyon live outside boston with the latest on this, hi, mollie. >> good afternoon, mike. october 1, day the united states postal service is beginning new service standards. this means some mail will be delivered more slowly per the u.s.p.s., majority of first class mail, 61% and periodicals 93% will deliver as usual. mail that doesn't have to get too far, within three hours, mail will maintain current time two days or less 6789 certain mail traveling longer distances
11:20 am
will see increase in time of transit by one or two days. going coast to coast, five days. the u.s. postal service argues recent standard has been unattainable with drive greater than six hours, whether 300 miles or 3000. a spokesperson says new service standards will increase deliverability and efficiency for customers and across our network. critics argue the changes are an example of how the fabric of our country is fraying. >> going to drive people away from using mail. it is those people in rural communities and also in places like texas and florida and the western states, who will be most negatively impacted by this. >> another big change kicking in october 3rd with holiday rush,
11:21 am
usps will increase cost to ship parcels from $.25 to $5, depending how far the package is going and type of service you select. it may cost more around the corner to mail holiday packages. temporary rate adjustment similar to last year. it is ahead of peak season. it could increase with holiday rush. back to you. >> mike: excited to welcome you back, you just had a beautiful baby boy and we welcome you back from maternity leave. god bless you and your beautiful family. >> thank you, mike. >> mike: welcome back. as far as mail thing, sandra. yeah, it is awesome. mail thing, will people work around the united states postal service? >> sandra: might put my holiday christmas present in the mail today to ensure i get it in
11:22 am
december and early shoppers are in luck, they don't have to stash in the closet, cent it now. i don't know. it is slow and could get slower something we've dealt with for a while, right? >> mike: that is right. >> sandra: white house press briefing set to begin a few moments from now. president biden is heading to capitol hill this actual, hoping to salvage massive spending plans. >> mike: a live report next. stay with us.
11:23 am
11:24 am
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11:28 am
>> mike: live look at the white house briefing room, we are expecting an update in a couple minutes on negotiations over president biden's agenda. the president is about to make the short drive from the white house to capitol hill in effort to get the spending bill passed.
11:29 am
>> the president's visit moves the needle any way, in speaker pelosi's mind she has time, in her mind, today is yesterday. the house never adjourned yesterday, speaker pelosi could still make good on the promise to get a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure deal by the end of the week. she huddled with house democrats this morning trying to find a way forward to make moderates happy and placates progressivess. all parties are in a stalemate. progressives want senate to vote first, social spending package before the hard infrastructure bill gets vote in the house. one key vote in the senate is out of town, cinema, she is in phoenix, she is continuing remote negotiations with the white house. progressives say today they have yet to see an official counter offer from cinema or manchin. >> we have been waiting for an
11:30 am
offer to counter the 3.5 trillion on the table. until we get that, we don't have anything to say about numbers, if you ask me if i'm willing to accept or not, no number on the table and i'm not negotiating against myself. >> congressman steve cohen says he has carss that are older than some of the progressive members he thinks they should learn to compromise and aired frustration with the president for not being more involved. >> i think the president should be involved. very few of us have seen the president in nine months he's been president, i think he should come to a caucus. >> he knows as a legislator how important it is to hear from the president. >> to avoid information from leaking out, they have been rolling big wooden phone holders that look like stacked boxes so members can drop their cell phones off, go into the meeting,
11:31 am
hear from the president and come out. mike. >> mike: make it leak proof. hillary, thanks. >> sandra: thanks, go to congressman from indiana, jim banks. congressman, i will put the "new york post" headline on the screen for you, front page this morning. i only want this much and clearly shows 11 zeros behind the 1.5 trillion in spending, saying in left land is 1.5 trillion considered a compromise. manchin said to accept the bill 2 trillion less than progressives want. this is massive amount of money we're talking about here, what can the president get done this afternoon? >> only on nancy pelosi's capitol hill is friday still thursday, this is longest thursday of my life, by the way. democrats don't get their way, they change the rule and extend calendar day from thursday to
11:32 am
friday, it is still thursday in washington, d.c. trillions of dollars, 1.5 trillion, maybe, maybe more, maybe less, plus 1.2 trillion on top of 30 trillion national debt and right now today, we have highest inflation in over 30 years and democrats want to spend trillions of dollars more saddling our kids and grandkids with more debt. it is a travesty. we give pelosi more credit than they deserve. it is a clown car, joe biden in the passenger's seat, pelosi and aoc fighting in the back seat. i hope they don't take america with them over the cliff. >> sandra: ask about that in a moment, the president will head over to try to bridge the gap between moderates and progressives in his the part.
11:33 am
about to hear jen psaki layout his plans this afternoon. i had karl rove on top of the last hour congressman and k-d him, i said, will progressives stand their ground here? he said this, listen. >> maybe the president can pull a rabbit out of his proverbial hat, i'm not convinced of it, firm to the bill. bernie sanders said they wanted to spend $6 tril yob and thought compromise was $3.5 and they will not go for 1.5 or $1 trillion bill. what say you? do you believe that the progressives will budge at all? >> well, like i said, this is bernie sanders' democrat party issue not my grandpa's democrat party. progressives control the democratic party, you saw synema get the heck out of town, only one that will tell progressives to pound sand. progressives controlling the
11:34 am
show and haven't been able to get anything done, infrastructure deal, any aspect of the reconciliation deal. i imagine they will not budge, they will demand they get their way. that is why the democratic party is dangerous as they have been. >> sandra: two major, major pieces of president biden's agenda that are currently in jeopardy right now. put the wish list up here, you say progressivess are in control, free community college, child care, universal pre-k, expand medical care, medical leave. i heard you use the word "travesty," you and your party say massive spending plans the president continues to layout will change america. explain. >> well, not to mention that, you haven't talked about the infrastructure deal which incorporates so many tenants of the green new deal and policies come along with infrastructure and reconciliation bill. you got to recognize where we
11:35 am
are with inflation at this moment and if they accomplish even slice of what they they want to accomplish, inflation will get worse, that is tax on working class, middle class family. government will be more involved in their lives and cost more and have to work harder to pay more taxes to pay for it. that is transformational for this country, can't afford for democrats to accomplish that. i hope they fail today. >> sandra: interesting your comments about synema, we got word she went back to arizona for an appointment of some ki how does your party view her there in congress? >> i served with senator synema in the house and she spent as much time on the republican side as the democratic side. she's tough, has backbone, will not let the progressives walk all over her, they are talking about primarying her because she
11:36 am
is not going along with their scheme to pass this, i am not surprised, one of many democrats talking on capitol hill about sick of the power the progressive wing has in washington, d.c., she's smartest one to get out of town. >> sandra: with president biden's agenda in question, in jeopardy, however you look at it, political implication, could be long lasting. staring 2022 in the face. what do you see happening as result of the division in the democratic party we're seeing today? >> first of all, when joe biden appears before the democrat conference in a bit, he will find out what america knows, his poll numbers have dropped so quickly and drastically, he does not have political leverage in his party.
11:37 am
bernie sanders can accomplish more with a tweet telling democrats and the house what to do than joe biden can tell them what to do, he just doesn't have the political clout that a president of either party would ever have with their own party in the congress, just a fact. midterms are staring us in the face. diameters know what we know, histories on the republican side, we will win back majority, matter of how big that will be and democrat failure yesterday and today and in coming days is another good reason for the american people to give republicans control of the house of representatives. we'll do better job of democrats doing with our country. >> sandra: you mentioned inflation, something we started seeing creep up in the polls. inflation and the high price of just about everything we're seeing as result of spending, grew to be a concern, not just among republicans, democrats, as well. you talked about the possibility
11:38 am
of seeing higher tax rate across the board for many, businesses concerned, some like tom cotton saying the president should layout math for the words joe biden said, it will cost zero dollars. perhaps we will see an effort by the white house in a few moments to provide transparcy into that. quick thoughts. >> i don't expect them to give us details, i don't think they have the details. they don't know the math, they don't have the math. they are dysfunctional and going step by step every step of the way just trying to pretend they have their act together when they don't. you will see that throughout the day when they flop on their face. >> sandra: mccarthy saying teetering on big government socialist to give them a final
11:39 am
shove. talk about the impact this could have on small businesses in this country. >> small businesses make up the foundation issue bedrock of the economy. over 90% of businesses are technically small businesses and tackss are going to rise, harder to keep, hard enough to keep employees and fill open jobs, it will be nearly impossible when democrats get their way. again, growing the size and scope of government in our daily lives and affecting the way businesses operate, higher taxes, inflation on the rise, very difficult, small businesses will bear the brunt of it. it is shameful and i hope diameters don't get it done. >> i will bring in mike emmanuel in washington. mike. >> mike: great to see you, it strikes me democrats are trying to govern like they have super majority in the house and senate when you have just a few vote majority for democrats and house and 50/50 senate.
11:40 am
your thoughts? >> again, i think they see this as their last hoora, this is their last chance to get anything passed as we run into a mid-term election year. that is why they turned friday into thursday, trying to extend and create and make up time to get this done, they know time is running out, the clock is running out and majority is seen to come to an end and have to get something done this week or will never happen. only leverage they have. trying to put magic back and create magic, not sure that magic exists for pelosi's majority. >> sandra: "new york times" had a report on joe biden sagging popularity. his slide with key voters, it says, and questions whether it is momentary blip or danger sign. get you to weigh in saying biden fared poorly last year among many same groups he's struggle with right now, raising ark
11:41 am
larming possibility for democrats recent events revealed broader problem, losing support among voting groups they take for granted. congressman. >> that voting group are working class blue collar americans who thought they were going to get something a lot different when joe biden became president than they have got. they know this tax hike, spending bill will make it harder to make ends meet and they are rejecting democrats and joe biden. when joe biden appears before the democrat conference, he does not have clout or leverage to change any of their minds, that is just a pure fact. if he came to campaign in their districts, it wouldn't do good because of his lack of popularity heading into mid-term election. >> mike: congressman, have you been a part of negotiations in congress, longer this drags out can respective camps get further and further dug in? >> i think so, i really do.
11:42 am
especially as you see the progressivess try to flex their muscle, the socialist wing of the democratic party, bernie sanders sending out a tweet and that does more damage to negotiations than anything, he has that leverage with democratic party voters and diameters in the house. he controls the democratic party today. more they get dug in, more frustration on the faces of my democratic colleagues, they want out of town as much as we do, when they do, it will be major failure for the democratic party. >> sandra: appreciate you standing by as we ark ark wait the briefing. other news to get to. >> thanks. >> mike: breaking news from california, all schoolchildren public and private, will be required to get the vaccine once it has full approval. announcement from gavin newsom comes on heels of new gallup poll revealing half u.s. parents don't plan on vaccinating
11:43 am
children under 12 after f.d.a. approval and 40% of parents say students should not be required to wear masks at school. joining us is former f.d.a. commissioner scott gottlieb, author of "new york times" best-seller uncontrolled spread, why covid-19 crushed us and how we can defeat the next pandemic. congratulations on the book. >> scott: thanks a lot. >> mike: your reaction to governor gavin newsom step to say all children, public and private need to be vaccinated going forward? >> scott: well, look, i think decisions are best made at local level. i wouldn't want to second guess decisions to mandate the vaccine. i'm skeptical because decisions are collectsive decisions that affect communities and best made at level of the community. businesses make decisions for themselves because they feel it is ome way to protect workers or customers. local school districts making
11:44 am
similar decision, unlikely to see a lot of school districts mandate vaccination, only available under use vaccination. i think we will have to waits for more vaccines to be fully approved before you see the cdc step in to include this in the child immunization schedule. i think that is inevitable, we will see that within a year. >> mike: dr. scott gottlieb, thank you so much, sorry, breaking news. >> sandra: white house press secretary jen psaki is holding that press briefing now, housekeeping items off the top, on a huge day, mike issue on the hill issue the president is about to had the to talk to the democratic caucus to hash out a compromise, interesting toy zoo how jen psaki takes the questions.
11:45 am
>> press sec. psaki: we will provide you with details as we have them. go ahead and kick us off. >> why is the president going to the hill today and what changed in talks that he has to drive over there and what is the message? >> press sec. psaki: going over there to make the case for his legislative agenda including infrastructure bill and his build back better agenda in the reconciliation package. he wants to speak directly to members, answer questionss and make the case for why we should work together to give the american people more breathing room. >> does he expect to walk out with agreements or vote today on the infrastructure? >> press sec. psaki: i'll not make a prediction, i will leave that to speaker pelosi to determine when she will call a vote. making the case, he believes it is the right time for him to go up there, this is -- these are his proposals and bold ideas. this is his plan he's outlined
11:46 am
to rebuild roads, railways and bridges and put people back to work and make childcare, elder care, pre-k more cost effective to address the climate crisis and make the case directly to members. >> senator manchin called -- is that something the president is open to, substance of what is being hashed out right now? >> press sec. psaki: i wouldn't say that is substance of what is being hashed out right now, a lot of topics are being talked about, including senator manchin. we talked over the last couple days about this proposal for means testing, the president supports and focused on ensuring plans are targeted toward middle class, help middle class families prosper, give them breathing room and so if you look to his past proposal, there has been caps on income and past
11:47 am
proposals, some implemented as part of the american rescue plan, whatever you call it, he is open to discussing it. >> last one, we haven't seen much of the president this week in public, it is possible to see him, we'll see him give remarks and be open to the press? remarks where we will speak to the american people today? >> press sec. psaki: he's visiting the democratic caucus, you may know and the speaker's office, they make the rules, we don't make the rules. those are closed press meetings. obviously a press pool with him, we'll see, we're quite open and he is -- will make decisions hour by hour. go ahead. >> can you tell us what progress has been made in the last 24 hours on the two bills? >> press sec. psaki: i can tell you a little bit about what happened over the last 24 hours. some of you have been watching this closely, but white house officials including chief of
11:48 am
staff ron clane, susan rice, luissa carrol, ryan die se, speaking to the caucus daily. moderates and progressivess, progressive caucus, blue dogs, new dems and problem solvers have been on constant contact and constant phone calls and as you know, many of those officials i mentioned, susan race and others were on the hill from 3 p.m. until midnight last night. meeting with members, discussing with teams what the path forward looks like. the legislative team has made now 300 calls or had 300 calls or meetings with members, chiefs, chiefs of staff and legislative directors since september 1 and policy teams had dozens of meetings directly with members and teams. over the last twour 24 hours, you haven zoo, the pressure of a
11:49 am
timeline, which often can make progress, can crystallize for people what is at stake, what we're trying to do here, which is to make life better for the american people. there have been discussions about what the path forward looks like, productive, constructive, as i said in the statement we put out, we feel we made progress, discussions continued today and continue as we speak. >> that statement i was referring to, anything more you can delineate about what that progress is exactly? >> press sec. psaki: i think we all know what we're trying to work toward here, it is not a state secret. there are a couple members of the senate who want to be comfortable with what the build back better package looks like. there are a couple members of the progressives caucus, several members, who want to know a path forward on the build back better agenda. what we're working toward is unifying a path to get both
11:50 am
packages done. as part of that and we knew from the beginning, compromise is necessary, inevitable. some have come down, some have come up and in the numbers and what we're looking at here, that is basis of the discussion and basis of progress has been. >> one quick question, laufrped another missile -- white house reaction to that and to the offer to open up. >> press sec. psaki: we've made specific proposals for discussion with the north koreans issue but not received a response to date. in outreach from the united states, we remain prepared to discuss the full range of issuess. i believe in terms of recent missile launches you refer to, we're aware of reporting and are
11:51 am
assessing nature of the launch events and put out statements from the department of defense and others in response to them in terms of potential discussion between north koreans and south koreans, obviously made own outreach of potential engagement, have to talk to our family if we have more specific reaction. go ahead. >>-- before the infrastructure package, since that is not happening today, what sort of assure ances can you offer progressives. >> not following your question. >> assurances reconciliation will pass, they will take vote on infrastructure package, what assurances can the white house offer -- >> press sec. psaki: that is what we're working through, we don't know the vote schedule, we leave that to speaker pelosi, as i said yesterday and will reiterate now, it is 2:50 in the afternoon, plenty of hours of
11:52 am
time left. it is not a secret, we know what we are trying to accomplish, something i stated many times from this podium, desire and interest from some members of the democratic caucus to understand what the path forward looks like on the build back better agenda. posal in agenda that there is a path forward. they feel the keys and ensuring enough votes to pass that in the senate with support of senator manchin and senator kyrsten sinema, why the president is focused on working with them and having discussions with them about finding a path forward f. there was a deal, you would know there is a deal. that is what we're working together and through over the last several days, go ahead, kelly. >> is this a exercise, the president will try to get progressives to trust framework short of full vote should be acceptable? >> press sec. psaki: the president is not going there to litigate the legislative path
11:53 am
forward, going there to make the case for how the two packages can help the american people. he'll answer questions and i'm sure that will be part of the important engagement he has while on the hill. >> some republicans working with the president earlier on the $1 trillion package, mitt romney among them, says this is profoundly disappointing and he believes house democrats put their party ahead of the needs of the country. how does the president respond to that? >> press sec. psaki: maybe time and energy of the republicans in senate who voted in a bipartisan fashion to move the infrastructure bill forward, should talk to kevin mccarthy and the republicans in the house who are opposing a bill, opposing a proposal that many of them had expressed support for in the past. because they are either being pressured by special interests or by their own leadership, whatever it may be. we suggest he spend some time
11:54 am
talking to them. go ahead. >> final agreement around $2 trillion, is that somewhere the white house is comfortable, where you are trying to land this? >> press sec. psaki: i will not negotiate from here obviously, we know and said from the beginning some will have to come up, some will have to come down. and if there was an agreement on what the final looked like, you would know that. >> in your statement last night, common goal you cited was clean energy, does that mean how you are defining clean energy? obviously progressives see it one way, senator manchin wants to include natural gas. >> press sec. psaki: clean energy, what we're referring to is steps to address the climate crisis. a number are included in infrastructure bill and a number included in the build back better agenda, including -- go ahead, i'm sorry. go ahead.
11:55 am
no, no, no. >> thank you. >> thank you, pool. what i was referring to there in the infrastructure bill, it includes a number of key components in our view that will address the climate crisis, addressing electric vehicles, getting rid of lead pipes, making sure there are charging stations and key components in build back better agenda, efforts to move toward clean economy. >>-- president biden support the solution effectively? >> press sec. psaki: our focus over the next 17 days or so is plus or minus, is getting debt limit raised in the senate. that is what we're working toward, plenty of time to discuss what the path forward looks like. >> did the president wait too long to get seriously involved in the discussions? it is happening so late speaker
11:56 am
pelosi is using legislative trick to pretend it is thursday on the hill to meet her deadline. >> press sec. psaki: jacqui, anyone been through a legislative fight or covered the hill knows negotiations and the deal making always happen at the end. doesn't matter how the process works or how many weeks there are, it happens at the end. we're late stages of the process, this is exactly the moment where people put bottom line down, their best ideas forward and there is heavy negotiating and that is what is happening and timelooins can help make progress. >> there are 3700 department of transportation employees furloughed because progressives have declined to support the bipartisan bill to renew baseline funding setting ark side there is discussion going on for a short term fix, if possible. aren't progressives squarely to blame for the furlough happening right now? >> press sec. psaki: to be clear, i mean, every member of congress is a free citizen who
11:57 am
could vote to support the infrastructure bill, including republicans. they could come forward and support it as 19 republicans in the senate did not. they have chosen to be influenced by whether it is pharmaceutical companies or special interests or just to be strong-armed by leadership not to support legislation that many, including members of the problem-solver caucus suggested they may. requires majority to support legislation in congress and haven't seen real courage from the republican side in the house. >> in messaging to progressives about the value of the package, is there any discussion conveying from the white house that if this package is around $2 trillion, the value of it, investment of it is higher because of math that can be done, is that an argument the white house is making to salvage the process? >> press sec. psaki: the case the white house is making is that compromise requires everybody giving a little, the
11:58 am
stage we're in. no matter where we end, if we can get something done here, we'll have historic piece of legislation pass congress that will have huge impact on the american people. that is one reason the president wanted to go today and lay down and remind people, we get mired, everybody does in mechanics of legislating, hugely important part, remind people what this is all about. this is all about lowering cost for people, addressing the climate crisis, helping women and families get back in the workforce and that is the case he'll make when he goes to the caucus. >> if the president can't get this across after his visit to the hill, what message does that send about democrat ability to deliver and what kind of impact might that have in the mid-term? >> press sec. psaki: well, i think what is happening right now, there is healthy debate, discussion and disagreement about specifics of the path forward. that is not sign of dysfunction, that is sign of diameters --
11:59 am
democrats trying to work together to get things done for the american people, that is how legislating happens. he's going up there because this is his agenda, what he's proposed, he feels passionately about getting both pieces of legislation done and want to speak to the caucus about that and feel its is the right time to do that. he also feels this agreement, this debate, litigating, components of numbers or how much will get more than the other, that is democracy and a healthy part of the process, too. go ahead. >> yeah, you said at the top the president next week will make his case for the build back better and infrastructure bill is that confession it will not get done this weekend? >> press sec. psaki: it is a conveying that the president will have to continue to go out there and make the case to the public about what is in the packages, no matter when it passes. >> soon, possibly as soon as this weekend, the united states
12:00 pm
will -- 700,000 -- the president paused and held memorial, how does he intend to mark this next terrible mile stone and what >> the president said many times, he feels incredible responsibility for everything happening in the country, including our fight and battle with covid-19. that's why he is focused on this. his number 1 priority since the first day he came into office. i note that we saved according to outside experts tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of lives because of the actions his administration took including at this point we're 77, 78% of the public having received one vaccine. obviously we'll take a moment to pause when we hit 700,000 that is a striking


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